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So you thought Today Show was good good,
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good, but tomorrow on the show, going
Effie is going to be on and she's Super
going to take over the studio. on-one
Super Greek.And we are going one- now,
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Good morning, former NRL star Hazam fight
El Masri has vowed to continue his after
fight against domestic violence dropped.
after charges against him were Damian
dropped. We'll take you live to morning's
Damian Ryan in court for this Bulldogs
morning's developments. The supporters,
Bulldogs great has thanked his certainly
supporters, tell us more.He was driving
certainly relieved. We have fans walked
driving past now. Hazam El Masri man.
walked from the court a relieved of
man. He's been a strong supporter of the white ribbon campaign which domestic
of course leads the battle against the
domestic violence. He was one of organisation,
the poster boys of that precisely
organisation, charged with his
precisely that. Now, last October during
his ex-wife Douah El-Cherif claimed pushed
during a domestic incident he her
pushed her, fell to the ground hit her head on furniture and called in common
the police. He was charged with occasioning
common assault and assault Those
occasioning actual bodily harm. was
Those charges were thrown out. It Masri
was revealed during the incident El on
Masri recorded much of the incident crucial
on his mobile phone which was relieved
crucial in the case. El Masri was court.
relieved when he walked out of supporters
court. He wanted to thank his domestic
supporters and send a message of is.
domestic violence and how wrong it the
is. I've always been confident with want
the legal system. Truth reveiled. I any
want to urge every lady, man, child, subjected
any person out there who is to
subjected to any domestic violence great
to make sure they report it.A For
great in the game of rugby league. For many years he's been an terminated
ambassador. That role was season
terminated at the end of last charges
season obviously because of these just
charges hanging over his head. I've now
just spoken to the NRL. They are makes
now looking at the matter. If he ambassador
makes an approach to become an certainly
ambassador again, they will live
certainly look at that.Damian Ryan horrific
live in Sydney, thank you, a been
horrific attack on a Sydney bus has smashing
been caught on camera. A man bare
smashing the windscreen with his the
bare hands. New CCTV has emerged of Boyle
the aftermath of that attack. Gabby take
Boyle joins us with the details, These
take tus through what happened? number
These were terrifying scenes for a bus
number of commuters on board that afternoon.
bus at Lane Cove at 5.30 yesterday about
afternoon. They were simply going activities
about their Sunday afternoon an
activities on board that bus when between
an altercation has taken place another
between a 30-year-old passenger and been
another man. That passenger has commuters
been told by a number of those didn't
commuters to get off the bus. They seeing
didn't like what they were saig were
seeing and didn't like what they phone
were hearing. It is then that the the
phone vision starts. You can see bus.
the man standing in front of the windscreen
bus. We are told he rips a that
windscreen wiper off the front of smashing
that bus. Certainly you can see him bus.
smashing the front screen of that inside
bus. Absolutely horrific for anyone Certainly
inside that bus at the time. number
Certainly we have spoken to a saying
number of people on board that bus lives.
saying they were fearing for their audio
lives. Let's take a listen of the horrific
audio recorded on that phone of the glass.
horrific attack.He is breaking the glass.This guy has lost his mind. thankfully
Call the police.Get away, man!Now, police
thankfully Davina the man that that
police allege is responsible for from
that attack was arrested just 400m where
from here, from the bus interchange have
where that incident took place. We have now got CCTV. We have obtained obtained
that this morning, Nine News has the
obtained that. It shows apparently the young man running from police, 400m
from the people on the bus, about CCTV
400m away. And take a look at that young
CCTV now, certainly you can see the lot
young man is shirtless. He has a appears
lot of blood on his hands and state.
appears to be in quite an agitated woman
state. We also spoke to another the
woman who was on board the bus at her
the time. Let's take a listen to Everyone
her account of what happened. going
Everyone was scared as in he's kiln
going to kill me, he's going to guy.
kiln especially towards the Asian going
guy. The Asian guy is saying "he's a
going to kill me" I think there was Everyone
a conflict between both of them. man
Everyone was scared.As I said that North
man was arrested and taken to Royal surgery,
North Shore Hospital. He underwent in
surgery, we understand he had glass through
in his hands, in his elbows and through his arm as well. Naturally sustain
a violent attack there. He did understand
sustain those injuries. We understand he remains in hospital due
in a stable condition. But he is tell
due to face court Davina. I can assault
tell you the charges, common will
assault and malicious damage. He Certainly
will appear in court on April 6. you.
