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Tonight: This man
faces a Sydney court, for punching a teenage
Rugby League referee. And he's trying to
blame his mental state. Roads Minister Duncan Gay forced
to apologise for being sexist and offensive and even the Premier
gets dragged into the mess. A little girl's miraculous escape, as a runaway car ploughs
into her bedroom at Rockdale. The push to tax sugar gains
considerable weight as some of our top health-experts
get onboard. Imagine waking up to this,
a giant python drops in for a visit, scaring
everyone senseless. And it's deja vu. The Blues are fighting to stay
alive in tonight's State of Origin. We're deep in hostile territory. ANNOUNCER: This is Ten Eyewitness
News, First At Five, with Sandra Sully
and Hugh Riminton. A coach who allegedly punched
a teenage referee at a junior rugby league game is trying
to have his case dismissed on mental health grounds. Jucy Talau appeared
in the Sutherland Local Court this morning, to face the
serious assault charge. His lawyers successfully had the matter adjourned for a psychiatric assessment. With his hood pulled low
over his face Jucy Talau pushed through a different kind of scrum. Are you going to apologise
to the young boy? The 34-year-old was coaching his
son's under 12's league game on Saturday when he punched
16-year-old referee Kurt Portsmouth in the head. Mr Talau didn't enter a plea
to the serious assault charge today. Instead, his lawyer told the court
he's seeking to have the matter dismissed on mental health grounds. Why are you applying to have this
excused under the Mental Health Act? He, however, consented
to a 12-month apprehended violence order. As a result of the incident,
the Cronulla-Sutherland Junior Rugby League has introduced tough
new penalties for players, coaches and parents
who attack refs. The bans range from 6 months
for a first offence to life. It forms probably the strictest
rules and guidelines around abuse of referees. Referee protection is paramount
in rugby league. The junior league has discussed
the new rules with the young referee and his family and say
they fully support their tough new stance. The league says Kurt
is recovering well. There's no broken bones,
no structural damage, just a bruised face at the moment. But he's very keen to get back
on the footy field. And could be blowing the whistle
again this weekend. Premier Mike Baird should have been
basking in the glory of his $3 billion budget surplus today,
but that all went pear shaped, when his roads minister was called
out on a blatantly sexist jibe he made at a fellow Liberal MP. Duncan Gay has told the female
member for Miranda to stick to buying handbags and leave
the road building to him. Adam Walters joins us. We should have expected a harsh response from the towards Mr Gay. How has he reacted to all of this?Sandra, the opposition says Mike Baird has let Duncan Gay off very light lie for comments slammed everywhere, as condescending, patronising, sexiest and belonging which back in the middle of the 20th century. Seen here in happier days
with the Roads Minister in her electorate of Miranda,
Eleni Petinos used her maiden speech to remind the Liberal Party
that women needed a fairer go in politics. As I'm the only new Liberal female
to enter this 56th Parliament clearly we need to do more. But it was all falling on the deaf
ears of her Coalition partners in the National Party
with Roads Minister Duncan Gay humiliating the young MP in front
of colleagues by explaining that... Building a road was not
like buying a handbag. These comments are demeaning,
they're demoralising, they're completely out of place. I can understand how people
could take offence at some of those comments. But keen to sell his latest budget,
the Premier attempted to play down the Minister's comments. It is clear that it was
a poor choice of words. Labor's Transport spokes woman
Jodi McKay then compared Mr Gay to a notorious character
of comedian Barry Humphries. I like women. I do. I can't help that. A bit unpopular these days in certain circles, but I do. Duncan Gay has proven
that he is the Les Patterson, the Eddie McGuire and the grumpy
grandpa of this Parliament. He was slammed on social media
as sexist, arrogant and ignorant. Another post said: In the week that TV personality
Eddie McGuire was condemned for his comments about a female
journalist Mr Gay was forced to say sorry. Certainly no offence was meant
by my words. If any was taken I do apologise
and I have apologised. Duncan Gay is losing
the confidence of the community. The Premier needs
to deal with that. Duncan Gay wasn't the only Minister embarrassing the Government today. That's right, Sandra. The Education Minister wasn't winning any friends among teachers when he told those who couldn't afford to buy a home in Sydney to literally go bush. With young teachers earning just $64,000 a year, the union says at 2. 5% cap on wage rises will make it impossible financially impossible to work and own a home in Sydney. The Minister's solution - get out of town. Sandra. It was probably inevitable,
but with the election just a week and a half away, both sides
are starting to sound like broken records. The Prime Minister continues
to tackle Labor on border protection, while the Opposition
squeezes every ounce it can over Medicare. Adam Todd has more. It's day 45. Engine use! Even the leaders feel
like they have seen it all before. Alright. I'll sit down. Another virtual reality experience. Imagine how voters feel. As both parties ventured
into their own alternate reality, flogging their scare campaigns. Bill Shorten continuing to warn
the very future of Australia's healthcare system is under threat. This is a birth right of
Australians not to have a million dollars and still be able
to go and see the doctor when you need to. This card matters to me. But today the Australian Medical
Association weighed in, shooting down Labor's claims
the Government wants to privatise Medicare. I see no evidence that Medicare
is under any threat. The President of the AMA has called
Bill Shorten out today. He's pedalling a desperate
lie about Medicare.

