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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today - the Prime Minister rules out changes to negative gearing ahead of the may budget. The reckless changes will reduce property values, they will devalue every home, every property in Australia.I think Mum and dads around the country will be deeply concerned that the government of Australia has no plan to help their kids with housing affordability.

Also today - an elderly couple left shaken after a suspicious fire at their house in Sydney. Republican candidate Ted Cruz chips away at Donald Trump's lead, with a victory in Wyoming. And pop star Prince laid to rest in a private ceremony in his hometown.

Hello. Adrian Raschella with ABC News. A quick look at the weather for tomorrow. Partly cloudy in Brisbane and Sydney. A sunny day for Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin. Mostly sunny in Canberra. And showers forecast for Perth.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ruled out any changes to negative gearing in the may budget. The announcement follows a plan from Labor that would restrict negative gearing to new properties after 2017. But Malcolm Turnbull says that plan would be a disaster for house prices. Labor's reckless changes will reduce property values, they will devalue every home, every property in Australia.And they will result in increased rents because they will reduce the number of rental properties available. So it is an extraordinary trifecta of outcomes the Labor Party is proposing. We will drive up rents and discourage investments, and that's why we won't have a bar of it. But it is important for Australians to understand that there will be a big choice in this election. If you vote for Labor and it wins government, that means higher rents, lower home values, less investment. Now, we believe, Scott and I and David, believe that we need to see more investment in Australia, which is why we aren't putting up capital gains tax the way the Labor Party is. If you want people to do less of something you jack up the tax on it. Labor wants less investment in Australia because they are jacking up the tax on investment. The Federal Opposition says it will stick by its negative gearing policy. Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen says the public should be concerned about the government's proposal. I think mum and dads around the country will be deeply concerned that the government of Australia has no plan to help their kids with housing affordability. I mean, parents and grandparents around the country say to me regularly, how are my children and grandchildren going to be able to afford to buy into this housing market, which someone like the governor of the reserve bank has said is crazy. We have come up with a carefully calibrated policy which protects existing investments, every single investment grandfathered, and said if you want it negatively geared that's fine, just do it in new housing, work with us, we will increase the housing supply to help affordability, which will see first-time buyers put on a more level playing field with investors. The level of first home buyers buying in Australia is the lowest it has ever been. The level of investors is the highest. There is a leak. Expert after expert, economist after economist recognises that Malcolm Turnbull is out of touch, has his head in the sand and refuses to deal with Greens leader Richard Di Natale has also criticised the government's decision not to change negative gearing rules. He says the Prime Minister wants to run a scare campaign about housing prices. He has shown himself to be a great disappointment and by refusing to rule out changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax reform, what he is doing is saying, we are going to continue with this unfair tax breaks, which means we've got less money to spend on schools and hospitals. That's what this policy announcement means. It means we will continue to have less money to spend on schools and hospitals and to continue a tax break that means the gap between the rich and poor in Australia continues to grow. This is a really Turnbull.
bad political decision from Malcolm Turnbull. The most important thing is it's a bad policy decision because Australians want an election campaign where they hear about their leaders' vision for the future and what Malcolm Turnbull wants to do is run a negative scare campaign, rather than showing some leadership on those key issues, like how we tackle dangerous global economy.
warning and a transition to a new A woman's body has been found face down inside a blow hole on the New South Wales Central Coast. Police say they are treating the death as suspicious and have established a crime scene at Snapper Point in the Munmorah State recreation area between Gosford and Newcastle. A paramedic was winched into the water to retrieve the woman's body this morning. Police won't confirm reports that she was stabbed multiple times. Detectives say they're looking for a group of youths spotted near a suspicious house fire in Sydney. Officers say an 80-year-old woman and her 90-year-old husband escaped from their Canley Vale house, after their smoke alarm went off last night. The elderly couple says the fire was terrifying. Oh, we couldn't believe it. If you'd have seen the house on fire, I thought we were going to lose the whole house. It was a massive, big blaze. What happened, we were in bed just listening to the football and the next thing the alarm and smoke detector, oh, screaming! I said to the hubby, that's a fire! And I jumped out of bed and this was just one mad blaze all the way up here.I thought they might be trying to scare us into selling our house. Well, we haven't got an enemy in the world. No, we've got no enemies.They are all very good around here.Are you scared now to be in this house?Oh, no. No way. We might feel a bit...Every little bit of noise I will be up I suppose. Good luck to them. The Victorian government has unveiled an $84 million package to crackdown on the state's worst criminals. The government says it will implement all the recommendations from a review conducted by former Supreme Court judge David Harper, after last year's murder of schoolgirl Masa Vukotic. The teenager was killed by serial sex offender Sean Price. He's now serving a 38 year minimum prison term. The package will include a 20-bed jail for the state's most dangerous offenders. The system failed her. We made a promise to her family that we will make these changes. It is unacceptable that we had someone as dangerous as Price out in the community and free to roam. If you are at risk to the community you will not be in the community. We will deliver a new, suitable, secure 20 bed facility to ensure that the most dangerous and risky offenders are not out in the streets. We make these changes in memory of Marsa, to make Victorians say. A coral scientist has described the bleaching damage to the Great Barrier Reef as horrific and says mass extinction is a real threat. The comments by Dr Charlie Veron come a day after the federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt signed the Paris climate accord and claimed Australia is beating its climate-change targets. Australia's environmental record remains under scrutiny. Some scientists have revealed only coral
7% of the Reef remains untouched by coral bleaching. Scientists have been forewarning of this for a long time. I spoke about it a decade ago. And we aren't getting through. We are saying this it
is going to happen and then, when it does happen, everyone seems to be surprised about it. An announcement is due any day on which regional town will become the third trial site for the government's cashless welfare card. A town in Western Australia had pinned its hopes on hosting a trial, but despite widespread support it's set to miss out. Charlotte Hamlyn is in Leonora in WA's goldfields. This is a community plagued by drug and alcohol abuse and violence. Leaders here in Leonora say they are desperate for change and are willing to try anything to address some of the social issues facing this community. They have pinned their hopes on becoming a trial site for the Federal Government's cashless welfare card, which limits the number of cash a person on welfare can access and restricts where there welfare payments can be spent for a -- spent. For example they can't be spent at hotels and bottle shops. A trial has already begun and is about to get 3000km north in two Kimberley townships. Here in Leonora the number of assaults has tripled in the past five years. There have also been four recent cases of suicide, including early this year when a 15-year-old girl took on life. Leaders say alcohol is to blame. The violence and antisocial behaviour around Leonora is the worst it has ever been. I've lived here for almost 50 years and I've never seen it like this, ever. It is at a stage now where the town is almost in crisis, not knowing the best way forward.

