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(generated from captions) are
through next year. Without it a lot clarify
are facing going to the wall.To 30
clarify it's costing farmer between milk.
30 and 35 cents a litre to produce from
milk. They were get 50 or 55 cents getting
getting 15
from the supermarkets now they're production
getting 15 is that right?Cost litre.
production is around 42 cents per somewhere
litre. Next season we're looking somewhere between 30 and 35 cents a taken
litre. Some of them will have loans taken from the past two months next
taken out of that again for the to
next three years. So they're going survive
to find it absolutely impossible to is
survive if the cost of production is up around 42 cents.It's a call your
to arms I reckon. Australia is on your side. You can do what you dairy farmers out there. Cheers.
with the protest.Thanks very much. off
Cheers.How would you like to pay a
off your credit card or maybe take solution
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All calls are made on Australian eastern standard time. Good luck! Yes, we're giving away $10,000

Yes, we're giving away $10,000 tax free this morning. Don't miss time
time for
chance to cash in. Right now it's time for a check of the weather on this Wednesday morning. How is Melbourne
looking Stevie?Good morning. In this
Melbourne it's looking quite warm haven't
this May like many cities they There
haven't seen much Autumn weather. Temperatures
There is a cold change on the way. degrees
Temperatures have been around 3 mornings
degrees above average in the weather
mornings or afternoons. Cold tomorrow
weather on the way with rain coldest
tomorrow and Friday could see the degrees.
coldest day of the year below 15 around
degrees. Let's see what's happening morning
around the country right now. Good morning to

morning to you. Showers possible Sunshine
today in Cairns. Townsville cloudy. Brisbane
Sunshine down the coast for mostly
Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Sydney cloudy.
mostly sunny. Canberra partly Melbourne
cloudy. Little late rain for about.
Melbourne that's what we're talking Hobart
about. Cold weather on the way. for
Hobart possible late showers. Rain Perth.
for Adelaide. Possible showers for Darwin
Perth. Blue skies for the Alice. Darwin mostly

Darwin mostly sunny. No matter what for
the weather it is a fantastic day happy
for a fifth birthday and a very Isabella
happy birthday to my beautiful girl today.
Isabella who turns five years old Have
today. You are love my darling. Karl
Have a fabulous day. Fifth birthday have.
Karl the best one you will ever And
have. It's all down hill from here. convertible
And daddy is going to get a BMW sweetheart.
convertible for your birthday lend
sweetheart.Uncle Karl is going to today's
lend me the money suite heart.At another
today's prices. Alright. It's been Turnbull
another big week as Malcolm out
Turnbull and Bill Shorten slug it I'm
out in the battle to win your vote. not
I'm going to talk politics. It's prompts
not going to be dull politics. I right
prompts you. What I'm talking about ring
right now is away from the main circus.
ring at the circus but it is a morning
circus. There's embarrassment this preaching
morning for the Shorten camp after manufacturing
preaching to make Australia a revealed
manufacturing power house it's been revealed Labor

revealed Labor campaign T-shirts Gleeson
are made in Bangladesh. What? Peter joins
Gleeson from the 'The Sunday Mail' goal.
joins us. What is doing there? Own Will
goal.Probably an own goal Karl. probably
Will it cost them the election probably not. For a party that of
prides itself on being the champion manufacturing
of the Australian worker turning power
manufacturing into our national look,
power house it's not a very good turning
look, is it? This election is think
turning into a bit of a farce, I had
think Karl.I agree.Yesterday you Morrison
had the Prime Minister and Scott "billion
Morrison the treasurer saying, hey, meter
"billion dollar Bill" the spend-o- mark.
meter is up around the $67 billion at
mark. Tony Burke came out frothing declining
at the mouth didn't he absolutely saying.
declining what they have been Look
saying. What you think about it. here
Look at what Labor is trying to do everyone's
here $67 billion in a time when austerity
everyone's talking about fiscal spending
austerity and Labor is out there good
spending like drunken sailors. The ends.
good news is 39 days before this before
ends. The bad news is 39 days people
before it ends.Exactly. I think of
people are sick and tired of both I
of them and it's only two weeks in. dramas.
I think they have both got real went
dramas.I can't believe Turnbull Seriously
went with a 52 day campaign. That
Seriously that is just insane.OK. talk
That is beyond the origin.We will Let's
talk about origin in had a second. found
Let's talk about something else I side
found interesting. Walking down this
side show alley around the politics this Barnaby Depp
look like an in bred tomato Johnny is
Depp says he does. Born joys joys Yeah.
is the guys name.Barnaby Jones. with
Yeah.He looks somehow like inbread your
with a tomato.Here we go. It's the
your chance. I will put the ball on a
the T bar it's time for you to have to
a hit. This comes after his apology illegally.
to bring his Dogs into Australia look
illegally. An apology he will not talk
look at again.If you're going to scbron
talk about apology, apologies to Barnaby
scbron dep dep fans I'm with his
Barnaby on this if Johnny Depp and and
his wife bring in a couple of Dogs regulations
and they breach bio security full
regulations they need to incur the declared
full rath of the law. If he's not Dogs
declared to declare a couple of declared.
Dogs imagine what else he hasn't What
declared. What I'm saying is... can
What are you saying?Johnny Depp can get on national TV in America wouldn't
and bag Barnaby Joyce. I mean it been
wouldn't be the worst thing that's sure
been said about Barnaby Joyce. I'm shoulders.
sure Barnaby has pretty broad that
shoulders. If Johnny is going to do needs
that and bring those dogs in he law
needs to accept that the Australian him.
law will always come down hard on voted
him.And Barnaby only needs to get Agricultural
voted in by fellow farmers in the call
Agricultural sector.It's a tough does.
call there with Tony Windsor.He It's
does. He has the fight of his life. anyone
It's an interesting electorate. Has Kevin
anyone wondered what happened to up
Kevin Rudd?No.Anyway he's shown the
up adopted a couple of cats. While he's
the election campaign is going on New
he's released this video from his Going
New York apartment check it out. it?
Going to move? Doesn't look like together
it? Oh well. We will read it O-W
together shall we?Oh, wow!It's W- O-W the former Forget
O-W the former Prime Minister. needs
Forget the Kardashians this guy home
needs his own reality TV show at Can
home with the Rugby Park Stadium. two
Can you believe it. He's named the the
two cats after a couple of former - I
the wives of former Chinese leaders. to
I mean, this is the guy who wants to take Ban Ki-moon's job he wants world
to be the supreme leader of the his
world and he is there talking to cats
his cats. At least he's bossing you
cats around and not his staff.Do Surprise
you know who he reminds me of? That's
Surprise me.Ronley, I'm so ronely. baby,
That's a reality show.America, line.
baby, right SJ? She knows the next a
line.The visuals.That's gold.Now, a week question
a week until origin. The big the
question is can Kevin Walters fill the massive shoes of Mal Meninga in agenda.
the lead up. This wasn't on the about
agenda. I thought I would talk it's
about it because it's origin and it's going to be huge. Can he fill Yeah.
the big shoes my man?Absolutely. coach
Yeah.I think Donald Trump could When
coach the Queensland origin team. Smith,
When you've got people like Cameron Smith, Johnathon Thurston, koop

Smith, Johnathon Thurston, koop Cronk,
Jong Jong, Greg Inglis -- Cooper you
Cronk, Greg Inglis, Darius Boyd and think
you know what I hate to say this I worst
think NSW have probably picked the agree.
worst side I have ever seen them.I Queensland
agree. The great thing we have - Australia,
Queensland has Victoria, South Territory,
Australia, they have the Northern they
Territory, they have the ACT and Tassie
they have Western Australia and Greg
Tassie on our side as well.Yep. Greg Inglis is from Bowraville, Peter
Greg Inglis is from Coffs Harbour. Toowoomba.
Peter Sterling was born in Jokes.
Toowoomba.You guys are jokes. Sydney
Jokes.Karl Stefanovic was born in one
Sydney just quietly. There's an old great
one but a goodie.Let's hope it's a survive?
great origin series but will Kevy Queensland
survive? Absolutely. I think against
Queensland are morals.It's mate fate
against mate, state against state, Sylvia
fate against fate.Love it. Love it. Queenslanders
Sylvia SJ because we are both smooth
Queenslanders she has got a banana Cavendish.
smooth ee from Queensland banana got
Cavendish.I don't know how they milk
got a Big Banana in NSW.Branded blue
changing the tie. I have to get a blue time. Aboriginy can I get a think
blue tie.What are you doing? I think we need a blue tie.

think we need a blue tie.This is a Chris
great smoothie. Who made that? NSW.
Chris downstairs in the canteen.A lives
NSW.I'm not sure he's from NSW.He shake
lives in NSW.This is like the milk shake from, 'Pulp Fix'Do

shake from, 'Pulp Fix'Do your him.
Ronely again.I'm so Roney. I miss The
him.Sensational.Over and out. Go on
The Blues. Coming up big bromances on and starts
the Miranda rights.It obviously remain
starts do you have the right to you
remain an AttorneyDid you say do Attorney?
you have the right to be an be
Attorney?You do have the right to Channing
be an Attorney if you want to and
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill there the
and we will bring you a few more of Cebrano,
the famous friendships.Plus Kate Paul
Cebrano, Daryl Braithwaite and John great
Paul Young they're teaming up for a joins
great treat for music fans and Kate Also
joins us live with the details. Stewart
Also ahead 'Star Trek' Patrick own
Stewart has teemed up with our very sitcom.
own Jacki Weaver in a brand new with
sitcom. Our exclusive interview see
with them coming up.When you next and
see me I will have a blue tie on the
and don't miss Sylvia and I hitting name
the track and the gym all in the than
name of fitness. I'm a lot fitter doing
than I look sometimes. What are we doing and This program is not captioned.

