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(generated from captions) seeing her picture
in a prominent place in the house.

That's all.
I don't buy it.

Rick. Come on, Rick.
No, Dad. It's just another prime
example of Ridge overstepping.

I tried calling you.
I wanted to explain it to you.

You tried calling me? Was that
before or after Dad told you to?

There's no real reason
for you to react this way, Rick.

How am I supposed to react?
We're talking about my wife here.

She and I live here.

Ridge just can't come in here
and start moving my things around!

Can we not? We have guests coming.
Maybe we shouldn't have a scene.

Then take down that picture,
put my wife's portrait up,
and we won't have a scene.

Alright. I will. In time.

Dad, he can't do this!
He's disrespecting me!

He's disrespecting my wife!

We're all family here!
We all work for the same company!

By taking Maya's portrait down,

it's like a slap in the face
to the both of us.

Don't be a child.
No, I'm serious here, Ridge!

You know,
you may be CEO at the office,

but you're not CEO
here at this house!

My wife's portrait deserves
to be above that fireplace.

And until it is...Dad...

..I'm not stepping foot
in this house.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight: A Sydney man who's accused
of raping a teenage girl granted a retrial,
all because of a judge's blunder. Police get an important piece to
the puzzle as they investigate what happened to murdered toddler
Sanaya Sahib. A woman has been charged. Workers ordered to stay home
if you're sick. Apparently, you're no good
for anyone, but there might be a very simple solution. Here it is, the new $5 note - and it's already copping some
criticism. And it's getting nasty -
Some of Sydney's biggest football teams threaten to revolt over plans
to tear down Allianz Stadium. Good evening. The son of a Kings Cross nightclub
owner has had a rape conviction against him thrown out
but will have to face a retrial because the judge in the original
hearing made what's turned-out to be a costly and traumatic mistake. It means the young girl,
who has accused Luke Lazarus, will have to relive every moment of
the alleged crime all over again. Elleesa Throwden has the story. An accused rapist gets
a second chance. I'm very much looking forward to
a retrial, I'm excited to clear my name in the future. The last time Luke Lazarus faced
a judge he was sentenced to three years jail
for raping an 18-year-old girl in the alleyway behind
his dad's Kings Cross nightclub. The 23-year-old spent 11 months
behind bars for the alleged attack but he's
been on bail since an appeal. The conviction was officially
quashed today by a panel of three judges in the Supreme Court. Upholding his lawyer's claim
that the judge in his original trial misdirected the jury. While Luke put on a brave face
for the cameras, his parents couldn't hide their worry. It was hoped he'd be acquitted
completely, meaning there would be no need for a retrial. His mother put her head
in her hands as the judgement was read out. Lazarus's case has sparked outrage
from victims groups after several prominent people,
including South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league chairman Nick Pappas,
provided references declaring his good character. No date has been set
for the retrial. Today it was a tale
of two economies - business confidence is on the way up
but consumer confidence has fallen for the fourth consecutive week. All the while, our politicians are
squabbling over what to do about the nation's banks. Adam Todd is in Canberra. Adam - today the man charged with
watching our banks weighed in. Yes, he did. While Labor has been calling for a royal commission into the banks, the Government has argued the existing regulator, ASIC, already has more power than a royal commission. Today the boss of the banking watchdog said he agrees with that but he also said he hasn't been able to monitor the banks in the way he'd like thanks to millions in budget cuts. A lot to discuss today here
in Perth. The PM takes his cabinet out west
in a bid to show they're engaged. We've been working getting
the Budget finalised. It's a lot of work. The Budget could include
a funding boost for the banking regulator, ASIC, in
a bid to counter Labor's calls for a royal commission into the banks. The watchdog has had
its budget cut by $120 million. ASIC's boss today confirmed those
cuts have weakened its ability to weed out the bad banks. When you have cutbacks,
cuts in the budget, what happens is we reduce the level of proactive
surveillance because proactive surveillance is discretionary. He concedes public trust
in banks has been dented by recent scandals but appeared to
back the Government's view a royal commission isn't necessary. Not only do we have
the power to investigate, we have the power to prosku. The PM says the banks aren't
the biggest issue. The most flagrant defiance of the
law in our country at the moment, the most systematic defiance
of the law is by the CFMEU and some other construction unions. Why is it that Mr Turnbull,
when given the chance, will choose big banks over consumers? Because Labor will always choose
consumers over big banks. And new data today revealed
the split between business and consumers. Business confidence is up, the
best conditions in eight years. While consumer confidence slumped
