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Hello, I'm Janice Petersen
with tonight's late news. The top stories: An attempted attack tonight
on a Sydney police station, forcing the area into lockdown. And God bless the United
States of America! (CROWD BOOING) Turning on one of their own:
Ted Cruz heckled and booed for not endorsing fellow
Republican Donald Trump. And the inquest into the Sydney
siege sits late into the evening to hear crucial evidence
streamed live from the UK.

We begin with some developing news. And a man's been arrested
after an attempted attack on a police station at Merrylands in western Sydney tonight. Police say that a man
drove into the station's underground car park. There are reports that the car
contained at least one gas cylinder. After an hour's standoff,
he was arrested. Witnesses
reporting he was taken away on a stretcher. It's believed he was
suffering from burns. Police have issued a statement, confirming a bomb disposal team are still at the scene tonight. No officers were hurt. The area remains sealed off.

US senator Ted Cruz has refused
to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican convention,
igniting thunderous boos from furious delegates. Delegates chanted Trump's name
and implored Cruz to voice his support for the businessman,
but the senator only urged those gathered to vote for candidates
they trust to defend America's freedom.

Just in case you needed reminding
who is at the centre of this week of Republican festivities. Please welcome to Cleveland
the next President of the United States,
Mr Donald J Trump! But across town, the runner-up
of the primary race was reminding his supporters he almost won. In an amazing campaign field of 17 talented, dynamic candidates, we beat 15 of those candidates. (APPLAUSE)

But the Texas Senator
who has called Trump, among other things,
a pathological liar, a narcissist, and a
serial philanderer...

Thank you.

..Would have another chance
to prosecute his case in front of a much larger audience. Starting with a
concession of sorts. I want to congratulate Donald Trump
on winning the nomination last night and, like each of you,
I want to see the principles that out party believes
prevail in November. But then it became clear that Cruz
had no intention of endorsing

Stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom.

The crowd suddenly turning.


So angry his wife was escorted out,
and the remainder of his speech

And God bless the United States of America.

Trump attempting to divert
attention, entering the hall before Cruz had finished. Party heavyweights aghast. I think it was awful and,
quite frankly, I think it was selfish, and he signed
a pledge and it's his job to keep his word. Chris Christie says he gave
the same pledge to support the nominee no matter what. But if Trump was bothered,
he didn't show it, tweeting:

"Wow! Ted Cruz got booed off the stage,
didn't honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early
but let him speak anyway.

Party elder Newt Gingrich tried
to smooth things over, saying Cruz had been misunderstood.

To paraphrase Ted Cruz,
the only possible candidate this

. To paraphrase Ted Cruz, to protect the constitution of the United States the only possible one is -- fall is the Trump Mike Pence ticket.

The whole extraordinary spectacle
upstaging the vice presidential nominee on what should
have been his big night. It's change versus status quo and,
my fellow Republicans, when Donald Trump becomes President
of the United States of America, the change will be huge. (CHEERING) An embarrassing air kiss
appearing to confirm reports that they already have
an awkward relationship. The South African government
will reportedly appeal Oscar Pistorius' 6-year
sentence for murder The Paralympic gold medallist
was sentenced to jail for six years in July for murdering his
girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp,

-- in the early hours of Valentine's Day morning. He says he mistook her for an intruder.

Russia's track and field
team will not compete at the Rio Olympics
after losing an appeal. The Court of Arbitration for sport
upheld the decision to suspend 68 Russian athletes. They were banned from international
athletics over claims of state-sponsored doping. Separately, the International
Olympic Committee is still yet to decide whether to ban
the entire Russian team. But the Court of Arbitration
stressed that they have no influence on any IOC decision.

Since the International Olympic Committee was not a party of these arbitrations, it has no Johnathan Thurston dishgs to determine whether the IOC is entitled to accept or refuse the nomination by the Russian Olympic committee of Russian track and field athletes to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio.

As Turkey enters a 3-month state
of emergency amid a widespread purge of suspected enemies
of the government, eight Turkish military members
have appeared in court. They landed in Greece
in a helicopter during the failed military coup and face charges
of illegally entering the country. Turkey is seeking their return,
and all eight have requested asylum in Greece. They flooded town and city squares
at midnight on the promise of a major announcement. Mr Erdogan declaring
a state of emergency, triggering sweeping powers
of arrest and detention.