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Welcome back to the show. Fun day. $10,000 coming up. Right Thank
straight to the news with Sylvia. out
Thank you. First to breaking news has
out of Queensland a man in his 70 Brisbane's
has been hit by a car at Oxley in time
Brisbane's south-west just a short Jess
time ago. Today Queensland reporter this.
Jess Millward has the latest on accident.
this. This follows another terrible That's
accident. Tell us about this one? coming
That's right. Details are still know
coming in the news room. What we He
know is that this man in his 70s. condition.
He is currently in a critical hospital
condition. He has been taken to car
hospital after he was struck by a on
car at 5:45 this morning. This was Kimberly
on the corner of Boundary Road and are
Kimberly Street in Oxley. People or
are being asked to avoid this area This
or to expect significant delays. incident
This is in no way linked to the Inala
incident that happened here in 50s
Inala last night where a man in his pm
50s was struck and killed at 8:20 descriptions
pm Police have very little did
descriptions of the vehicle that would
did take off, although know is it was
would have significant damage. It street
was the neighbours in this quiet noise
street in Inala that heard a loud it
noise and came outside to see what couldn't
it was. Unfortunately this man was
couldn't be saved.The male person possession
was travelling on foot. He was in it's
possession of some groceries so shops
it's suspected he had come from the either
shops and was travelling by foot footpath
either on the roadway or on the this
footpath of Shelduck Street.Given have
this man was killed instantly you factor.
have to think that speed did play a driving
factor. So if anyone saw a car cam
driving erratically or has any dash asked
cam from the area they're being police
asked to come forward and contact incident
police in regards to the Oxley that
incident just recapping we know critical
that a man in his 70s is in a by
critical condition after being hit to
by a car and people are being asked Boundary
to avoid the area in Oxley of Still
Boundary Road and Kimberly Street. emergency
Still a large presence there from will
emergency crews. Jess Millward we shortly.
will check in with you again dead
shortly. Thank you. Two people are life
dead and another is fighting for horror
life this morning following a Dandenong
horror smash in Melbourne's Dougall
Dandenong Ranges. Our reporter us
Dougall Beatty is at the scene for us now. You have

us now. You have some new details. just
Yeah, that's right, Sylvia. We have were
just learnt all three of these guys They
were best mates for a long time. years
They were aged 17, 18 and just 20 already
years old. Family members have morning
already arrived at the scene this Now
morning and begun laying flowers. night
Now this happened around 8:0 last onto
night when their black sedan veered collided
onto the wrong side of the road. It driving
collided head-on with a four wheel direction.
driving travelling in the opposite down
direction. That sedan travelled and
down an embankment. Two men died The
and another is fighting for life. is
The driver of the four-wheel drive is OK. Police say inexperience may are
got to take care on the roads. They inexperienced
are quite windy and if you're conditions
inexperienced in these type of attention.
conditions take a bit of care and also
attention.And Sylvia police are tragic
also urging any witnesses to this Tragedy
tragic accident to come forward. Dougall
Tragedy for all the families. have
Dougall Beatty thank you. Voters Bill
have given Malcolm Turnbull and assessment
Bill Shorten a brutal character morning.
assessment in a new survey out this Australian'
morning. The Newspoll and 'The think
Australian' shows 60% of people arrogant
think the Prime Minister is Shorten
arrogant while 47% describe Bill Shorten in those

Shorten in those terms. But Mr and
Turnbull is seen as more decisive rates
and strong. 63% to 52. He also out question
rates the Labor leader on the to
question of trustworthiness at 56 to 49%.

to 49%.
question of trustworthiness at 56 of
to 49%. An inquiry into the conduct confronting
of Victorian police is set to hear today.
confronting new claims of brutality has
today. Shocking security footage officer
has been played showing an off duty on
officer being stripped and stomped On
on while in custody for being drunk. involved
On one - one of the officers rather claiming
involved has defended their actions to
claiming they only kicked the woman targeted
to calm her down. Vandals have Remembrance
targeted the Sydney Police Wall of this
Remembrance for the second time with
this week did he facing the sight at
with graffiti. Nine's Lara Vella is have
at the Domain in the CBD. Police right,
have now made an arrest.That's police
right, Sylvia. It seems as though disgusting
responsible for these two first
disgusting acts of vandalism. The night
first one that occurred on Friday has
night and then last night vandal Remembrance
has come here to the Police Wall of with
Remembrance and sprayed the plaques imagine
with black graffiti. As you can just
imagine the police community are latest
just absolutely outraged by this public
latest incident and so are the have
public this morning. Some of whom respects
have come here to pay their absolutely
respects and say that they're attack.
absolutely disgusted by yet another think
attack. Let's take a listen.I that
think it's terrible. I'm pleased who
that - I hope they have the person a
who is responsible. We have been to very
a couple of services here. And it's memorial
very emotional and it's a wonderful killed
memorial for people who have been just
killed and I think - I just - I just can't understand someone with something
a mentality like that, doing release
something like that.Following the last
release of CCTV and a public appeal identified
last night a member of the public matched
identified a 30-year-old man who that
matched the description, seen in and
that CCTV footage. He was arrested Vincent's
and he was actually taken to St mental
Vincent's Hospital due to some they
mental health concerns. Police say very
they are taking this incident very, released
very seriously and as soon as he's expect
released from hospital they do you.
expect charges will be laid.Thank march
you. Dairy farmerses will today Australia
march through cities across cuts
Australia to protest harsh price dairy
cuts on milk. Falling prices on

dairy produce is threatening to business.
drive many on the land out of really
business.The supermarkets have have
really damaged the industry. They dollars
have taken over half a billion we're
dollars out of our industry and it
we're just saying to them we want not
it back. We need to survive. It's we
not a case of want it's a case of they're
we need.Farming groups also say from
they're overwhelmed by the support Keep
from the community on the issue. a
Keep the photos coming in. Overseas EgyptAir
a senior investigator in the reports
EgyptAir disaster is denying human
reports that the examination of explosion.
human remains shows signs of an official
explosion. There were reports an victims
official had claimed evidence from was
victims remains suggesteded there traces
was a blast although there were no of
traces of explosives but the head statements
of the investigation says all those the
statements are completely false and -
the asumses did not come from the - forensic
- assumptions did not come from the major
forensic authority. There's been a of
major development in the scrutiny of Google taxes with police raiding French
the tech giant Paris head quarters. billions
French officials are seeking which
billions of dollars in back taxes channelling
which has been criticised for channelling profits overseas to wrongdoing
avoid tax. Google denies any complying
wrongdoing and says it's been good
complying with local law. Here is a harda
good job if you don't mind a bit of now
harda ka unskilled labourers can on
now earn more than $150,000 a year As
on construction sites in Melbourne. report
As the building boom gathers pace a shows
report by Deloitte Access Economics twice
shows Victorian labourers can make officers,
twice as much as most police Serena
officers, firemen or teachers. We
Serena Williams doesn't need a job. tennis
We know she's one of the greatest she's
tennis players of all time now she's proven her skills aren't limited to

limited to grand slams. The World sensations
No.1 partnered with YouTube crazy
sensations Dude Perfect to hit crazy trick shots. She ball
water balloons off strings hits a nails
ball canister off a man's head and finale
nails moving targets. For her grand racquet
finale she uses an over sized into
racquet to sink a large tennis ball up
into a basketball hoop all the way There
up from the top of the bleachers. There it goes. Beautiful. Swish.

There it goes. Beautiful. Swish. sport
Sbr Let's swish it onto Timmy tore Oates
sportLet's switch to origin Corey their
Oates and Justin O'Neill will make being
their debut for Queensland after last
being named in the Queensland side will
thumped The Blues last year. NSW will have its first training
session week.
two players before the end of the Jonas
week. AFL, and Port Adelaide's Tom and
Jonas has promised to return fit copping
and firing in round 17 after after
copping a six match ban. It comes Andrew
after the defend's big hit on by
Andrew Gaff was deemed intentional Hawthorn
by the tribunal last night and premiership
Hawthorn could lose another was
premiership star after Bradley Hill was charged for assault relating to Archie
an incident in January. Soccer final
Archie Thompson has played his final match for Melbourne Victory out
after the A-League club was knocked overnight.
out of the Asian Champions League by
overnight. Victory were out classed South
by heavy weights Jeonbuk Motors in South Korea going down 2-1.

South Korea going down 2-1. Tonight ended a
Sydney FC will be at Allianz ended a four match losing streak on in
clay beating American Brian Baker apologised
in straight sets. He also backwards
apologised for his infamous needs
backwards racquet scandal saying he happy
needs to try harder. Not such a schooled
happy outing by Sam Groth. He was himself
schooled by the clay court king 6-1,
himself Rafael Nadal winning 6-1, four
6-1, 6-1. John Millman went down in progressed.
four sets. Sam Stosur has the
progressed. Pretty good. Just on were
the done jep jep saga I know you on
were waiting for what I had to say not
on it.Yeah, all this time.I am not oil painting I know that I try not to criticise others. I'm not in Come
the area of defending politicians. going
Come on Johnny a lot of people are knob.
going to think you are a bit of a with
knob. He's saying he's in bread with a tomato. What is going on attractive
with Johnny's head. He's an there.
attractive man. What is happening capsicum
there. There's a bit of carrot and I
capsicum in there. Look at his head. Johnny
I don't think everyone does love school
Johnny Depp. I reckon there's a a
school out there that he's a bit of off.
a knob.Let's call the whole thing off.I think you are 100% right Depp
there.Kind of let it go Johnny He's
Depp move on. Take a higher ground. about
He's not going to let it go. Just Barnaby
about every appearance he does brewing
Barnaby comes up. Maybe there's a crush.
brewing bromance there, bit of a Alright.
crush.Could be. Lookout Amber. way.
Alright.What is that song by the audio
way.All sorts of things in our you.
audio files.It's old school.Thank his
you. Still to come and stand by for gardening
his next editorial the Aussie at
gardening guru making an impression catch
at the Chelsea Flower Show. We will remember
catch up with him shortly. Plus, (SINGS)
remember this song. (SINGS) # Kiss me #
# Kiss me... #We have the Pash
instrumental. Not to worry it's Cebrano
Pash and it's a classic and Kate sound.
Cebrano is back with a brand new that
sound. We will give you a taste of that shortly.

