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(generated from captions) Reportedly, Lord Nelson's last words
were 'Kiss me...' Who? Hardy. Astrakhan wool comes from what
animal? Erm... Er... Goat. Stop the clock. That is wrong. Sheep?
Is it a sheep? It's a sheep. A sheep.
Is correct. We push The Chaser back.
Four required. Your time starts International Women's Day is
celebrated in what month? June.
Stop the clock. That is wrong. March?
May? May?
May. May. May.
Is wrong. The correct answer is March. Your time starts Who wrote the children's novel
Charlotte's Web? EB White.
What rugby club is nicknamed... (KLAXON)
It's over! Unbelievable!

Unbelievable. That was one of the most
extraordinary Final Chases I have ever taken part in.
Bye-bye, boys!

Just a lot of tricky ones towards
the end. Not taking my time over the Fiennes
brothers. Oh! And I thought they
looked like a team that would have a lot of the
bases covered. So, yes, well done.
Woo! Dear oh dear. Well, what about that? What a finish
to a fantastic show. Daniel and Lynn go home seven grand
each richer. What about that? Could you take money from The Chaser? Have a go, if you think you're clever
enough. We'll see you next time on The Chase.

This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. Good afternoon. The family of a bride-to-be
murdered just days before her wedding finally has some answers. The school cleaner charged
with killing her has pleaded guilty to the crime. More from the court, in a moment. Also coming up -
"the buck stops with me", a police commander's emotional
and frank admission at the Lindt siege inquest. Donald Trump
is now just one step away from becoming
the next American president. His response
to the official nomination and the fallout from his wife's
plagiarism row, shortly. And it might look a little strange but this is how researchers say
you should beat cravings. How it works, a little later. In sport, Blues forward Aaron Woods plays down
the bad blood with the Maroons. GWS co-captain Callan Ward
is gearing up for a Giant milestone. And another blow for Tiger Woods, the 14-time Major champion
won't play again this year. On the weather front, drenching rains continue
over New South Wales and floodwaters are draining
across Central Queensland. More detail in 10 minutes. First at 4:00, breaking news - and four police officers have been
injured during a siege in Sydney. Chris Maher joins us from the scene
at Botany in the city's south. Chris, take us through
what's happened there. Ann, police were called to
a house here just after 11:00 following reports a man had
barricaded himself in a garage.

It is understood there were lent plea negotiations for some hours during the day. Police eventually became concerned for the man's welfare and forced entry into the garage. Residents report hearing an explosion and it appears to be a fire. Five people in total have been injured including four police officers. We are being told that the man and one of the injured officers were taken to St George Hospital. Two other officers were taking to Prince of hospital and a fourth has been treated at the scene. We are told the injuries are serious including facial burns and Burns to the back. As I say, people are now being treated. Police will shortly be for a briefing on exactly what has occurred here. More than a year after her death, a cleaner has pleaded guilty
to the murder and sexual assault of schoolteacher Stephanie Scott. The 26-year-old was last seen
at her high school in the New South Wales Riverina, just days before her wedding. Samantha Brett reports. Stephanie Scott's entire heartbroken
family was in court today to hear 25-year-old school cleaner
Vincent Stamford plead guilty to her rape and murder. It was an Easter Sunday
in April last year when the 26-year-old went missing. She had attended Leeton High School
where she taught to prepare some lessons but never made it home. Five days later, her burnt remains
were found 70km away in a national park. Her tragic death has affected
the entire Leeton community, especially since
she was due to get married just a few days after her death. Her family was also in court
in March earlier this year when Vincent Stamford's
twin brother Marcus pleaded guilty to accessory
after the fact to her murder. It's emerged that Marcus Stanford actually received Stephanie Scott's
engagement ring in the mail a few days after her murder and that that was sent
by his twin brother Vincent. Both men will face
a sentence hearing in October and of course this is a relief
for the Scott family who have been waiting for answers
since April last year. The senior police officer in charge during the final hours
of the Lindt cafe siege, says he accepts full responsibility
for its deadly outcome. He's told the inquest Tori Johnson
and Katrina Dawson died because of his decisions - but he'd do the same all over again. Chris Reason reports.

