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Taking a look at weather around the Brisbane.
country today possible rain in a
Brisbane. Windy in Sydney. Canberra Melbourne.
a top of just 9 degrees. Rain in Adelaide.
Melbourne. Showers easing in

Melbourne. Showers easing in Newsroom
Adelaide. That is all from the Nine we
Newsroom visit and now Live
we go to 'Today'. Live captioning by by
This program will be captioned live blaze
by Ai-MediaBreaking news a massive flames
blaze in Sydney this morning, wrecker's
flames ripped through a car Wild
wrecker's yard, we're there live. Adelaide.
Wild weather hits Melbourne and trees
Adelaide. Roads are flooded and plummet.
trees are down as tep ra turs wintry
plummet. Updates all morning on the final
wintry blast.Emergency flight the horror
final patients injured in the back
horror bus crash of Vanuatu arrive Welcome
back on the Gold Coast.(SONG) # #
Welcome to my house Cashed
# Baby take control now # snapping
Cashed up foreign investors a
snapping up Aussie property of the for
a special report on what it means my
for local buyers much(SONG) # Take Massive
my money # $70,000
Massive Blockie has an incredible you
$70,000 to give away. Imagine what (SONG)
you can do with all of that cash. yeah
(SONG) # I'm all shook up, ah huh Tributes
yeah yeah # shook
Tributes to the King, we're all of
shook up and celebrating the magic #
of Elvis.(SONG) # I'm all shook up Ah leg
Ah huh ha. Yeah, yeah.Your left per
leg is going.At a million miles how
per hour. The Elvis in the house, Welcome
how good is that on a Friday. have
Welcome to the program. Good to 2016
have your company, it's 24th June nice,
2016 T nice to be waking up.It is alternative.
nice, so much better than the the
alternative.I think so.Still in you?
the process of the waking upAre a
you? I'm definitely awake went for morning.
a run.You went for a run this Timmy
morning.I went to a jog, ran into good.
Timmy at the gym, we are feeling weights.
good.We did an hour of upper body 2:00
weights. It's nice to do that at Ben
2:00 in the morning.A big day for No.1
Ben Simmons, another Australian and we
No.1 draft pick, Paddy Mills said LinkedIn,
we can win gold. This is all LinkedIn, we

LinkedIn, we have the Great One on Australia
Wayne Gretzky I did a one-on-one. above
Australia is definitely punching news.
above its weight. Let's get the breaking
news.Good morning, we begin with firefighters
breaking news in Sydney massive
firefighters are at the scene of a south
massive factory fire in the city's is
south well, our reporter Lara Vella can
is at the scene in Greenacre, what morning,
can you tell us at this stage?Good firefighter
morning, very much an active the
firefighter effort at Greenacre, due
the scene, we have been kept back ferocity
due to safety concerns, due to the several
ferocity of this blaze, we have We
several fire trucks on the scene. tackling
We also have an aerial appliance this
tackling that blaze from above. Of at
this fire we understand broke out witnesses
at about 3.30 this morning, works
witnesses vi spoken to Brendan when
works across the road. He was here he
when the blaze broke out. He said out
he heard a huge blast. He has come the
out and seen flames tearing through blinds
the roof of what we understand is a seems
blinds and awnings business. It building
seems like no-one was inside that much
building thankfully. Still very firefightering
much very much an active able
firefightering effort, you might be into
able to see the smoke billowing blaze
into the sky. We're not sure if the factories,
blaze has damaged any other the
factories, it has ripped through active
the awnings ware is house, still an we
active firefighting nefrt Greenacre, are
we have traffic diversions if you Anzac
are in this area avoid bunker Road bare
Anzac Street the Hume Highway and around
bare res Ford Avenue, any drivers back.
around the area are advised keep of
back. We have diversions in place show
of the with we might be able to the
show you some of the huge flames of this
the you can see the ferocity of not
this fire. As I say at this stage sparked
not clear as to exactly what has spoke
sparked that blaze, a witness I spoke to Brendan was there the a blast.
the time. He said he heard a huge details
blast. We will bring you more breaking
details as they come to hand crews
breaking news at Greenacre as fire A
crews tackle a massive blaze.Karl. after
A man is recovering in hospital Bargo
after being shot at his hope in say
Bargo southwest of Sydney, police treated
say the 44-year-old victim was gunshot
treated at the scene for several stable
gunshot wounds the he's now in a Hospital.
stable condition at Liverpool Hospital. No arrests have been made. Forensic
A crime scene has been set up. at
Forensic investigators will alive at -- arrive at the scene shortly. across
A powerful cold front is barrelling damaging
across the southeast bringing rain, in
damaging winds and snow. Reporters morning
in Melbourne and Adelaide this Ahern,
morning rugging up to Christine icy
Ahern, what can we expect from the to
icy blast?Well, Karl, I've spoken Melburnians
to the weather bureau, they tell coldest
Melburnians to prepare for the of
coldest day of the year, a maximum currently
of 10 degrees. This cold front is on
currently over Western Victoria but on its way.

on its way. They say it will hit afternoon
late morning lasting to the early probably
afternoon and evening. It will and
probably bring with it small hail strong
and thunder as well. Thankfully no saw
strong wind, not as much rain as we flood
saw late yesterday. We had flashing yesterday
flood whg we had a downpour at 5.30 yesterday afternoon coupled with kilometres
strong winds gusts up to 100 SES
kilometres an hour, that kept the roads,
SES pretty busy, trees came down on well.
roads, on cars, even some houses as well. However, they

well. However, they weren't thankfully.
predicting anything like that today pretty
thankfully. It is going to be news
pretty wild and woolly. The good news in all of this we've had bureau
pretty good snow fall. The weather metres
bureau tells me up to 50 Cent another
metres in our ski fields expecting result
another 20 to 40 centimetres as a also
result of this cold front and snow for
also in the Dandenongs. The advice certainly
for Melbourne today is Karl, Chris,
certainly to rug up.Good advice how
Chris, to Tom McLean in Adelaide, there
how cold is it expected to get trying
there Tommy?Well, Karl, it's here.
trying to make its way towards zero have
here. We have a few locals out who snow.
have come to hopefully see some to
snow. It looks like they're going windy
to miss out. It is very chilly and Adelaide.
windy on Mt Lofty over looking got
Adelaide. Yesterday in Adelaide it day
got to 12.6 degrees, the coldest Overnight
day in Adelaide since 2012. damage
Overnight unfortunately we did have Adelaide,
damage around a few suburbs of lines,
Adelaide, a few trees down on power volunteering,
lines, the SES were out fortunately
volunteering, kept busy but cars
fortunately not too much dang, no going
cars or houses hit. It is still of
going to be very cold today, a top kilometres
of 14 with wind gusts up to 50 rain
kilometres per hour, 80% chance of bit
rain and the possibility of hail. A South
bit of an unpleasant day here in drew
South Australia.Unpleasant, you thanks
drew the short straw brother, show.
thanks talk to you later in the shot
show.Overseas, German police have hostages
shot dead a gunman who took forces
hostages at a cinema. Heavily armed armour
forces wearing helmets and body people
armour stormed the complex as local
people began fleeing the building, masked
local media are reporting the cinema
masked man opened fire inside the patrons,
cinema but did not injury any paramedics
patrons, 25 people were treated by gas
paramedics after police used tear of
gas during the operation, the fate kidnapped
of three Australians who are Nigeria
kidnapped in a deadly ambush in morning
Nigeria is still unclear this the
morning with no communication from were
the group who took them. The men mining
were in the country working for when
mining company Macmahon Holdings up
when their convoy was ambushed by from
up to 30 armed men. A fourth man abduction.
from Perth managed to escape the latest
abduction. We'll get the very Bishop
latest from Foreign Minister Julie family
Bishop after 7:00 this morning. A have
family of five and a taxi driver crash
have escaped serious injury in a emergency
crash in Sydney's North well, the
emergency services were called to Road
the M 7 motorway near the Sunnyholt of
Road off-ramp just after midnight children
of the a man, a woman and three in
children including a newborn were year-old
in the four-wheel drive. The 42- short
year-old woman was trapped for a be
short time. The cabbie also had to be freed

be freed from the wreckage.Shorten the
has failed to repeat his claim that private
the Government is planning to Joel
private ties Medicare, let's go to been
Joel Dry in Canberra, Medicare has for
been the focal point of campaigning from
for shorten, is he backing away opposition
from his earlier comments.The wording
opposition leader has amended the Coalition
wording of his attack on the appeared
Coalition over Medicare, Mr Shorten was
appeared on the ABC last night and earlier
was repeatedly asked to restate his would
earlier comments that the Coalition provider,
would sell off the health care Labor
provider, this is something the figures
Labor leader and other Labor all
figures have been persisting with claims
all week despite the PM's repeated interview
claims to the contrary. During the careful
interview Mr Shorten was being very your
careful with his words.Can you put Australians
your hand on your heart and look the
Australians in the eye and say that privatise
the Coalition has a policy to privatise Medicare?I can say to election,
the people of Australia this determine
election, their vote on July 2 will The
determine the future of Medicare. Labor
The word 'privatise' might be out, into
Labor have tipped a lot of eggs choice
into this basket. They have no scare
choice but to continue running the suffer
scare campaign that Medicare will Coalition.
suffer at the hands of a re-elected over
Coalition. There is just Sylvia, campaign
over one week before we see if this Joel
campaign works.We are nearly there, with
Joel Dry, thank you. A man armed service
with a screwdriver has robbed a Sydney's
service station at Lakemba in burst
Sydney's southwest of the offender from
burst in after 11pm demanding money refused
from the till. A worker bravely away
refused his demands, the man ran school
away empty handed. Some Queensland earning
school teachers could soon be $100,000,
earning salaries of more than reports
$100,000, the 'Courier Mail' Union
reports the Queensland Teacher's deal
Union is on the verge of a new pay teachers
deal to thigh high-performing salaries
teachers a boost from their deserve
salaries of 93,000. Good teachers their
deserve to be well rewarded for business
their hard work. Disgraced Sydney learn
business man Oliver Curtis will insider
learn if he will go to jail on husband
insider trading charges, the executive
husband of public relations the
executive Roxy jas Ken co-is facing prison.
the prospect up to five years in part
prison. He was convicted for taking and
part in a scheme which netted him million.
and former friend John Hartman 1.4 anxiously
million.Overseas, the world is UK
anxiously waiting and watching the to
UK as the nation votes on whether Union,
to leave or stay in the European from
Union, Amelia Ballinger is live vote
from us in London. Just before the longer
vote no-one could pick it. How much still
longer until we know the result?We Still
still have a little way to go, Lisa. another
Still have a little way to go Lisa, polling
another 1.5 hours of voting. The about
polling stations don't close until everyone
about 10:00 tonight, making sure cast
everyone has a chance to get in and million
cast their votes, a record 466.5 part
million people registered to take people
part in the referendum, a lot of participate
people wanting to participate -- decision,
participate in a big and emotional take
decision, some people who wanted to had
take part faced on stackless, we stations,
had bad weather affecting polling flooding.
stations, some were closed due to to
flooding. Those people who did want lengths
to cast a vote went to great polling
lengths to make their way to other they
polling stations. It is reported outside
they have seen the longest queues There
outside polling stations ever. The
There was no official campaigning. and
The leaders of both sides were out Minister
and about casting votes. Prime leading
Minister David Cameron has been EU.
leading the campaign to stay in the Brexit,
EU. If the country decides to going
Brexit, to leave the EU there is over
going to be certainly uncertainty this
over his future as the leader of uncertainty
this country. That is not the only traders
uncertainty they'll be facing, city what
traders are very concerned about volatile
what will be a dramatic and how
volatile day of trading, exactly clear
how the UK moves forward is not probably
clear at this stage of the it will to
probably take months if not years little
to formulate a plan. As I say a half
little way to go, an hour and a the
half left of voting. We should know time
the result of the referendum by the tomorrow
time everyone here wakes up police
tomorrow morning.An American death
police officers charged over the cleared
death of a man in custody has been criminals
cleared of the most serious Junior
criminals charges, Caesar Goodson second
Junior was found not guilty of officers
second degree murder, one of three Brook
officers charged after Freddie Gray police
Brook his neck in the back of a and
police van, his death sparked riots Oscar
and protests across Baltimore, Steenkamp,
Oscar Pistorius doesn't think Reeva murdered
Steenkamp, the girlfriend he his
murdered would want him to waste Olympian
his life behind bars. The former he
Olympian is waiting to find out if having
he will be send back to jail after murder
having his conviction upgraded to unstable
murder on appeal, he was too appeal,
unstable to give evidence in the a
appeal, but well enough to speak to was
a British television station.If I redem
was avoided an opportunity for the
redem shorngs I would like to help past.
the less fortunate as I have in my she
past. If Reeva looked down upon me Right.
she would want me to live that life.

Right. Pistorius says he feels the loved
same pain as Steenkamp's other around
loved ones, easy. Here, bosses from Egyptian
around the country swapped the they
Egyptian cotton, I don't know what guessing
they have in their beds I'm how
guessing for concrete last night, awareness
how would I know that, to raise big
awareness for homelessness, 1500 Vincent
big wigs took part in the St raised
Vincent de Paul sleepout. Funds accommodation
raised will go towards crisis programs
accommodation skills development there
programs and case management teams, we'll
there may be a barney in Melbourne, Greenwood
we'll bring you up to that.Ross the
Greenwood was definitely there. To happening
the markets, to look at what is Jones
happening on Wall Street, the Dow Jones up

Jones up
happening on Wall Street, the Dow market
Jones up 176 points the broader Ordinaries
market in positive territory, All Nick
Ordinaries gaining nine points, the territory,
Nick kies up, Hang Seng in positive Commodities
territory, the FTSE gained 76. silver
Commodities now gold trading weaker, at
silver sightly up, oil is sitting Australian
at 50 US dollars a barely, the majors,
Australian dollar up against the US
majors, it will nearly get you 76 US cents and 51

US cents and 51 British Pence Zeppelin
There's been a victory for Led the
Zeppelin in the copywrite battle in Heaven'
the battle over 'Stairway to riff
Heaven' a jury found the guitar and
riff was substantially different pay
and Led Zeppelin does not need to hit.
pay any royalties for this classic

hit.. Every guitar student in the Jimmy
world knows that one. The guitarist decision,
Jimmy Page were in court to the them.
decision, worth a lot of money to to
them. The royalties have amounted million
to something in the order of $80 how
million just on one song.I wonder paying
how that group 'spirit' will go something.
paying his own legal fees.He had

something.Sure did, silly little weather
fella.Let's take a look at the Brisbane
weather around the country, Brisbane a possible

Brisbane a possible
weather around the country, right
Brisbane a possible morning shower cloudy
right rain a top of 22, partly the
cloudy and wind about in Sydney. 17 Melbourne
the high. Just 10 degrees in Showers
Melbourne today and showers about. cold
Showers easing in Adelaide, very partly
cold right now. A top of 14. Perth partly cloudy, 18 your high.

partly cloudy, 18 your high.
cold right now. A top of 14. Perth Big
partly cloudy, 18 your high.The morning
Big Easy slipped His position, good being
morning Timmy Gilbert.Without superstar
being boastful this is where the Gretzky
superstar come to talk, Wayne bend
Gretzky comes in. And a Blues ledge what
bend weighs in on the debate on idea
what they should do, they have an the
idea of what should happen with NSW, four
the Crows make a charge for the top four as the Kangaroos get rolled at Blockie
the beautiful Adelaide Oval. gigantic
Blockie is ready to give away one on
gigantic stack of cash, $70,000 is how
on the line this morning. Imagine weekend
how that would make your day, your If
weekend and let's face it your life. If that doesn't get you pumped up on it this Friday how about Elvis, on the best day of the week. This program is not captioned. My favourite.

It won't let me pay. It's on the side.

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This program is not captioned.

