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(generated from captions) OK, I'm going to ask you
the same five questions,

but as you're the second player,
I'll give you an extra five seconds.

If you pass on a question,
I'll ask it again if there's time.

And if you repeat an answer
that's already there,

you'll hear this sound...

..and I'll ask you to try again.

Can we remind everybody
of Del's answers?

25 seconds
on the clock. And the time starts

from the end of
the first question.

So, good luck.

Name something that
interrupts your life.

Your kids.

Name something
you stop.

Uh, stop sign.

Name a position

people usually
sleep in. Uh, laying down.

Name something
that has flippers.

A dolphin.

Name something
that babies need.


Ooh-hoo-hoo. Very good.

Very good. Let's go.

So, here we go. Name something that
interrupts your life. You said:

Wow - "My kids interrupt my life."

You just declared that

in front of everybody.

What if they hear you?

Well, that's the point - then they
can stop interrupting my life.

Let me sleep in the morning.

You're sending them a message,
are you? Survey says:

And that was the top answer.
Good job.

Work was the second highest.

Name something you stop. You said:

"I like to stop...stop signs, Grant."
You stop AT stop signs.

"They need to be stopped right now."

Let's see how it works.

OK. No.
I'm so surprised!

Car was the top answer,
traffic was the second highest.

Name a position people
usually sleep in. You said:

That helps.

As opposed to being a vampire,

or hanging upside down or...

You said that, and I laughed.
I laughed and I giggled.

With me or at me?

Mostly at you.

No, I actually thought
it was a very cheeky answer

and quite an obvious answer, and
they can sometimes be good answers.

Survey says:


NOW we're laughing at you.

Side was the top answer,
back was the second highest.

Name something that has flippers.
You said:


What I like about that answer
is it's an actual real thing...

..which I think is a nice step up

from our previous attempt
at answering this question.

Survey says:

29! OK, that was the top answer.
Seal was the second highest.

So, we're a little short
of our target of 200.

But we're doing OK.

And we are the champions
and we will remain as such moving forward from here.

Name something that babies need.
You said:

How many points can we get now?
Survey says:

We got over the 100.

Caroline, the final top answer
was milk.

You do get $10
for every Fast Money point.

So, they're accumulating
along the way

and they'll be back for another shot
at the $10,000 tomorrow.

Stick around for MasterChef at 7:30.

I'm Grant Denyer. Thank you so much
for watching. Goodnight, Australia. Captions by Ericsson Access Services

