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The doping bombshell that could see Russia banned from the Rio Olympics. From party revolts to Hunger Game stunts, we check out the National Republican Convention circus. Good news for Miranda Tapsell fans. She will join us in the studio. Welcome to The Project. Back with us is the delightful Fifi Box.Not just the delightful Fifi Box. There's a bit going on with her.We almost had a panic mpth I thought there was a dog in the studio. A woman in the front row is wearing the biggest ugg boots I've ever seen. Stay with us. We're going to get a shot of that.I wish I was wearing them now. They look so comfortable.I thought there was no animals in the studio.It looks like an entire flock of sheep.Time to see what's making news. Malcolm Turnbull and his ministry have been sworn in. Family members watched proudly as Governor-General Sir Peter kod grove did the honours. -- 'cause grove did their honours.-- Cosgrove did the honours.Three young men have been remanded in custody after fronting court charged with the stabbing murder of a Sydney teenager. Adam Abu-Mahmoud died following a brightening brawl last night in Panania.I saw his brother and I couldn't imagine what me was feeling when he was holding him in his arms with a knife in his back. He was a good boy.Police are trying to work out what sparked the violence and whether others are involved. An extremely foggy start across Queensland's south-east has caused delays and diversions at Brisbane Airport. 150 flights were affected. The fog stretched as far as Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast.Quite a deep fog. We got up to 150m depth in the fog. That's why it took quite a long time to evaporate.It seemed to work OK for this champion in Brisbane.When is your next flight?So far it's now boarding at 11:30, but that's subject to change.A sneaky beer was needed?It makes you sleep on the plane.His laugh made me so happy. Champion.It looks like it's getting super difficult for pet owners to rent a property in Queensland. Landlords are reportedly demanding pet resumes. A dossier containing details like references and vet certificates. Apparently only about 10% of Queensland landlords allow pets.I want to know if the dog in the studio has a resume. Look at those. Amazing.They deserve a resume. They deserve one.You're never going to be able to rely on the references. Half the stuff that's written is not the truth.My dog really didn't work at NASA.My Ruby was a barrista while she studied sheet metal. Her weaknesses are she works too hard and she craps on the floor.Too loyal. It's already the biggest sporting scandal since the Cold War but WADA investigation into Russia's doping -- WADA's investigation into Russia's doping program have sparked many fears. This latest sporting scandal doesn't help. Yesterday WADA announced Russian authorities concealed 577 positive drug tests across 30 sports since 2011. Including the London and souchy Olympics.The Russian Ministry of Sport directed, controlled and oversaw the manipulation of athletes' analyteral results with sample -- analyteral results with sample swap -- analytical results with samping swapping.Politics are interfering with sbort. That's my Putin voice. Is it nice?This involved the Ministry of Sport for Russia, it involved the Secret Service, it involved the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.How did they do it? Well, like all good stories, it started with bottles of wee. Before competitions, Russianaths letes would provide clean urine samples, then they resumed doping. Then theystorioid-tainted samples were smuggled out through a hole in the wall of the drug lab and replaced by a clean sample.He ate his spinach every day.We do have a crisis around anti-doping in that where leaving control of testing procedures in the hands of nation states and it's not in your interests to have their athletes exposed. As of today, WADA is urging the IOC to ban Russian athletes from Rio. The integrity of anti-doping measures are in question. Just 18 days from the Olympics it's a big old mess. The former president of WADA joins us announcement we've seen the IOC squib out on this sort of stuff before, like when the athletics body found similar things about Russia and didn't follow through. The question now is will they finally have the courage to boot Russia out of the Olympics after this?Crunch time's here. Look, I think they really put in jeopardy the credibility of Olympics and future Olympics. It's not just a couple of athletes. It's not just one sport. It's 30 sports, it's hundreds of athletes, it involves the Ministry of Sport, the Secret Service, the Anti-Doping Authority, the laboratory. The evidence is compelling to say that we're prepared to ignore it and have Russia at the Games. I believe they put at grask risk the credibility of the Games -- grave risk the credibility of the Games for the future.It seems so disappointing for lovers of sport?You have a right to be disappointed. Every time someone - particularly, when Lance Armstrong went down, one of my heroes - I could not believe as great as he was, the Bradman of cycling, and he was probably the worst cheap of all time. That does shatter you and we look up to our sportsmen and women. When something goes wrong in terms of cheating, then all of us feel things are little less than they were previously.It took a whistleblower tune cover this - that amazes me that an operation of this magnitude went undetected for so long. How does that happen?Well, I think they had a pretty good start with the Secret Service on side. Not too many countries can get cover-up with the assistance of the Russian Secret Service. I met the man of the laboratory of the head of in Moscow. He told me he personally took drugs when he was a middle distance athlete. He said each of them had performance enhancing drugs in them in that national title event in that photograph. My jaw nearly went to the ground. This is the man running the laboratory. This is incredible. Thank you very much for joining us tonight. Pleasure.So the Olympics are 18 days away, right? Is it going to change the way you watch them? Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm hearing too many of these scandals too regularly. I don't believe they're doing enough. When I see stories like this I think, "It's obvious." When the Olympics arrive, you don't think the magic of the event takes over?You need to ban a country like that.I don't get how you can trust a country will always do the right thing. Especially Russia. Unless they're Australia. We all know we always do the rights thing. I suspect when the Olympics start, we will get caught up in the Olympic fever and we hope our Aussies win as many medals as we can and we will forget. There will be scandals. There will be scandals aplenty.It feels that way.Rio will be fascinating.Doping is like the unwinnable war?Yes, the locksmiths and safecrackers, yes... Out through a side wall, it seems amateur.Does it change your view at all knowing all of Carrie's good stories begin with bottles of wee? That concerned me the most.They were great stories.I'm cancelling lunch tomorrow, though, Carrie. We're going to a break.Coming up - could Kim and Kanye cop three years in jail for that taped phone call? And all the latest, greatest and worst from this This program is not captioned. I'M A MAN PLAYS) This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. A case of back to the future for Michael ja, Fox at a Coldplay concert in New

