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(generated from captions) attacked it for sending the teachers home. Now they are saying the Government is punishing 300 students of the school for the would
actions of about 15 to 20. They would like to see the school remain in place and students continue to attend. They have also attacked police, they say that the police aren't doing enough to sort out these troublemakers and would like to see more action in that area. What is the story from the teachers themselves who have been evacuated again?They are a little disappointed these troubles weren't sorted out last time they were sent back. They only arrived back in Aurukun last week after earlier being sent home earlier in the month. They are a little miffed at They
why they have had to leave again. They are thankful the Government has put their safety as the number returning
one priority. They won't be next
returning to Aurukun within the next month. They are not expected to return now until the next semester starts which is in July. Does the State Government have a plan to handle the situation, Andrew?Its plan will start tomorrow when the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and three of her senior ministers travel up to Aurukun along with Government hierarchy to try and sort out the facilities, they
issues. They want to tour the facilities, they want to speak to the local community and try and establish exactly what is causing this violence in the community. Now the Premier stresses those students there, although the school is closed, they will be able to have some education through corresponds so there are some options for the students that would normally attend the school. But we will start to that
see how the Government will unveil that plan from tomorrow. They do have a number of months, of course, until the teachers return

Wik The chair of the Australia and New Zealand Group in Britain has blasted Malcolm Turnbull for saying he would welcome voting to stay in the European Union. Comparing the position in the EU to Australia having a political June beyond. Andrew Ross Sen Dell is around 130 Tory MPs who want to leave the European Union. Instead, he would rather closer ties with Australia and he is not too impressed with Malcolm Turnbull's support for the Remain campaign.Come on, Malcolm, when are you going to do your political union with Indonesia or Japan?This is what got him fired wisdom
up.If the British people in their European
wisdom decide to stay in the European Union, then we would welcome that.Andrews are Sen Dell thinks Malcolm Turnbull is arguing against Australia's best interests. Australia is a country with whom we have most in common with around the world, together with New Zealand and Canada. We should surely have much closer relations with those countries like Australia, rather than Europe. This is crazy.But Australia's High Commissioner to the UK says Australia is about to negotiate a trade deal with the EU and that it is in our national interest for the UK to remain inside the Union.It really is to our advantage to have a country that, for example, favours free trade, that supports the sort of international security paradigm that we support, the rules-based international system., at the heart of the EU.With less than a month to the vote, both the Remain and they
the Leave campaign are doing all they can to sway voters.Yes, yes! Meanwhile, Andrew has one final message for Malcolm Turnbull. Malcolm needs to listen to the British people on this issue and No.
not necessarily take the line from No. 10.The British speem will have their say on June 23. The reb niece Hezbollah is vowing to get more involved in the war in Syria. The Shiite militia has been fighting for several years to prop up the Government of Bashar al-Assad. Middle East correspondent Matt border.
Brown reports from near the Syrian border. They came to celebrate Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon 16 years ago. It's Hezbollah's earliest claim to victory. Their leader vowed the group would keep up the fight, but this town is just 5km from the Syrian border, and the little graveyard next door highlights the dilemma Hezbollah the
faces. This rare footage reveals the graves of men who died in Syria. It is a controversial role. Shi'ites fighting on the side of the government of Bashar al-Assad against the Sunni insurgents. But Mahme zz Mous s awi says it is vital.TRANSLATION: Because he didn't want Islamic State to come to my house and my land, he went to family.
