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the search for clues and a killer after the weekend murder
of a baby girl. Low paid workers promise one hell
of a fight over threats to their pay. A new future for a piece of
Sydney history. The Powerhouse Museum is on the
move, but not without controversy. A school teacher arrested over this
violent attack on a student. She's been stood down and could
be thrown in prison. We'll speak with the Sharks
players who helped save a team-mate's baby boy, who got
trapped under this buggy. And mayhem at the Masters. Danny Willett wins as Jordan Speith
throws away a rare place in history.

This is Ten Eyewitness News,
First at Five, with Sandra Sully and Hugh
Riminton. Good evening. First up: A barefoot
man, a baby taken and then murdered. It feels like the entire country is
anxiously waiting for news, as the manhunt continues in
Melbourne, following the shocking weekend murder of a baby girl. Sanaya's mother is now being cared
for around the clock by police after she told them a man
kidnapped her baby, whose body was found later, in a local creek. Sharnelle Vella joins us
from Melbourne. Sharnelle has the girl's
distressed mum been able to shed

Good evening. We understand the little girl's mother has been interviewed by police, but at this stage, she is held? A secret roks. Not even her family knows where she is. We understand that several members of her family have been interviewed by detective, but police have stressed that none of them are being treated as suspects 5 this stage. More than 24 hours after the discovery of this. Girl's body, no arrests or charges laid. As floral tributes continued to
grow, so too did the questions. Just how and why was little Sanaya

In my entire family is in grief and shock. And we just don't know what to do. Those sentiments echoed
in the local community. It's really sad,
having kids myself.

I don't know where to go. We just wanted to leave some flowers. It's really sad,
having kids myself. It was the least I could do,
I had to do something. The toddler's mother, Sofina Nikat,
who came to Australia from Fiji three years ago, was only staying
with her uncle for the weekend. It's understood she is now being
cared for at a secret location by social workers.

She's in a hysterical state of mind. The 22-year-old took Sanaya to
Olympic Park at 10am on Saturday. 10 minutes later a man she
believed had been watching her grabbed her baby and ran. With no phone she gave chase but
eventually returned to the family home where police were called. By that afternoon a manhunt was
underway and just hours later the public was put on alert, told to
look for an African male in dark clothing who smelt of alcohol. But it was the littles girl's body
that would be found first in the early hours of Sunday morning. And while Ms Nikat was led away
for welfare reasons that afternoon police stayed and searched
the home for four hours.

If there's somebody in the community, we need to find them. It's just, I can't even imagine the horror if family is going through. As the hunt for a killer goes on. Police patrols of the area having stepped. That will run through for the end of the week. Police are looking for a black African man aged in this 20s or 30, who was wearing dark clothing and smelt of alcohol. Unions are threatening to make
weekend penalty rates an election issue, accusing the Federal
Government of abandoning the nation's retail and hospitality
workers. The Fair Work Commission has begun
its final week of hearings on slashing Sunday rates for
workers, robbing them of up to $100 a week. Ursula Heger reports. For university student Harry Gregg
the extra money he earns through Sunday penalty rates is
the difference between paying rent or not. It could mean up to $50 to $60 I
would not be earning. And when you're earning $400
a week, that's nearly a quarter of your income. Harry is one of two million retail
and hospital workers that could see their Sunday rates slashed
by the Fair Work Commission. Unions today staged
a protest outside the Commission's hearing, arguing there was
a lot more than money at stake. It will mean undue hardship,
it will mean a reduction in their take home rate of pay
and as a result they'll have to work longer and harder. But business says cutting penalty
rates would be an economic boost. Retailers will look at opening
stores that are currently closed, and employing more people
on the floor so there is a greater amount of employment taken up. We want shops to be open, we want
our favourite cafe to be open, and this can only happen in many
cases if we address this issue. The Fair Work Commission is
expected to hand down its decision 12 weeks after the end
of hearings, that could keep this issue alive, right through an early
federal election campaign. Unions are vowing they'll keep
their campaign in voters' minds. People know that this is
a beginning of a system in this country where we see
workers' pay reduced. I'm never surprised that the unions
try to run scare campaigns against things that aren't there.

