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(generated from captions) We're gonna say three.
Wrong. The correct answer is one.

How many chances have we had? I bet we've had about five chances! Here we go. Your time starts again
now. The arctic hare has what colour
winter coat? White.
Who played Jim Hacker in the sitcom
Yes, Minister? Paul Eddington. What country built the Maginot Line? That must be France, mustn't it?

Team - caught with 24 seconds
remaining. Six chances to push back.
You've got to punish them. We didn't, and we paid the price. But to get to the final Chase,
anyway, is an achievement. But I've got to take away the
No! Wendy, Sarah and Richard, you have
been caught, and for you the Chase is well and
truly over. Chaser?
They played very well. They clung on to the very end, but
at the end of the day, it's just another day at the office.

So, the team's lack of knowledge in
the push-backs send them home empty-handed. You've got to punish the Chasers in
the final Chase. Can anyone take money from our
Chasers? Find out next time. We'll see you
soon. Goodbye.

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This program is live captioned by
Ericsson Access Services. VOICEOVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good afternoon. They're calling it the United Kingdom's
Independence Day - voters deciding to go it alone
and quit the European Union. What happens next, and will David Cameron stay on
as Prime Minister? We're live to London in a moment. Plus, what impact will
the shock result have on Australia. From insider trader
to inside a prison cell - the fall of Sydney stockbroker
Oliver Curtis is complete. Coming up -
the judge's scathing comments as she sent the husband
of PR guru Roxy Jacenko to jail. Plus, the huge factory blaze that
needed more than 80 firefighters to bring it under control. And the handsome payday for Australian basketballer
Ben Simmons, officially the number one pick
in the NBA draft.

In sport - Travis Cloke gets a recall for
the Pies match against Fremantle the future of Manly fullback
Brett Stewart uncertain. And is he the one to watch?
Nick Kyrgios tunes up for Wimbledon. Amanda.

Thanks, Ryan. On the weather front - that cold snap is on the move, bringing freezing conditions
and rain to south-east parts of the country. More details in 10 minutes.

First at 4:00,
they had two choices - stay or go.

And after 43 years, Britons have
voted to leave the European Union. This unexpected
and unprecedented decision came down in just the last few hours and it sets the country
on an uncertain path with ramifications, too,
for the rest of the world. Our Europe correspondent
Hugh Whitfeld joins us live from London. Hugh, they're just waking up
to the news there - how close was it in the end?

Well, not very close at all. 1.2 million votes separate the two. It is likely it will be 50 to believe, 48 or remain. The gap is 1.2 million votes. One political journalist here this morning has described this result as cataclysmic in British history. London overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU but this vote was won in the heartlands, in the Midlands, in the industrial north around Manchester. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain but it is not really matter in the end what they say because they have got to go with the majority of the United Kingdom. Up until a few hours ago, the momentum was behind the remain camp but as the night on folded, it became clear that the outlying towns were backing an exit. Nigel Farage, the leader of the party, is a very Dare to dream
that the dawn is breaking the party, is a very happy man. on an independent United Kingdom! (CHEERING)

Hugh, Prime Minister David Cameron
was a fierce supporter of change. The speculation was that a "leave"
decision would end his rule. Will he now stay or go?

Big questions on his leadership. He has always said that he will stay on to negotiate Britain's exit from the EU. We are waiting to hear from him racked up. This is a live shot from number 10 Downing St. He is going to have to make an announcement soon to calm the markets heading into the Wigan. There are big questions about what happens next with Scotland overwhelmingly backing to stay in the tube. The will be a push for a second independence referendum. The questions as well about what happens on the Northern Ireland border which becomes the land frontier with the European unit. Stand by for a very busy couple of days as this plays out and as this plays out, Donald Trump arrives in Scotland in 1.5 hours. Just what they need. The vote's thrown global markets
into shock. Tom Piotrowski is at Commsec.