(SONG) # Hello Friday # up
Good song this one, a Friday pump you.
up for you. We have a huge show for feels
you. We're sending out those Friday song
feels all morning. If you have a won't
song suggestion send it in and we the
won't play it.Laughs we'll feel good
the song. We're going to keep the good vibes going, Tim is here with $70,000
the sportThank you lease arcs It's
$70,000 today, you know the rules. NSW
It's a case of here we go again, butterfly
NSW gets beaten in Origin by a "Sack
butterfly wing, many are saying, the
"Sack him, sack him" back pages of cork,
cork, Paul
the paper and Queensland pops the cork, Paul Harrigan to weigh in. combination,
NSW every year changed the halves picked
combination, I remember when they hello
picked the two Bulldogs halves, understand
hello someone is starting to combinations
understand it's important to have understanding.
combinations and clusters of deep and
understanding.This is Hodginson surprise
and Reynolds.It was fantastic, no night
surprise we happen to win that series,
night theCooper Cronk was out that start
series, Jack Bird looks likely to with
start in the halves with game three a
with Adam Reynolds injured, July 13, Rabbits
a big one the Panthers host the North
Rabbits all the action live here. giving
North Melbourne is at risk of suffering
giving up the top four spot after the
suffering a third straight loss to Kangaroos
the Crows by 33 points, the Adelaide's
Kangaroos failed to capitalise on club
Adelaide's inaccuracy, kicked a club record, 12 goals 28.We go

club record, 12 goals 28.We go our
into the bye really a bit licking optimistic
our wounds a little bit. Really the
optimistic about the second half of great
the way, we're 10 and four in a half.
great spot to attack the second returns
half.Hawthorn captain Luke Hodge against
returns from injury for the clash sees
against the Gold Coast, Collingwood sees the return of traff Vic cloak

against the Dockers, the Giants and
welcome back Stevie J Shane Mumford Will
and Rhys Palmer, the Wal Wallabies, on
Will Skelton and rob Williams take Cheika
on them. Wallabies coach Michael side
Cheika have what it takes for the

side to avoid a whitewash, made
England's coach Eddie Jones has comeback
made a change due to injury, a late enough
comeback for the Hockeyroos not beaten
enough to over come the Netherlands, trophy,
beaten 2-1 at the hockey champions bronze
trophy, Australia plays for the Simonds,
bronze medal Melbourne born Ben hear
Simonds, admits he is anxious to NBA
hear if he will be unveiled as the NBA No.1 draft pick

NBA No.1 draft pick by the sleep,
Philadelphia 76 others.I can't set
sleep, I'm dreaming.He's a dead entered
set breath of fresh air, Simmons Louisiana
entered the draft after one year at almost
Louisiana State University and game
almost certainly play his first turned
game for the 76ers, recently having AEST
turned 20. Watch that around 9:00 Wayne
AEST we'll get a decision on that, up
Wayne Gretzky, the great one coming Great.
up on the show very, very soon. Lifting
Great.Big names in sport today. Coming
Lifting the bar Timmy Gilbert. being
Coming up why so many Aussies are market.
being pushed out of the property foreign
market. A Today Show investigation loopholes
foreign buyers exploiting legal estate.
loopholes to snap up the local real morning,
estate.Reel your phones close this with
morning, we could be calling you on
with a massive $70,000.We take you wonderful
on a magic carpet ride inside the feet
wonderful world of Disney, put your feet up, let us all This program is not captioned. Talk to me, Tom. If you're over 30 and
don't buy health cover by June 30, you could end up
paying the government's loading. This costs Aussies thousands. Son of a mongoose! Don't get caught out. Call us now on 13 32 32.

This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show it's time

Welcome back to the show it's time Telegraph'
for the front pages, the 'Daily Billnocchio,
Telegraph' has outdone its self- cartoon
Billnocchio, the target of the hopes
cartoon accused of pinning election plan
hopes on blatant lies.The greens funded
plan to spend an Extra $123 billion 'Hobart
funded by a string of new taxes. the
'Hobart Mercury' has a message from A
the state's corn councils 'Give Us southern
A Fair Go' say the state's two political
southern mayors urging the major Tassie.
political parties to stop ignoring Knife
Tassie.'Britain's Future on a Europe
Knife Edge' as the referendum on security
Europe Stokes global economic and Britain
security fears.The daily male their
Britain decides as millions have referendum.
their say on the historic EU vote
referendum.Leading with the Brexit theories
vote 'Poll Paranoia' conspiracy make
theories voters should use pens to tampered
make sure the votes are not dead
tampered with.Masked gunman shot cinema,
dead after a masked man stormed a hostages
cinema, shots were fired, no Mail'
hostages were hurt.The 'Courier Queenslanders'
Mail' is unveiling the '30 Greatest gold
Queenslanders' including Olympic gold medalist Cathy Freeman and

gold medalist Cathy Freeman and the Santa
great Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. of
Santa Claus is there, a great list anything
of Queenslanders.You will claim not
anything won't you.As if Santa is over
not a Queenslander, hello. Sifl this
over to youWe went out earlier about
this week to look into a property We
about property around the country. how
We all know about overseas buyers houses
how they are snapping up Australian cost,
houses and apartments at whatever house
cost, the impact that's having on many
house prices around the country, exploiting
many of them we didn't know are it.
exploiting a legal loophole to do #
it. Have a look.(SONG) # This time These
# This time # smashing
These were the frenzied auctions the
smashing reserves at the peak of 1.2
the great spending spree of China. up
1.2 million.Sold well done.Cashed invest
up foreign buyers desperate to forward
invest in your suburb, but fast this
forward a few years to today and this is what is left.

this is what is left. Who was the profile
buyer here?Chinese buyer high million
profile after they bought the 18 student
million penthouse for their uni which
student son.They found a loophole money
which allows them to park their moving
money in our property without actually,
moving in. It's pretty interesting around
actually, we visited a few sites across
around Sydney. They are right properties
across the country with these those
properties completely abandoned. In down
those cases they have been knocked meet
down in a particular time frame to There's
meet certain rules and laws. saying
There's no sign of any rebuild or will
saying yes we will rebuild and we will adhere to these plans. Anyway,

will adhere to these plans. Anyway, neighbourhoods,
it's really interesting, these the
neighbourhoods, many of them around into
the country feel they are moving into ghost town territory with all grown
the abandoned properties, over It
grown yards and houses knocked down. look
It sounds like we'll have a big come.
look at it.There is even more to thanks
come.More great stuff to come, Australians
thanks SJ. Ahead, the remaining tour
Australians injured in a horrific arrived
tour bus crash in Vanuatu have now has
arrived home of the our reporter Get
has the latest on their conditions. from
Get ready, your life could change down
from July 1, we are going to break affect
down the key changes that will year.
affect you in the new financial scenes
year.We'll take you behind the the
scenes of the new Veronicas when be
the cameras stop rolling.It won't we
be Friday without a bill of Elvis, morning
we are celebrating the King all lovers
morning the(SONG) # Broken hearted # # I'll be so lony baby # Be so lonely # I could be so lonely I could die would,
You would wouldn't you.You totally collar,
would, leather and an upturned than
collar, it doesn't get any better he
than that.Let's get the news.In are
he can braking news firefighters factory
are at the scene of a massive Let's
factory fire in Sydney's southwest. Vella
Let's go live to our reporter Lara what's
Vella the a the scene in Greenacre, morning,
what's the latest there?Good to
morning, we have new details coming started.
to hand about where this blaze actually
started. It seems as though it's wrecking
actually been sparked at a car so
wrecking yard. That blaze has been so ferocious it's actually spread that's
to a nearby factory. We believe factory,
that's an awnings and blinds moment
factory, I think I can show you the moment that factory collapses due you
to the intense heat of those flames the
you can see licking up the side of through
the building all the way coming through the roof. I might show you achers
the scene where I am at green at
achers we have several fire crews firefighters
at the scene, we understand 60 tackle
firefighters are still trying to and
tackle the blaze, several trucks air,
and the crane tackling it from the air, smoke little billowing from this
the building, it started a the 3.30 of
this morning, it gives you an idea Brendan,
of the blaze. I caught up with at
Brendan, he works across the road moment
at the factory, he was here the you
moment the blaze broke out.What do say,
you think started itThe bang I'd exactly
say, it was a loud bang.What flaps,
exactly did you see?Just massive it
flaps, yeah, just massive flames, live
it looked good actually to see a morning
live fireA word of warning this Greenacre
morning to any drivers around the closures
Greenacre area we have several road around
closures in place particularly Beresford
around the busy Hume Highway and try
Beresford Avenue, it is advised to will
try and find another route. There still
will be delays much the road is Workers
still very much blocked off. exactly
Workers have been turning up to see not
exactly what is going on, they're tapes.
not allowed behind the crime scene whether
tapes. They are trying to determine in.
whether it will be safe to go back

in. An active firefighting effort big
following a huge blaze of the UA the
big area cordoned off. Thank you of being
the all the country's southeast is Arctic
being told to blaze with with an destructive
Arctic cold snap with rain, chilly
destructive winds and snow. A on
chilly day ahead, what's the latest weather
on the forecast?Sylvia, the Melbourne
weather bureau tells me that coldest
Melbourne is on track for its going
coldest day of the year. It's only cold
going to reach 10 degrees this icy morning
cold front hits Melbourne late this and
morning and last into the afternoon not
and evening. The bureau tells me have
not very good news we are going to that
have some hail and thunder with rain
that front. Thankfully not too much yesterday.
rain or strong winds as we had late at
yesterday. We had a sudden downpour flooding
at 5.30 which did cause flash wind
flooding around Melbourne. We had hour,
wind gusts up to 100 kilometres an into
hour, that kept the SES pretty busy down
into the evening, we had trees come few
down on roads, cars and even on a not
few properties. Thankfully we're that
not going to have anything like thunder
that today. We will have that hail, The
thunder and also cold conditions. snow
The good news in all of this the our
snow fall has been pretty good on up
our ski fields. We've already had another
up to 50 Cent metres, they expect the
another 40 centimetres as part of Dandenongs
the cold front and snow in the Sylvia,
Dandenongs as well. For Melburnians very
Sylvia, rug up, it's going to be a in
very cold day ahead.Good advice, braving
in South Australia locals are Lofty
braving the icy conditions at Mt thermal
Lofty summit rugged up, some with catch
thermal blankets they are hoping to Adelaide
catch a glimpse of snow falling in reporter
Adelaide as the sunrises. To our mother
reporter later this morning, a left
mother and her children have been their
left homeless as a fire gutted believed
their home east of Melbourne, it is caused
believed the Bayswater blaze was caused by a cigarette lighter, the her
mother of two has serious burns to continuing
her hands after trying toeks Australians
continuing extinguish the flames. fwhus
Australians injured in a tourist to
fwhus Vanuatu have been flown back Jessica
to the Gold Coast for treatment, to patients
Jessica Millward. How are the they
patients doing?The good news is transported
they are stable enough to be these
transported back to Australia, treated
these three patients have been the
treated in a Noumea hospital. But that
the bad news is the 11-year-old this
that was most critically injured in head
this crash still has very serious old
head injuries. He and a seven-year- a
old and an adult were brought in on airport
a private jet into the Gold Coast transported
airport this morning and University
transported to the Gold Coast the
University Hospital. Here is one of year-old
the ambulance officers now.The 11- year-old male had sustained some head injuries and that seven-year- leg.
old male has sustained a fractured up
leg. Both patients are transported Hospital
up to Gold Coast University condition
Hospital and both are in a stable three
condition at this stage.These people
three passengers join another seven Queensland,
people that are now back in hospitals
Queensland, being treated in

hospitals after that awful crash in afternoon.
Port Vila in Vanuatu on Monday the
afternoon. An investigation into locals
the crash is under way. Three locals did die in the incident and Australians
the driver of the bus that the charged
Australians were on has been causing
charged with dangerous driving family
causing death, Sylvia.Thank you. A family of five and a taxi driver have
family of five and a taxi driver crash
have escaped serious injury in a Emergency
crash in Sydney's north-west. the
Emergency services were called to Road
the M 7 motorway near the Sunnyholt a
Road off-ramp after midnight. A man, including
a woman and three children wheel
including a newborn were in a four- was
wheel drive. The 42-year-old woman cabbie
was trapped for a short time. The cabbie also had to be freed from shot
the wreckage, German police have hostages
shot dead a gunman who took security
hostages at a cinema. Dramatic running
security footage shows people armed
running for their lives as heavily body
armed forces wearing helmets and local
body armour stormed the complex, man
local media is reporting the masked did
man opened fire in the cinema but people
did not injury any patrons, 25 when
people were treated by paramedics operation,
when police used tear gas if the has
operation, the opposition leader that
has declined to repeat his claims privatise
that the Government plans to election
privatise Medicare after the renewed
election as Labor's campaign faces to
renewed scrutiny. Shorten was asked them
to look voters in the eye and tell was
them the privatisation of Medicare response.
was Coalition policy. Here's his of
response.I can say to the people their
of Australia this election and future
their vote on July 2 will derl the complaints
future of Medicare.Labor's denials
complaints and Malcolm Turnbull's week
denials have dominated the last married
week of campaigning, a newly have
married couple in the United States after
have Extra special wedding photos rattlesnake.
after the groom was bit l by a captured
rattlesnake. Their photographer in
captured every minute of the ordeal with
in pictures, the bride even posing husband
with her bouquet has her new Luckily
husband was treated on the ground. venom
Luckily the snake didn't inject any made
venom with his bite of the groom to
made a full recovery just in time go.
to attend his reception. There you Exactly
go.Thanks marriage look easy. suppose.
Exactly good to keep the Barlow, I

suppose.I think that's always a Unrealistic
good way to start a marriage. only
Unrealistic to have a high, the you
only way is up when a snake bites wedding
you on your wedding day.If the downhill
wedding is too good, it's all laughing?
downhill (LAUGHS) why am I snow
laughing?Coming up more on the much
snow heavy rain and flooding hit definitely
much of our nation, winter is with
definitely here. Natalia is up next weather
with a full update on your weekend terrible
weather wherever you are.It's terrible in parts. Plus we have a

terrible in parts. Plus we have a day,
massive $70,000 to brighten your proud,
day, turn your phone on loud and the
proud, put your TV on and wait for Friday,
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High Impact White.

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Welcome back to the show, Tim has about.
all the sport, there is plenty They
about.Don't you love a Friday. Adelaide
They were not at their best. The win
Adelaide Crows were good enough to the
win against North Melbourne beating struggled
the Kangaroos by 33, Adelaide kicking
struggled in front of the posts behinds
kicking 12 goals 28. The most Tigers
behinds ever in a AFL game, league Farah,
Tigers coach is resting Robbie on
Farah, he copped a hit to the head Queensland.
on Wednesday night in the loss to watching
Queensland. Adam Reynolds will be watching on when the Rabbits take Nine,
on the Panthers tonight on Channel about
Nine, the halfback is looking at after
about a month away from the game can
after injuring his shoulder, you guides.
can see it all live, check the to
guides. We're excited. We are going reporter,
to get to New York to talk to our Simmons
reporter, Melbourne born Ben unveiled
Simmons is set to be officially the
unveiled as the No.1 draft pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, he entered Louisiana
the draft after one year at his
Louisiana State University and play with
his first game with the 76ers, he's guaranteed
with LeBron James management deal
guaranteed 20 million. He signed a and
deal with a shoe cop worth millions Ben
and part of a Hollywood blockbuster, Ben Simmons...I love the grab from American
the other day he was asked at an conference,
American reporter at a huge press basketball
conference, will you play "No
basketball for America, he goes, stuff,
"No way, man I'm Australian" good Natalia.
stuff, let's get the weather with today.
Natalia.There is a lot happening at
today. There's a lot happening here checking
at QPAC in Brisbane. We are festival.
checking out the Out of the Box out
festival. If you haven't figured after
out what I'm doing I'll tell you is
after we look at what the weather is doing across Australia.

is doing across Australia.
after we look at what the weather Cairns,
is doing across Australia. In Townsville
Cairns, a shower or two, 29, Townsville possible shower, 29,

Townsville possible shower, 29, the Brisbane
Sunshine Coast morning rain, 22, Gold
Brisbane possible morning rain, for
Gold Coast possible morning rain partly
for you as well. Sydney windy front
partly cloudy and 17. That cold the
front is hitting the southeast of showers
the country Canberra winds and Hobart
showers easing, 9, Melbourne 10, coldest
Hobart showers and 9. Adelaide the coldest day in four years, today 18.
showers 14, Perth partly cloudy and 16,
18. Alice Springs you're looking at mostly
16, Darwin the place to be really, degrees.
mostly sunny with a top of 33

mostly sunny with a top of 33 Festival
degrees. The Out of the Box years
Festival is for kids under eight this
years old, they can do classes like origins
this Bollywood class, Bollywood has dances.
origins in traditional Indian folk with
dances. It's become very popular coming
with all the Bollywood movies as
coming out of India. There you go, people,
as Karl would say, "It's Friday

people, get your Bollywood on".You Get
have definitely got yours Natalia. That's
Get your Naan on.Good hip action. heat
That's a Paratha. Coming up the with
heat is on for political leaders day,
with eight sleeps until election make
day, we didn't think they would on
make it. Who is tipped to come out pollies
on top. Putting it to our favourite cash
pollies next.Need a bit of Extra $70,000
cash for the weekend? How would trick,
$70,000 sound, that should do the to
trick, that's coming upFrom cash celebrating
to the King, we have everybody comeback
celebrating Elvis, this is the comeback special.

