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(generated from captions) Not bad for your first attempt
at Fast Money, Stephenson family.

How are we doing over there, Steve?
Are you good?

I'm good.
OK. Yeah, you're good, alright.

You're close to get 10 Gs, my man.

Name something you need at the races.

Oh, yeah, this is a bad one.

You said...

And what did you just...

What did you just mumble under...

I said, "Oh, this is a bad one."

What? Do you reckon
that's a bad one? It's a bad answer, yes.

Do you reckon it's a bad one?

'Cause isn't that the thing
with going to the races -

you've got to have your hat?

I thought so.
Or your fascinator or whatever.

So, I think it's a strong one.

Is it enough to get us over the line
is going to be the question.

This is going to be close.

Stephensons, I wish you well.

Here we go.

The survey...



(LAUGHS) Good on you, Mel. Good job.

On you, Steve.
We brought it in, big fella.

Good job, Mike. Whoa!

That was the top answer,

and they got $10,000!

The Stephensons rocked the Feud.

Stick around for The Living Room
at 7:30.

Thank you so much for watching.

I'm Grant Denyer.

Have a ripping weekend, Australia.

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Tonight:The British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path and, as such, I think the country requires fresh leadership.A dramatic day in the UK - the PM resigns after the country votes to leave the EU. Know someone with a Jeep? It might be one of the 50,000 they've just recalled. Why are packs of Aussie Weet-Bix being sold for 50 bucks in China? And we talk to the NBA's number one draft pick and new 76er, Australia's Ben Simmons. That and the day's top news stories - this is The Project.Good evening, welcome to The Project. Back with us tonight, Meshel Laurie, Lehmo and Natarsha Belling!(APPLAUSE) Historic dayIt is a huge day. Huge.Can I tell you, Waleed is peaking man! You are freaking out. I am a bit.I know you guys privately voted for an Lexit, but I'm staying, I'm hanging out to the end of the show!Let's see what's making news this Friday, 24 June. As we mentioned it is a very historic day in the UK and the world - Britons voted to leave the European Union with 52% wanting out and only 48% keen to stay. It is a decision that has sent shockwaves through global markets, including the Australian Stock Exchange, with more than $60 million wiped off the board. And tonight UK Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned over the result.I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. I will do everything I can as Prime Minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months, but I do not think it will be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.Economics expert Stephen Koukoulas has been following the recent momentous developments and he joins us now. Stephen, David Cameron's resignation speech there - he called for calm, saying the British economy is fundamentally strong, asking the markets not to go too crazy and we'll see how they respond ultimately. But meanwhile, right now Australian super has been hugely hit, $60 billion wiped off our share market - is this going to recover any time soon or are we in for a bumpy ride here?The the way the markets traded today it was an incredibly bumpy ride. We were getting reverberations in the US, UK and our stock markets as you touched on. I don't know what will bring it around, maybe it is Cameron's signalling he will resign soon but the markets have been incredibly skittish.And if the next Prime Minister is Boris the markets will respond again, I assume, and then there is the question of the EU itself and whether or not it will inspire other countries to leave the EU and the possible break-up for the EU. What consequences could that have for our markets.Already the French they want a referendum as well. Is this the beginning of the slow but steady dislocation of the Eurozone? From a global markets perspective it is the sort of turmoil investors hate to see and I think that's why we're getting this really extreme market reaction.Talking about the domestic economy we've seen a lot of uncertainty and dropping consumer confidence in the lead-up to the federal election. Is this another hit and are we in for really, really tough times ahead? Yeah, well, I think that's the really big question. Already the economy has been doing OK - look, we haven't been as weak as some other parts of the world, but we just haven't got that traction in terms of growing the economy faster and getting unemployment lower. Now, this is just the - could be the straw that breaks the camel's back if you like, if the stronger economic outlook. Not only has the stock market been hit for six, but the interest rate money markets are now pricing in an Australian official interest rate of 1%.If interest rates are being factored in for that low would that be good news for homeowners at least, that they will be paying less in interest?It will be helpful, of course. If you have a lot of debt on your mortgage, the lower the interest rate, the better off you are. But of course, be careful what you wish for, because the only reason the Reserve Bank would be cutting rates to 1% is because the economy is weak. If you have a mortgage and a job, terrific. But I think there is a bigger picture.We will be crossing to London for reaction on the ground over there later in the show. In the meantime, thanks, I guess - it is a pretty frightening prospect but thanks for your expertise.Thanks, team, thank you.(APPLAUSE) Also making news tonight, Oliver Curtis, the husband of Sydney PR queen Roxy Jacenko, has been sentenced to two years' jail for conspiracy to commit insider trading. The couple shared a quick kiss and embrace before he was led away. He will serve 1 months behind bars before he is eligible for paroleWhile many people have spoken of his positive qualities in business and as a family man, he shows no sign of progression beyond the self-interested pursuit of material wealth which prompted his offending.A huge relief for the family of Perth man Tim Croot, who has escaped a deadly ambush and abduction in Nigeria on Wednesday. He has reportedly made contact to let them know he is OK. Tim was working in Nigeria for a WA mining company - seven of his colleagues were also kidnapped. And goats may be used to control weeds in parts of Melbourne's inner suburbs. The suggestion has been put to more land city council in a bid to avoid the use of chemicals. There's even an idea to let the goats snack on what residents usually put in their green bins. They've got to be kidding.We talked about it on the radio this morning. Goats tend to eat everything you don't want to eat so they often times won't eat the weeds and that area of Melbourne - lot of beards! So be very careful!Dangerous!Isn't it? I could be in for a little face nibble?Yeah, you could!(LAUGHTER) Do you think slowly goats are taking over all jobs at the council? The next phase?Then when they get out of control they bring in the leopards and lions and it's very dangerous.Now, Julie Bishop was campaigning in Brisbane today, where she foisted herself upon a few people at a local cafe. Oh, yeah, they're just loving her, alright, lady, we get it, OK. And then she helped, in inverted commas, helped out the bris an at that. Let's see how she went.