Tom, really this has caught world markets by surprise.Absolutely. Markets are our region but this morning, looked at the polls and saw that the remain campaign was establishing some nice moment. There was a feeling of, what is all the fuss about? When the Australian market started opening up, we saw the first wave of leave votes get traction as far as the counting was concerned. Then that is continued over the course of the morning. Then there was disbelief over the course of the afternoon. This is going to be a very complex process as far as the next couple of years are concerned. The next step is what they call the invocation of article 50. That gets the euro credit process in motion of extracting the United Kingdom from the EU. They have two years to do it and that is a tall order. The question now has got a lot of moving parts to it, a lot of uncertainty. Is a lot of talk on the impact of global growth. It is really the bureaucratic process. The pound is done already, the markets have slumped a bit. In quick summary, what has it and the Australian markets?We are down more than 3%. This is the worst decline since September last here. Every sector is marked down aggressively. Some of the financials were hit hardest. The banks were down three to 4%. The United Kingdom has been hit hardest. Clydesdale bank is down by 17% today. That is where the core of the selling has been this afternoon. Sydney stockbroker Oliver Curtis will spend at least a year
behind bars for insider trading. The husband of public relations
queen Roxy Jacenko was given a dressing down
by the judge before hugging his wife
and handing her his wedding ring. More from Paul Kadak.

As the sentence was handed down, Oliver Curtis's wife, Roxy Jacenko,
burst into tears as she looked over at her husband. The sheriffs immediately
approached him. He had to hand over his tie,
his watch, his money in preparation
for being taken to jail.

Roxy went over to Oliver,
the couple kissed and hugged. He handed her his wedding ring. Jacenko had made a plea to the court
not to send Curtis to jail. The couple have two young children. But
Judge Lucy McCallum said, while family separation is gutting,
their family was well resourced and is in a better place
to deal with it. Oliver Curtis was sentenced
to two years jail with a non-parole period of one year for insider trading with
a childhood friend back in 2007, which net them almost $1.5 million. Money which was used to fund
what the judge called a "lifestyle of conspicuous
extravagance". Curtis was 21 at the time but the judge said
he knew what he was doing and believed he wouldn't get caught. He had not cooperated
with authorities, he had shown no contrition and only paid back the money
after being found guilty. There had to be a general deterrent
for this sort of crime and she said a jail sentence
has "real bite." There was no comment
from Roxy Jacenko as she left court escorted by security guards. Her husband, Oliver Curtis, is being
transported to jail this afternoon. He spend at least one year
behind bars.

A huge factory fire wreaked havoc
in Sydney this morning destroying businesses,
and bringing traffic to a halt. The flames were so big it took more than 80 firefighters
hours to bring them under control. Peter Fegan reports. Well, this truly extraordinary
vision taken by Seven News shows the dramatic moment two explosions tear through
this factory building overnight. Fire crews were called
to Beresford Avenue in Greenacre in Sydney's south-west
at around 3:30 this morning after reports of people
hearing those explosions. Now, when they arrived they found
two factory buildings well alight. Those flames were as high as 30m.

There was nothing they could do
to save those two properties. They are completely destroyed. And as you can see from
those incredible pictures, the front of the factory collapses. We spoke with the owner
of that business this morning. Let's have a listen
to what he had to say. The alarm went off
this morning at... I think it was about 3:37
and it's just turned around and we just sort of thought
it was a hiccup with mice or something like that. Now, 25 fire trucks
and over 80 firefighters were called to battle the blaze which took around three hours
to contain. We also spoke with firefighters
this morning. Firefighters have gone in internally
to the two adjoining buildings to prevent fire spread there, so they have done a great job in saving
those two additional buildings. Investigators are still here
on the scene and they will remain here
for the rest of the day. They believe that those explosions
came from this furniture store just here behind me. They are treating this blaze
as suspicious.

The cold front that's sweeping
across the south-east of the country has delivered snow
right where it's needed and a few places where it's not. More than 40cm has fallen
in the past 24 hours at Thredbo, with Perisher recording 38. The winds at Mt Hotham
have hit 104km/h with the temperature in Melbourne
struggling to reach double digits. There's now a base of more than
0.5m at all the ski reports and more snow is expected to fall
just in time for school holidays. According to the bureau some parts of the Darling Downs
in Queensland could also get a light dusting as the freezing temperatures
move north. In Tasmania, snow could fall
as low as 500m above sea level.

Let's get a latest check
of the conditions. Amanda Abate joins us now. how's it looking, Amanda?

Chris, cold wet and windy. This is the strongest front
of the year. It's bringing freezing conditions and, as you just mentioned, snow to south-eastern parts
of the country. Even Bathurst had a light dusting
this afternoon. You can see it here - that thick blue line
moving across New South Wales heading into Queensland. A severe weather warning
is in place There are also disruptions at
Sydney Airport this afternoon. Victoria, though,
is still bearing the brunt of it. Melbourne has shivered through
its coldest day of the year. Let's have a look. Just 8 degrees in Melbourne
at the moment. 9 degrees in Hobart.

