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Tonight: Headlines about a booming crimes committed by kids, but is it the full story? And headlines about older Australians drinks too much. But is it the full bottle? Calls for airlines to offer partial refunds when flights delayed and butter-fingers rejoice, why cracked phone screens may be a thing of the past. That and today's top news stories. Here is The Project. Welcome, back at the desk tonight is Matt Doran and Gary Mehigan. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) This is a lovely surprise, you two tonight, isn't it?Wonderful to be back.I got to get busy soon, straight after this I'm cooking. It cooking off against Matt - not Matt. Hang on a minute! Matt, he's not a chef, he's a cook.I was hoping you would bring something in for us tonight?Everybody says that, but I'm tight arse.It's world lamington day.It's not a world lamington day, it's in a small town somewhere in Victoria. (LAUGHTER) Don't poo-poo everything on the show.I love a lamington?We will talk to lamingtons in a minute. Let's get to the news. A light plane with engine trouble crash landed on Liverpool Golf Course in Sydney's south-west. Hitting the green before going into the lake near the 10th hole. Incredibly the three people on board escaped serious injury. They were shocked seeing them walk away with hardly a scratch.Walked away unharmed. Can't believe it.Claims today murdered Leeton schoolteacher Stephanie Scott may not have been Vincent Stanford's original target. Investigators reportedly discovered he'd also been fixated on a 12-year-old girl who lived in the area. She was away the weekend Stephanie was killed. Stanford yesterday pleaded guilty to rape and murder. Six Aussie blokes have ended up in police custody in Bali after a violent mid-air brawl put an end to their boys' trip to Thailand. Instead of partying in Phuket they were booted off their Jetstar flight after the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in Denpensar. They're expect to be flown home tonight.Boys! Speaking chaotic scenes, there was one on the streets of Baltimore when a distracted was filmed crashing into a police car. Look at that crash, right into it. The police approach what could possibly...You guys OK, probably alcohol, they imagine or drugs. Maybe the kids were on Facebook or something. You OK?

