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Tonight, border clashes - Macedonian police use tear gas and stun grenades against asylum seekers trying to reach western Europe.

Road rage - truckers' pay rates become the latest federal election issue. The day the music thrived - online streaming boosts the local music industry. And nightmare on the twelfth - a disastrous hole sinks Masters' leader Jordan Spieth. This is unbelievable. He is now having an absolute meltdown.

Good evening and welcome to ABC News, I'm Virginia Haussegger. Asylum seekers trying to make their way from Greece to Macedonia have clashed with armed border patrols. Macedonian forces fired tear gas and stun grenades to stop hundreds of people from breaking through the wire fences, blocking the route to western Europe. Europe correspondent James Glenday.

Asylum seekers flee from aborted they have been trying to cross for weeks.Tear gas fills the air, and some people pelt rocks from the other side. The unrest was sparked by a remark, a crowd gathered after hearing that the border separating Greece and Macedonia would be opened.TRANSLATION: Either we go through and die trying, or die in Greece. This is the last day and this is our last hope.When they realised the rumour was wrong, many tried to force their way through. Authorities responded swiftly. Tear gas fumes drifted into the nearby camp, home to some 11,000 asylum seekers. Aid agencies said many had trouble breathing.We treated around 200 people fought tear gas, mostly men, but also women and children under five years old.The Greek government says Macedonia 's actions were overkill.TRANSLATION: The extensive use of tear gas, stun grenades and even rubber bullets among women and children is a deplorable and extremely dangerous practice.But the asylum seekers say they are determined to get through and build a better life in Western Europe. So it seems only a matter of time before these scenes are repeated. For members of a Channel Nine television crew are expected to appear before a judge in Lebanon on today. They are being held in connection with an incident in which two children were seized from their grandmother on a street in Beirut. The reporter Tara Brown and the crew were robbed following the story of an Australian mother who was trying to bring her children back to this country. The network denies any connection with the group that grabbed the children. Independent truck drivers look set to win at least temporary relief from a new pay rate scheme they say will ruin their businesses. Labour says it is open to a deal and so a Senate crossbenches. But Malcolm Turnbull is longer term push to banish the scheme altogether won't win bipartisan support. Real Dredge brought his first truck in 1972 and the second was for his brother, the third for his oldest son.Another son wanted a job so we ended up with five trucks and that's where we are today.He has come a long way.I've given 8 million kilometres in my lifetime.The next generation looks keen. But Anthony Eldridge says a new minimum pay regime set up I Labor will cripple them.Al lodestone comply.Baha'is -- highways between Sydney and Canberra pay good rights Dominic rates. They will negotiate whatever they can but the return journey is too expensive.This is going to affect the small manufacturer in original area.The tribunal, transport workers union and Labor say the higher rates are about saving lives by paying drivers more for the distances they travel.We want to see a better minimum deal for truck drivers and safer roads for everyone that uses them.At the Prime Minister says the tribunal was set up by Labor to do the unions bidding.Designed to get more members for the TW you and disadvantaged owner drivers and independent contractors. He will ask Parliament to state the minimum order, and if the convolution -- coalition is re-elected they will abolish it.Labour is up for sensible compromise.The government looks like it might get enough Senate crossbench support to delay the pay order, and some of the Coalition have high hopes. But it might be the opportunity to build an election story, and the cost of Labor promises are buried in the future behind seductive titles. Federal MP Clive Palmer is facing fresh questions tonight over his role at his collapsed nickel refinery in North Queensland. The ABC's Four Corners program has uncovered more evidence of Mr Palmer's involvement in the company, amid questions as to whether he was operating as a shadow