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VOICEOVER: This is Nine News First afternoon.
at 5:00 with Alicia Loxley.Good news
afternoon. We begin with breaking car
news and a child has died after a Reporter
car crash northwest of Melbourne. live
Reporter Justine Conway joins me what
live now on the phone. Justine, happened
what do we know?This has only just hours,
happened in the last couple of details.
hours, so we are awaiting more this
details. Police have told us that smashed
this car veered off the road and Drive
smashed into a tree on Rememberance before
Drive near Ballarat. Police arrived attempted
before paramedics and they but
attempted to revive the little girl, It's
but sadly she could not be saved. any
It's still unclear if there were vehicle,
any other passengers in this driving,
vehicle, but the man who was injuries
driving, he did sustain some Ballarat
injuries and he's currently in lost
Ballarat Hospital. As to how he that's
lost control of that vehicle, investigation
that's all going to be part of an Collision
investigation and the Major Collision Unit is on its way to fighting
Ballarat to investigate.A girl is drug
fighting for life after a suspected in
drug overdose at a music festival unconscious
in Maitland. The teen was found She
unconscious at the Groovin the Moo. critical
She was rushed to hospital in a boy
critical condition. A 17-year-old suspected
boy was also hospitalised after a Government
suspected overdose. Federal on
Government has launched an assault public
on bad teeth with a major boost for a
public dental funding. Children are Meyer
a key focus of the scheme. Eddy plan
Meyer has more.It's a $5 billion it
plan and the government expecting dental
it to be a popular one. The new with
dental scheme will cover adults with concession cards and

with concession cards and every about
child under the age of 18. All up, are
about 10 million Australians.There have
are children in our schools who alone
have not seen a toothbrush, let public
alone a dentist, and a really good after
public dental scheme needs to look disadvantaged,
after the vulnerable, the scheme
disadvantaged, the low income.The States
scheme needs the agreement of the legislation
States and Territories, but when be
legislation goes through, it will already
be funded for four years, but Association
already today the Australian Dental calling
Association has criticised it, Budget
calling this little more than a because
Budget saving measure. That's children's
because it will replace a by
children's dental scheme introduced and
by the previous Labor government Today's
and they've attacked it too. dollar
Today's announcement is a billion of
dollar cut that will mean millions public
of more people are waiting for we're
public dental treatment.Given and
we're in the lead-up to a Budget and an election, it is no surprise reports
we're also seeing well placed suggests
reports about tax cuts. The latest income
suggests a modest cut for middle Budget
income workers will be in the bracket
Budget as a way of heading off being
bracket creep. Despite the detail it
being out there, when asked about or
it the Treasurer wouldn't confirm has
or deny any details.A paratrooper frightening
has been hospitalised after a Sydney
frightening crash landing at the of
Sydney Cricket Ground. The member in
of the Red Berets was taking part match
in a special Anzac Day-themed pre- Swans
match entertainment prior to the the
Swans and Eagles game when he hit oval
the ground hard. The man left the have
oval conscious, but is believed to elderly
have suffered a broken pelvis. An after
elderly man is fighting for life random
after being stabbed in an apparent Alexis
random attack. Let's go live now to how
Alexis Daish in Melbourne. Lexi, Alicia.
how did this happen?Good afternoon, country
Alicia. This unfolded along a quiet state's
country road in Portland in the state's southwest. It was just year-old
after 9:00 last night and a 70- along
year-old man was riding his bike woman
along Cape Nelson Road when a young she
woman came up to him and asked if Police
she could borrow his mobile phone. mobile
Police don't even believe he had a but
mobile phone on him at the time, request
but it was after she made that him.
request that she allegedly stabbed upper
him. Now, he sustained critical the
upper body injuries and was left on to
the road and very luckily was able get
to stagger towards a nearby home to he
get some help. They called 000 and Alfred
he was then air-lifted here to the early
Alfred Hospital. It was then in the local
early hours of this morning that year-old
local detectives arrested a 21- been
year-old woman. Now, she has since causing
been charged with intentionally front
causing serious injury and will Court
front the Warrnambool Magistrates with
Court on Tuesday. I have spoken this
with staff here at the hospital that
this afternoon who have confirmed in
that that elderly victim is still Alright,
in a critical, but stable condition. have
Alright, thank you. Five people just
have been killed in the space of Cassandra
just six hours on NSW roads as lives
Cassandra Wood reports, three young lives were lost in one crash alone.

