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Good afternoon, welcome to Nine begin
News Now. I'm Amber Sherlock. We police
begin with breaking news, four guilty
police officers have been found not shooting
guilty of lying over the fatal his
shooting of a mentally ill man at shot
his Sydney home. Adam Salter was officer
shot in the back by a police 209.
officer after he stabbed himself in making
209. The officers were accused of circumstances
making up a false story about the shooting.
circumstances which lead to the wasn't
shooting. A judge has found there them
wasn't enough evidence acquitting farmer
them on all charges. An elderly after
farmer is likely to die behind bars years
after being jailed for at least 24 official
years for murdering a government Wales.
official in Northern New South Fedor,
Wales. Straight to Nine's Kelly described
Fedor, good afternoon, the judge sterngs
described it as a de facto life right
sterngs talk us through it?That's face
right Amber, Ian Robert Turnbull's announced
face was blank as the judge 24
announced he would spend at least effectively
24 years behind bars, that is He
effectively a life sentence for him. Johnson
He is now 81 years old. Justice were
Johnson said the events of that day was
were terrifying and protracted. It turned
was July 2014 when Mr Turnbull Turner
turned up, pulled up behind Mr Strange,
Turner and his colleague Robert pulled
Strange, at Croppa Creek near Moree, fired
pulled out a rival, without a word at
fired a shot into Glen Turner. For chased
at least the next 20 minutes he chased him around his ute then Turner's
fired the final fatal shot into Mr run
Turner's back as he attempted to This
run for the safety of the trees. colleague,
This was all witnessed by his throughout
colleague, Robert Strange, who Turnbull
throughout this ordeal had begged Mr
Turnbull to allow him to go and get Johnson
Mr Turner some help. Justice most
Johnson said this was one of the spoke
most serious examples of murder. We result
spoke to Mr Strange about the delivered
result shortly after it was Tamworth.
delivered from his home town of doing
Tamworth.We were public officials and
doing our job on a public street, that
and we were ambushed by a person Turner.
that was intent on killing Glen describe,
Turner.It's a hard emotion to it,
describe, so please doesn't recover than
it, it's relieving, probably more hoped
than we had even hoped for. We be
hoped that he would die in jail, to a
be honest, because Glen didn't get We
a chance to go home to his family. Turner's
We think that's a fair result.Mr an
Turner's family says this should be take
an obvious example to anyone not to But
take the law into their own hands. court
But Mr Turnbull's son Grant was in outside
court for the result. He paused vegetation
outside to take a swipe at native that
vegetation laws, although conceding murder.
that that was not justification to family
murder. Of course the Turnbull battle
family has been embroiled in a accused
battle spearheaded by Mr Turner and
accused of illegal land clearing week
and Grant Turnbull was handed last a
week a 4.5 million order to repair cleared.
a property which had been illegally though,
cleared. Turnbull's lawyer says, appeal.
though, they will consider an days
appeal.Kelly, thank you. Just nine attacks
days from the election and the personal.
attacks on both leaders are getting Canberra.
personal. Live to Joel Dry in there
Canberra. Joel, good afternoon, in
there has been a significant shift afternoon
in the language today.Good appears
afternoon Amber. The Prime Minister from
appears to have over come his cold certainly
from earlier this week, because he and
certainly got his full voice back attack
and ramped it up to launch an his
attack on the opposition leader, dispute
his platform was the ongoing CFA campaign
dispute in Victoria, he took his of
campaign to the marriage Nat seat government
of Corangamite saying his legislation
government would introduce service
legislation to protect emergency the
service volunteers from union after government
the Victorian State Labor takeover
government supported a union Turnbull
takeover of the CFA a move that Mr and
Turnbull connected to Bill Shorten you
and labelled a disgrace.The idea disrespect
you would subject 60,000 volunteers, disrespect their service, their
disrespect their selflessness and own
their courage, in defence of their own communities, and put them under tells
the thumb of a militant union, that Party.
tells you a lot about the Labor Bill
Party. It tells you a lot about Bill Shorten.Now, the opposition Adelaide
leader himself was campaigning in denounce
Adelaide today and was quick to scare
denounce the CFA issue as another Coalition,
scare campaign on the part of the managed
Coalition, but Mr Shorten certainly to
managed to return fire.I'm happy standing-up
to explain and put my record of happy
standing-up for working people. I'm would
happy to explain to Australians we interest.
would govern in the national people
interest. What I would do is bring believe
people to the table. I don't the
believe in just having, you know, employee
the idea, the old-fashioned idea of not
employee versus employer, that's not the future for Australia.

the campaign is getting personal. the
Perhaps a good thing that tonight ends
the leaders are at the opposite leader
ends of the country. The opposition to
leader is this afternoon on his way campaigning
to Darwin, the Prime Minister is thank
campaigning in Tasmania.Joel, with
thank you. DFAT is working closely three
with Nigerian authorities after Zealander
three Australians and a New militants.
