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(generated from captions) remarks on Sunday.And that could come to a head in Western Australia as early as tomorrow, or perhaps not be resolved and then to linger longer as an issue to be addressed by the party there. That could spell instability and trouble for Bill Shorten's campaign in the west. That's it on Capital Hill for today. The calm before what could well be a turbulent week, at least insofar as the Senate is concerned, as the clock counts down towards the Budget. So we'll keep you updated on other political news as it arises, but for now hand back to Ros and her team in Sydney to update you on other news of the day. At least 34 people have been killed in the Turkish capital when a suspected suicide bomb plast. 125 people have been injured. Turkish authority says civilians were targeted as they waited at a bus stop. No-one has so far claimed responsible for the attack.Thement bores targeted an area of the park. An area com 'Piesing a bus station, commercial centre and gardens. It was time to strike at the early evening crowds and there were choutic scenes. In a statement the Ankara Governor's office said the blast was caused by a car bomb. Other reports suggested it was a suicide attack. The PM convened an emergency security meeting. The area is close to Government buildings. A fleet of ambulances treated the many victims, fire crews were bought into douse the flames and then deal with the mangled wreckage of the vehicles. One bus was completely zi destroy.There was a woman sitting behind me, her seat just blue away. Something hit me here and pierced through, there was a car, I think it was black car. Five or six people died in the bus, the neck of one was completely severed. Something pierced me through here and I have one in my arm.Turkey has been hit by a spate of deadly attacks since the middle of last year. Last month 29 people were killed in a suicide car bomb attack which was claimed by a group calling it the Kurdistan freedom group, however in a significant gesture, the's pro-Kurdish HDP heart has condemned the attack expressed condolences for the victim. The attack came two day after the US embassy issued a security warning for Ankara and asked its citizens to avoid specific areas of the city. The area of the blast has been sealed off by large numbers of police and security forces a major investigation is under way including detail forensic examination.At least 16 people are dead after gunmen opened fire at a Beach resort in Ivory Coast. The Dunn's interior Minister said security forces had killed the six gun men who fired on beach goers in Grand-Bassam a resort popular with locals and foreign tourists.An eye witness trapped in a hotel room films the confusion and terror as the gunmen struck. People fleeing from the Beach in search of safety. The sleepy resort of Grand-Bassam has never witnessed such horror before. One eye witness said the gunmen were masked. TRANSLATION: There were three. They killed a child despite him kneeling down and begging. They shot a woman in the chest. I swear, I heard them shouting Alluh Akhbar. They've killed innocent people.The military are coming now as you can see.The Government appealed for calm as heavily armed soldiers took up defensive positions. They also helped drive people away from the scene to places where they could hide. Medical staff helped those injured including some children. On the ground, evidence of the attackers. Other images which are too graphic to show are of bloodied bodies on the beach A BBC colleague spoke to people who has been relaxing in Grand-Bassam when the gunmen struck.Friends who were there at different hotels have told me that they heard the shooting, they heard big wang bang sounds, the Army came in and swooped up quite a lot of people and put them in an undisclosed hotel. My friend couldn't even tell me where she was on the phone because the Army said the terrorists could be listening.Although Ivory Coast has a history of political turmoil, this looks like yet another terror attack in the West African regionUS President Obama has warned White House contenders to avoid raising tensions after Donald Trump cans edged his Chicago rally after clashes between supporters and protesters. Republican and Democrat primaries are continuing this week and as our report shows this stakes are high.The big ones are coming up on Tuesday, Florida, 99 delegatings, and Ohio, 666 delegate, winner takes all. He wins both of those and Donald Trump is over halvway to getting the Republican nomination and some say he won't be able to be assailed by then. It is big contest coming up in the next 48 hours but the other issue dominating headlines over here is if fact that Donald Trump has been attacked from all sides for creating this sort of incendiary atmosphere at his rallies, even Republicans are attacking him hava political action committees with TV ads like this one.Donald Trump campaign violence.SLike to punch him in the face. Knock the crap out of him. I promise you I will pay for the peel fees.Donald Trump's too reckless and dangerous to be President.Some are really worried that this protest in Chicago is a turning point in this election campaign, calling it a taxy environment saying that Rubio said he doesn't want this to continue, that he doesn't want people at each other's threats, Donald Trump says that those protesters were Bernie Sanders supporters or disruptors as he calls them, he issued a tweet which read Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my event. Be careful Bernie or my supporters will go to yours. Donald Trump says that's not a threat. Bernie Sanders has come back and said, "There might have been there people waving placards from my cam pain but tear not part of my organisation and he denounced any violence that may have taken place. This is becoming a very tense contest, if it wasn't already and the sort of scenes now around the language that Donald Trump is using and he certainly says he's not backing done, he doesn't condone violence and the punch throw by one of his supporters at a protester, he say he's considering picking up the legal costs for that person. Quite extraordinary events occurring now in this US political race.They're the big game animals that symbolise Africa, lions, rhinos and elephants, but they're also top of the list for trophies collecting touris. 