Both parties say the Medicare issue is biting. Perhaps that's why today the Government counter--ed, reserve vektss an old favourite. If Mr Shorten becomes Prime
Minister the boats will recommence. Revealing a group of 21
asylum seekers had been returned to Vietnam. The Government's
28th boat turnback. This is proof positive
that the Liberals have run out of anything positive
to say about themselves. And after the Coalition was mocked
for its so-called fake tradie ad Bill Shorten spoke
with the real thing. You're a real tradie. A fair dinkum tradie. Mark Hadley had his life torn apart
when he lost $200,000 after receiving dodgy
financial advice. I ended up losing my house. We had to downsize and basically
start again. Proof, Labor says, of the need
for a banking royal commission. The man shot by police
after refusing to drop a knife at a Hornsby Shopping Centre,
was too unwell to face court this morning. 23-year-old Jerry Sourian remains
in Long Bay Prison hospital after allegedly running
at Senior Constable Kate Gough with a large kitchen knife. Four shoppers were also struck
by bullets and fragments after Constable Gough
opened fire on him. Sourian had escaped
from a psychiatric ward, where he was being treated
for schizophrenia. His case will be back
in court next month. A man stunned everyone in a Sydney courtroom today when he suddenly admitted to murdering an old school friend. It happened just after they watched a State of Origin match together some years ago. Amanda Hart was in court. At first he claimed
he didn't do it. There was no way he'd shoot
on an old school mate. But today as Matthew Perry's murder
trial was about to start, the 23-year-old finally
admitted he's a killer. His victim was Jed Coates. Today, Jed's family
was overwhelmed. For those of us who didn't know him...Not at the moment. It happened on 18 June 2014,
State of Origin night. An argument broke out
between the two men at the Colyton Hotel
while they were watching the game. Mr Coates was kicked out. He was there for his first Origin
because he'd only only just turned 18 two weeks ago. First Origin night,
going for a good time, and didn't make it home. Mr Perry took a taxi home
and when he arrived on his street here found Mr Coates
and his mates waiting for him. The pair got into another argument
and it's believed Mr Coates armed himself with a shovel
and Mr Perry a gun. It's believed Mr Coates
yelled, "Shoot me. Shoot me." And that's exactly what he did. .Get off me! Mr Coates died in hospital a short
time later from a gunshot wound to the neck. We will get justice for you,
I promise, if it's the last thing I do. That justice will be served
when he faces sentencing. He could be thrown in jail
for the next 25 years.

