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by Ai-MediaGood afternoon. You are Sherlock.
watching Nine News Now I am Amber news
Sherlock. We begin with breaking has
news out of Melbourne where a man with
has been air lifted to hospital police
with serious injuries following a Officers
police pursuit in the city's west. black
Officers attempted to intercept a just
black BMW when it failed to stop followed
just before midday. A chase before
followed about w lights and sirens tree.
before the driver crashed into a Royal
tree. He has beans taken to the will
Royal Melbourne Hospital and we the
will have more from our reporter at Malcolm
the scene later in the bulletin. million
Malcolm Turnbull has committed $300 testing
million to upgreat a Defence Force It
testing range in South Australia. an
It came as Malcolm Turnbull strung commuters
an early morning surprise in Gianoli
commuters in Melbourne. Lauren Leader
Gianoli reports from the Opposition Shorten's
Leader leader campaign.Bill despite
Shorten's return to his home city weather
despite the cold and miserable early
weather he has hit the Hustings and
early handing out how to vote cards Melbourne
and visiting three seats in The
Melbourne held by the Liberal Party. reports
The Opposition Leader seized on officials
reports that the senior immigration corrupt
officials stand charged with visa.
corrupt activity in the student crooks
visa.They have lost it to the his
crooks and criminals.He was doing forum
his best to promote his jobs and Adam
forum plan at an event attended by on
Adam Goodes.Labor's track records all
on boarder protection is there for the
all to see. The only government, upon
the only parties that can be relied upon to keep the border secure is Bill
the Coalition.Malcolm Turnbull and the
Bill Shorten could only dream of received
the reception that Barnaby Joyce a
received during a chance meeting at a shopping centre over the weekend.

Sadly for the Deputy Leader young his
Noah is not eligible to formalise A
his support with a vote on Saturday. caught
A Singapore Airlines plane has landing
caught fire during an emergency took
landing in Singapore. The plane was
took off from Changi Airport but hours
was forced to return after three detect.
hours after an engine fault was Firefighters
detect. No-one was injured. priceless
Firefighters have battled to save after
priceless artefact from World War I flame
after an old courthouse went up in flame in Melbourne. The blaze kaufd worth
hundreds of thousands of dollars Raskall
worth of damage is Nine's Allan decommissioned
Raskall reports.The old ponds
decommissioned courthouse in m stood
ponds in Melbourne's north has threatened
stood for 126 years but it was that
threatened by a fast moving fire away.
that could be seen from streets could
away.I heard a big bang and I just
could feel the heat. About 20m.I all
just rushed out, was fighting tears that
all the way hearing more reports the
that it was not under control by extensive
the time I got here.It was very witnessed
extensive before it was seen and crews
witnessed and call in and first out
crews on scene arriving with flames The
out through the roof and the window. Essendon
The old koufrt also housing the is
Essendon Historical Society which photos
is the guardian of irreplaceable visibly
photos an documents. Its members devastating.
visibly shaken by the fire.It is effort
devastating. The amount of time and xhiet
effort that we have put in as a restoration
xhiet committee and a group to put come
restoration in the place and you has
come down and see the state of it room
has heartbreaking.The document They
room escaped largely unscathed. digitising
They were in the process of building
digitising their photos. The program
building itself was undergoing a indications
program of renovation. Early the
indications are the blaze may be A
the result of an electrical fault. after
A young girl is fighting for life fire
after being rescued from a house remains
fire in Melbourne.The 12-year-old following
remains in a critical condition at
following this horrific house fire at Gympie this morning. It happened of
at 4:00. The girl's mother and two and
of her siblings managed to escape and fire crews managed to go inside her
and pull her out. They did work on least.
her out the front for an hour at a
least. But unfortunately she was in to
a very bad way when she was taken nil
to Gympie Hospital.Visibility was skills
nil so firefighters to use their initially
skills to locate the bedroom casualty
initially and then to locate the withdraw
casualty inside the bedroom and lot
withdraw her from the premises.A coming
lot of commotion and the flames was year-old
coming out of the house.The 12- the
year-old girl has been airlifted to Hospital
the Lady Cilento Children's critical
Hospital in Brisbane with those investigators
critical burns. Police and fire trying
investigators right now are still blaze
trying to work out exactly how this believed
blaze has started. But it is of
believed that it did begin in one through
of the bedroom.NSW is shivering snow
through yet another cold snap with The
snow falling just west of Sydney. a
The Blue Mountains were dusted with Lithgow
a light sprinkling of powder while including
Lithgow near Bathurst animals In
including a lamb was hard to spot. for
In Sydney it was especially cold to
for a pair of bushwalkers who had National
to spend the night in the Royal They
National Park after becoming lost. They were found early this morning constitutional
and winched to safety. A in
constitutional crisis would be looj Brexit
in the UK as the fallout from the parliament
Brexit vote deepens and its needed
parliament could block legislation European
needed for the departure from the speculation
European Union. There is take
speculation that Boris Johnson will David
take over as Prime Minister from see
David Cameron but he is refusing to Labor
see if he will even run for the job. to
Labor leader j y could be refusing revealed
to quit. Police in Queensland have revealed why officers were forced northerly
to shoot a man in the State's details
northerly this morning. For the Wallace.