Relatives of some of the 10,000
detained soldiers wait outside an Istanbul court. One father claims officers told
lower ranking soldiers they were taking part
in a training exercise. European officials are furious
that academics are also now being targeted.

Turkey warning Europe
to stay out of its affairs. But many in Turkey want the death
penalty for the coup leaders. TRANSLATION: We want a beautiful
Turkey, we don't want it to be like Syria or Gaza. We want peace in Turkey. They will never be able
to split us up. We will never allow it. The government is framing
the quashing of the coup as a people's victory. Symbolised by this act of defiance,
a man attempting to stop a tank on the night of the coup. Taking on a second,
surviving by lying down between the tank's tracks. TRANSLATION: I had three stones
in my hand in case I ran across any of those dogs. All I could do was respond
to the tanks with the three stones I had. An effigy of alleged coup
leader Fethullah Gulen. The United States confirming Turkey
has submitted unspecified material pertaining to the US-based cleric.

Send us evidence. We need to have evidence which we can then make a judgement about.

The Justice Department said
it is assessing whether Turkey's submission amounts to
an extradition request.

Search teams looking
for the missing MH370 jet have admitted they may have spent two
years in the wrong area. Some experts now believe the plane may have glided down
in its final moments, which would mean its final resting
place is outside the current search area of the
southern Indian Ocean. The plane vanished in March 2014
with 239 passengers and crew on board en route to
Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. A meeting of representatives
from Malaysia, China and Australia is being held tomorrow
to determine what to do next. Two UK experts are continuing
their evidence tonight on the police response
to the Sydney siege. They say negotiators missed
opportunities and made no progress with gunman Man Monis. Reporter Alyshia Gates
is at the inquest. The two witnesses are giving
evidence from Britain via audio video link, and for the past five
hours have been quizzed by counsel assisting the inquest
as well as lawyers for victims' families and police. International negotiation expert
Dr Andrew Brown authored a report on the NSW police negotiation
response commissioned by the families of siege victims
Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson. He's told the inquest
New South Wales police continued to "go around in circles"
with their negotiations, never directly communicating
with gunman Man Haron Monis and only ever had contact with him
through terrified hostages. Police persisted with their plan
of contain and negotiate for 17 hours until police stormed the cafe
after Monis killed Mr Johnson. Dr Brown said he expected
negotiators would have looked at other options to
communicate with Monis as they'd failed to build
an initial rapport with him, which could have
influenced his behaviour. The second witness,
Chief Superintendent Kerrin Smith, was on the 5-member British team
reviewing the NSW response. She said Monis' refusal to talk
to police made their job much harder, but agreed they needed
to explore other options to make direct contact with him. She said Monis displayed no
signficant changes in behaviour throughout the ordeal. The inquest continues. More news ahead, including: A community divided over
plans to build a mosque.

The superannuation industry
is calling for an immediate bi-partisan agreement
to finalise changes, insisting the uncertainty
can't continue. The Financial Services Council
has joined criticism of the controversial measure that
limits after tax contributions. Superannuation was a divisive
election issue that cost the Government votes. Until the new rules become law,
uncertainty prevails and lobbying for changes continues. The latest call is from
the superannuation industry. We have had a superannuation system
that was the envy of the world. Stop tampering with it and allow
Australians to retire well. Now that the election is over
the Government wants to push through its proposed changes
to superannuation as outlined in the budget. That includes the most
controversial measure in the package, a $500,000 lifetime
cap on non-concessional contributions. The Treasurer says
the policy should stand. We took that policy to the election
and that is the policy that we continue to work
through now on its implementation. They want it gone. Just remove the $500,000
and let Australians plan for their retirement. The issue for the superannuation
sector is that with parliament not due to sit until the end of August
it could be months before the new system is finalised
and becomes law. Labor didn't take a superannuation policy to the election.