Pokemon Go! (LAUGHTER) Pokemon Go! You still got to watch where you're going. Come on. Speaking of Pokemon Go, a new dating site has been launched for Pokemon Go fans hoping to catch someone's heart. PokeDates ask gamers to fill in questionnaires. A team member then arranges a time and location for clients to meet up so they can go play Pokemon Go together.And be safe on a PokeDates, boys and girl, you got to catch a ball that has no STIs. Just be safe out there.How long before we have a Poke baby and marriage?.I always got a good solution. Community service, go and pick up poops in the car or rubbish, do something useful with your life.Not going to happen. MasterChef next season, you'll have Pokemons all around the kitchen. Apparently they're going into jrj's restaurants. He said, "I had people in the restaurant." He's going, "Aut now." Unless you're buying a drink.It's overtaken and twindu Tinder and Twitter. You think it's a fad, but it's not. It's crazy. Headlines today would suggest we're in the grip of a teen crime wave. But have we been given the full story? There is a cohort of young people whose lives are being set off course by early involvement in serious and violent crime.Teens committed carjackings, home invasions and violent assaults. It's got people scared, in fact, drivers and home owners are rushing to arm themselves.They the leading sports store in the western suburbs has sold out of baseball bats.Now, we here at The Project don't use the word "hysterical" lightly, but put it this way - we made a full calls and if you're a baseball fan, you can easily get a bat, here, here, here, here, and here. And if you're not a baseball fan, um... Yep. They're sold out. They're definitely sold out. In fact, before you freak out, youth offences are trending downwards nationwide. Unlawful entry with intent is down 12%, acts intended to cause injury are down 8%. Illicit drug offences and theft are both up but public order offences are down 15%. Not you think you'd know by watching news.Malvern residents are saying they're living in fear.Have savaged three people with pool cues.There is some wide-ranging reports that we're in the middle of a youth epidemic of crime. But, you know, the reality is a long way away from that.Here is other thing - by making monsters of young offenders we run the risk of making things worse.It takes a whole community to start banding around these young people and presenting some opportunities that are more attractive and more fruitful for them than what they're currently doing. What they're doing at the moment, they're doing because they don't feel they have any other options. Graham Ashton is Victoria Police's Chief Commissioner. He joins us now. Commissioner, first up - what is your major concern here?Well, we wanted to get everyone together in relation to the decision-makers, people who work with young people, across our state here in Victoria, to really talk about what are the underlying causes behind what we have seen as an increase in the criminal behaviour by a group of hard-core young offenders here in Victoria.So what came out of that? How have you walked away feeling about the situation sth.It was an interesting day hearing the different perspectives particularly of the young people, hearing what they're feeling and going through at the moment. We certainly heard about frustrations they feel about trying to participate in society, about trying to be part of our economy, about getting jobs, about getting an education. So we heard a whole range of issues. Commissioner, let me ask you about one area which is emerging as a big concern for a lot of Australians and that is these young offenders being involved in these car-jackings. The number of cars stolen by kids age 10-17 has surged 40% in the last five years. How do you explain that statistic?Well, what we're finding is that these days it is very difficult to steal a new car. So for young people wanting to get their hands on cars, they're finding the best ways to take that car, take the keys from the person who's got the car. People actually are breaking into homes and taking keys to the cars. Have things changed significantly? I mean, are we on the cusp of something? Or is this just a wave of a particular crime? Or particular gangs?What we have found there are a couple of things that are different here, quite different. First is that we're seeing young people involved in very serious crimes, quite serious crime as the first time they're offending. And we're seeing very high levels of recidivism with these young people. They're not finding their contact with police as being a sufficient deterrent.In the media, we have, I guess, a responsibility to, you know, inform and not alarm. In reference to maybe - taking the carjackings for example, are we overstating the threat, do you think?Look, you do have to look at these things in the overall context. I mean, your chances of being a victim of a car-jacking or a home invasion are very, very low statistically.Chief Commissioner, all the best trying to sort it out. Thanks so much for your time.You're welcome. Thank you.It's alarming this increase in the number of baseball bats being sold. You hope we don't see that vigilantism spread across this country.It's important we don't disenfranchise our youth, they're engaged in the community and education. These are really the core issues.I wonder about the baseball bat thing. We saw that on the Rumour File as we played it. That's a rurm. Rumour file is often right, it's a great segment. The then I heard it in a different station report it as a fact, now we're reporting on it.There is a fine line in media between sensationalism and reporting the fact. In this particular fact it's blurred the line somewhere in the middle.Rebel sport are out of baseball bats!There has been a spike in gang culture which the Commissioner admitted to which is alarming because we have seen the basis of a lot of crime in America. It's time for a break now. Stay with us, we'll be back in a moment. Coming up: Could a battle with brewing. And a person behind Melania Trump plagiarised speech owns usm. Why hasn't This program is not captioned. of its 18-year life span, This program is not captioned. an Aussie Angus and egg prodigy. This program is not captioned. you look for in a new car? in this Commodore Black. towing you get with this Colorado. you look for? of any new Holden from Holden Financial Services. This program is not captioned. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. Time to see what's making news around the globe. Turkey's President Erdogan Erdowan
has vowed to "cleanse viruses in the army" after imposing a state of emergency for three months, following the failed military coup. With thousands already in custody, there are fears he'll use the declaration to keep them behind bars. And this incredible coup vision has emerged. A man trying to stop two army tanks is run over, not once but twice. He walks away unhurt. Germany's accepted Britain's decision to delay its exit from the European Union, until 2017. Chancellor Angela Merkel's made it clear, she's prepared to wait until new PM Theresa May can map out a sensible departure strategy. This will take time and it will require serious and detailed work. Not a lot of love for Senator Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention. He's been heckled and jeered by the crowd, after refusing to endorse Donald Trump. God bless each and every one of you and God bless the United States of America. And writer Meredith McIver has taken the blame for the plagiarised speech Melania Trump delivered at the convention. In a written apology, she admits to including the Michelle Obama passages in Melania's final draft, and is sorry for the chaos caused. Donald Trump's refused to accept her resignation.

Perhaps because she En doesn't exist, maybe.There is the rumour this is a fictitious person.He didn't want to take - he wants to take the heat off his wife and made up the name.That's how powerful he is. He also tweeted the speech, quote, got more publicity than any other in the history of politics. Now, I'm not sure if Martin Luther King is on Twitter, I don't think he is. If he was - he might go, "Overhere Donald."Probably he wouldn't be going over there. It would be Donald.Sit just me or I kind of enjoy - I know it's an important speech, but the guts to try to get away with this. Rips it from a Democratic's speech and using it on the world stage.When you watch the two side by side, it's funny. You know, it's so close. So close. But the sad thing about it - she should have been his number one endorsement, it's his wife and he stuffed up. You think they'd put in more effort.There's rumours she wants to sabotage it because she doesn't want him to be President. Or maybe I just made it up. (LAUGHTER)
Did you make it up.I heard it on the Rumour File. Americans are finding creative ways, that is a rumour that's out there, but - (LAUGHTER) Americans are finding creative way to find their Trump dismay, and the Hollywood Walk Of Fame has a star, which is about three of the left of yours - some clever scallywag has put a wall around it. And the detail on the wall, the American flag, razor wire is there, "keep out." That is Spanish for whatever it means. And Donald Trump, he's running out of music to play at his rallies because no musical artist wants to be associated with them. He cad Queen and he stopped using their music. Judging by the helicopter entrance, he's getting pretty desperate. Is it just me or is it getting a bit too Bond villainy. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to Cleveland, the next President of the United States, Mr Donald J Trump. (DRAMATIC MUSIC).