Coldplay concert in New Jersey after a video request from his son.

I love Back To The Future. Hopefully he got the younger version of miss mum on there. Michael J Fox will appear as a wolf at an NBA game.One of Adelaide's local councils is searching for a mystery motorist who was mistakenly charged more than $700 for parking in Glenelg. Surprisingly, no-one has come forward, claiming their account has been incorrectly debited. Do they deserve it if they haven't noticed it.That's fine in Sydney. But Adelaide...It's so unlike a council. Normally they're fining you and they're saying, "We want to give you money back."You know what account you took the money from. Go back and put the money back in that account.They've only got the last four digits of the account number.That's convenient.It was mine. Yeah.Time to see what's happening in the world of entertainment. Grieving parentses have thanked the mouvy industry for its support following the 27-year-old's deathane freak accident last month. They placed a full page ad in the Hollywood Reporter saying they're deeply grateful for all the condolences they received and he would have been surprised by how many hearts and souls he touched. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian could be in strife if it's proven they recorded a phone conversation to Taylor Swift. She's reportedly planning legal action against the A-list couple who may have broken law. Winter will be delayed and shorter than usual for Game Of Thrones fans in 2017. HBO has confirmed series 7 won't debut until the middle of the year. The network has revealed there will only be seven episodes, not the usual 10. Oh, dear, Pete is going to be fuming.I am fuming. I just, seven episodes. I can't see how they can fit in enough boobs to tell the story properly in that time.Maybe it will just be all boobs.Maybe I can come toornd that idea.I love it.I love it although I'm fuming for other reasons It's a sore spot for me because I downloaded series six recently. We were in Fiji and I was watching it and it was very expensive for me. It locks like Game Of Thrones series 6 will have cost me $500,000.What?OK.That's expensive.It cost me a house. You can buy a house for that. When I was on holiday in Fiji, I would leave the apartment in the morning, start downloading an episode of Game Of Thrones on wi-fi. Very legal. I was using the wi-fi. The wi-fi was dodgy and it would drop out. So data was picking it up. I have come back to, I downloaded 155 gigabytes of data, 446 hours of international data.Was it HD as well?Yeah.And this is obviously a mistake. I assumed the wi-fi was working. It always works.How do you find this out?There was a note that came through and said it's an unusual amount of data. By that stage I had used it. I am just hoping the very good people at Telstra can see that this was a mistake and I was hoping that... What happens if it's not?I'm homeless. That's really serious.I get the impression you might be hosting the Telstra Christmas party this year.Did you get a note during it? When people use your credit card you get an unusual amount of usage.My iPad would honestly be $10 a month. On this occasion it's $500,000.Was it a good season, though? Did you enjoy it?It was a little disappointing to be honest.There's no upside to the story.Time for another break. See you on the other side.Look out, Ramsay Street, there's a new neighbour in town. You're watching The Project.