for the fourth consecutive week. Something to ponder with just
three weeks before the Budge. This afternoon the Bankers Association refused to rule out running a well-funded mining tax-style ad campaign against Labor and its royal commission in the lead-up to the election. They told Fairfax it's not an idea being actively pursued but it certainly is on the table.Thank you, Adam. Breaking news now. The murder of Sanaya Sahib in Melbourne. A 22-year-old woman has been charged thin past few minutes. The latest now on this story. Who is she?Good evening. As you mentioned, details of this charge is just flowing to us at the moment. We don't know the quite of the woman but we know she is 22 years old and charged just moments ago. This comes after two days of silence from Victoria Police. The only comment we had from them today was when they shot down a newspaper article that claimed the baby had been smothered to death. They said that claim was simply untrue. In that same article, we heard ambulance officers had treated the baby for a seizure at the home a week ago. But for now police have totally dismissed looking for an African male. They have charged a 22-year-old woman with murder. Now we know that for the last couple of days Sanaya Sahib's mother, she is 22 years old, she's been in a secret location. We're yet to see her. Repeating that breaking news again, a 22-year-old woman has been charged with murder after the discovery of baby Sanaya Sahib's bud body two days a -- body two days ago. Gas prices across the state are set
to creep upwards if the independent regulator gets its way. It wants a pricerise of
about 0.9% next financial year. That's an increase of around $6
to $14 for most households. The price hike follows an average
3.9% reduction in regulated gas prices last financial year. First they fought over who could
stop the boats and today, both sides of politics were blaming
the other for what's happening now to the asylum seekers who've made
it here. Barely a handful of the 30,000 have
been processed and only a fraction of those have been sent home. Ursula Heger reports. This was once a familiar sight,
but while the boats may have stopped, many of these people are
still here and going nowhere. For most
of that 3 to 3.5 years people have either been in detention or been in
the community on a bridging visa, often with extended periods without
the right to work, not even with the right to support themselves. Of the 30,000 asylum seekers,
just 1500 have had their claim refused so far. 600 have been sent home or to
a third country, and just over 1,000 have returned to their own. The Immigration Minister
admits it will take years. Obviously there are lots of legal
cases involved in relation to this matter but Labor has hindered every
attempt the Government has made to work our way through the 30,000. This is a failing of this
Government to process these people, that's why we've seen processing
times blow out, that's why we've seen detention times blowout. Refugee groups say it's a failing
of resources and politics. The Government definitely can nt
blame people seeking asylum for the bulk of the delays. It is purely
a political decision made by this Government and the previous one. Refugee advocates say the majority
of the 30,000 are living in legal limbo in Australia. Many only now being asked
to apply for asylum. One woman in detention in Nauru
told us she felt she had no hope for the future
but couldn't return to Iran. Three years of our lives
and we are still in limbo. I don't know what the future will
hold for me or for anybody else.

We got our first look today at the
new five-dollar note, which will be in our pockets later this year. And the best we can tell
is not too many like it. It's a revamp rather than
a redesign. And as one astute eye pointed out
today, it looks like it's covered in germs. Here's Daniel Sutton. The humble Aussie fiver
is getting a facelift. The note we use more than any other
now comes with a splash of yellow. I actually don't really like them. They look like rainbows to me. The comparisons online
are even worse. "Looks like golden staph germs from
a petrie dish." The Queen's face has been retained
but she shares pride of place with a transparent strip,
dotted with wattle and a bird - the eastern spine-bill. On the other side,
the image of Parliament House has been refreshed. The federation star and pavilion
have been added, with an altered window panel on the corner. The notes also have tactile
bumps for the vision impaired. To me, it looks too Monopoly. Joe Dettling is a currency dealer. He still loves this version
first released in 1967. And was surprised the RBA began its
security refresh with the fiver. Because
of all the fraudulent 50s and hundreds in circulation, I thought
they may have started with those. As with any change in currency,
the existing $5 note will still be legal tender, even when its
replacement enters circulation. That will be on September 1. No coincidence -
it's National Wattle Day. I believe as
a note it will be one of the most beautiful notes in this region. To be fair, he was Russian. The Treasurer is bragging. Great innovation
and technological leadership when it comes to our currency. The only problem -
it's clear these new security features were borrowed. This note is New
Zealand's new fiver.

