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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today, hostages released. Three Australians who were kidnapped in Nigeria among seven workers set free but two are seriously injured.

Scotland's First Minister warns that her country's Parliament could veto the British exit from the EU. The Coalition buoyed with a slight final
lead in the latest polls in the final week of campaign 2016. Australia's Jack Miller defies huge odds to win the Dutch MotoGP.I just hope that we have showed we can ride the bike, I'm not an idiot.Congratulations to the Townsville boy. Hello and welcome to Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. A quick look at the weather first:

The Australian men who were kidnapped in Nigeria last week have been released. Three Australians were among the seven men taken at gunpoint. Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy has more.We don't know the condition of the Australians apart from what Macmahon has said. They have said that five of the men who have been released were injured, two of them seriously. We're not sure who has are
been injured and to what degree. We are seeing a couple of reports coming out in the last few minutes from the AFP news agency saying perhaps this wasn't a release of these men, that perhaps they may have been rescued. There are still some conflicting reports about just what has happened in southern Nigeria. On Wednesday morning, these men were travelling in a four-car convoy on their way to work, so Macmahon Holdings, the WA mining company has a contract for some quarrying operations in the delta region of south-east Nigeria. This is a region notorious for kidnap-for-ransom. A lot of semi-professional criminal gangs operate in this area. On that morning, 30 militants attacked the convoy. The driver of one of the cars was killed. It sounds like we are hearing now several of the hostages were also injured during taken
that initial ambush. They were taken away by boat and it seems they've been released in the last few hours, which is terrific news. Nigeria is notorious for this sort of behaviour, particularly in that area. The criminal gangs operate there. Also in a Abuja and Lagos, the two major cities in Nigeria. Common street crime, muggings are very common, home invasions are a big problem there. This is really one of the most lawless countries in Africa, you could say. We have put in a call to the Macmahon Holdings group this morning, they are Perth-based. They have indicated they'll probably hold a general media conference at some stage later today. We will have that covered for you here on ABC News 24. The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has welcomed the release of these men this morning, telling commercial radio station 2 GB that the Government did not pay for these men's freedom.The Australian Government does not pay ransoms and we certainly -The company might have?The company the
will have to answer for itself but the Australian Government certainly does not. But I believe they are all well, they are undergoing health checks. It's obviously been a very traumatic time for them. No doubt they are returning home to their family. Political instability in Britain is intensifying in the wake of the Lisa
Brexit vote. Europe correspondent Lisa Millar says the Opposition Leader's job may be on the line. Most of the chaos has been with the Labour Party today and Jeremy Corbyn who sacked his Shadow Foreign Secretary at about 1 o'clock in the morning London time when Hilary Benn told his leader more,
that he couldn't support him any more, or didn't think that he would be able to win the next election. members
After he had sacked him, another 10 members of the Shadow Cabinet of the frontbench resigned and withdrew their support from Jeremy Corbyn. But they didn't do it en masse. They did it one at a time every hour so it dribbled on painfully through the day. Message from Jeremy Corbyn is he's not going anywhere. He delivered a very lacklustre performance when he was campaigning to have the UK remain in the EU. It's well known that he's a bit of a Eurosceptic, a harsh critic of the European Union but the Labour Party policy was that the UK should remain in the EU. The criticism of Jeremy Corbyn very intense from within Parliament. But, of course, he got into that position courtesy of a support.
massive amount of grassroots support. So he is saying he is not going anywhere because the there.
membership of the party want him there. Talk about leadership crises on both sides of politics at the moment. Gosh Tuesday's meeting in Brussels with David Cameron is going to be awfully interesting, isn't it? He talks to 27 other leaders, delivers the message that the UK is getting out and then has to leave the room, we're told. So even the details of that meeting are still being worked out. Calm Campbell is the form - - Alistair Campbell is the former Blair.
communications director for Tony Blair. He has called the result a catastrophe and says he doesn't believe Labour's Jeremy Corbyn should stay on as the Opposition Leader.

Leader.It is obvious to everybody - I think the referendum campaign merely confirmed what a lot of us have thought for some time - that he can't do the job. He can't lead the Labour Party. He can't motivate them. He can't do the policy work you
that needs to be done. We showed you in the referendum campaign, the idea he is the guy to win back these white working class voters, particularly in the North, Midlands, parts of Wales and mart parts of Scotland that we'd lost is a nonsense. The thing about Jeremy tens
Corbyn and his supporters and the tens of thousands of people - fair enough he motivated them to join the party and get him elected but they used to say that the reason they liked h him is because he says the line.