On his third day of high-pressure cross-examination, the police forward commander who had the ultimate authority on when the police were going to be storming the Lindt Cafe that night, delivered a significant moment in this inquest today by excepting the blame and the outcome of the siege. He can't be named for legal reasons but says he thinks he about the siege every day and asks himself or could have been done differently. "Three People lost their lives because of me, my decision, I can't change that, the buck stops with me. " He said. He called -- caused some outraged when he said the gunmen had rights like everyone else. It caused the mother and father of Tory Johnson to jump up and storm out of the court group saying he is an absolute disgrace. -- court room. Questions were around why he didn't send his team in earlier. Instead, he waited until after Tory Johnson was killed at 2am. That critical 10 minutes. A raid, of course, which went on to claim the life of Katrina Dawson. It with the coroner himself who finally put it to him that his policy that day had been that he wouldn't send his men in unless a hostage was killed or injured because there had been a threat of a backpack bomb in the cafe and the officer at agreed. Also, he said, when he was asked if he would do anything differently, if the same situation was to occur today, he told them "Well, what I did then, I would do today." To you. -- back to you. Donald Trump is officially
the Republican Party's nominee for US president after receiving the magic number
of votes at the party's national convention. But much of the talk still centres
around his wife Melania's speech that mirrored a similar address
by Michelle Obama. Donald Trump is officially the Republican Party
presidential nominee today, after a roll call of states voted
to give him enough delegates at the national convention. There was some controversy when Alaska contested
the number of votes. It was given, but his children were there when he
passed the magical number required. Congratulations, Dad! We love you! Yeah! His son and daughter also later
spoke to the convention. He draws to the talent and drive
in people so that they can achieve their full
potential. That's a great quality in a father and better yet, in the president
of the United States. (CHEERING) Trump also appeared
live via satellite from New York. Again, breaking tradition of waiting until the final day
of the convention, to speak. This is going to be a leadership,
by the way, that puts the American people first. It was a better end to the day which started with the Trump
campaign defending his wife, Melania, who was accused of plagiarising
her speech of Michelle Obama from her convention in 2008. You work hard
for what you want in life. You work hard
for what you want in life. That your word is your bond. That your word is your bond. That you do what you say
and keep your promise. That you do what you say
you're gonna do. There were calls for someone
to be sacked but the Republican Party insists
it's no big deal. Just to add to the criticism the band Queen objected to Trump
using their song We Are The Champions but importantly, Donald Trump today,
became officially the Republican Party
presidential nominee. The nomination he will
accept on Friday.

It's not flu worrying doctors
this winter but gastroenteritis. New South Wales is in the grip
of a gastro outbreak with more than 3,300 cases
in the past fortnight alone. That's a rise of around 15% on the
usual numbers for this time of year. Most worrying is the number of
people being admitted to hospital - almost 800, a rise of 20%.

For more on this, Seven's health editor
Dr Andrew Rochford joins us. Andrew, where are these outbreaks
occurring, and who's falling ill? Of those 3000 cases about 49 or 50 isolated outbreaks

isolated outbreaks are recurring in child-centred and nursing homes. It is the young and the elderly being affected but also a cluster of people between about 17 to early 30s. It means it's probably instead in small communities in the cold weather when we are all coming together. So tell us about the symptoms
and how we can stop it spreading? To avoid getting it, you need to wash your hands. A lot of

wash your hands. A lot of it being spread because you touch your hands and face and then you get the virus. Stay away from other people, especially nursing homes or young people. Thanks, Seven's health editor
Dr Andrew Rochford. To breaking news in rugby league, and the simmering feud between
Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah and coach Jason Taylor. Liam Cox has the exclusive details. Liam, what can you tell us? Ann, an extraordinary turn
of events. I can reveal Jason Taylor has dropped
Robbie Farah to reserve grade this weekend.

There is bad blood between the pair. The pair have been at loggerheads
for a long time. This may prove the final straw. Last week Farah was considered
the best dummy half in NSW and played State of Origin, now apparently, he's not good
enough to make the Tigers team.

