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(generated from captions) for beaches from Coffs,
with a gale warning right down to Eden. tomorrow,
Sydney will be soaked in sunshine but it will be bitterly cold. A top of 16 for the city. west to southwesterlies
Moderate to fresh making it feel much colder. and powerful surf as well.
And whipping up some large will also feel the chill,
Our western suburbs in Penrith,
a top of just 15 degrees

but factor in that wind chill. colder.
And it will feel 5 to 7 degrees And a very chilly night ahead, down to 3 degrees in Richmond. out this weekend,
Our heaters will get a good work the cold weather hanging around, on Monday.
dropping down to 15 in the city by the end of the week.
Warming up a little Our west will also shiver - fine and 15 degrees on Sunday. for a sleep in
And a very good excuse - with a frosty 2 degrees. next week.
The cold mornings here to stay

Winter is settling in, since last winter.
this weekend will be our coldest Georgie. for this Friday.
That is Nine News with A Current Affair.
Tracy Grimshaw is up next I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Thanks for being with us.
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expected to be released next month.
Tonight, treasured medals awarded to Australia' s youngest VC winner put bos
in safe hands. Two award winning i
bosses say they have proof Canberra Queanb
is the place for business. And mileston
Queanbeyan Headspace marks a l
milestone helping young people live life to the full. Good evening, I' m Canber
Geoff Phillips. Also tonight, Canberra charities appeal for public h
help so refugee families don' t go hungry.

hungry. Australia' s youngest a
Victoria Cross recipient was a hero hi
and a remarkable young man who put digge
his life at risk to save fellow Willia
diggers in the heat of battle. western
William Jackson fought on the and
western front in nineteen sixteen over
and today his medals were handed over to the War Memorial. A brave soldier -
at only eighteen.

He gave us a greater sense
of what it means to be an


The medals belonging to
William Jackson - or Bill

as he's known by friends
and family - were today on

display at the
Australian War Mermorial.

They'll be housed at the
museum for the next five

years - giving visitors
an insight into the

extraordinary life of
the country's youngest

Victoria Cross recipient.

his medals were sold
in 2008, and the avid

collector who purchased
them, a private citizen,

he then died and his
widow approached us

Bill enlisted in the
Australian Imperial Force

in 1915 - lying about his
age telling authorities he

was 18 but really
was only 17.

He spent the next year in
Gallipoli before sailing

to the Western Front -
where he helped saved the

lives of several wounded
men - despite copping a

heavy blow during
an artillery fight.

it's practically severs
his arm, it's hanging by a

singular muscle

For the next 30 minutes
with his arm in a very

state of disrepair he
heads out and goes back

into no man's land to
continue recovering the

wounded which he does
for another 30 minutes

The Memorial now has
seventy four of the one

hundred Victoria Cross
medals handed out to

remarkable Australians.

Private Bill Jackson's
will be on display to the

public from tomorrow.

Mia Glover WIN News

rapidly. Police have arrested and al
charged a sixteen-year-old over an e
alleged armed robbery in Queanbeyan alleg
earlier this month. CCTV images groce
allegedly show the youth in the wher
grocery store in Crawford Street knif
where he threatened staff with a
knife - before fleeing empty handed. Police say tip-offs from the public h
led to the teenager' s arrest at a w
home in Queanbeyan this morning. He was charged with demanding property Investi
with menace and refused bail. public
Investigators have thanked the public for its assistance. innovat
over to the War Memorial. Two compan
innovative Canberra technology mu
companies have been given a boost, o
multi-million dollar grants as part Bot
of a national research programme. pl
Both companies say Canberra is the expand
place to be for business, with ne
expanding export and international networking Life saving technology
keeping drivers wide


Canb Machines'
system monitors

a driver's eye movements
and concentration.

We take a lot of pride in
the fact that everything

we do here is about
making life safer for our

operators and
their families.

They're not the only local
company looking to change

the world - start-up
Mineral Carbonation

international has
developed a system to

convert Carbon Dioxide
emissions into products

for the construction

We're looking at
integrating with coal

fired power stations,
gas fired power stations,

cement plants, steel
plants - anywhere where

you've got CO2 - we're
hoping to do this on a

very large scale.

Both companies are seeing
big demand for their

products overseas
- and now thanks to

multi-million dollar
grants from the

AusIndustry run
Co-Operative Research

Programme they're
looking to expand.