After plenty of speculation,
it's been confirmed that Sydney's Powerhouse Museum will have a new
home, and possibly a new name. By 2020 it should open its doors
on the banks of the Parramatta River, but a new brawl has broken
out about what will happen to the current site in Ultimo. Here's Daniel Sutton. A vision of Sydney's new museum
located not in a Powerhouse but in western Sydney, on the site
of a rundown carpark, right next to the Parramatta River. We think that
the Powerhouse here can be the Smithsonian response in Australia,
right here in Parramatta. The lynchpin, the government hopes,
of a new arts and culture precinct. It will blend and have offerings
of cafes and shops and it will come alive day and night. The current site in Ultimo,
opened in 1988, will be sold off to pay for it. I can't guarantee anything
about what the site will be at this stage -
I anticipate it will be multi-use. Critics fear a demolition,
for apartments. It's not heritage-listed
on the state register, because no-one thought it would
ever come under threat. Keep the land you own in Ultimo
and deliver a new school for the people of the inner city. The plan is to bring
in the wrecking ball here in 2018, with the new museum to open four
years after that. But this site,
currently owned by council is worth a lot of money, just have a look
at the development next door. And as yet there is no deal
on the cost to take it over. This is the announcement of a site. It's also the beginning of a
negotiation that the council will undertake with the government. Questions too about moving the
exhibits, including the state's first passenger locomotive. This also a logistical challenge, no doubt about that. A new name is also on the cards,
although the "Carpark Museum" appears unlikely. The Prime Minister says he's
looking at a radical new way of funding rail
infrastructure, which could one day see the long-awaited dream of
high-speed rail become a reality. But, after many false starts, we're
being told to not hold our breath. Adam Todd is in Canberra. Adam, it really is a case
of deja-vu, so I have to ask, is this ever going to happen? Well, on past history, you wouldn't bank on it. Labor also supports investigating high speed rail. The government has not yet committed to fund such a project in the future, but they say they are looking at innovative ways to fund rail infrastructure projects in the future. It's as cliched as kissing babies. Here comes an election
and here comes the debate about a high-speed rail line. John Howard pushed for it. This train is to travel
at up to 320km/h. Kevin Rudd gave it a run as well. 1,750km, high-speed rail project
from Brisbane to Melbourne. And now, reportedly,
Malcolm Turnbull is going down the same track. This is a desperate Malcolm
Turnbull clutching at straws to try and shake off the tag of being
a do-nothing Prime Minister. The Prime Minister isn't yet
putting his name to a high-speed rail line although he
is considering a different way of funding rail infrastructure. You've got to look at rail,
whether it is between cities, or indeed within cities,
and ask yourself, how is this changing the value of land. He's considering so-called
value-capture financing, where road and rail projects push
up the value of land, which can be used to fund construction. That's how railways were financed
in the 19th century actually. It's not actually
a radical new plan at all, it's actually a sensible old plan
that's been forgotten. The Prime Minister certainly needs
to get his backbenchers on the right track, and fast, as a growing
number back Labor's proposed royal commission into the banks. Liberal Warren Entsch describing
the Prime Minister's opposition to the inquiry as a captain's call. Of course,
that's a loaded term often used to describe his predecessor.

Now, the Prime Minister says the existing banking regulator also has the powers of a royal commission. Today, he and the Treasurer both suggests the government made look at beefing up their resources. That comes after the Coalition cut its budget in recent years.

Plenty of grateful and relieved people at the Sharks tonight. The soun Chris Heighington got stuck under a motorised buggy. Ben Barba has always enjoyed
the hero-status which comes with being an NRL star. Yesterday he lived up to that
title in every sense of the word to help a toddler in distress. It was pretty scary, it was scary,
very scary to see a young child like that. In the aftermath
of the club's win over Gold Coast, instinct immediately kicked in to
help lift an equipment buggy off three-year-old Rocco Heighington,
the son of teammate Chris. I don't like talking about it
because when you have kids of your own you put yourself in Chris's
position and it's sickening. We were just lucky there was some
big fellas around there to lift it up. The freak accident rocked players,
coaches and officials right to the core
as the boy was taken to hospital. It's terrible, concerning
but hopefully he'll be Ok. It was a distressing sight,
it didn't look good. as Heighington took to Instagram
with his son to show all was well. It's all OK. Today that was backed up in a

The team captain also chimed
in after a brief meeting with the family. Spoke to Rocco this morning,
he's sweet and so is Sonia his partner and so is Rocco. Thankfully, Rocco is OK. But it does pose the question
on how post-match procedure will be conducted into the future. The club is holding
an investigation into the accident to help prevent a similar incident
from happening again.

