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(generated from captions) Darwin
Adelaide. Partly cloudy in Perth. Darwin can expect a high of 33.

Darwin can expect a high of 33.
Adelaide. Partly cloudy in Perth. it
Darwin can expect a high of 33. Now News.
it is time for Nine's Afternoon

Good afternoon. We begin with the the
bombshell result from the UK where European
the nation has voted to leave the referendum.
European Union in the Brexit still
referendum. The final votes are of
still being counted, but a number have
of major broadcasters in the UK we
have already called the result and in
we will cross live to our reporter bulletin
in London a little later in the are
bulletin for full analysis. But we Editor
are joined now by our Finance Editor Ross Greenwood to take us the
through the financial effects for taken
the Australian sharemarket. It has this
taken a big tumble on the back of Good
this news. Good afternoon to you. decision
Good afternoon to you.How can this our
decision so far away be impacting afternoon?
our markets so devastating ly this billion
afternoon?It really has. Some $53 value
billion has been wiped from the market
value of the Australian stock market this afternoon. Up until the in
time that the votes started to come "Yes"
in and really show that perhaps the it
"Yes" vote to exit Europe was on, then
it was pretty much line ball. But stockmarket
then towards the end, as I say, the heavily,
stockmarket fell and still very value
heavily, almost 3.5% wiped off the It
value of the Australian stockmarket. the
It was the banks that really bore that,
the brunt of it. The reason for it
that, if Europe is less safe, then rest
it sends reverberations around the the
rest of the world. So the rest of say,
the world is not very secure. So has
say, for example, the gold price US
has rocketed today, almost up by 65 you
US dollars an ounce, that says to nervous.
you that the world is very, very doesn't
nervous. Now, Australia directly UK,
doesn't have a big trade with the what
UK, so it is not immediate as to Scott
what will happen. The Treasurer just
Scott Morrison spoke about this just an hour or so ago. Here is volatility
what he had to say. And the unanticipated.
volatility we see in markets is not some
unanticipated. In many respects, issues
some of these and many of these various
issues have been priced in at Once
various levels within the markets. things,
Once the dust clears on these medium-term
things, there will be a longer and the
medium-term understanding of what whichever
the possible ramifications are, decides
whichever way the United Kingdom interesting
decides to go.Deb, it is quite will
interesting to note this because it rates
will have an impact on our interest Australian
rates and certainly on the Australians
Australian dollar. One thing for cheaper
Australians is that it will be next
cheaper to travel to the UK in the mind
next little while and do bear in looking
mind that the UK will also be it
looking for new trade partners as Australia
it exits Europe and, perhaps partners
Australia is one of those trade performance
partners it needs.With economic election,
performance a big issue in the ramifications
election, it will have no doubt message
ramifications as well.That is the afternoon
message they're getting out this much
afternoon as well.Thank you so pages
much for your analysis.The front reacting
pages of British newspapers are leave
reacting to news of the decision to celebrations
leave the EU. 'The Sun' shows the "See
celebrations and the stats, titled says,
"See EU Later". 'The Daily Mirror' photo
says, "We're Out" with a powerful painted
photo of a child whose face is the
painted with the Union Jack. And "We're
the Scottish 'Daily Mail' also says, Nige
"We're Out", showing UKIP leader in
Nige marriage marriage celebrating Farage
in full flight the victory -- Nigel importance
Farage in full flight Vic toi. The maintaining
importance of the government the
maintaining power here in Australia, from
the PM watched the events unfold Nine's
from a golf club in Tasmania. Nine's Charles Croucher reports Well,
from the Prime Minister's campaign. may
Well, the green hills of Devonport side.
may look like the English country The
side. It couldn't be further away. impact
The results in the UK will have an taking
impact on the election currently Malcolm
taking place here in Australia. group
Malcolm Turnbull was addressing a results
group at the golf club here as the they
results started coming in. He said in
they are proof there is volatility global
in both our market and, indeed, a
global markets. He also used it as a reason that people should stick government
with what he calls a majority Here
government with an economic plan. to
Here is Malcolm Turnbull reacting time
to those Brexit results a short in
time ago.Given that we are living but
in a world of great opportunities, uncertainties,
but also great challenges and Australia
uncertainties, now more than ever Coalition
Australia needs a stable majority economic
Coalition government with a strong up
economic plan that sets Australia is
up for a prosperous future.There an
is no doubt this result will have election.
an impact on the Australian this
election. It is difficult to see Party
this being a positive for the Labor for
Party as well. The focus will shift the
for the economy and those inside if
the Coalition will always tell you happy
if you're talking economy, it's Liberal
happy hunting ground for the Opposition
Liberal and National parties.The not
Opposition meanwhile says now is politicised
not the time for the impacts to be scare
politicised or dramatised in a Chris
scare campaign. Shadow Treasurer will
Chris Bowen said a calm response initial
will help Australia get through the we
initial period of uncertainty.What and
we will do is continue to carefully position
and methodically explain our before
position on the economic issues interpretation
before the nation and our global
interpretation of the impacts of United
global events such as potentially Shorten
United Kingdoming Europe.Bill following
Shorten is on his way to Cairns following a visit to a defence to
force base in Darwin. He's expected result
to give his response to the Brexit Heated
result shortly. To other news now. Court
Heated scenes outside the Supreme Oliver
Court in Sydney this morning after years
Oliver Curtis was sentenced to two disgraced
years jail for insider trading. The the
disgraced banker was convicted over Hartman
the scheme with former friend John ultimately
Hartman who provided information profit.
ultimately netting a $1.4 million field
profit.White collar crime is a any
field in which perhaps more than choice
any other offending is often a people
choice freely made by well-educated prompted
people from privileged backgrounds Roxy
prompted by greed.Curtis's wife swamped
Roxy Jacenko was silent as she was court
swamped by waiting media leaving reporter
court and we will cross live to our up
reporter for a full update coming powerful
up in the afternoon news. A across
powerful cold front is pushing and
across the country, dumping hail Nine's
and snow on parts of the southeast. report
Nine's Cassandra Wood filed this all
report from Oberon in NSW.Well, snap
all week we were warned that a cold it
snap was on its way. As you can see, afternoon.
it has well and truly arrived this outside
afternoon. This is Oberon, just snow
outside the Blue Mountains, and the fast
snow has been falling thick and fast throughout the afternoon. Now, Orange
it has been a similar story at minutes
Orange which is only about 30 properties,
minutes from here where cars are, completely
properties, even roads have been Blackheath
completely blanketed in white. At Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, spoke
it is also currently freezing. We earlier
spoke to some locals and tourists the
earlier today.Just come up to see seen
the snow. First time the kids have It's
seen snow, hey, guys?Yeah.Yeah. horrible.
It's pretty horrible. It's pretty get
horrible. But I think it's going to snow
get worse.Between 5 and 10cm of tonight
snow is expected to fall here to
tonight and it is certainly going to be a chilly one. We're expecting Meanwhile,
to get down to -2 degrees. full
Meanwhile, Victoria is feeling the is
full force of the deep freeze. Hail snow
is hitting parts of Melbourne as Falls
snow blankets the state's west. Lorne,
Falls have so far been reported at Otways
Lorne, Ballarat, the Grampians, the Otways and the Yarra Ranges. A trying
Melbourne man is in hospital after stealing
trying to stop a brazen thief from Kieran
stealing his car this morning. As was
Kieran Jones reports, the victim when
was working on the side of the road man
when his car was taken.Melbourne up
man Paul sor ren teen know pulled some
up on the side of the road to do opportunistic
some ser Vaiing work when an brutal
opportunistic thief launched a running
brutal attack, taking his car and process.
running over Mr Sorentino in the from
process. He was working just metres to
from his car when the thief decided to take his vehicle and drive off. stealing
He tried to stop the man from it
stealing his car by holding on to driven
it as the thief set off, but he was the
driven into and knocked over before taken
the car left the scene. He was taken to hospital with minor stand
injuries and says he was making a Ideally
stand and was determined not to sit be
Ideally by and let the Ford Ranger prepared
be stolen from him.I wasn't let
prepared to just be a victim and hear
let this thing unfold. We always and
hear about people being attacked fight.
and I wasn't going to go without a grabbed
fight. So I saw the door open, I down
grabbed on to it and off we went happened
down the road.Now, all this during
happened at 8:30 this morning one
during peak hour on Mic klin Road, the
one of the busiest in the north of despite
the city. Despite the traffic and Victoria
despite being right next to a Victoria Police training complex, though
the thief wasn't deterred, even some
though one brave bystander caught tried
some of the action on camera and victim's
tried to track the man down.The me
victim's car was travelling behind the
me with the person that hijacked because
the car. So I let him through first and
because he was driving wrecklessly and I didn't want it to hit me up through,
the rear of my car. So let him couple
through, then I chased him for a wrecklessly
couple of minutes. He was driving thought
wrecklessly all over the road. I Police
thought it was pretty dangerous. this
Police say the investigations into try
this incident are ongoing as they They've
try to track that thief down. information
They've called on anyone with more contact
information to come forward and people
contact Crime Stoppers.Up to 100 fierce
people have been killed after a across
fierce tornado and hail storm swept brought
across Eastern China. The twister brought winds of up to 125km/h buildings
flipping vehicles and flattening homeless.
buildings leaving many people 200
homeless. At least 500 are injured, least
200 people critically. Meantime, at America's
least 10 tornadoes are ravaging and
America's mid-west, snapping trees It
and ripping homes off the ground. under
It comes as urgent rescues are dozens
under way on the East Coast with rising
dozens of families trapped in rains
rising floodwaters.Torrential water
rains are sending a muddy wall of street.
water down a richwood West Virginia entire
street. Evacuations under way. The declaring
entire town engulfed. Officials Worries
declaring a state of emergency. breech.
Worries that a nearby dam could breech.They're

