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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight: Multimillion dollar promises for Merimbula as Malcolm Turnbull helps out a friend in Eden Monaro. Please vote for Peter on the 2nd of July. A rough diamond. The Olympic champion shooter facing drink-driving and firearms charges. He has been a great ambassador for the sport and it will be a tragedy if he cannot fill his place at the Olympic Games. No time to waste. The Canberra companies turning to speed dating to find their perfect match. And, Nick Kyrgios, through to the second round of the French Open! But he is in trouble with the umpire, again. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. How much the Government should subsidise the visit to your GP is proving a lively tussle between the major parties. The Health Minister indicated she would like

this seat of Eden Monaro is currently held by Peter Hendy but is being re- contested by the man he toppled in the last election. Malcolm Turnbull took his campaign to the south coast to show his support for Peter Hendy. PLAYING A GUM LEAF. Gum leaf playing is an under appreciated artform. APPLAUSE. But the Bellweather New South Wales seat of Eden Monaro was Malcolm Turnbull's stage today and he came bearing gifts. The extension of the runway is going to be very important. Star power isn't enough. A Federal Election is 150 races and it will be won or lost in marginal seats. A lot rests on the hard work and appeal of the local MP. Well, please vote for Peter on the 2nd of July. In a sure sign the Coaltion is worried about losing Eden Monaro, five ministers have visited in a fortnight. Do you know Peter Hendy, the Federal Member? No. I've never met Peter Hendy. You live here? There was trouble of another kind on the airwaves, when the Health Minister distanced herself from the decision to freeze Medicare rebates to doctors. I've said to doctors I want that freeze lifted as soon as possible, but I appreciated that Finance and Treasury aren't allowing me to do that just yet. Word flashed across the Nullarbor. Its own Health Minister basically saying Labor's policies are better than those of her own Government. It was left to the Prime Minister to reinterpret. It will end when we judge it is affordable in the context of the health budget, and that's all that Sussan was saying. Bill Shorten was in Western Australia, a state where Labor has underperformed for years, promising a billion dollars to extend rail lines. Real jobs, real money, delivering for the public transport needs of Perth. And, while yesterday he brushed off a crack down on tax deductions for politicians who own homes in Canberra, today, he pledged to scrap it. I don't think it's fair. The Government cried "backflip" but clearly doesn't want to be hung out defending privilege. The Treasurer says he'll write to his counterpart. And we'll have a look at exactly what he's proposing. There are many arguments on the trail, but the one blow the Coaltion is determined to land is that Labor is big taxing and big spending. He's the grievance man. He's got a complaint about everything and the solution is always to spend more money. That is a big lie. And I'm calling it for what it is. Before this campaign is done, the truth will out. Chris Uhlmann, ABC News Canberra. I spoke to Chris Uhlmann a short time ago, and he told me why the Liberals are focusing on Eden Monaro. They are. Even though the margin had proved on the last election because of the reader subregion of the seat, Mike Kelly, the former member, has concerns about how Peter Hendy is travelling. You only need to look at the signs of the ground. The Prime Minister was their today. Other ministers have been going through on a regular basis. -- there. Everything is indicating that Eden Monaro is on a night said she in this election. Many big party names visiting. Do any of these high-profile visits make any difference to the voters when they cast their ballot?It attracts a lot of attention. That bounce
means the local member gets a bounce from that. They come bearing guests as you saw with the Prime Minister today. All about plays for the local member. There is a saying, you cannot fatten the pig on market day. If they have not done the work over the last three years than if they are already in trouble these visits are going to help them that much. -- then. He became an Australian sporting hero, winning Olympic gold in the shooting at Atlanta and Sydney. But Michael Diamond may have blown his chances of getting to Rio after being charged with high-range drink driving, and failing to secure his gun. Lucy McNally reports. Atlanta, 1996, a 24-year-old Michael Diamond wins gold in trap shooting. The first time an Australian had won a medal in a shooting event since the 1900 Paris Games. Unbelievable. You would have to experience it yourself to really know how I feel. He is probably feeling quite different today, two days after a drunken fight with his brother at his home ended in a drink-driving charge. Police say the 44-year-old refused a roadside breath test at Shoal Bay and later returned a blood alcohol reading three times the legal limit. If it is proven what has been suggested overnight that is something