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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. (BOOING) Britain wakes a divided kingdom as the Brexit vote reignites debate on the Scottish independence. Crisis talks in Europe, as EU leaders urge as possible.
Britain to leave the union as soon

Wild weather batters the east coast, bringing gale force winds to Queensland and snow to the south-east. And not even this was enough to inspire the Knights to victory in the NRL. Approximate Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Anita Sanchez. Hello, you're watching ABC News,
I'm Anita Sanchez. A quick look at tomorrow's weather. Brisbane, a partly cloudy day expected. Sydney, Perth and Darwin mostly sunny. Canberra, a morning frost clearing to a sunny day. Melbourne, cloud increasing. Hobart, a late shower or shower.
or two. Adelaide, a possible shower. A day after Britain's shock decision to leave the European Union, stunned voters are wondering what lies on the path ahead. A second Scottish independence vote now seems possible, as Leave campaigners try to reassure a divided kingdom. Lisa Millar reports from London.Together no more - the divorce might take years, but the separation has begun. And the shock of it all has barely begun to sink in. (BOOING) No-one's going to find it easy - not even the winners.Shame on you, Boris!Jeers as he left home - Boris Johnson got what he wished for and acknowledged the magnitude of it.And to those who may be anxious, whether at home or abroad, this does not mean that the United Kingdom will be in any way less united, nor indeed does it mean that it will be any less European. But Scotland doesn't want to break up with the European Union, so it's already threatening a second independence vote.Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of the EU against our will. I regard that as democratically unacceptable.A future for Great Britain filled with challenges, and David Cameron won't be the Prime Minister that deals with them.I don't think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.And Jeremy Corbyn might not be there, either. There's already pressure on the Labour leader's job. Leave campaigners who had agitated for an outvote were busy offering reassurances that the world would keep turning.On I think things are much calmer than they appear today. The financial markets will bounce back and there is a settled and clear process for the next steps forward.The crowds have been gathering here in Westminster all day, watching the events unfold, listening to the words of reassurance, and simply trying to make sense of it you will a.I'm ashamed of my country!Shock and awe at what they had done with the stroke of a pen.I think we have to hold our nerve on this one and just see how things pan out. 75% of young voters wanted to stay in.I'm absolutely devastated by this morning's result, I think it's completely idiotic.For the younger generation, for myself, it's a real shame. But it was so tight, it could have gone any way. But it's not the result that we wanted, really.A sentiment shared by just difficult
under half the country - leaving difficult days ahead. The very strong Brexit vote in some working class areas took many pundits by surprise. A key concern in those communities was immigration. Our Europe correspondent James Glenday has been in Romford in Essex, one of the most Eurosceptic places in the UK.Among residents of Romford, there's a real sense of achievement.Winston Churchill, he's up there, and he's going down to us, "Victory". He would be proud of us.This is one of the most anti-EU places in Britain. 70% voted out and some here think a Brexit was, quite literally, heaven-sent.Yes, it is, I'm thanking God that we're out of it and you will see that Britain is trade
going to be prosperous, it can trade with the rest of the world. But when you scratch the surface it's clear EU immigration is the main issues on locals' minds.Get rid of all the foreigners and bring all the English back so we can get our properties.There's too many people here, yes, definitely, too many people.Too many immigrants? Yeah, can't get enough jobs, can't get enough anything.Taxi driver Matt Budd doesn't know what a Brexit will bring but says things had to change to protect his livelihood.Hopefully it will bring bring work back to our industry and I'm hoping it will help us shut our borders in the years to come.25km away from London, overwhelmingly the people here don't feel the European Union benefitted them and crucially, they don't feel it listened to them. Most agree there could be big financial shocks or few
even a recession in Britain, but few care.It's going to be tough for the next couple of years anyway sorted
but at least we can get ourselves sorted out now.They're just heard.