that shortly.Those bedroom eyes. Wilkins.
Let's go to movie news with Richard

Well, they are both absolute screen Weaver,
legends Patrick Stewart and Jacki who
Weaver, two of the greats, each of enviable
who has amassed an incredible and accolades
enviable body of work and list of pleasure
accolades and now we have the together
pleasure of watching them work called
together on a brand new series Welcome
called 'Blunt Talk'.Good evening. merely
Welcome to 'Blunt Talk'.This is careers
merely the latest chapter in the careers of a couple of absolute screens
legends who have been gracing our Jacki
screens big and small for decades. most
Jacki Weaver one of Australia's talented
most loved citizens and most career
talented actors. After a stellar her
career nominated for an Oscar for 'Animal
her fabulous performance in, how
'Animal Kingdom scwings, 'You know to
how these things go they're going on
to ask him all sorts of questions Following
on things he's seen and o done later
Following that a couple of years 'Silver
later with her all star cast in, received
'Silver Linings play Book' She also of
received Golden Globe and a stack for
of others long overdue accolades our
for someone who has been sharing when
our lives since the 60s. That was Allan
when she danced alongside singer Nine.
Allan Scheuermann here on Channel (SINGS) down
(SINGS) # When your teenagers go local
down town. The: #She has mixed up chance
local productions like, 'Last screen
chance to Darwin' with her big starring
screen success in hod recently starring alongside Colin Firth in

starring alongside Colin Firth in moonlight'
Woody Allen's, 'Magic in the states
moonlight' since moving to the ago
states with her husband six years fact
ago she's been working nonstop. In It's
fact she's made about 20 movies friends.
It's been good. I'm missing all my my
friends. Of course I miss my family, families
my son and my brother and their families but America is so kind.

families but America is so kind. similar
What is going on.That's eerily Now
similar to the segment I produced. Now she plays Rosalie winter with

Now she plays Rosalie winter with never
co-star in 'Blunt Talk'.I vow right.
never to stop fighting for what is of
right.The series tells the story played
of a British news caster Walter to
played by Patrick Stewart who moves this
to LA to host a huge ly sank at his
this moan yousely talk showShe is intimate
his producer but they had an They're
intimate relationship 20 years ago. him
They're very close and she gives don't
him affection when he needs it. I they
don't mean sex. They don't have - in
they might have a sex relationship Jacki
in the next series, who knows. American
Jacki loves the fact that her Talk'
American acting work on 'Blunt I'm
Talk' will be seen in Australia. is
I'm really thrilled that my family grandchildren
is going to see it. My Jacki's
grandchildren won't be seeing it. of
Jacki's co-star Patrick Stewart is as
of course most famous for his role Is
as 'Star Trek' captain pic ahhed. about
Is it not about revenges.LiarIt's He
about the future of saving humanity. work
He has starred in a lot of other If
work including nah raiding, 'Ted'. sure
If there's one thing you can be Jonathan
sure of.He and 'Blunt Talk' working
Jonathan aims have certainly loved serious
working with our JackiShe is a also
serious and dramatic actress has a
also got away with comedy and with is
a comic line which is amazing. She than
is probably the one person more crew
than any of us who will have the crew constantly breaking up. She's (SONG)
a fire ball. #
(SONG) # I'm a man reporter.
# I'm a man... #That's our here
reporter. I'm Walter Blunt right The
here right now.The new cast er. The entire season of 'Blunt Talk' will
is available on Stan. Season two United
will be fast tracked from the check
United States soon. 'Blunt Talk' would
check it out. Looks good.Jacki year
would have to be a contender next She's
year for the Logies Hall of Fame. except
She's a contender for everything them
except best male.She would give Thank
them a run for the money.She would. we
Thank you.Dickie can I say before acknowledging
we move on, this is worth hair
acknowledging I think.Sure.Your just
hair is magnificent today.I have just had a trim.It reminds me of Kingdom'
something I saw on, 'Animal Kingdom' I saw on the internet little
yesterday.Oh, deer. That looks a that
little longer than mine.Look at have
that thing prancing.It doesn't That's
have its hair cut every two days. hair
That's Dickie when he hasn't had a looking
hair cut for five days.Magnificent found
looking creature.I am glad we Thank
found some music.There we go. a
Thank you Dickie. Our next guess is mistakable
a household name with an un Cebrano
mistakable voice.That's right Kate entertained
Cebrano soulful sound has Take
entertained us since the mid 80s. (SINGS)
Take a listen. is
(SINGS) # Don't you know everything #
is alright # Yes everything is fine tonight...
# And we want you to sleep well tonight... # lost
(SINGS) # Those bedroom eyes are lost for words # So hypnotised # Those bedroom eyes... #

# Those bedroom eyes... # more
(SINGS) # No, I don't live here any # (SINGS)
# And memories... # you
(SINGS) # Because I'm on fire when

you love me # Kiss me passionately # Pash me # Pash

# Pash me for
# Personally... #So many hits and lot
for one so many memories.There's a nightclub
lot of pashs at the playpen up
nightclub in Cairns. She's teaming us
up with true Aussie greats to bring Kate.
us true Aussie 'Anthology'. Hey Tell
Kate.Good morning.Nice to see you. memory
Tell you what it takes us down others.
memory lane some of us more than There's
others. For you? HadThat's true. your
There's a song for every part of (LAUGHTER)
your miss spent youth. So spent.
So tell ution...It wasn't miss he
spent.Good nor you.He just wishes album
he spent more, Kate.Yeah.So the one
album is called 'Anthology'. Every is.
one of your huge hits on there.It It's
is. It's officially an an tholg. 35
It's 35 years of -- anthology. It's which
35 years of music. It's top 10 have
which is astonishing. On there I with
have shared amazing experiences had
with John Farnham, Ronan Keating, I that
had Paul Kelly and Ice on songs Campbell.
that haven't been released David name
Campbell. Wendy Matthews. Just to and
name a few. Mostly 35 years of life Congratulations.
and song.Richard here. How
Congratulations.I know, darling hi. you
How are you? Part of the process of collection
you putting this 'Anthology' a
collection together was buying back charge
a lot of the masters so you are in now
charge you own your own material feeling.
now which must be a fabulous it's
feeling. Tell me about that.Well, independence
it's a sort of state of artist
independence isn't it and what an artist hopes for in their life. world
They can own - a lot of artists in It's
world don't own their own material. the
It's so uncommon I must be one of of
the few on the planet. That's kind saddest
of cool. Prince, my dear - the like
saddest thing you look at someone also
like Prince my icon in music but statements
also because of what he said his just
statements about the industry I Anyway,
just adored what he used to say. Anyway, I think he would be tried
slave, let's put it that way.I 'Bedroom
tried to get the rights to, It's
'Bedroom Eyes'.No, you own them. up
It's all good.I pushed the price That's
up alright, Kate. But it is hard. in
That's the whole thing when you are so
in this business and you have had ownership
so many great hits to try and get then
ownership of your own thing and songs
then to I guess reconnect with the audience
songs and to worry if there's an must
audience out there and there is. It music
must be gratifying.Australian Australian
music it's original music, everything
Australian original music champion
everything I've ever been a be
champion for. I'm glad I'm alive to doing
be able to experience 35 years at my
doing it really. You know, a lot of they're
my pierce and - as I said icons, that
they're no longer here with us and We're
that sucks.Speaking of your pierce. That's,
We're looking at old footage now... good
That's, 'Bedroom Eyes'.That's so protection...
goodWith the smile you give I feel in
protection...He knows it backwards words.
in French, in Spanish, he knows the all
words.I love that.Worked a treat incredible
all those years ago.What an I'm
incredible career from the early through,
I'm talking days with your work

through, 'Jesus Christ super star' you're on tour with Daryl career.
Braithwaite John Paul Young. What a in
career. You haven't had a day off in your life, have you?It's my can't
career. I am a worker in song. I wake
can't think of anything nicer than gig
wake up everyday knowing I have a thing
gig to go to. You know, I think the life
thing that I love most is about Australia
life per -- live performance. live
Australia has allowed me to be a the
live performer and make a career on beautiful.
the stage which is kind of to
beautiful.Tell us for those going they're
to the Apia Good Times tour, greats
they're called you have all the people
greats on stage with you. What can completely
people expect? HadFirst of all I'm line-up
completely in love with the whole we've
line-up this year. We did our - of
we've done four gigs, I think out that
of 20 and the highlights for me is together
that Jon Stevens and I haven't been getting
together for 25 years. We're getting to do some of the, legend
awesome. Daryl Braithwaite he's a 'Whispering
legend on the kind of cusp of, crazy.
'Whispering Jack' and the crowds go finish
crazy. Jon Stevens - JPY when we is
finish the show and there's, 'Love can
is in the Air' it's like everyone filled
can open a champagne bottle. It's When
filled with joy. I love the show. all
When you stare into my soul I lose this
all control.He's on another level This
this morning talking to you Kate. This isn't the first time we've had true.
this conversation actually.That's going
true. I ratted you out once.We're day
going to have to deal with him all I
day Kate.Unreal. I love doing that. get
I love taking the spoof where you doing
get to do bedroom eyes and you are doing it know
ever you did just then worked.You favourites
know you are one of our absolute to
favourites and 'Anthology' is going we're
to go to the top of the charts Anyone
we're absolutely sure.Thank you. crazy.
Anyone who misses the Apia atour is event.
crazy. It sounds like a fantastic Kate
event. If you would like to see for
Kate on stage head to our web site already.
for all the details.Miss you $10,000
already.Coming up how does a cool Wednesday?
$10,000 sound to kick off your soon.
Wednesday? We are making that magic king's
soon.But right now from comedy to
king's Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller Matt
to Oscar winners Ben Affleck and a
Matt Damon it's fair to say we love a bromance.

