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# And it's so strong

# Sometimes it takes so long

# From the lonely night
to the morning light

# You know that it can't be wrong

# When it's so strong

# Oh, so strong

# Now, when the road
is dark and alone

# And it's hard to find your way

# When all your hope is gone

# And you can't quite face
one more day

# When your heart is on the line

# And heat is just a little too high

# Hold on tight
It's gonna be alright

# Nothing can stop what you're
feeling inside

# Cos it's so strong... #

I don't know about this water.
It's so green.

Oh, be quiet.

I prefer to jump when
it's at least one fathom deep.

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Good afternoon, welcome to Nine news,
News Now, we begin with breaking to
news, a light plane has been forced golf
to make an emergency landing in a west.
golf course lake in Sydney's south- water
west. The small craft landed in the Liverpool
water near the tenth hole of the shortly
Liverpool course after losing power Bankstown
shortly after taking off from on
Bankstown Airport. The three people themselves
on board were able to pull swim
themselves out of the plane and Nine
swim to shore, no-one was injured. video
Nine News has obtained exclusive boarded
video of the moment armed officers boarded a Jetstar plane to remove a a
group of Australian men involved in been
a midair brawl, Elise Baker has have
been following the store rismt you they
have spoken to these men. What have happened?
they had to say about what haven't
happened?I have Amber, they sparked
haven't revealed much of what said
sparked this incident. They have on
said they were sorry, it unfolded Phuket
on Jetstar flight JK 27 bound for flight
Phuket and five hours into the some
flight when this brawl erupted and have
some of the passengers on board punching,
have told us they saw two men in
punching, one of them being punched nose
in the nose receiving a fractured When
nose and blood going ever where. decided
When this happened the captain and
decided to divert the plane to Bali off
and have the six men he is cored take
off by Indonesian police. Let's take a listen

take a listen
off by Indonesian police. Let's officialv
take a listen to what airport officialv had to say:

Now, these officials as well have men
told us they believe some of the something
men were drunk, this may have vision
something to do with T we have of
vision posted online one of the men flight
of the group enjoying some free one
flight drinks. I have spoken with Elderidge.
one of the men, his name is Brett in
Elderidge. He sent me a statement in a text message on behalf of the

