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(generated from captions) several degrees cooler.
but probably feel

cold front moving through
And that's because of the strong across the state.
that will bring gusty winds in place for much of the coast,
A gale warning Batemans Bay and Sydney.
including the Hunter, Sydney will be partly cloudy, of a light shower in the west.
with the slight chance will be strong and gusty,
Westerly winds of 35 to 50 km/h.
with sustained gusts in the Blue Mountains.
We could see some snow

across the Sydney basin,
While a cold day is on the way for Penrith and Campbelltown,
a top of 16 Cronulla and the City,
17 for Liverpool, and 16 for Terrey Hills, feel several degrees colder
but that wind chill will make it

than these temperatures suggest. Looking ahead, A chilly weekend is on the way, with tops of 16 degrees.
but it will be mostly sunny, A possible late shower on Monday. With a few showers on Tuesday.

after tonight,
Nights will be noticeably cooler of 7 to 8 degrees.
dropping to lows In our west, and 15 degrees over the weekend.
it will be mostly sunny Cloudy on Monday. on Tuesday.
With a possible shower Some cold nights ahead, to just two degrees
the mercury dropping on Sunday morning. for this Thursday.
That is Nine News

for this Thursday.
That is Nine News with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy Grimshaw is up next I'm Georgie Gardner. goodnight.
Thanks for being with us,
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Tonight, A not guilty plea from an rape
ADF officer cadet over the alleged Can
rape of a colleague. More jobs in its
Canberra as the city prepares for
its first international flights. And cl
a senator' s office barricaded by eveni
climate change protesters. Good to
evening, I' m Geoff Phillips. Also icon
tonight, the disappearance of an ce
iconic statue from Hughes shopping Of
centre becomes a police matter. An Def
Officer Cadet from the Australian denie
Defence Force Academy has today
denied allegations he raped a fellow La
cadet after a night out in Civic. tod
Lawyers for the nineteen-year-old today told the ACT Magistrates Court prepare
they would need ten weeks to prepare their case. Flanked by his lawyer Jack
Mitchell leaves the ACT

Magistrates court.

The nineteen-year-old
today pleading not guilty

to allegations of
sexual assault.

Mitchell was arrested at
the Australian Defence

Force Academy
earlier this month.

It's alleged he shared
a cab home with a fellow

Officer Cadet after a
night out in Civic in May.

The victim claims she fell
asleep in Mitchell's room

and awoke to find him
having sex with her.

It's alleged she left his
room later that morning

before telling friends
about the incident and

notifying ADFA staff.

When Mitchell last
appeared in court

prosecutors opposed bail;
concerned he may attempt

to interfere with
witnesses or the alleged

victim, but he was
released under strict

condition that he remain
at least one-hundred

metres away from the
complainant - those

conditions were continued
today and he remains on


Mitchell's lawyer today
told the court the matters

were strictly indictable
offences and he would

require ten weeks
to prepare his case.

Mitchell will return to
the academy where he has

been placed in
alternative accommodation.

He will reappear in
court in September.

Harry Frost, WIN News.

crime across the The ANU will soon c
play a major role in helping combat hosti
cyber crime across the country, facili
hosting a new state of the art cur
facility in the coming years. The committ
current Federal Government' s million
committed to investing twelve whi
million dollars into the venture,
which will house students, academics Signal
and staff from the Australian This run down building -
will soon transform into a

high tech cyber hub.

I'm really pleased that
it's at ANU, I'm really

pleased it's a
collaboration we can do

between defence
and ASD and ANU

Today the Defence
Minister joined the ANU's

Vice-Chancellor and ACT
Senator Zed Seselja to

announce a new purpose
built facility to help

grow the country's cyber
security workforce.

It'll house seventy
students, academics and

staff - as well as workers
from the Australian

Signals Directorate.