'Four Corners' travels to South Africa where big game hunting is big business.Up to 10,000 foreigners go to South Africa every year to go hunting. Mostly Russians and Americans. The ensuing race for trophies has caused an explosion in one industry, that is taxidermists. There are hundreds across the country and one has agreed to open its doors for us.That's the trunk here.There's the face with an eye that side, very small eyes.What are you going to do with the skin of a face?This is going to be mounted. It's going to be pulled over a modelled and this guy is going to hang it on his way.But it's huge?These guys have massive houses and they build their own show rooms and this is actually a Russian client and he build a new house for these trophies.6,000 trophies have produced here every year, the taxi determinists recover the skin, wash it, tan it and dry it.What's all of our treatment remain, where is the head?You just touched it.It takes an average of eight months to make a trophy and they don't come cheap. 4,000 for a lion and up to 70,000 for an elephant.We try to make it as close to that vision of the animal...Even if it's nothing to do with reality?That's normally the American, they want big muscles and bodybuilder animals, think...They look strongerAnd more impressive. It's all about the size. The bigger the wound, the bigger the animal, it's all about the size.You can see 'Four Corners' safari paying to kill presented by Sarah Ferguson tonight at 8:30pm. French investigators have called for doctors to be allowed to break patient confidentiality if a pilot's mental health could put the public at risk. They've released a report in the Germanwings disaster when Andreas Lubitz crashed a passenger jet into the French alps killing all 150 people on board. It's understood Lubitz was urged by a doctor to visit a psychiatric hospital weeks before the incident. But his employer was never alerted.Every life that ended here began with one locked door. The last deadly claim of privacy for a man in the grip of mental illness. After locking his fellow pilot out of the cockpit, Andreas Lubitz aimed the plane he was flying directly into a remote part of the French alps killing all 150 people on board. In the face of all that can't be changed, investigators today focussed on what can. TRANSLATION: Our first recommendation is a balance between medical secrets, confidentiality and public safety. We want clear rules to require health care providers to inform the authorities when a specific patient's health is very likely to impact public safety.Andreas Lubitz had battled depression for years and had seen several psychiatric doctors in the weeks before the crash, one of whom had recommended he be treated in psychiatric hospital, information that wasn't passed to his employer. By the time Mr Lubitz sat behind the controls a year ago, he was too late. The cockpit voice recorder registered only his level breathing in between loud banging on the door. But there was no way in, doors that has been strengthened in the wake of 9/11 against ihacking by passengers now proved fatal when the threat was the pilot himself. To this investigators said there was no easy answer. But relatives of those who died have expressed their disappointment with the report.Almost everybody completely unsatisfied, with the answers that were given and provided. Most of the people who were present didn't understand the reasons given and didn't accept them.A year ago, one young copilot spread pain across Europe. The question of who could have stopped him will haunt it for a long while to come.As the war in Syria heads towards its sixth year the US Secretary of State has hit out at the Syrian Government accusing it of trying to disrupt talks aimed Kerry
at ending the conflict. John Kerry made the rashes in Paris a day before the Syrian Government and Opposition are due to meet.Just hours before the Syria talks were due to start in Geneva. US Secretary of State John Kerry was in Paris meeting with some of his European counterparts. He told reporters the cessation of hostilities now in place for over two weeks had significantly reduced violence but one side was not fully complying.The Syrian people strongly support the cessation of hostilities because it has made their lives better. And today are date the single biggest violator of that by allegation is the Assad regime.He also hit out at the Syrian Deputy PM who at a news conference in Damascus had said there could be no negotiation about the role of President Assad.A witness the comments made just yesterday by the Foreign Minister of Syria clearly trying to disrupt the process. Clearly trying to send a message of deterrence to others.His comments were clearly aimed as support for the main Opposition bloc, the high negotiates committee whose members have been arriving for the talks.We want to see an end to this bloodshed in Syria. We hope that we see a serious partner.What's different about these talks is that the UN special envoy says he is straight away going to get to the substantive issue, who is going to be in a new transitional Government taking Syria towards new elections. That of course takes us to the key issue of President Assad and those around him and on that it seems right now no-one is prepared to compromise.Big demonstration around Brazil has demanded the country's President Dilma Rousseff step aside. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in if several cities and angry about a growing corruption scandal and one of the worst recessions in decades.The famed beach is now a place of protest as you can see impassioned protest and a large one, there are people as far as the eye can see here, all demands the impeachment of the President Dilma Rousseff. This is after many months of a corruption scandal involving the oil company giant Petrobas, it's scandal that gained momentum this week with the former President a folk hero to so many in Brazil being arrested a charged with hiding assets and forgery. It's really galvanised people here, people here are sick of this scandal, they also bant this whole thing to be resolved. It's nothing that will be resolved quickly even if impeachment happened tomorrow, it's something that would drag on and on.In the last one or moyears the Government is breaking down our country, so we are here to say no to the corruption, we are hear to shay it's enough. It's enough. We are full from here.Of course, this is also with the Olympics less than five months away, this is in the background of outline after Brazil
that. This is the context to Brazil that is welcoming the world into on tois shores for the Olympics an economic crisis and this political dissent .Two years after their introduction heated debate continues over Sydney's controversial lockout laws. A panel of experts at the University of Sydney will discuss the issue tonight and among them will be the direct o-oror of the NSW crime research. He says assaults in the city have not decreased by as much as Mike Baird claims and violence was in if decline before they were introduced.Some people will will remember that back in 2008 the previous Government listed the top 40 or 100 licenced premises and imposed restrictions on their opening hours and since that point in time there have been one wave of reforms after another. The cumulative effect has been to push the non- domestic assault rate down. It's the accumulation of several legal police for
changes and policy change, the police for example much more aggressive in enforcing the law in relation to alcohol-related violence and disorder than previously and we're seeing the result of. That years ago I can remember ministers for police telling me that you couldn't get the assault rate down, not possible and right up to 2008 the number of assault s on licenced premises has been rises and we got the this turn around from 2008 to 2014 and then when the lockout laws came into place the assaults in Kings Cross and Sydney CBD just dropped like a stone. There are real costs socialed with this. Obviously many businesses have lost revenue, some have gone broke, it's really a matter for the Government to decide whether the benefits are worth the costs in terms of public amenity and so on. I'd like to see it continue, back in 2000 we had big reductions starting to occur in property crime but no sign of any reduction in assault, wasn't till 2008 that we started to see that occurring, and I think everybody would like to see a reduction in violence, no all
question about that, but with all of these things it's a trade-off between civil liberty and public safety and people have to make up their minds about the balance they want to strike.Time for a look at the latest market figures now:

a recent survey has found two thirds of new car buyers experience problems in the first five years of using their vehicle. The research by consumer group 'Choice' says despite warranties and insurance owners struggle to use their legal rights to repair or replace their cars. Erin Turner says car companies are trying to cover up the scale of the problem.'Choice' looks at products from fridges to prams and cars and we don't see that kind of incidence fault rate across any other product, the fact that two thirdses of people can expect something to go wrong with a car, is alarming.How big was the survey?The survey was nationally representative. We spoke with 1,500 new car owners
and we asked them about whether they had a fault, if they could get a repair and how easy it was Genk they had problems. People had problems with incar technology. A lot of people had cars with electrics and the battery. Other than it was issue we expected, with brake, the engine, and we found that 14% of people had a major problem. Holden was the most popular car in Australia and also the car brand that had the most problems, nearly 70% of people who had a Holden had a problem in the first five years but important to note that no car brand did well. The minimum fault incidents was 44% for any grand. Ford and fato also performed badly. There's issues across the board with cars. We found that in order to get a replacement or a repair or a refund 16% of people had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, essentially a gag order, to get a fix under a warranty or even though they had a right to get a fame under the Australian consumer law. We don't think they should have to sign a gag order in order to get a fix. To get what they deserve under a warranty. It's important to remember the warranty isn't the only right you have A lot of people were covered by the warranty but they found that dealers weren't or