He then destroyed the Death Star. (LAUGHTER) Giving himself a quick round of applause.He steps out of the helicopter and he goes - thank you very much! Heaps more of the Project coming up. Stick around. Coming up: Could broken phone screens be finally a thing of the past? And the sacked brewery workers who have knocked back an offer to return to their jobs. Mate, what would you do if your pay was cut by 65%? Is that fair?This is The Project.

This program is not captioned. new Whopper Junior range - for when you're hungry, So, you've decided to have a child, investments of your life? a bigger house, education. This program is not captioned. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. Adam Whittington has been released from a Beirut prison more than three months after the botched 60 Minutes story. He's still facing kidnap charges. In his statement he says his top priority is to see his family especially his two boys who believe their dad is never coming home. Good news for anyone who smashed their phones. Scientists have created a glass screen that is so strong it can be dropped up to 1.6m. It has an 80% success rate. We should make phones out of the tough that black boxes are made of. You need one now that needs to survive in the toilet as well. Urinal safe.We still can't charge it for more than three hours. When are we going to invent that.One thing at a time.These are the big issues, aren't they? The big issues we got to solve today.Speaking of technology, golf is back in the Olympics for the first time in 112 years. I'll get to the technology bit in a sec! How do you keep the old game fresh for the 21st century. Over to you Bubba Watson. What better time to introduce something exciting for the future of our game. This is a game-changer. You can't beat that. What is it? Is it a new ball or a club? Or is it new active wear. What can they be talking about? Oh...This is what he's talking about! It's supposedly, according to Bubba Watson, going to be replaces buggies...No, it's not. (LAUGHTER) Is this a joke?No. The thing I like about it - it's affordable! $260,000! Everyone can have one, Gary.I love it.The best thing I have seen.Forget about golf - pasty shop to pastry shop. Just stuck in my head full of donuts and Macca Rons.Maybe you can fill it with lamingtons. It's National Lamington Day. It was named for Lord Lamington, one of Queensland's early Governors. It came into being when his maid Drop his favourite sponge cake into chocolate.Kiki Tipping own as bakery that only sells lamingtons. She's been working since 3:00am. She reckons today should be a public holiday. Kiki, I understand we have scoured the Cos mos, there's no bigger lamington enthusiast than you - what's your pitch to the PM and why should he give us all a day off for cake?Well it's an iconic cake anyway, and what a way to celebrate, sell -- celebrating a cake and produce.What makes your lamingtons exceptionally brilliant and what makes the perfect lamington?Number of things, I don't tend to use sponge. I tend to use more...I got to stop you there. Because I'm going to stop you. I reckon, isn't the chocolate sauce or the moist sponge or the coconut or jam, do you put jam in yours?No jam in mine, that's a Victorian thing.Oh! That was like an arrow to my heart.I'll be honest, Kiki, and I'm not trying to offend you in any way - I'm not a big lamington fan but I'm wondering whether maybe - I have eaten them wrong, I find them - it's all too hard to eat, I goes everywhere, why do you put it all on your face! (LAUGHTER) Too much cake to the chocolate ratio, what am I doing wrong.You haven't hat Kiki's lamingtons. You need to come up and have one of mine.Your store has - all lamingtons, lots of different kinds of lamingtons. What's your favourite lamington, Kiki?I don't have a favourite because that would be like having a favourite child. No, no, Kiki - Kiki - they're lamingtons, not children? What's your favourite lamington? They're my babies.But they are lamingtons! They are lamingtons!If you had to choose one child - a wild lamington - to take down to the shops, which one would it be?Well, it depends on the season. Like in summer I would go for the mango ginger tango.Wow.Right now I'd probably go for the Nutella induced coma! Maybe in spring, I'd go for a chai high latte.Now care Kay is changing her mind. I never new a lamington like that existed.I know. I also feel a bit bad because we brought Kiki on, and between you, Pete and me, we have gone hard at it.You made Carrie a lamington convert, by the sounds of some of the amazing things you produce there.Thank you so much. (APPLAUSE) We're going to take a break, see you in a This program is not captioned. (APPLAUSE) Welcome back. If you have just joined us, here is what's making news. A pilot and his two passengers have escaped serious injuries after being forced to ditch their plane at Liverpool Golf Course. It had taken off from Bankstown Airport and came rest in the water at the 10th hole.We had plenty of planes and hot air balloons but never one in the lake. A woman has been jailed for a minimum of 21 months for abandoning her baby. He was left in a storm water drain, he was rescued alive when a passing cyclists heard his cries. The 32-year-old woman could be out next month because of time served. The Cunningham's Highway west of Brisbane has reopened of a B-double loaded with dangerous chemicals rolled when the driver tried to avoid a collision last night. An exclusion zone was put in place at Cunningham's Gap while the toxic cargo was decanted. The driver wasn't injured. And Choice reckons Aussie airlines should pay if flights are delayed or cancelled for reasons within their control. The consumer group is calling for fixed compensation for customers affected by things like turnaround delays and mechanical issues. Apparently it's the airline who determines whether compo is handed out.Why stop at planes. Why about taxis and trains, we'll be rich. I'm surprised we never really appreciate the miracle of flight. 100 years ago we could be cheering as the plane had gone down the runway and saying, yes, we're fly k. But we seem to be angry being on the ground for half an hour.My child her head was almost going around and around, she was screaming that hard for 3.5 hours, I looked at this woman - you pay the same as everyone else, only you ended up next to me. Like, how unfair is that. You had to sit next to the screaming child, she deserved compensation.Did you give her anything, a biscuit.No, I was so relieved the whole thing was over, you should have gotten your Gold Logie out of your hand, I know you have that in your handbag. Let her pat it for a couple of minutes! (LAUGHTER) .Jerome Randle has just arrived in Adelaide to take up a position with the 36ers, very exciting. He's impressed with his new team, I get Timpression.You like the team they have built around you here, some big names that have come on board. I love the team. I don't know too many of the guys, I haven't seen too many of them play, I it doesn't matter about the team to be honest. Really kind of came around full circle!
(LAUGHTER) Moving on. We are always hearing about young people who are drinking too much. But news today suggests that maybe it's nana we need to worry about. If there's one thing I know about the elderly, is they're a dignified bunch who can teach us a lot.Also lots of videos on them on the internet stpauling into swimming pools, it's awesome. -- falling.