Worries that a nearby dam could year-old
breech.They're looking for a four- Reports
year-old boy. He was washed away. swept
Reports of a four-year-old child of
swept away by floodwaters. All part brought
of the same powerful storm that heartland.
brought hours of fear to the out
heartland.Just a thin snake coming pull
out of the sky.Truckers forced to have
pull over in Buckley, Illinois.We tornado.
have to get off the highway. Big thick
tornado.A storm chaser in the Multiple
thick of it, pummelled with debris. Multiple confirmed tornadoes, 125mph,
including this EF2 with winds up to through
125mph, tearing an 11 mile path Johnson
through Pontiac, Illinois. Mary flipped
Johnson says this mobile home everyone
flipped over three times, luckily so
everyone safe.It could have been Soldier
so much worse.At she cargo's Chile
Soldier Field, 50,000 fans at the scrambling
Chile versus Colombia soccer match scrambling for

scrambling for cover.Still to come blast,
on Nine's Afternoon News, wintery set
blast, Melbourne floods and Sydney over
set to shiver as a cold snap sweeps vehicle
over the East Coast. Flying car - a what
vehicle flips on to a Perth home, landing?
what led to this dramatic crash veterans
landing? And five Australian honour.
veterans receive France's highest This program is not captioned. Cara here with your Woolworths
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This program is not captioned.

To breaking news now out of Sydney stabbing
where there has been a double pictures
stabbing in the city's west. These show
pictures from the Nine News chopper Lidcombe.
show the scene on John Street at has
Lidcombe. It is understood one man has multiple back wounds, the other stomach.
has injuries to his chest and rushed
stomach. One of the men has been other
rushed to Westmead Hospital, the scene.
other is still being treated at the customer
scene. Telstra is facing more once
customer fury after they were hit outages.
once again with lengthy internet backlog
outages. The telco is blaming the customers
backlog on recent storms, but angry getting
customers have told Eddy Meyer that nightmare.
getting answers has been a rely
nightmare.There's no doubt we now than
rely on the internet more heavily business.
than ever, both at home and for a
business. Now, it might sound like being
a first world problem, but imagine time.
being not connected for weeks at a been
time. That's what Susan Dwight has having
been dealing with, as well as husband
having four children, Susan and her international
husband are running an from
international software business and
from home. She lost the internet getting
and landline three weeks ago, getting answers from Telstra has hasn't
been frustrating.The business We
hasn't been able to run smoothly. day
We pay guys to come in here every it's
day and they use a lot of data and can't
it's stressful knowing that they supposed
can't function the way they're just
supposed to and then, you know, do
just on a home level, my kids can't alone.
do their homework.Susan is not by
alone. Customers have been plagued The
by outages in dozens of suburbs. the
The company says it's a victim of through
the recent storms that swept its
through Sydney, damaging parts of trying
its network. Technicians have been the
trying to physically catchup with say
the backlog, but angry customers just
say that what adds insult to injury, Telstra
just how long it takes to speak to on
Telstra and get definitive answers restored.
on when their service will be social
restored. It's safe to say that social media has been lit up with anger,
Telstra customers venting their of
anger, that's when they can connect, truck
of course.The shocking moment a China
truck tumbled off a raised road in caught
China on to a car below has been vehicle
caught on camera. The delivery the
vehicle can be seen smashing on to Incredibly,
the street plummeting at least 10m. suffered
Incredibly, the truck driver other
suffered just a broken foot and no Australian
other motorists were injured. Five World
Australian veterans of the Second decoration
World War have received the highest thank
decoration bestowed in France to liberation
thank them for fighting for the The
liberation of the French nation. Honours
The men received the Legion of landings
Honours 72 years after the D-Day your
landings in Normandy.You risked your lives, you supported

your lives, you supported your advance
mates making the landing and the advance of allied

advance of allied divisions
mates making the landing and the possible. former
possible.The veterans are all Australian
former members of the Royal Nine's
Australian Airforce. Still ahead on Nine's Afternoon News - up in explosion
flames, new video of the moment an explosion tears through a Sydney replace
factory. No kidding - will goats in
replace pesticides to control weeds the
in Melbourne? And does absence make blockbuster
the heart grow fonder? The screens
blockbuster sequel hitting our screens 20 years after the original. This program is not captioned. Over two
million businesses can benefit from our
new tax incentives for more growth
and jobs. Back my team,
and I'll make sure we deliver
a strong new economy and more jobs.