thrilled their voices have now been Of course, Britain is just one half of this messy divorce. In Europe itself there is frustration and even a level of anger at the result. EU leaders have told Britain to get out as quickly as possible. Their big fear is that this could be the start of a domino effect and that Brexit is just the beginning.Germany is the political European
and economic fortress of the European Union but even here the hurting.
shockwave of the British vote is hurting. For many ordinary people, it's personal - a slap in the face from a relative or a friend.Well, I'm devastated, actually, just because of the fact that the UK didn't think its consequences through. TRANSLATION: What the British did is terrible. Europe has a single identity and if Britain is leaving now, a piece of Europe is missing. Across Europe, leaders are also in shock - but not in denial. TRANSLATION: Let's not beat around the bush - today marks a turning point for Europe and the project of European unity.The German Chancellor invited the French, Italian and EU leaders to Berlin for talks on Monday - one of their top priorities to prevent the British exit from starting a domino effect. All over Europe, there are nationalist and populist parties channel.
buoyed by the results across the channel. Polls indicate Italy and Greece have the highest disapproval rating of the EU. Anti-immigration doubled
parties in Sweden have almost doubled in support since last year. And far-right movements in the Netherlands and France are pushing for their own exit referendums. It's the French National Front that poses the biggest threat to EU viability and the British outcome is a gift to leader, Marine Le Pen, relishing the prospect of a 'Frexit' vote. TRANSLATION: This referendum about the membership of France in the European Union is a democratic have
necessity - the French must also way
have the opportunity to choose the way to freedom.The EU must also supervise Britain's departure. In London, the Brexit architects are talking about a slow transition - rapid
but on the continent, they want a now
rapid end to the uncertainty.We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that may be.The problem is, nobody seems to really know what to do next - what the consequences of this action will really be. And in the absence of hard facts, a clear direction, fear can take hold. Global markets also took a pounding following the Brexit result, with $2.7 trillion wiped off the value of stock markets around the world. New York and London fell more than 3%, but there were bigger losses in correspondent
Frankfurt and Paris. Here's finance correspondent Phillip Lasker. In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, it's not just economics that's worrying financial markets, it's hard right politics.What happens now to France with the national front movement? To Italy mean those
with their five star movement? So I mean those are the things that are going to come into play.Any encouragement to ultra-nationalists threatening the EU will send traders scurrying for cover.I think the focus will shift from the arena.
market arena to the political arena.Investors are bailing out of riskier investments like shares and stampeding into safe havens like the US dollar and yen and low-risk government bonds. In a development reminiscent of the Greek crisis, bond rates for different EU members are moving in different directions. German bond rates fell as investors piled in, while fears about rise.
debt-laden Italy saw its bond rates rise.So the question is how long these asset prices will be reflecting these changes in risk, and that will determine whether or not this is a very persistent shock outside of Europe.Banks are already facing higher funding costs and Europe's Central Bank will need to do something.They do need to have a jolt in the opposite direction to keep the European economies back on - to get them back on track.The fear is that this affects global confidence and growth, killing a US recovery, forcing central banks around the measures.
world to embark on more emergency measures.We're going to see continued volatility until some of the uncertainty is removed from the situation and the market has priced in the consequences of a Brexit, moment.
which it has not done at the moment.It's too soon to be sure about the impact on Australia, but the Reserve Bank will be thankful it has interest rates to cut. Straight from briefings with financial watchdogs, the Treasurer is reassuring Australians that the banking system here is strong Brexit shocks.
enough to withstand any further Brexit shocks. And with less than a week left in the election campaign, Bill Shorten is trying to convince voters that Malcolm Turnbull is Australia's David Cameron - a Prime Minister leading a divided party. Here's national affairs correspondent Greg Jennett.Bill Shorten, future PM!(CHEERING) Britain's breathtaking democratic decision has given hope to the faithful everywhere.I'm going to can!