Zealander were kidnapped by armed militants. Live to Simon Buddha What
with the details, good afternoon. know
What more do we know?Amber, we ambush,
know this happened, it was an attacked
ambush, there were 30 militants Nigeria
attacked a convoy in southern this
Nigeria on a bridge, they attacked the
this convoy, they shot dead one of Seven
the drivers of one of the vehicles. understand
Seven people had been abducted. We Australians.
understand three of those are Australian
Australians. There was another convoy
Australian who was part of that Australians
convoy who managed to escape. These company
Australians were all, working for a a
company based out of Perth of the, been
a mining company. They have not the
been heard of since, as we believe and
the kidnappers took off in a boat and they are now being hunted in Have
the southern part of the country. Minister
Have a listen to what the Prime Minister told us earlier today.The the
Australian High Commissioner is on the scene and we are working with authorities
the authorities, the local It
authorities at the highest levels. very
It is a very serious kidnapping, a assault,
very serious - it was a criminal you
assault, one person was killed as you know...Now, obviously one of when
the first people you think about Nigeria
when you hear about a kidnapping in group
Nigeria is Boko Haram a tarror we
group that operates in the country, the
we are told they operate more in kidnappings
the North. There's a spate of kidnappings in the southern part of elements
the country linked to criminal of
elements who want a ransom. A lot southern
of mining, oil, happens in the one
southern part of the country. No- don't
one has claimed responsibility. We been
don't know if a ransom demand has due
been made yet.A Melbourne man is charged
due back in court this afternoon Mohammed
charged over the 2009 murder of death
Mohammed Haddara. His shooting clan
death at Altona North sparked a chiefl
clan war between the Haddara's and the
chiefl Chaouk family. A man from one
the suburb of Brooklyn is facing under
one count of murder, a driver is crashing
under police guard after allegedly Sydney's
crashing into parked cars in neighbours
Sydney's south. Concerned wreckage
neighbours freed the man from the police,
wreckage before he ran off to evade that
police, Lizzy Pearl has more.All smashed
that is left here this morning is and
smashed in fences, some tyre marks one
and a a whole lot of trouble for midnight
one young driver. It was around Woolooware
midnight here on Kingsway at neighbours
Woolooware in Sydney's south when ran
neighbours heard a huge bang. They they
ran out to see what happened, if found
they could help. That's when they wheel
found a man trapped behind the crashed
wheel of his Subaru WRX that and
crashed into two vehicles, a car freed
and truck and rolled. Neighbours allegedly
freed the man, that's when he search
allegedly fled the scene. A short quickly
search involving the dog unit was 25-year-old
quickly mounted. That's when the mentioned
25-year-old was picked up.He I
mentioned something about drinking, of
I don't want to stick around, kind stick
of thing. So, "Mate, you've got to he
stick around cops are on the way" He
he started legging it down Kingsway. bumper
He left one tyre up there, his side
bumper up there and landed on his side in the truck. I mean how did that
he - but they easily run away, at year-old
that time of the night.The 25- Sutherland
year-old driver was taken to been
Sutherland hospital, where he's expected
been under police guard. Police are as
expected to lay charges on this man has
as they investigate exactly what fled
has happened. In particular, why he intensifying
fled the scene.Police are people
intensifying the hunt for two carjacking
people responsible for an attempted Shortly
carjacking south of Brisbane. pair
Shortly after 5am it's believed the driver,
pair approached a 23-year-old vehicle
driver, dragging hip from the torso.
vehicle before stabbing him in the somebody
torso.I just heard a scream, like driver
somebody needed help.The young condition
driver remains in a stable about
condition in hospital. Britain is about to head to the polls to the
decide whether to stay in or leave show
the European Union. Latest numbers knife-edge.
show the historic vote hangs on a this
knife-edge.I am passionate about this country. I am wildly patriotic and
about what we have done in the past The
and what we could do in the future. even
The sort of Great Britain I want an away,
even greater country doesn't walk it
away, it doesn't quit, it stays and known
it fights.The result won't be time.
known until tomorrow afternoon our different
time. There was congestion of a Harbour
different kind on the Sydney and
Harbour Bridge this morning, a man they
and his horse holding up traffic as Going
they trotted towards the city. way
Going ever so slowly on the express beef
way cars quickly piled up behind Morris
beef farmer Glenmore rirks Mr awareness
Morris is trying to it raise farming
awareness about the future of clearing
farming and the impact of land News
clearing laws. Still ahead on Nine teenagers
News Now, mayhem as hundreds of Sydney.
teenagers gatecrash a party in breathe
Sydney. Helping little babies happening
breathe easy, the world-first trial shoplifter
happening right here. And a shifty catch.
shoplifter who proved very hard to at
catch. Stay with us. Breaking news man
at Logan in Queensland...Reports a news
man had been stabbed twice.When police
news breaks...A young man is under came
police guard in hospitalHis car All
came smashing through this home. is
All I heard was a big bang.Today reignited
is there first.Sam Newman has charged
reignited the scandal...Two women teenager...
charged with the murder of a Perth shallow
teenager...His body was found in a stamped
shallow grave...Queensland has league
stamped its dominance on rugby league State of This program is not captioned. Voting's underway. So let me be clear
about what we're offering you. One - our economic plan
will deliver you and your kids better job opportunities. Two - Medicare and education funding
is guaranteed. Three - we will keep
our borders secure. And four - only the Coalition This program is not captioned.

