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Two terror attacks kill scores of people, an explosion in Turkey's capital Ankara leaves at least 34 dead. While on the Ivory Coast, al-Qaeda-linked militants shoot dead at least 16 people at a beach resort. This program is captioned by Caption It Pty Ltd. The Deputy Prime Minister declares himself the underdog after a poll indicates he may have a battle to retain his New England seat. Good afternoon. Ros Childs.
You are watching ABC News. I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead on the program - the Foreign Minister visits cyclone-ravaged parts of Fiji where Australian soldiers are helping with the re-build. Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne and her brother Stevie lead the celebration s at today's Moomba Parade. Turkey's capital has been rocked by a suicide attack that's killed 34 people and injured another 125. A car bomb packed with nails and pellets exploded in the centre of Ankara destroying a bus and several cars. The bombing comes less than a month after a military convoy was attacked. Sophie McNeill has this report. Once again the streets of Turkey are a blood bath. Dozens are dead after a car believed to be driven by a suicide bomber slammed into a crowded bus. Laden with explosives, it caused a huge blast near a major transport hub in the heart of Ankara. TRANSLATION: The car came near to us. 10 seconds later, the seats in the bus flew following explosions. A piece of metal crashed into me. The attack took place in the centre of the diplomatic quarter next to Turkey's military headquarters, Parliament and other key government institutions. Australia's Ambassador to Turkey, James Larson, was one of the many people in the crowded area at the time. Our Ambassador was actually at that intersection in his vehicle about 20m away from the blast. He is fine. All of the Australian staff and our locally-engaged embassy staff are fine. I understand no foreigners were either killed or injured in the attack still under
although investigations are still under way. An Ankara court has ordered a ban on Twitter and Facebook throughout Turkey after images from the scene were shared online. A media blackout has been imposed stopping local journalists from sharing information. It all happened just blocks away from a similar explosion in February that killed 29 people, mainly soldiers. Like that attack, the Turkish government has been quick to once again point the finger at Kurdish militants. But no-one has claimed responsibility yet for this blast. These are dangerous times in Turkey. The country now faces multiple threats from different groups. This is the fifth major bombing to take place in the country in just the past year. In West Africa, al-Qaeda militants have claimed responsibility for an attack in the Ivory Coast which killed at least 16 people. The attackers opened fire in a beach resort in a World Heritage area that's popular with Western tourists. It is the latest of three mass shootings by Islamist gunmen in the region in recent months. Witnesses say gunmen opened fire on a beach at the Grand Bassam resort east of the capital Abidjan. TRANSLATION: They were shooting everywhere on the beach. There are lots of dead. The attackers targeted three hotels sending tourists running in terror, one 5-year-old child was reportedly killed despite kneeling down and begging for his life. A woman was shot in the chest. TRANSLATION: Some people lay on the ground but they started to spray bullets at them. Some tried to swim away, they started shooting at them. Footage from the scene showed local officials treating the wounded. 16 were killed, among them two European tourists. Six assailants are dead. TRANSLATION: The defence and the security forces intervened immediately and neutralised these terrorists. Ivory Coast's President visited the scene within hours of the attack. Bodies were still strewn on the beach and nearby roads.TRANSLATION: These cowardly terrorist attacks will not be tolerated in the Ivory Coast. We have taken significant measures. The mass shooting raises new fears about the spread of radical Islam in West Africa. In January, dozens of people were killed in a similar attack on a hotel in neighbouring Burkina Faso and al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for an attack in Mali last November which killed at least 20 people. Here the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has claimed he is the underdog in the fight to reclaim his seat. A new opinion poll has found former Independent MP Tony Windsor could topple Mr Joyce in New England. Political reporter Stephen Dziedzic joins us from Canberra. How fierce is the battle for New England likely to be? Ros, it is likely to be both fierce and very close. This Newspoll confirms the battle for New England is going to be a real one to watch. With Mr Windsor in his current position, he is likely to actually tip Mr Joyce out of the seat with a 52-48% preference vote. That's despite the fact that Mr Joyce is likely to just edge out Mr Windsor on the first preferences. The pollsters evidently think the preferences which is
will flow Mr Windsor's way which is why he has come out on top. We should add this is only one poll and we are a long way from the election and the terrain could shift enormously over the next few months. We will see much less of Mr Joyce cross crossing the country, wooing voters in rural seats. He will have to spend much more time in New England defending his home turf. When he read out the results of the poll today, Mr Joyce gave an interesting response. He argued he was in a much better position than Mr New
Windsor to serve the people of Deputy Prime
