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(generated from captions) carrying this tiny, little,
male orphan around, it was lovely.

KATE HOPKINS: Every single day
was an act of beauty between the two of them. And that's something
you can never forget.

COLBECK: Sometimes I imagine the rest of
the world waking up, getting on busses,
or they may be
getting on subways. Our commute to work
is walking for an hour through the jungle
to find chimpanzees. Some of this stuff
is just impenetrable and really difficult
to move through.

It really is a joy
to walk through this forest. (GRUNTS) (LAUGHS) You see,
it's not always that easy. So, we're just walking... (CRASHES) (CREW LAUGHING)

They bite you
in the most
remarkable places.

These sweat bees
are driving me nuts. Still, at least
they're not honeybees. Ahh! Ow! Ow! Ahh! (BEES BUZZING)

It's gotten intolerable. I'm leaving. Oh, my God. Ed! If it bites you,
you won't survive. (EXASPERATED SIGH) It's not a picnic,
you know.


There must be easier ways
to make a living, but they're not
as much fun.

This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. This afternoon -
battlelines drawn. The Turnbull government rules out
changes to negative gearing as housing affordability becomes
a key election issue. Police urge drivers to slow down, with four more deaths on the
nation's roads this long weekend. The hunt for arsonists who targeted the home
of an elderly Sydney couple. And the breakthrough treatment offering hope
to Alzheimer's patients.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 5:00 with Angie Asimus.

Those stories shortly but soon to
some breaking news south of Sydney. We're hearing reports of a violent
attack at a home in Bundeena. Police were called to the property
just before 4:00 this afternoon, after neighbours heard screaming
coming from the house. There are reports one person has
been killed and another injured.

The Turnbull Government has ruled
out changes to negative gearing in the upcoming budget, saying it's a win
for mum-and-dad investors. It's attacked Labor's policy, saying it'll push down house prices
and jack up rent. Tim Lester has the details.

Angie, the Turnbull government has finally dumped any thought
of tinkering with negative gearing, choosing instead to make
Labor's changes to the tax practise a major election battleground. 2.5 months after
Labor announced its policy, Malcolm Turnbull and his Treasurer
have gone all out, attacking Labor's plan to restrict
the tax incentive to just new homes, calling it a reckless trifecta. They're going to drive down
home values, drive up rents and discourage investment, and that's why
we won't have a bar of it. He's got nothing, he's got nothing
but words and slogans and lies. It'll target and attack
mum and dad investors who are just trying to get ahead. And that's where
the battle lines are drawn - the Coalition says it's
protecting mum and dad investors while Labor is pitching
to would-be first homebuyers who just can't afford
that first purchase. He thinks it's more important for an Australian buying a 10th
or 11th home to get a tax break than it is to help first homebuyers
get into the market. This is a big sledgehammer they're
taking to the property market. The big key is supply - if there's sufficient supply
then the price is moderated. Economists are, in fact, divided on how much Labor's plan
would impact house prices. Either way, though, Angie, we now have the sharpest
of policy divides ahead of the likely
July 2 election. Do we want Labor's policies, which would likely soften prices
to some extent, good for first homebuyers, or do we want
the government's plan - to back current house prices,
regardless? It's been another horror day
on the nation's roads, with four people killed
in the past 24 hours. Police are pleading for drivers
to slow down, as the Anzac Day long weekend
road toll continues to climb.

A burnt-out car rests on a roadway. The driver's body was found inside. The vehicle left the road
at Kurwongbah in Queensland and burst into flames. This single occupant
of the vehicle, it appears, was deceased after impact. It appears as though
speed is probably a factor. This afternoon, a motorcyclist
lost control around a bend in the Victorian town of Kinglake. He crashed head-on with a car
and died at the scene. A second rider,
caught up in the accident, was also seriously hurt. It was one of two motorbike crashes
in the state. A 26-year-old man
is clinging to life after colliding with a station wagon
in Melbourne. Children witnessed the incident. Blood all on his face and that and we were all thinking, "Is he
gonna die, is he gonna make it?" There was no relief
in New South Wales. In Sydney, a female driver was lucky to escape
with just minor injuries after colliding
with a traffic light before ramming into the back
of a parked car. At Port Kembla, an elderly pedestrian
suffered serious injuries after being struck by a ute. The state's long weekend road toll
rose to seven after a male driver was killed
at East Gosford this morning. There was another fatal accident
at Canowindra. Police around the country are urging
motorists to do the right thing. Definitely slow down
and take care.

