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(generated from captions) Taking a look at the weather now, in
around the country on this Friday for
in Brisbane partly cloudy. Overcast for much of the day in Sydney. Rain way
in Canberra. A few showers on the Similar
way for Melbourne. Wet in Hobart. Adelaide
Similar conditions heading for also
Adelaide as well. A few showers cloudy
also likely for Perth. A partly top
cloudy day with a pleasant 32 the weekend,
top in Darwin. Taking a look at the day
weekend, Saturday, a warm and sunny showers
day on the way for Brisbane. A few Canberra.
showers for Sydney. Wet also in Rain
Canberra. A cooler day for Hobart. Rain on the way for Melbourne.

Rain on the way for Melbourne. A and
few showers in Adelaide and Perth degrees
and it will be overcast and 32 degrees in

degrees in Darwin. That is Nine's the
Early Edition for many Friday. From Davies.
the whole early team, I'm Tim Stand
Davies. Thanks for your company. with
Stand by now for Karl and Sylvia Live
with 'Today'.
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Car bomb terror. A vehicle packed and
with gas bottles burst into flames station.
and rams into a Sydney police the
station. The driver is pulled from Melbourne
the wreckage alive.Firefighters in inferno
Melbourne battle to bring a factory from
inferno under control. We are live 10
from the scene.Olympics in crisis. arrested
10 suspected terrorists are Rio.
arrested for planning attacks in banned
Rio. While Russias athletes are means
banned from competing. What it (SONG)
means for next months games. #
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# Signed sealed delivered I'm

#oh yeah, she is the coolest lady Friday,
in the world. Welcome folks. It is Karaoke,
Friday, 22 July 2016. Carpool Show
Karaoke, bit of that on the Today of
Show too.She covers a whole range Beyonce
of hits in that car too, including She
Beyonce as well.And Missy Elliott. Michelle
She has got some serious funk, that getting
Michelle Obama. James Corden is the
getting in all the stars and now the First Lady as well. We have got Aislin
the first lady of news as well, Friday.
Aislin Kriukelis on board.Happy Cowboys,
Friday.What about the roaring sport
Cowboys, hey. There is plenty of don't
sport about.They go all right, obliterated,
don't they.North Queensland, well, is
obliterated, is that the word?That They
is too many syllables for pre 6 a.m. well.
They beat Canterbury very, very them,
well.They smashed them, belted even
them, pumped them.Why would you this
even attempt a word that complex at Let's
this time of hour.That is better. Aislin.
Let's get things started now with morning
Aislin.Thank you very much. Good Sydney
morning everyone at home. Police in Sydney are trying to work out this and
morning what made a man set himself a
and his car on fire and try to ram the
a police station at Merrylands in senior
the city's west. We will go to who
senior crime reporter Simon Bouda dramatic
who is live on the scene. This all
dramatic attack, it appears to have Aislin,
all the hallmarks of terrorism. first
Aislin, that was certainly the went
first fear. When the first calls car
went out that a man had driven his the
car on fire down the driveway of was
the police station behind me, that an
was the first fear that. This was an act of terrorism. If you know it's
the history of this police station, times.
it's been threatened a number of with
times. A man was charged last year it.
with threat ening to open fire on over
it. They have had drones flying just
over the top of this police station has
just earlier this year. So there And
has been a constant threat here. Andrew
And in fact, the commissioner, warning
Andrew Scipione, has issued a vigilant
warning to police to be extra Cheng
vigilant on the back of the Curtis this
Cheng shooting in Parramatta. So feared
this was clearly what they first Let's
feared when they turned up here. Commissioner
Let's listen to Assistant he
Commissioner Dennis Clifford what know
he told us last night.We don't stage.
know what the motivation is at this through
stage. We are trying to work out
through all of that. Until we find do
out exactly his identity and try to we
do some background investigation, motive.
we are just uncertain about the this
motive.Now, what we do know is known
this man is aged in his 60s. He is serious
known to police. He is now in a suffering
serious condition, I believe, Shore
suffering burns in Royal North that
Shore Hospital. We do understand illness
that he has a history of mental of
illness and that is going to be one a
of the lines of inquiry. Let's have told
a listen to what the police officer very,
told us as well.The officers were the
very, very brave. They approached vehicle
the vehicle. I understand the accelerant,
vehicle still had an amount of vehicle.
accelerant, fuel perhaps in the to
vehicle. They have approached there so
to try to save this person's life what
so they have been very heroic in have
what they have done.This could car,
have been quite disastrous if that had
car, with the gas bottles, on fire, only
had gone into the garage. It was closed
only the garage door that was If
closed that stopped him getting in. would
If he would have gone in, the car what's
would have gone off, who know Assistant
what's would have happen and as the police
Assistant Commissioner said, the what
police officers were very brave in car,
what they did in approaching the quelling
car, getting him out and obviously worse
quelling this from getting any have.
worse than what it possibly could were
have.So fortunate none of them Amazing
were hurt. Thanks very much. car
Amazing work by police. A Melbourne destroyed
car parts factory has been ripped
destroyed when a ferocious fire suburban
ripped through the business in live
suburban Campbellfield. Let's go who
live to our reporter Alexis Daish huge
who is at the scene. This was a morning.
huge job for firefighters.Good caught
morning. A huge job. This fire should
caught - this fire took hold, I night
should say, at quarter to nine last in
night at a car parts factory here fire
in Campbellfield, Sydney Road. The flames
fire was quite spectacular. Huge building.
flames coming out of the entire smoke
building. It sent big billows of We
smoke across the northern suburbs. gas
We also got reports that there were that
gas cylinders inside the factory were
that were exploding. And we also parked
were told that there were cars caught
parked outside the factory that firefighters
caught fire as well. 55 tackling
firefighters were involved in under
tackling this blaze. It was brought last
under control just before midnight road
last night. But as you can see, the just
road is still blocked. They are ups,
just keeping an eye on any flare don't
ups, although with this weather, I any
don't think there is any chance of business
any flare ups this morning. This Melbourne's
business claims to be one of so
Melbourne's biggest wrecking yards devastated
so no doubt those owners will be night.
devastated by the events of last Olympics,
night.Just weeks out from the Rio they
Olympics, Brazilian police claim plot
they have foiled a deadly terror accused
plot arresting 10 suspects who are Islamic
accused of pledging loyalty to be
Islamic State. The men are said to Brazil
be part of a new cell known as The intelligence
Brazil Caliphate. The country's been
intelligence agency says they had plan
been using online messaging apps to which
plan an attack during the games Meantime,
which begin in a fortnight. Russia
Meantime, in a land mark decision, a
Russia has lost its appeal against competing
a ban on track and field athletes details
competing at Rio after disturbing go
details of widespread doping. Let's correspondent
go now to Nine's Europe does
correspondent Tom Steinfort. What Russian
does this mean for the rest of the in
Russian team?Well, they could be matter
in strife is the simple fact of the strong
matter here. There are now very entire
strong movements to try to get the from
entire Russian olympic team banned decision
from the Rio Olympics. This overnight
decision that has come down it's
overnight Australian time, well, and
it's a big one. The Russian track banned
and field team had already been athletes
banned from competing. Now, 68 with
athletes decided that they, along Russia,
with the Olympic Committee were the
Russia, were going to take that to That
the Court of Arbitration for Sport. court.
That has been thrown out by that appeal
court. They said no grounds for the of
appeal and the ban stands and that, last
of course, comes on the back of about
last week, those damning findings games
about what happened at the Sochi sponsored
games in 2014 about Russia's state trying
sponsored doping regime there and out
trying to basically scam their way two
out of the testing. So with those or
two combined within the last week within
or so, there is now a growing push Russian
within the IOC to see the entire Australian
Russian team banned. Search the
Australian John Fahey who is one of the advice presidents, he is one of has
the biggest advocates for it. This has had a pretty strong reaction Vladimir
within Russia. We understand athletes
Vladimir Putin will meet with the from
athletes but this was the reaction from one of the members

from one of the members of the course
aquatics team.TRANSLATION: Of games
course we are anxious. And as the more
games approach, we feel more and we
more anxious. We have no doubt that because
we should take part in the Olympics word
because doping is an irrelevant distance.
word for us. We only hear it at a is
distance. That's why everyone who and
is clean from doping should go on it
and take part in the Olympics.And incomprehensible
it would just be an did
incomprehensible scandal if this team
did go ahead. The entire Russian have
team banned from competing T would but
have global political ramifications come
but the decision on that, that will Australian
come down early Monday morning the
Australian time. Special meeting of Switzerland
the IOC that will take place in to
Switzerland and could well decide to ban that entire team.Thank you.

to ban that entire team.Thank you. a
Fire has caused extensive damage to inner
a meat processing plant in Sydney's live
inner west overnight. We will go Vella
live to Today Sydney reporter Lara Marrickville
Vella who is at the scene in idea
Marrickville for us. Do we have any Unfortunately
idea how this blaze started? However,
Unfortunately not at this stage. suspicious.
However, it doesn't appear to be me,
suspicious. But the building behind been
me, this meat processing works, has structural
been deemed unsafe at this stage by you
structural engineers. I might show up
you a large crack that has opened That
up in the centre of the building. intensity
That really split apart due to the this
intensity of these flames, when 5:00
this large blaze took hold about all
5:00 last night. It was certainly about
all hands on deck yesterday. We had large
about 50 firefighters tackling this was
large inferno here. And their focus spread
was making sure that blaze did not take
spread to nearby buildings. Let's firefighter
take a listen to what one challenge
firefighter told me.The biggest arrived
challenge the fire crews when they fire
arrived was the intensity of the involved
fire in the factory that was factories
involved in fire. And the two adjoining
factories either side were to
adjoining it. So the fire crews had effectively
to work very hard and very spreading
effectively to stop the fire factories.
spreading to those adjoining was
factories.Now, thankfully no-one evacuated
was injured and everyone was focus
evacuated safely. But as I say, the structural
focus this morning is really the building
structural integrity of this bit
building and as soon as we get a firefighters
bit of light here this morning, inside
firefighters will be able to get real
inside that building and have a you.
real proper look.All right, thank are
you.Victorian transport officials on
are investigating a violent attack train.
on a passenger on board a Melbourne yelling
train. Witnesses say a woman was when
yelling abuse at other passengers asking
when another female stepped in then
asking her to be quiet. She was bystanders
then set upon with shocked scuffle.
bystanders also caught up in the (BLEEP).
scuffle.Please, please, stop which
(BLEEP). (BLEEP).The incident between
which took place on a service has
between South Yarra and Richmond Six
has not yet been reported to police. brawl
Six men accused of a drunken midair their
brawl which forced the diversion of could
their Phuket bound Jetstar flight to
could now be hit with a hefty bill group
to cover the airline's costs. The punch
group was involved in an on board the
punch up which saw the pilot divert were
the plane to Bali where the men when
were order off. It is now expected today,
when they arrive back on home soil up
today, they could be ordered to pay Jetstar.
up to $100,000 in compensation to disgraced
Jetstar. Reports this morning that Matthew
disgraced rugby league player 25
Matthew Lodge who last year faced charged
25 years in jail after being reckless
charged with criminal mischief, an
reckless endangerment and assault US,
an menace while on holiday in the the
US, maybe headed for a return to reporter
the NRL. Live to Today Queensland could
reporter Jessica Millward. Lodge Broncos
could be given a lifeline by That's
Broncos coach Wayne Bennett, right? Bennett
That's right. Broncos coach Wayne had
Bennett has confirmed that he has old.
had a discussion with the 21-year- discussion
old. He's described it as a general at
discussion and very low key because playing
at this stage, Lodge is banned from that
playing for the NRL. That follows City
that very ugly incident in New York assaulting
City last year. He was charged with women.
assaulting a man and stalking two time
women. And he did face a very long home.
time in a US jail. But he is back does
home. However, that incident still seeking
does hang over him with the victim The
seeking $3 million in compensation. learn
The NRL has told him he needs to has
learn his lesson and show that he will
has learnt his lesson before they game.
will allow him back into the top junior
game. He's currently playing for a if
junior club in Penrith. Certainly with
if he's been granted an audience is
with the great Wayne Bennett, that this
is a good step.Outrage in the US black
this morning after police shot a an
black man who was trying to protect looking
an awe advertise tick man he was despite
looking after. Officers opened fire hands
despite the therapies holding his moments
hands in the air.Watch just can
moments before the shooting, you his
can see 47-year-old Charles Kinsey, video
his hands raised in the air. The lawyer.
video released overnight by his works
lawyer. Kinsey in the yellow shirt facility
works at an be assisted living a
facility and the man at his feet is away
a 23-year-old with autism who ran Kinsey
away from the group home. Listen as Kinsey talks to police.

Kinsey even tries to calm the young man with autism.

At some point, one of the officers speaks
shoots Kinsey. But he survives an his
speaks with Fox station WSVN from told
his hospital bed recounting what he again
told that officer.I'm telling you firearm.
again sir, there is no need for guy,
firearm. I'm unarmed, he's autistic When
guy, he had a toy truck in his hand. got
When he hit me, I'm like I still just
got my hands in the air. I said I sir,
just got shot an I'm standing there, words
sir, why did you shoot me and his Video
words to me, he said "I don't know". been
Video of the actual shooting hasn't moment
been released. But this is the "Please
moment right after.He's like outside
"Please don't shoot me".Overnight, is
outside the hospital where Kinsey the
is recovering, people protesting We
the shooting. financial
We will take a look at the

financial markets now:

Now to an incredible example of Prince
using the power of fame for good. have
Prince Harry and Sir Elton John international
have joined forces at an conference
international HIV and Aids royal
conference in South Africa. The urging
royal gave a passionate speech leadership
urging his generation to take the
leadership in the battle against singer
the epidemic while the legendary complacency
singer warned against the growing two
complacency about the disease. The inspiring
two campaigners later left wall
inspiring personal messages on a tested.
wall encouraging people to get of
tested. Once again, another example footsteps
of Prince Harry following in the by
footsteps and the great work done you
by his late mother, Diana. Wouldn't yeah,
you say Karl.I would say that, Word
yeah, I would back that completely. weather
Word for word!There is lots of today,
weather happening around the world plenty
today, especially in Australia, Good
plenty of severe weather warnings. severe
Good morning to you at home. A for
severe weather warning is in place heavy
for large parts of Victoria, for to
heavy rainfall an wind gusts of up Alpine
to 100km/h. Winds are nasty in 115km/h
Alpine regions with a gust of earlier
115km/h recorded at mount bulla let's
earlier this morning. All right, right
let's take a look at the weather right around the country:

Adelaide yesterday recorded its topping
warmest July day in 14 years, really
topping out at 23 degrees. So some like
really warm mid July weather.I winter.
like it.I like it too.I'm over just
winter.There's a cold snap coming show,
just in time for our thread bow cold.
show, so brace yourself.I love the are
cold.You just love everything.You chameleon,
are so adaptable.What is a Yeah,
chameleon, is that that lizard? Yeah, adapts

Yeah, adapts to its environments. # # You come and go don't
# Life would be easy if I...I quite
don't know the next part.There is quite a bit of sport about.

quite a bit of sport about. Coming Queensland
up, ride them Cowboys, North Gosh,
Queensland has fired a warning shot. title
Gosh, they were good, to their and
title rivals crushing the Bulldogs Gary
and amidst all that injury drama, thoughts
Gary Ablett opens up about his keeping
thoughts on retirement. What is boots?
keeping him from hanging up the got
boots? We will find out.We have calls
got double the cash, double the Stick
calls coming your way this morning. to
Stick around for twice your chance Friday!
to win $50,000. How that's for a Friday! You're watching Today.

(SINGS) delivered
# Ooh baby here I am signed sealed

# I'm yours... Obama
#Oh, yeah, she is ours, Michelle Carpool
Obama everyone. Stay tuned for more First
Carpool Karaoke with America's Let's
First Lady. It's good.She rocks it. with
Let's rock some sport now though stampede
with Timmy Gilbert.It was a Last
stampede on the subject of rocking. defending
Last night for the Cowboys are the 36-0
defending premiers with an emphatic consolidate
36-0 victory over the Bulldogs to four.
consolidate their spot in the top first
four. Can't can't never got out of crossing
first gear. North Queensland minutes
crossing twice in the opening eight ninth
minutes as they charged towards a opportunity
ninth home victory.Saw an out
opportunity to take some lessons out of the game and we were

out of the game and we were just many
dreadful with the ball. So just too wasn't
many unforced errors.He was angry, all
wasn't he. An unfortunate collar to
all over the shop. Hamstring injury worried
to Johnathan Thurston had fans play
worried but he is confident he will Tonight
play against the Storm next week. Panthers.
Tonight the Broncos host the Nine.
Panthers. All the action live on retirement
Nine. Suns star Gary Ablett admits first
retirement crossed his mind when he but
first injured his shoulder in 2014 one
but the midfielder says there is his
one goal from keeping him changing shoulder
his mind, despite reinjuring his the
shoulder two weeks ago.I was 31 at 15
the time. I had been playing for 14, 15 years. And I was asking myself this?
the questions why am I still doing that
this? But I said it from the start premiership
that it's about winning a with
premiership up there.Great chat He
with Rebecca Madden on 'The Footy. finishing
He also said he considered They
finishing his career at Geelong. slump
They look to turn the mid season slump around when they

slump around when they take on Buckley
Collingwood. And, of course, Nathan footy
Buckley still hopeful of finals appears
footy this year. Australia's Steve recall
appears certain to get a Test Lehmann
recall in Sri Lanka. Coach Darren will
Lehmann hinting that the Aussies Test.
will take two spinners into the leaning
Test.I would think we will be way
leaning with two spinners with the wait
way conditions are. But we will that.
wait until we get there to finalise play
that.David Warner is also set to his
play after recovering from breaking The
his finger in the Tri-Nation Series. underway
The tour of Sri Lanka will get "The
underway on Tuesday and when I say Test.
"The tour" that will be the first quite
Test. They have been over there for has
quite some time now. Chris Froome France
has edged closer to a third Tour de lead
France title. And extending his Australia's
lead to 3 minutes and 52 seconds. fourth
Australia's Richie Porte finished standings.
fourth to sit sixth in the overall for
standings. And for those worried, hopes
for those concerned, Jarryd Hayne's of
hopes of remaining in his home city Roosters,
of Sydney are growing slim. The have
Roosters, Rabbitohs and Knights the
have all ruled themselves out of next
the running to sign the code hopper they
next season. The Eels have said price.
they will only get him at the right hands
price. The Titans have put their rugby,
hands up. As for Hayne's future in finding
rugby, ARU Bill Pulver says it is star
finding the right money for the full
star that is the issue. There is a morning.
full hit of sport on a Friday love
morning.The Hayne plane updates, I In
love them.I will keep them coming. factory
In our next news bulletin, a flames.
factory in Melbourne goes up in at
flames. We are live to our reporter this
at the scene.Behind the scenes of What
this year's miss world competition. Australia
What it takes to become Miss Prince
Australia 2016.Happy birthday three
Prince George. We are celebrating three wild years of the cutest Prince on the planet. Sing it!