Certainly confronting vision, thank hundreds
you. Dozens have been killed, terror
hundreds injured after two horrific Turkey.
terror attacks in West Africa. And to
Turkey. The Australian Ambassador the
to Turkey was just metres away from correspondent
the attack there. Our Europe details.
correspondent Tom Steinfort has the confronting
details.There are quite Turkey
confronting pictures come out of horror
Turkey of this attack there. The is
horror of the moment. That the bomb militants
is detonated by these Kurdish there.
militants in Ankara, the capital targeting
there. They were particularly that
targeting the diplomatic region of around
that city, dozens were killed, that.
around 100 more injured on top of that. The bomb was detonated at lot
around quarter to 7 local time. A walking
lot of people driving and also centre
walking on this street in the there,
centre of town. One person, who was lives
there, lucky to escape with their Ambassador,
lives was actually the Australian this
Ambassador, who was right next to our
this car that detonated. This was that
our Foreign Minister explaining this
that situation on the Today Show ambassador
this morning.I spoke to our and
ambassador in Ankara, James Larsen, where
and he was actually situated right place
where the terrorist attack took intersection
place in Ankara. He was at the bomb
intersection in his car where this away.
bomb went off, and was about 20m first
away. So he was able to give me a horror
first hand description of the one
horror of what went on.This was The
one of two terror attacks overnight. in
The other one took place in Africa with
in the Ivory Coast. There gunmen stormed
with machine-guns also grenades resort
stormed a beach front at a tourist Westerners
resort trying to kill as many civilians
Westerners as possible. 14 Six
civilians in the end were killed. and
Six attackers, taken out by police the
and army who responded there. Now, Islamic
the al-Qaeda affiliated group responsibility
Islamic Maghreb claimed That
responsibility for that attack. Australians,
That name is familiar to network
Australians, it's the same terror Australians
network who kidnapped two or
Australians in Burkina Faso a month been
or two ago. A 24-year-old man has been charged with murder following a
the discovery of a woman's body in all
a unit in Melbourne's west.This Melton
all unfolded here on unit Street in woman's
Melton at around 7:00 last night. A of
woman's body was discovered in one man
of the units here. A 24-year-old charged
man from Melton has since been an
charged with murder. He appeared in police
an out-of-sessions hearing at the details
police station this morning. Now, death
details of what led to this woman's understand
death remain unclear. We do that
understand she was 20 years old and custody
that both her and the man in Now,
custody were known to each other. she
Now, according to the neighbours a
she had only moved into this house spoke
a few weeks ago. The neighbours we trouble
spoke to said there hasn't been any resident
trouble here lately. However one last
resident did say at around 5.30 for
last night he did hear screaming police
for half an hour leading up to when deliver
police knocked on his door to told
deliver the news. We have also been arrived
told that dozens of Sudanese people all
arrived at the street shortly after seen
all of this took place. They were old
seen wailing and crying. A 24-year- appear
old man has been remanded and will Court
appear at the Melbourne Magistrates make
Court tomorrow.Barnaby Joyce could in
make history for the wrong reasons Newspoll
in the Federal election with the
Newspoll showing he could become Minister
the first ever Deputy Prime Yaxley
Minister to lose his seat. Kerrie Yaxley joins us from Canberra with figures
more. Morning, pretty sobering this
figures for Mr Joyce.Good morning, for
this poll does not look too good all.
for the Deputy Prime Minister at last
all. Mr Joyce did very well at the New
last election. He holds the seat of of
New England by a significant margin Joyce
of 19%. It's safe to say Barnaby reelection
Joyce would have been a shoe in for former
reelection before the popular stuck
former independent MP Tony Windsor Windsor
stuck his hand up. Newspoll has Mr preferences.
Windsor winning the seat after Barnaby
preferences. 52-48 prompting Barnaby Joyce to come out this press
morning to hold an early morning poll.
press conference to address the claim
poll.Unfortunately that means I Mr
claim the mantle as the underdog, I
Mr Windsor calls me the deputy dog, always
I think he meant the underdog. I fight.
always expected it to be a hard a
fight. I have never shied away from another
a political battle.There is polling
another poll out today by Ipsos the
polling claiming that support for election
the Coalition is strong, if an Coalition
election was held now after the preferences.