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This program is not captioned. Back
(SONG) # The heat is on # off
Back to the show, the gloves are fight
off and the political bare-knuckle slug
fight is on as both party leaders they're
slug it out to convince voters ahead
they're the ones you can trust us
ahead of the July 2 poll. Joining and
us is Shadow Minister for transport beaming
and infra struct Anthony Albanese, Adelaide
beaming in from a satellite in rr
Adelaide is minister for industry The
rr Christopher Pyne.Good morning. be
The 'Daily Telegraph', this could leader,
be a problem for the opposition him
leader, the paper cashing ka turs making
him as Billnocchio cueing him of university
making misleading claims over Anthony
university funding and jobs, typical
Anthony it's a bad look?It's a who
typical look for the telegraph s state
who have done this in federal and it.
state campaigns, everyone discounts will
it. Everyone expects it. People Telly
will go, "Yep, that's what the week.
Telly do" it will get worse next this
week.One of the issues has been Medicare,
this issue about private icing '7.30
Medicare, it's a huge fight. On the asked
'7.30 Report' Bill Shorten was the
asked to repeat his accusation that health
the Coalition wanted to private ise on
health care.Can you put your hand in
on your heart and look Australians a
in the eye saying the Coalition has can
a policy to privatise Medicare?I this
can say to the people of Australia, July
this election and their vote on Medicare.
July 2 will determine the future of is
Medicare.It looks like Mr Shorten Medicare
is trying to scare Australians Prime
Medicare will be privatise $ed. The categorically
Prime Minister has says privatised,
categorically it will not be persist
privatised, why does the opposition Have
persist with what looks like a lie? not
Have a look at what they are doing are
not just what they are saying. They so
are freezing the Medicare rebates people
so that people get off bulk billing, rather
people go to a private system Whitlam
rather than a public system. Liberals
Whitlam created Medibank, the brought
Liberals got rid of it, Hawke rid
brought it back, they tried to get believe
rid of it part of their DNA, Labor system
believe in the public health care of
system at the front the centrepiece conservative
of health policies, the believed
conservative forces who never private
believed in Medicare who support ability
private health care on the basis of upon
ability to pay, rather than based said
upon need.Christopher you have that
said there rb no part of Medicare Coalition
that will change whatsoever under a But
Coalition Government after July 2. particularly
But the consensus is the system payments
particularly when it comes to payments is old and clunky, most wouldn't
particularly expensive. Why system
wouldn't you want to update a think
system that is 25 years old?We trancing
think we can do that in house office
trancing the digital transformation created.
office which Malcolm Turnbull about
created. The issue that has come Prime
about whether we want to have a the
Prime Minister who tells lies all is
the time. That's what Bill Shorten He's
is offering the Australian public. will
He's been exposed as being a liar issue
will privatising Medicare. Now the issue is is Bill Shorten fit to be when
the Prime Minister of Australia something
when he can't tell the truth about bald-faced
something which is so clearly a privatising
bald-faced lie as is lie about want
privatising Medicare.You wouldn't more
want to do something to update it consensus
more than taking it in house. The of
consensus is it's old fashioned out Labor
of date and costs a lot of money. considering
Labor began the process of partner
considering whether we should the
partner with the private sector for Medicare
the delivery of IT services in highlights
Medicare of the that just highlights the hypocrisy of the that
Labor Party on this issue. They did that in 2009 when they were in of the go. But

the go. But Malcolm and Sussan Ley the
and Scott Morrison believe using the digital transformation office, Malcolm
the capacity we have thanks to communications
Malcolm as Minister tore within
communications we can do the work be
within the Government. There will partnership
be no need to have any kind of all
partnership with the private sector, a
all it does is expose that Labor in been
a desperate scare campaign have I'm
been exposed as bald-faced liars. need
I'm sorry that Anthony has felt the Anthony?
need to get caught up in the net. fundamental
Anthony?We know there is a politics
fundamental divide in Australian public
politics like the divide over Turnbull
public education, where Malcolm a
Turnbull earlier this year proposed fund
a funding system that would just with
fund private schools only and would with with dau all funding from here,
public education. There is a theme education,
here, public health, public conservative
education, public broadcasters, the don't
conservative forces in this country Bill
don't support them.The theme is that's
Bill Shorten can't tell the truth, 'Daily
that's the problem.You know the can't
'Daily Telegraph'...Bill Shorten credit
can't tell the truth.Give them front
credit they've had one excellent you,
front page.One good front page for obvious
you, 'save our Albo' that's the they
obvious one.That's the obvious one, Albo'
they supported my reelection.'Save campaign.
Albo' you were happy with that 'save
campaign.I was happy with the been
'save the Albo campaign' they have then.
been useful for fund raisers since telegraph's
then. In terms of the isn't it,
telegraph's s s coverage, we expect discount
it, the readers expect it, they have
discount what they say.We will only
have to leave it there, there are might
only eight sleeps to go, you both to
might be exhausted.I don't want it life.
to end. It's the best time of my today
life. I love the campaign.I do, tourism
today I'm in Tasmania launching a interstate
tourism policy, and that's my last forward
interstate visit. I'm looking in
forward to being on the home front of
in the last week.Good to see both night.
of you.I'll be hear on election are
night.I know you will. Christopher, Christopher?
are you going to join us my
Christopher?I'll be ensconced in He'll
my electorate with my volunteers. for
He'll be in a bunker.Thanking hem nor
for helping me out.Traffic delays blocking
nor Sydney drivers with fire crews massive
blocking roads so they can battle a break.
massive blaze an update after the investors
break.How cashed up foreign property
investors are snapping up Aussie abandoned,
property and leaving them empty and investigation
abandoned, I'll bring you the loophole
investigation into the legal loophole they are using.

loophole they are using.Stick a
around for cash, cash and more cash, a massive $70,000 This program is not captioned. Severe weather ahead?
Being prepared is vital. That's why our AAMI Access app
is able to send incoming alerts for your postcode,
direct to your phone. That's not very insurance-y. # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back, in breaking news this in
morning fire has gutted a factory with
in Sydney's southwest this morning sky.
with flames shooting 20m into the our
sky. A huge blaze, let's go live to the
our Sydney reporter Lara Vella at latest?
the scene in Greenacre, whaegs the massive
latest?It seems as though this wreaking
massive blaze started at a car fire
wreaking factory at Greenacre. That spread
fire has been so ferocious it's It's
spread to one factory to another. warehouse
It's torn down an awning and blinds wrecking
warehouse that's opposite this car huge
wrecking yard. You can see from the huge flames

huge flames just the ferocity of here
that fire. We have 60 fire crews show
here tackling the blaze. I will you
show you the scene this morning. As effort
you can see we have that aerial tackling
effort right now. They've been three
tackling that fire for at least the
three thours here. We understand might
the blaze broke out at 3.30. You might be able

might be able to see the charred you
wreckage of that awnings factory, tore
you can see from the flames when it is
tore down the building. That's what caught
is left twisted metal and rubble. I here
caught up with a worker who was turned
here when the blaze broke out. He was
turned up this morning to see what was going on. This is what he saw.

was going on. This is what he saw. bang
What do you think starred it?The it
bang I would say, more than I think, did
it was a loud bang.What exactly did you see?Just massive flames, to
it was - it looked good actually, lot
to see a live fire.This morning, a here
lot of workers have been turning up into
here to find they're not able to go unsure
into work this morning. They are be
unsure as to exactly when they will Right
be able to enter their factories. active
Right now it's a crime scene, an we
active investigation under wayment you're
we have road closures in place, if southwest
you're driving through the there
southwest of Sydney bear in mind Highway
there are road closures at the Hume is
Highway and Beresford Avenue. There sparked
is no indication what exactly from
sparked this fire. As you can tell incredible
from the pictures Sylvia just an through
incredible blaze that's ripped impressive
through here. Also pretty who
impressive efforts from fire crews We'll
who were very quick on the scene. see
We'll check in with you later to advice.
see if there are changes to traffic the
advice. Melbourne is on track for act
the coldest day of the year as an to
act particular front makes is way is
to the city, hail thunder and rain fall
is forecast, snow is predicted to Last
fall as low as the Dandenong Ranges. in
Last night there was flash flooding South
in parts of the city including collapsed
South Melbourne. A ceiling eastern
collapsed in Patterson lakes in the on
eastern outskirts after a tree fell quite
on to a roof. It was a relatively only
quite night for the SES receiving Adelaide
only 20 calls for assistance, winds
Adelaide was battered by danging snow.
winds and bracing this morning for summit
snow. Tom McLean is at the Mt Lofty any
summit braving the icy conditions, morning,
any sign of to the white stuff this locals
morning, Tom?Disappointingly many hoping
locals come up here year after year missing
hoping to see snow. They keep be
missing out. It looks like it will degrees,
be the same this year. Down to 3 enough
degrees, and very windy. Not quite a
enough moisture. We caught up with they
a few of the locals to here what before
they have to say.I've seen snow Tasmania,
before like in Europe and in before.
Tasmania, but not actually falling I
before.It is absolutely freezing. toes.
I am slowly losing feeling to my come
toes.Now, overnight we did see through
come damaging winds that blew few
through Adelaide knocking over a luckily
few trees on to power lines, This
luckily no homes severely damaged. around
This followed extensive flooding SES
around Adelaide that brought the helping
SES out. A lot of volunteers up.
helping sand bag to try and clean top
up. Today we have hail expected. A very
top of about 14 degrees, and some day
very strong winds. A bitterly cold Stay
day here around South Australia. Police
Stay warm Tom thank you, Queensland shooting
Police are investigating a drive-by happened
shooting on the Gold Coast. It morning
happened in the early hours of this sprayed
morning at Mermaid Waters, a house several
sprayed with a shotgun leaving damage
several parts of the building with home
damage from pellets. Nobody was unclear,
home at the time. The motive is have
unclear, a mother and her children fire
have been left homeless after a Melbourne
fire gutd their home east of the
Melbourne overnight. It is believed cigarette
the Bayswater blaze was caused by a two
cigarette lighter. The mother of after
two has serious burns to her hands flames.
after trying to extinguish the during
flames. The last of those injured have
during a tour bus crash in Vanuatu continue
have arrived back in Australia to people
continue getting treatment. Three the
people were flown from Noumea to two
the Gold Coast overnight including male
two young boys.The 11-year-old injuries
male had sustained some head injuries and the seven-year-old Both
male has sustained a fractured leg. to
Both patients were transported up and
to Gold Coast University Hospital at
and both are in a stable condition people
at this stage of theSeven other port
people were injured in the crash in Brisbane
port ville A they were flown to opposition
Brisbane earlier this week. The repeat
opposition leader has declined to Government
repeat his claims that the Medicare
Government plans to privatise Labor's
Medicare after the election as scrutiny.
Labor's campaign faces renewed look
scrutiny. Bill Shorten was asked to them
look voters in the eye and tell was
them the privatisation of Medicare to
was Coalition policy. But he failed last
to do so. That was on television ago
last night. On our program moments argue
ago Anthony Albanese continued to Whitlam's
argue the opposition's case. rid
Whitlam's created Medicare they got It's
rid of it, Hawke broeth it back. believe
It's part of their DNA, Labor system
believe in the public health care piece
system as the front an kwepter conservative
piece of health policy and the conservative forces who don't believe in Medicare, who never care
believe in Medicare support private to
care health on the basis of ability polls
to pay.Already, overseas now, and
polls in the UK are about to close and the votes will soon be counted in
to see if Britain or leave or stay Ballinger
in the European Union, Amelia important
Ballinger is live in London, how will
important is today's result?This emotional
will be one of the biggest most emotional decisions people here live
will probably have to make their registered
live time. 46.5 million people have done.
registered to take part in this ref largest
done. It will probably be the largest turnout they have ever seen pretty
in this country of the we had affecting
pretty bad Bether overnight weather.
affecting polling stayings -- to
weather. Several were closed during vote
to flooding, those who did want to seen
vote went to grit lengths. We have stations.
seen long queues outside polling and
stations. The politicians were out Minister
and about casting votes, Prime leader
Minister David Cameron has been the the
leader of the campaign to stay in of
the EU of the his future as leader jeopardy
of this country will be in great There
jeopardy if there is a Brexit. if
There will be a lot of uncertainty It
if the country decides to Brexit. potentially
It will take months even proper
potentially years to formulate a go
proper plan. We have a long way to stations
go to think about that. The polling half
stations don't close for another needily
half an hour, the counting begins a
needily after that. We should have time.
a final result this afternoon your many
time.Mother Nature has prevented vote.
many people from turning out to about
vote.A big story, we are talking this
about possible ramifications in life
this neck of the woods. How your Docker's
life will change on July 1 there your
Docker's fees to power bills and and
your pay check, the changes for you highlight,
and your family.Karl a career one'
highlight, they cally the 'great Gretzky
one' ice hockey legend Wayne your
Gretzky after the break.Hold on to geniuses
your magic carpet, we will meet the stage
geniuses behind the new Disney in
stage shows and tell you how to get up
in on the accident.(SONG) # Brush This program is not captioned. MAN: (Sings) # I'm watching you
watch over... # What did he say?
He said he can see quite well.

# The greatest... # VOICE-OVER: Donate to
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He's on his way to work. Because Tom parks
in his garage at home, drive a short distance to work
and parks securely there, This program is not captioned. head
(SONG) # So get out get out of my # Tim
# We have a big weekend in sport, in
Tim has it covered.We are headed risk
in 'One Direction' Melbourne is at going
risk of giving up the fourth spot Kangaroos
going down to the Crows, the Adelaide
Kangaroos failed to capitalise on won
Adelaide laid's inaccuracy, they behinds.
won the game, 12 goals and 28 casualties,
behinds. NRL Origin game two had with
casualties, Adam Reynolds ruled out Rabbits
with a shoulder injury for the action
Rabbits clash with Penrith all the tigers
action here on Channel Nine. West Farah
tigers have decided to rest Robbie head
Farah after the hooker suffered a Woods.
head knock from teammate Aaron is
Woods. Victorian born Ben Simmons the
is set to be officially unveiled as Philadelphia
the NBA 's No.1 draft pick by the will
Philadelphia 76ers, the 19-year-old million
will be cashed up guaranteed $20 of
million over the first four years what
of his career if picked. That's basketball.
what he will learn from playing 'great
basketball. They don't call him the Gretzky
'great one' for nothing, Wayne favourite
Gretzky is ice hockey, Canada's the
favourite son is in Australia for team
the first time with his Canadian Hockey
team and the US playing in the Ice I
Hockey Classic. What a treat for me. Wayne
I caught up with the one, the only Ladies
Wayne Gretzky shallANNOUNCER: simply
Ladies and gentlemen, he's quite simply the great one, Wayne Gretzky.

simply the great one, Wayne Gretzky. of
Not a bad place, what do you think particularly
of this joint?Overwhelming have
particularly for me, everything I honoured
have is due to hockey, I feel Australia
honoured to be here.Here in cricket,
Australia we have the Ashes in quite
cricket, there is nothing like States
quite US A and Canada.The United they
States players are so much better, show
they want to earn that respect to as
show the Canadian kids, "Hey, we're get
as good as you guys are" when you get on the ice it's a war.

get on the ice it's a war.You are golf
going to put the skates on. I'm a that's
golf can Nattic to see Justin win I
that's pant. U I won a gold medal. Such
I was joyful. He cried like a baby. the
Such a natural, what did you love said
the most about that competition?I one
said when I retired there wasn't Every
one thing I didn't love about it. loved,
Every single thing about hockey I loved, the practices, the highs, being
the lows, travelling with the guys, the
being in the locker room with all about
the guys, it was just - everything about it I love.

about it I love.Alright Tim magician,
Gilbert.He was the ultimate player,
magician, unbelievable ice hockey see
player, don't miss your chance to years
see the legend. He will play, 55 night
years of age on the ice tomorrow game
night he will play in the lead-up website.
game for tickets head to the

website.Surprised you didn't get a of
call up.He didn't go, he has a lot bothering
of stuff on, busy man, stop Timmy,
bothering him people.Thank you with
Timmy, awesome to see you catch up check
with him, he's a legend. Let's the
check out what is happening with weather
the weather.VOICEOVER: Today's weather brought to you

weather brought to you by Scenic's difference.
exclusive E bikes, experience the checking
difference.Good morning we're Festival
checking out the Out of the Box Queensland
Festival happening in Southbank in They
Queensland for kids eight and under. brilliant
They are having an absolutely wondering
brilliant time behind us. If you're doing
wondering what on earth they are weather.
doing we will tell you after the weather. We'll start

weather. We'll start
doing we will tell you after the in
weather. We'll start in Queensland Mt
in Townsville a possible shower, 19, rain
Mt Isa 24, Charleville aerly light Arctic
rain 18, Noosa 22, that freezing Tamworth
Arctic blast is set to hit NSW, windy
Tamworth windy and 12, Newcastle and
windy 17, Orange snow potentially 6 Victoria
and snow down to some low levels in showers,
Victoria as well, Bendigo morning Tassie,
showers, 9, Ballarat 6 degrees, Australia
Tassie, Launceston 9. In South Pedy
Australia showers easing 10, Coober west,
Pedy partly cloudy and 15. In the The
west, you can expect a top of 4. Tennant
The Northern Territory and Yulara Tennant Creek a top of 26 degrees.

Tennant Creek a top of 26 degrees.
The Northern Territory and Yulara Well, here
Well, it is covered in colour down known
here at Southbank. This is what is suited
known as Holy Throw, the kids get coloured
suited up and throw lots of ex
coloured corn flour at each other creativity
ex he is fromming emotion and and
creativity and geing the energy out completely
and the best thing is they get property.
completely dirty on someone else's ghostbuster,
property. I'm dressed up like a that
ghostbuster, I'm telling away from No.
that today.Come on Natale yachlt like
No.You can't wear white in a spot the
like that, go and get amongst it leaving
theI'm going, I'm leaving. I'm leaving it's for kids.

leaving it's for kids.Friday is country
fun day. Big bosses from around the night
country slept on the streets over hopelessness,
night raising awareness for with
hopelessness, Ross Greenwood is sleeping
with them. We will cross to his Elvis
sleeping bag next.We love a bit of it
Elvis on the show, we are cranking tribute
it up all morning with a special tribute ahead.

tribute ahead.Also time to strap We're
yourselves in, don't go anywhere. $70,000.
We're making a huge call it's worth that.
$70,000. You cannot afford to miss behind
that.Coming up in entertainment, behind the scenes with This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER:
McCafe barista-made coffee, and Macca's new
Gourmet Brekkie Rolls, with egg, bacon, baby spinach
and tomato onion relish on a brioche-style bun, your morning coffee
just met its match.