Welcome back to the show. Good to Let's
have your company this morning. leading
Let's check out the front pages and a
leading Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph' himself
a man is in custody after he set vehicle
himself alight and drove his park
vehicle into the under ground car It's
park of a Sydney police station. 'Adelaide
It's dominating headlines. man's
'Adelaide Advertiser' reports the bottles.
man's car was packed with gas That
bottles. They pulled the man free. 'Courier-Mail'
That was amazing work. Brisbane's known
'Courier-Mail' says the man is well links
known to police but has no known Australian'
links to terror groups.'The Malcolm
Australian' reports Prime Minister the
Malcolm Turnbull faces divisions in Liberal
the coalition with Queensland's set
Liberal National Party moving to set itself apart from the rest of have
the, details enbrawl
have emerged about how a drunk flight
enbrawl unfolded on a Jetstar bills
flight bound to Phuket now face dollars
bills for tens of thousands of divert.
dollars for causing the plane to has
divert.The Bureau of Statistics clits
has been holding on to the names it public
clits in the sensus despite a 'Herald
public commitment to destroy them. Stevens
'Herald Sun' former footy star Nick behind
Stevens is spending his first night The
behind bars for domestic violence. Australian'
The front page of the 'Western mangled
Australian' shows an image of a crash.
mangled car after a horrific fatal Broden
crash.Terrible. Hobart's mercury alive
Broden Wakefield is lucky to be on
alive after a brick wall collapsed at
on him. He was playing Pokemon Go Dangers.
at the time of the accident. has
Dangers.And headline of the day unusual
has to go to the 'NT News', nothing my
unusual about that. Toaster melted Darwin
my dentures.What?It reports on a story.
Darwin woman's breakfast horror in
story. So never put your dentures winter,
in the toaster.You know, in the warm!
winter, you want to keep your teeth

You don't want them to be under Nothing
done, do you.No, nothing worse. dentures.
Nothing worse than under done favourite
dentures.We all belt out a goes
favourite tune in the car, Sylvia Americas
goes nuts in the car. It turns out to
Americas First Lady is no different (SINGS)
to SJ. Check this out. #
(SINGS) # # All the people gather round # Now go, get your freak on # Go, get your freak on # Go, get your freak #
# Get your freak on # Get your freak freak
# Get cha, get cha, get can cha freak on # Quiet # Hush your mouth # Silence when I spit it out # Oh in your face # Over your mouth # Give you a taste # Holler... the
# (LAUGHS)Imagine Friday night at Missy
the Oval Office bouncing around to Meantime,
Missy Elliott.She does it so well. finalists
Meantime, brains and beauty, the Australia
finalists for the Miss World and
Australia have arrived in Melbourne behind
and we got a little sneak peek Nice!
behind the scenes. Have a look.

Well, we have all seen beauty behind
pageants before, but what goes on behind the scenes.

The lipsticks, jewels, hairstyles planned
and high heels are all carefully It's
planned down to the finest details. but
It's a little bit chaotic at times together
but most of the times we all work everything
together to make sure that Though
everything is going smoothly. these
Though rivals, it seems off stage Public
these girls are good friends. University.
Public relations at Deakin was
University.Sort of our criteria dresses
was just look up top 10 pageant glitzy,
dresses and a lot of them were very for.
glitzy, so that is what I have gone

for.Crime reporter Alexis Daish Chameleon,
there showing she is a true gets
Chameleon, just like you Karl.She gets.
gets stuff like no other reporter beauty
gets.Into the under world of the up
beauty pageant.That story coming beating
up later. But still to come, reveal
beating the house deposit blues. We your
reveal how you can save cash for think.
your first home sooner than you ba,
think.Plus from rhinos to the rum Bindi's
ba, is there anything she can't do. it.
Bindi's turning 18. Can you believe the
it. She joins us with the rest of celebrate
the Irwin clan this morning to 18.
celebrate the big day.She can't be $50,000
18.It's true.Amazing. How would big
$50,000 change your life? It's a cash
big fifty! We have got two massive show.
cash calls coming up later in the super
show.And Dickie's date with a what
super star. Stay tuned to find out Andre's
what happens when Dickie knocks on They
Andre's door.Oh, isn't that sweet. two.
They are such good friends, those nice
two.They are. They look like a wouldn't
nice couple.Don't they. You that,
wouldn't be the first one to say Felix.
that, I presume.(LAUGHS)Oscar and up.
Felix.Anyway, more of that coming though,
up.That is beautiful. Right now get
though, it is bang on 6:00, let's morning
get some news with Aislin.Good hospital
morning everyone. A man is in of
hospital with serious burns to much and
of his body after he set himself vehicle
and his car alight and rammed the the
vehicle into a police station in senior
the city's west. We will go to now
senior crime reporter Simon Bouda Merrylands.
now who is live on the scene at attack.
Merrylands. This was a dramatic it
attack. Can you take us through how it unfolded?It was very dramatic worse
and it could have been a whole lot gas
worse if that car, loaded with LPG the
gas cylinders could have got under at
the police station behind me here could
at Merrylands, the devastation What
could have been quite complete. 7:00
What we do understand, it was about his
7:00 last night, he was spotted in it
his car on the driveway and in fact outside
it was a police woman who was parked
outside the police station, saw him gone
parked there when the police have whatever
gone to approach him, he's ignited drove
whatever he had in the car and then door
drove towards the garage door. The accessing
door came down and stopped him, police
accessing inside underneath the would
police station. As I said, if he could
would have got in there, there could have been an explosion, which devastating.
could have been absolutely Assistant
devastating. Let's listen to the Clifford.
Assistant Commissioner, Dennis alert
Clifford.The police are on high some
alert and we have been that way for overseas.
some time due to events here and police
overseas. It's a situation that the suggest
police are well aware of. And I questioning
suggest that led to the officer approach
questioning or attempting to to
approach and question the person as driveway.
to why he was parked in the bravely
driveway. The police reacted very miracle
bravely and it's you judge a seriously
miracle that no-one else was through
seriously injured.Police are going we
through this man's background. What his
we do know is that he is aged in some
his 60s. We understand there is understand
some history of mental illness. I married,
understand he's a loaner, not are
married, and no family. So police why
are now trying to determine exactly police
why he tried to drive into the full
police station with a car loaded Melbourne
full of LPG tanks.Thank you. A been
Melbourne car parts factory has fire
been destroyed when a ferocious suburban
fire ripped through the business in live
suburban Campbellfield. We will go who
live to our reporter Alexis Daish still
who is at the scene. Are crews They
still there on site?Good morning. blaze
They are. Just making sure this with
blaze doesn't flare up again. But certainly
with this wet weather, that started
certainly will be helping. It quite
started about quarter to nine, completely
quite a spectacular blaze, flames sending
completely engulfed this factory, suburbs.
sending smoke into the northern were
suburbs. We have heard that there inside
were gas cylinders that exploded thirds
inside and the roof is about two- Devastating
thirds completely collapsed. owners.
Devastating obviously for the witnesses
owners. Have a listen to what some night.
witnesses said about this fire last we
night.It was just a big explosion, Road
we were driving down the Sydney side
Road and, yeah, we stopped on the happening.
side of the road to see what was explosions
happening. We heard a few Now,
explosions from a couple of cars. factory
Now, the road to get to this a
factory is still blocked and it is establish
a crime scene until they can dramatic
establish exactly what caused this right,
dramatic fire. Back to you.All Meanwhile
right, thank you for the update. business
Meanwhile a meat processing been
business in Sydney's inner west has ripped
been destroyed when a fierce fire building
ripped through the Marrickville more
building last night. It took crews inferno
more than an hour to bring the challenge
inferno under control.The biggest arrived
challenge to fire crews when they fire
arrived was the intensity of the involved
fire in the factory that was factories
involved in fire. And the two adjoining
factories either side were to
adjoining it. So the fire crews had effectively
to work very hard and very spreading
effectively to stop the fire factories.
spreading to those adjoining injured.
factories.Thankfully, no-one was remarkably
injured. A Sydney driver has in
remarkably survived a horror crash trapped
in the city's west which left him surrounded
trapped in his crumpled car power
surrounded by live high voltage driving
power lines. The 30-year-old was Villawood
driving along Christina Road at his
Villawood just before 11:30 when his vehicle

his vehicle rolled and crashed into had
a pole, bringing down wires.We he to
had some head injuries, he appears time
to be unconscious at the present are
time but due to the live wires, we are unable to gain access and it is managed
a lethal situation for us.Crews driver
managed to eventually cut the Liverpool
driver free and he was taken to threatening
Liverpool Hospital with non-life- out
threatening injuries. Just weeks Brazilian
out from the Rio Olympics, foiled
Brazilian police claim they have Arresting
foiled a deadly terror plot. accused
Arresting 10 suspects who are Islamic
accused of pledging loyalty to be
Islamic State. The men are said to country's
be part of a new cell. The they
country's intelligence agency says messaging
they have been using online during
messaging apps to plan an attack fortnight.
during the games which begin in a a
fortnight. Meanwhile, there's been and
a serious blow to the Russian track doping
and field team overnight with their up
doping ban from the Rio Games being Europe
up held in court. Live to Nine's What
Europe correspondent Tom Steinfort. Well,
What is the reaction been to this? are
Well, not surprisingly the Russians was
are furious. This decision today Sport
was in the Court of Arbitration for Committee
Sport but now the Russian Olympic this
Committee is talking about taking to
this to international court to try over
to once again attempt to get this suggestions
over turned. And there is even Vladimir
suggestions some reports that president,
Vladimir Putin, himself, the in
president, will now become involved lobby
in this scandal too. Trying to on
lobby on Russia's behalf. But look, are
on the flip side of things, there still
are some that say that this penalty was
still isn't harsh enough. Russia its
was appealing the decision to ban them,
its track and field athletes, 68 of there
them, from competing at Rio but now entire
there is a growing push to see the sport,
entire Russian team, every single forthcoming
sport, banned from these forthcoming Olympics.

forthcoming Olympics. Australian the
John Coats who is vice president at charge
the IOC is one of those loading the starting
charge and the Russians are be
starting to worry that this could members
be the case. This is one of their TRANSLATION:
members of the aquatics team. anxious
TRANSLATION: Of course we are we
anxious and as the games approach, have
we feel more and more anxious. We part
have no doubt that we should take is
part in the Olympics because doping only
is an irrelevant word for us. We why
only hear it at a distance. That's doping
why everyone who is clean from in
doping should go on and take part be
in the Olympics.So wouldn't that Russia
be a bombshell if every sport the
Russia was banned from competing at decision
the forthcoming Olympics. The extraordinary
decision on that will be made at an that
extraordinary meeting of the IOC and
that will take place in Switzerland of
and that will be in the early hours All
of Monday morning Australian time. that
All eyes on that.We will follow was
that with interest, thank you. It jous
was once the sport of Kings, now jous tinge could soon be the sport launched
of low Olympians. They have ancient
launched a new bid to include the Olympic
ancient contest in future games. the
Olympic officials are considering exhibition
the proposal. It could become an So
exhibition event in Tokyo in 2020. of
So there we go. Perhaps we get rid want
of golf, seeing as no-one seems to jousting
want that at the Olympics and put what
jousting in. It looks like that is Andre.
what Dickie has been doing with for
Andre.Or he is doing some training little
for Tokyo.Whatever it is, it is a colourful.
little bit like that.It is colourful.Coming up...Can't wait teens
for that.The shocking things your We
teens are doing behind the wheel. statistics
We bring you alarming new driving
statistics about the dangerous ahead
driving habits of our youth.Also Yep,
ahead - Blocky's big cash bonanza. has
Yep, fire up the trumpets, not only is
has he got $50,000 to give away, he win
is giving you double the chance to the
win it.Generous. We are hitting for
the slopes on Monday. Stick around join
for all the details on how you can there.
join us. Cold play are going to be Happy
there. I'm just making that up! Happy Friday folks.

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#Welcome back to the show. Check Way
it out, hey.She is such a cutie. of
Way back when. She grew up in front turns
of Australia and now Bindi Irwin wildlife
turns 18. We look back at her grown
wildlife so far.Now she is all chatting
grown up and we look forward to All
chatting to her. She is so sweet. plenty
All right, let's get you the sport, bit.
plenty happening.There is quite a Richards
bit. Swans premiership hero Ted Sydney's
Richards has been dumped for tomorrow
Sydney's clash against Carlton form
tomorrow after struggling to find Melbourne
form over the past few weeks. North tonight's
Melbourne suffered a blow ahead of with
tonight's match against Collingwood an
with key forward Jarryd Waite with have
an ongoing hip problem. The Cowboys second
have firmed their charge for a 36-0.
second title thrashing the Bulldogs injury
36-0. It was a big win. A hamstring North
injury to Johnathan Thurston had the
North Queensland fans worried but will
the star play maker is confident he week.
will be back against the Storm next

week. Tonight Broncos host the contest.
Panthers which will be a ripping Channel
contest. Go you Panthers! On step
Channel 9. And Chris Froome is a France
step closer to a third Tour de time
France title winning the stage 18 to
time trial and extending his lead Australia's
to 3 minutes and 52 seconds. fourth
Australia's Richie Porte finished overall
fourth and sits sixth in the thinking
overall standings. I was just take
thinking about it Karl, your guys have
take on my guys tonight. We should Broncos
have a $1 bet on it.Well, the are
Broncos are...Just a friendly.You like
are all Broncos?And Cowboys, I Calm
like them bodies, and the Titans. Calm down Aislin.It is like the right
Broncos front row just sitting Well,
right here, except it is prettier. to
Well, I hope so. You know.I want tries.
to be a winger. I want to score the the
tries.What? I will just put you in room.
the front row, sister, the engine teams,
room.You can't play for three Let's
teams, you have got to play for one. Natalia.
Let's get some weather now with Timmy,
Natalia.Hey guys. I'm with you right.
Timmy, I like the Panthers. All front
right. Good morning you to. A cold of
front will sweep across the south plenty
of the country today bringing weather
plenty of wild weather. A severe large
weather warning has been issued for your
large parts of Victoria. Here is your Friday forecast.

In large parts of the country we In
are seeing some unusual winter heat. temperature
In Melbourne, the overnight 14.7,
temperature has not dropped below to
14.7, so it looks like it is going night
to go down as the warmest July heat
night on record. But I'm sorry, the plummeting
heat won't last, temperatures are pouring
plummeting again this weekend.Also morning.
pouring with rain there this there.
morning.It is terrible weather faces
there. Coming up - Malcolm Turnbull changes
faces huge backlash over his it
changes to superannuation. How will it affect your future? Will he get are
it through the Senate? Our pollies perfect
are next.Plus, happy birthday to a cheek
perfect Prince, just a little bit gorgeous
cheek owe though, we celebrate you
gorgeous George, turning three, can be
you believe it.I reckon he would Take
be a right royal pain in the... (SINGS)
Take it away Michelle. #
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Bill Shorten faces a heated and Labor
divided party room today. As the frontbench
Labor leader finalises his coalition,
frontbench line-up much the with
coalition, meantime, is dealing infighting
with its own factional divisions an policies.
infighting over its superannuation dominating
policies. The super debate has been and
dominating the headlines this week Pyne
and joining us now is Christopher in
Pyne in Adelaide, Anthony Albanese both.
in Canberra. Good morning you to morning.
both.Good morning Sylvia.Good Last
morning.Christopher, first to you. you
Last week on this show, right here, "Tinkering
you conceded there would be super
"Tinkering around the edges on your colleague,
super policy". Yesterday, your there
colleague, Kelly O'Dwyer, declared the
there would not be any changes to message
the super policy. What is the We
message to the coalition on super? of
We are very much at the beginning superannuation
of the process with respect to Treasurer
superannuation reform. Because the through
Treasurer is yet to take a Bill to
through the cabinet. That then has go
to go to the party room. It has to then
go to the backbench committee and parliament.
then it gets presented to the parliament. So, we are at the start that
of the process. We have a policy we
that we took to the election that strongly
we obviously want to maintain and the
strongly support. But in terms of reform,
the final look of a superannuation process.
reform, that has to go through a works.
process. That's how parliament it
works. It's a good process. Because get
it means by the time you finally legislation,
get to voting on a piece of of
legislation, you've ironed out some have
of the things along the way that think
have worried people or that they good
think could be improved. It's a in
good process.Do you truly believe you
in that process and the fact that current
you can pass this policy, this current super policy, in I think Well,
current form, through that process? said.
Well, we have a long way to g as I cabinet
said. We have only just begun. The final
cabinet is yet to sign off on the then
final piece of legislation. And committee
then it has to go to the backbench very
committee and the party room. I'm will
very confident, though, that we reform
will come up with a superannuation for
reform that is fair, that is good the
for the budget bottom line, and for positive
the country. And represents a positive step forward and that that parliament.
will then be passed by the backbenchers
parliament.If you can't get your you
backbenchers to support it, how can it?
you get the independents to support supporting
it?Because our backbenchers are Christiansen.
supporting it.Not George jumping
Christiansen.Comborj is probably have
jumping the gun somewhat because we go
have got a significant process to think
go through. And, you know, I don't and
think people should be making hard decisions
and fast announcements about their when
decisions about crossing the floor What
when the process hasn't even begun. nonsense
What Christopher has just said is centre
nonsense of course. This was the budget
centre piece of their budget. The process
budget goes through the cabinet two
process and that happened way back, government
two months ago. But since then, the every
government had a different position minister
every week, depending upon which superannuation
minister was talking about didn't
superannuation policy. Most of them They
didn't understand their own policy. their
They booked the savings in terms of still
their budget processes. And we And
still haven't seen the legislation. admit
And we have already got...So you legislation.
admit you haven't seen the budget.
legislation.But it was in the when
budget.So how could it be nonsense They
when you admit my central point? and
They were in the budget, my friend, confirmed
and you booked the savings, you campaign.
confirmed them during the election you're
campaign. And now you are saying know
you're at point one. Well, I don't Anthony,
know what budget process was then. about
Anthony, I want to talk to you one
about your day. It will be a big into
one for new Canberra as you head Bill
into that caucus meeting today and party.
Bill Shorten faces a very divided got
party. Your left faction, you've but
got problems in the right as well the
but let's talk about your faction, the left. That's divide now. You've left
got another left faction within the friend,
left faction courtesy of your of
friend, Kim Carr, is he in or out our
of the shadow ministry?We are have processes
our processes today but those an
processes normally take place after ministry
an election. We will have a shadow Those
ministry that will be elected today. place.
Those internal processes will take some
place. Some people will be elected, happens.
some people won't. That's what to
happens. I'm hoping to be elected look...
to the shadow ministry today and Carr
look...Would you like to see Kim forward
Carr on the backbench?I'm looking forward.
forward - I'm putting myself on
forward. I'm not going to comment judgment
on colleagues. That will be a But
judgment that their colleagues make. But I will be putting myself serving,
forward. I'm looking forward to of
serving, if I'm successful, as part worried
of Bill Shorten's team.You must be though
worried about your own power base own
though with Mr Carr creating his own faction?

own faction?I'm very pleased with going.
our processes and how they are the
going. They are going through in after
the normal way. That's what happens after an election.

after an election. And we will be usual
appointing the frontbench in the terror
usual fashion.I want to raise some In
terror related news this morning. Merrylands
In light of what's happened at asked
Merrylands especially, the PM has look
asked counter terror agencies to wolf-style
look more closely at these lone wake
wolf-style attacks, particularly in people
wake of the Nice attack. These organisations
people who have no links to terror and
organisations who are mentally ill Christopher,
and who radicalise rapidly. impossible,
Christopher, this is a mission task
impossible, surely. This is a tough government.
task and a complicated task for the understand
government.Well, Sylvia, I situation
understand that the Merrylands situation is not terror related or

situation is not terror related or person
about the radicalisation of a is
person through Islam. So I think it with
is really important that we deal terror
with crimes that are crimes and separately
terror related crimes quite there
separately and quite sensibly.But that
there were fears of course that now
that was that initially. We know reflection
now that it is not. But that is the reflection of the state of fear the
that the country is in in wake of address
the nice nas attack. How do you our
address that?We keep supporting Whether
our law enforcement agencies. agencies
Whether they're state police based Police.
agencies or the Australian Federal like
Police. The various organisations signals
like ASIO and ASIS and the defence law
signals directorate. Any of these working
law enforcement agencies that are crime
working to stop terror related get
crime need our 100% support an they coalition
get it on a bipartisan way by the has
coalition and the Labor Party. That how
has to continue. If the question is been
how do you stop crime? Well, that's been alluding

been alluding people for thousands there.
of years. AWe have to leave it morning.
there. We appreciate your time this to
morning. Anthony, we look forward meeting
to seeing what comes out of your today.
meeting this morning a little later Ding-dong
today.And congratulations Sylvia. Congratulations
Ding-dong brawl.Thank you. announcement.
Congratulations on your big could
announcement. Christopher and I wedding,
could sing or do something at the down
wedding, I'm sure.I will put you Sylvia.
down for a duet.Congratulations always.
Sylvia.Lovely chatting to you as Christopher
always. DJ Albo and maybe there
Christopher can lead the Congo line, will
there you go.The conga line.I sure.
will do that with Christopher for up
sure.I know you would Karl.Coming John
up - Prince Harry and Sir Elton have
John unite for a worthy cause. We news
have got all the details in the before
news next.Plus she has grown up is
before our very eyes and now Bindi family
is turning 18. The whole Irwin good
family join us to celebrate.How the
good is cash. We have got 50 K on Don't
the line today in two massive calls. change
Don't go anywhere. This could change your life.