in a text message on behalf of the Jetstar.
group saying : I think he meant

group saying : I think he meant staying
Jetstar. Now, the men have been Denpasar
staying in a detention room at they
Denpasar airport. We understand Australia
they are expected to flyback to tomorrow.
Australia to Melbourne some time have
tomorrow.Thank you. Bystanders allegedly
have chased down a man who driving
allegedly tried to flee after pablt
driving along a Gold Coast foot police.
pablt path attempting to evade light
police. Officers say he ran a red before
light and crashed into another car immediately
before running away. Witnesses guy
immediately gave chase.Seen some him"
guy running, someone said, "Catch thongs
him" the first instinct was take my hill.
thongs off up the road and caught in
hill.A sawn-off shotgun was found man
in the stolen car, a 33-year-old west
man was charged. A highway south- reopened
west of Brisbane has timely loaded
reopened 17 hours after a B-double into
loaded with toxic chemicals crashed Kleyn
into the side of the road. Brittney the
Kleyn has the latest.Police say an
the B-double has swerved to avoid back
an oncoming vehicle clipping its to
back wheels on the road causing it injured
to roll. Thankfully no-one was Police
injured in the overnight crash. Police have immediately set up this exclusion zone due to the load that full
the truck was carry, the tanker was used
full of a liquid type of ammonia toxic,
used to make fertiliser but is up
toxic, the exclusion zone was set chemical
up with experts clearing the had
chemical into a second truck. If it had have leaked there could have dealt
been issues that could have been this
dealt with. Fortunately we're in been
this rural area that could have handled
been able to be contained and emergency
handled comfortably.As well as company
emergency services the fertiliser team.
company sent in their own recovery ammonia
team. It was a form of liquid it's
ammonia which is quite safe unless emergency
it's exposed to the air. Police and any
emergency services weren't taking any chances, only company staff and allowed
emergency services workers were for
allowed past the exclusion sgroen journalist
for most of the afternoon.A member
journalist charged with being a will
member of a terror organisation having
will remain behind bars after today,
having his bail formally refused Sydney
today, Renas Lelikan appeared in a of
Sydney court following his arrest Kurdistan
of the alleged membership with the headlines
Kurdistan Workers Party. He made Government
headlines last year when the but
Government refused him a passport in
but was allowed to return from Iraq Australian
in Australia. In a statement the is
Australian Federal Police say there to
is no current or impending threat issue
to the community. The contentious the
issue of Medicare has been one of new
the priorities in talks between the Health
new AMA President and the Federal Charles
Health Minister today. Live to afternoon,
Charles Croucher in Canberra. Good talks
afternoon, what came out of these going
talksAmber Medicare is always Government.
going to stay according to the but
Government. That was mentioneded out
but not one of those things hashed first
out between the two. It was the and
first meeting of Michael beganing since
and Health Minister Sussan Ley relationship
since the election. The you
relationship between this pair is AMS
you better than that of the former minister,
AMS President Brian Owler and the to
minister, whether that translates affordable
to better health care and we
affordable coverage is the question, campaign
we know how vital the meddy scare to
campaign was, it is important not in
to get off-side with the doctors as that
in 2014 with the co-payment and Medicare
that proposed freeze to the the
Medicare rebate. That was one of wants
the issues that Michael beganing if
wants fixedI would be gobsmacked freeze
if the Government took an ongoing got
freeze to the next election. They health,
got the scare of their life on policy
health, and that was probably the Amber,
policy which hurt them the most. isn't
Amber, Labor says if that freeze isn't lifted the the people would increase
pay more, the Liberals say an rather
increase would be minimal, cents still
rather than doctors discretion, Australia's
still the doctors want it gone. to
Australia's presence in Iraq is set 15
to be further expanded with another more
15 specialised defence personnel, further
more responsibility and a role capital
further from the safety of the the
capital Baghdad. Marise Payne made anti-ISIL
the announcement at a summit of Washington
anti-ISIL defence ministers in focus
Washington DC.As we see greater activity
focus on new locations for military activity we need to make sure that lawful
the stability of communities, left
lawful communities, are what is Coalition
left behind.The US says the Islamic
Coalition has killed more than 20 tack
Islamic State operatives plot ago been
tack outside Syria and Iraq. It has the
been a dramatic day in the race to the White House. As Ted Cruz has at
been booed by thousands of people Ohio
at the Republican convention in Donald
Ohio when he choose not to endorse country
Donald Trump.If you love our much
country and love your children as and
much as I know that you do stand vote
and speak and vote your conscious, ticket
vote for candidates up and down the freedom
ticket who you trust to defend our constitution.
freedom and to be faithful to the official
constitution.Mr Trum will make his cheers
official speech tomorrow. Drew joined
cheers from the crowd when he mate
joined his Vice President running were
mate Mike Pence on stage. There 18
were a few chaotic scenes outside, protester
18 people arrested after a and
protester burned an American flag punched.
and two police officers were that
punched. Authorities are warning n
that rivers could rise even more na In
n Central West NSW with many catch. full
In the area teetering at almost the
full capacity. Communities a across valleys
the Lachlan, Bogan and Macquarie flood
valleys received minor to major been
flood warning, four drivers have several
been rescued from floodwaters, A
several bridges and road are closed. hoons
A Melbourne grandmother fed up with kilometre
hoons has gone rogue painting 50 home
kilometre speed signs outside her Jonathan
home in the city's east. But as pay
Jonathan Kearsley reports she could actions.
pay a very high price for her pitted
actions.This is a stoush that's might
pitted a wily resident against the Melbourne's
might of a City Council in is
Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, this these
is Robert Street in fern tree gully work
these spray painted signs are the Patterson,
work of frustrated resident Tahani for
Patterson, she has been living here concerned
for 14 years and is increasingly speeding
concerned about what she says are travelling
speeding motorists, hoons hour
travelling about 80 kilometres an road.
hour down this quiet stretch of to
road. The speed limit is supposed number
to be 50 kilometres an hour for a the
number of years she's been asking sign,
the council to put in a simple road motorists
sign, a speed sign. To notify kilometres
motorists that speed limit is 50 she
kilometres an hour, so concerned is won't
she about the speed in the area she daughter
won't allow her 16-year-old grandchild
daughter and two year-old lawn.
grandchild to play in the front has
lawn. This David and Goliath fight 48
has had an impact a toll on Tahani, a
48 yours ago she says she suffered is
a stroke and was hospitalised now give
is back home and determined not to council,
give up the fight.I tried with the take
council, they told me I need to impossible
take number plates from my husband kilometres
impossible when the car is doing 80 do
kilometres an hour, somebody has to child
do something before somebody's Government
child is killed.The Local and
Government is knocks City Council sign
and has no plans to install a road own
sign in the street. It's done it's 85%
own investigations and found that are
85% of motorists who use the street While
are sticking to the speed limit. aren't
While that still gives 15% who all
aren't says it should be assumed by streets
all motorists that quiet suburban kilometre
streets in Victoria are 50 This
kilometre an hour speed limits. council
This has taken a turn for Tahani, she
council are investigating whether breaking
she will be fined for graffitiTo left
breaking news a Sydney mother who stormwater
left her newborn baby in a to
stormwater drain has been sentenced the
to a maximum jail term of 3.5 years, near
the bush was pushed down the drain Hill
near the M 7 motorway in Quakers a
Hill in 2014. He was found alive by after
a father and daughter out cycling coming
after they heard an unusual noise ahead,
coming from the drain. In the news airline,
ahead, left high and dry by an Plus,
airline, how could be compensated. an
Plus, floor after floor engulfed by collector,
an inferno. And David Bowie the art works
collector, his multimillion dollar works now up for grabs.(SONG) # #
Rebel Rebel how could they know Queensland
# Hot tramp...Breaking news out of is
Queensland an emergency situation Brisbane...
is under way south-west of begin
Brisbane...When news breaks...We arrest
begin with a dramatic citizens there
arrest on the Gold Coast.Today is siege
there first.Police caught up in a from
siege in Sydney have been released himself
from hospital when a man doused himself in

It's alleged the boys, along with
nine others filmed girls at a

Catholic Residential College
without their permission.