More than 200 teenagers have birthday
gatecrashed a 13-year-old girl's details
birthday party in Sydney after Facebook.
details of the event circulated on Hill
Facebook. One person at the Currans trying
Hill party was caught on camera with
trying to smash through a window out
with his head, other teens ripped bottles.
out the clothe lines and smashed find
bottles. Police say they arrived to the
find the parents trying to clear parents
the party with no luck. Relief for premature
parents of babies who are born under
premature with landmark research breathe
under way to help the little ones with
breathe easier, it is made possible donation,
with a generate half a million Brisbane,
donation, Emily Prain joins us from research?
Brisbane, what is the aim of this work
research?Amber, they are trying to of
work out exactly the right amount help
of flow of oxygen or air needed to Edwards
help premie babies breathe, Parker part,
Edwards is the first baby to take involve
part, he was born at 28 weeks. It where
involve is using a special therapy delivered
where oxygen is continuously at
delivered through the baby's nose born
at a high flow rate. 8,000 babies need
born in Australia every year will say
need help with breathing. Doctors to
say this research is really going across
to change the face of neonatal care isn't
across the world. High-flow therapy deck
isn't new, it's been around for a moment.
deck kachltd it's topical at the how
moment. Have a listen.We'll know respiratory
how to better deliver this form of new,
respiratory support. It is fairly around
new, there are a lot of questions put
around this support. People have it
put it on the babies and seen how information.
it works. This will give us more made
information.Now all of this is donation
made possible thanks to a $500,000 been
donation from golden casket. It's for
been helping the Matter foundation research,
for more than 25 years.Great powerful
research, thanks. There's been a the
powerful protest in the heart of move
the US government in a very rare in
move Democrats have staged a sit-in country's
in Congress fed up over the has
country's gun laws, Robert Penfold sort
has the latest.We have seen this sort of thing often at Universities of
in the past, not in America's House dinkum
of Representatives, it is a fair elderly
dinkum sit in, most the rather the
elderly politicians are sitting on the floor despite there being a lot these
of comfortable chairs around. All Democratic
these members are members of the Democratic Party and are angry Senate
because earlier this week the proposal
Senate Republicans knocked back a already
proposal to ban people who are no-fly
already on an FBI watch list and powered
no-fly list from getting high- come
powered guns. This has of course massacre
come to a head following the latest Orlando,
massacre in the gay nightclub in stood
Orlando, those Republicans who this
stood in the way of the vote say protest
this is just a publicity stunt. The politician
protest was led by veteran legend.
politician John Lewis who is a marched
legend. He was one of the many who Martin
marched for civil rights along side The
Martin Luther King junior, he is 76. The President a great admirer for
Tweeted out, "Thank you John Lewis need
for leading on gun violence when we asking
need it the most" Mr Lewis is in
asking how many people have to die in gun pass certificates before a come
law is put into place.Today we dramatise
come to the well of the House to next
dramatise the need for action. Not Today!
next month, not next year, but now! lives
Today!The Democrats say too many of
lives are still being lost because powered
of the ease of access to high- they
powered weapons, they are in here poll
they say for the long run. A recent Americans
poll showed a huge majority of greater
Americans would be happy to see on
greater restrictions being placed on who should be able to get hold been
of the semi-automatics who have these
been responsible for so many of seagull
these recent massacres.A shifty run
seagull has given a shopkeeper a to
run for his money repeatedly trying finally
to steal from his store. The owner feathered,
finally caught the bird red- camera
feathered, the seagull seen on running
camera snatching a packet of chips height
running down the isle, in the loot
height of the frenzy he dropped the customer
loot almost knocking down a away.
customer as he made a quick get narrow
away. Still to come, a family's explodes.
narrow escape as their heater that
explodes. The incredibly close call could
that was all caught on camera. And save
could swapping household chores save your marriage? Stay with This program is not captioned.

An explosion at a Melbourne home about
has sparked an urge gent warning heaters
about the dangers of wood fire Vincent
heaters this winter. Nine's Jayde and
Vincent is following the store rid what
and joins us live. Good afternoon, little
what caused the blast?Amber, these made
little boys are very lucky they threw
made quite a silly mistake and a
threw a full can of softdrink into the
a wood fire heater burning while Firefighters
the family were eating. called
Firefighters and paramedics were Melbourne
called to the cool Roo home in exploded.