You know Australian workplaces are going to become a lot more productive once they stop getting politicians coming to crowd up their day! They will be relieved when this election is over.And babies will be relieved, too! Politicians are kissing them. Now, earlier this week we heard news from the US of a young actor crushed by his own Jeep in a tragic accident and now Aussies are also being warned being warned their vehicles may also be unsafe.Star Trek's Anton Yelchin died at his Californian home when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee pinned him against a brick wall and a fence. It had rolled down his driveway sparking an investigation into his death.JJ and I are both mourning the loss of Anton. If he were here. Judge J would say something about him. Since then it has emerged FCA, Jeep's parent company, had in fact recalled 1.1 million Jeep models in April this year, following 41 injuries and 212 reported crashes due to a design flaw with its gearshift. 2014 and 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees and the 2012 to 2014 Chrysler 300s had an electronic shift lever, a gearstick that moves between park, neutral, reverse and drive, before snapping back into a central position, designed to be compact and save safe. Drivers had reported getting out of their cars, incorrectly thinking they were safely in park.If you are not concentrating, you've hopped out of the car, you want to get the mail, before you drive down your drive and park the car, then you are at risk of the car then rolling away. Today it has been confirmed that almost 50,000 Aussie vehicles are also set to be recalled, with Jeep looking to fix the flaw with a new software update. But questions are being asked as to why drivers outside the US weren't made aware of the flaw sooner. In a statement today, the manufacturer said:

You will quite often find this official on US websites, well before it's even become public here in Australia. These sorts of issues, if they're brought to our attention, we can be more alert. The software update, which will include an emergency brake, won't be available to drivers until at least the end of the month, or early July, meaning that, for now, it's up it's up to individual drivers to remain vigilant. Paul Maric from Car Advice has been following this story. He joins us now. Paul, I understand this is a design problem with the software of these cars, is that correct?Yeah, that's right, it's a design issue that the guys are now working to resolve by doing a recall. So essentially, the recall will work to fix the problem and will stop the potential for this car ever rolling away on its own.The gearstick can be quite confusing, though, in these Jeeps? Absolutely, even I find it confusing and I spend a lot of time behind the wheels of cars. But it is not just Jeep 45 -- Jeep that uses this kind of gear lever, Audi do, too, but some other cars have the stopgaps in there to prevent the car rolling away if you open the door with the car in neutral. And in other cars it's easier to tell the car is in park and you don't make the mistake as much. That's true.I guess what's the problem here is there has been a recall in April in the US, yet 1.1 million cars in the world are affected by this and yet in Australia we're only hearing about it today. Why would that happen?It would have been good if we heard about it earlier, and punters had a chance to actually get their cars looked at and fixed, but it has come now and Jeep is starting to contact all of the affected parties.How are they contacting them?Most people will get a letter. If you've sold the car, then your owner needs to update those details with Jeep and if you have a feeling your car may be affected it's worth contacting Jeep just to be 100% sure.Thanks so much for joining us.Thanks a lot. (APPLAUSE) This has happened to me before, where I've, by mistake, forgotten to put the gearstick in park and left it in neutral and didn't put the handbrake on and it rolled down our driveway, across the road and into a tree.Was it one of the tricky gearsticks?It was really simple!I've done the same thing, I came out of the supermarket and said, "Where's my car? Oh there it is, in that car". We're tired, mate, we're mums.It founds its way into the other carIt really did, rolled its way back there.It had a mind of its own. If you own a Jeep or Chrysler and want to know whether this affects you, check our the statement from FCA on our website.We're taking a break now. Back soon.Good news, fitness wristband users, you could be doing more exercise than you think. And it's bring your dog to work day so we catch up with some of Australia's hardest working pooches. You're watching The

