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associated with what political
party? The Labour Party.Correct. What medical condition is known as

Athlete's foot.Stop the clock.
That is wrong. What medical condition is known as
podagra?To do with the feet. Flat-footedness?Possibly, yeah. I can't think of anything better.
We'll go for flat feet. Is wrong.Oh.The correct answer is
gout. Oh!Gout. There you are. All right.
Your time starts again now. Rugger is a slang name for what team
sport? Rugby union or rugby league.
Correct. Nijinsky was famous for what form of
dance? Ballet.Correct. In what country was dramatist Henrik
Ibsen born? Norway.Correct. In physics, what name is given to
the fourth state of matter? Plasma.Correct. The sign for parking is a white P on
what colour background? Blue.Correct. (JINGLE)

Well, you'd have needed about 24
there, girls. Chaser?Let's be honest, I don't
think anybody was expecting you to
put up 15 as a score. You did really well. That was a
really good performance and a fine
game. Well, the girls go home
empty-handed. The Sinnerman takes them out with 40
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This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. Good afternoon. A light plane has crashed into
a Sydney golf course. Golfers watched as the plane
plummeted into a water hazard, then ran to help those on board. A Sydney mother has been sentenced for abandoning her newborn baby
in a stormwater drain. Five Australians under arrest
in Bali after being kicked off a
Jetstar flight after a midair brawl. And Parramatta's Corey Norman
hit with an 8-round ban for illegal drug possession. In sport - the latest on the fallout
to Robbie Farah's axing at Wests Tigers in the NRL. Also, the Sydney Swans
are backing Lance Franklin to fire against Carlton
on Saturday afternoon. And our swimming stars
head to the US for a final training camp
ahead of the Rio Olympics. On the weather front - it's another unseasonably warm day
over South-East Queensland. In contrast, a dump of snow
is lining up the alps. More detail in 10 minutes. First at 4:00 - there was a light plane emergency
this afternoon on Liverpool Golf Course when it crash landed into a lake
at the 10th hole. when it crashlanded into a lake
at the 10th hole. Golfers watched on, amazed
as the plane plunged to the ground. Somehow, all three people on board
walked away unharmed. Sean Berry reports. Liverpool Golf Club is quite close
to Bankstown Airport, so golfers here are used to the
sounds of aircraft flying overhead. But several groups playing here
this afternoon knew something was wrong as this light aircraft
approached the 10th green, bounced off the fairway and plunged into the water hazard.

We thought he would be right, and then nothing. We looked for some smoke. We thought he would be OK. Because the golf club
is so close to the airport, some of the first people
on the scene here were police officers
from the police helicopter. As it turns out,
they weren't needed. Although the crash
looks quite dramatic, and it was, somehow, not only did the people
on board, the crew, managed to walk away, they managed to walk away uninjured and they were dry as well. Back to you. A Sydney mother
who abandoned her baby in a drain off a motorway in Sydney's west could walk free
as early as next month. The woman was today sentenced
to 3.5 years jail with a non-parole period
of 1 year, 9 months. Samantha Brett was in court. Good afternoon. A 32-year-old woman
shed tears in court today as she was sentenced to a minimum
1 year, 9 months jail for dropping her newborn baby
down a drain. The court heard
that she denied being pregnant to her family and friends and in the week
leading up to the birth she asked the doctor
if she could terminate the pregnancy but it was too late. The court heard that after
the baby was born in November 2014 his mother denied it was hers. She then was walking in the park
at Quakers Hill when she came upon the drain and placed the baby inside, where it fell 2.4m to the ground. She didn't know
if it would live or die. Six days later, a miracle - two cyclists heard the baby scream. Emergency crews
were rushed to the scene and were able to free the baby
to safety before he was rushed
to Westmead Children's Hospital. The mother was originally charged
with attempted murder but pleaded guilty
to the lesser charge of abandoning a baby
and causing grievous bodily harm. In sentencing,
Judge Andrew Colefax acknowledged she had shown remorse and said the circumstances
that led to this shocking crime were largely due
to her mental state. With time already served, the 32-year-old mother
could be out of jail by next month.

Five Australian men
being held in custody at Denpasar airport will be deported back to Australia
tomorrow night. They were kicked off
a Jetstar flight that diverted to Bali after a wild brawl broke out
en route to Thailand. Ashley Mullany reports.