what he thinks and he doesn't take the line. These people who are what
resigning today, they're saying what they think. Having seen him up close, they know he can't do the job. I think they are doing the right thing. There is probably going to be a general election down the track sooner than people think. I'm afraid that, as we are, we don't have a hope in hell. When Boris Johnson was running to be mayor of London and winning two elections, he was Mr Modern progressive conservative. He was "I get the young people". He was the guy that young people liked because he was funny, you'd get a selfie with him and all that crap. But now young people are absolutely furious with him. He's gone overnight from being a loveable rogue to being an utterly divisive figure. He has unleashed all this stuff. He has to take responsibility. Not only has he been opportunistic, unprincipled the
and irresponsible, he's also over the weekend shown himself to be utterly spineless. We have seen him on the television every hour in the last few weeks, now he's gone to ground. He played cricket yesterday, very British, and now he's off somewhere presumably planning his leadership bid. Do you know what I think is the truth about Boris Johnson and Michael a 51-49
Gove? I think they were hoping for a 51-49 in so we didn't have all this chaos but Cameron was weak and he could knock him out. In the wake of that Brexit vote, there was a lot of concern from the European establishment that other European countries might go the way of Britain eventually but there's been some heartening results for the last
the European establishment just in the last 24 hours or so. It's the first elections in mainland Europe since that Brexit vote. They've Conservative
been held in Spain. The Conservative Party there, the governing conservative party, has than
actually performed a lot stronger than expected and there are a couple of newer parties in Spain, grassroots parties, which had been performing really strongly over the past couple of years, among them well.
Podemus, they have not performed so well. Some heartening news for the British - sorry, the European establishment on mainland Europe in the wake of that Brexit vote at least for the moment. The Coalition has edged ahead of Labor in the latest opinion poll five days out from the election. Matthew Doran joins us from Parliament House. Good morning. Talk us through the poll numbers. It will be welcome news for the Coalition as we head into the final week of campaigning. It is only a slight adjustment but this close to polling day, there will be a few party war lords looking at these figures and analysing them quite a bit and hoping they can translate walk
to success on Saturday. We will walk you through the figures. First of all the primary vote for the 43%.
Coalition is up by two points to

How that trealt translates into a Coalition
two-party preferred basis, the Coalition has pulled up to 51%, Labor down 1 to 49%. The last Newspoll we saw the two major parties were neck and neck.

As I mentioned, heading into this last week of campaigning, both shore up
sides will be hoping that they can shore up their support but this definitely is welcome news for the Coalition and does tie into some of the internal polling we are hearing here in the Parliament House Bureau that Labor could get up to around 10 seats. They do need 20 - sorry, the Coalition - no, Labor does need 20, I'm getting my numbers mixed up on a Monday morning, Labor does need 20 seats to get back into power but it looks as if they will fall short at this stage.In the wake of the release of Labor costings yesterday, we can expect the economy will be a central point coming
of discussion through today and the coming days?That's right. Labor released their final costings just after the Coalition campaign launch was held yesterday. Someson cynics would say that was a way of trying to deflect attention from that but Labor said they are simply trying to give enough time for the figures to be looked at before we head to the polls. We are seeing, of course, the Coalition trying to really capitalise on this uncertain surrounding the Brexit decision with Malcolm Turnbull saying that only a Coalition Government, a stable government, can provide the sort of - the direction for the Government, for the economy to be able to withstand the global head winds. Getting back to the costings, Scott Morrison, the Federal Treasurer, unsurprisingly has taken quite a swipe at them and said it just shows Labor's economic direction is the wrong one to take. They will be hitting $16 billion worse - the budget bottom line will be $16 billion worse off under Labor than it would under the Coalition and Scott Morrison says will
that the final Coalition costings will be delivered shortly. Here is some of what he had to say earlier. I give you this absolute guarantee: It will be within the envelope of what we announced in the budget. The budget position will not be any changed in a negative sense from That
what I announced in the budget. That is in stark contrast to what Labor announced yesterday, $16.5 billion worse off - worse off - if Labor is elected on Saturday. Interestingly, the Prime Minister is in Adelaide once again today. That Nick Xenophon factor is going to be so interesting to watch that play out on Saturday night. Definitely. Both major parties are very concerned about the impact that the Nick Xenophon team will have on their vote. There are some commentators suggesting that Nick Xenophon could pick up to another three Senate seats or a group of four senators under that Nick Xenophon team banner come the end of the results there on election day. There is also a lot of speculation about whether or not he does have a chance of taking any lower house seats. There are a number of electorates where there is polling suggesting that Nick Xenophon candidates are travelling very well, including the Liberal-held seat of Mayo in the Adelaide Hills and just south of Adelaide. Other polling suggesting seats such as Gray, one of the largest seats in Australia, covering I think it is about 90% of SA's land mass could also be up for house
grasp. If he doesn't take any lower house seats, he will significantly erode the support base Coalition has in SA. That's where he is campaigning today. Bill Shorten is spending at least the morning in Melbourne again pushing Labor's line that only they will be able to fully protect Medicare and no doubt throughout
we will see much more of that line throughout the week as we head to polling day on Saturday.We have heard so much about the CFA issue in this Federal election. It is going to be interesting to see to what extent that plays into those results in Victoria on Saturday night as well. Matthew Doran reporting from Parliament House in Canberra. 112 Immigration officers have been busted in the last 12 months selling visas for sex according to a senior Border Force official. An ABC 7.30 investigation with Fairfax has discovered that, in the last 12 months, Australian Border Force chief Michael Pezzullo has referred 32 - - 132 cases of suspected corruption, claiming nothing is being done to stamp out the problem. It comes as a former Immigration official claims a focus on both arrivals - - boat arrivals has allowed migration arrivals to flourish unchecked. A man has been shot by police officers in Townsville. David Chen joins us.Police officers were called to an incident at the petrol station behind me shortly after 4:20 this morning. The man was shot in his legs and stomach. We understand he is undergoing surgery condition.