by Ericsson Access Services
tonight, Australians among a group of miners kidnapped in Nigeria. A huge number of Australian women let their looks affect how they live their life. So how do we fix this? Britain goes to the polls on staying part of the EU. And Kevin Hart and The Rock are here to save the world, one joke at a time. That and the day's top news stories, this is The Project. (APPLAUSE) Good evening and welcome to The Project. Back with us tonight is Fitzy sclan Thanks, guys, thanks a lot.Crowd's gone. Sure they couldn't hear me. It's Fitzy everybody. There it is, great. (APPLAUSE) They went and came back. Spontaneous, unprompted, bashed it out. Let's see what's making news this Thursday, June 23, a farmer from outback NSW who murdered environment officer Glen Turner over a land dispute two years ago has effectively been jailed for life. Sentenced to 35 years behind bars 81-year-old Ian Turnbull will likely die in prison before he's eligible for parole.We hoped he'd die in jail to be honest because didn't -- didn't get a chance to go home to his family so we think that's a fair result. As the country's south-east braces for a front -- cold front, rain and strong winds are lashing South Australia, Victor Harbor the first to top the weather. It's going across the hills and thousands of sandbags used to protect low-lying homes.Had over 90 calls and expecting more as people get home from work. Queensland is celebrating after wrapping up the State of Origin series a 26-16 win in Queensland. It's the 10th time in 11 years Queensland has won the shield and once again NSW Premier Mike Baird has lost the bet with his Queensland counterpart.It's gone to message bank. Unfortunately. Great victory, got the jersey, we're sending it down to you, and I have one word for you - Queenslander. Maybe time Mike Baird stopped doing those bets. Last night's State of Origin game Channel Nine crossed to Brad Fittler to the dressing rooms at half say. It's worth -- well worth it.Let's cross down to Brad Fittler which was well worth it. Let's listen to what was said. What's happening in the sheds? Not much. Queensland made an emphatic statement about the win and a fan tried to say about. -- about it. I'm a Queenslander, banana bender all time. He started so strong and then I think he tried to drop an invisible microphone and realised he didn't have one. Can we go back to the drop? And drop the microphone and walk out, exit.Twirl and drop. Yeah.It seems the 2016 race to the White House may have had some influence on a generation of new mums and dads. A US parenting website reckons the name Hillary has increased in popularity by 142% in the last year. The name Donald has only had an 8% rise. I had decided to name my son don achltWow! He's not happy about it. He's lived the last seven years as Oscar. Better than Hillary. He'll come around I'm sure.I spoke to a midwife in Sydney the other day. She said there's been quite a few Prince babies that have been born recently as well. After Prince's death.Is that right?Yeah a few Princes. Thought I was going to get a better reaction than that. It's not a funny comment.Is it fact? So this is real.Yeah, spoken to a midwife. There's been quite a few babies born in Sydney named Prince. You get why they didn't laugh. Yeah, I understand. It's interesting. I love that.What is the noise for interesting? What would you like the audience to say? Oh! Hit me with that fact again.I spoke to a midwife in Sydney the other day. She said there's been quite a few babies born with the name Prince. Oh!That is an amazing reaction. We have the audience on notice tonight. More and more Australians are choosing to work overseas but along with the big pay packet often comes big risk. At 5:30 this morning at a river crossing in southern Nigeria a convoy of four vehicles was attacked by about 30 militants. One driver was shot dead and among those kidnapped three Australians and one man from New Zealand. All working for Australian mining giant Macmahon.It is a very serious kidnapping, very serious criminal assault, one person was killed as you snow and seven people have been kidnapped.While no ransom demand has been made yet, it's believed the attack was financially motivated. As the mining boom in our country has cooled the industry has turned its eyes to Africa. There are 220 ASX listed companies currently operating on more than a thousand projects across 30 African nations. In the last five years they've discovered more than $700 billion worth of minimals.There'd be thousands of Australians working in Africa as ex-pats at the moment. They work across all different roles from trainers to supervisors to geologists and mining professionals.Ex-pats who choose to work in countries like Nigeria can earn more than $330,000 a year. It's big money designed to off set significant personal safety risks. Anyone who's not a Nigerian, anyone who's a foreigner is a potential target. This is a country with high unemployment rates and anybody with a little bit of money, anybody who looks like they might have value, is a potential target.I understand that the families of those affected by this have been contacted and we've -- we of course stand ready to provide all appropriate Consular support. Terrifying wait for those families. It is, horrible situation. This is starting to increase particularly in Africa. So... I think there's been a 30% increase since 2014 alone.That's a lot. If they're going to pay the ransom it's going to ramp up more.That's the problem, the business model. About $100,000 average now.30 days. Captivity. Anyway, we hope for a good outcome. We have to take and take a break. See you on the other side.Coming up the 74-year-old proving you're never too old to go for gold.Well, any colour but gold's the best isn't it? Forget controlling the ball - soccer plays are being asked to control their flat you lefrness.

It's amazing how powerful on election day. Your vote will help shape Australia understand how to make it count. you'll receive two ballot papers - the House of Representatives and a large white one for the Senate. On the green ballot paper, candidate who is your first choice, beside your second choice you've numbered every box. for the Senate has changed. On the white Senate ballot paper, a 1 in the box above the line that is your first choice, for your second choice and so on at least 6 boxes to vote below the line for individual candidates in order of your choice. To learn more, visit or call 13 23 26.

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(APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. The election campaign continues and Bill Shorten was at another factory today in Adelaide this time, and it seems I have left quite an impression.I have.