Well, the Blues find themselves in Australian friendly but familiar territory, fighting to keep the State of Origin series alive.Now, it is going to be a tough assignment. We know they have history between the two sides, but there is that hostile local crowd that is also a raid against them. Michael Cain is Brisbane for us. This is going to take something special, especially there.It certainly will. The countdown to kick-off is on its way. The Blues - they need to win this game to level the series, while the Maroons, they have to win it to finish it. Now, there is a real carnival atmosphere around the ground, lots of people milling around. They are not allowed in yet. Only about another 10 minutes before the greats are open. -- Detectives are open. If the streets of Brisbane, a lot of colour, maroon and blue, and a lot of larrikins. I think I met a lot of them today. Not even King Wally is save when the Blues come to town. We may be underdogs and outnumbered, but we won't be silenced.Go the Blues!It is a game that divides not just two states, but families too.Well, my partner, she goes for Queensland, so I have to put a barricade between each side of the bed. Looking to warm-up at a secret location, the Blues left their hotel early into a land of mysterious beings.Anything under your kilt?Mine?!Aaargh.Do you know how long it takes to find a maroon bra and knickers?The locals are determined to wrap up the series, starting prepare races early.They were outside at 9:15 Queenslander!Queenslander!Who will win?Here we come?This isn't a place for those south of the border.Who will win?Who duel?NSW Queensland!They tell me NSW can only win if they buy a lottery ticket tonight. Here I am to buy one.You will need more than that, mate! No chance.Making life more difficult for NSW, the Maroons are primed to give their retiring Corey Parker a fairytale farewell. He was busy today coming up to the scripts.The Maroons going on their final team walk.The Blues are determined to have the last say. Even if the young pups from the Queensland Police force reckon our hopes have... Well, gone to the dogs. Michael!I will be joined by a Blues legend later in the sports. Make sure you stick around for that. I just spoke with Laurie Daley earlier. He said the Blues are a bit nervous, but confident going into this game.Can't wait! Thank you. There was something in the dodgy in the doggy dish - a set up. More on that later in sport. We will be taking to an Origin legend. We will take a look at the Blues' chances. Shocking new evidence,
that could prove Michael Jackson was a paedophile. A miraculous escape for a sleeping
4-year old in Sydney's south. Another late night fright this
time, from a silent visitor. And with snow time to spare winter
finally arrives on our ski-fields.

MAN: (Sings) # I'm watching you
watch over... # What did he say?
He said he can see quite well.

# The greatest... # VOICE-OVER: Donate to
the Fred Hollows Foundation today and help restore sight.

Voting's underway. So let me be clear
about what we're offering you. One - our economic plan
will deliver you and your kids better job opportunities. Two - Medicare and education funding
is guaranteed. Three - we will keep
our borders secure. And four - only the Coalition can form the stable government to deliver for you. I need your local vote to get things done.

Yesterday we showed
the aftermath of a truck crash in the Harbour Tunnel,
now we have the video as it happened. It shows just how quickly the peak
run can become dangerous, when there's nowhere to escape. You can see cars slowing down,
but the truck driver is unable to stop fast enough and slams these
cars into the wall. Witnesses say the truck could have
crushed other motorists, thankfully no-one
was seriously injured. Vic Lorusso join us for the latest on the traffic. You are watching the bridge, not the tunnel.We sure are. Tonight we have the live pictures of the traffic leaving the city over the main deck of the Harbour Bridge. A bit of traffic behind the deck, being the western distributor. Slow north. Traffic leaving the Lane Cove travelling and heading into the M2 tunnel after an earlier accident slow.. Police are on . the look out for a man
who crashed a car through a four year old girl's
bedroom then ran away. The toddler was unhurt in the smash
and witnesses have told detectives the driver appeared to be
under the influence. Here's Andrew Denney. Off the road and into
a toddler's bedroom. But the driver of this car
is nowhere to be found. I just heard a horrific crash. So I came out and realised
that there was a car in the side of the house. Just after 4am this morning
the Commodore crashed into Francesca Decelis's home. Her 4-year-old daughter
Dee was asleep inside. Thank God my daughter's bed
is on the other side. If the bed was there I'd hate
to think what would have happened. The driver was helped out
of the wreck, and even lit up a cigarette, but he didn't
stake around for long. Neighbours say the driver was dazed
and confused when he got out of his car, and when they asked him
for his licence he simply looked at them and then walked away. The force of the impact sent bricks
flying, and it cracked walls on the opposite side of the house. It's no good just ramming
the car into the house and then walking away. What a grub! Police couldn't find the car's
owner at his home today,

Please seized smoking pipes from the car. People count find him at his home today. We appeal for that person to come
forward of his own volition. Obviously it's a very serious
incident and we look forward to speaking with him
as soon as possible. Police have released images
of a man accused of filming up the skirts of school girls
in Sydney's inner west. Witnesses at Westfield Burwood say
this man had a camera attached to his shoe and was standing close
enough to a group of girls so he could film up their uniforms. When he was challenged
by a woman he ran away. The man is about 30 years
old and was wearing an Oakland Raiders Baseball cap
similar to this one. If you have a fear of snakes,
then look away now. This is just the sort of local
to drop in for a chat in Far North Queensland.