Snoor as unhelpen Pete's interrums was, perhaps the reason oldies are unbalanced is older Australians are out drinking the rest of us. With a new report showing almost 15% of over-65s have a tipple everyday. Finally older people being recognised in our data and we often forget older can be using drug and alcohol just like younger people. Young people drink way too much in one sitting, fewer than 1% of 16 manufacture 4-year-olds have -- 24-year-olds have one or more drinks that day. Those stats are echoed around the country from Perth to Sydney, our biggest daily drinkers are the elderly.We don't hear a lot about the long-terrible effects of chessic alcohol consumption but it's having a very important impact on the health system.It plays out in the state's hospitals too, with alcohol-related admissions more than two times higher for over 65s than their younger friends.Long term kind of problems we see related to alcohol, are alcoholic deliver disease. Some may have alcoholic heart disease. Also see some problems with nutritional difficulties which can result in brain disorders as well. This research surprised us so we sent our least diplomatic producer out to do some research in the field.Hi there, sir, you look old. How are you.I'm pretty good, thanks.Are you two alcoholics. Absolutely piss pots, yeah.You guys have the look of, you know, active people but to be honest you just sit at home and drink all day? Well, I would quite like to sit at home and drink all day but I keep running out of booze.One, two glass a wine.Is it good wine or the cheap stuff? You can you walk in a straight line for me between here and there.

