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This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. This morning -
a young girl suffers critical burns as fire destroys a house
north of Brisbane. A man fighting for life after
he was shot by police in Townsville. And an emergency EU meeting planned
in Brussels as Brexit fury divides the UK.

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with Ann Sanders.

But first in breaking news. A Singapore Airlines plane
has caught fire while making an emergency landing
at Changi airport. A passenger on board
captured the frightening moment the aircraft's wing burst
into flames on the tarmac. Flight S-Q 368
was on its way to Milan when the pilot reported a problem
with the engine, two hours into the flight. The passenger who took the video described it as a "near death"
experience and said oil was leaking out
of the engine before it ignited. The fire was put out on the tarmac
and no-one was injured.

A 12-year-old girl is being treated
for critical injuries after fire destroyed a home
in Gympie, north of Brisbane. Her mother and two other children
managed to escape the burning house. Jessica Ross reports.

The last report we received was that they were trying to stabilise her, in order to airlift her to... We have a problem with that story. We will move on now to another one.

Police have shot a man
in the stomach and leg following an incident at
a Townsville service station. He's in hospital
in a serious condition. Ethical Standards police
are investigating. Vivien von Drehnen has more.

Just before 4:30 a.m., police were patrolling areas in Permit Park when they saw a 25-year-old man walking down charters Towers Road armed with a baseball bat. It's what happened next that police are remaining tightlipped on. Some sort of altercation took place causing officers to shoot the man several times. One of the police officers was injured.At the moment I'm not going to make any comment as to whether Kayser was deployed or otherwise but certainly the man was armed when police engaged him.The crime scene stretches the hundreds of metres, which is currently being examined by forensic. Police have also spoken with witnesses who saw the entire incident unfold. Others who turned up for work along one of Townsville's busiest roads were shocked by the scene.It's a bit crazy. Townsville seems to be getting a bit worse, but yeah, coming from England, it's something we see too often, I suppose, now. The young man is in Townsville Hospital in a stable condition and the ethical standards committee is investigating the incident.

Three Australians and a New
Zealander kidnapped in Nigeria have been set free. The men, who work for Perth based
mining company Macmahon Holdings were among a group seized by gunmen
on the outskirts of Calabar on Wednesday.

The company released a statement
confirming the release of seven men. Five of them have been injured,
two seriously, and they're all receiving medical

The Australian government does not, as a case of policy and did not
in this case pay a ransom. Their Nigerian driver was shot dead.

Post-Brexit turmoil
has erupted in the UK with politicians conceding there is no plan on exactly how
to leave the European Union. An emergency meeting will take place
at EU headquarters in Brussels later today as a power vacuum threatens
to prolong the chaos. Hugh Whitfeld is in London.

Both sides of politics
in this country are now in meltdown. David Cameron of course resigned in the hours after the Brexit vote
late last week. And now there is jockeying among
Tory party members to work out who'll be the new leader and in turn, who'll be the new prime
minster of the UK. Boris Johnson is considered
the favourite but there is a big faction
within the party that wants anyone but Boris. On the other side of the aisle, Labour is in turmoil as well. The shadow cabinet basically
doesn't exist anymore.

A dozen MPs resigned from their shadow portfolios in protest at Jeremy Corbyn, the leader, accusing him of not doing enough to try and get the Labour vote out for Remain, saying he just wasn't passionate enough and maybe didn't believe in it. The Leave campaign is also accused of not having a plan about how a post- Brexit Britain might look.Utterly chaotic, shambolic and disgraceful, at a time when the whole UK needs leadership.We've been in Boston in Lincolnshire today, the most pro- Brexit town in the country. More than 75% voted to leave the EU, the highest proportion in the UK. It has a high proportion of EU immigrants in the town. 10% of people who come from Eastern Europe, places like Lithuania and Poland. It is also now the murder capital of Britain. We spoke to some people about why they voted to leave.I voted for my government to run the country. They are not running the country. It's Brussels that's running the country.I'm not racist or anything but I feel like we've lost the town, and hopefully we can move forward and get the town back.Of course the markets don't like this uncertainty. The Chancellor, George Osborne, will make a speech in the coming hours to try and calm nerves ahead of the opening of the FTSE stock exchange later tonight Australian time. David Cameron will also host a cabinet meeting and there will be a sitting of the Commons where he is expected to speak. And then in Europe, politicians are trying to make this divorce happen as soon as possible, possibly as early as this week, but that's unlikely considering David Cameron doesn't want to be a part of it.