I wouldn't want any of our teammates to display. Police searched his car and allegedly found a shotgun with 150 rounds of ammunition. He has been charged with high range drink-driving and not keeping a firearm safe. His pistol licence has been suspended as part of his bail conditions. That's also something that has to run through the process in courts. If Michael Diamond makes it to Rio it will be his seventh Olympics. Only one other Australian, equestrian, Andrew Hoy, has achieved that. Shooting Australia says it is working closely with Michael to support him. We are also communicating regularly with the Australian Olympic Committee. The AOC says it is too early to make a decision. This isn't the first time Michael Diamond has been in trouble. In 2003, he was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend. But a magistrate found him not guilty and he was allowed to go to the Athens Games. If Michael is not allowed to go it will be a tragedy. Michael Diamond will face court next month. Lucy McNally, ABC News. A robot submarine will be used to search for the black box of the EgyptAir plane that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea last week. Personal belongings and debris from the Airbus 320 have been found floating in the sea north of Alexandria. 66 people were onboard the plane when it disappeared last had
Thursday after pilots warned smoke had been found on board. The search area is one of the deepest parts of the Mediterranean. The submarine to try
will have to descend thousands ofm to try to recover the flight recorders.

The US president has confirmed the death of Taliban leader Mullah Mansour, describing it as an important milestone in the battle to bring peace to Afghanistan. Mansour was killed in a targeted attack by a US drone. The Taliban has reportedly begun talks to replace him amid concerns from the West that IS militants might seize on the opportunity to fill the power vacuum.

US officials say the strike involved several drones and targeted a car just inside the Pakistani border, and inside were two men, including the Taliban leader, Mullah Mansour.There is a continuing, imminent threat to US personnel in Afghanistan, to Afghan civilians and Afghan security forces.Mullah Mansour became leader last July when the Taliban admitted it's founder Omar had been dead for two years. -- it. They have intensified their attacks, like this suicide bombing in trouble and have refused to negotiate. -- Kabul.They tried their best to bring Mullah Mansour want
to the peace talks, but he did not want to join the process.It is unclear who will succeed Mullah Mansour given the Taliban's driven by a division. The two official deputies, below them is a counsel of 21, including the son of the Taliban founder, Mullah Omar. One thing is certain.We know there will be some revenge attacks. Ordinary Afghans can only hope that Mullah Mansour's death will hope ring peace and stability, but there are fears the leadership vacuum could also open the door to Islamic State which has a small but growing presence in Afghanistan so be -- bring peace. -- Afghanistan. A soldier at the centre of Australia's most controversial Defence Force cases has spoken for the first time about his ordeal. Dave, a commando in the Army Reserve, was charged with manslaughter of five children after a firefight in a compound in Afghanistan. The charges have since been dropped, but the incident has in a tragedy for everyone involved. A commando in the reserves, he first saw action in East Timor and 2001 when Australian troops were welcomed by the locals. He says he loved the A and jumped at the opportunity to go to Afghanistan in 2008. Afghanistan was the most dangerous place on Earth for a soldier and was the pinnacle of war fighting. He was part of the First Reserve Commando Group Unit deployed on combat operations since World War II. Two members of the unit though were killed in just a few months, amid questions the reservists were inadequately trained. Dave says his life was shattered on a night mission in February 2009 to capture a Taliban leader. As several soldiers prepared to enter a room, a commando at a window spotted a gunman inside ready to shoot. He turned and fired towards me. Fired probably half a mag from 1.5 metres away. It's a miracle I wasn't killed. A firefight ensued and Fave says he was directed to throw in one and then another grenade. We didn't know there were women and children in that room until after the grenades. From the moment I realised there were dead children, I was... Horrified, numb... Just struggling to grasp. Despite frantic attampts to save the wounded, five children were killed in the action, including two infants. I can't fix it and I can't do anything to undo the damage that was done. Charges of manslaughter by criminal negligence were made against two commandos, but later dismissed by the military's Chief Judge Advocate. Michael Troy, ABC News. And you can see more on Australian Story tonight. The Iraqi government has announced the start of an offensive to retake the city of Fallujah from Islamic State militants. The city is just 50 kilometres west of Baghdad and has been out of government control for nearly 2.5 years. Iraqi forces have been massing.