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Being prepared is vital. That's why our AAMI Access app
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This program is not captioned. factories
A fireball has destroyed two The
factories in Sydney's southwest. were
The flames were so fierce, walls as
were collapsing around firefighters blaze.
as they attempted to extinguish the this
blaze. Nine's Elisa Baker filed 100
this report from Greenacre.Around to
100 firefighters were called here huge
to Greenacre this morning after a factory.
huge blaze broke out in a furniture two
factory. This CCTV footage shows inside
two huge explosions take place then
inside the rose Dale factory and fire
then fire quickly takes hold. That blind
fire then quickly spread toss a berress
blind and shutter business on building,
berress Ford Avenue. Behind that caused
building, the blaze so intense it business
caused much of the front of that factory
business to collapse. Those two Two
factory reis have been destroyed. damaged
Two other businesses have also been really
damaged in this blaze.I feel lovely
really sorry for them. They are genuine
lovely people. They are just come
genuine people, they're Chinese, business
come out, started this terrific good
business and they do well. It's a Everything
good business. Honourable. Thankfully,
Everything is just down the line. this
Thankfully, no-one was injured in this fire, but unfortunately, these ahead
business owners have a big clean-up into
ahead of them.A car has smashed vehicle
into a home in Perth overnight. The wedged
vehicle flipping and becoming tried
wedged upside down. Police say they question
tried to stop the driver to he
question him over a burglary when was
he sped off and lost control. He injuries.
was arrested, suffering minor hit-and-run
injuries. A man wanted ore a fatal of
hit-and-run that claimed the life of a cyclist in Melbourne's west Daish
has been arrested. Nine's Alexis allegedly
Daish has more.Within 24 hours of ute
allegedly hitting a cyclist in his year-old
ute and leaving him for dead, a 27- police.
year-old man is now in the hands of was
police. It came after what police from
was a lengthy effort to get away causing.
from the crash he is accused of yesterday
causing. It was around 3:15 Western
yesterday afternoon in Melbourne's Police
Western Suburbs in west Footscray. Police say a man was driving along cyclist
Barkly Street when he hit the car
cyclist from behind. He then hit a road.
car pushing it about 85m along the allege
road. Now, that's when police street
allege he drove the ute into a side to
street and fled on foot. Critical quick-thinking
to police was this photo which a suspect
quick-thinking witness took of the Detectives
suspect as he fled the scene. witness's
Detectives have today praised that been
witness's actions.This image has describe
been taken by a person who I would victim
describe as brave.We know the 54-year-old
victim in this alleged hit-run is a in
54-year-old man. He lives locally from
in the area, but was originally from New Zealand. Police have been family
in the process of contacting his actually
family today. Witnesses have tried
actually described a young man who on
tried to save his life. He did CPR but
on that 54-year-old at the scene, life.
but tragically couldn't save his Nine
life. Other witnesses have told felt
Nine News it was simply chaotic.I Yeah,
felt sick, yeah. It's terrible. collision
Yeah, it was chaos really.Major detectives
collision investigation unit interviewing
detectives are currently here
interviewing that 27-year-old man Station,
here at Glen Waverley Police laid.
Station, but no charges have been streets
laid.Goats may soon be roaming the suburbs
streets of Melbourne's inner wipe
suburbs under a radical plan to Raskall
wipe out weeds. Nine's Allan Melbourne.
Raskall joins us live now from trial
Melbourne. Allan, there's already a has
trial under way of this.Deb, there November
has been a trial under way since location
November last year at a top secret which
location by Melbourne water were leased
which enlisted, wait for it, 30 weeds
leased goats in a bid to eradicate freeway.
weeds in a more natural chemical what
freeway. Let's take a listen to Well,
what Melbourne Water had to tell us. know,
Well, the goats mainly eat, you gauze,
know, woody weeds like blackberries, that
gauze, willow shoots. They love really
that stuff. They can get into those slopes
really tight corners and steep Now,
slopes and take that away for us. Now, this comes amid revelations council
that the inner city suburban a
council of motherland has received goats
a surprise submission to use the but
goats as four-legged weed whackers, acting
but I don't think they will be is
acting the goat any time soon. Here Let's
is what Moreland council said. we're
Let's not forget we don't have - we
we're an inner city koups sill, so Also
we don't have a lot of open space. roads
Also we have heavy traffic on busy be
roads and I think that goats could we
be put in danger. So I don't think Deb,
we have to worry about goats.And, is
Deb, Melbourne Water says the area regenerated
is cleared by its goats will be trees
regenerated with more native grass, business,
trees and bushes.They mean Raskall.
business, not kidding around, Allan muff.
Raskall.Not at all.Thank you so locals
muff. Still ahead, tense standoff, a
locals forced into lock down during Weet-Bix
a five hour siege near Sydney. Plus Customers
Weet-Bix shortage, is it so? brekkie
Customers rush to stock up on the shelves,
brekkie staple as it flies off the Sydney's
shelves, and the stately Queen of doors
Sydney's George Street opens her makeover.
doors after a multimillion dollar This program is not captioned.

news tonight at 7 Good afternoon A
17 year old digger from the bush who s
fought on in World War Two despite V
serious injuries has been awarded a VC at the Australian War Memorial in companie
Canberra. The bosses of two th
companies in ther national capital gr
that have won multi-million dollar grants, say Canberra is the place to co
be for business. And the Matildas fina
counting down the days until the us
final squad is named for Rio. Join us for WIN News tonight at 7 This program is not captioned. (SINGS) # If you love your chook
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This program is not captioned.

Customers should start stocking up confirming
on Weet-Bix with supermarkets now breakfast
confirming a shortage in the staple coming
breakfast serial. The demand is selling
coming from China where pacts are lindz
selling for upwards of $50 each as here
lindz Pearl reports.Well, we're the
here at the Sanitarium factory on recently
the NSW Central Coast which huge
recently has been experiencing a Aussie
huge spike in demand for that Bix.
Aussie breakfast favourite, Weet- local
Bix. First came baby formula, now in
local consumers are buying up big Chinese
in Weet-Bix and selling it on $50
Chinese websites for around 40 or is
$50 a box. Now, the difference here this
is there's no shortage of wheat in of
this country, therefore no shortage supermarkets
of Weet-Bix. Sanitarium and Coles supermarkets say there's plenty for demand,
everyone and despite the high locally.
demand, we will still Pelo prices Setting
locally.Certainly it surprises us. not
Setting the price on the market is as
not something that we do, but we're prices
as astounded as anybody at the want
prices realised for Weet-Bix. We access
want to make sure people have price.
access to Weet-Bix at the right here
price.What is most interesting found
here is how this Aussie staple has tables
found its way on to breakfast tables in China. Sanitarium has market
been exporting into the Chinese in
market since 2008. This recent hike Chinese
in demand can be attributed to a vein
Chinese TV show. It's a similar New
vein to 'Sex and the City' shot in Joy'.
New York and it is called 'Ode to characters,
Joy'. Now, one of its main is
characters, a fae meal character, morning
is often seen tucking into her Despite
morning Weet-Bix from a 1.4kg box. demand,
Despite this huge increase in us
demand, local retailers also tell It's
us there's no plans to limit supply. Sydney's
It's been one of the jewels in years
Sydney's crown for more than 140 restoration,
years and after a $40 million opening
restoration, Sydney Town Hall is inviting
opening its doors to the public and Dalton
inviting everyone in. Nine's Mike thousands
Dalton has more.For hundreds of at
thousands of Sydneysider s, meeting part
at the Town Hall steps has been For
part and parcel of living in Sydney. multimillion
For the last four years, a has
multimillion dollar refurbishment steps
has been going on behind these Hall
steps and this weekend, Sydney Town finery.
Hall intends to show off her new to
finery.We have a lot of basic work only
to do over the last 12 years, not also
only restoring the externals, but had
also revamping the internals. We hadn't
had to - the wiring and plumbing the
hadn't been replaced since about the '30s, so it was not safe. So we a
had to close the Town Hall down for basic
a couple of years and do all that days
basic work.From the very early structure
days when this was the dominant 1800s,
structure in Sydney in the mid Sydney's
1800s, it has very much been always
Sydney's focus.It has. People Hall.
always met on the steps of the Town their
Hall. I am sure people decided Hall.
their future on the steps of Town that.
Hall. They might still be doing historic
that. But it is very much the most know,
historic building, I think, you beautiful
know, perhaps one of the most is
beautiful buildings in our city. It We're
is a wonderful people's place. very
We're inviting them in to see the mayoress's
very special rooms like the lady on
mayoress's room and people can try anyone?
on the Lord Mayor's robes.Really, journos?
anyone?Anyone can do that.Even Mayor's
journos?Yes, and sit in the Lord what
Mayor's historic chair. Imagine city.
what they would like to do for the titled
city.The weekend event is teen your
titled "We love City Hall', so tell the
your mates you will meet them at When
the Town Hall steps if you are keen. sequels,
When it comes to blockbuster than
sequels, it doesn't get much bigger original
than this. Two decades after the Resurgence
original 'Independence Day', Australian
Resurgence has arrived with an Hard
Australian star leading the cast. years
Hard to believe, but it's been 20 has
years since the war of 1996.Elvis 'Independence
has left the building.Remember 20
'Independence Day'?Oh my god.Now, is
20 years later, they're back.That one.
is definitely bigger than the last one.Better late than never, 'Independence Day: Resurgence'.It blockbuster
is not for the taking.Summer capsule,
blockbuster has an unusual time and
capsule, showing how much our world in
and the movie industry has changed question
in 20 years.Let me ask the awkward How
question first. Where's Will Smith? Will
How can you do this without him? 'Independence
Will Smith drove the original glory.
'Independence Day' to box office movie
glory.Who's the man?The No.1 Alas,
movie of 1996.Welcome to earth. director
Alas, he passed on the sequel, but plenty
director Roland Emrich brought back come
plenty of others.What goes up must you
come down.Your character, what got now
you started as the Cable Guy and system.
now in charge of the earth defence failing
system.How about that. It is like played
failing upwards.Bill Poleman around.
played President wit more last time horn
around. Remember the iconic bull horn speech?Today we celebrate our was
Independence Day.Bear in mind that administration.
was during the Clinton 911,
administration. Post Cold War pre- attack
911, back when the idea of an sheer
attack on New York... Or DC was later,
sheer Hollywood fantasy. Five years horn
later, President Bush gave his bull like
horn speech at Ground Zero.It was terror.
like totally stealing Whitmoree played
terror.The President this time clear,
played by Celia Ward.It is pretty That
clear, we have a female President. Fox
That says it all.Actress Vivica widow,
Fox is back playing Will Smith's not
widow, so is Judd Hersch.He has we
not aged a day.No. Don't forget, first
we made him a little older in the miss
first one.Tell me how much you star
miss me.Back in 1996, the young Smith's
star now trying to fill Will you
Smith's shoes saving the planet, from
you may recognise Liam Hemsworth from the 'Hunger games' franchise. old
You were too young.I was six years didn't
old when the first film came out. I videotape.
didn't watch it till it was on videotape. At the time, my parents think
didn't want me to watch it.You to
think your parents will allow you parents
to watch this one?Hopefully my His
parents allow me to watch this one. Goldblum
His co-stars Brent Spinor and Jeff Hemsworth
Goldblum seem to enjoy giving so
Hemsworth a hard time about being head
so young and studly.Look at that pillow
head of hair.You could make a like
pillow out of this hair.I would stuff
like to sleep on a pillow made of delightful.
stuff with that. That would be one
delightful.Whenever you show up in sign.
one of these movies, it is a bad merchant.
sign.What?You're the cast unleashed
merchant. The dinosaurs get or
unleashed or the aliens will attack flies.
or people will start turning into he
flies.The flip side of that is if very
he shows up, the movie could be Let's
very successful.And entertaining. weather
Let's get a quick check of the joins
weather now with Livinia Nixon who elements.
joins us now. You are braving the Deb,
elements. It is cold out there.Hi, Open
Deb, I am. I am at the Werribee Melbourne.
Open Range Zoo on the outskirts of for
Melbourne. Haven't I picked a day the
for it? I can tell you firsthand It's
the wind chill factor is fierce. feels
It's 6 degrees right now, but the at
feels like temperature is sitting alone.
at zero and we're certainly not have
alone. Large parts of the southeast conditions
have been plunged into icy very
conditions with snow falling to Victoria
very low levels through Tasmania, Victoria and NSW. Just after lunch through
the coldest air began to move been
through Melbourne and there have hail
been bursts of showers falling as front
hail around the suburbs. Now, the ahead
front is moving northeasterly and blustery
ahead of it we have seen very has
blustery conditions, Sydney Airport but
has recorded gusts up to 76km/h, sunshine
but there's also been a bit of degrees.
sunshine there today, reaching 16 day
degrees. It was Melbourne's coldest 23
day of the year, making it to 11. light
23 the top for Brisbane with just a Adelaide.
light shower, 16 for Perth, 13 for degrees,
Adelaide. Hobart made it to 10 Just
degrees, with showers threatening. warmth
Just 9 the top in Canberra. All the for
warmth has gone north, 33 the top celebrate
for Darwin. We are here to Nights
celebrate the opening of Wild night
Nights a program that runs every allows
night of the school holidays that after
allows you to experience the zoo are
after dark by torch light where you animals
are able to spot all kinds of I
animals from meerkats to hippos and Nights
I will tell you more about Wild forecast
Nights plus have the weekend know
forecast a little later.I don't layers.
know if you could manage any more it.
layers. Thank you. Look forward to jail,
it. Still to come on Nine News - no involved
jail, why five Gold Coast bikies brawl
involved in an infamous Broadbeach bars.
brawl won't spend any time behind Zeppelin's
bars. Stairway to victory, Led sport,
Zeppelin's big court win. Plus in Travis
sport, we are live to the MCG as Collingwood
Travis Cloke prepares to return for Flanagan
Collingwood and sharks coach Shane Flanagan fires back at Paul a
Gallen's critics. Right now here is a look

