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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. Today - growing fears over Turkey's coup crack down - a 3-month state of emergency declared.

The former Australian soldier involved in the botched 60 Minutes child abduction released from jail in Beirut. Trump triumph - the billionaire's US presidential running mate due to speak soon at the Republican convention. And Britain's Chris Froome on track to claim his third Tour de France title with a strong day in the Alps.

Welcome to Mornings. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather in the capital cities around the nation today -

The Australian share market is performing pretty well this morning, up about 0. 8%. We will have more detail on those figures later later. In Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared a 3-month state of emergency and has warned there will be more arrests in the coming days. He said the authorities would hunt down what he calls elements of the terrorist organisation involved in the failed coup attempt. So far tens of thousands of people have been arrested, dismissed or suspended and a warning there are some pretty graphic images in this report. They've been told to expect a big announcement. Thousands crowded into squares across the country. As midnight approached, the President came on television and declared a state of emergency. It could mean sweep sweeping powers of arrest and detention, press censorship, curfews all under an existing article of the constitution. TRANSLATION: The purpose of the declaration of the state of emergency is in fact to be able to take the most efficient steps in order to remove this threat as soon as possible, which is a threat to democracy, to the rule of law and to the fights and Friday Freedoms of our citizen in our country.On the Bosphorus, the small boats conveyed the President's message of victory. On Taksim Square an otto man band played military marches. Celebration to a warning rhythm. We met a widow who sells flags on the square. She is among many who want to see the coup leaders hanged. TRANSLATION: We want a beautiful Turkey. We don't want it to be like Syria or Gaza. We want peace in Turkey. They will never be able to split us up. We will never allow it.It has been framed as a defining national moment, a people's victory. Epitomised by this extraordinary imagery. A man confronting a tank on the night of the coup attempt, he is run over once. Then gets up and is hit again. And yet he survives. The arrests and sacking of public servants continued today, but there's no significant public out cry. Nobody they've spoken with across the political spectrum or in civil society wanted this coup to squeed succeed. In Turkey military coups have always meant disappearance, torture and executions. But the question now as President Erdogan continues what he calls his cleansing of the state is how far he will go and what kind of society he wants to create. The struggle now is not the old battle of secular versus Islamist but between those who wanted military dictatorship and a democratically elected President who has steadily monopolised power. This academic was in the past accused of insulting the President.He will either change the course of this country to full authority airianism like Russia or begin to share power with civil society and political establishment more.What do you think is the more likely option? The second one.Is that mind optimism?Ice optimism but not blind.In the afternoon they came from across communities to mourn attempt.
the dead of the failed coup attempt. And tonight the crowds were back, cheering the president and knowing their country faces the most deep rooted change in its recent history. And Nate Schenkkan is from the Democraty ratings agency Freedom House, he warns of Turkey becoming a one-party state. It's time to panic about what's happening in Turkey. There's been a crackdown that's been going on in Turkey now for several years, and it's been building steam, it's been gaining momentum and organisations like Freedom House and those who follow the situation closely have been sounding the alarm. What's happened now with a direct coup attempt, an attempt to violently overthrow the government has intensified that crackdown. So the same kinds of things we have been seeing for the past several years are now going to build steam even faster and we're going to see processes happen in months not years.What about Erdogan's claim that he is doing this in the name of democracy? He did after all suppress a military coup against a democratically elected government? There is absolutely no question that the Turkish government has the right and the need to fight back against those who would violently overthrow the government outside the constitutional system but it has to be done within rule of law, with full respect for due process, without use of torture, which we're starting to see science of having been used against those who might be involved in the coup and also without widening it to include all sarts -- sorts of enemies who might not having atto do with the coup. When we start to talk about tens of thousand of people being affected you can see that this probably doesn't just include people actually involved in plotting a coup.What is the danger here in terms of the kind of Turkey that will emerge from this?The biggest danger is that Turkey becomes a one-party, one-man state, that what has been a dominant party, a popular and a winning party that has certainly run Turkey for the past 15 years, that this becomes the only party. And that that becomes the case not perhaps only just de facto but it becomes dejuror yay and that is Erdogan -- dejjure and this's Erdogan's party. And this is describe as Erdogan and his Islam ist apply striking down the secular state and it's been referred to.