lives were lost in one crash alone. Anzac
It's been an horrific start to the NSW
Anzac Day long weekend right across One
NSW with several crashes overnight. the
One of those here at Bray marr in just
the NSW Southern Highlands. It was girl
just before 2am that a 17-year-old left
girl died instantly when her car into
left the Old Hume Highway, slammed into a tree and veered

into a tree and veered down an passenger
embankment. Her 15-year-old male injuries
passenger suffered leg and pelvic Liverpool
injuries and is recovering in Liverpool Hospital.

Liverpool Hospital.
injuries and is recovering in

Liverpool Hospital.
injuries and is recovering in investigations
Liverpool Hospital.Whilst would
investigations are still early, it element
would appear speed is the key where
element in that particular crash found
where the motor to that vehicle was vehicle's
found some 30m away and that at
vehicle's speedometer was locked on also
at 180km/h.Three young man have in
also been killed northwest of Dubbo were
in the State's Central West. They wheel
were travelling in the same four- around
wheel drive when they crashed at Tragically,
around 7:30 this morning. Tragically, they all died at

Tragically, they all died at
around 7:30 this morning. scene.
Tragically, they all died at the hospital
scene. A woman has also died in hit
hospital this morning after being the
hit by a car at south Cardiff in of
the Lake Macquarie area just north drivers
of Sydney. Police are pleading with particularly
drivers to take care and slow down, team
particularly in the wet.Football Patrick
team mates of one punch victim almost
Patrick Cronin have come together minute's
almost a week after his death. A their
minute's silence was held before Melanie
their first game since his passing. people
Melanie Slade has more.Hundreds of Montmorency
people are at the ground here in family
Montmorency to support the Cronin contest
family and watch a courageous Last
contest byplayers from Lower Plenty. Cronin
Last week, 19-year-old Patrick game.
Cronin played his first senior's mourning
game. Today, his team mates are generous,
mourning the loss of a kind-hearted, was
generous, courageous young man who Before
was also a talented footballer. stood
Before this afternoon's game, they minute's
stood together to observe a (SILENCE)
minute's silence. one-punch
(SILENCE)Patrick was a victim of a night
one-punch attack last Saturday for
night after playing his first game during
for the seniors. He was struck has
during a brawl outside a pub. This and
has become a place for the family come
and members of the community to other.
come together and support each other.We think it's really special

other.We think it's really special
come together and support each

other.We think it's really special
come together and support each here. and
here. We've got really good people and they've been

and they've been
here. We've got really good people Cronin
and they've been amazing.Patrick a
Cronin will be laid to rest during still
a funeral on Wednesday.Mystery star
still surrounds the death of music able
star Prince. Authorities have been 57-year-old's
able to rule out suicide after the elevate
57-year-old's body was found in an yesterday.
elevate tor at his Minnesota home completed,
yesterday. An autopsy has been toxicology
completed, but results of toxicology reports could take weeks.

toxicology reports could take weeks. have
Hundreds of volunteer firefighters fears
have rallied in Melbourne against cave
fears the Victorian premier could government
cave into union demands. But the signed
government insists no deal has been Well,
signed yet. Dougal Beatty has more. of
Well, it certainly has been a show Authority.
of force by the Country Fire trucks
Authority. More than 400 fire Victorian
trucks have converged on the a
Victorian Parliament in protest of firefighters
a new union deal. All of the They
firefighters today are volunteers. to
They drove from all over the state to meet at Parliament and continue around
to do laps around the precinct for of
around two hours. Many then got out the
of their trucks and laid flowers on Services
the steps in support of Emergency volunteers
Services Minister Jane Garrett. The been
volunteers say the minister has been treated badly by Firefighters
been treated badly by the United premier
Firefighters Union and her own believe
premier Daniel Andrews. They the
believe the premier has gone behind long-running
the minister's back to settle a union.
long-running pay dispute with the government
union. The volunteers say if the it
government caves into union demands, brigades.
it could spell the end of volunteer They
brigades.They are pushing us out. of
They want permanent people in a lot of the country stations now where fantastic
the CFA volunteers are doing a this
fantastic job.The Opposition says the
this is purely political, claiming union
the premier is trying to settle the election.
union dispute ahead of the Federal