(LAUGHTER) Clearly failed the test.That reminds me of a lot about the guy we're about to chat too now. Steve Price is here to break all of this down for us. Price pryy let me ask you how much do you drink and what's your poison?Thank you Matt, can I just point out that I don't actually fit the demographic of this story. It's 65-plus.OK.So we want you to tell the truth. We won't continue the story if you can't be honest with us, Buderusy. I do -- buddy. I do a radio program from mid-night, I'll probably kick into a Coopers pale ail, probably a little wipe followed by a cabernet...This is turning into an intervention segment. . The thing is I can't wait until I get old and do this. I dream of sitting on the couch at 6:30 at night and watching some great news program, that would be my dream. People are asking the question, Carrie, as to why old people are drinking more than young people. The simple answer is - because they can. They have retired an they can sit at home and drink all day long. And young people, those 18-24-year-olds are all out, there slaving away in jobs they hate trying to save for houses they can never afford to buy. That's why the oldies are drinking.Medical experts are saying it's a serious concern, do you think older people know it's a worry or not aware?If you get to 65, who cares if you get sick. You had a great life. Get on the grog.Steve, these reports drive me insane because really when you think about I, the happiness quota that a little glass of red may give you surely is going to make up... Up.... That fine red wine when I served you, garry, when I cooked lunch. I felt fabulous. I'm not 65 and I don't understand why you're not sitting on the couch and watching the news program and drinking.I can never remember what I did the day before when I have a drink.Booze can lead to happiness, you're dog it wrong, mate. You're not a happy bloke! (LAUGHTER) .Is that right, Pete. I'm not a happy man.There's a smile! We made you smile.Nice little slap.On a serious note - we were talking about it before, the concern a lot of people older people are drinking alone because they're alone. They're drinking to fill a void which is not good.If you're going to drink, it's better to do it socially with a bunch of mates, that's much more enjoyable and that's where you get a bit of happiness. When I end up checking in the old people's home, I'm sure there's a lot of people I can sit down and have a drink too.You have a few more years left, Steve. I think the message... (APPLAUSE)
.. Really is moderation, isn't it? That's the thing. If it becomes one glass a night or it's ten.I'm not sure the older people want to hear us say, "I think the message is madration."Gloria wrote in is because we have to put up with young people.Why not let us enjoy the benefit of getting older, have a drink instead of rotting away in some bloody nursing home. If I get to 65.I'm going to be a boozer. Speaking of alcohol, to a story that's clearly close to the heart of older people, some of the company of some iconic beers has come under fire for sacking workers from its crucial brewery.And the best cold beer is Vic.They that say it's the working man's beer but for these former workers from Carlton and United Breweries, it's a different story.I want to ask anyone liening on a bar and having a Carlton draft ask the person next to it, hey, mate what would you do if your pay was cut by 65%s that fair.That eye they're the maintenance crew of Carlton and United Breweries.I have been here for 35 years.I felt pretty gutted. Had a phone call at home and said don't bother coming to work tomorrow.Being told to go to the Best Western hotel. If you want a job, here is your interview time, go down there as our contract had been ended six weeks early.This brewery pumps out some of Australia's big beers including VB and Carlton Draft. To keep up supply, the company are bussing in a temporary crew right past the picket line.Shame, shame, shame have.The problem with the guys that are coming in, they don't know how the machines really work. Doesn't know where to savely isolate something. How to fix a problem.Performing quality checks, to make sure that the quality of the beer goes to market is at the spec that's required. The productivity loss since they sacked the 55 is, we estimate, at around 50%. We got the grand final coming up. I would say that would affect their production here. Their ability to supply the markets. Carlton and United Breweries has denied any impact on beer supplies, drinkers have reacted online threatening a beer boycott.First time I can't

Despite its iconic brands, the company is no long ter Australian owned.The CUB, the iconic CUB is not what most people think it is. It's not a local brewer that's Australian-owned. They're owned by SAB Miller who's the world's second largest brewer.Seven years ago maintenance work at the brewery was outsourced and some workers took on the new contract. This year, that contract went out to tender and a new pay deal came in.The pay and conditions are 65% less. I don't know how anyone can survive on that.My wife's at home apparently looking after our 3-month-old child. You plan your life on your current pay and conditions, and then once that's taken away from you, it can put a lot of strain on having a mortgage and things like that.Carlton and United refused an interview but in a statement said that:

In the end, the workers say they just want to get back to work. They're adamant they want their jobs back because they feel insulted.We feel strongly and passionately about what's happened here. We're planning to continue the picket line for as long as it takes.
(APPLAUSE) You know, we have a joke about there not being enough beer at the footy, if you put that aside, the worry is the precedent. If someone says to you you're working at this amount for one day and then come back and work at 50% and maintain your life and family life, it's impossible.It shows you how passionate people are about that brand. Regard lst whether it's owned by Australia anymore, people feel strongly. It's a very raceky move.The 55 workers, there's 900 years of experience. You know, it's...And the consumer will, in the end, vote with their feet, won't they.If you want the full text of ku's response to The Project's request for an interview it can be found on our website. Don't go anywhere, we'll be back right after the break. Coming up: What one mistake you don't want to make in the MasterChef kitchen? We chat to Mimi about her cheese choice. This is The Project.

