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(SONG) # These boots are maid for pretending
walking... # Nice job, David, heels.
pretending you can't walk in high very
heels.Stop it.We all know you're elbows.
very good at that.Look at my these.
elbows. I'm like a baby giraffe in actually
these. Look at this.But you those
actually feel quite comfortable in that.
those shoes. I think you are acting It
that.I am not. It was really hard. your
It hurt my toes.Looks like one of (LAUGHTER)
your legs is shorter than the other. It
(LAUGHTER) or your pants too tight. pressure
It was not. There was a lot of lot
pressure going on in the toes, a has
lot of blood flowing to places it on
has never flowed before.Tomorrow 'Playschool'
on the show, the star of Australian
'Playschool' and 'Water Rats', Anyway.
Australian actor Colin Friels. wearing
Anyway.What?See.I'm just still alright.
wearing them in. I think it is think
alright.I rest my case.Don't you

This program will be live captioned Amelia
by Ai-MediaThis is Nine News with again
Amelia Adams.Good morning. We our
again in Melbourne where a piece of after
our nation's history has been lost 125-year-old
after a large fire ripped through a straight
125-year-old courthouse. Let's go Raskall
straight to Nine reporter Allan Moonee
Raskall who is at the scene in what
Moonee Ponds. Allan, good morning, courthouse
what is the latest?The old Melbourne's
courthouse in Essendon in test
Melbourne's north has stood the but
test of time for around 126 years threatened
but its very existence was that
threatened by a fast moving fire that could be seen kilometres away. bang
I heard the flames, I heard the about
bang and I could feel the heat hearing
about 20m.I was fighting tears under
hearing more reports it was not got
under control by the time that I old
got here.Adding to the woes the historical
old courthouse houses the Essendon guardian
historical society which is the photographs
guardian of irreplaceable members
photographs and documents. Its happened
members were visibly shaken by what what
happened here this morning. This devastating
what they had to say.It is that
devastating the time and effort put
that we have put in as a group to come
put restoration on the place and it
come down now and see the state of team
it it is heartbreaking.We had our we
team en route and plus police and hopefully
we were determine the cause so.
hopefully within the next hour or the
so.Now the society itself was in those
the process of digitising many of We
those documents and photographers. documents
We have just heard that the been
documents room very fortunately has can
been spared from the fire as you has
can see behind me the courthouse was
has been extensively damaged. It renovations
was undergoing the extensive cause
renovations at the time and the Bolstered
cause is yet to be determined. the
Bolstered by a boost in the polls campaign
the Prime Minister has taken his talking
campaign to Adelaide where he is Let's
talking jobs and defence today. Canberra.
Let's go live to Nine's Joel Dry in no
Canberra. For both leaders there is haven't
no time to waste.Not that very leaders
haven't been it is time for the Minister
leaders to get busy and the Prime Australia,
Minister has returned to South to
Australia, a state that is expected night
to provide intrying come Saturday marginals
night with a number of key could
marginals and some safer seats that Given
could potentially come into ply. polls
Given that he will be buoyed by the this
polls with him edging in front at defence
this time. He spent time at a new him
defence technology facility helping him combine two strong themes, develop
defence spending and jobs. It will submarines
develop key systems for the new and
submarines to be built in Australia Australia
and this is a big issue in South much
Australia whose economy needed a spent
much needed boost.Every dollar we Australians
spent on defence and keeping Australia.
Australians secure we spent in developed
Australia. On Australian technology, partners
developed with international Shorten
partners as of course we must.Bill visiting
Shorten is always talking jobs He
visiting a local TAFE in Melbourne. seats
He is set to blitz three Victorian be
seats today and his main task will that
be to sell his party's costings numbers
that have been released. The deficits
numbers show a worrying increase to before
deficits over the forward estimates forecast.
before improving on a decade-long that
forecast. Amelia, he will be hoping party's
that voters like the look of his Indeed.
party's economic bigger picture. stobt
Indeed. Thank you. The Australian volatile
stobt stockmarket has had a trade
volatile to the start of the week's Greenwood,
trade in light of the Brexit. Ross sharply
Greenwood, the All Ordinaries fell but
sharply in the first ten minutes certainly
but it has been fighting back.It stockmarket
certainly has, no doubt. World than
stockmarket on Friday dropped more than $2 trillion. The Australian that
stockmarket down $50 billion on eclipsed
that day almost 3.5%. That was Street
eclipsed by what took place on Wall opened
Street on Friday evening. When it in