details let's cross to Nine's Nat Wallace. What have authorities had described
to say?They have basically eventually
described a very scary and has
eventually horrific situation that me
has unfolded on this street behind scene
me which is still very much a crime morning.
scene as we speak since 4:00 this along
morning. An officer was driving man
along a road when they noticed a man who had a track record carrying the
baseball bat. They pulled over to this
the side of the road to speak to bat
this man and he swung the baseball bat and hit one of the officers in have
the shoulder and we believe he may more
have hit one of those officers two deployed.
more times before the tasers were ineffective
deployed. Those tasers were officers
ineffective and from that point the out
officers thought the situation was their
out of control and they pulled buments.
their firearms and began firing into
buments. Some of the bullets went landed
into the businesses and two of them the
landed in the man's leg, another in for
the man's stomach. Now he stumbled collapsing
for a short while after before nearby
collapsing in a pool of blood in a listen
nearby service station. Let's We
listen to what police had to say. The
We are still conducting inquiries. firearms
The firearms... Both officer's of
firearms have been taken possession ballistics
of and they will be examined by statements
ballistics experts. They are having it
statements taken from them now.Now crime
it is likely this will remain a into
crime scene for some time right doing
into the night. The officers are walk
doing OK, they will be down here to investigation
walk through this ethical place.
investigation which is now taking stable
place. The man involved he is in a who
stable condition in hospital.A man getting
who took the drug ice before and
getting behind the wheel of a car horror
and killing elderly people in a Melbourne
horror crash has been sentenced in Costello
Melbourne court today. Nine's Seb Michael
Costello reports.The court was Michael Patrick

Michael Patrick Trueman recorded amphetamine
extremely high levels of the
amphetamine and methamphetamine on wheel
the day that he got behind the into
wheel in August of 2015 and drove Two
into a minibus of elderly residents. collision
Two women were killed in the injured.
collision and a man also critically deal
injured. Injuries he continues to deal with to this day. Taking that sentenced
into account, the judge zens jail.
sentenced Trueman to 11 years in jail. 7.5 without parole telling chose
the court that Trueman selfishly selfishly
chose to take the drug ice that he wheel
selfishly chose to get behind the he
wheel hell-bent on doing whatever are
he wanted to do and now two people have
are dead. Relatives of the victims concerned
have told Nine News they were lesser
concerned that Trueman may get a that
lesser sentence than the 11 years they
that he was ultimately given that result.
they are comfortable with this result.We are happy with the unfortunately.
result. It won't bring my mum back deterrent
unfortunately. It is a good traitor
deterrent for this particular per something
traitor and hopefully he can learn rehabilitate
something while he is in there and a
rehabilitate himself and comes out the
a better person.That is Alan Fox this
the Betty Fox one of the victims in he
this collision. The court was told system
he had been in and out of the court heard
system for a number of years. They childhood
heard that he suffered a traumatic of
childhood where he was the victims Trueman
of homophobic abuse in high school. and
Trueman was seen to wipe highs eyes he
and hold his head in his hands as an
he was taken away.There has been owned
an explosion at an Adelaide house investigated
owned by one of the men Diane
investigated over the death of targeted
Diane Brimble. Police say it was a detonated
targeted attack with a device beachside
detonated in the front yard of the The
beachside home around 4:00 a.m.. weren't
The residents were inside but property
weren't injured. Records show the one
property is owned by Luigi Vitale the
one of the 8 men investigated over 2002.
the cruise ship death of Brimble in throwing
2002. They squirted hoses and three
throwing rocks at the media. Just jailed
three days after her husband was Instagram
jailed Roxy Jacenko has taken to posting
Instagram for the first time In
posting a happy snap with her kids. said
In the capture the PR gu are you bravest
said her children are the most and
bravest two caring people she knows are.
and shows proud of them who they two
are. Oliver Curtis was sentenced to conspireing
two years inform to prison for trader.
conspireing to commit insider families
trader. Relief for three Aussie set
families as a group of captives are crash,
set free in Nigeria. Terrifying derails
crash, mayhem as a rollercoaster are
derails in Scotland. Each greens kids
are marketing healthy food to your children
kids the best way to get your the
children to eat your veggies. It is holidays,
the best time to book Christmas have
holidays, they are on sale and we Stay
have the early bird deals for you. morning
Stay with us.Breaking news this in
morning fire has gutted a factory breaks.
in Sydney's south-west.When news through
breaks.This car came crashing Today
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This program is not captioned. In Australia, one in 8 young people
are out of work. (BANG!) Yet instead of investing
in our future, Malcolm Turnbull
has stripped $2.7 billion from training and apprenticeships.