Still to come: A vicious
attack outside a Sydney pub. Peak hour chaos after
a devastating crash on the M7. A fashionable Australian face
reveals her cancer struggle. Plus - is one of the most famous
songs of all time stolen? And the Missile misfires
in the race to the Olympics.

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Two men are recovering in hospital
after a vicious knife-fight in Sydney's West overnight. A 19-year-old man was stabbed
in the legs while his mate was also rushed to hospital with
a knife lodged in his back. Police say
the violence broke out during an argument between two groups in
the car park of the Berala Hotel. Any matters like this where persons
are in a public place involved in a melee, involving knives,
its something that's deplorable. This community doesn't accept it. Detectives tell us
the victims are known to police. There were major traffic snarls
on the M7 this morning because of a shocking crash at Cecil Park. The accident,
involving two cars and a truck, closed the motorway near The
Horsley Drive just before 6:15am. A 54-year-old woman died
at the scene. The drivers of the other
vehicles weren't injured. At one stage,
the traffic queue heading north was more than 12km long while
south-bound delays stretched 8km. To your run home tonight and in these grey and drizzly conditions, Vic, big delays on the M7 again right now?We're at Quakers Hill this time. A broken down truck was causing all the problems into Blacktown and through to Seven Hills. The breakdown has moved but the backlog of traffic trying to get in from the north west remains quite slow. This is the look on the Old Windsor Road merger. You can see how far the tail back goes now. That's rejoining for the M7. Motorists are going to be home late into Liverpool via the M5. I have just got word through there's been an accident at Prestons. We'll give you live pictures shortly. There was a murder case settled
in Adelaide today that's as sad as it is strange. A driver there was jailed
for killing two people. after he deliberately speared
his car into oncoming traffic. Ironically, he was trying to kill
himself at the time and will now spend the next 23 years in prison. Phoebe Bowden reports. The last happy memory
of four mates. Just hours after this picture was
taken, two were murdered and two others seriously injured. I just love her
and she means is everything to me and I want her back. That's all I want
and that will never happen. Today the man responsible - Michael
Knowles - was jailed for life. He has committed a crime that
goes beyond normal crime really. He has hurt us
at our highest level. Natasha Turnbull and James Moore
were killed when Knowles deliberately cooshed
into their car while drunk. The court heard it was part
of a botched suicide attempt. Every time I see a pair
of headlights... He's decided that this is going
to be the last day of my life. In a legal first for
South Australia, the 38-year-old was found guilty
of murder over the crash. I'm very excited
about this verdict. The killer kept his eyes shut
and didn't react for more than two hours as the victim's friends
and family confronted him. The court heard from 24 people
about the unrelenting heartache his actions have caused.

The two crash survivors also came
eye to eye with Knowles.

Both families say they'll never
forgive Knowles for what he's done. He just didn't look like he had
any kind of remorse whatsoever. Every day, every moment
of my life I think of her.

She has spent her professional
life covering us up with the most fashionable clothes imaginable. But designer Alannah Hill is
a living example of how you can never be too careful with the sun. She is now speaking out about skin
cancer and she is fully qualified. Here's Jessica Turner. Alannah Hill admits she's more
at home at a fashion show than a science lab. But medical research is
the designer's latest passion because she wouldn't be here
without it after her doctor spotted a mole on her toe. It's changed shape
and it's dark and he said let's get you in for a biopsy. The results were frightening. It would have killed her
in just three months. Yeah,
he said you've got to go straight away, he said basically we are
going to keep cutting until it's Her toe was removed
and the prognosis is good. She now wants to warn others -
wearing a new hat as an ambassador for fundraiser SUIT UP!
- for science!. It's so new for me that I keep
going to talk about sequins. Every time I see a colour I think
that will be nice for a cardigan. Treatment has come a long way. In the past it was really just
chemotherapy which is not targeted to cancer cells
and it wasn't really working. Targeted therapies are more recent
and these therapies are able to kill the specific cancer cells
and immunotherapy has been They're now working
on therapies for those which are resistant to treatment. Melanoma is known
as our national cancer because of our harsh Australian sun,
so intense that even on a cloudy day it can do serious damage. 750,000 Australians are treated
for skin cancer each year. Which is why Alannah is helping
bring sciences back into fashion. To the latest on our weather. Tim Bailey, you promised rain
and you delivered today. The forecast - no surprises today - we knew the wind was going to come out of the south-south-east. We knew it would be overcast. Dried up since then. And these southeasters, thanks to a big high-pressure system in the south-east, they're going to keep on keeping on for a day or two. We're not going to see a big blue sunny day until around about Thursday. Not a lot of precipitation. It will be all east of the divide and fine and sunny conditions in the greater west. Let's look at the map today.