An elderly couple say they have no idea why
their home was targeted by arsonists in Sydney's west. They were in bed when their
smoke alarm went off last night. Neighbours rushed over to help. Jessica Dietrich is at the scene
in Canley Vale.

Well, Angie, you can only imagine
how distressing this would have been for this elderly couple. Aub Hogan is 90 years old. His wife Margaret is 80. Now, they'd just settled
into bed around 7:30 last night when they were woken
to the smoke alarm. Flames had engulfed
their front door. I heard this boom,
I heard the big noise. And I jumped, I said to the hubby,
"That's a smoke alarm!" And I jumped out of bed
and that's when we've seen the mess, a big fire there, you know. Neighbours raced over
to extinguish the blaze and help get the elderly couple
out to safety. They've lived here for 64 years and their family is baffled
as to why they would be targeted. Look at their age and everything,
I mean, they've been a quiet couple, they're a great couple and that, and yeah, to have someone like this,
I don't know why it's happened. I have no idea who'd do it to us,
'cause we've done no wrong anywhere. And we're in... Everybody around here, you know,
we get on real good with 'em. Now, police have told us a liquid accelerant
was found on the front door, and they want to speak
to a group of group of young people seen in the area last night. But Aub and Margaret
have their own suspicions. They've been approached
by a developer several times to sell their half-acre property,
so they can build on four blocks, but they've said no. Now, they think this could be an
attempt to scare them into selling, and police haven't ruled that out
as a line of enquiry. A woman's body
has been recovered from the water on the New South Wales
Central Coast. Emergency crews were called
to Snapper Point after the victim was found face down
inside the blow hole. She's yet to be identified. The death is being treated
as suspicious. Australian researchers
have been stunned by the positive results from a trial into a potential new treatment
for Alzheimer's disease. Some of the patients taking part have been able to regain
complex skills, such as painting and playing music.

Award-winning artist
Valerie Lynch is once again
creating beautiful paintings, after losing the ability
to the devastating disease. But it's something you like to do,
you see, you like to do painting. She's one of 32 patients
involved in the world-first trial of experimental drug
Anavex 2-73. The turnaround has been
lifechanging. I've been taking the tablet
for awhile now, I've been taking the tablet
for a while now, and, and all that business
is gone. It's extraordinary. She's back to her old self,
she's blossomed. She's bubbly, she's laughing,
full of life. Other patients have experienced
similar improvements, like Pauline Stevens,
who's once again playing the piano. How's that? It's been especially rewarding for researchers to witness
the remarkable results. What's more important
than the hard data is how the patients are experiencing
benefit from the trial, with people regaining abilities
that they'd previously lost. The drug targets
sigma-1 receptor cells, that are supposed to keep
the brain functioning properly, but can stop working
as we get older. By strengthening the cells, the drug helps clear
the brain of bad proteins that are believed
to cause dementia. Researchers say while the
early results are very promising, it's too soon in the trial
to draw conclusions.