Sydney 13 as the cold snap sets in. Next in Seven's Afternoon News, dozens killed
in a tornado emergency. Also, people run for their lives as a masked gunman
storms a packed cinema. And a high-speed police chase
ends in a crash landing.

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Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come, terror as a masked gunman
takes hostages in a German cinema. And a Dad's symbol of love
touching millions around the world.

A high speed police chase
has ended with a car smashing into a house
in Perth. Police had tried to stop the driver
to question him about a burglary but he sped off before crashing and
flipping in the suburb of Munster. The car became airborne, landing on its front bumper
inside a house, with the rear of the vehicle
wedged in the roof. The driver tried to flee
but didn't get far. He suffered minor injuries and has been charged
with multiple offences.

Police are confident a gunman who stormed
a cinema complex in Germany, taking hostages, wasn't a terrorist. The masked man held several people
for three hours before specialist officers
moved in and shot him dead. A split second of confusion, then they hit the floor, huddling underneath the desk
for cover. Seconds later,
there's a stampede towards the door, as dozens of people
run for their lives. The two employees keep their heads
down for a few moments and then make their move,
bolting for the exit. (SIRENS WAIL) Outside, police from
a special response unit cordoned off the area
around the building. They received an emergency call saying there was an armed man
wearing a mask inside the cinema complex. The caller said four shots
had been fired. With the Orlando shooting
still fresh in everyone's minds, authorities feared a hostage
situation, with children inside. Initial reports suggested
up to 50 people had been wounded. It was later confirmed
they suffered minor injuries when police used tear gas
during the operation. Officers found the gunman inside
with a number of hostages. He was shot dead. No-one else was harmed. Authorities have suggested
the man was mentally unstable rather than a terrorist.

A tornado and wild hailstorms
have killed at least 78 people across eastern China. The twister struck the outskirts
of the city of Yancheng, tearing through homes
and overturning cars. More than 500 people were injured. Witnesses say
it was like the end of the world. Thousands have been evacuated and are being housed
in makeshift shelters.

Rock music history
has been set straight with a court ruling
Led Zeppelin didn't steal the opening riff
of Stairway to Heaven. The Los Angeles jury found
the chords were not copied from the song Taurus
by the US band Spirit. These are the riffs in question. Stairway to Heaven is first.

substantial differences.

It's now official - Australia's Ben Simmons
is the number one pick in this year's NBA Draft. The Melbourne-born basketballer
has joined the Philadelphia 76ers, while fellow Aussie Thon Maker
is off to the Milwaukee Bucks. US correspondent Alex Hart
is in Brooklyn. Well, there he is right behind me,
big Ben Simmons and his father Dave. It has been predicted for months but it was not until
he heard his name called out tonight that it became a reality. He's now an NBA player. As expected, the Philadelphia 76ers
picked him up with pick number one ahead of the draft's
other standout star, Brandon Ingram. His parents and grandparents were among the first people
to congratulate him. It's amazing, you know? I'm happy that the Sixers chose me. I've been working so hard
to get to this point. Ben's done a fantastic job of maintaining
that number one ranking. The 19-year-old was quick to thank
his family and friends at home, who helped him get
to basketball's biggest stage. A great night as well
for the other Aussie hope, Thon Maker,

he is from South Sudan originally,
was raised in Perth, and he was taken
with pick number 10 by the Milwaukee Bucks, the first time ever two Aussies
taken in the first round of the NBA draft. There had been some concerns
ahead of tonight that some teams were worried that he's actually older
than he in fact is, but that didn't stop the Bucks
from picking him up. I feel like I'm ready
because I trust my game. Unfortunately for Australian fans Simmons will not be competing
in the Olympics in the green and gold. His sole focus right now
is on NBA success. A big blow
for the United States as well, LeBron James announcing today
he also won't be going to Rio.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News,
the verdict's in -

the generous gift that could
make this man Australia's best boss. And taking the lead - the inspirational young Australians
honoured by the Queen.

