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Taking a look now at the weather around the country

around the country tomorrow.
Taking a look now at the weather Possibly Brisbane
Possibly more fog on the way for cloudy
Brisbane and it will be a partly 19.
cloudy day. Heavy rain for Sydney, Hobart.
19. Rab also for Canberra. Dry in 16.
Hobart. Shower or two for Melbourne, or
16. Cloudy in Adelaide, 19. Shower dry
or two in Perth, 18. And staying a
dry in Broome and in Darwin. Taking a look ahead to Thursday. Partly ease
cloudy in Brisbane. Rab starting to in
ease in Sydney and Canberra. Fine Staying
in Hobart. Showers for Melbourne. Staying dry in Adelaide. A shower Alice,
or two for Perth. Sunshine or the a
Alice, Broome and Darwin, expecting a top

a top of 31 degrees. It is time now afternoon.
for Nine's Afternoon News.Good charged
afternoon. Three people have been boy
charged with murder after a teenage west.
boy was stabbed in Sydney's south- critically
west. The 18-year-old was found Panania
critically injured on a street in was
Panania after what witnesses say a
was a mass brawl. He was rushed to from
a nearby hospital, but passed away cross
from his injuries, and we will on
cross live to our reporter for more bulletin.
on this story a little later in the claiming
bulletin. A woman has come forward of
claiming a Victorian mother accused her
of driving into a lake and killing confession.
her three children made a Nine's
confession. Let's go straight to Court
Nine's Jayde Vincent who was in Who
Court today. Jade, good afternoon. This
Who made the claims?Good afternoon. be
This new witness is understood to She
be a female relative of Akun Gud. murder
She spoke with detectives after the refused
murder of the three children but them
refused to make a statement with the
them at the time. Just last week give
the police convinced the woman to hearing
give evidence in the committal confessed
hearing as she claims the woman her
confessed to the murders and told this
her of a motive. The police say evidence
this is a game changer and her significance
evidence is of enormous case.
significance to the prosecution dizzy
case. Gud maintained she suffered a into
dizzy spell when her car plunged her
into a lake in Wyndham Vale killing little
her 4-year-old twins and 1-year-old their
little boy. She is charged with of
their murders and attempted murder crash.
of a fourth child who survived that that
crash. Court documents revealed drowned,
that on the night the children she
drowned, Gud told a police member partner
she was not happy because her This
partner left her for another woman. evidence
This witness is due to give evidence next week. She has been pressure
reluctance to do so as she received community
pressure from the Sudanese the
community not to give evidence to No
the police. It will be frowned upon. surrounding
No doubt there will be much apgs Ms
surrounding the hearing and whether expected
Ms Gud will stand trial as it is application
expected she will be making a bail Thank
application on that day as well. Former
Thank you Jade for the update. director
Former Victorian Liberal Party years
director has been jailed for five $1.5
years for defrauding the party of repair
$1.5 million in an attempt to used
repair his marriage. Damien Mantach $80,000
used the stolen money to buy an pay
$80,000 car as well as buy shares, for his
pay off his mortgage and buy a cafe supported
for his then partner. He was parents.
supported in Court today by his comment.
parents.Excuse me, madam, no eligible
comment.The 42-year-old will be and
eligible for parole after two years through
and eight months.Fire has ripped causing
through an Adelaide primary school dollars
causing more than half a million Maclean
dollars worth of damage. As Tom investigators
Maclean reports, arson police
investigators have moved in, and suspicious.
police are treating the blaze as fire
suspicious.This deliberately lit Primary
fire her at Hallett Cove South million
Primary School caused about half a overnight.
million dollars worth of damage blaze
overnight. Fire crews battled the damage
blaze for half an hour, containing staff
damage to teachers offices, the teachers,
staff room and the canteen. The shocked
teachers, parents and pupils were a
shocked to see the damage.This is knit
a really close knit school, close be
knit community. You know, they will this
be pretty devastated.To wake up it
this morning and just hear the news, Terrible.
it is just, yeah, terrible. very
Terrible.Everybody is probably preparing
very sad.The school had been celebrations,
preparing for its 40th anniversary already
celebrations, and vandals had students
already targeted the school of 140 have
students earlier this year.They breaking
have been burning the bins, and just
breaking windows, that sort of - waste
just senseless stuff that just is a most
waste of taxpayers' money.With school
most classrooms spared damage, the operate
school will still be able to Monday,
operate after the holidays on will
Monday, but repairing or rebuilding News.
will take months. Tom Maclean, Nine Prime
News.It was a family affair as his
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and office
his ministers officially took was
office this morning. Mr Turnbull while
was accompanied by his wife, Lucy, flanked
while a number of ministers were Once
flanked by their young children. Governor-General,
Once inside Government House, the Cosgrove,
Governor-General, Sir Peter ceremony.
Cosgrove, presided over that also
ceremony. The new-look Ministry has also made history. We will tell you little
why when we cross to Canberra a Korea
little later in the bulletin. North missiles
Korea has reportedly fired three The
missiles towards the Sea of Japan. ballistic
The South Korean military says the 500
ballistic missiles flew more than capability
500 kilometres and had the Korea.
capability to reach all of South it
Korea. Last week North Korea said to
it would make a physical response the
to the announcement that the US and missile
the South would deploy advanced calls
missile defence systems. There are banned
calls for Russia to be band from -- other
banned from the Rio Olympics and over
other international competitions Anti-Doping
over doping allegations. A World found
Anti-Doping Authority report has sponsored
found the country operated a state- majority
sponsored doping program for the 2011
majority of its athletes between Russian
2011 and August last year.The controlled
Russian Ministry of Sport directed, manipulation
controlled and over saw the manipulation of athletes analytical country's
results, with sample swapping.The alleged
country's Secret Service is also There
alleged to have been involved. childcare
There was an emergency at a this
childcare centre in Sydney's west down
this morning after a bus brought building.
down power lines around the quickly
building. Emergency crews moved the
quickly to protect the children at kept
the Blacktown facility who were were
kept inside until the power lines on
were deemed safe. A car has flipped crash
on to its roof in a multivehicle A
crash on the outskirts of Melbourne. intersection
A number of cars collided at an force
intersection at Langwarrin. The of
force of the smash overturning one woman
of the vehicles. A young boy and a minor
woman were taken to hospital with commuter
minor injuries. There's been today
commuter chaos across Brisbane city,
today with heavy fog blanketing the of
city, disrupting flights in and out Nine's
of the International Airport. now
Nine's Phil Willmington joins me now with all the details. Phil, things
good afternoon to you. How are thankfully,
things looking there now?Finally, better.
thankfully, Amber, a little bit in
better. What a day it has been here terminal
in Brisbane. I went into the are
terminal a short time ago and there showing
are only a few delayed flights but
showing up and one or two cancelled, was
but even just a few hours ago, it Interesting
was much, much worse than that. this
Interesting event here in Brisbane about
this morning. We typically get year,
about half a dozen fog events each year, but they usually burn off in about 45 minutes. This morning's duration,
was much different, longer in much
duration, around 3 hours of pretty airport.
much complete white-out around the basically
airport. It meant there was out.
basically no aircraft going in or flying,
out. They were just stacked and Coast.
flying, circling down over the Gold to
Coast. Some flights were diverted Gold
to the Sunshine Coast, some to the international
Gold Coast and even an actually
international flight, a 747 airstrip
actually landed on the Gold Coast ever,
airstrip there for the first time eventually
ever, then a short time later, they
eventually when the fog lifted, their
they came back to Brisbane and to lots
their original destination. But were
lots of delays, lots of commuters connections
were worrying about missing Honeymooners
connections and things like that. on
Honeymooners just about to take off several
on their honeymoon delayed by some
several hours. We caught up with others
some people, some philosophical and bit
others were understandably a little to
bit cranky. Here is what they had connecting
to say. I hope I don't miss my only
connecting flight in LA.We were That's
only in Melbourne for three days. schedules
That's one day gone.We made our flexible.
schedules fit, so we are pretty some
flexible.And I was chatting to They
some of the airport officials today. Meteorology
They are very aware of a Bureau of tomorrow
Meteorology forecast for more fog really
tomorrow morning. Amelia, they are as
really hoping it is not as severe What
as this morning's.Fingers crossed. bringing
What a mess Phil. Thanks for come
bringing us up to date. Still to minute's
come on Nine's Afternoon News, a Nice,
minute's silence for victims in booing?
Nice, why was it interrupted by blastoff
booing? And also the rocket residents
blastoff that had panicked family
residents calling 911. And a lavish with
family lunch - Rupert Murdoch dines French
with his wife and ex-wife on the French Riviera.