This is a huge call from the coach. It will prove hugely unpopular with the fans. The fallout will be massive, and. The fallout will be huge, Ann. OK, thanks, Liam. For our Sydney viewers there
will be more on this breaking story in the news at 6:00. Let's get a check
of this evening's weather forecast. Seven News Meteorologist
David Brown joins us now. How's it looking, Brownie? Ann, the drenching rain continue
over New South Wales this afternoon. The bureau has posted a floodwatch
for the central west. Up north central parts of Queensland
are under flood, following recent unseasonal rains. These pictures are from Winton. Thankfully the struggling roo,
dubbed Winston, made it to higher ground. From our weather eye in the sky an east coast low is driving rain
over eastern News South Wales, drawing tropical moisture in
from the north. To the south, high pressure is producing settled
weather across the southern capitals.

Warm and clear in Darwin. Warm and clear in Darwin. Tomorrow's forecast will come a little later. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - a man stabbed
in a love triangle dispute. Terror on a train - who was behind
Germany's bloody axe attack. And they're really not coping - the UK swelters through
its hottest day of the year.

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You're watching Seven's
Afternoon News. Still to come - the great Australian dream looking a lot harder to reach
for many. And the simple way to cut those
unhealthy cravings. Just a day after
his new ministry was sworn in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
is already facing internal trouble. Outspoken Queensland Coalition MP
George Christensen says he'll vote against his own party's
changes to superannuation in their current form.

If the policy is not changed h by
the time legislation hits the desks of Parliament I'll be voting against it. The changes include
a $500,000 lifetime cap on non-concessional
super contributions. Garry Marshall, one of Hollywood's most successful
directors and writers, has died, at the age of 81. Marshall created the series
Happy Days and The Odd Couple. He also directed the film
Pretty Woman. a big-screen blockbuster in 1990. Garry Marshall succumbed
to pneumonia after suffering a stroke.

Commemorations have been held
in France to mark 100 years since the Battle of Fromelles, a battle which claimed more
than 1,900 Australian soldiers. Descendants joined dignitaries
to honour the sacrifices made in the offensive against German troops. Hugh Whitfeld
is at Pheasant Wood Cemetery. For many of the 2,500 Australians
who have travelled here to Fromelles, it has been an overwhelming journey, coming to the place
where so many Australians died. 2,000 on the first day of fighting
here on the Western Front for Australian troops. It was the bloodiest
and deadliest day for Australians during the entire First World War. We heard today, about the importance of not just remembering
these soldiers' sacrifice but also remembering that
they missed out on contributing to a very young Australian nation. One of the most poignant moments
occurred when the families of the six most
recently identified soldiers here came forward to help re-dedicate
their headstones, including the family
of James Benson. He was 37 when he died
on the battlefield. He already a veteran
of the Boer War. He came here to the Western Front and died on the first day
of fighting. We knew that he was here
but there was never a spot that we could actually go and visit. So to now to be able to come and see
him is really special, especially for my dad. It was a blisteringly hot day today,
much like we're told, the conditions that those troops
faced here 100 years ago. Historians say that Australians
should place Fromelles on par, if not above,
the Battle at Gallipoli in terms of where it sits
in Australian history. Of course, from here, there
are more commemorative services across the Western Front this week concluding with
a service of Pozieres, south of here on Saturday. Islamic State
has claimed responsibility for an axe attack on a German train, which left four people injured -
one critically. It's released video
of the Afghan migrant vowing to carry out
a suicide mission. He was eventually shot dead
by police. (SPEAKS ARABIC) He calls himself a soldier
of the caliphate and promises attacks
in every village and city and, with a knife in his hand, he says he's preparing
for a suicide mission. It was a knife and an axe
that he used to slash passengers on an intercity train last night,
shouting "God is great" and yet, intelligence services
had concluded there was no evidence of
direct contact between him and IS. The interior minister said
a text in Pashto was found that was partly written
in Arabic characters, partly in Latin characters which indicates that
this could be someone who was self-radicalised recently. A jihadist made in his bedroom,
home alone, they thought. He travelled to Germany on his own. This morning
an IS flag was found in his room. This attack has reignited
old debates here about terrorism
and about migration. Hundreds of thousands of people have made a similar journey
as this attacker - only one has chosen his same path. Britain has sweltered through
the hottest day of the year with the temperature
reaching 35 degrees in some areas. The coastal resort of Blackpool
was packed with people making the most of the hot weather, from ice-blocks at London Zoo
to sunbaking during a traffic jam. It's not that the British people
are complaining it's more that they just can't
get enough of the sun on a lovely summer's day. Next in Seven's Afternoon News,
we'll check the finance markets. Buying versus renting - the shock new report on the future
of Aussie living. And snake on a train - a man's slippery surprise
for his fellow passengers.