at the moment and is in a serious clear
condition.Have police made it clear as to whether this man was a customer at the service station or he worked there? What have said they said about that?We still don't have the details of what happened this morning. Police will provide an update to the media in under an hour. Police have spoken to two witnesses who lived in a flat opposite the petrol station. They've been spoken to and taken to the local police station for statements. Police have been conducting a line search for any evidence. The investigation is being overseen by the ethical condition
standards command.What about the condition of the man who was shot? Still in a serious condition, as I said. Police have told us he is undergoing surgery so we will find out soon whether he pulls through. David Chen reporting from Townsville in North Queensland. A girl is in a critical condition Queensland's
after a house fire in Gympie in Queensland's south-east. Four people were inside the house at Monkland when the blaze broke out just after 3:30 this morning. Three people escaped but the 12-year-old girl was trapped in a bedroom and suffered
had to be rescued by fire crew. She suffered critical burns.They were confronted with horrific conditions inside the premises. The fire was well involved and there was also the house was very heavily smoke bombed. Visibility was nil. Firefighters had to use their skills to locate the bedroom initially and then to locate the casualty inside the bedroom and withdraw her from the premises. Police are not treating an explosion at a house in the Adelaide suburb of Henley Beach this morning as suspicious. Nathan scene
Stitt is at the scene.Police on scene at an address at Henley Beach, a suburb just west of the CBD in Adelaide, to reports of an explosion at around 4a.m. Police were called out to this address at Henley Beach. At this stage they don't believe this attack was an accident and are treating it as suspicious. They are urging anyone who may have seen something to contact Crime Stoppers. At this stage police either don't know or are not saying what that explosive the
device was but it was detonated in the front yard of this home at Henley Beach. The residents were at home at the time but fortunately nobody was injured. Police are on scene at the moment. We understand bomb squad have already attended and conducting investigations as we speak. They are urging anyone who may have seen or heard something overnight to contact Crime Stoppers to aid police in that investigation. The infamous Bondi hoarders' house in Sydney's east will be forcibly auctioned today to repay council debts. Waverly Council has been fighting with the family for 26 years over what it describes as major public health and safety problems associated with continual hoarding. The selling agent says it will be the new owners' responsibility to dispose of all of the house contents and move out the family. Despite this, the agent property
says there is high interest in the property and it could fetch as much as $2 million. Former West Coast Eagles footballer ambulance
Ben Cousins was taken away in an ambulance after police say he was behaving eratically in Perth traffic. Officers told the ABC the incident is being treated as a mental health issue and no charges have been laid. Ben Cousins was a star AFL player and Brownlow Medal winner in 2005 but has struggled with substance abuse in recent years. small pockets
Iraqi troops are still clearing out small pockets of resistance in has
parts of Fallujah. However, there following
has been a major breakthrough following weeks of fighting. Iraqi army is claiming victory a month after starting the offensive against ISIL in Fallujah. Army commanders say the city is entirely under their control and ISIL fighters have been driven out. In May, the Iraqi Prime Minister announced it was time to recapture the city. Iraqi army supported by Shiah groups have besieged Fallujah since late last year. Up to 75,000 civilians were trapped inside the city, caught between ISIL fighters and government forces. Since the Iraqis have
offensive started, thousands of Iraqis have left their homes to escape the fighting. They moved to makeshift camps south of the city where conditions are dire. Fallujah is 50km west of Baghdad and was the first city to fall to ISIL in January 2014. The recapture is stability
being seen as important to the stability of the Iraqi capital. A Chinese container ship has become the first boat to sail into the newly expanded Panama Canal. The ship from Cosco Shipping Panama entered from the Pacific. 40 boats transit the waterway every day. The development has been shrouded in controversy with strikes, disputes over costs and safety concerns delaying the $5.2 billion project. Italy's second most wanted mobster has been arrested after almost two decades on the run. Ernesto Falacari, Italy's richest and most powerful organisation, had been a fugitive since 1996. The 46-year-old faces a life sentence having been tried in absentia after being found guilty of murder, drug trafficking. He was the head of one of the groups that controlled such of the Calabrian society and make vast profits through the import and sale of drugs. Pope Francis says the Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from the LGBTI community for the way Christians have treated them. Speaking from the Papal plane, he says gay people should not be discriminated against and must be respected. The pontiff says the Church should also apologise to the poor, to women who have been exploited and to children who have been forced to work. Farmer Pat Murphy and his family thought life couldn't get any better when they moved to their dream property in Maules Creek in NSW seven years ago. But the arrival of an open cut coal mine next door has changed their lives.