When Ronnie died, I found it very,
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Heavily armed police
have surrounded a home on the New South Wales Central Coast after a man inside with a shotgun
made threats on social media. Matthew Snelson reports
from Gosford. Well, the operation wrapped up
after five hours. Heavily-armed tactical police
had the street closed, had surrounding streets
closed as well, with reports of an armed man
inside one of the homes here. Police had been called here
just after 5:00 this morning after a series of threatening posts
on Facebook. When they arrived here
they found a man barricaded inside. Neighbours told them
that they believe guns were stored on their property and that there were other people
inside the home as well. Here's a little of what
neighbours told us as the operation unfolded. I came out to drive out
the driveway and I ended up getting pulled
down the side of my house by a police officer and then asked to come inside
and stay inside and not come out. Now, the operation ended peacefully
after five hours. The man was taken into custody. Police say that there was a woman
with him at the time but they did not go into detail about whether or not
she was being held against her will. Detectives are continuing
to interview the man but it is not clear yet
what charges he will face.

Two Australians
are among 60 recipients of the Queen's Young Leaders Awards. Her Majesty presented
25-year-old Jacob Thomas with a medal for his work promoting
gender equality and Human Rights. Prince Harry was also at the event, which recognises
exceptional young leaders from across the Commonwealth. You've already been an inspiration
to so many but I hope this award
will inspire you to go out and achieve
even greater things in the future. Alexander Dubinovsky was honoured for his contribution
to improving literacy among children in Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander communities.

Squeezing a pay rise
out of your boss may be difficult but one Gold Coast employer
has splashed out big. Boss of ABC Brick Sales
Andrew Mills bought seven of his dedicated staff
shiny new Holdens worth a total of $200,000. He's with Krystal Etherington. We're at ABC Brick Sales where Andrew Mills has just awarded
seven of his staff brand-new cars. Andrew, why did you do this? As a big thank you to the team for all their hard work
over the years. How much did this set you back? Around $200,000 for 7 cars,
which I think's really great value. And thanks to the guys
at Service City Holden, who put the deal together for us. A bit of an Oprah moment, isn't it? So, yeah, it wasn't expected. I thought I was coming up
for a meeting. I really do appreciate
what he's done for us. I feel like I've...yeah. It's very special. Some of your staff
have been working here for more than 20 years. Is this your way of awarding them? For sure. They're pretty special people to me, and through the tough times
of the GFC on the Gold Coast, they all dug deep and
got us through the other side, and this is a nice thank you
in the good times to finish a Friday
and a week with new cars. It's safe to say Andrew is
officially one of the most popular bosses in Queensland.

You're watching
Seven's afternoon News. Stay with us, next - what Australia's leaders
make of the Brexit vote and what it means for us. Also, a couple caught up
in the Vanuatu bus crash relive their terrifying ordeal. And remind you of anyone? The dog that could trump
the competition as the world's ugliest.

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VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Reason.

You're watching Seven's
Afternoon News. These are our top stories - Britain quits the EU. Trillions wiped off stock markets and the British pound falls
to a 30-year low. In a moment, how will the
Brexit decision will affect you? From insider trading
to inside a prison cell. The husband of Sydney
publicity queen Roxy Jacenko sent to jail.

Massive factory explosions
caught on camera. 80 firefighters
called to Greenacre to help. A multimillion-dollar pay day
for Aussie basketballer Ben Simmons, the number one pick
in the NBA draft. And still to come in sport
with Ryan Phelan - England coach Eddie Jones taunts the
Wallabies ahead of the third test.

Australia's leaders are calling
for cool heads to prevail following Britain's vote
to exit the European Union. Live to Amelia Brace in Canberra. Amelia, just a week to go
until the federal election. Will this decision
have any effect here? Chris, the Coalition has been quick
to seize on the vote, warning of instability.

Malcolm Turnbull spoke in Tasmania
a short time ago, reassuring Australians
that the exposure of our economy is limited, but warning we can't risk
a change of government or even hung parliament
next Saturday. Now, more than ever, Australia needs a stable,
majority Coalition government with a strong economic plan which sets Australia up
for a prosperous future. The implications for Australia
are minimal, potentially, but there are other decisions
that flow from this that will arise different challenges but that doesn't change anything that the Australian government
has to do. Chris, Labor leader Bill Shorten
has just touched down in Cairns. He says there's no reason
a vote in the UK should affect domestic politics
in Australia. Thanks.
Amelia Brace in Canberra. Foreign editor Dr Keith Suter
joins me now.

