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treatment. Tonight, Fire destroys i
the Pialligo Farm Estate Smokehouse Canber
in Hume. We take a look inside Airport
Canberra' s new International routes
Airport Terminal. And proposed Ligh
routes unveiled for stage two of P
Light Rail.Good evening, I' m Geoff
Phillips... Also tonight forty seven years after man landed on the moon, Canberra' s Deep Space dishes still explor
playing a vital role in space Firefighter
exploration. Firefighters night
Firefighters worked through the attempting
night and throughout today whic
attempting to extinguish a blaze H
which ripped through a warehouse in w
Hume. The fire devastated the prize Smokehou
winning Pialligo Farm Estate
Smokehouse, but is not being treated as suspicious. Fire engulfs a warehouse
filled with meat and


Crews raced to the
Pialligo Farm Estate

smokehouse after recieving
multiple triple-zero calls

just after six o'clock
yesterday evening.

We immediately responded
with four pumpers and then

upgraded that to a fifth
when we saw the conditions

on arrival.

Firefighters say the blaze
was too intense for crews

to enter the building.

There was no chance of
making an internal attack

- so we positioned our
crews essentially around

the exteriors and
commenced firefighting


Fortunately nobody was
inside and firefighters

were able to prevent the
blaze from spreading.

Being a corner block it
only has two exposures and

there's quite a bit of
distance including a

driveway between the
buildings next door.

Firefighters remained on
scene this morning using

the Bronto aerial
appliance to gain access

to the top of the building
to extinguish flames still

burning in the roof.

Damag underway
- but the blaze

destroyed stock worth
tens-of-thousands of

dollars and completely
decimated the building.

Investigations into the
cause of the fire are


Harry Frost, WIN News.

as suspicious. Lawyers for a o
Braddon man who pleaded guilty to a
one-punch attack in Civic say he has in
become the subject of threats and hi
intimidation. Jordan Sharma handed C
himself in to police after shocking inc
CCTV footage of the New Years Day soc
incident was widely circulated on hearing
social media. In a sentencing cou
hearing today his lawyer told the attac
court he was remorseful for the b
attack which left the victim with a s
broken jaw requiring reconstructive expec
surgery. The twenty-year-old is Qu
expected to be sentenced tomorrow. busy
Queanbeyan Police have been kept in
busy after three cars were torched morni
in the early hours of Wednesday c
morning. Police and Fire crews were Queanbey
called to Molonglo Street in t
Queanbeyan' s East around one A-M , patter
to find a car well alight. The H
pattern continued with reports of a
Hyundai sedan on fire in King Street around three AM . This was followed burnin
by calls alerting police to a o
burning utility on McKeanhie Street a
only an hour later. Nearby vehicles also received damage from the fires. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers. WIN News was given A
a look at Canberra' s International tou
Airport terminal today. The final made
touches to the fit out are being fr
made, with flights set to take off from the Capital in just sixty days. CONSTRUCTION SITE

The finishing touches
being made to the terminal

- before Canberra opens
its airport gates to

international visitors.

And here's the first
glimpse - WIN News taking

a tour through the
new fit out today.

We always set ourselves
the ambition of building

one of the best small
airports in the world and

obviously having
the highest quality

international airport
is a real priority.

The terminal will boast
a business-style transit

lounge for all passengers.

And this space will host
an array of duty free


It's an extension of
the domestic airport -

designed to make it easier
for passengers to board

their connecting flights.

The terminal is also the
first to accommodate the

merger between Customs and
Quarantine operations -

now known as
Boarder Force.

Where they're sharing
search rooms, offices, not

only with those agencies
but with the Department of

Agriculture dealing with
the quarantine issues.

While it's still very much
a construction site in two

months from today these
halls will be flooded with

international visitors
direct from Singapore.

To start there'll be
four flights weekly.

And it's hoped that will
soon increase to one each


Singapore Airlines is
the first international

carrier to get on board
and Mr Byron believes the

number will increase as
Canberra proves a popular


They are being built for
two planes at one time but

of course the the course
of a day we can have many

Labor' s Mike Kelly is once again parl
Eden-Monaro' s representative in Elec
parliament, after the Australian results
Electoral Commission declared b
results for the seat today. Despite than
being a bellwether seat for more
than forty years, this time election results bucked the trend, with Mike o
Kelly being voted in with a margin of more than five percent. Kelly now memb
faces the next three years as a believe
member of the opposition, but r
believes it won' t disadvantage the ig
region. No-one here is going to be Eden-Monar
ignored by any government. s
Eden-Monaro is critically important a
so we' ll always get our fair share pr
and I' ll fight for that. Kelly is Gover
promising to hold the Coalition d
Government to account and ensure it
delivers on the commitments it made. The government has today unveiled proposed routes for the second stage proj
of the Capital Metro light rail co
project. It comes following public opti
consultation, with the preferred before
option expected to be selected before the ACT Election. Where to next?