going on since 2003, which you referred to. Is that how you see it?It is not. I don't think the Islamist secular ist divide is the most relevant one here. The movement that Erdogan is blaming, the Gulen movement messaged in your lead-in, the Gulen itself is an Islamic movement. This is more about the consolidation of power under Erdogan and what Erdogan wants to achieve in his own personal rule about his family, about the people who are closest to him and about him himself, about his aspirations to be a powerful redefining leader like Ataturk who found the Turkish Republic.Tell us how this suppression has been going on in some form for several years? Well, so for a long time you've had increasing pressure coming from the Turkish government on the media, on civil society, in the form of firing s at newspapers where the government would be calling up editors telling them what they can and cannot write, telling which journalisties can and cannot work there. In recent years since a corruption investigation against the government in December 2013, we've seen even more active legal measures. So you've had vast prosecutions of various types against journalists on accusations of attempting to overthrow the government in different ways. You've also had a huge increase, a huge spike in insult prosecution, so Erdogan himself suing people for insulting people and that's been a big feature, especially since he became President in August 2014. So what did you make of the stance of Western countries before this to Erdogan's anti-democratic excesses and what should they be doing now as you said at the start of this interview it's time to panic now, with what is happening on the ground in Turkey.Western countries are in a difficult position. It's part of NATO, it's deeply involved in dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. At the same time, there's no question that the West and Europe overlooked what was happening inside of Turkey for too long and acted as if things that would happen inside Turkey wouldn't spill out and wouldn't affect beyond the bondsers. How is definitely a time when there is going to have be a really big, long-term the rethink about what the relationship with Turkey is. Where that ends I am not sure because I don't think anyone knows where Turkey is going to end. But at this point you can't say that Turkey is going to be the same kind of ally that it has been for the last 40, 50 years.Nate Schenkkan there from Freedom House in the US. An Australian child recovery specialist who spent more than three months in a Lebanese jail says he is looking forward to being reunited with his family. Adam Whittington was arrested with a 60 Minutes crew in April over the botched attempt to recover the children of Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner. He was Brantz grachted bail last week on a $26,000 surety and released from jail two days ago. A Sydney man charged with being a member of a listed terror group has been formally refused bail. He didn't apply for bail and didn't appear at the Parramatta local court this morning. The 38-year-old was arrested yesterday following police raids on homes in Dee Why and Sydney. He's expected to apply for bail when the case resumes at the central local court next Thursday. Crime and youth experts are gathering in Melbourne today to discuss a growing problem with violent gajs. 200 government and community representatives are attending the Victoria Police summit to discuss what's been described as a fast acceleration of offending by a small group of criminals including the apex gang. Guy Stayner says the forum is looking at the vulnerability to crime, substance abuse, employment opportunities an mental health. There's been concern with rising crime levels, especially from youth offenders. What the Chief Commissioner of police Graeme Ashton has told us before this summit started is that in the last 12 months Victoria Police have made more arrests than at any time in the organisation's history. Extraordinary statistics but he said that remarkably what is occurring is that it's the same offenders, recidivist offenders who are being arrested time and again and again and again. So he said the number of offenders is on the decrease but the number of crimes sin creasing. So a very small percentage of offenders are producing a very large pact%age of the crimes.We are doing a lot of heavy enforcement work at the moment and over the last 12 months we have made mover arrests than in any other 12 months in the police's history. We are doing a lot of heavy ebb forcement work but we are finding we are arresting the same young people again and again and again.It is spread over a number of different areas. The west, and the outer south-east is a considerable problem, in the last few months the number of car jackings has escalated. We have got home
an increase the in the number of home invaess. That has also -- invasions, that has also prompted report of vigilante ism across parts of Melbourne with people arms themselves with baseball bats and the like. Graeme Ashton said that that is a counterproductive and ridiculous move saying it is not end well for anyone who tries to tackle offenders with a baseball bat and he is encouraging people to put the bats down and to certainly call police. This morning there are 80 separate organisations being represented by the 200 people who are here. What the summit is about is an information sharing from all of the organisations to police but also police providing a lot of information to these different organisations. So that together they can develop strategies in their own specialist fields to best combat ways of counter acting this crime spree. Graeme Ashton said that in talking to some of the young offender, the real problem seems to be the they're disaffected. They see that there are no job opportunities for them, that they don't see education as being a means for them to get a reliable job, and they're saying that actually trying to or getting involved with drugs and dealing drugs is easier than going through the Centrelink process to get welfare payments. That is an rs the
extraordinary statement and these rs the things that the organisations here will be looking to address. How can they make it easier for people to get access to services. Why do they find it easier to get involved in crime rather than filling out a form to receive welfare payments? Australia's farmers are facing too much regulation an red tape according to the productive Commission. A new draft report has called for an over haul of the bureaucracy. Tony Maher says in consistencies across State laws cause various problems.The report confirms what we have been saying for some time, that Australian farmers are straining under a regulatory burden right across the supply chain from employment, to environment, to transport. What this does is reduce our competitiveness on the global market. Not all regulation is bad regulation. Australia and/or Australian farmer, the Australian population and in fact the global regulation.