Melbourne North after that heater across
exploded. Glass shards sprayed dropped
across the lounge many Roo, am bers children
dropped on to the ground, the children aged eight and four were they
nearby and struck by the debris, suffering
they weren't seriously injured over
suffering minor cuts and checked running
over in an ambulance before happily get
running around later on. They did how
get a talking to from police about they
how dangerous this was, how lucky hurt.
they were not to be more severely caused
hurt.The rupturing of the can explode
caused a large at of glass to the
explode out of the glass part of lung
the Canara, this shattered into the lucky
lung room. The children are very their
lucky the glass only penetrated been
their arms near their arms, they've course
been released and returned home.Of incident
course firefighters have used this dangerous
incident to remind everyone how heaters
dangerous open fireplaces and wood especially
heaters and all heat sources can be the
especially if we crank them up in using
the winter months, they advice using barriers and safeguards from stay
heaters and teaching children to ra
stay far away from them.A dashcam call
ra captured an incredibly close truck.
call between a driver and a fire through
truck. The vehicle was heading fire
through an intersection when the came
fire truck was responding to a job Both
came screaming across the road. truck
Both slammed on their brakes, the missing
truck seen on the right narrowly has
missing the car. A passenger train two
has derailed in Taiwan, incredibly hot
two people on board were injured, warping
hot temperatures are blamed for three
warping the tracks which caused second
three carriages to flip. It's the has
second time this month the train has derailed in the region, forget could
date night, flowers and therapy marriage,
could something simpler save your should
marriage, an article claim couples find
should swap household chores to Cooking
find that happily ever after. yard
Cooking cleaning, back breaking keep
yard work, the chores that help according
keep our happy homes in ordinary, Book
according to a new article from Red hold
Book online that to do s list could simply
hold the secret to a happy marriage Relationships
simply by changing things up. struck
Relationships you tend to get that,
struck in a routine, I always do things
that, you always do this. Mixing how
things up keeps it fresh.Here's the
how it works, a chore swap doing cooking
the things your partner would do Up
cooking to playing with power tools. Travis,
Up for the challenge Heather and beat
Travis, parents to six-year-old and
beat trirks four-year-old Charlie mom's
and two-year-old John. First on dressed
mom's to do s list.We will get Heather
dressed for the last day of school. school.
Heather gets Beatrice ready for stop.
school. They are off to the bus Morning
stop. Tell daddy buy.Buy sweetie. today
Morning duties normally done by the.
today before morning yard work of hip.
the. I think I will leave that to packing
hip. For dad Travis starts off and
packing lunch for Beatrice.Bagel for
and cream cheese.Cooking breakfast mopping.
for the boys then the sweeping and time.
mopping.I'd take the lawnmower any one's
time.Take to clean the toilet.No- out
one's favourite.Interesting to get something
out of your come dport zone to do they
something different.You know what done
they are going through to get it partnership
doneThe other person in the than
partnership is doing a lot more will
than you give them credit for.We swap
will discuss this idea of a chore Next
swap coming up later in chat room. including
Next we have the show biz for you seeking
including Sarah Jessica Parker is the
seeking a divorce in her return to dramatic
the small screen. Uma Thurman's that
dramatic fall all the details on the
that horseriding accident that left Is
the star with multiple broken bones. films,
Is Harrison Ford too old for action films, Steven Spielberg claims 'Indiana
ageist claims levelled against the and
'Indiana Jones' star is not right, and Beyonce, the new This program is not captioned. Coles Car Insurance
price beat guarantee

is available to drivers 25 and over. That means more Aussies are guaranteed to save $50 or even more when they switch their comprehensive policy to Coles Car Insurance. Get your little red quote today.

This program is not captioned.

To he can braking news out of crashed
Sydney where a police car has west.
crashed and rolled in the city's Cowpasture
west. The accident happened on is
Cowpasture Road at Hoxton Park, it occurred,
is unclear just how the accident injured.
occurred, or if anyone has been as
injured. We will keep you updated news
as we get more information into the wrap
news room. Well it is time to get a with
wrap of the day's show biz news the
with Elle Halliwell journalist from city
the Sunday day telegraph s first up Jessica
city and the city s star Sarah pictures
Jessica Parker shared rare family private
pictures on social media. She is life.
private when it comes to her family celebrated
life. She is clearly excited to be her
celebrated her daughter's birthday, they
her twins tab that and Loretta, were
they turned seven. She said they sparkling
were loving, funny, surprising dear, really
sparkling and beloved. SJP has been in
really actually work wise staring which
in an HBO series called 'divorce' divorce.
which debuted in the US.I want a emotional
divorce.Are you drunk?You had an affair
emotional affair.It wasn't an Wow!
affair it was never physical of the
Wow!When did it start to go off perhaps
the tracks in your mind?Well, (LAUGHS)
perhaps when you grew the moustache. Stacey'
(LAUGHS) that is Ned from 'Ned and see
Stacey' I love that actor.Good to been
see it on the small screen.He's Will
been successful in Hollywood actor decision.
Will Smith regrets one career he
decision.'Wild Wild West' Amber, 1999
he has admitted the film he made in career.
1999 was the low point in his because
career. He said he signed on not actor,
because he wanted to be a good be
actor, because he kind of wanted to the
be the biggest oofy star around at confessions
the time. He made all of these Lions'
confessions during the Keynes creatist.