The plane was diverted after a group of passengers
became disruptive on a flight from Sydney to Phuket. Video obtained by Seven News
shows the moment the men are marched off the
Jetstar plane by police in Bali. The captain made the decision
to divert the flight after a fight broke out and the group of six passengers refused to take orders
from the crew. In a statement from Jetstar,
the airline said:

In another video posted on Facebook, the men caught up
in the midflight drama were seen together
before they took off from Sydney. It's understood
they are still at Denpasar Airport awaiting a flight to return home
to Sydney. A spokesperson said
information about the incident would be passed on to police
in Australia.

Former Australian soldier
Adam Whittington has been released from a Beirut jail where he's spent
the past three months. He led the botched child kidnapping
operation for 60 Minutes. He's released a statement saying
he's been free for two days but isn't yet back in Sweden
with his family.

He says he's still confident
that justice will prevail with the assistance
of independent Lebanese judges. The Federal Government's looking to put the debate
over Medicare behind it by rebuilding a relationship with
the Australian Medical Association. In a clear sign
of the Coalition's priorities, the AMA was invited to a significant
meeting in Canberra today. Two days into the life
of the new government, an olive branch is extended
to the AMA. G'day! Nice to see you! Australia's peak health lobby group
led a chorus of complaint against the Coalition
during the election, warning patients
they'd pay more to see a doctor if the government didn't reverse
its freeze on the Medicare rebate. Malcolm Turnbull
conceded that campaign, combined with Labor's
so-called 'Mediscare', hurt at the ballot box. We saw a government
get the scare of its life when it comes to health but we look forward to a productive
relationship with the government during this term. Step one - a sit-down meeting
with the minister. The association wants the government
to focus on the role of doctors to minimise waste in the system. But the first priority
is the Medicare rebate. The sooner the freeze is unravelled,
the better. Sussan Ley's listening. I really believe that
this government is going to be collaborative,
consultative, close to the people. The government also says
it's listening when it comes to superannuation after one of its own backbenchers threatened to cross the floor
on the issue. Queensland conservative MP
George Christensen says he'll vote against the policy
unless it's changed drastically, particularly the $500,000
non-concessional lifetime cap, which many regard as retrospective. We expect to begin consultation on exposure draft legislation
very shortly and consistent with usual practice, we will listen carefully to advice
on the design of the legislation. But the Treasurer's
already banked the $6 billion the budget measure will save.

Five police officers who
were injured during an explosion at a siege in Sydney's south,
have been released from hospital. They'd been negotiating with a man who had
doused himself in petrol and was barricaded inside a garage
at Botany. They eventually
forced their way inside, fearing for the man's safety
when they were injured. The officers were treated
for burns and smoke inhalation. The 55-year-old man
at the centre of the siege remains under police guard
in hospital.

Disturbing new details
have emerged about the man who murdered New South Wales teacher
Stephanie Scott last year. Vincent Stanford yesterday pleaded
guilty to the rape and murder of the 26-year-old bride-to-be at
the Leeton school where she taught. It's now been revealed his original
target was a 12-year-old girl who lived near the school. She happened to be away
the weekend of April 5 and instead Stanford stumbled across
Stephanie working at the school. He will be sentenced in October. Parramatta star Corey Norman
has been stood down by the NRL and won't play again this season in the wake of his drug conviction. Norman has been involved
in a string of off-field incidents, including filming
a controversial video. Norman has also received
a $20,000 fine. The Eels have supported
the NRL's tough stance. Let's get a check of
this evening's weather forecast with David Brown. How's the snow outlook, Brownie? I have some good news
for alpine skiers, Ann - there's a heap of fresh snow
on the way this weekend. The latest model run predicts
up to 40cm is likely as a series of cold fronts racing across the south-east corner
of the country. Right now, a belt of high pressure
stretches right across the country. Several cold fronts are racing
across the Southern Ocean, hooking up with this rain cloud
feeding in from the north-west. Have a look at the thunderstorm
activity out to sea.

Is rather cold in Hobart. Melbourne is mild. A change moving through in Adelaide tonight. It will bring some showers. Clear in Brisbane as well. Dhawan, clear skies. Perth, a little bit chilly. I will have the forecast a little bit later. -- Dhawan. -- Darwin. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - Donald Trump returns
to the Republican convention but fails to secure
a key endorsement. And how a group of good Samaritans
came together to save a driver.

