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Live by CSI Australia Today - another deadly attack in the heart of the Turkish capital. Turkish militants blamed. - Kurdish militants blamed.The death toll from a terrorist attack at a beach resort in West Africa rises to 16. New England showdown, a new poll shows Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has a battle on his hands to hold his seat and a team from ABC's 'Four Corners' prevented from leaving Malaysia after they question the nation's PM about a corruption scandal.

Welcome to Mornings, I'm Tony Eastley. A quick look at the weather first in the capital cities today: capital cities today:

A car bomb has has killed at least 34 people and wounded more than 100 others in the heart of Ankara. It exploded near the city's main park setting on fire several other vehicles. It's the third time Ankara as seen and been hit in the last five months. This latest attack has been blamed on Kurdish militants.The blast tore through the heart of Turkey's capital. A car laden with emplosives detonated close to a busy transport junction. Panic spread, the area was quickly sealed off ambulances rushing in as casualty figures rise. Burning debris rained down around this screen. This was the very centre of Ankara. Eye witnesses spoke of a massive blast. TRANSLATION: Iicate next to us. A second passed and there was a woman behind us, her seat just catapaulted. Something hit my forehead, there was a car, the car exploded, the car I think was black.Five, six people on board the bus died. I saw it. I ran away as fast as I could. Something hit my forehead and my shoulder. I don't remember anything else.Just two days ago the US embassy in Ankara warned of a possible terror attack nearby advising American citizens to avoid the area. There will now be serious questions about the Government's ability to maintain security in its own capital. All the more so as it's the second such attack in less than a month. A car bomb in February killed almost 30 people, mainly soldiers, it was blamed on a Syrian Kurtish group but a separate Kurdish organisation in Turkey claimed responsibility. Ankara says they're linked. And back in October, another blast hit the capital, twin suicide bombings killing over 100 in Turkey's worst ever attack. That was blamed on so-called Islamic State. Turkey now faces threats from several directions. No group has said it is behind tonight's blast, forensic teams are on site and the Government security country was convened. This is a nervous country in multiple line, there is grief and there is fear, about when this wave of attacks might end.The al-Qa'ida terrorist group has claimed responsibility for an attack on a beach resort in West Africa's Ivory Coast. At least 16 people have been killed as well as the six assailants. It happened at Grand-Bassam a UNESCO world heritage site popular with locals and tourists.A witness to the attacks on a popular beach resort in the Ivory Coast explains what he saw. TRANSLATION: I heard shots coming from over there. Then I saw the criminal, I was really surprised to see three people who were heavily armed. They had bullet rounds in their front pockets.This video shared on social media appears to show people running into a hotel from the beach where a number of people had been killed. Six armed men had started shooting people, according to the Government the attack es targeted people at three hotels.Some tried to swim away, they started shooting at them, I was about 60m away. I don't know how I managed to get out of there.The security forces intervened after 40 minute, they evacuated the area and went after the assailants. But by then a number of people has been killed. TRANSLATION: I want to say that these cowardly terrorist attacks will not be tolerated in the Ivory Coast. We're taking significant action.It took another two to three hours to bring the situation under control but it will take a lot longer for people at this weekend retreat to recover from this violence.A fresh poll has firmed the Government's chances of reelection despite a slight drop in popularity of the PM. An Ipsos poll published in Fairfax newspapers shows voters are sticking with the Coalition which is ahead of Labor on two-party preferred and primary votes. Malcolm Turnbull though has lost 3 percentage points but is still well ahead of Bill Shorten as preferred PM, 61% to 22. Meanwhile, a Newspoll in Barnaby Joyce's seat of New England shows the Deputy PM could be in danger of losing his seat to challenger Tony Windsor. New research says a stand alone plebicite on same-sex marriage could cost the Australian economy more than half a billion dollars. The modelling was undertaken by accounting firm PWC and its chief commaist says the cost of running the campaign as well as the resulting loss of productivity has been underestimated by the Federal Government.PWC has been a strong advocate of marriage equality. We are voted the top employer for supporting LGBTI issues and we consider diversity to be an important issue. We just wanted to ensure that all the facts were on the table about the choices that policimaker and politicians face in thinking about what process to do to address the issue of marriage equality. It's a stand alone plebicite and that means that people who would be work on a Saturday would need to take time off work to go and vote or people who have leisure time would have to give up some of that and go to vote. Effectively we've costed what's called the opportunity cost of undertaking that activity which they would not voluntarily or otherwise choose to do. Particularly we've looked at plebicites or referenda in overseas