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(generated from captions) And the cost?
Well, only about $65 a square metre. I think, compared to wallpaper,
that's not bad - some designer wallpapers
are hundreds - and it's original. It looks very good, actually.
It looks VERY good. Come on - stand back
and have a proper look. I'll look from back here.

What do you think?
It's beautiful. It's such a fantastic way
to add personality to your home. Like, it's you and it's real.
Yeah. It's fabulous.
And I love the colour. It's a happy memory.
It's really nice. Really happy with it.

Well, what a great time
I've had with Aldona in Ballarat. I think Cameron loved his mural. That was such a special treat.
I think he did too. And, you know, you've inspired me
with the photography - so much so I have to get a selfie
before we go. (LAUGHS)

Just... Big smile. (LAUGHS)

We've had a ball finding these
and sharing them with you. And of course,
for every person that we met, there are countless more like them
who help make this country so great. We hope you enjoyed it.
We'll see you next week with more
Better Homes and Gardens. Bye.

This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - long weekend tragedy. Five people killed within six hours
on New South Wales roads. Police out in force,
to crackdown on speeding. An army paratrooper injured
during pre-game entertainment at the SCG.

And Prince George stays up late
to party with a president.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 5:00 with Angie Asimus. Good afternoon. It's been a horrific day
on New South Wales roads, with five people killed
in three different crashes. The worst was at Trangie, where three young men died
when their car collided with a tree. Another woman was killed in
a single-vehicle crash at Braemar.

And a pedestrian died
after a crash at Cardiff. Police are urging drivers
to slow down this long weekend. Three lives tragically lost
in an instant. A ute hit a tree on
the Mitchell Highway, near Trangie, just after 7:30.

The men, aged 17, 21 and 24,
died at the scene. They were from nearby Orange. There's indications the gentlemen
were out pigging and they've come to grief
on their way home. There were four dogs
in the back of the ute. One didn't survive. Police believe the driver
fell asleep behind the wheel. Within 50m of this accident site is
a memorial from a previous fatality. There's nothing wrong
with the road - it's a straight stretch of road. Another young life lost,
this time near Mittagong. A 17-year-old girl died
after her car collided with a tree, on the Old Hume Highway. Police say she was speeding. The motor to that vehicle
was found some 30m away, and that vehicle's speedometer
was locked at 180. 1,200 drivers have been caught
speeding across New South Wales since Operation Go Slow
started yesterday. Over 55,000 random breath tests
conducted so far, 20 drivers charged
with drink driving. A woman also died in Adelaide,
when her car slammed into a pole. Police right across the country
are pleading with drivers to take care
this Anzac Day long weekend. Speeding, drink or drug driving,
not wearing a seatbelt or a proper helmet, fatigued
or distracted by a mobile phone are the ones who continue to
put themselves, their passengers and other road users at great risk.

A 70-year-old cyclist
is in a critical condition after he was stabbed at Portland,
in Victoria's south-west.

Police believe
a young woman stabbed Raymond Webb after asking to borrow his phone. Teegan Dolling reports.

Raymond Webb was riding home
at around 9:00 last night after having dinner with friends when he was approached
by 21-year-old woman. It was then police alleged
she asked to use his mobile phone and then stabbed him once
in the neck. Bleeding profusely,
he staggered 20m up the road before going into
a nearby house to help. It was flown to Melbourne
and placed in the ICU. Mr Webb has been described
as having a heart of gold. Known as Pop amongst his friends, he volunteers
at the local thrift shop and enjoys a drink and dance
at the RSL. He's a bit of a character. He's one of those friendly people
who'd go up to anyone and say hi and that might be
what got him in the situation. Police were on scene this morning
to finish their investigation. A 21-year-old woman
has been charged with intentionally causing
serious injury and will face court on Tuesday. Luckily, the stab wound just missed
Mr Webb's main artery in his neck. He is not expected to need surgery and will be moved out of the ICU
later next week.