Still to come: the Premier weighs
in on an ISIL-inspired attack. The popular phone app could be
opening up a that world of for kids. Three suspects on the run after
another the shooting in Sydney. Plus, a shark attack victim
gets back on his feet. And Greg Bird's feathers
clipped over this big tackle.

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Sadly, as you may have heard,
Hugh's croaky voice has just given out so we've given him the rest
of the night off. Meanwhile, on with
the news: A man remains in hospital after being shot in the leg outside
his south-west Sydney home. Police responded to multiple 000
calls, reporting gunshots being fired
in Claymore, just before 2:00am. They found a 42-year-old man with
a wound to his left thigh. Police believe this was
a targeted attack and are searching for three men. We know the dangers
of the internet, but there's a fresh warning tonight, that
young people are more vulnerable than ever to paedophiles. Teens are joining the dating app
Tinder faster than ever before, and predators are using it to
snare their next victims. Ellesa Throwden reports. 13-year-old Sammuel Vaja
is enjoying more freedom now that he's a teenager. This year, for the first time,
his parents have allowed him to use social media. I use only Instagram because that's
where I post all my pictures of me surfing, skating and scootering. Already he's had some
worrying encounters. Five people,
apparently young girls, have tried to connect with him, inviting him
to join online dating app Tinder. Are you sure that they are girls -
that they are who they say they are? I don't know. They just have
on their bio uncomfortable things. Like they have the website Tinder
on it. With surveys showing more teenagers
than adults are now using the dating app, online safety
experts warn Tinder is a virtual playground for paedophiles. They'll also get access to the
young people's Facebook and other social media accounts by default
which is going to reveal the school they go to, the sporting clubs
they're a member of and open up so much more information about people. The ease with
which a predator can target their victim on the site is alarming. This is how easy it is to set up
a fake Tinder account. First I've created a fake Facebook
page and then downloaded the Tinder app. All it takes is a positive match
to talk with underage teens. Sammuel's mum hopes she's taught
her son enough about life to help him make the right decisions. You cannot really protect
your child from everything, yeah, it's impossible,
you have to have some trust. And plenty of scepticism.

Surfer Brett Connellan has stepped
out of his hospital bed for the first time since he was mauled by
a shark off Kiama a fortnight ago. With a walking frame
and the help of hospital staff, Brett has been able to stand up. The 23-year-old lost most
of his left thigh in the attack and has had several muscle transplant
operations, to help him walk again. Brett's mum tells us he's keen to
start rehabilitation and has a very strong network of friends
and family to get him through it.

To the weather now.

Tim? As far as the weather goes, no complaints here? A little bit of magic in the Monday. Hello, everybody. Blue cise the order of the start of the school holidays. Known complaining. Southerly still blowing. It will still be there tomorrow. And get to around 30 or 40km/h. Good news is, a weak cold front moved across the state, now up in the north-east corner. The low pressure trough that brought a heap of thunderstorm activity has fiemly weakened and the sieve weather warning for that part of the woods has not been cancelled. A high pressure system over the Bight, going to ridge back over the NSW, mainly fine and sunny conditions west of the divide. The odd shower east. A good looking week on the way. Up next, the death toll rises from
a disastrous firework display. Also, the city the Brussels
bombers' really wanted to target, until a late change of plans. And the royals knock them
for six in India.

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An American high school teacher is
learning a hard lesson herself about child abuse, after being
arrested for assaulting a student. Mary Hastings was recorded
repeatedly hitting the boy in the head. The 63-year-old teacher lashed
out at the teen, after he apparently disrupted the class. She then appears to mock him,
while he's crying. The teacher has been placed
on leave and is out on bail.

