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Good morning and welcome to Weekend Breakfast, I'm Miriam Corowa.I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Making news, upping the ante. North Korea accused of launching a ballistic missile from a submarine in the sea of Japan.

Also ahead, German chancellor Angela Merkel meets Syrian refugees in Turkey amid EU efforts to deter migrants.Holiday horror. A 4-year-old girl killed in a car crash in Victoria.And defending NRL Premiers North Queensland remain unbeaten at home with a victory over Parramatta.

Hello, thanks for joining us. It's Sunday, 24 April.Also coming up this hour, maybe you're trying to keep in shape, going for a run this morning. If you watch a bit of late-night TV you may have seen or heard of the whole-body electrical stimulation.I hadn't. This was quite a shock, literally, through electric shocks and no exercise, it's claimed whole-body electrical stimulation devices can help improve fitness but do they actually work or could they in fact be dangerous? There's a push to have the sale of the devices regulated due to health concerns. We'll be speaking to an exercise physiologist to dispel some fins myths and - some fitness myths and find out when it comes to keeping fit, is it really a case of no pain no gain.That looks painful.It doesn't appeal to me.I was saying earlier, Miriam, these things I would imagine would be fairly costly but there is no substitute to getting out there, hitting the road perhaps, doing bait of exercise, eating perhaps not as much as we should.Trying to be sensible in the food department. It's common sense.I know but for some reason these sorts of things do take hold.We'll have a look later and see if they do in fact work. Let's first see how the weather's looking for this Sunday.