It's alleged he stole money from
carwashes in Calwell, Tuggeranong

and Belconnen earlier this month.

Canberra residents will soon have
the chance to see rare treasures

from the Palace of Versailles,
never before seen outside of


The excusive display is due to go
on show at The National Gallery of

Australia from December.

The treasures include a harp used
by Marie Antoinette as well as a

famous water fountain.

The Territory Government has
turned down an opportunity to meet

with residents who have concerns
about the Dickson Shop Plans.

Two supermarkets and a 140
apartments near Antill Street was

approved last month.

And in sport, Brumbies Scott Fardy
says the boys went into the game

against Western Force, knowing
they only needed a single bonus

point to finish at the top of the
Aussie Conference and qualify for

the play offs.

The Brumbies will play The
Highlanders -- this Friday night

at Canberra's GIO Stadium-- Fardy
says the boys will amp up their


Here's the weather - on the
satellite, Cloud and rain over

most of Queensland today, with
storms brewing in the centre. The

odd shower for northeastern and
southern New South Wales, clearer

in the west.

On the national map - a sunny day
for Brisbane reaching 24 degrees.

Fine in Darwin, evening rain for
Sydney 23. A wet day for Melbourne

and Hobart.

Canberra's outlook - more rain
tomorrow peaking at 15 degrees.

Similar conditions Thursday and
Friday 17 the top. Clearing

showers on Saturday and a slightly
cooler day ahead.

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Welcome back. A moment of silence been
at a memorial service in Nice has booing,
been disrupted by the sound of Minister
booing, as the French Prime angry
Minister made his way through the the
angry crowd. Thousands gathered in remember
the Promenade des Anglais to remember those killed in last families
week's attack and to support the services
families of victims and emergency silence,
services personnel.Gathered in grand
silence, what started off as a became
grand display of National unity (BOOING
became this. Aimed
Aimed at the Prime Minister Manuel devastation
Valls and the French Government, anger.
devastation apparently turned to members
anger. There's some suggestion National
members of the far right Front quickly
National were behind it, but as France
quickly as it came, it stopped, and France fell silent.

A moving burst of the Marcel a, scorn.
become the prelude to even more

Then, huge applause followed for workers.
families and emergency service

But despite that, a bitter after- cross
taste remained in Nice.I'm very Valls.
cross at the presence of Manuel stayed
Valls. He could have at least Government
stayed in Paris.The French shameful.
Government should resign. It is For
shameful. It is absolutely shameful. about
For quite a while they have talked these
about threats on Nice. I believe cancelled
these fireworks should have been since
cancelled because for a long time since Euro 2016, fins the football dangers
matches, we have heard about an
dangers being mentioned.Adding to people
an increased sense of unease, spit
people began to throw litter and des
spit on the place of the Promenade and
des Anglais where the killer died, preventible
and while questions over how coming,
preventible the attack was kept looking
coming, authorities are still had
looking at whether Mohamed Bouhlel is
had help in planning the attack. It trucko
is alleged the 31-year-old Hird the the
trucko 10 days previous and visited before.
the Promenade des Anglais two days in
before. While there is a fracture togetherness.
in Nice, there is an undeniable also
togetherness. Defiance, yes, but something
also rage. Here they are saying Florida
something must change.Residents in Florida have had a rude awakening launch
in the middle of the night with the blastoff
launch of the SpaceX rocket. The sonic
blastoff from Cape Canaveral sent a force
sonic boom throughout the area, the called
force so strong several people later
called 911 in a panic. Moments to
later the reusable rocket returned Rupert
to Earth, lighting up the night sky. reunited
Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng have time
reunited in public for the first three
time since their bitter divorce Creedon
three years ago. Nine's Kate details.
Creedon joins me with all the were
details. Kate, good afternoon. They pretty
were spotted smiling and looked That's
pretty happy. What can you tell us? that
That's right, it seems it is family and
that have brought Rupert Murdoch They
and Wendi Deng back together again. down
They surprised onlookers by sitting exclusive
down and dining together at the exclusive will he Club 55 in the Tropez
exclusive beach side town of St Tropez overnight. While there, they Chloe
were with their youngest daughter When
Chloe celebrating her 13th birthday. said
When they split back in 2013, they there
said it was amicable. At the time that
there was also rumours circulating affair.
that Wendy was perhaps having an publicly
affair. They haven't been seen 2013,
publicly as you said since back in a
2013, but now they have come out as course.
a family on this family holiday, of on
course. The media mogul has moved She
on with his new wife Jerry Hall. Lee
She was also there, as was Deborra- Jackman.
Lee Furness, the wife of actor Hugh godfather
Jackman. Hugh Jackman is Chloe's there
godfather but he wasn't able to be and
there due to filming commitments helping
and we understand it was Gerry rift.
helping Rupert and Wendy repair the Family
rift.It is a thoroughly Modern big
Family here but it is also a fairly Instagram.
big show of affection. It was up on sharing
Instagram. For an 80-year-old to be fans
sharing this with his Instagram fans so quickly, I think there that.
might have been something behind those
that.So, Amelia, taking a look at been
those pictures, it seems they have pachlt.
been able to leave the past in the Kate
pachlt.Sure does. Good to see you Stay
Kate Creedon. Thank you for that. ahead
Stay with us this afternoon. Still on
ahead - what sparked an axe attack people
on a busy train which left four the
people injured. Plus it is one of students
the most stressful times for whole
students and it is about to get a making
whole lot harder. The new changes making it more difficult for men
students to get their HSC. And two boat
men cling to an esky after their boat caps siess.

