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(generated from captions) MARTIN: The ref stopped the fight
due to several cuts on his face.

They looked pretty deep and nasty,
if you ask me.

I went and apologised to him.

COMMENTATOR: So the doctors
took the call to stop that one.

But, yeah, got the win.
That's the main thing.


FARI: This was a great rebound.

Not to sound cocky,

but there was no way he was going to
stop Martin taking him down.

The crowd loves him.
He's a great role model.

Everyone wants to see the nice guys
win, and he's a nice guy.

What can I say?
Good result for Martin.

And, you know, good result
for Australia. Oi, oi, oi.

As you know, when I fought Marat,
it didn't go my way.

My mindset was not in that fight.

Marat, I hope you win this belt

because I'm coming
to get it off you.

(CHEERING) ANNOUNCER: A big round of applause
for The Situ-Asian!

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Good evening. I'm Anton Enus. The top stories: It's Trump versus Clinton,
as the controversial candidate is officially endorsed
as the Republican nominee. The number of people
deemed disloyal to Turkey following the failed
coup passes 50,000. And special forces tonight
preparing for a coordinated strike against Mosul.

Republicans have put
on a united front, backing Donald Trump
as their presidential candidate. Supporters lined up
at the convention in Cleveland today to talk up the
controversial billionaire. Delegates officially made
Trump and running mate Mike Pence their standard-bearers.

It was a forgone conclusion,
but officially, this is what these delegates came here to do. Deliver their states' results
from the primaries and caucuses.

36 votes for the next President of the United States, Donald J Trump. The candidate's children were centre stage, the family reeling from the plagiarising problem from Trump's wife yesterday.The only thing to stop is to reach your dreams and willing to work hard for them. That the only limits to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. Before the speech Melania said she wrote it herself. A different story today with Team Trump insisting a group of writers was responsible. We're confident blg that the words that she -- comfortable that the words she used were personal to her.Today's Trump's youngest daughter from a previous marriage delivered more personal stories.He motivates me to work my hardest and to always stay true to who I am and what I believe. Breaking with tradition once again, the candidate addressed the crowd before his major speech on the last night.I'm so proud to be your nominee for President of the United States. The formalities over, the convention became something of a Hillary hate fest. Speaker after speaker attacking Trump's Democratic opponent. There were still some delegates who were very vocal about their support for others including Ted Cruz who ran again Trump in their primaries and some are very angry saying their voices were heard and they may chudz not to vote for trump Donald Trump -- drufrn in no. We didn't see major protests and as far as the Republican party there is no turning back now. They have picked their candidate. Before wrapping up n a show of inclusivity, a prayer from the founder of Muslims for Trump.Let's take some time. Let's pray. Make America great again. Amen.

Australia's ambassador
to Washington, Joe Hockey, is attending the convention. He says it's a good chance to try
and make an impression on party politics.

It is hugely important that where we can influence the platforms in the best interests of our nations and where we can forge relationships in the best interests of our nations we do.

More than 50,000 people deemed
disloyal to Turkey have now been rounded up, sacked or suspended
by the government in the wake of the failed coup. Tonight, the purge has widened
to include teachers, university deans and the media. For a fifth night, they gathered
in Istanbul's Taksim Square. Celebrating President Erdogan
and the fall of his enemies. As fresh footage emerged of bombs
striking parliament, Barack Obama's first
call to his counterpart since the uprising
was double-sided. Support for this ally in NATO
and the fight against IS, at the same time,
a plea for restraint. The strong commitment
of the United States to the democratically elected
civilian government of Turkey. Any needed assistance
to the Turkish government as they conduct an investigation. In the wake of the coup,
alarm over the response grows.

In the wake of the attempted coup, disgreert mounts over

-- response.

The mass suspension
or removal of judges for serious alarm. All estimates are staggering. Up to 9000 judges, soldiers,
police and civil servants detained, including 100
generals and admirals. In total, one-third of Turkey's
senior military officers. In the education sector, nearly 17,000 teachers
and administrators removed, including 1500 university deans. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says
revenge won't be a motivater.

The moves against education
institutions are aimed at US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen,
who's inspired a global network of schools. In March, authorities
seized two newspapers, linked to him.