New England because he is Deputy Prime Minister, implying, perhaps, that if Mr Windsor won, then the seat of New England could be neglected by a new government. He was also very quick to claim the mantle of underdog. Perhaps in an attempt to convince voters who are leaning towards a protest vote that they shouldn't vote for Mr Windsor unless they were deadly serious about him becoming the Member for New England. Let's listen to what Mr Joyce had to say earlier today. What that would mean quite obviously is New England would go into Opposition. That is life. That's political life. Unfortunately that means I claim the mantle as the underdog. Meanwhile, MPs will return to Canberra tomorrow for the last sitting week before the Budget but are we any closer to finding out when the election will be? Ros, probably a little bit closer. MPs, as you say, are coming back to Canberra tomorrow. This will be the last sitting week before the Budget. The Government's main priority will be trying to force through its changes to Senate voting laws. They are due to go through the Senate sometime this week . But it's also been very vocal about its desire to get the ABCC bill industrial
through - its changes to industrial relations Minister
legislation. The Prime Minister has warned Independents that, if they want to avoid a double dissolution, they should vote for this bill. But interestingly at this stage the Government has not yet listed it as a priority area cross
for debate. That's got some cross bench MPs thinking the Government is bluffing and at least one of them, Ricky Muir, has threatened to bring it forward for debate in an attempt to call what he says is an e elaborate bluff. It is going to be a fast fascinating few days in politic.A few full police funeral is under way for an officer killed responding to an event last week. Jackson Vernon, tell us more about the funeral. Ros, the service has been under way for about half an hour now. We have just heard from the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione who delivered the valedictory for Sergeant Jeffrey Richardson. He started the speech by describing the danger that's present for police officers every time they go to work, saying the danger is at the front and back of their mind every time they log on and they put themselves in harm's way every time they go to work. He has gone into great detail the Sergeant had for the local community, saying he was a much loved and respected police officer known as Buddha by his close family and friends, describing him as a policeman's policeman. Someone committed to the community, an ex emparticular ex emplayer of a family man. The Sergeant has received many accolades from people in the community who valued and respected his contribution to the Force but the overriding message with is this is the great loss felt by his family and friends. He leaves behind a wife and two young sons. Very sad and moving presentation by the Police Commissioner. As well as the Commissioner, who else is attending the service? Ros, there has been a massive turnout of police officers here today. I've estimated more than 500 police officers here at Cathedral.
Newcastle's Christchurch Cathedral. We have people representing the police force in New Zealand as well as a handful of officers from New York. Right across the world, people are here represented, to pay their respects for Geoffrey Richardson and many family and friends who have turned out to also pay their respects. Jackson, thanks. A man has been charged with murder after the discovery of a woman's body in Melbourne's west. The body of the 20-year-old was found in a home at Melton last night. Helen Brown has more. Police have charged a 24-year-old Melbourne man with one count of murder following the discovery of the body of a woman at a set of units in a suburb in Melbourne's west overnight. Police were called to this area in the suburb of Melton around 7 o'clock at night and homicide squad detectives spent all night here after setting up a crime scene. The 24-year-old appeared in an out-of-sessions court hearing. He has been remanded in custody to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. Neighbours were reluctant to go on camera but said they did hear screaming and shouting and that the woman appeared to be of African descent. In Melbourne, a 24-year-old man charged with one count of murder following the death of a woman in the suburb of Melton overnight. 800 sacked workers and 700 creditors have been called to an emergency meeting in Townsville today over the future of Clive Palmer's nickel refinery. They are discussing a possible community buyback of the plant. Here is Jesse Dorsett. How would this buyback work? Those details are being thrashed out in the kasinno behind me. We have seen 300 workers, perhaps more, pile into the meeting and they're meeting with the company Sister City Partners who are proposing this community buyback. This meeting is expected to go for a couple of hours, no doubt tensions will be high because these are the dumped workers from Queensland Nickel who really have nowhere else to turn at this stage. This is looking like their only prospect of future employment Clive Palmer
with the refinery. What's Clive Palmer had to say about this possible bid? Yesterday Mr Palmer confirmed to the ABC that he is in discussions with the company and we understand that a non-binding document setting out how this buyback might go about is being drawn up but it's important to note that is non-binding. There has been a lot of talk about Mr Palmer's appearance on 'Insiders' yesterday. Here in Townsville, no doubt the dumped workers were watching the program. He said to the workers it is a great tragedy they have been sacked from the refinery but it wasn't him, it was the administrator s. You can imagine how the people here are feeling, they are very angry and that stoked tensions here in Townsville. The meeting is going on behind you, how will things play out from here? We are not sure. We are just about to have a listen to what they have to say. Talking to a few of the workers as they piled into the casino, they're very hopeful. Some are prepared to stump up some of their own money, we don't know how much it will cost to buy back the refinery but certainly, as I said earlier, these people don't have anywhere else to turn at this entitlements