We've got a visitor
and it's (BLEEPING) huge. Trina Hibbered woke around 4:30am
to find the 5.2 metre scrub python slithering through her
Mission Beach home. The 40kg monster reptile,
nicknamed Monty, stretched from the lounge room
into the bedroom. Monty was eventually moved
on into nearby bushland. I would have had a heart attack! Yeah! Get the kids and get out of there.Let's check out the weather. It isn't snake weather. I can feel cold air coming. The goosebumps are agathering. Good evening. Yes! We have a big low pressure system down off the south Tasman Sea, slowly moving away, but creating very cold, westerly winds across NSW. Good news about that is they will ease tomorrow, but Friday - the big cold front - the Antarctic air mass - moves up and through NSW. We are in for a frigid couple of days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In Sydney, that means temperatures to 16 degrees, but with wind chill, feeling more like around 10 or 11. Good news across the Australian Alps - the white stuff - down it came. Just beautiful. Have a look. At Perisher and thread bow it was about snow angels and getting the white stuff into nick. The good news is - more of it on the way across Saturday. The resort is expecting maybe 20-40cms by Sunday morning. We could see snow down to the Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Bathurst, the northern Tablelands in NSW, as the cold front starts to grip the state and we gather in goosebumping on Friday. Currently, 17. Cold air on the way - but seasony blue skies for Sydney. Up next, another debacle
in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics. And the Queen takes over Twitter.

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As the future becomes
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will determine
the jobs they get tomorrow.

But Malcolm Turnbull's cuts
to Gonski funding

will mean thousands
of Australian kids

won't get the education they need
for their future.

An Australian man is facing death by firing squad after being arrested in the Philippines for selling ecstasy. The man was arrested alongside a Canada national. Both are accused of selling ecstasy at a concert in Manly. Five party goers died of overdoses T Adelaide man denies the charges.I noticed something else on the... Near the side table. So I flushed it down the toilet.He faces the death penalty or life behind bars. The whole truth about Michael Jackson may come out. It has taken more than a deck but police video of a raid on his ranch surfaced. In it investigators find a secret closet filled with child pornography. It's November 2003 and police
are raiding Michael Jackson's home. That's locked. We are going to have to get
a locksmith up here. It was painted as
a fantasy world for children. It's now the stuff of nightmares. Smiling dolls, superheroes,
even Lara Croft, all part of Jackos plan,
according to investigators, to groom young boys. Well, there's also a door. It's what's behind those hidden
doors that's more disturbing - a collection of works showing boys,
nude or partially clothed. According to the celebrity gossip
website that first published the video, shocking images of child
torture and female bondage were also found. All the people that you find,
secure them, tell them to come back to the main house and we'll
sit everybody down. The Santa Barbara
Sheriff's Office insists the material didn't come from them,
and that some of the published photographs are actually
from the internet. At the time of the search Jackson
was accused of sexually assaulting 13-year-old
Gavin Arvizo. There was one night I asked him
if I could stay in his bedroom and he let me stay in his bedroom. Two years later he was acquitted
of multiple counts of child molestation. # You know I'm bad # I'm bad... Jackson's estate has questioned
the timing of the leak. On Saturday it will be seven years
since the popstar's death. It dismissed the reports as false,
saying Michael remains just as innocent in death
as he was in life. The husband of murdered British MP,
Jo Cox has spoken for the first time since she was assassinated. Today would've been
her 42nd birthday. And Brendan Cox thanked
the public for their support. Here's Kimberley Soekov. A husband and father,
holding it altogether. The two things that I have been
very focused on is how do we support the children and how do
we make sure that something good comes out of this. Brendan Cox says hatred
killed his wife. But the outpouring of love since
Jo's death is helping their two young children, aged 3
and 5, understand grief. That they feel it more
acutely and more painfully and more personally. But that actually their mother
is someone who was loved by lots of people and that it's OK
to be upset and it's OK for them to cry and to be sad about it. In the three weeks before
she was killed, Jo had worried about extreme views
in the so-called Brexit debate. Last night a former and current
London mayor went head-to-head on immigration. Boris Johnson even referring
to our skilled migrant intake. What we think should happen
is an Australian-style, points-based system,
so we get the people we need for the NHS and, indeed, all of our
other businesses and services. (APPLAUSE) Your campaign hasn't been
Project Fair, it has been Project Hate as far
as immigration is concerned. (APPLAUSE) Polls indicate
the referendum is too close to call. Prompting an impassioned
last-minute plea from the Prime Minister. It will just be you in
that polling booth. Just you. Taking a decision that
will affect your future, your children's future,
your grandchildren's future. Voting begins tomorrow. A mother-of-11 who was murdered
in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando has been laid to rest. Brenda McCool was dancing
with her son when the first shots were fired and threw herself on top
of him to shield him from the bullets. He survived and today delivered
a tearful eulogy to his mum. I just want to thank everybody for their support (SOBS) Because she literally loved everyone. (SOBS) It's also emerged gunman
Omar Mateen visited the club just two hours before the shooting -
before going home to get his guns. North Korea has fired two
midrange ballistic missiles, defying UN sanctions. The weapons were launched
within hours of each other, the first one failed and it's
still unclear what happened to the second one. South Korea has called it an act
of provocation while Japan has put its security
forces on high-alert. North Korea has tested four other
missiles in the past two months, all of which failed. A jaguar has been shot dead
by its handlers in Brazil, just moments after being used
in an Olympic torch ceremony. The military says the animal,
which is native to the Amazon, escaped and attacked
a vet and attempts to tranquilise it failed. And, the Queen has sent a thank
you note of a different kind. The modern monarch jumped
on a tablet and tweeted her gratitude for all the birthday
messages she received. she wrote:

It's signed Elizabeth R. The Queen wrapped up her 90th
birthday celebrations last week. Still to come, a mum faces court,
accused of leaving the kids at home, to go party in Bali. And some heavy hitters join
the fight against soft drink.

The Australian sham -- share market finished slightly down.

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A woman has appeared in court,
accused of leaving her two young stepchildren home alone
while she went overseas. The 28-year-old was arrested at
Perth airport returning from Bali. Police say she left the kids,
aged just four and six, by themselves at the family
home for two days. They're now in the care
of child protection, but the woman has been
able to visit them. Are the children OK? TRANSLATION: They are very good. It's not known if the children's
father, who was also overseas, has returned home. Time for a traffic
update with Vic Lorusso. Strong winds about tonight and they are causing drama.They sure are. We have pictures of the Harbour Bridge now for the traffic heading to north shore and northern beaches. It looks OK off the bridge, but there are problems into Frenchs Forest. Trees down on sections of Warringah Road, leaving from Forrest Way down to Alan Road, traffic back to northern Beach delayed from 30 minutes. Know anyone heading back towards Beacon Hill or Dee Why, Warringah Road will be slow. North Richmond, due to strong winds, wires are down blocking the Bell's line of road. The play more political parties are coming under pressure to introduce a sugar tax. Modelling shows a rise would save hundreds of Australians from developing diabetes. With many other health benefits as well. Philadelphia is one of the fatst
cities in the world and the latest to introduce a sugar tax. The UK is taxing the sweet stuff
too, and that's more pressure than ever to do
the same thing here. Germany pum your finnier out. Canada, pull your finger out Australia, pull your finger out. It's about time your governments on this. An alarming 63% of us
are now overweigh or obese. If they live in an environment
where sugary foods are very low cost, they're available everywhere,
they're advertised aut time, it's actually very hard
to do the right thing. The Greens say a sugar tax
is part of the solution, calling for 20% to be
added to softdrinks, with the revenue going back
into our health system. But they're alone so far. I'm very confident that
what you will see is one of the old parties adopt this
policy because it makes sense. If the tax comes in,
a can of Coke could cost 20 cents more. And a study claims that
could reduce the consumption of the sugary drink by 12%. Weighing in at an obesity summit,
Michelle Bridges says ditching sugar is one of the biggest
challenges for hundreds of thousands of her clients. I'm a bit of a believer in it,
particularly because of what we've seen first-hand with softdrinks
and the damage that it's causing. Researchers say eating less of it
would also decrease heart attack, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes,
and that's pretty sweet. We'll update tonight's
big stories next. Then in Sport, we're live
to a Blues legend to preview tonight's must win
State of Origin clash. Today the Blues jumped on a bus
for a secret team-walk as they look to silence the Suncorp
Stadium crowd. Good luck with that! We will have the latest from Brisbane next. Plus, how the big show
Glen Maxwell belted Australia into the tri-series final.