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Welcome back. When it comes to Aussie roadside attractions, the bigger the ber. Are our beloved big icons at risk of being forgotten? In the days of Beehives and The Beatles, the Aussie road trip was the place to be. The great Australian big thing on the side of the road.They're a big idea. I like them.The Big Prawn is ugly and gra.The Aussie obsession with overicised items was kicked off in 1963, with the Big Scotsman. No matter what your interests, there's a big thing for that, from the Big Guitar in Queensland, to the big Stubbie, lot of them are in Queensland.It's a draw card that brings people to smaller towns. They like to walk up the top of the Pineapple and have a look from there and they're right on the train.The Sunshine Coast's Big Pineapple made a comeback when it was reopened after years of neglect. But it can be hard to fool people.We came 20 years ago and remember queues and it was very vibrant and it's disappointing how rundown it is. But my kids are still enjoying it sgl.s while it's managed to turn things -- enjoying it. While it's managed to turn things around, most are just a relic from better times. There were trees all around the place and I get it went very well for many years.Berri in South Australia was once known for its fruit juice and Big Orange, but in 2009 years of drought forced the closure of the juice exactry and the orange was liquidated.People see it as another icon that's not being used. I think the Australian public love the big things but unfortunately the big things come at a big cost these days.South Australia's Larry the Lobster used to be one of the state's most famous iconsBut he now only rates a mention in where are they now specials. That's why we originally purchased to get him back up and going and tried our hardest to run the business. But then decided it was too much for us.While the crowd funding campaign raised $30,000 to help save Larry, it will take another $100,000 to keep him out of hot water.It is currently for sale. It needs a buyer to comin with a lot of ambition and drive and really put their heart and soul into the business.Instead of taking the freeway next time you hit the road, why not tick a trip down memory lane instead? You never know what big surprises you may encounter. It's a bit of fun when you go on holidays. Some of them are pretty nasty but we have to look after them.I didn't know about some of them.I remember the Big Pineapple. The Big Banana.Let's point out the Big Banana. They called us this afternoon to say they've just renovated and their banana is bigger and better than ever.I was there last year in Coffs Harbour. It was booming. Business was booming. That banana was ripe. Impressive. Very impressive. Alright. Sorry. Stick around, lots more to come after the break.Now Pippa Middleton's getting married. I wonder who she will ask to upstage her at her wedding? And Miranda Tapsell joins us This program is not captioned. new Whopper Junior range - for when you're hungry, This program is not captioned. (WHISTLE BLOWS) (DOG WHINES) and wherever you choose. This program is not captioned.

Here's what's making news. Malcolm Turnbull's reshuffled ministry has been sworn in by Sir Peter Cosgrove in Canberra. Labor says it indicates the PM is struggling to keep the peace within the Coalition.He's had to appoint all his friends and all his enemies to the frontbench. That's an extraordinary approach. Just give everybody a job and hope they'll stay happy.Time has run out for the Parramatta Eels board. They've been sacked by the NSW Government which has appointed a temporary administrator to manage the embattled club. The players unconcerned ahead of this weekend's game against the Gold Coast. The NRL has welcomed the decision. The entire Russian team could be banned from the Rio Olympics following a WADA investigation which found doping by Russian athletes was widespread at the London and Sochi Games. But officials were involved. We've been told Moscow's actions have put the credibility of the Olympics in jeopardy.If you lock at this report and indicates it's not just a couple of athletes or one sport, it's 30 sports. It's hundreds of athletes.And she almost stole the show at her sister's royal wedding back in 2011 but it could be Pippa Middleton's turn to walk down the aisle. They're yet to confirm reports they are engaged. That dress has so much to live up to.A tough act to follow.Doesn't someone else have to wear them to show her up?I can see Prince Harry.I'd love to see the Queen giving them a crack.If I was her sister, Kate, I'd really, I love that revenge dress. Pippa stole her moment. This is Kate's chance to steal her moment.I do think Kate has had some moments. She does get the throne and everything.Speaking of moments, you have a very exciting moment coming up. You're not just TV host, radio host, amazing woman, you're now an actor.I have officially joined Ramsay Street.Wow!I got rejected by NIDA at the age of 17. 20 years later, hello, I'm on Neighbours.Any truth to the rumours you're doing this to pay off your Game Of Thrones bill?I will do a couple of blocks. I'm a mum, this is my first day on set. Your first shot.I'm actor in there. That's emotion, Pete.Who hurt you, Fifi Box? Were you thinking of that you had to get upset?What were you upset about? My Game Of Thrones bill.You'll be on for an extended time?What's your name?Brooke Butler.Of course it is.I'm manipulative. I use people to get my way. My favourite bit was I'm a tart with heart. Which mum's not thrilled about. But they said when they saw the characters they thought of me immediately.Can you please, for us, knock something off from the cafe and bring something back? A coaster.Excellent.A 500,000 dollar coaster.I-y will ruffle Paul Robinson's feathers.You will be able to catch Fifi from September on 11. Watch us, it's all at the same time. It's a bit awkward. I'm sure you'll be amazing mpth Malcolm Turnbull and his min -- amazing. Malcolm Turnbull and his ministry were sworn-in today and the occasion was marked with a singing of the national anthem. But the politicians couldn't quite keep up with the professional singer.