next door has changed their lives.
Dig, dig, dig.It's absolutely gut-wrenching to realise I have been stuck in limbo for six years. I'm in the prime of my life. This is the time in life when you are supposed to be moving forward and solidify your future. My little family has had to place that on hold.Have you been remembered finished
about the blast at 1?We are nearly finished here, we'll be home very soon.Come on, Blue, we've got to go.Awww.We come here with all these plans to raise our little family. It feels now we are totally trapped.There has been plenty of times that I've wished we could just walk away and leave this but this is our livelihood, there is no way we could just pick up and leave. Pat is in disbelief that a family, not just his family, that a family could find themselves in the position that he is in.You'd like to grab people by the scruff of their neck and bash their heads together and say "Let's sit down and fix this". This is a problem Government
that can't be fixed.I think the for. I
Government has something to answer for. I mean the Government is there to protect and look after us and I think they've failed that in this situation.Living this close to a seems
mine is a nightmare, it just never seems to stop. (EXPLOSION)

WA's emerging truffle industry is poised to become the second largest producer of the black truffle in
behind Europe. The farm-gate value in WA has trebled over the past five years to $8 million and is now tipped to hit $30 million within a decade. 300km south of Perth in the heart of the State's southern forests, this Labrador is on a mission.Good girl.It's on the hunt for black truffles, also known as black gold.Lola, that's a big one.Truffle hunter Adrian Mieilke and his dog Lola are tracking truffles for the Truffle and Wine Co which was one of Manjimup's first producers and this season is expected to deliver a bumper crop. We are maintaining more than half of the market in terms of production. That's great. We are aiming for more than that but we are saying five times is a pretty good target.The truffle industry first started in Manjimup in 1997 when local nursery man Al Blakers planted a batch of oak and hazelnut truffle
trees he inoculated with black were
truffle spores. The first truffles were harvested four years later. The trees need to be 10 years old to produce smecial commercial-sized harvest. Since then the number of growers in the region has swelled to almost 80 and production has increased to 8.5 tonnes, making the region the largest producer of black truffles outside of Europe. With Europe and America, I thought it would be a big battle to get into those markets and they've just grabbed it like there's no tomorrow.There are currently 150,000 inoculated trees down here but less than a third are they
commercially producing. However, as they mature, production is expected to treble and hit 30 tonne within a decade.It has been a long process but the world now is finding out and knowing about Manjimup and they are coming to us in a way. Every year the demand seems to increase significantly.Truffles have been a life line for Manjimup which was just a decade ago struggling with the demise of the timber industry. It's put the town on the map making it a fine dining destination attracting foodies and chefs from around the world. Time for a check of the weather, very good Monday morning to Vanessa O'Hanlon. Gidday, only 15 in Brisbane today, they won't know what to do with themselves.I know, it's very cold. The cold weather the south-east was experiencing last week has made its way into NSW. Snow still falling 900m. Some pretty photos coming in from Blue Mountains. The band of cloud moving up through Queensland and there is quite a bit of rain falling around the south-east. There is an upper level trough and showery over the air
eastern parts of NSW under the cold air flow.It is definitely icy in parts of NSW this morning. Another front on the way through?There is a weak one just over Victoria/Tasmania. The high-pressure system comes in and the next moderate cold front moves over the south-west tonight. Another trough developing around that system. Not much rain elsewhere but this makes its way towards the south-east on Thursday then.
and brings quite a bit of rain then.It is that time of year when people in the south look further north and see the temperatures of 26, 27 in Cairns, Townsville, nice to be up there.Nice time to take a holiday. Only a patch of the nice are
warm stuff. Darwin 34 degrees, they are strurlg struggling in the heat. Around the States today?