Malcolm Turnbull's Coalition has criticised the cost
of Labor's promises that will result in higher deficits
over the next seven years. Labor insists it's the price
of better health and education but the Coalition says
it creates more uncertainty. Marija Jovanovic reports.

Malcolm Turnbull's paying his third
visit to Adelaide for this campaign where he's trying to urge voters not to support
minor party candidates in a state where Independent Senator
Nick Xenophon is tipped to win three or even four
senate seats come polling day. Mr Turnbull has wasted no time in getting to one of the core issues
here, which is that of jobs - particularly in the defence
manufacturing sector. He's toured one of the country's
largest defence contractors in the marginal seat of Adelaide
where polling shows Labor's Kate Ellis
is at risk of losing her seat which she's held since 2004. It would be a huge loss for Labor which is trying to ward off
the Coalition's attacks over its election costings. Labor released those
costings yesterday. The figures show Labor would run
higher deficits than the Coalition over the next seven years - but over the longer term,
10 years, would leave the budget better off. What Labor is saying is
they're going to jack taxes up, the deficits will be higher
and the debt will be higher. Labor argues the higher deficits
are a result of extra spending on health, education
and infrastructure. Bill Shorten has had
an early start - campaigning in his home city of
Melbourne today on just that. He's been handing out
how-to-vote cards and pushing on with Labor's
scare campaign on health. We're very committed
to maintaining Medicare. The latest Newspoll shows the Coalition is ahead on a
two-party preferred basis 51-49 - the same result as that of the most
recent Seven News ReachTEL poll. This week, both major party leaders
will make their case to voters at the National Press Club
in Canberra - Bill Shorten delivers his address
tomorrow and Malcolm Turnbull will do
the same on Thursday.

Returning to the Gypmie fire where a 12-year-old girl is being treated
for critical injuries after a blaze destroyed
the family home. Jessica Ross reports.

Firefighters were called
to this home in Monkland which is a suburb of Gympie
around 3:30 this morning. When they arrived,
the house was well alight. A woman and her two children
had managed to escape but there was panic with her
12-year-old daughter still trapped inside. Heroic firefighters braved
the burning building to reach the young girl
and pull her to safety. Crews were faced with flames
coming out the windows on two sides of the property. They made entry and were able
to locate one casualty and bring that person out.

There's not much you could do at all actually. Just pretty scared because her mum kept saying she is in that room.

The young girl suffered burns to her
upper body and smoke inhalation. Firefighters and paramedics
performed CPR here at the scene for at least 30 minutes before the girl was taken to Gympie
hospital in a critical condition. The last report we received was they
were trying to stabilise her in order to airlift her to Brisbane's Lady Cilento
Children's Hospital for specialised treatment. Everyone's just praying
she'll pull through. Firefighters have managed
to control a blaze burning at an historic courthouse
in Melbourne's north-west. The fire broke out in the Moonee
Ponds building at 8:30 this morning. The property's been converted
into a museum which houses artifacts
from World War I. Paper records on the top floor
have been destroyed. Kellaway Ave remains closed
and residents in the area are urged to stay indoors.

Next in Seven News - the impact of
Brexit on the local stock market. Fairground disaster as a rollercoaster derails
and plummets to the ground. And mass devastation as deadly
floods and fires cause heartache across the US.

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Former AFL star Ben Cousins
has been taken to hospital after an incident on Perth's Canning
Highway late yesterday. Three police units were called after he was spotted on the road at
Como - attempting to direct traffic. Cousins was chased by officers
into bush before he was taken to hospital.

He was really lost confused,
making no sense at all. About seven or eight cop cars
turned up, left, right and centre.

A witness said Cousins had attempted to jump
onto the back of a motorcycle, almost causing the driver
to lose control.