stage because their entitlements aren't even guaranteed so high hopes riding on the meeting, Ros. Thousands of people have turned out to watch the annual Moomba Parade in Melbourne today. The Parade is held on the final day of the Moomba Festival and pre siding over Melbourne
the long weekend have been Michelle
Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne and her brother Stevie who are the King and Queen. Emma Younger, what was the parade like? The parade was everything that's uniquely Melbourne. 1800 performers coming down from the Shine of Remembrance to the art centre in front of a crowd of about 85,000. There were dance troupes, cultural troupes, there was emergency services, a very popular siren being let off by the fire trucks getting the crowd revved up. There was also lots of floats designed by Melbournian s who won a competition last year and most of those were designed by kids under the age of 10. There were some quite amazing floats. A pirate ship. There was a koala hanging off the art centre spire with another koala riding a tram like a skateboard. There was all sorts of displays. A haunted house. Lots to keep the families here excited and engaged today. A big variety. Michelle and Stevie Paino were a popular choice, I guess, as Moomba monarchs? Yes, they were an extremely popular choice. Their story has inspired many Victorians and I'm sure many across the country. They are the first monarchs in
siblings to be the Moomba monarchs in the 62-year history. Michelle and Stevie were atop the special float that was designed just for them today. Mishle's crown had horses all over it, Stevie's had horseshoes. He was bending down on one knee, revving up the crowd, getting them to cheer all the way down the street. It was a very fitting end to the parade this morning. Tell us more about how big the whole Moomba Festival is and what's left to come today? The Moomba fett val runs over three days, today is the final day being the Labour Day public holiday in Victoria. There is much more for people to enjoy today. There is a carnival, waterskiing that will be well
displayed on the Yarra River as well as music performances and a fireworks display for another night here in the city tonight. That's at about 9:30. That will be the finale to the weekend's celebrations. The Foreign Minister has visited cyclone-torn Fiji where Australian soldiers and government officials are Hepping the country - helping the country rebuild. Australia has given Fiji $15 million in aid and distributed more than 500 tonnes of humanitarian supplies including food and medical equipment. Julie Bishop says the focus is shifting to long-term reconstruction. They are moving from the phase of immediate support to longer-term support, putting rooves on schools, ensuring children can get back to school, ensuring medical centres are operating and ensuring the tourism trade can continue to thrive. Ms Bishop says Australia stands ready to offer more aid if Fiji makes the request. The United Nations refugee agency says the human misery experienced by refugees waiting to enter Europe has reached a deplorable peak. 14,000 people have crowded into a Greek camp since Macedonia closed its border cutting off the flow of people into Germany's . Chancellor Angela Merkel's Chrission Democrat union has suffered setbacks while an anti-migrant party has made gains but Angela Merkel remain as hero to many migrants and refugees. Many of them have been here for 20 days but are not ready to turn back yet. This is an impromptu demonstration staged in the rain and mud and in desperation. They are chanting "Merkel, Merkel". They still want to get to Germany here. They are moving away from the border here, it is a demonstration simply to show these people are unhappy with the situation here and want this border re-opened. I want to go to Germany. This Iraqi man wants to go to Germany, too. He can't understand that his path has been blocked at this stage in the journey. Before these people are coming here, you should say "We don't accept any more". Still Germans say "We want people". Why you won't take people, why you closing the border? Conditions are grim but so, too, the determination of these people to get further by hook or by crook. Trying to find smugglers to take me because they said if you have 5,000 Euro, they will take you by helicopter. Some escape the relent less rain back to Athens. "The borders are closed for us" this man from North Africa tells me. In Athens, he will look for work, he says. At home he has no prospects. Days and cold, damp conditions are taking their toll on the camp residents, especially on the young, the elderly and on pregnant women. We have a lot of women that we refer to the hospital and they have a miscarriage.We want to go. My son injured, my wife injured. So far their cries have fallen on deaf ears and this desperate situation plays out for yet another day. An ABC 'Four Corners' crew has had their passports returned but are still stuck in Malaysia after trying to question Prime Minister Najib Razak over a corruption scandal. Reporter Linton Besser and camera operator Louie Eroglu were arrested in the city of Kuching on Saturday night after approaching Mr Razak on the street. Both were released without charge on Sunday but have been told not to leave the country. In the United States, Donald Trump says the blame for violence at his rallies lies with thugs, not his heated rhetoric. Republican has held another rally in the crucial state of Ohio that will be one of five large States holding Wednesday.