countries and there is a I think theible evidence that the LGBTI community incurse a additional mental health costs and they incur it in if a couple of ways, first there is the dlekt by a way. We have anecdotal evidence from Ireland that portions of the LGBTI community because things are being aired and discussed that they may not feel comfortable airing or discussing it adds stress, pressure, puts a burden on them, they seek extra support from mental health providers from doctors and other mental health support and that has a cost, but equally they're less productivity at work as a result. We see that as a common mental health problem that we have what's called absenteeism, but equally presenteeism, people may be at work but be less effective. Parliamentary vote makes sense for a couple of rp, one is that financial cost, bringing it forwarders, part making a decision, we've had a national debate about same-sex marriage over an extend period. Drawing out the period for debate doesn't necessarily add much to the debate, there's diminishing marginal returns so from a pure cost perspective let's just bring it onVictoria police has conceded it was surprised by the number of people involved in gang violence over the weekend in central Melbourne. Around 150 youths from the apex gang were involved in a street brawl late on Saturday night that led to several arrests. Police say the gang is also responsible for a series of car thefts and robberies in Melbourne's southern suburbs. Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Crisp says officers were caught off grd guard by the mainly Geelong men who moved in on Federation Square. Meanwhile, Sydney too has been hit with dozens of cases of alcohol fuelled violence across the weekend. Police say they're still investigating if one of the brawls in the city's CBD was sparked by racial tensions. Two men have been charged every the fight which involved about 30 people and spilled on to George, Pitt and Central Streets. Assistant policion commissioner Mick Fuller says as a result an operation to Targeting alcohol relled violence in Sydney's entertainment district will be expanded. It will include additional officer, the public order riot squad as well as the mounted police. Two years after their introduction a heated debate continue over Sydney's controversial lockout laws. A panel of experiments will discuss the issue tonight and among them will be Dr Don weatherburn director of the NSW bureau of research. He says assaults in Sydney have not decreased but as much as NSW Premier Mike Baird claims. And violence was already in decline before the lockout laws were introduced.Some people will remember that back in 2008 the previous Government enacted a series of laws listed the top 40 or top 100 licence premises and imposed dramatic restrictionings on their opening hours and since that point in time there have been one wave of reforms after another directed at reduced violence and the cumulative effect has been to push the non- domestic assault rate down so I don't think it's one thing, I think it's the acalmlation of several changes and policy change, the police for example much more aggressive in enforcing the law in relation to alcohol-related violence and disorder than previously and we're seeing the result of that.Years ago I can remember ministers for police telling me that you couldn't get the assault rate down, not possible and right up to 2008 the number of assaults on licenced premises has been rise z and then suddenly we got this turn around and it really hasn't stopped. We have this downward trend from 2008 to 2014, and then when the lockout laws came into play the assaults in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD just dropped like a stone. There are real costs associated with. Obviously many businesses have lost revenue, some have gone broke, it's really a matter for the Government to decide whether the benefits are worth the costs in terms of public amenity and so on. I'd like to see it continue, we - back in 2000 we had big reductions starting to occur in property crime but no sign of any reduction in if asalt, wasn't till 2008 that we started to see that occur and I think everybody would like to see a reduction in violence, no question about that but with all of these things it's a trade-off between civil liberty and public safety on the other and people have to make up their minds about the balance they want to strike.A recent survey has found that two thirds of new car buyers experienced problems in the first five years of using their vehicle. The research by consumer group 'Choice' says despite warranty and insurance owners struggle to use their legal rights to repair or replace their car, car companies are trying to cover up the scale of the problem.'Choice' looks at products from fridges to prams and cars and we don't see that kind of incidents fault rate across any other product. The fact that two third of people can expect something to go wrong with a car is alarming.How big was the survey?The survey was nationally representative. We spoke with 1,500 new car owners and we asked them about whether they had a fault f they could get a repair and how easy it was if they had problems people had problems with incar technology, blue tooth appears as a major problem and a lot of people had problems with electrics and the battery. Other than that it was issues we expected. Issues with brake, the engine and we found that 14% of people had a major problem, Holden was the most popular car in Australia and also the car brand that had the most problems, nearly 70% of people who had a Holden had a problem in the first five years but important