Hundreds of desperate migrants, who
are trying to make their way to Europe, have been injured during
violent clashes with Macedonian police, who fired tear gas and
rubber bullets into the crowd. Hannah Maguire reports. Frustrated migrants desperate to
continue their journey to northern Europe. All this sparked
by rumours the Greek-Macedonia border was about to open. When it didn't, migrants hurled
rocks at Macedonian police. They fight back with tear gas
and rubber bullets, injuring close to 300 people. Body pain, bruises that they claim
were from beatings from the police. The wind blew fumes into a nearby
camp full of women and children on the Greek side of the border. Hundreds were treated
for breathing problems. Either we go through
and die trying or die in Greece. This is the last day,
this is our last hope. We have had enough. The Greek Government has described
Macedonia's response as deplorable and extremely dangerous. More than 11,000 refugees are
camped at the border, hoping to trek further north. But both Macedonia
and Greece are adamant, the gates will stay closed.

The surviving terrorist bomber
from the attacks in Brussels, Mohamed Abrini,
appears to be singing like a bird. He's told
the authorities another big attack on France was their original plan,
but was hastily moved to Belgium, when police closed in
and arrested the original terrorist ringleader, Salah Abdeslam. Abrini was arrested last week
and has admitted to being the so-called "man in the hat",
a claim that has been confirmed by facial recognition technology. Indian authorities have ordered a
judicial inquiry into the weekend's deadly Temple fire that killed at
least 106 people. The blaze was sparked by an illegal
fireworks display, when one of the crackers fell on a shed and ignited
a huge stockpile of the explosives. The blaze was so intense it took
firefighters hours to put out. India has rolled out the red carpet
for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they begin their week
long tour of the subcontinent. During the six day trip, the Royal
couple is expected to experience all things Indian and started
with the country's national game. Kimberley Soekov has more. Proving just how popular they are,
Kate and William to have hit India for six. And just hours after arriving
on the subcontinent, the royal couple came face to face
with cricketing royalty. Squaring off against
Sachin Tendulkar, who lead a team of some of India's poorest
children in a friendly test match. What a fantastic experience it was
to meet the Duke and the Duchess. A remarkable couple,
made us feel so comfortable and you know really humble. The legendary batsman was even
impressed at how much the Duke knew about the game. It was nice to know that
he understands cricket. He follows cricket. We discussed the T20 finals
as well. We spoke about tennis. All in all,
a wonderful experience for me. Then it was
off to a charity dinner to help raise money for the organisations
which support the children they met earlier in the day. Catherine and I are full
of admiration for this diverse and democratic society. No-one can come here without
being awed and amazed. Admiration that was on show
at the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel where the royal couple paid
tribute to the 166 victims of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Still to come: a dangerous end to
a police pursuit in Sydney's west. In finance news, it was a flat day
on the Australian sharemarket, the All Ords closing five points down.

Mystery surrounds the discovery of
a badly injured woman outside her home at West Ryde overnight. The woman, in her 60s, was found
unconscious on the footpath. She had head injuries, but it is
still not clear how she was hurt. Possibilities include an assault,
or being hit by a car. She is still not in a condition to
be interviewed by police. A police car has crashed into
a telegraph pole when it veered off-course during a pursuit. A male and female officer
were lucky to escape the crash with just minor injuries. They were checked by paramedics
and went back on duty. The officers were in pursuit
of a motorbike rider who failed to stop when the police car mounted
a median strip, then hit the pole. Time for a traffic update with
Susannah Mirana.

Reports of an accident at West Ryde. Who is the latest? That's right. Reports a motorcycle and pedestrian accident. 1 westbound lane is closed. However, we are just above the M4, and despite it being school holidays, still plenty of traffic for the M4. Westbound looking quite slow. And also around the Prospect Highway. And reports a broken down bus in the city, causing problems along William Street at college Street.