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Welcome back. Time for the news. out
Police in Sydney are trying to work his
out what made a man set himself and a
his car on fire before ramming into We
a police station in the city's west. Simon
We will go to senior crime reporter Merrylands.
Simon Bouda at the scene in far
Merrylands. What do police know so Well,
far about the attacker's motive? 7
Well, since this happened at about trying
7 p.m. Last night, police have been what
trying to piece together exactly his
what has driven this man to take it
his car, set himself on fire, load under
it with LPG gas tank and drive it is
under Merrylands police station. He He
is a man in his 60s. He is a loner. police.
He lives locally. He is known to mental
police. He does have a history of inspired
mental illness. But exactly what attack
inspired him to carry out this that
attack is yet unclear and hopefully Let's
that will become clearer later. Commissioner
Let's listen to the Assistant spoke
Commissioner Dennis Clifford who know
spoke to us last night.We don't stage.
know what the motivation is at this through
stage. We are trying to work out
through all of that. Until we find do
out exactly his identity and try to we
do some background investigation, motive.
we are just uncertain about the indicate
motive. There is nothing to to
indicate this is in any way related mind
to terrorism. We will keep an open way
mind but we are not leaning that they
way at this stage.I'm told that obviously
they do now know his identity and waiting
obviously detectives will be at
waiting for clearance from doctors before
at Royal North Shore Hospital with
before they can go in and speak serious
with him. He suffered some very on
serious burns when he set himself underneath
on fire before he tried to drive Thanks
underneath this police stations. car
Thanks for the update. A Melbourne destroyed
car parts factory has been live
destroyed by frerk fire. We will go at
live to our reporter Alexis Daish really
at the scene in Campbellfield. This Good
really was a mammoth job for firies. firefighters
Good morning. A huge job for the about
firefighters when they got here at By
about quarter to nine last night. parts
By the time they arrived, this car flames.
parts factory was fully engulfed in across
flames. It sent plumes of smoke told
across the northern suburbs. We are burning
told that it even did some damage outside
burning some cars that were parked of
outside the factory. Now, in terms significant.
of the extent of the damage, it is back,
significant. I have just walked I
back, the road is still closed but roof
I walked back, had a look at the completely
roof and two-thirds of it is what
completely collapsed. Listen to against
what firefighters say they were up The
against when this fire took hold. load.
The factory contained a high fuel thinners,
load. There were LPG tanks, petrols, vehicles.
thinners, a lot of fuel from the fuelled
vehicles. So the fire was well factory.
fuelled by the content of the Hyon
factory.This business is called of
Hyon All Parts. It claims to be one yards
of Melbourne's biggest wrecking owners
yards so no doubt those business the
owners will be pretty devastated by overnight.
the event that have happened Thank
overnight. Back you to. processing
Thank you. Meanwhile a meat inner
processing business in Sydney's fire
inner west has been destroyed when Marrickville
fire ripped through the It
Marrickville building last night. bring
It took crews more than an hour to The
bring the inferno under control. when
The biggest challenge to fire crews of
when they arrived was the intensity involved
of the fire in the factory that was factories
involved in fire. And the two adjoining
factories either side were to
adjoining it. So the fire crews had effectively
to work very hard and very spreading
effectively to stop the fire factories.
spreading to those adjoining injured.
factories.Thankfully, no-one was drunken
injured. Six men accused of a the
drunken midair brawl which forced Jetstar
the diversion of their Phuket bound with
Jetstar flight could now be hit airline's
with a hefty bill to cover the involved
airline's costs. The group was which
involved in an on board punch up plane
which saw the pilot divert their ordered
plane to Bali where the men were expected
ordered off the plane. It's now home
expected when they arrive back on home soil today, they could be compensation
ordered to pay up to $100,000 in reports
compensation to Jetstar. There are rugby
reports this morning that disgraced may
rugby league player Matthew Lodge Despite
may be returning to the NRL. in
Despite last year facing 25 years United
in jail over an assault in the United States. We will go live to

United States. We will go live to Millward.
Today Queensland reporter Jessica lifeline
Millward. Lodge could be given a Bennett.
lifeline by Broncos coach, Wayne than
Bennett.That's right. None other he's
than Wayne Bennett has confirmed Lodge
he's had a discussion with Matthew low
Lodge who has described it as very discussion.
low key and just a general the
discussion. Because at this stage, NRL.
the 21-year-old can't play in the incident
NRL. That follows that very ugly in
incident in New York City last year assaulting
in which he was charged with other
assaulting a man and stalking two 25
other women. For that, he did face home.
25 years in a US jail but he is does
home. However, this incident still victims
does linger over his head. The compensation.
victims are seeking $3 million in see
compensation. So the NRL want to sufficient
see that Lodge has served his learnt
sufficient penalty and that he has allowed
learnt his lesson before he's certainly
allowed back into the NRL. But and
certainly it would seem when he is have
and if he is allowed back, he could right,
have a home here at Suncorp.All happens.
right, we will wait an see what government
happens. Thank you very much. The work
government concedes there's still superannuation
work to be done on the coalition's time
superannuation policy. Just a short minister
time ago on Today, the defence have
minister said the party's plans opposition
have not been finalised. A move the Take
opposition says is not good enough. though,
Take a listen.I'm very confident, superannuation
though, that we will come up with a that
superannuation reform that is fair, line
that is good for the budget bottom represents
line and for the country. And This
represents a positive step forward. budget.
This was the centre piece of their cabinet
budget. The budget goes through the way
cabinet process and that happened then,
way back two months ago. But since different
then, the government had a painted
different position.Campervans pictures
painted with vulgar slogans an road
pictures could be forced off the remove
road with company Wicked ordered to being
remove its crude slogans or face pushing
being de registered. Queensland is offending
pushing for new laws to ban the other
offending vehicles with calls for follow.
other states and territories to see
follow.Get rid of the slogans or they
see the vans off the road where offence
they can't be seen and can't cause revenue.
offence and are unable to generate of
revenue.The move follows hundreds Now
of complaints against the company. the
Now to some breaking news out of been
the United States - a pilot has crashed
been killed when his small plane short
crashed into a home in Illinois a home
short time ago. Video shows the debris
home badly burned on one side with Authorities
debris scattered across the streets. the
Authorities say no-one was inside stage
the home. It's not clear at this residents
stage what's happened exactly. But explosion
residents say they heard an collision.
explosion just moments before the Russia
collision. A land mark decision - Russia has lost its appeal against at
the track and field team competing for
at Rio. The Court of Arbitration evidence
for Sport comes after repeated sponsored
evidence of widespread an state mounting
sponsored doping. There's now ban
mounting pressure on officials to games.
ban all Russian athletes from the investigating
games. The French prosecutor attack
investigating the Nice terror more
attack says the driver, who killed more than 80 people

more than 80 people as they had
celebrated Bastille Day, definitely lone
had help and was not a so called investigation
lone wolf.Tranz tranz the Thursday
investigation that began last In
Thursday evening is still ongoing. we
In the course of that investigation, murderous
we have established that the Lahouaiej-Bouhlel
murderous act committed by Mohamed and
Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was premeditated preparation
and also that he had support in the attack.
preparation and carrying out of his planning
attack.The prosecutor says going
planning for the massacre had been prosecutors
going on for months. South African six
prosecutors will appeal against the Oscar
six year jail sentence imposed on girlfriend,
Oscar Pistorius for murdering his statement,
girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. In a Authority
statement, the National Prosecuting killer's
Authority described the convicted and
killer's sentence as an injustice disgraced
and shockingly too lenient. The on
disgraced olympian shot Steenkamp sea
on Valentine's Day in 2013. Eight the
sea turtles have been released into to
the ocean after being nursed back The
to good health in North Carolina. green
The two large loggerheads an six by
green sea turtles were farewelled reptiles
by excited crowds happy to see the reptiles leave dry land.Here in smell
the ocean, they see the ocean, they going
smell the ocean, their flippers are The
going before they ever get there. into
The centre has released 650 turtles happy!
into the wild...Happy, happy, go!
happy! Let me go, let me go, let me Only
go!Let me do it myself. I got this. water!
Only three weeks until I get to the are
water!Oh, look at them go.They thing
are maintenance creatures.Good the
thing to do up in Queensland, watch they
the baby turtles hatch and then they crawl through your legs and go Gorgeous
into the ocean. It is fabulous. back
Gorgeous stuff.Anyway, flashback brains.
back to my childhood.Beauty and scenes
brains. We take you behind the entto
scenes at the miss world panelling Ride
entto reveal what really goes on. Queensland
Ride them Cowboys, Karlos, North to
Queensland has fired a warning shot crushed
to their title rivals. They have Richard
crushed the Bulldogs.Plus, when Maastricht
Richard meets Andre. The Maestro of entertainment
Maastricht and our Aussie off?
entertainment guru, do they hit it out
off? You can probably guess. Find Missy
out soon.And Michelle Obama and girl
Missy Elliott's duet, talk about (SINGS)
girl power, crank it sisters! #
(SINGS) # # Go get your freak on # Go get your freak

is no Olympic gymnast. In fact, the garden gate
is more flexible. And even the hose
has a better floor routine. Yet, here she is performing
the perfect 5am McCafe coffee run. You won't see anything this thrilling
in Rio. Amanda, you legend. Macca's - we're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

Welcome back. Get the trumpets out, and
get your brass ready, it's Friday was
and Timmy has got all the sport.I been
was going that way, I should have Andre
been going that way. We have got like...
Andre this morning. I need more a
like...Anyway, I'm sure he has got It
a horn section.He had Dickie over. the
It was a stampede last night for premiers
the Cowboys are the defending victory
premiers with an emphatic 36-0 consolidate...
victory over the Bulldogs to Canterbury
consolidate...That is unreal! gear,
Canterbury never got out of first twice
gear, North Queensland crossing as
twice in the opening eight minutes home
as they charged towards a ninth take
home victory.Had an opportunity to and
take some lessons out of the game ball.
and we were just dreadful with the errors.
ball. So just too many unforced vit
errors.He has got a bit of sister wardrobe.
vit rel with the collar. He needs Johnathan
wardrobe. A hamstring injury to worried
Johnathan Thurston had Cowboys fans play
worried but he is confident he will Tonight,
play against the Storm next week. Broncos
Tonight, cracking match, the action
Broncos host the Panthers. All the star
action live here on Channel 9. Suns to
star Gary Ablett admits the chance Suns
to play finals football with the It
Suns is keeping him from retiring. recently
It comes after the midfielder rent the
recently injured his shoulder for him
the second time in two years ruling when
him out for the season.Obviously shoulder
when I went through the first at
shoulder injury, it crossed my mind myself
at the time. And I was asking doing
myself the questions why am I still start
doing this? But I said it from the premiership
start that it is about winning a kangaroos
premiership up there.Tonight the mid
kangaroos will look to turn their they
mid season form slump around when every
they take on Collingwood who needs finals
every win to try to make it to that Froome
finals footy themselves. Chris Tour
Froome has edged closer to a third stage
Tour de France title winning the his
stage 18 time trial. And extending seconds.
his lead to 3 minutes and 52 finished
seconds. Australia's Richie Porte overall
finished fourth to sit sixth in the golf
overall standings. A little bit of Day
golf news to finish with - Jason round
Day has posted a 3 under 69 first looks
round of the Canadian Open, it the
looks like a glorious day there, birdies,
the world number one carded four he
birdies, just brilliant at times as three
he always is, he finished the day leader
three shots behind the first round He
leader Luke List from the States. Thank
He is in good form.Thank you. happening
Thank you. Let's check out what's happening with the weather now.

Good morning. A number of cold of
fronts will sweep across the south days.
of the country over the next few heavy
days. A severe weather warning for gusts
heavy rain and very strong wind gusts is in place for large parts Queensland
of Victoria. But let's head to Queensland now:

So yesterday was Adelaide's warmest Melbourne's
July day in 14 years. Last night And
Melbourne's hottest July night ever. breaking
And the heat could be record those
breaking in Sydney today but with right
those cold fronts sweeping through will
right now, very chilly temperatures shop.
will be back.It is all over the to
shop.I just can't keep up. I have keep
to keep up though, it's my job.We you're
keep up if you keep up.Thank God keeping
you're here, Natalia.Keep on we
keeping up, Natalia.Still to come your
we reveal how you can save cash for think.
your first home sooner than you Plus,
think.Really important advice. cuteness
Plus, happy birthday to. His royal cuteness is about to turn three and incredible
we take a look back at what an And
incredible three years it has been. time
And another royal birthday, this Irwin
time the Queen of the jungle, Bindi joining
Irwin and the whole family is up
joining us live to celebrate.And announcement
up next, we have a huge exclusive Susan
announcement on Hollywood legend way
Susan Sarandon. She is heading our Entertainment
way and it is all good. Entertainment news up next.

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Good morning to you. Welcome to the well.
Today Show. Happy Friday to you as points
well. One of the big debating controversial
points about the government's changes
controversial superannuation rule from
changes is whether it limits people to
from getting enough into their fund government's
to see out their days. Now, the on
government's put a few new limits understood.
on that really do need to be maximum
understood. First it says the cut
maximum pretax contribution will be says
cut to $25,000 a year. Second, it contribution
says the maximum lifetime into
contribution of after tax savings it
into super will be $500,000. Third, your
it reduced to $800,000, including home,
your super, but not your family the
home, the amount of assets at which out.
the government's aged pension cuts with
out. Fourth, it said any person allocated
with more than $1.6 million in an free
allocated annuity which is a tax- have
free do-it-yourself pension will into
have to move that extra money back will
into super and the annual earnings million
will be taxed at 15%. So 1.of The
million is now a bit of a target. a
The question is whether sit too low Independent
a target for people to aim for. numbers
Independent Rice Warner crunched and
numbers for high income earn eshers person
and medium income earners and a year
person aged 40 earning $100,000 a inside
year will have o turn themselves this
inside out to make it. They say grand
this person has to contribute 25 of
grand a year to super. That is 25% kids
of their pay before they send the plus
kids to school or pay the mortgage, extra
plus they then have to put in an income
extra $1250 a year. For this middle impossible.
income earner, it is almost impossible. It shows the advantages year-old
of saving early. If that same 40- the
year-old already has $150,000 in contribute
the super fund, they need to just
contribute less, much less annually, reach
just $10,000250 a year until they person's
reach age 67. So 10.25% of a than
person's pay is a whole lot better starting
than 25%. The lessons here are In
starting to save earlier in life. smartest
In or outside of super, it is the that
smartest option. How do you teach debts,
that to young people with HECS lifestyles
debts, credit card bills and do
lifestyles they want to enjoy? How that
do you teach that to young families to
that hock themselves to the gills outcome
to buy expensive houses? The much
outcome is always the same, too look
much life, too little money. Let's and
look at the markets this morning and show you that the

and show you that the Australian as
dollar just below US 75 and 68 Euro price
as well. Commodity markets, the oil rebounded
price has fallen, but gold after
rebounded more than $15 US an ounce down
after a tough night. The Dow Jones 11
down by 675. After ten of the last market
11 trading days with the Australian by
market up, it is lower, but now up Richard
by 22. Let's get entertainment with Richard Wilkins.

Thank you, Rosco. Good morning to
again. A little One Direction news It
to lead the entertainment bulletin. Malec
It is exactly a year since Zane solo
Malec left One Direction for his latest
solo career. Now Liam Payne, the that
latest in the boy band to announce Liam
that he is doing the same thing. Liam took to Twitter to say:

He followed that tweet with:

He is a class act, our Liam. country
Heading outback, the favourite hitting
country gals the McClymonts are anniversary
hitting the road for their 10th charting
anniversary tour. They had 19 multiple
charting singles, God albums, across
multiple awards and sell out shows certainly
across the nation. This is tour.
certainly set to be a very special Years
tour. The 'The McClymonts - 10 starts
Years of Hits' live in concert tour have
starts in Melbourne tonight. We our
have all the dates and details on milestones,
our website for you. Speaking of been
milestones, can you believe it's been 25 years since one of the

been 25 years since one of the most and
iconic movies of all time 'Thelma announced
and Louise' was released. We superb
announced a few months ago that the our
superb Susan Sarandon is heading Academy
our way to share her tales as an this
Academy Award winning actress. Well, you
this morning I'm delighted to let interview
you know that we have the exclusive next
interview with her when she arrives Tickets
next month. That is very exciting. Susan
Tickets are available now to see Festival
Susan Sarandon at La Dolce Italia 'Breaking
Festival on August 7. For a Evening
'Breaking Barriers' lunch and 'An again
Evening With' dinner in Melbourne, website.
again those details are on the excited
website. Alright, we are very Troye
excited about this, Perth superstar right
Troye Sivan is coming to perform and
right here in this very studio live and exclusively on the Today Show enter
and this is your last chance to event.
enter to be a part of this special the
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birthday, go to our Facebook page what
and tell us in 25 words or fewer song
what your favourite Troye Sivan showing
song is and why. Look, we've been morning.
showing you this throughout the funny
morning. We have plenty more too, this
funny man James Corden teased us latest
this week with a snippet of the other
latest Carpool Karaoke with none didn't
other than Michelle Obama. What we guest
didn't see coming was surprise to
guest Missy Elliott who jumped in Lady.
to get her freak on with the First (SONG) #
(SONG) # Get your freak on # Go # Get your freak on # Get your freak # Get your # Get ya get ya get ya freak on # Quiet # Shoosh # Hush your mouth this
# Silence... # This is such a hit, will
this thing. It is so clever. We Carpool
will have more of this incredible Carpool Karaoke later in

Carpool Karaoke later in the show. about
What a clever man.Clever man, what alright
about the First Lady.She goes later,
alright too.So cool. A little Europe
later, we take you to the heart of the
Europe to catch up with Andre Rieu, on
the Dutch maestro. He is coming up Fantastic.
on the show.That went well? knocking
Fantastic.Looked like you were beautiful
knocking on his back door.It is a A
beautiful palace, quite a back door. back
A massive back door.Impressive forward
back door, that one.We look you
forward to more of that then, thank stories
you so much. Here are the top stories on Today.