Up next: The first court appearance
for an Australian TV crew, under arrest in Lebanon. Also tonight - heartbreaking news
for legendary crooner Tom Jones. And an awkward Marilyn moment
for the Duchess of Cambridge.

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It's believed
Australian TV Reporter Tara Brown and her 60 Minutes crew could
appear in a Lebanese court in the next few hours where they've
been accused of kidnapping. Mother-of-two Sally Faulkner
and the team from Channel 9 remain in a Beirut jail after trying to
snatch Sally's two children from her estranged husband. Nine has hired a local legal team
in Beirut to fight the charges and secure their release. But, if convicted, they could be
jailed for at least three years. A woman
and her child have been pulled alive from the rubble of a 3-storey
building that collapsed in China. Rescue teams had been searching
the area with high-tech sensors and sniffer dogs
when they found signs of life. Teams of emergency workers then
began digging, until they reached the pair. The cause of the collapse is
unclear but initial investigations suggest an illegal renovation on
the ground floor may be to blame. Melinda Rose Woodward,
the wife of singer Sir Tom Jones, has died, aged 75. She passed away surrounded
by family in an LA hospital after a short
but fierce battle with cancer. Tom Jones and Lady Linda were
childhood sweethearts, having first met when they were 12 years old. They began dating a few years later
and got married in 1957 when they were both just 16. Despite Jones's self-confessed
adultery, the pair remained devoted to each
other over their 59-year marriage. There was a court ruling in America
today that has rocked rock n' roll. A jury will now decide if some of
the music in Led Zepplin's classic hit Stairway To Heaven was stolen. Gillian Bowen explains. Just like the song's lyrics,
this riff has a Los Angeles district judge saying, "Oh,
it makes me wonder."

A jury trial will now decide if Led
Zeppelin's lead singer, Robert Plant, and guitarist Jimmy
Page, stole the opening chords for their 1971 hit Stairway To Heaven
because it sounds similar to this.

Those notes were written by Spirit
guitarist, the late Randy California,
and appear about 45 seconds into the 1967 instrumental Taurus. Spirit and Led Zeppelin toured
together in the late '60s and lawyers on Randy California's
side believe that's when Jimmy Page might have heard it. But Page and Plant argue California
was a songwriter for hire and the chord progressions were
so cliched they didn't deserve copyright protection. The trial will begin next month. The Duchess
of Cambridge has almost had her very own Marilyn Monroe moment
while paying tribute to the Indian soldiers who died in World War I. Only her quick reflexes
prevented embarrassment. The royal couple attended a
remembrance ceremony at the India Gate War Memorial, laying a wreath
in honour of the 13,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives. Kate
and William then visited a museum that chronicles the country's path
to independence from British rule. Still to come: Clive Palmer
in a whole lot of strife. Also - a shocking glimpse inside
the state's most dangerous prison. While in Finance News,
the Australian sharemarket has posted a 42-point gain
at the close of trade. The Australian dollar is buying
76 US cents, and 53.5 pence.