Two have been suspended and seven
are on behavioural probation.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor says
ANU takes these claims very

seriously and unwanted sexual
attention or harassment has no

place at the uni.

The medium house price in Canberra
has reached a record high.

The average cost for a home in the
Territory is now about 6 hundred

and 50 thousand dollars-- up by 3
per cent in the last three months.

While the annual price hike for
the ACT is the second biggest

jump-- with Melbourne recording a
4 point 8 per cent increase.

And the Brumbie's star flanker is
back on side ahead of their

quarter finals clash with the

David Pocock suffered a broken eye
socket a few weeks back and has

been training with a specialty
helmet to stay game ready.

Coach Stephen Larkham has named
Pocock in the starting side along

with Robbie Coleman, while Ben
Alexander and Rory Arnold have

been left out

Here's the weather - on the
satellite, Widespread rain and

thick cloud across the Central
West of New South Wales, patchier

in the far south and north.
Northern Victoria is seeing rain


On the national map - mostly sunny
in Brisbane today reaching 27

degrees. Sunny in Darwin 31.
Clearing showers for Sydney and

Melbourne and fine in Hobart.

To the regional centres-- a fairly
overcast day across the Central

West, a top of 20 in Dubbo. Rain
for Wagga as well reaching 17


showers for Canberra and Goulburn
today, 15 for the Nations Capital.

A wet day in Wollongong and Bega a
top of 20.

Canberra's outlook - showers to
ending the working week 17

degrees. Possible showers for the
weekend with a cool change.

Monday-- More rain and 11 degrees.

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There are calls for air travellers revealing
to be compensated with new research experienced
revealing more than 20% of cancellations
experienced delays or flight Godfrey
cancellations joining us is Tom rights
Godfrey from 'Choice' what are the rights of travellers when it comes Australia
to cancellations and Dell laceIn particulared
Australia you have no rights and no paid
particulared compensation which is contrast
paid to you which stands in stark delayed
contrast to the UK consumers $900
delayed up to 3 hours can get up to launched
$900 in cash.Today 'Choice' consumers
launched a new website for complaints.
consumers to direct their that?
complaints. Tell us more about The
that?We launched enable
The idea behind the website is to complaint
enable consumers to lodge a cancellation,
complaint about a delay or money
cancellation, tell us how many lost.
money they lost, how much time they directly
lost. We'll send that complaint talking
directly to the airline. We are Jetstar
talking about Qantas, virgin, high
Jetstar and Tiger, we think it's taken
high time these complaints were address
taken seriously and the airlines agree,
address the problem.I totally and
agree, we seem to be at their beck about
and call. There is not much to do shaming
about it. How would naming and passengers
shaming airlines do you think help we
passengers get compensation?What having
we have seen in the UK and Europe in
having fixed compensation schemes time
in place has led to airlines on think
time performance improving. We think a similar thing will happen it's
here in Australia. I also think recognise
it's important that the airlines businesses
recognise there is a cost for their an
businesses failing when they have control,
an issue that's within their weather,
control, we're not talking about the
weather, delays here, this is where mistake
the airline has genuinely paid a should
mistake or had a problem, that they to
should acknowledge there is a cost The
to consumers and pay compensation. addition
The other thing I would say in through
addition to the $900 you can access can
through that scheme in Europe you on
can also get accommodation, refund other
on flights, meals and many many is
other benefits, so look Australia world.
is lagging behind the rest of the Zealand.
world. We're lagging behind New was
Zealand. We think it was time it can
was fixed.I totally agree, where to
can we go for information Tom?Head Dramatic
to fire
Dramatic video has emerged of a scaper,
fire ripping through a Dubai fire from
scaper, it shows debris falling climb
from the building as the flames all
climb the 75 storey building. In apartment
all 15 levels of the luxury Incredibly
apartment block why damaged. David
Incredibly no-one was injured. collection
David Bowie's incred ebl art public
collection has been revealed to the round
public for the first time aflt auctioned
round 400 items are set to be deep
auctioned off, you'll need to have at
deep pockets with the works valued The
at more than $17 million.(SONG) # David
The best selling show...We knew and
David Bowie as a musician, actor art
and icon, his life as a prolific as
art collector is unveiled described understated
as eclectic unscripted and understated his collection gives a inspirations
unique insight into creative important
inspirations as well as the most century.
important artists of the 20th intellectual
century.He had that incredible collected
intellectual rig Gore, when he 1990
collected en masse in the early and
1990 he went in with it with depth rock
and study in the way he studied instinctive
rock musician foreBears, he was said
instinctive and rigorous.David thing
said art is seriously the only It's
thing I have ever wanted to own. nourishment
It's always been for me a stable evident
nourishment I use it. This is so off
evident in his collection. It shows also
off not just his knowledge, but brilliant
also his passion.A brilliant himself
brilliant art loafer, surrounded art.
himself in art, immersed himself in probably
art. He went to art school. He artist
probably would have become an musician.
artist if he wouldn't have become a hib
musician. This is an uplifting ex action,
hib big, there is colour, there is of
action, dine unanimousism, a love Look
of life here -- Dynamism.(SONG) # David
Look up here, I'm in danger... in
David Bowie died earlier this year interested
in cancer, even in death he was Throughout
interested in making art. transcended
Throughout his career he other
transcended music, influencing for
other art forms and contributing century.
for cultural life for nearly half a phone
century.(SONG) # Chuck my cell Auerbach
phone down below...He loved Frank looks"
Auerbach "I want to sound how that works
looks" we don't know exactly what produced
works may have influenced what he the
produced did say art could change (SONG)
the way he felt in the morning. The
(SONG) # Is there life on Mars... 10
The whole collection is valued at expensive
10 million pounds, the most If
expensive being around 3.5 million. a
If you're a Bowie fan surely owning influenced
a piece of work which inspired and plenty
influenced him is priels.There is Now,
plenty more to come on Nine News with
Now, including on the front line catching
with police, the body cameras the
catching their every move. Police super-sized
the first look at Miranda Kerr's junkies
super-sized sparkler and adrenalin Australia's
junkies strap yourselves in, coaster
Australia's first virtual roller-