It's amazing how powerful a piece of paper can be
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understand how to make it count. On election day,
you'll receive two ballot papers - a green one for
the House of Representatives and a large white one for the Senate. On the green ballot paper, you put a 1 in the box beside the
candidate who is your first choice, then a 2 in the box
beside your second choice and so on until
you've numbered every box. This election, the way you vote
for the Senate has changed. On the white Senate ballot paper, you now need to put
a 1 in the box above the line for the party or group
that is your first choice, then a 2 in the box
for your second choice and so on until you've numbered
at least 6 boxes or you can choose
to vote below the line by numbering at least 12 boxes
for individual candidates in order of your choice. To learn more, visit or call 13 23 26.

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In Australia, one in 8 young people
are out of work. (BANG!) Yet instead of investing
in our future, Malcolm Turnbull
has stripped $2.7 billion from training and apprenticeships.

Signing trade deals that make it harder for our kids to get jobs. Malcolm Turnbull made a choice. He just didn't choose your kids.

This program is not captioned.

Good morning to you. Welcome back country.
to the Today Show. Right across the your
country. As you are getting out of can
your comfort bed this morning, I bed.
can tell you last night this was my because
bed. Two pieces of cardboard Vincent
because it was the annual St night
Vincent de Paul CEO sleep-out. Last night raised more than $5 million homelessness
to really raise awareness of here
homelessness in Australia. Consider more
here around Australia last night homeless
more than 100,000 people were circumstances,
homeless mainly because of their in
circumstances, they could have been sleeping
in their cars or in our cities range
sleeping rough like this or in a certainly
range of different places. I This
certainly slept rough last night. can
This wasn't actually my bed. You little
can see where I was, I found a too
little bit of cover which wasn't were
too bad and not too cold. There country
were 13 locations around the rough.
country where CEOs were sleeping Matthews
rough. I managed to convince Dave Greater
Matthews who is the CEO of the fifth
Greater Western Sydney giants, to
fifth on the AFL ladder right now good
to stick around with you. David event.
good morning to you. This is a good night?
event. How did you sleep last raises
night?It is a great events and teaches
raises terrific awareness and for
teaches you not to take anything alone,
for granted, 28,000 people into NSW alone, which is basically what

alone, which is basically what when
would spill Spotless Stadium and we
when I put it in that perspective Who
we have a major issue on our hands. of
Who sponsored you last night?A lat see
of players at the Giants want to questioning
see me sleep rough and they were through
questioning me whether I would get friends
through it. A lot of players and great
friends got behind it and it is a awareness.
great cause and raises a lot of Greater
awareness.Dave Matthews from the the
Greater Western Sydney taking on upbreak
the Carlton this weekend. We will shortly.
upbreak you on the Brexit vote comfortably
shortly. A man that slept let's
comfortably in his Hollywood hotel Richard
let's get entertainment with Ross.
Richard Wilkins.Yes, thank you Good
Ross. You are making me feel guilty. everyone
Good morning again. All that Hollywood
everyone is talking about in by
Hollywood is this five minute rant the
by Ben Affleck, the Oscar winner on show
the premier of a new cable sports show 'Any Given Wednesday' hosted about
by bill Simmons and he wept off Brady
about this deflategate saga and Tom Patriots.
Brady and his team New England describes
Patriots. He uses profanity when he football
describes how ridiculous the 2015 Zeppelin
football tampering was. Led of
Zeppelin have been found not guilty stairway
of plajer simple. From the hit

stairway to heaven from 'Taurus' to
from the band Spirit. Only one day down
to deliberate for the jury who came down with the not guilty verdict.

down with the not guilty verdict. Plant
Song writers Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have released a statement:

Now, also this morning we catch up location
with The Veronicas, we go on Veronicas,
location with the girls. The new
Veronicas, of course, have this hot happens
new single and we went to see what rolling.
happens when the cameras stopped

rolling.Jessie can you paint me a (BLEEP)
nail.Oh good treats me like a Stop
(BLEEP) help.I am the star too. Is
Stop shot, I have to get on screen. for
Is this size going to be fine Lisa Deal
for your big nail? Get it girl. Deal with it.

Thanks for hanging out with us on see
our new set of our video.We will Richard
see you soon love you Karl and their
Richard and Lisa.They will perform Blood'
their brand new single 'In My I
Blood' this Sunday on 'The Voice'. they
I am delighted to tell you that Monday
they will be on the Today Show on love
Monday morning, The Veronicas, we day
love them. It is going to be a good is
day Monday morning.Huge day.That live
is a big 24 hours for the girls start.
live 'The Voice' into a very early Lisa.
start. Good on them.Well said, top
Lisa.Thanks Richard.Here are the top stories on Today.

top stories on Today.A massive flames
blaze in Sydney this morning, wrecker's
flames ripped through a car Wild
wrecker's yards, we are there live. Adelaide.
Wild weather hits Melbourne and trees
Adelaide. Roads are flooded and plummet
trees are down as temperatures morning
plummet we will have update all patients
morning on the wintery blast.Final crash
patients injured in the horror bus Gold
crash in Vanuatu arrive back on the snapping
Gold Coast.Up foreign investors special
snapping up Aussie property. A local
special report on what it means for has
local buyers.It's massive, Blocky toushtion
has an incredit I believe $70 Imagine
toushtion ,000 to give away. that
Imagine what you could do with all are
that cash?Tributes to the King. We the
are all shock up and celebrating wasn't
the magic of Elvis.He was the King, morning
wasn't he? Our top story this scene
morning and firefighters are at the Sydney's
scene of a large factory blaze in the
Sydney's south-west. Take a look at building
the moment that part of the pictures
building collapsed. Incredible fire
pictures from the scene of that fire in Greenacre. Lara Vella is at us.
the scene, has been all morning for happened?
us. Lara, take us through what aftermath
happened?Good morning Karl. The that
aftermath of that huge collapse you
that we saw last night. I will show time
you now. You can see for the first allowed
time this morning we have been crime
allowed on the other side of the charred
crime scene tape and this is the left
charred twisted mess that has been blaze
left behind following the huge night.
blaze that broke out here last morning
night. It was about 3:30 in the to
morning some witnesses that I spoke explosion
to said that they heard a massive enormous
explosion before we saw those that
enormous flames ripping through actually
that car wrecking yard, which is shutters
actually blind this blinds and other
shutters warehouse, it is on the large,
other side. That fire has been so this
large, it has actually spread to crews
this building. That is where fire containing
crews this morning have been can
containing their efforts. As you can see they are still tackling water
that blaze from above, pouring some
water over that charred mess. In that
some good news, fire crews do say contained
that they have now thankfully listen
contained that blaze. Let's take a morning.
listen to what they told me this difficult.
morning.Access was extremely between
difficult. There is no separation continue
between any of the buildings. So we continue ee get to the sides or in to
between the buildings. We have had above
to use our aerial aplienss to get internally
above it. Firefighters have gone in building
internally to the two adjoining spreading
building to prevent the fire morning
spreadingRemark efforts this Workers
morning from fire crews overnight. wondering
Workers have been turning up here There
wondering what the heck is going on. blocking
There has been a crime scene tape They
blocking them from getting access. before
They won't be allowed back in This
before this area is cleared off. has
This indeed is a massive fire that factories
has ripped through several south.
factories in Greenacre in Sydney's a
south.With the weekend on the way, way
a powerful cold front is making its bringing
way across the country's south-east snow.
bringing rain, damaging winds and Melbourne
snow. We have reporters in morning.
Melbourne and Adelaide for us this Ahern
morning. But first to Christine going
Ahern in Melbourne. Chris, today is standards.
going to be cold, even by Melbourne The
standards.Yeah, that's right Lisa. coldest
The bureau says it is going our only
coldest day of the year. We are degrees.
only going to reach a maximum of 10 icy
degrees. This is all because of an tells
icy cold front which the bureau through
tells me it is making its way bring
through Victoria. It is going to will
bring hail and thunder with it. It will hit around mate morning but it Thankfully
will last into the evening. rain
Thankfully we won't get too much Because
rain and not strong winds as well. late
Because we certainly did have that 100km/h
late yesterday. We had gusts up to rain.
100km/h coupled with torrential come
rain. That did cause some trees to Patterson
come down on roads and cars out at ceiling
Patterson Lakes and a house got conditions.
ceiling damage because of those quiet
conditions. SES tells me it was a They
quiet night by their standards. They,
They received 20 calls for help. again
They, of course, are on stand by makes
again today as this cold front good
makes its way to Melbourne. The where
good news out in our ski field falls,
where they have some decent snow they
falls, already had been 50cm and because
they are expecting another 40cm the
because of this cold front. Snow in Melbourne,
the Dandenongs as well. For have
Melbourne, brace, you're going to it
have hail and thunder and rain and morning.
it is all going to happen this couple
morning. Lisa.It will take a that
couple of extra lairs and make sure if
that you bring the cars under cover Tom
if you possibly can. Let's go to us.
Tom McLean who is in Adelaide for expect
us. What can South Australians cold
expect today Tom?Lisa, a lot more Yesterday
cold weather unfortunately. four
Yesterday we had the coldest day in And
four years, top of 12.6 degrees. today.
And there is just more of that where
today. We are up on Mount Lofty hoping
where a lot of locals have come out looks
hoping to see a bit of snow but it going
looks like unfortunately they are a
going to miss out. Overnight we had The
a lot of wind and damaging floods. volunteering.
The SES were helping locals, rest
volunteering. Unfortunately the potential
rest of today we will see the a
potential for some hail, certainly gusts
a strong chance of wind and some going
gusts up to 50 degrees. So it is sure
going some trying conditions. I am sure for SES volunteers they are throughout
going to be kept busy all unpleasant
throughout today. But a somewhat How
unpleasant day in South Australia. working
How is that wind chill factor yes.
working for you?It's quite chilly, are
yes.I can tell by the way that you is
are clutching that microphone which Stay
is not given you any warmth at all. Overseas
Stay under cover if you can. emerged
Overseas and dramatic video has cinema
emerged from inside a germ man of
cinema where a gunman held dozens fires
of people hostage overnight. Amid fires of a massacre along the lines police
of Orlando fast ker. Heavily armed shot
police stormed the building and treated
shot the man dead. 25 people were the
treated by paramedics. But only for and
the effects of tear gas. A mother homeless
and her children have been left house
homeless after a fire gutted their It
house east of Melbourne overnight. was
It is believed the base water blaze was caused by a cigarette lighter.

was caused by a cigarette lighter. to
The mother-of-two has serious burns out
to her hands after trying to put Australians
out those flames. The final tree crash
Australians injured in a tour bus back
crash in Vanuatu have been flown treatment.
back home to the Gold Coast for reporter
treatment. Today Queensland Gold
reporter Jessica Millward is on the are
Gold Coast this morning. Jess, how positive
are the patients doing?Sylvia, the all
positive news is that they are now It
all stable enough to be transported. taken
It was these three people that were awful
taken directly to Noumea after this Vanuatu
awful bus crash in Port Vila, to
Vanuatu and they were transported Hospital.
to the Gold Coast University boy
Hospital. Among them an 11-year-old in
boy who was most critically injured sustained
in the crash.11-year-old male hl year-old
sustained some head injuries and 7- fractured
year-old male had sustained a transported
fractured leg. Both patients University
transported up to Gold Coast stable
University Hospital and both in a ten
stable condition at this stage.All in
ten Australians that were injured Queensland
in the bus crash are now back in either
Queensland receiving treatment Brisbane.
either here on the Gold Coast or in really
Brisbane. As the investigation is driver
really ramping up in Vanuatu, the with
driver of the bus has been charged death
with dangerous driving causing look
death and P&O are continuing to the
look into the circumstances around Overseas
the crash. Sylvia.Thank you. Lisa. polls
Overseas now, and in the UK the votes
polls have just closed and the out
votes are now being counted to find and
out if Britain will make history Amelia
and leave the European Union. No-one
Amelia Ballinger is live in London. before
No-one could predict the outcome now.
before and no-one is predicting it

now.It is going to be very, tight That
polls. Very tight at the momentnt. 46.5
That is why we have seen a record take
46.5 million people registered to recognise
take part in this referendum. They of
recognise this is going to be one that
of the most important decisions lifetime.
that they may make in their weather
lifetime. We did have shocking weather overnight, affecting some closed
of the polling stations and some closed due to the flooding. Those lengths
that wanted to vote went to great could.
lengths to get somewhere where they polling
could. Enormous queues outside the were
polling stations. The politicians votes.
were out and about casting their

votes. We saw David Cameron, the If
Prime Minister, casting his vote. If there is a Brexit his future as There
Prime Minister is in jeopardy. unclear
There are a lot of points that are forward.
unclear in terms of how we move years
forward. It could take months, or UK
years to formulate a plan how the Brexit.
UK moves forwards if there is a just
Brexit. The polling stations have begun
just closed and counting has just afternoon
begun and we have a relate this is
afternoon year time.The question Australia?
is what could Brexit mean for Greenwood
Australia? Our finance editor Ross morning
Greenwood joins us live. Ross, good market
morning to you once again. The last
market have been in turmoil for the What
last few days ahead of this vote. the
What could be the impact on us if EU?
the Brits do choose to leave the Australia
EU?There is a number of impacts on from
Australia and effect everything and
from our dollar to interest rates the
and even the trade deals we do in Australia's
the future and perhaps even UK
Australia's ability to go into the UK in the future. Right now we so That
the Dow Jones closed up 200 points. investors
That gives you a sense that stay
investors are punting that UK will thing
stay with Europe. Then the second morning
thing is the Aussie dollar this morning sitting right

morning sitting right now 76.1 US so
cents. When the Australian dollar when
so high it was higher when it was interest
when the Reserve Bank last cut It
interest rates. That is a tell-tale. for
It suggests that people have hunted relatively
for other currencies that are British
relatively safe compared to the pound
British browned and the British very
pound is expected to collapse very, Australia
very quickly. Trade deals, deal
Australia trying to have a trade new
deal with Europe. They will do a and
new trade deal with Great Britain into
and the products would go more easy all
into the UK. Bare in mind this is does
all about immigration. If the UK harder
does come out it will increasingly residency
harder for Australians to get come
residency in the UK. If this did it
come out it is likely we would find Commonwealth
it more easy as part of the visas
Commonwealth more easier to get Interesting
visas to stay there to work. that
Interesting it would cut some of scarf
that red tape.It is flamboyant loves
scarf has on today. Wow! He just Brexit
loves Brexit so much. Just more on Bishop
Brexit now, Foreign Minister, Julie for
Bishop joins us for her response possible
for what is happening there and of
possible ramifications in our neck morning
of the wood. Foreign Minister, good How
morning to you.Good morning Karl. fallout
How concerned are you for the around
fallout here economically and watching
around our region?Clearly we are It
watching the events very closely. people.
It is a matter fort British peex we
people. The polls have just closed We
we won't know the outcome just yet. and
We are prepared for any contingency campaign
and that is why we focused on this position
campaign on a strong economic from
position to withstand any fallout Australia
from the Brexit vote. Either way with
Australia will continue to work continue
with the European Union and The
continue to work with Great Britain. will
The question is whether Britain Malcolm
will be in or out of the EU. them
Malcolm Turnbull says he prefers your
them to stay in the EU. What is Australia's
your preferred outcome?From believe
Australia's national interests I inside
believe that a strong Britain in
inside the European Union would be distensible
in our interests. An ally, an in Union
distensible friends in the European the
Union because the Europe is one of stronger
the portraying blocks and the Australia.
stronger the EU the better for leave
Australia. If Britain decides to for
leave it will take quite some time be
for the conditions of the exit to between
be negotiated I would imagine would
between Britain and the EU. So we consider
would have plenty of time to are
consider what we should do but we contingencies
are certainly looking at all being
contingencies right now.That all in
being said the 5th biggest economy trade
in the world would be looking for us.
trade on the outside, win-win for with
us.On top of our free-trade deals with China and Japan and Korea and things
trade agreement with the EU. Should will
things change and Britain exit it course,
will take quite some time. Of free
course, we would look to negotiate across
free trades deals, as we have been are
across the world, wherever there and
are markets for Australian goods and services.