It's amazing how powerful on election day. Your vote will help shape Australia understand how to make it count. you'll receive two ballot papers - the House of Representatives and a large white one for the Senate. On the green ballot paper, candidate who is your first choice, beside your second choice you've numbered every box. for the Senate has changed. On the white Senate ballot paper, a 1 in the box above the line that is your first choice, for your second choice and so on at least 6 boxes to vote below the line for individual candidates in order of your choice. To learn more, visit or call 13 23 26.


The Living Room cast has been on the trip of a lifetime and please welcome their host, Amanda Keller. The whole crew have been on holiday in LA, which is constancily unfair, how did you guys swing that and how can we get on board?How lucky were we? The four of us had the best time. It was tempered slightly that one of us had to sit next to Miguel for a 13-hour flight. That's sort of the opposite of a sleeping tablet. I saw six movies, it was incredible!I believe Dr Chris Brown got naked and did something very LA. Was it anal bleaching? I'm assuming it was!(LAUGHTER) Well, you know, Chris has in his contract that he has to get his gear off 15 minutes. It's in my contract that he has to get gear off every 15 minutes! So he was trying out the latest health craze. I'm not sure about the bleaching but it was chryotherapy, anti-ageing, and I'm not sure if it worked but me just watching him in there, I lost 15 years!You hadded the chance to fulfil a lifelong dream.I can't believe it happened, I have watched the bold and the beautiful for 25 years. I got to audition for a role with Eric and Don - sorry, Eric and Bill, his real name's Don - we're such good friends! What can I say?! I reckon I did pretty well.You're the only one I want. Don't say a word!Oh! Don't listen to a think she says. Wait, I can...She's Brook's deranged twin!Mandy?Did you get the stare right? Did you cry and did you get the part?Spoiler alert, I didn't get the part, it may surprise you to hear that!No! But if the bold and the beautiful has a spin-off called "The smeek and average looking" I'm in!You can catch all the action from LA tonight on The Living Room, right after the project. Please thank Mandy!Mandy!How good does Eric Forrester still look.He looks fabulous, baby.Stop owingling and cut to the break!Would you go down the outside of a 100ft glass building? Now you can. And is Chinese demand for Aussie Weet-Bix going to see a shortage of them in Aussie bowls? You're watching The Project.