price-beat guarantee is available to drivers 25 and over. That means more Aussies are guaranteed to save when they switch their comprehensive policy to Coles Car Insurance. I saved $262. Get your little red quote today.

VOICE-OVER: Robbo's no Olympian, but at Macca's he's the Aussie
chicken and pineapple champion. Crispy chicken - nice. Bacon - brilliant. Finish with pineapple - legend. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.

The moves of every single front recorded
line police officer will be out
recorded as the Government rolls Queensland.
out body cameras right across filed
Queensland. Nine's Clare Hunter a
filed this report.Well, every move they
a police officer will make while captured
they are on the job will soon be Coast
captured on camera. At the Gold Fortitude
Coast here in Brisbane city and already
Fortitude Valley officers are Christmas
already using body-worn cameras. By officer
Christmas every single front line kind
officer will have access to this brought
kind of technology. It's been trial
brought about after a successful in
trial on the Gold Coast which was to
in response to police being forced will
to purchase their own cameras. They beat,
will be used for protection on the evidence
beat, but also to properly collect Police
evidence and more importantly the every
Police Commissioner says to hold accountable.
every one of his officers challenges
accountable. One of the initial storage
challenges of the program was the data,
storage of the massive amounts of to
data, QPS has teamed up with Taser everything
to sort, Col late and store from
everything properly. Let's hear very
from the Police Commissioner We are has
very grateful that the Government three
has funded this $6 million over people
three years to make sure that our possible
people have the best equipment our
possible to do their job, to keep includes
our community safe and that will
includes our officers.The cameras the
will buffer for the entire shiftful the officers activate the camera at but
the start of their shift. Recording press
but not saving, when they actually on
press the button to turn the camera 30
on it back captures the previously 30 second of the incident. I have purchase
the $6 million will be used to add
purchase 2200 extra body cams, to used
add that to the ones already being there
used on the Force it will mean equipment
there will be 27 hundred pieces of officers
equipment being used by our virtual
officers in the Force. The first in
virtual roller-coaster experience World
in Australia will open at Movie over
World on the Gold Coast in just explains
over a month. As Courtney Zagel same
explains riders can experience the Near
same adrenalin rush with a twist. stranger
Near on the Gold Coast we're no World
stranger to roller coasters, Movie stepping
World is taking it up a notch reality.
stepping into the world of virtual virtual
reality. Their new million dollar will
virtual roller-coaster experience the
will be the first of its kind in Riders
the southern hem piss sphere. Riders will be given headsets that reality
will propel them into a virtual complete
reality superhero-themed world wear
complete with 360 degree views.You does
wear that through the ride. What it does it takes you through a original
complete immersive experience.The original roller-coaster concept headsets
won't be lost, riders will wear the asylum
headsets onmost borbd the Arkham to
asylum coaster, they will be linked experience.
to provide an out of this world experience.It is based away Arkham books
asylum and Batman, exciting comic that
books and will see components of Batman
that story on their journey.The developed,
Batman storyline is still being roller-coaster
developed, for those ready for the virtual
roller-coaster of the future the running
virtual reality will be up and your
running in September.It wasn't announcement
your traditional engagement yig
announcement fitting if you are mar Kerr
yig a social media mogul. Miranda was
Kerr took to Instagram to say she and
was set to we had snap chat Cove off
and mogul Evan Spiegel she showed caption
off the sparkling ring with the biz
caption 'I said yes' all the show night
biz including Donald Trump's late could
night TV appearance of sorts and Gwen
could be the major Hollywood role Angelina
Gwen Stefani almost stole from Tony
Angelina Jolie, and Ruby Rose and huge
Tony Collette share the screen in a awkward
huge sequel and Matt Damon's Prince,
awkward back stage encounter with Prince, all

The Cyclochila australasiae cicada. He vibrates his abdomen
224 times a second, 13,440 in a minute,
806,000 in an hour, belting out a deafening 120db
mating call that can be heard 1.6km away. Fascinating.