and services. The EU, however, is blocks
one of the single largest trading continue
blocks in the world. We would wherever
continue to pursue trade deals they
wherever we can find them, whenever concern
they are in our interests.Our Australian
concern is growing for the three resident
Australian miners and Australian Nigeria
resident kidnapped in Nigeria, two hostage,
Nigeria answer have been taken serious
hostage, any update.This is a authorities
serious matter. We are working with and
authorities in Nigeria at a state with
and national level. We are working with the company, MacMahon Holdings family
and our company is keeping the worrying
family involved. It is a very sympathies
worrying time. We extends our person
sympathies to the family to the person that was killed, the driver, escape
and one Australian was able to people,
escape capture. There are now 7 are
people, employees of Mcman's. We priority
are concerned for them. Our safety
priority is their well-being and free
safety and to ensure that we can response?
free them.Anyone claiming operation?
response? It is a delicate Not
operation?It is very sensitive. commenting
Not at this stage, we not wouldn't
commenting on any details, that those
wouldn't be in the interests of ground
those captured. Our agencies on the working
ground over there are always have
working very closely with them. I ambassador
have been in touch with our in
ambassador Paul Lehmann and he is this
in Calabar in the province where provide
this occurred. So he is able to briefings
provide me with up-to-date Election
briefings from time to time. of
Election next Saturday still plenty Appreciate
of work for you in the meantime. Some
Appreciate your time this morning. could
Some Queensland school teachers $100,000.
could soon be earning salaries of that
$100,000. The 'Courier Mail' says is
that the Queensland Teachers'Union from
is on the verge of a new pay deal from their current salaries

from their current salaries of businessman
$93,000. Disgraced Sydney whether
businessman will Kurt will learn insider
whether he will go to jail on public
insider trading charge. The his of Jacenko
public relations executive Roxy in
Jacenko is facing up to five years He
in prison a $200,000 fine or both. scheme
He was convict for taking part in a JohnHartman
scheme that netted him and fronted pace
JohnHartman $1.4 million.Change of admits
pace Victorian-born Ben Simmons will
admits he is anxious to hear if he NBA's
will be officially unveiled as the Philadelphia
NBA's number one draft pick by the sleep.
Philadelphia 76ers today.I can't Looking
sleep. It is around the corner. dream
Looking forward to it. It's... I'm Lara
dream away.What a huge story and Lara had to go to

Lara had to go to the Ky Ky ch iro for
after looking up. This is massive Tim.
for young Ben.Good morning to you short
Tim. It is true that I am very is
short and he is very tall. But this He
is a massive night for Ben Simmons. he
He has been dreaming of this since yesterday
he was 7 years old. He told us piece
yesterday he wrote it down on a piece of paper to make the NBA when of
he was 7. He still has that piece clutching
of paper. I am sure he will can We
clutching it very tightly tonight. We are here

We are here at the Barclay Centre State
here. He has been at Louisiana into
State University to chase his dream has
into the NBA. Over the past week he in
has copped a bit of criticism here not
in the US. Some saying that he may an
not be mature enough. He might have ready
an attitude problem, might not be League.
ready to play in the big boys' that
League. Personally we haven't found months
that and I caught up with him six interview
months ago at the LSA for an play
interview and he gave us time to request
play on court. He indulge ed my awful
request to show off my request how so
awful I was at basketball. He was me
so lovely and kind and patient with might
me at that time. I think that they Simmons
might have got it wrong about Ben on
Simmons and the tip is, the world secret,
on the street, it is not very confirm,
secret, although he will not 76ers
confirm, is that the Philadelphia tonight
76ers will be wear he ends up that
tonight much we know he wants to go Simmons.
that team. Fingers crossed for Ben would
Simmons.It is a great story, you Simmons
would be a great point guard. Ben shoe
Simmons has signed a $25 million plenty
shoe deal, that is huge.Certainly couldn't
plenty of money coming your way. I might
couldn't help seeing that Lara in
might have had a bit of a netballer But
in her when she shot that basket. has
But she got it in. Coming up Blocky for
has a stack of cash to give away and
for the weekend.Blocky is excited Block
and ready to go. It is the massive make
Block of Cash give away that will giving
make you jump for joy. We are It
giving away a life changing $70,000. phone
It is easy to win just pick up the wake
phone within five rings and say I calls
wake up it today. To register: All Eastern
calls are made on Australian Eastern Standard Time. That's
Eastern Standard Time. Good luck. times
That's right, $70,000 worth of good be
times on the line today. You got to and
be in it to win it so get involved a
and get cashed-up people. Time for morning
a check of the weather. Good good
morning once again Natalia.Yeah, been
good morning to you Lisa. It has at
been pretty high energy down here South
at the Out of the Box Festival on taking
South Bank in Brisbane. So we are out
taking it down a notch, chilling Gong
out getting some Zen inside the come
Gong Garden. This is where you can 8
come if you are an adult or a child and
8 years and under to play the gongs Michael
and learn about how it is done. You
Michael is showing us how to do it. air
You can feel the vibrations in the really
air and it makes you feel really, what
really relaxed. Let's take a look what the weather is doing across

what the weather is doing across coast
Australia. If you are on the sunny Coast,
coast or in Brisbane or on the Gold morning
Coast, you are looking at some partly
morning rain. In Sydney windy is
partly cloudy. That Antarctic blast Canberra
is really hitting the south-east, Melbourne
Canberra showers and winds. degrees.
Melbourne showers. Hobart just 9 another
degrees. Adelaide you are in for spectacular!
another Frosty one. Darwin

another Frosty one. Darwin

spectacular! All right, we are now are
at a different set of gongs, these right
are the Burmese Gongs, is that go
right Michael? I am having a little gongs?
go here. Michael, how do I play the hit
gongs? How does this work?You can Nat
hit these ones right in the centre need
Nat and take your time. We don't we
need to play together.Excellent, thing.
we can just have a go.Do your own Beautiful.
thing.There you go, so Zen. Friday
Beautiful.Nothing quite like What?
Friday night on the bucket gongs? Speaking
What?Know what I am saying. residents
Speaking of weather Melbourne their
residents are expected to endure icy
their coldest day on the year. An rugged
icy blast strikes the city. A from
rugged up Neil Mitchell joins us from the safety of the 3AW studio. you
Friday night with what?The gongs, play
you know what I mean?No.You don't play the gongs?No.You didn't even the
play the gongs, not even back in Melbourne
the 60s?Please explain. In is
Melbourne we don't need jackets. It since
is going to be the coldest June day magnificent!
since 1998. Hail, win, rain. It is isn't
magnificent!It's nasty though, half
isn't it?Don't you laugh. Didn't sea
half of Sydney nearly end up in the true.
sea a couple of weeks ago?That's but
true.It is with a wasn't as cold election
but nasty nasty.Let's head to the 8
election and final countdown. Just polls.
8 days until Australia goes to the verdict
polls. I want you to give us your the
verdict who won the week.Who won Turnbull
the week? I think that Malcolm his
Turnbull did because Lee he lost I
his voice and couldn't say too much. election.
I think that he has won the think
election. As I said last week, I think he has won it. Bill Shorten, campaign
I think that the Medicare scare him
campaign I think that exploded on transparent.
him a little because it was so transparent. It was a scare exist.
campaign about a policy that didn't about
exist. He was out there talking he
about strange things about whether only
he had been to strip clubs. It was only last night on '7.30' he

only last night on '7.30' he Donald policy
dodged it. They haven't got a been
policy with Medicare at all.I have behind
been asking the same questions Labor
behind the scenes and I think the hits
Labor focus groups are getting good going
hits on it, whether or not it is $66
going to work at all.The Greens in
$66 billion in taxes. They are not are
in the real world are they, they are really not.

are really not.Hundred of CEOs be
have experience what it is like to overnight.
be homeless and roughed it some
overnight. We have been told of sleepout.
some trouble at the Melbourne night
sleepout. What have you got?Great just
night for it here last night. It There
just rained and freezing all night. they
There was a group, we think that unions
they came from one of the homeless walked
unions who disrupted it. They banging
walked up and down half the night intimidating
banging pots together, it was to
intimidating and a bit threatening really
to some of the people there. They that
really did, I think, on the people under
that I have spoken to there, it they
under mined the decent nature that Vinnies
they are trying to achieve. Saint what
Vinnies is quite disappointed about there
what happened. The Governor was don't
there at one stage. She left. I stay
don't know whether she intended to because
stay the night. She left probably We
because it looked like getting ugly. our
We will try to get some vision for not
our news bulletin coming. It was doing.
not cooling given what they were problem
doing. Carjacking has become a Ahern
problem in Melbourne. Christine are
Ahern revealed that yesterday. What situation?
are people going to do in this entrepreneurs
situation?Some of the in
entrepreneurs have set up a course day
in evasive driving. It is a three- dollars.
day course and a couple of thousand and
dollars. They bump you from behind it
and you get out innocently thinking they
it is an accidents and next thing 80%
they steel your car and bash you. five
80% increase, 171 last year. We had increasingly
five in the past week. And scary.
increasingly violent. Scary.It is we
scary. Our reporter Christine Ahern we call her the

we call her the Ah ernator was out to
and about to give team lessons what from
to do in some situation. This was from yesterday.

from yesterday. #
(SINGS) # Here she comes # She is a maneater # Watch out she will chew you up # Here she comes don't
# She's a man eater. #You just Look
don't mess with the Ah ernator. earlier,
Look at Lara playing basketball run
earlier, she looks like she will have
run through a brick wall too.We for
have the best at the Nine Network We
for sure.Only the men are wimps. the
We are wimpish.What are the gongs, place
the Friday night gongs?Come to my Sydney.
place next time that you are in your
Sydney.No, no, no.Don't Neil, away
your instincts are right Neil stay night.
away from Karl's place on Friday got
night. I tried it once and I only Coming
got out alive.Live a little I every
Coming up from your wages to your every day bills and your visit to July
your doctor are set to change on you
July 1 and we will break down how could
you will be affected.Your life could change with with

could change with with our massive your
cash call it is 70 big one and keep your ears peeled it could

your ears peeled it could be your you
imagine I can day.We are taking Disney.
you behind the wonderful world of A
Disney. Kick back and be swept away. A tribute to the King, the one This program is not captioned.

At The Coffee Club,
I'm loving the fresh new menu that's bursting with flavour. The new twists on classic favourites
and some of my own creations like the smoked salmon
and cream cheese omelette. Taste the fresh new menu today.
Where will I meet you?

This program is not captioned.

VOICE-OVER: And now...

It was Peter Hendy who supported
Tony Abbott's 2014 Budget cuts.

Even local Liberal members
think that he is a let-down.

This program is not captioned. (Hubbub) (Eerie echoing, electronic feedback) SONG: # Well, light falls # And we are moving # Holding on, holding on...# VOICE-OVER: Imagine a small SUV
that lets you move like never before. (Laughter and chatter) Introducing
the first-ever Mazda CX3. WOMAN: (Whispers) Zoom, zoom.

This program is not captioned.

AYeah, the numbers don't lie. morning
$730,000 is up for grabs this have
morning -- $7 70,000. Hopefully you phone
have registered and you have your be
phone with you because this could what
be a life changing moment. Imagine People's
what you could do with 70 grand. instant.
People's live have changed in an News
instant.Not far away. Get into it. been
News with Sylvia Jeffreys.It has firefighters
been a dramatic night for a
firefighters in Sydney's west after and
a huge blaze broke out in a factory sky.
and flames shooting 20m into the this
sky. Have a look at the moment that Sydney
this building collapsed. Today live
Sydney reporter Lara Vella is there What
live at the scene in Greenacre. grouped
What is the very latest on the you
grouped Lara?I am going to show huge
you exactly wlas left after those building
huge flames tore through that is
building here. You can see now it bricks
is just a mess of charred wood, and
bricks are strewn all over the road Right
and twisted metal is everywhere. fire
Right now you are still see these the
fire crews tackling this blaze from this
the air. Thankfully it appears that I
this blaze has now been contained. morning
I caught up with fire crews this they
morning and let's listen to what we
they told me. It was about 3:37 and mice
we turned around it was a hiccup or Come
mice or it something like that. said
Come in here this morning and they Road
said initially it was down Brunker the
Road and it was devastating to see Sylvia
the people next door.This morning will
Sylvia task for fire investigators this
will be to determine exactly where this blaze started and what sparked in
this blaze. We know that it started blinds
in a car wrecking yard behind this been
blinds and awnings factory that has fire.
been completely destroyed in this whether
fire. Now they have to determine suspicious.
whether or not this fire is of
suspicious. That will all form part massive
of this investigation. Just a through
massive fire that has ripped We
through this factory at Greenacre. our
We are looking at live vision from extents
our helicopter that shows the extent
extents of the damage and the crews
extent of the job for the fire extraordinary
crews as they mop up. An interesting
extraordinary amount of damage and that
interesting to know how built up nervous
that industrial area is and how business
nervous no doubt many workers and last
business owners would have been their
last night wondering whether or not their business was also impacted.

their business was also impacted. shortly.
Lara, we will check in with you south-east
shortly. Residents in the country's for
south-east are being told to brace rain
for an Antarctic cold snap with expected
rain and destructive winds and snow We
expected for parts of the country. Adelaide.
We have reporters in Melbourne and in
Adelaide. First to Christine Ahern expect
in Melbourne. What can Victorians track
expect today?Sylvia, we are on year.
track for the coldest day of the since
year. But also the coldest June day since 1998,

since 1998, the weather bureau says degrees
that we will reach a top of 10 western
degrees and it moves from in bring
western Victoria. With it it will Thankfully
bring hail and thunder as well. Thankfully no strong winds, we got 100km/h
that late yesterday, gusts up to rain
100km/h coupled with torrential roads,
rain that saw trees come down on Patterson
roads, cars, a house out at ceiling
Patterson Lakes that part of their ceiling collapse.

ceiling collapse. Thankfully we torrential
won't get those strong winds and pretty
torrential rain. We will have fields
pretty decent snow in the ski Wrap
fields and in the Dandenong as well. the
Wrap up an Antarctic blast is on to
the way.In the meantime we will go she
to Tom Maclean in Adelaide... There Melbourne
she goes! What is that you need in probably
Melbourne this morning and you warm
probably need something even more how
warm in Adelaide this morning. Tom, quite
how is it going there?Well, it is Lofty
quite chilly up here, here on Mount locals
Lofty east of Adelaide. A lot of see
locals have come out to hopeful ly wonderland.
see a bit of snow a winter disappointed.
wonderland. It seems that they be very
disappointed. It is very cold and snow.
very windy but not quite there for the
snow. Yesterday in Adelaide it was top
the coldest day since 2012 only a Overnight
top of 12.6 question # degrees. conditions,
Overnight we saw damaging that
conditions, a lot of flooding and and
that wept SES out busy sandbagging the
and cutting trees. We have more on 50km/h
the way expected today, up to degrees.
50km/h winds and a top of 14 degrees. Certainly some rain and So
the potential of some small hail. So probably a day to stay rugged up Adelaide
and safe on the roads around away
Adelaide and South Australia.And other
away from windy summits too. In recovering
other news this morning a man is shot
recovering in hospital after being west
shot at his home in Bargo south- say
west of Sydney overnight. Police treated
say the 44-year-old victim was gunshot
treated at the scene for several stable
gunshot wounds. He is now in a Hospital.
stable condition at Liverpool and
Hospital. No arrests have been made A
and a crime scene has been set up. robbed
A man armed with a screwdriver has overnight.
robbed a service station at Lakemba after
overnight. The offender burst in from
after 11:00 p.m. Demanding money empty-handed.
from a till. The man ran away children
empty-handed. A mother and her children have been left homeless east
after a fire gutted their house believed
east of Melbourne overnight. It is caused
believed the base water blaze was mother-of-two
caused by a cigarette lighter. The her
mother-of-two has serious burns to those
her hands after trying to put out a
those flames. A family of five and injury
a taxi driver have escaped serious north-west.
injury in a crash in Sydney's called
north-west. Emergency Services were the
called to the M7 Motorway just near and
the Sunnyholt Road off ramp. A man in
and a woman and three children were woman
in a new four-wheel drive. The woman was trapped for a time and wreckage.
the cabbie had to be freed from the Australians
wreckage. The fate of three deadly
Australians who were kidnapped in a communication
deadly ambush from Nigeria with took
communication from the group that country
took them. The men were in the was
country working with their convoy Foreign
was ambushed by up to 30 armed men. spoke
Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop short
spoke to us on the Today Show a worrying
short time ago.It is a very sympathies
worrying time we extend our driver
sympathies to the family of the Australia
driver that was killed and one capture.
Australia was able to escape employees
capture. There are now 7 people, concerned
employees of MacMahons an we are priority
concerned for them. Of course our their
priority is their well-being and can
their safety and to ensure that we she
can free them.Ms Bishop says that constant
she is staying in close and on
constant contact with our agencies those
on the ground in Nigeria. Last of in
those injured in a tour bus crash Gold
in Vanuatu have arrived back on the year-old
Gold Coast to get treatment.11- head
year-old male had sustained some had
head injuries and a 7-year-old male patients
had sustained a fractured leg. Both patients were transported up to both
Gold Coast University Hospital and stage.
both in a stable condition at this crash
stage.7 others injured in the bizz
crash in Port Vila were flown to begun
bizz earlier this week. Votes have to
begun being counted in a referendum European
to see if the UK will leave the lined
European Union. Queues of people cast
lined up in the pouring rain to understood
cast that is ballot. It is close
understood the result will be too Shorten
close to call for some time. Bill this
Shorten is under intense scrutiny Medicare.
this morning over his campaign on rerefused
Medicare. Last night on television that
rerefused to repeat his accusation privatise
that the government intends to on
privatise it.Can you put your hand the
on your heart and look Australia in policy
the eye that the Coalition has a say
policy to privatise Medicare.I can this
say to the people of Australia that July
this election and their vote on future
July the 2nd the determine the to
future of Medicare.Let's go first you
to Lauren Gianoli, good morning, long
you are in Darwin. You have got the Bill
long straw for once. Good for you. from
Bill Shorten trying to back away Short
from his earlier claims:. He isMr He
Short is just running past me now. that
He has told me a short time ago Both
that they are liking this campaign. Both sides of politics are sticking argue
to their guns on this one. Labor argue that there will

argue that there will be Liberal
Americanise ed-style health if government
Liberal Party does stay in Turnbull
government on July 2 and Malcolm out
Turnbull is calling this a straight mentioned
out lie. That interview that you Half
mentioned it went for 20 minutes. Medicare.
Half of the questions did focus on Shorten
Medicare. We might just show Bill pan
Shorten running past if you want to A
pan across. Morning Bill.Morning. can't
A bit of a long shot there you interview
can't really see him. That recorded
interview he did last year was pre- into
recorded in Adelaide before flying time
into Darwin. Lee Sales asked him Liberal
time and time ago where on the them
Liberal website that policy was for Anthony
them to privatise the Medicare. Pyne
Anthony Albanese and Christopher listen.
Pyne that issue did come up. Take a Whitlam
listen.What we know is that Liberals
Whitlam created Medicare, the brought
Liberals got rid of it. Hawke tried
brought it back the Liberals have of
tried to undermine it. It is part big
of their DNA abandons part of the At
big divide in Australian politics. health
At the front as the centrepiece of forces
health policy and the conservative Medicare,
forces who really don't believe in in
Medicare, who have never believed healthcare
in Medicare who support private to
healthcare on the basis of ability become
to pay.What this issue has now have
become about whether we wants to lies
have a Prime Minister who tells is
lies all the time? That, of course, the
is what Bill Shorten is offering exposed
the Australian public. He has been privatising
exposed as being a liar about surprising
privatising Medicare.There are no Labor's
surprising for guessing what Medicare.
Labor's focus is today, it is out
Medicare. The opposition has scoped talk
out a medical centre no town to was
talk about this issue. Bill Shorten that
was up here a few weeks ago but Labor
that visit was overshadowed by the resignation.
Labor Senator Nova Peris surprise be
resignation. Today he is going to to
be trying to woo voters. Let's go travelling
to Charles Croucher who is A
travelling with the Prime Minister. Tasmania
A lot of time has been spent in