Tonight's top stories:
A man has faced court, accused of punching a sixteen year
old junior referee in the face during a club football
game on the weekend. 34-year-old Jucy Talau has asked
for the case to be dismissed on mental health grounds. There are calls for the resignation
of Roads Minister Duncan Gay, after he made a sexist remark
to a female Liberal MP. Gay told Member for Miranda Eleni
Patinos that 'building a road was not like buying a hand-bag"
when she questioned him on the timetable of
an infrastructure project. And a sleeping 4-year-old girl has
narrowly avoided being hit by an out of control car,
when it ploughed into her bedroom in Rockdale. Time for sport. It is all about one thing - State of Origin! And tore the Blues, I must say, it is do or die.It is. Victory is the only option for NSW
if they're to square the series, and they have to do it in front of a hostile
crowd at Suncorp Stadium. Lets go live to Michael Cain who's
at the ground with a special guest. Yes, we are here with Blues' legend, Danny Buderus. Thank you for joining us. We will get straight into it - it hasn't been a happy hunting ground here at Suncorp Stadium. What do the Blues need to do?Maroons have built up a lot of records over the last 10 years. They have to dismantle what they are good at. Game 2 is the best, because there has to be points scores and has to have an ambush mentality. There will be a result - someone will win or we go to the third one. Yeah, I think they need to make sure that they open a bit more of the field. I am sure Daley tweaked the attack.The Blues were tlouded in secrecy, jumping on a bus, and didn't want the media to see a team walk. Siege mentality?I am sure. That is what you have to have. You have to try something different. That is great that he tried that. I am sure they will see something different tonight. The boys, obviously, are up for a big game. Game 2, all on the line tonight.Paul Gallen - he calls your record of the most capped captains in tonight's match. A great performer, a legend. You must be happy for that?Absolutely. Yeah. He is a player everyone wants to play with. He's durable, always in the middle, and he is leading from example. He is going to have to mean that tonight, and more, and needs followers.A few debutantes. You have been in this Cauldron before. How they will cope? You can sit back and think you will cope. Until that happens, it is one of the experiences you remember and you will learn from it. Hopefully it is a good one for them. They will be back in years to come and learn from the experience. A quick tip?The Blues. My heart will be with them. It will be close or we will lose by a few but the Blues will just get home.Let's hope that the Laurie Daley's Blues can turn it around, level the series and take it into a Game 3. The Roosters continue
to strengthen their stocks with Eels fullback Michael Gordon
heading to Bondi in 2017. The 32-year-old has penned a one
year deal with the tri-colours. It comes just a day
after they confirmed the signature of Souths playmaker Luke Keary. Glenn Maxwell silenced his critics
by blasting Australia into the final of the One Day
tri-series in the Caribbean. After three ducks in his last five
one-dayers, the Big Show returned to form against the West Indies. He smashed 46 off just 26 balls,
to get the Aussies home. What a shot that is
seriously special. I was speechless at the other end watching an innings like that. He's obviously had a lot of doubts and hasn't been in the greatest of form. An innings like that shows why he is one of the first picked in the side, because he is so trust. Mitch Marshall hit an unbeaten 79. Croatia has pulled off a surprise
two one win over Spain at Euro 16. But it came after
an act of treachery. Find needed a six to escape with a draw with a number 10 at the crease. It's been lit! (CHEERING) (CHEERING). Hit it for six? He has! He has hit it straight back over his head for six!
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The game is tie! Sri Lanka can't believe it!Liam Plunkett the hero, timing that beautifully to pull off one of the greatest ODI finishes. Croatia pulled off a surprise 2-1 over Spain at Euro 16. But it came after an act of treachery as Spain's Sergio Ramos prepared to take the penalty. his Croatian Real Madrid teammate
Luka Modric passed on some inside information
about where he'd kick it. The keeper was told, and it worked. Big moment in the game in Bordeaux. Oh yes. Saved by Subasic. Poland also had a win,
beating the Ukraine one nil. While Turkey is still a chance
of reaching the last 16, beating the Czech Republic 2-0. And Germany topped Group C
with a win over Northern Ireland. And Lionel Messi was on fire
for Argentina in their Copa America clash against the USA in Texas. He delivered a cracking pass to set
up their opening goal. Then he produced
this Houston rocket. Messi, absolutely outstanding. When you're up against
Lionel Messi, you're up against the very best. It helped Argentina to a 4-0 win,
and made Messi their all-time leading scorer with 55 goals. He also scores our Play of the Day. That is precision! Just like the Blues will be tonight, Sandra! (LAUGHTER)
I think you can do it tonight.Of course.It is better when it goss best of 3. Don't tell anyone I said that! And we win the last 2.No!The weather next with Tim Bailey.That is taking the it too far!