Top stories this morning - South Korea has accused North Korea of firing a ballistic misling off its east coast --missile. The South Korean Defence ministry says the missile flew for a few minutes and it views the launch as a failure. North Korea is set to hold a Congress of its ruling workers' party for the first time in 36 years. It expected to make a major display of its military might. South Korea and its Western allies fear this could extent to a nuclear missile test. The US State Department says a ballistic missile launch would be a clear violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions.German chancellor Angela Merkel has met with Syrian refugees at a camp in Turkey as part of efforts to strengthen the relationship between Turkey and the European Union. She met children and inspected living conditions at the Nizip camp, home to 5,000 migrants. The chancellor supported a deal to return thousands of asylum seekers from Greece to Turkey. She was joined at the camp by EU dignitaries and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. They'll discuss how Turkey plans to spends the more than $4 billion promised by the EU to deal with the crisis but some refugees say the deal is not in their best interests. TRANSLATION: The meeting between the German chancellor and the President isn't held for our benefit. They're looking at solving their own problems and differences No-one
so that Turkey can be in the EU. No-one cares about us. All we want is to pass. I swear that's all we want. We didn't come here to cause problems or become terrorists weemped are just here to find safety and look for a better life. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack on a university professor in north-western Bangladesh. English professor Rezaul Karim Siddique was hacked to death on his way to work by two assailants on a motorcycle. The Islamic State group says they targeted the professor because he was calling to atheism. But his colleagues say he never spoke or wrote anything about religion or izlap. Bangladesh has seen a spate of killings by Islamist militants targeting secular or atheist writers in recent months but the Government denies Islamic State has a presence in the country.Police are continuing to warn motorists to the
drive safely after horror start to the Anzac Day long weekend that included five fatalities in NSW and the death of a 4-year-old girl in Victoria. The car the little girl was travelling in ran off the road near Ballarat, crash nothing to a tree yesterday afternoon. Paramedics performed CPR on the 4-year-old but she died in hospital. The 24-year-old male driver was not injured. The crash takes Victoria's road toll for this year to 93, 8 more than for the same time last year.A woman is in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed at a shopping complex in Bega on the NSW far south coast. Police say the 42-year-old, who was in a wheelchair, and a 27-year-old woman began to argue in a lift at the centre yesterday. Officers say the younger woman returned to her car to get a weapon and confronted the other woman at a shop in the centre, stabbing her in the neck. Paramedics treated the injured woman before she was flown to Canberra Hospital. Police say the younger woman, who is known to the victim, has been charged with grievous bodily harm with intent to murder and is expected to face court later today.Two men have been charged over the allege sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Police say the pair approached the girl at Freshwater Beach on Thursday afternoon and drove her to Brookvale. It's alleged the 22-year-old and 25-year-old assaulted her at an undisclosed location. Police were alerted and detectives arrested two men on Friday afternoon name have been charged over the assault and are expected to face court later this week.Samoan authorities are preparing for the arrival of Cyclone Amos expected to hit the country's main island this evening. The Category 3 storm has already seen winds of more than 100 km/h and is expected to strengthen to Category 4 before it makes landfall. Authorities say water and electricity utilities are prepared to deal with the aftermath of the cyclone and they're advising people to stay in their homes.Police in the United States are still hunting for at least one gunman who killed 8 members of the same family in Ohio. The bodies have been founds across four crime scenes. Residents have been told to lock their doors as the search continues. The State's Attorney-General says two babies and a 3-year-old child have survived the assault. Authorities haven't given a possible motive for the killing spree. No arrests have been made.Thousands of people have descended on the streets of Stratford-upon-Avon to pay tribute to William Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. Participants dressed as characters from the playwright's popular plays, carried a floral tribute as crowds threw rosemary branches in it path of the procession. A band treated the crowd to a jazz rendition of Happy Birthday in honour of the British icon. Fans say Shakespeare's work is just as ago.
vital today as it was 400 years ago.Science and technology moves on, nature moves on but we don't. We have all the angst, the love, the fear, everything that goes with Shakespeare and what came out of that time is still relevant to every single person alive and here today.I think the human aspect of his work is what really touches most people because you can relate to it despite the fact it is from the 1600s.I live in Stratford and you couldn't possibly miss this when it's on your door step so it's just fabulous.Time for sport with Natalie.The Western Bulldogs have continued their blistering start to the season but may have lost another key player to injury. Matt Suckling hurt his knee and ankle in a marking contest during the Dogs' 53-point thumping of Brisbane. Meanwhile, Geelong overcame a slow start to defeat Adelaide by 48 points. Some players may be lighter in the pocket this to week after a brawl broke out at quarter time. A late Corey Norman sin binning has denied Parramatta victory over North Queensland. The Eels led the Cowboys in the second half when Norman was shown yellow in the 65th minute. The Cowboys took advantage of the extra man, scoring two tries on their way to a 32-16 win.The Waratahs' season is back on track following a thumping 49-13 win over the Western force in Perth. Wallaby Israel Folau crossed midway through the second half to become the side's outright leading try scorer. defeat
The Reds have slumped to their 7th defeat of the season, going down to the Stormers 40-22. Manchester United are through to the FA Cup final following a 2-1 win over Everton. With scores locked 1-1, the match looked destined for extra time but Anthony Martial found the breakthrough with just seconds remaining in injury time. The Red Devils will now play Crystal Palace from
