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(generated from captions) corporations under fire in Europe for paying low taxes by moving their headquarters to Ireland. It looks like the Prime Minister has stepped up for a media can conference in the Dandenongs.What we are doing here is investing $20 million into important economic infrastructure that drives growth and jobs right here in Victoria. 6 million visitors to the Dandenongs and the Yarra Valley every year. 10,500 people in this district work in the tourism sector. We are putting money into restoring some old rolling stock, a new discovery centre here upgrading the Mount Dandenong tourist road and, in trails.
addition to developing some walking trails. What all of this does is add to the strength of what is our largest services export - tourism. Equal with education al services, the two of them, both of which Richard is responsible for. Those important export services sector. national
These are key elements in our national economic plan. As you know, it's founded on innovation, it's founded on business tax cuts. There are 14,000 businesses in Victoria alone which employee nearly 280,000 Victorians which will get a tax cut on 1 July if we are returned to Government that will not get a tax cut if Mr Shorten becomes the Prime Minister. All of those businesses will see more investment and more growth and more jobs. Tourism is absolutely critical. We are seeing really strong growth. 9% growth last year. Very strong growth out of China. We saw last year a million Chinese tourists and, of course, 2017, following my visit to China recently with Australia Week in China, we had the announcement from the Chinese Government, from the President, that 2017 will be China-Australia - the year of China-Australia tourism. We will see even stronger growth. Puffing Billy alone has seen phenomenal growth. It should be over 415,000 passengers this year. That's going to continue to grow. All of this drives jobs. This is vitally important, particularly in regional Australia outside of the big cities. 44% of the tourism drar is spent in regional Australia - - dollar is spent in regional Australia. It is critically important and part of our national plan, steaming ahead for more growth and more jobs. It is great to be here, Jason, great to be here with Richard supporting growth and jobs here in the dand nones. REPORTER: Your Liberal candidate for Whitlam is no longer running. She says she received little or no support from the party and that the Liberals said to her they didn't electorate.
even want a candidate for that electorate. Is that true? Will you be looking to replace her?I'm sure flying
we will have a great candidate flying the Liberal flag. She's made her decision as she is entitled to do so but I'm totally focused on jobs and growth and our national economic plan across the country including in the Illawarra.How can the country trust any attack on Labor's costings after Scott Morrison's $20 billion mathematical error yesterday?I don't accept the premise of your question, I'm sorry.Hang on. This is important. He started off the day saying $67 billion out. Then walked back to $30 billion. Isn't that an error Party.
adding up?The onus is on the Labor Party. We have set out a budget which includes all of our revenue the
and expenditure, of course, over the next four years. We have demonstrated that. Everything is paid for. $20 million. We are talking about here today is all paid for. We have shown where we are going to spend money and raise it from. What the Labor Party is doing is every day Bill Shorten is calls
turning the spend-o-meter as he calls it every day, he thinks it's think
very funny. I don't think taxpayers think it's very funny. He is spending more money every day. What he hasn't done is told us where it will come from. What Scott has done is set out a schedule showing the budget items of ours that Labor has blocked, the promises they have made and the various measures of ours they have said they oppose. As I said to you yesterday at Anglesea, if the Labor Party believes some of those items are not correct or they've changed done about
their mind, or they appear to have done about international aid, then they should say so. What they must do is treat the Australian people with respect. After all, it is our taxes, it's Australians' taxes. What Labor should do is, between whirring the spend-o-meter round and

and round -That's where we you
farewell viewers on ABC in WA. If you want to continue watching this, where
you can do so on ABC News 24.- where he is going to raise the money from because, whichever you He
look at it, there is a black hole. He can solve the mystery. He should spell it out.You said Labor changed its mind on foreign aid. They made an announcement before you pulled out the piece of paper yesterday, they were not going to That
go ahead with the full restoration. That was still in the figures yesterday.If what Tanya Plibersek is saying, that Labor is now backing at least 90% of our reductions in foreign aid, she should say that. I think you'll find that Labor has been saying some contradictory things there. It is very easy for them to solve the set
mystery. All they need to do is to set it out. Our budget is there. Our budget came down, it's been validated and checked by the Department of Finance and the Department of the Treasury. We all know what the financial facts are. What Labor should do - I did this myself when I was Opposition Leader as
years ago. You've got to sit down as the Opposition and say "Righto, that's what the Government's raising and that's what it's spending, this is where we differ from them and this is the result". They can solve all of that and hole
demonstrate how big their black hole is and, if they say there's no black hole, they can demonstrate with how many new taxes or new borrowings they will fill it is. Mark.You probably saw the Newspoll this morning, voters find you arrogant but likeable, is that the real Malcolm?(LAUGHS). Thanks, Mark, thanks very much.Is a re-elected Turnbull Government going to fund Melbourne metro?We have committed funds to, if you like, a new business case for Melbourne metro. I think Melbourne but
metro has got enormous potential but the work on it is underdone and, in particular, the opportunity for collaboration with both local government and, indeed, the private sector to ensure more of the value that is created by the uplift in property values is captured. There's work to be done yet on Melbourne metro but I think it's a very promising project and it's certainly consistent with our concept of providing greater - supporting greater mass transit in cities. We are supporting the Sydney metro, we've supported a rail extension in Adelaide and, indeed, on the Gold Coast and indeed in Perth. I'm a train enthusiast and not just for steam trains.Is the government properly resourcing security on our borders? Yes, we have an extensive commitment right across the board as you know. The border protection is one of the highest priorities of our government and we have successfully prevented the people smugglers from operating. It is more than 660 days since a successful people smuggling expedition. We have very substantial resources committed to that to ensure that we keep our borders secure.