An incubator of this
nature with the very

dynamic opportunities that
that implies and entails

is going to enable I think
researchers to really do

some great work

It's not just spies and
stuff it's actually banks,

it's Google, it's the
internet of things which

is coming you know we all
have internet all over us

now we just forget about
it it's all of that coming


Students will learn a
range of skills - from

data analytics to


Defence employs around
16,000 people here in the

Territory it's hoped this
new facility will boost

that making the Capital
the defence hub of the


I look forward to working
with Zed to make sure the

best and the brightest of
the ACT who want to come

here to ANU who want to be
part of what we're doing

in ASD and more broadly
in defence take up that


The new facility is due
to be complete in January


Mia Glover WIN News

Signals Directorate. Meantime, Zed
Seselja' s staff members were forced hi
to dodge angry protestors outside his Civic office today, accusing the stop
ACT Senator of doing nothing to mob...
stop climate change. The angry during
mob... ...stormed Bunda Street chan
during the busy lunch hour peak, i
chanting and waving banners, making staf
it hard for some of the Senators know
staffers to enter the office. We climate
know Zed Seselja is a massive clim
climate blocker in his party for
climate change he' s a big supporter p
of coal loving Tony Abbott + s car inside
parks. Senator Seselja wasn' t commun
inside at the time. Police and community members have condemned the bronz
actions of thieves who stole a bronze statue from a shopping centre ar
in Canberra' s south. Authorities m
are now appealing to the public and th
metal recyclers for information in the hope of recovering Something suspicious is
afoot at the Hughes shops

- a pair of bronze legs
all that's left of an

iconic statue.

ACT Policing like the
local community here and

probably the greater
Canberra community are

shocked by the callous
theft of this work of art.

For almost twenty years
'Stepping Out ' stood

outside the Hughes shops
- becoming an icon of the


But late last month
thieves ripped the statue

off it's base.

Police say it's a
senseless crime.

Really this is pathetic it
is the theft of a statue

that is worth
fifty-thousand dollars for

approximately six-hundred
dollars scrap value - and

if your lives are that
empty that you need to go

and steal this -
we can help you.

Local traders say the
theft has left many in the

community heartbroken.

They'd come in at winter
time and wrap scarves

around her and have
streamers hanging off her

at different times
so yeah it's a real


Cultural Canberra's
Director says vandalism of

public artworks around the
ACT is rare but devasting.

I don't think they realise
the impact they're having

on those local communities
that do hold that public

art so dear to
their hearts.

A Hughes shops
is underway

and the artist and
community are being

consulted on
replacing the statue.

Unfortunately it
can't be re-made.

Given the age of the this
piece of art we can't

actually use the moulds
that were used to make

stepping out in
the first place.

Police are now appealing
to the public and local

metal recyclers who might
know about the incident to

come forward.

Anyone with information
is urged to contact crime


Harry Frost, WIN News.

artwork. Singapore Airlines today th
confirmed it' s still on track for arr
the first international flight' s coun
arrival in the Capital, with the marked
countdown officially on. Today the
marked.... .... ninety days until t
the inaugural flight from Singapore Tom
touches down at Canberra airport. change
Tomorrow we' re 89 there is no assur
change to that customers can be been
assured we are coming Sales have
been very good, the support from the fantas
community has been absolutely wi
fantastic The airline announced it peopl
will help employ an extra forty Ae
people through its ground handler, Aerocare. Investing around $2million star
in assets and equipment for the partners
start of this super exciting ter
partnership The new international Aug
terminal is expected to open late internatio
August, ahead of the first international flight in September. ar
Winemakers in the Canberra region Federa
are taking a stand against the
Federal Government, saying small and medium wineries will be crippled by budg
a controversial proposal in the budget. Wine producers and grape
growers with 10 to 20

employees are going to be
hit hard by the changes to

the wine equalisation
tax which the Federal

Government announced
in its May budget.

Members of the wine
industry are rallying

together to take a stand.

The recent announcements
regarding the reduction in

the cap and the potential
change to the eligibility

criteria will be an impact
to win producers such as

ourselves and many
others in this area.

It's concerning that the
people who are going to be

affected are those that
are the back bone of the

community right
throughout Australia.

The Government said these
changes would only affect

about forty producers,
however, the group say its

figures are wrong.

This will have an impact
on about 40% of wineries

throughout Australia and
have a huge impact on

regional development and
employment, not through

just wineries but
hotels and restaurants.

Through the WET Tax
smaller to medium

receive a rebate.

