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Taking a look at the weather around Brisbane,
the country on this Monday. In a
Brisbane, the chance of showers for a top of

a top of 31.
Brisbane, the chance of showers for showers
a top of 31. 28 and possible conditions
showers in Sydney. Similar the
conditions in Canberra today, 29 Hobart,
the top there. A cooler day in Overcast
Hobart, showers likely for 18. Adelaide.
Overcast skies in Melbourne. 27 in Perth,
Adelaide. A scorcher on the way for in
Perth, 40 the top there and storms Tuesday.
in Darwin. A quick look at your tomorrow.
Tuesday. A few showers in Brissie Sydney.
tomorrow. Partly cloudy and 26 in Overcast
Sydney. Showers in Canberra again. the
Overcast in Melbourne for 23 and 28 jid
the top in Adelaide. For the latest visit
jid on all of our stories you can visit Nine News

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A shocking attack. The bus.
extraordinary moment a man bashes a and
bus. He faces court this morning this
and we speak to the man who filmed murder
this video.A grim discovery, after
murder squad detectives investigate west
after a body is found in a unit the
west of Melbourne. We're live from several
the scene.Tourists massacred, gunmen
several people are dead after beach
gunmen bring terror to an African victims.
beach resort. A child is one of the Malcolm
victims.Support is slipping for morning
Malcolm Turnbull, a shock poll this have
morning suggests millions of voters (SONG)#
have turned against him. We
(SONG)# Sweet loving, loving # every
We have two Block of Cash calls every day this week.

every day this week. Starting with Jack's
a massive 40 grand jackpot.And Hollywood
Jack's back! The funniest guy in here,
Hollywood takes over Today. He's for
here, live and dangerous, stand by (SONG)#
for some incredible surprises. Good
(SONG)# Hey hey hey # Back
Good morning to you all(SINGS)# A
Back in black # A bit of ACDC on Monday morning is singer,
a good thing.They may have a lead Are
singer, we have a lead Jack Black. Are you ready for this?(SINGS)# we
Are you ready for this # here.
we are pumped because of this man over
here.I'm Jack Black, I'm taking Kung
over Today.That's like a threat Kung Fu Panda star Jack Black takes manner
over our show and all kinds of Extremely
manner of surprises are planned. dangerous.
Extremely live and extremely around.
dangerous. Make sure you stick around. Another very special guest. Extra
Are we allowed to say who that give
Extra special guest is?NoWe will I'm
give mum on that for the time being. pictures,
I'm ready, as soon as we get the Enjoyed
pictures, Jarryd Hayne, smashed it. would
Enjoyed it, a lot of Australians weren't
would have enjoyed it. Even if you an
weren't a rugby league sfan you got ride
an insight into the magic and the family
ride of what can happen.And the Jarrod.
family story.Thanks guys, thanks with
Jarrod.Let's get the hed lines with Sylvia.Good morning, we begin filmed
with passengers on a Sydney bus who which
filmed a violent attack during was
which the vehicle's front window was smashed to pieces.

was smashed to pieces. Nine's Chris Cove,
Urquhart joins us live from Lane what
Cove, good morning. Take us through video
what happened there?Sylvia, the makes
video almost speaks for itself. It morning.
makes for fair fieg viewing this the
morning. This was at 5:00 yesterday, we
the bus terminal at Lane Cove where man
we are today. In the video we see a smashing
man clearly lashing out at the bus, window
smashing and smashing on the front You
window until the glass is broken. worried
You can hear on the tape the including
worried voices of people on board of
including vision on there as well in
of the bus driver that is clearly would
in fear as well. Of course you that
would be. This is dramatic vision by
that was shot. It's been obtained know,
by Nine News overnight. What we do a
know, though, police made an arrest man.
a short time later of a 30-year-old happened
man. What police are alleging video
happened that we don't see in the place
video an assault allegedly took some
place on the bus. There was clearly a
some kind of disturbance on the bus, allege
a 30-year-old man police will assault
allege got off the bus. After that bus
assault then started to damage the picture
bus itself. That's where the that
picture picks up. Fortunately in severely
that attack on the glass no-one was allegedly
severely injured except for the man himself.
allegedly responsible for it hospital
himself. He was taken off to I
hospital when police arrested him. some
I understand he is going to undergo has
some surgery today. At any rate he over
has been charged over the assault, been
over the damage as well. He has notice
been given a court attendance court
notice which means he has to go to it
court in April. Certainly, though, spoke
it was a terrifying experience. We understand
spoke last night to the person we the
understand filmed this video.When joke,
the glass hit me wow, this is not a could
joke, this is real. Some of us There
could get seriously hurt here. have
There was a real sense of panic, we were
have to get out of here, people responsible
were hysterical.The man allegedly Thank
responsible facing court next month. out
Thank you. Lisa.To breaking news investigation
out of Melbourne now, the murder the
investigation has been launched in a
the city's west this morning after unit.
a woman was found dead inside a us
unit. Nine's Christine Ahern joins very
us now live from Melton. Chris, a know
very grim discovery. What do we this
know so far?That's right, Lisa, night
this happened at about 7:00 last to
night when paramedics were called performed
to this Melton address. Now, they woman,
performed CPR on a 20-year-old be
woman, tragically she was unable to described
be revived. Witnesses have then streets,
described police combing the man
streets, a time later a 24-year-old man was taken into custody. He is