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A driver and passenger had
a costly shopping trip this morning in Sydney's west. The pair was treated
for minor injuries when the driver accidentally
reversed through a roller-door and into a wholesale food shop. Firefighters had to free them both
after they got trapped in the wreckage. The car was eventually removed
and the building is being checked for structural damage. And here's another mishap
that caught our eye today. If nothing else,
it's a reminder that if you lose your concentration,
even for a second, you can be made to look very pretty foolish. This is a driveway in
Beverly Hills, in Sydney's south. As far as we can tell,
no-one was hurt. Even the tree survived. Let's update tonight's traffic
quickly with Vic Lorusso. You've made it over the mrbs5 with more delays. -- M5 with more delays.We can see as far back into Warwick Farm and into Liverpool. Our traffic is crawling all three lanes. It's been a very slow run for the traffic approach. And unfortunately motorists will be delayed home if they use the stretch of Hume Highway we're looking at now. Earlier problems on the M7 in the north-west have cleared. Traffic improving along Old knindser Road. A lot of people are -- Windsor Road. A lot of people are going to be late home. Security, or lack of it,
in our prisons is in the spotlight this week
and tonight we have another example of what goes on behind bars. In this case,
it's the Supermax at Goulburn. The vision allegedly shows Brothers
4 Life and Notorious bikie gang member Rodney Atkinson attacking
Tony Halloun. Halloun was in jail at the time
awaiting his murder trail over the bashing death of grandmother
Shahnaz Qidwai in her Henley home. Atkinson, who has since pleaded
guilty to the assault, punched, kicked and stomped on him,
only stopping when prison guards came running to the holding cell. One of the country's most notorious
criminal's latest bid for freedom now hinges on an urgent
appeal to the Supreme Court. Brenden Abbott, known as the
Postcard Bandit, was released from a Queensland jail this morning
after serving 18 years for a string of violent armed robberies. But he was immediately
re-arrested by WA police. He faces another 16 years' jail
there, after he escaped from a Perth prison in 1989. A magistrate today granted
an extradition order but his lawyers will file a
Supreme Court review tomorrow. Federal MP Clive Palmer has been
referred to the Australian Securities Investment
Commission over the collapse of his nickel plant in north Queensland. He's been accused
of breaking the law by syphoning money out of the business to fund
his political party and his extravagant private life. Jonathan Lea explains. For years the vague business
dealings of maverick MP and flamboyant self-claimed billionaire
Palmer have remained a mystery. But
a 124 page administrator's report into Townsville Nickel refinery
details where it all went wrong. The report recommends
Queensland Nickel be liquidated, giving almost 800 workers access
to a federal scheme to recoup some of their unpaid entitlements,
totalling more than $70 million. To be frank,
I don't think anyone expected we would be reading the type
of report that's been handed down. For at least six months prior to
the appointment of the administrator, the company
was trading while insolvent. Administrators say those
in charge made a number of uncommercial transactions. It details more than $220 million
was siphoned off from the refinery to Mr Palmer's other interests

It's my money, that's what
we live in a free society. People have the right to spend
their money as they see fit. A Four Corners investigation
claimed Mr Palmer was acting as a shadow director. Administrators agree
despite the MP's repeated denials that he'd resigned. I've got an official role under
the joint venture agreement so that it meets its requirement
under the joint venture agreement. For the corporate watchdog ASIC,
this report will form the backbone of its investigation
into Clive Palmer. It says it will read every
page with interest. I think the electors of Fairfax
will cast very stern judgement on him. Avoiding having a sickie
and going to work when you feel unwell is costing the economy
billions of dollars each year. Pathologists say if more money was
spent on health tests, the workforce and the national
budget would be a lot healthier. Melinda Nucifora reports. Coughing and spluttering
at your desk isn't just bad for you, it's bad for the economy. When we're working,
but we're not at our best. What's the cost to society if we're
not as productive as we could be? So it's the cost of ill health. Auditing from KPMG found lost
productivity costs the country more than $34 billion a year. Pathologists say better health
tests could save thousands of lives and dollars. Really any improvement in health,
even if it's not showing up as absenteeism, is a ben. A report,
released today by Pathology Awareness Australia, found earlier
and more effective testing for heart attacks could save emergency
departments $167 million annually. And billions could be saved
if diabetes was detected earlier. The sheer cost of non-activity
or non-action around diabetes today is about $14.6 billion
nationally per annum. But not enough people
are being tested. Pathology makes up for just 3%
of the national health budget. There are places we could fund more
appropriately and I think we'll get better
downstream impact on the health care dollar as a result of that. But it's not just about more money,
it's about spending that money more effectively. At the moment just one blood sample
can be tested up to 40 time. And
the more effective those tests are, the healthier the country will be. We'll update tonight's top
stories next here on Ten. Then in sport with Matt Burke -
three Sydney clubs fuming over a proposal to bulldoze their stadium. Also tonight - Cam McEvoy puts
the world on notice with a record swim at the Olympic trials while
the Missile Magnussen missed out. And the pipe dream that turned
into reality when a water park in Dubai turned off the taps.