up with the professional singer.
SONG: # Advance Australia fair rrrrrrrrr... #We will check back later on. And see how they are going.Maybe she loves Australia more than them.The Republican National Convention has begun in Cleveland, Ohio. When the nominee is Donald Trump, it's gone bananas.It might seem like a WWE smackdown but this is what democracy looks like.Adoption of the resolution.

the resolution. All those in favour say aye. The resolution sugread to. And just like the WWE's smackdowns, even if you know what's going on, it still doesn't make such sense. In the short version, the -- much sense. In the short version, the party nominates President and Vice-President and announces its party platform. Delegates might or might not vote for the candidates they pledged to support, depending which rules are adopted this time around.Let's make America great again. Let's make America America again. You don't need tubl talk. You need blah, blah, blah.We're going to see showbiz. A lot of speeches emphasising the themes that Trump wants to run on. Protesters who don't like Donald Trump, Republicans who don't like Donald Trump, a vice-presidential candidate who Donald Trump doesn't like, and Stephen Colbert crashing the stage.Donald Trump has hijacked the RepublicanPerty. A lot of senators, governors feel as though Trump has run way with their party. He doesn't share their values.Plus, in Ohio, where a third of the population owns guns, weapons are allowed to be carried openly. Even gun fans questioned ahead of the Convention. They can't take them inside the arena. That would be crazy. Hamish joins us now. In a convention where even people in the same party are fighting, how worrying is the open carry gun law?I'm hoping none of the guns have made it into the Convention Centre. It feels pretty safe around here. But certainly it's not the show of unity this party wants or needs. The establishment of the grand old party has done everything it can to sort of suppress the dissent, but that really broke out for a few hours this afternoon. On the floor of the Convention, in front of the eyes of the national and international media, with people chanting against the party they are members of, because of their unhappiness with the candidate that they're putting forward for the presidency.Do you feel like you're surrounded by people who aren't sure they want to win?There are lots of people here who really love Trump and really want him to win and think he is going to, as he says, make America great again. But, you get the sort of old Republican Party people, the Christian conservatives, you get the political people, Mr Banding together, conferencing, you see them in a Never Trump, Stop Trump, Dump Trump movement. They're not quite sure about this guy. I think the other evidence of that is so many of the big names from Congress are not here. The excuses that they've come up with range from being stuck on military exercises in the Pacific Ocean, all the way to, "I'm going fishing and taking my wife on a holiday." One of the people that will speak at the convention on Wednesday night in the prime time spot is an African American pastor from Cleveland. He is a self-described former pimp, former drug dealer. He claims he once shot someone but didn't kill them. That's not the kind of person you normally see at prime time on the stage at the Republican Convention. This is a very different campaign. This is a very different candidate. That's why many people here are a bit uncomfortable.What are you expecting over the next four days? I think if stood anything to go by, we can't plan to expects anything -- if today is anything to go by, we can't plan to expect anything. His wife told us to expect the unexpected. With a Trump campaign there's going to be drama.We'll keep across that drama. Good to chat. Thank you.Thank you.Donald Trump's wife gave a speech and it was well received last time it was given by Michelle Obama in 2008. This is incredible this comparison. Barack and I were raised with so many of the same values.Moy parents impressed on me the values. That your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do.That your word is your bond and you do what you say.We want our children and all children in this nation.We want our children in this nation.To know.To know.That the only lim.That the only limit. To the height of your achievements. To your achievements.Is the reach of your dreams j.d the strength of your dreams. And your willingness to work hard for them.And your willingness to work for them. Completely different.Strength versus reach.She didn't mention Barack Obama. That's another difference. She saw my Putin accent and wasn't happy with that.Likely there would have been some person who wrote that speech going, "I wrote that speech."The person who wrote her speech was Vanilla Ice or something. It really is weird.Can we check back into Canberra and see how they're going?