Keath, the final figures are in. 51.9% to leave. 48 x 1% to stay. This has got massive implications, doesn't it?Absolutely. This is the biggest change in British politics since 1979 and the election of Mrs Thatcher. Within Europe, there are a number of countries that might want to also talk about whether to stay in. We need to Giblett on the Netherlands.Scotland has voted to remain. Two diametrically opposed positions.The Scots had the vote to stay or leave the United Kingdom. Now, I think, they will vote to have a fresh referendum with a vote to pull out of the United Kingdom so we will see the end of the United Kingdom and seek to gain re-entry into the EU.Are we now see in Germany as the head of Europe? I don't want to mention the war...Why did we fight to world wars? I have now achieved what they wanted. It was the second biggest economy in the DQ. It was Germany in an even more dominant position. -- EU.EU is falling apart, the UK is falling apart, what happens to David Cameron?He has said that he is not going to resign because his fear is that people would leave simply to get rid of him. He has already told us that he would pull out by the time of the next election which is 2020 but this will hasten his withdrawal. The obvious replacement is Boris Johnson who, incidentally, led the campaign to leave. He has positioned himself very well.Thank you very much. The Pacific Dawn cruise ship will
dock in Brisbane tomorrow morning following the tragedy in Vanuatu. A Brisbane couple has relived the terrifying moment
their tour bus crashed in Port Vila. They spoke with Kate Leonard-Jones.

I am at
the Princess Alexandra hospital where three of the 10
Australian P&O cruise passengers injured in that deadly bus crash
are still recovering. 77-year-old George Tweedale
and his wife Rowena both have broken legs. George was scheduled for
his second surgery this afternoon. The couple have spoken to Seven News about the terrifying moment
their tour bus crashed, sending passengers flying. There was all these people
on top of me, a chair on top of me,
things had flown around the place, these things
will stay with you forever. The 77-year-old says
he was pulled from the wreckage and left on the side of the road. They laid me out
straight on top of stones, and I was there
for two hours waiting because there
were worse ones than me. Another three patients remain
in the Royal Brisbane hospital, as well as a 4-year-old girl
at Lady Cilento. The latest patients
to be flown to Australia from the Gold Coast - they were airlifted from
a hospital in Noumea to a Gold Coast hospital
in the early hours of this morning. They're both in a stable condition. Their mum joined them
earlier this afternoon. As for the Pacific Dawn cruise ship
the group were on, that was due to dock
in Brisbane this afternoon with the remaining 1,500 passengers, but has been delayed and
is now due back tomorrow morning. Families of three Australians
abducted in Nigeria are anxiously waiting
for word on their loved ones. Mark Gabbedy, Jack Couranz,
and Peter Zoutenbier were among a group
of seven mine workers taken near of the city of Calabar. There's been no claim made yet but our concern is the wellbeing,
the safety of these people, and we are working as hard as we can
to free them. A witness reported seeing the
victims being bundled into a boat.

Bill Shorten's been labelled a liar after seemingly backing away
from Labor's claims that Malcolm Turnbull
plans to privatise Medicare. The Coalition says he should
fess up and apologise. Instead, Mr Shorten's
gone back on the attack. Eight days to go
and Bill Shorten's jog... Morning, gentlemen. becoming more of a sprint. Today the Labor leader
blitzed northern Australia. Starting in Darwin,
then onto Cairns. Tonight he's in Townsville. I think Labor can win this election. Hot on his tail, the wash-up from an interview
from last night when Mr Shorten's red-hot rhetoric
on privatising Medicare seemed to cool. Can you put your hand on your heart
and look Australians in the eye and say that the Coalition
has a policy to privatise Medicare? I've said that they have plans
to privatise the payments system. But as papers this morning
hounded his apparent turnaround Mr Shorten appeared
to seize the claim again. This is a government
who, in their DNA, believes in privatisation. It didn't convince his opponent as Malcolm Turnbull
campaigned in Launceston. If somebody is running
for Prime Minister and they're prepared to lie about
something as important as that, to vulnerable Australians, how can you trust
anything else he says? It's all part of a more
steadily intense, breathless fight between the two leaders, slinging their barbs at one another
from opposite ends of the country. Labor did land one on the government
this morning right in the middle of Mr Turnbull's
$50 billion corporate tax cut. Paul Keating reduced it! Paul Keating reduced it. A Labor treasurer. Unhappy playing poster boy
for Liberal tax policy, the man himself penned
a fiery letter.