to note that no car brand did well the minimum fault incidents was 44% for any brand. Ford and Toyota also performed badly. It looks like there's issues across the board with cars. We found that in order to get a replacement or a repair or a refund 116% of people had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Essentially a gag order to get a fix under a warranty or even though they had a right to get that fixed under Australian consumer law. We don't think consumers should have to sign a gag order in order to get a fix to get what they deserve.It's important to remember the warranty isn't the only right you have, a lot of people were covered by the warranty, but even then they found that dealers weren't necessarily responding quickly or didn't always acknowledge the problem but you also have rights unther the Australian consumer law, you you should expect that a product is fit for service. If there's a minor problem you should get a fix quickly.The top stories on ABC News - a car bombing in the heart of Turkey's capital Ankara has claimed as many as 34 lives and left more than 125 injured. Meanwhile, the death toll from a terrorist attack at a resort noun Ivory Coast has climbed to 16, the six gunmen have also been killed A new poll has found the Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce would lose his Northern England seat to former Independent MP Tony Windsor on preferences. The poll puts Mr Joyce four points behind. French investigators want changes made to pilots' medical confidentiality and inflight protocols in the wake of last year's Germanwings crash that killed 150 people. A report has revealed copilot Andreas Lubitz was told to visit a psychiatric hospital weeks before he crashed the plane into a mountainside but his employer wasn't aware of the directive. The report says medical confidentiality for pilots should be relaxed and it recommends changes to cockpit procedures. US President Obama has warned White House contenders to avoid raising tensions after Donald Trump cancelled his Chicago rally amid clashes between supporters and protesters. Republican and democratic primaries are continuing this week and as our North America correspondent reports the stakes are high.The big, big ones are coming up on Tuesday, Florida, 99 delegates, winner take all and Ohio 66 dealts he wins both of those and Donald Trump is over halvway to getting the Republican nomination and some say he won't be able to be assailed by then. It was it is a big contest coming up in the next 48 hour bus the other issue dominating headlines over here is the fact that Donald all
Trump has been attacking from all sides for creating this sort of incendiary atmosphere at his rallies, even Republicans are attacking him via political action committee with TV ads like this one.Donald Trump campaign violence.Like to punch him in the face. Knock the crap out of him. I promise youly pay for the legal fees.Donald Trump's too reckless and dangerous to be President.This is quite extraordinary, some are really worried that this is a turning point in this election campaign. Callingate toxic environment, saying that Rubio came out today and said he doesn't want this to continue, that he doesn't want people at each other's throats, Donald Trump says that those protesters were Bernie Sanders supporters or disrupters as he called em-Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events and he said, "Be careful or my supporters will will go to your's. Bernie Sanders has come back and said, "There might have been people waving placards from my campaign but they are not part of my organisation and he doe announced any violence that may have taken place. This is becoming a very tense contest if it wasn't already and the sort of scenes now around the language that Donald Trump is using and he certainly says "I'm not backing down." And the punch that was thrown by one of his supporters at a man walking out, a protester, he says he's considering picking up the legal costs for that person so quite extraordinary events occurring now in this US political race.Thousands of refugees remain stranded on the border with between Greeces and Macedonia in increasingly desperate conditions. Some of the camp's residents are leaving on buses for Athens but still no sign of any mass movement by them.If anything the rain actually seems to be getting heavier here and that's making conditions for these thousands of people stuck in limbo on this border very, very bad indeed. You can see here the kind of conditions they're sleeping in, many people have been trying to build trenches in the mud to take away some of the rain, that's working to some extent but most people now sleeping inside very wet tents. They've tried to dry clothes and blarngets when they can but on a day like this not at all possible F you go up here it is possible to get some food. There is also a medical tent up there and the doctors are telling us that they're really seeing more and more people as these conditions persist in particular of course people with respiratory illness, also telling us that they have had a number of pregnant women unfortunately suffering miscarriages in these past few days. Down leer we have a protest going on, this is the second protest we've seen today, we've got a group gathered here just chanting and shouting and across from

shouting and across from them you see the police lined up, there's been no indication

country's President Dilma
