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(generated from captions) steam even faster and we're going to see processes happen in months, not years.What about Erdogan's claim that he's doing this in the name of democracy? He did, after all, suppress a military coup against a democratically elected government?There's absolutely no question that the Turkish Government has the right and the need to fight back against those who would violently overthrow the Government outside of the constitutional system but it has to be done within rule of law, with full respect for due process, without use of torture, which we're starting to see signs of having been used against those who might be involved in the coup, and also without widening it to include all anything
sorts of enemies who might not have anything to do with the coup. When we start to talk about tens of thousands of people being affected, you can see that this probably doesn't just include people actually involved in plotting a coup.What is the danger here in terms of the kind of Turkey that will emerge from this?The biggest danger is that Turkey becomes a one-party, one-man State. That what has been a dominant party, a popular and a winning party that has certainly run terky - Turkey for the past 15 years it becomes the only party. It becomes not only de facto but de jure and that party is Erdogan's party. That it's not a else.
party that he shares with anyone else.This has been described as Erdogan and his Islamist political State
allies striking down the secular State and that it's been going on since 2003, which you referred to not.
there. Is that how you see it?It's not. I don't think the Islamist secularist divide is the most relevant one here. The movement that Erdogan is blaming, the Gulen movement, the Gulen movement is actually itself an Islamic movement. This is more about the consolidation of power under Erdogan and what Erdogan wants to achieve in his own personal rule about his family, about the people who are closest to him and about him himself, about his aspirations to be a power. , redefining leader like Ataturk who founded the Turkish Republic.Tell us more about how this suppression has been going on in some form for several years?So for a long time you've had increasing pressure coming from the Turkish Government on the media, on civil society, in the form of firings at newspapers where the Government would be calling up editors telling them what they can and can't write, telling them which there.
journalists can and can't work there. In recent years, since the Gezi Park protests in June 2013, since a corruption investigation against the Government in December 2013, we've seen even more active legal measures. So you've had vast prosecutions of various times against journalists on accusations of attempting to overthrow the Government in different ways. You've also had a huge increase, a huge spike in insult prosecutions. So Erdogan himself suing people for insulting him and that's been a big feature, especially since he became President in August 2014.So what did you make of the stance of Western countries before this to Erdogan's antidemocratic excesses and what should they be doing now, as you said at the start of this interview, it's time to panic now with what is happening on the ground in Turkey?Western countries, of course, are in a very difficult position. Turkey is a NATO member. It occupies one of the most important geographic locations lines
in the world. It's on the front lines of the war in Syria, it's deeply involved in dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. At the same time, there's no question that the West and Europe overlooked what was happening inside of Turkey for too long and acted as if things that would happen inside Turkey wouldn't spill out and wouldn't affect beyond the borders. Now is definitely a time when there's going to have to be a really big long-term rethink about what the relationship with Turkey is and where that ends I'm not sure because I don't think anyone knows where Turkey is going to end but at Turkey
this point, you can't say that Turkey is going to be the same kind of ally that it has been for the last 40, 50 years.Nate Schenkkan there from Freedom House talking to us earlier from New York. Journalist Renas Lelikan is due to appear in court today accused of being a member of a terrorist organisation. The Sydney man made headlines last year after he spent 9 months in an Iraqi refugee camp national
and was refused a passport on national security grounds. He was later allowed to return to Australia using a temporary travel document. The 38-year-old has been charged with allegedly being a member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party and faces up to 10 years in jail. The group has links to Kurdish militia and is a listed terrorist organisation. Crime and youth experts are gathering in Melbourne today to discuss a growing problem with violent gangs. 200 government and community representatives will attend the Victoria Police summit to discuss what's been described as a fast acceleration of offending by a small group of criminals including the Apex gang. ABC reporter Guy Stayner says the forum will look at vulnerability to crime, substance abuse, employment opportunities and mental health.Well, there's been concern with rising crime levels, but also especially coming from youth offenders, and what the Chief Commissioner of police, Graham Ashton, has told us just before this summit started is that in the last 12 months Victorian police have made more arrests than at any time in the organisation's history. Extraordinary statistics, but he said that remarkably what is occurring is that it's the same offenders, recidivist offenders who are being arrested time and again and again. So he said the number of offenders is actually on the decrease but the number of crimes is increasing. So a small percentage of offenders are producing a large percentage of the crimes.