director. The administrator's final report is due tomorrow. Hayden Cooper reports. The Queensland nickel refinery, shut down until at least July, and its owner is a hated man in North Queensland.I think it's terrible, what he's done to his employees. Travesty of justice.This sacked worker is owed $60,000 in redundancy payments. She wants Clive Palmer to pay up. Palmer maintains he has spent the past three years repairs to his lecture is.I retired from operations in 2013 and went to Federal Parliament.Some of his staff in Townsville don't buy it.Every purchase order over $500 for the last four years went across his desk, everyone knew that.There is now an open and bitter dispute between Clive Palmer and the workers who have been sacked era. They believe that despite his claims to the contrary, Clive Palmer has been closely involved with the operation of this director.
refinery, even when not listed as a director. Emails and purchase approval forms of detained by For in
Corners reveal millions of dollars in spending.That is the sort of evidence, and it seems to me that it really goes some way to answering the question whether or not he is a shadow director.Clive Palmer denies he is a shadow director and maintains he was just one of six people approving expenditure, while his nephew was the appointed director.Has Clive Palmer been running the company? Talk to the administrators.It looks as though he has been a shadow director.That's your opinion in the media.Queensland Nickel donated $20 million to Clive Palmer 's political campaign in the past two years. Palmer says he was due the money as a dividend. Four Corners has uncovered millions of other payments to his businesses and hobbies, including to a foreign think tank last year. It is unclear if the money has been repaid.There is no doubt would you are seeing now is the political demise of both his party and Clive Palmer. You can watch Four Corners at 8:30pm here on ABC TV, and Clive Palmer will be speaking live to Lateline later this evening. The apparent abduction and murder of a 15-month-old girl at a park in suburban Melbourne has left a community in shock. A makeshift shrine has sprung up near the creek in which Sanaya Shaib's body was found over the weekend. The little girl's mother is in the care of social workers. And as James Hancock reports, police are tight-lipped about the progress of their investigations. The heartbreaking reality of the toddler 's death has touched those well beyond the little girls immediate family.I'm just a new mother, I do live anywhere near the area but I just felt that I needed to come. I don't know why I am so emotional. I just can't stop thinking about it.The 15 month old mother was in the care of social workers, three days after reporting Sanaya Shaib had been pulled from her pram and kidnapped while out for a walk in parkland. She told police that a man of African appearance, who was barefoot and smells of alcohol, took the toddler and ran off towards the North land shopping centre. The girls partially submerged body was found in a creek. The area is now marked by a makeshift shrine.I don't know why this happened. Whoever has done it, shame on him. He is a coward. The 22-year-old woman had been staying with her brother. He says she had separated from the Godfather.Such a cute little kid. he
Her brother remember the last time he saw his niece on Friday night.I fed her with my own hands.He would never see his niece again. He went out and was asleep when his sister left for the park on Saturday morning.I would like to appeal to the public that if they do find or here anything, please notify the police immediately. We want justice to be served.Police have yet to say whether security cameras like this one at the shopping centre captured a man running from the area. Police say as the investigation remains act did, they can't comment further.Hopefully keep working and resolve the issue for everyone's benefit, we need to know what happened.Meanwhile, the community remains desperate for answers. A man's been charged with a drive-by shooting in Canberra's south a year ago. Five shots were fired into a Gowrie house in February last year. One occupant was injured by glass fragments. 23-year-old Harley Stott was arrested and charged on Saturday, and faced court this afternoon. He was already facing charges of arson and destroying evidence related to the case, but has now been charged with the actual shooting. Stott was refused bail, and will be back in court in June.