The top stories today - the Australian and New Zealand mining contractors abducted in Nigeria last week have been released. Seven men were taken including three Australians, two Nigerians, a South was
African and a Kiwi. Their driver was killed in the abduction. Their employer Macmahon Holdings is refusing to comment on whether a ransom was paid. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned that her country's Parliament could veto the British exit from the European Union. Ms Sturgeon says she cares about the welfare of the UK but her priority is Scotland which voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. Ms Sturgeon says her country's future lies with the European Union. The latest Newspoll has the Coalition ahead of Labor just as both parties enter the final five days of campaigning. The Coalition preferred
is ahead 51-49 in the two-party preferred vote. Labor's primary vote is on 36 but the Coalition had a two-point lift to 43. Queensland's Jack Miller has defied huge odds to win the Dutch MotoGP. The 21-year-old was listed at 750:1 before the race but he beat the cheap leader Marc Marquez to claim his maiden title. Great story that. Three Australians and a New Zealander kidnapped in southern Nigeria have been released and are said to be in good health. The men were in a group driving on the Wednesday
outskirts of the city of Calabar on Wednesday when they were attacked by gunmen. A fourth Australian man was able to escape but their Nigerian driver was killed. The group works for the Perth-based mining company Macmahon Holdings. The business hasn't said if it paid Foreign
for the men to be released. The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been speaking about the case this morning on commercial radio.I can confirm all seven, the three Australians, the one permanent resident who is of New Zealand nationality, the South African and the two Nigerians have been released. The Australian Government does not pay ransoms. We certainly -The company might have?The company will have to answer for itself but the Australian Government certainly does not. But I believe they are all well, they are undergoing health checks and it's obviously been a very traumatic time for them and no doubt they are returning home to their family. Market analysts are tipping further falls on the local share market today in response to Britain's us
decision to leave the EU. To take us through it, I'm joined in the studio by Peter Ryan. Welcome, what a day on Friday.It was a remarkable day. I don't think anyone expected that out come out of the Brexit vote. Personally I felt like the end of the Cold War. It was something that was hard to believe was happening before your eyes but, yes, it is happening. Friday was incredibly busy and something like US$3 trillion were wiped off the markets after Europe and the US opened when that vote hit.Can you explain for us, with Friday, the British market fell I think a bit more than 3% but there were some markets in the EU that fell substantially more. Why was that the case?We saw markets in France and Germany end around 8% lower and, of course, they are the big players in the European Union and in the Eurozone. The concerns that other countries may decide to have similar referendums if this contagion spreads. The market in Spain fell around about 12 or 13%, I think, and this is because we have elections coming up in Spain. We have just had the initial results come through and the European establishment will be very happy to hear that the people in quo.
Spain have voted for the status quo. There were some grassroots parties over the past couple of years that had got substantial support but they performed poorly in the elections and the conservative party has performed strongly. Presumably the market will be happy with that?They should be pretty happy. We are not quite sure what we will see over the next few days. The Australian share market is set to open pretty cautiously, up by a 10th of 1% but we could see some falls later in the week taking into account that the Australian share market lost around about 3% or $50 billion in value on Friday. When Asia starts opening, we will get a much different vision or an updated vision on how the world is feeling much
about this but clearly there is so much uncertainty, no-one really knows what is going to happen with this. It is not just Britain. It's Union.
also what it means for the European play
Union.There are other factors at play here as well in terms of the Scots saying that they may have the power to vet o this vote as well? Yeah, well, we don't know about into
this either. When you are getting into that territory, in democracy, if it doesn't go your way, thinking you might be able to have another vote but Scotland has made it very clear they see themselves as being closer to the European Union, also in Northern Ireland and almost right after that vote on Friday our time, Martin McGinness, the former head of Sinn Fein, the political arm of the IRA, was talking about possible reunification of Ireland. That seems unlikely but it is enough to stir the pot for those of us who remember the sectarian violence that really only wrapped up in 1995.What will central banks have been doing in these circumstances?We already saw on Friday that the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney said they were standing by with around £250 billion, that's around A$450 create
billion, to pump into markets to consider
create the liquidity, when you consider money is the grease that oils the wheels of the global economy and to encourage banks to keep lending to each other.When you say "Pump into the market", what does that mean practically for people who aren't -To create a major show of confidence that there is money in the system and if institutions or individuals or investors are moving money to safer to
havens, the Bank of England wants prepared
to send the message they're prepared to put this money into the system and also overnight we saw settlements,
the bank for international settlements, which is the central bank of central banks, they're saying
normally fairly cagey but they are world
saying central banks around the world are standing by with measures and they will act if necessary. I was listening to Heimi Karawana the general manager of the Bank for International Settlements. He was saying earlier today the Brexit outcome provides one more layer of global uncertainty.Central banks have acted swiftly in the past when it was necessary, when this was distortions in markets and they have the tools and they are ready to act if this is necessary. Perhaps I would like to add that the fact that over the past few years banks have - private banks have worked heavily within the reform agenda to strengthen their capital and their liquidity buffers is also significant improvement and that it would be very different if this would not have occurred. There and
will be some periods of uncertainty and adjustment. It's certainly the UK is closely integrated economy, a very important economy, that holds one of the most important financial centres but, again, as the communique was emphasising, with good cooperation at global level, I am confident that the uncertainty can be contained and that the adjustment can proceed as smooth as possible.With only a small fall expected on the Australian share market today, why is that the case with all this uncertainty?I think that we did have those big falls last week, so there is a battening down the hatches but the bigger next
focus is what's happening over the next days, weeks and months and a particular focus is what this means for superannuation funds, when you look at where superannuation funds have come since the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 and whether or not they will have to take a hit because it's very difficult for super funds and investors to make that much money these days because low
it's a world of low interest rates, low inflation and the global economy is slowing and we have already heard people like Christine Lagarde from the International Monetary Fund this morning very concerned about what the Brexit implications might mean long-term, unravel
as all the treaties and deals unravel between Britain and the European Union.We will be across morning.