(cyan) We're doing a lot of enforcement work at the moment, over the last 12 months we've made more arrests than any previous 12 months in the organisation's history. So we're doing a lot of heavy enforcement work but we're finding that we're arresting the same young people again and again and again. It is spread over a number of different areas. So there's the west, there's also the outer south-east is a considerable problem. In the last few months the number of carjackings has escalated. We've got an increase in the number of home invasions. That has also prompted reports of vigilanteism across parts of Melbourne with people arming themselveses with baseball bats and the like. Graham Ashton said this morning that that is simply a counter-productive and ridiculous move saying it will not end well for anyone trying to tackle offenders with baseball bats and he's encouraging people to put the bats down and to simply call police. This morning there are 80 separate organisations being represented by the 200 people that are here and what the summit is about is an information sharing from all of the organisations to police, but also police providing a lot of information to these different organisations so that together they can develop strategies in their own specialist fields to best combat ways of counteracting this crime spree. And Graham Ashton said in talking to some of the young offenders, the real problem seems to be that they're disaffected, they see that there are no job opportunities for them, that they don't see education as being a means for them to get a reliable job and they're saying that actually trying to - or getting involved with drugs and dealing drugs, is easier than going through the Centrelink process to get welfare payments. So that's an extraordinary statement and these organisations
are the kinds of things that the organisations here will be looking to address. How can they make it easier for people to get access to services? Why is it that they find it easier to get involved in crime rather than filling out a form to receive welfare payments.The top stories today - a state of emergency has been declared in Turkey. A 3-month state of emergency. The President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan has addressed the nation about the failed coup. The ABC has been told dual Australian British citizen Adam Whittington has been released from jail in Beirut in the wake of the botched 60 Minutes child abduction. And some big names are set to speak at the Republican National Convention today in Cleveland, Ohio, including Donald Trump's vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence. A Melbourne man arrested in the US has pleaded guilty to child sex charges. Michael Quinn was detained in May while on a rugby tour to the US. He now admits travelling to Los Angeles intending to engage inively illicit sexual conduct with a 6-year-old boy. He faces a minimum of 10 years in jail. Donald Trump is now the official Republican candidate in the race for the White House. He's yet to accept that nomination, though. Most of the attention this week has been on what is being said by those close to the outspoken billionaire. But there's also another side to the Republican convention, a place where delegates can show their true colours. Zoe Daniel takes a look at Freedom Plaza. This is Freedom Plaza where delegate to the convention come to shop. There's merchandise specific to Donald history.
Trump but specific to Republican history. There are T-shirts, there are pins, there's tapestry, there are what are called cuzzies what we call stubby holders. One of the stalls here is run by a group called Future Female Leaders which is an organisation for young conservative women. Now it's an interesting group in that it was started by a young woman back in 2012 and she's really pushed it through social media to give young conservative women a voice and we're joined by Amanda Owens. Hello.Hi, thank you for being with me.Tell me about the organisation and why you started it.Future Female Leaders started as a Twitter account in 2012 for my own personal opinions and rants. I was talking about conservative politics but mixing it with successes and failures that we have in our own lives. What I soon found out was a lot of girls are resonating with what I had to say and so I started to try to lead the charge and changing the way young women perceive politics and current events because a lot of people have the stigma of it being boring. So I've tried to change the way they perceive it and make it fun, digestible and make it cool and empowering to be informed and involved in current events.What's your sense of the level of engagement of young women, particularly in conservative politics?I think sit growing by the day. I always get very excited to see so many girls trying to inform themselves on the issues and being very independent in their else
thinking and not letting someone else tell them what to think and I see those numbers grow every day and it's very encouraging.There's been controversy surrounding the candidate, obviously Donald Trump is now the nominee. How do you feel about him as a young woman in the conservative movement?You know, what we've tried to do as future female leaders, as an organisation, we can be extremely influencing and we want to promote independence. What we've done in the 2016 primary and election process is to offer the information on all sides of the issues. So girls can go and research it themselves and come up with their own opinions on how they feel about each of the candidates. an
And so that's what we try to do as an organisation. We don't try to have bias to push, you know, how we feel because we want girls to be empowered and independent and making their own choices.But he is now the candidate. So I guess the question is can he unite the party, can he bring those young people in, what do you think?I think that it's something that is going to be something for the campaign to decide on how they're going to go from this day forward now that he is the official nominee. I think it is important that he needs to reach out to all facets of the Republican as
Party and also independent voters as well. So I think it's important for him to have a message that resonates with the GOP and can reach those voters.So as a young conservative woman, I mean what message would you like him to promote, what conversation would very
you like to have?What I think is very important to me is, you know, I don't have a set of issues about.