Signing trade deals that make it harder for our kids to get jobs. Malcolm Turnbull made a choice. He just didn't choose your kids.

(UPBEAT WHIMSICAL MUSIC PLAYS) This program is not captioned.

Rollercoaster cars have been sent Scotland
plummeting to the grounds in mid
Scotland the carriages derailing injured
mid ride. 8 kids and two adults why children's
injured when it crashed into a terrifying
children's attraction below.The rollercoaster
terrifying moment that the the
rollercoaster flew off the rails the ride called Tsunami rounding main
the bend and colliding with the main structure and plunging 20m to and
the ground. Riders getting trapped Eyewitnesses
and their legs in the air. Saw
Eyewitnesses described the horror. Kids
Saw bodies falling and loud screens. and
Kids and adults on it up side down Other
and one witnesses road on Facebook. park
Other visitors on the M&D amusement park trying to help and ambulance the
and paramedics quickly arriving at people
the mangled pile. They were nine derailed.
people on the rollercoaster when it injured,
derailed. 11 people in total injured, including two on the the
ground taken to hospital most of the wounded were children. Before had
the accident eyewitnesses said it commenting
had been range heavily and one commenting about how ram shackled the park's ride appears. This isn't mechanic
the first time this ride has had riders
mechanic issues. Five years ago hours.
riders were stuck on it for nine under
hours. Tonight an investigation is extents
under way as we wait to hear the Dozens
extents of the victims' injuries. centre
Dozens of children at a childcare have
centre in Melbourne's south-east plants
have been left devastated after gardens.
plants were stolen from their fairy dollars
gardens. They stole hundred of Bluebird
dollars worth of ferns at the Bluebird Centre. Children at the thieves.
centre have a stern message for the because
thieves.Why did you do that that's
because I liked it? And they said naughty.
that's very rude and that's very flooding
naughty.In good news donations are for
flooding in for a new fairy garden frustrated
for the youngsters. As many a children
frustrated parent will know getting vegetables
children to eat fruit and process.
vegetables can be an arduous firm
process. One dietitian says one to
firm should use marketing technique to sell fruit and vegetables to us
their kids. Catherine Saxelby joibs foods
us what do you think of marketing good
foods to our kids?I think it is a all
good idea. We have to compete with are
all the other marketing forces that There
are being directed at children. directed
There is a lot of food advertising great
directed at children and it is a attractive
great idea to make veggies more attractive and aappealing for kids. offer
I am for it.What advice can you kids.
offer for parents for sensitive was
kids.Had your kids were little she wouldn't
was a very fussy eater and she good
wouldn't eat much at all. Set a dads.
good example yourself, especially don't
dads. It is important that dads that
don't say don't give me too much of can
that rabbit football food and they If
can see mums and dad eating well. plate
If the kids are happy to eat a plate of raw veggies when they come carrot
home from school so be is it, raw little
carrot sticks and celery and put a on
little piece of broccoli and carrot dinner
on the edge of their plate that the white,
dinner not just letter brown and Repeat
white, the meat and to potato. see
Repeat and repeat and they need to Give
see it to look familiar to them. lots
Give veggies a funny name. There is Captain
lots of research if you call them broccoli.
Captain Carrots or Little trees for much
broccoli. They will eat twice as off
much if you say have some carrots don't
off eat your beans.Too often we they
don't serve it because we know that serve
they don't eat. But it is good to spend
serve it again and again.Don't just
spend too long long cooking it and came
just have a small serve. If you something
came down from Mars and saw or
something unusual, make asparagus think
or an art choke heart you would to
think that is unusual too. You need times
to see it on your plate five or six actually
times before you think "That is
actually looks quite normal. "What and
is the best way to introduce fruit Pureed
and veej veggies into a young diet. had
Pureed pear and mashed banana and fruit,
had they are young have some soft three
fruit, when the kids are under great
three it is always advisable to sticks
great or steam things like carrot choking
sticks because it could be a plenty
choking hazards. But there is kids
plenty of availability provided happy
kids are exposed to it and they are other
happy to see mum and dad and the friends,
other kids, their siblings or their think
friends, eating it as well. So I around
think the trick is to have it it
around on hand and make sure that advice,
it is available to them.Some great being
advice, thank you Catherine for have
being on the program.Thank you.We we
have plenty more to come including police
we will go live to the scene of a have
police pursuit in Melbourne. We crash
have all the details of a dramatic piggy
crash coming up next. Also does a The
piggy bank make your kids selfish? money
The alarming information between Blockbuster
money and development. A Blockbuster 20 years in the making This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

Let's get an update on our breaking airlifted
story. And a male driver has been crashing
airlifted to hospital after police
crashing a car into a tree during a Neary
police pursuit if Melbourne. Nine's scene
Neary Ty has just arrived at the afternoon,
scene at Melton south. Good what
afternoon, can you talk us through what happened?A driver has been Hospital
airlifted to the Royal Melbourne after
Hospital in a critical condition South.
after a police pursuit in Melton the
South. Officers tried to intercept driver
the allegedly stolen BMW but the that
driver sped off. A short time later tree.
that car has slid head on into this has
tree. The driver side of the car It
has bore the brunt of that crush. sustained.