from our stockmarket
Brexit bombshell - billions wiped to leave the EU.
as Britain votes

The latest live from London on what it means for our economy.
and Finance Editor Ross Greenwood of PR Queen Roxy Jacenko jailed
No remorse - the husband

for insider trading.
for at least one year outside court.
See the incredible scenes burst into flames at Greenacre.
The moment a factory quick, painless treatments
Only on Nine News - the three

as a cure for snoring.
being hailed dumping on our ski fields -
Snow in Orange and a heavy headed for Sydney -
the wintry blast that's now where you are?
how cold will it get

And we're live to Penrith to take on Souths.
as the Panthers prepare Join me for Nine News at 6:00. This week at Woolworths,
we've got great new specials. Like 500g Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee - now $14 each. Save $5.99. So hurry in. Only at Woolworths.

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This program is not captioned.

Five Gold Coast bikies convicted have
over a notorious Broadbeach brawl following
have had their sentences increased they
following an appeal by police, but bars.
they won't spend any time behind Brittney
bars. Let's go straight to Nine's Brisbane's
Brittney Kleyn who is outside Brittney,
Brisbane's District Court. So, going
Brittney, why aren't these men never
going to jail?Well, they were time.
never originally sentenced to jail the
time. That's why police labelled manifestly
the original sentences as course,
manifestly inadequate. Now, of back
course, these charges all relate in
back to the Broadbeach brawl back charged,
in 2013, but of all the bikies faced
charged, they were either fined or means
faced a suspended sentence, which served
means none of them actually ever So
served a single night behind bars. courts
So police made the appeal to the punishments
courts that they consider the happened
punishments being extended. That granted.
happened today when the appeal was they
granted. Most of the main players, months.
they were extended by several his
months. We saw the ringleader have from
his suspended sentence extended from three months to 13 months and the
his lawyer had this to say outside public
the court.I have no doubt it was charges
public perception. I mean, these There
charges led to the VLAD legislation. these
There was a lot of weight placed on were
these events and the charges that Timo,
were placed against not just Mr members
Timo, but a whole range of other Now,
members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. who
Now, the judge did say that anyone Broadbeach
who was there that night in the
Broadbeach would have liked to see even
the bikies locked up and perhaps thanks
even the keys thrown away.Alright, powerful
thanks for the update. Now to a that's
powerful photo of a father's love world.
that's being shared around the head
world. A dad in Kansas has had a cancer
head tattoo to match his son's old
cancer scar after the eight-year- is
old underwent brain surgery.This by
is the photo that's now been seen son.
by so many, a father's love for his son. Eight-year-old Gabe Marshall large
is battling brain cancer and has a children
large scar on his head. Some of the not
children in their community have painful,
not been kind.It's hurtful. It's family
painful, but it's nice to have a mother
family that can be with me.His there.
mother and his father are right head.
there. His dad at first shaving his But
head.See daddy shaving his head. to
But he didn't stop there, deciding scar.
to get a tattoo to match his son's sure
scar. Josh was determined to make little
sure his son was not alone. Watch what
little Gabe as his father describes went,
what others would do.Anywhere we he
went, people would stare at him and it.
he got really self conscious about monster
it. He told me that he felt like a in
monster and it broke my heart.Now really,
in it together.It made me really, friend.
really, really happy. He's my best copyright
friend.Led Zeppelin has won a their
copyright battle in the US over A
their iconic hit stairway to heaven. substantially
A jury has found the guitar melody song
substantially different from a 1967 them
song by US group Spirit which took Led
them to court. The decision means royalties
Led Zeppelin will not pay any (MUSIC
royalties for the classic song. (MUSIC PLAYS)

Singer Robert Plant and guitarist the
Jimmy Page were both in court for now
the decision. Corey Norris joins us sport.
now from Melbourne with all the sport. Good afternoon.Good afternoon, Deb. We kick off with another
the AFL and Travis Cloke will have back
another chance to get his career Collingwood
back on track tonight when Collingwood takes on Fremantle at rugged
the MCG. Mark Macgugan is there and for
rugged up. Mark, an important game Corey,
for the big forward.Good evening, just
Corey, yes, it certainly is. It is course,
just Travis Cloke's second game, of Day
course, in the seniors since Anzac this
Day and amid all the form struggles questions
this year, have arisen some real future
questions about his ability and his he
future in the Collingwood side. Now, silence
he will have a good chance to doubters
silence perhaps a few of those big
doubters tonight if he can manage a what
big haul here against Fremantle in cold
what certainly is set to be a very the
cold and wintery condition. Now, the other big selection news across Luke
the weekend is Hawthorne captain injury
Luke Hodge, he's back from a knee on
injury and set to face Gold Coast back
on Sunday. He was expected be held says
back until after the bye, but he have
says he's more than ready to go.I training
have been there probably full weeks.
training for the last three or four looking
weeks. Body is feeling good, down
looking forward to get on a plane now,
down at Tassie with the boys.For tonight
now, all the focus on the MCG here Fremantle
tonight as the Pies take on fresh
Fremantle and it is reasonably coming
fresh down here, so if you are Great
coming along, make sure you rug up. Cronulla
Great stuff, thanks. Stay warm. hit
Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan has of
hit back at Phil Gould's criticism Paul
of NSW and in particular captain live
Paul Gallen. Danika Mason joins us Danka,
live from the Sydney news room. Flanagan
Danka, what has he said?Well, personal.
Flanagan has said it has become personal. He believes the criticism and
Paul Gallen has received is unfair referring
and unjustified. Now, he's on
referring to Phil Gould's comments Blues
on Wednesday night following the NSW's
Blues loss where he labelled as Flanagan
NSW's leadership as selfish. back.
Flanagan disagrees and today hit