because I'm a woman that I care about. I care about the economy, immigration, taxes and what I think would be very beneficial for Donald Trump is to focus on the values that the Republican Party was founded on of limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility and hard work and achieving your own version of the American dream and those are the core principles and values we all can agree upon within the Republican Party and I think that has a uniting message and that's kind of the advice that I would give and that I think he could do a good job of uniting the party.It sounds to me it's still a bit of a watching brief for you, though. Have you embraced him or not?I listen to what he has to say and I think that he has tapped into a very unique and angry part of the electorate and I'm just excited to be here and be a part of history and to hear what he has to say on Thursday night.And so tell me about what you're selling here. What are people buying? What are they gravitating too?We always like to mix up politics with a bit of sass. So actually our best-selling item at this booth is the "I'm always right" T. Women are always right and then also we are right by our political party affiliation. So that is something that's been extremely popular with us as well.Great to talk with you, thank you. Zoe Daniel reporting there from Ohio. A Sydney to Phuket flight has been diverted to Bali because of a group of rowdy passengers. JetStar said 6 passengers travelling together last night were being extremely disruptive and refused to follow crew directions. It's not clear whether there were physical altercations but the captain decided to fly to Bali. Indonesian police removed the disruptive passengers and the flight continues. Defence ministers from around the world have met in Washington to discuss future plans in the fight against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. The meeting comes as Iraqi security forces prepare to retake the strategic city of Mosul. Australia's Defence Minister Marise Payne says Australia Mr - will play a significant role in the training of troops.We're also contributing an additional capability, a counter rocket artillery and mortar capability which will see us potentially bringing 15 ADF personnel to do that as the capability that's currently in place is deployed elsewhere. They're very significant contributions that we are happy, of course, to contribute to this extremely important activity and as part of the 30 plus team around the table today with Secretary Carter, with the French Minister, with UK Secretary for Defence, it's really an important recognition and acknowledgment of Australia's contribution and an opportunity for us to talk with our counterparts about the things that are working, what we are learning as well go through this process and the next challenges. It means that it gives us more flexibility in where we are actually located as long as the appropriate force protection is in place and they're not things that I would discuss publicly, obviously. But as long as that is in place then we will be able to work in areas of need that are identified by the US, by the Iraqi Government and I think that's an important response to what is a really dynamic situation, of course, on the ground. I think it's important to get this under way, obviously. Now, the whole process which we're going through at the moment which has seen some quite significant gains made militarily, we need to be sure that we are sustaining those sites, those communities as the military process moves on. Law enforcement is going to be key to that. If we can make a contribution in the training of that, I think that's a very important aspect of Australia's work. And as we see greater focus on new locations for military activity, we need to make sure that stability of communitys, lawful communities are what is left behind. Obviously there's a very significant humanitarian aspect to that as well which is something we Foreign