a bromance.While many have huge relationship
box office returns their amazing
relationship off Crean screen is They're
amazingI love you.I love you too. can't
They're the movie bromances we mean
can't get enough ofWhat do you for
mean hold hands?He's reaching out If
for youYou have to interlock it. on
If you don't interlock it...Both on and off screen inaccept rapable up
friends. The latsest pair to pair -
up Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe - seem
- Russell Crowe. While they might whole
seem like an unlikely duo there's a believe
whole lot of love between themI classics.
believe that.Then there are the kings.
classics.We're back.The cat walk Your
kings.You two deserve each other. up
Your partners.They have partnered together.
up for an unprecedented 12 movies Fockers'
together. Among them, 'Three 'Starsy
Fockers' two, 'Zoo landers' and, is
'Starsy and hutch' mutual man love is impressive. There are plenty run
girls out there giving the men a 'Saturday
run for their money. Take the, am
'Saturday Night live' alum knee.I woman
am getting advice from the smartest one
woman I know.Me.I should be the one giving you advice because the
2008 I got a whole lot closer to the White House than these guys did.

the White House than these guys did. have
Co-hosting three Golden Globes.We years.
have been friends for almost 15 ship
years. The secret of our friend taste
ship we have no overlap in our keeping
taste in men.And most recently 'Sisters'
keeping the sisterhood alive in, childhood
'Sisters'Mum and dad sold our been
childhood home.This should have is
been passed on. Sometimes the clue Rachel
is in the title with Monica and are
Rachel becoming frendz for lifeYou dudes.
are more like a sister.Back to the best
dudes. One can't forget one of the Bessies
best bromances the childhood You're
Bessies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. time
You're my best friend.Now long storm
time mates taking Hollywood by forgetting
storm since 19922I know we're forgot
forgetting somebodyWhoever we much.
forgot we love youThank you so 'Goodwill
much.Becoming Oscar winners for, laughter
'Goodwill Hunting'. Arguably step
laughter is great for a bromance Rogan.
step forward James Franco and Seth their
Rogan. Their latest film brought international
their bromance into the played
international spotlight. They even end'
played themselves in, 'This is the Of
end' James Franco is having a party. the
Of course it's never the end for bromance
the on screen partners who keep the bromance and love alive even when stuff
the cameras stop rolling.Good one.
stuffI'm looking forward to that fantastic
one.Nice guysBit rusty.OK so fantastic news out Aussie
fantastic news out of London. has
Aussie garden guru Charlie Albone Chelsea
has won big at the world famous applause.
Chelsea Flower Show.Big round of another
applause. Charlie another year feel?
another award for you. How does it guys.
feel?Yeah, it feels really good great.
guys. Thanks very much.Hello.It's course
great. The Chelsea Flower Show of family
course ask a favourite of the Royal numbers
family and they were out in huge to
numbers yesterday. Did they stop by meet
to checkout your garden.I got to and
meet Prince Will Princess Katherine have
and Prince Harry.What did they funny.
have to say?Prince William was this
funny. He came up and said what is going
this one? Princess Katherine was loads
going babe we have those, we have loads of those.

loads of those.Babe.Love it. What say?
about Harry. What did he have to down
say?Harry is the nicest you know yeah
down to Earth bloke. He was like really
yeah looks really nice. Really cool What
really like it.This is unreal. them,
What else did they say?I said to garden?"
them, "Do you want to come into the The
garden?" "Yes, I would love to." going."
The time keeper said, "No, we keep by
going." They're still being ruled more
by somebody else.He's sounding everyday.
more and more like his father Kate
everyday.Absolutely.And Kate, she?
Kate actually called him "Babe" did she?She called

she?She called him "Babe." She those."
said, "Babe we have loads of Australian
those." I became typically I
Australian when they walked past me gardener.
I said, "How are you going?"Aussie garden
gardener. We better talk about the inspiration?
garden I guess. What was the space
inspiration? IsThe garden is a busy
space to sort of relax in, I have a garden.
busy life and I get a lot from my nothing
garden. Friday afternoon there's and
nothing better than sitting there garden.
and feeling the support for my to
garden. That's the feeling I wanted there
to create.Mr 'S the Buxis on show of
there big time. The roses what sort of roses are there

of roses are therethey're Pianese mother's
which look like roses called to
mother's choice which I was forced There's
to have because of my mother. personality
There's a movie in you with this the
personality I can see, 'Charlie and the flower factory'After trimming eye.
the Buxis I have forearms like Pop year
eye.To tell.Will you go back next last
year after so much successI said One
last year I would never go back. One week later I ended up drawing Who
the design for the following year. stupid.
Who knows. I am either dumb or back.
stupid.Why wouldn't you keep going checkout
back. Great to see you. People can done.
checkout your garden online. Well revealing
done. Thank you so much for the
revealing your conversations with Thanks.
the Royals. You are a legend. oi.
Thanks.Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi Shannon
oi. ThanksThanks.Coming up Magda, like
Shannon Noll, Kamal who would you Year.
like to see as Australian of the celebrating
Year.There's a line-up and we're a
celebrating hump day.Nothing like because
a proof read.Keep your phone close just
because we could be calling you in The
just a few minutes.And fit bands. measuring
The latest craze but are they burning
measuring the calories you are cash?
burning or simply burning your go
cash? Timmy Gilbert and Sylvia JJ go head to head to find out. Woe. That is fascinating the results Sylvia
There is the competition between various
Sylvia and Timmy but how the incredible.
various fit bits come out is with
incredible. It is time for the news have
with the aforementioned SylviaWe elderly
have breaking news out of Sydney an hospital
elderly man has been taken to home
hospital after fire destroyed his was
home in Sydney's west. The property ago.
was erupting in flames a short time inferno.
ago. He managed to escape the the scene before taking him to In
hospital suffering smoke inhalation. Queensland
In more breaking news from condition
Queensland a man is in a critical in
condition after being hit by a car just
in Oxley in Brisbane's south-west just a short time ago. Today has
Queensland reporter Jess Millward you
has the latest on this. What can There
you tell us on this at this stage? presence
There is still a very large police which
presence at the scene of this crash Boundary
which happened on the corner of in
Boundary Road and Kimberly Street struck
in Oxley. A manna his 70s was morning.
struck by a vehicle at 5:45 this condition
morning. He is in a critical to
condition and has been transported to hospital. People are being asked investigate
to avoid this area as police do is
investigate this crash. Now, this and
is in no way related to a fatal hit not
and run that happened here in Inala was
not far from Oxley last night. It with
was 8:20 this man was walking home by
with some groceries when he was hit quiet
by a car. It was residents in this loud
quiet street in Inala that heard a this
loud bang. They came out and saw Unfortunately
this man lying on the road. Here
Unfortunately he couldn't be saved. Police
Here is police. Shall Shall p will
Police inquiries revealed there extensive
will be extensive, possible vehicle.
extensive damage to the motor anyone
vehicle. Police are appealing for incident
anyone who may be aware of the or
incident to contact Crime Stoppers Given
or their local police station. vehicle
Given the fact police believe the damage
vehicle involved has extensive you
damage and the man died on impact Anyone
you have to think speed is a factor. crash
Anyone who knows about this fatal Crime
crash here in Inala needs to call breaking
Crime Stoppers. To recap our critical
breaking news a man in his 70s in a asked
critical condition. People being Boundary
asked to avoid Kimberly Street and dwergs
Boundary Road in Oxley.Clearly Thank
dwergs in place right there now. in
Thank you. Two young men have died Dandenong
in a horror crash in Melbourne's go
Dandenong Ranges overnight. Let's A
go to Dougall Beatty at the scene. fighting
A third young man has been left That's
fighting for life in hospital? information
That's right. We just had new last
information come through in the these
last half an hour that all three of best
these guys inside the sedan were 18
best mates. They were aged just 17, members
18 and 20 years old, already family the
members have made their way down to flowers.
the scene here and gun laying flowers. It happened about 8:00 veered
last night when their black sedan road.
veered onto the wrong side of the four-wheel
road. It collided head-on with a opposite
four-wheel drive travelling in the control.
opposite direction. Spun out of have
control. Who men inside the sedan life
have died. A third is fighting for driver
life in hospital. Luckily the OK.
driver of the four-wheel drive is crash.
OK. Police say this was a shocking the
crash.At the time of the accident ejected
the driver of one vehicle was scene.
ejected and he was deceased at the died
scene. The back seat passenger also died at the time. And critical
seat passenger, he was in a critical condition, conveyed

critical condition, conveyed to the urging
Alfred Hospital.And police are shocking
urging any witnesses to this Sylvia.
shocking accident to come forward. the
Sylvia.Terrible tragedy for all Melbourne's
the families. Thank you. One of a
Melbourne's busiest roads reopened almost
a little earlier this morning catastrophic
almost 24 hours after a petrol
catastrophic crash involving a was
petrol tanker. A 49-year-old man injured
was killed and six more were the
injured when the tanker rolled on city
the Calder Freeway northwest of the number
city during the morning vehicle. A number of cars were crushed, 20,000
flipped onto its roof as up to 20,000 lighters of fuel leaked onto overnight
the road. Police in Sydney worked together
overnight as they tried to piece shocking
together what happened in a fatal year-old
shocking crash in the south. A 59- and
year-old female driver was killed seriously
and 16-year-old school boy at
seriously injured in the accident slammed
at Carlton. Her vehicle then force
slammed into a fence with such The
force she was thrown from the car. Remembrance
The Sydney Police Wall of targeted
Remembrance has once again been covered
targeted by vandals the site Lara
covered with graffiti overnight. Domain.
Lara Vella is at the scene in from
Domain. What has been the response Sydney
from police there?As you can the disgusted
Sydney Police Force is absolutely attack
disgusted and outraged by a second attack here at the Wall of been
Remembrance. Some officers have look
been walking by, stopping to have a after
look and paying their respects sprayed
after yesterday the plaques were since
sprayed with black graffiti. That since has been removed. Alongside morning
the outrage of the police this their
morning the public have expressed spoken
their disgust. Some of whom I have person
spoken to and they say that the pull
person responsible really needs to I'm
pull his head in.That's horrible. this
I'm really sorry for the people of and
this city they don't deserve that on
and those people whose families are that.
on that wall. They don't deserve head
that. They should just - hold your move
head up high today. Ignore it. Just clearly
move on. That will wash on. They lives
clearly have an issue in their was
lives that will not wash off.There last
was a breakthrough in this case arrested
last night. A 30-year-old man was here
arrested not too far from the scene things
here at the Domain and however things didn't go to plan when he was taken into allege he tried Hospital
he was taken to St Vincent's That's
Hospital due to health concerns. morning.
That's where he remains this morning. Police are obviously seriously
taking this incident very, very discharged
seriously and say as soon as he is they
discharged charges will be laid and responsible
they believe that suspect is disgusting
responsible for both those Lara
disgusting acts of vandalism here. footage
Lara Vella thank you. Shocking brawl
footage has surfaced of a wild Security
brawl at Royal Adelaide Hospital. waiting
Security cameras in the emergency punches
waiting room captured the fight as punches were thrown between and a couple. Shocked on lookers samaritan
as security guards and a good the
samaritan stepped in to break up reality
the brawl. A rather harsh dose of Bill
reality for Malcolm Turnbull and revealing
Bill Shorten today with voters both
revealing what they really think of reporter
both leaders. Live now to political The
reporter Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. kind
The latest Newspoll is not exactly This
kind this morning.No, it's not. campaign
This is a presidential style campaign built in
looking very closely at the numbers Malcolm
in today's Newspoll. Since February fallen
Malcolm Turnbull's ratings have traits
fallen on eight of nine character