RousseffEconomic crisis and this political dissent.Mary Gearin in Rio. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will meet with Fiji's PM today as the country teams to rebuild in the wake of Cyclone Winston. The category 5 storm swept across the island nation last month killing more than 40 people and wiping out dozens of communities. The Australian Government has committed $15 million in humanitarian assistance and sent more than 500 tonnes of resources and equipment on 30 relief flights. Julie Bishop has toured hardest hit communities and will today meet with Fijian PM Frank Bainiarama and Australian aid workers.The Queensland Government says Clive Palmer has received all of the necessary approvals to operate his Townsville nickel refinery and he should guarantee the future of the 550 workers. Mr Palmer formed a new company to regain control of the refinery last week. Yesterday he said he didn't have the necessary approvals and there would be an eight week wait for ore to process. But Queensland Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles says Mr Palmer has all the approvals stopping
he needs and there's nothing stopping him from today telling workers they can keep their jobs. Hef says environmental protection officer also return today to monitor the tailings dam and ensure that the site is operating properly.The NSW Government says deaths interstate and overseas are particular types of synthetic drugs have prompted them to be reclassified to the most serious illicit drug category. Three synthetic drugs usually sold as herbal teas and bath salts have had hair classification increased. Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton says under the reclass yks anyone found guilty of manufacturing or selling these particular drugs in NSW could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Ms Junton says a special committee advises the Government because it's constantly evolving. Health experts have di vised new guidelines for diagnosing and treating dementia. To ensure all patients receive a consistently high standard of care. More than 100 recommendations including developing a systemic approach for diagnosing the disease and more training for medical students and carers. Thal be officially launched by the Federal Government on Wednesday. Lead researcher from Adelaide's Flinders university Dr Kate Laver says the quality of dementia care varies significantly. It's Moomba festival time and the big parade is the highlight of this public holiday Monday in Victoria. The events Australia's largest communities festival and Emma Younger is there. Good morning. How is the event shaping up?Good morning Tony. It's been fantastic already, we've seen a huge number of floats coming down St Kilda Road, they've been making their way from the shrine of remembrance all the way to the arts centre spire. You may be able to see behind me coming up now some of the floats designed by Melbournians and many of them under the age of 10. So they've been on the floats with them as they're coming down, the one we can see with the elephant was a safari float designed by a 9-year-old. He is actually performing on top of it, performing in the Moomba parade runs in his family. His grandmother actually performed 60 years ago but at the very end which we haven't got to yet, still got another half however of dance troupe, cultural groups and music performaries making their way down before the Moomba monarchs which are arguably the biggest attraction here today will be coming up behind on their own float, that's of course Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Paine and her brother.It's a really big thing in Melbourne isn't it, the Queen and King of Moomba?It is yes. Every year there's a lot of anticipatation before it's announced and this year it's been a massive crowd favourite, of course, much loved Michelle Paine who had that wonderful story, the Melbourne Cup this year and her brother Stevy who has down syndrome and owho acts as her strapper. I'm sure everyone will be waiting to see them come down and lots of entitlement, they're expecting about 85,000 people down here today.It's wonderful to see the colour on behind you there with all the dance troupe, how is the weather holding out?The weather has been quite nice, had quite a few humid day, about 21 degrees today and I think most people quite pleased that the temperature's dropped and that humidity has left. There's not a lot of sun. It is kite overcast but not enough to dampen the spirits of the people down here today to watch the parade.For people from interstate who don't know much about Moomba you have cultural groups as well as dance troupes and then do you have sports group as well that go through, the participation rate is pretty broad, isn't it?Yes. It's massive. So there's 1800 performers who are cog down in the parade today. We've got cultural, group, there's lots of dance troupes, we have choreographed performances as you the can see making their way down, there's also the SES involved, there's some emergency services and those floats which are definitely the star of the show, one which we saw earlier was a koala hanging on to the art centre spire in king Kong fashion, also had a koala on a tram, so lots of uniquely Melbourne I guess icons in ways people may never have seen them before, so like I said, the age of some of those people who design the floats mean that they're definitely imaginative.Only in Moomba can you get Batman a a bat mobile followed by men in orange jump suits.That's exactly right. And of course today the Moomba carnival will be continuing, it's a three day carnival, today is the final day with the Labor day public holiday here in Victoria. There'll be music performance, there's water skiing on the Yarra River this afternoon and with