Small producers in
Australia get a rebate

back which helps regional
employment and development

and the Government is
looking at changing that

and reducing it by 210
thousand over a number of


If that rebate
goes so will jobs,

my business and all the
other businesses employ

between 10 to 20 people,
they take 210 thousand

dollars and make us pay
extra tax, we're going to

stop employing people.

It's that simple.

Nationals Leader and
Deputy Prime Minister

Barnaby Joyce has agreed
to meet with the group

after the Federal
election, however, they're

yet to hear from Labor.

Kate Fotheringham
Win News,

Foundation. Still to come on WIN world
News: how Canberra ranks on the And
world' s costliest cities' list . into
And out of the lap of luxury and their
into the bitter cold, CEO' s do their bit for the homeless.

VOICE-OVER: Receive your free tablet
loaded with HCF healthy apps when you take out HCF Hospital
and Extras Cover by July 9.

This program is not captioned.

VOICEOVER: Maybe it's because he never had to rely on
these services, but Malcolm Turnbull
would make a choice to:

Talk up a 15% GST that will put up
the cost of everything. And give:

When it comes to understanding how he will hurt middle-
and working-class families:

This program is not captioned. You should've left years ago.
Mmm... (SIGHS) Maybe.
Maybe? Same age. Same income. Same starting balance. 10 years ago, Sue switched
to an Industry SuperFund. Jill stayed with a retail super fund. Compare the pair. You've still got time. Past performance is not a reliable
indicator of future performance.

three places due to its high The amo
Nation' s Capital has been ranked expens
among the top one hundred most exp
expensive cities in the world for n
expats to live. Canberra came in at
ninety eighth .... ....easing thirty standar
three places due to its high a
standard of living, according to an fro
annual survey which collects data international
from more than two hundred Sy
international cities. As expected, Austral
Sydney was ranked the dearest tw
Australian city coming in at forty an
two , followed by Perth, Melbourne th
and Brisbane. Hong Kong was ranked the world' s most expensive. ci
streets for this winter' s CEO The
city' s big wigs are settling in for streets
a rough night on Canberra' s Sleepo
streets for this winter' s CEO Sleepout. The event raises funds for services
vinnies, which provides vital services for hundreds doing it tough around It's cold, wet and windy
- and it's where some of

Canberra's most
influential figures will

be spending the night.

Grant Tidswell is the
Acting Secretary for the

Department of
Human Services.

He's preparing for his
first night out in the


i'm getting all
sorts of tips.

Somebodies lent me a
very good sleeping bag.

They've told me it's rated
for the cold of Canberra

so I'm hoping that's okay
and I've been told I've

got to layer up so that's
what I'll be doing.

Grant joins one hundred
and five other CEOs

setting up camp outside
Questacon tonight.

They'll get just a few
pieces of cardboard and

plastic to protect
them from the cold.

And it's all in the
name of charity.

The funds raised will
help Saint Vincent de Paul

provide essential services
to those doing it tough.

Saint Vincent de Paul
is an outstanding


They do unheralded work
every single day and sure

they will help people with
emergency shelters but

prevision of other
services, to really spot

people falling through the
cracks, you know that's

the great work
that they do.

While Grant might struggle
sleeping on the concrete

tonight - he hasn't
struggled to reach his

fundraising target -
raising over twenty seven

thousand dollars.

Collectively the CEO's
around Canberra have

raised over three hundred
and thirty thousand

dollars .

Saint Vincent de Paul's
own CEO Paul Trezise says

the sleep out provides a
glimpse into the reality

of hundreds of homeless
people in Canberra.

They're a very influential
group and a lot of them,

after the sleep out,
decided they want to do

other things because
they're impacted by what

they hear about

With temperatures expected
to drop below four degrees

- the group are in for
a long night ahead.

Edwina Seselja Win News.

taken by kids under 9. University medic
researchers have found children su
medicated for behavioural problems h
suffer more depression, anxiety and an
hyperactivity as aadults. They say extremel
anti-psychotic medication is ta
extremely potent and should not be taken by kids under 9. Medication is often
seen as a quick fix, but

researchers are
warning doctors against

prescribing anti-psychotic
drugs to children.