Well, I first met Ron -
it was 31 years ago. The night before Ronnie died, he had a pain in his lower back. Ron said, 'Oh, I'll drive down
to the surgery.' And I said to Ronnie,
'Well, when you're finished, just give me a ring,
I'll come get you.' The only phone call I got
was from the doctor. One particular girl,
she bent over backwards to get this paperwork through. It was paid the same day. VOICE-OVER:
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Cold air - straight from Antarctic, pumping out of the weather wall, the forecast where you get it all. It is on its way. The gathering of the goosebumps. Tomorrow - not too bad. We will get away with another blue sky in Sydney, although western and southern drinks start to get precipitation and temperatures drop. Friday will be frozen day. The big air mass sweeps across all of NSW, brings snowfall down to as low as 7 or 800m, across the southern Tablelands. There could be snow on the northern tablelands, Katoomba, Bathurst, the white stuff - we might get a sprinkle in unlikely places. As far as Sydney is concerned, this event will take place under fine, blue skies, but, gee, the wind chill will have your knees aknocking. It will feel like around about 10-11 degrees with maximums of 15-16 across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let's get to the maps and across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Let's get to the maps and see Let's get to the maps and see what the clouds are saying to us. As you can see, right here, upper trough, and jet stream, sweeps across the country, across northern NSW and southern Queensland. The low pressure system spins, the complex low. Deep in the southern Tasman Sea, you can see that cloud band there and the cold front, the speckled air, this is the stuff that is going to put us in a deep freeze across Friday and Saturday. Weather map for tomorrow looks like this: Big high. There is the blue sky for Sydney. You can see right across northern Australia. But the cold front sweeping through has got some ice on it. Don't worry about that! Levels - the snow levels, down to 7-800m. Snow across the Alpine resorts will start at 1400m, and drop slowly. As we said to you earlier in the bulletin, 10-15cm across Thredbo and Perisher with probably 20 - 25cm more on Friday. That map right through - the cold front is going to do the business. Here comes winter with a capital W! Business of the brolly. Sweeping with the trough right across from the west to the east of Australia and the cold front, of course, bringing a little bit of precipitation and snowfall. I tell you - today Sydney got the seal of approval. Your photographs absolutely prove it. Long Reef. The seal popped in. We just love them! They don't have to be weather, just engaging. Email them in. And what about this? ! This is simply spectacular! From Imagine Cruises in Port Stephens was on a whale watch. I reckon she saw a couple. Have a look at that! The reach, the breach - brilliant. Thank you. You don't see them anywhere else. Don't see them on Seven or Nine, but here all the time. Sand you, Tallow Beach. Fantastic stuff. I do love it. Let's get around Australia and see what the maps are saying:

Back to the desk. That is the news. We will be back with updates throughout the evening.The project is coming up. Go the Blues tonight! You

ANNOUNCER: Survey says it's 6:00,
time for Family Feud!

Now here's your host, Grant Denyer! (APPLAUSE)

Hi, everybody,
and welcome to Family Feud,

the show where brains, cunning
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certainly does come in handy.

Let's meet tonight's
brand-new families.

First up from Brisbane,
the Jeudon family!


Caroline, lovely to meet you.
Who did you bring with you?

I've brought my sister, Delphine,
her fiance, Samuel,

and my husband, Laurent.

Welcome, everybody. Taking them on
tonight from Melbourne,

let's hear it for the Lisle family!

How's it going?

Good. Who'd you scratch together

Three randoms
that I found in the parking lot.

Literally no idea who they are.

Lovely. We'll get to know
one another as the night goes on.

That one says Liz.
Broni, my brother.

Maryan, my mum.

Liz is my sister.
Welcome, everybody.

Team captains, come on,
let's play the Feud! Let's do it!


OK, good luck, everybody.
Let's do it.

We surveyed 100 people, and the
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Name a function on a remote control.


Let's do it.

Play is good. Rob?

On, simple.