To finance now
and joining me is Justin Smirk senior economist at Westpac. Good morning, Justin. There were huge losses on the
markets following the Brexit vote. How are they responding today?

You wouldn't be surprised given those losses you mentioned, strong losses particularly in the US and Europe, and Japan, but our market opened up down this morning about 1.2%. But then it bounced back to where it was on Friday's close, about 3.5% lower than it was on Thursday. We've seen a mixed commodity market, which is part of the story. We've seen oil prices fall off from around 5%. We've seen less full skin base metals, particularly copper, and a rally in gold as well. The Aussie particularly copper, and a rally in
gold as well. The Aussie dollar has rallied, but only to where it was last week:

You see this uncertainty weighing on things particularly in the UK but also further into Europe, but at this point though they do risk. The RDA can remain on the sidelines for the next meeting, wait for the August meeting where they get the July numbers, and they can process it then. If they get a soft number, as everyone expects, they will be lowering rates, and this Brexit result means a greater urgency to do so, but not a panic to do so just yet. For now, rates on hold until the August meeting. Thank you.

11 people have been injured in
a frightening roller coaster crash in Scotland. A carriage flew off the rails
as it turned a corner and plunged to the ground. Witnesses described the scene
as chaotic.

WOMAN: Oh, my God. Theme park goers couldn't believe
what they were seeing. CHILD: Oh, my God, man. Those who saw
the rollercoaster derail say it'll be a miracle
if everyone survives. Five carriages detached
from the rails and plunged about 7 metres
to the ground. MAN: The best thing you can do is
back away and give them some space. Staff and passers-by worked
frantically trying to free those crushed inside the carriages. I could see carnage everywhere,
people screaming and crying. There were bits of the
roller-coaster all over the place. One witness posted this photo which appears to show the wheels
of the rollercoaster carriage on the ground. They fell less than 20 feet. It would appear that they have
been coming around a bend and at that point it has detached. Nine of the injured were children - three of them were reported
seriously hurt. The horror crash happened
at M&D's Theme Park near Glasgow. The ride is called the Tsunami and is described as Scotland's
only inverted rollercoaster and reaches speeds of up to 80km/h. It's not the first problem
with the ride. Five years ago
people were trapped for eight hours and had to be rescued
after mechanical failure. The park was closed
after today's accident and police are investigating
what when wrong.

Firefighters have begun
to contain a deadly wildfire in central California. At least two people died
in the blaze. 200 buildings have been destroyed
and hundreds forced to evacuate their homes. Over 1,000 firefighters have managed
to control only 10% of the blaze. In West Virginia, a break in the
rain has allowed authorities to search for those missing
in widespread flooding that's killed 25 people. President Obama has declared
a federal disaster to help recovery efforts
as the clean-up begins.

Next in Seven News - all the day's sport
with Ryan Phelan. And mission accomplished for the
Aussies in the one-day tri-series. Plus chaos in the wet as
Aussie youngster Jack Miller charges to his maiden MotoGP victory.

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I'm Peter Hendy. We are investing
$83 million in better local roads and fighting for
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Aussie youngster Jack Miller
has broken through for his maiden
MotoGP victory on an incident-packed day of racing
in the Netherlands. Torrential rain forced the race
to be stopped and when it resumed,
many of the main contenders crashed. Miller swept past dual world
champion Marc Marquez on his way to the chequered flag. RACE CALLER: Jack Miller
has done it! Jack Miller has won here in Assen! A lot of people have bad mouthed us
and everything like that and I just hope that we've shown
them wrong and I can ride a bike
and I'm not an idiot. Miller is the first independent
rider to win in the premier class in a decade.

Geelong superstar
Patrick Dangerfield will find out today if he's still
eligible for the Brownlow Medal. The Match Review Panel will decide whether Dangerfield's knee
to the head of St Kilda's Jarryn Geary is worthy of a suspension. Any ban would make
the champion midfielder ineligible for the Brownlow. And Hawthorn is on top
of the AFL ladder for the first time this season after downing Gold Coast
by 26 points in Launceston.