make-or-break primaries on were
Wednesday. Security services were taking no chances after yesterday's breach. Supporters in the crowd were looking ahead but he is more focussed on his Republican rivals. I have one question. On what day in office will you put Hillary in prison? We haven't even started on her yet. We have to finish off the deck. We have to finish off the deck. Donald Trump's lead for the Party's nomination is narrowing after Ted Cruz's win in Wyoming and Marco Rubio's victory in Washington DC at the weekend. Massive demonstrations around Brazil have demanded the country's president Dilma Roussef step aside. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in several cities angry about a growing corruption scandal and one of the worst recessions in decades. Mary Gearin reports from one of the largest protests in Rio. The famed beach of Copacabana is a place of protest, impassioned protest and a large one. There are people as far as the eye can see all demanding the This
impeachment of Dilma Roussef. This is after many months of a corruption scandal involving oil company giant Petrobras. The scandal has claimed the scalp of senior executives and gained former President Luis da Silva being arrested with hiding assets and forgery. It has galvanised people here. People are sick of the scandal. They want the whole thing to be resolved. It is nothing that will be resolved quickly. Even if impeachment happened tomorrow of the current President, it would drag on and on. In the last one or more years, it has broken down or country. We are here to say no to the corruption. We are here to say it's enough, it's enough. We are full from here. Of course, this is also with the Olympics just less than five months away, this is in the background of all of that. This is the context to Brazil that's welcoming the world on to its shores for the Olympics, an economic crisis and this political dissent. Stay with us, we will look at the markets next. Coming up in sport, the Melbourne Storm remain unbeaten at the top of the NRL ladder with their second win in a row over the Titans. Finance news here, here is Sue Lannin. The Bank of Queensland is facing a class action? Yes. We have seen a Sydney law firm file a class action lawsuit against the Bank of Queensland over a financial scam. The firm says around 350 investors lost more than $60 million because of a scam organised by banned financial advicer Bradley Thomas Sherman. He used deposit accounts with the Bank of Queensland to make transactions using client money. Mr Sherman was charged with fraud by ASIC. ASIC wrote to his former clients to warn them on the processing of on accounts. . Telstra have failed to come to agreement on a new deal in the Philippines. Telstra told the stock market the two firms failed to reach agreement on the commercial terms for a joint venture. Telstra says it will continue to chase growth opportunities in Asia. Last year Telstra says it made invest up to US$1 billion in the joint venture with Sam Miguel.A rally on the local share market? Yes, investors realised they are happy about last week's stimulus measures from the European Central Bank. At midday, the Australian market has put on near ly 1%.

Domestic violence charges rugby
against the high-profile former rugby league player Hazem El Masri has been withdrawn. The former Canterbury Bulldogs star had been accused of assaulting his second wife last October. Police say, as a result of an investigation, they have withdrawn the charges and the matter would not proceed. he
Outside court Mr El Masri said he was pleased with the outcome and says he always had confidence in the justice system. The truth just prevailed. I want to urge every lady, man, child, any person out there that is subjected to any domestic violence to make sure they report it. The justice system is there to protect us. I have a lot of people to thank, my supporters, fans, my family in particular, my siblings. I would like to thank my ex-wife for being courageous to stand up for the truth. My kids, they endured a lot of heartache because of this. My heart goes out to them. More sports news first of
now with Mark Douglass. NRL first of all. The Storm overcame the loss of Billy Slater last night. Yes, concern for them. He didn't start the game. Billy Slater played last weekend, came back from a shoulder injury in round 10 last year and he has to have surgery again on that shoulder. He was missing last night. We don't know when he'll be back. The Titans took advantage of I guess disappointment early in the match, they scored a couple of early tries but the Storm have a player in Cameron Munster who is filling the role of Billy Slater very well. Another Queenslander. He was very good for them again last night so they may not miss Billy Slater as much this year as perhaps people think. Billy Slater may be back sooner rather than later. The Storm were too good for the Titans who are expected to struggle this year, they've lost a host of players. The Storm have great players coming through the ranks and great experienced players, you expect they'll be there when the dogs are barking at the end of the season. There was a hat-trick in the final hit-out before the World Twenty20 Cup. The minnows are playing, the big guns don't come out until later this week. West Indies
Australia played against the West Indies last night. Josh Hazelwood, the fast bowler for Australia, took 3/13 from his four overs. All three wickets in three balls. This is the hat hat-trick. He dismissed the middle order of the West Indies, Holder, Samuels and Bravo. You don't see a lot of fuss from Josh Hazelwood, pretty happy but no grand celebrations because he is not even sure this is enough to get him in the starting line-up for the first match against New Zealand on Friday. I think I did as well as I could have. A couple of our guys didn't bowl in the match, a couple of quicks, who did well in South Africa. Plenty of competition for every spot see what happens on Friday. Got their 11 in the back of their mind but every time you get an opportunity to perform such as tonight, take with
