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the weekend. Tonight, Harrowing m
details emerge in the Tara Costigan S
murder case.ACT Liberal Senator Zed Turnbull'
Seselja sworn in to Malcolm s
Turnbull' s Ministry. And Canberra' celebrates
s Public transport network
celebrates a special milestone. Good t
evening, I' m Geoff Phillips. Also c
tonight, a pleads not guilty to two charges of alleged drink spiking. h
is next. .. The Supreme Court today tr
heard a harrowing recording of the af
triple-zero call made just moments was
after Calwell woman Tara Costigan former
was attacked with an axe by her secon
former partner. It comes on the hearin
second day of a disputed facts guilt
hearing following the killer' s
guilty plea. WIN News Court Reporter Harry Frost has the details. Tara Costigan's family
were overcome with emotion

- her killer Marcus Rappel
broke down as the court

was today played a
horrifying audio recoding

of the triple-zero call
made just moments after

the attack in
February last year.

Her sister repeatedly
yelling at the operator

that Tara had been
struck with an axe.

Police raced to the
Calwell property where the

court today heard officers
found Rappel squatting

behind his ute - his
t-shirt and mobile phone

covered in blood - a
search of his vehicle also

locating an empty pack of
Valium, a meat cleaver and

a tomahawk.

The court was shown mobile
phone footage taken by a

neighbour from the scene
at the time of Rappel's

arrest in which he can be
heard yelling that he had

come to collect
his property.

The forty-one-year old
was subject to a domestic

violence court order at
the time of the attack.

The court also heard
an audio recording of a

hearing from that domestic
violence court case in the

months before the attack
in which Tara told the

court she feared
for her safety.

Today Rappel's former case
manager from the Alexander

Maconochie Centre denied
allegations he had lied in

a statement to police
about admissions his

client had made to the
crime in an attempt to

stop him pleading on
mental impairment.

The hearing is expected
to continue next month.

charges of alleged drink spiking. official
A-C-T Senator Zed Seselja is Assistant
officially Australia' s new Service
Assistant Minister for Social P
Services and Multicultural Affairs. h
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and mo
his new cabinet were sworn-in this Peter
morning by Governor General Sir S
Peter Cosgrove at Government House. Liberal
Seselja is the first Canberra
Liberal to reach the ministry. It' s be
not yet known if the senator will
be responsible for implementing more than two billion dollars in savings to the welfare system. A
Services and Multicultural Affairs. p
A forty five year old man has today ove
pleaded not guilty to two charges inciden
over an alleged drink spiking
incident in Civic. Juswan Mokmargana afte
was arrested by police in April sec
after the alleged victim notified security staff at the venue that she subs
had found a partially dissolved cou
substance in her drink. Today the sexu
court charged him with attempted a
sexual intercourse without consent, o
and the unauthorized administration
of a declared substance. Mokmargana' ret
s bail was continued and he will Theodor
return to court next month. A ch
Theodore man has been arrested and c
charged for allegedly breaking into Ca
coin machines at car washes across footag
Canberra. Police released CCTV footage allegedly showing the twenty year old attempting to break into a Investig
machine earlier this month. th
Investigators say information from
the public led to the identification The
and arrest of the man yesterday. attempt
The man has been charged with attempted theft, property theft, and cou
burglary. He is expected to face court next month. The government and hi
victim support advocates hope new encou
high-tech court facilities will rep
encourage vulnerable witnesses to report crimes and give evidence. The m
new facilities come as part of the the
multi-million dollar face lift of Court
the ACT Magistrates and Supreme Courts. The new high-tech face
of the ACT Justice System

I'm pleased as Attorney to
see this project underway

that provides a modern
courtroom, a modern court

complex for a
growing city.

The Attorney General today
inspecting the first of

the ACT Magistrates Court
rooms to receive a much

needed revamp.

We're seeing new
technology in every one of

our courtrooms that
allows for remote evidence

giving, protecting
vulnerable witnesses -

particularly in the
domestic violence and

sexual assault space and
modern presentation of

material for evidence that
will see documents being

able to be handled

It's hoped the new
audio-visual system which

allows witnesses to give
evidence by video link

from a separate room
will mean more accurate

information can be given.

If they're in an
environment if they feel

safe and secure then
that's going to be the

best evidence that
they can give.

Victims of Crime

Commissioner says it will
mean victims are more

likely to come forward
so offenders can be


Having them in a room
where they've got their

own family around them
- their support people,

bathroom facilities,
a kitchenette it's

definitely going to make
them more likely to come

to court to give evidence.

The upgrade comes
as part of a

ion dollar ACT Law Courts

project - with
construction of new court

rooms now underway.

The government says the
spend on infrastructure

will pay off in the
administration of justice.