give you a two-word slogan - we can!We can!..That if enough people can be rallied to support a slogan, anything's possible.The outcome in Britain means that somehow it's a case for Turnbull - it is exactly the case against Turnbull.The Coalition's response is a study of contrasts. Nothing flashy, just resolute re-messaging. An event like this does raise the level of uncertainty.But the Australian people can have certainty next Saturday.A stable a
Coalition majority government with a clear national economic plan. Uncertainty, reassurance, strength...Our financial system is strong...And weakness - all are stressed in a scramble to find Australian advantage from the British ballot conundrum.David Cameron didn't want the referendum about leaving Europe.In David Cameron's collapse against Tory Conservatives, Bill Shorten is opponent.
wishing a similar fate on his opponent.He is a weak man beholden to the right wing of his party. This is a day and a time when Australians expect their leaders to focus on the economy. If Mr Shorten wants to engage in personal attacks, then he can do so, but I won't be trading them with him. Events in Britain will frame the final week of the campaign, especially if the Coalition can make it so. Malcolm Turnbull's be
stability versus risk equation will be at the centre of his official campaign launch tomorrow.Seven more days!(CHEERING) Bill Shorten will run a rival re-launch in Brisbane with a Medicare theme. But for Labor campaign cut-through...It's not to play tootsies with Greens. You know what you do with the Greens? Tread on 'em! Tread on 'em!He's a launcher guaranteed to fire.

Residents are cleaning up after gale force winds batter South East Queensland. Fallen trees brought down powerlines, blocked roads and damaged properties in Brisbane's north-west. Almost 40,000 homes and businesses lost power.This fire station in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley was one of the first casualties of the wild weather.The flashing folded back along the roof space, it posed a significant risk to the public.It wasn't long before emergency crews were called north-west.
to help others in Brisbane's north-west.Started about 11-12:00 last night and went more or less through the night.Wind gusts of up to 80km/h uprooted trees that fell on to powerlines, blacking out 38,000 properties.Here's the back - the roof has actually come in. Corinne was in her bedroom when a 30m high tree snapped at the base and crashed on to the roof of her home.The gum tree came through the roof and knocked the patio roof down. It was frightening and I think I'm still shaking today.With asherists in high demand the tree will stay where it is until some time next week. Damage to the home is still being assessed.It's extensive but I have to say it's material so I'm safe and that's what matters.48 SES volunteers worked through most of the night, responding to about 50 calls.A lot of them were actually, you know, trees across driveways, fallen trees, we had a few trees on houses, we had a few trees hitting houses and falling off.Recent heavy rain has drenched the soil making it easier for strong winds to topple big trees like this one at Cobble Creek. The wind kept temperatures warm in the south-east today but forecasters are expecting the weather to get much cooler in the next couple of days with the chance of sleet or not on the granite belt.Winter is here, absolutely, this is a burst of cold air that looks like it is here to stay for the next seven days.The lowest temperatures are expected mid-week. And Queensland isn't the only state shivering - in Victoria, snow fell across the state, as Melbourne braced for a wintry blast of rain. The weather bureau says snow flurries were recorded as Kyneton, Dalesford and Ballarat. In NSW there have been widespread light
snowfalls in the Alpine region with light falls in the Blue Mountains and parts of the Central West. The bureau says the immediate threat of severe weather in the state has passed. In Tasmania snowfalls are expected in southern and central parts of the state. To other news now. A man wanted for alleged sexual assault has been arrested after a high-speed police chase in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The 26-year-old man crashed his car behind a bus stop on a footpath in Bondi. He was being pursued by police a week after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman at gunpoint in a city motel. There was a man pinned down, he was resisting arrest and there were other police with guns drawn. Residents watched the final stages of the police chase through a small public park.Madness, you know? You're just eating Saturday morning breakfast and you see three police cars driving through the park with some other car - you don't know what to do.The 26-year-old is under police guard in hospital. A man has faced court charged over a fatal hit-and-run that killed a New Zealand cyclist in Melbourne. 27-year-old Matthew O'Connor is accused of driving into the the
54-year-old man and then fleeing the scene on foot. He was on bail at the time for a separate offence. O'Connor is charged with seven offences, including culpable driving. He has been remanded in next
custody and will be back in court next week. Thousands of people have attended rallies around the country in support of same-sex marriage. Organisers are concerned some conservative MPs won't have to support Malcolm Turnbull's promised plebiscite if their electorate government
votes against it. But the government says that's not true. Anthony and Ron have taken these vows twelve times now.With this true love.