The Government looking
into the future expansion

of the light rail network.

The Canberra community has
identified four key routes

- that's Woden to the
City, the Parliamentary

Triangle, Belconnen and
of course the airport.

The Planning Minister and
Transport Minister today

unveiling the result of
community consultation

into stage two of
Canberra's controversial

light rail project.

The minister says which
of the proposed rail

corridors will be built
following the completion

of stage one will be
announced before the

October election - with
contracts to be signed in

the next term
of Government.

We won't be building all
four at once - as we've

done stage one as the
most congested route from

Gungahlin to the City,
Stage two will be looking

at congestion, will
be looking at economic

opportunity for land value
uplift, and patronage as

well as the routes
chosen in these four

circumstances by
the Canberra public.

The Transport Minister
says the Government wants

construction of the second
stage to flow directly on

from the first stage.

We know that there is an
industry developing, there

are over one hundred
people employed in

building the light rail
network, there will be

people employed over the

life of the project -
we want to maintain that


The opposition says it
is still opposed to the

project, with concerns
patronage on stage one

won't justify the costs.

But the government says
Light Rail will increase

public transport user
numbers across the ACT.

If we can have that
comparable shift onto

public transport that
we see during the school

holidays that means our
roads are less congested -

that means public
transport is better used.

Construction of stage two
is expected to take four


Harry Frost, WIN News.

next, then the snow report. Ahead
on WIN News: Canberra' s role in the the
moon landing revisited. And .... Centr
the Brumbies take over Canberra qua
Centre ahead of their Super Rugby quarter final. This program is not captioned.
quarter final. Drivers were lucky to escape without injury this morning, Pi
after a multiple vehicle crash in we
Pialligo. Ambulance and fire crews Sc
were called to Pialligo Avenue and crashe
Scherger Drive after four cars eight-thir
crashed into each other at m
eight-thirty. Fortunately, everyone emer
made it out of their cars before emergency services arrived on scene. paramedic
One person was assessed by paramedics but did not need hospital ye
Woolworths. It' s been forty-seven the
years since man first set foot on no
the moon; an event the world could Canbe
not have watched without one of Ti
Canberra' s deep space dishes. The pla
Tidbinbilla facility continues to w
play a key role in NASA operations, late
with another dish to come online later this year. That's one small step for
man, one giant leap for


One of our greatest
achievements, broadcast

for the world to see.

A feat that wouldn't have
been seen if it weren't

for Deep Space
Network forty-six.

I guess you're about the
only person around that

doesn't have TV
coverage of the scene.

That's all right,
I don't mind a bit.

Today marks forty-seven
years since that historic


M-L-A Mick Gentleman
remembers it like it was

yesterday; he was with his
telecom technician father,

as he helped the
world tune in.

He had to ensure the
redundancy communication

cable was in tact for
the moon landing for the

signal to stream
back to America.

He recalls plenty of
anticipation in the lead

up to the moment he
describes as emotional.

All the work that was
involved prior to the

land, all the work
Honeysuckle crews had


Yet they were quite stayed
in the way they talk about

it, "we were just doing
out job you know".

The dish which broadcast
Neil Armstrong's first

steps is now

But the Tidbinbilla
station is still very

active, helping NASA
track missions every day.

We've had a few new
antennas installed here at

Tidbinbilla and also
leads in working on old


Later this year, one of
the new antennas will come


Rosanna Kingsun, WIN News.

later this year. Canberra has been
ranked as the top real estate market performer in the country, recording mon
strong price growth in the three months to June. The Domain quarterly po
house price report shows a three- hou
point-one per cent rise in median house price growth, the strongest of Canbe
any capital city in Australia. Melbou
Canberra is now only second to pri
Melbourne for annual growth, with prices up four- point-eight per cent in
over the past year, despite falls econ
in median unit prices. Domain' s Canberra
economist predicts prices in Brumb
Canberra will continue to rise. tod
Brumbies fans turned out in Civic player
today to get up close with the qua
players, ahead of the Super Rugby Highlanders
quarter final against the a
Highlanders. The team wants as many C
as people as possible to pack in to sayi
Canberra Stadium tomorrow night, th
saying it may help them get across the line. Brumbies fans young and
old flocked to meet their

sporting idols.