Final preparations are underway ahead of Anzac Day commemorations
tomorrow. At Gallipoli, unprecedented security measures
are being enforced to ensure the safety of pilgrims. Robert Ovadia is there. In two hours' time, Anzac Cove
and the area surrounding it will go into complete lockdown
for a final sweep of the area. That should take
anywhere between 4-5 hours. The security operation here
is unprecedented. Even private security contractors
will be kicked out, and that should allow only military
to check cars and under seats and anywhere they can, really,
for explosives or caches of guns. Concrete barriers have been erected, so too checkpoints
and X-ray machines. And just like airline security, people will not even be able to take
liquid bottles of more than 100mL. The region's governor tells us security will be tenfold
on previous years. He uses the word "unbelievable"
to describe it, and while he insists
that's why people will be safe, the mere need for it has kept many
away from Gallipoli this year. The commemoration's moved
to the Western Front this year and we're expecting large numbers
of Australians for those commemorations, so it's not surprising
we're down on numbers this year. Veterans Affairs Minister Dan Tehan met with winners of the
Queensland Premier's school prize. Last year there were 80 of them,
and this year barely 10, but the students tell us they are absolutely in awe
of the Gallipoli experience. To think 101 years ago soldiers as young as us
are serving for their country, it's incredible. People attending
the dawn service here will be allowed to move into
Anzac Cove in about 8 hours' time, after that security sweep. It's going to be a long, cold night.

And a reminder - Sunrise will bring you full coverage
of Anzac Day services across the country
and around the world. Join Sam and Kochie from the special
time of 4:50 tomorrow morning.

The body of music legend Prince
has been cremated, just days following
his tragic death. A small group of friends and family
attended a private service to farewell the 57-year-old, as fans continue to pay
their respects outside his home.

For a third day, large crowds gathering
outside Prince's Paisley Park, many dressed in purple, visiting what's become a colourful,
growing shrine to the late artist. I think what he represented
to Minnesota is amazing. Prince is kind of more like
the fabric of my life. Late this afternoon, a white truck
pulled out of the compound and people dressed in black handed
out round containers of souvenirs. WOMAN: It's a memory. YOUNG WOMAN: They're all
a little different. Tributes and remembrances of
his life are coming in all forms, from flowers, balloons,
cards and paintings... 26 straight hours of music,
which started last night. # Raspberry beret... # .. to a radio marathon
of his published catalogue of songs in alphabetical order. And it's fun to hear the hits next
to some of the lesser-known songs, and he left quite an impact
around here. # No need to cry. # Hollywood's Walk of Fame a flashmob, and tonight's SNL title,
Goodnight Sweet Prince. # Purple rain, purple rain! # Those too young
to see 1984's Purple Rain, or those wanting to relive it,
headed to the big screen today, for a limited release by
AMC theatres around the country. Rolling Stone magazine
headed to its vault, promoting an unpublished interview
for its next issue, asking Prince what should become
of his music when he's gone.

"I don't think about gone",
he's quoted in response. The cause of the 57-year-old's
sudden death remains a mystery. An autopsy was inconclusive
pending more investigation, and many questions remain about the days and weeks
leading to his demise.

Bruce Springsteen has paid tribute
to Prince, opening his concert in Brooklyn
last night with the classic hit Purple Rain.

# Purple rain, purple rain. # He shouted "Prince Forever,
God Bless!" to the crowd following the moving performance. Still to come in Seven News,
sinkhole terror - how a traffic cop's quick thinking
helped save drivers on a busy roadway. And royal performance - Prince Charles tests out
his acting skills. Find out why, next.

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are ramping up their desperate hunt
for a killer, or killers, who murdered eight family members. Seven adults and a teenage boy
were shot in the head, execution style, at homes in rural Ohio. Authorities don't yet know why
they were targeted.

The first panicked call for help...

.. shattered rural Pike County,
Ohio, just before 8:00am Friday.

The grisly discovery
launched an all-out manhunt. Sherriff's deputies would soon find
eight relatives shot dead in four separate homes
only miles apart.

The victims ranged in age
from 16 to 44, some discovered still in bed,
investigators say, suggesting they were
shot execution-style while they were sleeping.

Just as chilling who survived -
three children. A 3-year-old, a 6-month-old,
and a newborn, just four days old, found in the same room
as his dead mother. Authorities say none of the victims
committed suicide, so they're warning residents that
at least one killer is on the loose, considered armed and dangerous. We do not know whether
we're talking about one individual, or two, or three, or more. We simply do not know that
at this point. The family,
identified as the Rhodens, well-known in Pike County,
population less than 30,000. Today, the extended family
is shaken. It's hard. Tonight, a $25,000 reward
has just been posted for any information
leading to an arrest, as this horrifying mystery
in the Midwest deepens.