union dispute ahead of the Federal any
election.We will not put up with or
any Labor government doing over CFA or its proud

or its proud
any Labor government doing over CFA government
or its proud volunteers.The been
government maintains no deal has any
been signed off with the union and be
any suggestion that volunteers will absolutely
be worse off is wrong.We are these
absolutely committed to getting fairly.
these matters resolved, resolved the
fairly.The volunteers say this is call
the very first step in a wake-up continue
call for the premier, vowing to challenge
continue the fight with a legal the
challenge and political campaign at news
the next state election.In the family
news ahead - eight members of a elderly
family shot dead in the US. An after
elderly woman lucky to be alive house.
after a Carol ins to a Gold Coast President.
house. And Prince George meets the

This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: This is not
just another day on the tools.

Not just another site inspection.

Destination - new home site.

Not just another concrete slab.

Not just another workhorse. This is the smarter Ranger, and this is
the 2015 Ute of the Year.

This program is not captioned. escaped
A driver aged in her 80s has after
escaped with only minor injuries crashing
after her car rolled more than 20m, house
crashing through a fence and into a survive
house on the Gold Coast.Anyone to and
survive a motor vehicle accident involved
and especially where a rollover is of
involved and to be able to get out Neighbours
of it themselves is extremely lucky. notorious
Neighbours say the area is Prince
notorious for accidents. Well, toddler,
Prince George might only be a with
toddler, but he's already meeting leaders.
with the world's most powerful a
leaders. The future monarch donned a dressing-gown for an audience for
with Barack Obama who joined calls European
for Britain to remain part of the filed
European Union. Amelia Ballinger always
filed this report.Well, this was opportunity.
always going to be a great photo of
opportunity. The Duke and Duchess hosting
of Cambridge and Prince par Harry States
hosting the President of the United Kensington
States and the First Lady at they've
Kensington Palace, the first time their
they've hosted a Head of State on Prince
their own, but it was two-year-old here,
Prince George who stole the show bedtime
here, staying up way past his wearing
bedtime to meet the President slippers.
wearing his dressing-gown and Obamas
slippers. Earlier in the day, the meet
Obamas had flown out to Windsor to Prince
meet the Queen. Her Majesty and the
Prince Philip were on hand to meet out
the couple personally as they got to
out of their helicopter, than much security,
to the shock of White House Philip
security, it was 94-year-old Prince back
Philip who drove the four of them a
back up to the castle for lunch and a photo. It was a fairly quick trip straight
to Windsor. President Obama came with
straight back to London to meet Mr
with Prime Minister David Cameron. joined
Mr Obama quite controversially people
joined Mr Cameron in urging the the
people of the UK to remain within Britain
the European Union. He said that so
Britain would be stronger for doing threatening
so and he also had a quite UK
threatening tone, saying that the queue
UK would go to the back of the queue when it came to trade deals decide
with the US. They did, in fact, quite
decide to leave the EU. So some but
quite controversial comments there, Prince
but no doubt those new photos of lessening
Prince George will go some way to shooting
lessening that controversy.A mass lives
shooting in the US has claimed the family.
lives of eight members of the same are
family. Seven adults and a child execution
are among the victims of an state
execution style massacre in the from
state of Ohio. Three children aged years
from just one-week-old to three killer
years old weren't injured. The Ukraine
killer remains at large. A cat in unusual
Ukraine has adopted a rather has
unusual litter. The doting mother feeding
has taken to two rescued squirrels, babies,
feeding them as well as her own to
babies, but she's been warned not little
to get too attached. The furry local
little rode dents are off to a now
local zoo. Clint Stanaway is along we
now with sport.Thanks. Coming up, take
we have the latest AFL as the Swans Eagles
take top spot after clipping the he's
Eagles wings. Plus Cloke reveals blockbuster.
he's been dropped for the Anzac Day to
blockbuster. And the Bulldogs out to stop their bogey side in the NRL. This program is not captioned. Meet Rod Taylor. Rod is one of the
Coles apple farmers. How do you choose
the perfect apple? Size, taste, crunch.
Yum. Coles Australian-grown
jazz apples just $3.90 a kilo. Farmers like Rod. That's where Coles apples come from.