will be discussing tomorrow when Foreign Minister Julie Bishop also joins us.Marise Payne there in Washington. Top End farmers are feeling confident their stock will reach strong prices at auction today after a tumultuous few years in northern Australia. Cattle prices have surged to record highs in recent weeks. From Alice Springs we're joined by Elders livestock manager Herbie Neville, he's the duty agenda overseeing today's sale. Welcome. We've heard a lot about drought conditions in Queensland in recent years, has that affected the Territory as well? How tough has it been for producers there?Yes, it has been tough for producers here in certain areas. It's really only in the last, I guess, in the last 6 months we've enjoyed some rain and particularly lately some good winter rain, particularly in the south. It's gone to the north and east as well. So we're enjoying a very, very good season at present. So have producers had to reduce numbers on their properties and send some cattle off for agistment? How has it been over the last couple of years?The producers have had to reduce numbers in certain areas. There has been - it's such a big area here in central Australia that, you know, I guess some of the properties are fortunate, they get storms, they get some relief at times but some of the producers definitely have had to reduce their numbers due to the dry conditions in the past 2 years.So what's happened with the prices in recent years then?In recent years, they've been a lot less than what they are today. We certainly enjoying a very, very strong market at present and particularly for slaughter cattle and the live export cattle. That's really been - has been certainly the shining light.And why have those prices picked up recently?I think there's two facets. One, there is a shortage of cattle, as we know, right throughout Australia. There's been recent rains also throughout Queensland, very, very good rains and I guess you'd say unseasonable rains. They don't normally get the amount of rain that they've had this time of the year. So that's a real bonus for those people. It's certainly stopped the flow of cattle coming onto the market hence there is quite a bit of demand for those cattle and hence it's lifted the prices.OK, so how significant is a sale there today?Yes, very significant. Sales here are always significant but we'd be certainly expecting where the prices have been and we would expect them to hold on today's levels.So how many head of cattle would you expect to go under the hammer today at auction there?I think all up, I think there's roughly 2,500. I think that was about the last time I checked but it would be - I think it's about 2,500.So you're overseeing the sale there today. Are you doing a bit of auction eering yourself?Have you got your fast voice ready? I have, actually. Yes, I think we kick off at about 1:30. So being duty agent I've got to kick off, I've got to make the opening announcement and kick the sale off. So yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. I guess I haven't seen prices - I've been in the industry a long time in the stock and station industry, and I can honestly say I haven't seen prices where they are at present. So I'm really excited about it. I think it will be - it should be a great day.So can you give us a bit of a taste of your style where you're in action? Say you had a group of 6 cattle up in the yard now and 20 farm cattlemen standing around there going to take the lot, how would you start things off? Yeah, OK. Right o, there, gentlemen, start me right there. A beautiful line of steers there in from the plenty highway. Set me right. Who's got $3. $3.40 for them, 3:40.I've got 3. 50.2. 50. Bid 60, 5.70, 5.80, 300 the bid now. 5, 10, 15, 20, 3. 20. 3.25 and out they go. 3. 30, don't miss them, sir. And at 3. 30 bidding and done. We hope that's where that is. OK, Herbie Neville, sensational stuff and good luck with the sale there today.Thank you very much. OK, it will be great to be in the yards there in Alice Springs today. weather.