It's amazing.They sat down and stood up again. It's remarkable. There's a lot of heat and anger in the news at the moment and sometimes it's hard to know how we should respond. I think that's something we should talk about. 2016 has been a nightmare. Terror attacks, murders, riots, sexual assaults, corruption, famine, natural disasters. We're all reacting the same way - with fear. There's no more natural response when you sit down and watch the news and are hit with these images over and over and over. We're told the world is scary and it is. I've been thinking about it, though - and I can't escape the thought that how we deal with our fear is becoming the defining measure that determines us as a people. Awful news leads to fear which leads to an outrageous statement, which leads to a pile-on, a hardening of positions. I feel like we're on a Gravitron and spinning around and around. We're all in a cycle and as the year wears on we're spinning faster and faster and we're pushed to the edges and it is harder and harder for us to meet in the middle. Eventually, someone is sick and this is what that looks like. Personally I think Andrew Bolt has a point here there is a correlation between the number of people who are Muslim in a country and the number of terrorist attacks. I have a lot of very good friends who are Muslim, peace-loving and beautiful people but there are fanatics. And does the population and the correlation between those two things, is it having an impact? If you look at Japan, they have a population of 174 million. 100,000 people in that country who are Muslim. We never hear of terrorist attacks in Japan. Personally, I would like to see it stop now for Australia. Because I want to feel safe.Are you saying you would like our borders closed to Muslims at this point?Yes, I would.I could sit here and pull apart her statement and could point out Japan has had it its fair share of terror attacks and low inequality and low gun ownership, and if Sonia is afraid, then logically as a woman in Australia she has a much higher chance of being murdered by a man she knows than a Muslim from another country. I could do all that with the best of intentions but all I'd be doing is encouraging the inertia of outrage. I'd be fuelling the same cycle that has led to absolutely horrendous personal attacks on Sonia in the last 24 hours. Sonia cugser not evil, she's scared. And -- Kruger is not evil, she's scared. And she admitted to not feeling safe. How do you think she feels now? How do you expect her to react? It's this cycle of legitimate fear that's met with hostility or derision that's led to more than 500,000 Australians voting for Pauline Hanson two weeks ago. These people are seeing the same images that you are and this is their way of finding safety. When we attack them we spin the dep, ravitron and everyone is pushed further -- Gravitron and everyone is pushed further to the edge. We're presented with two options - destruction or construction. We can react emotionally and carelessly with little genuine critical thought, and we can destroy a perceived enemy in the hope we will neutralise the threat that's making us feel unsafe. That's the destructive option, or we can do something that's much more difficult than that. Where we're presented with something that we perceive to be an outrageous opinion. We can consider what motivated that person and try to understand their fear. Because the truth is that what motivates them is fear, and fear is the one thing we're all sharing right now because I'm scared too. I'm afraid for this country. I see such hostility and aggression and I'm afraid about what I could do to this country. I'm terrified about what it's doing to my friends and my family. Honestly, I'm scared about where I belong. Let me give you an example, you probably missed this. The Australian chose to publish this letter from a reader:

This is presumably an Australian man talking about locking up Muslims. People like me. Without trial or even allegation in camps. And this comment was published in a national Australian newspaper. You know, I get it. I get that this stuff is concerning and it's dangerous and the stakes are high and I'm right in the middle of those stakes. And we're afraid. Sonia, Pauline, Malcolm and me. We're all afraid. But it's how you deal with that fear. You don't have to be calling for the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be acting destructively. You might just be angrily tweeting at someone who said something outrageous. What I'm suggesting is why it feels good to choose destruction, right now I think we need to try construction. I'm not saying you should be silenced in the face of bigotry but when you do engage with someone you disagree with, I'm talking about assuming the best in people, showing others radical generosity in the face of their hostility, even when it hurts. And this is the much harder choice because it demands much more restraint and patience, and so much more strength. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen outrage go viral. Wouldn't it be amazing if just once we could send forgiveness viral? These are dark times. But the best thing to do is reach for a flash light and not start a fire. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Ysk been following a story coming out of -- I've been follow agstory coming out of Canberra. If you can hold a note that good, keep it going. That was Parliament House.Thank you for clarifying. Following a marathon 4.5 hour pressure test, there's been an elimination from the MasterChef kitchen. Trent joins us now. Welcome, mate.Hey, guys.Come on, sure hea you don't feel bad about going out on a challenge that is this ridiculous? There were 17 elements, 65 recipe steps. I don't know the meaning of what I just said.Yeah, to be honest it is better to go out on something that was really technical and hard as opposed to something that would be a lot easier. Yeah, it was a giant. Just to clarify, the mystique cake, a chocolate cake, not a cake in the shape of a mystique from X-Men?I thought it was the X-Men thing.I made the most amazing brownie on the weekend. A packet, it had an egg and boiling water and it was quite seriously the best thing I've eaten in a very, very long time.A lot easier too.It sparked a conversation today because brownie would be my favourite cake. What is yours?A good carrot cake or cream cheese frostings.Or a fruit cake. What is that?Fruit cake, I love it. It is fantastic.It's alright. A tea cake. How old are you?We're not used to seeing this ensemble.I thought I better put in an effort. Maybe put some effort into your MasterChef. You could have gone further.I'm happy with how far I went. I can't complain too much. Finals week is pretty good.You're getting married in December which is great news. Is it safe to assume a mystique cake won't be at the reception?I definitely won't be making it. If someone wants to make it and sends it down, I'll serve it up but I won't be making it again. Maybe a traditional fruit cake? Nice and moist.MasterChef is back on our screens tonight. Congratulations, Trent. Please thank Trent.Thank you for having me.I'm not a snob. A nice fruit cake.The brownie is the end of all cakes.It's not a cake.It's a slice.That's a whole other argument. We can make it a cake. Spag bowl - moving on!The delightful murnda This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Our next guest has had a big couple of years and I reckon that's just the beginning. Every now and then an actor comes along and makes as big as an impact off the screen as they do on. And her name is Miranda Tapsell.What's his problem?Because we're black, stupid.No. Because we're ugly. First capturing our attention in The Sapphires, she went on to star in Love Child, picked up two Logies and stole the show with her stellar speech.Put more beautiful people of colour on TV.She's keen to keep spreading that message and her latest audience is The Hittal Princess In Your Life.When I came on stage, people would see me as a princess. I'm an actor and a proud woman.Please welcome Miranda Tapsell. I'm so rapt you're here. Here with Disney but you're not selling a movie, no Ice Spectacular? What's going on?This campaign is with Disney. It's so I get to be an ambassador and it's just essentially about telling young girls that they can set goals and have dreams. And there's nothing, never to be ashamed of that.It's not just about finding Prince Charming like the Cinderella move az make you think?Yuck. -- movies make you think? Yuck.I wasn't really, I was doing doctors and nurses and teachers and students. Were you a girly girl?I was all about pink and princesses and tiaras and when I saw Princess Jasmine and Pocahontas, I got, "They're princesses like me. Oh, my gosh." And when I saw them I thought that my dreams, whatever they are - because I don't know what they are yet because I'm still a kid - I thought when they finally come to me they'll be worth something. Yeah, I'm deserving to follow that through.It's interesting the point you make about princesses for you, like you. I remember on the show last year sometime, this little girl, Samara. Such a cute kid.She inspired me to do the campaign because you guys had her on the show. And I thought to myself that I want little princesses like her to know that she can be one. She can dress up as Elsa if she wants to be.She was dressing up as a princess and was told she couldn't do that because she wasn't white.Yeah, because she didn't look like Elsa.Sometimes people don't want to dress up as a princess. There was a dance school a princess day and one girl came as - have a look at the photo - she came as a hot dog.Oh, my God. Sthez still a princess.Yes. Fullerment for her. Oh, my gosh. I wouldn't have the courage to do that.That's a great photo. Speaking of little girl dreams, I have achieved my little girl dream. I wanted to be an actress and I just got a role in Neighbours doompt you have any acting tips so that -- Neighbours. Do you have any acting tips so that my dreams come to fruition?Well, you're on Neighbours. I think it's about, I think it's just about learning how to cry convincingly.And bow neighbourly.Yes.-- be neighbourly. Can you cry on cue? I've never done it before.Think of Telstra.Miranda, you won two Logies in 2015 and you made an incredible speech. We were all in the room at the time and it was incredible. Everyone loved it. It was about diversity on TV. How afraid of you were raising that issue?I was violently sick. I was terrified because I thought what if I'm going to be booed, like Adam Goodes? I'm shaking even talking about it. Every time I talk, people say to me, "Oh, man, you make talking about race so easy." But it never is. So when I get people supporting me and people behind me, it's huge. It's massive for me. I really, I'm really grateful to all the people who believe in the same thing that I believe in.We were in the room and you smashed it out of the park. It was beautiful. It was the highlight of the night. Incredible. If you want to find out more, all the details are on the links page on our website We dohave to go. Would you please thank Miranda Tapsell.That's the show. Captions by Ericsson Access Services.