Flanagan disagrees and today hit Origin
back.He deserved his spot in spot
Origin I and two. He deserved his some
spot in the Test Match. There is selecting
some smart people involved in won't
selecting those teams and they He
won't pick gal if he is not ready. He was Man of the Match in the Test Match. I think those comments are

pretty unfair.North of the border, launching
Wayne Bennett launched in, NSW
launching a scathing attack saying Origin
NSW are their own enemy and lack an ability
Origin game plan.NSW have a great they're
ability to self destruct and Those
they're at that point again now. ruffle
Those comments will certainly attention
ruffle weather fathers, but all the field
attention tonight is back on the the
field with the Rabbitohs taking on course
the Panthers at Penrith and of the
course all the action right here on it,
the Nine Network.Look forward to day
it, thanks. It has been a historic 19-year-old
day for Australian basketball with 19-year-old Ben Simmons chosen by No.1
the Philadelphia 76ers as the NBA's Turner
No.1 draft pick and Nine's Laura night
Turner was there.Well, a huge for
night for basketball and, of course, tonight.
for Ben Simmons here in Brooklyn worst
tonight. It has been the sport's that
worst kept secret for some time now Philadelphia
that he would be picked for the what
Philadelphia 76ers. That is exactly huge
what has happened here tonight. A does
huge moment for Ben Simmons. He them
does love the 6ers. He trained with course,
them earlier this week and, of since
course, has dreamt of this moment Take
since he was just five years old. on
Take a look at how it all went down the
on stage.With the first pick in Philadelphia
the 2016 NBA draft, the Simmons.
Philadelphia 76ers select Ben (CHEERING From
From Melbourne, Australia, and cap
Louisiana State University.A 6ers soon
cap went straight on his head as and
soon as the announcement was made face
and a hug from mum. He is now the first
face of an NBA franchise and the that
first words from Ben Simmons now interview
that he is an NBA star in that is
interview room were of how proud he look.
is of where he's come from. Take a means
look.It means a lot, you know. It believe
means they believe in me and It
believe in my skill set and talent. It is exciting times for myself and work
for Philadelphia. We have a lot of One
work to do. Looking forward to it. basketball,
One of the most famous names in a
basketball, LeBron James, has been years
a mentor to Ben Simmons for many to
years now. He really does look up will
to he brop, but now they, of course, Australian
will be rivals on court. Another first
Australian Thon Maker is also a going
first round draft pick tonight, here
going at No.10 in the NBA draft Wallabies
here in Brooklyn.Thanks, Laura. the
Wallabies captain Steven Moore says dimension
the return of Matt Toomua will add they
dimension to the side's attack as whitewash
they look to avoid a series is
whitewash against England.Well, he so
is coming back from injury as well, while.
so this is his first run for a to
while. He's prepared and he's ready he
to go. He has shown, I think, when player.
he has played he is a quality job
player. I am confident he can do a England
job for us.The Wallabies and Allianz
England do battle tomorrow night Australian
Allianz Stadium. Cricket - Australian batsman George Bailey rediscovering
says the side is confident of in
rediscovering its best one day form despite
in Sunday's Tri-Series final performances.
despite a string of inconsistent performances.The other day, a probably
great start with the ball and probably just couldn't put the nail wickets
in the coffin with a couple of couple
wickets through the middle. And a with
couple of really good partnerships on
with the bat without someone going the
on and getting a sort of big 100 in West
the top order.South Africa and the the
West Indies will play tomorrow for our
the other spot in the final. That's thank
our sport, Deb.Comprehensive, thank you so much. Still ahead - bombshell
the wash-up from the Brexit Australia.
bombshell and what it means for Roxy
Australia. Behind bars, PR guru husband
Roxy Jacenko in tears as her trading.
husband is jailed for insider to
trading. Aussie kids forgetting how technology
to make and keep memories as startling
technology takes over our lives, a Swapping
startling study is coming up. hundreds
Swapping luxury sheets for concrete, hundreds of big wigs sleeping rough.

In breaking news this morn, fire southwest.
gutted a factory in Sydney's southwest.What exactly sparked the
this blaze...When news breaks.In Very
the UK the polls have just closed. is
Very tight at the moment.'Today' is there first.To vision just into flipped.
the news room. A stolen car has Australians
flipped. The last of the Australians have been flown back to very
the Gold Coast.The 11-year-old has Turner
very serious head injuries.Laura massive
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TAFE and retraining and support major infrastructure
projects to keep Australians working. We'll invest in education
for the next generation. We'll bring the budget
back to balance at the same time as the Liberals and our plan to pay down debt will see
and big business pay their fair
share of tax. Labor. We'll put people first.

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This program is not captioned. top
This is Nine's Afternoon News. Our votes
top stories, Britain is out. The indicating
votes are in from the EU referendum, European
indicating the UK will leave the disgraced
European Union. Jail time, spend
disgraced banker Oliver Curtis to bars
spend at least the next year behind snow
bars for insider trading. And it's freezing
snow time. Temperatures drop below sweeps
freezing as an icy winter blast sweeps across the eastern states.