Online streaming is shaping up as the music industry's saviour. Sales of CDs are falling, but revenue from streaming services doubled last year, reversing a long downward trend in music sales. Reporter Ruby Jones take a look at who's benefitting from the new order.

Australian bands Palms don't know how much they make from online streaming. The figure is too low right now.It is such a minuscule plays.
amount of Royalty you get her plays.But it is a paying audience they can't afford to shun.Even if it is tiny, it is better than people just downloading it for free.For years, music sales were decimated by privacy -- piracy. is
With revenue up by 5%, the industry is optimistic.I think we are starting to see piracy plateau as more and more Australians are seen great value in streaming services. This report is the clearest sign yet of how the music industry will survive. CD sales continue declining, not as much as you might expect. Digital song downloads were also down by 17%. But there has been a quiet resurgence in love for final. The big mover is in digital streaming, which doubled. It is typical to radio, with artist making a fraction %. The hope is that the paycheque for artists will grow as more people sign up for the service. In the meantime, musicians make money where they can.If more people hear the band, hopefully they will like it, buy a ticket and come to the gig. Or they might buy a T-shirt.Finding an audience to music 's money stream. The last Australian made refrigerator rolled off the production line today in Central West New South Wales. Be Electrolux factory has been the biggest employer since World War II, at the its
closure has caused Orange to repeat its future. They know the shutdown any
was coming, but it didn't make it any less emotional.A big thing to be leaving after 27 years, seeing everyone will out the gate. It is pretty hard. Hopefully I won't burst into tears.Steve was with the company for 46 years. He considers it an early retirement, but worries for his younger colleagues.At the end of the day I am mindful now that the younger people will get a job in the future.As they leave, they are joined on the unemployment line by workers from another of the region 's major employers, a gold mine that was mothballed last month. The Orange council says it is a big blow for a city of only 40,000 people. It is trying to attract great industries.There will undoubtedly be people still looking for jobs, and that is a challenge. At its peak, the Electrolux factory employed more than 2000 workers. Even Queen Elizabeth paid a special visit in 1970. It produced of
household appliances and millions of Australian homes. But these products won't be made onshore any longer.I am fearful of manufacturing here in Australia. 210 workers will walk out of these gates for the final time tomorrow. 90 will remain on site to remove equipment and repurposed it for other factories around the world. There are no plans for this industrial site in the long-term. Some Australians who've invested in the digital currency, bitcoins, are finding it can be very costly doing business in cyberspace. They've used a bitcoin exchange company that now appears to be on the verge of collapse. And as Jake Sturmer reports, there's very little Australian regulators can do to help them. Bitcoin exchange is supposed to computer
return your dollars into the computer currency bitcoin. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth traded every day gains can be astronomical. One bitcoin is worth around 560 Australian dollars. But customers of Australian founded exchange is say they've been scammed.What I've got left in their is in the vicinity of 15,000 Australian dollars, and I've been waiting on it since that would be six of October last year.The company is run by an Indian born man who I spoke to on the phone. But many of Igot 's customers claimed they can't access their money, and the corporate watchdog is unable to act.The regulator says it is not within their responsibilities.One business has taken legal action, chasing Igot for more than $150,000. Hi Rick, it is jake... From Mumbai, Igot 's founders admitted the company faced problems but promised to them in the next few weeks.

Since the ABC began investigating, some customers have received a small amount of money from Igot, but most of them are still waiting, and believe the outlook is grim. The price of oil surged on global markets today. But as Alan Kohler reports, both the local sharemarket and the Aussie dollar

It was a day for resources stocks, mining and energy companies to go for a ride on -- run, with them all well bid. Against that, banks and industrial is mostly fell and none more so than Woolworths, for no apparent reason other than general dissatisfaction with the company. This is a two year chart of their share price, down from 37 to 21, this is the lowest since late 2006. By the way, Woolworths competitors have problems as well. In order -- audit has found $20 million is missing because agreements with suppliers to meet the company 's accounting facilities. Appropriate action is taken against those involved. Goodness knows what that might be. Energy stocks were up for an obvious reason, this .6% jump in New York crude oil prices over the weekend, although that doesn't explain why iron ore markets did the same, when the price fell. Global markets saw a solid rise in Shanghai, continuing the steady rise over the past few months, and Wall Street went up a bit on Friday as well. Chinese inflation darter came out today and they actually have deflation, prices falling .4% in March. The average inflation is 2.3%. A big rise in food prices on the chart, although if that much deflation continues that will fall pretty rapidly. The Australian dollar was flat today at 75.5 US cents, and finally, here is a graph of 18-34 -year-olds in the United States still living with their parents. That might explain why they are also grumpy. And that is Finance. A spectacular collapse by Jordan Speeth handed England's Danny Willett the US Masters this morning. The defending champion led by five shots with nine holes to play, but collapsed to finish three back. Jason Day was the best-placed Australian at one over, while Willett became the second Englishman to win