it with both hands. I'm happy with how I went. Self-effacing young man. Indeed he is. The Wanderers are back on top of the A-League. The Wanderers were a bit scrappy in the match they were expected to win late yesterday and were able to find a win. The Wanderers are back at the top of the table equal with the Roar. The Roar had a 5-nil demolition of Melbourne Victory. Jamie Maclaren, the young striker for the Brisbane Roar and a rising star in Australian football, was tremendous. He scored a hat-trick in this match. It was a statement game for the Brisbane Roar. A team that lost to Melbourne Victory 4-1 only about a month and a half ago so they certainly turned that performance around. They're looking very good now. Each week we go by, another FA
team raises its head. This is FA Cup action from this morning. Watford with a big victory over Arsenal, dumping Arsenal out of the competition. A cracking shot there, one of the goals of the weekend. Arsenal disappointing in that one . Elton John will be happy with that. Indeed.Thanks. Thanks, Ros. A quick look at the national weather now:

Stay with us, coming later in the program, appearances can be deceiving. We look at how people who look thin can actually be more at risk of premature death than an obese person. A reminder of the top stories - a car bomb has killed at least 34 people and wounded 125 at a crowded transport hub in Turkey's capital Ankara. The blast sent burning debris showering down over an area near Turkey's military headquarters and Parliament. The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia's Ambassador James Larson narrowly escaped the explosion. At least 16 people are dead after a mass shooting at a resort town in the Ivory Coast. Security forces stormed the area and say they've killed the six attackers. A local affiliate of al-Qaeda has since claimed responsibility for the Barnaby
attack. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has declared himself the underdog in this year's election battle against former Independent MP Tony Windsor. A poll published by the 'Australian' newspaper puts Mr Joyce four points behind on a two-party preferred basis in the NSW seat of New England. Tens of thousands of people have flocked to Melbourne for the Moomba parade. Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne and her brother Stevie were a popular choice as Moomba Stephen
monarchs. Former Federal MP Stephen Smith says he will challenge Mark McGowan for the leadership of the Labor Party in WA if he is asked to. Stephen Smith ended days of speculation last night by announcing he was prepared to lead the party to the 2017 Rebecca Carmody.
State election. Here is Rebecca Carmody. Rebecca, tell us more about what Stephen Smith has said. It's moving along at a very rapid pace. Yesterday he came out and said "Yes, I'm interested, I want Mark
this job". The reaction from Mark McGowan, the Labor leader, was swift. He called on him to back off and he was supported by senior MPs. They have accused him of being disloyal and of being a Canberra wrecker. Today Stephen Smith has done anything but back off. He's actually done the opposite. He's had a media blitz like nothing else. He has been up at 4a.m. local time conducting interviews. He says he's not disloyal. He hasn't been undermining anyone but he is simply reacting to approaches he's had over a that
number of years but he says that was building up towards the end of last year. He's responding to the view Mark McGowan can't win but that he can. Here is a little of what he had to say earlier today. The view that was put to me was "We're desperately worried about winning and we want you to consider your obligations to the State, the community, and the party". That's what I did. After a lot of soul searching, when I had come to a final conclusion, I issued a statement which Mark had invited me to make, I issued a statement on Saturday afternoon and made my first public remarks on Sunday. How much support does Stephen Smith have within the Labor Party? It's hard to say at this stage but if you've

This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaHello, we're going to take you to Melbourne where Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews is addressing the media about the gang violence in the city's CBD over the weekend.... will feel the full force of the law.I want to be clear that I'm just not interested in any of these "poor me" stories.No-one had to behave the way they did on Saturday night.They chose to, and the investigations will proceed, there will be further arrests made, and every Victorian can rest assured that Victoria Police will have everything they need to smash these gangs.This is unacceptable behaviour at any time in any place.I want to be very clear about that.We will not tolerate or accept this sort of thuggery, this sort of criminal behaviour.We just won't accept it.The vast majority of Victorians obey the law, the vast majority of Victorians, regardless of their background or circumstance obey the law.I've said to you many times in many different contexts it doesn't matter who you are, your circumstances, your background, if you break the law, you will feel the full force of the law, and I again say to you, I'm not interested and neither are Victorians in these "poor me" stories.Nobody had to behave the way they did on Saturday night, they chose to.It was an evil choice and one that those involved will deeply regret.We will smash these gangs because we will make sure Victoria Police has everything they need to make sure that those who were so violent and lawless on Saturday evening are appropriately punished.I now might ask Deputy Commissioner Chris to make a few comments.Thank you, Premier. Again from Victoria Police perspective, what we saw on Saturday night was totally and completely unacceptable. The fact that members of the public and members of Victoria Police were subjected to such extreme levels of provocation and violence is again completely unacceptable.We have initiated a taskforce which has started sifting through a mountain of CCTV and we will continue to do that. I've said previously over the last couple of days and I will say it again that the CCTV footage that we have is clear and I would suggest that you should actually give yourself up, don't wait for us to come knocking at your door, contact your local police or give us a call because we will come looking for you. We will not rest until those who are responsible for the behaviour, for the activities on Saturday night are actually brought to justice. We know there are some wider gang issues that we are dealing with at the moment. We have set up Operation Tense. It began functions from November last year. It has been working very actively in the south metro and it has moved into some of the north western