traits surveyed. While Bill Shorten board.
has improved his scores across the more
board. Bill Shorten is considered voters
more caring and more in touch with good
voters than the Prime Minister. The good news for Malcolm Turnbull also
voters see him as stronger but they the
also see him as more arrogant and likable.
the opposition leader although more of
likable. On the all important issue Malcolm
of trust 56% of voters say that worthy,
Malcolm Turnbull is more trust Both
worthy, just 49% say Bill Shorten. campaigning
Both leaders today will be Shorten
campaigning in Melbourne before Mr Shorten heads to the Top

Shorten heads to the Top End. More
Another busy day ahead. Thank you. More than a decade entertainer
first accused of sexual assault ordered
entertainer Bill Cosby has been Pennsylvania
ordered to stand trial. A is
Pennsylvania judge has ruled there against
is enough evidence for the case having
against him to continue.The court, having reviewed all of the evidence,

having reviewed all of the evidence, evidence
found that there was sufficient Cosby
evidence to require the deft, Mr was
Cosby to stand trial. I think that law
was the right decision based on the court
law and based on the facts.Inside you"
court Cosby responded with "Thank decision.
you" when the judge announced her supporters
decision. Outside he waved to been
supporters as he left. Well there's Dallas
been an extra large delivery at a baby
Dallas zoo with the birth of a new African
baby elephant. The mum one of the zoo
African elephants brought to the despite
zoo gave birth to the male calf the
despite being on the lower end of the weight spectrum the bub tipped whopper
the scales at 80kg. That is a it
whopper of an arrival. Let's throw Let's
it on over to Timmy for the sport Origin.
Let's start with a bit of State of debutantes
Origin. The maroons have named two Justin
debutantes to face the blues with joining
Justin O'Neill and Corey Oates the
joining the side. O'Neill will fill Hodges
the shoes of the retired Justin wing.
Hodges while Oats will play on the one
wing. Darius Boyd in had the number earnt
one jersey.The two new boys have It's
earnt their position in the side. know,
It's been a team that's been, you because
know, hard to get into, I guess big
because of their success. It's a will
big week for them. I'm sure they experienced
will be right. They have lots of nurture
experienced players around to Very
nurture them and help them along Very hard move Billy Slater out and their
Darius Boyd. In the blues will have their first training Coffs
their first training session in Tom
Coffs today. Port Adelaide defender aggressive
Tom Jonas says he won't change his being
aggressive style of play despite on
being shrugged with a six match ban rethink
on his hit with an Gaff.I have to at
rethink the way I approach contest where
at times. For the most part that's will
where my value lies for the team. I break
will keep playing. I will use the fitness
break as a good chance to get my attack
fitness topped up and be ready to and
attack the end part of the season Over
and make it up to my team mates. confirmed
Over at Hawthorn they have Hill
confirmed premiership star Bradley after
Hill has been charged with assault He's
after an altercation in had January. club.
He's yet to be sanctioned by the some
club. And Bernard Tomic has found round
some form on clay progressing to overnight.
round two of the French Open classed
overnight. The 23-year-old out straight
classed American Brian Baker in first
straight sets. In what was his matches.
first clay court win in five court
matches. Meanwhile talk about clay his
court Rafael Nadal showed off all Aussie
his skill in a straights demo of Millman
Aussie Sam Groth. Country man John Stosur
Millman also went down while Sam little
Stosur had a win. There you go a Bit
little bit of sport.Tight shorts. Bit of karma for Bernard Tomic. He the
apologises and has a win. That's the way the good
karma is going to get you. It's you.
good to apologise like that.Thank doesn't
you.He has a hungry buttocks the
doesn't he Nadal.People have done picks
the count on how many times he picks it out the boxer short from buttock.
the actual pant.Just a hungry having
buttock.Good morning to everyone your
having breakfast. Time to check morning.
your Wednesday weather.Good moving
morning. We have a cold and trough We
moving over the west of the country. Western
We have seen wild weather in people
Western Australia. It put a lot of guy
people off. It did not put off this Lake
guy Brian Cook and he took off to to
Lake Lefroy yesterday in Australia sailing
to set a brand new land speed His
sailing record with the wild winds. new
His need for speed took him up to a breaking
new world record of 110km/h breaking his best mate's record Look
108km/h who was there watching. Congratulations
Look at the beautiful footage. world
Congratulations to Brian Cook new wild
world record holder thanks to the That
wild conditions we're seeing in WA. pushing
That weather is going to start country.
pushing across to the east of the South
country. That will start to affect South Australia, Victoria

South Australia, Victoria and going
Tasmania. Let's look at what's going on today. Showers about for Sunshine
Cairns today. Townsville cloudy. Coast.
Sunshine for Brisbane and the Gold skies.
Coast. Lovely day for Sydney. Blue south-east
skies. Cooler conditions in the cloudy
south-east of the country. Partly little
cloudy for Canberra. Melbourne a little late rain. Possible late day.
shower on the way for Hobart. Cold Possible
day. Adelaide rain at times. for
Possible shower for Perth. Sunshine Brian
for the Alice. Darwin mostly sunny. Brian Cook is a winner, a new

Brian Cook is a winner, a new world another
record holder and we could have couldn't
another winner coming up shortly need
couldn't we?Exactly because if you need a Here
OK you have come to the right place. already
Here is a headline for you. We've than
already given away this year more viewers.
than $1 million to Today Show of
viewers.Wow.If you want to be one register
of those viewers you have to Blocky
register for your chance to win. It's
Blocky is excited and ready to go. away
It's the massive Block of Cash give joy.
away that will make you jump for everyday.
joy. We're giving away $10,000 pick
everyday. It's easy to win. Just and
pick up the phone within five rings and say "I wake up with Today".

and say "I wake up with Today". To

and say "I wake up with Today". To

and say "I wake up with Today". To Australian
register: All calls are made on Good
Australian eastern standard time. Good luck.That's right we've given McGuire.
away almost as much money as Eddie to
McGuire. Right now we have 10 grand Lisa's
to give away and we are heading to Yes.
Lisa's old house in Campbelltown. Morgan.Is he living in your old... Sturt
I don't know if he's living at 17 Street...
Sturt Street or 132 Lindsay Bong
Street...Come on.Oh.Oh, the pain. Michael
Bong bong.You have hit the jackpot Campbelltown.
Michael because you live in

Campbelltown.Is that why you are Karl.
not there.I had to move for work Karl. Campbelltown was a fabulous that
place to grow up. Yes.$2,000 is snorts.It
that right?He's busy snorting. Two tomorrow.
snorts.It must be 20, $20,000 could
tomorrow.Threw go $20,000 you could be one of the Cash
one of the winners of our Block of Brought
Cash call. That is incredible. cats.
Brought to you by Kevin Rudd two you
cats. We will play the video for Rudd
you if you missed it earlier. Kevin contribution
Rudd in New York making a campaign.
contribution to this election Johnny
campaign. Ronely.Still to come Joyce.
Johnny Depp has hit back at Barnaby he
Joyce. You will never believe what swallowed
he said this timeHe definitely for
swallowed a sheep. Plus a Lifeline has
for dairy farmers a rescue package details
has just been announced. All the sport
details coming up.He might read sport but does This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: At the Forty Winks
Upsize Sale, you can get a double,
queen or king-size mattress from selected leading brands for the price of a single, because the only thing better
than the perfect mattress is more of it. The Upsize Sale -
now on at Forty Winks. Must end this weekend.

I was lucky enough that my first
week of Queensland was David Boon. You took Boonie down?
Yeah, yeah. Caught 'love', yeah. Boonie.
Just here at the GABBA. (Laughs) Nice! With some of the young fast bowlers, do you ever suggest they grow
a handebar moustache? Or is that just something
that happens naturally? Leave Merv where he was. There's
only one King and that was Merv. That's right. So, Joe, what have you got
insured with Youi? I've got my HiLux, Toyota HiLux,
and our Patriot camping gear. Youi. We get you.

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back from counting steps to counting
tracking your sleep and even active
counting calories.Or for the more and
active monitor ing your heart rate wearable
and how far you run.They're trend
wearable trackers and the hottest most
trendSylvia and I put three of the test.
most popular fitness bands to the test. Take a look.