necessarily responding quickly or didn't always acknowledge the problem but you also have rights under the Australian consumer law. If there's a minor problem you should get a repair quickly and adequately and there's a major problem you have the option for a repair, replacement pore refundAn idea to set up a small vegie patch at Risdon prison a few years ago has turned into a major success story. It's now one of Tasmania's biggest community gardens producing more than 10,000 kilos of vegetables since it began.Behind high wallses and razor wire some seeds of change are being planted.That looks a nice size beanFrom a small experimental plot a few years ago, the green haven inside Risdon prison has become one of Tasmania's most successful community gardens.It gives them a sense of doing something of being able to grow something from start to be able to be put back on to the plate in the community.The green thumbs involved are all inmates many are studying horticulture. They put their skills to good use, each year producing more and more chemical-free harvests.This season the bumper crop was potatoes.We started off the first lot and I think we got 85 kilos on the first one. This lot here we got 4.8 tonne.One inmate has transformed a nearby dry paddock into another successful garden.What's the next project with the garden up here?The next project is to get the irrigation installed from the dam which is over there. It was so dusty. It's proved me wrong. Four years later wee producing a lot of vegetables out of that.So far the garden has produced 10,000 kilos of fresh vegetables across four sites. Every single bean, chilli and patato has ended up on the plates of disadvantaged Tasmanians thanks to people like Pat Burton.Ite often the time that it takes to get them from the prison garden to the local community can be just a day or so, so they're fresh.And charities are grateful. They're able to provide locally grown vegies to the increasing number of people in need.We wouldn't have had 30% more people asking for support over the last financial year who have not asked for support before. For the inmates it's the chance to give back that matters.For myself and the other guys that helped it was a good feeling.Before I come to prison I had this real negative attitude that it's all about me. Some of the people come in and talk about family lives and how they've struggled over the years and egg. I thought it's not all about me, we need to give something back to the community.The therapeutic value to them is part of the rehabtive process is amazing.Growing something of value for those inside and outside the prison walls.Advertising executive Aminah Hart always wanted to be a mother but no-one expected the back to front romance that made it happen. After losing two babies she turned to IVF and an anonymous sperm donation and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Her story of how she met the donor and ge bebegan her fairytale is this week's Australian Story.It takes the romance out of it a bit when you decide to take on donor sperm to try and have a baby. I got three profiles of donors sent to me. And yeah it's three bit of paper, the first one is vital stats date of birth, height, build, hair colour, eye colour. And then it gives you a bit of medical history, genetic history, and that's kind of it, you're making a choice on who the father might be. One of them stood out to me. He said that he was happy, and that he was hard working, that he was down to earth and it said that he four healthy children. And so I thought happy and healthy, they're two things that just have eluded me. And he was a farmer. I just thought salt of the earth Aussie, male, you know? That was kind of it. There's not much more to go on, really. There really isn't. So I locked it in. Booked a date. At the clinic.And you can see Australian Story at 8pm tonight on ABC TV. Let's take a look at the national weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon. The monsoon trough has reappeared over the northern parts of the country. We are seeing a lot of cloud building up and also rain especially around a low around the Gulf of Carpentaria, this will lead to heavy rainfalls today around that band of cloud. Cloud also over South Australia socialed with a trough coming down from the north-west, heavy rain in the west but we can see it contracting to the east for tomorrow and that broad trough now extending down through NSW. Cooler temperatures this week, the humiddissipating with a cold front coming through and some showers and thunderstorms returning to NSW. Meantime it's very hot along the West Coast, this trough will make its way inland tomorrow taking some of that let with it and creating a few showers and thunderstorms in its wake. Showers and thunderstorms around the northern parts of the country especially around the low, we will be monitoring these systems throughout the week for possible cyclones and showers and thunderstorms continuing for areas of NSW with those onshore winds. They will also reach Sydney. reach Sydney.

And that's ABC News for now now. I'm Ros Childs, thanks for watching. watching.

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This program is captioned by Caption It Pty Ltd. Two terror attacks kill scores of people, an explosion in Turkey's capital Ankara leaves at least 34 dead. While on the Ivory Coast, al-Qaeda-linked militants shoot dead at least 16 people at a beach resort. Stephen Smith says he'll challenge Mark McGowan for the leadership of the Labor Party in WA if he's asked to. Good afternoon, you are watching ABC News. I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead on the program - the Foreign Minister visits cyclone-ravaged parts of Fiji where Australian soldiers are helping with the re-build. And Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne and her brother Stevie lead the celebrations at today's Moomba Parade.