man was taken into custody. He is inquiries.
assisting police with their parties
inquiries. I do believe the two I've
parties are known to each other. They
I've just spoken to detectives. injuries
They wouldn't reveal what kind of However,
injuries that the woman sustained. seeing
However, witnesses have described address
seeing about 60 people outside this and
address last night, some wailing here
and screaming. There were forensics this
here on scene overnight and early just
this morning, but detectives have been
just left this crime scene has now year-old
been cleared, but a body of a 24- last
year-old woman found here at 7:00 cross
last night.Thanks Chris, we will morning
cross back to you throughout the breaking
morning as that news unfolds.To breaking news overseas, there have been two deadly terror attacks this and
morning one in Africa's Ivory Coast bomb
and another in Turkey wi where a people,
bomb blast has killed more than 20 the
people, the car bomb was set off in fire,
the capital after reports of gun from
fire, Tom Steinfort joins us live firstly
from London, what's the latest Karl
firstly from Ankara?Yeah, look, emerging
Karl some horrific pictures already I
emerging from the Turkish capital. occurred
I can tell you this bomb blast Already
occurred around two hours ago there. are
Already those pictures coming out mentioned
are very confronting, as you been
mentioned the death toll has just Turkish
been confirmed at the moment by the a
Turkish government as being at 25, understand
a further 75 people injured. We the
understand that this location where in
the blast has taken place is right several
in the middle of town there amongst of
several offices of the ministries of government. It's area,
of government. It's quite a busy there.
area, it's just gone nightfall relatively
there. It would have been already
relatively crowded. We know that casualties
already with the number of stage
casualties coming through. At this responsibility.
stage no-one has claimed a
responsibility. There ha have been Turkey
a series of terror attacks in tile
Turkey over 12 months. A very troll Certainly
tile situation at the moment. in
Certainly for Australians to keep thousands
in mind given the fact that heading
thousands of our nationals will be Anzac
heading there next month to mark perspective
Anzac Day.It puts it into dramas
perspective doesn't it. Significant couple
dramas in West Africa over the last shooting
couple of months. What about the has
shooting in the Ivory Coast?This there,
has taken place at a tourist resort is
there, it's a tourist resort that only
is popular with Westerners, you can attackers
only imagine that is why that's particular
attackers have target that had that
particular location. I can tell you gunmen
that 12 people were killed there, started
gunmen who stormed this beach front, were
started opening fire on people who apparently
were sun-baking there. Then also launched
apparently armed with grenades and the
launched those at people too. Of least
the 12 killed we understand at in
least four were European. Vi seen French
in the last minute or two the statement
French government put out a national
statement confirming a French worrying
national was killed. What is a
worrying like you said there's been over
a lot of terror activity in Africa the
over the last year or two. This is Coast.
the first major attack in the Ivory continuing
Coast. The influence of terror it
continuing to spread.We will leave their
it there, thank youA couple in after
their of 0's has been left shaken after a man allegedly broke into overnight.
their home in Sydney's south leave
overnight. The intruder tried to Hurstville
leave through a window of the his
Hurstville house receiving cuts to to
his wrist and hand. Police rushed in
to the property and tasered the man arrested.
in the backyard where he was injured.
arrested. The couple were not trying
injured. Queensland Police are Sydney
trying to extradite three men from robbery
Sydney wanted over a violent Shocking
robbery of a woman last week. the
Shocking security footage captured dragged
the moment the 63-year-old was dragged down a Gold Coast street stolen,
trying to stop her handbag being intercepted
stolen, Border Force operatives intercepted the Chilean men at the Federal
Sydney Airport. The Australian Federal Police will decide whether Queensland
the trio will be sent back to 800
Queensland to face charges. Up to Palmer's
800 sacked workers from Clive with
Palmer's nickel refinery will meet possibility
with creditors today to discuss the The
possibility of a community buyback. in
The future of the employees remains business
in doubt with the embattled rehighering
business man refusing to commit to important
rehighering them.The most Palmer,
important thing here is not Clive keeping
Palmer, the most important thing is Queensland
keeping the industry going for be
Queensland and Australia. I won't dollars
be putting tens of millions of to
dollars to make that available just administrators
to lose that money.It comes as Nickel
administrators for Queensland offer
Nickel say Mr Palmer rejected their needed
offer to sell three ship lts of Ore operational.
needed to keep the refinery Turnbull
operational. Prime Minister the
Turnbull has taken another hit in the polls this morning, even while live
the Coalition stocks rise. Let's go Kerrie
live to Canberra where we find for
Kerrie Yaxley. The fall in support criticism
for Mr Turnbull comes as he faces timing
criticism of course over to the election
timing of the budget and the Today
election of theGood morning si. Today also marks six months since Abbott
the Coalition through out Tony as
Abbott and choose Malcolm Turnbull poll
as their leader. According to that support
poll in Fairfax papers out today stronger
support for the Government is after
stronger this month than last month well
after preferences, the Coalition is Turnbull's
well in front of Labor, but Malcolm voters
Turnbull's approval rating among is
voters has fallen, Bill Shorten's off
is up slightly. The PM is coming opposition
off a pretty high base and the very
opposition leader is coming off a However
very low base as you can see. far
However the Prime Minister is still voters
far more popular than his opponents, Turnbull
voters overwhelmingly believe Mr top
Turnbull is better choice for the preferred
top job, as those two-party according
preferred figures the Coalition is election-winning
according to I sos in a strong poll
election-winning position. This important
poll comes at the start of an the
important parliamentary week for with
the Government of the it will work big
with the Greens this week to pass arrangements
big changes to the Senate voting house,
arrangements through the upper tick
house, another thing the PM can list.
tick off his pre-election to-do co-pilot
list.Investigators have found the disaster
co-pilot of the Germanwings psychiatric
disaster was a referred to a before
psychiatric hospital a fortnight passenger
before he deliberately crashed a There
passenger plane killing 150 people. authorities
There are now calls for medical confidentiality
authorities to lift patient pilot's
confidentiality in cases when a to
pilot's mental health is a threat instance
to public safety.In this sort of passed
instance this information should be passed up the chain to the has
authorities concerned.Germanwings Andreas
has denied wrongdoing insisting the
Andreas Lubitz was fit to fly at will
the time of the crash.A funeral officer
will be held today for a police emergency
officer who died on his way to an emergency in