Iraqi forces have been massing.
They are near the border and American airstrikes have stepped up. The Prime Minister says Special Forces soldiers, police, militia forces, and pro-government tribesmen will take part in the operation, and he has advised tens of thousands of residents to leave if possible. In the next few hours, Austria will announce if it becomes the first country in the European Union to elect a far-right head of state. Their presidential election is balanced on a knife-edge, with votes divided evenly between an anti-migrant candidate and a former Green. The move away from centrist politics is being carefully watched by the EU. Europe correspondent, Steve Cananne reports.

They once met in the middle, now Austrian voters have moved to extreme. Candidates from the two governing parties were dispatched in the first round of these presidential elections, leaving a far left and far right candidate to battle it out. On the right, Norbert, who campaigned on an anti- migrant anti- Muslim platform. He said he will sack the government if it doesn't get tough on them.I am not a dangerous person.His opponent, Alexander, is running as an independent. But he was a former leader of the Greens.To put it in a nutshell I am pro- European and concerned.
there are doubts as far as he is concerned.An economist by trade, he has defied predictions to make this a neck and neck race. He has won 48.1%, mostly in urban areas. Meanwhile, Mr Hofer has got to the 1.9% from regional electorates. Now it is down to postal votes.--5 .9%. I consider them as not a threat to democracy.People will vote because they are worried. The old system did not work.Austria is not the first European country to see a backlash against the current political establishment. Across the continent those parties have made gains in recent elections. The migrant crisis and fears about the loss of national identity have prompted a swing to the right. The European Union fears the character of the continent will change if these parties sees power. Smack seize. -- seize. A former senior Liberal Party fundraiser has cold for root and branch reform of Australia's electoral funding rules. -- called for. Michael Yabsley has told Four Corners it wasn't a great secret that prohibited donations were being funnelled to the party. Quentin McDermott reports. He served as the one rare treasurer from 2008 220 10. He was one of the most successful fundraisers, but now he wants reform.It is high time to do something about this. To eliminate what will always be a serious accident waiting to happen. The accident has already occurred. In 2014, the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC, heard allegations that funds from prohibited donors were brought in through a hidden identity.They simply disclosed it in a disguised way.The Free Enterprise Donation denies breaking the law. But Michael has revealed he knew about the prohibited donations when they were made. Up until now, no senior Federal Liberal Party official has admitted their knowledge of this practice. We are talking about property developers, owners of certain licence premises. Yes, I don't think there was a great secret about the fact it was happening.In March this year the New South Wales Electoral Commission withheld $4.4 million of public funding from the New South Wales Liberals due to lack of proper disclosure. The Electoral Commission has been criticised for acting before ICAC hands down its final report.We consider it appropriate to act. It would have been inappropriate not to act.Justice Mason says it isn't just about enforcing the rules, but ensuring the proper functioning of democracy. Senior Queensland bureaucrats and police are in crisis talks amid tension in Aurukun after more violent attacks rocked the Cape York township. For the second time in a fortnight, the local school principal has been ambushed by armed youths. An elder has also been bashed for speaking out. Just two weeks after he was bashed with the blunt end of an axe, Aurukun principle, Scott Fatnowna, has been carjacked at knifepoint. We don't believe that it was targeted. The fact of the matter is the principal was driving a vehicle, the subject of the offence was to get the motor vehicle. Police say two of the accused were on bail from the previous attack a fortnight ago. We need to work with the community leadership, with the elders there, and ultimately, it is the community that is going to have the answers. Phyllis Yungkaporta spoke out last week about violent clashes on the street. She was also attacked on Friday night. My injuries were in my face, my head, my upper lip. She says she was assaulted because she'd raised concerns publicly. I'm only there for the benefit of the community to advocate what I believe in. These recent attacks come as the State's Education Department seeks to fill five teaching spaces. Only 20 of the 25 teachers who were evacuated following violence