MAN: # Getting this bill
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This program is not captioned. afternoon
We start with AFL first this the
afternoon and Sydney has moved to comfortable
the top of the ladder with a West
comfortable 39 point victory over Defender
West Coast. A bit of a soggy SCG. of
Defender Ted Richards was the star also
of the show both in the air and COMMENTATOR:
also if front of goal. The
COMMENTATOR: Surely not from Teddy. Doesn't
The fullback turned full forward. Doesn't he love that?Meanwhile, on lead
the Gold Coast, North Melbourne quarter
lead the Suns by 18 points at Collingwood
quarter time. Out of form has
Collingwood forward Travis Cloke Day
has been dropped for Monday's Anzac Coach
Day blockbuster against Essendon. patience
Coach Nathan Buckley losing just
patience with the 29-year-old after games.
just five goals in the first four The
games. Mark Macgugan has the latest. since
The rumours had been circulating confirmation,
since Thursday, but today came the dropped
confirmation, Nathan Buckley has Cloke,
dropped the axe on big man Travis the
Cloke, sending the forward back to just
the VFL to find some form.It's game,
just footy, mate. It is part of the selected
game, isn't it? You know, you get I
selected or you don't get selected. back
I guess it is my opportunity to go and
back and be part of the VFL squad from
and get a kick and see what goes take,
from there.The news even harder to the
take, given Cloke will miss out on Anzac
the season's biggest game, the Essendon.
Anzac Day blockbuster against first
Essendon.13 years ago I played my been
first game on Anzac Day and it's Yeah,
been 13 years since I played in VFL. question
Yeah, bit of, I guess, a trivia question later on in life, that's Elsewhere,
the only way to look at it. a
Elsewhere, Brett Deledio completed appears
a full session at Richmond and Melbourne
appears set to play against Demons
Melbourne tomorrow night, the their
Demons once again trying to break consecutive
their five year drought without

their five year drought without consecutive wins.

consecutive wins.
their five year drought without chances
consecutive wins.We had a lot of about
chances to do that. We don't think I
about it consciously on the field. big
I think, you know, Sunday will be a have
big chance to do it.Hawthorne may victory
have pinched another thrilling

have pinched another thrilling Alastair
victory last night but coach with
Alastair Clarkson is far from happy not
with where his teem is at.We're 17
not going to win finals conceding restrict
17 goals. We need to find a way to kicking
restrict sides like Adelaide win
kicking that many.Remarkably that third
win over the Crows was the Hawks points.
third straight by exactly three NRL
points.Canterbury has broken its against
NRL hoodoo after a golden point win ANZ
against the Gold Coast Titans at stunning
ANZ Stadium. Sam Perrett scored a minutes
stunning try in the opening 40 at
minutes as the Bulldogs led by six the
at half-time. The Titans did send run
the game into extra time after a run away try the Josh Hoffman in Reynolds
the final 10 minutes, but Josh goal
Reynolds kicked the winning field second
goal to give the Dogs just their Titans.
second win in six against the COMMENTATOR: COMMENTATOR: He's