population has benefitted from regulation. Things like biosecurity regulation has meant that we live in an environment where u w' goef Goth got low pest and disease incursion. Food safety regulation means we have very few if any safety square scarce. So not all regulation is bad regulation but it's should be targeted and address the real concerns and problems in the city. Things like native vegetation where we have duplication and in consistency across states and farmers trying to conduct a business and grow their business have to deal with duplication across States in terms of what they can clear native vegetation, transport regulations is really difficult when we are talking about big machinery at particular times of the year trying to get permits quickly. So we can harvest crops and things like that. And employment legislation where it's really difficult to actually get people to employ - it's hard enough to get people to come and work on farms an and then you have to go through this administrative burden to make sure you are doing everything legally.Regulations should line up with practices and community expectations. With foreign investment we know that that is - there's a whole wide range of views on foreign investment. So regulation in general I think needs to be reduced and the Productivity Commission report supports that. But it does need to keep pace with not only business practices but community expectations and that can be tricky in some areas. We would like to support some of these regulations and get the final report and then continue to work with government so we can get some of these relations laces removed and the agriculture industry can continue to grow because we have got huge opportunities and huge positive sentiment in the industry. We want to take advantage of that. Authorities in the US have described a Melbourne man's attempts to have sex with a 6-year-old boy as horrendous. 33-year-old Michael Quin was arrested in Los Angeles hotel in May after using a paedophile social networking site to arrange access to the boy while on a rugby trip. He was unknowingly talking to undercover Homeland Security agents, Quin pleaded guilty after prosecutors agreed to seek a jail sentence of 10 to 13 years however the US attorney could impose a greater sentence when Quin reappears in October. Donald Trump is soon to accept his nomination as the Republican candidate in the race for the White House. Most of the attention has been on what's been spoken by those close to the billionaire and there's another part of the convention where delegates can show their true colours.This is Freedom Plaza where #2ke8gates to the convention come to shop and there's all sort of merchandise here specific to the candidate Donald Trump but also specific to Republican history. There are T-shirt, pins, tapestry, there are what they call cuzis here, what we call stubby holders. One of the stalls here is run by a group called Future Female Leaders which is an organisation for young interesting
Conservative women, it's an interesting group in it was started by a young woman back in 2012 and she's really pushed it through social media to give young Conservative women a voice and we're joined by Amanda.Thank you for being with me.Tell me about the conversation and why you started it?Future Female Leaders started as a twitter account for my own personal opinions an rants. What I found I was talking about Conservative politics but mixing it with younger motions and successes and failures that we have in our own lives. What I soon found out is a lot of girls are resonating with what I had to say. So I started to try to lead the charge and changing the way young women perceive politics and current events because a lot of people have the stigma of it being boring. So I've tried to change the way they perceive it and make it fun, digestible and make it cool and empowering to be involved and empowered of current reevent. What is your sense of engagement of politics?
young women in Conservative politics?I think it's growing by the day. I always get very excited to see so many girls trying to inform themselves on the issues, and be very independent in their think and and not letting someone else what to think. I see the yurm numbers grow every day.There's been controversy surrounding the candidate, obviously Donald Trump is now the nominee. How do you feel about him as a young woman in the Conservative movement?You know what we have tried to do as future female leaders as organisation we can be extremely influencing. We want to promote independence. So what we have done in the 2016 primary and election process is to offer the information on all sides of the issues. So girlies can go and research it themselves and come they
up with their own opinions on how they feel about each of the candidates. That is what we try to do as an organisation. We don't try to have bias to push how we feel because we want girls to be empower own
and independent and making their own choices.But he is now the candidate. So I guess the question is can he unite the party, can he bring those young people in?I is
think that is it's something that campaign
is going to be something for the campaign to decide on how they're going to go from this day forward. Now that he is the official nominee. I think it's important that he needs to reach out to all facets of the Republican Party and also independent voter as well. I think it's important for him to have a message that resonates with the GOP and can reach those voters. So as a young Conservative woman, what message would you like him to promote? What conversation would you like to have?What I think is I
very important to me is, you know, I don't have a set of issues about.