fight in Syria to protect me and my family.Les hez's leaders say the battle in Syria will be one to the bitter end.We TRANSLATION: We will continue to fight the terrorists mpl If we hadn't gone to Syria, by now they would be in Beirut.But that could leave them facing the quagmire nation starts are told to fear manyToday is involved in Syria for the fourth year in a row in a kind of classic attrition war. He lost more than 1,500 fighters, and like 10 key military commanders.Hezbollah has also been hit in the hip pocket with tough new American sanctions threatening any bank that deals with its money. Hezbollah has complained thousands of its followers could be affected. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has sign a new Coalition deal making the controversial far right politician Leberman defence minister and broadening the government's razor-thin majority in Parliament. The appointment is causing deep concern among Libyans who are aware of his past. Sophie McNeill reports.It has been described as the most right wing government in Israel's history, with the party joining Benjamin Netanyahu's Coalition and Lieberman. Famous for making wild threats like bombing Egypt and assassinating the leader in the Gaza Strip the His policies have been labelled racist and he has little experience in security affairs, but at the deal's announcement today, Mr Lieberman was already trying to sound far more conciliatory.My intention to provide security and of course all of us will have strong commitments to the peace.The Russian immigrant who once worked as a bouncer, is also a settler, living in the West Bank deemed illegal under international law. Palestinian officials say they are worried that this is the man now in charge of managing their daily occupation.He has a history of inciting against Palestinians.But some Israeli analysts believe that Lieberman will be much more moderate in government than he was in opposition and that he is much more pragmatic and level-headed than his public persona.He deserves the reputation for saying some things that are downright crazy, but go back and look, he said them when vs in Opposition, that's the job of an Opposition Parliament member.With efforts to broker a two-state solution in tatters, the French are now hoping to revive peace talks Palestinians.
between the Israelis and Palestinians. A new international conference is due to start in Paris on June 3rd. Craig McDermott, the Melbourne man accused of fatally stabs his partner has been gound guilty of murder. She died in April 2014. Reporter Liz Hobday is outside court. Liz, what was the reaction to this verdict?There were gasps and you could hear crying as the verdict was read out today. There were today. There were about half a dozen of by Ona's.Remind us what happened when she died?She was stabbed in broad day lielt in front much dozens of witnesses Alt Sunshine in Melbourne's west in April 2014. During his trial, Craig McDermott actually argued that he should not be found guilty of murder due to self-defence. He argued and gave evidence in his own defence that Fiona actually attempted to stab him. The jury obviously disagreed with that analysis of the case. He has now been found guilty of murder.What was the state of the relation between the pair at the time?The jury was told jury during the trial that Fiona was the mother of his four children and had been his partner for 18 years, but the jury was also told she had got an intervention order out against him, was worried about his violence and the jury was also told that the day before the killing, a court had suspended Craig McDermott's access to his four children for three months.And this all happened, the attack happened in broad daylight in public?. That's exactly right. There were dozens of witnesses and it was a very harrowing trial because these witnesses gave evidence, just attesting to the violence of the stabbing. She was stabbed in the neck and in multiple places, six times, and that was fatal and thus the guilty verdict today.And what happens now then? When will he be sentenced?The next step is a plea hearing for Craig McDermott. Judge Jane Dixon will hear submissions from both the prosecution and the definance as to the appropriate sentence for Craig McDermott and then a sentencing hearing at a later date. Australia's privacy watchdog is investigating whether credit reporting giant Veda Advantage has broken the law by selling sensitive information to marketing companies. Veda maintains a database of the credit histories of 20 million people in Australia and in New Zealand. Pat McGrath reports. Shellharbour on the NSW coast is the type of place people dream about, a place where sea changers come to buy their own small slice of coastal paradise. One of those dreamers was Anne Nguyen. Two years ago, Anne found a modest unit at Shellharbour and set her heart on moving her family there. But when she
she went to the bang for a loan, she got a nasty surprise. The bank her
said no. She had an unpaid debt on her credit report compiled for the bank by Veda Vadge, but Anne soon discovered the black mark against her name belonged to somebody else My full name and the person that didn't pay their debt ps with TiNguyen.Even after Anne showed the company the debt wasn't her, the company said she would have to wait 30 days.They didn't explain at all to me.Did they apologise? No, they don't, they didn't, yeah. Veda Advantage is Australia's biggest credit reporting agency. It proudly declares it holds files on about 20 million people. Every time you apply for a loan, a credit card, utility or phone, and every time you don't repay your debts, Veda and its rivals put it on your mistakes.
record, but all too often they make mistakes.I think the biggest problem we have in Australia is the accuracy of the information on people's credit reports. I find that Veda is very poor at dispute resolution. They are supposed to have an extremely rigorous process in place where they test the evidence to make sure that that listing is accurate, and if they resolution
are not doing that, the dispute resolution process is a fail.There is an obligation on all credit reporting bodies to ensure that their information is correct.Every year Australia's Privacy Commissioner Timny Pilgrim receives about 500 complaints about credit reporting agencies and what they are doing with our private financial data. One of those complaints being looked into right now has come from Kylie miller. She believes Veda sold her confidential information to other financial companies so they could target her with marketing material offering more credit. Not surprisingly she privacy.