Following up overnight with more
licence cancellations. As to Gulen himself,
who Ankara says orchestrated the coup attempt, Washington wants
hard evidence of involvement. But... A person of this kind can easily be
extradited on grounds of suspicion. And there is very strong suspicion
for his involvement. Gulen has asked the US to resist
what he calls "efforts to abuse the extradition process to carry
out political vendettas." The government has scored a win,
securing opposition backing to restore capital punishment. Reintroduction of the death penalty
would be in breach of Turkey's obligations under
International Human Rights Law. It's the fate potentially awaiting
dozens of senior military officers charged with high treason.

North Korea has confirmed it test
fired ballistic rockets into the sea as part
of a simulated preemptive attack on South Korean targets. State media reported
that the country's leader Kim Jong Un himself
guided the launches. South Korean scientists believe
the missiles were carrying warheads but not plutonium or uranium.

A car bomb explosion in central
Kiev has killed a prominent journalist. Investigative journalist
Pavel Sheremet was on his way to work when the car
he was driving blew up. Mr Sheremet was known
as a human rights advocate and outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir
Putin. He was imprisoned by
the governemnt of Belarus in 1997 for illegal border crossing.

European leaders are meeting
in London tonight for peace talks aimed at ending the 5-year-long
conflict in Syria. It comes as activists say some 200
civilians have been killed in US- led coalition air
strikes this week in the area around the city
of Manbij in northern Syria. The US says it will investigate
the incident, along with the beheading of a young child
in Aleppo after video of the killing went viral. Three French soldiers have been
killed in a helicopter accident in Libya during an intelligence
gathering mission. A French government spokesman has
tonight confirmed that its special forces are preparing a coordinated
strike against Mosul. There's also a focus on Sharqat,
60km south of Mosul, where Iraqi government forces have
intensified the campaign.

A gunner on guard, leaving Baghdad and flying north to see
the Iraqi military push towards Mosul. IS's black fires still
burn on the horizon. But Iraq's flag flies here now
in ghostly villages. Houses, half built, fields
and corpses of IS fighters lie here unburied.

The enemy's de facto capital
is just 40 miles away. It will be the hardest
of battles against IS, Daesh as it's called. The general is confident. TRANSLATION: We think
Daesh will collapse. We know they are bankrupt. How hard will it be? TRANSLATION: Our orders
are to liberate every square inch of Iraq. We are determined
to eliminate Daesh by the end of the year. It's a huge test
for the Iraqi forces. They're getting advice from Western
armies and Iranians too. The Iraqis insist they
will do the fighting. We have light and heavy weapons,
we have all the equipment, but we just need the green light from US forces
to say do the operation and we need the jet fighters to cover the sky. That's it. A short distance away, families
fleeing the fighting further north. Their enemy now - heat and hunger. Their first priority
is aid coupons. Most have only
the clothes they wear. They need everything. 19-year-old Jasham
heads his family now. A dozen to care for. "It was horrible", he tells me. "Daesh kidnapped my father. They destroyed our lives." There's a human cost in the war
against the so-called Islamic State, seen
as the battle of our time. Iraqis are now entering a different
kind of hell and as the campaign for Mosul intensifies so too
will the humanitarian crisis. Iraq is struggling to take care
of its land and its people. To do that it needs
the world's help. Still ahead on tonight's late news: Honouring our heroes who fought
during the deadliest 24 hours in Australian military history.

You're nothing but... #
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It's heading south, in your head, oh no
# Well, can you put your hands

you had it coming... #
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Six previously unknown Australian
soldiers have been honoured at a major commemoration in France marking the centenary
of the Battle of Fromelles. The 19th of July, 1916,
marked Australia's entry into the war on the Western Front, and became the deadliest 24 hours
in Australian military history. Under clear French skies,
Australian soldiers march next to the fallen, honouring a sacrifice that has
gone down in history as a tactical disaster. The Battle of Fromelles
was supposed to draw German troops away from the Somme
offensive further south. Journal extracts recalling
the moment the 5th Australian and 61st British
Divisions attacked. The awful night the whole region seemed to rock with
the bursting of huge shells. Some 5,500 Australian soldiers
were killed in the following hours, mowed down by German
machine-gunners. Fromelles became the place
where Australia first realised the full force and horror
of industrialised warfare. Veterans Affairs Minister Dan Tehan
reading aloud accounts by war historians. It was a field of men stripped
of names, feature or identity by the brutal destruction
of artillery guns and bayonets. Six of those men have
finally been laid to rest after they were recently
identified, their headstones unveiled for the first time. We remember, honour,
name and lie to rest these men.