Their study shows that
there's a greater chance

of depression and
anxiety in adulthood.

We found that mostly in
the male cohort there were

changes to both he
locomotor activity levels

and also anxiety and
depressive like behaviours

The drugs in question are
commonly prescribed to

children with
Schizophrenia , bipolar

disorder ADD and ADHD.

The drugs we investigated
were Aripiprazole,

Olanzapine and

It's the first
comprehensive study of its


A team of neuroscientists
looked at the reactions of

rats to the drugs.

Looking at what these long
term effects were so that

peadetricians and
psychiatrists can really

balance up the risk
verses the benefits or

prescribing the
anti-psychotic drugs

The study revealed
early exposure of anti

psychotics drug had
an impact on critical

in the brain.

The teams is now looking
to investigate the effects

of the drugs on mood
behaviour and learning.

It's hope the findings
will help doctors and

parents make a more
informed decision.

taken by kids under 9. The northern mileston
suburb of Belconnen marked a fif
milestone birthday today, turning a
fifty years old. Residents gathered Fields
at the Aranda District Playing gro
Fields to celebrate the region' s developm
growth, and plans for future On this day fifty years
ago - the suburb of

Belconnen was named
here in Aranda.

Diane Carter is one
Belconnen's first


Moving to the suburb
in nineteen-sixty-eight

It was just an exciting
feeling of being pioneers

in our own development
that was going to grow

into a large development.

Being right there at
the beginning of it.

And grow it has.

There were only several
hundred people here in


Now there is over
100,000 people.

In the next 20 years there
will probably be another

30 to 40 thousands
people come to Belconnen.


Today Diane and many
other original residents

gathered together to
celebrate the milestone.

They were joined by
Belconnen resident Dr

Chris Burke -

Reflecting on how the
community has evolved over

half a century.

Things have changed a lot
in Belconnen over the last

fifty years.

We've got a hospital,
another one on the way, a

university the CIT, the
town centre and of course

the beautiful
Lake Ginninderra.

And with the developments
of Infinity Towers and

Wayfarer Apartments-

As well the duplication of
Aikman Drive - underway-

- it's clear the region is
working to prepare for the

next fifty
years of growth.

There's a lot going on in
Belconnen and we're very

proud of it.

In fact we've invented
a slogan, Belco Pride.

But celebrations for the
milestone aren't over yet

- The Belco fifty will
host a street party and

festivals planned for
later in the year.

Edwina Seselja WIN News.

season. Time for sport with Amy, and Que
Josh Papalii has a good game for Ge
Queensland in State of Origin two? prais
Geoff, the Raiders were full of Ma
praise for his efforts today, plus Matt Toomua named to make his return from injury against England. This program is not captioned. Bye.

VOICE-OVER: This is Tom.
He's on his way to work. RADIO: ..supporting their team... (Laughs) do try and find... in the fourth quarter... ..looking forward to the game... ..list of activities
for them there as well... Because Tom parks
in his garage at home, drive a short distance to work
and parks securely there, This program is not captioned. Raiders
from injury against England. he
Raiders skipper Jarrod Croker says cl
he' s hopeful Josh Papalii will be w
cleared to back up from Origin this ne
weekend. He' s Aware his side will
need to be at its best to get past a dangerous Titans He earned plenty of praise
as Queensland claimed yet

another State of
Origin series.

And today even his New
South Wales born Raiders

team mates were talking
up Josh Papalii's staring

role in the twenty
six sixteen win.

Papa was a machine last
night I thought he was

nearly best on ground
couldn't fault his game

last night he was unreal.

The forward caused all
sorts of problems for the

Blues -

Making one hundred and
thirty seven metres off

the bench.

Raiders skipper Jarrod
Croker hoping the twenty

four year old will be
cleared to back up this

weekend - and have a
similar impact against the


I haven't heard anything
otherwise so hopefully he

pulls up all good and I
dare say he'll just meet

us up there tomorrow mate
if everything is all good.

Sunday's clash will be
vital for both team's as

they look to cement a
place in the top eight.

I wouldn't say season
defining game but i think

the next three weeks is
a good little block going

into another bye for us so
if we can string a couple

together it will
definitely set us up.