Late last year the human services minister visited Leonora and another nearby town to assess its suitability for a trial of the cashless welfare card. But there has been no word from the minister since. The more likely frontrunner to host the trial is Herald and, in WA's midwest. The local shire here says it will continue to plead with the minister to consider it as a fourth possible trial site. -- Geraldton. As the nation pauses to reflect, one Vietnam veteran has pleaded with the public to not forget the families that have also suffered from their loved ones being in conflict. Bob Shewring is urging Vietnam veterans who may not have come out for Anzac Day and their families to put any shame to rest once and for all. He spoke with Darwin reporter Kristy O'Brien. For the Vietnam veterans of the Northern Territory to lead the march, that's a high honour indeed and we are very privileged to have that and as a consequence of that, if I could put in a plug to all better
Vietnam veterans out there, and all better and all veterans in particular, and families of Vietnam vet and grandchildren, or spouses, whatever, please come along and support us.The battle of Long Tan is one of the better-known battles to come out of our wars. It is the 50th anniversary for that commemoration also.We like to see it as Vietnam that trend is' date, even though it isn't taking any way from the battle. -- Veteran's Day. It's a particular... One of our locals who now lives in Queensland was part of that battle. I am not sure but I think he is one of the last five who still remain.When veterans returned it wasn't a pleasant place in Australia.It was a different era. The other thing is, the Vietnam War was highly politicised and not a good place to say that you had been.I looked back at some of the vision of welcoming them home, the ceremony that you attended. It also marks a real turning point in Australia. Why was that? It was a watershed for all of those veterans to come out and be honoured, not belittled in any way, shape or form, and to come out and take their rightful place in Australia's military history.You have never attended an Anzac Day up until that time? I had been involved at all. 50 years, the Vietnam War, we've had a lot of conflicts in between.What have we learned from the Walker I don't think anyone learns from war, but we have to have a state of readiness, it would be foolhardy not to, and my heart goes out to all of those currents serving members and they are doing a fantastic job and if I could just make one plea, we should be looking after not only previous veterans but the focus should be on current serving veterans and the people who have served in Afghanistan, Iraq, all of have served in Afghanistan, Iraq,
all of these peacekeeping efforts. Most importantly the focus should be on the partners and families of veterans. I know that the focus, because in my opinion they are the first responders. They know when things aren't going well and things are breaking down.You've talked of your own struggles, postwar. Does this young
it say the new that we still have this young men grappling with the same problems?It does. Most people probably think they are Kate, and that's probably part of the battle, owning up or even saying, I've got gears
a problem.The latter part of your gears have been taken up by a very special campaign to bring home some soldiers that were left behind. Tell me I suppose the good news two days ago, that they will be brought home.What does that mean? I still pinch myself when I talk to the next of kin and a few other people. They can't believe it either. Unofficially it will take place on the Queen's Birthday weekend. We are having a public ceremony at a cathedral, followed by the reburial at Adelaide war cemetery. That will bring closure to a lot of families, in particular the next of kin and others around Australia.You will be marching proudly, I assume, but what would you like the public to think of on this Anzac Day?I would like them to turn up and show their respect for previous veterans and people who gave their supreme sacrifice. It -- they gave their life for Australia in the wars they fought in. The US presidential race rolls on this week. On Tuesday, five more states will vote, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Normally by this point the candidates would be decided, but not this time. And that's giving smaller states more of a say. Our North American correspondent Michael Vincent has been in Wyoming for the state's recent convention. Welcome to the 2016 Republican state convention here in Wyoming. This is where the grassroots of the party is gathered to elect 14 delegates to the national convention. A small number perhaps but it could include a very... Make a big impact in the end if it does come down to the convention. This corner is dedicated to Wyoming's heroes, obviously Ronald Reagan and the vice president Dick Cheney who served in the Congress for many years. Wyoming has two senators, only one congressman. Earlier today Dick Cheney's wife introduced a favourite in Wyoming, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.I want to ask each and every one of you, if you don't want to see Donald Trump as the nominee, if you don't want to hand the general election to Hillary Clinton, which is what a Donald Trump nomination does, then ask you to please put the men and women here.Ted Cruz got a standing ovation earlier today and it probably wouldn't have made any difference. He swept the field, a clean sweep, and got all 14 delegates. Donald Trump didn't get a single delegate, neither did John Kasich. John Kasich managed to get the governor of Idaho to talk for him today. So Donald Trump even before this convention probably didn't help himself by criticising the people of Wyoming, saying it was the party bosses who were picking the people. That obviously didn't go down well. What is still does have one delegate.I am a physician, a military veteran and I just got involved recently. I feel like the Republicans that are representing us in Washington are the establishment. I feel like they are ignoring the concerns of the rank and file members of the Republican Party. I support Donald Trump for numerous reasons. One is that he is not paid for by lobbyists, super packs. He isn't paid for by the donor class. He isn't apology and, he is a successful businessman. -- isn't a politician.In less than 100 days time we have the national convention. Donald Trump still needs a lot of delegates to be elected the nominee for the party and he has a fight on his hands to do that. The events today would have helped Ted Cruz enormously, just drawing back that momentum that Donald Trump has had and stopping him from getting over the finish line, pushing to a contested convention. Of course then a lot of people will be under pressure to change their vote. We have been discussing that today. Some people believe absolutely there vote can be bought, others are outraged saying if you pledge to someone you stick with that vote until the bitter end and you aren't allowed to be influenced either way. Whatever happens between now and the convention, if it is contested, the Republicans are in for a fight. Angela Merkel has visited a refugee camp on the Turkish - Syrian border, trying to bolster a controversial EU migration deal. Along with the Turkish PM and top European leaders, she spoke to refugees living at a temporary protection centre. Western Power been raised about the legality of the agreement to deport migrants back to Turkey if they don't qualify for asylum in Greece. Prince Charles has been the special guest actor at a performance celebrating the works of William Shakespeare, 400 years after the playwright's death. The Prince has been joined by some of Britain's finest performers, including Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren. And I will purge they immortal grossness so... That thou shalt, like a spirit... The words of the world's most famous playwright, spoken by some of theatre's most famous names. But to be certain, I am loved by all ladies. Only you excepted and I would, I could find in my heart that I have not a hard heart, for truly I love none. It wasn't just theatre, this was a night when many different art forms were celebrating with Shakespeare's inspired works. If all the world's a stage, then light my way... This was the finale of today's events. Act one, this morning's parade, watched by thousands of spectators. While around the town centre, dozens of other Shakespeare related activities. A plague on both your houses! In a town well used to making Shakespeare come to life for each new generation. Act two, the arrival of the Prince of Wales. He was shown around a building where the playwright lived for many years. Next, he paid his own personal tribute at Shakespeare's grave. And, finally, he and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for act three, tonight's celebrity-studded gala. It looks like he has got a date!