the markets when they open this morning. Peter Ryan, thanks. Economists are warning voters to approach the budget claims from both sides of politics with caution as election day nears. Whoever wins will have to handle an increasingly uncertain economic climate, particularly after the Brexit. Scott Morrison spoke on A.M this morning.The global economy is very uncertain and not just in the UK. There is that event, certainly, and a very significant political event at that but there is the continued transition of the Chinese economy, there is the negative rates in improve,
Japan, there's the US continues to improve, which is welcome, but we live in a very globally volatile, uncertain economic world. That only underscores that you need to focus on the things you can control. That's how much you tax and how much you spend. That's why under our drm ation - - administration, we will continue to see deficits reduce and we will have lower debts than what the Labor Party is putting up who are proposing higher taxes, higher debts and higher deficits. This is our plan, supporting science, innovation, defence industry procurements. The announcements we made yesterday to support girls going into STEM subjects. This is positive for the economy. At this time of instability, higher deficit, higher way
debt and higher taxes is not the way forward. Labor said they were opposed to the Schoolkids Bonus, now they are for it. Labor said are
they were aopposed to R&D, now they are for it. Labor have backflipped voting
on so many of these issues.Early voting in the Federal election has been possible for the last few weeks. The Electoral Commissioner says more than 1.1 million people have already cast pre-poll votes Commission
and the Australian Electoral Commission is gearing up for an extremely busy week.The last few elections in has been an increase in pre-poll voting at every election. This election is no different. Quite a significant already
increase. 1.1 million have voted already at pre-poll centres, which is huge. We have issued 1.4 million postal votes as well. We are expecting a big increase in postal votes. At this time last election, about 775,000 had voted by this stage, so a very big increase since the last election. We will interact with a large number of Australians, could be 13 million Australians will be walking through the door of Australians or sending a postal vote this morning. There is always minor issues at election time. The statistics are mind boggling. We hire something like 80,000 people at election time. It is like setting up a fortune 500 company with four weeks notice and dismantling it afterwards. There will always be issues. We have great staff, we hire mums and dads, brothers and sister. They love doing it. We have over 15 million people voting, 80,000 people running the election, got 7,000 polling places, 94 overseas missions, 41 mobile teams. If you are asking can I give a gilt edged of
guarantees there won't be issues, of course not but we are confident we have done as much as we can to election.
increase security for this election. I am very confident with ballot
what we have done. It is a large ballot paper. The size of the font What
is quite small. It is what it is. What we have to do is try and work with people to understand how to do
cast a formal vote if they wish to do so and what rules and procedures are in place. For me what I'd love to do if we had the cash to do it people
is not use paper rolls to mark people off but to mark people off in an automated way. We have already said that at the joint standing committee on electoral is
matters. I'd love to do that. There is a cost involved in doing that with the large number of polling be
places we have. For me, that would be the first level of automation I would like to see.A new report has found suicide rates for Aboriginal people in remote north-west the
Australia are among the worst in the world and set to double by the end of the decade. Research Australia
published in the Medical Journal of Australia found that, of the 125 region
people who took their lives in the Indigenous.
region in the past decade, 102 were Indigenous. Causes have been attributed to a range of factors including intergenerational trauma, racism, social disadvantage and drug and alcohol abuse. Report co author Murray Chapman says short-term solutions are clearly not working. If you or someone you know is experiencing distress:

Syrian activists say planes have dropped banned incendiary bombs over popular areas of Aleppo. The Syria opposition has been urging the UN to investigate the increasing number of cluster bombs being used by Syrian and Russian forces. Activists say this is the first time they've seen these bombs used on Aleppo city. The they explode and clusters have previously been used in the country side of Aleppo province. Just as they do during the day, civil defence volunteers try to locate the houses where the bombs landed. We can't independently verify what kind of bombs were used or whether the strike was carried out by Russian or Syrian jets. TRANSLATION: The Russian air strikes targeted various districts inside Aleppo city with phosphorous. Thank God we managed to extinguish the fire and help the injured.Activists say another rebel-held town has also been subjected to cluster bombs. This child is urging doctors not to lie to her as the medics tell her that her arm is broken. She has been veeming in pain and asking about her mother and whether she will be taken to the cemetery. There has been an increase in the number of cluster munitions used in populated areas in recent weeks.We are concerned about the reports of the use of incendiary weapons in Aleppo, Syria. We while we are not in a position to verify the reports, it is important to note protocol 3 prohibits the use of air delivered incendiary weapons in areas containing concentrations of civilians. We expect that all parties and states involved in the conflict will refrain from their use in this way.Experts believe using bombs to cover large areas shows that the Syrian regime's strategy to take Aleppo hasn't worked. Assad's forces are backed by Iranian troops and Russian air power.It is a precollude to an attempt by Russia, Iran and Assad to overtake the entire city of Aleppo. That's I think the game worst
plan here and I think this is the worst human suffering to come for the
the citizens of Aleppo.Last week the use of cluster bombs caused a military spat between US and Russia, two countries fighting over competing interests in Syria. Both not signatory to the convention that bans cluster munitions. As the war goes on, bombs continue to fall on civilian areas. Eight children and two adults have been injured in a roller-coaster accident in Scotland. Police said the injured were being treated at local hospitals. The incident involved the Tsunami ride which can travel up to 60km/h through corkscrew turns and loops. One eyewitness said people were trapped upside down on the ride. The top stories today - the Australian and New Zealand mining constructors abducted in Nigeria last week have been released. Macmahon Holdings won't say if a ransom was paid. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned the
her country's Parliament could veto the British exit from the European Union. Ms Sturgeon told the BBC her country's future lies with the European Union. The latest Newspoll has the Coalition ahead of Labor 51-49 on a two-party preferred basis five days out from the election. Rising sea temperatures are having a big effect on Australia's marine environment but few people have seen more of the evidence first hand than one Victorian diver. Don Love has spent more than 50 years country.