or Watford on May 21. That's all from sport. Good to see the Red Devils doing well in the FA Cup given their EPL form.All focus has been on Leicester city. I think we find out - is it tomorrow their next game?Yes. Hopefully the fairytale continues.That's right. That's the story we've all been talking about. Thanks, Natalie. Thank you for your company here on Weekend Breakfast. Still to come, Government air strikes in Syria kill more than 10 people just days after opposition groups walk away from peace talks in Geneva.Also ahead, the US President talks global security at a Town Hall meeting in London. Later, the fashion of fitness. Fashion writer patty Huntington will join us in the studio to talk about the rise of activewear.In Syria, 11 people have been killed during Government air strikes in Aleppo.The Syrian observatory for human rights says another 13 people were killed in shelling in the rebel-held town of Duma. It comes just days after the opposition walked away from peace talks in Geneva because of the continued Government bombardment of snil areas. This is the centre of the city of Aleppo. The building on fire has just been struck by jets. It's not clear whether they were Russian or Syrian. "Athise someone on the roof," the man says, but how can survivors be evacuated when the stairwell of the building is on fire and their apartments are crumbling around them. Rescuers convert the balcony into a ladder. Firefighting equipment becomes rescue apparatus and rescuers scale walls high off the ground to try and reach the victims. Rebel-held Aleppo has been hit repeatedly by regime forces. For the people here, a UN-brokered ceasefire never existed.TRANSLATION: Oh, my God, take care of him. Oh, my God, he lost both his parents. I'm are his grandfather. He lost his parents. What has he done? I've lost all my children. The fire's taken everything.Carnage has become routine in the city. Most buildings in neighbourhoods held by the Opposition are empty shells after being repeatedly hit in air raids. As homes are destroyed and relatives killed, tens of thousands of people have been forced out of Aleppo alone. Other rebel-controlled parts of Syria have similar tales of death and destruction. This is the aftermath of an attack by Government forces on the town of Duma in the Damascus countryside. There are reports from Homs in idiled of more attacks on --in Idlib of more attacks on opposition areas as leaders insist a shaky ceasefire is holding and that there is a road map for peace. Their assurances may ring hollow to many thousands of people on the ground in Syria. US President Barack Obama has addressed the British public at a Town Hall style meeting event.He passed up to chance to comment on the fierce campaign to secede him in the White House and spoke instead on a range of topics including how two of the world's oldest allies can combat one otheir newest enemies.Security is always going to be top-of-the-list item and the threats from ISIL and transes national terrorism --transnational terrorism are absolutely critical to address but how we address them is important and recognising that security is not just a matter of military actions but is a matter of the messages we send and the institutions that we build and the diplomacy we engage in and the opportunities that we present to people. If you look at something like Iran where obviously the United States and Iran has had a terrible relationship since 1979. The theocracy there has engaged in dangerous and provocative behaviours and they were on the path to obtain a nuclear weapon. The hard diplomatic work that we did along with the UK and the EU and members of the Security Council to forge an agreement where they are no longer on the path to get a nuclear weapon, we never engaged in a military strike to do it but it resulted in a much safer world. President Obama speaking in London overnight. Miriam, yesterday we were talking about Shakespeare because the world is marking an historic date.23 April for us yesterday but for the rest of the up
world they've got a bit of catching up to do.Events are being held across England to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.During his life, Shakespeare wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets with his work translated intoover 80 languages. The commemoration centre on Shakespeare's birthplace and resting place, Stratford-upon-Avon in England's west Midlands.Three cheers for William Shakespeare. Hip, hip!Hurray!Hip, hip!Array! Hip, hip!Hurray! Stratford-upon-Avon remembering its most famous son. Thousands watched as a special anniversary parade made its way through the town centre. People celebrating the playwright and his work. It's not just the public. Many of theatre's best-known figures are also taking part in today's events.We love an anniversary. We love a reason to look back and commemorate and celebrate and Shakespeare, even if you're completely unaware of Shakespeare's work, what he did to our language and what he did to our cultural landscape will have influenced you even if you're not aware of it so it's right and proper we should take a moment to celebrate that.Stratford-upon-Avon is well used to bringing Shakespeare to life for each new generation. Throughout the day, there have been events all over the town.Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man. A plague on both your houses.Visitors finding that, for today at least, there's no need to buy theatre tickets to see their favourite plays performed. And while it can be a battle getting some young people to appreciate Shakespeare, it's a different story when there's the chance of getting involved in a Shakespearean-style fight. All ahead of the arrival here of Prince Charles. After visiting locations including the church which houses Shakespeare's grave, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be guests of honour at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for a performance that will see the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Benedict Cumberbatch and many other well known names performing famous dramatic scenes from Shakespeare's work.Back home, the Greens say Queensland's continued dependence on coal mining undermines Australia's commitment to the Paris climate agreement.They're calling on the Government to overturn approvals already granted to Indian mining giant Adani who are pushing ahead with plans to build one of the world's biggest coal mines in the Galilee basin. Queensland's economy has long depended on mining. The Greens argue that must change in order for Australia's commitment to the Paris agreement to mean anything.Unfortunately our democracy is being held hostage by those fossil fuel donations and until we clean up the system we'll continue to see shoddy climate Barrier
policy that's endangering the Great Barrier Reef.The reef remains in the grips of the biggest and most severe coral bleaching event on record with scientists reporting 93% of coral has been bleached to some extent. Senator Waters says the devastation unfolding is evidence of why Queensland must act to make progress towards the climate commitments made in Paris. We need to overturn that approval for Adani's coal mine which would be the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere.But both the Government and the Opposition are backing the Karmichael coal mega mine.This is coal from Queensland or coal from Indonesia or somewhere else. The beauty of what we can do in Queensland through our environmental controls is to ensure that's mined in a way that has a minimised impact on the environment.But it seems not everyone shares that confidence. The Indian-owned company behind the Adani mine proposal has come under fire for a social media post it made to mark Earth Day which coincide would the signing of the Paris agreement. The post read, "What are some of the things you do for the environment." "Not destroying what's left of the Great Barrier Reef," responded one critic. The mine proposal is still dependent on a string of outstanding Government approvals. Specialist doctors have been given the green light to prescribe medicinal cannabis to Tasmanians with serious illnesses from next year.The State Government says more people will have access to the drug than in Victoria which has legalised its use.Nicole Cowes's daughter Alice suffers from a severe epileptic condition. For more than two years Ms Cowes has been fighting for the right to legally give her 10-year-old her