because I'm a woman that I care about. I care about the economy, immigration, taxes and what I think would be very beneficial for Donald Trump is to focus on the values that the Republican Party was founded on of limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility and hard work. And achieving your own version of the American dream and those are the core principles an values we all can agree upon within the Republican Party and I think that has a uniting message. would
And that is kind of the advice I would give and I think he could do a good job of uniting the party.It sounds to me that it's still a bit of a watching brief for you. Have you embraced him or not?You know, I listened to what he has to say and I think that he has tapped into a very unique and angry part of the electorate. But I am just excited to be here and be a part of history and to hear what he has to say on Thursday night.Tell me about what you're selling here. What are people buying? What are they gravitating to?We always like to mix politics with a bit of sass. Our best selling item at this booth is the I'm always right T. It's ambiguous, women are always right and we are right by our political party afilleration. So that's been extremely popular with us as well. Great to talk with you.Thank you. Through this morning we have been flagging that there are a few significant speeches coming up at the Republican national convention ahead of tomorrow when Donald Trump will officially accept the nomination. One of those speakers is due to come up in the next half hour or so, it's hard to tell what the time willing be. But probably in the next half hour or hour or so. That is Ted Cruz, who is involved in this bitter competition to win the Republican nomination. And just ahead of us - bringing you that speech by Ted Cruz, I might just remind you of a few of the things that Ted Cruz said about Donald Trump during the contest to win this nomination. This is a man who is now going to be standing up presumably in support of Donald Trump. But during the campaign, Ted Cruz described Donald Trump as a pathological liar, he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies, he lies practically every word that m cooing out of his mouth, he went on to say the man cannot tell the truth but he combines it with being a narcissist, a narcissist at a level I don't think this country has ever seen. Ted Cruz went on to say that Donald Trump is utterly amoral, morality does not exist for him, it's why he went after Heidi directly and smeared my wife and attacked her. Just one other example of a list of things that Ted Cruz has said about Donald Trump is that Donald is a bully. Every one of us knew bullies in elementary school. Bullies don't come from strength, bullying come from weakness. That is the guy who said those kinds of things about Donald Trump over the last couple of months and he is now going to stands up at this convention in the next half hour or hour or so presumably to give Donald Trump his glowing support in his run against of the
Hillary Clinton to become President of the US. But there's a lot of material there for Democrats public relations people to pick from in term of the adds they will d dr -- ads to put together when it comes down to the right between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So Ted Cruz is due to stand up there in the next 30 minutes. Defence Ministers have met in Washington to discuss the future plans to fight Islamic State in Iraq. Security forces are preparing to retake the strategic city of Mosul. Marise Payne says Australia will play a significant role in the training of troops on the ground.We're also contributing an additional capability, a counter rocket artillery and mortar capability which will see us potentially bringing 15 ADF personnel to do that. As the capability that's else.
currently in place is deployed else. Where they're very significant contributions that we are happy of course to contribute to this extremely important activity. And as part of the 30-plus team around the table today with secretary Carter, to French Minister, with the US secretary for defence, it's really an important recognition and acknowledgement of Australia's contribution, and an opportunity for us to talk with our counterparts about the things that are working, what reare learning as well go through this process and the next challenges. It means that it gives us more flexibility and where we are actually located. As long as the appropriate force protection is in place and they're not things that I would discuss publicly, obviously. But as long as that is in place then we will be able to work in areas of need as States,
they're identified by the United States, by the Iraqi government and I think that is an important response to what is a really ground. I
dynamic situation of course on the ground. I think it's important to get this under way, obviously. Now the whole process which we are going through at the moment which has seen some quite significant gains made militarily we need to ensure we are sustaining those sites, those communities as the military process moves on. Law enforcement is going to be key that to that. We can make a contribution in the training of that. I think that is a very important aspect of Australia's work. And as we see greater focus on new locations for military activity. We need to make sure that stability of communities, lawful communities are what is left behind. Obviously this is very significant humanitarian aspect to that as well which is something we will be discussioning tomorrow when Julie Bishop joins us.A Sydney to Phuket flight has been diverted to Bali because of a group of rowdy passengers. Six passengers travelling together last night were being extremely disruptive and refused to follow directions. The captain decided to Bali, Indonesian police red the disruptive passengers and the flight continues. Five people have died after a plane crashed into a bridge in Shanghai. The sea plane was crew
carrying 10 people including two crew members when it crashed during a ceremony for its maiden flight. One survivor was seriously hurt, four others have suffered minor injuries. The airline was reportedly the first sea plane operator in eastern China approved to carry passengers. Time now for the weather. Here is Vanessa.