exploring dive sites around the country. He is part of a growing number of citizen scientists raising awareness. Don Love has recorded hundreds of species underneath the waters of the Gippsland coast. Some he wasn't keen to get too close to.5m white pointer shark decided to say hello. He was very much in the way of he was hunting and he was very, very agitated and circled us for a few minutes.In 50 years of diving, he has seen changes here that are ringing alarm bells. The climate change in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef is coral believing - - different.
bleaching but in Victoria is different. Rising sea temperatures has caused an explosion of long spine sea urchins. That's having devastating effects on the local the
environment.We are seeing some of here in
the species that were naturally here in low numbers and normal part of the reef outcompeting a lot of other species because they are breeding much, much quicker and the young are surviving in the past because the water is a tiny bit warmer.Several species previously only found in waters further north are also starting to take hold. The information provided by people like Don Love is helping authorities monitor offshore ecosystems.This is probably a bit of a bellwether for the whole Victorian coast because this is a unique place geographically with all the Perhaps
currents from both east and west. Perhaps a you beaut scientist in the future could study this in better
detail which might give them a better idea of what could happen to the Victorian coast down the track. With more work to be done, it is retirement
clear he is not looking at retirement any time soon.I never seem to get tired, even in winter when the water temperature gets down to 10 degrees and you can't feel your feet or your hands, it's still good fun.The owners of a cattle station in outback yacht
Queensland are planning to open a yacht club in the hope of setting.
attracting boaties to an unusual setting. This report from cam den Park station. 750km from the coast, are sailing,
you wouldn't expect to see this.We are sailing, guys.An outback yacht club just outside Longreach.Not many of us have set foot in a yacht learning
before. It is going to be a big learning curve. Something we want to have a crack at.Champagne and camembert, it has the makings of an exclusive city yacht club but with a very different outlook.We think we have views that there is no comparison with around the world.I love it. I think it will be great for tourism. It is a great quirky idea, isn't it? Not only for the tourists coming but also for the local communities.It has been a tough time in western Queensland with many calling this the worst drought in memory. But recent rain is offering hope. Some properties have received their best falls in four years, prompting a renewed sense of optimism in the region. Little bit of water, little bit of grass and we want to engage everyone and bring everyone out holding
here from the city that's been holding back. It's open season.The club plans to open in October with public memberships on offer.Send us a post card!Sailing under an outback sunset. Some beautiful shots there from near Longreach in outback Queensland. Great country out there. Gidday to all our viewers out there this morning. The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is speaking in Gosford on the NSW Central Coast. She is along with some of the local Liberal candidates there. Let's take a listen in now to Julie Bishop - will take
some other MPs speaking as well, we will take a listen in.The Honourable Julie Bishop with us here again on the Central Coast. What we are doing today, it's about what we have delivered in the past, the last three years, Lucy and I have been strong advocates for this community and we will continue to be strong advocates for our community. We'll fight for our community which we have proven over the last three years. With Turnbull Coalition Government, what you get is proven track record. That's what we deliver. Everything that we deliver has been fully costed and guaranteed. We are not just making it up, it's not just fairy dust, it's real. Our commitments to the people of the Central Coast, we will fulfil if re-elected next week.Thank you, I'm delighted to be here with two of my very good friends and two of the most outstanding members of the Turnbull Coalition team, Lucy Wicks, the Member for Robertson and Karen McNambiara, the member for Dobell. I'm here to launch the Central Coast jobs and growth plan. This brings together all that Lucy and Karen have delivered in the past since 2013 and what we have promised we will deliver should we be re-elected. The residents of the Central Coast can be confident that Lucy and Karen will deliver the promises made in this election because of their track record. They have delivered on all that we promised in 2013. It's promised, it's delivered under the Turnbull Coalition. Whether it be the centre for excellence in Gosford, the Woy Woy Oval upgrades, a civic centrepiece of the community and the sporting facilities and infrastructure delivered in Dobell. Whether it's the Sommersby industrial park or whether it is mobile phone coverage, More CCTVs under our Safer streets program. Both Lucy and Karen have delivered on the funding promised at the 2013 election. During this election campaign, there have been some Turnbull