Jordan, would you please do the honour?The presentation was as disjointed as Jordan Spieth final round. He gave up a five shot lead to live Danny Willett Masters champion.I think it was a very tough 30 minutes for me, but hopefully I never experience again. Spieth was coasting with four straight birdies to round out the front nine.This is unbelievable. The moralising to everyone else.In the middle of this corner, the 22-year-old games hit rock bottom, with the type of shots golfing nightmares are made of.At 1.I told Mike, I said, it seems like we are collapsing.The drop was taken but the next shot was worth. His chances... Sunk.This is unbelievable. He is now having an absolute meltdown.I put a bit of a swing on it, and all of a sudden I'm not leaving any more.After almost missing the tournament for the birth of his child...At the end of the day, someone has to win and fortunately today it was my at
day.Like you said, maybe fate had at this time for him, and I certainly want to control fate myself.It was another magical day at Augusta that produce the unthinkable. This shot on 16 was testament to that.

Mathew Hayman has become the second Australian to win cycling's Paris-to-Rubaix with an upset victory. The 37-year-old from New South Wales broke his arm six weeks ago, and had to dig deep during the sprint finish. Hayman is leading now. It's Stannard around the outside. Hayman with his nose in front. Bonnen is trying to challenge but it is Matthew Hayman. It's an early birthday present. Hayman wins! We raced really hard the last five Ks and I was just really lucky. The race didn't go to plan for Fabian Cancellara, who was chasing his fourth title. The veteran of cycling's Classics crashed out of contention. Canberra's Caroline Buchanan is closing in on qualification for Rio after winning her second world cup event for the year. Buchanan, who was attempting to win the event for the third year running, followed American Alise Post throughout the race. But a mistake by Post just metres from the finish line allowed Buchanan to take first place. Stayed in it to win it, hunted it down and kept my composure to the line. She's now taken out consecutive world cup events, and leads the cup standings. The scene has been set for a sprint showdown at the Australian Swimming Championships in Adelaide tonight. Last night, Cam Mcevoy continued his impressive form by qualifying fastest for the 100 metre freestyle final. But dual world champion James Magnussen only just scraped in. With only two individual Olympic spots up grabs in the 100m freestyle, Cam Mcevoy sent a message to his rival, qualifying Ilia second faster than anyone else. It meant he was able to sit second semifinal.
back and enjoy an unpredictable second semifinal. All eyes were on Kyle charmers, and jail map -- James Magnusson in the middle age -- Lane. They were upstaged by the oldest competitor.It is good to be in the middle, but anyone in that pool is capable of qualifying for the team.Charmers was fourth fastest while Magnusson was sixth. I knew it was going to be the toughest day today, I haven't made a semi in 12 months only did put the lane in that final and it is all about a sing.Ian McEwan was racing in the 200 metre titles, cheaply to the Commonwealth record. I needed to do it to keep my confidence up, and it makes me feel like I am up with the other girls overseas.With two events locked in, she joins her brother and father on the team.They've worked point.
hard and done a lot to get to this point.Another following the family path is Welsh born David Morgan who'd won the 200 metre butterfly. His mother swam for Britain in the 1976 games in Montreal.I've trained incredibly hard to be able to get to this point and make the team, so to make it, you can't beat that.Alicia Coutts showed she is becoming recovered from a shoulder injury, given his of a chance to add to the five medals she won in London. Brumbies backrower Ita Vaea has announced his immediate retirement from rugby, because of heart problems. Vaea had enjoyed a strong start to the super rugby season, and had ambitions of making the Wallabies this year. He debuted with the Brumbies in 2011, but was ruled out for the next two seasons with heart trouble. He starred for the UC Vikings in the national rugby championship last year, when he was named player's player. But the 27-year-old said today that he was following his doctors' advice and retiring to focus on his health.