The family
of a New South Wales woman missing for more than a fortnight are appealing for help to find her. 56-year-old Nardia Clark
was last seen walking in Forster on July 4. Her sister says
she's a very private person. And the family are finding
her disappearance very hard to understand. Nardia, we love you
and we want you home safe. Police hold increasing fears
for her safety and say no money has been accessed
from her bank accounts. Donald Trump's son says his father
has turned dreams into reality his entire career. He passionately addressed the crowd on day three of the
Republican National Convention. But it seems one of Trump's
own colleagues wasn't inspired - Ted Cruz refused
to offer his endorsement. Mike Amor is in Cleveland with more. Donald Trump again proved he
cannot stay away from the cameras, appearing for the third time
at this national convention, bucking the tradition that the candidate normally waits
until the last day of convention before speaking. That would be tomorrow. He appeared as his
vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence,
spoke to the convention. We also heard from another son
of Donald Trump today. He could no longer sit idly by
and watch our beloved country, the country that had given
our family so much success, so much opportunity crumble before our very eyes. Trump does love a photo opportunity. It was a big deal made as he landed
back here in Cleveland in his Trump helicopter, which landed to the theme
of the movie Air Force One. He was greeted by his family and spoke briefly
to the audience there. Hopefully,
we're going to do an amazing job and an amazing job for the country. Finally today,
the Trump campaign admitted what we all knew was obvious - that Donald Trump's wife Melania
plagiarised Michelle Obama's speech. A staffer by the name of
Meredith McIver issued a statement saying that she spoke to Melania over the phone and "Melania read me some passages
from Mrs Obama's speech as examples. "I wrote them down
and later included some of them, "paraphrasing in the draft, "that ultimately became the speech." Now, McIver reportedly offered
to resign. Donald Trump said
she didn't need to. There was some speculation
that she was a fictitious person made up by the Trump campaign, but it appears she is in fact
a 65-year-old woman who ghost wrote a number of books
for Donald Trump. Also saw a number of protests
outside the convention today - the most serious
that we've seen so far - police were assaulted,
there were a number of arrests. We believe that pepper spray
has been used. But so far,
they've been relatively peaceful. Also today, we saw Donald Trump's star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame suddenly have a small wall
erected around it, complete with barbed wire. Of course, that's in reference
to Donald Trump's promise to build a wall along
the Mexico border with the US. Turkey's president has declared
a 3-month state of emergency following last week's
failed coup attempt. Speaking in Ankara, President Erdogan
renewed his promise to purge the armed forces
of traitors. The emergency declaration
could extend the detention of almost 10,000 people
arrested since the uprising. The government has also fired
thousands of state employees and shut down more than 600 schools. A group of good Samaritans have
shown there's strength in numbers, saving a driver trapped in an
overturned car in the United States. The red convertible
crashed into a ditch and flipped near Columbia
in South Carolina. Around a dozen people
pushed the car back onto its wheels. Absolutely incredible. I was not expecting to see
that many people just standing there, just watching and one lady was praying. Remarkably,
the driver wasn't injured. A driver's hunt for Pokemon has ended with him crashing
into a police car in the US. The Baltimore police officer's
body camera caught the moment the car
rammed into his parked vehicle. The driver was quick to confess he was playing Pokemon Go
at the time.

That's what I get for playing
this dumb (BLEEP) game.

Are you OK? I'm so sorry. No-one was hurt. The driver has been fined. Next in Seven's Afternoon News,
we'll check the finance markets. Also, Virgin Australia makes its
pitch for more business travellers. And wedding bells in the air for Miranda Kerr
and the founder of Snapchat.

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is an experience
most people can only dream about. Now, Virgin Australia has made
that dream even more appealing. It has unveiled its new
business and premium cabins in Los Angeles. Emma Dallimore
went along for a look. We are aboard one of Virgin's
newly fitted-out 777s in the cabin they're now calling
The Business. It's the newly improved
business class that will be available on
all flights from Australia to the US in just a couple of months time. Boasting the only trans-Pacific
route with direct aisle access from its lie-flat beds
which are 2m long. There are 37 private suites complete with 18-inch TV screens,
also the biggest on this route. As you can imagine, the CEO is pretty happy
to brag about it. We really do have
the best business class available on the Pacific
bar none. But, of course, as we know,
as good as the product is and as brilliant as the seats are, you also have the people
to make sure that things go well and we are lucky enough to have
the best cabin crew, I think, on the Pacific. A return business ticket
is about $5,500 so it's a out of a lot of
people's price range but there are also upgrades
in Premium now with more reclining room than ever and extra room
in economy space plus. Virgin also plans to roll out wi-fi onboard all of its domestic
and international flights from mid next year. Virgin opted to make this big
announcement here in Los Angeles because the US remains the
fourth-biggest destination market for Australian travellers. And the airline, of course, is always looking to increase
its market share. For those of us who are
more used to the back of the plane, we are told that there will be
a big announcement about economy coming in September. Checking finance now
with Tom Piotrowski from CommSec. Tom, local shares were edging
closer to a one-year high today. We saw the market at its best levels since