Time now for a check of the weather. I don't know if she will be able to speak as fast as Herbie can.No, but I'm in the mood to buy. 350, 350, 400.Pretty warm today?It is, we've got 27 degrees in Brisbane. It gets warmer tomorrow, 28 degrees. Stanthorpe and Applethorpe earlier this week had record-breaking heat for July. And the heat moving to Sydney tomorrow with 25 degrees. But today I guess we're concentrating on Adelaide, 22 degrees. So very warm conditions there.And a bit of rain associated with that too?Yes, mainly around this low pressure trough so it's making its way now towards northeastern NSW. We can see some drizzle along the coast though and our next trough coming through, we've got gusty winds ahead of that system. It also brings some rain into the southern parts of SA, over towards the south-east, and then those cold fronts move through. I'm not sure if you know this, but Perth's wettest month of the year is usually July, 144mm and they've picked up around about 20mm off for
that. So they're doing pretty well for the month of July.And is that in stark contrast to Darwin?Yes, big, big con - contrast.And around the country?In Queensland:

The top stories today drn a 3-month state of emergency has been declared in Turkey after last week's failed military coup. It follows a crack down against thousands of members of the coup. The ABC has been told dual Australian British citizen Adam Whittington has been released from prison in Day route in the wake of the botched 60 Minutes abduction. He's expected to undergo health checks before heading to his home in Sweden. Whittington is expected to travel to Australia next month. Big names are expected to speak at today's Republican national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, including dump dump dump's -- - strump strump strump's running mate, Mike Pence. Police have made their first arrests outside the convention after protesters burned American flags. Chris Froome has extended his there'd to over two minutes in the Tour de France. Ilnur Zakarin won the gruelling accent stage with a break away sprint. Porte ort is the best place odd TV Australians. A 3-month stage of emergency has been declared in Turkey by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following last week's attempted coup. I comes as 100 generals and admirals, under a third of the top military officers have been charged with the unrest. Around 60,000 people have been either arrested, sacked or suspended. The crack down on those supporting Fethullah Gulen will continue, and warns there will be more arrests.TRANSLATION: We decided to recommend to the government that a state of emergency be declared as per article 120 of our constitution in order for us to be able to speedily and swiftly deal with all of the elements of the terrorist organisation. And the council of Ministers also abided by that recommendation and decided to declare a state of emergency for a duration of three months.President Erdogan speaking there earlier this morning. Chief foreign correspondent Phillip Williams has more now from Istanbul.They are applying a state of emergency for three months. So that gives the government, it gives the security forces sweeping powers. This is pretty much in line with what we expected and it means that basically this is the big move that had been fore shadowed all day. A short time ago also he gaiven an interview to -- -- gave an interview to Al Jazeera where he said he suspected several countries were behind the coup, he didn't name the countries. But there's been lots of rumours on the twitter sphere as to what the countries are. President Erdogan blames Fethullah Gulen for being behind the coup. He said that is a very unfriendly and negative act. You can really feel the temperature changing. There is a mood shift from the Western countries who have been saying hang on all this reaction since the attempted coup, all the sackings, 60,000 people now lost their jobs orred that hair jobs suspended, this is going too far. So he's basically saying that is our business, butt out, we are committed to democracy we have to react because this is such an extreme moment. People are really quite frightened. In fact, we have tried to talk to a lot of people - teacher and judges. We also went to the courts today where we saw some of the soldiers who were handcuffed behind their backs in the buses waiting for their court appearance and then they are blamed for being part of the coup attempt. None of the parents of those - some of those soldiers there who were looking through the wire trying to see their loved ones were all too frightened to talk. At every turn it is a very brave person that sticks their head up and now and criticises Erdogan. He is in the most powerful position he has ever been in. But at the same time he's - his supporters here are e lated they are strengthened, they feel vindicated but the other 50% of the country that didn't vote for him have a very different view indeed. Some we have spoken to have said he's good at winning elections, he has been elected democratically but he has thrown out the rules of law. That is something he denies but clearly there are fundamental changes in this country that will play out in the next few days or months.A Sydney man charged with being a member of a listed terror group has been formally refused bail. He didn't apply for bail and did not appear at Parramatta local court this morning. The 38-year-old was arrested yesterday following police raids on homes in Dee Why and North Sydney. He is expected to apply for bail when the case resumes at the central court next Thursday. A man has been charged after allegedly driving a stolen car along a foot path and crashing into another vehicle on Queensland's Gold Coast. The 33-year-old stale failed to stop for police before hiting a car. And running off at Southport last night. Witnesses detained the man before he was arrested by police. He is due to face court today. Five police officers have been released from hospital after being injured during a fiery siege in Sydney's south, police were called to a unit block garage at Botany Bay yesterday morning after reports of a man being barricaded in one of the garages. Some officers were burnt when a fire erupted as they forced entry. The man at the centre of the stand-off who was also injured in the fire remains in a police
stable condition in hospital under police guard. A staff writer on Donald Trump's team has apologiseded for plagiarising Michelle Obama in a speech delivered by Mr Trump's wife mill Ana. The writer has admitted she carefully.