Car bomb terror, a vehicle packed and
with gas bottles bursts into flames station.
and rams into a Sydney police the
station. The driver is pulled from Melbourne
the wreckage live.Firefighters in inferno
Melbourne battle to bring a factory from
inferno under control. We're live ten
from the scene.Olympics in crisis, arrested
ten suspected terrorists are Rio,
arrested for planning attacks in banned
Rio, while Russia's athletes are means
banned from competing. What it (SONG)
means for next month's Games. The
(SONG) # Welcome to my house... # getting
The house deposit Blues, are they simple
getting you down? We reveal the on
simple ways to get your first foot on the property ladder.

on the property ladder.Happy of
birthday Bindi, our very own Queen family
of the wild turns 18. The whole give
family joins us live.Blocky's big grabs
give away, we have $50,000 up for so
grabs in two massive calls today, (SINGS)
so stand by your phones. I'm
(SINGS) # Signed sealed delivered Carpool
I'm yours She's the new Queen of rocks
Carpool Karaoke, Michelle Obama rocks it. #
(SINGS) # Signed sealed delivered... the
#Good morning, that story later in in
the program. Right now, authorities a
in NSW are on high alert following station.
a bomb attack on a Sydney police unfolded
station. The terrifying incident loaded
unfolded when the man drove his car underground
loaded with accelerants into an had
underground car park after the fuel crime
had been ignited. Nine's senior crime reporter Simon Bouda is at morning.
the scene in Merrylands for us this What
morning. It is a dramatic attack. it
What do police know so far?Karl, In
it certainly was a dramatic attack. full
In fact, it was so dramatic, the sent
full counter-terrorism team was afterwards,
sent out here immediately sort
afterwards, fearing this was some has
sort of terrorist attack. Now, that understand
has been scaled back. What we now aged
understand is that this man, who is in
aged in his 60s, who is currently suffering
in Royal North Shore Hospital earlier
suffering burns, was involved in an violence
earlier AVO, an appry ended member
violence order involving a family involving
member and an assault and also Now,
involving his 93-year-old mother. this
Now, that man has allegedly come to car
this police station last night, his ignited
car has got gas tanks in it. He's he's
ignited himself inside the car when and
he's been approached by the police itself,
and tried to ram the police station Have
itself, the underground car park. Commissioner
Have a listen to what Assistant earlier.
Commissioner Denis Clifford told us very
earlier.The officers were very, vehicle.
very brave. They approached the still
vehicle. I understand the vehicle fuel,
still had an amount of accelerant, They've
fuel, perhaps in the vehicle. save
They've approached there to try and have
save this person's life, so they they've
have been very heroic in what high
they've done. The police are on for
high alert. We have been that way and
for some time due to events here police
and overseas. It's a situation that man,
police are well aware of.Now, this loner,
man, we understand, Karl, is a fact
loner, but as I just broke, the out
fact that some sort of AVO taken out involving this man, his mother believe
and his brother, that is what we what
believe has led him to carry out on
what appears to have been an attack know
on Merrylands Police Station.You Simon.
know only too well the police force, You
Simon. You work in it every day. they
You have seen the transitions, what last
they have had to deal with over the adds,
last couple of years. This only adds, surely, to the fear they feel Well,
on the streets trying to protect us. station
Well, as we know, this police under
station itself, Karl, has come court
under threat. There was a man in shoot
court last year who threatened to burn
shoot up this police station and Security
burn all the little piggies inside. the
Security at all police stations in ramped
the Sydney Metropolitan has been shot
ramped up after Curtis Cheng was headquarters
shot dead outside police commissioner,
headquarters at Parramatta. The wants
commissioner, Andrew Scipione, to
wants and has warned his officers I
to be more vigilant on the streets. happens,
I guess when something like this That's
happens, they are very concerned. everything
That's why they did throw was
everything at this last night. It attack
was being treated as a terrorist were
attack up until such time as police background
were able to check out this man's Amazing
background a little further. Good
Amazing for them to go in and help. Simon
Good on you, we appreciate that. this
Simon Bouda on the scene for us Melbourne
this morning:Fire ripped through a overnight.
Melbourne car parts factory Daish
overnight. Live to reporter Alexis morning
Daish in Campbellfield. Good like
morning again. What is the scene despite
like there now?Good morning. Well, despite this persistent weather crews
this morning, there is still fire crews here trying to stay on top of operations
this blaze. I've actually got with
operations officer Shane Rider here Despite
with me. Just step in here for me. tell
Despite this weather, can you just has
tell us how hard this fire fight about
has been for you?Look, around communications
about 8:45 last night the by
communications centre was contacted a
by public who stated that there was responded
a large fire. Firefighters were
responded to a structure fire and steel
were confronted with a factory fire, fully
steel construction, 30m by 60m fully involved.What sort of fuel a
were you dealing with? I understand of
a lot of car parts in there, a lot with
of oil. What were you confronted major
with there?Exactly that, car parts, Melbourne,
major supplier of car parts for car
Melbourne, so a lot of fuel load, yes.
car parts, engine parts, et cetera, there's
yes.You've just mentioned earlier there.
there's still some small fires in the
there. What are your guys doing at Firefighting
the moment to stay on top of it? continue
Firefighting operations will have
continue throughout the morning. We building.
have some hot spots within the building
building. Due to the size of the asbestos
building and the fuel load and the top
asbestos roof that has collapsed on protracted
top of those parts, it will be a day.
protracted incident throughout the damage,
day.Just lastly, the extent of the salvage
damage, do you think they can believe
salvage this business?I don't of
believe so. It would be in excess and
of $500,000 to $1 million in damage salvageable.
and that's certainly not for
salvageable.Thank you very much heard,
for your time this morning. As you the
heard, a lot of damage and no doubt devastated
the business owners will be overnight.
devastated by those events for
overnight. Back to you.A big job Daish
for those firefighters. Alexis Next
Daish in Campbellfield, thank you. crisis
Next month's Rio Olympics are in IOC
crisis this morning following the and
IOC ruling banning Russian track in
and field athletes from competing have
in the Games. Now Brazilian police allegedly
have arrested 10 people for on
allegedly planning a terror attack nine
on the Games. We're joined now by state
nine Europe correspondent Tom stein expert
state of mind and global affairs Melbourne.
expert Professor Joseph Siracusa in not
Melbourne. First to you, Tom. It is in
not just the track and field team Yes,
in Russia that is facing this ban. this
Yes, that's right. I mean, as if All
this wasn't enough of a bombshell. field
All 68 members of the track and at
field team told they're not welcome a
at Rio. Now there are suggestions, the
a mounting push from many fronts, they
the entire Russian team be told ban
they are not allowed to compete, a forthcoming
ban for every single sport at these comes
forthcoming Olympics. Now, this that
comes on the back of this appeal Arbitration
that happened at the Court of in
Arbitration for Sport. Russia went in there and said it is not fair, "Well,
the Court of Arbitration said, going
"Well, yeah, it is. Your appeal is Now,
going nowhere. It is dismissed." taking
Now, the Russians are talking about international
taking this to a higher talking
international court. They're also Putin,
talking about getting Vladimir But
Putin, the President, involved too. because
But they are playing with fire here other
because this could turn quite the stronger
other way. They could well have them
stronger sanctions slapped against wake
them as well, particularly in the with
wake of what happened last week of
with those explosive WADA details doping
of the systemic state.sponsored Russia
doping program that was run by Olympics.
Russia around the 2014 Sochi Winter pushing
Olympics. As I say, many are banned.
pushing for the entire team to be made
banned. A decision on that will be made at

made at an extraordinary meeting of That
the international Lim committee. hours
That will take place in the early time
hours of Monday morning Australia be
time in Switzerland. Won't all eyes all
be on that. If it does happen, and from
all Russian athletes are banned not
from the Rio Olympic Games, that is ramifications
not just something that has that
ramifications in the sporting world, ramifications.
that has international political interesting
ramifications. It will be very Let's
interesting to see how it pans out. The
Let's go now to Joseph Siracusa. reportedly
The 10 men arrested in Brazil are as
reportedly part of a new cell known country's
as the Brazil cal fat. The they
country's intelligence agency says carry
they had been discussing plans to games
carry out an attack during the They're
games using online messaging apps. a
They're very hard to track.This is for
a new enemy in Brazil. Real cause Olympic
for concern.Absolutely. Any like
Olympic Games would attract people time
like this, as you recall at one kill
time the Palestinians were able to Munich.
kill some Israeli athletes in surprised.
Munich. It is a target. I'm not these
surprised. I understand also that certain
these people are amateurs to a themselves
certain extent. They gave were
themselves up very easily. They more
were exposed. I'm sure there are Would
more people like them out there. heading
Would you be worried as an athlete if
heading over there?Yeah, I mean, somebody
if the virus dozen get you, believe
somebody else will. Yes, I can't the
believe that neck of the woods has had
the kind of security that Australia Americans
had for the Olympics or the Japanese.
Americans or the Russians or the Japanese. You know,

Japanese. You know, they just don't say
have that kind of backup. I would their
say people would be looking over get
their shoulder. Maybe we will just about
get lucky this time.Let's talk There
about news back home this morning. spoken
There are reports that the PM has agencies
spoken to our counter terror specifically
agencies asking them to wolf
specifically focus on these lone the
wolf style attacks in the wake of These
the Nice attack in particular. they
These people who are mentally ill, links
they have no known links or no organisations,
links whatsoever to terror rapidly
organisations, but radicalise How
rapidly due to their mental illness. track
How is the government going to would
track them and stop them?Well, it investigation
would have to be a commission or an between
investigation into the relationship terrorism
between mental illness and how
terrorism and even neuroscience and that
how biochemicals work on the brain, thing
that kind of thing. I mean, the terrorists
thing is, Sylvia, most of these and
terrorists have got mental problems those
and we have a distinction between those politically motivated and personal
those who are driven by some who
personal thing. A number of people latch
who are mentally ill, maybe they their
latch on to terrorism at the end of screw
their lives and sort of uncrew meaning
screw everything and try and give Martin
meaning to their lives. I mean, was in
Martin Bryant who killed 35 people Lee
in Tasmania, was he a terrorist? Australian
Lee Harvey Oswald? Sure, they're mental
Australian lone wolves and all had have
mental problems, but I think we it
have to make these connections and is
it is good that the Prime Minister Increasingly
is look into this kind of thing. Professor
Increasingly complex, isn't it? appreciate
Professor Joseph Siracusa, we Thank
appreciate your insight as always. Turnbull
Thank you very much.Meantime, the for
Turnbull Government is under fire superannuation
for taking an incomplete Federal
superannuation policy to the work
Federal election. There is still reporter
work to be done. Nine political now
reporter Lauren Gianoli joins us message
now from Parliament House. A blunt Yes,
message from Chris Pine earlier. bit
Yes, it was, wasn't it? Certainly a George
bit of a slap down, him accusing gun.
George Christensen of jumping the actual
gun. He did point out there is no superannuation
actual legislation for this still
superannuation policy yet. There's Bill
still a bit of a way to go, the cabinet,
Bill will have to be taken to committee
cabinet, then off to a backbench the
committee and then it will go into for
the party room. The problem though Minister
for the Treasurer and the Prime that
Minister on this one is the fangt like
that the conservative right don't confusing
like this policy, they say it is Liberal
confusing and also it angered their amount
Liberal base and affected the during
amount of fundraising they got centrepiece
during the campaign.This was the budget
centrepiece of their budget. The process
budget goes through the cabinet two
process and that happened way back jumping
two months ago.George is probably have
jumping the gun somewhat because we through
have a significant process to go think
through and, you know, I don't and
think people should be making hard decisions
and fast announcements about their when
decisions about crossing the floor Anthony
when the process hasn't even begun. top
Anthony Albanese speaking off the for
top there, Karl. He is in Canberra is
for the Labor caucus meeting. That going
is where Bill Shorten is today frontbench.
going to announce his changed Linda
frontbench. There is new faces like who
Linda Burnie, the former state MP Sydney.
who won the seat of Barton in promotion.
Sydney. She is expected to get a changes,
promotion. The consequence of these faces
changes, though, is that some old will
faces will have to be turfed. That Opposition
will cause some unrest in the This
Opposition for a little while, Karl. take
This meeting, it is scheduled to was
take place just after lunchtime.It George.
was quite the slap down on big thank
George.It was.Nasty. Good on you, soon.
thank you for that. Talk to you damage
soon.Fire has caused extensive in
damage to a meat processing plant We
in Sydney's Inner West overnight. Lara
We go live to Today Sydney reporter this
Lara Vella who is in Marrickville idea
this morning. Lara, do we have any at
idea how this blaze started?Aislin, That's
at this stage unfortunately not. really
That's basically because fire crews proper
really haven't been able to get a this
proper look at the charred mess of this meat processing facility. has
That's because the structure here be
has been deemed unsafe. You might opened
be able to see a large crack has that
opened up in the very centre of when
that building. That sort of erupted about
when these huge flames took hold was
about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. It here.
was certainly all hands on deck to
here. About 50 firefighters worked it
to tackle this blaze and thankfully They
it was an excellent effort by them. blaze
They were able to contain that facility.
blaze just to that meat processing been
facility. Now, some workers have They've
been turning up here this morning. had
They've had a bit of a shock. They been
had no idea that this building had fire
been completely destroyed by this prospect
fire last night. Now they face the temporarily.
prospect of being out of a job some
temporarily. Let's take a listen to seen
some of what they told us.Have you no,
seen anything like this before?No, first
no, no. My life, never. This is probably
first time, you know. I don't know, for
probably hard to find another job structural
for me as well.Now, Aislin, are
structural engineers, we're told, The
are due on the site this morning. determine
The task for them will be to of
determine how safe this area is and what
of course for fire crews exactly Alright,
what sparked this blaze last night. update!
Alright, Lara Vella, thanks for the Republican
update! The final day of the with
Republican Convention has begun his
with US Senator Ted Cruz defending endorse
his controversial decision to not presidential
endorse Donald Trump as the party's correspondent
presidential candidate. Nine US Cleveland,
correspondent Laura Turner is in Cruz
Cleveland, he high o, for us. Mr own
Cruz is not very popular within his you.
own party today. Good morning to want
you. He is certainly not. I just noise,
want to let you know behind me that practicing
noise, they're gearing up right now, nights,
practicing for the big night of Donald
nights, tonight, that is, when am
Donald Trump comes on stage and I glory
am sure it will be in a blaze of nomination.
glory to accept the Republican one
nomination. But as you say, there's headlines
one man who has stolen the again.
headlines from Donald Trump yet was
again. It was last night when it here.
was a huge night of fireworks again invitation
here. Ted Cruz accepting an Party
invitation from the Republican last
Party o to speak at the Convention candidates
last night, and all of the primary Cruz
candidates were asked to speak. Ted came
Cruz accepted that invitation. He crowd
came out on stage and addressed the all
crowd here last night and told them in
all to vote with their conscience endorsing
in November, but stopped short of President.
endorsing Donald Trump for huge
President. Now, that is seen as a Trump
huge slap in the face to Donald big
Trump and also, you know, a pretty in
big no-no in political circles here after
in the US. He was booed off stage that,
after that. But he has explained campaign
that, well, he took the primary Donald
campaign very, very personally. insulted
Donald Trump insulted his wife, he campaign.
insulted his father during that get
campaign. He said he just couldn't get over it. Take a look.

get over it. Take a look.I'm not attacking
going to get into criticising or give
attacking Donald Trump, but I just in
give you this response - I am not who
in the habit of supporting people father.
who attack my wife and attack my awkward,
father. Plaus plausNow, talk about night
awkward, have a look at this. Last Presidential
night after Donald Trump's Vice maiden
Presidential nominee made his Trump
maiden speech to the nation, Donald him,
Trump came on stage to congratulate the
him, tried to give him a kiss on Even
the cheek, wasn't well received. Convention,
Even more drama here at the tonight
Convention, Sylvia.Colour there you.
tonight as well. From the US, thank meantime
you. Fresh outrage in the US another
meantime after police in Miami shot therapist
another unarmed black man. The with
therapist was helping a patient from
with autism who had wandered away ground.
from a facility when ordered on the Chris
ground. Footage has emerged of surrendering
Chris Kinsey lying down air
surrendering with his hands in the road
air and his patient sitting on the The
road beside him with a toy truck. the
The French prosecutor investigating driver
the Nice terror attacks says the people
driver who killed more than 80 Day
people as they celebrated Bastille a
Day definitely had help and was not a so-called

a so-called lone wolf. began
TRANSLATION: The investigation that still
began last Thursday evening is that
still ongoing. In the course of established
that investigation, we have committed
established that the murderous act Bouhlel
committed by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was premeditated and also preparation
that he had support in the attack.
preparation and carrying out of his planning
attack.The prosecutor says going
planning for the massacre had been prosecutors
going on for months. South African year
prosecutors will appeal the six Pistorius
year jail sentence imposed on Oscar girlfriend
Pistorius for murdering his statement,
girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. In a

statement, the National Prosecuting killer's
Authority described the convicted and
killer's sentence as an injustice Alarming
and shockingly too lenient. this
Alarming research out of Queensland 40%
this morning reveals that almost with
40% of teens have been in a car over
with a driver they believe to be one
over the legal alcohol limit. While a
one in three teens have even taken can't
a selfie while driving. David can't Contarini
can't from the RAC -- David do
Contarini Jones me now. What can we is
do to make young people realise it we
is not OK to drink and drive?What behaviour.
we are talking about is risky road
behaviour. The RACQ through the visiting
road safety education program is build
visiting schools and trying to drivers.
build resilience with the young realise
drivers. We're trying to make them Let's
realise that these things aren't OK. a
Let's not forget that parents have to
a role to play also here. That is conversation
to say that if - you need to have a say
conversation with your teenager to situation
say if you ever feel in an unsafe the
situation and you need to call in come
the middle of the night, "I will situation."
come and pick you up from an unsafe receive
situation." Any parent would rather knock
receive that phone call than a 3:00 an
knock on their - at their home from Agree,
an Emergency Services officer. people
Agree, I have done stories with as
people who have died in car crashes Things
as a result of being on their phone. How
Things like Snapchat, Pokemon Go. to
How do you get that message through the
to kids?Well, we understand that teenagers
the use of mobile phones and apps
teenagers go hand in hand and using selfies
apps and taking Snapchats and they're
selfies and those sorts of things, But
they're really fun things to do. drivers
But our message today to young while
drivers is don't do those things The
while you're operating a vehicle. is
The best place for a mobile phone the
is either in the glove box, under Agreed.
the seat or, best of alln the boot. More
Agreed. David, thank you very much. up,
More details on our website. Coming away
up, we're doubling our cash give double
away today.Chock-a-block, it's the will
double Block of Cash give away that calls
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grabs. It's easy to win.
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All calls are made on Australian eastern standard time. Good luck.