levels since the latter part of July. The gain was not breathtaking but it's just the steadiness of the improvements we have seen in recent days that is encouraging. The US markets continue to reach record heights. That is contributing to local optimism. Banks have a solid outing leading by the ANZ. Energy stocks also doing well. We had an oil surge by 1%. Miners tended to lag the field today. We had BHP just in negative territory. Tom, a well-known supermarket chain is looking to break
into the hardware market.

Backlash is seeking to expand its footprint

footprint in the hardware business. They already owned Mitre 10 and they are looking to acquire home Timber and hardware from Woolworths. Today the eight triple C gave them the green light to proceed with that. If they are successful, this organisation will have sales in the order of around $2.25 billion. We saw their shares up white 2%. Tom Piotrowski from CommSec,
thank you. Supermodel Miranda Kerr has received
thousands of well wishes from fans after announcing her engagement to billionaire boyfriend
Evan Spiegel on social media. Kerr made the news public
by posting a photo of the ring and a cartoon of herself and the
Snapchat co-founder on Instagram. The pair began dating last year. Thank you for choosing Seven News
this afternoon. Stay with us. Next at 4:30 - a Sydney man charged
with being a member of a Kurdish terrorist organisation. And the mother taking the issue
of road safety into her own hands.

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VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon. It's great to have your company. These are our top stories on Seven - A light plane
has made an emergency landing, coming down at a Sydney golf course. Golfers watched as the plane
skidded into a lake. The three people on board
walked away unharmed. A Sydney mother has been sentenced
to 3.5 years jail for abandoning her newborn baby
in a drain. Five Australians
are in police custody in Bali after being kicked off
a Jetstar flight for a midair brawl. And Donald Trump returned to the
Republican National Convention in Cleveland but failed to gain the endorsement
of a key rival. And still to come in sport
with Jim Wilson - Stephen O'Keefe
bolsters his prospects of playing in next week's first test. A Sydney man
has been arrested and charged with being a member
of a terrorist organisation. Police allege
38-year-old Renas Lelikarn belongs to the
Kurdistan Workers' Party, a militant group
linked to conflict in Syria. Matthew Snelson reports. Well, Kurdish journalist
Renas Lelikarn was arrested by members
of the Australian Federal Police in Sydney yesterday. He faced court this morning, accused of being a member
of a terrorist organisation. It's alleged that he's a member of
the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, a group which has links
to a militia, which is fighting against ISIS
in Syria. It's not the first time that Lelikarn has made headlines
in Australia. The government had previously refused to issue him
with a passport. He'd spent several months
in an Iraqi refugee camp before coming to Australia
last year. If he's found guilty
of being a member of PKK, he faces up to 10 years in jail. How will he be pleading? I'm sorry, sir. Have a very good day. The Australian Federal Police
were at pains to stress that there's no current threat
in Sydney or impending threat in Australia in relation to these allegations. Lelikarn stayed in the cells
throughout today's court appearance. He'll be back in court next week when it's expected he will
make an application for bail. A judge will spend the weekend deciding whether to change
the suspended sentence for the woman who ran down
Glenn Wheeler. Deborah Levy avoided jail over the crash at Woolooware
last year, which left the television and radio
personality with serious brain injuries. She was under the influence
of cannabis at the time. During today's appeal hearing, the Crown described her 7-month
suspended sentence as too lenient. The judge will make his ruling
on Monday. A woman, fed up with speeding hoons
in her street, has taken a DIY approach
to slow them down. The Melbourne resident has been painting the speed limit
on the road because she says the local council
isn't doing enough. Laurel Irving has more. The issue of hoons
in residential streets, it's a pretty common problem, but what can we do about? Well, one Melbourne resident has become so frustrated
about the issue in her street, she has got herself a spray can
and done something about it herself. Have a look at what Tahanee Paterson
has done. She has spray-painted the speed
limit on the road, herself, in the Melbourne suburb
of Ferntree Gully in the hope that that will
eventually slow drivers down. She says the issue has become
increasingly bad in recent years and she's fearful that something tragic will happen
if drivers don't slow down. Somebody's got to do something
before somebody's child is killed, and then they will say, "Oh, we better find a few dollars
to put a road sign up." It is not too much to ask. The Knox Council won't
speak on camera to us today, but it says it has actually assessed
the traffic here and found,
that despite Tahanee's concerns, there is no more traffic here
than normal and that the issue of hoons here
is no worse than anywhere else. A bizarre crash-proof human is the unattractive new face
of a Victorian road safety campaign. Graham has been designed
to get drivers thinking about
their own vulnerability. Brendan Roberts explains. Meet Graham. He may not look like it, but he is
actually a perfect specimen. His body has been designed
and created specifically to withstand
the trauma of a road accident. He is the face and body
of a truly unique new TAC campaign to highlight how susceptible
the human body is in its normal form to major injury in a car crash. The head has a much bigger skull,
so that acts like a bicycle helmet. Graham actually has no neck. He has no cervical spine that can be
fractured in a whiplash injury. These ribs are super-ribs,
absorbing much more of the force. Graham is made
from silicon and human hair, and while he is a mutant,
he is a distinctly Australian one. He is not patronising,
he is not imposing, he is open to us. And the eyes are where the work is. It is where the viewer can really
connect with him and empathise. If he was aggressive or belligerent
or sort of patronising, we wouldn't be able to do that. He is very Australian, I think. Graham will remain here on display
at the State Library for the next fortnight before touring regional Victoria with his simple but poignant
message - "You haven't got what I've got, "and if you drive safely,
you won't need it." The International Olympics Committee
will decide within the next few days if the entire Russian team
will be banned from next month's Rio Olympic Games. There are just two weeks to go
until the Games and Russia still doesn't know if its athletes
will be allowed to compete. Olympic officials
are examining legal options following a report that accused Russia of rampant
doping at the Sochi Winter Games.