emergency in the NSW Hunter Valley. respond
Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson was police
respond ing to calls for help in a the
police pursuit when his car left The
the road and crashed into a free. The driver -- tree. The driver at previously
the centre of the dispute has
previously banned driving for life morning
has been charged. Claims this Government
morning that the New South Wales dollars
Government is losing millions of glitches
dollars because of technical The
glitches with its Opal Card system. card
The 'Daily Telegraph' reports the as
card reading machines have failed buses,
as many as 8,000 times on Sydney passengers
buses, forcing drivers to let union
passengers ride for free. The bus dealing
union says drivers are fed up passengers.
dealing with complaints from that
passengers. There's renewed hope Blue
that a woman missing in the NSW alive
Blue Mountains could still be found heard
alive with rescuers reporting they yesterday's
heard faint cries for help during has
yesterday's search. Betty O'Pray after
has been missing for seven days near
after vanishing during a bush walk near her home in Katoomba.

near her home in Katoomba. More will
than 100 police and SES volunteers year-old
will resume the search for the 77- morning
year-old at first light this the
morning both on the ground and from get
the air. Alright, it is time now to is
get a check of the weather, Stevie morning.
is in the studio with us, good morning.Great to be here. Monday not
morning across the country, we're conditions
not seeing much change in seeing
conditions from what we have been today
seeing throughout autumn so far, storms
today we will see showers and NSW,
storms for the north-west of WA, winds
NSW, South Australia, on shore Queensland
winds bringing showers to Queensland and slow