What Paul Keating has said is that everything that
Malcolm Turnbull's doing about this corporate tax cut
is wrong, wrong, wrong. I would look at what he did
in office, ah, as a measure of his commitment
and convictions rather than what he writes
in a letter to a newspaper a week out from an election.

A dog in the US could soon be named
the world's ugliest thanks to his resemblance
to a certain presidential candidate and his distinct comb-over. Himisabo is currently
in second place in an online vote. His owner thinks
Donald Trump's popularity will soon see him jump ahead
and take out the title.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News, tackling Australia's
antibiotic addiction. The plan to stop patients getting
prescriptions they just don't need. And in sport with Ryan Phelan, Bulldog Josh Morris
out of tomorrow's clash against the Broncos.

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Privatising Medicare will be
the end of Medicare as we know it. Nobody wants to head down
the same path as America when it comes to our health system.

Labor will. Labor believes that it's your
Medicare card, not your credit card, that should determine
your access to health care. Labor gave Australians Medicare and we will always protect it.

You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come,
Ryan Phelan with sport. And like father, like son - a Dad's symbol of love touching
millions around the world.

Australian researchers are trying to curb the country's
obsession with antibiotics. They've developed a program that encourages GPs
to educate their patients about the negative effects. If we continue to overuse
and misuse antibiotics we are going to get huge problems
with super-bugs. Each year, 22 million prescriptions
are written.

Sport now with Ryan Phelan,
and Ryan, the NRL future of Brett Stewart
is uncertain?.

Yes, Chris, his career at Manly
looks unlikely to continue beyond this season. The star fullback
is seriously considering an offer from English Super League club
Catalans. Stewart's form slump
and off-field issues are the reasons Manly might ask
the 31-year old to move on. Pretty safe to say
I've been in better form, um, you know, but in rugby league
you've got a game every week so I'll be looking
to pick my form up on Monday. At the Bulldogs, Josh Morris is out of tomorrow's
clash against the Broncos. He's still battling the groin injury
that kept him out of Origin 2. Clubs have been in worse situations so that's what you have
your depth for and you combat that
and you prepare for. In good news for Canterbury, David Klemmer and Josh Jackson
will back up after Origin.

has recalled Travis Cloke for tonight's clash with Fremantle
at the MCG. The match is live and free
on the channels of Seven. A turbulent week for the Kangaroos ended in a 33-point loss
to the Crows at Adelaide Oval last night. The Crows kicked a club record
28 behinds - this effort from Rory Atkins
was among them after it was ruled
to have been touched on review. A Sherrin to the face
concussed Farren Ray while Lindsay Thomas came up
with a rare moment of genius as North slumped
to its third straight loss. There's no doubt the bye's coming
at a good time for us. Just, it'll give us
an opportunity to reset. The Crows are eyeing a top four spot after their fifth win
on the trot.

Eddie Jones says the Wallabies
can play any way they like and it won't stop
a 3-0 whitewash by England. The mind games continued before tomorrow's third test
in Sydney. The Wallabies trained
to the Angels' Aussie rock classic Am I Ever Gonna See
Your Face Again, possibly a reference to Jones or their own players under pressure
after the series defeat. # Am I ever gonna see
your face again! # You can have that lightbulb moment,
that Eureka sort of thing that just makes everyone click. We play winning rugby. We want to win games of rugby. That's what keeps the fans excited. The former Wallabies coach
reminded Michael Cheika and his team Australia hasn't lost 3-0
since 1971.

Armed with an all-important
top 16 seeding Nick Kyrgios believes
a breakthrough Grand Slam title is within reach at Wimbledon. The 21-year-old continued
his preparations with an exhibition match
against Juan Monaco who was filling in
for world number one Novak Djokovic. It's a perfect warm-up
for every player, you know. Obviously Novak is playing here,
it's a good warm-up for him, Goffin, guys like him,
top players in the world. Bookies have Kyrgios
on the fifth line of Wimbledon betting.

A reminder, Wimbledon starts
on Monday night. Coverage is live and free
on the Seven Network and the 7 Tennis app.

A massive boost for Premier League
champion Leicester City. Star striker Jamie Vardy
has agreed to a new 4-year contract. The England international rejected
a huge offer from Arsenal, believed to be upwards
of $230,000 a week.