daughter medical cannabis to reduce her seizures.Access to a treatment that works is a human right. It's not something that I don't think Governments have a right to be saying what we can and can't have. Today the Government announced that medical cannabis would be available with conditions next year.This is, I think, a compassionate, a Government.
sensible and a safe approach by Government.This is quite a momentous day for many people in the epilepsy world.I'm very excited. It is definitely a step forward.In Victoria, access to the drug is limited to children with severe epilepsy. In Tasmania it will be available to a variety of patients.This is really for a very small group of people who have complicated medical problems that don't respond to conventional treatments.Patients would first need to see a medical specialist before an expert panel decides whether to approve a medical cannabis prescription.We have to remember GPs are highly skilled professionals so we'd want to see the Government's reasons for why they've limited it to specialist doctors.It needs to be a medical specialist with expertise in that particular area of disease.The Government is not decriminalising cannabis. The therapeutics goods administration is in the process of rescheduling the drug from an illegal to medical category. Commonwealth licences to lawfully grow medical cannabis are likely to be available next year.Tasmania is well placed, I would suggest, given our experience in the cultivation and processing of poppies to also be a leader in this space.There are calls for individual and small-scale growing operations to be allowed.A grower might apply for a 20-plant licence then he's allowed to produce, under some guidelines.Tasmania continues to be involved with clinical trials in NSW. In any conflict the risk to human life is very real. Well, today a special memorial was unveiled in Adelaide to commemorate the 102,000 servicemen and women who never made it home.The memorial walk has been made to honour all Australians who have served in or been affected by war. Two men who've seen first-hand two very different conflicts helped unveil the State's latest war memorial. SA's governor Hugh van Lave fled Vietnam in 1977.As a war victim, I also know firsthands the scars that war can leave on us. Bill Cory served alt El Alamein, New Guinea, Borneo and his most memorable battle, Tobruk.It was the first time in action and the circumstances plus the fact we were the first ones to ever stand up to the Germans.Hugh van Le and Bill Cory might come from very different walks of life but the new memorial walk has brought them together. For the Tobruk veteran, it brings back memories of comrades no longer here.When you walk down here, you know, it... Just about overcomes you, you know. And there's not many of us left.The walk runs 280m along Kintore avenue, linking the National War Memorial to the Torrens parade ground. It is designed to remember all wars since federation. Some of the troops who helped open it will soon be deployed to the Middle East. The veterans were today's guests of honour but for the oldest digger in attendance there was humility.To me, this is unbelievable today, to think that I was standing up there with all these important people and I'm only Bill.If it's made him feel moved and comforted and supported then we've done a great thing.This memorial is designed to represent all Australians who are affected by war. Along it are 1,020 markers designed to represent the 102,000 Australian servicemen and women who have died in conflict. The governor gave up a 10m-wide stretch of land from Government House's gardens for the walk. The changes now give South Australians a glimpse of his official North Terrace residence. Miriam, let's stick with the Anzac theme. We are commemorating the day tomorrow. Indeed and there will be comprehensive coverage on the ABC starting from 4:28am.With the Dawn Service. Let's move to Queensland because vintage airplanes dating back to World War I have taken to the skies north of Brisbane.The air show aims to highlight the role of Australian airmen this Anzac Day long weekend.They're still magnificent men in their flying machines. The Bristol fighter was used by Australian servicemen in the Middle East during World War I and the triplane a replica of the Red Barons.Very few people understand the significant part Australians played in the air war during World War I and we've created the only collection of flying World War I aircraft in Australia to educate people about that.There are no original World Australia.
War I planes still flying in Australia. All are either reproductions or replicas. 7 are at this weekend's air show at Caboolture, including this German Fokker D.VIII powered by an original 1918 engine. There's no throttle, it's a matter of cutting off the power to land.To see them actually fly again is just a tremendous experience for everybody.There was much ingenuity and design.This the first time they learned to fire a machine gun through a propeller through a synchronisation gear. It literally changed the face of war.I never thought I'd see that here.The generations.
passion for old planes spans generations.Going into the planes and seeing all the controls and seats, what they were in.Planes from World War II, Korea and Vietnam are also on show.I just love World War I and World War II aircraft. I actually fly model aircraft so I'm really into it. Flying high all weekend. The National Gallery of Australia is closing its lakeside annex.That's the latest casualty of the Budget squeeze on Canberra's national institutions and there's little prospect of any of those cuts being restoreded in the upcoming Budget. The last temptation and the last exhibit. After two years at reconciliation Place beside Lake Burley Griffin, the National Gallery of Australia is shutting up shop.The national capital authority is very disappoints would that decision.The picture was rosier two years ago when the NGA took control of the lake front space. The plan called for four exhibitions a year.It was about extending the reach of the NGA, having an accessible exhibition space where it could attract walkers-by.To activate the space and the oltural facilities, the cultural institutions that are here can make a contribution to that. For a while they did but a further round of Budget cuts has apparently forced their hand.The reality is they can't find millions of dollars in savings and keep doing the same thing they have been asked to do. So-called efficiency dividends from Canberra's institutions have been a go-to for both sides of politics but Labor says enough is enough. Perhaps there were savings there to begin with that everyone has to play their part in Budget recovery but year on year and then in the MYEFO as well.What happens when the NGA leaves here is anyone's guess. The national capital authority is hopeful it will find a new permanent tenant. In the meantime t is keeping its options open for short-term commercial ventures.We've already had inquiries from the communities about the potential for temporary use, for pop-up uses.A prime location struggling to find a permanent tenant.