has become protective about her privacy.All of my tax records, all of my inadvices, everything, goes into the shredder. I use the shad redders in the chook pen, nothing is wasted.Last year, Kylie re-financed the mortgage on her home in Gippsland in Victoria. Soon after, she started receiving loans and credit cards from other banks, no the her lender.This he have a separate side business called Inenvio which actually sells all your personal information to finance companies and other interested parties.We have information on 16 million people All of these companies have whatever you've ever put out have
anywhere, filled in anywhere, they have it, keep it, share it and sell it, and to me it seems like this gross invasion of privacy.Veda Advantage declined to be interviewed for the story and wouldn't answer questions about Anne Ngyune or Kylie Miller. In a statement they said mistakes are dealt with in a strict time limit. Regarding Inivio, it says it respects privacy rules. Kylie Miller is now waiting to find out exactly what happened to her personal information and, like all Australians, she has no control over whether what Veda is saying about her is true.I feel like I've fallen down this rabbit hole of murky underworld of data information and privacy and it feels like Big Brother knows everything I do.Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has been criticised by investigators over her use of a private email address while she was Secretary of State. A secretary department report claimed she violated the rules. Donald Trump is facing his own problems with more angry protests at his rallies. North America correspondent Michael Vincent reports. For a second day, police and protesters have faced off at a Donald Trump event. The billionaire remains focused on his opponent.She is as crooked as they come. She had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports came down weren't so good, but that's so good. The inspector-general's report not good.Hillary Clinton campaigned in California as if nothing had happened.He is just going to make the economy slow down, in addition to the very mean-spirited and destructive things he wants to do. The Inspector-General looked at Mrs Clinton and four other secretaries of State, finding she and several others breached protocol by using personal emails.We could have done a better job at preserving emails and records of secretaries of State and their senior staff going back frankly several administrations. What Secretary Clinton did was consistent with what other secretaries of State had done including Colin Pow well. The report itself references long-standing, systemic weaknesses any
that go well beyond the tenure of any Secretary of State.The real worry for the Democrats is the FBI investigation that is still under way. If it finds any criminal wrongdoing, Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency could be fatally damage. A sinkhole in the Italian city of Florence has swallowed cars just metres from the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge. No-one was hurt when part of an embankment submerging
along the river collapsed submerging several cars. Authorities blamed a broken water pipe for the damage. Zblsh Let's take a look at the latest market figures now and local shares have pulled back with losses among the banks and consumer stocks. Tipped into positive territory now:

A rare copy of Shakespeare's first folio and three following editions have sold at auction in London for nearly $5 million. The previously unrecorded first edition of the bard's works was published by his friends in 1623 and contained 36 plays.1 million 600,000.The folio went under the hammer for $3.8 million, and at roughly each word is worth. An American collector bought all four folios. In the first of a new series of Kit Chen Cabinet, Jack, Jacqui Lambie talks to Annabel Crabb and how she became involved with Clive Palmer.You've had a bit of time in the Labor Party, and on your own and Chen Clive Palmer. How does that... Because I ran out of crash.A helicopter landing.It was quite funny because about 6 months before his
hand I got hold of Clive or through his party and said, "What are you doing for the veterans.? I'm this
running as an Independent. I have this issue." "Then during that six-week period he actually rang me and he said, "I'm considering starting a party." And I went, "Oh, OK." Clive said, "I'm happy to support you but you will have to run under our banner." I was hoping he would support me as an Independent but that was never

The unbreakable bond between horse and rider is at the heart of the ancient sport of dressage. Australian Joanne Formos a overcame a debilitating riding injury to win gold at the 2012 London Paralympics riding a horse called Worldwide. Now she is vying for a spot in this year's Rio Olympics, on a different horse, called Chester.I came out of the womb being a horse person. I feel at peace when I'm with them. I get strength and, look, if it was just me and a horse or horses, I'm quite happy. I must have been about 6 - 5, 6, 7. People down the road from me had a pony in their backyard and I remember - it's probably not a very nice thing and I remember being friends with her because she's got a pony and she let me have a ride on it. It was just this amazing tingles, this freedom, this sense of safe and warmth and power. I became part of that horse and I still feel that. Here is Joanne Formos a and this horse of hers, he listened to everything she asked of him and the gold medal was the resultIt has been a really hard battle health-wise and the physical every single day that I've got to go through and when I hung onto my goal and my dream, I knew this was has