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A man is facing a $300 fine
for showing off his pet python on a train, north of Sydney. Frightened passengers called police after seeing the metre-long
jungle python named Bread, near Woy Woy station around 1am. If you're going to possess
protected fauna just make sure you've got
the appropriate permits and if I could give one piece
of advice - don't get your snake out on a train. The python is being cared for
at the Australian Reptile Park. The great Australian dream
of living in your own home is fading even further. A new report has found that
by the middle of next year less than half of all Australian
adults will own their own property. More from Natasha Squarey. This report has revealed
a host of trends, ranging from housing affordability,
household incomes, family life and health. The figures show the great
Australian dream of owning a home is slipping out of reach, with less than half of Australians
expected to own a home in the next few years. 51.7% of Australians own a home, and that's down from 57%
14 years ago. The skyrocketing cost of real estate
is putting pressure on the younger generations while older generations are
benefiting from large increases in house values. The elderly are the wealthiest
households in the country while lone parents are the least
wealthy. It's one simple factor,
and that's house prices. Since 2001, we've had house prices
increase by over 90% in real terms. Now, parents using child care are
paying more than double the fees they were paying in 2002, despite 25% of families relying on
grandparents for babysitting. The report also revealed that
the battle of the sexes continues. Men are still being paid
more than women. They exercise more
and they get more sleep, but females decide when it's time
to start a family.

Checking finance now
with Steven Daghlian from CommSec. Steven, it has been a good day
for the Australian market? It certainly has been. This

It certainly has been. This is despite an early start when It certainly has been. This is
despite an early start when we had shares pulling back this morning. Still, the market recovered. For the ninth time in 10 days, it has improved. We hit a fresh 11 month high in the process. Westpac was the best, up 1.2%. That helped offset some of the losses from the mining sector. That was due to commodity prices. mining sector. That was due to
commodity prices. Woolworths continues to rise, it is up 5% this week on news that there are four interested buyers for its home improvement business, Masters. Steven, a new report shows Australians have become a little
more cautious with their spending? We have seen a pull back on spending in the past few months but interestingly, according to this report, we see that

report, we see that spending on clothing has been its biggest jump in four years and that is to do with colder weather recently. Many of the retailers did well today. The likes of Myer and Harvey Norman doing well as well, JB Hi-Fi, up 25 cents by the beginning of January. Since the beginning of January. Steven Daghlian from CommSec,
thank you.

You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Stay with us, next - the latest on the police injured
during a siege in Sydney. Final farewell - friends and family remember the life
of Lady Susan Renouf. And a few bumps as two of the world's most powerful
men meet for the first time.

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VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Ann Sanders. You're watching Seven's 4:00 News. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon. These are our top stories on Seven. Four police officers have been
injured in a blast at a house in the southern Sydney suburb
of Botany. It appears a man had poured
petrol over himself before setting it alight. School cleaner Vincent Stanford
has pleaded guilty to the murder and sexual assault
of schoolteacher Stephanie Scott in the New South Wales Riverina. Donald Trump has officially become
the Republican Party's nominee for US president. And an emotional service
has been held in France to remember the disastrous
Battle of Fromelles, 100 years ago. Still to come in sport
with Jim Wilson, the career of Tiger Woods
takes another turn for the worse.

Lady Susan Renouf, one of Australia's
most colourful socialites, has been laid to rest. Family, friends, and members of Melbourne's political
and business communities packed the service to pay their respects. Among the mourners, her former husband Andrew Peacock, Bert and Patty Newton
and Derryn Hinch. The 74-year-old died last week,
after a long battle with cancer. Renouf was a leading lady
on Melbourne's social scene for 50 years, and was known for her love
of fashion and hats.

Sea World is hoping to release
seven fur seals back into the wild after they were rescued
from Gold Coast beaches. But there's a catch - it's illegal to release them back
into Queensland waters because it's too warm. Josh Adsett explains. Yesterday, a marine rescue team captured another
New Zealand fur seal from the beach at Miami. But it was in such poor health,
it didn't survive the night. In the past two months, Sea World has rescued 14 seals
from beaches between Moreton Island
and the New South Wales border. Seven have survived
and are recovering quickly. These are new pictures
of the first one they named William. He's growing stronger and vets want to send him home
as soon as possible.