A teenager has been shot dead by with
police after attacking four people It
with an axe on a train in Germany. people
It was initially feared up to 20 say
people were hurt, but authorities another
say four people were injured and another 14 were treated for shock. Versberg,
It happened in the southern city of Versberg, south-east of Frankfurt. says
The country's Interior Minister Afghan
says the attacker was a 17-year-old Malcolm
Afghan refugee. Prime Minister President
Malcolm Turnbull and US Vice shoulder
President Joe Biden have stood how
shoulder to shoulder and announced forward
how America and Australia will move Nine's
forward together. Let's bring in following
Nine's Eddy Meyer who has been the
following today's events. Eddie, conference.
the fair have just held a press Amelia,
conference. What did they say? mutual
Amelia, there was a great deal of Minister
mutual admiration, both the Prime about
Minister and Vice President talking we
about our shared values, how much military
we like each other, our shared fighting
military history, 100 years of was
fighting next to each other. This They
was very much a friendly atmosphere. went
They had a bilateral meeting. It expected
went for an hour longer than conference
expected and then had a news conference and buried in the news that
conference was this announcement role
that Australia would expand its military
role from just training the Police
military in Iraq to training the off
Police Force. So, that's taking it streets,
off the battlefield and on to the on
streets, taking our training role really
on to the streets, and this is And
really unusual. It wasn't expected. absolutely
And there was no detail. There was is
absolutely no detail about how this to
is going to happen, who it is going Australian
to involve, whether it is just police,
Australian troops or Australian still
police, Federal Police. So, we are this
still to hear that detail. Now, ago.
this is what they said a short time expand
ago.I can announce that we will building
expand the training mandate of our in
building partner capacity mission Iraqi
in Iraq to include the training of agencies
Iraqi federal law enforcement folks
agencies and local police.You world.
folks are the best trainers in the force.
world. They are counterterrorism why
force. You are part of the reason the
why they succeeded in Ramadi.Now, of
the US Vice President also met some on
of our troops this morning. He went warships,
on a tour of one of our newest warships, a very hi-tech warship, troops
HMAS Adelaide. He met some of our shared
troops and spoke again about the It
shared role in our military history. him
It was particularly heart-felt for Beau
him because he talked about his son US
Beau who died last year. He was a alongside
US army major, and fought in Iraq, came
alongside Australian troops, and how
came back and told his father about So,
how important that relationship is. the
So, that was an important part of expecting,
the day. This afternoon, we are expecting, time allowing, for the A
US Vice President to visit the zoo. lighter
A little later this after -- won't
lighter this afternoon, Amelia.He you
won't be disappointed. Eddie, thank NSW
you for that. Year 12 students in numeracy
NSW will be required to pass before
numeracy and literacy subjects higher
before they can receive their Chris
higher school certificate. Nine's us.
Chris O'Keefe has the details for announced
us.The NSW Government has school
announced an overhaul of the higher the
school certificate, saying it is many
the first of its kind for many, Adrian
many decades. Education Minister students
Adrian Piccoli did announce year 12 benchmark
students will have to meet a and
benchmark or standard for numeracy HSC.
and literacy to indeed achieve a have
HSC. At the moment, all students assessment
have to do is complete all their show
assessment tasks, sit exams and awarded
show up for class and they are certificate.
awarded with a higher school this
certificate. The Minister did say education
this is important to make sure our class,
education system in NSW is world criticism,
class, but there has been some our
criticism, saying we are setting fail
our children and students up to It
fail if these benchmarks aren't met. students.
It is not a matter of targeting first
students. Year 9 NAPLAN will be the minimum
first opportunity to meet that standard.
minimum literacy and numeracy band
standard. You will need at least a And
band 8 in all of those NAPLAN tests. years
And then you have got another three will
years before the HSC.All students achieve
will need the support they need to it
achieve that standard. This makes Government
it imperative that the Turnbull Gonski
Government fully fund the NSW studies
Gonski agreement.The board of NSW of
studies in NSW does think around 5% not
of every year 12 year group does That's
not meet these basic benchmarks. This
That's around 3,000 students a year. this
This has the opposition saying that Government
this is an admission from the is
Government that the system in NSW is indeed failing. But the couple
Government also did announce a offer
couple of other changes. They will subjects,
offer some science extension assessment
subjects, there will be less students,
assessment tasks for year 12 be
students, and maths will still not have
be compulsory. ProtestProtestors Republican
have swarmed the National in
Republican Convention in Cleveland Trump
in an 11th hour bid to stop Donald nominee.
Trump becoming the Republican with
nominee. He had his first interview tough
with his running mate and he faced royalty.
tough questions about Mike Pence's the
royalty.High drama on the floor of on
the Republican convention. A full It
on revolt by the anti-Trump forces. denied
It started when delegates were the
denied an opportunity to vote on last
the rules. Some saw it as their nomination.
last best hope to block Trump's reconsider
nomination.The motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. pandemonium.
And with that declaration, delegates
pandemonium.You are ignoring this
delegates who have been elected to Trump
this convention.So, the never- call
Trump people are call for a roll chant,
call vote, trying to build that are
chant, while other Trump supporters their
are trying to support Trump.But state
their call rejected. No state by vote
state roll call vote. Only a voice of
vote would happen.Those in favour of the rules package will say Aye.

Those opposed shall say no.

NO) Ayes
In the opinion of the chair, the Trump
Ayes have it.In the end, the anti- entire
Trump forces failed. Colorado's at
entire delegation walking out. Look start
at their empty seats. A rockiest the
start to the Trump show on the day case
the candidate is hoping to show spotlight
case his softer side. Tonight, the is
spotlight on his wife Melania.He Melania,
is a great leader. He is fair. prime-time
Melania, one of six Trump with Cleveland.
prime-time speaking spots here in children
Cleveland. All Trump's adult convention.
children are addressing the watch
convention.The Trump family will private
watch the convention from this stage
private box, very close to the to
stage and convention organiser want so
to make sure there are no mistakes, Trump,
so plenty of warning signs. Team spotlight
Trump, you are being filmed.The Trump's
spotlight shining bright also on Together
Trump's running mate Mike Pence. close
Together in their first interview, ask
close but very far apart.Trump was What
ask about the vote for the war. voted?
What do you mean you don't care he voted
voted?It is a long time ago and he misled.
voted that way and they were also given
misled. A lot of information was the
given the people but I was against But
the war in Iraq from the beginning. Hillary's
But you have used that vote of Governor
Hillary's - it was the same as her
Governor pence - as an example of of
her bad judgment.Frankly, I'm one What
of the few that was right on Iraq. a
What about Mike Pence.He can make can't.
a mistake once in a while.But she how
can't.She can't.He was learning This
how to make his new boss happy. world,
This man is not intimidated by the man,
world, and Donald Trump, this good President
man, I believe will be a great love
President of the United States.I prominent
love what he just said.But many are
prominent Republicans disagree, and bottle
are skipping the convention.A gas the
bottle has exploded at a home on child
the Gold Coast, leaving a young go
child and a man with burns. Let's Greenbank
go straight to Nine's Carrie-Anne how
Greenbank for the details. Carrie, Fortunately
how bad are their injuries? seriously
Fortunately neither of them were and
seriously injured, but both father and daughter have been rushed here It
to Gold Coast University Hospital. the
It was around 2.30 this afternoon light
the 27-year-old father was going to home.
light the barbecue at their family daughter
home. He had his six month old baby leant
daughter in his arms and as he there
leant down to light the barbecue, it
there was a build up of gas before received
it exploded in their faces. He face.
received burns to his left arm and her
face. His daughter was injured on said
her hand and her head. Paramedics going
said he made the right decision by going to jump in the family pool enough
because that has cooled them down arrive.
enough before paramedics could scene
arrive. Neighbours described the they
scene as chaos. Neighbours said lots
they heard the explosion before before
lots of screaming.We were upstairs come
before we heard the loud bang. He triple
come running out and he said, "Ring was
triple 0 Ray." I rang them and he went
was nursing the baby at the time it recovering
went off.Father and daughter are University
recovering at the Gold Coast news
University Hospital.That is good businessman
news Carrie, thank you. A wealthy daring
businessman has been targeted in a More
daring jewellery heist in Melbourne. jewellery
More than $1 million worth of encrusted
jewellery including diamond and
encrusted watches, rings, earrings Toorak
and bangles were taken from the thieves
Toorak mansion last month. The property,
thieves entered the back of the Liberal
property, bundling the former into
Liberal Party power broker's safe footage
into a Holden. Dramatic security dramatic
footage from Turkey show the opened
dramatic moment that helicopters during
opened fire on ground targets They
during the failed military coup. intelligence
They were targeting their own shooting
intelligence department, even guns
shooting at cars, while machine the
guns on the ground tried to shoot country
the choppers down. Tensions in the thousands
country are still running high with every
thousands taking to the streets have
every night. Back home, two men after
have clung to an esky to survive Queensland
after their boat capsized off the four
Queensland coast. The men spent Stradbroke
four hours stranded off South and
Stradbroke Island, grabbing an esky tide
and chairs to keep afloat as the tide dragged them out to sea. They raised
eventually made it to shore and are
raised the alarm. Police say they this
are extremely lucky.Still to come continue
this afternoon, interest rates number
continue to fall. So why is the their
number of people falling behind on rise?
their home loan repayments on the 140,000
rise? Also powering $140,000 -- Victoria's
140,000 households. News on farm.
Victoria's new $650 million wind Middleton
farm. And wedding bells - is Pippa aisle?
Middleton set to walk down the aisle? Those reports coming up next.