earlier this month have returned. The kids have been at school and teachers have been teaching and the school's got on with the business. Paula Shaw taught in Aurukun about 10 years ago. She's published a book about her time there, but says the community faced the same problems then. If small children see it when they're little, that becomes their norm and that becomes perpetuated when they're adults. And I completely understand why they'd love to see it stopped now. Everybody would. We need to work with those people who are willing to stand up and make the change. Senior Government officials have flown to Aurukun for continued crisis talks with elders and police. Josh Bavas, ABC News. The Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal is on this weekend. And while many of us will give to the charity, few might realise just what a difference the donations make. Just one of the vital services being run by the Salvos is its Canberra Drug and Alcoholic Recovery Centre, helping to turn addicts' lives around. It is a big day for Kelly Thompson, drug-free and ready to face the world again. You have completely made me a better person for being here and I honestly think that. Kelly checked into the Salvo's recovery centre almost two years ago after a decade of an ice addiction. She had hit rock bottom. I lost my career, I lost everything. Lost my children. So, yeah, then everything just got too much. The centre accommodates up to 55 residents. They can stay for as long as they want or need to and demand is high. I would say we are getting anywhere from ten to 20 people interested a day who are looking or at least enquiring about getting support for their drug and alcoholic issues. The Salvation Army pours over $1 million of funding into the centre each year, much of it raised during the annual doorknock appeal. Every resident gets a caseworker addressing both their addiction and their behaviour that led to it. The programme boasts a success rate of over 50%. But those on the front lines or dedicated follow-up care could improve that. I think what would really enhance clients' recovery is to have a full-time relapse prevention worker or outreach worker. After 23 months, Kelly is moving out. She is studying, has a house and a part-time job, and is in touch with her children again. I think this is the best thing I have done. Like, I honestly tried. I tried a lot of time on my own at home and I just couldn't get past two weeks. She is determined, she has put many things in place in order to give her the best chance of recovery. A fresh start that not so long ago seemed impossible. Narda Gilmore, BBC News, Canberra. Finance now. The local sharemarket fell back today after a big fall in the price of iron ore. But, as Alan Kohler reports, the Australia dollar is roughly steady. Flight Centre shocked the market today with a profit downgrade. That is after saying everything was fined two weeks ago. It has been bumpy in the travel business. -- fine. The market didn't like the sudden descent and knocked nearly 5% off the share price. BlueScope Steel jumped 7% after an increase in its forecast. Iron or has had a bad session. -- ore. A comparison of the prices of FlightCentre and Webjet. One has shops and the other doesn't. FlightCentre has dropped and Webjet has landed. You wonder if this is a turning point four the flight business. -- for. This explains the weakness in the Australian dollar. That have urged. Even if there is an interest rate opening up of the United States as there is now. Ours is an iron dollar. The exchange rate was steady today. America, China, Korea, they were up a bit. Japan, down a bit. That is finance. The Canberra Innovation Network and CSIRO have teamed up to match young Canberra students with potential employees in the start-up field. The catch? The students have just minutes to sell their potential to get a paid internship or even a job. Bright eyes and on the clock, these students are looking for their future match, but they are certainly not after a fling. They are on the hunt for a paid internship. My major is photography. I want to find my way in.I want to work in start-ups when I graduate and eventually wants to go on and own my own start-up. -- want. Six minutes is all they have to pitch themselves, and hopefully secure their dream job. To ease the nerves, the local start-ups first had to pitch themselves to the students. As a student it is hard to get a job. Local start-ups have been brought together with 40 university students for today's speed dating event. The idea behind it is to romance the students into staying in the capital after they graduate. The statistics are something like 40% of them leave Canberra because they don't see a job opportunity. But they are here.Young people have more energy. They want independence.I haven't done anything like this before so it is exciting.Exciting for the graduates and for Canberra's innovation futures. -- future. Canberra's Nick Kyrgios says he feels hard done by after being issued a code violation at the French Open. The 21-year-old beat Italian Marco Cecchinato in straight sets in his first round match. During the first set tie breaker, he called for a towel from the ball boy. And the umpire reprimanded Nick Kyrgios for how he made the