French officials using the occasion
to highlight the strength of the Australia-France

The grave miscalculation
of the Allies was all over by 8:00am the next morning. Don't forget me, cobber. Lest we forget. Their service and
sacrifice not forgotten.

The commander in charge when police
stormed the Lindt cafe has accepted blame for
the deaths of three people. But he's told an inquest he wouldn't do anything
differently if the Sydney siege happened again today. Reporter Alyshia Gates was there. The forward commander,
who can't be named, made a key statement during today's evidence,
effectively taking responsibility for the outcome
of the Sydney siege. He told the inquest he believed
gunman Man Monis had a bomb and thought all hostages,
tactical officers and Monis would be killed if it exploded
as a result of police action. This concern balanced
against "operational guidelines" stopped him from ordering police
to storm the Lindt cafe earlier. He said: "Three people
lost their lives because of me, my decision." They were cafe manager
Tori Johnson, barrister Katrina Dawson and Monis. "Every day I think about
what I could have done differently, but I don't know what I
could have changed."

The coroner asked the commander
whether he felt he couldn't order police in until
somebody was killed. The commander agreed,
adding if he was presented with the same facts today,
he would have made the same decisions but was turning
to what he called the "wisdom of this court" for advice. The commander ordered police
into the cafe at 2:13am when Monis shot Mr Johnson. His family's lawyer
Gabrielle Bashir asked if Mr Johnson would still be alive
if he sent in police ten minutes earlier,
when Monis fired a shot in the direction of escaping hostages. "The question is one of great
importance to the family." The commander said he couldn't
answer with clarity but the siege played on his mind every day.

Some hostages and the victim's
families were out the inquest again to hear evidence. The inquest continues. US Vice President Joe Biden has
urged international calm over Speaking at the end of his
Australia tour, Mr Biden also described the US as a "linchpin"
for peace and stability in this region. Awaiting the arrival
of the Vice-President, former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott,
John Howard and Bob Hawke. Please welcome the Vice-President
of the United States, Joe Biden.

A minor stumble
before his key speech. Anyone who questions America's
commitment or staying power in the Asia-Pacific is simply
not paying attention. He said America's presence
was essential to maintaining peace in the region, which is seeing
heightened tensions over the South China Sea. America's a linchpin
and we want to ensure the sea lanes are secure
and the skies remain open. That's how to maintain
the free flow of commerce, that is the life
blood of this region. Emphasising the importance
of the US-Australian alliance. Australians and Americans have
built an unsurpassed partnership. It's critical that America
and Australia continue to look to one another for mutual support. Reassuring Australians
about the close friendship, even as the Obama Administration
draws to a close.

Don't worry about our election,
don't worry about our election, the better angels in
America will prevail. Today's speech wraps up
the US Vice-President's visit to Australia. The next stop on his Pacific
tour is New Zealand, where he'll meet the country's
Prime Minister John Key. Shoring up ties in the
Asia-Pacific, as Australia and its neighbours watch on.

The new Assistant Minister
for Multicultural Affairs says it's not up to him to silence
Australians worried about terrorism and Muslim immigration. Senator Zed Seselja has
promised to look at why - after three years -
the Coalition is still using Labor's multicultural
affairs policy. Like so many Australians,
Zed Seselja is a son of immigrants. His Croatian parents moved
to Australia in the late 1960s. It gives me some insight. It doesn't make me an expert but it certainly - I watched my parents'
journey, I saw the challenges with language for instance. The ACT Senator says at its best
multiculturalism means people becoming part of Australia
while honouring their heritage, not forgetting where they came from. What is it at its worst? Obviously at its worst
is if we become separate, if people don't see themselves as Australian. On the controversial public debate
about Muslim immigration and Islamist terrorism,
he says all sides need to be careful. If there are sentiments
in the community that are left unspoken they will emerge
in one way or another. We're much better having a genuine debate,
having a respectful debate.

People are expressing how thaw feel. It's not for me to tell them how to feel that way.