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An officer who died in the hailed
Louisiana police shootings is being line
hailed a hero for running into the colleague.
line of fire to rescue an injured were
colleague. It comes as new details authorities
were released about the gunman, who assassinated
authorities say tracked and assassinated the officers. aren't
Louisiana law enforcement officials calling
aren't mincing words tonight, Eugene
calling this an ambush saying Gavin surveillance
Eugene Long, seen here in cops.
surveillance video went hunting for that
cops.There is no doubt whatsoever intentionally
that these officers were assassinated.
intentionally targeted and wrap
assassinated.They say the screen snuck
wrap shows how the deranged gunman Sunday
snuck up on police officers on to
Sunday morning. As the first calls to 911 were coming

Police say he was already shooting, killing
wounding a city officer, and then Garafolo
killing Sheriff's deputy Brad say
Garafolo who ran to help. Police the
say he turned around and executed the wounded officer.

In the end, they took Long out from 100
a SWAT team firing from more than structure.
100 yards away and through a working
structure. Charmaine had just left she
working at the Waffle House when started
she got caught in the crossfire and I
started recording on her cell phone. me.
I was waiting for a bullet to hit Five
me. The bullets were that close. one
Five police officers were wounded, tonight.
one still fighting for his life Matthew
tonight. Killed were Garafolo, who
Matthew Gerald and Montrell Jackson, shooter,
who is the same colour as the post
shooter, and in a powerful Facebook his
post to friends last week defended but
his Badge, saying I love this city, This
but I wonder if this city loves me. Sterling
This woman raised 37-year-old Alton the
Sterling who died at the hands of fighting
the police. She says she is cops
fighting for justice but killing wrong
cops is wrong on every level.It is out.
wrong what he did. My heart went because
out. I cried when I first heard it 1
because back to me, I'm back to day in
1 with Alton.The largest wind farm green
in Victoria has been given the state
green light for construction as the nation's
state strives to be become the Let's
nation's leader in renewable energy. for
Let's go to Nine's Dougal Beatty afternoon.
for all the details. Dougal, good farm
afternoon. How big is this wind farm expected to be?The new wind Victoria
farm will be the biggest in capacity.
Victoria in terms of its energy built
capacity. It will have 96 turbines and
built across 11 farming properties, homes
and enough to power around 140,000 Daniel
homes every year. Victorian Premier announcement
Daniel Andrews made the Victoria.
announcement today in south-west in
Victoria. 300 jobs will be created wind
in the construction phase of the Government
wind farm. Now the former Liberal development
Government heavily restricted the the
development of wind farms. Today farms
the Labor Premier declared wind Victoria's
farms are back. He wants 25% of renewables
Victoria's power to come from wants
renewables by 2020. Daniel Andrews site.
wants Victoria to be the renewable scaled
site. The size of the site has been Greens
scaled back due to bird life. The pointless
Greens say the project is pretty phase
pointless if we aren't going to the
phase out coal power stations, but it
the Premier dismissed it and said renewable
it is a great step forward.We love to
renewable energy and we are going is
to do everything we can that this our
is the renewable energy capital of number
our nation.We have reduced the have
number of turbines by eight. We protect
have relocated another eight to affordable
protect wetlands.We want Victorians,
affordable sources of power for power
Victorians, and we want reliable will
power for Victorians.The project Construction
will take two years to complete. 12
Construction will start in around Beatty
12 months time. Amelia?Dougal that.
Beatty in Melbourne. Thank you for bachelorettes
that. One of the UK's most eligible market
bachelorettes is reportedly off the Pippa
market for good with news today boyfriend.
Pippa Middleton is engaged to her popped
boyfriend. James Mathews apparently in
popped the question while they were District
in holidays in England's Lakes than
District earlier this month, less dating.
than a year after they started with
dating. Let's check the weather unseasonal
with Livinia and we are getting eastern
unseasonal weather through the Amelia.
eastern states.You are right pushed
Amelia. Warm tropical air is being combined
pushed across Queensland and continuing
combined with this trough is falls.
continuing to bring torrential falls. There have been storms in collecting
the coal fields with Richmond yesterday's
collecting 50 millimetres to add to out
yesterday's 55. Brisbane is missing earlier,
out on the rain but as we saw this
earlier, there was extensive fog caused
this morning and that's also being Once
caused by the moist tropical air. day
Once it cleared it was a gorgeous had
day reaching a top of 25. Sydney but
had severe fog yesterday morning, and
but it was beautiful this morning maximum
and it has been very warm. The average.
maximum of 25 is 9 above the July were
average. Melbourne's temperatures average
were also well above average. The average minimum was 6 but it was dipping
more than double that today, only very
dipping to 13 before reaching a lovely
very pleasant 16. There was a and
lovely sunrise in Adelaide as well five
and it went on to reach 20, that's is
five degrees above average. Hobart enjoying
is looking beautiful today, also dropping
enjoying a very mild morning. Oem July
dropping to 10, which is double the 16.
July average and reaching a top of warmer
16. Amelia, we are seeing much Australia.
warmer temperatures along eastern Livinia.
Australia.Good to hear. Thank you afternoon,
Livinia. Still to come this the
afternoon, Melania Trump addresses have
the Republican convention, but we did
have heard this speech before. Who minute
did she plager ice. The Australian Olympics.
minute gets into the spirit of the Cartwright
Olympics. And to sport, why Bryce baffled
Cartwright has his team mates baffled and the young baseball fan Right
wearing his heart on his sleeve. Right now, though, here is a

Tonight in Nine News.
Amelia, thank you. A teenager murdered a Panania supermarket -
during a brawl outside

the stabbing attack?
what prompted to a fresh search
The tip off that led Sharon Edwards.
for missing teacher for the HSC -
Tough new guidelines need to know.
what parents and students

Extra parking, a new Aldi, fashion brand for the south west.
and the first international Our exclusive look massive makeover.
inside Macarthur Square's with his wife and his ex.
Rupert Murdoch's lavish lunch in a horror season.
And the Eels shining light Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