It is unclear what injuries he has his
sustained. We believe he is aged in Melbourne
his 30s and rushed to the Royal condition
Melbourne Hospital in a critical a
condition and he remains current in one
a critical condition. I spoke to one witness a short time ago.Just down
a police car following or heading pursuing
down the road really quick and couldn't
pursuing another vehicle and I was
couldn't see what the other vehicle and
was and then I saw the fire brigade As
and the ambulance a bit later on. presence
As you can see there is quite a big road
presence here at the moment. The exclusion
road is blocked off there was an update
exclusion in place. Police will minutes.
update in the next couple of investigation
minutes. The major inclusion investigating.
investigation unit is on scene three
investigating.The employee er of Nigeria
three Australians kidnapped in it
Nigeria has made no comment whether The
it paid a ransom for its release. snatched
The trio was among 7 people Wednesday.
snatched in a deadly ambush last ensure
Wednesday.Our priority now is to stablised
ensure that all of them are clear
stablised and ultimately given the naturally
clear to travel.The men are now will
naturally traumatised by the ordeal possible.
will return to Australia as soon as children
possible. We want to teach our money
children about the importance of money and saving as early as it
possible but new research suggests on
it might have a neglect ti impact Poland
on them. Two different studies in aged
Poland and the US found children money
aged three to six who played with helpful
money for a short time become left that
helpful and generous than those to
that didn't. They were less likely even
to share toys with their peers or rooms
even less likely to clean their Friendly
rooms after handling cash. The 'Big cinemas
Friendly Giant' is hitting our Sam
cinemas in time for this Thursday. Spielburg
Sam Rubin sat down with Steven would
Spielburg for a sneak peek.It is versatile
would be hard to find a more Spielburg.
versatile director than Steven everything
Spielburg. He has made films from archeologists.
everything about adventure u Ievetion
archeologists.Give me the whip. con
Ievetion adios signor.To chasing suggests
con men. He has tackled heavy and
suggests like war and the Holocaust like
and brought us family favourites His
like 'Hook'.Dark and sinister man. And
His career spans almost 50 years. constant...
And throughout there is one new
constant... His love of discovering and
new and fresh talent Corey Feldman Barrymore
and Dakota fanning and Drew of
Barrymore in 'ET'.He needs a lot late
of sleep because he has to work the
late at night.In his latest flick Barnhill
the 'BFG'he has recovered Ruby befriends
Barnhill who stars as Sophie and had
befriends the friendly giant. She friends.
had to keep it a secret from her for
friends.I had to keep it a secret somebody.
for months and then I had to tell who
somebody.Spielberg says it is he remarkable
who is the lucky one. It must be on
remarkable to best toe these breaks given
on them.I feel like I have been the
given the break. I feel that I'm able
the person that is lucky that I was have
able to find some of the people who especially
have had in my films over the years, much
especially the young people. As was
much as it was a break for Rudy it like
was a break for me to meet someone would
like her. I won't tell, no-one un
would listen to me anyway. I am an movies
un trustworthy child.Like all his but
movies the 'BFG'has magical effects story
but Spielberg maintains it is the film
story that is more important to the to
film not the technology.Technology technology
to me is a tool. Yes, any just
technology can be used and people effects
just want to go and see the special story
effects and not hear about the emphasised
story because what is being the
emphasised is the sensationalism of as
the technology. When you can use it Like
as a useful tool to make it magical feast
Like all his films it is a visual we
feast and a gem for the ages.Here News
we go!Looks good. And next on Nine business
News Now we have all the show action
business for you and we have the including
action from the BET Awards Prince.
including heartfelt tributes to down
Prince. And lady Gaga Gaga sits and
down with the Dalai Lama and Keith and nick Nicole celebrates ten This program is not captioned.

Let's get all the Showbiz news now Helligar
and today I'm joined by Jeremy news
Helligar the editor of celebrity afternoon
news website 'The Fix'. Good afternoon.
afternoon to you Jeremy.Good BET
afternoon.A host of stars at the Prince
BET Awards have paid tribute to Maxwell.