It allows us to work with
industry - it's one of the

requirements of the grant:
Ron Finemore transport, a

good customer of ours has
agreed to participate in

the research, partnered
also with Monash


It's a very good grant
structure - we're one of

eleven recipients - ninety
applicants so we're very

excited that we've been
chosen as a project that

they see as being
nationally significant.

But despite that demand
from around the country

and internationally both
businesses see no reason

to take the money and
run, with Canberra's

universities providing a
ready supply of talented


Canberra is an ideas
factory, we're very

excited about being here.

Harry Frost, WIN News.

Liberal Senator Zed Seselja. + s Oppos
not just the Prime Minister and glov
Opposition leader taking off the
gloves ahead of next week' s Federal Gal
election. ACT Labor Senator Katy vide
Gallagher last night shared this criti
video.... .... on social media, criticising opponent and ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja. + This is what b
day 45 or something you know it' s prett
been a long campaign it' s been All
pretty good I reckon here locally h
All Territory candidates are on the
home stretch with just eight days to vo
go. Most are opting to cast their vote on polling day instead of a few Fina
days earlier. The Department of Capital
Finance has a new home in the a
Capital. This week, it relocated to a new building in Manuka.... ... The first time it' s been based outside nearly
the Parliamentary Triangle in thous
nearly forty years. More than a in
thousand staffers have now settled Ave
into the building on One Canberra t
Avenue, with one floor dedicated to The
the Department of Human Services. afte
They' ll have an official launch after the

Vincent De Paul. The New South Wales la
Police Assistant Commissioner has acros
launched a campaign, travelling to
across regional areas in the state carefull
to encourage people to drive thr
carefully. One hundred and ninety three lives have been lost in twenty hundre
sixteen , that' s up from one hundred and fifty four last year. Of were
those, one hundred and nineteen Po
were on regional or country roads. se
Polcie say the increases have been Reg
seen particularly in the Southerj Illawarr
Region area which covers the
Illawarra, South Coast and Far South Coast. We don' t want to see deaths i
on our roads and a lot fo the time message
it' s avoidable and it' s the Police
message we need to get across. driv
Police are encouraging people to the
drive to the conditions, not just the speed limit and to remember that rapid
country road conditions change rapidly. br
after the Federal Election. Don' t col
bring the bin in yet - it will be t
collected over the weekend. That' s m
the promise from TAMS tonight after without
many Canberra homes were left beca
without rubbish collection today
because of a strike by Suez drivers. inn
The drivers steered clear of the l
inner north and inner south today,, leaving packed bins on the curb. The Go
drivers are in talks with the ACT agre
Government over a new enterprise th
s Mark Logan. Stay with us, after fo
the break: Precious pets on parade a
for bring your dog to work day. And hono
a glass with class exhibition to building.
honour Canberra' s greatest This program is not captioned.

Tax is nuts. The June 30 tax deadline
is approaching fast. Get health insurance
or you could get taxed. This program is not captioned. sub
building. Parliament House is the n
subject for nine local artists in a iconi
new exhibition highlighting the
iconic building' s architecture.Many and
creating eye-catching sculptures tel
and others leaving the picture to tell their story. A room full of art -
capturing the beauty of

that building on the Hill.

Each one having been
involved in their creation

is really special

Today marked the
official opening of a new

exhibition dubbed
Reflections - bringing

together nine local glass
artists who've created

their own masterpieces
in response to the art,

architecture and landscape
of Parliament HOUSE.

Canberra is the centre for
glass and it's lovely to

be able to bring some of
that to Parliament House

and the many many visitors
we have I think will

appreciate it

Harriet created two
glass works - both her

interpretation of the
reflection pools located

throughout the
building grounds.

I was really drawn to the
nature of the stillness in

amongst the bustling
business of this building

and the function
of this building

An artist of fifteen years
- and a Queanbeyan local -

Harriet admits the
exhibition is unlike any

other she's taken
part in before.