VOICE-OVER: This is Tom.
He's on his way to work. Because Tom parks
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We have breaking news for you. The Club
board of the Parramatta Leagues a
Club has been axed and replaced by appointed
a temporary administration comes
appointed by the NSW Government. It ban
comes after the NRL stepped in to involvement
ban five executives from salary
involvement in Rugby League after a have
salary cap scandal, and we will News
have more details for you in Nine young
News at 6:00 tonight. Children as now
young as five years old in NSW are important
now being taught one of the most safety.
important lessons of all. Road Safety
safety. The interactive website part
Safety Town has been launched as help
part of the school curriculum to kindergarten
help primary students from skills.
kindergarten to year 6 learn vital of
skills. It comes after the deaths from
of 37 children on the State's roads is
from 2011 to 2015.How many people our
is it acceptable to have dying on young
our roads? Zero. How many lives, people
young lives should we have lost or And
people injured on our roads? Zero. initiative.
And so this is a really important available
initiative.The program is now primary
available in more than 2,000 State
primary schools and part of the deaths
State Government's hope for zero Olympic
deaths on the roads. It is an The
Olympic gold of a different kind. commemorative
The Australian mint releasing Olympic
commemorative gold coins for the colours
Olympic Games next month. There are different
colours of the Olympic rings and coin
different sports motives. A sixth Paralympic
coin feature a wheelchair for the August
Paralympic Games will feature in get
August when the Paralympic Games the
get underway. Julie joins us for Let's
the sports news.Good afternoon. It's
Let's start with Rugby League first. far
It's been a hot and cold season so charge
far but the Panthers are hoping to on
charge to the finals when they take has
on Brisbane on Friday. Luke Dufficy know
has more.The Panthers certainly themselves.
know how to make it hard for win
themselves. They had a thrilling but
win over Parramatta last weekend to
but they had to come from 14-0 down exciting
to get the two points. It is an with
exciting young team here in Penrith Bryce
with no player more promising than raw
Bryce Cartwright. But with so much admit
raw talent Cartwright's team mates he
admit it is difficult to know what what
he will throw up.He doesn't know us
what he is doing so it is hard for only
us to know what he is doing. He has or
only been playing 5/8 for a month have
or so and it will take time. We him
have to give him his space and let better
him do his thing and you are a the
better player for doing that off misery
the back of him.There is more with
misery for the Eels horror season officially
with the 12 competition points hopes
officially deducted, Parramatta's but
hopes of making the finals have all still
but evaporated but the spirit is are
still strong there and the players winger
are excited with the form of young 9
winger Bevan French who has scored impressed
9 tries in his six games.He has didn't
impressed a lot of people. He opportunity
didn't know if he would get an and
opportunity this year and he has He
and he is a pretty impressive kid. career.
He has a long way to go in his love
career.I love the experience and I tough
love learning. It's been a bit weeks.
tough recently in the past few position
weeks. We have got people out of there,
position and forwards playing out said,
there, but it is very tough, like I There
said, but I'm loving the experience. Eels
There are only two teams below the is
Eels on the ladder and one of them slumped
is the Roosters. Last night they to
slumped to another loss, this time wasn't
to the high flying Sharks. It They
wasn't Cronulla's best performance. the
They did enough, their 32-20 win Sharks
the 14th in a row. It put the and
Sharks back on top of the NRL table daring
and the fans in the shire are year
daring to dream this could be the premiership.
year for the drought-breaking skipper
premiership.And North Melbourne Kangaroos
skipper Swallow is confidence the on
Kangaroos can get their season back hoping
on track come September. They are streak
hoping to end a five game losing streak when they meet Collingwood to
on Friday night.If you didn't want quit.
to embrace a challenge, you'd just the
quit. I think everyone is up for yet
the challenge.The Magpies haven't know
yet given up on playing finals, but they
know they must topple the Roos if alive.
they are to keep their slim hopes them
alive.We are expecting, you know, and
them to be playing their best footy strong
and to come out with a really Bulldogs
strong intent.And the Western fielder
Bulldogs have confirmed that mid- fielder Tom Liberatore will return after
to take on the Saints on Saturday Cricket
after recovering from bruised ribs. 1/127
Cricket and Australia has finished against
1/127 on day 1 of their tour match The
against Sri Lanka's Board Eleven. the
The home side out for just 229 with taking
the Aussie spinner Steve O'Keefe a
taking 5/43.I think our quicks did early
a great job up front, getting three about
early wickets, and then it was just us,
about the spinners and the rest of keep
us, as you said, just trying to keep the runs dry.The first test Peter
against Sri Lanka starts next week. stage
Peter Sagan has claimed his third out
stage of the Tour de France edging incredible
out Alexander Kristoff in an Australia's
incredible photo finish on stage 16. while
Australia's Michael Mathews was 5th to
while Chris Froome came in safely minutes.
to maintain his lead of almost two well
minutes. Sports fans know all too of
well the emotional roller coaster thought
of supporting your team so spare a US
thought for this little guy in the sleeve
US who wears his heart on his baseball
sleeve when it comes to his the
baseball side. He experiences all Pittsburgh
the highs and lows as the six
Pittsburgh Pirates battle through a finally,
six hour 18 innings game, but celebrate
finally, victory, and doesn't he tell
celebrate with that home run? I celebrating
tell you what, identifying Look
celebrating after 16 hours as well. emotional
Look at him go. It's a real What
emotional roller coaster there. very
What a cutie. I love it. Thank you soon.
very much for all of that. See you fresh
soon. Stay with us. Up next, a Sharon
fresh search for missing teacher divers
Sharon Edwards. Why the police the
divers are now scouring a river on former
the NSW north coast. Behind bars, a Liberal
former director of the Victorian more
Liberal Party jailed for stealing more than $1 million. And an gorilla.
Australian woman attacked by a survival
gorilla. Her incredible story of the
survival is coming up. And boar on pig
the loose. What happens when a wild pig emerges from the surf on a busy

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fuelled by pure imagination leading to one destination -
to you, to thrive.

In six weeks, the Northern and
Territory will head to the polls, announced
and today the Labor Government indigenous
announced a huge funding boost for give
indigenous Bushrangers which would land.
give them more power over their trigger
land. The $14 million package would Government
trigger an overhaul of current Mullen
Government legislation. Isabelle community
Mullen has more from the remote communities
community of Wadeye.Indigenous should
communities across the Territory means
should be $100,000 better off, that vehicles
means greater access to boats, equipment
vehicles and communications like
equipment in remote communities territory
like Wadeye. If elected Labor pressing
territory leader Michael Gunner is he
pressing for $14 million for what ranger
he is calling a bigger and better about
ranger program.They have concerns shouldn't
about where people stray where they them
shouldn't be going. They will tap and
them and say you have gone too far esky.
and by the way, can I look in your Scullion
esky.I was talking to Nigel rangers
Scullion about training more patrol
rangers and give them more power to to
patrol the land and sea. It's good that
to see Michael Gunner has taken up communications
that commitment.With radio End...
communications down across the Top Daly
End...From Fitzroy River to the on
Daly River, there's not one radio want
on the outpost we can talk to.They to
want to allocate $2 million a year to improve conservation practices on Aboriginal land and sea country.

