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from the Leeton school
where she worked just days before she was due
to be married. Samantha Brett joins me now. Hello, Samantha.

Stephanie Scott's family was in court today?Yes. They were in court today to hear the 25-year-old cleaner plead guilty to the rape and murder of the much-loved school teacher. It was Easter Sunday in April last year, the 26-year-old went missing. She'd attended Leeton high school, where she taught, to prepare some lessons. Five days later, her burned remains were found 70km away in a National Park. Her tragic death has affected the entire Leeton community, especially since she was due to get married just a few days later. Stephanie Scott's family was also in court earlier this year, when Vincent Stanford's twin brother, Marcus, pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact. Now, both men will face a sentence hearing in October and this, of for the Scott family, that they will now finally get some answers. Thank you very much, Sam. Police are appealing for witnesses
after a pedestrian died in a hit-and-run in Perth. The 21-year-old victim was hit
in Bennett Springs

just after 8:00 last night. He was taken to hospital
but couldn't be saved. The driver sped off.

Witnesses have freed a woman
from the wreck of a car

after she crashed following
a suspected drag race in Melbourne. She suffered serious injuries when
her car smashed into a power pole.

One of the drivers in this crash has also been linked to highly destructive drag race in Melbourne's north a few months ago. The two sedans were travelling south on an avenue in Glenroy. It's believed both were going well above the 60km/h speed limit. The front of a Chrysler, made contact with the back of a Toyota, which ran off the road and struck a power pole and a mailbox. The power pole was snapped at the base. The female driver of the Toyota was trapped until a man came to her aid by smashing the back window with a hammer.I smashed the car window, the back window, and, um, yeah, just helped the lady out of the car and I don't know how she walked away unscathed. Yeah, I just cannot believe it.The 25-year-old woman, from Sydney, was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the Chrysler avoided injury. However, it's believed that he was also involved in a serious crash at rocks borough Park in April this year. Four town houses were damaged ex-tensively and four cars written off in Roxburgh Park after a BMW ran off the road. No charges have been laid. Both drivers involved in the crash overnight it this have been tested for drugs and alcohol. Police have yet to interview either driver. A man is recovering in hospital after he was stabbed
in a love triangle dispute at a house
on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Another man was arrested
at a nearby unit in Cromer.

Live now to Ashlee Mullany
outside Manly court. Hello, Ashlee.
That man has just been charged?

That's right, Ann. A 36-year-old man has just been charged over that stabbing in Cromer last night and he's due to face court today. Police were called to the address last night where they found a 45-year-old man with stab wounds to his back and neck. He was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital with a punctured lung. Doctors say his injuries aren't life-threatening. Two hours later, police went to a home nearby and arrested a 36-year-old man. CCTV shows the moment police took him out of the property in handcuffs early this morning. It's believed the fight was sparked over a love triangle involving a woman who was living at the home at the time. The owner of the home, Mark, spoke today about the terrifying ordeal.Everyone's gone into the house and I'm out there picking up the stuff that fell on the ground and saying, "Get out of here. Go away. I don't want to know about you." I saw he had a knife. He came in and Tristan was saying, "I'm not well. I'm not well." And blood was pouring out of his back, basically.That man has been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and reckless wounding. He's due to appear in Manly local court today. It's official - Republicans have
formally nominated Donald Trump to be their candidate
for US President at the party's convention in Ohio.

But celebrations are being
overshadowed by claims his wife, Melania Trump, plagiarised
a speech by Michelle Obama. Mike Amor is in Cleveland.

Ann, Donald Trump is now officially the Republican Party
presidential nominee after a roll call of states
gave him enough votes to give him a chance
to become president. It was left up to his family,
his sons and his daughters, to announce that he had enough
delegates. Congratulations, Dad! We love you!

Much better news for Donald Trump
after his campaign spent the day defending the fact that his wife,
Melania, had plagiarised parts of her speech
last night. Worse still, that speech was from
Michelle Obama's convention speech in 2008.

I'll let you make up your own mind. You work hard
for what you want in life. You work hard
for what you want in life. That your word is your bond. That your word is your bond. And you do what you say
and keep your promise. That you do what you say
you're gonna do. That you treat people with respect. That you treat people...
(CHEERING) ..with dignity and respect. Melania Trump who rarely appears
in public initially said she wrote the speech
with the help of others but it appears that it was written
by a team of speech writers. And there are calls for someone
to be sacked. Apparently he has just two
speech writers and because he hasn't run
the normal political operation, mistakes are made. And that was a bad mistake,
there's no doubt about that.

To make matters worse, the band Queen objected to Trump
using song We Are The Champions when he emerged onstage here
last night. But better news for Donald Trump - now officially the Republican Party
presidential nominee. He still needs to accept
that nomination but will in the next two nights.
Ann. Four people have been charged
after being caught BASE-jumping off a Brisbane crane. The three men and a woman
jumped off the crane at a high-rise building site on the corner of Alice
and Albert street. They landed in the botanical gardens and fled across the Goodwill Bridge
to South Bank before police caught them. They'll face court in August charged
with unregulated high-risk activity.