suburbs in terms of investigating those responsible for breaking into homes, for stealing cars and further criminal activity.So, the strong message again from Victoria Police is we will not tolerate this type of behaviour. Saturday night is a line in the sand moment for us and we will come and we will find you.REPORTER: What sort of punishment are these people facing, and is that enough to actually deter them from acting out like this again?Depending on what these people are charged with, we know a number of robberies were committed on Saturday night, so significant jail term for robbery, for assault and robbery, for affray. We are looking at serious indictable offences with significant terms of imprisonment, anything from 2 to 10 years.REPORTER: Members of the community, elderly, are pretty disgusted by this.It is always of concern when young people are engaged in criminal activity. It has been said that no matter what the age, those involved on Saturday night, they all know right from wrong. They knew it was wrong to be out doing that type of behaviour putting members of the public and members of police at risk.REPORTER: There have been reports two different gangs involved, also reports of one gang, the Apex Group, can you tell us who was involved?That's the subject of ongoing investigation. We believe members of the Apax gang were involved. So for us breaking down that there Ig gang, we are not afraid of them, we don't shy away from the use of the term "gang" but gangs come in all shapes and sizes, but this is a loose affiliation of 100, 150 young men, again of no particular cultural back grountd, we see those of islander appear ran, and Anglo-Saxon. The talk was two gangs coming together for a large fight. That's not the behaviour we saw on Saturday night. We saw a large group of people that were actively targeting, running through the crowds trying to rob where they could and at the same time significantly confronting members of Victoria Police, getting in that irface and provoking them. At this point I would like to say I'm extremely proud of the members of Victoria Police, the way they responded and acted in such a considered way, given,000 they were being provoked on Saturday night.REPORTER: What sort of robberies?There were a couple of robberies where phones were taken from them, so the MO seems to be running through, taking people by surprise, if they are holding a phone, possibly a punch to the face and then stealing the phoneI would like to take this opportunity to call for any witnesses to what happened on Saturday night and any person who believes this they are a victim of any crime on Saturday night. So Crime Stoppers, please get in contact with us. Vrlts REPORTER: Senior members of the Mr Is have met with members of the community a couple of weeks ago, that has been rertded in 'The Age', what happened at this meeting and what came out of that meeting?That's exactly right, not nonl did that meeting o he cur a couple of weeks ago, but we actively engage with all communities across Victoria on a regular basis. There is frustration in some of the African communities in terms of their young people and how they soom to be disengaged wl, that shall from school, home, from faith, if that's important to them and the broader community. Again, there are a number of areas across government that do focus on young people in terms of programs, but I want to come back to the point that has already been made. Those young people engaged in the behaviour we saw on Saturday night would have known that it was wrong, that they know that you cannot go running through the streets of Melbourne, Federation Square, provoking police, confronting members of the public and robbing those people.REPORTER: Was there an attempted gun grab?There is no official report of a gun grab, I've heard rumours of that and we will naturally fully investigate that.REPORTER: In terms of preparation by police, do you think you were ill-prepared given there had been a social media tip-off relaid to you?There was some social media advice provided to us. It was fairly scant information. We had no further information or intelligence that would in any way indicate that we would see the behaviour that we did see on Saturday night. So based on the information, the intelligence available to us at the time, I believe that we were prepared.REPORTER: There were reports -Premier, probably a question for you, image of Melbourne, (inaudible) Moomba plans?I would say in no way did it diminish at all what occurred but it is great to see the Victoria community set a very clear signal that they will not be intimidated by this sort of thuggery, this sort of criminal behaviour. Crowds were up last night, plenty of people enjoying Moomba today. What we saw was wrong and those involved will be punished. We are coming after you and you will feel the full force of the law for what you did, not for what you had to do, but what you chose to do. But I'm encourage ed by the fa blingt that so many Melburnians and others are enjoying Moomba, they are out there today. They enjoy this great city and I tend to keep it that way. The Victorian police put themselves in harm's way every hour of every shift, and anything Victoria Police need they will get to smash these gangsREPORTER: Will you consider tougher laws with gang-related behaviour?When I had a lengthy conversation with the Chief Commissioner yesterday we talked about a number of different things that might be possible. I want to have a further conversation with Graham Ashton and I will do that this week and we will, as I said, provide Chief Commissioner Ashton and our dedicated members of Victoria Police with the powers and resources they need, if they need a boost in either, they will get it because none of us across Victoria are going to tolerate what occurred on Saturday night.REPORTER: Does that mean penalties, would you look at increasing penalties?Again, I will have a further conversation with the chief and if there are things we need to do as a government, as a part, then, we will not hesitate in making sure the Victoria Police have got what they need to smash these gangs and to keep Victoria safeREPORTER: Deputy Commissioner, do you have (inaudible)To do what?To smash these gangs as the Premier has said?We have significant resources within the organisation. It is about priorities and we are certainly considering this as a high priority for us at the moment. I've actually called