This program is not captioned. Free ANZ Property Profile Reports of a home's potential price. interest. So really... About... about that, yeah. This program is not captioned. (APPLAUSE)

Welcome back to The Project. Miranda Kerr's headed down the aisle for the second time. She's announced her engagement to billionaire boyfriend and Snapchat cofounder Evan Spiegel posting a picture of her ring on Instagram. She split from her first hubby Orlando Bloom in 2013. Their son Flynn is five. And the season is over for Parramatta... (LAUGHS) The Parramatta's Corey Norman. He's been suspended eight weeks and fined 20 grand by the NRL following his guilty plea. He says the penalties also related to a lewd sex video and a police warning for consorting with criminals. Ten Eyewitness News sports presenter and Wallabies legend Matt Burke is here now to talk NRL bad boys. Do you think this punishment here is too lenient.It's certainly a dent in the hip pocket, though, isn't it? 20 grand. He also gets eight weeks suspension which takes him up to round 26. I means Parramatta are going to strug toll make the finals anyhow without him. Certainly they needed to make a statement, didn't they, the NRL and also the Integrity Unit for Corey Norman and what he's been up to. The drug possession, the videotape. And so, I mean, it's - in a way, it's a good thing, they needed to make a statement as I mentioned, but certainly with Parramatta, he's coming off contract at the end of the year, but he's not going to go without a contract next year. He's too good a player.They certainly made that statement. Now, earlier from the week, Eels club board was sacked. This seems very much like a Parramatta in absolute crisis. Let's hope they can't go lower than this. It's a good thing. The independent Gaming and Liquor Authority came through and they sack all the board, administrators come through, and the Eels are an iconic club in the rugby league. They were my team when I was growing up, living not too far away. The great players, the Stirlings, the Kennies, even knows these blokes. We want to support them. They needed to do something drastic and certainly by sacking the board they can get to start again.Jarryd Hayne, he's reportedly shopping around for a new contract. Your old neck of the boots, the Waratahs, what are the chances?Yeah, how good is that? How good is that? Six minutes of football in London a couple of month ace go for Fiji has dented his chances of playing for the Wallabies but certainly I heard that today, the Waratah. I might start stretching myself and maybe get a start there for offering contracts. The ARU would like to one over their NRL counterpart. A little soccer punch signing up Jarryd Hayne. Like they did with Wendell Sailor and Lote Tuqiri. It's a matter of watch this space. Plenty to talk about in the sporting space. Thanks for being with us tonight. (APPLAUSE) See what you make of this - a silicon sculpture named Graham is the new model for Victoria's latest road safety campaign. He's got the physical features a human would need in order to survive the forces of some car crashes. He was Greated by Melbourne artist in conjunction with a leading trauma surge and a crash Investigator.Very different to the past campaigns which have this horror shock, they have gone to a different tack.I have seen that guy around somewhere! (LAUGHTER)
.I have seen him around.Why does he have the little beard. It's safer if you have a beard! You thought he was a real life...I saw this today online and I wasn't fully reading it, I thought it was a man that was sick, I didn't realise it was...You're feeling really sorry for Graham.Who sels was feeling sorry for Graham? Grahams, they think it's hurtful and offensive they named him Graham.Not saying all the Grahams look like that. Every Graham is a unique Graham. Graham, though, Graham - sorry, Gary! Gary, man! Or lamington man.Gary has become the talk of the town. Everybody is talking about Graham. I heard a rumour that Graham's joined Tinder. I think we got his profile.
(LAUGHTER) He's a designated driver.It's a cool campaign. I love all their campaigns. They do an awesome job. Let's hope it works. In a nail biting elimination Chang last night, Mimi has just pissed out on making the MasterChef quarterfinals following a pretty risky move with ricotta. And we're kind of kicking ourselves on your behalf. Your dish was technically proficient. Do you regret not doing something simpler? It did look good but I knew the flavours were there. I wish I went down the savoury, but can't do anything about it now.We have to ask - who is your favourite judge on the show? A bit of a warn - there is maybe one of them on the show tonight?Definitely Matt Preston.What! Mimi!No, of course not, Gary!Why is Gary your favourite judge on the show? And George and Matt are watching?!Gary has a heart of gold and he was so wonderful on the show. He always gave us loving support and, yeah, great feedback.She's only saying that because I'm here, is it's really Matt Preston.Why was George and Matt so cold towards you? (LAUGHTER) No, they were all awesome.I just want to ask the question because you have gone from desk job. Tell us what you did before you got on to MasterChef?I was a marketer of kids' books. Just completely different to what I'm doing now. Tell us what you're