Fire has engulfed
a 75-storey skyscraper in Dubai. Flames were seen leaping out the
windows of the residential tower, climbing up the side
of the building. More than 30 floors were damaged
before the fire was under control. There are no reports of injuries. Sir Elton John
has called on the world not to give up the fight
against HIV. The singer has set up
a $10 million fund to support those affected in Africa. He also praised Prince Harry for
his ability to break down barriers, comparing him to his mother,
Princess Diana. (APPLAUSE) Elton John back on stage today, not as a singer,
but as an AIDS activist, a second career
that has made him just as many fans in this continent where HIV infection
is still such a scourge. And where he told me
the disease remained a stigma so that many millions
suffer in ignorance and fear. You've been fighting this battle
for 20 years. Are you sad, are you angry that
you're still having to fight it? Not angry, I'm not -
I'm optimistic and I'm hopeful. There are lots of areas
where we need to improve, but as far as where we've come,
we've come an awful long way. Now, if a woman has - is pregnant, she doesn't pass the disease
on to her child. That's how far we've come. But there is a generation of kids
that are HIV, that feels kind of disenfranchised. And we have to rescue them,
we have to pay attention because if we leave
any of these groups behind, then we - all the great work
that has happened over the last 25 years is going to come to nothing. His own foundation will pilot
a multimillion-pound project to take HIV education,
testing and support into nations
where being gay can be a crime. Look at the liberalisation
that has been in many countries. You're now a married man. But in many parts of the world, it seems that
things are going backwards. The human spirit
will always prevail. But it is disconcerting
to see people marginalised, to see people fearful
to be who they are and if they are gay
and if they have HIV, they're not going to likely
come out. They're going to spread
this disease further. Tomorrow,
he's joined here by Prince Harry who, like his mother,
campaigns for better HIV treatment. She can walk into a hospital here, the first person
from the Royal Family to touch anyone with AIDS. She'd destigmatised everything
in that respect. He has that same ability
and I love him for that. (APPLAUSE) The medicines have moved on,
says Sir Elton, but much harder to shift
are attitudes that can kill. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the new study that reveals
dangerous attitudes about texting while driving. And in sport with Jim Wilson - our swimmers ready
for Olympic glory in Rio.

Ah, big night?
No, big day.

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for the Walker Street job, then poker night with the boys, where I will clean up! And, of course, clean up.