But even Shakespearean performances still have the capacity to surprise audiences. Many expected Prince Charles to perhaps say a few words. Few expected him to be one of tonight's actors. To be or not to be, that is the question.

The audience applauding a group of performers who tonight truly were a Royal Shakespeare Company.

Time now for sport. Here's Natalie Yoannidis.

The Geelong coach has praised his side for the way they responded to a slow start against Port Adelaide and a brawl that broke out at quarter time. It took place right on the siren after Patrick Dangerfield was kneed in the back. down
At the time Geelong was four goals down but they bounced back to get a 48 point victory.

The Western Bulldogs continued their blistering start to the season, but may have lost another key player to injury. He hurt his knee and ankle during their 53 point thumping of the Brisbane Lions.We didn't capitalise on opportunities, which probably cost us in the first quarter. But it was really a good response by the boys. That is something we have been working on, inside the 50, which going
has helped us. We will just keep going through the week.The yellow card has denied Parramatta victory over North Queensland. They bounced back from a 14-0 deficit to lead the premiers midway through the second half. But the Eels went down a man went Norman was in bid for a professional foul. The Cowboys took full advantage of the situation.

Antonio celebrate his new deal with another try!North Queensland scored two tries while Norman was off the ground and then another one for good measure.Definitely a turning point in the game, 14 points. I think we were up 16-14 at the time.What the reaction?I would have to have another look. I haven't seen many of them go to the bin this year.The Waratahs got their Super Rugby season back on track with a 49-13 went driving of The Western Force in Perth. They led by 11 at the break, before putting the foot of the gas in the second half.