doing now, it's exciting.Yes, it is. I'm act EU actually working on a Network Ten TV show called My Market Kitchen and I'm working as a prep chef for the winner of season 5.A cross-promotion feast tonight.This is what MasterChef is all about - all about going from a job that maybe you didn't enjoy as much as you thought you would do when you started out but now you're doing something you love.Exactly.I got to ask - it's National Lamington Day, we're talking about lamingtons before, are you a lamington fan, because I'm not?I am. Especially Peter Gilmore's, that was one hell of a pressure test.I'm not sure we can count that as a lamington. That is an amazing desert. We were talking about something completely different when we were talking about lamington.Alright. MasterChef is back on your screens tonight at 7:30. We are at the pointy end. You have done so well to make it so far. Thanks so much Mimi.Thanks, guys.Mimi, well done.Thank you.Getting exciting, especially tonight.I know. Well basically they do it every year and it drives us mad - they pitch us against each other. Not Matt Preston. Because he's a cook not a chef. But Shannon, myself and George, and George always says he's never going to get competitive and then produces pieces of equipment like a machine, for example, that will turn vegetables into an ravoli.Thermomix?And shone non comes across cool but all of a sudden - you watch it.Yeah. Bringing your own special devices in to top him?I take it easy. I always go - it's not that important. But then you watch it! (LAUGHTER) .ExactlyWe all get competitive. It's one of those homes, now really we're under the spotlight. Of course it's our jobs, but the deaths have been basically - in training for months, you know. They're really good at what they do. We get a little nervous.I'm looking forwards to see how it plays out. Don't go anywhere. We'll be back right after the break. Coming up: We have the cure - Australia's favourite new news segment - the weekly good news report. You're watching The Project. This program is not captioned. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back. You're watching The Project. Hundreds of residents were evacuated after fire engulfed a # 5 store sky scraper in Dubai's marina district. It took fire crews three hours to get the blaze under control. No injuries were reported. And talk about Christmas in July, more than 100 Santas from across the globe were in Denmark taking a midyear holiday. They have been chilling out playing music and parading around Copenhagen and they'll be back on the job soon enough though. Christmas is just over five months - five months away?Well done, Santa. Like an end of season trip for Santa. He's let his beard down. Mrs Clause goes to Vegas!
(LAUGHTER) .It's sad, all these little 5-year-olds, but why are there so many?Helpers. Now, on Monday, I brought you the story of Bede Darch, a 3-year-old boy with terminal brain cancer whose parents were desperately needing money to pay for care. Their funding page has raised $36,000 when we air that story. Within an hour, thanks to our generous viewers, it rent up to $220,000. So first of all, we just want to say a massive thank you. (APPLAUSE) Thank you to everyone that watches the family. So grateful. That's the start of this week's good news. Despite record rains last weekend, Queensland's drought is still not over. But that didn't stop this joey jumping for joy in what was probably her first swim. An amazing escape for a driver in South Carolina after his convertible flipped two or three times and landed upside down. As many as 20 bystanders pitched in to turn the car over and pulled him from the wreckage. I'm just overwhelmed with the kindness that everyone showed. People were giving me hugs and thank you so much, every single one of you. Thank you for your concern. At age 17, Jarrett Adams was sentenced to 2 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He served eight years before his conviction was quashed. But rather than rage against the legal system, he embraced it and he's now an attorney in New York helping others who have been wrongly convicted.It inspired me to go and get a law degree to be able to bring a different aspect to the clients, to the courtroom, to the judges. Surprise dance break... These show-jumping bunnies are in training for their first competition at the Wanneroo Agricultural Show in WA later this year. I.I think I'll enter this one because she's a champion jumper. She was showing the others how to do it.Meet the 11-year-old Melbourne twins born nine weeks premature and with cerebral palsy. Ella and Jasmine needed surgery just so they could walk, but now they can jump, dance and even beat state running records.To see them run again was just breath-taking. That's just something a mum cherishes. How did it feel for you to run after your surgery?It felt amazing. It felt like a dream come true.What about your Jasmine?It felt different.Yep.And amazing. Yep. Good on you.And finally - Debbie Stoner's life was shattered when her 7-year-old daughter Jayde was killed in a car crash ten years ago. The grieving mum made the heartwrenching decision to donate Jayde's organs and this is the moment Debbie first heard her daughter's heart beating inside another girl.(CRYING). I'll let you go.Thank you so much. (APPLAUSE)