Homicide detectives have been called
in after a man was found dead in Perth's north, late yesterday. The remains of the man,
aged in his early 30s, were found at a home in Girrawheen. Neighbours say a couple live there,
with their child. The street remains cordoned off as police continue
their investigation. No-one has been arrested.

There has been chaos
at the Sydney Cricket Ground this afternoon, with an Army paratrooper injured
in an aerial display. He crash-landed after parachuting
into the stadium, at the Swans' clash with West Coast. Paramedics treated him on the field before he was taken to hospital
with a suspected broken pelvis. He is expected
to make a full recovery.

The federal government's
outlined a plan to provide free dental treatment
to more than 10 million Australians. Children and low-income earners
will be the big winners. Political reporter Amelia Brace
has more from Canberra.

1 in 5 Australian children
have never been to the dentist. The federal government
wants that to change and will invest $5 billion
over four years to create
a national public dental scheme offering free, universal care
for anyone under 18. It will be the first time that the Commonwealth makes
long-term, ongoing investment in a national dental framework. The states will also
have to contribute, though, with the commonwealth pitching in
40% of necessary funds. The states will have
to cover the remainder. We want the same arrangements
to apply across Australia. We want states to pick this up
and co-invest with us. The opposition says the government's simply reallocating
existing funding to cover more people, saying with no means test attached
to the scheme, the public system could be flooded
with extra patients. This is a billion-dollar cut
from dental spending that adds millions more people to public dental waiting lists. Health Minister Sussan Ley says
we won't see increased waiting times because it's unlikely that well-off families will choose
the public system.

Australian Federal Police
are investigating the leaking
of unauthorised information about the bid to build Australia's
next-generation submarines, worth $50 billion. It's the second leak on the issue
in as many months. Yet again,

there's another Australian Federal
Police investigation into the government over leaks to do
with this submarine process. The submarine process has been
polluted and mishandled by the Liberal government
since day one. The leak suggested Japan had
the weakest bid to build the subs.

It could be several weeks before the world learns
just how Prince died. An autopsy has been carried out, with authorities saying there are
no obvious signs of trauma. Mike Amor reports. Angie, we still don't officially
know what killed Prince. His body was driven away from the
coroner's office after an autopsy. We heard from authorities
for the first time today, revealing while the singer
had millions of fans, he died alone.

He was dropped off at his home
at 8 o'clock the night before he was found
in a lift. Staff members from Paisley Park had been unable to contact Prince
yesterday morning and went to check on him - they found him unresponsive. Police say the exact cause of death
won't be known for many weeks until a toxicology report
is finished. We have no reason to believe,
at this point, this was a suicide. Of course,
there continues to be speculation he may have overdosed
on painkillers. The website TMZ claims

he had been given
a so-called life shot last week after his plane made
an emergency landing because he had overdosed. He was also seen making
several trips to a local chemist in the last few days. Prince had hip surgery in 2010
and often used a cane. Friends find it hard to believe. The thing that really bothers me
about it is the Prince I know was, like,
super healthy, vegan, wasn't an abuser of drugs,
wasn't an abuser of alcohol. From a space nebula to landmarks,
the world has been awash with purple as his fans continue
to pay homage to Prince. Angie. A truck has rolled
north of Brisbane this afternoon, trapping four horses inside. The horse float lost control on
the Bruce Highway near Bells Creek, crashing down an embankment. Firefighters cut the roof off
to free the animals while vets worked to keep them calm. They were all rescued
and only suffered minor cuts. The horses belong to
one of Queensland's top trainers, Tony Gollan,

and were on their way to race
on the Sunshine Coast. A young family
has been left homeless after a fire broke out at
their unit, in Sydney's south-west. The blaze started just after 7am
in a bedroom at the Ashcroft home. Neighbours heard loud bangs and ran across the road to help.

My mum woke up,
we saw the fire across the road so we ran across the road
to call everyone out. It was big, went on for ages. The two adults and four children
inside the unit were not injured. The cause of the fire is unknown.