Is not just a seed but to care and look after it and clean. Have all the vets and that nurses as well. It has been a drain on us. Rescue teams claim they've never seen so many seals
washing ashore in Queensland. They say it's likely because of the soaring populations
in southern states. But they won't set them free here
because the water is too warm. They're lobbying
the New South Wales government to allow a mass release down south and are hoping the defence force will again loan them
a Hercules aircraft for the journey. We are in winter now and we would like to try and

like to try and release them in the coldest weather possible. We do not want to release them in summer. If they are able to be released, some of the seals will be fitted
with tracking devices to follow their progress
in the hope of learning more about why they came north
in the first place. More now on our top story. Four police officers injured
in a siege in Sydney. They're now in hospital with burns after a tense stand-off with a man
who barricaded himself inside his home at Botany,
in the city's south. They attempted to negotiate
with him and eventually forced their way in due to concerns
for the man's safety. It's believed the man had doused
himself in petrol and set himself alight. Four officers were injured. Three have been taken to hospital
with burns. Neighbours were forced
to evacuate their homes as a precaution

Police are hoping petrol station
or hardware store staff can help them find new clues, following the murder of a man
in Sydney's south-west. Hung Robert Tran was shot
and killed in Cabramatta on July 2. A week later, his burnt-out car
was found in Greystanes. At that crime scene, police found this 20-litre
red plastic jerry can. They're asking store owners
or staff to contact them if the can may have been bought
at their store. Russia's future in the
Olympics Games remains in limbo following a damning report exposing
government-orchestrated doping. The International Olympic Committee
met overnight but is yet to decide
on the country's fate. Rob Scott reports. About 400 or so Russian athletes
will have to wait a few more days before they will be able
to find out whether or not they will be banned from taking part
in next week's games. This was sparked
after a report found widespread state-controlled doping
of Russian athletes over a 4-year period, which included the run-up
to the London Olympics in 2012, and throughout
the Sochi Winter Games of 2014. The report said
that cheating involved swapping the samples
of Russian athletes using performance-enhancing drugs
with clean ones. This was done by passing
the dirty samples through a hole in the wall
of the Sochi laboratory in the dead of night by a man disguised
as a sewer technician. The Russian track and field team
has already been banned from Rio. An appeal on that decision
is currently under way. The IOC wants to wait
to see the outcome of that first before deciding whether to impose
a blanket ban on the entire team. If it does, this will only be
the second time in Olympic history that an entire nation
has been banned from taking part
in the Olympic Games. The first was South Africa
during the apartheid years.

US Vice-President Joe Biden has
reflected on his AFL experience before leaving the country today. Speaking in Sydney, Mr Biden drew on his granddaughter's
interpretation of the sport. It's kinda like basketball, soccer,
rugby, football. Biden said the same combination
of skills from countries like America and Australia was what's needed to improve
international relations and push medical breakthroughs. Britain's new Foreign Secretary was apparently trying to be
a more serious politician in his first meeting
with his US counterpart. However, it didn't go quite to plan
for Boris Johnson as the American media launched an
attack on his foreign policy gaffes. The latest test of Boris Johnson's
new, serious approach came this afternoon
at a press conference with his American counterpart,
John Kerry. If only the doorman had understood.

This wasn't meant to be
a day for games. Inside, time to address
the elephant in the room. Boris Johnson campaigned
to leave the EU, John Kerry and his boss,
President Obama, desperately wanted Britain to stay. But that's not the way
the people of this country voted, and we respect democracy. All of us. So far, so good.

This man is a very smart
and capable man. I can live with that.

That's the Boris Johnson
that I've met. Stop that, that's great. (LAUGHTER) Thank you. This is called diplomacy. (LAUGHTER) Fantastic, it's going well. It's going well, John. But it went less well when the American media
started asking questions about all those times
Boris Johnson had been rude about their leaders.