Very special moment.So much misery at the moment. Those stories become so important.I know.I just want the whole news to be like that. That is brilliant.I want to give you a bit of quick good news - we're almost out of my beanies for beanies if for brain cancer. If I sell out I think I can get to a million. Please jump on the, and I think we might get to a million that. Is the show for tonight. Thank you Gary, for joining us and thanks for Matt. We'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.

ANNOUNCER: Previously
on MasterChef Australia -

in the first
finals week elimination,

Harry, Mimi and Elise
cooked for their lives.


But in the end...
You're going home. was Mimi's time to leave.

To come through this experience -
just amazing.

Tonight, a mystery box
with a difference. Not for you, for them.


In the last MasterClass
of the season...

It's ridiculous!

..the tables have turned.

I am genuinely nervous.

Come on, George!
How do you get this thing open?

With the past contestants
watching on,

it's payback time.

That's very quaint.

Just check the salt on that one.

But in the invention test relay...

(CHEERING)'s about to get real...

I'm getting a sweat on here. the contestants...

That tastes amazing.

..go head-to-head...

Kind of terrifying. ..with the judges.

We want to beat them.

GARY: Come on, George!

# 'Cause you're hot,
then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #

ELISE: Today is
a really different day.

We're about to have a MasterClass

and I can't wait to see
what's coming up.


MATT: Walking into the MasterChef
kitchen, I'm a bit puzzled.

Come on, my little cherubs!

MasterClass is usually off-site.

Hutzah! Hutzah! Hutzah!

So I'm thinking, "What's going on?"

Welcome to the last MasterClass
of this competition.

for making it this far.

You're nearly there,
ladies and gentlemen. Nearly there.

And today in this MasterClass,
we've got some very special guests.



HARRY: The doors open
and the past contestants come in.

It's such a good feeling

to see all these really, really
close friends that you've made.


How are you, matey?

Just for them to be back,

it's good to say hello again.

MATT: Fantastic
to see you all back here.

We are so excited to find out
what you've all been doing

since you've moved
back into the real world. Con, what's gone on with you?

Moved back to Hobart
and got a place down there.

So, we've written our menu,
we've got our staff.


We're opening end of October, so...

Brilliant. That's brilliant.


Now, Zoe,
you are doing great things.

Yes. I'm with Peter Gunn at Ides,
working in the kitchen there.

And are you enjoying that?
Loving it.

Yeah. Absolutely loving it.

You don't look tired enough,
to be honest.


Where are...
Show us your burns on your arm.

I've got a good one there.
Oh, she does! Look!

She's got... Wahey! Love it.

That's fantastic.

And Nicolette.
Nicolette, what are you doing?

I was just up in Sydney,
I just got back,

and I've been doing some work
with Anna Polyviou.

Fantastic. 'Cause you really
connected with her.

Yeah, Anna and I get along
really well,

so I've been having
an amazing time up there with her.

Are you learning some crazy stuff?
Yeah, learning some really exciting,
different ideas.

That...that is fantastic.

Well, this is gonna be...
fun family entertaining.


The first thing we're gonna do
is start with a mystery box. HARRY: What?

But not for you...

..for them.


Judges, stand here. Contestants...

..if they're cooking,
you know what that means.

That means you are judging.


This is your chance now

to channel your inner Matt,
George, Gary and Shannon.

I'm loving the fact that the boys
get to spend a day in our shoes.

I'm pretty interested to see
how they cope with a mystery box.

George, you seem a bit nervous.
How, are you feeling?

Um, look, very nervous. Obviously,
you know, amazing chefs beside me.

A lot of respect for them.
But, look, you know, I'm ready.


HARRY: Under each box,
we have one single ingredient

from every mystery box
that we've had throughout the competition so far.

That means there could be things
like jicama...

..or even crickets.

You have 60 minutes
to create one dish

using at least one of the
ingredients out of your mystery box.

Righto, gentlemen,
off to your benches.

You can lift your lids...

Where are the crickets?
No crickets today.

No crickets. Good.

Are you familiar with
a few of these ingredients?

White miso, kohlrabi.

Got some parsley here.

Ginger wine. That was in
Billie's first mystery box.

Right. OK.

Honestly looks like
my mother-in-law.

(LAUGHTER) George, you used garlic before?

Is that what it is?
That's garlic.

Give it a smell. Thank you.


Some fennel pollen.
So, pretty much spoilt for choice.

Um, so I guess, you know,
we're expecting

nothing short of brilliance.

George is giving me daggers!

MATT PRESTON: Shannon, Gary, George,

you are about to compete
head-to-head in a mystery box.

We have some different rules today.

Number one - no biting, no gouging
and no fist-pumping.


If there is any fist-pumping
or gouging,

I will be forced to use
either the yellow card or the red card!

Oh, yes! I love that!

ELISE: It's like
a soccer match today.

If you go outside the boundaries,
you're gonna be either hit

with the yellow card
or the red card.

And if you're hit with the red card,
you have to sit out.

So the judges all need to watch out.

I'm wearing an apron today because
Gary, as you know, is injured

and he may, at some point,
fall over and need a substitute.

So I'm there, Gary, to stand you by
if you need a hand.


Your time...



Let's go.

I am genuinely nervous.
Genuinely nervous.

I think they're definitely
all feeling the pressure,

but it serves them right
after what they've put us through.

SHANNON: Gaz, what are you doing?

I'm gonna use the cauliflower, the
monkfish, maybe make a date puree.