COMMENTATOR: He's done it before match
and he does it again.Last night's third
match saw Brisbane hand Souths its fears
third straight loss and there's Reynolds
fears Bunnies play maker Adam a
Reynolds has rebroken his jaw from report.
a tackle that saw Adam Blair go on Broncos
report. Teammate Hymel Hunt and also
Broncos hooker Andrew McCullough the
also suffered serious injuries. For Adelaide
the first time in its history, grand
Adelaide will host an A-League semifinal
grand final after a thrilling City.
semifinal win against Melbourne the
City. Bruce Djite scored twice for gave
the Reds before Nick Fitzgerald it
gave Melbourne a bit of hope, but goals
it soon disappeared as two more deserved
goals sealed Sydney's fate.Yeah, play
deserved the win. Had the better play and we had - we didn't get to could.
the level that we thought that we Western
could.Adelaide will play either grand
Western Sydney or Brisbane in the Rugby
grand final. And the debut Super getting
Rugby season of Reece Hodge keeps year-old
getting better with the 21 #y08d4- remember
year-old starring in the Melbourne Cheetahs
remember Bells big win over the outside
Cheetahs making the first start at and
outside centre. He set up one try For
and scored in the 36-14 triumph: Super
For a young man to come into a presence
Super Rugby side and make his contribution
presence felt and have a strong year,
contribution at game time like this win
year, fantastic.That bonus point top
win leaves the remember Bells on Busy
top of the Australian Conference. have
Busy afternoon of sport. We will it,
have more at 6:00.Look forward to will
it, thank you very much for that. I forecast
will have your Sunday weather is
forecast next, but right now here This program is not captioned. Save every day at Coles. Stock up and save
for the long weekend with Coles brand hot chicken down, down to just $8 every day. Coles cheese and bacon bread rolls just $3 a pack every day. Delicious Coles brand dips just $2 a tub every day. And a 12-pack of Coles delicious chocolate chip cookies
from the bakery just $2.50 a pack every day. Look for the big red hand
every day at Coles.

This program is not captioned.

To the weather details now.

It will be mostly dry around the the
country with light showers along southwest,
the eastern seaboard. In the in,
southwest, a cold front is closing high
in, so showers are on the way. A and
high will be sitting over Victoria morning
and Tasmania. So it will be a cold degrees
morning in the southeast. Nine patches
degrees in Melbourne with fog 21.
patches clearing to a sunny day and of
21. Hobart will dip to eight ahead Canberra.
of a top of 20 degrees, just 6 in The
Canberra. But then warming up to 22. Brisbane,
The chance of afternoon showers in a
Brisbane, heading to 27. In Sydney, clear,
a few light morning showers will heading
clear, set to reach 23. Adelaide, with
heading for 24 degrees. 27 in Perth Day,
with late showers. Then for Anzac for
Day, cloudy in Brisbane and 26. 23 the
for Sydney, another cold morning in of
the southeast. 7 in Canberra ahead of a top of 23. Down to 8 in Hobart Melbourne,
with a sunny top of 22. 10 in in
Melbourne, then sunny and 24. Warm are
in Adelaide, a top of 27. Showers of
are on the way for Perth and a top of 22 degrees.

of 22 degrees.
are on the way for Perth and a top Afternoon
of 22 degrees. That is Nine's is
Afternoon News. Our next bulletin your
is coming up at 6:00. Thanks for your company. Bye for This is it.

It's time.

Come on.

For you to get up
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The superstars are out of control.

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..what you've been waiting for.

The Voice blind auditions
are back on WIN.

This program is not captioned. # Got to got to Getaway

# Getaway

# You gotta Getaway

# Oh, oh-oh-oh. #

Hello, and welcome to Getaway.
This week on the show, Jason Dundas

shows off the quirky side of LA.
The time travel mart.

It's kind of like a
7/11 for time travellers.

Everything you need from the past,
the present, to the future.

David Rain is picking up speed

as he heads down
Tassie's Mount Wellington.

The trouble is, I suppose, you
keep wanting to look at the view!

And me? I'm in Bali, road-testing
some adrenaline-pumping water sports,

and trust me, there is
a lot of screaming involved!


# Getaway

# Getaway. #

Now, when you think of LA
you think of the glitz and glam -

movie stars, big houses, fancy cars -
the shiny side of life.

But underneath all of that,
there's a quirky side to LA.