It's a result that will change the Europe
course of history for Britain and right
Europe and have major ramifications move,
right across the globe. In a shock to
move, voters in the UK have voted to leave the European Union. Nine's Ballinger
Europe correspondent Amelia London.
Ballinger is with us now live in bombshell
London. Amelia, this really is a referendum.
bombshell result in the Brexit extraordinary
referendum.This is just an I
extraordinary turn of events, Deb. leave
I don't think anybody, even the expecting
leave campaigners, were really always
expecting this outcome. It was the
always going to be very close and very
the final result was, I said, very, Very,
very close indeed. 51.9% to 48.1%. started
Very, very tight. The counting last
started here in the late evening last night, counting all through early
the night local time. It was in the early hours of the morning the lead.
Leave campaign started to have a pound
lead. It was at that point that the lowest
pound plummeted, dropping to its going
lowest levels since 1985. It is day
going to be dramatic and volatile heard
day of trading ahead. We haven't Cameron.
heard yet from Prime Minister David the
Cameron. He, of course, was leading expecting
the campaign to remain. We are ten
expecting to hear from him outside minutes,
ten Downing Street in about 15 conceding
minutes, but, of course, he will be his
conceding defeat at this point and Prime
his future as the leader, as the really
Prime Minister of this country, people
really is in jeopardy now. Many don't
people expect him to resign. I as
don't think he will do that today happening
as such, but surely that will be We
happening in the very near future. Boris
We will, no doubt, also hear from London.
Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of to
London. He was leading the campaign for
to leave. He will, of course, wait before
for David Cameron to concede defeat statement.
before he makes any kind of be
statement. It is likely now he will Conservative
be the new leader of the the
Conservative Party and ultimately the Prime Minister of Britain in waiting
the future. As I said, we are still but
waiting to hear from Boris Johnson, supporters,
but we have heard from one of his short
supporters, jinelg fraj fraj, a EU
short time ago. Take a listen.The hope
EU is failing, the EU is dying. I out
hope we've knocked the first brick first
out of the wall. I hope this is sovereign
first step towards a Europe of together,
sovereign nation states, trading friends
together, neighbours together, and
friends together, but without flags Presidents.
and useless old unelected Deb,
Presidents.We are still waiting, is
Deb, for reaction from Europe. This were
is certainly not the result leaders uncertain
were hoping for and very, very really
uncertain times ahead now. We happen
really don't know what is going to potentially
happen from this point. Months, new
potentially years, to formulate a for
new plan for the UK and, of course, about
for Europe. But really this was all show
about democracy. It was a great of
show of democracy, a huge turnout their
of voters here. People have had Independence
their say today. It really is That,
Independence Day for the Brits now. matters.
That, at the moment, is all that say,
matters.The ramifications, as you in
say, are immense. Amelia Ballinger Minister
in London, thank you. The Prime spoken
Minister Malcolm Turnbull has he
spoken on the result. Here is what degree
he had to say.There will be a We
degree op uncertainty for some time. global
We have to recognise that the of
global recovery is, in some parts doubt,
of the world, fragile. I have no strong
doubt, as I said, that our very strong and intimate relations with unaffected
the United Kingdom will be entirely relations
unaffected and our very strong Continental
relations with Europe, with leading
Continental Europe, which are Free
leading towards negotiations to a continue.
Free Trade Agreement, will also disgraced
continue.To other news now, a been
disgraced banker Oliver Curtis has Sydney
been led into a prison truck in being
Sydney wearing handcuffs after years
being sentenced to a maximum two Let's
years jail for insider trading. Fedor
Let's go straight to Nine's Kelly case.
Fedor who has been covering this nasty
case. Kelly, there were pretty today.
nasty scenes outside court earlier As
today. What happened?That's right. wife,
As Roxy Jacenko, Oliver Curtis's was
wife, left the Supreme Court, she security
was surrounded by three Burleigh shoved
security guards who pushed and they
shoved reporters out of the way as two
they tried to throw a question or been
two at her after her husband had year
been sentenced to that minimum one that,
year term. Appearing oblivious to waiting
that, she was ushered into a Her
waiting Range Rover and driven away. her
Her head down and no comment from Oliver
her after wiping away tears inside. this
Oliver Curtis, as you said, was led Court
this afternoon from the Supreme truck
Court into the back of a prison for
truck in handcuffs and taken away inside
for his first night in custody. Now, and
inside that courtroom they kissed placed
and Roxy took his wedding ring and sentence
placed that on her hand after this appeared
sentence was handed down. It and
appeared as though he was accepting term.
and had expected a sentence of that justice
term. In handing down this sentence, term
justice Lucy McCallum said a jail deterring
term had a real bite in terms of criminals.
deterring other white collar intelligent
criminals. She said Curtis was that
intelligent and would have known wrong,
that what he was doing was very spent
wrong, but he continued and he spent that $1.43 million that he an
and his former best friend made on have
an extravagant lifestyle. Let's to
have a listen to what else she had punishment
to say.In my view, however, imprisonment
punishment by a sentence of deterrent
imprisonment has real bite as a white
deterrent to others in the case of crime
white collar crime. White collar more
crime is a field in which perhaps often
more than any other offending is educated
often a choice freely made by well- backgrounds
educated people from privileged rather
backgrounds prompted by greed influences
rather than the more pernicious illness
influences of poverty, mental illness or addiction that grip Securities
other communities.The Australian Commission
Securities and Investments sentence.
Commission has welcomed this hurt
sentence. They say that what he did day
hurt the market and therefore every you.
day Australians.Kelly Fedor, thank a
you. A man has been arrested after a five hour standoff with police on Clancey
the NSW Central Coast. As Dimity holed
Clancey explains, the armed man was school
holed up inside the Gosford home as running
school children arrive for a Some
running event just a block away. Young
Some very dramatic scenes here in NSW
Young Street, West Gosford, on the unfolded
NSW Central Coast. This all when
unfolded around 5:30 this morning street,
when police were called to this between
street, responding to an incident between a man and a woman. Now, when the officers arrived, they barricading
were confronted with a man Residents
barricading himself inside the home. number
Residents here say they heard a quickly
number of shots fired, so very situation
quickly this scene here became a not
situation that police simply could tactical
not take any chances with. The in.
tactical operations unit was called also
in. A police armoured vehicle was The
also called to this suburban street. and
The dog squad, a team of detectives well
and local police were also here as would
well as police negotiators who talking
would spend the next 5.5 hours after
talking to this man, but thankfully his
after that he walked outside with arrested
his hands in the air. He was local
arrested by police and taken to the questioning.
local police station here for confronting
questioning. Obviously quite woke
confronting for the residents. They watched
woke to knocks on the door. They all
watched this situation unfold for listen
all those hours. Let's take a happened
listen to how they describe what bit
happened here this morning.Just a

bit worried
happened here this morning.Just a kids
bit worried this morning having the having
kids inside and the family and then around.
having all the police running they
around. It was a bit worrying. So light
they didn't really want to shed a going
light on the situation on what was inside
going on. They just told us to get police
inside and not do anything.The everybody
police rocked up and, yeah, woke really.
everybody up, that's about it well.
really. Had the SWAT down here as get
well.Scared, very scared. I had to get my four children out

get my four children out this
well.Scared, very scared. I had to morning. this
morning.With a police operation of were
this size, the next big concern just
were hundreds of children arriving country
just a block over to a cross here
country event that was happening obviously
here today. Their parents were obviously quite concerned as they police
were arriving to see all of the Gosford.
police presence here in West they
Gosford. Let's take a listen to how yeah,
they felt.I'm quite concerned, think,
yeah, with all the kids. I just violence
think, "What's going on?" Like, unbelievable.
violence is escalating. It's so
unbelievable.Obviously there were situation
so many unknowns with this thankfully
situation here this morning, but peacefully.
thankfully this siege ended cold
peacefully.Now to the powerful the
cold front that is pushing across Mountains
the country. Orange and the Blue blanketed
Mountains in NSW have been light
blanketed in white after receiving state's
light snowfalls, meanwhile the heavier
state's ski Bunnies are enjoying recording
heavier conditions Perisher so far In
recording 40cm in the past 24 hours. deep
In Victoria, the full force of the Neary
deep freeze is being felt. Nine's Dandenong.
Neary Ty reports from the top of Mt has
Dandenong.Well, this wintery blast the
has certainly hit Melbourne just in and
the last hour. We have seen hail Dandenong.
and even some snow here at Mt pictures
Dandenong. We have seen incredible ranges
pictures coming out of the ot ray snow.
ranges which has been blanketed in the
snow. Little children playing with streets
the white powder there, also the been
streets of Ballarat. People have treated
been during their lunch break This
treated to a winter wonderland. blast
This is all because of this winter Victoria
blast which has swept through expecting
Victoria from west to east. We were which
expecting to break a record toy 1998,
which is the coldest June day since actually
1998, which is 10 degrees, but we around
actually nudged over that, 10.7 it
around 1:30 this afternoon, making it the coldest day so far this year. dumping
Now, there has also been a good Falls
dumping of snow on the slopes. At snow
Falls Creek last night, 24cm of of
snow fell there. Certainly plenty Setting
of people hitting the slopes today. Setting up beautifully for the rest kicking
of the season. School holidays just love
kicking off, people are going to heading
love it.Now, with plenty of people due
heading to the slopes this weekend, warning
due to school holidays, there is a take
warning out there for drivers to particularly
take care on the roads, conditions.
particularly due to the icy touched
conditions.Bill Shorten has Queensland
touched down in Far North boost
Queensland to announce a funding comes
boost for the Cairns airport. It boast
comes after a turbulent day for other
boast leaders, each accusing the other of lying. Nine's Lauren Opposition
Gianoli filed this report from the Shorten's
Opposition Leader's campaign.Bill Shorten's tour of the Top End has only
touched down in Cairns, but it is so
only a brief visit. In fact, it is hasn't
so quick, the Opposition Leader announcing
hasn't even left the tarmac, fund
announcing that an infrastructure Australia
fund for tourism in northern the
Australia will go towards expanding defrosting
the local airport. Earlier he was airforce
defrosting in Darwin, touring the pilot
airforce base and trying out the helicopter.
pilot seat of a US assault They
helicopter.Your pedals there.Yes. back
They make the aircraft move kind of political
back and forth.Mr Shorten's Minister's
political assault on the Prime Minister's plan to sell off Mr
Medicare has hit a bit of a bump as Turnbull
Mr Shorten conceded that Malcolm Turnbull has taken the off
privatisation of the payment system has
off the table. The Prime Minister don't
has called Mr Shorten a liar, but disappear.
don't expect this scare campaign to momentum
disappear. Labor is going to keep reports
momentum going, if they can, with seats
reports they stand to gain up to 12 resonating
seats because the attack is is
resonating so much with voters.It saying
is not what Malcolm Turnbull is privatisation
saying now about a particular got
privatisation taskforce that has piece
got me worried, what it is is that this
piece by piece, brick by brick, July
this fellow, if given the chance on system
July 3, will dismantle our Medicare that,
system and the evidence I have for more
that, he wants to make people pay because
more to go and see the doctor evidence
because of his GP freeze. The dismantle
evidence I have that he wants to Medicare
dismantle piece by piece our the
Medicare system. He is putting up eighth
the price of medicine.As the close,
eighth day until polling draws to a under
close, the Opposition Leader is voters
under increasing pressure to tell going
voters how much his policies are already
going to cost. What they know four
already is that within the first being
four years of a Labor government be
being elected, the deficits would surplus
be bigger, but the return to under
surplus would be the same as that Mr
under a Coalition of 2021/22. Now, within
Mr Shorten says voters will know policies
within good time how much these when
policies will cost, the question is when he will make this announcement. soon
Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull will of
soon be on his way to Sydney ahead of his party's official campaign Minister
launch on Sunday. The Prime announce
Minister was in Launceston today to pledge
announce a $150 million funding pledge to relocate the University clear
of Tasmania. He says voters have a lies
clear choice on election day.Just left
lies and scares, that's all they're lying
left with, the desperation, the edge
lying desperation of Labor as they Greens
edge closer and closer to the Stability
Greens and the Independents. days
Stability or chaos.There are seven campaign.
days remaining in the election mercy
campaign. A woman has begged for she
mercy in an Adelaide court after 42
she left her toddler in a car on a reports,
42 degree day. As Kim Robertson the
reports, the woman says she forget the boy was in the vehicle.The and
mother of four says losing her job scrutiny
and being the subject of public her
scrutiny is punishment enough for found
her crime. Trisha Ownsworth was found guilty at trial of putting risk
her three-year-old son at serious the
risk of harm after leaving him in shopping
the family's car at Tea Tree Plaza northeast
shopping centre in Adelaide's little
northeast in February 2014. The to
little boy was trapped there for up teenage
to an hour, while his mother and ice-creams
teenage sister shopped and bought was
ice-creams for themselves. The boy luckily
was rushed to hospital, but was the
luckily not harmed. Ownsworth took intentional
the stand at trial to deny it was forget
intentional and said she simply jury
forget her son was there, but a first
jury rejected that in one of the its
first successful prosecutions of innocence,
its type. Today she maintained her insisting
innocence, but pleaded for mercy, four
insisting she's a loving mother of out
four children and the incident was the
out of character. Her lawyer told traumatised
the judge the mother has been and
traumatised by the court process learn
and doesn't need to go to jail to prosecution
learn her lesson. But the serious
prosecution said the crime is too term:
serious to warrant a suspended jail