Let's take a look at the satellite image. A high is directing cold southeasterly winds with showers along the NSW coast. It's also tracking low cloud over Victoria, Tasmania and SA. A trough over Queensland is triggering isolated showers. More frequent in the tropics. A cold front is approaching WA's south coast causing showers to develop. Around the country:

Top stories from ABC News - North Korea appears to have carried out a ballistic missile test from a submarine off its east coast. The South Korean Defence ministry says the missile flew for a few minutes. It views the launch as a failure. It comes amid fears North Korea could carry out a nuclear missile test. German chancellor Angela Merkel and top EU officials have joined Turkey's Prime Minister on vast to a migrant camp on the Turkish Syrian border. Ms Merkel's visit to Turkey comes a month after Ankara and the EU struck a deal aimed at stemming the flow of refugees into Europe. Investigations are under way into what caused a single-car crash which claimed the life of a 4-year-old girl in Western Victoria. Police say the girl was travelling in a car near Ballarat when it crashed yesterday afternoon. The girl, who was the only passenger, was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Defending NRL Premiers North Queensland remain unbeaten at home this season after beating Parramatta 32-16 in Townsville. A try to Antonio Winterstein and a double to Michael Morgan secured the win for the second-placed Cowboys.Let's take time to look at what the papers are saying this Sunday morning. No surprise we're hearing more about the Budget. Queensland's Sunday Mail reports Malcolm Turnbull is due to rule out changes to negative gearing under a Coalition Government.The Sunday Telegraph also has that story on Malcolm Turnbull's expected negative gearing announcement. The issue is set to become a key election battlegrounds.SA's Sunday Mail has an Anzac Day special report on four brothers shipped off to battle and only one survive ched.The sun Herald says the Federal Government has ordered an investigation into the Anzac charity Camp Gallipoli over fears it failed to pass on the money raised to veterans' associations. Victoria's Herald Sun is reporting a new AFL unit has been set up to manage players battling drug abuse with a team of experts appointed to the panel.The Sunday Tasmanian says political leaders are being urged to unite with behind a $400 million University of Tasmania tech hub aimed at revitalising Hobart's CBD.It has been hailed as an historic turning point in the fight against global warming with 175 countries signing the Paris climate agreement in New York at the United Nations yesterday. And China and the US, the largest carbon emitters, have pledged to pass laws to bring it into force this year. Politicians in the US have historically been more skeptical about man-made global warming but parts of the country there are now seeing the effects firsthands. Some call it the siege of Miami beach and with each high tide the evidence that rising ocean levels are a serious threat is now indisputable. Environmentalists know it, residents live with it and the beach's city officials say they're tackling the problem head on. New pumping stations have been installed and streets are being elevated to hold back the tide. Despite any lingering arguments over what's causing rising sea levels, dealing with it is now a priority.You know, I'm not a scientist at the end of the day, I'm a Local Government public servant and when these things are happening it is our responsibility to address it. So we can have that argument, man-made or not, but it's happening. We've got to do something about it.The latest research from the University of Miami suggests sea levels are rising faster in Miami beach than almost anywhere else in the US. This professor believes the climate change agreement offers real hope but he says without action things will change drsically.Much of the population here is below 4 feet so it's a Miami that I dope want to be
see have happen. I think that would be a radically different world. That would be a radically different world everywhere.Clearly then coastal cities throughout this State have serious challenges in the years ahead but to give you an idea of the effects of rising ocean levels, we're going to take an aerial trip over the Florida quays, a low-lying set of alands south of Miami. The quays have long been a brorm of climate change but in years rising sea levels have grown. This expanse of barren scrubland is a direct cause of encroaching saltwater, a deep concern for environmentalists.Here, there used to be pine trees. They could never live here now. It is too salty. Chris has studied the yare intrafor be
years and says hard chases need to be made.It is scary to think what about it is going to take to adapt and how we're going to do it while maintaining successful businesses and good quality of life and from the nature conservation perspective, healthy natural areas and native species populations. Florida then stands as an important marker in the fight against global warming and all eyes are on the Sunshine State. If the fight against rising ocean levels fails here, it won't bode well for the rest of the world. This week the words ath leisure - what's the language?
worth coming to with the English language? Athleisure was defined as clothing worn for both exercise and general use.It is everywhere. I will 1 festo being someone who probably wears lots of that and not specifically for exercise. We have the dictionary definition but what does it mean for our wardrobe? Fashion writer Patty Huntington joins us to explaintism is quite a phenomenon we're seeing.We're very dis appointed you're not wearing it. .I was tempted. Maybe a sweat band. It was omnipresent. The diction ary says casual clothing designed to be used for exercise and general use. It has been around for a very long time in streetwear. This an Olympics year, whether that's something to do with it, I don't think so.Will we see people walking around like this?This is from Australian Fashion Week last year, an Australian brand called we are handsome which is swimwear and they've launched an active' wear line. Australian Fashion Week is dedicating a whole day to active wear next month. The clothing and foot wear degree is 272 billion, the Australian fitness active wear segment is about 1.9 billion and grew 8% and the Australian sporting goods association recently released a report suggesting women's active wear sales increased 50% in the last couple of years so it's fashion and it's functional fashion. You've got also the fitness boom with a rise in cut-rate 24/7 gym memberships, yoga - I myself am a recent devotee to yoga and you've got celebrities launching activewear lines and they say the celebrity activewear line is the new celebrity perfume. Beyonce's line Ivy Park launched last week and it's about to sell out. In my yoga studio it took a couple of days before I saw Ivy Park - it's distracting because other brands have discreet logos and hers is massiveWas she accused of ripping off another brand?Lulu Lemon. It is a Canadian brand with about 2 billion in sales. People criticise them for their very expensive yoga pantsz and at one point they had to recall them because they were too transparent and it was a bit inappropriate when people were doing a downward dog in the gym. Anyone who does yoga pants I imagine Lulu Lemon will criticise. Beyonce has something happening in a couple of hours called Lemonade. No-one knows what it is, whether it's a whole activewear extension line or a new hours
album happening in a couple of hours in the US.Traditionally Australia has been strong in terms of swimwear so one would imagine in terms of activewear perhaps wy could see a place for Australian designers there too?Absolutely and they pushed Australian Fashion Week back a few weeks to May this year to try and align itself with the resort collections internationally and I think adding this day - we've always done great swimwear. Surfwear was born in Australia - it wasn't born in Australia but we took the bull by the horns.Took it off the beach on to the street.We brands
did and there were South African were
brands but the Australian brands were really strong and interestingly, they've scored quite a big get in Cynthia Reilly, a New York-based designer who does regular fashion, also swimwear and she's a surfer herself and launched a line of high-fashion wetsuits which are really colour blocked and quite attractive so she's coming down to unveil her resort collection in Sydney next month which could be a sign of things to come. They may start to lure more international brands. Who knows. Would Rip Curl, Billabong, Quick Silver participate in Australian Fashion Week? I don't know because they don't see them avels as fashion and yet they're selling a lot of fashion.Am I right in saying you have got to have a good bomb body image to wear this gear -- good body image?I suppose so but the general public is wearing them. There's criticism some people shouldn't wear leggings in the street but if they feel confident - and nay are really comfortable. Tarp the new skinny jeans. I think lot of people are going to the gym and there's increased awareness of obesity and sugar levels, they're talking about the ends of Coca-Cola because of the I quit sugar campaign. There is a much more fitness mentality. We had the same thing in the '80s with the rise of Jane Fonda and the fitness videos. Let's get physical with Olivia Newton-John.Exactly.For some of us it might be the comfort factor and I'll point to a bit of a comedy skit that has been on YouTube trending recently and I must say I do identify with this as well. It right.
is all about the activewear.That's