PrinceBET Awards had Erykah Badu, Hudson
Maxwell. Bilal, general Jennifer billboard
Hudson and after Madonna's they
billboard tribute to Prince and who
they really delivered. One person She
who was not involved was Beyonce. wrapper
She performed freedom with the that
wrapper Lamar. Let's take a look at (SINGS)
that right now. #
(SINGS) # When the blinding truth # I'm in no luck # Tell sweet I'm new... Looking
# Telling these tears fall away. # and
Looking good as always Queen Bee she
and from Beyonce to lae Lady Gaga holiness
she shared the stage with his Indianapolis
holiness with Dalai Lama.It was in minute
Indianapolis and there was a 20 Dalai
minute Q&A where Lady Gaga and the kindness
Dalai Lama discussed good works, really
kindness and compassion. It is Gaga
really interesting because Lady Angelina
Gaga seems to be going through an respectable
Angelina Jolie met for fist into a look
respectable pop icon. Let's have a about
look here.Really fantastic thing Wow,
about kindness is that it is free. Jolie
Wow, yes she is a bit Angelina crazy
Jolie and lost the crazy hair and has
crazy make-up and the outfitsShe favourite
has calmed down.One of our couples
favourite Auschwitz Auschwitzie anniversary
couples have celebrated an global.
anniversary from opposite ends of Kidman
global.Keith Urban and Nicole an
Kidman on June 25th. But still had Keith's
an anniversary moment at the end of stage
Keith's concert when he went off he
stage and came back for the encore their
he was FaceTiming with Nicole and really
their two daughters. So it was a look
really sweet moment. Let's have a everything.
look here.Keys in the car and soon.
everything. Crazy. I'll call you soon.He is a bit of an old Romanic 'Gilmore
Keith.He is really sweet.The highest
'Gilmore Girls' have given the Lady
highest form of approval.The First an
Lady Michelle Obama will be making is
an appearance on the reboot which character
is set to air later this year. The House
character pays a visit to the White before
House with some reading material She
before Michelle goes on a big trip. all
She has Shakespeare and Moby-Dick Michelle
all the classics. In the end books.
Michelle only goes with one of the Hey
books. Let's have a look right here. late
Hey Rory how you doing.Sorry I am room
late I got distracted in the ch ina heard
room again I could live in there. I for
heard about the learning initiative on
for girls coming up and I got goods Billy
on the plane and I brought a few. would
Billy Joel fans across New York that
would be for given for thinking happened.
that they are seeing double what band
happened.The Billy Joel tribute Paramount
band Big Shot was playing at the Who
Paramount on long islands New York. numbers
Who would appear to sing three himself.
numbers with them but Billy Joel not
himself. The thing about this it is those
not any ordinary tribute band, Billy
those are actually guys that are in have
Billy Joel's touring band. They do look
have a relationship. Let's have a (SINGS)
look at them right now. room
(SINGS) # I met her in some bar it
room in Memphis. #That is so nice together
it is like the band is back support.
together albeit briefly.Great and
support.From Billy Joel from Adele What
and she proves she is one of us. perform
What has she done.Adele was a
perform at Glastonbury and she had taking
a fan come on stage and they were the
taking a selfie and Adele burped in joking!
the poor girl's face.Are you take
joking! That is hilarious.Let's Ready?
take a look over here.Ready? my
Ready? Do you want me to do it? Oh burger
my god I just burped. I had a dirty She
burger before I came on that is why. when
She has the voice of an angel but bit
when she speaks it is all a little have
bit different, isn't it Jeremy.You do.
have to love Adele.You certainly ahead
do. Talk to you again soon. Still of
ahead on Nine News Now... Get ahead book
of the curve it is the bet time to We
book wait for it Christmas holidays. the
We will tell you where you can find for
the best deals. Plus we have one your
for Patrick Swayze fans how you can experience.
your very own Dirty Dancing experience. The tiny

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Maybe it's because he never had to rely on these services that Malcolm Turnbull would make a choice to cut $80 billion from health and education, remove weekend penalty rates, cut and privatise Medicare, introduce $100,000
uni degrees. At the same time as giving away $50
billion in tax cuts for big business. Including $7 billion
to the Big Four banks.

This program is not captioned. bitter
As the country thaws out from a holidays
bitter cold snap... The summer dream
holidays may seem like a distant of
dream but with less than six months time
of 2016 left there is no better early
time to start making plans. To talk early bird bar begins Flight Brisbane.
Centre's white joins us from booking
Brisbane. What is the advantage of in
booking Christmassy holidays so far a
in advance? It is only June.It is putting
a good start to thinking about your
putting on a bikini and putting different
your jumper away. If you look at different airlines they have November
different deals on leading from January.