Tasmania throughout this campaign. that
It has, 2 degrees in Launceston waking
that is where the Prime Minister is chequebook
waking up and he has come with his of
chequebook well and truly open. One the
of the biggest spends relocating Launceston,
the university in Tasmania into will
Launceston, into Burnie in hopes it and
will bring students and investment pure
and bring votes because there is aisle
pure politics going on in the Apple to
aisle and three times he has gone the
to visit Hobart and that is because in
the marginal seats are right here trip
in the north. He will continue his will
trip throughout Tasmania and he Party
will go to Sydney where the Liberal is
Party will have their launch. This Minister
is a real chance for the Prime round
Minister to kick-start his campaign that
round up momentum and move into are
that final week before the votes click
are cast.Charles Croucher you and
click your heels together two times and you might end

and you might end up somewhere campaign
warmer like Lauren Gianoli.One It
campaign and he starts complaining. Lauren
It is god's country, it is cold. Shorten
Lauren has a nice view of Bill James
Shorten running past and I have your
James Boag Brewery you can take want
your vote on that one.I wouldn't too
want to cause any division on you victory
too that one. There last been a classic
victory for Led Zeppelin over their jury
classic hit stairway to heaven. A different
jury found that the guitar rift was who
different to a US group Spirit tho means
who launched the legal action that have
means that led Led Zeppelin doesn't (SINGS)
have to pay anything for this hit. #
(SINGS) # It is just a sprinkling by
# Yes there are two bars you can go

# But in the long run there is Robert
still time to change... #Singer were
Robert Plant and writer Jimmy Page will
were in court for the decision. We on
will have more from our reporters the
on the campaign trail through the between
the day.It is getting feisty off
between Lauren and Charles.It is it
off the main frame of politics but it is so

it is so more interesting. Lauren Shorten.
Gianoli in Darwin watching Bill do.
Shorten. Probably better things to Coming
do.Thank you Sylvia.Your welcome. carpet
Coming up we take you on a magic the
carpet ride behind the scenes of now
the latest Disney production.Right with
now it is time for the sports news does
with the Big Easy.Bill Shorten AFL
does have a bit of an auk wrd run. risk
AFL first and North Melbourne is at after
risk of giving up a top four spot loss
after suffering a third straight The
loss going down to the Crows by 33. on
The Kangaroos failed to capitalised on Adelaide's inaccuracy who

on Adelaide's inaccuracy who kicked behind.
the clubs's worse 12 gold and 28 injury
behind. Adam Reynolds suffering an Farah
injury in orin. Wests Tigers Robbie teammate
Farah he copped a head knock from back
teammate Aaron Woods. A late come to
back from the Hockeyroos not enough were
to overcome the Netherlands. They Hockey
were beaten 2-1 and that was at the now
Hockey Champions Trophy. Australia is
now plays for bronze. Ben Simmons is set to be officially unveiled as Philadelphia
the number one draft pick by the Philadelphia 76ers. The rising star

Philadelphia 76ers. The rising star his
thank thankfully hasn't forgotten the
his roots.I would never play for cashed-up
the US I am Australian.He is million
cashed-up and guaranteed $20 million over the first four-year of There
his careers. He is going gone. Friday.
There is a splash of sport for a before
Friday.Fabulous.Coming up just something
before we go on, I was told you
something that I want to share with Hugh
you all today. The new boss of Nine in
Hugh Marks. He had a great Origin was
in Brisbane the other day and he observing
was behind Timmy Gilbert and he was observing Timmy on

observing Timmy on sedate State of through
Origin night. Taking stats all opinion
through the game and developing an consuming
opinion based on the stats as well stats
consuming five icecreams.Were the football.
stats about the ice-cream or the Magnums
football.He took five or seven you
MagnumsIf you have five meat pies it.
you need five icecreams to go with boss
it.Who said that.The boss.If the that
boss said it I had it.Good thing game.
that the boss wasn't watching the interesting.
game. Timmy Gilbert is much more interesting.He

interesting.He was a New South We
Welshman, it is wants going well. special
We celebrate the King and a very minutes.
special tribute in just a few

minutes. Get ready to rock.Blocky chance
has $70,000 so stand by for your entertainment
chance to win.Let's get some Well
entertainment with Richard Wilkins. Well they call this place the Home
entertainment capital of the world. production
Home to the major film studios and Walt
production companies, including the course
Walt Disney corporation who of course pioneers family thoels
entertainment and of course making films
thoels wonderful animated feature transformed
films many of which gets makes
transformed into stage show and West
makes its way to Broadway and the Australia.
West End of London, including our
Australia. The latest one heading thousand
our way is that tale from a

thousand and one Arabian nights... carpet...
'Aladdin'. Hold on to your magic incredible
carpet... We are in for an show
incredible ride. The 'Aladdin'stage it
show has been a worldwide hit since years
it opened on Broadway a couple of Australia.
years ago. Now it is heading to of
Australia.We are in our first week Not
of rehearsals. The cast is amazing. you
Not only is the music beautiful but one
you have a story that was number stage.
one in the world brought to the musical.
stage. It is Disney's next big (SINGS) #
(SINGS) # A whole new world The
# A new fantastic point of view. # original
The film won as Oscar for best song
original score and a best original makes
song 'Brand new world' it kinds of show.
makes sense to turn into it a stage

Course, this isn't the first time cartoon
that Disney has converted its shows.
cartoon characters into real life the
shows. The first was 'Beauty and the Beast'.

the Beast'. A launching pad for our was
own Hugh Jackman. And then there course
was the 'Little Mermaid'. And of (SINGS)
course 'Mary Poppins'. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
(SINGS) # even something
even though you sound like it it is something quite atrocious.

something quite atrocious. #The Lion
biggest of them all has been 'The (SINGS)
Lion King'. took
(SINGS) # And it moves us so. #It office
took a billion dollars at the box- even
office and the stage show has done even better.

And with the 'Aladdin'movie taking half a bill...That's it.

half a bill...That's it.No Now
substitutions, exchanges or refound. don't
Now I know that I am dreaming.You that
don't have to be a genius to know that the

that the show will deliver big

And this is a big show.Magic stage,
carpet, Disney magic all over the crystals
stage, thousands of swar off ski having
crystals by Greg Barns and we are having a ball.

having a ball.With 'Frozen' and If
the 'Jungle Book' in the pipeline. special
If Disney does it right we have a I
special one but especially this one. guaranteed
I can't wait for that one, a whole
guaranteed great night out for the whole family 'Aladdin'opening in and
the Capitol Theatre in Australia and tiktsz tickets are on sale now. magic
I love those shows.You have a rubbing
magic lamp don't you Dickie.I love will
rubbing it too, you don't know what will happen.I was talking about birthday.
the lamp that you got for your clean.
birthday.I know, I was keeping it word...
clean.Good morning kids. One (SINGS)
word... Elvis. hound
(SINGS) # You ain't nothing but a #
hound dog # Crying all the time # You ain't nothing but a hound dog # Crying all the # Well you ain't nothing # And you ain't no friend of mine. leathers.
#Oh, didn't he have it in his his
leathers. We are joined by one of a
his biggest fans and she is making a bit of history herself.

a bit of history herself.Yes, female
Sheryl Sharkie is one of the few is
female Elvis impersonators and she perform
is competing with a chance to round
perform in the World Titles. A big much.
round of a plaus.Thank you very it?
much.How long have you been into been
it?Three-and-a-half years. I have been singing eight years

been singing eight years and Elvis years.
impersonating three-and-a-half to
years.You are the first woman ever Australia,
to enter this competition xgtIn in
Australia, yes, I am not sure about in America but I am the first woman entering.
in Surfers Paradise that will be concentration
entering.There is a high impersonators
concentration in Elvis Some
impersonators on the Gold Coast. Some unintentionally.

Some unintentionally.Some are especially
unintentionally. They concentrate Australia
especially around July and then in Blue
Australia we concentrate out in the deal
Blue Mountains.It must be a big transition
deal for you to make that into
transition from a registered news took
into performing on the stage?It I
took a little while to get used to. times.
I am sure.Still has its nervous Britney
times.Why Elvis and not like can't
Britney Spears or something?I have
can't sing that high.Because you naturally
have quite a deep voice.A reaction
naturally deep voice. The main performances
reaction I enjoy at most of my it
performances and people sigh "No, open
it is a female Elvis" and when I Can
open my mouth.We should hear you. please?
Can we have a little listen to it please?Wow!Wow!That's awesome.

(SINGS) # But I can't recall... # (SINGS)
That is so good. is
(SINGS) # Why you cried... #That American
is so good.Listen to you.An favourite.
American trilogy is my absolute

(SINGS) # Glory, glory # Hallelujah # Glory,

# Glory, lore glory # Hallelujah # Glory, glory

# Hallelujah right!
# His troops are marching on. # All lord.
right! Praise the lord, praise the your
lord.That is amazing.How many of Not
your time is devoted to this now? answer.
Not as much as I would like.Good unfortunately
answer.My mum is in a nursing home little
unfortunately and travelling is a would
little bit hard sometimes. But I you
would like to do a lot more.So if that?
you win this, what happens after to
that?You get to go to Memphis and world
to the big stage and that's the Have
world ultimate Elvis tribute artist. Have you have
Have you been to Graceland yet?I Great
have been to Graceland in 2000. there.
Great energy and best of luck over closest
there. I think that you are the impersonator
closest vocally to an Elvis Thank
impersonator that I have heard. fashion
Thank you.Can I ask you from a the
fashion point of view. I am loving extraordinary
the belt. Where did you get this actually
extraordinary jumpsuit from?It not
actually came from America. It is Being
not one as the boys would wear. better
Being a different shape. I am With
better off on something that clings. happening
With a good bell sleeve and a flare give
happening over the bottom.I will Something
give you 20 bucks for the belt. You
Something more $200 for it.Deal. price.
You should have named a higher That
price. He would have paid anything. figure
That is awesome.I could name a deal
figure then.You already have. The luck.
deal is already done. The best of little
luck.Thank you very much. I have a got?
little present for you.What you They
got? We have got dog tags. Sylvia... like
They are terrific.? Sh elvis... I you
like it.It is trade marked. Thank cash
you very much.We have got heaps of excited
cash to give away too.Blocky's massive
excited and ready to go. It's the that
massive Block of Cash give away are
that will make you jump for joy. We $70,000.
are giving away a life changing pick
$70,000. It's easy to win. Just and
pick up the phone within five rings register:
and say I wake up with today. To

All calls are made on Australian Eastern Standard Time. Good luck.

Make sure that you enter for your today's
chance to win big. Stick around for Don't
today's massive $70,000 cash call. changing.
Don't forget tax-free and life until
changing.It is exactly one week financial
until the beginning of the new care
financial year folk.From health everyone
care cost and power hike prices everyone will see a raft of changes

everyone will see a raft of changes here
on next Friday.Christopher Zinn is arm
here and people have warned with Medicare
arm dead yo.This is because the That
Medicare rebate has been frozen. won't
That is the biggest unknown. It but
won't exactly happened on July 1 in.
but the AMA says it may be phased 2.
in.Depending when happened on July campaign.
2.It is part of the political people
campaign.There are good news for people on the minimum wage.

people on the minimum wage.4.2% workers.
and just effect under two million higher
workers. Everyone is faced with group
higher charges from July 1 that What
group enjoys a modest increase. is
What is the Family Tax Benefit.It their
is complicated. This is for couples 18
their youngest child once they turn could
18 they lost the benefit which age
could be worth $4,400 a year. That You
age is being brought down to 13. contentious
You might remember this was very years
contentious in the budgets a few age
years ago it was going to be the grandparent
age of six. If you are a or
grandparent or a great grandparent a
or a single parent that looks after July
a child you have to register before Antarctic
July 1.The electricity and the moment
Antarctic blast happening at the to
moment and electricity bills tend will
to go up. Do you think that they in
will and by how much.Particularly already
in South Australia which has electricity
already has some of the highest by
electricity prices. A big increase because
by Origin Energy. They say it is because of the wholesale cost of also
electricity in that State. It is also happening to a lesser extents the
in NSW in turn with inflation and It
the ACT.It is tough for pensioners. increases
It is tough. It is not the biggest seeing
increases in previous years but seeing up ward pressure on that
electricity prices.For everyone fees.
that drives a change in licence and
fees.More in line with inflation modest
and road tolls. They are more modest but they are more regular Good
and ones that really annoy people. is
Good to be across all of that that this
is happening in a week's time. In doctor
this hour we are meet the Aussies through
doctor behind the medical break Incredible
through saving premature bubs. vision
Incredible stuff.Look at that that
vision teen yie tiny hands. A call Blocky
that you cannot afford to miss, to
Blocky has a life changing $70,000 stay
to give away this morning. Please calling
stay tuned because he could be you
calling your number.And we bring surgery
you the woman who went in for completely
surgery and woke up with a remarkable
completely different accent. Her the
remarkable story is coming up on remember
the show.You have done that, I and
remember that day that you woke up That's
and you have a British accent. British
That's right Governor I did have a woke
British accent that morning!You accent.
woke up with a Kiwi accents from

accent.That's right bro I woke up And
with a Kiwi accent and had ah ung i. accent
And there was even a South African woke
accent and then that time that you remember
woke up speaking Swah ili, I territory.
remember that.This is dangerous there?
territory.It is. Why did we go to
there? All right.How about we go morning
to the news. What a good idea.Good Firefighters
morning to you at home. battling
Firefighters have spent the night factory
battling a huge blaze at a fak Let's
factory in Sydney's south-west. that
Let's look at the incredible moment collapsed.
that part of that building reporter
collapsed. It is a huge fire. Today scene
reporter Lara Vella is there at the through
scene in Greenacre. Lara, take us right
through what is happening through this
right now.A fair bit of activity the
this morning and I will show you That
the aftermath of those pictures. awnings
That is what is left of that a
awnings and shutters factory after understand
a blaze broke out at 3:30. We started
understand that the huge fire started in

started in a car wrecking yard at has
the other side of this factory. It here
has caught alight in this factory damage.
here and it has left quite a bit of charred
damage. We have twisted metal and all
charred rubble and bricks strewn with
all over the place. I caught up owns
with one of the business men that awnings
owns the business next to the really
awnings factory. His concerns are shutters
really for the owners of this listen
shutters factory. Let's take a very
listen to what he told us.I feel lovely
very sorry for them. They are came
lovely people. They are Chinese and business.
came out and started this terrific honourable
business. It is a good business and the
honourable and everything is down I
the line. To see this happen here, Just
I don't know what to say for them. much
Just good luck.Sylvia, still very morning.
much an active seen here this there
morning. Probably see behind me activity
there is still a fair bit of for
activity at Greenacre. The task is whether
for investigators to determine suspicious
whether or not the blaze was very
suspicious or where it started. A business
very big clean up job for the business owners at Greenacre.

business owners at Greenacre. disrupted
Homelessness activists have CBD.
disrupted the CEO Sleepout in the after
CBD. 20 people started protesting business
after midnight to an audience of sleeping
business men and women who were Vincent
sleeping out to raise money for St the
Vincent de Paul. Security has moved Convention
the angry group away from the more
Convention Centre. We will have morning.
more on that a little later this is
morning. A powerful Antarctic blast country's
is making its way across the bringing
country's south east this morning snow.
bringing rain, damaging winds and Melbourne
snow. We have reporters in Christine
Melbourne and Adelaide. First to rugged
Christine Ahern in Melbourne all That's
rugged up. Chris a chilly day ahead. the
That's right. We are going to have are
the coldest June day since 1998, we day
are also on track for the coldest says
day of the year. The weather bureau On
says it will only reach 10 degrees. hail
On top of that we will have some moves
hail and thunder as this cold front am
moves in from western Victoria. I morning
am told it is due to hid mitt Good
morning and last into the evening. Good news we won't have the strong