You know, sometimes, when you are a bit frustrated, you do, obviously, not scream at them, you do get a little mad at them. But, for me, that time, I didn't get mad at all. I just said it a little louder. So, yeah, I just feel it was a bit rough. Nick Kyrgios is seeking selection for the Rio Olympic Games. But, his behaviour and commitment to the Olympic ideal have been questioned by the Australian team's Chief de Mission. The axe has fallen on eight players in the New South Wales origin squad. Captain Paul Gallan says changes had to be made after the side was thrashed by 46 point 10 last it's series decider. Jennifer Browning reports. The Blues will keep the maroons gassing, naming a 19-man squad for the series opener. Your New South Wales Blues! There are five fresh faces in the group, including Matt Moylan, Josh Mansour, Dylan Walker, Tyson Frizell, and Adam Reynolds. There will always good to be changes and these debutants all play very well at club level and no-one should doubt that they deserve their shot. We never pick a team to lose. Reynolds will partner James Maloney in the halves, who returns for the first time since 2013. It is definitely going to be good playing alongside him. He has done a wonderful job for Cronulla this year and has been in terrific form so I am excited. Incumbents Trent Hodkinson and Mitchell Pearce failed to make the cut. Mitch, three games back, probably needs a few more under his belt. In all, eight players from last year's series decider have been left out of this group. It was a tough loss. We were embarrassed up there. But, it is a shame those guys aren't here. They are terrific guys. They were a great part of our team. But they aren't here for Game 1. One player who will return is Blake Ferguson. Three years ago, he was kicked out of the team after he was charged with indecent assault at a Cronulla nightclub. I am just happy and excited to get another opportunity. I lost it three years ago and I am excited to get it back. For the third straight year, the Blues will set up camp in Coffs Harbour. They will hold their first full training session on Wednesday, a week out from the series opener here in Sydney. Queensland will name its team tomorrow. Jennifer Browning, ABC News. The weather now. We have had a cooler and windy day, with westerlies gusting at up to 65km/h. Many suburbs had a few spots of rain, but nothing to register in the rain gauge. Our top was 17 degrees. There have been a few light falls in the mountains to our west and south and hazardous winds. Up to 117km/h at Thredbo Top Station. The sent the apparent temperature at 1pm is 2-13. Nowhere escaped the wind, although, the coast managed to get temperatures into the mid-20s. It was cooler inland. Tasmania's in the grip of a cold patch. Hobart only reached 11 with showers. Melbourne had 17. But, Sydney and Brisbane have been quite warm for late May. A cold front has pushed a heavy cloud band and strong winds over southern Australia, while it is mostly clear weather following behind. As a high-pressure system moves overhead, we will have more stable conditions, but cool nights, with frosts and subzero temperatures in store over coming days. Perth will see another strong cold front sweep through. And there will be more showers in Tasmania. But, it will be mostly fine and sunny along the east coast, with a cooler top of 21 for Sydney tomorrow. Plenty of sun locally, with some frosty nights in elevated areas. -1 to 15 in Cooma. 7-20 at Batemans Bay. Goulburn, a windy day with a top of just 14. In Canberra, expect a mostly sunny day with north-westerly winds at first, 5 overnight, up to 16 during the day. The sun won't be out until two minutes to 7am. It will be setting at 5:02. Thursday, it looks rainy at this stage, as a change moves through. The rest of the week looks decidedly cooler with a dismal top of just 12 on Saturday.

That is it. Stay with us now for 7:30 with Leigh Sales.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. . Welcome. The leaders hone their pictures but is anybody really listening yet?Please vote for me. How's it going?Pretty good.Soft and swinging voters aren't persuaded by politicians. They mistrust them all.I was shaking all over.What happens to the children who are kidnapped in bitter kursdy disputes?It's often been -- custody disputes? It's often been said I was the ball in the park between a mother and a father. So it's their game. I'm just the object.And NASA's boss recruiting for the next space adventure.Mars should be the immediate destination for humanity. We should do if with all deliberate