November and no December and early time
January. All the airlines at this those
time of year are trying to fill up the
those seats before you move into hotels
the peak season. There is a lot of hotels looking to fill their rooms before
early on so they can fill up just When
before the Christmas season as well. be
When is the latest team we should want
be booking?It depends what you cheaper
want to pay. It is obviously advance
cheaper to book six months in the
advance and when you get closer to more
the destination time things get a
more expensive. If you want to pay day
a lot you can buy a seat the next airline
day but you can disappointed on the Any
airline seats and where you can go. budget.
Any other advice for holidays on a idea.
budget.Mix and match is a good and
idea. Get on line on Flight Centre into
and see what we have got and walk consultant.
into a store and talk to a to
consultant. Sometimes it is better more
to fly low cost airline and spend destinations
more on a holiday.Finally what why?
destinations would be recommend and travel
why?We have got about 30 years of people
travel history showing us that many Pacific.
people have travelling to the into
Pacific. A lot of people going up is
into Asia, Bali is a hot one. Ski people
is becoming very large. Lots of people are hitting Japan and going more
into the North Americas and a lot cruise
more cruising. You can get a 14-day about
cruise out of Sydney for around fairly
about $2,000 per person which is a Bring
fairly cost effective holiday. Flight
Bring it on Darren Wright from Flight Centre I will start thinking now.
about my Christmas holidays right given
now. Dirt ly dancing fans have been the
given the opportunity to follow in Grey.
the steps of situation and Jennifer Grey. The Hodge is set to turn back weekends.
the clock for Dirty Dancing activity
weekends. They will be treated with lessons
activity like trivia, dancing you
lessons and a watermelon toss. If your
you are having to have the time of Sometimes
your life... Look no further. overestimate
Sometimes it is easy to this
overestimate your own abilities and The
this baby gorilla is no exception. over
The little primate knocked himself the
over while beating his chest for marks
the very first time. While he gets clearly
marks for enthusiasm, he was off
clearly a little embarrassed... And picture
off he went looking for his mum. A her
picture of a bride breastfeeding ceremony
her baby during her wedding right
ceremony in the US has been shared of-two
right around the world. The mother- attachment
of-two says she is practising tying
attachment parenting and says even with
tying the knot should not interfere me
with feeding a hungry baby. Joining Ragless
me in the Chat Room is Brenton around
Ragless and Lisa Fernandez, stick talking
around because up next we are The
talking about the Federal election. our
The vote is just days away but are too
our major parties guilty of being why
too similar? And a childcare crisis are
why our early childhood teachers droves?
are deserting the profession in the
droves? Do they deserve to be paid teachers?
the same as primary school that
teachers? We will be discussing that next. This program is not captioned.

Let's head into the Chat Room and in
joining me today is Lisa Fernandez Ragless
in Perth and our very own Brenton both
Ragless in Adelaide. Welcome to about
both of you. We do have to talk is
about the Federal election and it will
is looming this weekends and we represents
will have to vote for a party that political
represents our belief system. Some and
political observer say the Liberal and Labor Party have almost merged independents
and how much alternative are our think
independents providing. Do you similar
think that the parties are too provide
similar and how much do they I
provide for the average Australian. has
I am so board at the moment. There excitement
has been no scandal or no excitement in this election which an
has left me a bit disappoint. It is are
an Australian Federal election, we If
are Aussies, come on where is it? at
If you get a chance today to look a
at the Sex Party they have released bit
a new add campaign, it is a little risque.
bit scandalous and a little bit wonkers
risque. They do a parity to willie priests
wonkers 'Candy Man' and there are priests dancing around. If you get wrong.
a chance to look at it... It is our
wrong.We did want to see it but and
our time absolute is G Rated.Go inter
and have a look at it, it is on the excitement.
inter net today. You need fun and lying
excitement. The Medicare who is is
lying what is going to happen, that bored
is out there. I am a little bit personality.
bored and now it comes down to trying
personality. Don't you think?I was night
trying to do my postal vote last on
night so you have to order one-six ran
on the top line. I got to two and I started
ran out of people to vote for. I their
started Googling them and what are bunch
their policies? There is a crazy have
bunch of nut bags on the form. You Independents
have got your major and or
Independents that you might support then
or might support the Greens and and
then you have all these crack pots because
and you have to vote for them Brenton
because you have to choose six. bagging
Brenton what do you think.We are how
bagging politicians I don't know jobs
how the politicians stay in the tough
jobs because it is one of those there
tough jobs. I have to say the same coming
there is velts velts inspiration People
coming out of the Federal election. Presidential-style
People are sick and tired of that they
Presidential-style election and see
they are finding it difficult to and
see the difference between Labor in
and Liberal. I know that the PM is threat.
in Adelaide to ward after that very from
threat. We have one of the threats I
from the Independents Nick Xenophon. loves
I love Nick Xenophon.An Adelaide true.