Don't go anywhere, folks. We have soon,
got two calls coming your way very the
soon, but right now it is time for day
the weather with Natalia. Trumpet trumpet
day today, Natalia.Any day that's you,
trumpet day is a good day, thank Brisbane
you, Karl. Good morning to you. Now, blanket
Brisbane has woken to a thick white-out.
blanket of fog. It's a complete cannot
white-out. From our Skycam, you look
cannot see the city. Whoa! Have a burn
look at that. I am told it will weather
burn off quickly because sunny expected
weather and warm temperatures are scene
expected today. But that is the Friday
scene right now. Here is your country:
Friday forecast right across the

It is very warm for July in the Harbour City.

A severe weather warning is in place for parts of Victoria.

There has been some really warm its
winter weather about. Adelaide had yesterday.
its hottest July day in 14 years July
yesterday. Melbourne, its warmest front
July night on record, but a cold bringing
front will sweep through today those
bringing plenty of rain and both of drop
those cities will see a massive Police
drop in temperatures.Thank you. of
Police officers have saved the life a
of a man who attempted to car bomb as
a Sydney police station overnight news.
as we have been reporting in the incredible
news. This was, I reckon, an ran
incredible act of bravery. Police danger.
ran to rescue the man despite the joins
danger. Neil Mitchell from 3AW Courage.
joins us. Good morning to you. courageous.
Courage.It is courage. It is this
courageous. It also strikes me, suggestion
this one, and there is no anything
suggestion it is ISIS-linked or attacks
anything like that, but whether the world,
attacks we're seeing around the are
world, the ISIS-inspired attacks, ISIS
are motivating people without the "That's
ISIS link.Agree.Just saying, possible
"That's not a bad yet." Is it or
possible it is setting a standard becoming
or pattern?I think it is almost terrorism.
becoming a sub category of way
terrorism. It is not terrorism the like
way we know it, but it is almost illness
like these people with mental this
illness ps are being attracted to that's
this kind of behaviour:Well, Minister
that's right. That is why the Prime more
Minister is talking about focusing mental
more on the lone wolf attacks and me
mental illness issues. That worries been
me a bit. The lone wolf issue has really
been around for years. Are they but
really just saying look at it now, about
but more than that, he suck talking of
about looking at the mental health might
of vulnerable people, people who terrorist
might be susceptible to the ISIS in
terrorist message. Are you allowed records
in government to access the health know.
records of individuals? I don't All
know. Do you know?I don't know. this
All these questions relating to step
this are really important. It is a I
step in the right direction though, you
I think, from Malcolm Turnbull.Yes, know,
you have to recognise - and you of
know, you have been in the middle recognise
of it over there. You have to danger
recognise that this is the real we've
danger in this country. Because the
we've got - we are an island state, grown
the real danger for us is home- sitting
grown terrorism, it is the kid computer
sitting in an outer suburb with his getting
computer being radicalised and getting a truck. The lone wolf is Agree.
the real danger, has been for years. Hanson
Agree. On Monday night, Pauline Muslim
Hanson was confronted on 'Q&A' by a So
Muslim accusing her of Islamophobia. what
So with all due respect, Ms Hanson, phobic
what is the basis of your Islam ignorance?
phobic feelings, hate, fear or ignorance?None of the above of What
what you've just said, alright. son
What I'm concerned about, and your children
son may be watching, but also other well,
children may be watching this as peace
well, and if you want to live in without
peace and harmony in this country on
without fear, it's about us getting together
on together as a nation and working Why
together without fear amongst us. streets?
Why have we got so much fear on our happen?
streets? Why did the Lindt Cafe he
happen? Why Curtis Cheng, why was happening?
he murdered? Why are other things attacks
happening? Why are there terrorist remember
attacks around the world?The history.
remember we play it, this guy has stop
history. Caleb's attacks didn't doctored
stop there. He now postered and
doctored images of Hanson on nine wearing
and told her to go uppercut herself problems
wearing a hijab. He has had he
problems with her in the past, but Look,
he was in the audience as a random. questions
Look, he's entitled to ask they
questions and have his views. But up
they have to answer this, they set He
up the people to ask the questions. He would be vetted. How closely did

He would be vetted. How closely did closely
they vet him? Remember Zky, how closely -- Zaccie, how closely did this,
they vet him? They have to answer facts,
this, 'Q and A' is about fire, not moral
facts, but they take this high me,
moral ground which really irritates we
me, "We're not about entertainment, access
we are about real people getting Nonsense,
access to decision-makers." trouble.
Nonsense, it is about causing about,
trouble. That is what they are Hypocritical.
about, admit it and get on with it. when
Hypocritical.Especially at a time craving
when I do think the population is these
craving informed debate about all course
these issues and we deserve it.Of about
course we deserve it. That wasn't as
about debate, that was about fire, too.
as I said. There is another element Hanson
too. I think a lot of what Pauline struck
Hanson says is nonsense, but she to
struck a nerve and she's entitled member
to that view. She is an elected when
member of Parliament. 20 years ago mocked
when talking some nonsense, people her
mocked her, vilified her. It built with
her strength. If you don't agree If
with her, argue with her sensibly. entitled
If you agree with her, you are around
entitled to.Agreed. Certains Games
around next month's Rio Olympic for
Games after 10 people were arrested attack.
for allegedly planning a terror lost
attack. It comes as news Russia track
lost its appeal for its barred the
track and field athletes to attend out,
the games. As Tom Steinfort pointed political
out, this has all sorts of don't
political ramifications if they Games
don't go to the Games, but are the I
Games in crisis, Neil?I don't care. suppose
I can't find anybody - no, look, I can't
suppose the interests will build. I buildup
can't remember such a low-key a
buildup to an Olympic Games. I did person
a poll of the audience, not one cheating
person had any interest. Think the elite
cheating has already undermined losing
elite sport to the point people are particular
losing interest. You look at a well,
particular event and say, "He won great
well, great sporting achievement or for
great chemist?"Exactly. I do feel over
for the athletes, they work so hard the
over the years to get to what is pinnacle.
the pinnacle or considered the like
pinnacle. But certainly it looks of
like they are losing a little bit this
of relevance. No for our athletes one
this time around. What about this How
one to finish up on a Friday with. Obama.
How cool is US First Lady Michelle

Obama. Play it, Sammy. #
(SINGS) # Gather around # Now people jump around # Go get your freak on # Get your freak on # Go # Get your freak # Get your # Getcha getcha # Getcha freak on # Quiet # Shoosh # Hush your mouth Neil.
# Silence... #Get your freak on, freak
Neil.She's great.Go on, get your you,
freak on.I've got a challenge for for
you, let's put a camera in your car and
for a week, trained on your face week.
and get you singing.Oh.Just a dashcam
week. Every day, you drive with the look
dashcam turned around and we have a about
look at it in a week's time. What -
about that?Neil Mitchell, I think stuff
- yeah, look, there's a lot of oh.
stuff that goes on in my car.Oh, might
oh.That no-one needs to see. We Neil,
might give it a go. Good on you, Bye
Neil, have a great weekend.Thanks. Karl,
Bye bye.That could be interesting, already.
Karl, producers are on to it home
already. Coming up this morning, at Richard's
home with The King of the waltz, experience
Richard's exclusive one-on-one friend
experience with his very good bring
friend Andre Rieu.Also ahead, we moments
bring you the most memorable royal
moments of Prince George as his birthday.
royal cuteness celebrates his third cool
birthday. Growing up so fast.One cash
cool dude. We have got two huge they're
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the First Lady sings. Michelle presidential
Obama shows us what is her presidential - what her about
presidential pipes are made of. How you
about that. That's not something something
you say every day. But this is not so
something that happens every day, the
so stick around, we've got more of (SINGS)
the First Lady of cool. (SINGS) #

Oh, yeah, Blocky is up. This That's
morning, $50,000 is on the line. chances
That's half of 100,000.Karlos.Two You
chances to win, double the cash. aren't
You are a man of many talents, the
aren't you? Very good. Let's get man
the latest of the news right now.A burns
man is in hospital with serious set
burns to much of his body after he rammed
set himself and his car alight and station
rammed the vehicle into a police to
station in the city's west. We go Bouda
to senior crime reporter Simon Merrylands.
Bouda who is live on the scene at once
Merrylands. Simon, the incident has It
once again put police on high alert. emerging
It certainly has. What is now coming
emerging and more details are through
coming to light as we progress arisen
through this morning, this has with
arisen out of a domestic situation Zulawell
with a man by the name of Peter sparked
Zulawell and his mother. This night.
sparked this incident here last car
night. We know that Peter drove his it
car to Merrylands Police Station, himself
it will by alleged he then ignited ram
himself inside the car and tried to trying
ram the door of the police station in
trying to get underneath it. He is under
in hospital in a serious condition, Hospital.
under guard in Royal North Shore Commissioner
Hospital. Here is what Assistant last
Commissioner Denis Clifford told us alert.
last night.The police are on high some
alert. We have been that way for overseas.
some time due to event s here and police
overseas. It is a situation the suggest
police are well aware of and I questioning
suggest that led to the officer approach
questioning or attempting to to
approach and question the person as to why he is parked in the driveway.

to why he is parked in the driveway. it's
The police reacted very bravely and else
it's just a miracle that no-one we
else was seriously injured.While domestic
we know this has arisen out of a clearly
domestic violence situation, happened
clearly last night when this first terrorism.
happened the first thought was been
terrorism. This police station has police
been under specific notice of threats
police because there have been terrorism
threats here before. The counter- force
terrorism team and the NSW police night,
force were rushed out here last this
night, but it soon became clear but
this was not a terrorist attack, the
but a domestic situation and that's Simon
the way it has now been handled. for
Simon Bouda breaking plenty of news Simon.
for us this morning. Thank you, soon.
Simon. We will talk to you again destroyed
soon. A huge fire in Melbourne has overnight.
destroyed a car parts factory reporter
overnight. We go live to our in
reporter Alexis Daish at the scene night
in Campbellfield. It's been a huge night for firefighters. It isn't

night for firefighters. It isn't still
over yet.That is right. There are keeping
still hot spots burning. They are this
keeping a close eye to make sure have
this doesn't flare-up again. We during
have seen damage a bit better though
during the daylight. It looks as of
though there were about two-thirds collapsed.
of the roof that is completely at
collapsed. Now, this blaze started that
at about 8:45. A spectacular fire There
that engulfed the entire business. across
There was smoke Bambillo pillowing result.
across the Northern Suburbs as a gas
result. They were up against some exploding.
gas cylinders that were inside the
exploding. There were also cars at listen
the back that caught fire. Have a told
listen to what firefighters have Major
told us about this this morning. Melbourne.
Major supplier of car parts for parts,
Melbourne. A lot of fuel load, car have
parts, engine parts, et cetera.We firefighters
have just heard from the be
firefighters here that there will later
be fire investigators coming here exactly
later on today to try and establish spectacular
exactly what caused this Thanks
spectacular blaze. Back to you. where
Thanks for that. To Brisbane now, woken
where residents have once again blanketing
woken to thick and heavy fog sight
blanketing the city. Look at that reporter
sight there. Today Queensland from
reporter Jessica Millward joins us Jess,
from the Mount Coot-tha summit. yet
Jess, this is causing some delays yet again there.

yet again there.That's right. It very
was just Tuesday that we had that impacting
very thick fog and once again it is is
impacting the CBD. You can see that as
is the city down there. Not as bad lot
as the other day, but certainly a in
lot of the buildings are shrouded airport
in this fog. The latest from the expect
airport is that travellers should expect delays of

expect delays of around 45 minutes LA
to an hour. Already one flight from is
LA has landed at Noumea because it circle
is unclear how long it will have to of
circle over Brisbane. There's a lot visibility
of delays on the roads with 100m.
visibility in some areas down to Brisbane
100m. The Northern Suburbs of affected
Brisbane are being most heavily suburbs
affected by this and the Bayside expected
suburbs like Redcliffe, it is that,
expected to burn off shortly. After of
that, we're heading for a sunny top day.
of 28 degrees.Another beautiful us
day. Jessica Millward crossing to It
us live from above the layer of fog. Jess.
It is quite the spectacle. Thanks, Sydney's
Jess. A meat processing business in destroyed
Sydney's Inner West has been the
destroyed when fire ripped through night.
the Marrickville building last hour
night. It took crews more than an control.
hour to bring the inferno under fire
control.The biggest challenge to the
fire crews when they arrived was factory
the intensity of the fire in the two
factory involved in fire and the ajoining
two factories either side were to
ajoining it, so the fire crews had effectively
to work very hard and very spreading
effectively to stop the fire factories.
spreading to those adjoining injured.
factories.Thankfully no-one was remarkably
injured. A Sydney driver has in
remarkably survived a horror crash trapped
in the city's west which left him surrounded
trapped in his crumpled car, power
surrounded by live high voltage driving
power lines. The 30-year-old was Villawood
driving along Christina Road at his
Villawood just before 11:30 when a
his vehicle rolled and crashed into had
a pole bringing down the wires.He unconscious
had head injuries, appears to be Due
unconscious at the present time. to
Due to the livewires, we're unable situation
to gain access and it is a lethal eventually
situation for us.Crews managed to he
eventually cut the driver free and with
he was taken to Liverpool Hospital He
with nonlife-threatening injuries. transport
He was very lucky. Victorian investigating
transport officials are passenger
investigating a violent attack on a train.
passenger on board a Melbourne yelling
train. Witnesses say a woman was when
yelling abuse at other passengers asking
when another female stepped in then
asking her to be quiet. She was bystanders
then set upon with shocked bystanders also caught up in

bystanders also caught up in the place
scuffle. The incident which took Yarra
place on a service between South reported
Yarra and Richmond has not yet been of
reported to police. Six men accused forced
of a drunken midair brawl which Phuket-bound
forced the diver Suns of their now
Phuket-bound Jetstar flight could cover
now be hit with a hefty bill to group
cover the airline's costs. The punch
group was involved in an onboard their
punch up which saw the pilot divert were
their plane to Bali where the men when
were ordered off. It's now expected today
when they arrive back on home soil up
today they could be ordered to pay Jetstar.
up to $100,000 in compensation to Rio
Jetstar. Just weeks out from the claimed
Rio Olympic Games, Brazil police terror
claimed they've foiled a deadly who
terror plot, arresting ten suspects to
who are accused of pledging loyalty to Islamic State. The men are said country's
to be part of a new cell. The they
country's intelligence agency says apps
they had been using online message Games
apps to plan an attack during the Meantime,
Games which begin in a fortnight. athletes
Meantime, Russian track and field the
athletes will remain banned from country
the Olympics over claims the doping
country ran a state-sponsored Committee
doping program. The Russian Olympic attempted
Committee and 68 Russian athletes suspension
attempted to overturn the court
suspension by the body which govrps of
court athlete ticks, but the Court it
of Arbitration for Sport has ruled up
it can stand. A rare Alpha Romeo is to
up for grabs. The luxury car is set auction.
to fetch a record $20 million at described
auction. The 1939 vehicle is pre-war
described as one of the greatest the
pre-war cars ever built and one of designed
the grandest too. It was originally could
designed for racing.You basically take
could do anything you want, race it, of
take it out at night. It was kind in
of - it is the best of both worlds has
in that respect.The Alpha Romeo than
has been in private hands for more New
than 20 years and will be sold in For
New York a little later this year. interested.
For anyone who happens to be A
interested.Plenty, wouldn't there? old
A beautiful car.My brother had an banged
old vintage Alpha Romeo. Pretty Banged
banged up, then I crashed it. properly
Banged up more.I banged it alright.
properly up.Must have been doing been
alright.No, it was not.Must have is
been selling a lot of dumplings.He restaurant
is selling more now.What is the There
restaurant called?? What city? one
There are three or four in Brisbane, of
one in Sydney.We digress, The King the
of waltz, your exclusive look into in
the life of Andre Rieu is coming up exclusive
in a few moments. Dickie, he's got to
exclusive access. It is quite fun Time
to see behind the scenes there, too. Time now for sport. had
Time now for sport.Apparently they sitting
had a haircut together. Imagine how's
sitting there chair by chair. Andre, bookies
how's your hair? Funny stuff. The favourite
bookies have North Melbourne as will
favourite to beat Collingwood. This Meantimes,
will be a huge game for both sides. dumped
Meantimes, Ted Richards has been Carlton
dumped for Sydney's clash against to
Carlton tomorrow after struggling The
to find form in the past few weeks. ahead
The Kangaroos have suffered a glow forward
ahead of tonight's big one. A key an
forward Jarrad Waite ruled out with they
an ongoing hip problem. The Cowboys, of
they have burst through the State Bulldogs
of Origin period, thrashing the to
Bulldogs 36-0. A hamstring injury Queensland
to Johnathan Thurston had the North star
Queensland fans worried, but the will
star play maker is confident he week.
will be back for the storm next Nine,
week. Tonight, huge game on Channel Panthers.
Nine, the Broncos hosting the certain
Panthers. Chris Froome is almost France
certain to claim a third Tour de 18's
France title after winning stage to
18's time trial, extending his lead Richie
to 3 minutes 52 seconds. Aussie sixth
Richie Porte finished fourth to sit Jarryd
sixth in the overall standings and in
Jarryd Hayne's hopes of remaining slim.
in his home City of Sydney look Knights
slim. The Roosters, Rabbitohs and out
Knights have all ruled themselves code-hopping
out of the running to sign the Coast
code-hopping star, but the Gold have
Coast Titans, Graham Annesley's men, Hayne's
have put their hand up. As for Bill
Hayne's future in rugby, ARU boss topic,
Bill says the Waratahs are the be
topic, but finding enough Doe will plane
be the main issue. Will this Hayne the
plane land, Karl and sillee ya?Do salary
the Titans have room in their just
salary cap?I'm sure they do. It He
just depends how much they pay him. and
He might be able to go to Russia team.
and represent the Russia Olympic for
team. Just do every event.Except decathalon.
for track and field.Do the Solution.
decathalon. Daily Thompson. Coming
Solution. There you go, thank you. celebration
Coming up, a very special Australia's
celebration for the apple of Australia's eye. We have a surprise minute's
for Bindi Irwin in just a few calls,
minute's time.Plus double the the
calls, double the cash. Whip out for
the trumpets, we have two chances on
for you to win $50,000 today here on the show.But first, it is time fella
for entertainment with the big fella behind me, Richard Wilkins.

Well, we first met him when he came entertainment
to Australia with the biggest staged,
entertainment extravaganza ever shone
staged, recreating the enormous the
shone Bruyn palace and leapfrogging world
the massive production around the dancers,
world with hundreds of musicians, and
dancers, skaters, special effects despite
and whatnot, a show so big that grossing
despite being one of the biggest nearly
grossing tours of the year, it of
nearly sent him broke. Since then, place
of course, Andre Rieu has found a screen
place in our hearts on stage, on concert
screen and this time each year in his
concert with a series of shows at had
his hometown in the Netherlands. I with
had the pleasure of catching up castle
with the great man himself at his castle in Maastricht.

Andre.Hi, mate.How are you, sir? Australia.
Nice to see you all the way from in.
Australia. I go to the concert. Get to
in.Nice car.Here we go. It's nice to have you here.

to have you here. the
the way to go?I know. I live here. I
You have lived here all your life. is
I lived here all my life.How cool to
is it to have all these people come incredible.
to your city to see you?It is nationalities.
incredible. Last year, we had 78 here.
nationalities.Thanks for having us lift.
here.Thank you.Thanks for the and
lift.Fantastic to have you here that
and enjoy it. It is so fantastic OK.
that you are here.Is it OK?That's good
OK. See you.Cheers, mate, have a Andre
good show.Thank you.Of course, visit
Andre isn't the only reason to southern
visit this beautiful city in the is
southern tip of the Netherlands. It architecture
is simply stunning. The medieval The
architecture quite breathtaking. university
The culture colliding with a modern time
university city, but certainly this full,
time of the year, the hotels are bars
full, the restaurants, cafes and streets
bars are all booked out and the because
streets are chock cas and it's all because of one man.

because of one man. Must You
Must be a great feeling.It is, yes. you?
You don't really get nervous, do don't
you?I am, I am, really, very. You Thank
don't see that.Have a great show. Thank you very much, mate.