A move which would give rangers means
more power over their land. That particular,
means changes to legislation in conservation
particular, the Parks and Wildlife game
conservation act. It could be a say
game changer for tourists. Rangers own
say with more control over their own land, they would be more to
comfortable granting visitor access An
to sacred sites across Australia. frightening
An Australian woman has had a gorilla,
frightening encounter with a while
gorilla, pushed over by the animal Neary
while on a tour of Africa. Nine's story.
Neary Ty has been following the has
story. This is quite a story. She did
has spoken about her ordeal. What right.
did she say?Good afternoon. That's doing
right. Gemma was on her honeymoon she
doing a gorilla trek in Rwanda when animals.
she was pushed by one of the animals. She was part of a small

animals. She was part of a small
she was pushed by one of the tour the
tour group in the jungle observing habitat.
the animals in their natural back
habitat. As you can see, the silver times
back thumps his chest a couple of she
times before charging to Gemma and she falls to the ground before a captured
tour guide helps her up. This was camera.
captured on the couple's go pro camera. When she was on the ground avoided
she said she protected her head and wouldn't
avoided eye contact so the animal a
wouldn't attack her.Terrifying for before
a split second but it was all over over
before I knew it. I put my hands we
over my head to protect myself and threatened
we were told if a gorilla feels submissive.
threatened you need to act feel
submissive. By doing that he didn't clear
feel threatened by me.It is not towards
clear why the gorilla charged maybe
towards Gemma. Some experts say wearing
maybe it was because she was blonde
wearing a bright pink top and had in
blonde hair and quite distinctive gorilla
in the group. Nevertheless they say rare
gorilla attacks on humans are very signs
rare and in this case there were no signs of extreme aggression. The possibly
gorilla pushed her to the side There
possibly because she was in the way. mountain
There are only 880 of these and
mountain gorillas left in the wild still
and despite in encounter she is still encouraging others to go and see the beautiful animals. Amelia?

see the beautiful animals. Amelia?
still encouraging others to go and Neary, watching
Neary, thank you for that. You are These
watching Nine's Afternoon News. Liberal
These are the top stories - former Mantach
Liberal Party director Damien years
Mantach has been sentenced to five than
years behind bars for stealing more men
than $1.5 from party covers. Three been
men including two teenagers have 18-year-old
been charged with murder after an Sydney's
18-year-old was stabbed to death in have
Sydney's south-west. And police missing
have renewed their search for Edwards
missing school teacher Sharon after
Edwards on the NSW north coast after a public tip-off.

A teenager stabbed to death during overnight
an alleged brawl in Sydney good
overnight has been described as a joins
good boy. Nine's Gabrielle Boyle you
joins us with the details. Gabby, witnesses.
you have spoken with one of the say?
witnesses. What have they had to witnesses
say?We have Amelia. I can tell you pretty
witnesses are describing some surrounding
pretty awful circumstances It
surrounding this alleged stabbing. they
It was around 6 pm last night that up
they have told us a group of men, up to

up to 60, in fact, on the streets, verbal
in Panania, got into some type of raised
verbal altercation. Raised voices, raised fists, and it is during this that
altercation that it is suggested repeatedly.
that Adam Abu Mahmoud was stabbed arrived
repeatedly. Police and paramedics few
arrived at a nearby street just a CPR.
few minutes later. They commenced injuries.
CPR. He had sustained some horrific scene
injuries. He was treated at the loaded
scene for a time before being to
loaded into an ambulance and raced the
to hospital. Tragically, despite nurses,
the best efforts of doctors and his
nurses, they were unable to save quickly
his life. Police worked very case,
quickly to wrap up arrests in this Amelia,
case, and it was just hours later, three
Amelia, that they managed to arrest year-old.
three young men, an 18 and a 20- Bankstown
year-old. They were taken to charges
Bankstown Court house today to face refused
charges of murder. They were in
refused bail and they will reappear year-old
in Court later this month. A 17- appeared
year-old man, a juvenile, he also Court
appeared before the Children's Court in Parramatta. He was also refused bail. Earlier today, we attack.
spoke to witnesses about this him
attack. Let's take a listen.I met children
him through people who I know actually
children of the same age and he is I
actually a lovely young honest boy. face
I couldn't believe when I saw his boy.
face and it was him. He is a good calling
boy.Amelia, police are still given
calling for further witnesses and of
given there was such a large amount at
of people in and around this area more
at the time, they are confident right.
more people will come forward.All there.
right. Gabby boil, we will leave it former
there. Thank you for that. The Liberal
former director of the Victorian after
Liberal Party has been sent to jail coffers
after he defrauded the State's Nine's
coffers of more than $1 million. this
Nine's Karen Michael was in Court Karen,
this morning and joins me now. Mantach
Karen, how many years will Damien Mantach spend behind bars?Amelia, committed
this was a large-scale fraud in
committed by a Liberal Party leader for
in a position of trust. It went on up
for four years. Damien Mantach set and
up a printing and mailing business paid
and sent false invoices which were to
paid and went to him, which he used cafe
to reduce his debt on a house and a were
cafe and to buy shares. His parents were in Court to hear the summary and the final numbers this morning. leaving
Here is a small grab from them comment.
leaving court.Excuse me, madam, no said
comment.The County Court judge said this was a grave protracted for
breach of trust and jailed Mantach two
for five years with a minimum of of
two years and eight months. A third the
of the money has been returned, and their
the Liberals have now tightened Karen,
their financial controls. Amelia? Turnbull
Karen, thank you very much. Malcolm Ministry
Turnbull has presented his new-look a
Ministry to the Governor-General at Let's
a swearing-in ceremony in Canberra. reporter
Let's go straight to political Joel,
reporter Joel Dry for the latest. this
Joel, political history was made the
this morning.Amelia, it was one of history,
the largest Cabinets in federal 40
history, the largest in more than pretty
40 years so understandably it was a House
pretty packed house at Government ministers,
House this morning. 23 Cabinet 12
ministers, seven more ministers and in.
12 assistant ministers were sworn especially
in. A very proud occasion for them, particularly
especially the new ones and which
particularly their families, of were
which there were lots, many of whom Minister
were quite small. In fact one when
Minister Kelly O'Dwyer remarked House
when she arrived at Government newest
House it was baby central. The the
newest member is Matt Canavan, and the other new faces to the Ministry Gillespie
are Luke Hartsuyker, David court
Gillespie and Zed Seselja, and of was
court it was the Prime Minister who front
was first to sign his paperwork in Malcolm
front of the Governor-General.I, will
Malcolm Bligh Turnbull do swear I people
will well and truly serve the of
people of Australia in the office faithful
of Prime Minister, and I will be to
faithful and bear true allegiance second,
to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the me
second, Queen of Australia, so help me God.One Minister sworn in again night
was Simon Birmingham, but last company,
night he was amongst much different with
company, sharing a panel on the ABC elect
with Pauline Hanson, the Senator controversial
elect again made some pretty Islam
controversial remarks, claiming Islam isn't compatible with immigration
Australia and we should ban further this
immigration of Muslim people to country,
this country.We are a Christian country, and I don't believe that culture
Islam is compatible with our that's
culture and our way of life, and Australia
that's why we have problems in of
Australia on the streets, and a lot The
of people are opposing the mosques. attracted
The One Nation leader's appearance outside
attracted a fairly strong protest ended
outside the Sydney studios that people,
ended up with the arrest of six again
people, and Amelia, miss Hanson Royal
again raised the question of a --
Royal Commission into Islam. It has rejected
-- Islam. It has been flatly Police
rejected by Government ministers. searching
Police divers have spent the day NSW
searching a remote water way on the about
NSW north coast after a tip-off missing
about the disappearance of a joins
missing mother. Nine's Sophie Walsh station,
joins us live from graft on police Sharon
station, which is close to where Sophie,
Sharon Edwards was last seen. Sophie, what have police had to say they
about the investigation?Police say searching
they are confident that they are searching in the right place but anything
they won't reveal if they found remote
anything during the search of the remote dam and bushland west of were
Lawrence. As you mentioned, they public.
were acting on a tip-off from the them,
public. There was a big group of dogs
them, officers, detectives, police divers.
dogs and caddar ver dogs and police divers. They made it very clear they were searching for the body of since
Sharon Edwards. It's been 1 months months
since the 55-year-old primary -- 16 primary
months since the 55-year-old went
primary school went missing. She local
went to dinner with friends at the seen
local pub, she left and hasn't been account
seen or heard from since. Her bank account also has not been used or was
contacted at all. Her mobile phone that
was detected about 30 Ks north in the
that town of Lawrence, and that's point
the reason why it has been a focal also
point of this investigation. It is husband
also the place where her estranged confirmed
husband John lives, and police person
confirmed today that he is still a investigation.
person of interest in this murder Edwards
investigation.The movements of Mr disappearance
Edwards on the night of Sharon's to
disappearance remains of interest to us and is the focus of our has
investigation.Amelia, the search poor
has been called off tonight due to thing
poor light. They will resume first last
thing tomorrow. It is expected to thanks
last for two days.Sophie Walsh, rock
thanks for the update. It was a but
rock star entrance by Donald Trump, Republican
but the -- at the National The
Republican Convention in Cleveland. tradition
The billionaire breaking from stage.
tradition to introduce his wife on Behind
stage. Nine's Laura Turner has more. act
Behind me on stage is the headline and
act of the convention for today, Trump's
and that is Melania Trump, Donald presence
Trump's wife. The GOP is hoping her soften
presence here tonight will help help
soften Donald Trump's image and does
help him in the polls. We know he moment.
does have an image problem at the introduced
moment. She is right there on stage, evening,
introduced by Donald Trump this tradition
evening, and that is a break in tradition as well. Normally or
tradition would have Donald Trump on
or any nominee only appear on stage but
on the last night of the convention, stage
but Donald Trump has arrived on convention,
stage on the first night of the see
convention, and I dare say we will the
see a lot more of him throughout He
the week, but here is Melania Trump. he
He is tough when he has to be. But This
he is also kind and fair and caring. This kindnesses not always noted, That
but it is there for all to see. with
That is one reason I fell in love have
with him to begin with.Now, we unrest
have already seen a fair bit of Hundreds
unrest here at the convention today. streets
Hundreds of people taking to the earlier
streets in protest of Donald Trump earlier in the day, chanting "down Also
with Trump" and "to dump Trump". Republicans
Also on the floor here a number of Trump
Republicans tried to overthrow ditch
Trump but they failed in a last- here
ditch attempt to have him ousted like
here at the convention. It looks Trump
like full steam ahead for Donald Cleveland.
Trump here at the convention in there
Cleveland.Laura Turner reporting accused
there and Melania Trump has been today's
accused of plagiarism. Parts of to
today's speech are almost identical Democratic
to Michelle Obama's address at the 2008.
Democratic National Convention in children
2008. Take a listen.We want our that
children in this nation to know achievements
that the only limit to your your
achievements is the strength of work
your dreams and your willingness to and
work for them.We want our children know
and all children in this nation to height
know that the only limits are the limit
height of your achievements is the willingness
limit of your dreams and your Before
willingness to work hard for them. Trump
Before taking to the stage, Melania little
Trump wrote the speech with as bridal
little help as possible. Celebrity sold
bridal designer Johanna Johnson has dozens
sold her luxury Sydney home after dresses
dozens of brides were left without business
dresses on their big day when her from
business collapsed. The proceeds may
from her megamansion in Vaucluse and
may be used to pay back employees against
and the tax office. The legal case next
against her will return to Court hard
next month. Australians who find it from
hard to sleep could be suffering disease.
from a potentially lethal lung Australians
disease. More than 1 million obstructive
Australians have chronic may
obstructive pulmonary disease, but disrupts
may not know it. The condition of
disrupts sleep by causing shortness coughing
of breath, resulting in persistent what
coughing and weesing. To find out protect
what causes the disease and how to News
protect yourself, tune in to Nine warning
News at 6:00 tonight. A dire home
warning today after a number of monthly
home owners failing to meet their seventh
monthly repayment increased for the relatively
seventh month in a row. It was a 0.7%
relatively small increase, up just significant
0.7% but experts warn it will be problems
significant enough to cause economic
problems if the nation falls into people
economic tur Moyle. At least nine avalanche
people have been killed after an 20m
avalanche in Tibet. Snow as deep as burying
20m shifted on to grazing land, of
burying people alongside hundreds more
of livestock. There are concerns cracks
more avalanches will occur, with glaciers.
cracks appearing in surrounding biggest
glaciers. One of Western Sydney's a
biggest shopping centres is getting is
a dramatic makeover. $240 million Square
is being pumped into Macarthur specially
Square in Campbelltown. Dozens more market
specially stores, a fresh food are
market and 500 extra parking spots viewers
are just the beginning. Sydney out
viewers can tune in at 6 to find label
out which international fashion A
label will be part of the face lift. beachgoers
A wild boar has wreaked havoc on the
beachgoers in Poland, emerging from The
the surf and going on a rampage. up
The animal can be seen scrambling realised
up the sand, but as soon as it attacking
realised it is fenced in, it begins their
attacking people, knocking them off Afternoon
their feet. Still to come on Nine's finance
Afternoon News, we will have the you
finance and the latest weather for will
you with Livinia Nixon. Livinia, tomorrow?
will the warm conditions continue look
tomorrow?Yes Amelia. Let's take a be
look at the ice owe therms. It will we
be another mild night and tomorrow temperatures,
we will see unseasonally warm south
temperatures, particularly through south and Queensland.