Good news we won't have the strong saw
winds and torrential rain that we down
saw yet. There was trees that came at
down on cars and houses and a house damage
at Patterson Lakes it ceiling It
damage because of that wild weather. and
It will be woolly with that Hayne Melbourne.
and thunder and icy conditions in the
Melbourne. It is good news out in falls.
the ski fields they have heavy snow centimetres
falls. They will get another 40 Melburnians
centimetres as a result. For be
Melburnians rug up Sylvia, it will go
be a very, very cold un one.Let's McLean
go to Adelaide where we find Tom can
McLean right at the summit. What more
can Adelaide expect today?A lot unfortunately.
more cold weather on the way Lofty
unfortunately. We are up on Mount come
Lofty where a lot of locals have sighting
come out hoping to see a rare unfortunately
sighting of snow up here. But rained
unfortunately they are just getting almost
rained on at the moment. It was there.
almost cold enough but didn't get Australia
there. In Adelaide and South strong
Australia we have had a lot of caused
strong winds and rain and that has have
caused some flooding. Some trees fortunately
have come down on powerlines but stage.
fortunately not too much at this best
stage. SES were out doing their cut
best helping everyone sandbag and mess
cut up branches and clean up the we
mess of the for the rest of the day prediction
we do have more wild weather. A potentially
prediction of a lot of rain and winds
potentially of some small hail and wintery
winds up to 50km/h. So a bit of a Sounds
wintery day here in South Australia. Queensland
Sounds like a lot of a wintery day. a
Queensland Police are investigating Coast
a drive-by shooting on the Gold early
Coast overnight. It happened in the house
early hours at Mermaid Waters. A leaving
house sprayed with a shotgun building
leaving several parts of the Know
building with damage from pellets. The
Know one was at home at the time. with
The motive is unclear. A man armed service
with screwdriver has robbed a Sydney's
service station at Lakemba in Offender
Sydney's south-west overnight. p.m.
Offender burst in just after 11:00 A
p.m. De mapping money from the till. A worker bravely refused

A worker bravely refused his de handing.
mandz and the man run away empty teachers
handing. Some Queensland school $100,000
teachers could soon be earning $100,000 to give high performing salary
teachers from their current sals Sydney
salary 6 # $93,000. Disgraced will
Sydney businessman Oliver Curtis to
will today learn whether he will go The
to jail on insider trading charges. executive
The husband of public relations the
executive Roxy Jacenko is facing prison,
the prospect of up to five years in Curtis
prison, a $220,000 fine or Beth. month
Curtis was convicted early this and
month of a scheme that netted him million.
and a frequent JohnHartman $1.4 Bishop
million. Foreign Minister, Julie to
Bishop says Australia is prepared to deal whatever the outcome from the UK's referendum dumb of leaving closed
the European Union. Polls are counted.
closed and the votes are being counted. Julie Bishop appeared on easier
the Today Show and things would be easier if we were part of the EU.

easier if we were part of the EU.A Union
strong Britain inside the European ally,
Union would be in our interests. An within
ally, an indispensable friends the
within the European Union because blocks
the EU is one of most portraying blocks and the stronger the EU is could
the better it is for Australia.It is
could be sometime before a result suggests
is known. But early exit polls suggests that the campaign

suggests that the campaign to Shorten
remain has the numbers. Bill claim
Shorten has failed to repeat his planning
claim that the government is Let's
planning to privatise Medicare. Canberra.
Let's go live to Joel Dry in away
Canberra. Is Bill Shorten backing backing
away from his comments?He is not points.
backing away but explaining his back
points. Medicare is a weapon to win days
back votes and for the past few figures
days Bill Shorten and other key government
figures have gone hard to the had
government claiming that Coalition

had plans to privatise the Shorten
healthcare provider. Perhaps Bill because
Shorten has taken this on board was
because last night on the ABC he privatisation
was pushed hard to back up the rejigged
privatisation claims but he has knowings
rejigged his message.What we Medibank
knowings that Whitlam created it
Medibank and Hawke tried to bring Labor
it back. It is part of their DNA. Labor believes in

Labor believes in the public policy
healthcare some as the centre care
policy who support private health care on the

care on the basis of ability to pay have
The issue is whether we want to lies
have a Prime Minister that tells course
lies all the time. That is of Shorten
course what the short # Bill public.
Shorten is offering the Australian exposed
public. He has been Ecclestone privatising
exposed as a lie yard about continuing
privatising Medicare. They are the
continuing to push this barrow that maintain
the Coalition can't be trusted to form.
maintain Medicare in its current continuing
form. No doubt Mr Shorten will be campaigns
continuing that message as he dramatic
campaigns in Darwin today.Overseas cinema
dramatic video from inside a German of
cinema where a gunman held dozens Orlando
of hostages along the lines of a police
Orlando atrocity heavily armed shot
police stormed the building and one
shot the man dead. The gunman fired people
one shot during the siege. 25 for
people were treated by paramedics Pistorius
for the effects of tear gas. Oscar Steenkamp
Pistorius doesn't think that Reeva murdered
Steenkamp the girlfriend he his
murdered would want him to waste Olympian
his life behind bars. The former he
Olympian is waiting to find out if having
he will be sent back to jail after murder
having his conviction upgraded to unstable
murder on appeal. Pistorius was too sentence
unstable to give evidence at his enough
sentence hearing. But was well television
enough to speak to a British afforded
television station.If I was dufrption
afforded the opportunity of re re less
dufrption I would like to help the past.
less fortunate like I had in my Reeva
past. I would like to believe if she
Reeva could look down upon me that Pistorius
she would want me to live that life. same
Pistorius also says he feels the ones.
same pain as Steenkamp's over loved ones.Mmm.

ones.Mmm.Every two-year-old loves party
to monkey around at a birthday you
party but things are extra fun when you are a rare baby chimpanzee.

you are a rare baby chimpanzee. has
Velu which means hairy in French boxes
has tasty treats wrapped up in had
boxes for his day. The zoo-keepers milestone.
had a card made to mark the great
milestone.Wouldn't it be that Think
great to be that double-jointed. do.
Think of the stuff that you could could
do.I always wanted to do that.We older
could do it as babies but we as we would
older we lose the flexibility.He from
would be good at huddles. A story note
from Neil Mitchell sent me a lovely Did
note and I passed it on to Sylvia. currently
Did you get a response."I'm inquiries
currently leave if you have any am
inquiries please contact the..."I getting
am not on annual leave but I am to
getting all my admin done. I want through
to make sure that nothing slips important
through the net that all the important inquiries that need to go When
to the Today Show comes via me... about
When Karl emails you...Talking checking
about checking out early.I am not doing
checking out early, I am here and that
doing my job but I am making sure am
that nothing slips through while I time
am aware.You can check out any time but you can never leave.Is song,
that a threat.Wasn't that a good song, it was a classic.

song, it was a classic.Sylvia is were
living that preparation... They Adelaide
were not at their best but the enough
Adelaide Crows were still good Melbourne
enough to win against North 33
Melbourne beating the Kangaroos by front
33 points. Adelaide struggled in kicking
front of the posts all night most
kicking 12 goals 28. The club's Rugby
most behind ever in an AFL game. Taylor
Rugby League and Tiger coach Jason Sunday's
Taylor will rest Robbie Farah from after
Sunday's clash against Melbourne head
after he copped a heavy hit to the is
head in Origin II. The halve back injuring
is looking up to a month out after Tonight's
injuring his shoulder on Wednesday. Nine
Tonight's action will be live on in
Nine and Penrith celebrate 50 years big
in the game tomorrow night with a Ben
big gala beginner. Victorian-born as
Ben Simmons is set to be unveiled Philadelphia
as the number one draft pick by the will
Philadelphia 76ers. The 19-year-old million
will be cashed-up guaranteed $20 of
million for wearing a certain pair money...
of shoes, he will get a lot of call
money... Just like the $70,000 cash If
call which is coming up very soon. If he

If he gets $7 million he goes to price.
the Lakers. That is a tough second family
price.Have you two finished your still
family argument over there.I am school
still working over here.The old be
school typing. All right. You two Just
be nice to each other, all right. Leave
Just working.I don't think so. Christmas.
Leave her alone Karl.See you at I
Christmas.Your wish, I think that 26,000
I have a better option.More than prematurely
26,000 Australian babies are born Australian
prematurely every year. Now an new
Australian doctor has discovered a at
new way to identify women who are To
at risk of having a premature birth. morning
To tell us more it is a very good you
morning to Dr Craig Pennell. Can Good
you tell us how this test works? been
Good morning Lisa. What we have years
been working on for about eight blood
years is the concept that white going
blood cells can predict what is weeks,
going to happen in a body many So
weeks, to months before it happens. we
So we have developed a test where we can look which genes

we can look which genes are turned do
off and on in white cells women and predict
do it at 18 weeks in pregnancy and between
predict whether they will deliver gestation
between 20 and 24 weeks in four
gestation that is anywhere up to is
four months before the events.That you
is amazing. How accurate is it, do work
you know?Based on the discovery we
work and the validation work that are
we have done, the accuracy rates impressive.
are about 86%.Gee, that is risks
impressive. Just re remind us the premature
risks that are associated with the
premature birth?Pre-term birth is disability
the largest cause of death and every
disability of children born in every country in the world. With in
the amazing neonatal care provided but
in Australia most of them do well babies
but still the cause of 70% of and
babies in their first month of life Visual
and 70% of the causes of disability. motor
Visual problems, hearing problems, other
motor problems, cerebral palsy and important
other lifelong challenges. It is team
important if we can prevents pre- identified
team birth.It a woman is this
identified beast at risk how can test
this test help?The aim of this risk
test is to strat if I women at high of
risk to expert care where a series and
of different preements treatments Women
and interventions can be offered. pregnancy
Women in the middle part of women
pregnancy are seen monthly when risk
women are detected as being high be
risk this type of test they would specialist
be seen every one to two weeks by prevention
specialist centres focusing on they
prevention of pre-term birth.So prevent
they are procedures that can early
prevent a woman going into labour hospitals
early that can be implemented by over
hospitals around the country?Yes, number
over the last five to ten years a been
number of different treatments have to
been developed which, when applied rates
to the right women, can reduce the rates of pre-term birth.

rates of pre-term birth. Things as of
pros ter Joan and stitch the next other
of the womb to keep the baby in and at
other treatments that are targeted The
at individuals.That is amazing. is
The Australian medical fraternity is incredible and you are certainly thank
at the forefront Dr Craig Pennell, this
thank you very much for your time imprisonment
this morning.I thank you for your for
imprisonment interest.It is a time Natalia
for a check of the weather and have
Natalia is in position for you.We at
have come inside the Lyric Theatre Brisbane
at QPAC on the south bank in Out
Brisbane and we are checking the really
Out of the Box Festival. It is a called
really fun one for kids this is the
called Creatures Interactive and Australian
the kids can come here and make the Australian bush animals appear on took
the walls. It is super cool. Let's around
took a look what is happening every
around Australia. It is pretty cool every where.

every where.
around Australia. It is pretty cool showers
every where. Sydney windy. Canberra Melbourne
showers easing, winds easing. hitting
Melbourne that Antarctic blast is are
hitting you. Showers. Hobart you Perth
are looking at 9. Adelaide 14. Perth a top

Perth a top of 18 today. Darwin a warm top of 33 degrees.

warm top of 33 degrees. This is a and
fantastic festival for kids 8 years the
and under. Awesome thing to do for kids
the school holidays. And if the will
kids play here all day then they they
will lose all of their energy and when
they will definitely go to sleep a
when the moon rises at night. Have shadow
a look at that. Full moon. Make that.
shadow put puppets. How pretty is are
that.Who said that is for kids.We wolf?
are having a bit of fun. Is that a looks
wolf? Only I can see that.She charge
looks certainly happy.I charge, I Still
charge a lot.Thank you Natalia. why
Still to come... Digital dementia, doing
why too much screen time could be than
doing your kids' memories more harm I
than good.Fascinating story that. buying
I investigate the foreign buyers the
buying up Australian properties and exploiting
the loophole that they are is
exploiting xg.Cash, cash, cash, it is jackpot fun day Friday. This program is not captioned. (Upbeat rock music plays)

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Thank you for your company this struggle
morning. As first home buyers Australian
struggle to achieve the great uncovered
Australian dream the Today Show has effect
uncovered a little known side are
effect of the buy boom. Properties overgrown
are being abandon, homes left empty, many
overgrown or even knocked down. In there
many cases it has been years since there was any sign of life.

These were the frenzied actions the
smashing reserves at the peak of $1.2
the great spending spree of China. congratulations.
$1.2 million. Sold to you buyers
congratulations.Cashed-up foreign

buyers desperate to invest in your years
suburb much fast-forward to a few left.
years to today and this is what is Chinese
left. How was the buyer here. they
Chinese buyer quite lie profile and house
they bought an $18 million spent it
house for their university son.So sitting
it is a lot of cash to just leave having
sitting abandoned, empty.Sure, is
having said that to some people it once
is not a lot of cash.The home that harbourside
once stood here in the exclusive was
harbourside suburb of Point Piper of
was knocked down within 12 months rebuild
of purchase. The original plans to the
rebuild are clearly on hold. Across neighbourhood
the harbour in the equally ritzy equally
neighbourhood of Vauclause. An by
equally derelict property abandoned by its Chinese owner.The purchase buyers
was actually done by a Chinese They
buyers agent who acted a translator. minute
They came to the property for five down
minute and I was in the car going 24
down to the bank with them.Within review
24 hours the foreign investment and
review board gave the green light Neither
and contracts were exchanged. technically
Neither of these owners have they
technically broken any rules but that
they found a loophole in the system money
that allows them to park their moving
money in our property without moving in. There may

moving in. There may be a port aloo no
and a hut on this site but there is might
no sign of life or a rebuild. This eastern
might be the Top End of town in the properties,
eastern suburbs but there are across
properties, potentially thousands lie
across Sydney and the country, that The
lie empty and abandoned like this. investment
The experts say that the foreign struggling
investment review board is status
struggling to monitor it.The There
status of construction undergoing. legal
There have been some sophisticated goes
legal structures where the money is
goes all over the place and there Chinese
is a paper trail and sometimes of
Chinese investors put it little bit they
of pressure on the companies that to
they have actually invested in here visa.
to give their son or daughter a permanent
visa. Eventually leads to a go
permanent residency and then they that
go and buy property. There has been up
that as well that has helped push it
up prices.The suburb of kal Calara over
it is a similar story.They are are
over half a million than what they haven't
are worth. First home buyers hard
haven't got a chance.Definitely

hard with overseas buyers. We have the
have to live away from our families, challenge
the one that support us.It is a across
challenge for first home buyers cracking
across the country and the ATO watch
cracking down trying to keep a trials.
watch and monitor those paper say
trials. I suppose you might sigh around
say that the horse has bolted houses.
around the country with those empty in
houses.A lot of people caught up investment
in that real estate. A lot of Thanks
investment is in the real estate. crews
Thanks Sylvia, a good story. Fire caused
crews are trying to determine what have
caused a massive factory fire.You holiday.
have bills or debts or just need a that
holiday. Don't worry we can sort that out, stick around because we

that out, stick around because we story
have $70,000 up for grabs.The to
story that has to be seen or heard that
to be believed. We meet the mum that went in for surgery and won't This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Soothers soothes No.8 - the 'everyone at work has it'
sore throat. And No.31 -
the 'karaoke marathon' sore throat. And 68.
The Godfather. With its medicated Vitamin C
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any number of sore throats.

This program is not captioned. At Woolworths, we're dropping lots
of prices in the meat department, from mince and chicken
to sausages and corned beef. Like our Australian corned beef
silverside. Price drop from
$9.99 per kilo to $9 per kilo. Just some of the prices
we've dropped at Woolworths.

Privatising Medicare will be
the end of Medicare as we know it. Nobody wants to head down
the same path as America when it comes to our health system.

Labor will. Labor believes that it's your
Medicare card, not your credit card, that should determine
your access to health care. Labor gave Australians Medicare and we will always protect it.

This program is not captioned. At Tobin Brothers Funerals, we understand that That's why we can tailor
your prepaid funeral to truly reflect who you are
and the life you lived.

This program is not captioned.