The former terrorism and war crimes
prosecutor Rabia Siddique says what's often forgotten is Muslims
are just as fearful. Everyone is concerned
with the violent extremism that is growing and is rearing
its ugly head around the world. There does need to be some focus
and some resources committed to understanding the radicalisation
process and understanding how we and our leaders
can prevent that. The retired British army officer
says our political leaders have a responsibility
to shape the conversation. What we all need to do
as individuals is show our leaders that we have had enough of this
fear-mongering and we need to talk about what binds us. Zed Seselja will be working
with Syrian refugees as part of his social services
responsibilities, has a passion for adoption law reform and a few
other things in his in-tray. The Coalition is still using
Labor's multicultural affairs policy, are you going to fix that? Well, um, look, I've had one day
in the job and that's certainly been brought to my attention. He'll be the third Coalition
assistant minister to have a go at it.

School cleaner Vincent Stanford has
pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of NSW
teacher Stephanie Scott. The 26-year-old was killed in April
last year, just days before she was due to be married. For Stephanie Scott's family,
just another day in a nightmare that doesn't end. More than a year after she was
cruelly taken, today they heard an admission of guilt
from 25-year-old Vincent Stanford, a cleaner at the school
where she worked. He's pleaded guilty
to the rape and murder of the much-loved school teacher. I'm just pleased that this part
is resolved for the family. Ms Scott vanished from her town
of Leeton, in the NSW Riverina, in April last year, just
days before she was due to marry her fiance
Aaron Leeson-Woolley. Her burnt remains were found
in a national park, days later. Relatives who had travelled
from overseas for a wedding instead forced to say goodbye
at her funeral. Her family was also in court
in March, when Vincent Stanford's twin brother, Marcus, pleaded
guilty to being an accessory to murder after the fact.

It was alleged in court he had received Ms Scott's ep gaugement ring in the mail in the days after her death. Both men face a sentence hearing in October.

Coming up after the break: Has the front door slammed shut
on the great Australian dream of home ownership?

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The great Australian dream
of owning a home is moving further out of reach for young people. Sky-high house prices are squeezing
younger generations out of the property market,
and a new report says older people are cashing in. Keely Malady hopes to
unlock the door to home ownership through housesitting. Housesitting allows us
to save quite aggressively, which we wouldn't have been
able to do otherwise. The 28-year old Melbourne
architect and her husband quit renting and took up
looking after other people's homes this year in a bid to fast track
saving for a house deposit. The dream of owning a home
is becoming slightly closer. It's still not an immediate future. Australia's largest household
survey has found owner-occupied houses declined by 3.5% or 700,000
homes between 2001 and 2014.

By next year, less than half
of adult Australians will own the home they live in. It seems that the great Australian
dream is increasingly becoming out of reach for many, many people. While the high cost of real estate
is putting pressure on the younger generation, older generations
are benefiting from the large increase in house prices. The wealthiest households
in Australia are now couples over 65. The figures out today are yet more
evidence if Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison needed it
that the current policy settings are not right. The Federal Government says
measures to improve housing affordability need to be tailored
to individual cities. We need a diversity of the supply
options that are on the ground as well as a greater diversity
in the financial system to enable them to meet their objectives. The report also found childcare
costs have doubled since 2002. Isaac, what are you building? A car. The Kozaris twins attend
childcare twice a week.

We're generally out
of pocket $240 or so a week. Deb Kozaris dreads her third child
starting childcare next year. We have to weigh up the cost. Is it ideal for me to
return to work? Are we going to be
able to afford it? Is there any point? Let's check the finance figures. And the Australian share market
resumed its positive run on the heightened expectations
of a Reserve Bank rate cut in August. BHP Billiton was down
after reporting lower than expected full year iron ore production,
while Rio Tinto, which posted below expectation second quarter
production yesterday, continued its decline. All four major banks were higher,
as were Woolworths and Coles owner Wesfarmers. Markets in Europe are
stronger in early deals.

In other entertainment news,
the US First Lady has shown off her singing skills
on a popular American TV show.

(SINGS) # Oh, oh, oh!