Lions' international festival of are
creatist. He said these days fans trick
are very, very smafrt you can't movies
trick them into going to see a crap movies like they do in the 80's and surprised
90's, thanks to social media. I'm really
surprised at these missions, I you?
really liked 'Wild Wild West'Did that.
you?I was 13 at the time, ignore doesn't
that.That explains a lot. Will was
doesn't often get it wrong, that a
was a poor choice. Uma Thurman had hospital
a scare, she is recovering in horse,
hospital after a nasty fall from a Pretty
horse, how bad are her injuries? few
Pretty bad Amber, she has broken a represent,
few bones arounding to her which
represent, nothing life threatening, mend.
which is good news. She is on the on
mend. Apparently the horse she was some
on was young and good spooked for accident
some reason, that's how the best
accident happened. She is in the holidaying
best place to be recovering, baths
holidaying for the summer in Saint she
baths with her chirngs I would say R
she is getting a little bit of R & ends
R and support them, all's well that Veteran
ends well.We wish her the best. Spielberg
Veteran Hollywood director Steven actor
Spielberg came out in defence of criticism
actor Harrison Ford as he faced coming
criticism for his role in the tup Harrison
coming 'Indiana Jones' films. Harrison is being trolled on social his
media, he's way too old to reprice is
his role in 'Indiana Jones' speven complete
is having none of it, having only
complete faith in Harrison, he not great
only keeps in good shape but did a though
great job in 'Star Wars' even He
though he suffered injuries on set. sorry,
He will be 76 when this next - But,
sorry, this next film comes out. concern
But, look, apparently there's no Everything
concern at all from Stephen's end. rain
Everything is going to be right as as
rain and he will absolutely nail it superhero,
as he does.He's a modern day requirements,
superhero, there nor age awesome.
requirements, go Harrison, he's music
awesome.One of a kind.To the latest
music world Beyonce dropped her guest
latest music video featuring a top
guest cameo from her lady at the pro
top of her game, who is itTennis sorry
pro Serena Williams, the song is twerking
sorry s this film is hot, showing Now
twerking and sexy moves.(SONG) # #
Now I'm the one whose lying # I don't feel bad about it # I'm sorry # I ain't thinking about you # I ain't thinking about I
# I'm sorry # the
I have to say Serena almost steals outtwerks
the show in this clip.She expecting
outtwerks Beyonce. U I wasn't expecting you to say Serena has
Williams, it works. Taylor Swift of
has been showing a public display Tom
of affection with her new boyfriend not
Tom middle stone.She has, she is relationship
not wasted any time making this new on
relationship public, they both went they
on a date to Selena Gomez's contest, hands,
they were photographed holding off
hands, fans can't take their eyes public
off then, they were seen in a Calvin
public box smooching and dancing. impressed
Calvin Harris won't be too broadcast
impressed about this public display broadcast around the world.We'll again
have to leave it there, talk to you owe
again soon. Still ahead, government emails
owe fugss caught sending explicit next
emails to each other. Coming up operation
next on Nine News Now, the delicate hospital
operation to relocate an entire Does
hospital including the patients. live
Does 'Independence Day' resurgence Wilkins
live up to the hype? Richard Wilkins tells This program is not captioned.

It's a logistical operation around
requiring surgical precision, transported
around 50 cancer patients are being new
transported across Melbourne to a Emily
new billion-dollar hospital. Nine's people
Emily Rice explains why.Most move
people know how stressful it is to entire
move house, so imagine moving an are
entire hospital. About 50 patients Peter
are being transferred from the east
Peter MacCallum cancer centre in billion
east Melbourne to a new home at the Comprehensive
billion dollar Victorian is
Comprehensive Cancer Centre.This well-thought
is an incredibly well-planned for isn't
well-thought out move.The drive journey,
isn't far, 3.5 kilometres, a major staff
journey, ambulances and specialist into
staff ferrying very sick patients patients
into the new hospital.All the have
patients in the Intensive Care Unit first
have left already of the they were has
first up on the move list.The move Staff
has been six months in the making. already
Staff and medical equipment are facility
already in place and the brand-new facility will be fully functional Mac
from tonight.A place like Peter really
Mac is built on its staff and building
really we are going to great new their
building that will allow them to do they
their job 100 times better than for
they are here, which is fantastic boasts
for the patients.The new hospital spacious
boasts hotel-like features, millions
spacious patients roopts rooms cafe
millions of dollars of equipment a the
cafe and roof garden. Unfortunately a
the rooms are outward facing to get difficult
a view to feel comfortable in a and
difficult time. Beyond the bells feature
and whistles the most important is
feature of this brand-new facility medical
is of course the hard-working government
medical staff.High-rinking become
government officials in the US have dubbed
become embroiled in a scandal of
dubbed porngate. They are accused inappropriate
of sending thousands of email
inappropriate messages on the work safe,
email Server.I want you guys to be Pennsylvania's
safe, stay with your partner. Kathleen
Pennsylvania's Attorney-General danger
Kathleen Kane running away from out
danger is not her MO.We can get this
out right. We're getting out.On with
this day she is in Philadelphia find
with the gun violence taskforce to attempted
find a fugitive accused of real
attempted murder. Kane says the not
real danger she didn't see coming colleagues.
not from criminals but her shaken
colleagues. A diskrofrery that has jeopardy.
shaken her, putting her career in pages
jeopardy.Porngate scandal, 398 mails
pages hard core porn, a trove of e- pornography.
mails full of racism, sexAnd the
pornography. The first time you saw Oh,
the emails what was your reaction? dubbed
Oh, my god.The scandal has been all
dubbed porngate, most shocking of emails?