Hey!Are you off to the gym?No, just going shopping in my active wear, active wear. Buying groceries in my active wear. Having coffee with my friends in my active wear. Active wear. Going to the movies in my active wear. Active wear. Getting a manicure in my active wear. Active wear. Showing off my baby in my active wear. Active wear. I drink Coke Zero in my active wear. Active wear. Waiting for the bus in my active wear.ictive wear. Buying active wear in my active wear.Yes, I perhaps don't necessarily do seen people
exercise in my active wear.I've seen people down the local shopping centre.Is there a place where active wear shouldn't be worn? Es-I, and as active wear continues to role on there was a controversy a couple of weeks ago in the UK with a British news anchor of News Night, Kirstie Walk from BBC's News Night wore a high-fashion tracksuit pant which cost a few hundred dollars with three stripes down the side t wasn't Adidas.Still a bit of subliminal advertising perhaps. I think the strikes have become generic but she was widely rip ribbed for that. Last week Kim Kardashian was also widely ribbed for wearing Adidas under an even dress. It's just permeated everywhere.Are there any places you cannot wear that gear? I was going to say the workplace but obviously you can.That's why. Where are your high-fashion tracksuits? One UK paper asked is the tracksuit the new power suit because of these - in the high-fashion runway area we've had a number of brands like Chloe and Lacost doing these $2000 luxury tracksuits so 10 years ago it was all about the pastel colours and they died a natural death but we are going into the Olympics so that always spurs some kind of interest not only in fitness but in sports clothing usually.It certainly makes fashion much more accessible. It does.Because I can certainly aspire to wearing some tracksuit pants whereas oat couture is probably beyond me - hautecouture. Is this becoming more user-friendly because it's comfortable? That's what it should be about, surely? You could say that. Some of the shoes we saw in the last runway rounds were stacked platform shoes. Whether that's just for show or whether people will wear those out and about, I don't know. Is a British newsreader wearing a pair of high-fashion tracksuit pants in the studio the sign it's jumped the shark? Possibly. Are we going to see Barack Obama wearing a tracksuit out and about while running? Stuff?True, we did see a few politicians wearing various forms of active wear, John Howard with his famous tracksuit.We're more casual. I'm not wearing a tie. You wouldn't have seen that 10 years ago.Very truetism serves a purpose. It's not just a fashion trend. It is a trend but it serves a purpose in that people are going to the gym, doing yoga. There's a huge yoga boom in the US and this sorts of stuff serves a purpose. And to know I'm in fine company with my leggings and tracky pantsz. Patty Huntington, thank you.We should point out we did tease a bit earlier about the - what's it called the electric shock therapy. It is a new trend in exercise some people are considering that perhaps may or may not be such a good idea. We aren't able to bring that to you at the moment so it's just as well we have Patty to helpous out in the department of exercise.You can look the part. Just don't do it. The poem Gnashes from the Front - Flashes from the Front puts the listener in the place of a war correspondent in World War I written by Yvonne Harper.Jenny Grinlingten joined forces with actor Greg Alan to bring you the poem shot on location on the NSW north coast.