He's still boasting. OK, let's see how much he learnt. Let's see how you go, Bill. Let's start the clock on your best. Let's do it. Go.It is longer sleeved though. This is tricky.It's complicated.Vests are getting bigger. Got to get the zip up U talking as well. Interrupted. This is not his best score. Nowhere near his PB. Zip's up. Stop it there, 16.9. Let's look at the scoreboard there. It's getting fascinating. Turn is still in the lead at 8.16, the fastest vest on -- Turnbull is still in the lead at 6.16 the fastest vest on the election campaign.It's not the best. You bring your best, don't bring a knife to the gunfight.You are burying the lead here. Can we get that back? Check out the wooden -- wooden spooner there. Waleed isn't a director. The man that's all talk, can't put a vest on.Can we go back to that and hear an oh from the crowd. Ready?Crowd: Oh! Very interesting. In Washington the Democrats are staging a sit in to protest the lack of gun control legislation in the wake of the Orlando shooting. They've taken over the floor of the House of Representatives demanding Republicans agree to stricter background checks. They're also pushing for new measures to prevent suspected terrorists buying firearms. 3-year-old Bailey has backed up last year's win with a record-breaking jump at Casterton Kelpie Muster. He's a city dog. Despite his owner saying he's lay save -- lazy and 8kg heavier than the competition he smashed 59-year-old world record to take ta prize. And Texan woman Lisa Alamia has woken up from surgery to correct an overbite and woken with a British accent.People who don't know -- don't know me, "Oh, where are you from?" "I'm from Rosenberg!" "Where's that?" "We are here in Rosenberg." "Oh, you're from here? How'd ya talk like that?" I don't buy it. Experts think only about 100 people over the last century have been affected by the rare disorder known as Foreigh Accent Syndrome.Why do you not buy that? I normally believe it.I woke up French once.Did you?Oh! (LAUGHTER) That could be my favourite noise that comes out of you.If you could choose after an operation like -- operation like that, which accent would you choose?Chinese. It would be tricky if it was Chinese or Indian because people would think you were mocking them when you weren't.If you do a really good Chinese accent it's OK. No, no.No? Let me try.No, no! OK, speaking of Britain, it's crunch time for the Brits as they cast their vote on whether to remain in the European Union. Both sides have made passionate last ditch pleas to push their case in a bid to convince those who are undecided.If you jump out of the aeroplane you cannot clamber back through the cockpit hatch.I think we should take the chance now as a country to take back control.All signs point to a close result with polls predicting the vote could go either way.UK correspondent Lucy McDonald is in London and joins us now. When we spoke to you a week ago, you were quite distraught about the mood in the UK and the way the campaign had been run in the aftermath of the murder of Jo Cox. But now the day has arrived, what is the mood among Britons 1234 Well, I guess there is a feeling of --? Well, I guess there's a feeling of imminent relief in that it's going to be over soon but it feels it's been a nasty, divisive campaign and the polls are incredibly close. It does Em -- doesn't seem there is an obvious oner. The latest poll said one in 10 voters are undecided. It feels there's all to play for. The politicians did a final call last night, trying to rouse the voters who might not normally vote. The polls opened a couple of hours ago, shut at 10 o'clock tonight. We'll have an indication about five o'clock in the morning which way it's gone but no-one's predicting, it feels like there's all to play for. It's not compulsory to vote. Do you think a lot of people will turn out?It depends. I think traditionally young people feel alienated from the process. There's been a campaign to get them to vote by the remain campaign because they feel younger people will normally vote to stay in. But last night, two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning there was a massive storm across London, the heavens opened, thunder, lightning, felt like a metaphor for the campaign. Roads are flooded across London and the east. It might -- might dampen's people's spirits. They may not be able to get to the polls or decide not to vote. It will be interesting to see what the turnout will be. -- will be like. I think it will be the highest we have seen. It's unbelievable the amount of celebrities that have jumped on both sides of campaign. Why do you believe they're passionate about the cause?It's not an election, this is a once in a lifetime choice which is irreversible yochlt have had lots of celebrities come out, notably the Beckhams. Some people ask why are they listening to them, but Beckham's -- they're hugely successful business people. It feels divided but the majority of celebrities think we should stay in the EU. Lucy, is there a fear if you guys exit Europe you're -- your chances of winning Eurovision vanish. It won't happen. Australia will probably win it before you guys do. Is that a fear?Do you know what, that is not a fear because we have never had any chance of winning Eurovision. They hate us. I think this will have little bearing. Maybe we'll be seen as the outsider and people will feel a bit of pity for us.You're not implying that's how they felt about us are you, Lucy?Yes, I am. It's not indication, just fact. Thanks for joining us tonight. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) More The Project to come. Stick around.