What an amazing experience
to be able to do work

within the building and
to respond to something in

the building I guess
that's not often how

artists work

The exhibition is now open
to the public until mid


Mia Glover WIN News

vital. The Defence Minister has g
confirmed free blood tests would be o
given to people affected by the use ba
of firefighting foam, which is now a
banned. Investigations are underway C
at HMAS Albatross at Nowra and HMAS th
Creswell at Jervis Bay, along with P
the firefighting facility at Albion Park airport. The use of foam known ea
as PFOS and PFOA was banned in the effe
early two thousands . The health they
effects still aren' t known, but t
they have contaminated water around re
two Queensland defence bases. "We' proces
re obviously in the very early o
process of testing in this area and tes
once we know the results of those people
tests then we' ll know whether
people wish to pursue blood test but a
of course that opportunity will be expe
available." Initital results are expected to be released next tell their story. Canberra charities to
are calling for community support Nati
to help local asylum seekers for than
National Refugee Week. With more l
than one-hundred and fifty refugees food
living in the ACT, charities say Fi
food supplies are urgently needed. s
Fifty or sixty of them will be in a months
situation over the next twelve
months where they will be absolutely no income - no income means no food volun
to put on the table. Staff and worki
volunteers at organisations are
working overtime to support those in g
need and are urging people to give of
generously and volunteer. Any sort co
of non-perishable food really that o
comes in - we have quite a range of suppo
organisations and churches that always
support us already, but we' re is
always looking for more. Anglicare is calling on the ACT government to give asylum seekers accommodation in demolit
public housing scheduled for You
demolition on Northbourne Avenue. Headspace
Youth mental health service deca
Headspace has today celebrated a peo
decade of providing help to young Queanbeyan
people in the Canberra and of
Queanbeyan region. With the number own
of young Australians taking their advocat
own lives on the rise, health advocates say support services are Warm wishes for
Headspace's tenth year.

Happy Birthday!

The decade old youth
mental health service

today celebrating the
support provided by the

Queanbeyan drop-in
centre opened in 2015.

We think this place has
made a really significant

difference to the local
Queanbeyan community -

we've seen more than
seven-hundred and seventy

people in that time who
have come for a variety of


With a rising suicide rate
among young Australians

the Shadow Minister
for Mental Health says

services like
Headspace are critical.

The headspace model
has proven to be highly

effective in getting to
those kids in showing them

there are supports there
and getting them on the

pathway to recovery and
being able to explain to

them there is another way.

The Labor Candidate for
Eden Monaro welcomed the

spend by the NSW
Government on health

services in this week's
State budget but says

regional areas need
more support to address


New South Wales will not
be able to cope with the

demands that are facing
it from twenty-twenty

onwards, so this is a
national issue that we

must face and deal with
- and certainly mental

health has to be a big
part of that story.

Lots of young people
in regional areas feel

incredibly isolated,
there's definitely more

health support and
community supports,

there's the need for
travel into cities which

is difficult for lots of
people so regional areas

definitely have
a great need.

Having struggled with
depression, anxiety and

eating disorders since
primary school, Eva

Winbank says Headspace
has changed her life.

It is honestly such a
comfortable and welcoming

place - like you honestly
have nothing to fear when

you come here - it is such
an open space you can feel

free and be accepted and
no-one is going to judge

you - everyone here
is just so loving.

Young people seeking help
are encouraged to contact

Headspace or visit centres
in Queanbeyan and at the

University of Canberra.

Harry Frost, WIN News.

the day. It seems the blistering
cold Canberra weather helped pockets S
open even wider for the annual CEO Qu
Sleepout. This year it was held at hun
Questacon.. ...with more than one rough
hundred top executives sleeping hundred
rough, raising close to three t
hundred and eighty thousand dollars wil
to combat homelessness. The money Vi
will go towards services run by St Vincent De Raiders. Gungahlin' s first school - this
Palmerston District Primary has twenty-first
this week celebrated its student
twenty-first birthday. Former gues
students were invited as special comi
guest to celebrate the school' s twenty-f
coming of age. Like any good a
twenty-first, there was music, cake hist
and a slideshow of the school' s
history from its opening in nineteen s
ninety-five . The school has grown hund
since then, now catering to five ha
hundred and sixty students and now
has a pre-school and an Introductory to
English Centre. we' re just going reall
to keep on growing. We' re just commu
really excited and keep meeting community
community needs. And as the devel
community changes and grows and develops and matures we' re there to commun
respond to it because it' s a tucked
community school. The students sp
tucked into more than five-hundred
specially made cupcakes to celebrate the day. C
expected to be released next month. tod
Canberra celebrated a pet project "B
today to mark the end of the week, Mo
"Bring Your Dog to Work" day. Meet fo
Molly, a precious pet who reported sha
for entertainment duties at eight in
sharp in the WIN Television office Mi
in Fyshwick. Molly is a 9-year-old child
Miniature Schnauzer, the fourth
child of the Buchanan family and the hairest intern WIN has ever had. Amy
weather with Corinne May is next. Ann
Amy has all the Friday sport, and Geoff
Anna Flanagan eligible for Rio? to
Geoff, the A.O.C made its decision uphill
today - but she still faces an
uphill battle to make the Hockeyroos re
team, plus Frank-Paul Nu' uausala R
released from his contract with the Raiders. This program is not captioned. Over two
million businesses can benefit from our
new tax incentives for more growth
and jobs. Back my team,
and I'll make sure we deliver
a strong new economy and more jobs.