it will all wrap up tonight with a fireworks display at about 9:30.Thank you. It's time now for the latest weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.Got cloud up there in the north that is part of the monsoonal trough which has returned and there's a couple of lows associated with that as well, increasing the rain I specially around northern Queensland, a couple of troughs coming down from that system, one creating cloud over South Australia, we're seeing quite heavy rainfalls in the west. The other one now into NSW and as this broadens we'll start to see more showery weather across the State. Near Queensland:

The top stories on ABC News - at least 3 h people have been killed and 125km/hed in a blast in Ankara, it's the latest in a spate of attacks to hit the country. A senior Turkish security official told the rioters news agency initial findings suggest that the car bomb attack was the work of Kurdish militants. It comes after another attack last month which killed 29 people. The death toll from a shooting attack at that beach resort in West Africa's Ivory Coast has risen to at least 16. Security forces stormed the area and say they killed the six attackers. A number of European nationals were among the dead, the al-Qa'ida terrorist group has since claimed responsibility. Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce says a new poll has given him underdog status in the seat of New England, a poll in the 'Australian' newspaper has Mr Joyce behind former Independent MP Tony Windsor in the two-party preferred stakes by 4%. An ABC 'Four Corners' crew has been detained by Malaysian police after trying to question PM Najib Razak over a corruption scandal. Reporter Linton Besser and camera man Louis Eroglu were arrested on Saturday night after approaching Mr Razz rasz on the street. Both were released without charge but have been told not to leave the country. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says attacks like today's car bombing in Ankara will only bolster the Government's resolve to fight terrorism. At least 3 h people were killed and 125 wounded what enthe massive bomb explode t at a bus stop. No claim of responsibility has been made, but two senior security officials say initial findings suggest that the Kurdistan Workers Party or an affiliate were responsible for the car bombing. 16 people including four Europeans have been killed in that attack on a beach resort in the West African State of Ivory Coast. Witnesses heard gun fire and saw people return running from the beach as the armed men targeted victims. Al-Qa'ida in North Africa have claimed responsibility for the attack at the town of Grand-Bassam a popular destination for locals and tourists.An eye witness trapped in a hotel room films the confusion and terror after the gun men struck. Heem fleeing from the beach in search of safety. The sleepingy resort of Grand-Bassam has never witnessed such horror before. One eye witness said the gun men were masked. TRANSLATION: There were three. They killed a child despite him kneeling down and begging. They shot a woman in the chest. I swear, I heard them shouting Alluh Akhbar, they've killed innocent people. The military are coming now as you can see.The Government appealed for calm as heavily armed soldiers took up defensive positions. They also helped drive people away from the scene to places where they could hide. Medical staff helped those injured including some children. On the ground, evidence of the attackers. Other images were are too graphy to show are of bloodied bodies on the beach. A BBC colleague spoke to people who had been relaxing in Grand-Bassam when the gunman struck.Friends who were there at different hotels have told me that they heard the shooting, they heard big bangs, sound, the army came in and swooped up quite a lot of people and put them in an undisclosed hotel. My friend couldn't even tell me where she was on the phone because the army said the terrorists could be listening.Last November troops rescued these hotel guests in Mali after 20 people were killed in a siege. Today's was the third recent attack by Islamist militants in West Africa. These are worrying times for the whole region another attack linked to al-Qa'ida as the terror spreads people are left wondering where is next?Australia has expressed its concern to the Malaysian Government after an ABC 'Four Corners' crew was detained by police. Journalist Linton Besser and cameraman Louis Eroglu have since been released without charge but have been told not to leave the country. The two were trying to ask questions of the PM when they were detained. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Government is doing all it can to resolve the issue.I'm always concerned when there are instances of a crackdown on freedom of speech in democracies particularly, and I'm also concerned about the freedom that journalists have to carry out their work in places around the world, so these are matters that we raise with Governments from time to time and we certainly will with Malaysia.What's the late that's you know about thele Justice thereOur consular team are giving them support and there to give them assistance whenever they need it, so our embassy or our High Commissioner in Malaysia is in contact with them.A right wing anti-immigration party has swept to power in three State State parliaments in Germany's regional elections. The party is a new addition to the German political scene and is critical of chancellor Angela Merkel's handling of the refugee cries.These are supporters of the right wing populist party. It has become a focal point for Opposition to Angela Merkel's refugee policies.On Sunday, that opposition brought it electoral success across here.