It would be good to have it met with by partisan objective this year. I'm happy to commit to make that happen to work with the government.I don't know what the Labor Party's superannuation policy is and neither does the rest of the country, I haven't got the faintest idea what their policy is. The business of government is starting to ramp up. The Health Minister met the Australian Medical Association today.But welcome to the new term of government.The AMA campaigned heavily against the freeze to the Medicare rebate.I would be gobsmacked if the government took an ongoing freeze to the next election. They got the scare of their life on health and that was probably the policy which hurt them the most. The government agrees that it did.

A council's decision to approve
a mosque in the Hunter Valley has provoked bomb threats. Last night, Cessnock Council consented to the construction of
a mosque at Buchanan near Maitland. Today there were threats to attack
the council and burn the mosque down. Since the application
was made last November, in the streets there
have been protests.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oichltIt's very disappointing tchl Muslim association said with approval they want to work with the council and -- the community for the benefit.

That community not so receptive.

Bloody disgrace.We can't build a church over there and they're coming over here building mosques over here. That's one thing I do not like. I mean I've got nothing against them, but I just don't agree with it.It's a shame that the public say didn't come into play more. I mean, in the end it was just what the councillors thought and that was it, so, I suppose we'll wait and see what happens. There's not much we can do now, I suppose.

But others appear to
have different ideas.

We listened to the community. I haven't found anyone
in the community as to why I should have voted a different way. The council granted approval
after a vote of six to four, highlighting divisions
in this small community. Everyone's entitled
to their own religion.

As long as I doesn't cause any dramas.

But that's unlikely to be the case. An Australian amateur rugby player
has pleaded guilty to travelling to the US to have
sex with a child. 33-year-old Michael Quinn was in LA
with a Melbourne rugby team when he was arrested after
giving money to undercover agents. US prosecutors say he faces up
to 13 years in prison. He will be sentenced in October. Dual Australian citizen
Adam Whittington, charged in relation to the 60
Minutes child abduction case in Lebanon, has been
released on bail. He says the most important
thing now is to get home and join his family. Family and friends who have been
campaigning for his release say the former Australian soldier
is expected to leave the country tomorrow. A woman who abandoned her new born
baby in a drain in Sydney has been sentenced to three
and a half years jail. But she is likely to be released
next month having been in custody since her arrest in 2014. The baby boy was rescued
by passersby who heard his cries. Three people walked away uninjured
when a light plane was forced to ditch into a lake
on a Sydney golf course. Civil aviation authorities say
the pilot made an emergency landing at the Liverpool Golf Club
after experiencing engine trouble. The plane had just taken off
from nearby Bankstown Airport. A Sydney man has been formally
denied bail on terrorism charges. Kurdish journalist Renas Lelikan
is accused of being a member of proscribed terrorist
organisation the Kurdistan Workers' Party or the PKK. When Renas Lelikan returned
to Australia in October he was questioned by
Federal Police for ten hours. The self-described journalist
and dual Turkish-Australian citizen had been refused a passport
on national security grounds. Yesterday, two homes
were raided in Sydney's north. The 38-year-old was charged
with being a member of listed terrorist organisation,
the Kurdistan Workers' Party. If found guilty, he could face up
to ten years in prison. We don't know how serious it is,
we don't know what it will actually amount to in terms of actual
involvement, but clearly there's something that authorities
want to press further on and their suggestion
is the story of just being a journalist, there's more
to it than meets the eye. The PKK has links to the Kurdish
militia that are fighting IS in Syria. The organisation is
banned in Australia. In a statement, the AFP said:

Mr Lelikan was due to appear
by video link in court today but was instead represented
by his lawyers. He didn't apply for bail
and it was formally refused. The court heard the AFP seized
a large amount of evidence, including emails and photographs
from two homes in Sydney. The prosecution requested the case
be adjourned for at least eight weeks, so they can sort through it. Mr Lelikan has maintained he is not
a threat and is expected to apply for bail next Thursday. One of the country's top police
officers says children as young as 13 are being lured
into criminal gangs. They're getting caught up
in violent carjackings and home invasions, and police are calling
for help to rein them in.