What are we doing today? You out
brought me here.Today we're trying Fitbit
out the three different once. the
Fitbit Garmin and Jawbone.I have We
the man flu.Here come the excuses. my
We haven't hit the track.I brought my instructor with me, Shaun.With or
the help of Tim's fitness instruck features
or Shaun we tested three key features of the devices first up measured
the distance tracker.We have to
measured the distances. We're going Ready,
to get the devices on and take off. Ready, set, go.Go. Others
(SONG) # Come on... #I'm done. Next
Others are laughing.What is next. Here
Next we tested the step counter. (SONG)
Here woo go. Go.One. Two... #
(SONG) # Walk this way # Walk

# Walk this way... #49, 50.Me too, 60.
52.I even brought this $20 number. have
60.That's old school.$20.You the
have a pedestrian omenter. Finally the calorie counter. I don't like

the calorie counter. I don't like up
the Elyptical.Our results coming explosion
up shortly.We have seen an different
explosion in fitness trackers things.
different styles and different She
things.Kate Brown is from 'Choice'. which
She says it's important to know get
which features you need.You can to
get one for as little $990 $100 up with
to rdz 500 something that comes Last
with all the bells add whistles. own
Last month 'Choice' reviewed their comfort
own fitness trackers checking for Surge
comfort and heart monitors.Fitbit Followed
Surge came in a score of 81%. Charge
Followed by Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit all
Charge and Garmin Forerunner which to
all received a score of 84%.Back measured
to our resultsFor distance we measured 230m. My Jawbone was spot

on the Garmin 200.For me the Fitbit 240, the

Fitbit 240, the Garmin 250. The run.
Jawbone didn't Synck I used map my around
run.Give them a bit of time play working
around with them they might get counted
working if they don't synch.We spot
counted 50 steps. The gar main was spot on. The Fitbit 45 and and pedestrian
Jawbone 40 steps I had my recorded
pedestrian omenter and that recorded 60.For mine Fitbit 55 Jawbone 45 all
steps.For our calorie counters the Elyptical
all important we each worked on the close.
Elyptical machine. The Garmin got trackers
close.We found most fitness It's
trackers were extremely accurate. want
It's about looking for what you thing
wantOn a day-to-day basis good everything
thing to have on to track everything you know.That's

everything you know.That's hard
thing to have on to track work. very
work. I don't like that machine That's
very much. Thanks Shaun. Shall say
That's really interesting.Can I steam
say Tim Gilbert came up like a couldn't
steam train on the running track. I point.
couldn't keep it together at that go.
point. He was too good.Look at him was
go.Look at him.Look at him go.It with
was too funny. What was interesting steps
with the Garmin it recorded 81 notched
steps when I had only done 50. They still
notched up when I was standing where
still waving my arm around. That's because
where you get the discrepancies of
because they're going off all sorts preferred.
of movements.Did you have one you is
preferred.The Fitbit. The Jawbone theically
is good and it's, you know,'s it's
theically more pleasing because it's really small but thanks to Shaun.Because want
going to get a sponsorshipI don't the
want a sponsorship. I like to help back
the little people. I have to come beating
back on what I preferred. Enjoyed them,
beating Sylvia.People want to get expensive
them, get motivated. They're that
expensive if there's a cheap one at
that works.You get them from $40 thing
at Kmart up to $400.The important and
thing is people are going out there differences
and doing it.More details for the to
differences about the devices head road
to our web site.Lisa and I will be champagne
road testing the latest VeuveClique could
champagne tomorrow. Coming up, how Australian
could you help find our necks Australian of kitten.
new friends and he's one smitten the
kitten. More on that story after daughter's
the break.A miracle dad makes his Despite
daughter's wedding wish come true. walked
Despite being paralysed he still all
walked her down the aisle. That's all ahead here This program is not captioned.

If you're over 30 and
don't buy health cover by June 30, you could end up
paying the government's loading. This costs Aussies thousands. Son of a mongoose! Don't get caught out. Call us now on 13 32 32.

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned. You're
Brisbane. Everyone move to Brisbane. top
You're in for a sunny day with a city.
top of 25 degrees for the river anything.
city.A day like that would cure beautiful
anything. Sydney, too, looking sunny
beautiful this morning. Mostly hello
sunny day top of 20 degrees.Say expect
hello to Melbourne folks, you can rain
expect a fine day with some late Looking
rain and a top of 17 degrees. is
Looking nice on this hump day. It you.
is news time. Here is Sylvia.Thank breaking
you. Good morning again. First to government
breaking news from Canberra the our
government has thrown a Lifeline to guaranteeing
our struggling dairy farmers new
guaranteeing immediate support in a straight
new election pledge. Let's go Kerrie
straight to our political reporter promise.
Kerrie Yaxley. Can you explain this hard
promise.Dairy farmers were hit biggest
hard when two of Australia's prices,
biggest processors dropped their two
There are reports some farmers lost one-day.
two years worth of profits in just under
one-day. The government has been assistance
under pressure to announce assistance for those farmers since morning
then. It has done just that. This Barnaby
morning deputy Prime Minister $600
Barnaby Joyce has just announced a dairy
$600 assistance package for the mostly
dairy farmers affected. It is concessional
mostly made up of money for that
concessional loonls. That's loans loans
that are much -- loans. That is understand
loans at a much cheaper rate we borrow
understand they will be able to also
borrow up to $1 million. There's in
also money for counselling services includes
in the hardest hits areas which Australia
includes parts of Victoria, South Australia and NSW, Tasmania. We promise.
understand this isn't an election measures
promise. Some of the assistance we're
measures will kick in immediately government
we're told under care taker understand
government conventions. We support
understand this package has the very
support of Labor.Alright. That is To
very good news. Thank you so much. in
To Queensland now where a man aged condition
in his 70s is in a critical at
condition after being hit by a car short
at Oxley in Brisbane's south-west a police
short time ago. There's a heavy corner
police presence this morning at the Kimberley
corner of Boundary Street and being
Kimberley Street and drivers are the
being asked to avoid the area. In was
the mean time nearby at Inala a man was killed from
aged in his 50s was walking home Police
from the shops when he was struck. has
Police believe the car in question urging
has extensive damage and they're contact
urging anyone with information to man
contact Crime Stoppers. An elderly man has had a lucky escape when his

man has had a lucky escape when his engulfed
home in Sydney's North-West was The
engulfed by flames this morning. out
The resident managed to get himself before
out of his Kurrajong Hills property He's
before it was destroyed by fire. we're
He's a gentleman in his 80s and seriously
we're thankful he hasn't been reminder
seriously hurt. It's a timely the
reminder at this time of year with to
the weather cooling down for people smoke
to make sure they have, woulding in
smoke alarms and the fireplaces are has
in good working condition.The man stable
has been taken to hospital in a inhalation.
stable condition suffering smoke the
inhalation. Firefighters put out home.
the blaze but couldn't save the may
home. Police believe inexperience crash
may have been a factor in a horror south-east
crash that killed two young men Dandenong
A car was travelling through the when
Dandenong Ranges just after 8:00 side
when it veered on the to the wrong a
side of the road and collided with careered
a four-wheel drive. The car then rolled
careered over an embankment and driver
rolled several times killing the Another
driver and one of the passengers. this
Another passenger is now in a coma the
this morning while the driver of unharmed.
the four-wheel drive escaped in
unharmed. The three men travelling mates.
in the vehicle were reportedly best been
mates. Sydney's police memorial has vandalism
been the target of another second
vandalism attack overnight. The time
second in less than a week. This the
time black graffiti was sprayed on spending
the wall. Forensic specials removing
spending night at the scene a
removing the markings. It comes as a 30-year-old man was arrested over Police
the initial attack on Friday. are
Police believe the two incidents overnight
are linked. Chaos has erupted Sydney's
overnight at the first meeting of Council.
Sydney's newly created Inner West the
Council. Riot police were called to jostled
the scene as hundreds of protestors jostled council

jostled council workers while State
booing and waving placards. The Leichhardt,
State Government amalgamated Marrickville
Leichhardt, Ashfield and month.
Marrickville Councils earlier this newly
month. Residents refused to let the speak.
newly appointed head of Council place
speak. They claim he was put in construction
place to help allow smooth construction of the controversial

construction of the controversial The
WestConnex project. A party fit for lawns
The Queen has been held on the party
lawns of Buckingham Palace. The She's
party rolls fon for Her Majesty. garden
She's hosted the last of the annual several
garden parties for the year and were
several members of her Royal family Duchess
were there to mingle. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dressed coat
Babes.Kate wearing the same cream christening.
coat and hat she wore to her son's them.
christening. P babe.Babes we got them.How good was our guest earlier that had a chat to Kate and Show
won an award at the Chelsea Flower refers
Show confirmed to us that Kate refers to Wills as babes.Babes Will pointed
already have one of the flowers Will pointed out one
Kate says.Babes we already have

one of those flowers. BabeHow good It
is that.That's a royal exclusive you
It is. When you talk to the Royals divulge.
you are instructed you shouldn't Aussie
divulge.Charlie divulged.He's an it
Aussie through and through.He gave a
it all up.Good stuff. Time to get with
a check of your best local forecast with Stevie.

Should be good weather for growing coming
the flowers babe we have good rain That's
coming through the south-east of WA. south
That's going to move across the rain
south of the country. We will see a few
rain event happening over the next in
few days. Let's see what's going on in the main centres around the

in the main centres around the for
country. Showers for Cairns. Clouds Brisbane.
for Townsville. Blue skies for Late
Brisbane. Sydney cloudy conditions. That
Late rain moving into Melbourne. possible
That will be welcome. Hobart Adelaide.
possible late showers. Rain for Alice
Adelaide. Possible shower in Perth. Alice spring sunny. Darwin mostly

Alice spring sunny. Darwin mostly with
sunny. That brings you up to date We
with the weather around the country. into
We will see good rainfall coming the
into Melbourne. Tels will drop over see
the next couple of days. We could under
see the coldest day of the year next
under 15. Good rainfall for the next week across NSW babe.Good for the flowers babe.Good for favourite
flowers babe. What is your favourite flour.I like a daisy. Coming
have plenty of those.Yeah. Oh yeah. you
Coming up in our next hour - thank Honouring
you Stevie.You're welcome. Warne
Honouring our Aussies from Shane opening
Warne to Molly Meldrum. They're of
opening now for the next Australian hear
of the Year and we would like to Aussie
hear from you.Shane for next tag.
Aussie of the year. There's a hash than
tag.He will already won itMore behind
than likely. We will take you Attenborough
behind the lens of a Sir David Johnny
Attenborough documentary.Next up Joyce
Johnny Depp's hit out at Barnaby without
Joyce again. Will he go down Mixed
without a fight? We put it The Mixed Grill right after this. This program is not captioned. Talk to me, Tom. If you're over 30 and
don't buy health cover by June 30, you could end up
paying the government's loading. This costs Aussies thousands. Son of a mongoose! Don't get caught out. Call us now on 13 32 32.