Queensland and slow moving storms centres,
across the tropics, to the main you
centres, good morning, this is what showers
you are waking up to today, more Townsville,
showers on the way for Cairns and for
Townsville, 32, possible showers possible
for the coast, 30, Brisbane Gold
possible morning showers, 31, the warm
Gold Coast a possible shower, a week
warm day 30, Sydney kicking off the of
week with a few showers and a top Melbourne
of 28, Canberra wet day 29, and
Melbourne possible drizzle about chillier
and 21. Showers for Hobart 18, cloud,
chillier in Hobart today, Adelaide 40,
cloud, a scorcher in the west Perth storms
40, Alice Springs showers possible likely,
storms 34, Darwin showers, storms likely, 33

likely, 33 g'day everyone how are It's
you doing? You are looking red hot. been,
It's been red hot in Sydney.It has degrees.
been, 34 days straight now over 26 weather
degrees. If you think I'm the best Jack
weather man in the world wait until are
Jack Black gets in here.Oh!You will
are letting him cut your grass?I Just
will let anywhere cut my grass. best
Just Jack Black.I think you're the think
best weather man in the worldI in
think you're the second best host on
in the world.Behind you.Good job Good
on the weekend.Good to be here. wake
Good to be alive. Always good to alternative.
wake up?So much better than the

alternative.Although...I wouldn't morning
mind a really big sleep. Timmy good still
morning to you, hello.Waky wakyWe be
still have the great comedy, I'll Melbourne
be the 80th best sports person. Josh
Melbourne Storm, a hat-trick for row
Josh Hazlewood. Josh, three if a row This program is not captioned.

He asked us, be you angels, we

He asked us, be you angels, we said (SONG)#
Nay, we are but men (SINGS)#
(SONG)# Ahh, ahh, ahh # boom
(SINGS)# Ahh, ahh, boom boom boom the
boom # tenacious
the incredible Jack Black, studio
tenacious D is taking over the Meantime
studio later.We can't wait. NRL
Meantime we have a heap of sport. comfortable
NRL the Melbourne Storm had a 24-16,
comfortable win over the Gold Coast a
24-16, no Billy Slater after being out
a late withdrawal, the Titans got two
out of the blocks and led early, Storm
two tries after the break got the Melbourne
Storm going, they didn't look back. undefeated
Melbourne one of five teams Downer
undefeated after two rounds, one back
Downer is whether Billy Slater came train
back too early last week.He didn't sort
train all week. You know, we were come
sort of hopeful he would sort of not
come good. There is something just disappointed
not quite right. He is obviously what
disappointed and fairly frustrated Dragons
what he went through last year. waiting
Dragons centre Josh Dugan is problem
waiting on news of a hamstring big
problem he suffered in the club's got
big loss to the Sharks, this they a
got flogged, AFL Essendon suffered them
a big loss West Coast destroyed match
them by 105 in the NAB Challenge resembling
match with a team closely feature
resembling the one likely to Bombers
feature in the season opener, the looked
Bombers no match for the Eagles.It just
looked like a rusty team. That's get
just going to take time really to I
get that - get the team more oiled understanding
I think and get them working and to
understanding each other. We have need
to make judgments which players need to play AFL and which ones Melbourne
need to work on it.A big job, season
Melbourne was perfect in the pre- did
season taking down the Saints, they Brisbane
did it well over 20 points, the hit
Brisbane Lions have taken a huge midfielder
hit after confirming star indefinite
midfielder Dane beams would be out tendonitis,
indefinite fitly with knee announced
tendonitis, his injury was the
announced after the Lions lost to to
the GWS Giants, cricket a hat-trick get
to Josh Hazlewood wasn't enough to They
get Australia past in the warmup. magnificent
They wrecked the top order with with
magnificent bowling a Kate cameo likely
with Darren Sammy. Aaron Finch is the
likely to partner Shane Watson at performance
the top of the order after a solid gardens
performance in the loss at Eden cathedral
gardens in Calcutta what a cathedral that place is, A-League, the Wanderers equal on points at Newcastle
the top of the ladder defeating made
Newcastle 1-0. A first half goal Sydney
made the difference as Western over
Sydney completed a season sweep missing
over the Jets.Yes, what was but
missing was the finishing touch, but with the players we have if we