opened today it looked like it was Ordinaries
in for another drubbing. The All $17
Ordinaries down and another $16 or shares.
$17 billion wiped off Australian last
shares. It has come back in the calming
last little while. There will be a extents
calming of the nerves to some Friday
extents after the Brexit shock on Australian
Friday and that is reflected in the back
Australian dollar which has climbed strong
back to just below US 76 cents and Euro.
strong against the pound and the jumping
Euro. A lot of bargain hunters are that
jumping in and looking for things trying
that they can buy and most people vote
trying to absorb what the Brexit policies
vote means and what change of Huge
policies will come as a result. constitutional
Huge amount of reaction. There is a constitutional emergency looming in Scotland
the UK after that decision. leaving
Scotland is trying to skop Britain loophole.
leaving the EU were a legislative Steinfort
loophole. Europe correspondent Tom system
Steinfort explains.The political Britain
system is in paralysis right now. conservative
Britain is in disarray. Its new
conservative were looking after a Cameron
new Prime Minister after David stepping
Cameron announced that he was well,
stepping down. Now the opposition, not
well, they today have had not one, shadow
not two, but 11 members of the over
shadow Cabinet resign in protest still
over the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is means
still leader of Labor Party. That are
means that we have two parties that there
are quite up in the air. Tomorrow of
there will be an emergency meeting still
of Cabinet much David Cameron will that
still chair that. All the talk is being
that Boris Johnson will end up UK.
being the new Prime Minister of the get
UK. And the EU says they need to they
get their skates on and by Tuesday the
they want the papers lodged with desire
the European Union expressing their But
desire for the UK to leave the EU. But there are some hurdles along saying
the way. Certainly Scotland is out
saying that it might try and bring clause
out some sort of constitutional happening.
clause to stop Brexit from difficult
happening.This is the more the
difficult moment for the UK with the most serious consequences in needs
the postwar period. What everybody Clearly
needs right now is leadership. pretend
Clearly leadership. Not leaders who leaders
pretend the way forward is easy but us
leaders who are determined to lead be
us way with forward.Cabinet will Secretary
be meeting here and the US expected
Secretary of State, John Kerry is trying
expected to touch down in London political
trying to sooth some of the a
political unrest.In breaking news caught
a Singapore Airlines plane has in
caught fire in an emergency landing from
in Singapore. The plane took off run
from Changi Airport but forced to engine
run after three hours when an video
engine fault was detected. This showing
video from passenger onboard tarmac.
showing that wing on fire on the injured.
tarmac. Fortunately no-one was been
injured. A pair of bushwalkers has night
been rescued after spending the Royal
night in freezing conditions in the south.
Royal National Park in Sydney's yesterday
south. The pair became lost late alert
yesterday calling authorities to It
alert them as to their whereabouts. through
It comes as new swals shivers snap
through another day of the cold Blackheath
snap with snow falling in Mountains.
Blackheath and Lithgow in the Blue a
Mountains. At a home near Bathurst its
a little lamb was seen taking in young
its snow-covered surroundings. A condition
young girl is in a serious suffering
condition in hospital after fire
suffering severe burns in a house were
fire north of Brisbane. Four people the
were inside the Gympie home when this
the blaze broke out around 3:00 three
this morning.On arrival we had and
three persons outside that property Crews
and one person unaccounted for. Crews were brave in their actions and locate the missing individual It
and withdraw her from the premises. extinguish
It took 15 firefighters to unclear
extinguish the flames. It is still ice
unclear what sparked that fire. An horror
ice affected driver who cause a Mornington
horror car accident on Victoria's elderly
Mornington Peninsula in which two sentenced
elderly women were killed has been live
sentenced this morning. Let's go latest.
live to Nine's Seb Costello for the will
latest. Seb good morning. Who long He
will Michael Trueman spend in jail? years,
He has been given a sentence of 11 years, 7.5 before he can I ply for told
parole. The relatives of victims that
told us they were comfortable with high
that result. Michael Trueman was behind
high on methamphetamine when he got towards
behind the wheel and began driving brother.
towards the grave of his younger the
brother. He went across the road to Rosebud
the wrong side of the road at crashing
Rosebud on Mornington Peninsula elderly
crashing into the minibus full of women
elderly residents and two senior with
women died and another man left add
with serious injuries. The judge trauma
add knowledged that Trueman had of
trauma in his life and the subject school
of homophobic abuse during his high school years:

Nine News were told by the they
relatives outside of court that would
they were worried that Trueman 11.5
would get a shorter sentence an the hoping
11.5 years he was given. They are deterrent
hoping that this sefrs as a about
deterrent for anyone who thinks behind
about taking drugs and getting with
behind the wheel.We are happy now mum
with the result. It won't bring my it
mum back unfortunately. But I think particular
it is a good deterrent for this as
particular perpetrator. Hopefully, from
as I say, he can learn something and
from it whil while he is in there hopefully
and rehabilitate himself and That
hopefully come out a better person. Fox
That is Alan Fox the son of Betty the
Fox one of the victims that died in he
the crash. As Trueman was led away hold
he was seen to wipe his eyes and was
hold his heads in his hands as he sense,
was taken to begin the 11-year you
sense, 7.5 without patrol.Thank a
you for that. The murder trial for driving
a mother accused of deliberately willing
driving her car into a lake and begin
willing three of her children will Jayde
begin in Melbourne today. Nine's is
Jayde Vincent has more.Akon Guode magistrate
is being brought before a day
magistrate today to face the first committal
day of what is set to be a lengthy witnesses
committal hearing. Dozens of evidence
witnesses are expected to give three
evidence over the deaths of her rocked
three children a tragedy that has
rocked Victoria. The 36-year-old has been charged with murdering Bol
three of her children one-year-old the
Bol and twins. She is charged with old
the attempted murder of her 6-year- car
old daughter who was also in the Vale
car when it ploughed into a Wyndham Vale lake in April last year. At sheer
the time witnesses told of the drive
sheer panic is they watched the car ran
drive into the lake. Many of them tried
ran to the sinking vehicle and Hundreds
tried to free the children. candlelight
Hundreds then gathered at siblings
candlelight vigils for the young A
siblings described as little angels. family
A large group of Akon Guode's hearing.
family is attended to attend the since
hearing. She has been in custody appearance
since last August and at a previous magistrate
appearance she begged the man
magistrate to let her go home.A outside
man has been shot twice by police Queensland.
outside a service station in North officers
Queensland. It is understood old
officers were chasing the 25-year- Townsville
old early this morning in He
Townsville when they opened fire. and
He suffered wounds to his stomach stable
and right leg and now is in a Violent
stable condition in hospital. between
Violent clashes have broken out counter
between a group of neo-Nazis and At
counter protest yeshs in California. as
At least seven people were stabbed crowds
as police tried to control the Capitol
crowds on the lawn of the state's incident
Capitol Building in Sacramento. The mass
incident is being described as a fighting
mass casualty events with to people roller
fighting for life in hospital. A roller coaster has derailed in and
Scotland and it flew off its track the
and plummeted 10m to the ground at shire.
the theme park in north lan ak were
shire. Eight children and to adults has
were trapped in the wreckage. It was
has been reported the rollercoaster before
was closed for maintenance 24 hours are
before the accidents. Australians smartphones
are more abscessed with their half
smartphones than ever before with they
half the population claiming that Research
they can't live without them. three
Research has admitted that one this their
three has admitted to sleep with using
their devices and 20% admitted to more
using them on the toilet. There is with
more to come on Nine's Morning News Australians
with new development in the three in
Australians kidnapped by militants house
in Nigeria. Also the Bondi hoarder it
house under the hammer again. Will success...
it finally sell today? A smashing find
success... Some brave volunteers glass
find out if the world's longest glass bridge is up to scratch. This program is not captioned.