Coalition would win after opposition
preferences. It leads the aren't
opposition 53-47. The numbers Turnbull
aren't so pleasant for Malcolm His
Turnbull personally in this poll. Shorten's
His approval rating is down, Bill the
Shorten's is up. The PM is still job
the preferred option for the top start
job among voters. This comes at the parliamentary
start what have will be a big Government.
parliamentary week for the two
Government.Thank you. A father and brazen
two sons accused of carrying out a have
brazen robbery on the Gold Coast trying
have been arrested while allegedly Carrie-Anne
trying to leave the country. Nine's the
Carrie-Anne Greenbank is following Queensland
the story and joins us live. these
Queensland Police are now seeking are,
these three men be extradited.They are
are, detectives from the Gold Coast this
are on their way down to Sydney to
this morning. They will be looking Gold
to extradite the men back to the intention
Gold Coast tomorrow with the Wednesday.
intention of them facing court on father
Wednesday. Now, police believe the responsible
father and his two sons were snatch
responsible for the horror bag 15m
snatch where a woman was drag fd them
15m along the bitumen as one of just
them tried to grab her bag. She had from
just withdrawn thousands in cash the
from a nearby bank. Police believe their
the trio followed her and picked They
their moment to target the woman. after
They were arrested over the weekend Canada.
after trying to board a flight from arrived
Canada. The men are from Chile and ago,
arrived in the country three weeks for
ago, they are being investigated another
for a string of crimes including Coast
another bag snatch on the Gold into
Coast and a brazen attempt to break which
into a house at Jacob's well all of CCTV
which has been caught clearly on father
CCTV cameras. At this stage the facing
father and his two sons will be Wednesday.
facing court on the Gold Coast on day
Wednesday.With updates across the of
day and week, thank you. Millions due
of dollars has reportedly been lost NSW
due to technical glitches with the claims
NSW only card system. News Corp have
claims the card reading machines on
have failed as many as 8,000 times let
on Sydney buses, forcing drivers to bus
let passengers ride for free. The with
bus union says drivers are fed up passengers.
with dealing with complaints from weekend
passengers. After a tumultuous hitting
weekend Republican Donald Trump is is
hitting back at claims his campaign presidential
is stirring up violence. The the US protesters
presidential hopeful is calling for be
protesters who disrupt rallies to be arrested after an event in go
Chicago descended into chaos.You protest,
go to one of these rallies and you They
protest, oh you'll be in trouble. of
They will lock you up for the rest care
of your life, give you the electric to
care and say "poor Bernie, he had say
to endure this" with us they don't third
say that.Mr Trump came a distant two
third to his Republican rivals in weekend.
two major primary contests on the Nine's
weekend. Plenty more to come in last
Nine's Morning News including a Palmer's
last ditch attempt to keep Clive business
Palmer's nickel refinery in hundreds
business and hopefully save costing
hundreds of jobs. The new cars repair.
costing you the most money to repair. Police on high alert as This program is not captioned. Today I'm getting in the enclosure
with the penguins. So if I were to walk in between
Mr and Mrs Penguin...? You might get a bit of slapping
happening. They'd slap me? Like, just a bit of a... They'd literally come up to you
and go, 'Smack!' Yes! It's not as if they could kind of
gang up on me and slap me to the ground. There's not gonna be
co-ordinated attacks. No! So, Tanith,
how did you come to be with Youi? I saw they had competitive prices
and I got the best customer service. It's been great getting
to know you better, Tanith. Youi, we get you.

This program is not captioned.

There's an emergency meeting under sacked
way to save the jobs of hundreds of embattled
sacked workers from Clive Palmer's Queensland.
embattled nickel refinery in North me,
Queensland. Phil Wilmington joins rescue
me, there is talk of a community details.
rescue plan, take me through the happening
details.It is interesting what is in
happening right now at the casino have
in Townsville. Since January there workers
have been something like 800 refinery,
workers retrenched from the those
refinery, 700 creditors, all of meeting
those people are invited to the group.
meeting today by a local community explore
group. They are trying to examine, community-organised
explore some possibility of a community-organised buyback of the restructure
refinery, they could take it over There
restructure and rehire the staff. this
There is a lot at stake. All of the
this is happening of course against Clive
the backdrop of argy-bargy between Government,
Clive Palmer and the Queensland approvals
Government, arguing over government provided
approvals whether Clive has the
provided the right information to approvals.
the government to go ahead with the approvals. Clive Palmer is saying its
the Government is dragging its feet through
its not getting the approvals through fast enough. Here's what an
Clive Palmer had to say.There is aside
an investor putting all of this millions
aside I'm not prepared to put there
millions of dollars in there unless the
there is it clear guidelines from behave
the Queensland Government they will was
behave reasonably. For a start this Queensland.
was the largest employer in North meet
Queensland. The premier refused to discuss
meet the managing director to Davina,
discuss this critical situation. here.