but with the players we have if we it
keep creating those opportunities makes
it will fall, definitely.The loss Newcastle
makes it extremely hard for still
Newcastle to sneak into the finals with
still seven points off the top six Jarrod
with four rounds to play. And insight
Jarrod Hayne has given an exclusive led
insight into the motivations that NFL,
led him to pursue a career in the '60
NFL, he caught up with Karlos on thinks
'60 Minutes'That's what the world successful,
thinks life is about to be big
successful, have a nice house and an
big car. For me it's about being on are,
an adventure, finding out who you person.
are, pushing and growing as a the
person.Next week Hayne returns to the US to start training again with of
the San Francisco 49ers is a dose Good
of sport.Good luck to him too. chances?
Good interview. How do you rate his It
chances?I think he will do well. can
It is so tough. The only thing I in
can say there will be nothing left for
in Jarryd Hayne's tank. He will go there.
for it. It is very difficult over ever
there. He's as determined as I have carrying
ever seen anyone.The fact he was it
carrying the card with the plays on have
it to refer to them so he didn't great
have to bother the quarterback is a he
great insight into how determined and
he is to make it.A great lesson out
and motivation for anyone who lives to
out there growing up with nothing message,
to achieve your dreams.Good the
message, good luck to hip. Ahead in caught
the news, a shocking bus attack details
caught on camera. We hear more Terrible
details from a terrified witness Jack's
Terrible isn't it. Get ready folk with
Jack's black.Get ready to wake up be
with me, Jack Black. It's going to be Pandamonium.

be Pandamonium. fighting
(SONG)# Everyone was Kung Fu The
fighting # The Hill layer yus This program is not captioned. (Gentle piano music plays)

This program is not captioned. song
Welcome back to the program. Good the
song that one. Let's take a look at Age'
the front pages, Melbourne 'The showing
Age' has a Fairfax-Ipsos poll Malcolm
showing a drop in confidence for is
Malcolm Turnbull but the Coalition control
is still ahead of Labor theOut-of- control the 'Herald Sun' reveals Melbourne
the violent ghang rampaged through has
Melbourne streets over the weekend months.
has been under police scrutiny for an
months. 'The Australian' leads with Deputy
an exclusive Newspoll showing the is
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce the
is in danger of losing his seat to
the election to Tony Windsor. video has the disturbing our
video of a disturbing bus attack, shortly.
our Sydney reporter will have more 'Daily
shortly.'Our Secret Shame' the investigation
'Daily Telegraph' has a special children
investigation revealing one in 10 abuse.
children in state care suffers from reports
abuse.In Brisbane 'Courier Mail' Annastacia
reports under pressure premier convince
Annastacia Palaszczuk has failed to a
convince the electorate to support parliamentary
a referendum on four-year parliamentary terms.

parliamentary terms.'Adelaide report
Advertiser' leads with an exclusive demands
report taxpayers are racing payroll service
demands of up to $2,000 from public the
service Chief. The 'Hobart Mercury' crisis
the fallout from Tasmania's energy Greens
crisis continues as Labor and the 'The
Greens calls for a Senate inquiry. with
'The West Australian' sits down who
with former federal MP Steven Smith McGowan
who insists he will challenge Mark And
McGowan for the party's leadership. clever,
And 'Game, Set, Cash Splash' very tennis
clever, the NT News leads with a
tennis legend Pat Rafter announcing centre
a new 16.7 million dollar tennis Great
centre in Darwin.Good good is that, weekend
Great for Darwin.A tumultuous presidential
weekend for Donald trup with the protesters
presidential hopeful calling for be
protesters who disrupt his rallies good
be arrest. Live to rob Penfold, the
good morning, ugly scenes again of a
theGood morning Karl. Indeed what pointed
a weekend it's been. People have really
pointed out that Donald Trump has controversial
really lit a fire with his question
controversial speeches. Now the big it?
question is really can he contain it? Boy, what a week it's been on ago
the election campaign. Two nights riots
ago in Chicago there were near stage,
riots before Trump appeared on angry
stage, police couldn't contain the got
angry crowd, angry Trump supporters eventually
got in amongst the followers, cancelled.
eventually that speech was scare
cancelled. Yesterday came a real rushed
scare when Secret Service agents protester
rushed to protect Trump when a Republican
protester jumped the fence. powerless
Republican party leaders are Trump
powerless to do anything about it, these
Trump is doing so well in each of a
these states of the as you say what wilder
a weekend, it is getting wilder and hierarchy
wilder out there. The Republican they
hierarchy are horrified at what they are seeing.

they are seeing. Trump is the man voting
at the moment people are voting and in
voting for him at this stage, he's it
in the lead, what can they do about it nothing at all.