You've described Hillary Clinton
as someone with, "dyed blond hair and pouty lips
and a steely blue stare, "like a sadistic nurse
in a mental hospital." You will note Boris hung his head. I'm afraid that there's
such a rich thesaurus now of things that I've said that it would really
take me too long to engage in a full global itinerary
of apology to all concerned. America accepts
Britain is leaving the EU - it is now focused on how we do it. A melanoma drug, recently listed on the
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, is so effective it's now becoming the standard
of care in major hospitals. Experts say it's gaining better
results than chemotherapy. Emily Fardoulys reports. A drug trialled in Brisbane has produced some incredible results
for melanoma patients, becoming the first effective
treatment for the deadly disease. The previous drug used,
called Yervoy, left patients with a life expectancy
of just nine months. But specialists found
patients given PD1 antibodies at Princess Alexandra Hospital had lifesaving results. About 40% of patients
had melanoma shrinkage and for 30%,
the disease was stabilised. They are designed to make your body
realise you have cancer to make your white cells
see that you have cancer cells there and continue to have them act
on work on your cancer to kill it. Kathy Gardiner was part of the trial after being told
she had incurable cancer in 2014. Two years on,
the 35-year-old disease free. It's a bit of a battle of knowing
that you are doing so well when others aren't doing
equally as well. Experts are also exploring
other potential uses for these PD1 antibodies with trials on other diseases, including lung, kidney, bladder
and triple negative breast cancer. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - The simple new way
to cut unwanted food cravings. In sport with Jim Wilson, more on Tigers veteran Robbie Farah
being dumped to reserve grade.

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Australian researchers believe
they've come up with a simple way to stop people craving
the bad things in their diet. It's simple
but apparently very effective. One year ago, Maggie Slessor
was four dress sizes bigger. Like many people, she had a weakness
for all things sweet. As soon as you wake up
in the morning, if you've got an addiction,
you want chocolate. To help shred 22 kilos, Maggie began the
Tapping for Food Cravings program. It's claimed to work by tapping on specific
acupuncture points on the face and body. When people are in that state of feeling like they need
a chocolate or a cake, they get overwhelmed
with certain feelings, so by tapping on those areas,
the brain responds and calms down
and people's craving disappear. Until recently, it was only available
in one-on-one sessions, but now you can do
the program online. And with Australia's obesity rates
the second highest in the world,

Three months after the tapping,
I started to lost the craving. We've had people lose
on average 5kg a year. That's normally from only doing
the tapping, not doing any other program. Researchers hope to use
the same tapping technique to help people curb smoking, alcohol
and drug addictions. The best thing about this technique, that it does work faster
than traditional therapies and it's self-administered.

Sport now with Jim Wilson, and the Tigers coach
makes a big call in the NRL.

And ongoing feud. The career of Robbie Farah
at the Wests Tigers could be over. After 247 games for the club, the veteran hooker has been dropped
to reserve grade for this weekend. It appears the well-publicised
feud between Farah and Tigers coach Jason Taylor has finally taken its toll. The Tigers are currently two points
outside the top 8. The next seven weeks we've gotta
play really consistent footy and we've gotta be ruthless
when we get in front and just be ready there
for the grind. The Bulldogs have won
their last four games but this morning, coach Des Hasler
was keen to talk up the Cowboys, ahead of tomorrow night's clash
in Townsville. Oh, where do you want to start? Do you wanna start
with their front row, do you wanna start with
their back row? The half and five-eighth are
in great form. Last night Darren Lockyer was
named captain's captain of the Kangaroos at the Men of League Gala Ball. Giants co-captain Callan Ward will
chalk up a significant milestone on Sunday. The midfielder will become the first
player reach 100 AFL games for GWS. To come to a new club
as a 21-year-old from the Western Bulldogs and I didn't know what to expect. To come here and after five years
to play 100 games, it's something
I'll be forever proud of. The Giants are away
to Port Adelaide. In Round 4, the Power copped
an 86-point hammering by GWS. We're not talking about redemption. We're just talking about being
a better team than previously. We've been able to learn a lot more
about what we need

Fremantle coach Ross Lyons
has admitted he refused to accept
captain Matthew Pavlich's offer to quit earlier in the year. He's so valuable as a leader
of the club and he's been a great captain
of the club and player so he'll certainly see out
the season. Pavlich says 17 years in the game
has taken a major toll on his body. Australia is in control
of its tour match in Sri Lanka ahead of next week's first test. All-rounder Mitch Marsh was furious
at getting out for 25, throwing his bat in disgust. Joe Burns, Steve Smith
and Stephen O'Keefe posted half centuries on day two. It's just tough work. It's tough to score, it's slow going and you have to be committed
to try and bat all day. The Aussies resume at 9/431 -
202 runs in front.