You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come,
Jim Wilson with sport. And the past song that has
suddenly turned a Melbourne mum into an international star. Alarming new research shows young people continue to text
while driving despite the dangers and the threat of fines
and demerit points. Emily Fardoulys has more. In the digital age where
landlines are on the way out, almost every young adult
owns a mobile phone. 93% of 18- to 24-year-olds
have one of the devices according to the latest figures from
Australia's broadcast regulator. But a new study about
texting behind the wheel has got authorities worried. Research from Griffith University
shows many 17- to 25-year-olds aren't deterred by hefty fines
and double demerit points for repeat offenders. 26% thought they could stop
the distraction of texting from affecting
their driving ability. Another 15% believed they could text
while fully controlling their car or while detecting changes
on the road. And it seems young men
are more in tune when it comes to perceptions
of danger than young women. All the drivers would have
their own reasons why they think it is OK to do
but, simply, it is not. Is it about having the discipline
to put the phone down. It is crazy. Inattention is still one of our
top causes of traffic crashes and serious traffic crashes. Authorities say
phone distraction is a killer and are urging drivers to
pay attention to three main rules - eyes on the road,
hands on the controls and minds on the task.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and the fallout continues
at Wests Tigers over Robbie Farah's axing.

Not a happy camper. Good afternoon. Wests Tigers veteran Robbie Farah
is fuming after being dropped to reserve grade
for this weekend. The 32-year-old trained with
his new team-mates this morning. Coach Jason Taylors insists the
Tigers are better off without Farah. It's purely based on that, you know, Robbie Farah is the New South Wales
State of Origin hooker, he's a Wests Tigers great,
he's a great player but it's just not working for us
at the moment in regards to
the cohesion of our team. Farah was in no mood to chat
after training. Not even a flat tyre stopped him
from making a quick departure. Swans midfielder Josh Kennedy
expects Lance Franklin to return to his best
on Saturday afternoon against Carlton. Buddy went goal-less
in last week's loss to Hawthorn, but in his last three games
against the Blues he's kicked 17 goals. Very proud player, but he's been doing a lot of
good stuff off the ball, and without the ball
and up the ground. He's still been in good form. The Swans are hoping for a big win
against Carlton after slipping to fifth
on the ladder on percentage.

Cartridge this weekend. Check your local guides. -- coverage. Stephen O'Keefe has made
a compelling case for a test recall in next week's series opener
against Sri Lanka. The spinner finished with 10 wickets to go with an unbeaten half century
in the tour match in Colombo. The Aussies made a statement,
winning by an innings and 162 runs. Taking, what nine wickets
in a session to close out a first-class win, it's a pretty big statement. The first test begins in Kandy
on Tuesday.

Excitement is building
for our swimmers as their long road to the
Rio Olympics enters its final days. Gold medal contenders
Cate and Bronte Campbell and Mitch Larkin were among the stars
who flew out this morning for a pre-Olympic training camp
in Alabama. Everyone's really excited and it will be great
to meet up with everyone there, we're kind of the last people
to leave Australia. We've been waiting for it
for so long and finally, we're jetsetting off
and Rio's about to begin. It's nice to feel that
I've got sort of Australia behind me and I can promise you one thing -
I'll give it my best. The Dolphins
will make their way to Rio at the end of the training camp. Australia will have
double the chance at winning gold on the sand in Rio with two women teams in action. In her third Olympics, Louise Bawden will team up
with Taliqua Clancy - the first Indigenous athlete
to qualify for the Olympics in beach volleyball. I am so proud and I'm so lucky to be among many great
Aboriginal athletes and I feel very special
that I can represent it in the sport I love. Mariafe Artacho Del Solar
and Nicole Laird are also living an Olympic dream after growing up together in Sydney.

She was born in Peru. We've shared so much. It's so exciting
to be going to Rio together. And, yeah,
coming from the same school, it's a very special feeling. All four athletes
share the same superstition - manicured nails and painted
prior to competition. Australia's Richie Porte
has moved up to sixth at the Tour de France and is eyeing a spot on the podium. The peloton made its way through
the majestic Swiss Alps in Stage 17. Porte attacked
on the brutal final climb, but Chris Froome
stayed on his wheel, increasing his overall lead
to nearly 2.5 minutes. Peter Sagan
had enough left in the tank to pop a wheelie
crossing the finish line.

Selling ice-creams
at Major League Baseball games sounds like a fun job, right? Well, not for this man who learned the hard way it's never wise
to turn your back on the action. COMMENTATOR: Look out! Incoming!
(LAUGHS) That poor guy,
trying to make a living and he takes one on the backside. give him the baseball, come on. Give him the baseball, come on. Unfortunately, he didn't
get the ball as a souvenir, but he did enjoy
his 15 seconds of fame.