together this afternoon a meeting of our state tasking and coordination committee to see how we can commit further resources to taskforce Tense and also those investigating the Saturday night incidence?REPORTER: Do you need more police on the boo et?Well, we will re- priorityise resources we've already got.REPORTER: What about these people bragging on social media, they don't seem to careI think that's a valid point about squaring about their behaviour. If you consider what took place on Saturday night, I don't think it is a surprise to anyone that Melbourne is full of C kr. TV, there are cameras everywhere, so these young men on Saturday night, they behaved in such a way that they would probably fully expected to have been caught, so it says something in terms of the level of offending, their disregard for the law and for those that uphold the law.REPORTER: In terms of the youths that were involved, can the Government rule out if any of these were from DHS or State care?Well, I have heard some commentary about this today and the best way to answer your question is to allow Victoria Police to properly investigate the crimes that were committed on Saturday evening. Once that investigation is complete, then we will be in a better position to answer that question more fully. I don't want to cut across that important work. I would just say though, you know, there are a lot of people in Victoria who face challenges in their lives, a lot of people in Victoria who perhaps have a history of some disadvantage, who have got troubles in their lives, they don't behave like those on Saturday night. It is no excuse, and I just won't set tell for this "poor me" story stuff where people think it is an excuse, it's not. No-one had to behave the way they did on Saturday night. They chose to.And they will pay a very, very heavy price for that lawless choice.REPORTER: Premier, were you happy with the preparation by Victoria Police, given the tip-off that was made at about 1, 1.30 on Saturday?I've been briefed on the information that Victoria Police had and I'm confident that the preparations that they put in place were proportionate to the threat that had been advised to them. Obviously what occurred was significant ly more serious, if you like, a much bigger, much more violent, it was in many respects a unique set of circumstances. I fully support the work of our Victoria Police on this matter. It must be obviously terrifying for parents and families, for members of Victoria Police as well, no matter how well trained you are, to have that level of violence, to have that level of aggression directed at you, that is a terrifying thing. But I'm confident that Victoria Police responded appropriately. Every incident, though, Victoria Police learns from that, absolutely, that's what is most important and Victoria Police will no doubt - there will be learnings from this, just as there is from every other incident.Premier, you say you won't accept the "poor me" argument from some people, but aren't a lot of these people poorly educated, from tough backgrounds?Of doesn't it highlight the fact that governments and community need to do more to help these people better understand, just even education?Well, I don't think our credentials on education or any of the other matters that you've listed could really be questioned. We made commitments and we have delivered on them, but let's not, any of us, allow this debate to be diverted into a discussion about the disadvantage of some, how poor their lot in life is. No-one has to behave the way they behaved on Saturday night. They chose to behave that way. And they will regret that choice. And anybody else in the future in this great State who thinks you can behave like that, regardless of your circumstances, if you break the law, I don't care what your background is, you will feel the full force of the law.I can't be any clearer than that.REPORTER: Premier, what about diverging programs and other things, social services are saying this he are trying to run diversion programs to get kids away from gangs, they haven't got enough funding.What can the Government do there?Well, I this I we need to be very careful, all of us, not to make excuses for the behaviour that we saw on Saturday night. There is no excuse, none whatsoever, for that sort of lawless right youse behaviour, and I just ask all of us to remain focused on the way people behaved on Saturday night. Of course there is a time for us to think about what might drive that, what might cause that, but as Deputy Commissioner Chris just made clear, regardless of your background, I think most people know right from wrong, and what happened on Saturday night was wrong, fundamentally wrong, and we just - we shouldn't be diverted into this discussion, whether you want to call it a "poor me" kind of syndrome, or whether you want to talk about some of the other commentary that has been run, let's not have anything divert our attention from the fact that what occurred on Saturday night isdom pleatly unacceptable and I will make sure Victoria Police has whatever they need to smash these gangs and make sure we don't have a repeat of that sort of behaviour in any part of our State.REPORTER: Are you worried about - the Flemington issue about racialing profiling stopping people, are you worried about that becoming an issue?Well, people's behaviour... people in the gang?Well, as Deputy Commissioner Chris made clear, there were many people from different cultural backgrounds, including people that look no different from you and me, so let's not have any of that talk. What I think is important is people's behaviour, and I'm confident that it will be people's behaviour that drives the activities of Victoria Police, the priorities they set and the resources this he Brisbane I to bear.REPORTER: Deputy Commissioner, clearly no respect for authority on Saturday night and in that one case you mentioned yesterday there was a member's radio being thrown into his face.What does that say about the propensity of these guys to care absolutely zilch much for the welfare of your members, it's unbelievable?Again, on Saturday night, we saw behaviour that we just do not normally experience. We saw again young men that were prepared to come up basically nose to nose with our members, using their own phones to actually record everything our members might say and do, and do their jut most to actually provoke our members to respond physically toward