For the first time in his career, Tiger Woods will miss
all four majors in a calendar year. The 40-year-old has withdrawn
from next week's PGA Championship and he won't play again this year because of persistent back problems. Tiger is now ranked 628
in the world. The 14-time Major winner
hasn't played since back surgery last September.

Our swimmers are finetuning their
training ahead of the Rio Olympics. Coach Michael Bohl's squad
features seven Olympians, including world champion
Mitch Larkin and Emma McKeon, who'll contest five events.

There's a lot of training
to do still until they race. Obviously they're
doing a lot of sharpening up but still a long way to go
until the gun goes off in Rio. Meantime, British cycling superstar
Mark Cavendish has withdrawn from the Tour de France to prepare for the Rio Games. Cavendish won four stages
in this year's race.

He is a superstar. He has never won an Olympic medal. He is one to watch out for in Rio. Thank you. Coming up, the latest
in-store technology that allows you to try
before you buy. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

The next First Lady. That was a bad mistake. Claiming that she was a victim of a witch-hunt. When you look at the damage to her car, it is remarkable that she survived. Six of those who lost can today have their final place recognised. Sunrise has all the news covered. It's the future of shopping and takes consumers well
past self-serve checkouts and tap-and-go payments. Stores with digital mirrors that
change the colour of your outfit and a scanner showing staff
your correct size are just a couple of the latest
innovations on show. Helen Wellings reports. The retail expo's showcasing
a range of new technologies - ultra-futuristic devices
like this digital mirror that enhance
our shopping experience. Basically, this is the world's
first digital mirror. A combination of screen
and a camera. We can change it to another colour. Oh, I like that. So the customer can actually see
what different colours they have in the store, you can see it without undress
and dress. So the customer can record
a short session and then compare side by side, and see how you look
in different colours. The memory mirror allows you to
compare colours side-by-side 360 degrees, and share shots
via smartphone and social media. There's a smaller version
for eyewear. Other retail innovations - fitting room help - scanning a product sends a message
to sales staff to bring you another colour or size. And this digital touchscreen - if a store's closed you can browse product ranges,
sizes and colours then buy from the shop window. Just tap straight
on the store window and start to browse the range of
products that the store might have. Select an item you are interested
in, if it is available I can actually push that information
straight onto my mobile phone, complete my purchase back at home. Many of these technologies
are already available in stores in the US, and this expo is hoping to bring
them to retail in Australia.

A humpback whale has put on
a spectacular show off Sydney's Northern Beaches

but whale watchers nearby
were looking the wrong way. Luckily photographer John Goodridge
was on hand to capture the incredible moment the
whale breached high into the air. It happened just 5m
from another tourist boat. The mammals are swimming up
the New South Wales coast on their northern migration. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the weather forecast
with David Brown.

David Brown joins us
with the forecast. Brownie, it's been a dull
and wet day in New South Wales.

Indeed, Ann. Less than one degree separated
Sydney's overnight low and maximum temperature. There's been plenty of rain too - up to 50mm. There's more on the way tonight. This low is driving the wet weather. That said, the weather should
improve tomorrow morning

A lot of rain to calm. That to come. To our weather wall. Adelaide, a fine and mild day. Warmer tomorrow. Melbourne, it's fine and 14. Foggy tomorrow morning. Sydney, it's dull and wet.

30mm in the city rain gauge
since midnight.

come. There is a lot more on the way.

Brisbane, fine and 22. Warmer tomorrow. A massive belt of high pressure
is producing settled weather over the southern capitals. Rain continues over eastern
New South Wales. A series of cold fronts
will slip across WA tomorrow. Warm north-westerly winds
will stream over New South Wales.

The forecast tomorrow looks like this. In Sydney, a few early morning showers. A fine day, quite warm. It is morning showers. A fine day, quite
warm. It is four degrees above average. For Melbourne, some showers developing. Adelaide should be fine and mostly sunny, 22 degrees. That said, and chain should be through degrees. That said, and chain
should be through tomorrow night. That is the latest weather, more details at 60. That's the Afternoon News
for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for watching. The Chase Australia is next
on Seven. I'll see you tomorrow. Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.