I tell you what, it is a very risky business being an ice cream seller in American baseball. Adam Scott is a confirmed starter for the Australian Open. We are showing that. How many days till the Rio games? 16. Up next, how a hit from the past has suddenly cast a Melbourne mum
into the spotlight. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

The driver was chased
and caught by locals. Police have praised their actions. They definitely helped them
arrest this man. BOTH: Your work is your bond. BOTH: Your word is your bond. Finally admitted,
yes, it was plagiarism. Probably a little late. BOTH: We feel sorry for our mum
sometimes 'cause she hears things twice. It's never a good idea
to turn your back on the action. COMMENTATOR: Look out! Incoming! VOICEOVER: Start your day
with Sunrise.

A Melbourne woman has shot to the
top of international music charts years after recording
a largely forgotten track. Because of a DJ's remix in Europe, the suburban mum has suddenly
become a singing superstar. Melina Sarris explains. You may not be familiar
with the name, but chances are
you have heard this song somewhere. The voice
behind the chart-topping track is Melbourne mum and songstress
Kylie Auldist. The song is called This Girl. Kylie originally recorded it
seven years ago with the band
Cookin' on 3 Burners. Have a listen
to their original version. # Never buy my love

# These presents don't really
come for free... # It was remixed earlier this year by a 19-year-old DJ from France
called Kungs. The catchy dance hit has been
climbing the charts across Europe. It has been number one
in Germany, Scotland and France and has become the song
of their 2016 summer. # You'll never buy my love! # You buy me this
and you buy me that. # Kylie is now flying to the UK
tomorrow and is slowly coming to terms
with the song's success. To go overseas
and sing it for people and the reaction is bizarre. You know, hundreds of kids
all just going, "Woo-hoo!", singing and dancing to it. Yeah, it's lovely.
I really like it. The mother of two has been
performing for more than 15 years. The success of this song
has come just at the right time. Her fourth album is set to be
released at the end of this month.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the weather forecast
with David Brown.


VOICE-OVER: Visit your local
IKEA store today.

David Brown joins us
with the forecast. And, Brownie, mid 20s tomorrow
and snow across the weekend. What's going on?

Ann, a strong change is approaching
the south-east corner of the country and it's drawing warm air
from the interior on to coast. On the other side of the change, snow should blanket the alps
this weekend. Let's go to our weather wall. In Brisbane, it's been a warm day. Warmer tomorrow.

In fact, tomorrow may end up
being Brisbane's warmest July day since 1998.

At this stage, expecting a high of 28 degrees. In Sydney, the showers have cleared. Mid 20s tomorrow. In Melbourne, it's fine. Wet and windy tomorrow. And in Adelaide, a showery change
will move through overnight.

This is it -

This is the front we expect to move through Adelaide. There are several fronts behind this system, surging behind the Southern Ocean. It is pushing through WA with another one expected to push through overnight. Look what happens here. Very windy. The bureau has posted a string
of severe weather warning for damaging winds
in excess of 90km/h tomorrow.

These cold fronts move through.

Getting up to in excess of 90km/h. Especially in the high country. The forecast for the major centres look like this:

Melbourne, windy. The cold air starts to move through. Temperatures will plummet. Adelaide, showers,. Cold in Adelaide a little later. 13 Melbourne on Saturday. Sydney, dry, one or two clearing showers in the -- morning. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00. Ann. Sydney's Royal Wine Show
has wrapped up for another year with four days of tasting
officially over. Over 2,000 entries
fought it out for prizes across 61 different categories. To pick the winners, judges had to look, sniff, taste
and spit out at least 130 wines a day. This is one of the most celebrated
wine shows in Australia and one of the most rigorous
wine shows in the world. The winners will be announced and
awarded their medals next Thursday.

Before we go, a reminder to take a moment
to look up at the moon. Tonight marks the 47th anniversary
of Apollo 11's landing. Commander Neil Armstrong,
who died in 2012, became the first person
to step foot on the moon's surface. His famous comments, "One small step for man
and one giant leap for mankind," marked in history. Australia also played a role
in the ground-breaking event. The Canberra
Deep Space Communication Complex facilitated communication between
NASA headquarters and Armstrong. That's the Afternoon News
for this Thursday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for watching. The Chase Australia is next
on Seven. Have a good night.

Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

(SINISTER MUSIC) VOICEOVER: He was one of Australia's
most infamous murderers.

Carl Williams. The kingpin in Melbourne's
gangland killings. I would never
turn my back on him. Sentenced to life,
then murdered in prison.

Now, Sunday Night
has unlocked his computer. ROBERTA: It shocks me.
Some things I've read. And what's on it is jaw-dropping. How there could be
many more murders. In his letters, the gangland wars
started right here. For the first time,
his daughter Dhakota lets Australia in
to their secretive world. Do you accept that he
did those things?
Yeah. And his wife Roberta
uncovers a heartbreaking letter. I had never read that.

She would jump on anybody
that had the money.

The secrets everyone thought
he'd taken to his grave, are revealed. In a Sunday Night Carl Williams
exclusive. On Seven.

ANDREW O'KEEFE: These four strangers
must work as a team to win thousands of dollars. But standing in their way is one
of the sharpest minds in Australia - The Chaser. The Chase is on.

Welcome to The Chase Australia. Delighted to have your company. Hope it's shaping up to be
a terrific evening. This is where it all starts.
Let's meet the team. Hi. I'm Janelle. I'm a full-time mum and I'd love
some money for a new wardrobe. Hello. My name's Michael. I'm a science student and every
summer I work at the Aussie Open. Hi. I'm Corey. I'm a rugby nut.
Union, not league. And I also love music and golf. And I'm Dominique. I'm an actress and model and I'm hoping to volunteer
soon in the Amazon. Well, let's go wild. That's my team. Their challenge is to bring as much
money as they can down the board and into the team bank. But hunting them like a jaguar
will be The Chaser. If they get caught,
they lose the money and go home. Make it through to the bank,
though, and they could share
in a great team cash prize. Everyone faces The Chaser. Tonight, Janelle is first.

Welcome to the show, Janelle. Thank you for having me. So you've having a bit
of a maternity time at the moment,
are you? I am. I'm a full-time mum
and I love it. I'm glad to hear.
Yes. Gwendolyn is your first, is she?
Gwendolyn... Correct. Yeah, good.
Eight months old, is that right? Yeah, she is. And doing all the right things?
She is. She's crawling. She's getting
around the lounge room. Yeah. She's good fun.
Great. The name Gwendolyn's a beauty.
What... Do you come from a Welsh background
or... Um, well, I'm sure somewhere
in the background there is but, no, it just was a name that hadn't been tarnished
by any students. (LAUGHS)
I used to be a teacher. Yes, of course. Janelle was a primary teacher.
So that... Almost every name must have some
association for you, does it? Yeah, good and not so good. Yeah? Yeah? So, listen, Janelle,
what's the plan here today? If we win a little cash,
what do we want to do? Uh, I'd love to go shopping
for some new clothes for me, which would be really nice. Oh, aren't you a love?
Terrific. Let's do it. You have one minute
to start whipping up the cash. Mm-hm.
Two grand per correct answer. Best of luck. And your time What compulsory retirement savings
scheme is also known as super...? Superannuation.
Correct. The song Hakuna Matata
first featured in which animated Disney film? The Lion King.
Correct. In which Australian state
or territory is Eggs And Bacon Bay? Pass.
Tasmania. For 25 years,
actor David Suchet played which Agatha Christie detective? Poirot.
Correct. In the 2015 AFL season, how many
teams competed in the finals series? Eight.
Correct. Pilot Steve Trevor
is the love interest of which classic
DC comic superhero? Pass.
Wonder Woman. Which founder of modern nursing was
named for the city of her birth?

Florence Nightingale.
Correct. If something is scarce, it can be
described as being few and far WHAT? Between.
Correct. How many of the seven continents'
names begin with the letter A? Two.
Four. What is the most expensive
property in the classic UK version
of Monopoly? Mayfair.
Correct. Which vowel features twice
in the word 'unequivocal'? E.
U. Ross and Norris McWhirter co-founded
which best-selling book of records? Guinness.
Correct. Hey, nice job, Janelle. Phew!
Beautiful work. $16,000. Nicely played. It'd be a great way to open
the team account if we can get it past The Chaser. Are you ready to meet
someone new in your life? I sure am. We'll find out who The Chaser is
going to be right after the break.

VOICE-OVER: Jane's no Olympian, but at Macca's she's
an Aussie Angus and egg prodigy. Look at that Angus beef, egg, beetroot and barbecue finish. Go, Jane. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

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