This is Jenny from H&R Block. Jenny is fascinated with numbers, so imagine what Jenny
could do with yours at tax time.

Let's get all the show biz news Good
with Nine's very own Allan Raskall. you
Good afternoon Alan, great to have Very
you with us.Hi how are you doing?? stealing
Very well, his wife Malane ya is Trump
stealing the spotlight but Donald night
Trump has made time for a late sorts
night TV appearance of sorts. Of Jamie
sorts year, 'The Tonight Show''s paraded
Jamie Fallon had on Trump. He have champions'
paraded on to 'we are the reference
champions' the fake trum made from
reference to the speech pinched fantastic,
from Michelle Obama.Last night was Melania,
fantastic, it was huge. Did you see Literally
Melania, she stole the show. her
Literally(LAUGHTER)She delivered (LAUGHTER)
her speech like a true First Lady Michelle
(LAUGHTER)That First Lady being (LAUGHS)
Michelle Obama, but still... is
(LAUGHS)Rafs in a bid to prove he Trump
is hip with technology the fake launching
Trump tried to win over voters he
launching a fake Pokemon, I think you
he has similar hair to me, what do Jimmy
you think?Your hair is much better. sure
Jimmy Fallon did a great job. I'm in
sure we will be seeing more of that case
in the run up to the election N a interesting,
case of what could have been stole
interesting, Gwen Stefani almost Jolie.
stole a major role from Angelina world
Jolie.If they had have got the Brangelina,
world the world wouldn't have met in
Brangelina, she almost got the part Pitt
in Mrs Smith which brought Brad divorced
Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He with
divorced Jennifer Aniston to be were
with Jolie. Others in contention Nicole
were Catherine Zeta-Jones and up
Nicole Kidman, we could have ended changer,
up with Bren.That was a game could
changer, divorces marriages, Brad knows
could have ended up with again, who Much
knows what could have happened. Sticking
Much a thorn in Jennifer's side. stars
Sticking with movie news two Aussie a
stars are set to appear together in other
a big Hollywood blockbuster,None Ruby
other than the tattooed beautiful Muriel"
Ruby Rose and 'you're terrible just
Muriel" Toni Collette. It is not side
just a Gal fest they star along Let's
side the veteran hunk Vin Diesel. people
Let's take a look.We take on someone
people we don't know existWe need and
someone who can walk into a tornado was
and come out the other side like it your
was a damned gentle breeze.Get on muscles
your knees.Look at that not only like
muscles like Vin dees s sell hair released
like Donald Trump, it will be fan.
released in 2017.I'm a Vin Diesel renowned
fan.Sun's out guns out.He is guys,
renowned as one of Hollywood's nice wasn't
guys, Matt Damon rel veeld Prince him.
wasn't interested in chatting to pilloried
him.The Jason Bourne star was in
pilloried in a cult classic classic head.
in American he's revealed as a meat Damon's
head. Prince had no time for revealed
Damon's Small Talk. Julia styles he
revealed he met Matt after a gig, Minnesota"
he said, "I hear you live in resorted
Minnesota" the purple Prince heart
resorted "I live inside my own nut
heart Matt Damon"A pretty tough happily
nut to crack. Finally, she is Mila
happily married to Ashton Kuchar relationship
Mila Kunis opened up about her boyfriend
relationship with a famous ex- about
boyfriend U the most stunning part dating
about this anyone would admit to date
dating this person, she used to Macaulay
date 'Home Alone' child star They
Macaulay Culkin. I didn't know that. 202.
They were in a relationship from know
202. Who had have known. We didn't the
know she was with Ashton Kuchar, at deal
the time she found it difficult to today
deal with his fame, his fans react Nothing
today him in a very abnormal way. Nothing like your fans amber: more
don't know about that, she is way doesn't
more famous than him. I hope he has
doesn't still look like that she to
has upgraded.She traded up.Great ahead
to have you with us. In the news Trump.
ahead the many wives of Donald who
Trump. What they say about the man President.
who could be America's next hits
President. A Jane Austen classic Wilkins
hits the big screen, Richard The
Wilkins has that up next.(SONG) # fuse
The moment that he lit that wick or incredible.
fuse what happened?Would have been intense
incredible. First off you have an it,
intense fireball that erupts with temperature.
it, thousands of degrees in have
temperature.How quickly would that and
have happened?Seconds.A mother feared
and her baby boy are among those a
feared trapped in the rubble after brought
a blast in a convenience store miss
brought down an entire building.I She
miss him so much.He was her life. She was so proud of this little boy. her?
She died quickly. Did the fumes get burn...
her? Did the smoke get her, did she entire
burn...The heat so intense the ground.
entire building was brought to the "I'm
ground.Once we heard him saying, in
"I'm coming, I'm coming" instantly jumped
in my head he's right behind us, "Chris
jumped off over the balcony, we met, on
"Chris is not wus"I don't wish it destroyed
on anybody.Not all the evidence is $400,000
destroyed all the time.Kahn was insurance
$400,000 in debt and looking for an Minutes'
insurance payout.This Sunday '60 You
Minutes' is must-see television. He
You don't think he prepared the lie. way.
He didn't think it would go that most
way.Tara Brown returns with the You
most powerful story of the year. no
You killed these people, man, it's guilty
no manslaughter murder, you are guilty of killing these people.'60