Away goes Israel Folau!A record-breaking moment! That try saw Israel Folau become the overall highest try scorer for the Tahs. In South Africa, Carmichael Hunt scored his first try of 2016, at it wasn't enough to stop the Reds slumping to their seventh loss of the season. They scored three tries in a second-half burst to secure a 40-24 point windfall is the Manchester United is through to its first FA Cup Final in nine years after a 2-1 victory over Everton. The Red Devils took a 1-0 lead into half-time only to concede a -- and own goal midway through the second half. The match looked destined for extra time at 1-1, but there was one final twist to come.

And Manchester United are surely heading to the FA Cup Final!The breakthrough was found with just seconds remaining in stoppage time. United will play either Crystal Palace or Watford on the first -- 21 May.We were out of the game but then we were back in the game. Only the last part was not always good, but then Antony scored a fantastic goal. So we are lucky. That we scored in the last minute. But we deserved to win.In the EPL, Eden Hazard scored in Chelsea's 4-0 win over Bournemouth. Liverpool squandered a half-time lead over Newcastle, settling for a 2-2 draw. And for Aston Villa, the newly relegated side went down 4-2 against Southampton. And Brisbane Roar player tomboyish says his goal against Melbourne Victory will count for nothing if they don't get past Western Sydney today and final.
advance to the A-League grand final. The German midfielder scored the deciding goal in last week's elimination final but says his team are now set on putting in a top that
performance over 90 minutes and that they worked on that in their first training session after the win. The coach John Aloisi says his team will be going into the semi against the Wanderers at Parramatta as the underdogs.

A large high-pressure system is bringing sunny weather too much of New south Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and south Australia. Brisk onshore along
winds are triggering a few showers along the coast. On the other side of the country, and approaching cold front is causing showers to develop over WA's south-west. Looking around the country tomorrow, gusty south-easterly is in Queensland, with showers forecast along the coast. Mostly sunny inland, with dry winds. In along the
New south Wales, if you showers along the north-east coastal ranges, otherwise dry throughout. Morning fog patches for southern and eastern Victoria. Otherwise a dry and sunny day the rout with northerly winds. In Tasmania, north-westerly winds the rout. A dry and sunny day. -- throughout. For south Australia, gusty winds in the west, lighter in the east. Cloud building in the West but remaining dry. Showers and thunderstorms developing across the south-west of WA. Gusty northerly winds expected in the east. And in the Northern Territory, moist easterly winds across the top end, ringing showers. Dry elsewhere. Looking ahead to Tuesday, for the capital cities Brisbane and Sydney is a possible shower. A sunny day for Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin, partly cloudy in Adelaide, loosely sunny in Hobart and showers for Perth. That's the news for now. I'm Adrian Raschella. Stay with us, Offsiders is next.

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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services.

Hello and welcome to Offsiders. With the footy seasons all in full week.
rhythm, the stakes rise by the week. The A-League is headed for a showpiece decider at the Adelaide Oval, the clamor in the Super Rugby is increasingly desperate while in the NRL and AFL fuses are rising and it doesn't take much for it to end up in a fight.

What an entertaining quarter of football. And a little bit of action here just at the end of this quarter.

Now, now things are getting a bit fired up.

And it erupts again. Little spot fires everywhere near at the moment.

