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This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. This morning - Sydney PR queen
Roxy Jacenko in tears as her stockbroker husband
is jailed for insider trading. Firefighters battle a massive
early morning factory fire which damaged
surrounding businesses. And snow and sleet along the east
coast as the big chill hits. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Jodie Speers. Good morning. Sydney stockbroker Oliver Curtis, husband of high-profile publicist
Roxy Jacenko, has been sentenced to two years jail
for insider trading. He'll be eligible for parole
after 12 months. He earned $1.4 million
from his illegal dealings. Live to Paul Kadak outside court. Good morning, Paul. What was Curtis' reaction
to the decision?

There wasn't much reaction from Oliver Curtis as the sentence was handed down, though his wife immediately began crying at the news of the jail sentence. Sheriffs immediately came forward to start searching Mr Kurt I wills in preparation for being taken to jail. He had toll remove his tie and watch. Jacenkyo had made a plea not to sent him to jail as they have two children. Their family is well resourced and better placed than most to deal with it, she said. Oliver Curtis was sentenced to two years jail with one year non-parole. Curtis was 21 at the time but the judge said that he knew what he was doing and hadn't cooperated with authorities, had shown no contrigs and only paid back the money after being found guilty. There had to be a general deterrence for this kind of crime and a jail sentence has real bite. It is well established that it is wrong to regard white collar crime as victimless. It causes loss, albeit unquantifiable to individual traders, and it causes harm to the community at large by damaging the integrity of the market as a level playing field.There was no comment from his wife as she left court escorted by security guards. We wait now for Oliver Curtis to be taken to jail where he'll spend at least a year behind bars.Thank you.

Police are trying to determine
what started a huge industrial fire in Sydney's southwest
early this morning. Jessica Dietrich
is at the scene in Greenacre.

It took hours to contain the blaze? That's right. And it's still smouldering hype me several hours later. The blaze broke out around 3am in a furniture factory and quickly spread to these buildings, these factories and businesses destroyed today. Witnesses say that they heard a very loud blast before seeing flames shooting up to 20m into the sky.Just heard, like, an explosion. And then, yeah... Fire. I seen all the smoke so I called the fire brigade and yeah, I thought it was the next street, which it apparently was, but they couldn't get to it.Crews have had a very big site to deal with - 100 x 150 square metres. It's been very dangerous too with walls collapsing in that intense heat.There was a high fuel load and we've had approximately 20 fire engines and 80 firefighters here in that time to do a fantastic job.Thankfully, no-one was hurt on this busy industrial street. There were traffic delays early this morning but that has now eased. Detectives are speaking with a number of owners. They're checking security video for anything suspicious as they try to figure out how this started.OK, thank

Police are appealing for help to find a driver who hit and killed
a cyclist in Melbourne before fleeing. A witness took this photo
of the driver. The wanted man was driving
a Holden Rodeo ute in West Footscray when he hit the cyclist from behind
at 3:15 yesterday afternoon. The driver abandoned his vehicle, which is still registered
to the previous owner, and fled. The 54-year-old cyclist
died at the scene. Anyone who recognises this man
should call Crime Stoppers. Residents along the east coast
are being hit by a wintry blast as the strongest cold front
of the year makes its way north. It's already brought
freezing temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds to South Australia, Tasmania
and Victoria. Laurel Irving reports. Here in Melbourne, today is expected to be the coldest
day of the year so far. We're predicted to struggle to get
to just 10 degrees. And if that happens, it'll actually
be our coldest June day in more than 20 years! The cold front is already moving
across the state. We've already seen snow this morning
in the Grampians, in the Otway Ranges and in
and around the Mount Macedon area and that is expected to be far more
widespread by the end of today. It of course means fantastic dumps
just where we need them - in our snow regions as well. Right across Victoria
and New South Wales, we're seeing great dumps of snow. Falls Creek already this week
has had 50cm of snow and it's still snowing heavily. Lots of shovelling today. An hour shovelling. It's brilliant. Come down. Come and stay with us
on the weekend. You can see how much snow we've got. Yep, setting up beautifully
for the rest of the season. School holidays just kicking off. People are going to love it. This front that's now moving
across Victoria is the same weather that caused so
many problems in South Australia where we saw flash flooding and
trees down and a very busy 24 hours
for the SES. Already in Victoria,
had some heavy rain that's causing problems. One in Patterson Lakes overnight had so much rain in the roof
that the ceiling collapsed. We were coming down the stairs
at one point and I felt a bit of water drop
on my shoulder and looked up and sure enough
the roof's about to cave in. I heard it coming down so I dived. So we are expecting widespread hail,
thunder and snow right across the state in
Victoria today and right up until the
Alps. Former Labor PM Paul Keating has criticised the Coalition's
planned corporate tax cuts as irresponsible. Bill Shorten's taken his campaign
to the country's Top End as Malcolm Turnbull is in Tasmania. Marija Jovanovic reports. This is Malcolm Turnbull's third
visit to Tasmania for the campaign and he's been greeted
by several protesters