A reckless driver has left a trail
of destruction on a quiet street in western Sydney overnight. The young man was allegedly
doing burnouts in Bligh Park, when he lost control, and crashed into two parked cars. A woman was sitting
in one of the cars, but was not injured.

Heard a couple loud bangs
and came out the front, my sister had just left at the time. A car came round the corner,
hit two cars and hit my sister's car head-on. The driver was taken to hospital
for mandatory testing. Prince George has met
his first US president. He wore a monogrammed dressing gown
and slippers for his late-night meeting
at Kensington Palace. While the Queen was happy
to host Barack Obama, his forceful intervention in the debate
on Britain's future in Europe has some labelling him unwelcome. Ben Lewis has more. Well, the President started
and ended his day in the UK with encounters with royalty - he had lunch with the Queen and dinner with
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry but it was Prince George
who stole the show. The 2-year-old was allowed
to stay up to meet his first ever president. Wearing
a very stylish dressing gown, he showed off the rocking horse
the Obamas got him when he was born. Earlier, he was warmly received
by the 90-year-old monarch. Secret Service agents
seemed a little concerned when the 94-year-old
Duke of Edinburgh decided to drive the President
and first lady to Windsor Castle but they arrived safe and sound. Now, this room is full of mirrors. Where do you want to stand? Where would you like us to stand? It's the third time
the couples have met and it's clear that they are
very fond of each other. The President has said that the Queen was one of
his favourite people in the world. Should we be fortunate enough
to reach 90, may we be as vibrant as she is. She is an astonishing person. Obama didn't spend the whole day
chatting with the royals, though - he waded into UK politics and much to the delight of British
Prime Minister David Cameron, he urged Britons to vote
to remain in the European Union in the upcoming referendum. The United States wants a strong
United Kingdom as a partner and the United Kingdom
is at its best when it's helping to lead
a strong Europe. The comments angered those
wanting the UK out of Europe, who said the President
was meddling where he shouldn't. The President and the first lady
only have a few more hours in the UK before they fly off to Germany
for more meetings but it's clear they made
quite an impression on this trip to the UK, particularly on Prince George.

Still to come in Seven News - Leonardo DiCaprio's impassioned
speech about climate change at the UN. And how police enticed
a runaway pig back to her pen.

SONG: # It's on in Sydney! # It's on in Sydney. See the Australian premiere
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regular prices across the store. San Remo pasta. Now price dropped from $2.45 to $1.95. at Woolworths. to drop prices for you.

(SHAKILY) Dad, I know you think
that everything's alright with me,

but it's not.

VOICEOVER: headspace provides
mental health support

to young men and their families
across Australia

and maybe knowing we're here to help

might make it easier
to start a conversation.

175 world leaders have signed
the Paris climate agreement, at the United Nations in New York. Environment Minister Greg Hunt
was among those pledging to limit global warming,
by at least two degrees. The fact that there were
over 170 nations here to sign it is easily the best outcome
on the first day of any treaty in the history of the world, says this treaty matters. Hollywood star and environmental
campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio addressed the gathering. We can congratulate each other
today, but it will be absolutely nothing
if you return to your countries and fail to push beyond the promises
of this historic agreement. The target date for the agreement
to come into force is 2020, but momentum is building for it
to be introduced much earlier. Donald Trump's top advisors have
assured Republican Party leaders the billionaire will adopt
a more presidential demeanour soon. Trump says he's been trying
to energise voters and is not sure
if he wants to change from the style that's brought him
close to nomination. My wife is constantly saying,
"darling, be more presidential." Could we see a kinder, gentler
Donald Trump? His new political advisors hope
to strike a balance with his image
to appeal to more voters. I just like the fact
that he is a no-nonsense guy. He says what it is. If people don't understand that,
that is why they don't like him. In Pennsylvania, Senator Ted Cruz called Trump
a New York Liberal whose campaign is now run
by Washington insiders. He pointed to the
transgender bathroom debate. Donald Trump agreed with
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Donald Trump argued that grown men should be allowed to
go into girls' restrooms. While the GOP candidates cross
the Mid-Atlantic looking for votes, the Republican establishment met
in Florida. The RNC chairman told party members they cannot let Hillary Clinton
continue the policies of President Obama. It's not going to happen
on our watch. It is not going to happen because
we are going to come together. For Democrats, Senator Bernie Sanders continues
to criticise Clinton. He says his voters
are mostly under 45 and she's out of touch
with the future. She has got to begin to think
about how she can reach out. What ideas these young people
will respond to, and make that part of her platform. Clinton blasted Republicans, saying she will run an election
about issues - not insults - as she climbs towards
the democratic nomination. Eight people are dead after an execution-style killing
in the US. Police say the seven adults
and one teenager were shot in the head