Somebody has upset somebody.We are playing rugby league. I hope you realise it is a tough game.Boy, look at them go here.Sometimes when you're fired up like that the emotions can spill over.It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. The difference between the codes is the AFL will spend hours scouring the vision looking to financial penalties
apportion blame and adding financial penalties to it. The NRL may well stick it in a promo campaign.That's quite right. With the NRL, of course, what they do is they look at whether a player throws a punch, that happens as it's happening. The punches are now out. With a situation like this the action is restricted to the field. There will be no post match examination of that beyond the Sam the
Burgess incident where we just saw the coach there saying it was part of rugby league. A player lying prone on the ground where it's a surrender tackle. He's tackled if you go over and touch him. You don't have to go in a way where you him.
look like you're trying to hurt him. It didn't look good and it's said a bit about how Burgess was feeling. They had not been able - Brisbane had responded and they monstered the South Sydney pack and I think that was the frustration everything
coming out that they'd thrown everything at them and Brisbane, who looked very, very strong, essentially just turned the screws and Souths buckled.Caro, the battlefield in the AFL was the Adelaide Oval where subsequent to the fight Geelong thrashed Port Adelaide.It's bad when quou come out pike Port did in a whole new tenor and start a fight and the other team, it fires up the other team. But you talk about it not being in a promo reel, did you hear the fervour in Brian Taylor's voice rise aiz it begun? I do think Chris Scott might be in a bit of trouble for his small verbal altercation with Hamish Hartlett and others from the Port Adelaide team. I like something Glenn Archer, the North Melbourne shinboner of the century suggested a few years ago and that is every player who does get fined, the money goes to their first footy club, to their junior footy club. The AFL knocked it back. Of course it goes into the place they call consolidated revenue but I think it's what you should do.You're on the side line close to these things, you've witnessed the stoush between a player and coach.It never ends well. The coach, we're wearing shoes, pants, dewey surfaces, it's never going to end well. In the EPL if you get the vision of Sam Allardyce taking on the whole opposition team. As a coach you're riding the moment and you want to get involved but beyond the finger pointing, I reckon that's where it stops. If any time then
a player wanted to get on with it then it wouldn't end well for the coach, I wouldn't think.Do you there?
ever fire a sharp word here or there?You try to. I mean I'm right on the touch line so every now and then I. Have but again, it's backfired on me because ultimately I'm sitting down and they're in the action and I just look foolish in the end. I shake my head. But you kind of understand, especially coming down at the break, you know, Scotty's trying to gather his thoughts but at the same time he wants to show his team that he's drawing a line as well. But I reckon that's where it should end for Scotty or any other coaches thinking of going beyond that.All codes this week spent their time with the eternal grapple of how to split draws, particularly in grand finals. The NRL has the golden point which seemed to have its moment of absolute triumph in last year's grand final but the concerted push to have that changed momentum
to golden try seems to gather momentum by the week. The AFL has now scrapped its traditional grand final replay and will decide a winner on the day, favouring 5 minutes of extra time each way followed by the golden point phase, next score wins, and in football, it may well have it in a semifinal today or the grand final next week, the penalty shootout which has long been derided by all involved. How do you go about splitting teams in a draw? Has the AFL as a starting point made the right decision?I don't think so. But I'm a dinosaur, as you know, Gerard, and I think we should have stuck with the replay. It was obviously it was fantastic financially, it barely ever happens, it meant a lot of people who never get to see a grand final get to see a replayed grand final. I don't buy the argument that the week later is a boilover or a disappointment. And I don't buy the fact that we all left the last draw, the Collingwood/St Kilda game feeling like we'd been cheated. I don't think I've ever been so excited in a footy game ever. And, you know, I think that last week was just a fantastic week for the AFL to showcase itself again. I think they've fallen prey to a very strong bloc from the non-Victorian clubs. I don't see that travel thing is such a major disadvantage. I understand the WA situation more than the others but I still don't think it was enough having to change. Having changed it they've done the right thing in terms of the method. How could you have a golden goal, necessarily, when the other team could have kicked 6 or 7 points before that goal is scored? Points have been part of our folklore. Barry Breen is much more remembered than Cowboy Neil who kicked 5 goals in that grand final. Tony Lockett's any score will do. He said his point was the greatest kick to get the Swans into a granld grand final. I think they should have stuck with tradition.One of the main reasons was to switch for the theatre that happened in the NRL grand final and the push for golden try than golden point, it seems to have traction.Wayne Bennett lost a grand final last year, 2011, he was trying to go back to back, he was beaten in golden point. His argument is let's play 10 minutes of extra time and then go to golden point rather than meetly go to golden point. Maybe in a finals match that's a fairer way of doing things. We had a try that decided a golden point match earlier in the year and people have pointed to thasmt when you're defending against a field goal your defence is different so someone scores a try. They have to be careful how they structure. It there is a sense that it was a bit of a lottery, one bloke dropped a ball, a premiership's gone that maybe 10 minutes of extra time as a starting point is a better way before you move into golden point. And Ange, soccer has had golden goal, silver goal, penalty shootout which in March 2011 lives fiercely in the mind.Absolutely. As opposed to Caro, I think a grand final day is grand final day. The contest should be decided on that day. I don't think a replay is the way to go. I think, you know, the theatre of knowing that there's going to be an outcome on that day, I mean the drawn game we spoke about, Caro, with the Saints and Collingwood, imagine if there was, after all that drama, still more drama to come.We had a week of drama, it was fantastic?Was it? From the playing or the supporters aspect and you showed the vision of Brisbane there, I mean, you know, we're 2-0 down, we come back to 2-2 in extra time, so going to your point, so it wasn't like there was a golden goal where Central Coast scored first, that was it for us. We knew we had half an hour of extra time to try to win the game. We couldn't, we got it back to 2-2 and then we took the momentum into penalty kicks. People say penalty kicks are a bit of a lottery and they're still a pressure test at the end of the day. I'm yet to think of a better way for our game believer