Graphics doing up 3 Fromelles photos
to be used

Special commemorations
have been held in France to mark 100 years
since the Battle of Fromelles. Descendants of the soldiers
joined dignitaries to honour the sacrifices made
in the bloody offensive against German troops. Hugh Whitfeld
is at Pheasant Wood Cemetery. For many of the 2,500 Australians
who have travelled here to Fromelles, it has been an overwhelming journey, coming to the place
where so many Australians died. 2,000 on the first day of fighting
here on the Western Front for Australian troops. It was the bloodiest
and deadliest day for Australians during the entire First World War. We heard today, about the importance of not just remembering
these soldiers' sacrifice but also remembering that they
missed out on contributing to a very young Australian nation. One of the most poignant moments
occurred when the families of the six most
recently identified soldiers here came forward to help re-dedicate
their headstones, including the family
of James Benson. He was 37 when he died
on the battlefield. He already a veteran
of the Boer War. He came here to the Western Front and died on the first day
of fighting. We knew that he was here
but there was never a spot that we could actually go and visit. So to now to be able to come and see
him is really special, especially for my dad. It was a blistering hot day today,
much like we're told, the conditions that those troops
faced here 100 years ago. Historians say that Australians
should place Fromelles on par, if not above,
the battle at Gallipoli in terms of where it sits
in Australian history. Of course, from here, there are
more commemorative services across the Western Front this week
concluding with a service of Pozieres,
south of here on Saturday. Next in Seven News - a police officer hit by a stolen car
at the scene of a fatal crash. Another police officer shot
dead in the US. And the IOC delays its decision on banning Russia
from the Rio Olympics.

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at the dog show, but first...

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A police officer has been hit
by a stolen car at the scene of a fatal crash
near Geelong. Officers were cordoning off
a section of the Bellarine Highway in Leopold

when the vehicle drove through
and struck an officer in the leg. The driver
of the stolen car didn't stop. The Honda has been found
dumped in Corio. Police don't believe the car
is connected to the fatal accident where a 31-year-old man died
after hitting a tree. To finance now and joining me is Westpac's
global head of economics Bill Evans. Good morning, Bill. Has the share market held on
to its recent gains? Ann, yes. We've had another up morning,

morning, up 0.35%. The lead from the US wasn't as strong, up 0.15%. Within that, the financials have done well and the health care stocks have done well. The resources were negative today. BHP giving a flat production out look may have unnerved the resource stocks. Ann, looking back now, our market is up more than 7% since stocks. Ann, looking back now, our
market is up more than 7% since the market is up more than 7% since Brexit shock. The US market is up by 8%. We're now at above pre-Brexit levels, an encouraging recovery indeed.What's your take on the Reserve Bank's board minutes and what they mean for interest rates?Look, Ann, those minutes yesterday, surprisingly, showed the Reserve Bank less up-beat about the labour market and less up-beat about housing, but it will come down to the inflationary port next week. Our view is that the number will be sufficiently low that will give them the opportunity to cut rates on 2 August. I remain relatively confident that we'll see another rate cut on 2 August.Bill Evans from Westpac, thank you very much.Thanks, Ann. Another police officer has been shot
dead in the US -

this time in Kansas.

He was responding to a call
of shots being fired by three people inside a car in Kansas City. As a colleague took one person
into custody, Captain Robert Melton
pursued the other two suspects. Several more shots were fired,
hitting the officer. Paramedics carried out CPR
but he couldn't be saved. Russia remains in limbo over whether
it can compete in the Rio Olympics after an independent report found
its government orchestrated cheating at the 2014 Winter Games. The International Olympic Committee
held an emergency meeting in Switzerland overnight. Rob Scott reports.

About 400 or so Russian athletes
will have to wait a few more days before they'll be able
to find out whether or not they'll be banned from taking
part in next month's Rio Olympic Games. After an emergency meeting
last night, the International Olympic Committee
has decided to seek legal advice before ruling on whether to ban
the entire Russian delegation from the Games. This was sparked
after a report found widespread state-controlled doping
of Russian athletes over a four-year period which included the run-up
to the London Olympics in 2012 and throughout
the Sochi Winter Games of 2014. The report says that cheating
involved swapping the samples of Russian athletes
using performance-enhancing drugs with clean ones.

This was done by passing the dirty
samples through a hole in the wall of a Sochi laboratory
in the dead of night by a man disused as a disguised
as a sewer technician. The Russian track and field team
has already been banned from Rio. An appeal on that decision
is currently underway. The IOC wants to wait to see
the outcome of that first before deciding whether to impose
a blanket ban on the entire team. If it does, this will only be
the second time in Olympic history that an entire nation
has been banned from taking part in an Olympic Games. The first was South Africa
during the Apartheid years. Police have
confiscated a jungle python, after a passenger pulled it
out of his backpack on a train north of Sydney. Police say the man tried to show the
metre-long black and yellow snake to other passengers at Woy Woy,
around 1am. The man said his
python was named Bread. Passengers called police,
concerned about the snake's safety. Next in Seven News - all the day's
sport with Liam Cox including Collingwood's AFL finals
hopes set to go on the line. And rugby league legend
Darren Lockyer recognised as the greatest ever
Australian captain.