This program is not captioned. Canb
Robinson with Robbo' s Wrap. The forw
Canberra Raiders have farewelled twen
forward Frank-Paul Nuuausala.The
twenty nine year old signing a three Su
and a half year deal with English Super League club He trained with the
Raiders yesterday - but

today Frank-Paul
Nu'uausala is a Wigan


after signing a deal
that will keep him in the

English Super League
until the end of twenty


There had been speculation
about Nu'uausala's future

in Canberra for weeks -

after the forward was
dropped by Ricky Stuart

back in round eight.

Confirmation coming
through this morning of a

long term deal with Wigan.

Nu'uausala joined the
Raiders last season on a

three year deal - wracking
up thirty one games for

the Green Machine.

Despite gaining an
immediate release - the

twenty nine year old will
remain in Australia for

the next few weeks while
he waits for a visa.

To local league,

and top spot on the
Canberra Raiders Cup

ladder will be up for
grabs tomorrow when the

Queanbeyan Roos play host
to cross town rivals the


We're taking it as we
would any other game

obviously we are on equal
points but they gave us a

bit of a touch up first
time we played them but I

think we've been
pretty good since then.

The Blues claimed the
honours fifty six nil when

the two sides clashed
back in round two.

But aren't expecting
things to be as one sided

this time around.

They've won every game
since then so should be a

good hit out.

Other matches see
Gungahlin tackle

Tuggeranong, the Sharks
meet Woden Valley and West

Belconnen face off
against Goulburn.

Super League club Wigan. The A.O.C
has announced Canberra hockey player F
Anna Flanagan is eligible for Rio. Oly
Flangan had been in doubt for the Olympics after failing to disclose a A
drink driving conviction to Hockey Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee. The twenty four year old fi
had her licence suspended and was fined one thousand dollars after she le
was found to have a blood alcohol level of more than three times the legal limit. Despite being cleared - sec
Flanagan still faces a battle to af
secure a place in the final team - Hockeyroo
after being banned from the
Hockeyroos last two tournaments. The r
Matildas preparations for Rio have p
received a boost - with the side to Jul
play Brazil in a warm up match on July twenty third . The announcement anothe
comes as the squad wrapped up with
another week in Canberra today - with just one final camp left before the final team is One step closer to Rio.

The Matildas braving the
Canberra cold for yet

another camp at the AIS
- in the lead up to the

twenty sixteen Olympics.

It's pretty competitive as
it would be the team's not

selected yet so everyone's
fighting for those

positions and it's been
pretty intense training's

been super hard just
trying to get in shape


The players have just one
more camp in Canberra to


before the final eighteen
woman squad is named next


Canberra United's Michelle
Heyman aware of just how

tough it will be
to secure a place.

It's going to be tough
sixteen field players and

then the keepers so it's
pretty tough but i think

everyone's putting in a
lot of effort into it and

we all want that spot so
everyone's fighting as

hard as they can.

Heyman - and United goal
keeper Lydia Williams -

are expected to
make the final cut.

The striker aware of how
important it will be to

adjust to the
conditions in Brazil.

Definitely need to
acclimatise it's one of

the big struggles you have
if you don't go over early

so we're very lucky to be
able to head over three

weeks prior.

The Matildas will begin
their Olympic campaign

against Canada on August
third - two days before

the Opening Ceremony,

but the players aren't too
concerned about missing

out on the fun.

We're going over there to
play football and i'm sure

we can go to the closing
ceremony so our main focus

is football and hopefully
we can go watch the

closing ceremony.

The side will also take
on Germany and Zimbabwe in

the pool stages.