:Patchy light rain over Queensland and NSW but as we can see that band of rain is currently moving out towards the Tasman. The next cloud comes in from the west, a couple of cold fronts we can see the Indian ocean influence as well with that north-west cloud band. We can see cold fronts moving through, one pushing through the south-west and the southern parts of rain. The speckled rain brings the cold air with the air pushing through night. Winds have strengthened tonight and into the evening an tomorrow we see that rain really forming over the south-east. Today -

The top stories today - a 3-month state of emergency has been declared in Turkey after last week's failed military coup. I follows a crack down against thousand of heb members of after the failed coup. The ABC has been told dual Australian British citizen Adam Whittington has been released from jail in Beirut in the wake of the botched 60 Minutes child abduction. He's expected to undergo health checks before heading to his home in Sweden. Whittington is expected to travel to Australia next month. Big names to are expected to speak at today's Republican national convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Police have made their first arrests outside the convention after clashes erupted when protesters burned American flags an Chris Froome is on track to claim the third Tour de France title after his lead in stage 17. Ilnur Zakarin won the gruelling accent stage with a brake breakaway sprint. A 3-month state of which by
emergency has been declared in tur which by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following last week's attempted coup. It comes as 100 generals and admirals just under a third of the country's top military officers have been charged in connection with the unrest. Around 60,000 people have been either arrested, sacked or suspended. The President says the crackdown on those supporting the Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen will continue and will will be more arrests. TRANSLATION: We decided to recommend to the government that a state of emergency be declared as per article 120 of our constitution #2340rd for us to be able to -- in order for us to deal with the elements of the terrorist organisation. The council of Ministers also abided by that recommendation and decided to declare a state of emergency for a duration of three months.And his chief correspondent Phillip Williams with more from Istanbul. They are applying a stairt of emergency for three -- state of emergency for three months so that gives the government, it gives the security forces sweeping powers. This is pretty much in line with what we expected. And it means that basically this is the big move that had been fore shadowed all day. A short time ago also he gave an interview to Al Jazeera where he said that he suspected that several countries were behind the coup. He didn't name those country but there's been lots of speculation about who the countries might be on the twitter sphere. Le also said the Americans really must give up Fethullah Gulen, this is the cleric he blames for being behind the coup, for organising it, basically saying if you don't do that, that is an unfriendly and negative act. We will leave that there because Ted Cruz has just stepped on stage convention.
at the Republican national convention. So this is the convention which is tomorrow going to confirm Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and in the race for the 2016 presidency of the US. It will be very interesting to hear what Ted Cruz has to say about Donald Trump now because previously he has referred to him as a path llg liar, a narcissist, a bully and someone who will be betray supporters on every issue.