One of the protesters was even
dressed up as the local member for the seat of Bass -
Andrew Nikolic. Malcolm Turnbull is focussing his
attention on Launceston today as early signs emerge showing Labor's Medicare scare
campaign is getting some traction with predictions the Coalition could lose between
one and three seats in Tasmania come July 2.

At the same time he's been forced
to respond to former Labor prime minister
Paul Keating weighing in on one of the Coalition's
signature policies. He believes a plan to lower
the company tax rate is an unfunded impost
on the federal budget and says when he cut taxes back
in his day, he changed other parts of the budget
to pay for it. I look at what he did in office

As a measure of the convictions rather than what he writes in a letter to a newspaper a week out from the election.

On the other side of the campaign, Bill Shorten continues to run
his party's scare tactics on health. He's asking Malcolm Turnbull
to rule out any move to privatise the health services
of Australian veterans. Labor claims the government
is seeking tenders for the commercial provision
of Medicare payments for veterans health services. Malcolm Turnbull cannot be

Malcolm Turnbull cannot be trusted with Medicare. If the Liberals get back in on July 2, piece by piece, brick by brick, the Medicare system as we know it, will be fundamentally compromised.

Mr Shorten is lifting the
pace of his campaign. He's covering three cities
in one day - travelling from Darwin, to Cairns
and then Townsville. Malcolm Turnbull's trip to Tasmania
will also be very quick - he'll be travelling to his next
stop on the campaign trail this afternoon. The votes are being counted
to determine the future of the UK. Opinion polls indicate the outcome
is too close to call. Preliminary results will be known at 4pm
Australian Eastern Standard time. Hugh Whitfeld has the details
from London. After what is likely one
of the biggest voter turnouts in British political history,
likely to exceed more than 80%, the counting is underway on this
historic day in British politics. Right around the country -
Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and here in England, more than 45 million people
were registered to vote. It is a debate that has divided
this country - should Britain stay in the EU and
benefit from that common market of 500 million people,
as the Remain campaign argues. Or as the Brexiteers argue,
should Britain leave the EU and instead go it alone? They say take back control
from Brussels. One of the chief Brexiteers,
Boris Johnson, left it until right until the last
minute before he cast his vote near his home in North London. The British Prime Minister,
he went to the polls very early in the morning, just around the corner
from number 10 Downing Street. I can't even fathom leaving the EU. I dunno, Britain is part of the EU. It just wouldn't be the same
without them. The world is watching. The betting money has swung behind
Remain in the last couple of days and saw the stock exchange here
strengthen and the pound firm in trading
markets. It's pretty clear that the economy
and economists and businesses want Britain to remain in the EU but we won't have an answer
for a couple of hours to come. Next in Seven News - Led Zeppelin cleared of plagiarism
over its most famous song. An airborne car crashes into
a Perth home after a police chase. And terror, as a masked gunman
takes hostages in a German cinema.

A high-speed police pursuit
has ended with a car smashing into a house in Perth. Police had tried to stop the driver
to question him about a burglary. But he sped off, before crashing and
flipping in the suburb of Munster. The car became airborne, landing
on its front bumper inside a house, with the rear
of the vehicle wedged in the roof. The driver tried to flee,
but didn't get far. He suffered minor injuries, and has
been charged with multiple offences. Police are confident a gunman who
stormed a cinema complex in Germany was not a terrorist. The masked man held several people
hostage for three hours before specialist officers moved in,
shooting him dead. A split second of confusion then they hit the floor, huddling
underneath the desk for cover. Seconds later,
there's a stampede towards the door, as dozens of people
run for their lives. The two employees keep their heads
down for a few moments and then make their move,
bolting for the exit. Outside, police from
a special response unit cordoned off the area
around the building. They received an emergency call saying there was an armed man
wearing a mask inside the cinema complex. The caller said four shots
had been fired. With the Orlando shooting
still fresh in everyone's minds, authorities feared a hostage
situation, with children inside. Initial reports suggested up
to 50 people had been wounded. It was later confirmed
they suffered minor injuries when police used tear gas
during the operation. Officers found the gunman inside
with a number of hostages. He was shot dead.
No-one else was harmed. Authorities have suggested
the man was mentally unstable rather than a terrorist.