all who sent and received the ranking
emails? Some of the state's highest junction,
ranking officials.A number of enforcement.
junction, prosecutors and law email
enforcement.All on the state's Defender
email Server.For veteran Public reveal
Defender Mark book man these emails about
reveal something more troubling accused
about the justice systemIf I'm an judge
accused I'm looking up and know a racist
judge has sent misogynistic and prosecutors
racist emails then look at the friends
prosecutors who is not only close exchanging
friends with the judge but the
exchanging the emails and thinks getting
the same way I don't think I'm spent
getting a fair shake.Researchers million
spent months rifle issing through 5 like
million emails, searching the names assault
like the President's names.It's an unacceptable.
assault on the justice system and self--styled
unacceptable.What happened to the it
self--styled Maverick who exposed Pennsylvania
itWe are filing charges against Kathleen
Pennsylvania Attorney-General resignation.
Kathleen Kane.Calling for a suspended
resignation. The Supreme Court face
suspended her law licence and could with
face jail timeShe has been charged conspiracy
with perjury and criminal information
conspiracy for leaking grand jury political
information to embarrass a under
political rival then lying about it admitting
under oath.Some will say you're weight
admitting to boxing outside your the
weight class. You weren't up for the challenge, you didn't know how anybody
the game was played?I don't think played,
anybody could know how the Gael is possible
played, they have done everything resolutions,
possible for me impeachment suspension
resolutions, grand jury and only
suspension of my law licence, the I'll
only thing that hasn't been done assassination.
I'll not being glib, out and out many
assassination.The critics disagree, self-inikt
many of her wounds they argue were blockbusters
self-inikt thered.When it comes to bigger
blockbusters they don't get much Day:Resurgence'
bigger than that, 'Independence Today
Day:Resurgence' is in kin malls, Wilkins
Today entertainment editor Richard worth
Wilkins tells us whether it is world
worth the hype.20 years ago the extinction
world escaped the clutches of the
extinctionIt was 20 years since waging
the pecksy critters came visiting little
waging a war of destruction on our have
little planet. Since that time we together,
have well and truly got our act together, United Nations creating using
the Earth Space Defence program the
using alien technology.We found and
the technology to build a stronger survival
and saver Earth, because our stand
survival is only possible when we go
stand together.What could possibly me.
go wrong?Tell me how much you miss This
me.You know how much I miss you. front
This time around Liam Hemsworth is fighter
front and centre as the Hotshot pan
fighter pilot.Bank left!Bill pull Moore.
pan is back as former President wit ward
Moore. He's been succeeded by Celia ward America's first female Goldblum
President.Oh, my god.And Jeff Levanon.
Goldblum returns as scientist David lights
Levanon. How did they get the on
lights on?It didn't, it happened there
on its own two days ago.This time $50
there is no Will Smith who wanted and
$50 million to sign on for this, ufr
and the next installment, we do, I
ufr who, have Jesse Usher as Dylan. doing
I know he'd be proud of what we are immobile
doing here.Not long before forces it's
immobile lies as the aliens decide They
it's time to have another crack definitely
They are coming back. That is It
definitely bigger tan the last time. come
It has gravity.What goes up must Yeah.
come down.Shouldn't we be nervous? film.
Yeah.It's an incredible-looking absolutely
film. Some of the battle scenes are some
absolutely epic.Let's show them Is
some fireworks.Happy 4th of July. Rolland
Is that all you've got?Director Rolland Emmerich has raised the bar haven't
again.We are going down.We have
haven't got a chance.We didn't disappointing.
have that either.The plot is over
disappointing. It jumps around all becoming
over the place at first before screen
becoming just so predictable. The will
screen play is just so cheesy you all.
will wins at the blandness of it worry
all.Please unlock the door.Don't as
worry about me get as many answers looks
as you can.Having said that, it see
looks incredible. And you must go- 'Independence
see it in 3D. It's called I
'Independence Day:Resurgence', gee, joining
I don't know, three stars.Now, McLeod
joining me in the chatroom is Brett with,
McLeod and Melissa dourngs stay kindy
with, next we're talking about the introducing
kindy in rural Queensland kids.
introducing fake gun licences for turning
kids. And the rise of workplaces Vea
turning to older workers to fill workers,
Vea can see, say they are better be
workers, what do you think? We'll be talking This program is not captioned. Everything you watch
on commercial free-to-air television is covered by a code of practice. The code contains
key community safeguards relating to program classification, complaints, advertising, and news and current affairs. The code has recently been updated to better reflect
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the complaints-handling process, visit the Free TV website

Let's head into the chatroom, Downes
joining me today is Nine's Melissa in
Downes in Brisbane and Brett McLeod afternoon.