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A 22-year-old woman has been charged with the murder of 15-month-old toddler Sanaya Sahib, whose body was found in a creek at the weekend. Police won't reveal the identity of the suspect but the child's 22-year-old mother has been in police care virtually since her daughter went missing. Detectives tell us they are no longer looking for an African man who was originally blamed for the kidnapping and killing. That is now thought to be a hoax. A woman has been charged over the murder of toddler Sanaya Sahib. To sport with Matt Burke. Matt, three Sydney football clubs
have united to fight the State Government. The Roosters,
Sydney FC and the Waratahs have slammed the government's plans to
bulldoze Allianz Stadium to build a new $1 billion facility. They say they can't afford to
relocate during construction and have demanded a meeting with
the Premier to resolve the issue. Michael Cain reports. They're
the three rival codes who all share the same home, and just like
Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle... It's not a house, it's a home. They won't go down without a fight. It's the constitution. It's the vibe. It's about the vibe,
it's about the constitution, so we do not want to be put in
a position where we lose our home. Allianz Stadium is our home
and we don't want to go anywhere. The clubs are fuming the Premier
back-flipped on his promise to build a new stadium across
the road from the current site. Now the proposal is to bulldoze
Allianz Stadium, forcing the clubs to relocate. To move away from this stadium
for four years is going to be problematic. A knock down
and rebuild was strongly opposed by the current hirers. Just behind me here is where
the proposed Lippax Lake Stadium was to be built,
that now is off the table. And it's now brought uncertainty to
the three clubs - the Roosters, Sydney FC and the Waratahs. Their preference is to renovate
their current digs which would allow them to operate
during construction. But if forced out the loss
of fans could be irreversible. Very crippling. Six years ago we only
had 6,000 members. Now we have 13,000
to 14,000 members. Once you lose a member it's very,
very hard to get them back. And the fans agree. I'm not going to be able to
watch any home games and honestly it's quite disturbing. It's absolutely absurd,
and unacceptable. The Bulldogs bounced back
from their shocker against the Raiders with a gritty
18-12 victory against the Storm. It's Canterbury's sixth win
in a row over Melbourne. The coach and captain putting
it all down to defence. Great defence by the Bulldogs. I thought our defensive
effort was pretty brave. Big efforts to keep them out. Halfback Moses Mbye showed
off his soccer skills to score a stunning 90m try. The Dogs now fly out for
New Zealand to take on the Warriors on Saturday. Kurt Tippett can expect plenty
of heat from Crows fans this weekend when
the big Swan faces his old club in Adelaide for the first time. Tippett left the Crows
in controversial circumstances in 2012 but his coach is confident
the rowdy crowd won't effect his performance. No, he hasn't been at the Crows
for four years. I won't be talking to him about it. He's been in good form,
played really well last week. The Swans are 3
from 3 this season and they've also won all three clashes
on the revamped Adelaide Oval. Cameron McEvoy will head to Rio as the gold medal favourite after a blistering swim in the 100m freestyle at the Aussie trials. The man dubbed the Professor was just outside the world record. 17-year-old Kyle Chalmers was second. James Magnussen missed out. The Professor,
the Missile and the Young Gun, all vying for a ticket to Rio. But three doesn't go into two. And Cam McEvoy left them
in his wake. No doubt about the leader
of the 50. It's Cam McEvoy. And he didn't slow down,
far from it. He was a class above,
powering to the wall first. Smashing all sorts of records
in the process. That is unbelievable. He's just broken the Commonwealth
record, the Australian record and gone faster than the Missile
four years ago. His incredible swim is the fastest
100 ever in a textile suit and the third quickest of all time. A lot of the best swimmers pull up
the curtains and I did that and I guess it paid off. 17-year-old high school student
Kyle Chalmers came in second and is off to his first Games. But a fourth place ended
James Magnussen's hopes of avenging his silver from London. Obviously pretty shattered. I'll go home and soak that in. I did everything to get back
in shape but they raced a better race than me. His only chance of an individual
swim is in the 50 freestyle. He redeemed himself today
by qualifying fastest for the semifinals. The Campbell sisters
are tuning up for Rio. Cate recorded the fastest time
of the year in the 100 freestyle. Bronte came in second. They have the final tonight. Melanie Wright didn't make
the cut and announced her retirement afterwards. While Maddie Groves and
Brianna Throssell will be at the Games after qualifying
in the 200m butterfly. Mark Webber will start
his world title defence this weekend when the endurance series
gets underway at Silverstone. It's the Aussie's third full season
in the category and this year he's desperate to win
the sports most prestigious race. Absolutely I'm hungry. I want to get that Le Mans victory
and let's go the double in the World Drivers Championship. Webber finished runner up at
Le Mans last year. It was also the scene
of his most frightening crash when aerodynamic issues saw two
Mercedes flip out in 1999. Who says you need water
in a water park to have fun? When Dubai's Aquaventure centre was
drained for maintenance 3 skateboaders
decided to use the massive slide as a super long skate ramp. Perched six stories up in the Dubai
sky, the element of danger was very real with a trip over the edge
likely to be life-threatening. So for having a go without the H20,
and living to tell the tale, these guys slide away with
our play of the day. I prefer maybe a bit of water.He went to the lip.Good chat.Coming up next - the weather with Tim Bailey.