ring I marry my best friend and my true love.They're hoping that, soon, they really will be legally married. But claims Malcolm Turnbull has secretly agreed to allow conservative MPs to vote against same-sex marriage if their electorate votes no in the promised plebiscite have caused a backlash. Let's not be fooled by Turnbull's constant rhetoric of, what's more vote?
democratic than giving everyone a vote? It's stacked to fail.Premier Daniel Andrews turned up to today's rally at State Parliament, protesters.
unadvertised, to avoid CFA protesters.The Prime Minister, who would hold himself out as the leader of our nation, he let it slip that his MPs will not even be bound by this divisive and dangerous plebiscite.Today, the Federal Government denied there was a deal to allow conservative MPs to the
vote as their electorate does in the plebiscite. In a statement, Attorney-General George Brandis said there was no backroom talks and no such understanding. But many still fear a plebiscite will allow public denigration of same-sex couples and their families. Marriage equality or not, our children are here now, they're here to stay and they are not going to disappear.I think everyone should be able to get married and my mums are only different in this aspect everyone
and I think they're just as good as everyone else and should be treated the same.Ron and Anthony took their vows on the steps of the Victorian parliament today. But it will be the Federal Parliament that will be able to make it legal. Senior police management is changing the way it handles the mental wellbeing of thousands of Queensland officers. First responders are over-represented when it comes to work-related trauma and suicide. With three serving officers taking their own lives in the last year.Policing is a tireless job, with officers often exposed to horrific trauma. Sergeant Glen Thomas knows this well. He coordinated the response to a triple fatal on the outskirts of Toowoomba late last year.You think about all the young people that are in car crashes and I don't want to think about my kids growing up and - you know, so it has that flow-on effect when you get home, too, when you go and give your kids a hug before you go and get into bed.Repeated exposure to jobs like this can break down their resilience.We are dealing with decades of cultures in first responders and agencies of "Suck it up sweetheart".First responders like police are over-represented when it comes to suicide. From 2000 to 2012110 took their own lives - 62 were police. But Queensland police management says it's working to break down the stigma within the service and is now encouraging those who are feeling the pressure to speak up.We're not there yet with people feeling 100% comfortable putting their hand up inside our organisation to access the formal support and expert services we get. Now, one day we hope to get to a point where those officers do feel comfortable.It's also introduced an anonymous counselling line for officers on top of the existing channels. This is a fundamental shift in the way mental health is handled by the police service. Historically, first responders have been reluctant to put up their hand and ask for help, career.
out of fear it could damage their career.I don't want us to be experts in funerals. What I'd much rather do is us invest our energy in understanding that this is part of our job and putting in preventative measures to build up our resilience so that the negative consequences aren't catastrophic. Beyondblue is about to launch the first nationwide survey to track what happens to first responders when they leave their what happens to first responders
when they leave their jobs. what happens to first responders
when they leave their jobs. To the US and a state of emergency has been declared for Kern County in central California, as firefighters struggle to contain a fast-moving bushfire. Two people have already died in the inferno which has ravaged more than 3,000 hectares near Bakersfield. Many homes have been destroyed and hundreds of residents have been evacuated. High temperatures and dry terrain have caused the fire to spread rapidly. The blaze is one of several large bushfires burning across California. US President Barack Obama has designated the country's first LGBT national monument. The honour has been bestowed on New York's Stonewall Inn, the scene of a police raid in 1969 that led to riots and the birth of the gay rights movement. The Stonewall national monument will cover almost three hectares of land, including the nearby Christopher Park. The announcement follows an attack on a gay rights bar in Orlando earlier this month that left 49 people dead. Pope Francis is continuing his trip to Armenia, with a visit to the country's genocide memorial. It comes a day after he condemned the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces in 1915, calling it a genocide. The Pope described the deaths as the first of a series of catastrophes last century, fuelled by twisted racial, ideological or religious aims. It's likely to infuriate Turkey, which rejects the term 'genocide'. Now to sport.