A quick-thinking police officer
in China has helped spare drivers
from disaster. While on patrol, he noticed the busy roadway
was starting to crack. He moved quickly, weaving through traffic
to get witches hats and cordon off the area. Just minutes later
a massive sinkhole opens up. The crater measured around 2m deep
and 6m wide. An investigation into
the road collapse is underway.

Shocking video has emerged
of a horror crash in the UK. The driver loses control
and clips a wall, sending his car
somersaulting through the air. Incredibly, the driver and passenger managed to
escape from the wreckage alive. The smash occurred at
a notorious accident black spot.

Pope Francis has surprised
thousands of his followers in St Peter's Square, hearing confessions
for more than an hour. The pontiff administered
the sacrament of reconciliation to 16 teenagers who were gathered for
a special youth event. He was joined by 150 priests,
who also sat with the crowd. The Pope will also be conducting
an open-air mass for the teenagers.

The 400th anniversary
of the death of William Shakespeare has been marked with special parades
and performances across England. Prince Charles was among those
who took to the stage. Ben Lewis has the details
from London's Globe Theatre.

On this, the 400th anniversary
of Shakespeare's death, his works are being celebrated
right across the country, with some special guests on hand
to pay tribute to the Bard. Prince Charles is somewhat
of a Shakespeare enthusiast and bravely took to the stage in a very much
tongue-in-cheek performance. To be, or not to be?
That is the question. (WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Barack Obama was treated to his own
personal performance of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre. I will forestall their repair hither
and say you are not fit. Not a whit. It was a brief show, but one
the President appeared to enjoy. In Stratford-upon-Avon,
where the Bard was born and raised, they marked the death of
the town's most famous resident with a funeral procession,
and then a carnival. MAN: Hooray!

To come or not to come...
not a question! Everyone's heard of Shakespeare.
Life's based on Shakespeare. We all, every...

Half the time, we don't
what we're saying but it's a quotation of Shakespeare. It's thought that Shakespeare
wrote around 38 full-length plays and many, many more sonnets, and his plays have been
performed more than those of any other writer in history. Sport's next with Mel McLaughlin.
Mel, you're in Wanderland tonight? Angie, it's a full house here
as the Wanderers battle the Roar for a place in the Grand Final. The latest next. Plus, the Tigers in crisis -
is this the end for Jason Taylor? And here come the Giants - Greater Western Sydney's big win
over St Kilda in the AFL.

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The second semifinal in the A-League
is underway here at Parramatta and it's scoreless at the moment. There was plenty of excitement
around the ground and the traditional pregame
march towards the stadium was the loudest it's been all year. The Wanderers are chasing
a third grand final appearance in just their fourth season
in the competition. So far, there have been few chances as both teams
slowly settle into the match.

The Wests Tigers are in crisis, and it might be too late for
coach Jason Taylor to save his job. The Tigers crashed
to their sixth-straight loss in Canberra last night,
a humiliating 60-6 defeat. But the players and coach already
looked defeated by half-time. We weren't here mentally.
It's a really poor showing from us. And it's bloody tough. In Townsville,
the Eels led the Cowboys 16-14, when five-eighth Corey Norman was
sin-binned for a professional foul. The Premiers went on to win 32-16. I haven't seen many of them go to
the sin bin this year, that's all. We probably got a bit lucky there,
but we're not gonna complain. After defecting from Fiji, Semi Radradra is expected to be
named in the Australian team on Tuesday.

GWS have moved into the top 8
for the first time this season after thumping St Kilda
by 47 points. Giants forward Jeremy Cameron returned from a pre-season
suspension and kicked 5 goals. He was also lucky to escape injury
after getting nailed in the head. GWS ran away with the game by grabbing the first six goals
of the last quarter. Steve Johnson also starred,
booting 4 majors. Last night, there was an all-in at the end of the first term
between Geelong and Port Adelaide. It was sparked after Patrick Dangerfield
copped a knee to the back. Cats coach Chris Scott
was not impressed, and had a few words
with some of the Port players.

