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(generated from captions) Michael Rowland is in Townsville for thus morning. He is write on the waterfront watching joggers and tai chi people warm up throughout the morning. You've seen the sun rise there, just beautiful.It's very hard to focus, all this beauty, but focus I will, because Townsville is smack bang in the North Queensland seat of Herbert. It's one of those seats that the Labor Party really needs to win if it has any prospects of returning to government on Saturday week. Herbert has been held by 2010 by Liberal Party member Ewen Jones. Thanks for having meWe wake this morning to the latest unemployment figures of 13.3% in Townsville. That's the second highest in the country. Why should you be re-elected with that jobless figure?I think what - there can be no doubt that Townsville's doing it tough at the moment. But I think we are in here for a number of reasons. But who's got the plan to you
get us out? That's the key. When you look at what we're doing around water, the Singapore agreement, Townsville rail corridor, around the stadium, urban renewal and a city plan, with very the plan to take the city forward.They're pretty much long-term projects those. These figures are showing that Townsville need as short-term coming
fix to provide jobs. Where is that coming from?If you look around town now, the Federal Government is we
doing a lot of work, at the moment we have work going on at Lavarack Barracks, at RAAF base, finishing work to
off the ridge road and there's more work to come in the short term. What we have done at this election to do
is map out everything we're going to do into the future. And we have that comprehensive economic plan to make sure that we don't fall into these peaks and troughs any more. What are the key issues - one of stadium, now
the key issues is the Townsville stadium, now funded by both the government and the opposition. A $300 million project. Lots of concerns about the long-term jobs on that projectened a the fact it will only return 21 cents in the economic growth
dollar S that a real source of economic growth for TownsvilleOne of my frustrations here is the lack Government
of respect that our State Government has shown Townsville. They're quite happy to fully fund stadia and entertainment centres and convention centres in the south-east corner but they continually treated us like second-class citizens. The fact is when we received that proposal from was
the State Government, I thought it was game over. And it was only that Malcolm Turnbull was able to sit there and talk me through it and work our way through it to bring together the city deal, so that all three levels of government can use this as the calatytic project to say what does our city look like in 2030 and 2050? We don't have a city plan in towns vil. As Bill Shorten rightly says f you don't know where you're go going, any road will get you there. A lot of the stuff in city
our city has been done ad hoc. The city deal will make sure we put these things together. We have to people who
make sure that the stadium is about people who live in the upper Ross, Island.
the the Northern Beaches, Magnetic Island.You're known for your celebrated feuds with Clive Palmer. You're the local member in this area, hit hard by the closure of his incomele mine. Is that continuing to affect Townsville,th fact that those hundreds of jobs aren't there very more?Michaelia Cash and I have been able to get the fair entitlements guarantee out to most people. We've processed $60 million worth of entitlements back to people. What Clive Palmer and his management have done here is nothing short, it's Phoenixing that company. They've stripped the assets to even the casual observer, and moved them on, spent them elsewhere. That's why we've applied for a special purpose liquidator to the
follow those transaction, follow the money and see if we can get on
that money back.You're very active on Twitter. Provides some great early-morning entertainment. You campaign
Tweeted at the start of the campaign a shot of you slumped on the park bench. It speaks volume beings the rigours of this very for
long election campaign, especially for candidates. Are you over it yet?I think - that was my protest against all these politicians running. I went for - I go for a walk occasionally. You can tell by me now that people say it's fantastic walking up Castle Hill. I have driven t it's fantastic. It's exhausting just to drive it. But Christopher
for mine, I'm very much like Christopher Pyne. I just think it's fantastic, I start every meet noug with an apology, I say to everyone "I'm just so sorry, I'm just so sorry." Even my friends are sick to death of it. Even my friends say "Just don't talk to me." I'm so over t it's not funny. I think everyone's tired. We're all starting - my son is sick, my wife's back has gone. We have sick people in the office. We're being undermanned on polling booths and all that sort of thing. It's a long time for everyone. As I said I start everything with tan apology now. But if we can get the right result at the end of it, it will be worth it.No apologies here, thank you very much for joining Brek fafrt and good luck over the next