Thank you very much, mate.So here It
we go, the maestro is on his way. stand
It must be an amazing feeling to front
stand on this stage and perform in come
front of 15,000 people who have This
come from all around the world. Andre
This is one of seven shows that the
Andre is playing this year here in these
the middle of Maastricht. Many of concert
these people will be watching the then
concert on Cinema Live as well and seeing
then getting the DVD and then is
seeing him in concert wherever he incredible.
is playing next. It is quite


(SONG) # I could have danced all taken,
night... #Can I get a free photo good.
taken, please?Yeah, sure. Looking good. Smile.


Wow, what a great show.Thank you. it.
Have to be patient, I have to clean yourself?
it.Of course. You always do-it- yourself?Nobody else touches it.

yourself?Nobody else touches it. (CHEERING
Thought you had a cleaner.No. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

When you were standing here before come
the show, you were excited and you You've
come off stage and you're excited. mean,
You've left nothing in the tank. I it?
mean, it is a full-on show, isn't hours,
it? All the fireworks.It is three a
hours, giving energy, but it gives see
a lot of energy back and it's - you everybody.
see the result, people are so happy, (CHEERING I'm

I'm 66, I'm going on until 120.And and
you're making a lot of people happy of
and putting a lot of food on a lot of tables, right?Yeah.Let's go Thank
and get some.OK, thank you.Cheers. (APPLAUSE)
Thank you. Thank you very much. How experience.
How about that vision.What an fantastic,
experience.It is absolutely heading
fantastic, wonderful. An ray is have
heading here in October. You don't Maastricht
have to wait that long. His 2016 broadcast
Maastricht Concert will be across
broadcast into over 130 cinemas 30
across Australia, only on Saturday That's
30 July and Sunday 31 at 2 p.m.
That's next weekend. Head to or cinema Dr cinemas. to find participating website.
cinemas. All the details are on our that
website. Thanks to Cinema Live for in
that once-in-a-lifetime experience beautiful.
in Maastricht.Beautiful city.So He
beautiful. The weather was glorious. the
He reckons 86 nationalities are at around
the show. They just come from all out,
around the world, book everything why.
out, do whatever. Seven shows.See C,
why.Looks like everyone is on the there
C, oolibah Riesling as well.Where Richard
there is a good time, there is Thank
Richard Wilkins.Very well said. this
Thank you. Lovely story.Coming up the
this morning, we rock along with bringing
the First Lady, Michelle Obama down
bringing the house down or the car down in Carpool Karaoke.Talk to has
the hand.Sing it.Our next guest It
has grown up before our very eyes. Irwin
It is hard to believe that Bindi Irwin is turning 18. Check it out.

Irwin is turning 18. Check it out. (SONG)
Sty voe and Bindo. want
(SONG) # Seems so strong... #I just
want to help endangered wildlife I
just like he did.Have a go at this. fun.
I go through life and it's so much excitement.
fun. I mean, it is a whirlwind of

(SONG) # Hey, hey, hey... #Thank when
you so much!Who do you want to be my
when you grow up, Bindi?Just like beautiful
my daddy.Just like her daddy.A the
beautiful moment, from rhinos to in
the rumba, she's achieved so much girl,
in such a short time. The birthday us
girl, I'm very happy to say, joins big
us now from Australia Zoo. A very hoo!
big happy birthday.Woo-hoo! Woo- (SINGS) no.
(SINGS) # Happy birthday... #No, We
no. No-one wants to hear us sing. happy
We are so excited for you and very How
happy to wish you a happy birthday. much.
How are you feeling?Thank you so with
much. I'm so glad I get to catch up feel
with all of you because you guys excited
feel like my family. I'm really years
excited to be taking on my adult getting
years and really blessed that I'm Australia
getting to celebrate right here at family.
Australia Zoo with my gorgeous of
family.We're very happy to be part the
of it even playing a tiny part in planned
the celebrations. What have you got going
planned to celebrate?Well, we're going to have a huge event here at Australia Zoo. It is Camping with means
the Stars theme this year. So it means all kids are free into with
Australia Zoo. We have a day filled everyone
with camping, wildlife, getting teaching
everyone back out into nature with crocodiles
teaching kids how to wrangle plush fantastic
crocodiles and on yen tearing and a It
fantastic day. We do the croc show. course,
It will be really exciting and, of You
course, a few very special stars. was
You might not remember this. When I along
was a reporter in Brisbane, I went I
along to cover your 13th birthday, princess
I think it was. You had a big anything
princess castle cake. If that's be
anything to go by, this party will you
be an absolute whopper. I'm sure time
you are probably spending a lot of been
time reflecting as women. It has been a huge couple of years with Stars'
you with the 'Dancing with the looking
Stars' win as well. What are you for
looking back on as a big highlight that
for you in recent years?I think that for me in recent years, I've wonderful
been really blessed to take on some Certainly
wonderful life adventures. was
Certainly 'Dancing with the Stars' adventures
was one of the biggest life blessing
adventures so far and it was such a journey
blessing to be able to share my people.
journey and story with so many truly
people. But for me, conservation is will
truly where my heart lies and I carry
will continue to do my best to started
carry on all the work that dad through
started with his conversation work excited
through Wildlife Warriors. I'm fun.
excited to continue on with lots of Australia
fun. It's nice to be here at I
Australia Zoo and, who knows, maybe just
I will be dazzle my car keys and who
just share the day with everyone are
who comes to visit.Nice. Robert, yet.
are you 25 now, brother?Not quite must
yet. Not quite yet. Only 12.You how
must be pretty pumped though. Look giraffe.
how tall you are. You are like a scaring
giraffe.He is taller than me. It's about
scaring me.What do you want to say about your big sis?

about your big sis?Well, Bindi is know
just the most incredible sister. I things
know she's going to achieve great going
things when she turns 18 and it's celebrate.
going to be a really fun day to What
celebrate. I'm very proud of her. love
What did you get her?Thank you, I surprise
love you.Thank you. It is a I
surprise until the big day.Thought to
I was going to find out.You have I'm
to wait and see.I was so close. you.
I'm sure you will like it.Thank brother,
you.If it is anything like my from
brother, he will get you a yo-yo wrong
from a mac happy meal.What is kind.
wrong with that?Robert is very things
kind. He always makes me beautiful excited
things for every birthday. I'm great
excited for this year.It will be you
great fun.Richard here, darling, girl,
you must be so proud of your little Richard.
girl, Terri.It's just incredible, grow
Richard. You know, seeing your kids things
grow up and achieve wonderful I
things and be happy is so special. you
I think we're really blessed and, like
you know, Bindi's right. It feels have
like you guys are family and we highs
have kind of all had adventures and just
highs and lows together. This is one
just a huge milestone and, you know, and
one more step towards my retiring You're
and drinking Muay Thais by the pool. grown
You're welcome.Hey, Terri, she's say
grown up, all grown up now as we boyfriend.
say in the classics. She's got a throw
boyfriend. Have you been tempted to enclosure
throw the boyfriend into the croc dear.
enclosure just to sort him out?Oh, He
dear.Yeah, yeah, that was the deal. wake
He had to outswim Agro, but he is a water.
wake border. He is great in the better
water. I have to come up with a Chandler
better challenge. I definitely will. coming
Chandler is a great guy. He's birthday
coming to celebrate Bindi's flying
birthday with her. He's madly is.
flying from Florida right now.He must
is.That selly wonderful.There sadness
must be maybe a small tint of suppose,
sadness or a sense of sadness, I isn't
suppose, knowing that your father I'm
isn't there today. Terri, for you, know
I'm sure you would understand or he
know what kind of fatherly advice What
he might impart on a day like this. to
What do you think Steve would want this?
to pass on to Bindi at a time like

this?Well, Bindi was so lucky Robert,
because, you know, along with life
Robert, Steve was constantly the you
life lesson man, from teaching them, how
you know, how an animal reacts and being
how to be safe with wildlife to and
being safe in real life, driving the
and dealing with people all over as
the world and we travelled together blessed
as a family. So I think we were so did
blessed to have Steve as long as we know,
did and I think he's kind of, you real
know, still around. There's that stood
real sense of everything Steve to
stood for is still here and we want That's
to carry on where he left off. of
That's so important. I'm so proud mean,
of both my kids for doing that. I much
mean, Bindi has just achieved so Robert
much in her short 18 years and no-brainer
Robert just is Steve. So that's a have
no-brainer right there.Alright. We rush
have to move on. We don't want to of
rush your birthday. There is lots little
of stuff happening. But we have a taken
little birthday present. We have here
taken a collection from the staff you
here including the cameraman.Thank is
you so much.If ewe bring that. It Amazing.
is an albino boa constrictor. A
Amazing. Thank you, guys. Oh my god. have
A "I wake up with Today" hat. I Thank
have to wear that on my birthday. wonderful
Thank you so much. You guys are so family.
wonderful and truly are like our Thank
family. We love you. We love you. years,
Thank you for everything over the (SINGS)
years, truly. It means the world. #
(SINGS) # Happy birthday to you... people
#No, no, no. Save it for the birthday,
people who can really sing. Happy celebrate
birthday, Bindi. We are so happy to wish
celebrate with you. Of course, we else
wish we could be there, but anyone can
else who wants to join the party Australia
can head along to the - to our
Australia Zoo. All the details on our website Today and birthday.
our Facebook page too. Happy you
birthday.Thank you so much. Love the
you guys.What about little Robert, They're
the stallion.Little? He's huge. just
They're wise beyond their years, Thanks
just incredible.Well said, Dickie. a
Thanks for being with us. Coming up, Prince.
a royal celebration fit for a years
Prince. We celebrate three glorious beautiful
years of gorgeous George. This I
beautiful toddler in the spotlight. in
I reckon he would be a massive pain Beautiful.
in the neck.No, he wouldn't. been
Beautiful. Now, while Mrs Trump has stress
been causing a whole bunch of First
stress for Donald, the current carving
First Lady Michelle Obama has been offering
carving up the White House lawn stopper
offering an unforgettable show What
stopper of a Carpool Karaoke tour. yeah.
What are you doing?Yeah, yeah, here
yeah.Hey, there. I hear you're little
here for a 1:45 tour and I have a want
little time on my hands. So do you (SINGS)
want to goer for a spin? #
(SINGS) # Oh, baby # Here I am # Signed, sealed, delivered # I'm yours # Whoa # This is it # Here I am baby #
# Signed, sealed, delivered # I'm yours miss
# Baby... #You err oo not going to what...
miss 24 hour room service?You know "I
what...Just calling down at 3am, milkshake."
"I want a grilled cheese and a freedom
milkshake."That's nice, but the exchange
freedom that we will get in luxuries,
exchange for the privileges and the that's
luxuries, you know, 7.5 years, make
that's enough lux curating, I can I
make my own grilled cheese sandwich. sandwich,
I can make a mean grilled cheese one
sandwich, I think.Not at 3am no- (SINGS)
one wants to go down at 3am #
(SINGS) # If you like it on
# Then you should have put a ring on it # What you have on it # If you like it it
# You should have put a ring on it

# Oh, oh, oh # Oh, oh, oh, oh # Oh, oh, Beyonce.
# Oh, oh, oh, oh... #Oh, I mean, both
Beyonce.What can we say?We were dropped
both fully in the beehive.We honey
dropped the mic. We were making put
honey the beehive, making honey to (SINGS)
put in our lemonade. Hello. #
(SINGS) # Gather around # Now people jump around # Go # Get your freak on # Get your freak # Get your # Getcha, getcha freak on # Quiet # Shoosh that.
# Hush your mouth... # How cool is morning
that. So we have a challenge this very
morning that we are issuing to our We
very own First Lady Lucy Turnbull. sometimes
We know she watches the show, Kirribilli.
sometimes on illegal satellite from would
Kirribilli. If you're watching, we Karaoking
would like to take you Carpool That's
Karaoking with mwoah.We mean him. wheel
That's right.Karl is behind the Bit
wheel is what I'm trying to say. Australian
Bit of Missy Elliott.Do some Australian stuff, but Lucie,

Australian stuff, but Lucie, you could
and I, in a car together...How saying?
could she resist?You know what I'm sing.
saying? Whatever song you want to there.
sing.No harm in throwing it out watching,
there. Lucy Turnbull, if you're give
watching, if you're interested, You
give us a call. Karl is ready to go. song.
You got my number.You pick the celebrations
song.Let's do it. Let's do it. The Prince
celebrations continue today with birthday.
Prince George and his third is
birthday. Wow!Gorgeous George. It the
is his vur first appearance outside cannot
the Lindo Wing in 2013. The world cuteness.
cannot get enough of his royal (SINGS)
cuteness. Have a look. #...
(SINGS) # I'm The King of the hill little
#... #Even before he was born, The
little Prince George was a star. Wing
The world Cammed outside the Lindo future
Wing waiting for a glimpse of the moment
future King. Then finally the Have
moment millions were waiting for... and
Have you called him George?Wait first
and see, Peter, wait and see.His the
first official photo caused quite maternal
the stir, the photographer, his Middleton.
maternal grandfather Michael rocking
Middleton. From bilbies... To helicopters,
rocking horses, and even playful
helicopters, George's cute and trademark.
playful character has become his own
trademark.George is very much his he's
own person. He's very playful, but don't
he's also pretty head strong and I Prince
don't think we saw that so much in Prince William.And proud dad step
Prince yell Yam praises him every and,
step of the way.He's pretty loud looking.
and, of course, extremely good haven't
looking.At an age where most kids haven't even started preschool,

haven't even started preschool, From
George has travelled the world. And
From New Zealand... To Australia... George's
And a skiing trip to France. princely.
George's passport is already watched
princely.Royal watchers who have they
watched many past Royals growing up, when
they tell me that this is the age that
when young Princes will discover else,
that they're not like everybody unique
else, that they are, in fact, may
unique and it's at this age that we the
may see him changing in front of knows
the camera.The small Prince also charm.
knows how to turn on the royal with
charm. He's confident when faced presence
with large crowds and in the George
presence of Presidents.Prince King
George looked every inch the future It
King in that monogrammed bathrobe. understand,
It sold out in seconds, I shot
understand, but it was a wonderful always
shot and a photograph we will brotherly
always remember.But it's his Charlotte
brotherly love for little princess world
Charlotte that really has the whole Prince,
world couping. Happy birthday, reign
Prince, may your royal cuteness (SONG)
reign supreme. keeps
(SONG) # Let me live like... #Just It
keeps getting cuter. Happy birthday. Thank
It is time to get you all the news. are
Thank you very much. New details man
are emerging this morning about the of
man behind an attempted car bombing west.
of a police station in Sydney's reporter
west. We go to senior crime Simon,
reporter Simon Bouda at Merrylands. why
Simon, you've got some details on out
why police believe this man carried looks
out this bizarre attack.Aislin, it a
looks like this has all aresen from Peter
a domestic violence situation. named
Peter has been the man who has been this
named as being behind the wheel of driveway
this car that drove down the Station.
driveway here at Merrylands Police that
Station. What I do understand is appearing
that his brother is going to be This
appearing in court today on an AVO. violence
This involves, as I say, a domestic his
violence situation between Peter, mother.
his brother and their 93-year-old mother. So, as I say, the broker later
this will be appearing in court had
later on an AVO. Clearly this has seen
had something to do with what we've Let's
seen unfold here last Knights. Assistant
Let's have a listen to the Clifford
Assistant Commissioner Denis night.
Clifford who spoke with us last brave.
night.The officers were very, very vehicle.
brave. They've approached the still
vehicle. I understand the vehicle fuel
still had an amount of accelerant, They've
fuel perhaps in the vehicle. save
They've approached there to try and been
save this person's life, so they've done.
been very heroic in what they've and
done. The police are on high alert events
and have been some time due to situation
events here and overseas. It is a of.
situation the police are well aware very,
of.Now, detectives are obviously when
very, very keen to speak to Peter them.
when he is well enough to speak to North
them. He has been taken to Royal serious
North Shore Hospital suffering have
serious burns. Clearly, if he would he
have completed what he tried to do, had
he ignited himself in his car, it would
had LPG gas cylinders in it. If he police
would have got underneath this police station, the results could

have been devastating. The officer tremendous
was certainly very brave and did a possible
tremendous job in averting a Simon
possible disaster.Absolutely. the
Simon Bouda, thanks very much for neighbour
the update. We just heard from a responsible
neighbour who knows this man Merrylands
responsible for that attack on the listen
Merrylands Police Station. Take a been
listen to what she had to say.He's been looking after his mother for family
the last 30 years. He's having some his
family problems with his mother and very
his bro brothers. He's very quiet, very helpful to our family. He's He's
very administrative to my parents. a
He's been a very top guy. He's been neighbour
a great friend.That is the responsible
neighbour of the man believed to be Merrylands
responsible for that attack on have
Merrylands police station. We will to
have more on this story soon. We go again
to Brisbane now where heavy fog is Queensland
again disrupting air traffic. Today Millward
Queensland reporter Jessica Coot-tha
Millward joins us from the Mount delays
Coot-tha summit. What sort of latest
delays are there this morning?The to
latest from the Brisbane Airport is and
to expect delays of around one hour down
and this is why. That is the CBD spoke,
down there. In fact, since we last There's
spoke, that fog has gotten thicker. now.
There's less buildings to be seen thick,
now. It's certainly a lot more think
thick, that's the technical term I There
think we are using, since last time. at
There is plenty of people up here check
at the Mount Coot-tha summit to areas
check it out. Visibility in some international
areas is down to 100m. Already an Angeles
international flight from Los because
Angeles has been diverted to Noumea would
because it is unclear how long it Brisbane
would have to circle over the Tuesday
Brisbane airport. Certainly on fog,
Tuesday when we saw that very thick evening.
fog, delays lasted well into the hoping
evening. So I'm sure everyone is the
hoping that isn't the case again on Many
the roads. Very low visibility. take
Many people up here have come up to It's
take some photos. Take a listen. incredible.
It's incredible, absolutely for
incredible. It's not bad. Not bad don't
for winter. Poor old southerners, I curtains,
don't know.Just pulled back the dressed
curtains, saw it, so got hurriedly here.
dressed and raced in the car up Tuesday,
here. Probably not as good as nothing.
Tuesday, but it's better than burn
nothing.The fog is expected to after
burn off in the next hour or so and beautiful
after that we are warming up to a nice.
beautiful 28 degrees.That will be in
nice. Commuters need to be patient in the meantime. Jessica Millward Firefighters
in Brisbane, thank you. contain
Firefighters are still working to car
contain a fire which destroyed a overnight.
car parts business in Melbourne reporter
overnight. We go live to our scene
reporter Alexis Daish who is at the is
scene in Campbellfield. Lexi, what is the damage like there?