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It's amazing how powerful on election day. Your vote will help shape Australia understand how to make it count. you'll receive two ballot papers - the House of Representatives and a large white one for the Senate. On the green ballot paper, candidate who is your first choice, beside your second choice you've numbered every box. for the Senate has changed. On the white Senate ballot paper, a 1 in the box above the line that is your first choice, for your second choice and so on at least 6 boxes to vote below the line for individual candidates in order of your choice. To learn more, visit or call 13 23 26.

Welcome back to The Project. More news. Sir Cliff Richard has spoken out for the first time since police decided there wasn't enough evidence to charge him over child sex abuse allegations. The 75-year-old says regardless of the outcome his squeaky-clean image has been ruined forever. He's calling for suspects in such cases to remain nameless unless they're charged.Even now, I have no way of proving that I didn't do this. If they wanted to damage me, if my accuser wanted to damage me, you did it.Star Wars fans around the world including Peter Helliar are breathing heavy. It's been confirmed Darth Vader will make an appearance in the new Star Wars spin-off Rogue One, it stars Johnny Benson as bad guy Director Krennic. Very exciting. This film is set between the original Star Wars movie, episode 3.5 if you like. Like another prequel.Yeah, but don't judge - Jaja isn't in it. Different characters as far as the rebels go, no Luke Skywalker, new bunch of characters. It will be exciting. We suspend Darth Vader was going to be in there. The announcement was made today.The film before Star Wars begins has Darth Vader in it.Yes.Is it true. That's remarkable.It is.They've introduced Chewbacca's mum taths woman who wore the mask. Very good casting, can't wait. Let's take a look at what else is happening in the world of entertainment. U ma has been seriously injured after a horse riding -- horse widing -- riding accident. She was training when it got spooked and threw her off. She's got multiple broken bones but is expected to make a recovery. Taylor Swift and Tom aren't being shy about being a couple now. They've been spotted dancing up a storm as a Selena convert. She was there to support her BFF Selena, seemed unconcerned who was watching their PDA during the show. And a frank admission from Will Smith - his new his 19199 flick wild, wild west was rubbish but did it anyway because he wanted to be a superstar. It earned him millions but he's revealed he felt like he was tricking fans into a -- into buying a ticket.If actors are going to apologise for bad films Nick Cage better clear his school -- schedule.That worth his -- wasn't his worst. One with his son, that was a howler.Bad boys two. Suicide squad, that will be good, concussion.You don't have to apologise because you have good stuff coming up. You have to clear the decks, apologise for all of that.I'm sure he's sorry by the millions he got paid. That's why he did it - he wanted to be

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(APPLAUSE) The Project -- welcome back to The Project. If you've just joined us, here's what's making news this Thurday, June 23, a -- NSW farmer Ian Turnbull has been jailed for at least 24 years for murdering environment officer Glen Turner near Mori in 2013 over a land dispute. The 81 who also held Glen's colleague Strange at gunpoint will likely die behind bars before he's eligible for parole.I have grown used to Glen not being around but the circumstances in which it happened I will never, ever be able to accept. There's been an update on our recent story about Daley whose body was found on a northern NSW beach in 2011. The 33-year-old died from serious injuries during a camping trip. It's alleged she was brutally arrested while drunk. Now two men have been charged over her death after an independent review overturned the DPP's decision not to prosecute. Paralympian Leisel Tesch says she's glad to be home safe in Australia after being robbed at gunpoint outside Rio's Olympic sailing venee. Describing her ordeal as a wake-up call, she said there's no doubt more security is needed for the Games.If there is trouble, that's the nature of city - it's a city of poverty, going a massive reception, it's a frightening time for a developing nation to be holding this event. This is my favourite player of the day - a Swedish player said he's been red carded for farting. He said he had a bad stomach and let government he found himself in a real stink. The referee said the fart was inappropriate and deliberate provocation.He got the red card and did one more it would have been a brown card. That was the - oh! Surely you have to follow through to get a brown card.Funny you should bring that up. At the Adelaide Crows in 2002, after New Year's Eve they called a training session two days later. I'd had a big New Year's Eve and say they you have had to do a 5km time trial 236789 you -- if you don't do your best you have to do it straightaway. The pressure was on. About a kilometre in. I had a bad stomach. I had no choice but to keep running and running. In the end I had to pull over, Military Road, finished, pull my pants up, keep going. Got my PB by three seconds. (APPLAUSE) I remember Darren was the first one, came up to me and said, "Well done, Fitzy, you're (BLEEP)ing." Going back to the European games, the nation of Iceland through to the final 16 at euro 16. The players are excited, fans are excited but no-one is more excited than this is The Project Icelandic commentator. (SPEAKS ICELANDIC)

He hasn't been that #k350i9ed since there was a win at the -- excited since there was a win at the Oscars. My best mate is Icelandic and he was able to supply me subtitles.I thought you weren't serious. I was surprised by what was transpiring.