to come to an outcome but I'm a big believer that it has to happen on that day and I think extra time gives you that opportunity for the best team to come out on top. If you still can't be split, then I think a golden goal or a golden point or penalty shoot out is the way to go.Your code is different the AFL.
to the AFL. It barely happens in think
the AFL. It's such a rarity that I think they should celebrate that rarity. Anyway, I'm clearly in the minority. It's extraordinary that in the AFL, in the preseason competition still counted there were 4 different ways in one year of deciding the draw. They've certainly consolidated.With NRL it happens more often withdraws, but we're talking about the golden point for finals matches but in both the AFL and certainly in your you
game, the draw is something that you play for a draw with the last few minutes if you're down 1-0, you're trying to play for a draw, you're happy to split the points. With the AFL we have a few draws in the last few seasons but in the NRL we've thrown the draw out the window. We have the golden point and sometimes 10 extra minutes means we don't get a result. But I think if we're going to review golden point why not go back to looking at the golden point in home and away because there are teams that are losing all the points when there's a golden point when they've probably dominated and they've lost in this lottery that happens in the minute after full time.The common and curious thread is nobody is happy with what they've god. - got. Unless you win.In rugby union the half
World Cup is decided, they have half an hour of extra time and then they have place kick offs from different parts of the field, five players and some team only have one kicker. I'm waiting to see a prop forward to kick a goal from the side line to win a World Cup in rugby, wouldn't that be something? A couple of other issues around both the AFL and NRL. At the AFL yesterday at the SCG there's a confected sense of unease around the booing of Lewis Jetta who is a former Swans player playing against his old club for the first time in the classic pantomime booing that is seen weekly across the competition. In some circles this is attempting to be depeckt - depicted as part of the Adam Goodes issue where an indigenous player has been booed by Sydney fans who had such a sense of indignation. I can't work out whether this is deliberate obstinance or wilful ignorance, it may be in fact both. I think that's a good description of it. I think there are those who don't agree that Goodes' booing was racially motivated, who are pointing at this and saying see, you know, this is why they're booing Jetta, for a completely different reason. Symbolically Jetta went to Goodes' aid with the dance last year and so people might draw what, to me, is a completely inaccurate and far too long bow. Lewis Jetta was booed for the same reason Kurt Tippett was booed last week at the Adelaide Oval. For the same reason Patrick Dangerfield will be booed for the first time he plays against Port Adelaide. It's obvious it's going to happen. I think there are Swans fans who feel Jetta let them down in a couple of big games and poor old Lewis had another one of those disappointing games yesterday. But this was not racially motivated in any way.And in if NRL the Eels are in the news on all fronts from their match yesterday, they were leading the Cowboys at a key moment when they had a player sin binned and it has prompted the coach to seek a formal explanation from the NRL as to why this was used against Corey Norman. He's their half-back, Corey Norman, he's a key player. At this point of the match the Eels were leading the Cowboys. If you see Corey Norman he claims he was after the ball. He is pushing the player out of the way. clearly
He's grabbed his shoulder hoorks There's
clearly pushed him out of the way. There's no doubt under the rules that is a very clear professional foul and he has to go to the sin bin. Obviously the Parramatta coach and the players are disappointed because they looked like at that stage they could beat the kou boys. Once you looss lose your half-back, you can't do it, you can't win. So in the end, they will complain because they want to try and perhaps take the focus away from what was a disappointing way to end the match and maybe take away Corey Norman's disappointment because he shouldn't have done that. The game itself, I mean Parramatta looked like they could beat the Cowboys last night. The Cowboys did look like they had the edge on them for most of the match but Parramatta is probably the closest team to the Cowboys and Brisbane and that really presents a real issue for the NRL what they do.So Josh Masoud presented the scenario during the week of the docking of 8 premiership points after the next blockbuster match that they played. They're on 10 at the moment so it would reduce them to equal at the bottom of the table but still give them more than a sliver of hope of being able to rise again.Look at the table today, the team running 8th is 6th. You go down to 2 with the quality of that side, 8 points is not enough if your intention is to have them not play final football. So I think that's one of the decisions they've got to make. How many points do they dock them? They do what they do with Essendon, you're not going to play finals football regardless. It's a difficult call. Because what's going to happen if they finish 7th or 8th and then their away finals are against Sydney teams where they don't have an away or a home advantage and they make a run potentially to a semifinal or even a grand final if they perform the
against the Cowboys and Brisbane in the way that they have in recent times.And only found out a week before the finals. So supporters still had something to barrack for. And you're playing Parramatta for the rest of the year when Parramatta is told they're not going to make the finals, the teams who have played them earlier feel like they've been cheated. It's a difficult decision they have to make.And in the A-League, Adelaide will host the grand final next week. It's going to be at the Adelaide Oval, there's been a sequence of major events staged there. It seems like every Crows and Power game drews huge crowds. The historic day-night test during the summer and now the A-League grand final. It feels like it adds a prestige to the event with the hope that they might get between 45 and 50,000 fans.I think so as well, Gerard. I mean it's a great story. They had the Liverpool game there as well last year at Adelaide Oval and by all accounts I wasn't there but there was 50,000. It was a cracking at atmosphere. It's a great story because Adelaide have been bridesmaids, they've had two shocking grand finals for different reasons down here in Melbourne. To play it in their home town I think the whole city will be behind them venue.