at four homes on the same street,
in southern Ohio. Three young children survived,
including a 4-day-old baby, whose mother was killed. Police are hunting
at least one killer who they believe is still armed, A shocking crash in Buenos Aires has
been captured on security camera. It shows the car running a red light before colliding with a motorbike. The driver then lost control, running over a pedestrian and crashing into the front
of a shop. They all suffered minor injuries. Police in Adelaide have made
a rather unusual arrest. A pig, named Peggy Sue,
went on a rampage last night after breaking free from her home. After a short chase on foot, officers managed to trap her
in a backyard. Snouting about
after a night of adventure Peggy Sue may just be a pig to some but to Daniel Fletcher
she's one of the family. She follows me everywhere. She's daddy's little girl. Peggy Sue was spotted roaming
the streets of Holden Hill around 7:00 last night. She'd used her snout to lift a gate
and escape after being spooked
by the family's fighting dogs.

Police were there for me
and they put her next door and were really good about it - they just wanted to find the owner. It took a police patrol
and a fresh bag of apples to round her up. They just opened the gate for me
and asked for a photo and fed her an apple. The owners are grateful
she was treated with such respect. They could've just gone
and rocked up with a paddywagon, chucked her in the back and chucked
her down to animal welfare league. She would've gone to pig jail. While Peggy Sue may have led police
trotting around the neighbourhood, the Fletcher family's just happy
this little piggy came home. She is part of our family. Chuffed to have her back, actually,
like my lawnmower's back so I don't have to do it. Now she's safely secured, this beloved pet's happy
as a pig in... (OINKS)

Jim, Adelaide through
to the A-league grand final.

I wonder if Peggy Sue will be at the
Grand final. Coming up, it's down
to the Western Sydney Wanderers or the Brisbane Roar for the right to play Adelaide
in the big one. The Bulldogs captain
vents his frustration in a golden-point thriller
against the Titans. While at the SCG the Sydney Swans too classy
for West Coast - that's next.

VOICEOVER: How can we bring our farms
closer to our markets? And our exports closer to our ports? By cutting travelling time and bringing you closer
to where you want to be. That's why the Australian Government is investing billions in over
a thousand road and rail projects all around the country. Visit the website to see
the projects happening close to you. Search 'building our future'. (CHEERFUL MUSIC)

(Chopper blades whirr)
(Hatch creaks) (Thumping)


(Splashing) VOICE-OVER: Protein, fibre
and the same great taste. That's 4 Health Star Nutri-Grain.

Good afternoon, everyone. Josh Reynolds has put his hand up
for Blues Origin selection, kicking the Bulldogs to a
golden-point victory this afternoon. Canterbury was dominating
the Titans, leading 20-8 into the second half
at ANZ Stadium. But the Gold Coast fought back, levelling scores at 20-20 and sending it to extra time. After Tyrone Roberts missed, Reynolds stepped in
to win it for the Dogs.

COMMENTATOR: Here comes the shot - it goes to Reynolds and he nails it!