Shock violence at
Melbourne's Moomba festival. Part of a flare-up in youth crime
that has police alarmed. There is a cohort of young people
whose lives are being irretrievably being set off course
by violent crime. Offenders are getting younger,
reoffending more often and committing more serious crimes. Statistics have shown major
increases in offences like car jackings and home invasions. Often accompanied
by violent assaults. At a summit on the crisis,
experts blamed drugs, unemployment and family violence. Most of these kids want to be
in a safe haven. Their home residence is not
a safe haven. Because their parents are on drugs. And feelings of not belonging
are also leading some young people to join violent criminal gangs. It's about that identity crisis,
especially the youth from African backgrounds or Pacific backgrounds. While Melbourne has been tagged
the world's most liveable city the Chief Commissioner says it's
anything but for some young people who feel locked out of society. Those working with them say
troubled youths need to be given a second chance. These youths have
a lot of potential. They are not being getting
opportunities, careers, jobs and all. With a plea not to tarnish entire
communities with the crimes of a few. The media tend to focus
on the negative. If it's more balances
it is going to be better for us later on. While overall youth crime rates
are falling in Victoria there's still a long way to go.

We'll have the weather next, plus: We're on the slopes
with a multicultural community who prefer snow to summer.

is one of the lowest in Australia. So, you could end up with
thousands more in your pocket when you switch to Australia's Home Lender of the Year, Newcastle Permanent.

Welcome back. Let's check the finance figures. And strength in healthcare,
energy and financial stocks propelled the market
to an 11-month high. Biotech giant CSL was the standout,
and Woodside Petroleum strengthened despite reporting a drop in second
quarter revenue and production. Over in Europe markets are lower
in early deals despite expectations of extra stimulus
measures for the region. And the Australian dollar
is still hovering just below US 75 cents.

Every year the Australian ski
fields attract instructors and staff from all over the world. It's created a unique
multicultural expat community who spend their year
missing out on summer. They're called the winter seekers,
European ski and snowboard enthusiasts who travel
the world chasing the snow. One of those is Wolfgang Platzer. Born in the Austrian Alps,
he's spent the last ten winters in the Southern Hemisphere working
at Mount Buller in Victoria. Some people are surprised that -
why would we come from the Alps to over here to go skiing, on the other
hand Austrians have a very big tradition of coming to Australia
to work in the snow. And this year he's joined
by his father also named Wolfgang. They called me Wolfgang's dad,
yeah and the funny this is they say, "Oh, you're
Wolfgang's dad" but they never ask me my name." The pair have achieved
a degree of fame on the mountain for their skiing
abilities and knowledge of the industry. They say chasing the winter
is in their blood. If you're born in the snow
and you're used to the snow you have to have it,
you just need it. You don't have summers
but after a certain time you get used to it and you start liking it. They are not alone. Large numbers of travellers
sacrifice their summers to chase the Australian winter. Over 100 staff on Mount Buller come
in from overseas for the season, bringing together a veritable
United Nations of ski and snowboard instructors. We're very lucky to
attract such a strong contingent of international
instructors, they bring a unique set of skills and and experience,
it really adds to the flavour of the resort. That's just as well
because hundreds are lining up to hit the slopes. There are record numbers
of children registered for ski and snowboard programs. During the last week
of the Victorian school holidays we had north of 600 children
in programs each day. Attracting people from all
over the globe, traffic on the Australian ski slopes
increases year on year and while there are plenty
of seasoned professionals many are trying it out
for the first time. They do very well and
the instruction is very well. He's a little bit fearful
of going down the hill but he's quite happy with it. I never fall. The next generation of winter
seekers in training. Yeah, that's it. To the weather now. In the major centres,
a few showers in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Possible late rain in Sydney. Very windy in Canberra. Partly cloudy in
Darwin and Brisbane. Looking further afield:

Updating our main story. An attempted attack on a police station in western Sydney. Bomb squad officers remain at Merrylands police station tonight where a wide area has been cordoned off. They're examining a car which reportedly contains gas cylinders. A man was arrested after an hour's stand-off. No police officers were hurt. The possible motivation remains unclear. Police are expected to give a news conference shortly. That is the world this Thursday. From the late news team, goodnight.

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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services.