Hockeyroos star Anna Flanagan will be eligible
for Olympic selection despite covering up
a drink-driving charge. Flanagan was stood down from
the Champions Trophy tournament. Without her, the Hockeyroos
went down to the Netherlands 2-1 this morning. The Aussies are now vying
for third place.

They performed very well at the Olympics and there are encouraging signs ahead for Rio. Up next, the symbol of love that's turned a father
into a worldwide internet hero. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

A father in the US
has touched millions of hearts with a remarkable symbol of love
for his sick son. His little boy
is battling brain cancer and was self-concious
about a surgical scar on his head. So he set out to show him
he's not alone. What most kids
take for granted, 8-year old Gabriel Marshall
takes to heart in his Kansas yard. Oh, yeah! We can play tag,
we can jump on a trampoline. It's a dramatic change
from just two years ago when Gabriel was diagnosed
with a brain tumour. I recall just feeling like my stomach
was being torn out of my body. Gabriel underwent
exhaustive chemotherapy, then surgery
that left him with a glaring scar. It was scary and it was...
kind of embarrassing to me, because I have really didn't like it when people were staring at me. He told us that, you know,
he felt like a monster. To hear your child say that,
it truly breaks your heart, because, to me,
he is the most beautiful thing. Worried for his son's life
and his self-esteem, he shaved his head and got
a tattoo to match Gabriel's scar. I said, if people want to stare,
I said they can stare at both of us. It makes me and my dad
look like we're twins. A picture so touching
it won a Best Bald Dad competition, sponsored by a foundation
for kids with cancer. Gabriel is now in remission
and has plans for the future. I want to be a doctor
when I grow up. No doubt he will remember
the very best medicine... Love you. a dad
who will do anything for him.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News, the weather forecast
with Amanda Abate.

Amanda Abate joins us
with the forecast. Amanda, it's going to get
even colder tomorrow? That's the forecast, Chris,
for New South Wales and Queensland as that powerful cold front
pushes across the eastern states. Let's have a look
at what's happening today. The severe weather
has eased in Adelaide. Just a few showers around and similar conditions
expected tomorrow. Melbourne, the coldest day
of the year so far - just 8 degrees at the moment but with the wind chill
it feels more like 4. Sydney's currently 13, but again,
it feels more like 4 degrees - plenty of snow falling
on the ski fields as well. Brisbane, mostly sunny today, but temperatures will drop
from tomorrow. This is why - you can see that cold front is pushing north
towards Queensland which could bring snow right up to
the border region and Darling Downs. In its wake really dry, chilly conditions across the southern states. Tomorrow, the slight chance
of showers for Hobart and Melbourne and also southern parts of WA. But it should be dry,
albeit very cold, in Sydney. A top of just 16 tomorrow after a low of 7 degrees. Brisbane, dropping down to 9, ahead of 18.

13 for Melbourne and back in the double digits for Hobart.

Sunday, expect early morning frost in Sydney.

A chilly -3 start for Canberra. Melbourne and Hobart expecting
a top of 12 degrees. I'll have more at 6:00. Chris. Sydney's Taronga Zoo
is welcoming its newest joey. Jiemba, meaning 'Laughing Star,' is the 16th yellow-bellied glider
joey to be born at the zoo. At five months of age
he recently left his mother's pouch and is set to be an ambassador
for the species.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Friday. We'll have the latest on the shock
Brexit vote in Seven News at 6:00, and on Weekend Sunrise
tomorrow morning. I'm Chris Reason,
thanks for watching. The Chase Australia
is next on Seven. Have a great evening. Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

CROWD: Five! Four! Three! Two! One! (CROWD CHEERS)

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ANDREW O'KEEFE: These four strangers
must work as a team to win thousands of dollars but standing in their way is one
of the sharpest minds in Australia, the Chaser. The Chase is on.

Welcome to The Chase Australia. Great to have your company,
as always. Four contestants hot to trot, hopefully putting the heat
on the Chaser tonight. Let's meet the team. Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a computer and science geek
and I love riding motorbikes. I'm Donna. I'm a financial counsellor and I
love trivia and my Richmond Tigers. I'm Tobi. I'm an electrical field engineer.
I love sports, cars and keeping fit. I'm Annie. I'm a solicitor and I also have
two gorgeous children. That is my team! Now, their challenge is to bring
as much money as they can down the board into the team bank. But hunting them all the way
will be the Chaser. If they get caught, of course,
they lose the money, they're out of the game. If they make it through to the bank, they could share
in a great team cash prize. Everyone must face the Chaser. Today, Steve is first.