In the NRL, Cronulla has won in golden point against the New Zealand Warriors, 19/18. The Sharks would have been disappointed when the Warriors drew level with six minutes of regular time to play but minutes of regular time to play but
in golden point they picked up the win. COMMENTATOR: Final play from ten out. It comes to Chad Townsend. Maloney runs, scores the kick and scores the best field goal you've ever seen! Straight over the crossbar!It's the Sharks' eleventh victory in a row equalling the club's record set in 2002. In an earlier game, State of Origin beat Ross's
Newcastle 30/18 despite Nathan Ross's spectacular try. Dragons play-maker Benji Marshall took control for the Dragons scoring himself and setting up a number of attacking moves. The Knights launched a late attack but it was too little, too late by the hosts as they lost by twelve. In the late game leading
game the Bulldogs are currently leading against the Broncos. In AFL Greater Western Sydney have taken care of Carlton, winning 127/65. Earlier, Richmond defeated the Brisbane Lions at the MCG 117/75. The Tigers outscored the Lions nine goals to four in the first half, thanks in part to at least one stroke of good luck.Look at that, at his absolute best.The Tigers continue to strike it sweetly as the match went on. The Lions are equal last on the ladder after 14 rounds. The late game sees St Kilda play Geelong. In rugby the Wallabies are currently taking on England at the Sydney Football Stadium. A short time ago the score was 22/18 to England. Meanwhile over in NZ z the All Blacks thumped Wales 46/6 to make it a series clean sweep. It was a one-way affair from the beginning, Ben Smith found the tryline first, before they were rewarded again ahead of the break. Beauden Barrett scored in the second half. In netball, the West Coast Fever have beaten the Central Pulse 70/47. Earlier, Southern Steele took the minor premiership begins the Melbourne Vixens. The New Zealanders moved to an early lead over the Melbourne side going ahead at the first break. The Vixens gave chase as the teams went goal for goal in the second quarter and the battle between centres Liz Watson and Shannon Francis heated up. Southern Steele struck away with the win, with Jhaniele Fowler-Reid strong under the post. The Vixens ended up losing my nine goals.We did get the opportunities but we didn't take care of it enough and put that score pressure on the board so disappointing that we obviously didn't capitalise on that, obviously being in the attack much
end, because you don't get that much ball. But a lot of positives out of it. I think we had some young players come on, Emma Wright circle,
came on and stood up in the goal circle, so positives out of it.In goefl, Billy Hurley III is equal on eleven under with Spanish player Jon Rahm Rodriguez. The 21-year-old, playing his first PGA Tour tournament ever. Veteran Fijian golfer Vijay Singh is in third place, and the closest Aussie is John Senden three shots back followed by Marc Leishman. Shot of the day went to American veteran Will McKenzie, though,ing who nailed this perfect long-range chip. As the UK comes to terms with voting to leave the European Union, the Welsh national soccer team is trying to focus on their first ever European Championship knockout match. Wales faces Northern Ireland early Sunday our time, but according to the Welsh coach, Chris Coleman, the Brexit could not be further from the players' minds. We've not - we saw it on the news, but that's not our focus. We'll talk about that when we get back, whenever that is, from the tournament. But I don't think the lads have been really - you know, we have been watching all the football that has been on, which has been great, we've been part of it and that has really been the focus, you know?It is the first time two British teams have met in football
the knockout stages of a major football tournament. the knockout stages of a major
football tournament. Taking a look at the satellite. A deep low over the Tasman Sea is producing thunderstorms and low cloud over Victoria. A surface trough and broad upper level trough is moving through Western Australia and South Australia. Looking around the country tomorrow:

That's the news for now. I'm Anita Sanchez. Stay with us, Australia Wide is next.

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