and I like Adelaide Oval as a venue. The pitch is always going to be the one sticking point, if it's not up to standard because what we will see next week, next Sunday is a good football match. They were good on Friday night, Adelaide. round
They've been good since the 8th round where they hadn't - they were literally on the bottom of the ladder and there's goals in them. They're very, very united as a group. But they're going to face some pretty good opponent whoever comes out of today's game. So it will be a good football match. It working
needs a good pitch. I hope they're working on it feverishly as we speak. With 50,000 there it's going to be a great spectacle.There's an AFL game on Saturday afternoon so it limits the prospects of being able to prepare. Is it worth the compromise to the game for the occasion?I think so, yeah. And look, again, traditionally, Aussie Rules doesn't do as much damage as some of the rugby codes. We've seen that at AAMI this year, before the last finals game, I think the Rebels played the night before and that tends to do a bit more damage than the Aussie Rules does. But I think as a compromise situation, I know when we played the grand finals in Brisbane at Lang Park, even though there was a fair bit of traffic, the 50,000 in there compensated for the fact that I think the second final against Perth the pitch wasn't great but I the
wouldn't swap that for anything for the atmosphere we had.If you've got a major event you want it at the Adelaide Oval, Caro.This is one of the great sports stories of the last decade. Andrew de meet oh on the day he retired called it his greatest achievement which raised my eyebrows at the time after he'd been in the job for 11 years. To get that deal over the line with cricket and with the SA footy as well, you go there now it has put that town on the map. It has re-energised the whole city. Every time you go there another disused building has become a hotel or a fantastic venue. I just love going there. Absolutely love going there. Who will they be playing, Ange, the Wanderers and the Roar today?As I said earlier, both very, very good teams and probably the two most consistent sides of the year because Adelaide did have the big dip at the start of the year where they were bottom of the ladder whereas Western Sydney and Brisbane have been pretty consistent. Western Sydney - the only thing missing from their trophy cabinet in their 4 years of history is that grand final win. So they're going to be very motivated and Brisbane on the other hand, they've got the experience. We saw that last week against Victory that they know how to win games. Dreaded penalty shootout I'm tipping today. It's going to be one of those days. You talk about atmosphere, Wanderland will go off today. It will be some atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's going to be a cracking day. It will end up, regardless of who wins, and I've got a sneaking suspicion it will be Western Sydney, only a
because they're at home, it will be a great football match next week. We'll have a focus on that next week for sure. I've wanted to ask you this for months, in the EPL, what's the Leicester City story represent? They're 5 points clear with 4 games to go. I think everyone around the world has their fingers crossed but as somebody who knows the sport, how can a team go from last in a competition that certainly in recent memory hasn't allowed such a thing, how can they be going to win the title?It's one of the most fascinating and talked so much about mind sets. The EPL traditionally is one of the big four will win and usually that big four will be related to how much money they've got. So even at Chelsea or a Manchester City gets taken over by a multibillionaire and they become one of the top sides. For a side like Leicester to do it, this time last year they were praying to get to 40 points to stay in the Premier League. In 12 months a turnaround. Claudio Ranieri was coach of Greece, and got the sack. You can't sit down and go there's a blew Brint for how you're going to... . Spurs have come up this year and saying all of a sudden maybe it's not just the big 4 that can win this. This changes the whole dynamics of the EPL in many respects. I think what you will find is that other clubs all of a sudden will start changing their mind set and not start the season saying let's fur - survive this year. It can be something more than that. It's a remarkable story and I mean his press conferences are becoming more and more bizarre because I think he's just pinching himself. He can't believe where he is either.It's a triumph for the CFOs of all these other clubs because how many managers are going to be going to their boards saying we need more money and players, no you don't, you just do a lest - Leicester.That's going to kill us coaches.And he was sacked by his national team.Greece. They started the season with Nigel Peterson, the manager, who literally saved them money.
last year. They were gone for all money. He got sacked in bizarre circumstances, not because of performance, because his son was misbehaving and so like I said, if you're looking for a blueprint it ain't there. You can't create this. That's the beauty of it.Might be Sir Claudio soon enough.I very, very well may be and fully deserved because like I said, this changes the EPL. It maybe changes world football a little bit. I'm banging on about - that's a great photo. I'm banging on about us winning a World Cup and I think something like this makes people believe that, you know what, even at a World Cup doesn't have to be Germany or Brazil, it can be another country.Sir Claudio could see the lighter side of the knighthood.Knighthood, what means? Sir Claudio.Sir Claudio. Unbelievable.Does Sir Claudio have a ring to it for you?If somebody called me, no nobody, but I like. I like it.That's why we love sport. In the Super Rugby the Waratahs, they're on the knife's edge after what happened at the Brumbies last week. They must win. They won big last night against the Force, 49-13. But this was most notable for Israel Folau breaking the all-time try scoring record at NSW. He'd drawn level with Lote Tuquiri, You think
previously, his 30th career try. You think about what he's been across the codes and he really has found a home here as the poster boy for it.Remarkable. The Waratahs are on the knife edge but they're starting a run and it could inject some excitement into the super 15 season which is generally dominated this year by the New Zealand sides. The Brumbies have been going very well but the Rebels this year have emerged as well. So from Australian rugby's point of view, there's a bit to look forward to with the English test series and a Wallabies versus New Zealand series where we again hope, in the aftermath of a few big retirements, but they are this
going well in the Super 15, but this will inject some interest, the run from the wartas, if they can keep winning.The Olympics ticked over, fewer than 100 days to go until Rio. The headline this week was Adam Scott declining the invitation to go and be part of the Australian team and join in the golf and it drew responses from every corner.