Barnaby Joyce says he's the Barnaby Joyce Hannibal Lecter.Will leave that one to Barnaby. Can I say to you that my focus is on the jobs of Australians. My focus is on ensuring that we have the strong economic growth that delivers the revenues that enable us to pay for health and education, to enable us to pay for transport infrastructure and to pay for roads. To pay for border protection. Everything we have depends upon a strong economy. And the big choice on 2 July is between my government, which has a clear national economic plan, every element of which is supporting jobs right
and growth. This - you can see it right here, right here in the Dandenong. There are thousands of jobs in this community which depend on tourism, which depend on the which
export trade deals we established, economic
which depend on our national economic plan. 280,000 Victorians work for businesses earning - generating between $2 million and businesses
$10 million in revenue. Those businesses will get a tax cut if we're returned to government. That will mean their owners will invest more, the businesses will grow and there will be more employment. So everything we are doing is driving jobs and growth. On the other hand, off
Mr Shorten and his spend-o-meter is off spending money every day. What he's not doing is identifying one single policy that will support economic growth. His policies, regrettably, will slow economic growth. He wants to increase the tax on investments. He wants to stop negative gearing and for all but new dwellings. All of those things will slow economic growth. How much is the Budget blackhole worth, $67 billion or $32 billion? Can I say that is a question you should be addressing to the Labour Party and the Labour Party have to make a choice. Elections are about choices, right. There is a big choice on 2 July for Australians between my government and Mr Shorten's Opposition. That is one choice. There is also a choice that political leaders have to make, responsible political leaders have to make. They have to make choices between competing priorities and they have to decide how much they are going to spend, how much they are going to tax, how much they are going to borrow. What Mr Shorten has is a mass of promises for which he has no funding. Only he and Mr Bowen can set out what it is it will cost.You said $67 billion. Do you stand by that?$67 billion is the list of the measures that they have either blocked or proposed or said they want us to roll back. Now if they are changing their position, and they have new promises and want to abandon old promises, they are entitled to do it but they should spell it out. There is a debate between Mr Bowen and Scott Morrison on Friday. Mr Bowen owes it to everybody to spell out exactly what his alternative budget looks like. That's what he should do as the...How much will a company tax cut cost?As you know, that has been set out...Will you say it?It's $48 billion over ten years. That doesn't take into account the enormous growth that you get in terms of GDP. A company tax cut drives growth and jobs. That is clear. That is a very uncontroversial statement. It is supported by the treasury, supported by independent work by the treasury and it is supported by the Shadow Treasurer, Mr Bowen. He went to the trouble of writing a book in which he said one of the best things a Federal Government could do is cut company tax cut in order to drive investment and jobs. He's often wrong, Mr Bowen, but he wasn't wrong then. What he said was a penetrating glimpse of the obvious. If you want to have more investment you need to lower the tax on investment and you will get more investment. If you want to have less investment, you increase the tax on investment. Labor is increasing the tax on investment. That will result in less investment and fewer jobs. What Mr Shorten has is a long list of complaints and promised. He doesn't have a plan that will support growth and jobs and we do. We haves set that out. Every single element in our plan, export trade deals, our support for innovation and advanced manufacturing where we were yesterday. Write across the board, everything we are doing is supporting investment and supporting jobs and economic growth. The people of this community will benefit as they will around the country. Labor's alternative - stopping investment, slowing job growth, holding back the economy. They have a list of spend-o-meter.
complaints. They have a spend-o-meter. They do not have a plan for Australia's future. We do. Thank you very much.That was live from the Puffing Billy train line standing there in the Dandenong in Melbourne. The PM announced money to support the tourist attraction there and standing by the Coalition's assessment of the financial position of the Labor promises. About this time yesterday we had a major media conference with the Treasurer, Scott Morrison and fin minister, Mathias Cormann, outlining the figures you heard referred to in the media