The Waratahs finally produced their
best Rugby in Perth last night, where Israel Folau became New South Wales' leading try-scorer
in Super Rugby with 30 in the Waratahs' 49-13 bonus
point rout of the Western Force. It snaps a two-game losing streak, and helps keep
their slim finals hopes alive. Things started to come together, and it showed that when we can
hold the ball and get good momentum we can be a really excellent team. The Queensland Reds' woes continue
after a 40-22 loss to the Stormers in Cape Town.

Manchester United has reached
the FA Cup final for the first time since 2007. The Red Devils found a winner
in stoppage time against Everton. COMMENTATOR: Herrera, oh!
Martial a chance to win it. In the Premier League, Chelsea superstar Edin Hazard
scored his first goal of the season as the Blues
hammered Bournemouth 4-1. And Liverpool was
cruising against Newcastle after this cracker
from Adam Lallana. But the Magpies scored twice
in the second half for a crucial point,
as they battle relegation.

Still no goals

Still no goals here at Wonderland but the Wanderers have a fantastic record, they are playing to get into the final at Adelaide Oval and they have won all semifinals so far. Coming up next -
the national weather forecast.

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On the
satellite, a large high
pressure system is bringing sunny
and settled weather to most of our
southern states. It's a little gusty
on the coast, though, thanks to
onshore winds. And an
approaching cold front is producing showers
in WA's south-west. To our
capitals, a cool and unsettled
day for Perth, a sunny 27 degrees
for Adelaide. Blue
skies also in Melbourne
and Hobart. Mostly sunny for
Canberra and Sydney, 23 for a
maximum. Just the chance
of a shower in Brisbane,
and 26 there. Darwin,
fine, and a very warm
top of 36 degrees.

And that's Seven News for now. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Angie Asimus -
thanks for your company. Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

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the Southern Highlands you can't fault the scenery, but this place now
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Food & Wine Clusters. I'm going to take you to the very
first one, the Joadja Cluster, and I can promise you
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and fantastic culture. And I'm going to take you to a place where they make
the oldest drink in the world. So don't go away. Here's what the rest of the crew
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Tonight, Jack rides the rapids. Here in Penrith, you can be in
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Also, Flic finds some posh pub grub. This week's eating out is a cracker. (CRACK!) And... ERICA: Stay at Canberra's
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Restaurant tours. Now, if you are a bit of a wuss
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pretty safe, aren't they? Yes. We have had two-year-olds
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that fall asleep in the middle between Mum and Dad. That's a thing. You feel really safe
and you get in a zone. It is absolutely fantastic.
No, they're good. Now, I have got to ask, Trev,
why Troll Tours? Do you live like under a bridge
or something? No. A lot of my bike mates
many years ago always accused me
of being big and ugly, so it has always stuck. So big, ugly troll,
and that's what it's been. Oh. You're handsome.
What are they talking about? I know I'm handsome
but what that's right.

You'll feel 100% confident in the hands of Harley handsome
and experienced rider Trev as you cruise across
the incredible Sea Cliff Bridge. How amazing is the Sea Cliff
Bridge, Trev? This is incredible It's literally as if we are flying
over water right now. Whoo! (LAUGHS) That's my favourite part
of the trade trip so far. The Sea Cliff Bridge. Spectacular. Yes, it certainly is. And it's as if
you are flying on a Harley. I was whoo-hooing, Trev. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! I noticed. My ears could tell.
(LAUGHS) Amazing. The only thing that could
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When Trev says 'somewhere'
he means somewhere pretty special. Because our lunch spot is
the ultimate in oceanfront dining. Trev, you promised a great
lunch spot and you delivered. Look at this! The Scarborough Hotel,
built in 1886, is spectacularly perched on the edge
of the mighty Pacific. There is a delicious
seafood-heavy menu and views that are
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Great food and company
and a pub with a view. This has gotta be the perfect ending
to the perfect ride.

Because there are some views
you never get sick of.

MIKE: Troll Tours operate
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After the break,
Jack goes overboard. (ALL SQUEAL)

Also the Southern Highlands
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