Last night, Rabbitohs halfback Adam Reynolds
suffered a suspected broken jaw for the second time this season.

If he's got another broken jaw it
obviously collected him in the head, simple as that. Nothing was serious. Nothing. You're going to spend 3 or 4 weeks
out of the game for.

Sam Burgess was warned twice
for rough play. Souths say he was picked on
by referees. The battling Bunnies improved but were still beaten, 30-8,
by the ladder-leading Broncos.

In the AFL this afternoon the Swans outgunned West Coast
at the SCG by 39 points. The Eagles hit the lead midway
through the third quarter on the back of three straight goals but Sydney replied
in exactly the same fashion. COMMENTATOR: Watch this one,
it could sail through. McGlynn, it's coming back! Mitchell for Tippett,
and now McVeigh. All those years of experience combined with the class
of the skipper. The Swans took a 21-point advantage
into the final term and kicked on with ease. And Hawthorn has showed
its champion qualities again, coming from behind to beat a
gallant Adelaide Crows, 112-109, last night at the MCG.

Western Sydney has the chance
to inflict some revenge on Brisbane tomorrow

when they clash for a spot
in the A-League grand final. The Roar beat the Wanderers
in the 2014 decider and Tony Popovic says his players are fully focussed
on a big performance. They've had a great year. They've worked so hard to see our
club, to see themselves, at the top fighting for a
championship and, you know, if you can't
be excited at this stage, in front of a full house at home,
one-off game, there's something wrong. The decider will be played
at the Adelaide Oval next Sunday. The Reds thumped Melbourne City
last night, 4-1. United now play the Wanderers
or Roar in the big one. The Melbourne Rebels lead the
Australian Super Rugby conference after a 36-14 bonus-point win
over the Cheetahs. Reece Hodge scored a double as the hosts overturned
a 14-10 half-time deficit. At the end of the day you've gotta
play some good rugby and we're yet to do that
on a consistent basis. Tamati Ellison celebrated the birth
of his fourth child just before kick-off, with the final try of the match. Australian veteran Stuart Appleby
has staged an incredible recovery at the Texas Open, after a shocking start
to his second round. The 44-year-old triple bogeyed
the 10th hole with a four putt, in a sight reminiscent of Ernie Els' 6-putt
Masters disaster. But he fought back to finish
with a 70, and now sits just three shots
behind leader Brendan Steele who's at 10-under.

I thought the ball was going to drop in. We will see you for Sydney news at six o'clock. A grateful Gold Coast father
has met two good Samaritans who helped reunite him
with his lost phone. Michael left his phone
at Burleigh Heads, full of priceless photos
of his 3-week-old baby. Two mates found the mobile
and handed it in, but not without leaving a message
on it.

G'day, Michael yewwww,
Michael, you sicko! What's going on, bro?!

It was just hilarious. I was scrolling through my phone
looking at some pictures and then saw this video and was
like, what's this?! Michael then made a video of his own
to track down them down, and give them a reward
to say thank you.

Next on Seven News - a look at tomorrow's
weather forecast.

Checking the national weather
forecast now. On the satellite. A trough in the east combined
with a southerly flow is generating gusty showers
in coastal New South Wales. Those showers also extend up
into Queensland. A high pressure ridge

is keeping conditions
mainly dry elsewhere. To our capital cities for tomorrow. Perth may see a shower, 27 degrees. Staying fine in Adelaide,
24 the top. Hobart will be mostly sunny,
20 degrees. 21 for a maximum at Melbourne
and Canberra.

Sydney, showers easing
during the afternoon and a cool 22 degrees. A warmer top of 27 in Brisbane with the slight chance
of a shower. Darwin will be
fine and very warm - heating up to 36 degrees. That's Seven News for now. Our
next bulletin is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Angie Asimus.
Thanks for your company.

Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

Tonight on Border Security - these passengers are good friends, so why did
they separate at the border?