Thank you.



Thank you, and God bless each and every one of you. Heidi and I are so honoured to join you here in Cleveland. Where LeBron James just led an incredible comeback victory. And I am convinced America is going to come back too.

I want to congratulate Donald Trump night.
on winning the nomination last


And like each of you, I want to see the principles that our party believes prevail in November.

Conventions are timing of excitement. But given the events of the last few weeks, I hope you will allow me a moment to talk to you about what is really at stake. Just two weeks ago a 9-year-old girl named Caroline was having a care free Texas summer, swimming in the pool, playing with friends, doing all things a happy child might do. Like most children, she relied upon the love that she received from her mum, Heidi. And her dad, a police sergeant named Michael Smith. That is until he became one of the five police officers gunned down in Dallas. The day her father was murdered, Caroline gave him a hug and a kiss as he left for work. But as they parted, her dad asked her something he hadn't asked before. What if this is the last time you ever kiss or hug me? Later, as she thought of her fallen father, and that last heartbreaking hug, Caroline broke down into tears. How could anything ever be OK again? Michael Smith was a former Army ranger who spent three decades with the Dallas police department. I have no idea who he voted for in the last election. Or what he thoughtant this one. But his life was a testament to devotion. (APPLAUSE)

He protected the very protesters who mocked him because he loved his country and his fellow man. His work gave new meaning to that line from literature - to die of love is to live by it. (APPLAUSE)

As I thought about what I wanted to say tonight, Michael Smith's story weighed on my heart. Maybe that is because his daughter Caroline is about the same u age as my eldest daughter and happens to share the same name. Maybe it's because I saw video of that dear sweet child choking back sobs as she remembered her daddy's last question to her. Maybe it's because we live in a world where so many others have had their lives destroy -- destroyed by evil in places like Orlando and Paris and Nice and Battaglin. .-- and Baton Rouge, maybe ittise because of the simple question itself - what if this, right now, is our last time? Our last moment to do something for our families, and our country. . Did we live up to the values we say we believe? Did we do all we really could? That is really what elections should be about. That is why you and millions like you devoted so much time and sacrifice to this campaign. We're fighting not for one particular candidate or one campaign but because each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grand kids our own Carolines that we did our best for their future and our country.


(CROWD CHANTS) USA!America is more than just a land mass between two oceans. America is an ideal, a simple yet powerful idea - freedom matters. For much of human history, government power has been the unavoidable constant in life, government decrees and the people obey. But not here. We have no king of queen, we have no dictator, we, the people, constrain government. (RAPT RUSE CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)


Our nation is exceptional because it was built on the five most beautiful and powerful words in the English language - I want to be free.

Never has that message been more needed than today. We stand here tonight a nation divided. Partisan ranker, anger, even hatred are tearing America apart and citizens are furious, rightly furious at a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises and people.
that ignores the will of the

We have to do better. We owe our fallen heroes more than that.

Now of course Obama and Clinton will also tell you that they care about our children's future. And I want to believe them. But there is a profound difference in our two parties' vision for the future.

Theirs is the party that thinks ISIS is a JV team, that responds to the death of Americans at Benghazi by asking what difference does it make. And that thinks it's possible to make a deal with Iran which celebrates its holidays death to America day and death to Israel day. (CROWD BOOS) My friends, this is madness. President Obama is a man who does everything backwards. He wants to close Guantanamo Bay and open up our borders. He exports jobs and imports terrorists. Enough is enough.


And I am here to tell you there is a better vision for our future. A return to freedom.


On education, your freedom to choose your child's education, even if you aren't as rich as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

On health care, your freedom to choose your own doctor without Obamacare.

On taxes, your freedom to provide for your family without the IRS beating down your door.

The internet, keep it free from taxes, free from regulation and don't give it away to Russia and China.


Freedom means free speech, not politically correct safe spaces.

Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian or Jew, Muslim or atheist.

Whether you are gay or straight, the billion of -- bill of rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.

Freedom means the right to keep and bear armses and to protect your fam -- bear arms and to protect your family.

Freedom means that every human life is precious and must be protected.

Freedom means Supreme Court justices who don't dictate policy but instead follow the constitution.

And freedom means recognising that our constitution allows states to choose policies that reflect local values. Colorado might decide something different than Texas. New York different than Iowa. That's the way it's supposed to be. Diversity.

If not, what is the point of having states to begin with?

Now, Hillary Clinton believes that government should make virtually every choice in your life. (CROWD BOOS) Education, health care, marriage, speech, all dictated out of Washington. But something powerful is happening. We've seen it in both parties. We've seen it in the United Kingdom's unpress departmented Brexit vote to leave the European Union -- unprecedented Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

Voters are overwhelmingly rejecting the political establishment and government.
overwhelmingly rejecting big

That is a profound victory and it is one earned by each and every one of you. People are fed up with politicians who don't listen to them, fed up with a corrupt system that benefits the elites instead of working men and women.

We deserve an immigration system that puts America first and, yes, builds a wall to keep America safe.

A government that stops admitting ISIS terrorists as refugees -- terrorists as refugees.