An inquest began today into the
drowning death of a man at Darling Harbour two years ago during the
Vivid festival. The court was immediately played
surveillance video from the time, showing two mates jumping into the
water to save him. They dive repeatedly, but in the
dark, they came up empty handed. The coroner is trying to find out
if the 34-year-old tripped, fell, or was pushed into the water,
and if the area is safe. Premier Mike Baird says it's
totally unacceptable that an inmate at Kempsie Prison managed to
carve an ISIL slogan into another detainee's head. Radicalised Muslim teenager Bourhan
Hraichie has been moved to Goulburn Supermax after he allegedly used a
razor blade to etch "E4E", meaning an "eye for an eye" into
the front and back of 40-year-old, The 18-year-old is then believed to have poured boiling water over
him. Obviously mistakes have
been made. We need to understand how they were made
and make sure they don't happen not only there but across
the system. Kempsey Prison's boss has been
stood down as the investigation continues.
But the Corrective Services Commissioner denies there's
widespread Islamic radicalisation in the state's prisons. Sacked workers from Clive Palmer's
troubled nickel refinery have voted to sell the company's assets. They want
a not-for-profit company to take control, trading their entitlements
for shares in the profit. Jonathan Lea has the story. Sacked refinery workers streamed
in to Townsville Casino, tired of others gambling with their future. Each signing a petition
demanding political action. We've put a lot into this town. We were taxpayers to when people
were saying we're not spending money to save these people's jobs. Radio shock jock Alan
Jones leading the attack.

We are confronting a national crisis and a major national emergency. The leading politicians of Canberra should be here, hearing these argumentses. Empty seats lined up to show who
wasn't there, including owner Clive Palmer. Sacked workers are pushing
for liquidation of Queensland Nickel, a legal requirement to free
up federal aid. They also voted to
explore new ownership. Their union though is worried
about a proposed community buy-back of the refinery. It's a risk for workers to be
sacrificing entitlements that they've earned and then putting
that into the hands of people who are not familiar with refinery
operations and then expecting to get a return out of that. Clive Palmer faces battles
on multiple fronts. The tax office is investigating
dealings in 2007 that reportedly netted him $50 million. Tonight Four Corners is also
investigating his business empire and political party. The MP wouldn't speak on camera
today, but posted on Facebook:

administrators will hand down its recommendations for the company. There's three possibilities:

It's certainly a matter that
would warrant ASIC turning its attention to in greater detail. An official vote by creditors
will be taken next week. Stay with us. Just ahead, we've
got more on tonight's big stories. And in sport, we preview tonight's
Bulldogs and Storm clash with a league legend. Also
tonight, we'll tell you how long Greg Bird is facing for crunching
James Maloney. And he's not the only player nursing a battered
body. And Jordan Spieths masters body. And Jordan Spieth's masters metdown.

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Tonight's top stories: Police are
scouring parkland and several homes for any clue in the death
of 15-month-old Sanaya Shaib, who was murdered on Saturday. The toddler's mother says she was
snatched from her pram by a stranger. The Powerhouse Museum will have
a new home, opening its doors on the Parramatta River in 2020. While it's a big win for the west,
there's now contention over what will happen to its old site
in Ultimo. And a teacher in the United States
has been charged with assault, after she was filmed slapping
a student.

Time for sport with Matt Burke. Matt - Greg Bird facing a stint
on the sidelines? Bird was on a mission against
his old club Cronulla and is facing a one-week ban for a careless high
shot on James Maloney. And the Sharks playmaker wasn't
the only one to bare the brunt of the angry bird. Tim Hipsley has more. In the safe surroundings of some
school kids today, Ben Barba was feeling a lot more comfortable
than he was yesterday when he got flattened by Greg Bird. Never been hit that hard
in my life. To get the wind back
into me yesterday. While he escaped punishment
for his hit on Barba the Titans captain will miss a week
for belting James Maloney. Oh, he's in all sorts, Maloney. Luke Lewis can accept
a one-game suspension for a shoulder charge in what ended
up being a physical encounter. Barba and
his fancy footwork has him right in the frame of Origin selection. His sizzling start to
the season impressing Maroons coach Kevin Walters. It's something a few years ago I
was really hungry for and the last few years have been
rough but to be even looked at is a real boost for me. Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor is
fuming after a second ball appeared on the field in their clash
against the Knights. It's horrendous that in a game
of NRL that can happen. Not going to give that
as an excuse. We gave up a try after that. We had to catch that kick.