TRANSLATION: The results were fantastic across the board. In all three Federal States. Here, we have of course the top result. TRANSLATION: Outstanding, the result is for us an obligation, to take the voices of the voters seriously and talk straight.The problem for the IFD is that no matter how successful they've been here and across Germany on Sunday, no other main party is prepared to work with them in Coalition so they will not enter Government which means the vote they've received is just a protest vote against the policies of the Coalition Government. For the ruling CDU, there was consolation at remaining the largest party. The State Premier is from the CDU, on Sunday night he hailed his party's showing in his own state.
TRANSLATION: We managed to win with a good margin. We have roughly the same result in absolute votes as five years ago when we were in a different situation a totally different party landscape.This election campaign has been dominated by the refugee crisis. With many suggesting the vote was a referendum on the policies of Angela Merkel. Her popularity has slumped as the influx of refugees has grown. In recent weeks though her approval rating has recovered somewhat but not in time to save her party leaders in these areas where the CDU's main opponents were victorious and RFD candidates won seats. One political scientist told me why he felt voters chose the IFD?They fear that they will be the losers of the refugee crisis and I don't think that added a real threat but the people feel it as a threat and therefore they voted for these anti- refugee party.The questions for the Federal Government will be what to make of the investorers' verdict and where it leaves their policy on refugees?To politics in the US and Republican candidate Donald Trump has suffered a setback in two states voting for the Republican Party's Presidential nomination. Ted Cruz has a convincing victory in Wyoming while Marco Rubio narrowly won in Washington. Meanwhile Mr Trump has claims an attempt by a protester to storm the stage at a campaign event in howo was probably ISIS-related. He's also blame supporters of Bernie Sanders for clashes in Chicago that forced the cancellation of a rally there.Tension at my rallies is that these people are sick and tired of this country being run by incompetent people that don't know what they're doing on trade deals where our jobs are being ripped out of our country, on ISIS where we can't even beat ISIS with our military. Our militant is not being taken care on. Frankly our vets are being treated worse than illegal immigrants the people are angry at that t not about something I'm saying. The people are angry about the fact that for 12 years the had
workers in this country haven't had a pay increase, in 12 years they haven't. I aren't said anything. I'm just expressing my opinion. What have I said that's wrong. I talk about illegal immigration, about billing a wall, I is a I that Mexico will build the ball, you
what have I said that's wrong, you you tell me. The fact is there they're really upset the way our country is being run.They're the big game animals that symbolise Africa, lions, rhinos and elephants but they're also top of the list for tourists collecting trophies. This week's 'Four Corners' travels to South Africa where big game hunting is big business. Some of the images on this clip may be disturbing for some viewers.Up to 10,000 foreigners go to South Africa every year to go hunting. Mostly Russians and Americans. The ensuing race for trophies has caused an explosion in one industry, that is taxidermists. There are hundreds across the country and one has agreed to open its doors for us.We are cutting an African elephant. That's the trunk here. There's the place with an eye, very small eyes.What are you going to do with the skin of the face?This will be shoulder mount, we'll go to the modelleds and a guy will hang it on his wall.The head of the elephant?But it's huge.These guys have massive houses and they build their own show rooms and this actually a Russian client and he built a new house for this troughy.6,000 trophies are produced here every year, the taxidermists recover the skin, wash it, tan it, and dry it.What's what all of our treatment mean, where is the head?You just touched itIt takes an average of eight months to make a trophy and they don't come cheap. 4,000 Euros for a lion and up to 70,000 euros for an elephant.The client says what he wants and we try to make it as close to his vision of that animal.Even if it's nothing to do with reality of the nature?That's normally the Americans. They want big muscles and they want like bodybuilder animals like with thick legs...Because they look stronger.They look stronger and more impressive. The bigger the wounds the bigger the animal, it's all about the size.