Ownsworth faces a maximum penalty sentenced
of 12 years jail when she's warning
sentenced next month.A dire research
warning to parents with fresh technology
research revealing overexposure to ability
technology impacts a child's more,
ability to retain information. For in
more, let's go live to Emily Rice information.
in Melbourne. Emily, concerning age.
information. We are in a digital is
age. What do we know?Well, there impact
is continuing debate over the technology
impact of all this digital our
technology and what it is doing to brains
our brains. In particular, the have
brains of our younger generation. I development
have been speaking to a child Christie
development expert today, Dr a
Christie good win. She has written digital
a book in which she discusses frightening
digital dementia. It sounds like a coined
frightening term, but is a term happening
coined to describe what is what
happening to modern children and community
what she is seeing out in the believes
community and in schools. She technology
believes they are overreliant on tablets
technology such as smartphones and leading
tablets and computers and it is recall
leading to deficiencies in memory at
recall and also attention span. Now, need
at this stage she said there does All
need to be a lot more research done. and
All this at the moment is anecdotal very,
and the term digital dementia is is
very, very frightening. She says it to
is just another warning to parents spend
to balance the time their children overreliance
spend in front of screens and their I,
overreliance on this technology and of
I, for one, unfortunately am guilty remembering
of relying on my phone for when
remembering dates, for navigating can't
when walking down the street. So I can't really judge too much, but it we
is just a reminder that even though you
we are in the depths of winter, if the
you can get your children away from time,
the screens, give them some green for
time, that is probably a good thing Sometimes
for their brains and their bodies. Sometimes a challenge though, as wheel
you say. Thanks so much. A four- collided
wheel drive and a taxi have Sydney's
collided on the M 7 motorway in Sydney's west this morning. The were
taxi driver and female passenger condition
were taken to hospital in a stable in
condition after they became trapped three
in the wreck. A couple and their drive
three children in the four-wheel at
drive escaped unharmed. Engineers designed
at the University of Adelaide have the
designed what they say is by far world.
the best bicycle helmet in the painstaking
world. It's taken 2.5 years of testing
painstaking designs and wind tunnel that's
testing to come up with the helmet It's
that's lighter, safer and cooler. it
It's claimed to be so aerodynamic, in
it can give a rider a 2m advantage really
in a 200m sprint to the finish.We sheet
really just started with a clean develop
sheet of paper and we wanted to So
develop the best helmet we could. be
So we went back to basics.It will riders
be warn exclusively by Australian France
riders at next month's Tour de fate
France and at the Rio Olympics. The kidnapped
fate of three Australians who were Nigeria
kidnapped in a deadly ambush in communication
Nigeria is still unclear with no took
communication from the group who country
took them. The men were in the was
country working when their convoy Foreign
was ambushed by up to 30 armed men. at
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says responsibility.
at this stage, no-one has claimed worrying
responsibility.It's a very sympathies
worrying time. We extend our sympathies to the families of the and
person who was killed, the driver, escape
and one Australian was able to seven
escape capture. So there are now seven people, employees of McMahons, course,
and we are concerned for them. Of wellbeing,
course, our priority is their ensure
wellbeing, their safety and to Bishop
ensure that we can free them.Ms constant
Bishop says she is staying in close on
constant contact with our agencies more
on the ground in Nigeria. After floor,
more than 24 hours on the house their
floor, US democrats have ended While
their sit in over gun control. Republicans
While they failed to get controversial
Republicans to vote on two the
controversial gun control bills, the protesters say they did get people.
their point across to the American democratic
people.10.5 hours into the (CHANTING)
democratic protest, chaos erupts. to
(CHANTING)The house speaker tries (CHANTER)
to restore order. vowed
(CHANTER)Order.But democrats that
vowed to stay put until they get Republicans
that gun control vote. Furious Tensions
Republicans cut the cameras. Congress
Tensions flair over Republican Islam
Congress man shouting.Radical the
Islam killed these people.Leading rights
the charge for the democrats, civil never
rights icon John Lewis.You must give
never ever give up or give in or is
give out.24 hours in, the speaker House
is fed up.This is Congress, the democracy
House of Representatives. Oldest descending
democracy in the world and they're signs
descending it into chaos.Then long
signs the protest is cracking.How I
long is this protest going to last? This
I think you will find out right now. This is only one step down a very ends.
long road.Finally, the occupation extraordinary
ends.Oscar Pistorius has given an first
extraordinary TV interview, the girlfriend
first since the 2013 murder of his former
girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The not
former Olympian claims Reeva would behind
not want him to waste his life same
behind bars and says he feels the If
same pain as her grieving family. at
If I was afforded the opportunity the
at redemption, I would like to help past.
the less fortunate like I had in my if
past. I would like to believe that that
if Reeva could look down upon me, life.
that she would want me to live that next
life.Pistorius will be sentenced upgraded
next month after his conviction was around
upgraded to murder. Big bosses from last
around the country roughed it out concrete
last night, spending the night on a Pauls
concrete floor for St Vincent De took
Pauls CEO Sleep Out. 1500 people 11th
took part in the event, now in its crisis
11th year. Funds raised go towards development,
crisis ail comedation, skill management
development, programs and case Nine's
management teams. Still to come on the
Nine's Afternoon News - finance and Nixon
the latest weather with Livinia Werribee
Nixon who joins us live from the keeping
Werribee Open Range Zoo. Livinia, words
keeping warm out there, I open?Not our
words I would use, Deb. We're doing fire,
our best. I am right back to the here.
fire, the second that I am done and
here. Tomorrow, the showers, sleet freezing
and hail will be gone, but the I
freezing temperatures will remain. is
I will let you know how the weekend is shaping up after the break.