It was the Titans that
prevailed when the two

sides met back
in round four -

but the Raiders went into
that clash without their

first choice halves.

Croker hopeful the result
will be different on

Sunday - as Aidan Sezer
comes up against his

former team mates
for the first time.

I'm hoping for a big
game out of him he's been

pretty quiet he's kept
a lid on things he's a

pretty calm sort of bloke
so he's kept a lid on

things this week and sort
of hasn't said too much

about it so we're happy to
let him play his own card


Despite sitting above the
Titans on the ladder - the

Raiders know they're
in for a tough clash.

They've been great lately
they're going to be a real

tough team to beat got a
good bunch of forwards you

know so our forwards are
really going to have to

stand up.

The squad leaves for
the Gold Coast tomorrow.

dangerous Titans outfit. Brumbies' injur
centre Matt Toomua returns from Eng
injury when the Wallabies take on Toomua
England in Sydney on Saturday. centr
Toomua has been named at inside after
centre for the clash, six weeks k
after having surgery on his injured the
knee. We obviously want to go out toge
there and put a good performance ou
together restore a bit of pride in that'
our jersey and in ourselves and Walla
that' s what we' re focused on. hopefu
Wallabies coach Michael Cheika help
hopeful Toomua' s experience can claim
help the side stop England from series.
claiming a clean sweep of the the
series. He' s over his injury and
then a week of you know running hard getting some minutes under his belt s
at training he' s obviously been a w
staple part of the team for quite a back
while and it' s nice to have him C
back in there. Brumbies lock' s Sam left
Carter and Rory Arnold were both
left out of the squad. Stephen Moore place
and Scott Fardy retained their Ch
places in the starting side. While ha
Christian Lealiifano and Scott Sio have been named on an extended say
bench.Gungahlin hooker Alex Small Tugger
says his side needs a win over to
Tuggeranong in the John I Dent Cup com
to prove it can match it with the the
competition' s top teams. Hopeful
the Eagles have what it takes to get Pa
past the ladder leaders at Viking Park They've been one of the
John I Dent Cup's best

teams in twenty sixteen.

But the Gungahlin Eagles
are expecting to face

their toughest test on
Saturday - when they head

to Viking Park to
take on Tuggeranong.

It's always the team you
want to knock off we know

we know we're going to
have to play them at some

point during the finals
time if we want to go all

the way through so
definitely we've had the

preparation we need for
this weekend and we really

hope we go well
against them.

The side's have already
met twice this year,

with Tuggeranong coming
out on top in both


The hosts not planning on
changing much this time


Yeah look we will have
similar tactics we do take

a different approach every
week obviously we're going

to go through a few more
things tonight at training

but yeah we're
definitely confident.

Despite being unable to
get past their opponents

this year,

the Eagles know what they
have to do to record a


Obviously they've got such
a good line out it's run

so well with their set
piece and then obviously

some damaging backs out
wide so you can't really

lack in any area I think
it's obviously going to be

a very physical game with
them so we really just

have to be on our own game
and up to their standard.

But with top spot on the
ladder still up for grabs

- Tuggeranong won't
be holding back.

We do need to win these to
sort of hold that top spot

and yeah obviously go
into the finals in a good


The round's other matches
will see Easts host

Uni-Norths and Wests
tackle Queanbeyan.

Park on Saturday. Belconnen United th
will be looking to book a place in wh
the Women' s Federation Cup Final, round
when it takes on Canberra FC in
round three under lights at McKellar watc
Park. They' re a quality outfit agai
watched them play on the weekend y
against Gungahlin in the League and you know they' re very strong across the whole park now previous years they
they' ve had quality players but squa
they' ve really bulked the whole s
squad up. The Blue Devils currently Cup
sit on top in both the Federation
Cup and the Women' s Premier League. co
and know they can' t afford to be They'
complacent against Canberra FC. midfield
They' ve got a really strong midfield and defensive as well so it sur
will be important for us to make t
sure we make the right decisions in Gung
the final third. Sunday will see T
Gungahlin tackle Woden Weston while United
Tuggeranong meets the Canberra Corinn
United Academy. That' s sport. fo
Corinne May has the Friday weather forecast next. . This program is not captioned. Tax is nuts. The June 30 tax deadline
is approaching fast. Get health insurance
or you could get taxed. This program is not captioned. Good evening,

Well a cold night and the
chance of showers this

evening, a severe weather
warning for damaging winds

was in place, for parts
of the snowy mountains and

the ACT today, we saw
windspeed in excess of

seventy kilometres
per hour recorded for

Thredbo.. tomorrow,
cold and windy!

we are expecting ski
fields to receive snow

this weekend - just
in time for the school


Tonight's viewer photo is
thanks to...Greg Farrugia.