the master player of the Chinese game Governor Romney has finally conquered a computer after four attempt, the Google computer program defeated one of the world's top players in the first three of the best of five competitions. The designer of theal ga go computer say they're happy because the loss has been invaluable in redesigning their computer.Why we came here, to test alpha go to its limits and find out what it's weaknesses were so we can try and improve the program. We need a creative genius like Lisa to be able to find out these issues and actually expose them.To top iron ABC News - a car bombing in the heart of Ankara has killed 34 and left more than 151225 injured. The teth follow from a'Tis attract at a resort town in Ivory Coast has climbed to 16. The six gunmen have also been killed. A new poll has found Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce would lose his New England seat to former Independent MP Tony Windsor on preferences. The poll puts Mr Joyce four points behind. Staying with that story the Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce says a new poll has given him underdog status in the seat of New England, the poll in the 'Australian' newspaper has Mr Joyce behind former Independent MP Tony Windsor in a two-party preferred stake, Mr Joyce says he always expected it to be a tough campaign and has urged voters to consider what they would lose if he was voted out.That is life. That's political life. Unfortunately that means I claim the mantle as the u-underdog. Mr Windsor calls me the deputy dog but I'm anything that the underdog and this is important is that the things that they'll want to fight for, the real agenda of the New England, getting APVMA with 195 jobs into Armidale, building new dams ast, continuing on with the work of upgrading the New England Highway from the re alignment in the north, making sure we continue on with the firm prices we're getting in beef, through such things as seven year live animal destinations and three free trade agreements, this is the issues that greet pushed into Opposition. I want to make sure that those issues where you can deliver on them are delivered on and is quite obvious and a statement of the bleeding obvious that from the office of the Deputy PM you've got a vastly better chance of getting through the important issues of New England than as a backbencher in what will for all intents and purposes would be the Opposition. This is going to be as I always thought an incredibly tough campaign. This will be a campaign where you can't experiment with your vote. This will be a campaign where you will vote for the issues and your vote will determine not only just the course of New England but the course of our nation, it will determine the course of our nation on making sure we continue on the economic plan of getting our nation back on an even footing because the best thing you can leave for your children and your grandchildren is a strong financial position so we can play for their health and their education and their future.Spoken and written by Barnaby Joyce. Anyone would think there's an election campaign in the offing! New modelling has found a stand alone public vote on same-sex marriage could cost the Australian economy more than half a billion dollars. The accounting firm PWC says a pleb satellite would result in 280 million of last productivity on top of the $158 million cost for the Electoral Commission to run the vote. The modelling which was commissioned in house estimates the plebicite would also impact on the wellbeing of the gay and lesbian community requiring an additional $20 million in mental health costs. Domestic violence charges against the high profile former rugby league player Walter Mazzarri have been withdrawn. The former Canterbury Bulldogs star has been accused of assault his second wife last October. Police say as a result of an investigation they have withdrawn the charges and the matter will not proceed. Outside court Mr ElMasri says he always had confidence in the Justice system.The truth just prevailed and I want to urge every lady and mine, any person out there that is subjected to sure
any domestic violence, to make sure they report it, the Justice system is there to protect us so make sure you report it. Obviously I've got a lot of people to to thank, my supporters and fan and Fay family if particular, my siblings, I would like to thank my ex-wife for being courageous to stand up for the truth, my kids, they endured a lot of heart ache because of this and my heart goes out to them.New figures from the agency set up to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme shows the projected benefits for NSW will be better than expected. The agency's latest market position statement shows an extra $64,000 people with a disability will be supported in the scheme. Along with the current 70,000 people receiving assistance. The NSW disability services Minister says that's well up on original estimates with an extra 29,000 jobs across the State also being created. Two of the ACT's peak advocacy bodies are taking vaks after the release of figures showing Canberra has the second highest rate of homelessness in the country. The ACT Council of Social Service and ACT shelter have released videos to highlight factors causing the problem. Such as unaffordable housing and domestic violence. Homeless Australia says Canberra's homeless rate is second only to the Northern Territory's. Council director hopes the campaign makes people see how widespread the issue is and to help deal with the related issues like domestic violence. Sue landin is now here with the day's business and finance news with all the details Sue?The local share market has rallied on new stimulus measures from the European Central Bank.