Before hopefully
progressing through to the

quarter finals.

the final team is named. The win
Canberra Demons will have another ho
win in their sights when they play
host to the Gold Coast Suns in Round thirteen of the NEAFL tomorrow. The b
Demons head into the clash off the G
back of a tough hit out against the secu
Giants, but will be confident of seas
securing their second win of the have
season - against the Suns, which name
have just two victories to their bo
name in twenty sixteen . The first morn
bounce is at ten thirty tomorrow w
morning at Manuka Oval. The weekend weather with Corinne May is next. This program is not captioned. Good evening,

Well a chilly and windy
day, with snow for the


At least forty centimetres
of snow has fallen at

snowfields south of
Canberra, as a cold front

moves through.

It's looking mostly sunny
this weekend, with some

morning frost.

I'll have more
in a moment.

Tonight's picture is
thanks to...Bridie Walsh.

She took this beautiful
photo in Braidwood.

Remember if you have a
photo to share you can

email weather at win
TV dot com dot au.

Taking a look at
temperatures for the

region today...

Sydney 1-16 Wollongong
10-16 Nowra 7-14

Ulladulla 12-15

Batemans Bay 8-16 Moruya
9-16 Bega 6-15 Merimbula


Cooma 0-7 Bombala 2-8
Jindabyne 0-7 Perisher

-3- -2 Thredbo -5- -5

Goulburn 5-7 Yass 5-8
Gungahlin 5-9 Bungendore

5-9 Canberra 5-9
Queanbeyan 5-9 Braidwood


On the charts,

Cloud associated with
a strong cold front is

triggering showers, low
level snow and damaging

winds over the ranges,
tablelands and slopes of

New South Wales.

The strong cold front is
moving across northeastern

New South Wales, bringing
a cold air mass and

vigorous west to
southwesterly winds.

Behind the front, a
high will move over

southeastern Australia
tomorrow and it's expected

to be slow moving
into early next week.

Checking the forecast
for the ACT district,

Partly cloudy.

Areas of morning frost.

Winds northwest to
southwesterly 15 to 25

km/h tending south to
southwesterly early in the


Canberra -2-10
Morning frost.

Mostly sunny Tuggeranong
-2-10 Morning frost.

Mostly sunny Queanbeyan
-2-10 Morning frost.

Mostly sunny Yass 0-7
Light morning frost

Goulburn -1-8
Light morning frost

Checking the forecast
for the Snowy Mountains


Partly cloudy.

Areas of morning frost.

Slight chance of a shower
or snow most likely in the


Winds southwesterly 25 to
35 km/h increasing to 30

to 45 km/h before dawn.

Perisher -7--1 Partly
cloudy Cooma -5-8 Morning


Partly cloudy Thredbo
-10--3 Possible early snow

shower Jindabyne
-5-6 Frost.

Possible shower Bombala
-2-7 Morning frost.

Wind easing

Checking the forecast for
the South Coast district,

Partly cloudy.

Areas of morning
frost inland.

Slight chance of a shower
near the Victorian border,

most likely in
the early morning.

Near zero chance
of rain elsewhere.

Snow possible
above 700 metres.

Winds southwesterly 20 to
30 km/h increasing to 25

to 40 km/h before dawn.

Ulladulla 6-15 Partly
cloudy Batemans Bay 4-15

Mostly sunny Narooma 6-15
Partly cloudy Bega 3-14

Partly cloudy Merimbula
4-13 Partly cloudy

Sunrise for tomorrow is
expected at 7:13 A-M and

sunset at 5:00 P-M

Taking a look at the
forecast for the next

seven days,

Saturday -2-10
Morning frost.

Mostly sunny Sunday
-3-10 Morning frost.

Partly cloudy Monday 1-10
Cloudy Tuesday -1-13 Sunny

Wednesday -2-13 Mostly
sunny Thursday -1-11 Late

shower or two Friday
2-9 Shower or two

So morning frost for the
next couple of mornings.

Before we go, recapping the main A
news tonight. War medals awarded to hande
Australia' s youngest VC winner Mem
handed over to the Australian War safe-keeping
Memorial in Canberra for boss
safe-keeping for the nation. The Canbe
bosses of two tech companies in do
Canberra who' ve won multi-million nat
dollar development grants say the f
national capital is the place to be a
for business, with expanding export tha
and networking opportunities. And June
that' s WIN News for Friday 24th saf
June. I' m Geoff Phillips, have a
safe, enjoyable weekend, good night.

This program is not captioned. This program will be captioned live