Tonight, murder in the street - in the back at Panania.
a teenager stabbed Tough new rules for the HSC. An exclusive look massive makeover.
inside Macarthur Square's isn't good enough for the Sharks.
And why 14-straight wins Nine News at 6:00.

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(Hums) Oh! (Hums, gasps, exclaims)

(All exclaim)

Ooh. Strawberries. Here we go again.
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Good afternoon. There has been today.
plenty happening around the country quite
today. This jet stream cloud is quite interesting. It

quite interesting. It is
today. This jet stream cloud is broad
quite interesting. It is incredibly Indian
broad stretching from the eastern east
Indian Ocean and stretches as far cloudy
east as New Zealand. That brought of
cloudy skies for Victoria today and rainfall
of course we are seeing more heavy has
rainfall in Queensland. Today it northern
has been concentrated around the thunderstorms
northern coal fields with Richmond
thunderstorms and heavy showers. millimetres
Richmond has had over 126 and
millimetres in the past few days it,
and the July average is, wait for even
it, nine. So unseasonal doesn't seeing
even touch on the conditions we are ease
seeing at the moment. The rain will be
ease a little tomorrow and it will falls
be NSW' turn with the heaviest there's
falls expected around Dubbo where forecast
there's up to 100 millimetres of
forecast and Sydney will get some of that. There's up to 15 still
millimetres expected, but it will of
still be quite mild with a maximum spectacular
of 19. It will be another maximum
spectacular day in Brisbane with a could
maximum of 25 degrees. Melbourne but
could see a light shower or two, 16.
but very light winds and a top of showers
16. Perth will get some more forecast,
showers with 10 millimetres during
forecast, and that should set in morning
during the afternoon. A chilly top
morning dropping to five ahead of a to
top of 18. Canberra can expect up of
to 15 millimetres in rain and a top partly
of 15. Another mild day for Hobart, 15.
partly cloudy and also set to reach and
15. Partly cloudy day for Adelaide continue
and the warm conditions will sunny
continue with a top of 20. And shortage
sunny and 31 for Darwin. I have no moment,
shortage of weather news at the The
moment, Amelia. Thank you Livinia. the
The All Ords are trading down and 75.15
the dollar right now is fetching 75.15 US

75.15 US
the dollar right now is fetching afternoon
75.15 US cents. That's the is
afternoon news. The next bulletin is coming up

Hello, everybody, welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight.