Golf officially returning to the Olympics for the first time since 1904.Adam Scott has pulled out of the Rio Olympics after citing a heavy playing schedule.Fierce reaction from Don Fraser, an 8-time Olympic medallist,:

I think they're unfair comments considering the first words out of Adam Scott's mouth when he sunk that putt to win the Masters was "Come on, Aussie." He's certainly given a lot to Australian golf. Breaking news this morning, world number 12, Louis Oosthuizen has taken himself out of selection for the South African Olympic team. I hope, I have to say, it is probably the
the last big name that pulls out of the Olympics.It's unfortunate, it's bad for Olympics, it's bad for golf to not have the greatest players there. For me the love that I have for my country, no schedule is ever too busy.At this point I don't think it fits in. I don't think it should be there but it is so I will watch.The two questions out of it were the Olympics clearly doesn't mean the same thing to every sportsman and why is golf at the Olympics?Why is golf at the Olympics? Why is tennis at the Olympics? Would I rather see Adam Scott win a major than a gold medal? Of course I would. It will not mean - it would barely be a blip on my radar and I think most Australians would agree with that compared with winning the Masters or potentially in the British, US opens or the PGA. They're two sports that don't really belong in the Olympics and neither do support - sports belong there when there are bigger things for those sports.(cyan) Dawn Fraser's comments, if I was an Olympian of her stature I wouldn't want those cheap gold medals being given to sports that they've worked a lifetime in swimming and athletics, legitimate Olympic sports. I would be saying I don't want golf at the something
Olympics. The Olympics should be something greater than that. I don't blame Adam Scott. And it's not about money, it's about Adam Scott fulfilling his dreams as a golfer. When you're a golfer growing up you want to win a major, when you're a swimer you want to win an Olympic medal. You don't want to stand aside somebody from a sport who hasn't had that ambition, it just cheapens it. And theAnd the problems they've had designing the course.Boxing had a strict amateur code and the amateurs play at the Olympics and golf is another sport that has a strict amateur code and it should be amateur's playing and that was Scott's position.That you might cheer for as an Australian.Exactly, and the capacity is there to do it because there are those codes in place where players are amateurs until they turn pro.It does give you an insight into the AOC. Clearly when they were contemplating golf they wanted Tiger Woods in an opening ceremony and look how that looks now. On the cricket front, the summer schedule was released with the hope of two day/Tests. The first is against Pakistan in Brisbane and the other is against South Africa in Adelaide. The South Africans don't want to play a day/night test and AB de Villers outed Steve Smith as the chief behind the scenes worker as to why it shouldn't take place, why they shouldn't agree to it which seemed to put Smith in an invidious position with his national body, given that Cricket Australia have been the pioneers and the champions meetings
of this around the world. Talk of meetings and what not. But the players' reluctant tans for something cricket clearly needs is still in the pink ball and it's an unresolved issue, despite the success that clearly took place last summer.At the Adelaide Oval. Look, it's inevitable. The crowds and the ratings are really problematic for cricket. This could the map.
be something that puts it back on the map. It is clearly going to happen. It's not so bad for bowlers, is it, it's the batsman who don't like the pink ball. I to
think they've just got to get used to playing the pink ball. I hate to sound brutal. It's such a - it was such a filip for that sport when it happened for last year.Isn't there a captain's code in cricket where de Villers has just -Telling you what's going on behind the scenes. And unfortunate for Steve Smith.In the netball the Queensland Firebirds did break that record in the trans- Tasman competition, 17 straight victories. In all they haven't lost a match since March 1, 2015. So it's a phenomenal streak that includes a draw in the early stages and now 17 straight wince. They beat the previous titleholders of that record in the Thunderbirds by 12 goals to achieve it. Laura Geitz and Romelda Aitken, they're a star-studded team but they are in a pitched battle here as to whether they're the best in Australia with real
the Sydney Swifts having made a season.
real push at the start of this season. An observation to finish. One of the biggest issues in sport is the abuse of prescription drugs among footballers mar particularly. The death of Prince, he was associated the death with a prescription drug and it was containing very similar things to that which was in the prescription drug that nearly killed 2 South Sydney players in the off season. I think some of those young players who are listening to Prince and looking at some of these stories ought to take note of some of that in terms of what might be in their medicine cabinet.AFL player agents, there's some very good ones and there are some shockingly bad once. A big move going on behind the scenes has been pushed by some clubs to newly regulate that industry and take them away from the umbrella of the Players Association and perhaps under the umbrella of the AFL.Mile Jedinak leads Crystal palace out in the FA Cup semifinal. A final against Man see
United beckons. It will be great to the
see an Australian lift the cup for the first time.In the Super Rugby, the two expansion teams, the Jaguars and the Sunwolves have been doing it hard. The Sun wolves got their win over the Jaguars and we all know what those scenes look like. They're universal across the code when a moment such as that takes place. So the Sunwolves find their place in Super Rugby. That's the show. See you next week.