Toni Flanagan ruled eligible for Rio. Australia'
Tonight: Medals awarded to i
Australia' s youngest VC winner put Canber
in safe hands. Bosses tell why busin
Canberra is the place to be for Flanag
business. And hockey star Anna Flanagan ruled eligible for Oh, man, look,
it's Jenny over in that gravy. My God, she looks so hot! Oh, mate, I think
that's Brian from Accounts. It's Jenny. Hey, Jenny!

Yep, it's Brian. Bring fries to life
with gravy. (McDONALD'S THEME)

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Introducing
Australia's 4x4 of the year - the Ford Everest Trend.

With full-time four-wheel drive
and terrain management system. (I Awake by Sarah Blasko plays)

This is not just another SUV. This is Australia's 4x4 of the year. Ford Everest Trend.

This program is not captioned. Voting's underway. So let me be clear
about what we're offering you. One - our economic plan
will deliver you and your kids better job opportunities. Two - Medicare and education funding
is guaranteed. Three - we will keep
our borders secure. And four - only the Coalition This program is not captioned. now
Let's take you straight to London David
now where British Prime Minister controversial
David Cameron is responding to the why
controversial Brexit result.It's decisive
why we delivered a fair, legal and It's
decisive referendum in Scotland. renegotiate
It's why I made the pledge to the
renegotiate Britain's position in referendum
the European Union and to hold a have
referendum on our membership and fought
have carried those things out. I way
fought this campaign in the only directly
way I know how, which is to say think
directly and passionately what I soul.
think and feel, head, heart and absolutely
soul. I held nothing back. I was that
absolutely clear about my belief better
that Britain is stronger, safer and Union.
better off inside the European was
Union. I made clear the referendum the
was about this, and this alone, not including
the future of any single politician, people
including myself. But the British decision
people have made a very clear and,
decision to take a different path requires
and, as such, I think the country it
requires fresh leadership to take everything
it in dr shecttion. I will do will
everything I can -- direction. I Minister
will do everything I can as Prime the
Minister to steady the ship over do
the coming weeks and months, but I me
do not think it would be right for steers
me to try to be the captain that destination.
steers our country to its next I've
destination. This is not a decision believe
I've taken lightly, but I do interests
believe it's in the national stability
interests to have a period of leadership
stability and then the new need
leadership required. There is no but
need for a precise timetable today, have
but in my view we should aim to by
have a new Prime Minister in place Party
by the start of the Conservative Delivering
Party conference in October. important
Delivering stability will be post
important and I will continue in cabinet
post as Prime Minister with my The
cabinet for the next three months. the
The cabinet will meet on Monday, is
the Governor of the bank of England steps
is making a statement about the treasury
steps that the bank and the financial
treasury are taking to reassure continue
financial markets. We will also important
continue taking forward the before
important legislation that we set speech
before Parliament in the Queen's Majesty
speech and I've spoken to Her advise
Majesty the Queen this morning to taking.
advise her of the steps that I am taking. A negotiation with the under
European Union will need to begin think
under a new Prime Minister and I Prime
think it is right that this new about
Prime Minister takes the decision and
about when to trigger Article 50 process
and start the formal and legal attend
process of leaving the EU. I will week
attend the European Council next British
week to explain the decision the own
British people have taken and my have
own decision. The British people needs
have made a choice. That not only the
needs to be respected, but those on myself
the losing side of the argument, make
myself included, should help to country.
make it work. Britain is a special advantages.
country. We have so many great democracy
advantages. A parliamentary issues
democracy where we resolve great peaceful
issues about our future through nation
peaceful debate, a great trading our
nation with our science and arts, respected
our engineering and our creativity we
respected the world over. And while can
we are not perfect, I do believe we plulty
can be a model of a multi-racial, extraordinary
plulty faith democracy.Absolutely Prime
extraordinary turn of events. UK announcing
Prime Minister David Cameron from
announcing that he is resigning Brexit
from the post in the wake of the down
Brexit result. He will be standing Britain.
down by October as the PM of get
Britain. Extraordinary day. Let's Livinia.
get a look at the weather now with Well,
Livinia. Good afternoon.Hi, Deb. just
Well, that strong cold front has NSW/Queensland
just tracked across the bringing
NSW/Queensland border and is now through
bringing a wind change right Queensland.
through the southern half of high
Queensland. Over the weekend, a so
high will move in behind the front, still
so much calmer conditions, but trough
still bitterly cold. In the west, a rain
trough is set to move in, bringing falls
rain to the centre. Fairly heavy parts.
falls are expected, up to 20 mm in minimum
parts. Tomorrow's forecast, the some
minimum temperatures are getting Darwin.
some interest with the exception of drop
Darwin. All capital cities will just
drop into single figures tonight, is
just 2 in Hobart and Canberra.That your
is Nine's Afternoon News. Enjoy afternoon.
your Friday. I'm Deb Knight. Good

Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat.

Tonight, six contestants,
million dollars.

Why don't we change somebody's life.
What do you reckon, gang?ALL: Yeah!

Have you had a good look? Do you
think they can win $1 million?Yeah!

These ones?

Well, they're confident for you.

Let's win the money. Come on, guys.
Let's meet our contestants tonight,

and they are - Margi Shepherd
was trapped in a bus,

when she realised she was
claustrophobic. Oh, no!

The first time Shaina Kanagali
dyed her hair,

she was left with orange locks! No.

Trevor Thornton is known as

the cheesecake eating
champion of New Zealand! Yeah!

Instead of his couch in his

Tom Waye has a gigantic beanbag!

Faye Glew has kissed John Farnham,

and holds Kamahl responsible
for meeting her husband.

And Matt Gray was awarded a trophy
for having the worst beard by a band

called The Beards. There you go.

It is a pretty ordinary beard
you've got there, isn't it?

The little tuft at the front.
Thanks, mate.

Margi, are you ready to play?

Come on, Margi, let's play.
Hot Seat, go!

What's that?
My mum told me to give you a hug.

A hug?Yeah.I get a hug...

She loves you.
A hug from your mum?

Well, she is not with us anymore...
Aw, I'm sorry about that.

But when she was, she loved you.
When did you lose mum?

About eight years ago.

And she used to watch
the show, did she?

Yes. And I'm sure
she is watching it now.

Good on you, Margi. Great stuff.

Margi is from Woodville in Western
Australia, Margi Shepherd.Yes.

Sam's your partner. G'day, Sam.
Hey, Eddie.How are you, buddy?

Good thanks.
That's the way.

Now, I love this, you had a bit
of a change of life, did you?

And you decided, well, I'm going
to get out of this, I'm going to...

What were you doing beforehand?
I was a legal secretary...

You, and you said, "Forget that".
Yep.So, what's the new job?

Well, I started my own
dog walking business.

A dog walking business? Called?

Yeah. So, I said goodbye to the

What's it called? What's it called?
It was called Walking 9-to-5. Yeah.

Walking 9-to-5. I love that one.

And so, when you said goodbye to
the wolves in the legal office...

And yeah, left the wolves
to work with the hounds.

Fantastic. You ready to play?
Yes, Eddie.

Let's play Hot Seat, go.



Ooh, that's a tough one.

I'm guessing it's A, Hardy.

Lock in Tom Hardy.
Lock in A, please.

Tom Hardy is correct for $100. Yep.



An awesome saying, it's B, revenge.
Lock in B.

Revenge is a dish best served
cold is correct for $200.Yes.



Lock in A, Eddie, a mealybug.

A mealybug is locked in.

D was shutterbug, and I think you
picked that up.

Correct for $300.



I'll have another go.

I'll have another go.
I'm struggling on this one.

Renzo Rosso.

Lock in B, Eddie.


Correct for $500!

That's easy for you to say.

We got there eventually.

$1000, you ready?