used phrases without checking carefully. She offered to quit. But Mr Trump has refused her resignation. Mr Trump has rived on the second last day of the convention and we expect Mike Pence will be speaking at the convention in the next couple of hours and we plan to bring that you that live here on ABC News 24. Defence Ministers from around the world have gathered in the United States to plan their next moves against Islamic State. Some nations have agreed to step up their contributions to the battle. Ceremony, even a demonstration for the 38 Defence Ministers attending a key meeting outside Washington of the coalition fighting ISIL. This is a regular meeting of the coalition and US officials say the next phase of the campaign against ISIL in Iraq is the major topic of discussion.Together we're going to ensure that our partners on the ground have what they need to not only win the fight but also to hold, to rebuild and to govern their territory.The NATO Secretary-General says he wants member nations to train and advise the Iraqi military and local security forces.Enabling forces in the region to fight ISIL to protect themselves and to stabilise the country, that is a viable and sustainable long-term solution for this region.But analysts say the war
gathering should not be seen as a war council.I personally believe this is more the rallying cry. I believe this is more the rallying cry because the fact of the matter is that, though there have been significant gains against ISIS in Iraq, the 53% of ISIS territory that is still is estimates held in Iraq is some of the toughest, social terrain. These areas that still are under ISIS control have consistently opposed the Baghdad government.Meanwhile, at the State Department, Foreign Ministers are trying to raise money for emergency food, shelter and medicine.Every victory on the battlefield creates an immediate humanitarian crisis. The impact on the future of i rack, of the humanitarian crisis cannot be underestimated - 10 million Iraqis need humanitarian aid right now.A group of Taiwanese fishermen have set sail for the South China Sea at this month's ruling in The Hague. The ruling denied much of China's vast historical claims and also rejected Taipei's right to an ex-cluesicive economic zone in the region: China has rejected the decision as little more than a political opportunity. Destined for 'Taiping' in the disputed South China Sea, it's the largest land mass in the Spratlies but it can no longer be called an island. Last week, the permanent court of ash stolen generation supported the Philippines' argument that the Spratly islands are not islands because they can't sustain human or economic life. Taiwan says it wasn't officially invited to participate and its rights have been jeopardised. Taiwanese politicians have flown to the area in protest.TRANSLATION: We want to go there to defend our sovereignty of tie ping island.The Taiwanese fishermen will soon join them hoping to the tribunal wrong.When we get to the island, we will land, we will get fresh water to show the community that it can sustain human life.Now defined as a rock, territorial waters have been reduced to two nautical miles

Taiwan is not the only one refusing to accept the non-binding decision. China will not accept the ruling. China remains firmly committed to safeguarding peace, stability of the South China Sea.The US chief of naval operations met with China's Navy commander this week to discuss the issue. But the Chinese Ambassador to the UK has questioned the US's role in the case.It's a part of their strategy to be, forgive my frankness, on the one hand they sent their warships, aeroplane to challenge China's sovereignty. On the other they see this mite be a good legal case, launched against China. So as to try to humiliate China diplomatically, to damage China's image.China and Philippines have had informal discussions but Manila has turned down discussions to start bilateral talks over the dispute. Parts of the South China Sea are also claimed by Vietnam, Malaysia and Bruhn yay. Let's look at business news now and it's very good Thursday morning to Alicia Barry. How is the market looking in the first half hour of trade?We are seeing a really up-beat move mood among investors across the global. Overnight we saw US bonds told off. We know in recent weeks people have been piling into bonds to avoid risks. Today we're seeing more risk taking activity and that's been pushing the equity markets higher. There is also a statement out from New Zealand's central bank which has set the stage for an interest rate cut soon and some traders are reading that statement thinking that just adds to the case or Australia to cut interest rates next month. The Australian share market is certainly benefitting from all of that global news and is being pushed higher by industrial and banking stocks. The Lourdes is up around -- the All Ords is up.