The team taking a few
hours out of their busy

schedule to sign
autographs for fans at

Canberra Centre.

Yeah we've been following
them all season so to come

down and see them
face-to-face is great.

My dad is a huge fan, so
I thought I'd come down,

meet them all and
get signed for him.

Among them, Chief Minister
Andrew Barr, whose big

grin rivalled that of some
of the team's youngest


Really strong support
for the Brumbies here in

Canberra and the
surrounding region, I'm

sure they'll get a great
crowd at Canberra stadium

tomorrow night.

If the reaction from the
players is anything to go

by, a roaring crowd
tomorrow night should give

them a big boost as they
take on the Highlanders at

Canberra Stadium.

It's a pretty good turn
out, better than I was


Good to see all the
enthusiasm ready for

tomorrow night.

I think when our back's
against the wall we

definitely draw on the
crowd and really feed off

their energy.

So the more people
there the better for us.

The Canberra crowd really
helps us in a big game,

that sort of thing, it's
good to get a lot of

numbers down here to show
support this weekend.

Spirits were heightened
with the news star player

David Pocock will make
his return - after an eye

socket injury.

It seems even local
businesses have come down

with rugby fever, some
employers heeding the

Chief Minister's call
and giving their staff an

early mark.

Is your boss letting
you finish early?

Nah, but I'll be finished
by 4 o'clock anyway so

plenty of time.

The earlier they get
there the better.

Get settled in, get a free
meat pie and hopefully

watch a good game.

Free parking is available
before four-thirty and

buses begin from four.

Rosanna Kingsun, WIN News.

the snow report. Tim Robinson joins fo
us with sport, and finals spots up J
for grabs in the final round of the t
John I Dent Cup? Geoff, it' s going th
to go right down to the wire. Plus out
the Brumbies have their final hit
out ahead of tomorrow' s Super Rugby quarter final. This program is not captioned.
quarter final. Stephen Larkham says previous results don' t matter when Brumbi
it comes to finals rugby. The t
Brumbies will be hoping that proves to be true tomorrow night, when they to
try to make amends for their loss to the Highlanders earlier this A special guest at the
Brumbies final session

before tomorrow's Super
Rugby quarter final.

Ita Vaea on hand to
present the game day

jerseys - three months
after being forced to

retire due to illness.

It's going to be quite
emotional today I think

depending on what Ita
says in there he's a very

passionate member
of this team.

On the field David Pocock
trained well ahead of his

return from injury.

I think whenever he's been
out of the team you miss

him he's a quality player
so he contributes a lot to

our game and to have him
back for tomorrow's a big


Robbie Coleman also full
of energy after spending

the last three week's
playing club rugby.

He's just an experienced
campaigner he's very good

with his communication on
the field he's got a very

good skills set that we
think will be valuable for

this weekend.

Despite being named to
start just his second

match of the season -
Blake Enever appeared

relaxed in the warm up.

Larkham confident he
can do the job - after

stepping into a similar
role in last year's finals


Against the Hurricanes
in the final he got his

opportunity and he was
probably our man of the

match so there's a lot
of confidence in Blake.

The Brumbies are expecting
the Highlanders to throw

everything at them as the
fight for the Super Rugby

Title heats up.

I think they've picked a
very fast forward pack I

think they've picked a
number eight in the second

row so you know that shows
the game they're going to

try and play.

Despite being the final
Australian team left

standing in
the title race,

Larkham says there is
no added pressure on the


Not a point to prove it's
just about playing well

this weekend and the
result will look after


Kick off is at
six pm tomorrow.

year. The Uni-North Owls will be out Cu
to secure their first John I Dent decad
Cup finals berth in more than a S
decade, when they host Gungahlin on than
Saturday. But they' ll need more st
than just a win over the Eagles to Royal
stay in the hunt as they battle Royals for the last place in the top four. Primed for their biggest
test of the season.

Just one round stands
between Uni-Norths and

their first finals
appearance in fifteen


It's pretty exciting times
for Uni-Norths not just in

first grade but in seconds
and third all vying for

spots in the finals.

The Owls are locked in
a battle with defending

premiers Royals to secure
the last spot in the top


Making them a dangerous
opponent this weekend

according to Gungahlin.

They're playing for
everything this is their

last chance sort of thing
so we know we're backed

into a corner they're
going to come out strong

but we've just got
to come out stronger.

To move into fourth on the
ladder Uni will need to

beat Gungahlin
on Saturday -

and also hope competition
leaders Tuggeranong down


The Eagles have already
locked up third spot and

their first finals
appearance since two

thousand and seven.