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the complaints-handling process, visit the Free TV website

This program is not captioned.

Great to have your company on Today taken
Show. Johnny Depp there he has has after
taken another pop at Barnaby Joyce did
after mocking the apology video he into
did for illegally bringing his Dogs barn
into the country. Depp has compared Barnaby
barn by to a tomato. Take a look. Barn
Barnaby Joyce is the guy's name. somehow
Barn by Jones.Yeah.He looks somehow like in bred with a tomato.

somehow like in bred with a tomato. and
The Mixed Grill Sarrah Le Marquand mock-up
and - there it is, there's the Sarrah
mock-up of it and Phoebe Burgess. different.
Sarrah this feud gets more and more Depp
different.Really what can Johnny internationally
Depp possibly do? He's been terrible
internationally humiliated with the recording
terrible video he was coerced into Minister.
recording by the deputy Prime spat.
Minister. Barnaby Joyce won this poor
spat. There's no contest. Of course running
poor Johnny Depp is going to go shows
running around on the American talk movie
shows because he's finally got a watched.
movie that people have actually bio
watched. It just happened to be a Australia
bio security laws video made in $2.50.
Australia on a budget of about cool
$2.50. He's just like that little Joyce
cool boy at school, the teacher Mr him
Joyce has embarrassed him and made and
him apologise in front of the class sitting
and he's trying to save face by I
sitting there going, "Oh, Mr Jones", oldest
I don't remember his name.It's the oldest thing in the book gets He
name wrong.Looks like a to may tow. I'm
He has resorted to childish tactics. with
I'm sad Barnaby Joyce is competing tourism
with Chris Hemsworth as the face of how
tourism Australia because we know how many people watch that show. far
It's massive. Jimmy Kimmel goes as far as saying we're dumb country sad.
and we're cruel to animals. It's Johnny
sad. Unfortunately even though child
Johnny Depp looks like a petulant adverse
child hitting back. It's had an tourism.
adverse effect on Australian tourism.He looks more a
petulant child, he looks more like back
a knob.Jimmy Kimmel brought it you're
back to Donald Trump because if show
you're hosting an American talk minute
show it's the law you can't go one

minute without a Donald Trump joke. rabies.
This is a country where Dogs have America.
rabies. It's been on the decline in the
America. That's a serious issue at the source

the source of this. Unpopular as he
Barnaby Joyce might have been when What can
he went hard in on the two terriers. domestic
What can they do quite a lot and to laughing
domestic pet owners it's not a country
laughing matter. They're in a you
country where you get ray byes and as
you have Donald Trump potentially they're
as your Prime Minister. Of course shots
they're going to take a few pot we
shots at Australia. I don't think That's
we need to feel insecure about this. Australian
That's true.We wouldn't be He's
Australian if we wouldn't hit back. bred
He's having a go about him being in look
bred with a tomorrow mat tow. Let's going
look at his head. There's a bit Julian
going on there do you remember to
Julian Clary.I think that's cruel Johnny.
to Julian.You are now a fan of Kevin
Johnny.Moving onto a serious story conversation
Kevin Rudd. Checkout this conversation with his cats.Are you bit?
going to move? You know, a little We
bit? Doesn't look like it. Oh well. We will read together, shall we?

We will read together, shall we? this
Phoebe, K Rudd.God our politicians of
this morning. It's obviously a bit politics.
of a preview into life after to
to his
politics. This is Kevin Rudd back tactics
to his old attention seeking cat
tactics for me. I mean we know that they
cat videos are popular. He knows campaign
they go viral. Perhaps this is his That's
campaign for the new job he's after it
That's right. I assume that's what it is.

it is. He's always sort of followed it's
the Kardashian fame ball, Ken Kevin it's either this

it's either this or self portrait down
naked videos. Fortunately he's gone Fortunately
down the viral cat video. vision.
Fortunately there was no YouTube will
vision. We've been spared that. I The
will try to think of something nice. rescue
The two cats he got them from a this
rescue shelter in New York earlier the
this month. Isn't that nice. That's can
the only charitable thing anybody maybe
can see about the video. Except favour.
maybe he's done Johnny Depp a video
favour. This might be the only embarrassing
video in the world that's more Amber
embarrassing that the Johnny Depp Just
Amber Heard bio security video. named
Just to top it off Kevin Rudd he's Chinese
named the cats after two wives of Chinese politiciansThat's right. does
Just what your average Australian inspiration
does when you are looking for name think
inspiration to name their pets. To nerd.
think people called him a political shake
nerd.How could you possibly share he's
shake of the...We've always known not
he's been a bit of a dorker. It was out.
not that surprising when it came Kevin
out. It's part of the course for it
Kevin RuddI can't understand why himself.
it was up loaded.He up loaded it himself. It wasn't leakedHe filmed it himselfHe's aiming for the Nations.
of secretary general for the United Nations.Maybe he's trying to

Nations.Maybe he's trying to up Joyce.
his Snapchat.From krut to Barnaby high
Joyce. Coming up high in fotion for your
high street prices. How you can get the
your hands on designer pieces on modern
the cheap. Plus manners in the teaching
modern age. We meet the woman And
teaching etiquette to Today's team. Noll Kylie
And out of Magda. Kamal Shannon see
Noll Kylie who would you like to Year.
see as the next Australian of the Year. Find out how This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: The $1.50
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for just $1.50.

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that reflects the life
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This program is not captioned.

John Farnell Avenue, well he's been Johnny
Australian of the Year for -- Johnny any foreign am. He has been months.
Australian of the Year for five fighting.
months. He Haas hasn't stopped equal
fighting.From campaigning for David
equal rights to many other things. very
David Morrison has made his agenda army
very clear. Former chief of the Year
army and current Australian of the the
Year joins us.Good morning.How is not
the year gone so farIt's been full 2015.
not quite the 2016 I planned in the
2015. It's been wonderful. I've had many
the opportunity to travel to so so
many places in Australia now, meet extraordinary
so many fantastic Australians doing violence
extraordinary work in the domestic been
violence area, in diversity, just obviously
been terrific and you know know
obviously I'm here to let people Australian
know that the process for the under
Australian of the Year for 2017 is opportunity
under way and people have the theirs
opportunity to nominate a hero of had
theirs that they can put forward in been,
had the four Categories and it's whoever
been, I can absolutely assure, great
whoever is involved it is such a wonderful
great honour and privilege and a hang
wonderful year in shoes.Do you say months
hang on a second I'm only four just
months in.You are still fresh.I trying
just figured Channel Nine was That
trying to move me onDefinitely on. controversial.
That was earlier on. You were very decision
controversial. You have to make a going
decision in your own head you are want
going to fight for the issues you want to did
Is that the decision you came to or my
did it happen more organicallyEven bloke
my critics would say I'm not a bloke to leave people wondering. I did think about what I might say in thought
my acceptance speech the one I I
thought I would never give because the
I didn't expect to be Australian of opportunity
the Year. Once I had the be
opportunity Karl I thought it would be best if I just said what were perhaps,
the three key areas that I would, perhaps, focus on and that was Australia,
diverse and certainly inclusive professional
Australia, particularly in workforce
professional Australia in our would,
workforce s and I did say that I to
would, with respect, lend my voice movement.
to the Australian Republican movement. I've had the opportunity I
to do that once already. Pressed as chief
I was by a tall bearded red Hanger have
chief wearing fellow I know.You have to start learning do
to him.It's worked for you. I will only
do that again this year probably and
only once or twice. It's diversity domestic
and increasingly I must say drawn
domestic violence that has really that
drawn me to the cause.Interesting topics
that you choose those particular topics all of which do need energy mention
and focus and change. You didn't that?
mention veterans there. Why is In
that?Actually I think I did, Lisa. I
In a three minute acceptance speech army
I spoke about my other family, the large
army family, I said to quite a Australian
large audience that I am an grandfather
Australian soldier forever. My First
grandfather was a veteran in the veteran
First World War. My father was a a veteran from east Timor absolutely
army family all my 60 years. I am While
absolutely committed to veterans. would
While I didn't say "Veterans" I in
would hope people could have seen for
in a three minute address I spoke and
for nearly one minute what the army have
and service mean to me they would have been able to include people
themselves in that. I understand sorry
people took issue with it. I'm organised
sorry they did. I can assure you wonderful
organised with organisations the speak
wonderful organisation legacy and I servicemen
speak about the army and our services
servicemen and women in all three seen
services every time I speak.I have raisers.
seen you speak at many legacy fund- the
raisers.Welcome to Australian of don't
the Year. No matter what you do and convince
don't say it's under scrutiny. So, should
convince someone out there they someone
should go and do this or nominate rich
someone to do it. Go on.We are a rich and robust Dempsey.

rich and robust Dempsey. Australians -- democracy. hard.
Australians tend to play sometimes being
hard. That shouldn't deter us from causes.
being involved in great social causes. I can assure anybody

causes. I can assure anybody who is nominated that they are the
or whether they are just part of means
the great celebration of what it will
means to be an Australian, they I
will have their lives enriched by - enriched
I know I'm certainly having mine enriched by it.

enriched by it.We're pushing the year.
hash tag Shane for Aussie of the get
year. At the moment. Do you want to only
get behind that one?Shane?There's almost
only one Shane in Australia. That's said.
almost un-Australian what you just didn't
said.I think it's probably - I on
didn't want to put any sort of spin Oh,
on that I can tell you. Boom boom. it
Oh, there he goes.I think it's - all
it would be --Scandal.Can I say millions
all our lives are shaped by country.
millions of quiet heros in this extraordinary
country.Very true.Who do moment's
extraordinary work never seeking a Australian
moment's recognition. The opportunity
Australian of the Year is an of
opportunity for you to nominate one the
of those Australians. Just go to
the web site www.Australian of the to and you have the chance to make a difference.Thanks. Nice worthy
to catch up with you.If you know a site
worthy recipient head to our web nominate
site and we can show you how to Coming
nominate them.That's controversial. Serena
Coming up just when you thought more
Serena Williams couldn't get any this,
more talented she knows how to do skills
this, doesn't she, showing off her Plus
skills in an impressive new video. show
Plus home delivery revolution. We Norman
show you how you can get Harvey your
Norman products sent straight to up
your door.Sweet. And we're gearing More
up to go on a big tour next week. all
More details on how you can join in Today
all the fun and excitement with Today Show This program is not captioned. Every young Australian
needs a good start. It's my first job,
and, yeah, I love it. To be a role model for my children.