Here's Labor's positive
plan for the economy which has four pillars - education, apprenticeships,
infrastructure and budget repair that's fair. We'll invest in apprenticeships,
TAFE and retraining and support major infrastructure
projects to keep Australians working. We'll invest in education
for the next generation. We'll bring the budget
back to balance at the same time as the Liberals and our plan to pay down debt will see
and big business pay their fair
share of tax. Labor. We'll put people first.

This program is not captioned.

Three Australians, among seven beep
workers kidnapped in Nigeria, have Elly
beep released by militants. Nine's men
Elly Cormack has the latest on the based
men who are employees of a Perth- an
based mining company.It has been traumatic
an incredibly stressful and families
traumatic experience for the They
families involved with all this. are
They have been working closely we are told with Macmahons since the Julie
men were abducted last Wednesday. did
Julie Bishop says the government men
did not pay a ransom to have the Macmahons
men freed but won't comment on will been
Macmahons did.The hostages have that
been released and we are grateful they
that what occurred. They are safe, presence.
they are having health checks at Calabar
presence.The men were taken near Calabar on Wednesday. The armed men company's
that abducted them shot dead the will
company's local driver. Those men families
will be now reunited with their travel.
families when they are cleared to injured.
travel. Two of them seriously medical
injured. They are all undergoing certainly
medical treatment as we speak. But for
certainly a relieving bit of news Ben
for the families involved.AFL star hospital
Ben Cousins has been taken to behaving
hospital after he was found Perth
behaving re rat cli on a bus write Coast
Perth highway. The former West attempted
Coast and Richmond player allegedly motorcycle
attempted to jump on the back of a Canning
motorcycle in the middle of the long-running
Canning Highway. Cousins has had a abuse.
long-running battle with substance charges
abuse. It is not believed any incident
charges have been laid in this a
incident which is being treated as hoarder
a mental health issue. A notorious Beach
hoarder home on Sydney's Bondi tonight.
Beach the finally go up for auction being
tonight. The Bobolas family home is up
being used to raise $160 no clean- residents
up costs an legal fees. The local
residents have been at war with the two
local council and neighbours over possessions.
two decades over their piles of have
possessions. At least 35 people injured
have been killed and 21 others central
injured in an horrific bus crash in into
central China. The large bus burst roadside
into flames after smashing into a highway.
roadside guardrail on a busy an
highway. Local authorities believe crash.
an oil leak may have caused the test
crash. Now to a dramatic safety volunteers
test in China where brave to
volunteers have used sledgehammers bridge.
to assess the strength of a glass good
bridge. The group had a cracking a
good time and if that wasn't enough smashed
a 15 ton car was driven over the Time
smashed tile to prove the point. Julie
Time to get the sport news with morning
Julie Snook.Still to come this plays
morning Bulldogs star Brett Morris Patrick
plays down an Origin recall. charge
Patrick Dangerfield defends his in
charge with the Match Review Panel breaks
in the AFL. And Aussie Jack Miller This program is not captioned. Talk to me, Tom. If you're over 30 and
don't buy health cover by June 30, you could end up
paying the government's loading. This costs Aussies thousands. Son of a mongoose! Don't get caught out. Call us now on 13 32 32.

This program is not captioned.