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Welcome back to The Project.Oscar Pistorius has given an emotional tell-all interview ahead of his sentencing next month. Desperate to avoid a jail sentence for murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar claims she wouldn't want him to waste his life behind bars. And he claims she wouldn't want him to
waste his life behind bars. And he still insists he didn't know she was behind that toilet door. Immediately when I saw Reeva, she was over the toilet. She had slumped over the toilet. And I... (CRYING) ..and I, at that point - at that point I knew I'd killed her, I knew she was dead.And, if you wear a fitness wristband, you could be burning more calories than you think. Aussie researchers believe some devices underestimate the amount of energy we're using by as much as 43%.Awesome!Woo hoo!The much as 43%.Awesome!Woo hoo!The
studies found their heart rate measurements are more accurate.So we can eat more is the headline there?I tell myself how many calories I've burned and how many steps I've taken and it's always a great number. You should try it!My mum always sets all the clocks in her house all five minutes fast. Same idea.Even though she knows it, she gets out earlier.And it, she gets out earlier.And
site-seeing in LA has been taken to new heights with a glass sliply dip attached to the outside of one of the city's skyscrapers. You can now slide between the 70th and 69th floors. The glass is only 3.2 centimetres thick, but the building's owners say it is super strong.It's ready to withstand hurricane level winds, the slide itself can withstand itself can withstand an 8 on the Richter scale touring an earthquake.I tell you what, you are first in the on the earthquake. I would go to the work's Christmas party and wake up face down on that!They are going to hose that off regularly!(LAUGHTER) You make a good point, Waleed!Wow! He said it!Now, this lady seemed pretty excited about having a go... I thought it was nerve-racking and, like, daring, and, oh, it was, uhm, it just seemed like so much over-the-top, like why are they doing this? And I just had to do it.I think that all made sense! Anyway, I don't know that she nailed her landing. (SCREAMS) No!I think she kissed the ground because she was grateful to be back on it.I love it!Here are some more ads. See you soon.Coming up: Britain votes to Brexit, so Brot Brow? Could sharing sweets with co-workers be doing them serious harm? And the boys go one-on-one with future NBA superstar, Australia's Ben Simmons. You're watching The It's amazing how powerful on election day. Your vote will help shape Australia understand how to make it count. you'll receive two ballot papers - the House of Representatives and a large white one for the Senate. On the green ballot paper, candidate who is your first choice, beside your second choice you've numbered every box. for the Senate has changed. On the white Senate ballot paper, a 1 in the box above the line that is your first choice, for your second choice and so on at least 6 boxes to vote below the line for individual candidates in order of your choice. To learn more, visit or call 13 23 26.

(APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Welcome back to The Project, on what I think history might just to be a momentous day and the big news, of course, that Britain has voted to leave the EU, the Brexit campaign has gotten up which I think was probably unthinkable a year ago.And the first head has rolled, the Prime Minister of England has resigned.Which I think a lot of people expected that would be the result if this happened but I don't think anyone thought this would happen. We will cross to London later. But here's Tarsh.If you've just joined us here's what's making thus this Friday, 24 June. Oliver Curtis, the husband of PR queen Roxy Jacenko, had spend at least 12 months behind bars on conspiracy to commit insider trading. He was jailed for illegally making $1.43 million, which was used to fund a lavish lifestyle.He must have known what he was agreeing to do was very wrong, but simply believed they would avoid getting caught.And Jeep is recalling nearly 50,000 vehicles in Australia, over concerns they can roll away because of a design fault with the gearshift. It's the same fault under investigation in the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin.

Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin. The recall affects the 2012-2014 Chrysler 300 and the 2014/15 Jeep Grand Cherokees. A huge explosion and fire a has destroyed two factories in Greenacre in Sydney's south-west and is being treated as suspicious. No-one was in the blaze but two other buildings were badly damaged. Arson investigators believe the fire may have been started by some sort of accelerant. And a senior British dentist wants people to reduce the number of cakes they bring to work and share with colleagues. He believes the treats are causing teeth problems and are too tempting for people trying to lose weight. He wants fruit, nuts and cheese to be offered instead. That's boring! They got rid of the EU now they want to get rid of cake - what next, Britain!It's not very festive, is it, "Blow out your nuts". It's not very festive.Don't Google that, anyone!It might be very festive, I don't know! Australian cricket vice captain George Bailey is very excited at the moment. They are in the West Indies, the Aussies. He is very excited about having a new voice around the playing group.I think it's great for guys to hear a different voice around the group, every now and then, and someone who is as highly respected at JL.(COCK CROWS).There he is!Well, it is official, the uks has voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%. Just an hour and a half ago the UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was stand aside.I fought this campaign in the only way I know how - which is to say directly and passionately what I think and feel. But the British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path.(CHEERING) It's the shock decision that brought down a PM...And as such, I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction.Ladies and gentlemen, dare to dream - for dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom.It was a wild ride - as the votes were counted with the camps neck-and-neck, until the Leave campaign broke away. It's a breath-taking turn of events. The past few weeks had seen the polls too close to call, amidst fierce campaigning from both sides.Our opposition to the EU isn't a small fringe extremist minority, or else there is a very big lunatic fringe in the UK.The establishments both in Westminster and Brussels will have a major shock.The ferocious debate had been focused on immigration and the economy. World markets have been swinging wildly in anticipation of the result. The pound plummeted to its lowest point since 1985. And Aussie markets have been rocked.It is important to remember that the Australian economy is strong and resilient. The historic decision has sent shockwaves through Europe.I hope this victory brings down this failed project, let's get rid of the flag, the anthem, Brussels, and all that has gone wrong.(CHEERING) Tell you what, because Europe is watching and remember when Greece was thinking about leaving and there was the Grexit. If if France leave, you could have that, it would be a Frexit. Spain would leave.A Sex-it.No a Spexit.Well, if sweding leave a Sex-it.No, Swexit.But is Switzerland leave... But Switzerland aren't even even... Yeah, Swexit! Sex-it.Tonight, the UK is on its own.I love this country and I feel honoured to have served it and I will do everything I can in future to help this great country succeed. Thank you very much.Big developments and a shell honest shocked correspondent Lucy McDonald joins us now from London. It has been such a dramatic day. First,gram will stand aside and you will have a new Prime Minister by October. What's the feeling there? It is a divided area?It's an extraordinary feeling here. The British people have spoken, they want out of the European Union, that's reversing a decision made in 1975, so it's a massive day. Add to that the fact that David Cameron resigned and there's now talk here at Westminster who is going to be the next leader of the Conservative Party? Will there be a general election or will there just be a leadership contest? The frurners look to be Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, the organisers of the Brexit campaign, but also Teresa May is in there as well. So it is a historic time. Economically, as you've said, we've seen stock markets crash, so it's a time of massive political, social and economic change here in Britain. The vote has happened but this doesn't mean it's over. Do you think the divisions remain and that Britain being a United Kingdom might be a bit of a pipe dream for now?Oh, well, absolutely. I mean, people are talking about this being the end of the European Union, potentially, the beginning of the end. But if you look at the United Kingdom, we've already got Alex Salmond from the Scottish National Party saying there should be a referendum in the next two and a half years on Scottish independence. We have Sinn Fein over in Northern Ireland, saying this could mean Northern Ireland leaving the United Kingdom and joining Ireland again, so it feels like a massive period of potential political change. Then, as you said, the votes were so incredibly close. That hasn't changed overnight. Just because Brexit has won, there are still people who passionately wanted to remain within the EU so we are a divided nation on many counts.It seems like this was a really emotional issue for all people concerned who went to the polls. How about you, how are you feeling now?Uhm, I'm feeling devastated, actually. As you know, I wanted us to remain within the EU. When I found out just before 5:00 this morning, that that wasn't happening, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I have had friends call me from all across the country this morning in disbelief, some in tears, they can't believe this is happening. My Polish babysitter arrived this morning to look after my children so I could be here and asked me, why had Britain done this, did they not want people like her here, and I felt I had to apologise on behalf of the nation. So it's an extraordinary time. And who knows what's going to happen next? It just feels that we're in for a really bumpy ride, so we're all bracing ourselves and putting on our seatbelts for what happens next.A difficult time, Lucy, thanks so much for joining us. Thank you.(APPLAUSE)

Thank you.(APPLAUSE)
It's properly momentous, I reckon. And without wanting to get into too much hype about it, nationalism is making a real resurgence in our country and this is about physical borders being reinstated potentially, that haven't been strong for a long time, and that's an issue, isn't it? The tribalism, the resurgence of that tribalism. No doubt and a bizarre twist - just moments after David Cameron resigned, Donald Trump landed in Scotland who is kind of a symbol of that in the US.This is the thing, if Brexit can happen, Trump is possible.Of course.Like, discuss. No doubt. No doubt.But that's what we're looking at here.People wrote Trump off years ago and he won the nomination, so you write Trump off at your peril.David Cameron did this vote to basically try and apiece his backbench, a similar scenario to what we have here with Malcolm Turnbull having a backbench he needs to try and apiece. I reckon when Cameron put up this vote he didn't think there was a chance he would lose it and he would put it to bed. I'm looking had to that same-sex marriage plebiscite. You don't know.And where is the centre anymore. It pushes all of us to our extremes. I know it pushes me to my extreme. It's dangerous and really quite worrying. Anyway, obviously this all raises a lot of questions and here to try and help us understand it perhaps with more optimism, or at least more humour, is Damien Power, with how the human race got itself itself into this whole Brexit mess.