Making Saturday's task
anything but easy for the


If we're going to win
we're going to have to

score points and as of
late we've definitely

scored large number of
points but our defence we

just need to make sure
we work on that and don't

leak as many points.

Despite expecting the
intensity to lift on

Saturday -

Connolly says the Eagles
won't be doing anything

different against Uni.

We've been playing good
footy and a good style of

footy is something we can
keep up in the comp and

it's obviously been
working against the top

teams so no different
against uni.

Kick off is at three
oh five at ANU North.

Other games will see
Royals host Tuggeranong

and Wests tackle Easts.

four. Canberra hurdler Lauren Wells says it would be dream come true to WIN
record a PB in an Olympic Final. se
WIN News caught up with the twenty Eu
seven year old before she left for Europe, to finalise her preparations Putting in the hard
yards on the track.

Lauren Wells leaving no
stone unturned ahead of

her second Olympic
Games campaign.

Training's been going
really well I'm trying not

to get too ahead of myself
but I'm excited where I'm

at I'm definitely stronger
and fitter and faster than

I have been in the past.

The twenty seven year old
has been in good touch in

twenty sixteen,

Running her second ever
fastest time for the four

hundred metre hurdles.

It's definitely been a
strange season for me I've

never been qualified so
early and especially for

an Olympic games so it
meant the pressure for my

Australian season was less
than it has been in the


But she admits she'll have
to go faster again if she

is to achieve
her goals in Rio.

My goal all along this
year has been to run a pb

so it's 55.08 at the
moment I really want to

dip under fifty five
seconds so the ultimate

goal would be to do that
in a semi-final at Rio.

Wells says a time that
quick would definitely put

her in contention
for the final.

But the hurdler says
anything can happen at the


Hopeful her preparation in
the lead up will stand her

in good stead.

It's really important for
me to get some races under

the belt leading into rio
and then I head into team

camp after Europe.

Despite health and safety
fears for athletes at the

Games, Wells says
she isn't worried.

There's no concerns for me
at the moment I'm just all

about Rio and I'll be in
the Olympic bubble i'm not

worried about any health
issues or anything like

that I'll be there to
compete and just love

every minute.

She will also compete in
the four by four hundred

metre relay.

for Rio. and that' s sport, Corinne May has your Friday weather details next, then the snow report. This program is not captioned. no
sunshine on Sunday and Monday. And
now with a report on snow conditions Knell
for this weekend, here' s Luke Kneller at Thredbo. Hello from Thredbo
well unseasonably warm

temperatures has resulted
in some spring like

conditions but good news
is on the way from this


All 14 lifts are in
operation across the

resort with something to
be found for every level

and ability.

While there are some
patchy areas and

soft-spring like
conditions in the

afternoons there is still
a great cover and some

fantastic skiing and
boarding on offer top to

bottom on Australias
Longest Runs.

For the advanced and the
3.7km supertrail is the

pick, intermediates can
perfect their turns on at

the Cruiser Area while for
the beginners, the gentle

slopes of Friday flat
is perfect to learn the


The jibbers had plenty of
features to grind, slide

and jump on in the Friday
Flat and Cruiser Terrain

Parks a While for those
not up to skiing or

boarding the free snow
play area is open for some

family wintry fun.

Over in Perisher and 44
lifts are open, Mt Selwyn

has 1 lift spinning, Down
in Victoria and Falls

Creek has 13 lifts open,
Mt Buller has 16 while at

evening, good night Before we go, Fire
recapping the main news tonight.
Fire has ripped through the Pialligo t
Farm Estate Smokehouse, destroying of
tens of thousands of dollars worth not
of stock. ACT Fire and Rescue has not been able to determine the cause tre
of the blaze but it is not being b
treated as suspicious. WIN News has o
been given a look behind the scenes of Canberra' s International Airport stil
Terminal. The final touches are take
still being made with flights to Brum
take off in just sixty days. The trai
Brumbies have taken a break from tomorr
training to meet fans ahead of final
tomorrow' s Super Rugby quarter six
final. The match will kick off at t
six, with fans encouraged to get to sa
the ground early. And Lauren Wells to
says it would be a dream come true T
to record a PB in an Olympic Final. prepara
The hurdler is finalising her before
preparations for Rio in Europe s
before heading to Brazil. And that' To
s WIN News for Thursday 21st July. th
To view some of our reports, visit
the WIN News Canberra Facebook page. even
I' m Geoff Phillips, enjoy your evening, good night.

This program is not captioned.

by Ericsson Access Services.
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