(APPLAUSE) You'd never know. If you don't speak the language.It's a very basic language isn't it? You don't need to say too much. I thought you had an Icelandic best friend. Alright. To something far more serious now. It has been a battle that's been simmering for three years. But this week a firefighters labour dispute has turned into an inferno.The -- The idea that you -- that you would subject 60,000 volunteers, disrespect their selflessness and their courage, and put them under the thumb of a militant union, that tells you a lot about the Labor Party. Today the Prime Minister dragged a bitter state fight between volunteer firefighters and a powerful union on to the national stage. Like all Country Fire Services around Australia, Victoria's CFA relies on volunteers. Thfrnts dispute in Victoria is bowl --.This dispute in Victoria is the volunteers fearing a major union take overof firefighting.Last month the Victorian Premier resolved a dispute between the firefighters union and the CFA by giving greater control to the union. Critics say the deal will give the union final say over who fights fires, who has authority on the ground and what equipment they use and purchase. This is the united firefighters union power push to take control of CFA.It keeps being portrayed as a pay dispute. It's a conditions dispute as well and I don't understand why there is all this fuss. In Victoria there's no bigger election issue right now and it's a mess of Victorian Labor's creation which is bad news for Bill Shorten. Does anyone think if there wasn't a Federal election Malcolm Turnbull would have anything to say about this issue?The CFA have been outrageously treated by this Labor government in Victoria. If we are returned to government we will amount the -- amend the Fair Work Act to protect them from this shocking union takeover. It's dividing wra -- and request just over a week to go things are getting ugly. Steve Price has been admiring the failout. He joins us now. The political side of this aside, it's getting really ugly at the moment.It's a very emotional issue, you're dealing with 6 of 0,000 volunteers with the -- 60,000 volunteers with CFA. Among their numbers is people who seen mates lose their lives, on Black Saturday CFA firefighters fighting fires while their homes burned down. They feel, rightly or wrongly, they are being overtaken by a bully boy union that will change their way of life. The CFA is something that's in everyone's heart in Victoria as it is around the country with other volunteer firefighters and it's become an election issue.It --. It is which is weird given it's a state issue. Ultimately doesn't Shorten have a point where it says it isn't his problem to solve?I think Bill Shorten has been dumb. It could have stopped this being a problem for him and he can. All he needs to do is say, "I agree with Malcolm Turnbull. We will change the act and we'll protect these volunteers from this legal challenge that has been mounted and won by Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor." Bill Shorten can stop this tomorrow. I have a fear on election daying on polling booths this could get ugly. You'll have firefighters in the union and CFA members handing out how to vote cards. Let's hope they don't bully each other and we get a physical problem on polling day. You said it can be fixed tomorrow. Will Bill Shorten fix it. Is that going to happen?Malcolm Turnbull says and he has control of the Fair Work Act, what he will do if he wins the election he will change the act so the Fair Work Commission has no control over volunteers of this type anywhere in Australia. Malcolm Turnbull has the power to do it as does Bill Shorten. What Bill Shorten should do is he should say, "I agree with Malcolm Turnbull. Let's protect the volunteers." But for some reason Labor wants to protect the firefighters union in Victoria. I don't understand it and I think Shorten would do himself a big favour by actually just joining Malcolm Turnbull and saying, "Enough an dal -- Daniel Andrews. We'll sort it out." Interesting to see what the amendments look like. We might find out after the election. Steve Price, thanks for joining us. Thanks. Alright. Now, when you look in the mirror do you like what you see looking back at you? It seems for many Australian women the answer is no. Let's start with the good news. 20% of Australian women have high body self-esteem. And that's the end of the good news. According to a new report the other 80% are unhappy with their appearance. It's having a huge impact on our lives. 