Welcome back to the show. We love Anyway
that JT song. Justin Lank. JL. road
Anyway for the best and biggest great
road trip ever we're organised some How
great places. Take VTR...Oh, yeah him
How good is that.Go. Oh look at around
him go the big fellow has gone extraordinary.
around the outside.That is top
extraordinary.How good is being on Doesn't
top of a hail bail.Oh.Oh!Woe! We
Doesn't get any better people.Yep, and
We Love Australia is back next week are
and we want you all to join us.We beach
are starting on Monday with the it's
beach party thought what the hell, Coast
it's winter almost. The Sunshine you're
Coast is hosting us. Noosa if good
you're in Noosa come down and say on
good day. Lots of stuff happening on the beach.Best time to be bull
Noosa. Then off to Rockhampton with day
bull ride and steak.On the same one,
day we will be live in Logan as the Dami
one, the only, the very fabulous concert
Dami Im performs a home coming going
concert at her old school. That's we
going to be wonderful.On Wednesday we are at one of the most beautiful White
places anywhere in the world. The you
White Sands of Airlie Beach bring That's
you close to the Great Barrier Reef. That's what we will do on Wednesday. Valley
On Thursday we hit the Hunter Karl
Valley in NSW for a bit of wine. I
Karl you don't need that and food. we
I don't need that either.On Friday Hahndorf
we will keep the theme happening in amazing
Hahndorf South Australia. An showing
amazing place in an incredible week yours
showing off the great nation of seeing
yoursHahndorf.Stevie is also around
seeing some of the great places where
around the country.Yeah I'm going going.
where you're not going. Boldly he's
going.Coming up in our next hour Attenborough
he's the man that makes Sir David amazing.
Attenborough documentaries look so film
amazing. Australia's most famous the
film maker shares his secrets.Plus can
the designer looks which everyone Louis
can afford from Camilla and Marc to on
Louis Vuitton. The amazing bargains in
on all your favourite brands.Ahead dramatic
in the news caught on camera the dramatic hospital brawl in Adelaide. We will Why are you dressed like that?
Winter is coming. So I'm just warming up
in this gravy. Don't you mean
(GRUFF VOICE) "Winter is coming"? (ANOTHER ACCENT) Winter is coming.
Honestly, you can't do voices. Nice jacket! Bring fries to life
with gravy. (McDONALD'S THEME)

This program is not captioned. I am better.
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Upsize Sale, you can get a double,
queen or king-size mattress from selected leading brands for the price of a single, because the only thing better
than the perfect mattress is more of it. The Upsize Sale -
now on at Forty Winks. Must end this weekend.

This program is not captioned. Hi, I'm Mike Kelly,
Labor's candidate for Eden Monaro. As the former member,
I delivered upgrades to every school in this region. Now Labor will commit to delivering long-term investment in education, giving our kids the best possible
start for their future. I'll also deliver more road upgrades, oppose the Liberals'
$100,000 uni degrees and the removal of penalty rates. And Labor will make multinationals
pay their fair share of tax. Labor - we'll put people first.

Every young Australian
needs a good start. It's my first job,
and, yeah, I love it. To be a role model for my children.

iSelect your life
and you'll always get it right.

Welcome back. We begin with where
breaking news now out of Sydney on
where emergency crews are right now the
on the scene of a fatal accident in the city's south. Just a short time ago, a car rolled on Farnell Avenue been
the Royal National Park. It has The
been confirmed one person has died. Bundeena
The main road into the village of investigation
Bundeena is now closed as an Queensland
investigation gets under way. To critical
Queensland now where a man is in a after
critical condition this morning in
after being hit by a car at Oxley short
in Brisbane's southwest just a reporter
short time ago. Today Queensland now.
reporter Jessica Millward is live Well,
now. Jess, what can you tell us? Well, we have The
into the news room of this crash. is
The latest information from police is that this man is aged in corner
He was walking with a cane on the Boundary
corner of Kimberley street and Emergency
he was struck by a vehicle. scene
Emergency Services do remain on avoid
scene and they are asking people to investigate.
avoid the area while they in
investigate. Now, this collision is traffic
in no way related to the fatal Inala
traffic crash that happened here at forensic
Inala last night. You can see the forensic crash unit is back on collect
scene here to investigate and was
collect more evidence after a man at
was hit walking home from the shops residents
at 8:20 last night. It was "Bang"
"Bang" and
residents that heard a very loud "Bang" and came outside to see what to
lady who at this stage is too upset saw
to speak on camera. She said she it
saw the car speeding off, however model.
it was too dark to get a make and person
model. Here is police.The male possession
person was travelling on foot, in is
possession of some groceries, so it shops
is suspected he had come from the either
shops and was travelling by foot footpath
either on the roadway or on the officers
footpath of the street.Forensic as
officers are now taking photographs evidence
as they continue to collect with
evidence and they do ask anyone crash
with any information on this fatal Crime
crash in Inala last night to call Federal
Crime Stoppers.Thank you. The life
Federal Government has thrown a farmers
life line to our struggling dairy immediate
farmers this morning, guaranteeing caretaker
immediate support under the million
caretaker convention. A $578 million aid

million aid package was announced a short time ago, aiming to help farmers as the industry goes includes
through a crisis. The package initiatives,
includes a series of new in
initiatives, including $900 million An
in low-interest concessional loans. escape
An elderly man has had a lucky northwest
escape when his home in Sydney's this
northwest was engulfed by flames to
this morning. The resident managed Hills
to get himself out of his Kurrajong destroyed
Hills property before it was in
destroyed by fire.He's a gentleman hasn't
in his 80s. We are very thankful he timely
hasn't been seriously hurt. It is a year
timely reminder at this time of for
year with the weather cooling down working
for people to make sure they have fire
working smoke alarms and that their condition.
fire places are in good working to
condition.The man has been taken suffering
to hospital in a stable condition Firefighters
suffering smoke inhalation. blaze,
Firefighters have put out that home.
blaze, but they couldn't save the may
home. Police believe inexperience crash
may have been a factor in a horror southeast
crash that killed two young men car
southeast of Melbourne overnight. A Dandenong
car was travelling through the to
Dandenong Ranges when it veered on colliding
to the wrong side of the road, He
colliding with a four-wheel drive. embankment
He then travelled over an killing
embankment and rolled several times, passengers.
killing the driver and one of the remains
passengers. A second passenger driver
remains in a coma this morning. The escaped
driver of the four-wheel drive memorial
escaped unharmed. A Sydney police of
memorial which displays the names lives
of officers who have lost their vandalised
lives on the job has been week.
vandalised for the second time this Wall
week. Nine's Lara Vella is at the What's
Wall of Remembrance at the Domain. authorities
What's been the response from and
authorities there?Well, disgust words
and anger are probably the best of
of Remembrance
words to describe it. The NSW Wall ground
of Remembrance is really hallowed ground for the state's police been walking by and having a look and paying their respects following Overnight,
yesterday's second attack here. sprayed
Overnight, black graffiti was along
sprayed all across the plaques and there's
along with the police outrage, emotions
there's also been some very strong morning
emotions from the public this second,
morning who have reacted to this Let's
second, sickening vandalism attack. people
Let's take a listen to some of what your
people have had to say.Just pull awful,
your head in, you know. That's there,
awful, you know. History right disgusting.
there, why would you do that? It is grow
disgusting.It is about time to as
grow up and leave everything alone, It
as it should be.Why deface things? like
It just, you know, makes you look understand
like a fool.I just can't understand someone with a mentality like that doing something like that. arrested
yesterday, a 30-year-old man was However,
arrested over both these incidents. mental
However, we do believe that some involved
involved here.
mental health issues might be taken
involved here. He has since been nonetheless
taken to St Vincent's Hospital, but this
nonetheless police are still taking they
this issue very, very seriously and released,
they say as soon as that suspect is be
released, charges are expected to across
be layid.Nine News will stay Shocking
across that today, thank you. wild
Shocking footage has surfaced of a Hospital.
wild brawl at Royal Adelaide emergency
Hospital. Security cameras in the fight
emergency waiting room captured the between
fight as punches were thrown between a of
onlookers were forced to move out good
of the way as security guards and a up
good samaritan stepped in to break the
up the brawl. Let's have a look at country
the weather for you around the country on this Wednesday morning:

There is no doubt that Serena tennis
Williams is one of the greatest we
tennis players of all time and now just
we have proof her skills aren't World
just limited to Grand Slams. The sensations
World No. 1 partnered with YouTube crazy
sensations Dude Perfect to hit some smacks
crazy tennis trick shots. Williams smacks water balloons off strings, head
hits a ball cannister off a man's There
head and nails moving targets. video.
There she goes in the impressive uses
video. For her grand finale, she large
uses an oversized racquet to sink a basketball
large tennis ball right into the basketball hoop from the very top nothing
of the bleachers. There it goes, pretty
nothing but net.Wow!That is a from
pretty remarkable three-pointer from Serena.

from Serena. Very good morning to more
David and Giorgi.Morning! Even karaoke
more impressive, she's a terrific she
karaoke performer. Is there nothing proof
she cannot do?My brother has the Brisbane
proof from a crazy night out in International.
Brisbane after she won the Brisbane It
International.What was the song? Can't
It was an Elton John song, actually. story.
Can't remember which one now.Good was
story.Let's say 'Rocket Man'. He