Led Zeppelin has been cleared
of stealing the opening riff of its rock epic
Stairway To Heaven. A Los Angeles jury decided the group
did not plagiarise the chords from US band Spirit's 1967 song
Taurus. The plaintiff argued Robert Plant
became familiar with the song, after the two bands played on
the same bill in Birmingham in 1970. These are the two guitar chords -
Stairway To Heaven is first. (STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN RIFF PLAYS)

(SIMILAR RIFF PLAYS) The jury found there were
substantial differences between the two riffs. Two Australians are
among 60 recipients of the Queen's Young Leaders Awards. 25-year-old Jacob Thomas
was presented with a medal by Her Majesty for his work promoting gender
equality and human rights. Prince Harry also attended the event
at Buckingham Palace to recognise
the exceptional young leaders from across the Commonwealth. You've already been an inspiration
to so many but I hope this award will inspire
you to go out and achieve even greater things
in the future. The prince went on to say
he has turned to his grandmother for inspiration and guidance. Time to check the financial markets. The ASX is trading lower
this morning:

Next in Seven News - all the day's sport
with Ryan Phelan - including a red-letter day
for Aussie basketball at the NBA Draft. And more pain for the Kangaroos, as the soaring Crows romp
to their fifth straight victory.

(Speaks local language)

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It's official - Australia's Ben Simmons
is the number one pick in this year's NBA Draft. The Melbourne-born basketballer
has joined the Philadelphia 76ers while fellow Aussie Thon Maker
is off to the Milwaukee Bucks, after being taken with pick 10. US correspondent Alex Hart
is in Brooklyn.

There he is, right behind me, big Ben Simmons. His father, Dave. It's been predicted for months, but it wasn't until his heard his name called out tonight that it became a reality. He is now an NBA player. As expected, the Philadelphia 76ers picked him up with pick number one ahead of the draft's other standout star, Brandon Ingram. His parents and grandparents were among the first people to congratulate him. It's amaze, you know. I'm happy that the 76ers have chosen me and I'm happy to get to this pont. I'm looking forward to the feeling.A lot of hurdles to jump and you have to maintain your position and Ben has done a fantastic job of maintaining that ranking.The 19-year-old was quick to thank his family and friends back home who helped him get to basketball's biggest stage. The students at his old school in Melbourne erupted when they heard his name called out. A great night as well for the other Aussie hope, Thon Maker, who is from South Sudan originally, he was raised in Perth and he was taken with pick Number 10 with the Milwaukee Bucks, the first time ever that two Aussie taken in the first round of the NBA draft. And there was concerns ahead of tonight that some teams were worried that he's older than he is but that didn't stop the Bucks from picking him up.I feel like I'm ready because I've really worked on my game for a short time period but I put in a lot of work.Unfortunately for Australian fans, Ben Simmons won't be competing for the Olympics in the green and gold. His sole focus right now is on NBA success. A big blow for the United States. LeBron James announcing today that he also won't be going to Rio.

Collingwood has recalled
Travis Cloke for tonight's clash with Fremantle
at the MCG. The match is live and free
on the channels of Seven. A turbulent week for the Kangaroos ended in a 33-point loss to the
Crows at Adelaide Oval last night. The Crows kicked
a club record 28 behinds - this effort from Rory Atkins
was among them after it was ruled to have been
touched on review. A sherrin to the face concussed
Farren Ray while Lindsay Thomas came up
with a rare moment of genius as North slumped
to its third straight loss. There's no doubt the bye's
coming at a good time for us. It'll give us an opportunity
to re-set. The Crows are eyeing a top four spot
after their fifth win on the trot.