89% of Australian women with low body confidence have avoided time with family and friends, held back from sharing opinions and failed to stand up for themselves when they don't like how they look. 55% of -- have even missed work or job interviews.I think there's a reality that most women don't like their bodies. Most women don't like themselves in terms of physical appearance but I think there's the other side to it that women can't acknowledge if they do like themselves because there's a stereotype of them being narcissistic if they they local weather think they're particularly beautiful. Even women who rate themselves as above average on skills and personality are less satisfied with their beauty thar and than other aspect os f they -- aspects of their lives which means knots a self-esteem bob problem, purely about im -- identify.Image is one part of identity. There are other things that make women. The importance of how we feel about that distract us us. Here's the part where we talk about who's to blame - mod -- models, media, diet industry, Donald Trump and they all play a part. But the problem is far deeper than that. The focus on self-esteem and improved body image I think narrows women's interest into the internal private sphere as opposed -- opposed to things likes what other issues are there facing women about the world that aren't about what do I look like in a selfie? When you think about it a woman's body is machine for living in. It can do amazing things like growing babies and reaching high shelves but it is a tiny part of who we are -- are. Yet 63 -- just 63% of Australian women and girls are proud to be female. That's far from 100 but -- 100% but that's the high shelf we working with. Catherine Manning working with school kids to promote self-esteem. Welcome, it was listening to the woman in the middle of the package with there's an emphasis on placing importance on beauty and how we look. We hear images about how everyone can be or is beautiful but is that kind of language helpful for this kind of problem?Look, I think that when we say that everyone's beautiful, we're quite often talking about that from the perspective that we're looking at physical beauty only. But we really need to expand that to be not about physical beauty at all. In fact, physical beauty should be secondary.With the selfie culture to spend less time looking into the phone and more time looking into the outside world. I have a little girl and I'm terrified what life's going to be like when she hits social media and have to get a certain amount of likes before she goes out. It makes me sick. As parent what is are we meant to do to help?This is the other thing. You're right there to be concerned about that selfie culture. Girls are taking images of themselves and they're very selective about what they post and they're also using a filter. We're comparing ourselves with images that have been altered so we're not comparing ourselves with other girls like in real time. We also have a culture where girls tend to bring each other down, and I think that's also why the statistics show Australia having quite high body image anxiety. In when girls and women do feel good about themselves and express that we have bit of a tall poppy type culture that we tend to pull them down and say she's so full of herself instead of being supportive of each other and embracing each other and helping to support and be happy in our own skin. I remember reading once someone saying whenever you see a little girl even if she's dressed in the most beautiful dress, rather than saying she looks pretty you should say how's your day going, what's the latest book you read but it comes naturally to see a little girl in a little daes to -- dress to say she looks cute.Absolutely spot on. I have noticed that, too and and trying to change that language is important because we comment on a little girl, how beautiful her hair is or how pretty she is. Whereas with boys we tend not to focus on those types of things, on beauty, we're focusing on other thanks. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) so hard. Even when - we take selfies opt desk, as I -- as soon as I do, I wonder if there's another shot. It becomes a world looking into a camera which is boring as well as not helpful.Do you think people used to go out - people like our grandparents used to try to make them look the best version of them they could look and now everyone wants to look like somebody else, Kardashian or Instagram model.I'm working on the a theory it's how we try to brand ourselves. The worst countries, the lowest self-esteem issues, Japan is the worst, then the Uk, Australia, January Dakang Australia Holdings and the US. They're the worst. -- -- Japan, and the US. They're the worst. The best, South Africa, India, China. Something almost commercial going on here. Capitalism thing. Yeah, the more it's about the images of the beauty industry I reckon the more you get these kind of attitudes.Or maybe they're just hotter than we are. I think that's an appropriate way to tie up this conversation. Malcolm Turnbull made a speech in Geelong today. And the minister for innovation for his speech by using Instagram hashtags.Advanced --.