in Melbourne, welcome.Good Queensland
afternoon.Happy Thursday, a rural introduced
Queensland kindergarten has licences
introduced pretend firearms play
licences for children who want to allows
play with toy guns, the kindy bring
allows three and four-year-olds to or
bring in the guns for show and tell licence
or play time, they have to get a pretend
licence saying they can shoot at locked
pretend pests like foxes, they are overnight
locked up in a gun cabinet other
overnight and if they point them at firearms
other children they lose their you
firearms licence, Brett, what do the
you think?Interesting of course on Orlando,
the back of what happened in think
Orlando, everyone immediately would be
think mm, is it right for kids to However
be taught anything to do with guns. it's
However on further reading on this children
it's in areas of Queensland where farms,
children would see guns in use on households
farms, for example. They live in be
households where there are going to properly
be guns hopefully safely stored and and
properly licensed. I looked at it kinty,
and thought actually alright it's the
kinty, maybe it is young, I can see responsibility
the point the kids are learning using
responsibility when it comes to to
using firearms. If they are going young
to be ex possession had to it at a young age why not be taught at a weapons,
young age the proper way to handle fully
weapons, I say this as someone who Port
fully supports the buyback after Australia's
Port Arthur and proud of ran
Australia's gun laws, they cause with
ran core in America, I'm pleased read
with this.I was outraged when I it
read the title then read the story your
it wasn't so bad. We are asking for comments
your say on Facebook, we've had comments Sosene says..

Robert says..

Pam says..

Melissa?Well, I guess they are doesn't
trying to do this so someone doesn't lose an eye. They are gun
trying to teach them how to use a pointing
gun responsibility. If you are have
pointing it at somebody you will I
have the licence and gun taken away. kids
I agree it's in a rural area, these do
kids are farm kids, they probably see
do have guns in the households they It's
see mum or dad using on the farm. right
It's a way of teaching them the It's
right and wrong ways to use them. they
It's that thing if you tell a child something
they can't do something or use make
something chances are that will Incorporating
make them want to do it even more. life,
Incorporating it as a part of their this
life, if you are going to use it properly,
this is how to deal with it In
properly, it's the right way to go. from
In that article there were quotes it.
from parents saying they sup pored to
it. They felt it was the right way use
to introduce lessons about correct how
use of guns and why they are used, versus
how they should be used.City city
versus country a little bit. In the understand
city you sound horrified...I do but
understand it sounds ridiculous, fits.
but I think in that environment it favouring
fits.Moving on, after years of are
favouring the young many workplaces workers
are now turning to middle aged being
workers to fill vacancies they are better
being seen as more focused and company
better workers, one particular with
company in the US says it is fed up the
with young employees using time in working
the office trawling the internet or women
working on other projects. Older have
women have more experienced they skills
have singled out women, with more things
skills and are better at picking finally
things up. Melissa is the tide workers.
finally turning to favour older workers,
workers.I hope it is, I older worried
workers, I'm 45 this year, I'm you're
worried oh goodness that's me...Oh what
you're so old.So old. I do think younger
what older workers have that the perspective.
younger counterparts don't have is more
perspective. They have lived a bit have
more of their life, perhaps they areas
have children or a family or other important
areas of their life that are understand
important as well. I think they get
understand that work is work, you you
get in there, you do your job, then benefits
you go home and you enjoy the Perhaps
benefits that work creates for you. thinking
Perhaps older workers, I I was they
thinking specifically of women, own
they are more comfortable in their not
own skin when they are older, it's career,
not just about them and their team
career, perhaps they are more of a workers,
team player when you are on older to
workers, they understand you have company
to support your colleagues and benefits.
company so everyone can reap the At
benefits.Brett what do you think? walking
At 53 I pushed myself up off my "Hallelujah"
walking frame and said, "Hallelujah" older people will need age
to work longer, raising the pension I
age to 67, might be 70 by the time It's
I retire, people have to work older. when
It's good to see it recognised, Works
when I go into a Bunnings or Office workers,
Works when they employ older first.
workers, they're the ones I go to he
first.So do I, I like this bloke talking
he looks like he knows what he is talking about.Anything to do with old's
social media we go to the 20-year- post
old'sI try to regam an instra gam make
post it took me 20 minutes, you it's
make a point about perspective, retire
it's true. Brett if at 70 when you retire.
retire it will be 08 by the time I there.
retire.Keep pedalling you will get cleaning
there.Finally today, cooking never
cleaning and mowing the lawn are happy
never ending chores that keep a the
happy home in order. How you divide secret
the to do s list could provide the research
secret to happy marriage, new tasks
research shows couples who shared gender
tasks instead of sticking to the different
gender stero typical roles have a It
different thought about each other. marital
It can reignite the flame in the up
marital home. How would you divvy here
up the chores?If only my wife was around
here to tell you how much I do I
around the house, sadly she is not, bad
I hope she's not watching. I'm not bad with the vacuuming and dishes, is
I don't go near the kitchen, Louise our
is an expert in that area she is around
our own life-in MasterChef, I stay cleaning
around from there.What about what
cleaning up the kitchen?I do that, teaching
what is equally important is the
teaching the kids how to clean up leads
the kitchen as well. Whether it have
leads to a better sex life I'll have to think about that.I think of
the point is if you do the chores more,
of your partner you appreciate them they
more, because you understand what don't
they are going to do. Melissa, I this
don't know, what do you think of if
this idea of a chore swap?Imagine tonight
if everyone listening to this partner
tonight went home and said to their chores
partner if you take on household life.