Calls for Wests Tigers flyer
James Tedesco to be handed his Blues debut
in State of Origin 3 are growing louder. Tedesco sparked a Tigers fightback
against the Storm yesterday with a dazzling individual try. Coach Jason Taylor insists the
fullback must play in Origin 3. He should have been in Origin 2
and should be in Origin 3, I think it's pretty simple. It's clear to see. I don't
understand why he's not there. The Tigers rallied from 26-0 down
to get within a converted try before going down by nine points.

Novak Djokovic regards Nick Kyrgios
as a genuine threat to his hopes of claiming
a fourth Wimbledon crown. The world number 1 says Kyrgios is one several players
capable of derailing his quest for a calendar-year Grand Slam. Andy Murray, Roger, you know, ah... Kyrgios is definitely
one of the players that can go far. Reigning women's champion
Serena Williams rates Djokovic a near certainty to claim all four
of this year's Grand Slam titles.

Australia has taken out
the one-day tri-series in the Caribbean, downing the West Indies
by 58 runs in the final. Matthew Wade's unbeaten half-century
guided the Aussies to 9/270 in Barbados. Mitch Marsh and Josh Hazlewood
then delivered with the ball claiming eight wickets
between them. Glenn Maxwell's athletic catch
finished off the series, completing the perfect start
for interim coach Justin Langer. It's been great to have
a different voice around. The experience that he brings
to the game is outstanding. Steve Smith admits the Aussies were a long way
below their best in the tournament.

World champions Germany
will play host nation France in a blockbuster
Euro 2016 quarterfinal. Germany eased into the quarters with a 3-nil win over Slovakia
this morning while France came from a goal down
to beat Ireland 2-1 with a double
from Antoine Griezmann. Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard
was unstoppable in Belgium's 4-nil rout of Hungary. COMMENTATOR: Can he get his name
on the scoresheet to put the gloss on a great display? You bet he can! World-class. Belgium will play Gareth Bale's
Wales for a semifinal spot.

It is all about Wimbledon for the next two weeks. It all kicks off tonight from 8:30 p.m., Samantha Stosur followed by Novak Djokovic. Can't wait.

Next in Seven's Morning news - the national weather forecast
with David Brown.

I'm Peter Hendy. We are investing
$83 million in better local roads and fighting for
a better Barton Highway. I'm asking you
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Millions of Brits are feeling
'bregret' today... The place is in absolute chaos. Crisis talks and emergency meetings. New fears about a global recession. Political establishment here
is in meltown. It's the revenge of middle England. What's next is new territory. Deserters will not be welcomed
with open arms. There's a lot of uncertainty
in this country right now. We'll tell you everything
you need to know about how you will be affected.

Let's get a check
of the weather forecast now with Seven News meteorologist
David Brown. Brownie, the winter chills
are biting hard.

Indeed, Ann. A cold airmass has engulfed
most of eastern Australia. Today, Brisbane is heading
for 15 today. Sydney, 13. Melbourne, 12 degrees. For the second time this winter, the Central Tablelands and
Blue Mountains of New South Wales have been blanketed in snow. Up to 5cm has fallen this morning and there's a little more
on the way before the weather clears
late this afternoon. Right now it's 1 degree
at Blackheath and Katoomba but it feels like -5 in the wind.

A low pressure system off the coast is driving a little rain and snow
above 900m over eastern New South Wales. A massive high is drifting
over South Australia. The high will bring a frosty morning
near its centre tomorrow.

Clear skies over this region tomorrow. Out West, a strong cold front moving in on the south-west corner of WA. This system will bring rain and storms to the Western capital, and a top of 19:

That's the latest weather.
More at 4:00, Ann.

Great, thank you.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye.

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VOICEOVER: One of Australia's
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last footsteps. His final moments. WOMAN: Just went for a run. MAN: That would be the last time
you'd see him. He gave me a cuddle and he said,
"Don't worry. I'll be back." WOMAN: Planning a funeral
for your son.

I thought I was going
to his graduation. The most powerful story
you'll see this year. So stupid. (SOBS)

The killer breaks his silence. You obviously know who that is.


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