a class action has been launched in Sydney against the bank of Queensland, a Sydney law farm sis around 350 investors lost more than $16 million because of a scam organised by banned financial adviser Bradley Thomas. He used money market deposit accounts with the bank of Queensland to make transactions using client money. He was charged with fraud last year by the corporate regulator ASIC.And negotiations between Telstra and San Miguel corporation to build a new mobile network in the Philippines have broken down. Telstra says the two firms didn't agree on the commercial terms for a joint vent yu, Telstra says it will continue to chase growth you.
opportunities in Asia.Thank you. Most people associate frisbees with dogses and beaches but for some it's a far more serious sport. Devoteesot the disc descended on Canberra for the east eastern regional championshipsIt's fast, competitive and a lot harder than it looks with nearly 1,000 registered players in Canberra alone the humble frisbee is taking off.It's like gridiron so you score in an end zone, crossed with netball because you can't run with a frisbee other
you have to pass it to each other with the free flowing running of AFL.In ultimate frisbee two teams of seven try to score the most pointings by passing it into the end zone. These teams are some of the best in the country and are competing for a place at next month's national titles.It's really great beginisation after lot
skill and strategy so we have a lot of fun uplaying as well.There's no referees and no whistles, because ultimate is self-refereed. People rely on the spirit of the game. Sounds strange for people when you come from supports with the whistle is going all the time.This is a spirit circle where players gather after every match to congratulate each other and times reward their best with a brief book reading but ultimate freeze yes is not just a way to wile aware your day. These players are vying for national selection. And some have set their sights on an even bigger stage.We hit a big milestone last year where the IOC recognised ultimate which is another step towards the Olympics where we get there might be one day.A long way from the beach and the dog.The Australian women's soccer team the Matildas have been welcomed home at a ceremony in Sydney today. The team qualified for the Rio Olympics after topping the table at the final round of the Asian qualifiers in Japan last week. PM Malcolm Turnbull was at the event today and thanched the team for their hard work. Coach says it mean agencies lot to the team to be received home by the PM.Just a massive boost for our confidence and just the fact that we've got so much respect and adulation from the Australian public coming home just means so much to the team, I think we've really broken through the barrier of mainstream Australia and it's something that we strive for for a long time and to know we have that recognition further reinforces the fact of how powerful football can be and to now know that the girls are fully fledged role models for boys and girls gives us an extra spurt to keep going forward to Rio.We set high standards. It was just about making sure we put that on to the field and back up game after game. Five games in ten days is a very tough ask and I think we definitely pulled up very well after each game and managed to put in five very good performances.The Matildas, their coach and play thrers, good luck to them. They're a real chance for a medal at the Rio Olympics. That's what they're hoping for. A man has been charged with murder after the discovery of a woman's body in Melbourne's west. The body of the 20-year-old was found in a home at Melton last night.Police have charged a 24-year-old Melbourne man with one count of murder following the discovery of the body of a woman at a set of units in the suburb in Melbourne's west overnight. Police were called to the this area in the suburb of Melton around 7 o'clock at night and homicide squad detectives spent all night here after setting up a crime scene. The 24-year-old appeared in a inout of sessions court hearing. He's been remanded in dust di to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court, neighbours were reluctant to go on camera but said they did hear screaming and shouting and that the woman appeared to be of African descent. So in Melbourne, a 24-year-old man charged with one count of murder following the death of a woman in the suburb of Melton overnight.It's time now for the latest weather and there's a bit happening around the country. Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon.We have a lot of cloud forming over the north, that is part of the monsoonal trough and a couple of lows one over the Gulf of Carpentaria the other one in the Coral Sea A lot of rain falling around this region temperature where we can see that cloud due to that low pressure system. Other troughs coming down into NSW, we're seeing a change right throughout the south-east from those humid hot days to a little bit cooler and southerly winds, clouds also over South Australia causing some pretty heavy rainfalls over parts of the west. Here in Queensland:

I'm Tony Eastley, thanks for your company. Stay with us for more of the day's top stories here on ABC News 24. here on ABC News 24.

Two terror attacks kill scores of people, an explosion in Turkey's capital Ankara leaves at least 34 dead. While on the Ivory Coast, al-Qaeda-linked militants shoot dead at least 16 people at a beach resort. This program is captioned by Caption It Pty Ltd. The Deputy Prime Minister declares himself the underdog after a poll indicates he may have a battle to retain his New England seat. Good afternoon. Ros Childs.
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