Michelle Obama sang along
to Beyonce with James Corden as part of his Carpool
Karaoke segment. She told him she's only sat
in the front seat of a car once in seven years because
of security protocols. The interview airs in
the US later tonight. To the weather: In the major
centres, hot and sunny in Alice Springs and Darwin. Partly cloudy days forecast for Adelaide and Brisbane. Rain expected in Sydney and
Canberra. Looking further afield:

That's the world this Wednesday. All tonight's stories are online,
and for news around the clock, go to our website. You can also tune in to English
language news tomorrow morning between 5 and 7:30 here on SBS. Goodnight.

Captions by Ericsson Access Services

(c) SBS Australia 2016

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services.

The Tour de France has been an incredible spectacle. Two weeks of breathtaking images. Welcome to the top of the world.

top of the world.SONG: # # But didn't we have fun? # Didn't we have fun # From the top of the world # Top of the waves # Said forever, for I will wait # Couldn't be lost # But it would be safe # Now we stop in a world # Stop in space # Come on, don't give up # See us get there # This

# This isn't over # Oh, didn't we have fun # Oh, didn't we have fun? #h, didn't we have fun?
# From the top of the world # The top of the waves # We said for, for always # We could have been lost # We would have been saved # Oh, oh, oh, # Now we're stopping the world # Stopping its spin # But come on don't give up, don't say we e up, don't say we give in # Don't say it's over # Don't say we're done # Ah, didn't we have fun? ShallSo much fun. ShallSo much fun. We're having fun, and I hope you're having fun at home as the Tour de France toys. We are in the high country, looking at beautiful images here. This is one of the most spectacular finishes you're likely to see in this year's great race. We're very close to France, on the Swiss side of border and in the sount of Finhaut-Emosson. It is a ski resort and in the summertime, Robbie McEwen, what promises to be a classic stage?This is the first real mountain is the first real mountain stage of this Tour de France, an uphill finish and what an uphill finish. We were driving up here today. I thought this is where it this is where it will start. If Nairo Quintana as anything, this is where he has to throw it out, he has to otherwise it's out, he has to otherwise it's too late.This is the last four days, the last chance when the likes of Quintana, Bauke Mollema, Richie Porte, they have to attack, don't they?Yes, tomorrow a mountain time trial and two more massive stages in the alps, so they've got to get start because they can't just take it all on one day if they are to ride Christopher Froome out stopher Froome out of the while low.Well, can Christopher Froome can be caught? He has dominated the Stage 8. Only 1 minute and 45 seconds in front, it doesn't seem like much, so there is hope for those down below.Well, it might sound like a lot, but 800 metres from the finish, and Bauke Mollema could take it from Christopher Froome. There wasn't much happening on the rest day around the city of the Beirne, but he and taechl Sky addressed the media and like they always do, I've go the to say, very impressed with Christopher Froome, he answers all questions, doesn't matter what the topic is, they throw the kitchen sink at him sometimes the media, but always there in answering them?Yes, it comes with the territory, when you're wearing the yellow jersey, you face all sorts of questions and there is always the elephant in the room, and Christopher Froome answers the questions about doping and eloquently and I'm a believer in Christopher Froome, so it's one of those things, you just got to keep moving on with, part of leading this race.What do they do on a rest days, riders? They go for a ride to keep the blood flowing and keep d flowing and keep the cobwebs out. Froome froo many had a presser yesterday and we terday and we spoke to Christopher Froome as a matter of fact. It was Dave

of doping when I'm taking time on a descent.Boom, what a great answer there from Christopher Froome. Like I said, he answers all the questions perfectly well as we take a look at the general classification. We take a look at the general classification right now.