it nothing at all.Hillary keeps on what
needling.She is saying look at there
what is going on, this violence out imagine
there is unacceptable. As can you sort
imagine we have never seen this stage
sort of violence out there on a election.
stage before in a leadup to the going
election. People are supposed to be case
going out there and giving their support
case and basically getting the winning
support from the people which strong
winning the support with good different
strong speeches. Trump is such a have
different animal completely. People what
have no idea what he will say next appealing
what he does say next is often America.
appealing to a lot of people in my
America.Where do we head this week coming
my friend?It's a very big week your
coming up. On Tuesday, Wednesday mini
your night, let's call it another Tuesday,
mini maybe even bigger Super Florida,
Tuesday, what is happening we have be
Florida, also Ohio where they will Rubio
be voting again. In Florida Marco expect
Rubio the for that state you would the
expect him to win. Will he win? At probably
the moment the polls are saying this,
probably not. Again Trump has got in
this, so if Rubio loses down there and
in Florida it's a disaster for him of
and he'll probably have to drop out going
of the race, who pushes on keeps Trump.
going over and over again, Donald Penfold
Trump.That man, thank you Robert news
Penfold appreciate it. Ahead in the live
news a body is found in Victoria, homicide
live 0 our reporter at the scene as Coming
homicide detectives investigate. cash
Coming up also we have two massive there's
cash calls every day this week and and
there's $40,000 up for grabs today you
and double the chance to win.Are win?
you saying double your chance to Karl,
win?That's exactly what I'm saying Boy
Karl, I'm counting in twos today. reveal
Boy oh boy. The latest sport will drone
reveal what it takes to be a No.1 want
drone racer.Laughs and who doesn't easy.
want to be that?I agree, it's not so.
easy.That's true.Yeah.If you say special
so. Plus Madonna with a very icon.
special tribute to an Australian on
icon.That's very cool too. Right In
on 6:00 time for the latest news. been
In Sydney a 30-year-old man has during
been charged after being filmed while
during a violent attack on a bus Urquhart
while commuters were trapped inside. we
Urquhart is live in Lane Cove. Do incident?
we know what sparked this ugly passengers
incident?Sylvia we know from clearly
passengers on the bus there was happened
clearly some form of dispute that involved
happened on board. It allegedly later
involved a 30-year-old who was the
later charged and a 22-year-old on racial
the bus. There was suggestion of have
racial abuse. At any rate police assault
have charged a 30-year-old over an assault on the bus. That's where of
the video picks up in the minutes street
of that when we see a man on the appears
street coming at the bus with what wipers
appears to be one of the windscreen Punching
wipers that's been snapped off. glass
Punching pushing and smashing the blood
glass until it smashes. There was man
blood everywhere as a result. The of
man himself was injured during all when
of this. It was a short time later that
when he's alleged to have taken off nearby
that police arrested him in a hospital
nearby street. He was taken off to there,
hospital and is receiving treatment passengers
there, but we've heard from say
passengers on board the bus. They When
say the whole thing was terrifying. not
When the glass hit me wow this is us
not a joke, this is real. Some of There
us could get seriously hurt here. have
There was a real sense of panic we were
have to get out of here, people responsible
were hysterical.The man allegedly remains
responsible for this is in hospital, been
remains under police guard. He has and
been charged though, with assault face
and wilful damage. He'll have to shocking
face court next month.That's a breaking
shocking scene, thank you. To at
breaking news out of Turkey where in
at least 25 people have been killed through
in an explosion that's ripped A
through the capital city of Ankara. when
A further 75 people were injured a
when the car bomb detonated during buildings.
a bus station close to government claimed
buildings. So far no group has gunmen
claimed responsibility. Meantime, gunmen have shot down 14 people at Witnesses
a popular beach resort in Africa. balaclavas
Witnesses say gunmen wearing the
balaclavas opened fire on people on The
the front front on the Ivy coast. grenades
The militants began launching Europeans
grenades at the tourists, four home
Europeans are among the dead. Back been
home the bod of a young woman has Melbourne's
been discovered inside a home in investigation.
Melbourne's west sparking a murder Hurn
investigation. Christ tooin Tina Melton,
Hurn is live in the suburb of investigation
Melton, it is early stages in the Sylvia,
investigation but what do we know? this
Sylvia, paramedics were called to night.
this address behind me at 7:00 last year-old
night. They performed CPR on a 20- unable
year-old woman tragically she was homicide
unable to be revived. I spoke to time
homicide detectives just a short just
time ago, but they wouldn't reveal sustained.
just what kind of injuries she that
sustained. Witnesses however say area
that police then swarmed on this year-old
area and combed the streets, a 24- custody.
year-old man was then taken into their
custody. He's assisting police with the
their inquiries. I do believe that other.
the two parties are known to each dozens
other. There are reports there were address
dozens of people outside this wailing
address last night. Some were heard forensics
wailing and screaming, we have seen working
forensics here overnight. Forensics the
working into the morning and while cleared
the police tape has now been is
cleared this homicide investigation Thank
is very much under way Sylvia. are
Thank you Chris. Victoria Police violent
are promising a major crackdown on preventing
violent gangs in the hope of brawl
preventing any repeat of the wild Community
brawl in the city at the weekend. Community leaders have condemned youths
the violence which saw hundreds of Square
youths running riot in Federation fearing
Square leaving restaurant diners Queensland
fearing for their lives. To trying
Queensland where police are now Sydney
trying to extradite three men from robbery
Sydney wanted over a violent Shocking
robbery of a woman last week. the
Shocking security footage captured dragged
the moment the 63-year-old was dragged down a Gold Coast street stolen.
trying to stop her handbag being cepted
stolen. Border Force officers intd Airport.
cepted the Chilean men at Sydney whether
Airport. The police will decide back
whether the try yo will be sent there's
back to Queensland to face charges, Prime
there's been a slide in support for to
Prime Minister Turnbull according to new figures out from the