Kieran Foran is in line for a frosty reception at Brookvale overall. The first clash against his old club Manly after being an Eel. He has got thick skin. He needs some ear plugs as well. Round six wraps up tonight
when the Bulldogs tackle the Storm in Melbourne. To preview the clash we're joined
by a Fox Sports commentator Nathan Hindmarsh. Do you expect the Dogs to bounce
back after last week's poor showing against the Raiders? Oh, I expect them to be a little bit better than what they were last weekment of they were very poor against the Raiders. Melbourne are not good this year. They have been very clunky. If James Graham is get this forward pack going, if they can get some combinations going, they will get #k4r0e6 to beating the storm.Josh Morris admits it's the worst he played in a long time. Does he need a big performance to get his Origin jumper?Don't think so. He's proven he's a quality player. But his Origin jersey is safe, as far as I'm concerned.Now, you're the expert here. Who is going to win and by how much?I think that Melbourne by, I'm going to say Melbourne by six. It will be a close one down there.It should be great. And you can catch all the action on Fox sports. Danny Willett has broken through
for his first major victory after taking advantage
of a spectacular meltdown by Jordan Spieth at the Masters. Spieth, normally the iceman of the
tour, hit it twice into the water on the same hole after leading
at one stagbe by five shots. Jason Day never challenged
on the final day finishing six shots off the pace. As he stood over his tee shot
at the famed 12th, Jordan Spieth had seen
a five-shot lead slip back to one. Few would envisage the meltdown
that was about to happen. That was problem number one,
but his next shot sealed his fate. Incredibly he hit it
into the drink again. Oh, my goodness. Absolute nightmare. He walked off with a quadruple
bogey 7 and the Masters was now there for the taking. It was grabbed by 28-year-old
Englishman Danny Willet. By the 14th he was unexpectedly
in front and he seized the moment. That's great.

It's going to get a little close
as well. He knocked it close again
on the 16th hole to take

Get in! On the 17th he faced
a nerve-wracking chip to get up and down for par and once again he
produced nerves of steel.

He parred the last to finish
five-under and had to wait. Spieth to
his credit gathered himself and birdied the 13th and 15th. But he left himself too much to
do and finished three back. There were omens everywhere. He gave up five shots on Amen
corner - Willett is the son of a vicar.

Big picture, this one will hurt. It will take a while. Fate also had its say. Today is Willett's wife's
birthday and his son who was born 12 days ago was due today. It's not been a bad 12 days. To add insult to injury Spieth had
to hand over the green jacket to its new owner.

"The Missile" James Magnussen will
need to fire in tonight's 100 freestyle final if he's to book a
ticket to Rio. Magnussen struggled in last night's
semi, qualifying 6th with a time of 49.21 seconds. His main rival and fastest qualifier Cam McEvoy was over a
second quicker.

Really happy. In the warm-up, probably the worst I felt #5u8 week. Just backing up after last night, this morning, to going to be 47, that is exciting. Only a top Two finish will
guarantee a spot at the games, with 4 x 100 relay spots to be decided
by the head coach. Sally Fitzgibbons destroyed her
rivals in round three of the Margaret River Pro,
but the Aussie came off second best when she rode a wave right onto
the sharp limestone reef. That rock snuck up on me. I've got some bruises,
but stoked to make it through. Stephanie Gilmore was
the day's standout performer. The six-time world champ setting up
a cracking quarter final show down with fellow Aussie Tyler Wright. The cobblestones once again caused
chaos in the gruelling Paris-Roubaix
cycling race in France. But Aussie Mathew Hayman steered
clear of the drama to pull off the most remarkable victory
of his career. The 37-year-old defying age
and injury to join Stuart O'Grady as the only Australians to win
the famous race. I can't believe it,
I broke my arm 5 weeks ago and missed all the racing. I raced a race in Spain last week. And a late stack helped Aussie
Caroline Buchanan clinch gold in the World Cup BMX event in England. It's her second straight triumph
in the build up to Rio. Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso is
officially MotoGP's unluckiest rider for the second race in a row,
he was taken out by a rival. Oh, Dani Pedrosa has
taken out Dovizioso! You've got to feel for the Italian. Out in front Marc Marquez led
from start to finish to claim his fourth consecutive win
at the Grand Prix of the Americas. Leicester City has qualified
for the Champions League for the first time, after a Jamie
Vardy double against Sunderland. And here goes Vardy. Leicester. It's got to happen! Who's catching them now? The Foxes remain on top
of the English Premier League table, with five games left. They're seven points ahead of
Tottenham, who registered a three nil win over Manchester United. We're back to
the Masters where South Africa's Louis Oozthuizen finished
a disappointing eight strokes off the pace, but he did have
an absolute "ball" on the 16th.