We deserve trade policies that put the interest of American farmers and manufacturers - manufacturing jobs over the global interests that a funding the lobby est -- lobbyists. And if we stand together and choose freedom, our future will be brighter. Freedom will bring back jobs and raise wages. Freedom will lift people out of dependency to the dignity of work. We can do this. 47 years ago, to this day, America put the very first man on the moon. That was the power of freedom. Our party, the Republican Party, was founded to defeat slavery.

Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, signed the emancipation proclamation. Together we passed the Civil Rights Act and together we fought to elimination Jim Crow laws. That is our collectively legacy although the media will never share it with you. . Those were fights for freedom. And so is this. Sergeant Michael Smith stood up to protect our freedom. So do the soldiers and sailors and air men and Marines every day fighting radical Islamic terrorism.

(CROWD CHANT S) USA!And so did the family of Alton the
Sterling who bravely called to end the violence. So did the families of those murdered at the Charleston Emmanuel AME church who forgave that hateful bigoted murderer.

And so can we. We deserve leaders who stand for principle, who unite us all behind shared values, who cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect from everybody. And to those listening - please, don't stay home in November. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution.


I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.

And I will tell you it is love of freedom that has allowed millions to achieve their dreams. Like my mum, the first in her family to go to college, and my dad who is here tonight who fled prison and torture in Cuba, coming to Texas with just $100 sewn into his underwear.

And it is love that I hope will bring comfort to a grieving 9-year-old girl in Dallas. And God willing, propel her to move forward and dream and soar and make her daddy proud. We must make the most of our moment, to fight for freedom, to protect our God given rights. Even of those with whom we don't agree. So that when we are old and grey, and when our work is done, and we give those we love one final kiss goodbye, we will be able to say freedom matters, and I was part of something beautiful.


The case we have to make to the American people, the case each person in this room has to make to the American people is to commit to each of them that we will defend freedom and be faithful to the constitution.

constitution. We will unite the party, we will unite the country by standing together for shared values, by standing for liberty. God bless each and every one of you. And God bless the United States of America.

OK, so just taking this opportunity now to farewell viewers in WA. We're going to continue with coverage of the Republican convention if you want to continue watching this you can do so on ABC News 24.

So that was live from Cleveland, Ohio, the former candidate in the race for the Republican nomination for US President ted Cruz there. He lost out to Trump and he congratulated Donald Trump at the start of that speech then but there was no glowing endorse ment of Donald Trump through that speech and you could hear there was controversy on the floor of the convention, presumably that was between the two different camps of people who say they still support Ted Cruz there. But there was still definitely no clear endorsement from Ted bruise of -- Cruz of Donald Trump but Ted Cruz said he wanted to see the principles that Republicans believe in in November. He said Republicans are not finding for one candidate or one campaign. He said we deserve leaders who stand on principle, who cast aside anger for love and that is the standard we expect. Pointedly he did not say that Donald Trump represented those things. Now we are expecting Donald Trump's son Eric to speak soon. We might take a listen in to this now. This is a video presentation which is part of the Republican national convention there. These are some of the sons and daughters of Donald Trump speaking.The work ethic, the perseverance and his ability to see detail and understand it. He wants to make our country safe again.We wants to make our country rich again. He wants to rebuild our infrastructure. He wants to rebuild our military. He wants to fix education that is totally failing the most precious generations that we have, which are the youngest generation. He wants to fix this country.His goals for our country are so much bigger and so much more important than any deals or any company he has built.When someone tells my father something is impossible, that is the challenge. That is when he's made all his great things happen, when some things is impossible that is just the stepping stone for him to start. Whether it was business, whether it was leaving Queens to what he has done in Manhattan, whether it was taking on politics. He is the man that is larger than life and truly has become the epitome of the American dream. He's my father. And somebody I care about tremendously and somebody that will win this race he will become the next President of the United States.

OK, so if you are just joining us, we are continuing with listening into the Republican National Convention. There was a pretty controversial moment when Ted Cruze spoke but there was no glowing endorsement for Donald Trump. He congratulated Donald Trump. You can see there Donald Trump has entered the arena now but there was controversy on the floor of the convention. There were boos being thrown here and there between the different camps on the convention floor. But there are some other pretty significant speeches coming up now, among them Eric Trump, Donald Trump's son, and Newt beginning grinch and Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence there in a moment. If I read through a few things that Ted Cruze said previously about Donald Trump, perhaps it's no surprise - there was a con gatlation for Donald Trump for winning the campaign but no endorsement. You can understand