We will get a purpose
built law courts building

that will meet the needs
of our city for the next

fifty-years at least.

The new law courts
precinct is expected to

open late next year.

Harry Frost, WIN News.

Courts. The competition watchdog institution
will investigate tertiary Na
institutions, after the Australian
National University complained about cl
anti-competitive behaviour. A-N-U So
claims it was denied membership to Australia
South Australia and Western Servic
Australia Tertiary Institution fr
Service Centres. It means students sec
from either state end up paying a ap
second application fee in order to universi
apply for A-N-U courses. The in
university believes the A triple-C fo
investigation strengthens the case Can
for a national admissions centre. a
Canberra' s public transport marked ninet
a milestone today - celebrating ACT.
ninety years of operation in the Transport
ACT. Members of the Retired toge
Transport Employee Club gathered servic
together to reflect on how the service has grown in Canberra's buses have
changed a lot over the


Today retired bus driver
Walter Redman took a walk

down memory lane -

Climbing aboard the
very first bus he drove.

When I started on this bus
in 1950 the buses, as I

say, they only went around
from Kingston, Narrabundah

through as far as Ainslie

Bus drivers like Walter
have been working to get

Canberrans from A to B
for nearly a century.

The Minister for Transport
Meegan Fitzharris joined

the Retired Transport
Employee Club to marked

the milestone.

well we're marking ninety
years of public transport

in Canberra today and also
marking the future ninety

years of public transport
in Canberra today.

Members took the chance to
revel in public transport

memorabilia collected
over the years.

And of course no
anniversary is complete

with a cake.

Minister Fitzharris says
with Canberra's population

expected to reach half
a million over the next

fifteen years - transport
must grow as the city


the Government is planning
for that and buses, light

rail, more walking and
cycling, more park and

rides, they're all part of
the plan to keep Canberra


The Minister says high
speed rail isn't the only

modern addition
in the planning.

The ACT Government now is
exploring new ticketing

options for Canberrans
that use mobile devices,

perhaps credit cards
for people to easily use


Edwina Seselja WIN News.

service has grown in the capital. exp
Parts of the Canberra region have weat
experienced record breaking warm hours
weather in the past twenty-four reac
hours. In Goulburn, temperatures o
reached eleven-point- three degrees th
overnight, breaking the record for pre
the warmest July night, which was
previously ten-point-four degrees in was
nineteen-eighty-eight. Yesterday fort
was Cooma' s warmest July day in wa
forty years, as well as the second t
warmest on record. Temperatures hit c
twenty-point-five degrees. Still to Trent
come on WIN News: Queanbeyan' s Mast
Trent Harvey eliminated from the Aus
Masterchef kitchen. And the Royal Olympic
Australian Mint gets into the Olympic This program is not captioned. sp
Olympic spirit.Keep an eye on your col
spare change, from today Olympic- ar
coloured coins will be circulating co
around Australia. The first of six
colours was released via Woolworths. It's been nearly twenty
years since former

Hockeyroo Louise Dobson
first got her hands on

Olympic gold,

but today she jumped at
the chance to get up close

with another kind.


It brings up so many
memories and I think two

weeks out now till
the games it's such an

exciting time
for everybody.

The Royal Australian Mint
celebrating the upcoming

Olympics and Paralympics
in Rio by releasing twelve

million coloured two
dollar coins, which

feature sports motifs.

Coins falling

The Royal Australian
Mint was part of the 2000

Olympic Games.

This is the first time I'm
aware of that we've been

involved in the Olympic
Games, the licensee of the

coins since 2000.

There are five colours:
each matching an Olympic


While coin number six is
Australia's first ever

multi-coloured coin,
dedicated to the

Paralympic team.

They feel as though
they're finally getting

some recognition from
the general public.

They're very, very
excited about Rio.

Getting your hands on them
is also surprisingly easy.

They'll be released into
circulation by Woolworths,

meaning they may appear
in your spare change.

To be able to go into
Woolworths and be able to

take something home for
your kids as well as the

bread and milk, in the
gold coin, it's going to

be such a great promotion
and to have that running

for the next six weeks in
the country is amazing.

The blue coin is now
available and the rest

will be released each
week until mid-August.

Money raised from their
distribution also helps

sponsor both Aussie
teams overseas.

Rosanna Kingsun, WIN News.

Residents in Yass Valley are being ambassad
encouraged to become tourism welc
ambassadors for the region. Yass thous
welcomes more than four hundred
thousand visitors to the region each bo
year, giving the area an economic dol
boost worth nearly eighty million been
dollars. A new tourism guide has local
been released and Council hopes fam
locals will encourage friends and estim
family to come and visit. It' s estimated nearly a third of visitors v
to the region come specifically to Ca
visit a friend or family member. A ra
Canberra man has set his sights on Fo
raising funds for the Fred Hollows of
Foundation by pumping out hundreds u
of push-ups each day. While many of
us would struggle to do a few dozen, comp
the former soldier is aiming to twent
complete fourteen thousand over t
twenty-three days, and he' s almost there. Fifty-four year old Bill
Sowry has been sweating

out more than
eight-hundred push up

every day for the
last few weeks.