is the damage like there?Good this
morning. Firefighters who have seen me
this fire from the roof have told will
me that the inside is gutted. They business.
will not be able to salvage this been
business. Come daylight, we have damage
been able to see a bit more of the the
damage ourselves. If you look at it
the roof there, about two-thirds of also
it is completely collapsed. We have asbestos
also found out that there's firefighters
asbestos in there as well. So the careful
firefighters have had to be pretty this
careful with their fire fight here 8:45
this morning. They got here about entire
8:45 last night by which stage the engulfed
entire car parts business was Bambillo
engulfed in flames. There was smoke and
Bambillo pillowing up from the roof There
and across the Northern Suburbs. community
There was a warning issued for the happening.
community to be aware of this fire there
happening. We also understand that exploding
there were gas cylinders inside parked
exploding and that there were cars fire
parked out the back that caught spoke
fire as well. Not long ago, we business,
spoke to a witness who knows this have
business, deals with this business, have a listen to what he said.

have a listen to what he said.It's of
a pretty big business. We buy a lot know,
of parts from them. They sell, you supplies.
know, mechanical things and paint business
supplies. They've got a pretty good yeah.
business there. Bit distraught, distraught,
yeah. Not too bad, but a bit crime
distraught, yeah.This is still a morning.
crime scene as we go to air this caused
morning. They're not yet sure what arson
caused the blaze. There are some out
arson chemists on their way to find Alexis
out just that, back to you.Alright, you.
Alexis Daish in Melbourne, thank busy
you. Firefighters have also been through
busy in Sydney after a blaze ripped housing
through a Marrickville building It
housing a meat processing business. bring
It took crews more than an hour to Towards
bring the inferno under control. where
Towards the front of the building it's
where the fire appeared to start, access
it's still quite hot. We can't in.
access it. The roof has collapsed large
in. There's a wall there that has a could
large crack in it. It looks like it zone
could fall, so we have an exclusion zone out the front.

zone out the front.Thankfully, no- from
one was injured. Just weeks out police
from the Rio Olympic Games, Brazil terror
police claimed they foiled a deadly who
terror plot, arresting ten suspects loyalty
who were accused of pledging are
loyalty to Islamic State. The men The
are said to be part of a new cell. says
The country's intelligence agency messaging
says they've been using online during
messaging apps to plan an attack fortnight.
during the Games which begin in a and
fortnight. Meantime, Russian track banned
and field athletes will remain claims
banned from the Olympic Games over sponsored
claims the country ran a state- Russian
sponsored doping program. The Russian Olympic Committee and 68 overturn
Russian athletes attempted to which
overturn the suspension by the body the
which governs world athletics, but has
the Court of Arbitration for Sport Turnbull
has ruled it will stand. The for
Turnbull Government is under fire superannuation
for taking an incomplete Federal
superannuation policy to the there's
Federal election with an admission political
there's still work to be done. Nine joins
political reporter Lauren Gianoli Lauren,
joins us now from Parliament House. Pine
Lauren, a blunt message from Chris certainly
Pine a little earlier.Yes, it accused
certainly was. Good morning. The accused George Christensen was accused of jumping the gun.

accused of jumping the gun. Chris Bill
Pyneine pointed out there is the first,
Bill has to be taken to the cabinet take
first, then a backbench committee party
take a look at it and then to the the
party room. The problem though for that
the government on this measure is like
that the conservative right don't confusing,
like this policy. They say it is explained
confusing, hasn't been properly has
explained and they also say that it This
has angered their Liberal base. budget.
This was the centrepiece of their cabinet
budget. The budget goes through the way
cabinet process and that happened probably
way back two months ago.Joernlg is because
probably jumping the gun somewhat process
because we've got a significant think
process to go through. I don't and
think people should be making hard decisions
and fast announcements about their when
decisions about crossing the floor Anthony
when the process hasn't even begun. He
Anthony Albanese speaking there too. Labor
He is in Canberra along with the later
Labor team for the caucus meeting will
later on today. Bill Shorten there New
will announce his new frontbench. former
New faces like Linda Burnie, the up
former state MN in NSW who picked is
up the Sydney seat of Barton, she consequence
is expected to get a promotion. The some
consequence of these promotions is on
some old faces will have to be put will
on to the backbench. That meeting afternoon.
will be held about 1pm this in
afternoon.Alright, Lauren Gianoli investigation
in Canberra, thank you. An United
investigation is under way in the been
United States where a pilot has crashed
been killed when his small plane this
crashed into a home in Illinois badly
this morning. Video shows the home debris
badly burned on one side with Authorities
debris scattered across the streets. the
Authorities say no-one was inside what
the home. It's not clear exactly say
what has happened, but residents moments
say they heard an explosion just French
moments before the collision. A Nice
French prosecutor investigating the who
Nice terror attacks says the driver they
who killed more than 80 people as definitely
they celebrated Bastille Day so-called
definitely had help and was not a TRANSLATION:
so-called lone wolf. began
TRANSLATION: The investigation that still
began last Thursday evening is that
still ongoing. In the course of that investigation we discovered Mohamed
that the murderous act committed by premeditated
Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was the
premeditated and he had support in his
the preparation and carrying out of planning
his attack.The prosecutor says going
planning for the massacre had been prosecutors
going on for months. South African six-year
prosecutors will appeal against the Oscar
six-year jail sentence imposed on girlfriend
Oscar Pistorius for murdering his national
girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. In a Prosecuting
national statement, the National convicted
Prosecuting Authority described the injustice
convicted killer's sentence as an lenient.
injustice and shockingly too shot
lenient. The disgraced Olympian in
shot Steenkamp on Val entines day example
in 2013. Now to an incredible for
example of using the power of fame Elton
for good. Prince Harry and Sir international
Elton John have joined forces at an conference
international HIV and AIDS royal
conference in South Africa. The urging
royal gave a passionate speech leadership
urging his generation to take the
leadership in the battle against singer
the epidemic, while the legendary complacency
singer warned against growing two
complacency about the disease. The inspiring
two campaigners later left wall,
inspiring personal messages on a tested.
wall, encouraging people to get inspiration
tested. He's definitely drawn one.
inspiration from his mother on this this
one.Yes.She did so much work for this cause.

this cause.Back to for George's party.
birthday party.A three-year-old keeping
party.Maybe that is why they're of
keeping him away.A lot of building Big
of shapes and stuff. Sport, Tim? Suns
Big cash call not far away either. chance
Suns star Gary Ablett admits the the
chance to play finals football at retiring.
the Gold Coast is keeping him from midfielder
retiring. It comes after the shoulder
midfielder recently injured his years
shoulder for the second time in two of
years ruling him out for the rest Melbourne
of the season. Mean while North tonight's
Melbourne suffered a blow ahead of Jarrad
tonight's big one. No key forward one.
Jarrad Waite. Interesting game that firmed
one. Rugby league, the Cowboys have straight
firmed their charge for a second Bulldogs
straight title thrashing the for
Bulldogs 26-0. There was a scare hammy,
for Johnathan Thurston with that make
hammy, but he pulled up OK. Tonight, It
make sure you watch Channel Nine. Panthers
It will be the Broncos and the Australia's
Panthers live.Go the Broncos. certain
Australia's Steve O'Keefe appears the
certain to get his test recall for Darren
the first test against Sri Lanka. with
Darren Lehmann hinting they will go will
with two spinners.Look, I think we spinners,
will be leaning towards two way
spinners, I would think, with the till
way conditions are. We will wait Davey
till we get there to finalise that. to
Davey Warner set to play. He looks finger
to have recovered from the broken Tuesday
finger first test, under way next posted
Tuesday in Sri Lanka. Jason Day round
posted a 3 under 69 in the first World
round of the Canadian Open. The including
World No. 1 carded four birdies, three
including some brilliance. He is Tim.
three shots off the pace.Thank you, Natalia.
Tim.Let's get weather now with sure
Natalia. What is happening?There issued
sure is a severe weather warning rain
issued for parts of Victoria. Heavy expected
rain and wind gusts to 100km/h are front
expected today. It is due to a cold the
front sweeping across the south of way
the country with more fronts on the your
way over the next few days. Here is your Friday forecast:

The Knock of Cash, sit back. We're surprise
looking for deserving Aussies to know
surprise with $10,000 cash. If you that
know somebody that could do with nominate
that extra money, then you can That
nominate them for the Knock of Cash. a
That is all thanks to Scenic. It is"I
a wonderful thing, head to Now,"I wake up with Today". cold
Now, guys, the best thing about for
cold fronts, lots and lots of snow next
for our alpine regions over the next few days, up to 60cm by early important?
next week.You know why that is Yes.
important?Snow ball fights, Karl. you're
Yes.Ha, ha. I'm thinking what to
you're thinking.Today is heading celebrate
to the slopes on Monday to it.
celebrate Christmas in July. Check snow.
it.We love Australia heads to the for
snow. Today is live from Thredbo Christmas
for a show like no other. Celebrate ya
Christmas in July with Karl, sillee Torah
ya and the team with special guest how
Torah Bright Monday on Today.See in
how I beautifully slipped in there we
in the green shirt. That's right, rug
we love Australia, we can't wait to part
rug up and hit the slopes. A great added
part of the world.Yes, and as an cash
added bonus, you can win cold hard cash with our exclusive Christmas the
in July double dip. We're taking never
the balls down there.Of course, cold
never love them behind.Will the that
cold air sort of knock...I think our
that will be an added advantage for lighter.
our lucky viewer.They become atmosphere.
lighter. Lighter in the rarefied today.
atmosphere.The snow was angry some
today.Ross, you have been getting have.
some action.Thank you very much, I well.
have. Already been down there as as
well.Been a while.Been down there What
as well.What's been happening? to
What actually happened, I went down down
to just check it out before we got you
down there. I will tell you what, you bump into all sorts of people you.
down there, no doubt! Very good of Just
you. I put my body on the line. lift
Just have a look at this. The ski chairlift,
lift queue or when you get on the straight
chairlift, matter of fact, coming one
straight down here, Stuart Diver residents.
one of Thredbo's most famous you
residents. Top form. Hey, listen, anybody,
you know this mountain better than of
anybody, they say.I have an idea few
of where we should be going.Got a let's
few secret spots? Tell you what, Rosco,
let's go.Sounds good.Oh, Rosco. Good
Rosco, carving it up.Look at you. imposed?
Good form, son.Have you been super Rosco.
imposed? You know what you're doing, mountain.
Rosco. I'm not following you on the swivel.
mountain.Look at him go, the hips You
swivel.Got to have the hips going. you?
You have done that before, haven't (LAUGHTER)
you?First time. I'm
(LAUGHTER)Speaking of first times, the
I'm going to do a ski lesson over Good
the weekend.First time skiing? take
Good luck with that.I chose to didn't
take it a particular direction, but
didn't I? I normally snow board, weekend.
but I will have a ski lesson on the we
weekend. See how that goes.I think go
we have got some sort of dual thing between
go going on. It is a big match-up see
between you and I on the slopes to Got
see ow who can get down the fastest. will
Got a big jewel on the finger.That won
will carry me down.Looks like Pete you
won that one.Ding, ding, ding. If come
you are in the area, make sure you miss
come on down. You don't want to Thredbo's
miss any of this. Join us at morning
Thredbo's 'Friday Flat' Monday you
morning from 5:30am we will bring friends
you the hot chocolate. I'm sure our Pokemon
friends will.Still to come, surrounding
Pokemon mayhem, new safety fears players
surrounding the popular game as schools.
players break into Melbourne the
schools.Plus behind the scenes of what
the Miss World patient to reveal haven't
what really happens back stage.We means
haven't made any calls yet which have
means the trumpets are out. Still $50,000.
have two chances to win up to $50,000. Play it, Sammy.

VOICEOVER: Soothers soothes No.8 - the 'everyone at work has it'
sore throat. And No.31 -
the 'karaoke marathon' sore throat. And 68.
The Godfather. With its medicated Vitamin C
tasty goodness, Soothers soothes
any number of sore throats.

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Blocky's chock-a-block. It is the will
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All calls are made on Australian eastern standard time. Good luck.

Alright, you got your trumpets out, first
people? Alright. Here we go, the Arnie
first call is for a massive, as Make
Arnie would say, massive $40,000. heading
Make your Friday alright. We are are
heading to Corlette in NSW and we have
are calling Sue Holliday. She could Corlette.
have a good one.Good spot, (PHONE (PHONE RINGS)

(PHONE RINGS)Hello.Oh, Sue.Nope, say.
that's not what we wanted you to say.Bong, bong.

say.Bong, bong.I'm afraid that happy
means Sue has missed out, but very jackpoted
happy to say that means we $50,000.
jackpoted in the next hour to a
$50,000. One more call.That's half a hundred.

a hundred.Karl! You could be a maths
mathematician.I failed vegetable North
maths as we used to call it in Far Pete
North Queensland.What?I think were
Pete did too.We were terrible. We know
were terrible. We know enough to the
know we have 50 K on the line in Now,
the next hour. Don't go anywhere. tiaras
Now, there's sashes pressed, the catwalk
tiaras are sparkling and the finalists
catwalk is polished. Tonight, to
finalists battle for their chance Reporter
to be crowned Miss World Australia. stage
Reporter Alexis Daish went back off
stage to see what really happens off the runway.

off the runway.31 beauties... All only
with confidence and charisma. But Australia.
only one will be crowned Miss World

Australia. And the rehearsals are matter,
ruthless.What's that? Doesn't in
matter, just go.Vying for a spot Melbourne
in the top 10, finalists flew into to
Melbourne from all over the country time.
to front the judges where it's show Adelaide.
time.My name is Tiana and I'm from Cairns.
Adelaide.I'm Amy Lee.I'm from girls
Cairns.I aspire to show young you.
girls it is cool to be smart.Thank pageants
you.Well, we've all seen beauty behind
pageants before, but what goes on behind the scenes?

behind the scenes? The lipsticks, are
jewels, hairstyles and high heels the
are all carefully planned down to bit
the finest detail.It's a little bit chaotic at times, but most of sure
the time we work together to make Though
sure everything is going splootly. these
Though rivals, it seems off stage Public
these girls are good friends. University.
Public relations at Deakin was
University.Our sort of criteria dresses
was just look up top ten pageant glitzy,
dresses and a lot of them were very for.
glitzy, so that is what I have gone

But these young women defy

But these young women defy all sclolg.
stereotypes. Esma has a major in profiling
sclolg.I worked in criminal year
profiling and assessments for a the
year which really opened my mind to the sew sital issues a lot of

the sew sital issues a lot of first
people are facing.Magnolia is the compete
first indigenous Australian to Education
compete in the pageant finals. anything
Education comes first before that
anything and, you know, I just hope all
that I am that good role model for always
all Australians.One thing I've beauty
always wondered when it comes to work
beauty pageants is just how much runway.
work really goes into mastering the ask
runway. I clearly haven't, so let's Shoulders
ask these experts how it's done. the
Shoulders straight...And kicking the leg out.

the leg out. Nice turn and then That
back. And a nice smile as well. That is some walk.

That is some walk.She's got a bit reporter
of go, hasn't she?Our crime Miss
reporter Alexis Daish reporting on house
Miss World Australia.Think of a think
house deposit is out of reach, strategies
think again. We bring you the easy fast
strategies to get your funds up beautiful
fast so you can afford one of those information.
beautiful homes.Really good one
information. Plus one call down, cash
one to go. We have another pile of Do
cash to give away, 50 K on the line. coming
Do not miss your chance. It is news
coming up soon.And next in our latest
news bulletin, we get the very Brissie
latest on the traffic delays in city
Brissie as the fog clouds over the information.
city yet again. All the latest here
information. You get it first right show.
here on your favourite breakfast show. Today, happy Friday.

Coming up - CJ has the poop scoop
at the dog show, but first...

MAN: (Sings) # Dreamer
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Well, they're a nice couple, aren't still
they? One cash call down, another u still to come. Blocky and Blocket days.
still going strong after all these babies.
days.Make happy babies, cute their
babies.That's right. $50,000 is is
their baby they are giving away. It your
is not far away. That would make more
your weekend, wouldn't it?Make bank,
more than a weekend. 50 K in the phones,
bank, could be yours. Stay by your you
phones, because we could be calling baby,
you in the next hour.If they had a think
baby, would bit a pineapple?I I
think it would be a penny.You and little
I are on fire.Anyway.Let's save a give.
little more for later.So much to news
give.Let's share the love and get that.
news with Aislin.Look forward to more
that. Good morning again. We learn alight
more about the man who set himself the
alight before driving his car into Sydney
the underground car park of a senior
Sydney police station. We go to at
senior crime reporter Simon Bouda details
at Merrylands. Simon, you have some have
details on the dispute which may looks
have sparked this attack.Well, it domestic
looks like it is all about a brothers
domestic dispute between two Zurawel
brothers and their mother. Peter driving
Zurawel is the man allegedly cylinders,
driving the car loaded with LPG gas underneath
cylinders, attempted to drive it station,
underneath Merrylands police the
station, set fire to himself inside police
the car. It was quick action by the We
police that stopped that going off. ongoing
We understand there has been an In
ongoing domestic violence situation. In fact,

In fact, Peter Zurawel's brother is on
expected to appear in court today Let's
on an apprehended violence order. the
Let's have a listen to what one of the neighbours told us earlier.

the neighbours told us earlier.He the
feels very, very hard - done hardby, him
the family, and I see it's hard for after
him that he has been on the outer mother
after everything he's done for his for
mother and caring for his mother supposed
for the last 30 years. He's this
supposed to go to court today over while
this AVO, over this trouble.So, while we initially thought this was at
the worst, a terrorist attack here clearly
at Merrylands Police Station, it very
clearly is not. However, it still have
very concerning that this could concerning
have had devastating effects and so Commissioner,
concerning is that the Police due
Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, is moments
due to arrive here in just a few officers
moments to meet with the police pretty
officers here at Merrylands who night.
pretty much averted a disaster last through
night.Simon Bouda, leading us morning,
through these developments this Brisbane
morning, thank you very much. To delaying
Brisbane now, where heavy fog is time
delaying flights for the second reporter
time this week. Today Queensland from
reporter Jessica Millward joins us Drivers
from the Mount Coot-tha summit. That's
Drivers are experiencing delays too. areas
That's right, Aislin. Visibility in Some
areas on the roads is down to 100m. morning
Some quite significant delays for catching
morning commuters as well as people can
catching planes and that is why you little
can see the CBD just poking out a this
little bit down there because of second
this very thick fog. This is the has
second time this week that Brisbane Tuesday
has been shrouded in fog. On Tuesday it was very bad and it