Then he put a lovely filter on it as well.Selfie culture. We're going to go to a break. Stay where you are. Coming up, the grandma who has hoer 10th Paralympics gold medal -- her 10th Paralympics gold medal in her sights. And Dwayne The Rock Boris Johnson -- Johnson and Hart talk to our man.

(APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. I just wanted to do a quick beanie update. I may have completely understatemented how many you would buy. I have a couple of messages for you tonight. We are almost sold out which has blown my mind.Which is great. You are ordering more? We are. But get on quick if you want one. We are almost sold out if you see it says sold -- sold out we are re-ordering so pre-order now and it will come out late July. If you have ordered and you're waiting nor your order we are packing as quickly as we can but we need you to be patient. We weren't expecting as many people to buy the beanies but thank you, thank you, thank you.Whoa to you. The oldest competitor at Rio this year will be an Australian. At 74 he's going -- she's going to be gunning for her 10th gold. -- gold. At 6. H 45am and Libby is twraning. She turns -- is training. She turns 74 next and has Rio in her sites. Do I physical exercise, pushing around the district and swimming couple of times a week. I think that physically keeps me good. Her chosen sport is a case of mind over matter.It's 95% mental, 5% physical. So, mentally you have to be very with it. Rio will be her 12th Paralympic games and she she's hoping to add to her tally of 13 medals, nine of which are gold.It would be nice to get one more. Any colour but gold's the best isn't it? ? Born without the use of her legs, sport played no part in her childhood.I yauled on the ground until I was -- I crawled until -- at school. -- until I was 7. No sport. I cut up oranges for netball. And score sports At 20 she decided to try wheelchair sports.We tried to introduce to her -- her to a many sports as possible so she could pick the one she liked best. She twried pav Lynne.I -- she tried pav -- javelin. It went 1m in front of he. -- me. I thought I'd poke me eye out. She tried discus. Then archery.When she arrived and tried to throw a javelin to somebody who can put a shot through a pin head from 20m or 30m, you wouldn't think they're the same person. Libby remembers those early days not just from launching her sporting career but for something even more important.The way he walked across the lawn, I didn't look at his face, I looked at his movement and I thought, "He's got just the disability I could marry." And he didn't get away.Well, I thought she was a nice lady, you know, but I wasn't looking for a wife. I was looking for sport. That was 1970. Libby and Stan were married six years later.Time -- I'm the tidy one, he's the untidy one but we share cooking and we share a lot.They also shared a love of children.Stan being -- I knew polio, I knew he could fare a -- father children. I didn't know about them -- myself. They told me there was a 50-50% chance of being disabled. Both boys couldn't be prouder of their parents.She was no different, just in a wheelchair. There were some challenges but most of the time you didn't realise it. It was the challenge that is brought them together with Libby and Stan winning gold within an hour of each other at the 1988 Seoul games.Stan got gold for lawn bowls and I got gold for shooting. Apart from the ribbon looking crushes it's very nice.I don't miss the competition but Libby does. She's very competitive.She said she was going to retire after London, so that would have been flies but she's kept going. I'm amazing she can still see so well to be able to hit the target because I can't. It's that tenacity that's kept her on the sporting field Auld this time but her success is a team effort.I couldn't do it without Stan. If I get the medal it will be thanks to Stan. (APPLAUSE) She is in Adelaide, she's an absolute legend. Everyone absolutely adores her. It's an amazing effort, 74, to have the eyesight to hit the target still as well.Well done.Total legend. After the break Kevin Hart and The Rock with us. Stick around.

Welcome back to The Project. It's hard to imagine Dwayne The Rock Johnson getting bullied in high school but hee ee -- here's a drama tization. Comedian Kevin Hart and wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson star in the new action comedy Central Intelligence. The genre mash up pairing the palls 20 years after graduating high school.Look at you, you lost like 200 pounds. What did you do?One thing.I need to know.Worked out six hours a day every Dakang Australia Holdings day for 20 years. He's been working out and working hard.You should know one thing about me. I'm in the CIA.Are you joking with me right now? It turns out he could do with some help.Three weeks Animals Australia -- an enemy of the state stole the encryption keys to the spy program. I need your skills to save the world. We sent our man to meet the men and find out if they were in danger of being bullied.I was always cool, man. Trying to dig deep into this and find a moment. I'm really thinking I was so cool. You were coasting right through? Yeah.Kindergarten?Nope. Still cool. Still cool. What about you?I mean, there's kindergarten and then toddler and infant and in the womb.Still cool. Yeah.Remember the backflips you used to dochltNo, no!You were great.You go, girl!That was so close. Super quick game to get to know you a bit for the Australian audience. Out of you guys who was the most likely to laugh during a scene?Me. Most likely to forget their line? He's not going to forget it. He's just going to go, "Ha, ha." If he stuffs up a line he goes, "Again." Who takes the most Instagram breaks.Both of us. No breaks. Doing it. OK. Uses the most emojis.I'm not gonna lie, I'm an emoji guy.Every five hysterically laughing face, I do, too.Yeah, I do, I put a (BLEEP) load of them in. It seems The Rock may have a new best friend. How did it all start? I don't...Remember, you were like, "It's OK."No, I know why. That's 'cause you stood up and you were sat in (BLEEP). Remember I said.Oh that's right.Stuff on your pants buddy.That's right.Cause he saw me and he, "Hey, hey." You might have just pushed something out. You wear white a lot.I sat in (BLEEP). They were slacks.No, (BLEEP).It was white... Poop.Yeah.Now when he saw me... That was a different thing, bow down. (APPLAUSE) Central Intelligence hits cinemas on July 30.The poster slogan takes a little Hart and a big Johnson. That's what it says. That's the show, thanks Fitzy for being here. Master chef is up next. See you