to new figures out from the latest Turnbull's
Ipsos opinion poll of the Mr slumped
Turnbull's opinion rating has slumped 14% since November. Bill

4%, the Coalition has slightly has
improved level of support. Labor's news
has softened. The latest from the across
news room and we'll have more Just
across the next hour.Thanks Sylvia. it.
Just get out there and get amongst to
it.Plenty going on. The count down another
to the election is on in the studio Black
another countdown is on.I'm Jack (SONG)#
Black and I'm taking over today. Jack
(SONG)# The highway to hell # panda's
Jack Black is here to talk about with
panda's family life and working the
with Angelina Jolie.School of rock the best ever, that's This program is not captioned. MAN: (Sings) # Hey, brother, there's
an endless road to rediscover # Oh, if the sky comes falling down # There's nothing in this world
I wouldn't do # Oh, hey! # What if I'm far from home? # Oh, brother, I will hear you call # There's nothing in this world
I wouldn't do. #

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What!Yes Karl.Get out of town. one,
You've got to believe me on this today.
one, a total of 40 grand on offer spend
today.That's a lot. Get up and Timmy
spend big. Get's get sport with his
Timmy Gill ber.I hope Dickie has be
his Cassio calculator, there will The
be figures bounce around everyone. need
The Melbourne Storm didn't know Cameron
need their calculator, Rising Star become
Cameron Munster proved he can scoring
become a capable replacement defence
scoring a try and providing solid a
defence in the victory. Slater it's all
a difficult one for him spending last
all of that time on the sideline what
last year. They still don't know the
what is up with that shoulder of West
the they will continue to monitor. victory
West Coast cruised to a 105 point Eagles
victory against Essendon. The inexperience
Eagles outclassed the Bombers whose said
inexperience shows, John Worsfold his
said it will be a challenge to keep one.
his side positive ahead of round Hazlewood
one. Australian paceman Josh Hazlewood looks ready to fire in trick
the T20 World Cup claiming a hat- a.
trick in the West Indies in kal cat the
a. Australia weren't able to secure the win, the total chased down on Of
the second last ball of the game. Check
Of course you can watch it on Nine. Cup.
Check your guides for the T20 World Jarryd
Cup. A revealing insight into American
Jarryd Hayne and his debut year on Hayne
American football on '60 Minutes' sunk
Hayne spoke about how his heart touch
sunk when he dropped his first god
touch at the regular season.Oh, my if
god my coach would have killed me disappointing,
if I full bed this ball. It was situation,
disappointing, I didn't want this dealt
situation, these are the cards returns
dealt let's get through it.Hayne training
returns to the US to continue on
training with the 49ers. We touched You
on it how will he go next season. season
You think when he started this didn't
season and didn't do so well. He didn't know all