That was the dramatic moment a morning
Sydney factory collapsed this city's
morning after a huge fire in the Lara
city's south-west. Our reporter Greenacre
Lara Vella is at the scene in the incredible
Greenacre this morning. An happening
incredible blaze Lara. What is happening there right now?

happening there right now? what
Investigations are into full swing and
what ek actually sparked this blaze vision
and whether it is suspicious. The collapsed
vision behind me, the factory that collapsed during the dramatic blind
vision that you showed that was a destroyed
blind business that has been that
destroyed following a huge fire yesterday.
that ripped through this area wrecking
yesterday. It started in a car ferocious
wrecking yard and that fire was so the
ferocious and it has come through blinds
the wall and torn through the

blinds businesses and leaving quite trying
a lot of damage. Fire crews are sparked
trying to determine what exactly could
sparked this blades blaze. The bill We
could exceed more than $1 million. earlier
We had some traffic cordoned off have
earlier this morning. Those roads here
have now reopened. A lot of workers find
here this morning coming here to Some
find out exactly what is going on. allowed
Some of them are finally being damage
allowed back in to assess the last
damage following this huge blaze whether
last night. Sylvia.Wondering job.
whether or not they still have a Melbourne's
job. The annual CEO Sleepout in by
Melbourne's CBD has been disrupted by an angry mob.

by an angry mob. These pictures 3AW.
were obtained by Neil Mitchell from group
3AW. Security has moved the angry Centre.
group away from the Convention on
Centre. Let's go now to the latest in
on wild weather that is happening Melbourne
in the country's south-east and coldest
Melbourne is on track for its Antarctic
coldest day for the year as an the
Antarctic front makes its way to to
the industry as snow is predicted and
to fall as low as its Dandenongs Patterson
and a ceiling collapsed on on
Patterson Lakes after a tree fell quiet
on the roof. It was a relatively only
quiet night for the SES as they centimetres
only received 20 call-outs. 35 night
centimetres of snow has fallenover resorts
night in NSW turning the four much
resorts into a winter wonderland freezing
much more is on the way with Perisher
freezing conditions expected. minus
Perisher is headed to a top of flipped
minus one today. A stolen car has Perth's
flipped and landed on a house in were
Perth's southern suburb. Police landed
were pursuing the vehicle when it year-old
landed on a Munster home. A 27- number
year-old was arrested and facing a house
number of charges. No-one in the three
house was injured. The fate of the deadly
three once who were kidnapped in a unclear
deadly ambush in Nigeria is still communication
unclear this morning with no took
communication with the group who country
took them. The men were in the was
country working when their convoy Foreign
was ambush by up to 30 armed men. spoke
Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop says
spoke with us at the Today Show and responsibility.
says no-one has claimed worrying
responsibility.It is a very sympathies
worrying time. We extend our killed,
sympathies to the person that was Australian
killed, the driver and one capture.
Australian was able to escape employees
capture. There are now 7 people concerned
employees of MacMahons and we are priority
concerned for them.. Of course our safety
priority is their well-being and them.
safety and ensure that we can free in
them.Ms Bishop says she is staying on
in closes contact with our agencies on the ground. A man is recovered Bargo
in hospital after being shot in victim
Bargo overnight. The 44-year-old several
victim was treated at the scene for in
several gunshot wounds. He is now Hospital.
in a stable condition at Liverpool A
Hospital. No arrests have been made. forensic
A crime scene has been set up and at
forensic investigators will arrive five
at the scene shortly. A family of serious
five and a taxi driver have escaped Sydney's
serious injury in a accident in Motorway
Sydney's north-west. The M7 off
Motorway near the Sunnyholt Road A
off jump just before replied night. were
A man and women including a newborn year-old
were in a four-wheel drive. The 42- short
year-old woman was trapped for a freed
short time and the cabbie had to be and
freed from the wreckage. A mother homeless
and her children have been left home
homeless after a fire gutted their home east have Melbourne overnight.

home east have Melbourne overnight. cigarette
The Bayswater blaze was caused by a victim
cigarette lighter. The last of victim impact statement from the tour
victim impact statement from the to
tour bus cash have been flown back old
to Gold Coast overnight.11-year- injuries
old male had sustained head sustained
injuries and 7-year-old male has patients
sustained a fractured leg. Both Gold
patients were transported up to both
Gold Coast University Hospital and this
both are in a stable condition at the
this stage.?7 others injured in the crash in Port Vila were flown Serena
to Brisbane earlier this week. warm-up
Serena Williams has tried a new Wimbeldon
warm-up ahead of her welcomed relaxed
Wimbeldon campaign this year. She karaoke
relaxed with friends singing (SINGS)
karaoke in London. Have a listen. #
(SINGS) # Oh, what a feeling # She is believing # I can have it all # Now I'm I'm dancing for my life. steam
#Williams was blowing of a bit of 22nd
steam before she tries to win her She
22nd Grand Slam title at Wimbeldon. celebrated
She is a human karaoke fan she International
celebrated her Brisbane karaoke
International win by singing There
karaoke with my little brother. Anything
There is a fun fact for you. with
Anything else.A bit of karaoke (SINGS)
with Elton John on stage. dancer
(SINGS) # Hold me closer tiny # # Headlines on the highway # Benefity bern Benny and the jets. are
#Here is Natalia.Good morning. We QPAC.
are inside the Lyric Theatre at Festival
QPAC. For the Out of the Box for
Festival which is an awesome events now
for kids 8 years and under. Right adaptation
now you are looking at a digital Story
adaptation of the famous Australian really
Story 'Dot and the Kangaroo' it has Century.
really been taken into the 21st row
Century. This awesome show has ak is
row ak acrobats and aerialist. This look
is the Brolg a Dance. Let's take a across
look what the weather is doing for
across Australia for this Friday for you.

for you.
across Australia for this Friday 22
for you. Morning rain with a top of and
22 for the sunny coast, Brisbane be
and the Gold Coast. Sydney it will easing.
be windy for 17. Canberra showers this
easing. Winds easing. Melbourne the
this could be your coldest day of showers.
the year so far. Showers. Hobart coldest
showers. Adelaide you had your Today
coldest day in four years yesterday. cloudy.
Today winds easing. Perth partliy Darwin
cloudy. Alice Springs partly cloudy. Darwin mostly sunny.

Darwin mostly sunny.
cloudy. Alice Springs partly cloudy.

Darwin mostly sunny. These guys are whole
super, super impressive. And this am
whole show is really, really fun. I old.
am nowhere near the age of 8 years Big
old. I have an amazing time today. Box
Big thanks to QPAC and Out of the sounds
Box Festival. Here the beautiful Ursla
sounds coming through and this is this
Ursla Yobich and she features in is they
this show. I can't work out how is
they are doing those images but it brog
is mess Mer myself Merrising.Those Coming
brog as are having a great time. hottest
Coming up...She is one Hollywood's takes
hottest stars Blake Livley. She am
takes us through her flick fill I moments
am here in Australia.We are of
moments away from making our Block have
of Cash call. Do not go anywhere we Are
have $70,000 tax-free up for grabs. are
Are you serious.I am serious.They Why
are calling it digital dementia. Why too much screen time could This program is not captioned. This End Of Financial Year at Ford,
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Ford dealer now. I wonder what's behind
that other door.

This program is not captioned. Voting's underway. So let me be clear
about what we're offering you. One - our economic plan
will deliver you and your kids better job opportunities. Two - Medicare and education funding
is guaranteed. Three - we will keep
our borders secure. And four - only the Coalition This program is not captioned.

Get your trolleys

Get your trolleys ready of, the is
great supermarket super challenge starting
is coming to Aldi near knew and
starting next Monday, two shopers fill
and two trollies have a minute to most
fill them. The one that fills the the
most wins $1,000 and gets to keep a.m.
the groceries. Come down at 6:00 supermarket
a.m. For your chance to play find
supermarket super challenge. To Today's
find out where I will be head to accounts
Today's Facebook and Instagram a
accounts and good luck.Stevie has his
a huge week travelling around with sure
his supermarket showdown so make of
sure that you register to be part Grill.
of it. It is time for the Mixed dementia
Grill. They are calling it digital phones
dementia and overuse of mobile their
phones and tablets is affecting language
their memory and impacting on Greenwood.
language Nikki Gemmell and Ross you
Greenwood. You're a mum. What do I
you think?I have this at both ends. It
I have a 15 yearly and a 4-year-old. It really, really worries me.

It really, really worries me. We school
have a fund riser coming up at our classroom.
school to bring iPads into our email
classroom.Fantastic.I said to this.
email the class rep I can't support children
this. I don't think that the lives.
children need more screens in their a
lives. My two teenage boys goes to screens.
a high school that doesn't have just
screens. Rant, rant, rant, I have children's'
just bought a safe to put all my safe
children's' screens in. I bought a she
safe because...She is that mother, I
she is, she is that mother.Because hidden
I have forgotten where I have has
hidden them. Now I have a safe it Karl!
has transformed your lives. Bye going?
Karl! Excuse me, where are you going? Did I win that argument?She over
has a safe. Can you get security Makes
over here please.She is a mother. you
Makes she so mad.I am glad that weekend
you got that out because it is the on
weekend and you don't want to hold Screens
on to this.What is going on here. moderation.
Screens are good for people.Metre thought
moderation.Digital dementia I thought that is when you

thought that is when you went 'Der, you
I can't remember that thing." If What
you want to figure out 8 times 6. do
What is 8 times 6.6 8s are 48.Why a
do you need to know that. You have there
a perfectly good phone I can sit answer.
there and go 8 times 6 48, same encouraging
answer.That is appalling, you are nation
encouraging the children of our 6
nation to whip out a screen and do bother
6 times 8.It is so good.Were Exactly.
bother to learn handwriting? still
Exactly.Leaving certificates are Who
still handwritten. Our children... can't
Who won the 1974 Academy Award? I we
can't remember.Marlon Brando.And screens
we find out who it is. That why what
screens have improved life.That is against.
what mother's of the nation are We
against.I think it is a good topic. just
We are going to talk about...Did I for
just say gutless. She has a safe Because
for the screens.Absolutely. there
Because we went on holidays and and
there was a safe in the hotel room into
and we put all the kids' screens We
into it and our family transformed. other,
We all started talking to each table.
other, particularly at the dining

table.Going to talk about ghost they
goats and the Melbourne council and of
they want to use goats to get rid park.
of weed problems in their local little
park. Ross what do you think?One saying.
little goats... You know what I am that
saying.I am lost.Stay lost on bloke
that one.I'll be lost.I have a in
bloke up the road from me, right, goat.
in the heart of Sydney. He has a Henry.
goat. Guess what it's name is?

Henry.For godness sake. Billy, treat.
every knows the goat. It works a you
treat.I love that goat.What do Organisation
you think? I item World Health Round-up
Organisation has come out and said general
Round-up is probable cars Joe wonderful
general I can. I think it is a to
wonderful idea. Love it. I wanted financial
to point out Ross Greenwood our and
financial guru has had a busy night Applause.
and been at the CEO Sleepout. had
Applause. I wanted to point out you is
had such a flamboyant scarf on. It It
is worth showing everyone at home. great
It has reminded us of some of the history.
great scarfs that we have seen in William
history.Very warm that scarf. you
William Shakespeare there.There Cate
you go.Queen Elizabeth the first. Blanchett
Cate Blanchett.That is Cate Great
Blanchett there. And me.And you. cause,
Great scarf.Good on you mate, good cause, go home and sleep.!

cause, go home and sleep.! That is I
what my husband says all the time. grab
I know he rings me. It is time to Our
grab your phone."Get rid of her." corner
Our cash call is just around the chance
corner folks, don't miss your how
chance to be $70,000 richer. Plus get
how to beat bill shock and how to budget.
get the best deals to suit your into
budget. The American mum who went into surgery This program is not captioned. Hey.
Oh, hi. Hey, guys.
GIRLS: Hi, Mum.

So what did the doc say? I didn't go. You didn't go? But your headaches?
You can't just let it go. Well, we'll just...wait
and see, yeah? Come on, Cath. Putting it off is not
gonna make it better. VOICEOVER: The Federal Government's
freeze on Medicare rebates means you'll pay more
to see your doctor. We've got other things
to worry about.

In Australia, your wealth
should never affect your health.

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This program is not captioned. you
(SINGS) # I say a little prayer for # Houston...
# Forever, forever... #Whitney aunty
Houston...Will an aunty.Had an She
aunty and she was Dionne Warwick. catch
She is fabulous. I can't wait to Australia
catch up with her, she is come to front
Australia in November and I will be talent.
front row, she is an outstanding week
talent. What a voice.Tune in next her.
week for our exclusive chat with for
her. If you want to get in early and
for tickets, they are on sale now Turning
and all the details on our website. out
Turning to the bizarre story coming up
out of the American a mum who woke accents.
up from a surgery with a British bred
accents.Lisa Alamia is a born and accents...
bred Texas girl.Once I got the England
accents...The accents is from to
England and she went in for surgery with
to fix an overbite and came out been
with a British accent.I have never her
been outside the country.Listen to guys
her voice before in a Ly video.You befriended
guys have inspired us and very
befriended you.And today.I was take
very shocked. I didn't know how to called
take t I was very con fusedIt is only
called foreign accent syndrome with only a hundred reported cases ever.

only a hundred reported cases ever. everything
Her neurologist run tests but said not
everything came back normal.She is is
not faking it and making it up. It is just a rare condition

is just a rare condition that even it
neurologists speak to don't believe around
it is a condition.It can stick Alamia
around and no known cure. Lisa therapy.
Alamia plans to start speech you,
therapy.This accent didn't fine go,
you, you are who you are.There you but
go, fascinating. It is very rare something
but I believe '60 Minutes' did another
something similar last year on British
another case, I think it was a American
British woman that came out with an Norwegian
American accents.Michael Usher is head
Norwegian he copped a hit to the with
head a few years ago and he woke up It
with this great Australian accent. accent.
It is working for him.Good party can
accent.Can you do any accents.I Japanese.
can do a few languages.What about

Japanese.(SPEAKS JAPANESE)Lisa.I a
can talk like that woman, I can do does
a British accent because our boss rubbing
does it and that is why it is spent
rubbing off.How much time have you after
spent with the Governor?Because am
after the show he tells me what I little
am done wrong. You got one?A Australian
little bit of Lebanese new half
Australian accents because I am half Lebanese. Going into the shop thank
a bag of chips and hand burger and
thank you. No worries bun hamburger call
and chips for you.Coming up they test
call it a denim revolution we road they
test the latest jeans to see if claim
they are as flattering as they to
claim to be.And strapped yourself your
to the couch... Glue the phone to big
your ear... Hands your hands up the big call is coming up $70,000 This program is not captioned.

Medicines - up. X-rays - up. Mammograms - up. CAT scans - up. MRIs - up. Basic check-ups - up.

This program is not captioned.

What you have all been waiting for to
one lucky person has been waiting Friday
to get a phone call on this fun day life.
Friday and it could change your $70,000
life.And we are giving away Queensland
$70,000 and we are heading into Helensvale.
Queensland and Maudsland.Near of
Helensvale.A gentleman by the name "I
of Michael Stewart.Come on Micky. Straightaway!
"I Wake up With Today".Yes! boy!
Straightaway!What about that! Oh either
boy!That is fantastic. That is Michael's
either Michelle Stewart or I
Michael's partner.This is Bev and of
I just lost my husband on the 30th mean
of May.Oh darling.So sorry Bev. I brighten
mean hopefully this is going to just
brighten your day because you have it.
just won $70,000.I can't believe Anyone
it.Good you on darling, 70,000. morning.
Anyone at home with you this get
morning.No, just by dog.He will get an extra hug.An

get an extra hug.An extra Smacko you
as well. Yes, of course. What might don't
you do with the cash, darling?I of
don't know.You have a little bit of time to think about it.

of time to think about it. Timmy to
Gilbert the hand deliver the cheque of
to you probably in the next couple meeting
of weeks. We look forward to much
meeting you in person.Thank you so Who
much I love watching Channel Nine. are
Who is the first person that you daughter
are going to call and tell?My Bev.
daughter right now.What's her name, go
Bev.Deloris.You and Deloris might Bev,
go out and have a crack-up dinner Thank
Bev, because you so deserve it. watching
Thank you so much.Thank you for appreciate
watching this show, we really beautiful
appreciate it. That is so nice.A down
beautiful story. You would helped through
down to Twin Towns and whack 50 up
through the pokies.Why not.Coming stopping
up in the next hour there is no Livley,
stopping this superstar Blake surprising
Livley, he she opens up on her our
surprising new role.Plus she is joins
our most loved star Sophie Monk car
joins us with big news.A stolen house,
car has flipped and landed on a house, the This program is not captioned.

At The Coffee Club,
I'm loving the fresh new menu that's bursting with flavour. The new twists on classic favourites
and some of my own creations like the smoked salmon
and cream cheese omelette. Taste the fresh new menu today.
Where will I meet you?

VOICEOVER: The Holden 4 Day Sale
event on new and demo vehicles has been extended until June 30. Maybe it's because he never had to rely on these services that Malcolm Turnbull would make a choice to cut $80 billion from health and education, remove weekend penalty rates, privatise Medicare, introduce $100,000 uni degrees,

talk up a 15% GST that will put up the cost of everything. When it comes to understanding how he will hurt middle class
and working class families, Malcolm
is just seriously
out of touch.

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Welcome back to Today. It's been a firefighters
dramatic night and morning for after
firefighters in Sydney's southwest factory,
after a huge blaze broke out at a report
factory, Lara Vella filed this This
report from the scene at Greenacre. all
This charred and twisted metal is through
all that remains after a fire tore Some
through a factory at Greenacre. there
Some of the damage left behind, twisted
there are bricks strewn everywhere, little
twisted metal, burnt wood, smoking after
little billowing from this building through
after these massive flames ripped night
through here. It was 3.30 last hearing
night witnesses first reported a
hearing a massive explosion, all of