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Police and youth leaders are out
meeting in Melbourne today to work crime
out how best to tackle a youth Andrew
crime wave across Victoria. Nine's Good
Andrew Lund is there and joins us. of
Good afternoon, what has come out Chief
of today's meeting.Good afternoon, has
Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton been
has been keen to find out what's causing
been behind this youth crime wave community
causing a growing amount of says
community concern in Victoria. He people
says while the number of young dropped
people committing crimes has are
dropped those committing the crimes they
are doing them more often. What serious.
they are becoming is becoming more serious. He convened a forum at the stakeholders
MCG today way variety of non-government
stakeholders across government, to
non-government and youth themselves this
to find out what might be behind theme
this criminal activity. The key stereotyping
theme seemed to be the impact of also
stereotyping on minority groups and young
also a lack of engagement amongst for
young people. Some told the summit drugs
for them it was easier to sell bureaucracy
drugs than to deal with the was
bureaucracy of Centrelink. There locked
was a lot of talk of kids feeling feel
locked out of society.They don't society.
feel they are part of our broader they
society. They don't feel as though it.
they are welcome to participate in difficult
it. They are finding it extremely opinion
difficult to get work, in their necessarily
opinion getting an education is not job.
necessarily a key to getting a good Chief
job.Based on what he has heard the series
Chief Commissioner will prepare a for
series of recommendations and idea committee
for Cabinet public order sub- Andrews
committee and Premier Daniel Commissioner
Andrews has said if the Chief of
Commissioner comes up with a couple will
of concrete ideas his government will do et cetera best to implement Donald
them.We have heard a lot from months,
Donald Trump over the last few lives,
months, what about the women in his daughters
lives, let's look at the wives and the
daughters of the man who could be Welcome
the next United States President. Trump's
Welcome Tiffany Trump.Donald named
Trump's younger daughter Tiffany store,
named after the luxury jewellery trum.
store, she shared about growing up back
trum.Do what you like, never hold the
back or let fear of failure get in form
the way you have figure the out the introduce
form lachtIvanka prepares to other
introduce her father there are the how
other women in his life who know Trump
how to live like as a Trump, Ivana are
Trump and marl la Maples snooflt are we getting married who says we 'Dancing
are not. The actress competed in opened
'Dancing With the Stars' where she Republican
opened up about her marriage to the dad
Republican nominee.I met Tiffany's known,
dad when he was 20, he wasn't well "Wow,
known, I met him through a friend, The
"Wow, what an interesting person" of
The six year marriage was not full about
of drama. She told Barbara Walters marl
about meeting him. She said I'm said
marl la, I love your husband.I Ivana
said get lost, I love my husband. Ivana and Eric are top executives the
Ivana did mend fencew her ex after 'the
the famous appearance in the movie even,
'the first wives club'Don't get Austen
even, get everything.A new Jane screen,
Austen flick has appeared on the Lady
screen, 'Love and Friendship'Meet beck
Lady Susan Vernon played by Kate receiving
beck insale.Congratulations for flirt.
receiving the most accompliced a
flirt.Forgive me for a paerks what little
a delightful family pose.She had a the
little Dale yens with the lord of daughter
the man or.Lady Susan has a is
daughter at an expensive school and pay
is anxious to find a wealthy man to vastly
pay the bills.Sir James Martin jolly,
vastly rich rather simple.How they
jolly, tiny green balls what are sue
they called?Peas.She follows lady scour
sue Anderson lady why in waiting to bloke.
scour the landscape for a wealthy and
bloke.He is hand some.It is witty glee
and clever, you will spleek with dialogue.
glee at some of the sparkling marrying
dialogue.What a mistake you made governable
marrying hill.Too old to be are
governable too old to dieIf you the
are up for something a cut above called
the regular fair check it out, it's stars.
called 'Love and Friendship' four couldn't
stars.I had heard church and hill, see
couldn't find either. All I could good,
see was this big house laughsLooks Ken
good, joining me in the chatroom is we
Ken Sutcliffe and Melissa Downes, brawl
we are talking about the midair forced
brawl the in-flight ruckus that forced the diversion of an need
international flight. Do airlines incidents,
need to step in to prevent further one
incidents, the sounds of silence and
one school moves to ban clapping and replace it