The Australian consumer and Competition Commission has given the green light to the taken of logistics giant Asciano. A consortium led by Qube and a Canada company are leading the takeover bid. The ACCC has examined a range of issues across the national logistics supply chain and it's satisfied there is not likely to be a sacial lessening of competition in -- substantial lessoning of competition in any market. Objections were raised to the takeover and the deal still needs approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. Lower oil and LNG prices have hit the bottom line of Woodside petroleum. The producer says sales fell in the second quarter by just over 8% compared to the same time a year ago. Production rose by more than 10% over the quarter on an annual basis. Over see seas and two senior HSBC currency traders have been States.
charged with fraud in the United States. Mark Johnson, the company's global head of foreign ex change trading and Stuart Scott, the former head of currency trading in Europe, have been arrested. The US Justice Department has accused the traders of front running. It's alleged the traders knew that decline was going to concert 3.5 billion dollars into British pounds so they bought Sterling themselves before handling the order rment they they knew such a transaction would push up the currency and allow them to profit. HSBC has so far declined to comment. The top story - a state of emergency has been declared in Turkey has President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the nation about the failed coup on the weekend. The ABC has been told dual Australian British citizen Adam Whittington has been released from prison in Day route in the wake of the botched 60 Minutes child abduction. And some big names are set to speak at the Republican national party convention in Ohio, including Trump's running candidate Pence. With two weeks to go before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the man in charge of the security says a) terror attack is his overwhelming concern. An extra 80,000 personnel have been brought in to patrol the streets. Rio as a reputation of one of the world's most dangerous cities. Within sight of the beaches where Olympic volleyball and triathlon event also take place, armed police patrol narrow alleyways which by night revert to the droll of violent drugs gangs. They let off fireworks to let us know they're watching. After a quiet couple of years, violence has returned to the area. Rio is a much safer place than it was 20 years ago. Be u even in the last year or so in these pacified areas that drugs gangs have moved back in. There's been more murders and more attacks. With the Olympic Games taking place down in the tourist areas there's a real concern that some of this violence could spill over during the games themselves. In this Olympic city shocking numbers of innocent victims are killed in cross fire, often by police. Children are taught to fiver dive for cover at the sound of gun fire and petty crime invades the tourist beaches below. Police officers warn they might not be able to guarantee public safety during the Games. Welcome to hell, their stark message to visitors, at Rio's international airport chI am not safe. I cannot guarantee my safety. We are hiding our badge, our wallets, our guns. Because they are being hunted.But city and state officials say that with an extra 80,000 security personnel on the streets, Rio will be safe during the Games. But says Rio's security chief there is one overriding concern.TRANSLATION: For me the biggest threat is terrorism. It always is with those big events. Brazil is not an obvious target but we have a weakness and it is our immense borders so that is my number one concern.The BBC recently saw evidence shows just how easy it would be to infiltrate the country. More than 70 Syrian nationals able to acquire genuine Brazilian passports from crime gangs and corrupt officials. Training exercises are designed to ease concerns. But with 10,000 miles of often porous land borders Brazil would be a soft target for anyone seeking to disrupt the Games. Rio de Janeiro is still one of the world's most beguiling cities lnd be provide a stunning backdrop for the Olympics but it has an ominously dark side too. And now to someone who is going to be in Rio in a couple of weeks covering the games for the ABC, to
Paul Kennedy joins us now. Let's go to the Tour de France first. Who is the best placed Australian?Richie Porte is looking pretty good at the moment. He had a good night last night. It was the first night in the Alps. We were wondering whether the attacks might come from to try to disrupt Chris Froome's seemingly cruising ride to Paris although there is nothing easy about even the flat stages. The Alps, it was won by a breakaway but the most of the interest was in Froome on that him. None
final climb and who might attack him. None of the others could go with him at the end. Nibali Quintana, Adam Yates, these guys who -- Went with him. Chris Froome was able to jump on to his back wheel and with be him at the end of the line. What it meant is that Froome really lengthened his leads over a couple of the other general classification favourites. So he is in a better situation after that first alp stage and Richie Porte has moved up one spot to sixth. But narrowed the gap between him and the other riders between him and Froome. That just means that Porte might be eyeing off a spot on the podium after all. He did have some bad luck at the start of the tour and he is making that up now. If he is as strong as he was overnight, that might be that he can push for a podium finish.Cycling is often a sweet spot for Australia at the Olympic Games. How is it gook looking going into Rio?The cyclists have high hopes. We have hopes on the track with Meares and the other sprinters but Amanda Spratt gave the women's road race team more hope overnight. He won a stage in a race in Germany, a same
penultimate stage that runs at the same time as the Tour de France. wanted
It's a tough race to win. She wanted to win a stage last year. She coveted a stage win last this year and she won a stage last night. Sh ewill go in with three other riders in the -- she will go in with three other riders in the road race in Brazil. And Rohan Denis, the road race is a tough one to get, it depends on the conditions and how the race unfolds and who is in the right place at the end and the track psych Lis are hoping to win medals as well, as I mentioned. For an overall performance Australia really relies on that boosting that medal tally with some cycling gold or silver to go along with what we will win in the pool and of course in the team sports as well. And maybe a surprise packet here or there in coming.