Their bags were straight, their heads held high. Now troops were on the move, from in a camp and off to war at last. They volunteered to fight the Hun and to a man they'd prove they loved their country that was unsurpassed. "Fall in" a voice came booming down. The troops moved to command and went on deck in readiness to land. Just as the moon was casting its last light on Anzac Cove, our men were rowed towards a fate unplanned.

The same old shrapnel whizzing by. The same polluting stench. The same old flies and lice that itched. The same old awful trench.

One sudden shot. Last breath expelled. And mud became a grave. Another mule had paid the price that war asked of the brave. Without respite, the mule team strove to feed the hungry guns that boomed and barked while mothers prayed for safe return of sons.

They had to keep moving, though sorely afraid. Once a whistle had blown to advance. From the trenches they rose like the flooding spring tide to engulf the green pastures of France. Both sides fell in their thousands from enemy guns that disturbed bones of men gone before. They were fathers and brothers and cousins and sons. They were loved but were lost to the war.

Gruesome figures were lying about. Aussies and tommies and Huns. Thousands and thousands of poor dead souls fell by the thundering guns. Broken wagons were bogged in the mud, duck boards and tape swept away. Crashing bombardments of smashing steel. Terrified men every day.

Along the duckboard single file, their lifeline to the front. Trudged battle-weary men who asked was this their final stunt? Now every soldier looked the same. They all were caked in mud with chewed-up fags between their lips, their days were etched in blood.

The fighting men have gone away, so few to live another day. And in their wake they've left behind a field of flowers red as wine, a future symbol, yours and mine. They hope that they had saved mankind.