loves Nick and it is very, very Nick's
true. It seems at face value that grassroots
Nick's whole party is in touch with underdog
grassroots community and the machine.
underdog is trying to challenge the independents
machine. That is why those vote
independents are getting a stronger don't
vote these days. Some of them you and
don't know what the policies are "What
and you look at that box and you go people
"What do I do here?" That is why alternative.
people are looblg looking for that me
alternative.Try choosing six, let It
me know how you go on the weekend. below
It is harder than you think.Or childhood
below the line.Disillusioned early droves.
childhood teachers are resigning in are
droves. One in five say that they the
are planning to leave their job in undervalued
the next 12 months and they feel parity
undervalued and pushing for pay Should
parity than primary school children. think
Should they be paid the same?I underpaid
think that they are undervalued and childhood
underpaid whether they are early teachers
childhood or primary or high school into
teachers they are all investing than
into ire children. They are more now.
than just teachers and caretakers children
now. They are parenting our A
children whether he like it or not. them
A lot of the time is dedicated to the
them looking after our kids because bit
the partners are working. It is a it?
bit of a catch-22 situation, isn't their
it? Here they want an increase in past
their salary that means the cost is those
past on to the parent and to pay work
those costs the parents have to out
work longer hours. Then they work home
out if it is bet often to stay at salary
home and not paying that extra is
salary to go towards that carer. It placed
is a catch-22. The expectation is roll
placed on them not in the caretaker I
roll or early childhood teacher but look
I think the expectation too is, that
look at the medical expectations now
that these Careyers and teachers conditions
now have. With all the medical going
conditions that our children are are
going into these schools with they Not
are doing a lot more than teaching. there
Not to mention the fact even though have
there is no criminal history they they
have had all the police checks done whether
they don't know which way to look them.
whether they are interacting with here.
them.Lisa you won't get a word in three
here.Can I get in three words, my wee
three words are very important. Poo, should
wee and vomit. That is why they Primary
should get paid double, double, OK. sick
Primary school teachers your kid is phone
sick in primary school you get a he
phone call "Hi your kid has vomit collect
he is over there and you need to doing
collect them. " in kindy they are wee
doing it they are cleaning up poo, get
wee and the vomit. I say they won't is
get paid enough for doing that.It children
is bad enough with your own Someone
children let I lone someone else's. Public
Someone else's poo smells so worst. Public schools are free and they franchises.
get paid more.A lot of them are and
franchises.They are making money If
and not the teachers making money. teachers
If the money was going to the these
teachers I would be so happy to pay to
these expensive fees.I don't want are
to go too far, I think that they do
are saints what the men and women couldn't
do with the kids under three. You said
couldn't pay me to do that.You said it well Lisa, you couldn't pay nation
me.I digress almost half the without
nation say that they can't live is
without their smartphone whether it million
is for work, play or safety. 7 million Aussies say they can't live three
without their phone and one in in
three people sleep with their phone more
in their bed and wait for this, on
more than 40% have used their phone with
on the toilet. Lisa do you sleep toilet.
with your phone or use it on the wee...
toilet.Right, three words... Poo, my
wee... Just kidding. I wouldn't use doing
my phone under any circumstances story
doing anything. This is a true You
story and I will put it out there. that
You can sue me as a bad parents Target.
that is fine. I lost Bella once in the
Target. I knew she would be around the toy section. My panic in losing looked
my old child was not as big when I I
looked in my bag and I thought that lost
I lost my mobile phone. And then I phone?"
lost it "Oh my god where is my walked
phone?" When I lost Bella I calmly I
walked around the kids' seconds and important
I walked around here. That is how think
important my phone is to me. I same
think that a lot of people feel the if
same way.I get an anxiety attack have
if I leave at home "Oh my god I Brenton,
have to drive home to get it." phones.
Brenton, are you addicted to your email
phones.It is one thing to use it
email apps and silent features and conversation
it is one thing to hold a people
conversation in the cubicle and conversations
people at work who have held down embarrass
conversations and I have forced to say
embarrass them to force them to the where
say to the other person on the end landline,
where they are. We don't have a phones,
landline, it forces us to have our Their
phones, we don't have it in bed. overheat
Their dangers in that it can We
overheat and other issues as well. bedside
We have had charging next to our to
bedside overnight because you have an
to it, particularly if you are in too
an oncall capacity. It is makes it websites
too easy to lean across and search There
websites or going on social media. I
There is a torch few tear in it and fact
I always use the torch. I love the it
fact that you can take photos with it and do practical things with if. smartphones
I loved the days before the just
smartphones came out and you could snake
just text. I had fun playing the Why
snake game on the old knock Nokia. in
Why is Brenton's phone heating up there.
in the bedroom.We have to leave it Western
there. It is time to say goodbye to Queensland
Western Australian viewers Nine's
Queensland viewers stand by for the to
Nine's Afternoon News a man rushed during
to hospital after crashing his car Bondi
during a police pursuit. Also the hammer
Bondi hoarder house under the finally
hammer again in Sydney. Will it shivers
finally sell today? And Sydney snap.
shivers through a freezing cold snap. When is the next This program is not captioned. At Woolworths, we're dropping lots
of prices in the meat department, from mince and chicken
to sausages and corned beef. Like our Australian corned beef
silverside. Price drop from
$9.99 per kilo to $9 per kilo. Just some of the prices
we've dropped at Woolworths.