the general classification right
now.1.47 is the margin from Bauke Mollema to Adam Yates. Not much has been said about Bauke Mollema and Adam Yates. llema and Adam Yates. How do you rate their chances, Robbie? rate their chances, Robbie?These are reel mountains. An dole la was a big climb, but not this steep. It gets much steeper over the French border, every French border, every man for himself. You can't get any sort of sit, the speeds won't be that high, so it's time for everybody to put it out there because we've really got to find out what they've got.We have seen some departures during the second rest day of this Tour. Rowan Dennis is preparing for his Olympic Games campaign which starts very soon on 5th August. He will represent Australt. He will represent Australia, Robbie, in the individual time trial on the road and will line up with his fellow Aussies in the road race.Yes, Rowan Dennis, he has got some big fish to fry this season and he has done his job here at tour tore tour and the fact that BMC selected him for this race and are prepared to let him go home on the second rest day, it gives you an idea of how hard this race is going to be over the last few days Not much Rowan Dennis can do for a rider like Richie Porte many It won't being up to the - it will be up to the riders, man against man.The fact that Rowan ct that Rowan Dennis has gone home to prepare for the Olympics. Mark Cavendish, a man who has won four stages, wore the green jersey a couple of times, just dominated the sprints. He said he wanted to be here and stay for the Paris finish, but he won't be allowed to? .He has had an absolutely brilliant tour and it would have made him quite upset have made him quite upset to pull out of the Tour de France, a race he has built his career around, but he would have had that in team. Pull out on time to prepare for this racing on the tra being in Rio, and if you're not prepared to do that, we are not prepared to take you. He will get another chance in Paris, but Olympic Games only come around every 4 years. Well, who knows, he may be knight, we'll wait and see, because he has won everything available for him in the world in the world of cycling. The green jersey is firmly or not the shoulders of Peter Sagan, the rock star of the Tour, the rock star of world cycling and hasn't he had a great Tour de France? Well on course to collecting a fifth green jersey title.Three stage wins for the Slovakian champion. He won in Cherbourg, and he went from strength to strength, and stealing one from Alexander Kristoff in Beirne. He made the throw for the line at the perfect time. Kristoff, he made e. Kristoff, he made a mess of it but Peter Sagan was there to clean it up.We saw some images of the Peter Sagan fan club. the Peter Sagan fan club. They are out in full force, as they were last year, and they are back this year. David McKenzie, caught up with him, a great colour piece on the website. Macca with the Peter Sagan fans and you will r Sagan fans and you will be surprised to what he gets up to in the team bus as well. The contenders, Robbie, are all lining up. Not too far behind. You've got two riders from BMC in the top 10, two riders from Movistar and Richie Porte - he had some bad luck as we've discussed during the course of this Tour early on and clawing his way back up on y back up on the GCAfter Stage 2 he has gone about trying to move himself up, from 140th, to 11th to 8th, and Tejay got dropped. Richie slowly but steadily moving up and he has a real shot s a real shot at the podium. But Christopher Froome keeps moving away from everybody else. The rest are evenly matched, but Froome can ride away wherever he wants, uphill, downhill, and even in the cross-winds. Richie Porte has been able to match him for uphill so far, the same as Bauke Mollema and Quintana was dropped.Nairo Quintana is in 4th place on the overall standings. Like we said earlier, he we said earlier, he has to make a move today. We haven't really seen him. He made a sechl Mia tack a few days ago but has been following wheels for the most part.He has been resigned to following so far but we aring onto the terrain of Nairo Quintana, this iro Quintana, this is almost like a warm-up for him, but these steep slopes will suit the very small Colombian climber, so if he is going to take time, it's plausible that today will be a day he can do it, but he hasn't shown us that much yet that says he is going to. Now or never for Nairo Quintana. I tell you what, Robbie, the King of the Mountains competition is really close. That's an intriguing comp.

the ride into the Champs-Elysees. Paul, this is very much a sting in the tail this year and if you think Christopher Froome has got it, he would be the first guy to tell you, "I haven't." tell you, "I haven't."He is quite right. A lot of teem have been questioning, "Is the Tour de France over?" All of a sudden I realise why most of the main most of the main contenders have really been holding back. This is one climb of four days of racing and today it will be decisive, but tomorrow a time trial and then the climb up to the Juplan the day before the race is over, this is far from over.We did use it a couple of years ago in the Criterium du Dauphine. Contador beat him up here by nearly half a minute, but it wasn't so important them and 't so important them and Contador no longer in the race either, but Froome knows that Quintana has just got to attack him.He knows that between now and the final mountain of the weekend, he has he weekend, he has to go on the attack. Richie Porte was probably one of the closest contenders to Christopher Froome on that day up here two years ago in the Criterium du Dauphine dauf.I think he has done enough to prove he is the leader of Team BMC now. Let's hope he gets on the podium tonight.I've never seen Phil look so tall standing next to Paul. He must be standing on your box.I lent him my box.The wine-growing areas of this part of the world around Switzerland is rich and it is a cold climate wine grown here as cab Brielle G as te has discovered. ZblmpThis is the very beautiful Bella region in the French part of Switzerland.Raze raise It is my first visit to this attractive region that produces world-class wines. I am taken for a walk in the stunning vineyards by its owner Andre.