That was Flashes from the Fronts from poet evan Harper, recited by Greg Aitken. Thanks to the Australian wor memorial for the photos in the story.A great way of conveying what went on and how they felt. Time to talk sport now. Natalie joins us again. We are going to start with the AFL. Watt I'm liking about this season - apart from the fact my team is not winning - is that a lot of the games are really close. They're exciting games.There has been an amount of amazing close games. Unfortunately last night's weren't any of them. Last night Geelong coach Chris Scott praised his side for the way they responded to a and
slow start against Port Adelaide quarter
and a brawl that broke out at quarter time. The melee a occurred on the siren after Cat Patrick Dangerfield was kneed in the back. Geelong were 4 goals down but bounced back to record a 48-point win.He gets it. Got a couple.The Western Bulldogs continued their blistering start to the season but may have lost another key player to injury. Matt Suckling hurt his knee and ankle in a marking contest during the Dogs' 53-point thumping of Brisbane.We didn't capitalise on our opportunities which probably cost us in the first quarter tut butt it was a good response by the buoys to play a full four quarters. Something we'll work on is last kick inside 50 which has probably burned us a last couple of weeks. We'll work on that.A late Corey Norman sin binning has denied Parramatta victory over North Queensland. Parramatta recovered from a slow start to lead the Premiers midway through the second half but the Eels went down a man when Norman was shown yellow for a professional foul. The Cowboys took full advantage.Long from Thurston to Antonio Winterstein. He celebrates his new deal with another try.North Queensland scored two tries while Norman was off the ground and then another for good measure. Meanwhile the Canberra Raiders were ruthless in their annihilation of the Tigers, running in 11 tries to score a 60-6 victory.Everyone is doing their job and running off the back of Thurston makes your job a whole lot easier and playing consistent footy and being able to get the whole gear in last year and the run of injuries I've had, it helps to get the full year in and I think coming off the back of that year it's really helped.The Waratahs got their Super Rugby season back on track with a 49-13 drubbing of the Western force in Perth. The 'Tahs overcame a slow start and led by 11 at the break before putting the footoon the gas in the second half. Calway spinning out of one and away goes Israel Folau. A record-breaking moment.That try saw Israel Folau become the Waratahs' overall leading try scorer. NSW crossed the paint four times in the second half to secure a bonus-point win. Meanwhile, in South Africa Karmichael Hunt scored his first try of 2016 but it wasn't enough to stop the Reds slumping to their 7th loss of the season. The Stormers scored three tries in a 7-minute second-half burst to secure a 40-22 win. Manchester United is through to its first FA Cup final in 9 years following a heart-stopping 2-1 victory over Everton. The Red devils took a 1-0 lead in to hamp time only to concede an own-goal midway thou the second half. With scores locked 1-1, the match looked dest nledz to more
reach extra time but there was one more fris to come.Anthony Martial! Hiech are surely heading to the FA Cup final.Anthony Martial found the breakthrough with just seconds remaining in stoppage time. The Red devils will play either Crystal Palace or Watford. Thomas Broich says his goal against Melbourne Victory will coun for nothing if Brisbane don't get past Western A-League
Sydney today and advance to the A-League grand final. The German midfielder scored the deciding goal in last week's elimination final against the Victory but says his team are now set on putting in a top performance over 90 minutes and that they worked on that in their first training session after the win. Roar coach John Aloisi says his team go into the game against the Wanderers today as underdogs. In netball, the Queensland Fire Birds have beaten the Adelaide Thunder Birds in Adelaide 46-58. An experienced Fire Birds line-up led by 6 goals after the first quarter and expected to gain momentum against a depleted South Adelaide side while the Thunder Birds goal attack Erin Bell shined to help the home side come within 3 points of the defending champions, the Fire Birds proved too strong for the home side to win by 12 goals. Fire Birds remain unbeaten this year and set a new benchmark in the league, recording 17 straight wins.They're in such fine form. You've only got to watch 5 minutes of their games and their intensity is at a new level. We'll look at them against Fever tomorrow, a top-of-the-table clash, and go home and prepare the best we with can for them next week.There were a couple of EPL results, Manchester City won 4-0, up to third on the EPL ladder. Up in the top four pushing Manchester United out which is a shame for them coming off the FA Cup final berth.Indeed. Also exciting to see we're coming to the deciding moment in the A-League and we've got the game coming up between Brisbane Roar and the Wanderers. The Brisbane Roar seen as underdogs but we can'tule rule them out? Sthiets a bit of an odd one, given it is at home for the Western Sydney WanderersSome of us are going out there this afternoon.You'll be there?I will.What's your tip?I think the Wanderers. I think the home crowd are going to get them over the line, only just. Brisbane Roar were on top of the ladder until recently. It is a bit odd to see them not have the home semifinal.We were talking how remarkable the journey of Adelaide has been. Adelaide now in the grand final next week, given it was 8 losses on the trot to begin with. We talk about Leicester having a fairytale run, it's not the same but we have our own fairytale run the
in the A-League with Adelaide and the awful, awful start. It is nice to see and then the streak they went on to win all the games and finish on the top of the ladder winning the Premier's Plate. Fingers crossed t is going to be a great final but first we've got to get through the semi.There's been so much chopping and changing between who's at the top of the ladder. We know Adelaide is through. It is anyone's result at this point but the Wanderers have home ground advantage.It is exciting and we can't wait to see whagets through to the final.We'll bring the results to you tomorrow. Thanks, Natalie.Next hour on weekend Breakfast Labor Senator Sam Dastyari will talk about the week that was and the week we can expect in politics as we get closer to the announcement perhaps of a forthcoming election. Stay with us for that.

This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Good morning and welcome back to Weekend Breakfast. I'm Miriam Corowa.I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Upping the ante, North Koreacused of launching a ballistic missile Japan.
from a submarine in the sea of

Also ahead, German chancellor Angela Merkel meets Syrian refugees in Turkey amid EU efforts to deter migrants.Holiday horror. A 4-year-old girl killed in a car crash in Victoria.And defending NRL Premiers North Queensland remain unbeaten at home with a victory over Parramatta.

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