This program is not captioned.

Take a look now at the weather around the country

around the country
Take a look now at the weather will
around the country tomorrow. It possible
will be sunny in Brisbane. A but
possible early shower for Sydney ahead
but mostly fine. Another cold night in
ahead for Canberra. A shower or two Partly
in Hobart. Staying dry in Melbourne. of
Partly cloudy in Adelaide. A chance Darwin.
of a storm in Perth. Sunny for Sunny
Darwin. Looking ahead to Wednesday. Sunny in Brisbane and Sydney. Fine Hobart.
in Canberra. A shower or two in and
Hobart. Partly cloudy for Melbourne Perth.
and Adelaide. A few showers for Broome
Perth. Sunshine for Alice Springs, Broome and Darwin.

Broome and Darwin.
Perth. Sunshine for Alice Springs, Broome and Darwin. It is time lifted
Good afternoon. A man has been air- injuries
lifted to hospital with serious Melbourne's
injuries after a police pursuit in chase
Melbourne's west. Officers took failed
chase when an allegedly stolen BMW into
failed to stop and then crashed police
into a tree at Melton south.Just a down
police car following or heading pursuing
down the road really quick and couldn't
pursuing another vehicle and I was.
couldn't see what the other vehicle and
was. Then I saw the Fire Brigade believed
and ambulance later on.A man critical
believed to be in his 30s is in a more
critical condition. We will have our
more on the story for you later in emerged
our bulletin. Dramatic video plane
emerged of a Singapore Airlines an
plane engulfed in flames prompting took
an emergency landing. The aircraft had
took off from Changi Airport but to
had to return three hours later due filmed
to an emergency fault. Passengers fire
filmed one of the plane's wings on out
fire on the tarmac. Everyone got in
out OK. A heritage-listed building years
in Melbourne which is more than 126 damagedly
years old has been severely ponts
damagedly fire. The old Mooney priceless
ponts courthouse contained irreplaceable
priceless pieces of history, dating
irreplaceable photos and documents just
dating back to World War I.It is time
just devastating. The amount of committee
time and effort we have put in as a restoration
committee and group to do some come
restoration on the place and you it,
come down now and see the state of the
it, it is heart-breaking.Luckily relatively
the build's documents room escaped records
relatively unskatdzed. Many of the indications
records were saved. Early sparked
indications suggest the fire was Sydney
sparked by an electrical fault. A conviction
Sydney woman is appealing her her
conviction from the manslaughter of Silva
her abuser ex-boyfriend. Jessica Polkinghorne
Silva stabbed and killed James despite
Polkinghorne in May 2012 but suspended
despite the conviction received a lawyer
suspended sentence. Ms Silva's unlawful
lawyer says the stabbing was not self-defence.
unlawful because she was acting in our
self-defence. We will cross live to details
our reporter at court for more Turnbull
details after 5:00. Malcolm the
Turnbull has offered a glimpse into Saturday
the future, saying if successful on country's
Saturday he will remain the comes
country's leader until 2019. It comes after weeks of attacks from Liberal
the Opposition questioning the Charles
Liberal Party's ability. Nine's Prime
Charles Croucher reports from the seaside
Prime Minister's Campaign.The usually
seaside suburb of Glenelg here is people.
usually an escape for Adelaide the
people. For Malcolm Turnbull it was his
the final stop on what is likely Australia
his final swing through South that
Australia this campaign. A state questions
that still provides many unanswered talking
questions for July 2. Today he was there
talking about Defence. We know committed
there has been $50 billion for
committed mostly to South Australia Malcolm
for future submarines. Today would
Malcolm Turnbull announced they tafting
would be reopening the Woomera money
tafting range hope to go bring more It
money and jobs for South Australia. Prime
It was pretty scripted for the losing
Prime Minister this morning except Turnbull
losing the Cat first Lady. Lucy at
Turnbull went out to buy presents at a local craft store which caused Minister.
some disgruntlement for the Prime back
Minister. Once he found her he was stability
back on message restabing the lead
stability saying not only will he will
lead the election this year, he I
will be around if they win in 2019. the
I will be leading the government in returned
the election as 2019 if I am returned as Prime Minister leading note
the Coalition on July 2. You can Shorten
note that down.For Labor Bill