NRL and Bulldogs winger Brett select
Morris says it wouldn't be fair to year's
select nipple in Game 3 of this had
year's Origin. The veteran winger long
had a spectacular return from a weekend
long term knee injury on the focused
weekend but admits he wants to stay fetched
focused on his club.It is far it
fetched to be picked in Origin and and
it is unfair on the other players coach
and me personally.Wests Tigers tweelgtsed
coach Jason Taylor says he is be Tedesco
tweelgtsed by the fact that James call
Tedesco is yet to receive an Origin his
call up. The star fall back made try
his case for selection scoring a Tigers
try and running almost 200m in the than
Tigers loss to the Storm. To AFL nervous
than Patrick Dangerfield faces a Panel.
nervous wait with the Match Review knee
Panel. He is in hot water for a head
knee to the back of Jarryn Geary's was
head but Dangerfield maintains it hard
was purely zaent accidental.It is grabbing
hard to get up when someone is is
grabbing your leg and the contact favour
is insufficient.History is in his by
favour having never been suspended Australian
by the Match Review Panel. The series
Australian has claimed the ODI tri- Indies
series final against the West and
Indies by 51 runs much Matthew Wade field.
and the side backed it up in the field. Mitchell Marsh taking 3/32 tail
and Josh Hazelwood cleaned up the overseas
tail finish with 5/50. Staying Miller
overseas and Aussie youngster Jack coming
Miller has pulled off a miracle Dutch
coming from nowhere to claim the rise
Dutch MotoGP. It caps a stunning been
rise for the 21-year-old who has promotion
been criticised for his shock A
promotion from Moto3 18 months ago. mouthed
A the although of people bad project
mouthed us and said that this everything
project wouldn't work and we
everything like that. I hope that can
we have showed them wrong and we the
can ride a bike.Miller surged from celebrate
the pack after a rain delay to Euro
celebrate his maiden GP win. To the comfortable
Euro it has helped the host to a Germany
comfortable 2-1 win over Ireland. Germany cruised through to the and
quarterfinals thumping Slovakia 3-0 thrashing
and Belgium were in stunning form This program is not captioned. Talk to me, Tom. If you're over 30 and
don't buy health cover by June 30, you could end up
paying the government's loading. This costs Aussies thousands. Son of a mongoose! Don't get caught out. Call us now on 13 32 32.

This program is not captioned.

Let's have a look at the weather rain
for you now. Around the country A
rain in Brisbane and Sydney showers. Canberra.
A possible shower on the way for blue
Canberra. Mostly sunny in Perth and the
blue skies in Darwin. To finance inter
the sharemarket has fought back inter an early drop.

And that is our Morning News for your
now. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for Live
your company. See you soon.
Live captioning by Ai-Media This program is not captioned.

Medals awarded to Australia' s young to Australia' s youngest VC winner have been o ner have been handed o over
youngest VC winner have been handed over to the Australian War i e Australian War Memorial i over to the Australian War Memorial b
in Canberra and his heroic story is being told for the first time in loing told for the first time in a lo long
being told for the first time in a long time. A brave soldier - ong time. A brave soldier - at
long time. A brave soldier - at only eighteen. He gave us a greater sense of what it means to be an Australian The medals belonging to William Jackson - or Bill as he' k iam Jackson - or Bill as he' s k known
William Jackson - or Bill as he' s to
known by friends and family - were today on display at the Wa on display at the Australian Wa War
today on display at the Australian War Mermorial. They' ll be housed at the museum for the next five years - giving visitors an insight into the extraordinary life of the country' s youngest Victoria rountry' s youngest Victoria Cross re recipi
country' s youngest Victoria Cross recipient. his medals were sold
recipient. his medals were sold in 2008, and the avid collector pur and the avid collector who pur purchased
2008, and the avid collector who purchased them, a private he sed them, a private citizen, he purchased them, a private citizen, he then died and his widow approached us Bill enlisted in approached us Bill enlisted in the lying
Australian Imperial Force in 1915 - lying about his age telling authoritt his age telling authorities he was 18 but really was only 17. He spent the next year in Gallipoli before sailing to the Wallipoli before sailing to the saved
Western Front - where he helped me
saved the lives of several wounded men - despite copping a heavy du pite copping a heavy blow du during
men - despite copping a heavy blow during an artillery fight. it' s pr artillery fight. it' s practically severs his arm, it' s hanging by a singular muscle
hanging by a singular muscle For the next 30 minutes with his arm in a very state of disrepair he o disrepair he heads o a very state of disrepair he heads land
out and goes back into no man' s wound
land to continue recovering the minutes
wounded which he does for another 30 minutes The Memorial now has seventy four of the one hundred r
Victoria Cross medals handed out to remarkable Australians. Private
remarkable Australians. Private Bill the
Jackson' s will be on display to the public from tomorrow. Mia ia WIN
the public from tomorrow. Mia Glover WIN News To Maryborough in