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Plugging into the daily Bailey weather wall, the forecast where you get it all. Sydney with its head in the clouds today. That's going to be the story again tomorrow. High-pressure system over the south-east promotes south-east onshore winds. The odd coastal shower. And plenty of cloud activity for the next one or two days. Good news is, though, high-pressure system will ridge back into NSW and promote mainly fine and sunny skies come Thursday and four large parts of your weekend as well -- for large parts of your weekend as well. West of the divide it's mainly fine and sunny. Looking for colour as far as Sydney's concerned, we don't have to go far because your work is always outstanding. Let me show you where you are going to. Hey, the South Seas, if you please. Palm trees, look at these. Beautiful. How would you like to put your bum in the hammock? I can arrange that. Send me your brilliant photographs and you're off to the Cook Islands. This is your view. It's a Travel Advisor world-class property and we'll send you there for six nights. I can tell you the photo doesn't do it justice. Cook Islands, love a little paradise, love your fabulous photographs. Right now this one. I think they qualify as being Sydney's most famous citizens. The ducks of centenn ial -- Centennial Park. Love your work. Send me the bill, Mark. Send me the bill. If you have got one, send them to the Daily Bailey. Look at that shot at Coledale, near Wollongong. Comeacs up, ready to roll over. Sun tries to burn off the cloud. I don't run a weather wall, I run an art gallery. Look at this next one. Glorious, absolutely beautiful. Wow. This work, it never ceases to amaze us. It lights up television sets all over NSW when you sell a trip to the beautiful Cook -- when you can win yourself a trip to the Cook Islands. Look at this massive cloud across Western Australia. What's happening in the west is being replicated in the east. Another upper level trough thankfully moving offshore of South-East Queensland, northern NSW. And giving us a break from shower and thunderstorm activity. Weather map for you tomorrow - pops up on to your TV. I wander through it. Here is your big high-pressure system dominating the Bight and south-eastern South Australia. Produces all lows, onshore, south, south-east winds. And the big southerly flow keeping temperatures down a bit. A bit of low-pressure across the north of Australia and heavy rain into the south-west of Western Australia. Speaking of the rain, let's go to the predicted precipitation. You can see it's mainly coastal as far as the east coast is concerned. Nothing coming west of the divide. Fine and sunny out of here and a little bit of southerly and most stuff for the next day or two along the NSW coast. Around Australia we go.

Before we go tonight, we can confirm it was the mother of toddler Sanaya Sahib who has just been charged with her murder. That's the news for now, this Tuesday, April 12. We'll be back with updates throughout the evening.

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