significant announcements that the Turnbull government has made in relation to more jobs and economic growth here on the Central Coast. A centrepiece would be the $32.5 million promised for a medical school and medical research institute at the Gosford hospital. There's the banjo skate park I was pleased to launch the announcement of that with Lucy and also our promises for mobile and wi-fi coverage at train stations, which I know will be very popular with commuters, and also the funding for more community infrastructure and sporting infrastructure. This Central Coast plan for jobs and growth is backed by the Turnbull team's national economic plan for jobs and growth. We are ensuring that the promises we make are fully funded and will be delivered. We're backing small business on the Central Coast. We're backing more the
jobs, we're backing the people of the Central Coast. I'm very proud of both Lucy and Karen for the advocacy, for the commitment and for the dedication that they have shown as elected representatives for the Central Coast. I urge the voters in these two electorates to vote for Lucy Wicks in Robertson and Karen McNamara in Dobell because they deliver for you. Heading into the final week of the campaign, the late est polls are making the Coalition in a good position. How confident are you with six days to go?All elections are close, of course one would prefer to be ahead in the polls than behind. But we don't take any seat
vote for granted, we don't take any seat for granted. The Coalition candidates will be working each and #e6 ri day up until - - every day up until 6 o'clock when the polls close. Pointing out that only the jobs
Coalition can be trusted to deliver jobs and growth. Only the Coalition has an economic plan and our promises are fully funded.You have been on the Central Coast over the campaign at least three times I know of. What is it about this area that draws you? It is a marginal area.I am absolutely delighted to support both Karen and Lucy. They are strong advocates for their electorates. They are powerful voices in Canberra for the Central Coast. I believe they deserve our support and I'm here to ask the people of Robertson and the people of Dobell to give these two outstanding women the opportunity to continue to represent them. I'm delighted to be part of their campaigns.Just on the Nigerian you
situation, what's the latest that you know of the hostages?I can confirm that all seven hostages have been released. That includes the three Australian citizens and the permanent resident of Australia from New Zealand as well as the South African and the two having
Nigerians. They are safe. They are having health checks at present. It's obviously been a very traumatic experience for them. I extend again our sympathies to the family of the Nigerian driver that was killed in this terrible attack. The hostages have been released and we are grateful that that has occurred. We have worked very closely with the next of kin. We have worked very closely with the families of those who have been released and with Macmahon Holdings. I want to place on record our thanks to the Nigerian authorities at a state and national level who have cooperated with the Australian Government and Macmahon Holdings to secure their release. You mentioned they are undergoing condition?
health checks, do we know of their condition?I'm not aware of the detail. They are currently undergoing health checks but I can imagine it would have been a very horrific experience for them.Was any ransom paid?The Australian Government does not as a matter of policy and did not in this case pay a ransom. That is because we do not want to increase the security risks for Australians travelling overseas. It is a longstanding policy of Australian Governments, a bipartisan policy we do not pay ransom.What's the Australian Government's involvement now?I'm assuming the company that employed these men will bring them home or tend to their needs. They were all employees of Macmahon Holdings, a Perth-based mining company. Thank you everyone.That was the Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop NSW
speaking on the Central Coast of NSW along with two of the local candidates there. She was mentioning the situation in Nigeria where those men have been released. There were seven men all up, three of them were Australian, one Kiwi and three others. Five were seriously - five were injured, two of them seriously. We have spoken to the company this morning to see if we can get any more information on that situation. The company isn't talking to us individually but says it will be holding a media conference later today and we'll have that covered for you here on ABC News 24. Stick with us, we'll be back in a moment.

Today - hostages released. Three Australians kidnapped in Nigeria among seven workers set free but two are seriously injured.

Markets on edge as trade begins and more turmoil is expected after the Brexit wiped $50 billion off local shares. The Coalition buoyed with a slight lead in the latest polls in the final week of campaign 2016. Australia's Jack Miller defies huge odds to win the Dutch MotoGP.I we
just hope that we have shown that we can ride a bike, I'm not an idiot.Hello and welcome to look
Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. A quick look at the weather first:

Queensland Police are holding a media conference the shooting of a man in Townsville last night. It looks like this is just about to get under way.... That's part of the ongoing investigation.What condition is the young man in?He is in a stable condition.What's the process now for police?The ethical standards command will conduct an investigation. Dependant upon the results of those inquiries, they will make a determination as to what action if officers
any should be taken.Have the officers been stood down?Not at this stage.Are

this stage.Are police speaking to the gentleman involved at the service station today?That will depend on his medical condition.

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