I'm an idiot and as an idiot I can only just get by in life. I can dress myself, I can catch public transport. No, I'll get the next one, I'll get the next one. The other day a NASA scientist discovered a new mineral on Mars. That same day I spent three and a half hours trying to get off AV1 on my TV and we're both allowed to vote? There's only so much information I can take in to make important decisions. The human brain is still very primitive. This is how we evolved - and the human part, it's only 50,000 years old. So that means all of this is just monkey, lizard, possum. That's all what we think, monkey, lizard, possum and the front part is going don't, you will go to jail, you have to get ready to work at bungs. I cook sausages. Well, I don't cook them, the work experience kid cooks 'em. I do the sauce. How are idiots like me supposed to work out complex issues like the Coalition's childcare policy? Only a handful of people understand that stuff.So right now there are multiple different ways you can get the childcare rebate. What the Coalition want to do is stream line that into one payment and then they can means-test that stream.I work at bungs. Do you want some sauce? Just put some pants on, dude.If only there was some kind of system where informed people could make these decisions for us.Every Prime Minister is the Prime Minister for all Australians.If you jump out of the aeroplane, you cannot clamber back through the cockpit hatch. Malcolm Turnbull may wear nicer suits but he is just a Tony Abbott in a nicer suit.I'm smart, I'm like a smart person.OK, maybe not people. I think all politicians should just be replaced with a computer, not even a good one, just a Nokia, or maybe Siri.Hey, Siri, what direction should the human race take?SI RI: Put some pants on.

we've got great new specials. Like 4-pack V Energy drink - now half price. And 118-200g Nestle blocks - also half price. So hurry in. Only at Woolworths.

Welcome back, you're watching The Project.Melbourne has shivered its way through its coldest June day in 18 years, as a cold front sweeps across south eastern Australia. Victoria has seen bitterly cold conditions today but it means plenty of snow in the state's Alpine areas.For the latest from the slopes, Tory is at Falls Creek. As you can see there's heaps of snow in Falls Creek at the moment. We had more than 50 centimetres fall in the past few days which means we're able to open heaps of I could not terrain, including Australia's longest beginner run, and we've got intermediate terrain set to open at the weekend so great skiing and snowboarding up here. It's all over the Aussie Alps, Mount Buller has got five lifts open for the weekend, Thredbo and parisher each got 40 centimetres overnight so it was absolutely dumping everywhere and it has been snowing down to the Victorian coastline near Lorne, there's snow in the Dandenongs, in the Otways, and everywhere, these are exactly the kinds of conditions we love. It's right in time for the school holidays so get up to Falls Creek and enjoy these great conditions. Bad news for the Melbourne Football Club's crowds but thanks!And a huge crowd is expected at Melbourne's Community Cup on Sunday, for Reclink. Now a national event, it mixes footy with great music to raise money for disadvantaged Australians. Best of all, our very own Waleed will be playing guitar with headliners, Regurgitator! The Gurge! Do you say that?Of course you do, gosh! It's about as exciting as it gets. I love this scarf, too, I love it. Rock dogs.Do you know what you are playing?Yes, but I'm not telling you. It's all over the country but I will be at Elsternwick Park in Melbourne. And Reclink is an amazing organisation because what they do and they have had their federal funding cut so they're relying on support from State Government and also from community, they run arts programs and sports programs for disadvantaged people. So, like, you remember the choir of hard knocks? That sort of program. That was one of their programs and it was fantastic. Gates open at noon if you want to get down there and I will rock out a bit later on. Fantastic for everyone, especially me! Now to a story about the Chinese black Chinese black market, a soap opera and Weet-Bix. Since the 1920s, Weet-Bix has provided Aussies their soggy, flavourless fibre fix. But in recent years, China has gone mad for the flakey wheat crisps.Our biggest export market is now China. Five years ago it was a very small market and now it is our largest. Now, thanks to a popular Chinese soap opera.But my breakfast is very simple, don't you criticise my breakfast.There is a booming black market for the breakfast biscuit. Chinese website, Yoycart, similar to eBay, is flogging packets for as much as 50 bucks. And on social media, pictures of shoppers stocking up their trolleys have done the rounds.Retailers are certainly noticing a spike in sales for the product and we want to make sure that everybody can continue to access the product here in Australia.Hi, Waleed, have you got it?Yeah, a kilo, just like you asked.Oh, thank you so much, this is great.Oh, oh, I didn't see anything!Don't worry, I'll get him!We've got an excellent opportunity to keep supplying more to China, particularly as Chinese consumers often can't trust the products on their own supermarket shelves.Chinese demand also led to a shortage of infant formula, forcing the government to clamp down on bulk exports. Today a spokesperson for Barnaby Joyce said we should consider a 12 Weet-Bix per day, per child policy The Project suspects that same spokesperson is the one that advocated murdering Pistol and Boo. So should the fibre-deficient and flavours-averse be concerned?No it's not Armageddon but we would love you to eat more Weet-Bix, so, Australia, tuck on in!I'm very concerned we may run out of it because my boys eat so much. because my boys eat so much.It is a Weet-Bix time of year, too.If you only put out one Weet-Bix, is that a Weet-Bic?We have had this argument.It is a Bic.Vix is like a play on bricks.Is it?These are the big issues!Oh, aren't they? How would you spell that? BICK?I just put half an X.That will be wooet-Biv.(LAUGHTER) Anyway, who has one? Seriously.I think we've got to the bottom of that story. We're going to go to a break. Ben Simmons will join us on the other side, yes!

(APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Welcome back to The Project.Now today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.Or as it is also known an excuse to do no work.Unless you are a vet, in which case it's normal work day.I'm trying to introduce this story guys! Just roll the clip, for God's sake! Charlie's amazing, he almost makes roll the clip, for God's sake!
Charlie's amazing, he almost makes the impossible possible, I guess you would say.Charlie and Dan are an almost inseparable team. Charlie the labrador works alongside day helping him with the day to day. I'm a quadraplegic, I fell down stairs in Canada eight years. He helps down get things if I drop them. I have no dexterity in my hands so I sort of struggle. Charlie comes into his own helping Dan in his job as a support officer at spinal cord injuries Australia. For people who have just lost their mobility.The injury, I guess, is something that you don't ask for, so you have no idea what to expect and just trying to break down what the doctors are telling you, trying to figure out how your body now works, and what doesn't work, we're there to give them almost like a cheat seat on how to get about life now.For the patients in this hospital's spinal injury ward, a visit from Charlie and Dan really brightens their dayIt's not I can't do it anymore, that's one thing they've taught me here, it's just that I have to do it a different way.Exactly, yeah, it's doable. It's doable.So I'm still learning different ways to do things.I understand.Co-op's another furry friend giving something back. She is the first trained court dog and she started in a pilot program this week.A court dog is a dog that can accompany a victim of violent crime or a child that has been traumatised accompany them to court to give them support.The legal setting isn't designed for children and the court's role is to ensure that there's no influence on the witness.While well-intended, these rules mean there can be no contact with a child who's giving evidence. The dogs, however, can comfort a child in the witness box. Court dogs have been a huge success in the US.If you can imagine being a child in that setting, it's not familiar, it's much harder for them to give an account of what happened, and have the court receive that as an evidence base. Men, women or children that have been traumatised can't begin to heal unless they feel safe and the dogs help us to help them feel safe.Pets show something about unconditional love that's really - they don't care what car you drive or whether you are rich or poor. Bondi Vet Dr Kate sees the difference dogs make to people's live and their work every day and she is getting behind a push to see more dogs in the workplace.Not only I think is it better for the pet but it's also better for the workplace.New studies have shown having animals in the workplace reduces stress and can help to boost productivity and creativity. We take them to cafes, we take them to parks, but taking them to the workplace is probably the next step and I don't think we've got as far as we probably could in that space. For it's is an and Dan the evidence is clear - their dogs are a priceless part of the team.The enormity of what they can do to help people is just amazing.I guess one of the things that people do miss, because they are away from their house and their homes and their family for so long, that they do not get to see their pets. He just brightens their day. do not get to see their pets. He
just brightens their day. (APPLAUSE) You're talking about the unconditional love that a pet can bring, especially to those children facing really tough timesYeah, absolutely, I couldn't bring my dog to work, he is obsessed with food, one of those guys. He would be like, how are you doing? With your lunch, you know.We can cope with Lehmo, so...That's true!Huge sporting news out of the United States, by the way. This is fantastic. Our very own Ben Simmons was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the number one pick in the NBA draft and some people are even calling him the Lehmo of basketball...No, really?Who wrote this?!Let me handle this, Waleed! It's hard to stand out in a sport where everyone's a giant where everyone's a giant and ridiculous stuff like this is considered normal. But Ben Simmons just about manages it.Simmons, oh, coast to coast!The NBA thrives on, you know, the Jordans, the LeBrons, the Kobes and now they have Ben Simmons.The 19-year-old is a hell of a physical specimen but he also handles the ball like a Yeo. Today, he became the second Aussie after Andrew Bogut to become a number one draft pick.The Philadelphia 76ers select Ben Simmons, from Melbourne Australia!