other sports that we don't see coming.We are kind of in limb boes with the IOC putting off a decision on Russia as to whether the Russian team will be banned completely. What is the latest on that?While we wait for the IOC, the court of osh stolen generation for Sport also to weigh in, it will happen within a week, possibly within a few days but it's interesting to hear a couple of the leading voices, Dick Pound was giving an interview on UK radio this morning and he said it's - it's pretty obvious but he said the IOC would be reluctant to ban Russia completely from the Olympics. He said reading between the lines that the IOC doesn't really want to do it. That whether or not they do we will have to wait and see. : Also there is a leading voice in American, a former athlete who is their calls all of the swimming over there and Rowdy Gains has come out and he has said that the Russian situation is the big est threat to the Olympic movement, the credibility of it and you can have the
Vika and the security threats but the Russian dilemma is the biggest threat to the Olympic movement. And unsurprisingly Russia officials have come out and they don't think it's very helpful for the US to be calling for a collective ban.With the swimming being such a strong event for Australia at the Games, if Australian swimmers are in an event and a Russian comes in above them, in a final, there will undoubtedly be people in Australia going, well, I wonder what they were on.I think so. That is what the IOC is faits facing if it does let Russia compete and say you can send the athletes who haven't tested positive. They lead them oem open to looking bad. We do know these events are a large part to do with PR, sponsorship and all the rest of it. It's a business decision as well as a sport you
integrity decision. I don't think you can surprise those two.It will be so interesting for you heading over there. How soon until you go? Saturday week. We will be there in place for the first few days before the opening ceremony. So big team from the ABC is going to cover all angles.It will be great to have you there.See you, mate.Time for the weather. Here is Vanessa.And we are seeing the cloud weaken over NSW and Queensland. Still so some rain mainly around the north eastern parts. Here is our next bout of rain that is part of the trough and there are winds picking up ahead of that and that band of cloud we can see behind this stuff coming down from the north-west, a cold front that's given around 15mm this morning to Perth. Another cold front to come through this evening, cold.
the air behind all of this is very cold. So as we into tomorrow, into the weekend, the air becomes drier and much, mump colder. A high pressure system moves away from the south-east. In Queensland -

Stick with us on ABC News 24 going for a short break now but we will be back soon. With eare keeping an eye on the Republican convention in the US, in Cleveland, Ohio. It's the second last day of that. Donald Trump makes his official acceptance speech tomorrow. But in the next few hours we have some key speakers including Mike Pence, who is his vice-presidential running mate. I think he was in this chop they're landed there yesterday. We expect him to hear from Mike Pence in the next few hours as well as Ted Cruz. Stick with us on ABC News 24.

This program is not captioned. Today - growing fears over Turkey's coup crack down - a 3-month state of emergency declared.

The former Australian soldier involved in the botched 60 Minutes child abduction released from jail in Beirut. Trump triumph - the billionaire's US presidential running mate due to speak soon at the Republican convention. And Britain's Chris Froome on track to claim his third Tour de France title with a strong day in the Alps.

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