Finally tonight, another in our curious Canberra series, where you get the chance to ask the questions our reporters investigate. This week, we were asked how the ACT's borders were determined. Nothing about Canberra 's development has come by chance. Every last suburb and street meticulously planned, and that extends to the ACT border. The 300 kilometre long line in circling Canberra and its bushland backyard. To have a city, you have to have water. If you build it right, you have to get water right, and that is why the ACT is it the strange shape it is, it is mostly following the water.Matthew Higgins knows the border better than most, retracing the steps of the original survey is more than a century ago, who left their mark on the map in more ways than one.History was 500
carved by it Percy sheath around 500 disc -- 100 years ago, and it shows the insignia at the time, Commonwealth Territory.Three teams of surveyors spent five years tracing the border between 1910 and 1915. Sticking to the highest ridges and peaks to secure only the most pristine water catchment for the soon to be built national at
capital. And as for that straight at the top of the map, contrary to theories that surveyors got tired and simply ruled a line under their work, it was actually the first part of the border to be mapped. It is straight because it is below Canberra 's water catchment and wasn't as critical. The end result that for a rather odd shaped territory.I look at it and I say, it looks like a mutant year.As Newton as it might appear to some, the ACT could have looked far include
different in --if early plans to include Queen Bien would have been included.It would be a horseshoe type shape rather than the shape we have now.Instead of today's cross-border squabbling, we could have been Sister cities in a radically different ACT. Instead we are a mutant

To the weather, and it's been a lovely, warm autumn day with a top of 24, hottest at 3:00pm. But what a cold night! The temperature dropped down to just 3 degrees at 5.30am. No rain around our region today, with temperatures along the coast and inland mostly similar to Canberra's, low to mid 20s. There was some rain in Perth today, but clear in the other capitals. Sydney was a pleasant 27, Melbourne a cooler 20, and 23 in Adelaide. Cloud over southern Queensland and far northern NSW is causing potentially severe storms. Cloud over Victoria and Tasmania in the wake of a front is bringing a few brief, light showers. A trough in the west is dragging heat towards the northwest coast and producing rain in the southwest. Cool onshore winds are bringing the odd shower to coastal NSW. A cooler day for Sydney tomorrow, showers and 22 degrees. Storms and a muggy 28 in Brisbane tomorrow. Wet and 18 in Melbourne. Fine and 23 in Adelaide. Some showers are forecast at the south coast tomorrow, with 21 at Batemans Bay and Nowra. Heavily overcast at Goulburn, 19. Similar at Yass, 23. tomorrow,
And a grey day in Canberra tomorrow, but unfortunately no rain about. We're expecting 21 degrees with overcast skies, and a low of 8. The sun will rise at 6:25am and sunset will be at 5:42pm in the afternoon Looking ahead, and there's not much sun on the horizon. Heavy cloud on Wednesday, and at this stage there's some rain forecast for next weekend. Top temperatures for the rest of this week will hover around the low to mid 20s. Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. Asylum seekers trying to make their way from Greece to Macedonia have clashed with armed border patrols. Macedonian forces fired tear gas and stun grenades.

and four members of a Channel Nine television crew are expected to appear before a judge in Leven on the day, held in connection with the attempted grabbing of two a
children from their grandmother on a street in Beirut. And that's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. For more ACT news, you can follow us online or on Twitter @abcnewscanberra. Stay with us now for 7:30 with Sabra Lane.

This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Welcome to 7.30. Tonight an election favourite resurfaces, but will it stay on track?As you know, we have a new cities and new approach to infrastructure.Malcolm Turnbull is out there today on the front page purporting to suggest that now he's in favour of high speed rail and that it can be done for free. That is a fantasy. Rick, you've been telling them that for months. Why would they believe you? The bitcoin business that lost customers a fortune. I've been waiting six months, worrying about it completely, and... Yep, still haven't received it. And meet 105-year-old Daisy, who's taking the artworld by storm.That