ANNOUNCER: Previously
on MasterChef Australia...

I need 'em up there! the gourmet cinema challenge...

Come on, Red! Keep up! was sweet success
for the winners.

You are in our top 10!
You've won the challenge!

But for the red team...

It's just getting to that end
of the competition.

..the reality of elimination.

I'm not looking forward to having to
battle it out against these guys.

Tonight - five contestants,

five pantries.

We're gonna reveal them
one at a time.

It's choose...

..or lose.

Decide what you want more -
ingredients or time.

The longer they wait...

Your second pantry is...

..the less time they'll have.

Tick, tick, tick!

This can send me home.

They're fighting for a place
in the top 10.

If it's not good enough,
start again.

Come on, Mimi!
You don't want to go home, right?

And they'll do everything
to get there.

If you put up something mediocre,
see you later.

But one contestant
will be eliminated.

Yeah, I'm underwhelmed.


It comes down to
the tiniest of details. will have everyone... shock.

# 'Cause you're hot,
then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right # It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #

a really restless night.

After yesterday, I'm pretty gutted.
I took that pretty hard.

When you take on
the role of the captain,

all the big decisions,
they lay on your shoulders.

My decisions are the reason why
the whole crew is in here today.

But when you go into elimination,
it's got to be all about you

and what you're gonna do
to get yourself through it.

This is not just
an everyday cook now.

This is cracking it into the top 10.

ELISE: This is my seventh time
in black.

I'm not ready to go home.
I know what I have to do.

You've just got to really
get in there and focus

and cook a really good dish.

Are we ready?

I'm feeling positive.

I'm almost at the top 10,

but all the remaining cooks,
they're very strong,

so I'll just have to
really fight for it today.


HEATHER: Whoo! Come on, guys!
BRETT: Go, guys!

MATT SINCLAIR: When we walk
into the kitchen, behind the judges...

..there's what looks like
five mini pantries.

I haven't seen anything
like this before,

so my mind's going
a little bit crazy.

GARY: Well, you know what?

It's good to see that you've all
got your game faces on,

your serious heads on today,
because there's a lot at stake.

We've said it
from the very beginning -

as the competition travels along

and we get closer and closer
to the top 10...

..the standard obviously goes
through the roof.

On the upside, four of you
will be in this year's top 10.

But on the downside, for one of you,

the dream will be over
and you'll be going home. TRENT: Top 10 is a huge milestone.

It's the point where
everyone talks about.

So making the top 10 would be huge.

Today's challenge is a twist on
that MasterChef classic...

..a time auction.


Whew! Jeez!

There's a twist now.
I'm starting to stress.

My mind's just
ticking over and over,

and I'm like, "OK, what are they
throwing at us today?"

Behind us are five pantries

of fresh, beautiful,
amazing ingredients.

We're gonna reveal them
one at a time

every 15 minutes.

MIMI: Ohhh!

If you like the first pantry,
you'll have 90 minutes...

Ooh! cook with that pantry
plus the staples over there.

If you don't like it,
you're gonna have to wait

until we reveal the second pantry
15 minutes later.

That means you're only gonna have
75 minutes at that point.

But if you do wait, you get to use
both pantries plus the staples.

More ingredients, but less time.