Bulldogs star Josh Morris is out of tomorrow's clash
against the Bronco - he's still battling the groin injury
that kept him out of Origin II. Meanwhile, Brett Stewart
remains confident of snapping out of his slump
against the Cowboys on Monday as speculation over his future
intensifies. It's believed several
off-field issues have contributed to the Manly
veteran's dip in form. Pretty safe to say
I've been in better form. Um, you know, but in rugby league, you've got a game every week, so, I'll be looking
to pick my form up on Monday. A switch to Super League
at season's end is looking likely.

Eddie Jones says he'll happily
instruct his England team to play ugly rugby if it helps them complete a series
clean sweep over the Wallabies. Australian coach Michael Cheika
expects the tourists to adopt a more attacking style
at Allianz Stadium tomorrow night. But Jones insists winning
is the only objective. We play winning rugby. You know, we want to win games
of rugby. That's what keeps the fans excited. Whatever way we need to win,
we'll win. The Aussies have recalled Matt Toomua, Rob Simmons
and Will Skelton.

Armed with an all-important
top 16 seeding, Nick Kyrgios believes a breakthrough
Grand Slam title is within reach at Wimbledon. The 21-year-old continued
his preparations with an exhibition match against
Juan Monaco, who was filling in for world number
one Novak Djokovic. It's perfect warm-up
for every player. You know, obviously Novak
likes playing here, it's a good warm-up for him. Goffin, guys like this,
top players in the world. Bookies have Kyrgios on the
fifth line of Wimbledon betting. Bobbingies have Nick Kyrgios on the fifth line of

fifth line of betting.

A reminder our live
and free Wimbledon coverage starts Monday night on the channels of Seven
and the 7Tennis app. Jamie Vardy has signed

Jamie Vardy has signed a 4-year contract with the club so good news for those fans if they go back-to-back.Good news for him, he's going to be getting $230,000 a week!We can dream.

VOICEOVER: When the news
is breaking, Sunrise brings it to you. As we go to air, fire crews
are at the scene of a huge blaze. Have a look at this - this is a massive pile of rubble. We are looking at live shots
from the Seven News chopper. The year's strongest Antarctic blast
has arrived. We are bracing for the coldest day
of the year so far. It is bitterly cold
and in negative territory. Hero of the night.
Who said chivalry was dead? All that power in the hands
of British voters. One of the contenders for the
world's ugliest dog contest is getting attention because he has a hairstyle similar
to Donald Trump's. The pooch has a bald body, but makes up for it
with his flowing head of hair. He's currently in second place
on the online vote. The pup's owner thinks Donald Trump's popularity
in the presidential election will give him the edge he needs
to win. Checking Friday's weather - a strong cold front is causing blustery showers
across the south-east, falling as snow over the ranges
in Tasmania and parts
of the Great Dividing Range. A humid jetstream flow is bring light rain
to northern WA and southern Queensland. Around the capitals - Mostly fine and 22
in Brisbane. Sydney will be windy
with a top of 17. Just 9 degrees
in Canberra and Hobart with some
showers. Showers, hail
and thunder for Melbourne, a top of 10. Showers easing in Adelaide,
14 degrees. Some cloud about
Perth, 18. Sunny and 33
in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day. I'm Jodie Speers. Thanks for your company, goodbye. Live captions
by Ericsson Access Services.

The manhunt that shook Australia. MAN: They come in the night. They
burn, thieve... Frenzy of damage. The father and son on the run. Wanted by police in three states. Queensland fugitive.
Armed and dangerous. That's why these buggers have
been getting away with so much
for so long. The untold story of the victims
who led the charge to bring them in.

They do this for a living. Hundreds of trusting people
and 1,000 places to hide. And they know that
and they prey on that. Sunday Night takes you
on the manhunt. WOMAN: (OVER TWO-WAY RADIO)
They have previously fired shots
at police with a high-powered rifle. And I arrived to
find our guns were gone. Are they gonna come back? I mean,
I've got three small children.

Never been so scared in my life. And the chilling letter
the Stoccos left for them. They came back after that,
didn't they?
They did. For the first time, we'll trace
their exact movements right until they're caught
as the victims speak out. There's a good chance
they'll be watching this. Come back, fellas.
Come back and have another go. Catching the Stoccos. The full story. Only on 7,
Sunday Night.