It's great to have you with us,
Steve. Thank you. I've just got to mention first up
what a tremendous job you have done of accessorising your shirt
and beard today. Thank you very much. Have you got a range of dyes
for different shirts? It's been a lot of colours
in its day. Is that right? So, listen,
when you're not dyeing your beard, what do you like to
do with yourself? I like to make things in the shed. I make - the last thing I made
was a Rubik's cube coffee table. Really?
Yes. What - does the whole thing
actually turn? Rotates, yeah, it does all that.
How tremendous! If you win a little bit
of cash today, is there a plan? Oh, it would be spent
in the shed, I think, to upgrade the tools,
upgrade the storage. Beauty!
It's a tiny little shed I've got. A bit of tooling around.
Sounds good! This is your Cash Builder round. You have 60 seconds on the clock. There will be $2,000 awarded
for each correct answer. Best of luck to you, Steve. Your time starts now. On a sandwich menu, what does
the L in BLT commonly stand for? Lettuce.
Correct. The tomb of Tutankhamen
is in the Valley of the what? Kings.
Correct. In which decade did Louie the fly
debut on Australian television? '60s.
The '50s. Beginning with G, what word means a
mass of ice moving slowly over land? Glacier.
Correct. In English, Japan's 'Shinkansen' is more commonly known
as the what train? The bullet train.
Correct. The fashion label Louise Love
was created by which Australian designer? Pass.
Alannah Hill. In the Scorsese film Raging Bull,
who plays boxer Jake LaMotta? De Niro.
Correct. In cricket's Big Bash League,
the Strikers represent which city? Pass.
Adelaide. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
is the house band of which...? Muppets.
Correct. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former
governor of which US state? California.
Correct. The living bird species with
the longest bill in the world is the Australian what? Ibis.
Pelican. Which Scandinavian pop act
had the 1997 hit Barbie Girl? Aqua.
Correct. Beginning with H, what is the name
of the Maori ceremonial war dance? Haka.
Correct. Who famously referred to
politician Peter Costello... (KLAXON) "all tip and no iceberg"? Paul Keating.
Paul Keating. You were a hell of a lot of iceberg
in that round, Steve. Thank you, thank you.
Nicely done indeed! Aqua! Surprise package? I worked with a guy who programmed it
into his old Nokia phone. And it drove everybody stupid.
(LAUGHS) What won't drive you stupid
is the fact that you've just netted $18,000
for your cash pot. Yes! That will be a terrific way
to open the team account. So, Steve,
who's your opponent today? Will it be Mickey Mouse Club dancer
turned quiz mistress, the Governess, Anne Hegerty? Or possibly Goliath, Matt Parkinson. So tall, the fire brigade
rescues cats out of him. Possibly the Supernerd,
Issa Schultz. Unlike his Hogan's Heroes
namesake... (GERMAN ACCENT)
..he knows everythink! Or could it possibly be
Brydon Coverdale? The Shark is a big fish
in a small pond which is really an impractical place
to keep a shark so it's little wonder he's so angry. Warden, unshackle the Chaser.

(LAUGHS) Ready to govern you. It's the Governess, Anne Hegerty.

Hello, Steve. Hello, Anne. How are you? I'm fine. I just want to say to
the viewers do not adjust your set. He actually looks like that. (LAUGHTER) Thank you. Now, Steve,
you've done very well so far. $18,000 on the cash board. You can start three steps
ahead of Anne where five correct answers
will get you home to the bank. Or if you're feeling,
I don't know, a little imposed upon by the sight
of this here Governess, you might like to give yourself
the comfort of a head start. One step towards the bank
and she will offer you... $10,000. Which is still not inconsiderable. If you're feeling really confident on the back of that
tremendous Cash Builder, take a step towards the Governess,
requiring six correct answers, and the offer quickly becomes... That was an excellent Cash Builder so you should seriously
consider $40,000. Whoa! I mean, it's early days to be
stumping up that kind of money so obviously the Governess has some
kind of respect for your abilities but it will mean it's six steps
home to the bank. The $40,000
is an incredibly generous offer.

But I think as position number one,