Will love conquer all, or will this Romeo have to go? So if he abides by the law,
then I have to go. I'll give you a last chance. Any more food in the other bags? And truckloads of food
at Quarantine. Oh, dear. That's food. And it just keeps coming.

At Sydney Airport, thousands of passengers
will arrive before lunchtime, and two in particular are attracting a higher than normal
degree of attention. Miss Lam and Miss Nguyen - two friends returning from Vietnam, are trying to make it look like
they're strangers. We've got two females here. They travelled out together -
they've come back in, split up. Went through Immigration separately, went to opposite ends
of the carousel, so that in itself is a bit suss. There's other things
we're not happy with. Officers now need to find out
what these two passengers are up to.

If you were travelling halfway
across the world for three months, how much money would you bring? Brian from Texas only has $200, and that's attracted
Immigration's interest. Lost his job about a week ago. He's only been working there for
three months as a plant operator. He's got no debit cards,
no credit cards. He's met this girl -
I've heard from Customs - a couple of weeks ago. She is a Vietnamese
exchange student. Brian says
he's fallen head over heels with a woman he met on the Internet. He's never seen her in person before and whether he will today
is up to Ken in Immigration. Brian, is it? Come in, Brian.
We'll have a word with you. Who's the teddy bear for?
Is that for your girlfriend? Just leave him there.
Just come in the office here. Teddy will be OK. Just come in here. So is Brian looking for love
down under? Or is he here for some other reason?
That's what Ken needs to find out. I'm going to ask you
a number of questions that you must answer truthfully. The penalty for an offence against
Section 234 of the Migration Act is 10 years imprisonment,
do you understand that? Yes, sir.

Over in Quarantine, it is Rita's morning patrol. She has just started her watch,
and is contending with a family who has brought in enough food
to feed a small army.

And that's fish paste. Fish. And that's another fish. You like your fish. That's another fish.
Another fish.

Dried fish. Fish. Prawns... Is there any more fish
left in the sea? (CHUCKLES) Although seafood poses
no quarantine risk, not all of the family's food
has been declared. That's food. Dried, dried...flour. Dried flour? And do you eat it? Yes.
So it's food.

Yes. Any more food here?

Oh, dear. That's food.

Rita has had enough. This is a legal document, OK?
You have declared food. But when I asked what other food
there is, you should show me, otherwise you will be giving me
a false declaration. In a sense you're telling me,
"I don't have food in that bag, "but, yes, we do have food
in the other bag." There would be a fine of $220
for false declaration. OK? So, your last chance.
Any more food in the other bags?

I have a relationship
with my friend. I met her through the Internet. Over in Immigration, officer Ken is trying to work out
Brian's reasons for coming to Australia. Your girlfriend, let's call her Han. What do you call her?
Hania. Hania?
Nickname, pet names. Or tiger...
What? It means tiger lady. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) That's just my nickname
to her. If Brian's only here for love,
he's packed some unusual items. Information so far we've got is his forms in regards
to his citizenship in America, his graduation certificate. He's got no details
of where he's gonna go, what he's gonna do
or anything like that. I noticed in some of your paperwork
you brought a work resume with you. Why did you bring that with you? Um, I was looking into maybe
coming here to work and live, but that's if
the relationship continues. That was on my mind. There's something in here
about a Mr Red. Who's Mr Red? That's the teddy bear outside.
I gave him a nickname.

You know the visitors' visa
conditions? Yes, sir. The main reason on a tourist visa
is that you don't work. Ah, yes, sir. No working, yes. You understand that?
Yes, sir. No working. That's what I told her. I said, I can't work or anything,
so how will you support me? It's a hard decision
for us to make here. You must understand our position. Like I said, you've come here
with a minimum amount of cash. You should have enough money
to support yourself for three months, which is, what? You can work that out. $200 won't get Brian past day one
in Sydney. And relying on his cyber girlfriend
for the rest of his stay is a big call. I think you're coming here
to work.