I am offer a taste of the gold medal white that contributed to this being selected the Swiss winery of the year in 2014.

winery of the year in 2014. This is a very 014. This is a very beautiful wine. The full-bodied red is also super outstanding. Guests are welcomed in the rustic winery restaurant. Visitors come here to taste the famous Swiss dish of ruklette, named after the cheese. It is a celebration name to share between several people as you need half a wheel of the young dish to prepare the dish. o prepare the dish. The side is placed on the machine and the resulting melted cheese is scraped away onto a plate and served with baby pickled onion, gherkins and boiled potatoes. The melted cheese needs to be eaten as soon as it is served whilst still hot. It is very delicious. The other is enjoyed between serves. The local white wine is a perfect match.

match. This stunning cucumber and Terrine - two tablespoons of sea salt with cucumber and put aside for one hour. Then I drop 8 gel tin leaves in in leaves in a large bowl of cold water and leave to soften for 10 minutes. Next, I rinse the drained cucumber under cold water before blending it ter before blending it to a purr re-. I season with 4 tablespoons of finely sliced dill. The juice of half a lemon and some pepper. I mix the drained gel teen with one cup of slightly warm centimetre fres of slightly warm centimetre fres he. I line the base of an old ring tin with thin slices of hard-boiled egg and laidle one-third of the cucumber on top. I then top with a later of smoked trout, then a layer of cucumber, another layer of trout and lastly one of cucumber. I cover with plastic film and refrigerate for about 6 hours. It is important not to be impatient with the setting time and it is probably better to make it the day before you need it. Serve this lovely terrine, Ghan ibed with a few sprigs of dill and some cut ill and some cut chives. Tomorrow I am in the sauf region of the Swiss alps to discover a new cheese.

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Each day I actually travel with a skipping rope so to try to get the blood flowing because I don't have much time to do any exercise. Inform the morning I do a bit of skipping and a little circuit exercise in nigh room and in terms of preparing for the stage as itself, scour the websites, get as many quotes from the riders, hopefully you are sharing the hotel with one of the teams and you go to talk to you go to talk to the mechanics because they don't have the media guard up and you can get some real goss. Being the nerd that I am, I thought I've got to have a mission statement and that was to infect as many people as possible with the bike bug. So any chance to infect others with that lovely of cycling, it is a real privilege to have a public voice on something that you love so much and that's what I love most about T I'm married with two kids, they are 4 and 6 years of age, so they grow up a lot when you're on the road with your job, and that is definitely one of the hardest things. 192 riders in the Tour de France so rider ID is the key. Through the process of elimination, you can pretty quickly work out who is who and then you've got to know their styles as well, not rely on the nulls, who wears high socks, who wears low socks and who sticks their tongue out. Phil is one of the best commentators across any sport, across across any sport, across any language. (Speaks French Robbie McEwen)Great to see another side of Matt Keenan, part of the four-man commentary team of the SBS. ommentary team of the SBS. This is where the Tour de France takes here the Tour de France takes on another chapter many The riders stay wholly within Switzerland, very close to the borders with France and Italy, it provides a frightening course for the riders in the peloton Whichever way you look at it, the battlegrounds will be drawn today, a couple of stage climbs, a second Category 1 climb and the finish will be tough.A well worn cliche for a very good reason - the sting in the ing in the tail. They go to the intermediate sprint with 34km to go approximately. All uphill, a short, very fast, very technical descent between the two climbs. The final climb is narrow, steep, extremely hot, nowhere to hide.Look at the images of the Swiss alps, just spectacular, snow-capped all year around. Mont blank is not too far away and that's where the Tour will

that?Yes, I do. An Italian used to ride back in the '90s, had people out of their seats cheering or not, and the sort of thing that spectators and journalists of the sport we love to see.Time for Richie to make a long-range attack? Well, not today. The sting is in the tail. Stick to the main contenders until then, but possibly from the day after tomorrow when it's mountains all day Ong long, either up or down -dom mess tigs, they don't matter anymore, everything you can do to yourself. A withdrawaler from the race today,