So today
I wanna to show you the weird

and wonderful here in Los Angeles,
starting with this cool car.

This eccentric city calls
for a quirky ride,

so I'm feeling the breeze on my skin
in this classic 1968 Buick LeSabre.

Now every time you take a holiday,

it's always essential
to bring a little something home

for one of your loved ones -
something unique,

something odd or weird
from your adventures.

And this place,
the Time Travel Mart.

It's kind of like a 7/11
for time travellers.

Everything you need for the past
the present to the future.

I mean, the whole thing just kinda
sounds weird. Let's have a look.

Believe it or not, this shop
caters for those of us crossing

time dimensions,
and sells everything

from dead languages to
primordial soup and mammoth chunks.

100% woolly mammoth meat...

Showing me around
is seasoned time-traveller

and manager of the store, Tia Stark.
OK, what's happening in here?

These are our dinosaur eggs for our
baby dinosaurs, if you want to

take one with you and have a pet
or go to the future and drop one

off and cause some trouble...

How much
does it take to get a dinosaur egg?

$9.99, very reasonably priced.
Is it a real dinosaur egg?

Of course,
everything is real in here.

Everything in the whole shop?
Everything is real.

OK. Can I grab it out?

Yes, just be careful.

So for $9.99 I can get this
dinosaur egg, and what happens?

A dinosaur will hatch,
there are four different kinds

so you don't know
which one you're gonna get.

This is amazing...
and there's something in there!

Of course, it's a dinosaur!

A little baby dinosaur
ready to hatch. OK, cool.

Alright, let me put
him back in there.

Keep him warm.
Oh, where's the future section?

So this is mainly
for our robot friends.Yep.

We have everything from robot milk
if they are thirsty.

This is robot milk?
It's from Jupiter farms.

100% non-organic. Oh, a robot toupee!
Look at this...

Can be styled many different ways.

Including chest hair, goatee
and rust stain remover. Hmm.


What's a nanobot?
Just don't open it.

There's millions of little robots.
What do you mean?

You just can't see them.

They're invisible?

Very small.
Millions of nanobots in there.

How much does it
cost for the nanobots?

So if I open it,
they're gonna come out?

Yeah, they're really hard
to get back in...


Alright we'll put them back in.

Now one of the cool things
I've discovered since living here

is the food truck culture -

these people go crazy
for food trucks -

and one of my favourites
its called The Green Truck.

And there's an app called
'Roaming Hunger' where you can search

your favourite food
truck and work out where it is

that day and go there
and enjoy lunch.

This is the truck I was looking for
on the app and it's right where it

says it would be. This is The Green
Truck where I'm gonna get lunch.

But have a look around, there's
four trucks that way and five trucks

that way, so I can eat here and then
try a little bit of everything else.

This is gonna be fun.

The food truck phenomenon exploded
just a couple of years ago

in the states,
where it's all about convenient,

inexpensive food, served fast.

You know, I feel like having a
quesadilla or a Mexican

or a Goji Bowl, it's super easy
just to pick up what we want.

The super food bowl,
and I'll add chicken protein.

OK, so lunch is served,
I found my food truck,

I got what I wanted and I also tried
out a few of the others.

So if you find yourself in LA
definitely track down a food truck,

'cause it's worth it,
the foods really fresh.

And here's something that's
pretty cool, check this out -

that right there is the largest piece
of the Berlin Wall outside of Berlin.

Only in LA.

And when it comes to
quirky accommodation in LA,

I think I've found the best spot.

30 metres up on a rooftop,
all to myself above downtown LA.

It's like spending the night in your
own secret garden high up above.

And it's like
nothing I've ever seen before.

And you wait till you see
where you actually sleep!

This is an original 1952 vintage
trailer that's been fully renovated.

It might be a little cosy,
but there's definitely room for two,

making it ideal
for a romantic getaway.

And the deck is the perfect spot
to enjoy the city skyline.

After the break,
Charlie is heading behind the scenes

of one of Brissy's
most iconic attractions.

These four letter behind me are
printed in Australia's history.

# Getaway. #

This program is not captioned.