Check out this stunning
shot, it was taken from

Dunlop in the ACT, Greg
says looking towards the

pot of gold in
the Brindabellas.

Remember if you have a
photo you'd like to share

you can email weather at
win qld dot com dot au.

Taking a look at
temperatures for the

region today,

Sydney 9-18 Wollongong
10-17 Nowra 10-17

Ulladulla 9-17

Batemans Bay 9-18 Moruya
7-18 Bega 1-18 Merimbula


Cooma 3-9 Bombala 0-11
Jindabyne 3-12 Perisher

-2-0 Thredbo -3 - -2

Goulburn 5-11 Yass 4-11
Gungahlin 7-11 Bungendore

7-11 Canberra 7-11
Queanbeyan 7-11 Braidwood


Checking the charts,

there's cloud over
northern and eastern New

South Wales, that's
associated with a broad

low pressure trough and
it's triggering isolated


So a strong cold front
will bring cold air across

New South Wales tomorrow.

Behind it, a high is
expected to move over

southeastern Australia.

Checking the forecast
for the ACT district,


High chance of showers,
most likely in the


Snow falling
above 700 metres.

The chance of a
thunderstorm in the late

morning and afternoon.

Possible small hail in
the late morning and


Winds northwesterly 25 to
35 km/h tending west to

northwesterly 35 to
50 km/h before dawn.

Canberra 3-9 showers
easing, wind easing

Tuggeranong 3-9 showers
easing Queanbeyan 3-9

showers easing, wind
easing Yass 4-8 showers,

wind easing Goulburn
4-8 shower or two

Checking the forecast
for the Snowy Mountains


Partly cloudy.

High chance of showers or
snow, most likely in the

morning and afternoon.

The chance of a
thunderstorm from the late


Possible small hail in
the west from the late


Winds west to
northwesterly 35 to 55

km/h tending west to
southwesterly 30 to 45

km/h during the morning
and early afternoon.

Perisher -4- -1 shower or
snow Cooma -1-9 shower or

two, windy Thredbo -5- -3
snow showers, wind easing

Jindabyne -1-4 showers or
snow Bombala 0-8 shower

or two

Checking the forecast for
the South Coast district,

Partly cloudy.

Medium chance of showers,
most likely from the late


Snow possible
above 700 metres.

Winds north to
northwesterly 15 to 25

km/h turning west to
southwesterly 25 to 35

km/h during the morning
then tending southwesterly

in the late evening.

Ulladulla 11-15 possible
shower Batemans Bay 8-16

possible shower Narooma
9-16 possible shower Bega

4-15 shower or two
Merimbula 6-14 shower or


Sunrise for tomorrow is
expected at 7:13 A-M and

sunset at 4:59 P-M.

Taking a look at the
forecast for the next

seven day,

Friday 3-9 showers easing,
wind easing Saturday

-2-10 frost, mostly sunny
Sunday -3-10 mostly sunny

Monday -1-11 partly cloudy
Tuesday -2-13 mostly

sunny Wednesday -2-12
partly cloudy Thursday

0-9 shower or two

midnight.. And that' s WIN News for
Thursday 23rd June.. To view some of Canb
our reports, visit the WIN News Ph
Canberra Facebook page. I' m Geoff go
Phillips, thanks for watching WIN, good night.

This program is not captioned. Tonight on RBT...

It's come out positive,
obviously, to methamphetamines.

Drugged-up drivers.

Your drug test has also
come back positive.

And I have a cone
or two, now I'm here.

The way you're driving, the way
you're talking at the moment,