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# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down # You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white # We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no # You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #

ELENA: We've been driven
out of Melbourne

and we've arrived in Daylesford.

It's a beautiful
little country town.

It's so beautiful. So gorgeous.

There's the light shining through
these beautiful trees.

Then I realise...

Oh, my God.

we're gonna be cooking in

Alla Wolf-Tasker's restaurant today,
Lake House.

GEORGE: Come on. Let's go.

Get a trot on.
Wanna warm up?

Wow. What a privilege to be here.

Oh! Look at you lot,
our culinary combatants.

All very smart and chipper
in their whites.

It makes me feel all kind of
warm and toasty inside,

even though it's
slightly freezing here.

Welcome to Daylesford and,
of course, the Lake House,

one of the top culinary
destinations in Australia.

And, of course, fittingly so,

because you are our top five
for MasterChef 2016.

GEORGE: Well done, guys.
It feels good, doesn't it?

I remember sitting at my dining
table applying for MasterChef

and I never even thought I would get
to try out for the judges' auditions and I did that.

To be top five
is the biggest achievement

I've probably had in my life.

Exciting times indeed.

And today, so much to play for.

The top two dishes send their makers
straight into our quarterfinal.


Just two cooks away
from the grand final.

To get to the quarterfinals
would be incredible.

It's one step closer to winning it,
and I do believe that I can win it.

But the contestants who cook
the three least impressive dishes,

have to fight it out
in tomorrow's elimination.

And, obviously, from there,
one of you is going to go home.

There are two words that really
sum up what MasterChef is all about, dishes and dreams.

And few places really encapsulate

the realisation of a food dream
like the Lake House.

30 years ago this was
an abandoned goldmine.

Now it is a shining example
of what can be achieved

when you marry a clear vision
with determination and hard work.

None of this
would have been possible

without the energy
and the tenacity of one woman.

Please welcome a living legend

of the Melbourne
Food and Wine Festival...

..a proud recipient
of the Order of Australia, for food, hospitality and tourism - Alla Wolf-Tasker!

ALLA: Morning.

You been feeding my geese?



..give us a sense of what
this was like back then.

Well, ah, the lake
was actually a swamp

with a whole lot of
old car wrecks in it.

Denuded paddock filled with
gorse and blackberry.

But we were very young, ambitious
and foolhardy.

So, 31 years later,
here we have Lake House.

ELENA: Alla's story
is so inspiring to me.

She's taken a run-down property,

built it into
a beautiful restaurant,

and I really feel like
with a lot of hard work,

I might be able to achieve
my dreams the way she has.

GEORGE: So, how's today gonna work?


You're gonna be cooking five dishes

from the Lake House's
spectacular menu.


You're each gonna be responsible
for one course.

We know they're Alla's dishes.

They're gonna be delicate,
precise and absolutely delicious.

But I'm sure there's gonna be
lots of technique within each dish.

Alla, can you tell us what the
main ingredient is for each course?

So, today I've put together a menu

that I think truly reflects
both the season and the location.

So, the first dish is smoked eel.

The second course, beautiful
local organic free-range chicken.

The third course, is kangaroo.

And the fourth and fifth dish
are both from the orchards.

The first one is plums.

And the final one is based
around blackberries.

How are we gonna decide
who's cooking which course? A knife pull.

All at once, please.

Right. Let's have a look.
Hold 'em up.