The trip into Switzerland was expected to deliver, and it didn't disappoint.A second or third place in Paris is very real.I'm showing today that I'm climbing well, so I take confidence out of today.Now, three massive days await, and it all starts with today's race against the race against the clock.It's going to go right down to the wire.This man is pulling out something special in a mountain time trial.17 kilometres uphill at the doorstep of the French alps. It's about who can push themselves to their absolute limit and suffer the most. Yes, the journey into the French alps continues today. The high mountains beckon as we welcome you to the town of Megeve at the foothills of these great place. It's a ski resort in the winter-time and the time trial is on. It's the race against the clock and as you can see there, it's a great place to be. Welcome to paradise, welcome to the Tour de France and welcome to Stage 18. It is the race against the clock and it promises to be a very big day, particularly for those of us who are supporting and following and watching Richie Porte.And we're hoping that Richie can continue his march towards the podium. Yesterday, he was the man who went was the man who went on the attack and started to find out his rivals. The cracks started to appear amongst other contenders and today there's no following. Every man for himself. What makes today's time trial special is the fact it's being held on a mountain. It's uphill most of the way, compared to what we saw earlier in this Tour de France and that was basically on flat roads. Yes, a very different time trial. This is a time trial that will, I think, prove the undoing of a couple of riders in that top ten. The way Richie Porte is going, I think it's going to catapult him towards a podium in Paris. Might not be on the podium at the end of today, but I certainly think he'll be closer to it.He's certainly improving and clawing his way back up that general classification Robbie, that's for sure. He was good yesterday. ure. He was good yesterday. He was up there with Chris Froome, one of two of the strongest riders in that big stage yesterday.Chris Froome was the only was the only man who could go with Richie and yesterday's stage as we looked at it, a lot of people were saying, "When are they going to attack, when is it going to start? " When you saw Team Sky riding the tempo at the front, one thing that gives you an indication of how hard they're riding. When Sky are riding so hard, everyone is at their limit. You have to make a massive limit to get a few metres off the front. You're already in the red zone when you go. There was no-one who could make the difference until Richie Porte went off the front of the race, though, it was fought amongst the break-away riders. Richie Porte had the potential of making up a lot more time.Had the potential to make more time, but Sky were riding such a high tempo, it's so difficult to get off the front and get some sort of gap and you have to time it at a moment you think you can take your effort all the way to the finish. Richie moved away and it was interesting that Chris Froome looked at all the others, let them try and get across. When they couldn't, he nipped across to the wheel of his friend Richie Porte and stayed there until he crossed the finishline. Nairo Quintana, the man who everyone expected to attack, he was dropped. Richie Porte, valuable seconds. 8 seconds back to Adam Yates, another couple of seconds back to Romain Bardet, as they struggle to the line and all the rest were separated. They were breaking apart all over the place. So this over the place. So this race finally starting to open up.Movistar and Nairo Quintana the big losers, Alejandro Valverde also losing big chunks of time, but not this man, extending his overall lead at 2:27. He's got a smile on his face, Chris

his overall lead at 2:27. He's got
a smile on his face, Chris Froome. He's well on target of creating history with a third Tour de France, as we remind you of the general classification. Mollem a up there, despite a up there, despite losing time. Adam Yates, a terrific performance from this youngster from Orica-Bike Exchange. Richie Porte jumping up to sixth position in place of Alejandro Valverde who's dropped to 7th place. dropped to 7th place. Not much in terms of place on the overall standings, but certainly time gaps opening up again.Time gaps are starting, just a few seconds at a time, but this is the start of that moment we've been looking forward to in this Tour de France when guys start to blow up, give that excitement

Tour de France when guys start to
blow up, give that excitement of who's of who's the next to crack. blow up, give that excitement who's the next to crack.A good day for Richie yesterday. Brimming with confidence, his ng with confidence, his body language is positive and he's got a positive attitude going into the time trial today.I quite like uphill time trials. It's a crucial one tomorrow. I know I need to have a good time trial and try to take some more time. I've shown today that I'm climbing well. I take confidence out of today.After tomorrow, if Richie attacks again, do you think you could pull a little bit for him - he's a good mate, we'd like to see him on the