Good morning. Bulldogs coach Des Hasler
is up to his old tricks ahead of tomorrow night's clash
against the Cowboys in Townsville. Canterbury have won their
last four games but Hasler preferred to
stay under the radar this morning and talk up the reigning Premiers. Oh, where do you want to start? Do you wanna start with their
front row, do you wanna start
with their back row? The half and five-eight
are in great form. Last night Darren Lockyer was named
Captain's Captain of the Kangaroos at the Men of League gala ball. Collingwood face a must-win game
against North Melbourne on Friday night. Victory will keep the Magpies
in the hunt for a top-8 berth and condemn the Kangaroos
to a sixth straight defeat. We're not underestimating that. We see this as a finals game, we'll definitely be coming
with finals-type intensity. In Perth, Fremantle coach Ross Lyon considered
an offer from Matthew Pavlich to quit earlier this season
before knocking it back. He's so valuable as a...
as a leader of the club and he's been a great captain over
the years, and player. So he'll certainly see out
the season. Pavlich will retire at the end
of the season.

Australia's batsmen are in form ahead of next week's first test
against Sri Lanka. Joe Burns, Steve Smith
and Stephen O'Keefe all posted half-centuries on day two
of the tour match in Colombo. It's just tough work,
it's tough to score, it's slow going and you have to be committed
to try and bat all day. Mitch Marsh was furious,
caught behind for 25, throwing his bat in disgust
as he trudged off the field. The Aussies resume at 9/431 -
202 runs in front. The playing future of Tiger Woods
is again in jeopardy with the former world number one
succumbing to injury. The 14-time major champion
has withdrawn from next week's PGA Championship
in New Jersey. His manager confirmed
he won't play at all this year. It's the first time Woods has missed
four straight majors. The 40-year-old hasn't played since undergoing his third bout
of major back surgery in September last year. Our swimmers are fine-tuning
their training with their tilt at Rio
just over a fortnight away. Coach Michael Bohl's squad
features seven Olympians, including world champion
Mitch Larkin and Emma McKeon,
who'll contest five events. There's a lot of training to do
still until they race, obviously they're doing a lot
of sharpening up at the moment. But still a long way to go
till the gun goes off in Rio. British cycling star
Mark Cavendish has withdrawn from the the remainder
of the Tour de France to prepare for Rio. Cavendish won four stages
of this year's race. Ronaldinho is interested
in finishing his illustrious career in the A-League

but the football icon's latest
playing stint has only added to suggestions
he's unreliable. The 2-time World Player of the Year thrilled Indian fans
of the new Premier Futsal League, scoring five goals in one game. Then, just hours
after his dazzling debut, Ronaldinho sensationally quit. He's returning home to Brazil to be
an ambassador for the Paralympics. Ann, that's how it is
in the world of sport this morning.

Next in Seven's Morning News the national weather forecast,
with David Brown.

The next First Lady. The biggest speech of her life... BOTH: That your word is your bond. ..quickly evaporated. That was a bad mistake.
There's no doubt about that. Claiming that she was
the victim of a witch hunt. When you look at the damage
to her car, it is remarkable that she survived. Parachuted off the crane.
They then made a run for it. Six of those who were lost can today have their
final resting place recognised. VOICEOVER: Sunrise has
all the news covered. A humpback whale has put
on a spectacular show off Sydney's northern beaches but whale watchers nearby
were looking the wrong way. Luckily photographer John Goodridge was on hand to capture
the incredible moment the whale breached
high into the air. It happened just 5m
from another tourist boat. The mammals are swimming up
the New South Wales coast on their northern migration.

Let's get a check
of the weather forecast now with Seven News meteorologist
David Brown. How's it looking, Brownie? Good morning, Ann. The rain is tumbling down
over central New South Wales and there's a lot more on the way. This active low is driving the rain

and it'll stick around
in Sydney all day. This event should dump 30 to 50 mm. Up north there's been extensive
unseasonal rain over the past week. Vast areas of the Sunshine state
picked up at least 50 mm. More than 100mm in the upper west, which is normally dusty under foot
this time of year. 119 at Winton.

These pictures are from Winton where part of the region
is under flood. A kangaroo is struggling
to find higher ground. Let's go to our weather wall, looking good in Brisbane today. Heading for 25. In Sydney the rain should ease
to a few showers tonight. In Melbourne, fine
and on the way to 16. And in Perth, showers
developing later today. Top 18. Further showers and storms
are expected in Queensland

near this active trough today.

This low off the coast

is expected to move out to sea
rather quickly taking the rain with

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout
the day. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company, goodbye. Live captions
by Ericsson Access Services.


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