them. Again, I think our members did a wonderful job in showing the restraint that they actually did.REPORTER: Do you think that might have been the aim of this whole thing as well, to provoke the police into some kind of reaction?Would that maybe have been a motivator for these people?Speaking to a number of members there on Saturday night, it was their clef belief that that was their intent, to get some reaction from Victoria Police that they would then film.Taskforce Tense, 33 arrests so far, wharf does the taskforce go from here, CCTV and beyond?Taskforce Tense has been running since November last year, yes, it has arrested 23, 33 offenders, 20 have been remanded and more suspects lined up. Today we will be meeting this afternoon to look at how we can put more resource noose that particular taskforces. In terms of Saturday night, that es been a taskforce that has been established and started to do the investigative work and we will look at what resources need to go into thatREPORTER: How many arrests on Saturday night?Four, two door drunkenness, one that did assault a member of the police and one that was found in possession of a taste ser. Again, early days, we expect to see more arrests over the next few weeksREPORTER: And was the Taser used on Saturday nightI don't believe it was.REPORTER: And the officer assaulted, were they injured?So, no actual physical injury, just an invasion of physical space and the member felt threated, no physical injury.REPORTER: Are you aware of how many members use ed 'Tiser?Three,In hindsight; it is a wonderful thing, but would you have provred to have more numbers around Federation Square on Saturday night?In hindsight, if a scenario was such that I was briefed with significant intelligence that we would have 150-200 young men running amok in Federation Square, then of course we would have had a very dimpb operation.The islander 1, 2, 3 brooup, whatever it is called, were they there in the sniAgain, forming part of our ongoing investigation as to who was there and who they might be associated with?But do you believe it is mainly The Apex Group?Again, mainly Apex but not ruling out others involved.REPORTER: Premier, idiots on social media talking about immigration and other things, what's your view on that?Behaviour should drive this debate. It is not about a person's background. If you behave in a criminal way, then you will be punished in that way, as a criminal, that's what you are first and foremost. We live in one of the great cities in the world, one of the great states in our nation, but anywhere in our world, this is an inclusive, respectful, harmonious, great - this is a great place, and there is everything to be positive about. But when people behave as they did on Saturday evening, let's, none of ution, get diverted into a discussion about disadvantage or a tough lot in life because this is the key point. There are lots of people in Victoria who have got it tough. There is a lot of people in have ik that work hard and don't have everything this they would like to have it, this he have' got challenges, things they've got to deal with every day. They don't run amok down Federation Square and Swanston Street, so let's not have this as some sort of excuse. That is simply wrong. Let's focus on the behaviour and let's make sure those who were involved in it are brought to justice. Victoria Police will have everything they need to smash these gangs because that's simply the right thing to do. I might just take one more.REPORTER: Are you concerned that that kind of talk is going to provoke further violence?No, what I'm concerned to do is make sure Victoria Police have all the resources this he need and if they need more, this he will get it, so that we can keep our city and our State safe.REPORTER: Premier, can I just ask you one about Greg Combet?Sure, no worriesYou are appointing Greg Combet for a defence manufacturing role, (inaudible) how can you be sure he has Victoria's interests at State and not SA?I think you will find that his arrangement with South Australian Government will come to an end and he will be working exclusively for Victoria, that's my recollection of that appointment, someone who brings significant skills to bear on this important task and we look forward to him working hard, just as we did, to create jobs.REPORTER: On penalty rates, the Victorian Government's position on penalty rates.?I don't think cutting people's pays makes ease whier to pay the bills, I don't think cutting people's pay makes our economy work any better. If you have less money in your pocket as an employee, then as a consumer, you have less money to spend. I think some people who want this debate and it's not about Cushing penalty rates so much as trying to increase profits, not through greater productivity, not through being more innovative, simply about cutting wages and therefore the living standards of ordinary ,z hard-working Victorians. We will have none of that. We need to grow our economy and we can proudly say we are growing at a fast rate in our State, leading the nation. Business investment, for instance, we are 5 percentage points clear of NSW and 15 percentage points clear of the rest of the nation. There is a lot of - a lot to be positive about in terms of economic data. None of that has been achieved by cutting people's take-home pay and none of it will be. Thanks very much, everyone.And that was Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, as well as the Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp speaking to the media about gang violence in the CBD. This past weekend between 150-200 young men run ago mock, to use their words around Federation Square. Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp said he understood there was frustration within the African community and the young people in that community, but it was no excuse for the lawlessness.The Premier had some very, very tough words for the audience.He was saying that he is promising a tough stance with police getting all the resources and powers that they need to smash these gangs.The gang known as The Apex Gang was particularly mentioned in passing.He said those who are responsible for the violence will pay a very high price with Victorian justice.So, that was Daniel Andrews and Andrew Crisp in Melbourne. Stay with ABC News 24 as we bring you the latest on the day's top stories throughout the afternoon.

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