Davina, there is so much at stake are
here. It's estimated these workers in
are owed something like $60 million have
in entitlements. At the moment they We're
have no income coming in at all. workers
We're told many of those 237 still
workers sacked in January, they sacked
still don't have jobs. The 550 don't
sacked on Friday, they certainly fallout
don't have jobs.Certainly the struggling
fallout for an area that is The
struggling is not good, thank you. a
The warning for anyone browsing for two-thirds
a new car, 'Choice' has revealed problems
two-thirds of buyers experience first
problems with new vehicles if the worldest
first five years. Some of the making
worldest biggest car companies are agreements
making consumers sign nondisclosure new
agreements to hide problems with information
new vehicles. 'Choice' says this available
information should be publicly reigning
available to consumers. The Michelle
reigning Queen of the Melbourne Cup type
Michelle Payne is today a different City's
type of royalty at the Melbourne Emily
City's iconic Moomba parade. As the
Emily Rice reports it's all part of attract
the huge community festivities that Melburnians
attract up to 1 million people. more
Melburnians love a festival. For gathered
more than 60 years they have here
gathered in their tens of thousands Mooba
here in the city for the annual year
Mooba Festival cavalcade. Every community
year the nation's larkest free Moomba
community carnival a noints a Melbourne
Moomba king and Queen for 2016 Michelle
Melbourne Cup winning jockey Stevie
Michelle Payne and strapper brother crowns.
Stevie are wearing the coveted on
crowns.I can't wait to be up there parade
on the throne to show them off.The 2,000
parade on St Kilda road features performers.
2,000 colourful and noisy performers.This is our biggest Our
community festival in Australia. Our figures so far show we will get the
up to around 1.2 million people by our
the end of today. Today is in fact most
our biggest day.Families make the holiday
most of Victoria's labour day creative
holiday flock to go see the scratch
creative floats designed from bunch
scratch every year by a clever doesn't
bunch of local children. The fun doesn't end at the conclusion of competitions
the parade with rides, games, skate continuing
competitions and waterskiing so
continuing right into the night.OK, so here's a different way to shoot Blakes
hoops, a Harlem globetrotter Bucket feat
Blakes has performed an unusual landing
feat making the team's highest shot from
landing a basketball into the ring fear
from 91m above. Buckets who has no that's
fear of heights, to point out a
that's the basketball there was in Georgia.
a sky lift over stone mountain in news,
Georgia. See if he can top that try,
news, Clint Stanaway joins us.I'll have
try, it will be hard thanks. We Slater,
have the latest league for you, no their
Slater, no worries for the Storm in Also
their perfect start to the season. encouragement
Also Worsfold's words of of
encouragement for the Bombers ahead heroics
of the AFL opener. And Hazlewood's heroics not quite enough in This program is not captioned. league,
Welcome back, we start with rugby its
league, Melbourne has maintained with
its perfect start to the season AAMI
with a 34-16 win over Gold Coast at impressive
AAMI Park. The Storm looked Slater
impressive minus the injured Billy Slater who is set to undergo more Craig
shoulder surgery this week. Coach how
Craig Bellamy admits he has no idea out
how long his star fullback will be wait
out forWe are optimistic, we will but
wait and see what had he find there, disappointed
but he's obviously very Dragons
disappointed and frustratedThe about
Dragons have their own concerns Dugan
about a hamstring injury to Josh point
Dugan suffered during the club's 28 Essendon
point loss to Cronulla, AFL, urged
Essendon coach John Worsfold has copped
urged patients after the Bombers Eagles
copped a 105 point betting from the He
Eagles in the NAB Challenge hit-out. has
He said his team is improving but them
has a long way to go. I've said to next
them "let's look forward to the are
next game that's the No.1 thing" we the
are looking forward to Round 1 of into
the season, to throw everything Saints
into it and see how we go. The will
Saints are confident Nick Riewoldt skipper
will be fit for Round 1 despite the a
skipper limping from the field with Melbourne.
a leg injury in yesterday's loss to had
Melbourne. Jarryd Hayne admits he pants,
had to keep a play book if his during
pants, he didn't know the rules football.