The gruelling regime
raising funds for the Fred

Hollows Foundation.

Well it's Push Ups For
Fred the PUFF Challenge.

P U F F.

The retired Brigadier was
inspired to support the

charity while working as
a Peace Keeper overseas-

most recently in Temor.

I got to see first hand
the impact that the lack

of medical care can have
on people and particularly

people who are blind.

In the developing world
four and five cases of

blindness are
curable or treatable.

Last year the Fred Hollows
Foundation provided sight

restoration treatments
and operations to almost


It's day eight teen of the
twenty-three day challenge

- but Bill's still
going strong.

To track his progress
Bill keeps a daily tally.

The Governor General
even paying him a visit -

helping him to keep count.

So far Bill's racked up
over 12,000 push ups and

raised 7,000.

But with only a few days
left of the challenge he's

calling on the public
to help him reach his

target of 14,000.

That's one push up
for every dollar.

The biggest challenge
isn't the push ups it's

the fundraising.

It's a very contested
environment here in


There's lots of people
trying to raise money for

very good causes and Fred
Hollows is clearly one of

those causes.

The challenge ends
on Sunday June 24.

You can visit the
website to donate.

Edwina Seselja WIN News.

there. Queanbeyan' s Trent Harvey
has been eliminated from the hit WIN night
cooking show, Masterchef. Last contestant
night' s Pressure Test saw contestants recreate the challenging donut-
Mistique dessert. The glazed, donut-shaped cake which is served in sixty-
a smoked glass dome, features mor
sixty-five recipe steps and takes more than four hours to make. Things ol
crumbled for the twenty-nine year old cafe-worker, and rivals Mimi and Fin
Matt were sent through the Grand Final instead. Wa
Australia to be provided New South drug-resis
Wales children with severe f
drug-resistant epilepsy will be the com
first in Australia to be provided cannabis-ba
compassionate access to a Bu
cannabis-based drug. For mum Kerri willi
Bullock, it' s an option she' s
willing to explore to give her son a better quality of life. There's not much that
holds two year old Lincoln


However the little ball of
energy experiences up to

thirty complex-partial
seizures a day.

"Like he's in a daydream,
he's staring off, his eyes

are fully, you know wide,
no blinking, he chews his

lip a little bit,
sometimes his hand will

twitch a little bit."

The seizures that cause
mum Kerri the most anxiety

are tonic clonic, or
full body seizures, where

Lincoln turns blue and
sometimes needs the help

of paramedics to
help him come to.

It means Lincoln is
always under close watch.

"Being on the trampoline
and stuff like that I'm

always watching him, the
swings, climbing anything,

because you know, if
he goes into a complex

partial or tonic clonic,
he's going to fall, he

could hit his head."

Children in New South
Wales with severe

drug-resistant epilepsy
are eligible to apply for

compassionate access
to the drug Epidiolex ,

containing a
non-psychoactive component

of the cannabis plant.

"If they're part of the
Sydney Children's Hospital

Network, of course they
will be considered for

inclusion in the
compassionate access

scheme, which at the
moment is forty (40)


Minister Goward says a
trial involving hundreds

of children will take
place at the end of the


Kerri is currently trying
a second medication for

Lincoln, but is open to
Epidolex if his options

become exhausted.

"The cannabis seems to
have a lot less side

effects and I think you
know, that can be a huge

benefit." "I reckon we
definitely would if it

would help my little man.

Hey, anything that
would help him really."

is next,. .. Tim Robinson is here f
with sport, and another good result F
for Michael Matthews at the Tour de quit
France?Yes Geoff, but he wasn' t w
quite able to record a second stage
win. Plus the Kangaroos to return to s
Canberra Stadium during the twenty seventeen Rugby League World Cup. This program is not captioned. with pay-on-time discounts at This program is not captioned. Rai
seventeen Rugby League World Cup.
Raiders forward Josh Papalii says he repre
would love to have a chance to Stadi
represent Australia at Canberra Stadium. The venue will play host to Leagu
three matches during the Rugby b
League World Cup - including a game between the Kangaroos and France. It may not be
hosting a final,

but the Chief Minister
says he's more than happy

with the three games
scheduled to be played at

Canberra Stadium during
the twenty seventeen Rugby

League World Cup.

We're very happy with the
pool matches that we got

and we didn't
ask for more.

The fixtures for the
event were unveiled today,

with Canberra Stadium to
welcome the Kangaroos back

to the Capital for their
clash against France.