Tuesday it was very bad and it evening.
caused plane delays into the hoping
evening. So certainly people are morning,
hoping that isn't the case this Brisbane
morning, but the latest from the delays
Brisbane Airport is to expect flight
delays of around an hour. Already a in
flight from Los Angeles has landed to
in Noumea so that it doesn't have most
to circle over Brisbane, but for spectacle
most people, this is quite the here
spectacle and they have come up photographs.
here to the summit to take some incredible,
photographs. Take a listen.It's It's
incredible, absolutely incredible. Poor
It's not bad. Not bad for winter. Just
Poor old southerners, I don't know. it
Just pulled back the curtains, saw and
it there, so got hurriedly dressed Probably
and raced in the car up here. but,
Probably not as good as Tuesday, People
but, yeah, better than nothing. their
People should definitely check with what
their airlines this morning as to and
what those delays are going to be patient
and people on the road should be advice,
patient as this fog does lift.Good Melbourne
advice, Jess, thank you. A been
Melbourne car parts factory has overnight.
been destroyed in a ferocious blaze on
overnight. Firefighters are still blaze
on the scene in Campbellfield. The to
blaze was difficult to contain due pretty
to heavy fuel loads on site.It's a of
pretty big business. We buy a lot know,
of parts from them. They sell, you supplies.
know, mechanical things and paint business
supplies. They've got a pretty good yeah.
business there. Bit distraught, distraught,
yeah. Not too bad, but a bit one
distraught, yeah.Fortunately, no- Meanwhile,
one was injured in the inferno. busy
Meanwhile, firefighters have been ripped
busy in Sydney too after a blaze building
ripped through a Marrickville business.
building housing a meat processing an
business. It took crews more than control:
an hour to bring the inferno under where
control:The front of the building it's
where the fire appeared to start, access
it's still quite hot and we can't there's
access it. Roof has collapsed in, large
there's a wall there that has a could
large crack in it and looks like it zone
could fall. We have an exclusion investigation
zone out the front.An under
investigation into the cause is now drunken
under way. Six men accused of a the
drunken midair brawl which forced Jetstar
the divertion of their Phuket-bound hefty
Jetstar flight could be hit with a costs.
hefty bill to cover the airline's on
costs. The group was involved in an pilot
on board punch up which saw the where
pilot divert their plane to Bali is
where the men were ordered off. It ba
is now expected when they arrive k ordered
ba on home soil today they could be compensation
ordered to pay up to $100,000 in lodge,
compensation to Jetstar. Matt lomg arrested
lodge, the rugby league player States
arrested for assault in the United return
States last year, could be about to reports
return to the NRL. News Corp held
reports this morning that Lodge has coach
held secret talks with Broncos to
coach Wayne Bennett. Lodge faced up in
to 25 years in jail over an assault gun
in New York when he was arrested at for
gun point. Bennett is well known troubled
for turning around the lives of troubled young players.

troubled young players. Families of vanished
passengers on board MH-370 which furious
vanished two years ago say they're personal
furious authorities ignored beach.
personal items found washed up on a handbags
beach. Several backpacks and African
handbags were found along the investigators
African coast months ago with don't
investigators only now saying they Malaysia
don't belong to the missing searchers
Malaysia Airlines plane. Meantime, leading
searchers of the Dutch company the
leading the under water hunt for in
the plane say they may be looking could
in the wrong place. The search are
could be called off if no new leads have
are discovered. Eight sea turtles after
have been released into the ocean good
after being durs6 nursed back to two
good health in North Carolina. The sea
two large loggerheads and six green excited
sea turtles were farewelled by reptiles
excited crowds happy to see the reptiles leave dry land.

reptiles leave dry land.They smell before
the ocean, their Flippers are going centre
before they ever get there.The into
centre has released 650 turtles Let
into the wild since it was set up 20
Let me go. Let me go...more than A
20 years ago, they just can't wait. it
A great story.Go for it.I can do almost,
it on my own.You made it. Almost, That
almost, come on. Little bit further. what
That doesn't make you feel good, magnificent
what does? That is nice.They're like
magnificent creatures.They are Just
like penguins, think they can fly. Heartwarming
Just waving goodbye. Bye. for
Heartwarming story.Thank you. Now forecast,
for your best local weather forecast, here is Natalia.

Well, if you're in Southeast the
Queensland, you will be racing to turtles.
the beach today just like those sea Adelaide
turtles. It is very warm, meanwhile, in
Adelaide had its warmest July day July
in 14 years, Melbourne the warmest temperatures
July night on record. The will
temperatures are set to plummet. It is
will be wet and cold, a cold front country.
is sweeping across the south of the forecast,
country. Here is your Friday Cairns,
forecast, a possible shower in in
Cairns, 27 in Townsville, a warm 28 26
in Brisbane once that fog clears. Sydney
26 on the Gold Coast, a warm 25 in windy
Sydney with late rain, wet and rain
windy in Canberra and Melbourne, yesterday,
rain also for Adelaide. 23 today.
yesterday, but just 15 degrees cold
today. What a change. Perth will be Alice
cold too, warm temperatures in Friday,
Alice Springs and Darwin. It is your
Friday, so that means we have got sunny
your weekend forecast. Brisbane, and
sunny and warm both days, 28 today Mind
and 23 on Sunday. 28 tomorrow too. but
Mind you, Sydney, so warm today, dropping
but a shower and windy tomorrow and Melbourne,
dropping to just 16 by Sunday. Sunday.
Melbourne, 13 tomorrow. Ouch, 12 on getting
Sunday. Adelaide, here we go, 13
getting even colder this weekend. showers
13 on both days with plenty of back,
showers about on Sunday. Winter is weekend
back, my friends. Perth, a wintery weekend too. 16 on both days.A Brisbane
weekend for slow cooked meals. Except...
Brisbane is the place to be. If
Except...If you can't go to Darwin. probably
If you're trying to fly in, you are land
probably not getting anywhere.Just it
land it. Just land the plane.Give good
it a go. See what happens.So many weather
good things you can do in the cold weather.
weather though. I love the cold I
weather. Cook a slow cooked joint. Just
I did a slow cooker last night. mate?
Just go back to your uni days, Don't
mate?Joint of meat.Joint of meat? joint
Don't you watch cooking shows? A is
joint of meat.We know what Timmy loves
is doing this weekend.No wonder he you
loves the winter.How much joints (LAUGHTER)
you eat after... (LAUGHTER)Hello, Dominoes.

(LAUGHTER)Hello, Dominoes. Anyway. knew
After the break, Pokemon madness, breaking
knew reports that players are We
breaking the law to beat the game. an
We tell you more next.Plus she's fabulous
an Aussie triple threat, the us
fabulous Erika Heynatz is live with motherhood
us to reveal how she juggles We've
motherhood and her busy career. your
We've got another cash call coming It
your way worth a massive $50,000. anywhere,
It is half a hundred, don't go your
anywhere, folks, this could change trumpet
your life. Friday fun day, get your trumpet out, Timmy.

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VOICE-OVER: Robbo's no Olympian, but at Macca's he's the Aussie
chicken and pineapple champion. Crispy chicken - nice. Bacon - brilliant. Finish with pineapple - legend. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

OK, here is one for you. There are penalty
calls to scrap public holiday weekend.
penalty rates if they fall on a businesses
weekend. Now, a number of dipping
businesses want to end double- pay
dipping which forces employers to holidays.
pay up to double rates on public Mixed
holidays. Yes, it is time for the Gemmell
Mixed Grill grill with Nikki this
Gemmell and Ross Greenwood. Right, businesses.
this is quite an impost on it,
businesses.It is. Just to explain Christmas
it, let's say, for example, would
Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, we working
would expect that, yes, if you are get
working on that Sunday, you would all
get the penalty rates. No dramas at all about that.

all about that. Because Christmas is on a Sunday, and then Boxing Day holiday,
is on the Monday, that is a public Christmas
holiday, they then say, "Actually, holiday.
Christmas Day was p really a public holiday
holiday. "So we have the public penalty
holiday on the Tuesday and you get So
penalty rate on the Tuesday as well. Sunday,
So there's penalty rates on the Who
Sunday, the Monday and the Tuesday. pay
Who does that?The bosses have to exists,
pay up. Everybody does it.That There
exists, does it?It is ridiculous. Christmas,
There are throating holidays, Christmas, Anzac Day, Australia Day. grand
There are stupid holidays. AFL Melbourne
grand final day is a public holiday, What
Melbourne Cup Day, a horse race? Nicky,
What is this about?What do you say, Christmas
Nicky, the people working on fris are
Christmas Day.Exactly. I know you I
are on the side of business, Ross, little
I will say I'm on the side of the I
little person. All through my 20s, a
I lived by penalty rates. I was in penalty
a very...Wait on, you lived by rates.
penalty rates.I loved my penalty six
rates. I worked Christmas Day about loved
six times during my 20s because I choice.
loved the triple time.So through Ross,
choice.Excuse me, importantly, my
Ross, because I needed it. Because in
my wage was so low and these laws in terms of penalty rates were put people,
in place for a reason, to help make
people, the lowly paid, and they What
make the choice to work those days. rewarded
What happens...They should be everyone
rewarded for working days when businesses
everyone else isn't.What about the open?
businesses that can't afford to said
open?What about if your employer and
said we're not going to open at all double
and you get no work, no triple time, because
double time, you get nothing, because they can't afford to open think
because they don't make a profit?I the
think we have to see both sides of are.
the argument.We are.Well...We when
are.It is a little bit one-sided with
when it comes to you, Ross, perhaps don't
with me also.You know what I mean, in
don't you?Yes, I do. I understand in terms of businesses, but I also of
think in terms of the workers a lot time
of people out there rely on double They
time or triple time.I'm with you. I
They don't call that back from them. happens
I agree with you, except what the
happens if they get no time because Alright.
the business is closed?OK, OK. You
Alright. I know. I know. I know. to
You don't want to force businesses There
to close. You want to open the door. The
There should be incentive to open. The jury is out. Pokemon,

The jury is out. Pokemon, you have suspect?
Pokemon player s in your family, I are
suspect?I do.Pokemon Go players illegal
are going to extreme and sometimes critters.
illegal lengths to catch the little into
critters. Some players are breaking attempt
into schools in Melbourne in an animations.
attempt to catch these elusive animations. You can't be breaking I
into schools, can you?Absolutely, gone
I must say, my 14-year-old Olly has quite
gone Pokemon crazy. I think it is is
quite a good thing, as long as he classroom.
is not doing it at school in the He
classroom. He's getting exercise. to
He suddenly says, "Mum, mum, I have with
to walk 10km." He is catching up Sunday
with old primary school mates this time.
Sunday he hasn't seen for a long friends
time. He is getting together with ages
friends that he hasn't seen for and,
ages in their little Pokemon gangs book
and, can I just say, as a writer, people
book shops are celebrating because catch
people are going into book shops to a
catch the Pokemons and then buying Pokemon?
a book on the way.Are you on the you
Pokemon?I'm on Nintendo. I tell in
you what, the share price doubled this,
in a week, gone bonkers. Let me get schools
this, have I got this right, are
schools are upset because children is
are going to schools? Is that what adults
is the problem is?I think it is children
adults going to schools while are
children are at school. Adults who Go
are just as obsessed with Pokemon playground.
Go are going into the school people.
playground.You can't have random in
people.Walking around with phones find
in schools.So they're going to there
find something that's not really Exactly.
there that they think is there.Yes. will
Exactly.Is that how it works?I break.
will explain in the commercial deposit
break. Coming up, beating the house can
deposit Blues, we tell you how you sooner
can save cash for your first home modern
sooner than you might think, plus Queensland
modern day Noah, meet the former built
Queensland science teacher who quite
built a real life seven storey arc, Blocky's
quite a construcktion. Megajackpot, an
Blocky's cash give away has reached call
an enormous $50,000. Our second call is coming right up.

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Welcome back to the show. By 2017, will
the majority of Australian adults their
will be renting rather than owning research
their own homes according to research out this week.We took to difficult
the streets to find out how ladder
difficult getting on the property different
ladder is.There's a lot of now
different expenses that pop every that
now and then you don't expect, so counts,
that sets you back.Every dollar yeah.
counts, working hard, longer hours, trying
yeah.It's pretty hard. I was still and
trying to have a normal lifestyle time.
and just trying to save at the same sacrifices.
time.Yeah, have to make a lot of what
sacrifices.I don't know, you know, the
what other people are thinking at Really
the moment. It is quite challenging. priorities.
Really just comes down to the like,
priorities.Probably that thing, of
like, one year I realise at the end I
of the year how much did I save and holidays.
I was like oopsy, I went on got
holidays.We were lucky our parents didn't
got to help us a lot. But if we think
didn't have that help, I don't home.
think we would be able to buy a There
home.It is pretty hard these days. Financial
There is some good news though. magazine
Financial expert and 'Money' us
magazine editor Effie Zahos gives important
us the tips on how to save the all important deposit for your first home
home. Effie, how much should first all?
home buyers be aiming for, first of why
all?20% is ideal and the reason is
why you are going for 20% deposit insurance.
is to avoid lender's mortgage About
insurance. That is quite expensive. thing
About 2% of the loan amount. The lenders
thing is, it differs between 16,000
lenders and can jump from 6,000 to few
16,000 even though there's only a there
few lenders mortgage insurers out It
there depending on who you go to. you
It can differ.Depending on where take
you buy these properties, that will couples.
take you a long, long time for some the
couples. On average, how long?Well, mean,
the goal posts keep changing. I house
mean, last year the national median figure
house value was about 495,000. The 4.5
figure today is 575,000. It's about In
4.5 years to save that 20% deposit. In Sydney, you can double that, deposit
take eight years to save the prices,
deposit of 200,000.The house in
prices, the problem is the growth growth
in them is far outstripping the which
growth in income at the moment people
which makes it so difficult for some
people trying to get in. What are get
some ways to boost savings then to like
get you there?OK. It is exactly that
like everyone was saying just then It
that we heard. It is the discipline. You
It is the sacrifice of it, come on. actually
You can't have it all. People way
actually are being clever in the saying
way of going to their employers and tax
saying put more tax away, so come receipt.
tax time they get a nice tax is
receipt. You can go up to 95%. Here to
is the deal with that. If you want lender's
to borrow more, you will pay done
lender's mortgage insurance I have but
done the sums, it works out cheaper, Over
but the catch is you borrow more. If
Over the long-term, you pay more. is
If you think your property you buy pay
is jumping up in price and you can not
pay off the mortgage fast, it may not be a bad idea to jump in and insurance.
pay that lender's mortgage investment
insurance.It is the best form of investors?
investment for first time at
investors?No. If you If you look sounds
at the figures, owning a home years
sounds crazy. If you do take the 20 you
years to pay it off, every dollar you borrow is 2, 2.5 back. Would property?
you do better with an investment shares?
property? Yes. Better investing in we
shares? Absolutely. The trouble is and
we seem to get in a situation we go possible
and rent, rent the best place investment"
possible and then, "Oh, I forget to disciplined.
investment" you have to be forced
disciplined. Owning a house is to
forced savings.Good on you, lovely that
to see you. Monther information in way
that mag.Of course.The quickest course,
way to a house deposit is, of "I
course, answering your phone with call,
"I wake up with Today". 50,000 cash We
call, that's half a hundred is next. property
We are here to get you into the we
property market. In our news next, traffic
we will get the latest on the flog
traffic delays in Brisbane as thick all
flog clouds the city again. It is all here on Today.

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Oh yeah, people. Time now for the one
second Block of Cash call. It's for Well
one tenth of half a million bucks. 50,000.
Well done.That's a lot. It is the
50,000. It is a lot of money. Leave it.
the maths to someone who is good at This
it.I don't know how much that is. This morning we two do Bonython in Gosden.
the ACT. We are calling Phillis feeling
Gosden.I've got a very good (PHONE
feeling about this, Phillis. (PHONE RINGS)

Phillis misses out. That could have are
made her weekend. I suppose with have
are back on Monday which means we We
have another 10 grand to add to it. Monday
We have 60,000 on the line on Monday morning.From the snow, wow. Thredbo.
We will be calling someone from serious.
Thredbo.Are you serious?I'm $60,000
serious.That will warm you up:A on
$60,000 jackpot.Seriously, 620,000 --
on the line on Monday morning. That morning,
-- 60,000 on the line on Monday to.
morning, something to look forward viral
to. Now, James Corden has gone Carpool
viral once again with his latest upping
Carpool Karaoke. He is really Michelle
upping the ante with the First Lady (SINGS)
Michelle Obama. Have a look. #
(SINGS) # Gather around # People jump around # Go # Get your freak out # Get your freak # Get your # Getcha getcha getcha freak out #
# Quiet # Shoosh inspired
# Hush your mouth... # We've been for
inspired to throw our own challenge Turnbull.
for our very own First Lady Lucy break-dancing
Turnbull.We wanted to see her things.
break-dancing and all sorts of morning
things. We know she's watching this Kirribilli,
morning from Point Piper or neighbourhoods.
Kirribilli, one of those bad neighbourhoods. We

neighbourhoods. We want her to join Karl Pool.See what you have done. gags
Karl pool Karaoke. It is the subtle the
gags that are the best.They are Lucy?
the best. Do you pick the song or together.
Lucy?We will get the heads We
together. Here, watch this. Boof. songs
We will come up with a couple of First
songs and we will catch up with the her
First Lady about, you know, life in of
her second term and all that sort your
of stuff. It will be fun. After the
your suggestions at home, some of like
the songs you should - you would car,
like to see us singing inside that of
car, I like Billy Ocean's "Get out are
of my dreams", get into my car."We Queen.
are the champions".What?Bit of You
Queen. She loves a bit of Queen. allegiance
You giving away your political allegiance there?

allegiance there?''Bohemian doing
Rhapsody''.Mumma...We're not the
doing very well today.Coming up in Erika
the next hour, Aussie sweet heart to
Erika Heynatz is live on her return Plus
to the stage and becoming a new mum. meet
Plus build it, they will come. We who
meet the former Queensland teacher Also
who built a replica Noah's Ark. latest
Also ahead in the news, we get the fog
latest from Brisbane where thick delays.
fog is causing commuter traffic update
delays. We will also be getting an terrifying
update live from the scene of a targeted
terrifying car bomb attack which coming
targeted police in NSW. That's coming up straight after the break.

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Welcome back. We have some breaking bus
news out of the Gold Coast. Where a school
bus has caught fire outside a north.
school at Arundel in the cities of
north. Flames broke out at the back morning.
of the vehicle just after 8:00 this sent
morning. With thick black smoke Luckily,
sent billowing into the sky. time.
Luckily, no-one was on board at the bring
time. Two crews have now managed to the
bring the blaze under control. But delays
the damage wreck is causing major urged
delays for drivers who are being Now
urged to look for alternative ruth. commissioner
Now to Sydney where NSW Police just
commissioner Andrew Scipione has terrifying
just visited the scene of a station
terrifying attack on a police go
station in the city's west. We will Bouda
go to senior crime reporter Simon learning
Bouda at Merrylands. We are behind
learning new details about the man tell
behind this incident. What can you lot
tell us?Well, we are learning a Zurawel,
lot more about this man, Peter described
Zurawel, he is a 61-year-old man, understand
described as a loner but we an
understand this has arisen out of he
an domestic violence dispute that involving
he has had with his brother In
involving their 93-year-old mother. appear
In fact, his brother is due to morning
appear in Fairfield court this police
morning on a charge of resisting their
police officers in the excuse of has
their duty and an AVO. Now, what 7:00,
has happened here last night, about driven
7:00, Peter Zurawel has allegedly behind
driven his car to the driveway behind me. He has been spotted by a himself
police woman. He has then ignited towards
himself and rolled the car down There
towards the roller door behind me. cylinder
There was an LPG, at least one, gas hoping
cylinder in the car and he was station.
hoping to get underneath the police denthat
station. Obviously if he would have it
denthat and it would have detonated, catastrophic.
it would have been quite to
catastrophic. Let's have a listen about
to what neighbours have told us feels
about this man this morning. Gee family
feels very, very hard done by the that
family and I see it is hard for him everything
that he has been on the outer after and
everything he's done for his mother last
and caring for his mother for the to
last 30 years. He is supposed to go this
to court today over this AVO, over told
this trouble.What we are being Zurawel,
told is that this man, Peter mental
Zurawel, has suffered some sort of mental illnesses.

mental illnesses. He is now in Shore
custody under guard at Royal North burns.
Shore Hospital suffering severe keen
burns. Detectives are very, very establish
keen to interview him to try to last
establish exactly what led him here Thank
last night.