chores you will have a better sex life. I don't know what will happen each
there. It is about appreciating get
each other. I think sometimes you I
get caught up in your own thing the did
I did five loads of washing today I forget
did the dusting, I did this, you share
forget your partner is doing their would
share as well. I think the swap generally.
would be good or just mixing it up are
generally. I do also think there in
are some things I'm not interested difficult,
in doing, I do know they are gardening.
difficult, I don't want to do the stuff,
gardening.What?The gardening for
stuff, the leaf blower, I'm happy the
for him to do that, I'll stick with things,
the laundry, sometimes there are it
things, I don't know if you enjoy thing
it do it. Mixing it up is a good asked
thing you appreciate each other.I I
asked my husband to sweep the floor, this
I got home he had the leaf blower house.
this the house, he blew out the house.That's genius, that's clever, chores.
I like his thinking.Do your own leave
chores. On that note we have to Pleasure.
leave it there, thank you so much. to
Pleasure.It is time to say goodbye Queensland
to Western Australian viewers, afternoon
Queensland viewers stand by for the stick
afternoon news, all other states town
stick around, up next small Aussie its
town fighting to clean up one of the
its most vital necessities, water, under
the unhealthy generation why women heart
under 44 might be more at risk of grandmothers,
heart failure than their mothers or save
grandmothers, a frantic mission to save a woman from her burning home, This program is not captioned. (UP-BEAT GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS)

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Taking a look at the weather now around the country for tomorrow.

It's time now for Nine's Afternoon

Good afternoon. We begin with a where
developing situation in Sydney rolled
where a police car has crashed and accident
rolled in the city's west. The a
accident happened in the middle of Road
a busy intersection on Cowpasture crews
Road at Hoxton Park. Emergency remains
crews are on the scene and traffic area.
remains heavy right throughout that as
area. We will update the situation room.
as more details come into our news in
room. A Melbourne man is due back over
in court this afternoon charged Mohammed
over the cold case killing of was
Mohammed Haddara. The young father 2009.
was shot dead at Altona North in western
2009. A 36-year-old from the facing
western suburb of Brooklyn is reporter
facing one count of murder. Our little
reporter will bring us an update a Neighbours
little later in this bulletin. who
Neighbours have helped free a man a
who was trapped in the wreckage of Sydney's
a car after a dramatic crash in to
Sydney's south. Let's go straight Good
to Nine's Lizzie Pearl for more. tried
Good afternoon. This man allegedly afternoon
tried to run away.Yeah, good what's
afternoon to you. That appears Woolooware
what's happened last night at was
Woolooware in Sydney's south. It was around midnight last night when ran
neighbours heard a loud bang. They and
ran out to see what had happened rolled
and they saw a sub rugby union WRX rest
rolled on its side. It had come to see
rest against a truck and you could got
see the tyre marks exactly how it road,
got there. It screeched down the Actually
road, clipped a four-wheel drive. Actually sheered one of the wheels off before it finally ended up neighbours
there flex to that truck. Now, ran
neighbours have told us that they man,
ran out, they managed to free this at
man, a 25-year-old man. But it is wait
at that point, he didn't stop and He
wait for the ambulance to arrive. short
He allegedly took off. Now, after a dog
short chase involving the police up
dog squad, they did manage to catch facing
up with this man and he is now He's
facing some pretty serious charges. Hospital.
He's at the moment in St George to
Hospital. But let's take a listen managed
to a couple of those neighbours who hours
managed to free him in the early he
hours of this morning.Asked him if yeah,
he was all right. He was like "Yeah, of
yeah, sweet". Tried helping him out didn't
of car. He come out and, yeah, he A
didn't want anyone's help basically. determine
A blood sample was taken to and/or
determine whether or not alcohol in
and/or drugs may have been a factor old
in the collision.So this 25-year- later
old man is expected to be charged All
later this week. court
All right, thank you for that. A may
court has heard a Perth teenager before
may have been dead for a week shallow
before his body was found in a concrete
shallow grave under a slab of concrete at Orelia. Two women faced Pajich's
court today charged with Aaron the
Pajich's murder. Nine days after believed
the 18-year-old wept missing. It's two
believed he travelled to meet the on
two women aged 42 and 25 who he met applied
on a gaming website. Neither met
applied for bail. Bill Shorten has Adelaide
met with the party faithful in future
Adelaide vowing to fight for the reports
future of Medicare. Lauren Gianoli campaign.
reports from the Opposition Leaders finally
campaign.As the campaign countdown Opposition
finally reaches single figures, the visit
Opposition Leader's made a fly in visit to South Australia and if you was
thought the Medicare scare campaign pretend
was over, it isn't.You cannot guaranteeing
pretend that Mr Turnbull to be increasing
guaranteeing Medicare when you're prescription
increasing the prices of certainly
prescription medicine. You are
certainly can't pretend that you when
are guaranteeing Medicare funding incentive
when you take away bulk billing visited
incentive payments.Bill Shorten's new
visited to voters in Adelaide. The privatise
new angle today is intended to for
privatise the vaccination program though
for school children. The coalition in
though points out that Labor back kooen
in 2008 were awarded a contract vac yard
kooen register. He visited a rail