Matches between France
and Lebanon and Fiji and a

European Qualifier
also locked in.

Interesting mix of matches
i think the not sure how

good lebanon are at
rugby league but we will

certainly find out but
the Fijian's will be

entertaining and we'll
know in due course who

their opponent will be.

Raiders forward Josh
Papalii says he would love

a chance to represent
the Kangaroos on his home


I started my career down
here in the Raiders in

2011 haven't played any
rep footy in Canberra yet

and hopefully I'm a
part of that squad.

Josh Hodgson also hopeful
of being in action at the

Rugby League World Cup -
even though England won't

play a match
in the Capital.

Anytime to represent your
country's obviously a

massive honour but
especially in a world cup

and especially in
australia it's every

Englishman's dream to win
a world cup especially

over here.

With the World Cup still
more than a year away,

the Raiders focus quickly
turned back to the NRL and

how to get past the
Warriors this weekend

without hooker
Kurt Baptiste.

He's a great kid he's
pretty quiet but he goes

about his business and
does his job well and

he'll be missed
for us this week.

Ricky Stuart has opted for
four forwards on the bench

- rather than bringing
in another hooker.

Papalii has been named
to make his return from a

knee injury.

With Luke Bateman also
returning to the squad

after serving a
one match ban.

between the Kangaroos and France. has
Canberra cyclist Michael Matthews ano
has fallen just short of claiming Fran
another stage win at the Tour de hi
France. After breaking through for l
his first stage victory in the race
last week - the twenty five year old came close again in stage sixteen . But was unable to overcome reigning finish
world champion Peter Sagan to finish fifth. Competitors now have a rest day before getting back on the Me
bike for stage seventeen. The ACT Wome
Meteors will again play just one matc
Women' s National Cricket League sev
match at home. The twenty sixteen relea
seventeen Domestic Schedule was p
released today - with the Comets to pa
play three games at Manuka Oval as part q

They played just one WNCL
match at Manuka Oval last


And in twenty sixteen
seventeen that number

won't increase for
the ACT Meteors.

With the side to play
host to South Australia on

October thirty
under lights.

That's our only home game
so it's nice that it is a

day nighter hopefully we
can attract a big crowd

and expose women's cricket
and hopefully get a few

fans on board.

While Cricket ACT admits
it would have liked more

games for the
women at home.

It says a day night
fixture is great for the


Captain Kris Britt excited
to have another chance to

play at night.

Manuka Oval's obviously
the pinnacle here in

Canberra and the home of
cricket it's fantastic for

the girls to be able to
play under lights it's

going to be an
absolutely huge night.

While the WNCL fixtures
are locked in - the ACT

Comets are still waiting
for the Future's League

draw to be finalised.

With a number of venues
still to be locked in.

We always get three games
here in the home and away

schedule hopefully we'll
be able to play as many

games here as possible.

The Comets squad for
the upcoming season was

released last week,

headlined by the return of
Adelaide Strikers bowler

Greg West.

A number of former first
class cricketers also

expected to be on hand
as coaches throughout the


Luke Butterworth has
obviously come on board

we're hopeful Brad Haddin
will be available to

continue in a coaching
capacity with us

throughout the season.

Jason Krejza comes in as a
part time coach as well so

we're really excited about
what we're putting out for

the boys.

part of the Futures League. The re
Queanbeyan Blues have ensured they w
remain in the Raiders Cup top four,
with a twenty eight ten win over the Sharks. The Blues were never really tries
tested at home, running in six tries to two . Leaving them in third K
place on the ladder. Elsewhere the Kangaroos made it ten straight wins Bel
when they got past Goulburn. West Tug
Belconnen downed Woden Valley and Tuggeranong thumped Yass. Un
good for Royals, if it is to break Gungahli
Uni-Norths will need to beat p
Gungahlin and hope that Tuggeranong
proves too good for Royals, if it is to break its John I Dent Cup finals si
drought. The Owls went into round sixteen of the competition in fourth Quean
place, but proved no match for do
Queanbeyan at Campese Field, going down forty points to nineteen to see ladde
them slip down to fifth on the matches
ladder. In the round' s other g
matches, Royals survived a scare to easil
get past Easts, while Gungahlin a
easily accounted for Wests. That' s
all for today' s sport. Weather with Corinne May is next. This program is not captioned. Bye. He's on his way to work. for them there as well... in his garage at home, and parks securely there, This program is not captioned. My... to hang up happy with the Members Own symbol. at This program is not captioned. that
for your company, good night And Jul
that' s WIN News for Tuesday 19th
July. Join us for the All Australian News at 11:30 and again tomorrow at 6 for WIN Canberra News. I' m Geoff g
Phillips, thanks for your company, good night.

This program is not captioned.

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