my time and I did it.I know she has had two very severe crush injuries, both of which were riding through gates.Instead of getting off the gate, I opened it from being on a horse's back and flung it up, thought I would be able to ride through the gate. I didn't think the Gate. Gate would swing bakso quickly as I was going through and catch me, so we were stuck like a plug between the gate post and the gate, and the horse has gone forward and my body has gone snap. I don't remember much because I woke up underneath him. You can imagine some 600 kilo horse landing on you, does all sorts of damage.I just remember the pain was so painful it just shot out of my head and I didn't feel anything out after that. I remember trying to get up and knew my legs weren't right. I've spent 10 years in and out of hospital, I was luck why I to survive it. I have very little sensation in both legs. I have central nerve system damage and I think they call it four-limb quad, because it is my four limbs that are affected.Worldwide was 20 in London, so he was an elderly horse. Worldwide is special, even before I won the gold. He is just this amazing horse. I love him so much. We did make the decision with Jo to retire Worldwide from international sport, and it took Jo a long time to accept that he wasn't going to be there with her anymore.Julie and a couple of selectors were watching a couple of classes and I was work walking behind them and both Julie and I spun around, it was myself and Chester, that was where the idea was came from where I could lend Chester for Joanne for her campaign for Rio. He is used to aids from a disabled body as opposed to an able-bodied person. She rides without stirrups because she can't keep the stirrup on her foot. The horse has to be sensitive and tuned into her body movement and her voice because she doesn't have the strength of her legs and fingers that most able-bodied riders have.After this first ride he clicked into this, "Oh, I understand, it's Jo now." He then accepted it.I love riding Chester. Chester reminutes me of a cat. He gels
has got that power. I get gig bell gels when I ride Chester, especially when se going really well.When the pair of them actually click together and there are moments wither they give you that goose bumpy feeling, my heart just beats, I beam with pride.I do think Chester has got what it takes to win gold. He has got the movement, he has got that, "Look at me wow!" Factor. We've just got to keep it altogether. Yes, it would be great to do it all again.How would I feel if he won gold? Super proud!The horse is going to be with me the whole way through. I think that's why I'm still alive. I should have died a couple of times and I should not be here or able to ride, but I do. It's like a burning flame in my chest, it just gets brighter and brighter. I can run, I can have the wind in my hair. I'm no different to anybody else when I'm on a horse. I'm

Zblf let's take a look at the national weather now. Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon.The big band of cloud over the Coral Sea has moved out of Queensland. We've now got warm and dry conditions. This area of cloud, rain associated with that as it makes its way over toward the Tasman Sea. Gusty winds, this he are cold and showers toal this system. Tomorrow we'll see further rain over Tasmania from this system, but the next one is coming throo you for the south-west. Showers and thunderstorms around there, it tracks off into the Bight, combines and draws on the low Antarctic air, drawing into the cold winds into SA tonight and tomorrow. Sheep graziers' warnings for SA, Victoria and NSW, as that low pressure heads over into Victoria and NSW. A trough still creating patchy light rain across the border areas of NSW and Queensland, and we can see the next system lining up for the West Coast coast.

And that's ABC News for now. I'm Ros

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Today - Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce plays down his comments linking asylum seekers and the live cattle export ban. A community divided after teachers leave the remote town of Aurukun in Far North Queensland. Dramatic vision of the momentn an asylum boat cap sizes off the coast of Libya. Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News. I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead on the program - cars swallowed by a sinkhole near Florence's famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge. And both Nick Kyrgios and Samantha Stosur through to the third round of the French Open. Labor has confirmed it won't