ANNOUNCER: For 20 years
he's made creations for Australia's dessert fans. Now it's time for them
to create for Zumbo. Let's make some magic!

WOMAN: I've got a real
'never say die' attitude. MAN: Oh, wow. I don't think
anybody else has made this. WOMAN: I'm going to go down in
a blaze of glory if I'm going down. MAN: The more over-the-top it is,
the better.

I'm looking for
something crunchy, sticky. Zesty, runny.
Crumbly, creamy. Flaky, nutty.
Quirky, gooey. Yummy.

They're not just desserts -
they're creations.

After the Olympics. Zumbo's Just Desserts, on Seven.

ANDREW O'KEEFE: These four strangers
must work as a team to win thousands of dollars. But standing in their way is one of
the sharpest minds in Australia - the Chaser. The Chase is on. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Welcome to The Chase Australia.
Lovely to have your company. I think you're gonna enjoy
our contestants tonight. A very diverse crowd.
Let's meet the team. Hi. I'm Muffy. I love photography and I'm obsessed
with all things Disney. Hi. I'm Lyn. I'm an adrenaline
junkie and I'm learning the piano. Hi. I'm Jayden.
I'm a student teacher. I collect comics
and I sail on weekends. And I'm Rob. I'm a paramedic.
I also commentate roller derby. Wow. That's supply AND demand.
And that's my team. Their challenge is to bring
as much money as they can down the board into the team bank. But rolling along behind them
all the way will be the Chaser. If they get caught, they lose
the money, they're out of the game. Make it through to the bank and they could share in
a great team cash prize. Everyone faces the Chaser.
Tonight, Muffy is first. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome to the show, Muffy.
Good to have you here. Thank you. It's lovely to be here. First of all, can I ask a question?
Yes. Your name, 'Muffy' -
I mean, it's a tremendous name. What were your parents
going with there? It was actually the name
of an English author. Oh, yeah? Uh...some little old lady that
Mum looked at the name and went, "Oh, look! It's so cute!
And it's still cute when she's 80." (LAUGHS)
"Oh. OK!" (LAUGHS) Hey, what are you doing
with yourself, Muffy? I work at Officeworks. I've been there for 13 years,
which is kind of crazy for retail. So, Muffy, outside of work, you sound like
a very artistic person to me. You love your photography and
your architecture and your musicals. Yes. Yes.
Yeah? What's your chief passion? My chief PASSION would be
anything Disney, but if we were focusing on
the musicals, I'd go for Wicked. Sure.
100%. Have you seen it a few times?
Uh, yeah, just a few. Yeah. Just a few? Yeah?
Alright, Muffy, let's do it. 60 seconds on the clock
for your Cash Builder. $2,000 per correct answer.
Mm-hm. I wish you the best of luck. And your time In which '60s movie does Julie
Andrews play a singing novice nun? The Sound Of Music.
Correct. In 1986, which Melbourne building
became Australia's tallest? Uh, the Rialto?
Correct. Beginning with K, what is a herring
that has been smoked and salted? Kipper.
Correct. Which singer wrote the Australian
classic Tenterfield Saddler? Peter Allen.
Correct. Which book and film series features
the wizard family the Weasleys? Harry Potter.
Correct. Which New South Wales town
shares its name with a famous US business magazine? Pass.
Forbes. Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for her
performance in which 2012 movie?

Oh...Les Miserables?
Correct. One of the leading figures
in the American suffrage movement was Susan B. WHO? Pass.
Anthony. Matilda the kangaroo was the mascot
of the Commonwealth Games held in which city?

Correct. Which portfolio did Malcolm Turnbull
hold in the Abbott government? Pass.
Communications. Comments by which shock jock initiated the Destroy the Joint
movement? Good gosh. Pass! (SIREN SOUNDS)
(MIMICS HIM) "Alan Jones." Oh, Muffy! You've done very well.
(APPLAUSE) $14,000 for your Cash Builder.
Oh, wow! Nicely played.
The sun is smiling on you. Now, someone who's not
going to smile on you, or at you, or with you -
or just not smile at all - is the Chaser, and we'll find out who
that's going to be today next. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

VOICE-OVER: Jane's no Olympian, but at Macca's she's
an Aussie Angus and egg prodigy. Look at that Angus beef, egg, beetroot and barbecue finish. Go, Jane. We're for Aussie legends,
Olympian or not.