And tell me
if you've ever seen that before. Just extraordinary. That billiards-style ace was
the third hole in one at the 16th, but clearly the most spectacular. He didn't win the Green Jacket
but Louis you score our Play

It was 8 shots back. Didn't cache: Wonder if jment B Holmes, his playing partner, bought him a beer at all to help him on the way. What a day. Coming up next,
the weather with Tim Bailey.

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Halls in, and school holiday and a bit of blue sky. Monday, you can put up with them when you're as shiny as that one. Quite pleasant out there, even now. Around about 22 degrees the southerly blowing at 20km/h. High pressure system is going to push the odd shower east of the divide. But west of that, fine and sunny. It looks to be Thursday, the best day. With temperatures up to 28 degrees. I got to tell you - my desktop doesn't do weekends. What is lucky, because you don't do weekends either. 220 photographs across Saturday and Sunday, just special to wake up to this morning and get into them. Here they come to your place right now. Have a look at the into them. Here they come to your
place right now. Have a look at the brilliance on the wall tonight. This Wasikowska timely. A -- this 1 was timely. A lot of thunderstorm warnings. Just cancelled for that region today as well. That is what a number of the storm fronts looked like. If you've got them, your eye on the weather, your little click does the trick next up, this is genius - this is creative, this is an eye for a good picture. This is Manly ferry fresh water, taken from Queenscliffe. We loved it and it looks fabl quaus on the wall. -- fabulous on the wall. A beautiful spot, it's a beautiful shot. And finally tonight, I was hanging out the angry birds at lunar park, it must have got to me. Just a glorious, glorious shot. Look at the colours! And, with this sort of work, you want a breeze that is pretty, pretty special. We'll take you to this pretty, pretty place. A little paradise. This is the intimate villas of distinction. And it's, trip advisor world champion property. And you're going there for six nights. How does that sound?A little paradise. Let's get into the satellite tonight for you folks, and see what's going on. A couple of surface troughs are clamping the cloud, right about there in WA. You can see that. Let's get over to our neck of the woods, and you can see all the cloud down from Queensland and off the northern coast of NSW, not surface trough doing the do. Let's have a look at the weather map for you right now, and tomorrow looks a bit like this. A big high pressure system in the Bight. It will end up in the western Tasman Sea. The troughs are starting to weaken. The onshore winds will persist and we'll have are a shower east of the divide but not a lot in it. Low pressure across WA and a low pressure system down in the south-west could bring some waves for the Margaret River Pro. Drips and drops across rooftops and crops. Just coastal, right up the coastal of NSW, nothing penetrating into the west. Around Australia, capital city weather:

Let's have a peep at the Sydney region tomorrow.

A bit of blue sky on the weekend. Finally tonight - Australia Zoo's
two new Sumatran Tiger cubs up there in Queensland have made
their long-awaited public debut. Scout and Delilah,
now two months old, went on display today for the first time at the zoo
made famous by Steve Irwin. The 9kg cubs are growing
quickly, stacking on a kilo each every week. Scout is a little bit bigger than
Delilah and Delilah is a little bit more laidback I think
so they already have the most beautiful personalities and they
are already showing through. The zoo also announced the arrival
of another cub, born on April 1.

That's Ten Eyewitness News for now. We'll be back with updates
throughout the evening. Now, Family Feud with Grant Denyer. Goodnight.

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How are we feeling?
How are the nerves, Chris?

It's not too bad.
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But other than that,
it's going well.

So, you're here to win tonight?
Hopefully, yeah.

Who are these players beside you who
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My son-in-law Adam,
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And from Melbourne,
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