Lets head into the chatroom, in
joining me is Nine's Melissa Downes Sydney,
in Brisbane and Ken Sutcliffe in afternoon.
Sydney, welcome.Hello.Good our
afternoon.First up it was one of earlier
our top stories, as we heard custody
earlier five men are in police plane
custody in Bali after a Jetstar to
plane bound for Phuket was forced broke
to land in Bali after a wild fight according
broke out between five passengers, were
according to Facebook posts there everywhere.
were kids in tears and blood than
everywhere. Passengers were more the
than relieved when they diverted Jetstar
the flight. I have been on a pretty
Jetstar flight to Bali it's not are
pretty at the best of times, there destinations
are budget prices to budget it
destinations do you have to expect be
it won't be first class?It might be cheap airfares and accommodation behave
it doesn't mean that passengers can behaviour
behave badly, we have seen bad the
behaviour in first class, just ask It
the men sitting here Grant Hackett. airfare.
It happens across all levels of alcohol,
airfare. It's that element of a
alcohol, I wonder should they have are
a breathalyser at the gate when you think
are boarding the plane if they breathalyse
think you are drunk why don't they certain
breathalyse you, if you are over a certain limit you're not allowed on That's
the plane. I don't have a problem. alcohol
That's a good point. Ken, it seems the
alcohol related incidents are on step
the rice, time for the airlines to blanket
step in, breathalyse them or make a I
blanket ban.Reactive or proactive, should
I agree with Melissa these fellows should be found out before they get you
on the plane. Once they are there flight
you have instances delving into the these
flight between Australia and Bali badly.
these guys are behaving really off
badly. Once they have been taken allowed
off the plane they should be prison
allowed to hang around a Bali That
prison for about three or four days. antisocial
That will cure some of their bat sure
antisocial behaviour.I'm pretty argument
sure it would. We've had that aeroplanes
argument about alcohol on against
aeroplanes B I guess the argument of
against it you are penalising a lot with
of people who do the right thing is
with that small minority. Melissa have
is it worth it?If I fly I like to I
have a glass of wine or something. penalised.
I don't see kwl I should be nightclub,
penalised. Perhaps it's like a don't
nightclub, if someone is drunk you or
don't continue serving them alcohol they
or don't let them on the plane if alcohol
they are over a certain blood that
alcohol limit. Is that the role sure.
that airlines should have? I'm not able
sure.I wonder whether they are sure
able to pick up these guys, I'm not on
sure how they were when they jumped These
on the plane in the first place. purposes
These guys for all intents and supposed
purposes they are aged, they are ethical,
supposed to be what I would call little
ethical, they are also show a gentlemen
little bit of, I guess, being so
gentlemen on a flight when you have start
so many kids and families, you wonder
start behaving like this, you can
wonder why they get this idea they sanction.
can get up and do this without any alcohol.
sanction.I think it's called been
alcohol. Moving on and clapping has school,
been banned in a Sydney primary introduced
school, yes, clapping, which has excited
introduced silent cheering, pulling to
excited facing and punching the air sensitive
to respect students who are allows
sensitive to noise. The school only silent
allows its pupils to conduct a teachers
silent cheer when prompted by reduce
teachers and said the practice example
reduce s fidgeting, is this another spiralling
example of political correctness over
spiralling out of control.It's clapping
over kill, the idea of children and
clapping is a tremendous release happened
and acknowledges something that has suppress
happened that's been good. When you pre-pretending
suppress that with mouging it or engaging
pre-pretending to clap you suppress kids
engaging behaviour, that is what getting
kids are about, being engaged, is
getting engaged being part of what there
is happening. To tell them to sit there in mute silence to have fun too
is over the board, it is happening the
too often in the country, around correctness
the world it's political sad
correctness gone crazy.I find it We
sad kids can't do what they want. Facebook,
We have been asking for thoughts on Facebook, Haneen says the No.1 ban they
is political correctness, what next ban
they ban students from having shoes on
ban footsteps, with three children how
on the autism spectrum I'm aware of children
how it affects them, to show sad,
children showing happy emotions is sad, as a parent of a child who noises,
suffers from SPD, can't stand loud headphones,
noises, many children wear special extreme,
headphones, parents are saying it's extreme, what do you think?It is interesting
extreme, the thing I find figure
interesting they say it reduce s this
figure getting if you are doing that
this and pulling funny faces how is opposed
that going to lower the energy as wrong
opposed to this. I think what is are
wrong with teaching children there clap
are some occasions where you do a where
clap like this, some occasions part
where you can get excited. That's the
part of life isn't it? Why can't circumstances
the teachers explain in some clap.
circumstances it's a more polite clap. In others if the team has won why
the interschool sports competition are
why can't you cheer? Of course they suppressed
are happy, it's crazy.We are thing
suppressed in life do the right need
thing and say the right thing, kids enthusiastic.
need to be kids clap houd and be inspiring
enthusiastic. TheAn ovation can be children,
inspiring not only for adults but them.
children, don't take that away from negative
them.This policy lasts over the believed
negative feedback, lastly it is end
believed one in 10 marriages now biological
end in what has been called when
biological clock divorce basically the
when one of you craves a baby and both
the other doesn't. It seems it's or
both men and women equally wanting what
or not wanting a family. Melissa the
what do you think? One in 10, do I
the stats surprise you?They don't, go
I think as time goes by they will to
go up. People are leaving families up
to later and so if the topic comes you
up then you're at that pointy end, move.
you don't have a lot of time to has
move. Everything comes to a head it if
has to be dealt with. I also think sometimes
if you do talk about it earlier on think
sometimes in your 20's what you not
think you will want in your 30's is get
not actually what you want when you it
get there. Even if they did discuss the
it when they are first married by they
the time they get to mid 30's when might
they try for a family one or other thing,
might feel differently. The other who
thing, this term applies to couples try
who may be wanting a child, they problems
try start to conceive then have treatments
problems and have to go through puts
treatments and IVF, the strain that can
puts on a relationship sometimes get
can break them up or even if they can't
get to that point and realise they look
can't have children and have to we
look at themselves, think who are wanted
we without children if we really when
wanted them. It's not just about With
when one wants and when doesn't. family
With that whole trying to have a problems
family there are a lot of different relationship
problems that can crop up in a trying
relationship when you have trouble good
trying to conceive.You make a very of
good point P Ken, what do you think My
of the biological clock divorce?? the
My wife and I didn't get down to agreement
the tin tacks and quite out on we'll
agreement on paper, "In five years main
we'll have children" there is spont years
main tee of the what do you do five "No,
years in one of the partners says, children"
"No, I have decided I don't want their
children" has that person wasted not
their time or partner's time. I'm will
not sure. To get into a agreement relationship.
will not do too much for that does
relationship.It's a tough one, it on
does happen, one in 10, certainly for
on the rise, Ken and Melissa thanks on.
for your opinions, love having you to
on.See you next time snooflt time Australian
to say goodbye to the Western viewers
Australian viewers, Queensland stick
viewers stand by. All other states unveiled
stick around, up next plans traffic
unveiled for a new tunnel to ease the
traffic congestion in Sydney but number
the proposed path will take out a exactly
number of homes. We'll tell you accounts
exactly where. How kids stafgs budget
accounts may help boost the family enough
budget and the roadside mess that's enough to make even the staunchest