(CHEERING) Back at Box Hill Senior Secondary College, his old high school, it was pandemonium.He is just a great kid. He just worked extremely hard, always wanted to train, always wanted to win and I knew, hey, this kid's going to be going to America, this kid's going to be going to a college and NBA.And amazingly he has done it with only one year of college ball under his belt. To put it in context, the last guy to get picked up this early this young was 3-time champion, 4-time MVP, LeBron James - one of the greatest ever. No pressure, though, Ben! James - one of the greatest ever.
No pressure, though, Ben!I have a feeling he might go alright. He is an incredible athlete and it's an amazing story and Waleed and I were lucky enough to catch up with him earlier today.Ben Simmons, thanks so much for joining us, man, congratulations. How does that cap feel on your head?Thank you, it feels amazing, it's like a golden cap. But, no, I'm just happy to be part of the 76ers.And in a crazy bit of symmetry, the coach of the 76ers is Australian Brett Brown who coached your dad in the NBL here. Was it your destiny to end up at the 76ers?I think it's meant to be, honestly. You know, Couch broken broken -- coach Brown coached my dad and I think it's worked out approximate elf.We spoke to your school coach and he said from year nine he could tell straightaway you were going to be a star. When did you realise you were pretty good at basketball?I think when I was 5 years old, honestly, I had a dream to play in the NBA and I wrote on a piece of paper at that age I wanted to play so 5 years old, I would say.Do you still have that piece of paper?Still got it. How much do you reckon that's worth right now?Memories is how much.I have a feeling you might be underselling it! So you are about to enter the NBA and you come in with huge raps, like, there are already people drawing comparisons between you and LeBron James and when I say people, I mean, you know, like, hacks like Magic Johnson, sort of drawing these sorts of comparisons! It must be fantastic to hear but is it a lot of pressure?I think it's only pressure if you really put it on yourself. I don't really pay too much attention to that. I have to play my game and I can't really worry about what people, or who they compare to me to on the court. You are already signing contracts worth many millions of dollars, and you haven't even played a game in the NBA yet. So there's the pressure that comes with that, but then there's the money that you suddenly have. Have you figured out what your first purchase is going to be to spoil yourself? Is Actually my first one was some bags and a car. That was about it!Be careful, because that only leaves you with 25.9 in the bank, so slow down!(LAUGHTER)Not just a great day for you but also another Australian, incredible story, thashg thashg -- Thom Maker, a Syrian refugee, but what's in the water that all these Australian basketballers are being produced?I think people are realising there is a lot of talent out there and the guys back home work really hard so it may not be the athleticism that they're looking for but the basketballer IQ, like Dellavedova playing, the way he plays, he is smarter than a lot of guys.We have a message for you, from Kevin Gorgeon, who coached you at Box Hill secondary college, have a listen to what he left for you.I have had this trophy in my office now for about four years and you are going to have to come to my office and get it.That's your year nine MVP trophy. Will you be collecting that from Kevin? (LAUGHTER)I've got to go get it. I will probably get it when I come back in August. I need to get that. It's possibly the greatest trophy in basketball, I think, the year nine MVP trophy!No doubt. Congratulations, Ben, Australia is very proud of you and hopefully we will catch up with you in August when you are back in town. Definitely, I appreciate all the support, thank you very much. (APPLAUSE) He is a ripper. Here's a crazy stat for you. So three number one draft picks in the NBA in the last twelve years were born in Melbourne.Wow. Andrew Bogut, ifsh ifsh and Ben Simmons and that is only bested by one city, New York City created three in eleven years, between 1953 and 1963, so Melbourne is only beaten by New York City on that score.Basketball capital of the world! You heard it here. That's it for the show, please

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You are 100% guaranteed
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