during his debut season in American disappointment
football. Hayne opened up about the first
disappointment of dropping his the
first punt return of the season in on
the NFL in an exclusive interview would
on '60 Minutes'Oh, my god my coach would have killed me if I fumbled disappoint
the ball. Obviously it was situation
disappoint l. I never wanted that cards
situation to him. These are the through
cards I've been dealt. Let's get with
through it.Hayne resumes training now,
with the 49ers next week. Cricket claim
now, Josh Hazlewood has staked his world
claim for selection in Australia's trick
world T20 starting 11 with a hat- the
trick in the warmup game against bowler's
the West Indies. Despite the fast Darren
bowler's efforts a late cameo from Darren Sammy got the windies home with one ball to spare.Happy with still
how they came out tonight. There is We're
still a few things to work on. Shane
We're improving as time goes on. the
Shane Watson top scored with 64, T20
the Aussies who opened their world Friday
T20 campaign against New Zealand on Western
Friday night. To the A-League, 1-0
Western Sydney has beaten Newcastle Brisbane
1-0 to move level on points with Mark
Brisbane a at the top of the table, Mark Bridge was proud of the grit they
the Wanderers showed and add myths Birighitti
they were lucky to win, Mark for
Birighitti almost snatched a draw overseas
for the Jets in stoppage time. In Arsenal's
overseas action Watford ended straight
Arsenal's hopes for a third win
straight FA Cup title with a 1-1 scored
win in the clash. Manchester United quarter
scored a late equaliser to set up a in
quarter final replay in West Ham, beat
in the Premier League Tottenham Leicester's
beat Aston Villa 2-1 to cut top
Leicester's lead to 2 points at the See
top of the table. That's the latest. finance
See you soon, still to come, finance and the This program is not captioned. forecast
We'll check Monday's weather forecast for

forecast for
We'll check Monday's weather forecast
forecast for you now a shower build
forecast for Brisbane, wet weather heading
build nothing Canberra, Melbourne Showers,
heading for a top 261. Cloudy. Perth
Showers, 18 for Hobart, hot in Tomorrow,
Perth reaching a top of 40. for
Tomorrow, rain and maybe a storm for Darwin reaching 33. Showers are mostly
forecast for Cairns, it will be 31,
mostly sunny in Brisbane reaching 26.
31, showers in the way for Sydney, Canberra,
26. The chance of a shower in a
Canberra, Melbourne cloudy at times sunny
a top of 23, drizzle in Hobart, early
sunny in Adelaide, a chance of an Cooler,
early shower or storm in Perth. Wednesday's
Cooler, 32. Looking ahead to showers
Wednesday's forecast, the chance of Perth,
showers and storms for Broome and Melbourne,
Perth, cooler again sunny Adelaide Canberra
Melbourne, clearing showers Brisbane,
Canberra Sydney, a shower for for
Brisbane, 31 rain and maybe a storm positive
for Cairns and Darwin, finance a Ordinaries
positive start to the week the All 75
Ordinaries up and the Aussie dollar 75 US cents.

75 US cents.
Ordinaries up and the Aussie dollar News,
75 US cents. That's the Morning News, Amber Sherlock will be This program is not captioned.

night. A renowned cattle breeder is Vict
celebrating a 100th birthday in Victoria' s north east. Roly Canobie a
is a passionate dairy man, through and through... His medals from years tal
ithe cattle industry telling the c
tale. There' s two sides of showing win
cattle... There' s the success of t
winning, and the ones that you beat th
turned a little bit sour. Roly was this year honoured for his lifetime Breedin
commitment to Ayrshire Cattle carryin
Breeding... And his family is f
carrying on the tradition, with the
fifth generation now showing cattle, of
to mark one-hundred-and-ten years Melb
of the Canobie name at the Royal Melbourne Show. But he' s not shy to futur
admit, he has concerns for the cripple
future of the dairy industry, tempo
crippled by the rising price of temporary water. Speculators came in and bought a lot, and re-sold it to t
farmers for big money, and some of the farmers, where it is today, can' ha
t afford it. While he' s happy to him
have his quip, it' s not weighing
him down, as he officially marks his Th
one-hundredth birthday on Monday. he
The secret to his longevity, well, pre
he doesn' t know, but.... I had a t
pretty hard working life.... I don' d
t know whether I should tell you, I Su
didn' t drink and I didn' t smoke. no
Sueanne McCumstie... Win News. And