Taking a look at the weather around cloudy
the country. Tomorrow it will be

cloudy in Brisbane and a very warm Sydney's
28 degrees. It could possibly heading
Sydney's warmest July day on record, around
heading for 25. A few showers or
around for Canberra, 17. A shower in
or two for Hobart, 14. Rain moving and
in more Melbourne, 17, Adelaide 15, The
and showers as well in Perth, 16. Sunshine
The Top End though staying dry. Darwin.
Sunshine for the Alice, Broome and start
Darwin. Taking a look ahead to the start of the weekend. Cloudy and 27 down
in Brisbane. It will start to cool Canberra
down in Sydney, 19. A top of 10 in few
Canberra with a shower or two, a Melbourne,
few showers around for Hobart, sunny
Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth with Broome
sunny skies for Alice Springs, They
Broome and partly cloudy for Darwin. They are expecting a top of

it is time now for Nine's Afternoon

Good afternoon, a light plane has course
made an emergency landing at a golf Let's
course lake in south-west Sydney. at
Let's go straight to Sophie Walsh good
at Liverpool Golf Course. Sophie, in?
good afternoon. Was anyone injured pretty
in?Well, no Amelia, which is pretty lucky when you take a look ended
at how this single-engine plane has 10th
ended up in the drink here on the club.
10th hole at the Liverpool golf board,
club. There were three people on passenger
board, a male pilot, a male They
passenger and female passenger. Airport
They had taken off from Bankstown afternoon.
Airport just after 2:00 this takeoff,
afternoon. Only shortly after takeoff, they ran into trouble. failure.
They started to have some engine tried
failure. That pilot with his skills couldn't,
tried to turn the plane around, he best
couldn't, so he looked for the next thing
best thing. Of course the next best green
thing was the golf course, the He
green here at Liverpool Golf Course. pilot's
He has to go - it has to go to the pilot's skills for landing it here. in
He bounced on the 9th and ended up of
in the drink on the 10th. All three unscathed.
of the people managed to walk away has
unscathed.Apparently a light plane and
has come in, lost power, came in the
and ended up in the dam there.Now, Bureau
the Australian Transport Safety golf
Bureau will investigate. As for the excited
golf club here, they are pretty feature
excited about their new water Sophie
feature here on the 10th hole. Sydney
Sophie Walsh, thank you for that. A baby
Sydney mother who left her newborn sentenced
baby in a stormwater drain has been jail.
sentenced to a maximum 3.5 years in drain
jail. The boy was pushed down the in
drain near the M 7 in Quakers Hill father
in 2014. He was found alive by a cycling
father and daughter who were noise
cycling past and heard an unusual will
noise coming from the drain. We story
will get from our reporter on this bulletin.
story a little later in the would
bulletin. Police are hunting a and
would be thief after a failed smash At
and grab raid in Melbourne's east. incident
At Kieran Jones reports, it was one the
incident in a night of crime across early
the city.Well, it was a startling business
early morning wake-up call for a Hawthorn
business here on Glenferrie Road in smash
Hawthorn when a burglar tried to steal
smash through the front window and the
steal the cigarettes from inside after
the premises. It all happened just headed
after 5:00 this morning when a headed man smashed through the tobacconist
front window of the Free Choice through
tobacconist and prized his way went
through the security fencing. He inadvertently
went to the counter and light
inadvertently triggered the shop's courage
light sensor. He then lost his quits,
courage and decided to call it counter
quits, jumping back over the item.
counter without taking a single

Remarkably, it is not the first in
time this store has been targeted wielding
in the past month, with a knife- the
wielding man demanding cash from closing
the owner, just as the store was morning's
closing on the 30th of June. This