I've got a million dollars, I
want to give it away tonight.

What do you reckon, gang, yeah?

Let's go! We're all set to
change somebody's life tonight,

six wonderful contestants,
a ripping audience,

got all the questions ready to go,

and the big hot seat
ready to fire up.

So, let's meet our contestants

And sitting in seat number one -

my old mate Peter 'Sully' Sullivan,
one half of the two-man band

that wrote the magnificent hit
'Up There Cazaly'.

WA's Valerie Ah Chee has two sons
playing AFL football -

one for Port, one for Gold Coast.

Chantelle Le Brocque tells people

she saved Marcia Hines's life
by not crashing into her.

Wendy Bankes still brags that she
gave Wally Masur his winning haircut

at the '87 Aussie Open.

Ryan Smedley can name every best
musical Tony Award winner since 1949.

And while living in New Zealand,

Will Adams was a hand model
for the Budweiser commercial.

There you go.
There's a claim to fame!

Alright, wow.
I'd better declare an interest here,

because this bloke has been
working alongside me

for the best part of 30 years,

and has been a superstar of
the Australian television industry.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr Peter 'Sully' Sullivan. Come on!

How are ya, mate?
Very well, thanks, Ed.

Great to have you here.
Thank you very much.

From Mentone in Victoria. It says
here you're 66. That can't be right.

Yeah, no, I am.I would have
thought you were 90 by now. No!

Ellie's your beautiful daughter.
Hi, Ellie, how are ya?

Good, thank you, how are you?
Good to see you.

Peter, tell me about you
and Mike Brady sitting down

and writing 'Up There Cazaly'.

We all know 'Up There Cazaly'?
ALL: Yeah.

# Well, you work to earn
a living... #

Great song. I should take...
Mike wrote it.

He wrote it the night before,

then he came into the studio
the next morning,

played it to me, and then we had
a bit of a play with it.

He went out for a while
and came back and it was all done.

Then we just did our vocals.

Now, this is a story that I heard
years and years ago,

that when it came to
recording 'Up There Cazaly',

you didn't have any nat sound,
natural sound,

of an Australian Rules crowd
going nuts

and you had to use a soccer crowd,
is that it?

That's true, off
the sound effects CD.

They weren't CDs then,
but whatever they were.

Whatever. Tapes and things.

How long have you been in
the industry for, these days?

I started as a pro musician about
1964, I reckon. A long time.

51 years, mate. Good effort.

Peter, the last time I saw you,

you were performing at Ron Barassi's
80th birthday party.That's right.

You're still out there playing
and on the stage all the time.

Tell me about some of the things
you're doing at the moment.

Playing sometimes four hours a day,
it's fantastic.

My fingers are getting
faster with my old age.

I do a lot of aged care and seniors,
but a lot of gigs still with bands,

and trying to develop my show to
put on, the Liberace show.Yeah?

So, playing all the time,
it's fantastic.

Good on you, Peter. Hey, give
him a big round of applause.

One of the great musicians
of Australia, Peter Sullivan.

Right, Pete. Ellie's up the back,
one of the five kids -

Danny, Ben, Kate, Tom and Ellie.

Seven grandchildren.

You ready to play Hot Seat?
Definitely am.

Let's go, come on.



Yes, I think I know this, Ed.
I'm gonna lock in C.



Which of these is not a
famous director of horror films?

OK, OK. I think I'll lock in D, Eddie.

'Alfredo de Darke', correct for $200.

Romero was 'Night of the Living
Dead' and 'Dawn of the Dead'. Craven was 'A Nightmare
on Elm Street' and 'Scream'

and Carpenter was 'Halloween'
and 'The Thing'.



Yeah, no, not quite sure, Ed.
I think I'm gonna pass.

Gonna bail are you, Pete?
Catch you later. See ya, mate.

Hello, Valerie.Hi.

Valerie Ah Chee

from Armadale in Western Australia
is 45 years of age,

a midwife at the Armadale Hospital.

You designed the Port Adelaide
Indigenous jumper one year.

What year was that?

What was the... Tell me about the
design, how did you come up with it?

Basically, I just did five circles

that represented the Indigenous boys
that were on the list

and I also added the connection
to Port Adelaide

and their connection to their
country and families back home.

Good on you, Valerie. Brendon
is your husband. G'day, Brendon.

How you going, Ed?
Good to see you, buddy.

Tell me, your son Brendon is
playing at Port Adelaide, of course.

And Callum was
the number eight pick

in the first round of the AFL draft
back in 2015,

and doing great
things for the Gold Coast.

It must be hard having two boys...

Well, it must be great having
two boys playing AFL football,

but hard having them in
two different states.

It is. It's really exciting
for them, sad for me.

It's hard letting
them go when they're 18.

But, yeah, get to see them
as often as we can.Good on you.

You went back and studied midwifery,
did you?Yes, I did, at 41.

How's that been for you?
It's been great.

I'm now a graduate midwife, so...

I'm loving it, learning every day,

and something exciting happening
every day. It's great.

Good on you. Valerie...


OK, so, I don't think it's A or B.

I'm gonna lock in C, Eddie,

Linguine is locked in,
linguine's correct for $300.


Basic postage rate
for Australian stamps. I can honestly tell you, I haven't
sent anything in a verylong time...

The old snail mail? I'm not sure,
so I might pass, Eddie.

Catch you later, Valerie.
See you later.

Hello, Chantelle.Hello.
How are you?Good, thank you.

Chantelle Le Brocque, from
the Sutherland Shire.Yes.

A Shire girl.
I am, yes.

23 years of age, a student in
Masters of Primary School Teaching

at the University of Wollongong.

Charlotte is your sister.
Hi, Charlotte.Hi, Eddie.

How are ya?
I'm good.

That's the way. Good luck tonight.
I hope everything goes well.

Oh, thank you.
That's the way.

Hey, Chantelle,

tell me how you saved Marcia Hines's
life by not killing her.

Well, we decided to -
me and my sister -

hire one of those tandem bikes.

We weren't very good at riding it
at the time,

I let my sister be the navigator.

We got up a big hill,
hurtled out of control,

Marcia Hines has got her earphones
in, oblivious, exercising.

People are screaming,
we're racing down the hill,

we took the decision to career into
the pond to save her life instead.

So you went into the pond rather
than into Marcia?We did, yes.

Fantastic. Good decision,
I reckon, Chantelle.

Hey, tell me about your budgie.
What's it called?

Well, it was called Eddie.
What do you mean 'was called'?

Unfortunately, he died.
But he was named after you.

Oh, good. Yeah?
Yeah, he was named after you.

He was a big fan, loved your show,
yes.He was great.

How'd he die?

Well, he had a stroke, but...

Well, if I start twitching, you know
what to do this time, Chantelle.


OK, I really have no idea.

Ten seconds.

A dollar sounds like a lot.
Maybe A, 70 cents?

Six seconds, what do you want to do?
B, B... D, a dollar!

Geez, we did a lap there.

If only Australia Post
could deliver that quickly.

A dollar is correct, for $500.

Well done, Chantelle.

We are 11 questions away
from a million dollars.

We'll do it right after this
in the Hot Seat.

Stabbed in the back -

this teen was killed.
the shocking reason witnesses say

We're with police as they search

Sharon Edwards.
for the body of missing teacher

steal her speech
Did Mrs Trump really

from the current First Lady?

with trouble sleeping.
And important research for anyone

Nine News at 6:00.

Hey, honey.
Hey, honey. VOICE-OVER: These are the Morrises.
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Welcome back to the Hot Seat.
Chantelle Le Brocque.