didn't know all the rules, it is a game
complex game a long form protracted you
game with all sorts of plays in T healthy,
you would think if he stays fit and right
healthy, he's so big and build The
right up with that trademark pace. through
The sky is the limit. He's got agent
through the big test and as his those
agent said it's not uncommon for back
those to be dropped off and come or
back in and then go and it play 10 Plane
or 12 seasons of NFL. The Hayne interesting
Plane is going to soar.The relation
interesting thing he raced was in obviously
relation to head gear. He's think
obviously - he's had big hits, I although
think he's had a bit of concussion, jokingly,
although he couldn't remember of
jokingly, about the concussion side in
of things, but to have young kids the
in head Guerra cross all forms of someone
the game I think it requires and
someone like that to come out here high
and lead the way especially kids in really
high contact sport. I see it as a is
really positive step forward.There someone
is a bit of myth going around, doesn't
someone will always quote oh no it it?
doesn't do any good. How couldn't football,
it? My little bloke loves playing you
football, the rule is if you play both
you wear head gear simple. He plays particularly
both league and unionWhat I that
particularly love coming out of nothing
that interview he takes absolutely he's
nothing for granted. Everything He
he's got he worked really hard for. says
He hasn't listened to the anyway support
says and pushed on through with the family,
support of his family.A lovely That
family, his mum is a fire cracker. sitting
That and the little kids, baby- nice.
sitting the little guys, really full
nice.Good luck to him, he has our mean
full support on Today, that could morning
mean a lot or not much at all. Good I'm
morning Stevie.Good morning Karlos, with
I'm thinking of wearing head gear studio.
with Jack Black coming into the dangerous,
studio. It will be live and summer
dangerous, stay tuned. As you know looks
summer has dug its claws in, it end
looks like it may be coming to an the
end especially for Sydneysiders, to

the main centres, we have showers Townsville
about in Queensland, Cairns and possible
Townsville on 32, Sunshine Coast around
possible showers, 30, more showers 31,
around this morning for Brisbane, starting
31, the Gold Coast 30, wet weather degrees,
starting to come, Sydney's way, 28 since
degrees, it's been a long time map
since we have seen showers on the two,
map in Sydney, Canberra a shower or 21,
two, 29, morning drizzle Melbourne, for
21, showers Hobart, a cloudy day scorcher
for Adelaide pushing up to 27, a storms
scorcher in the west, Perth 40, trough
storms about for Alice and Darwin, to
trough bringing showers and storms the
to WA, NSW, South Australia into shore
the interior as well. Humid on around
shore winds scattering showers broad
around the Queensland coast. A bringing
broad region of low pressure bringing some rain and storms to three
the tropics. Well, it has been

three weeks precisely since we have like
seen any rain in Sydney. It looks is
like today things will change. This over
is a record we haven't seen for nice
over a century. So we have got a NSW,
nice trough off the east coast of the
NSW, to start bringing good rain to should
the Sydney basin over days and flowers
should start showers, the more whether
flowers in autumn don't know No-one
whether they are Arthur or Martha. Sydney
No-one thinks about the flowers. Time
Sydney really needs the rain the online,
Time to check out what is trending Wass
online, Barack Obama's daut a Sasha Ryan
Wass all smiles when she met actor it's
Ryan Reynolds at the state dinner, trending
it's her sister Malia's response dad
trending this morning, the daughter to
dad is a world leader we can relate wouldn't
to how they are feeling.Why is
wouldn't you take advantage of it is in a

is in a canine or cuisine, photo rounds
memes like that are doing the asking
rounds on social media, this one Chihuahua
asking if it's a Chihuahua or muffin
Chihuahua as Karl looks to say or a muffin and a puppy or a Bagel

muffin and a puppy or a Bagel a know
Labradoodle or fried chicken. U I been
know where I'd like to go. I've pet
been to some restaurants. If your love
pet looks like food we with would blurs
love you to send it in.The line countries.
blurs as you head into certain fried
countries.Tragically.On that change
fried chicken, I just want to the
change the subject, how good are and
the buns with the mashed potatoes and gravy.Yum.Don't worry about don't
the content.I'm with Timmy, I and
don't worry about that, the buns seal,
and the mash. Every day Sammy the for
seal, we haven't heard from Sammy of
for a while, he leaves the comfort seafood
of his home to flop across to the Ireland,
seafood restaurant in Dublin him
Ireland, sometimes the owners give away.
him fish sometimes they shoe him journey.
away. For Sammy it's all about the the
journey.What would the road do to hungry.
the poor tummy.Oh gee he must be going
hungry.It looks like businesses or are
going well.You think polar Bears you
are tough, that asphalt.Good on co-hosting
you Sammy. Coming up Jack Black is that
co-hosting the show today. Not only cash
that he could be calling you with How
cash to give away. Check it out. on
How good would that be, Jack Black and
on the line, plus crashes, smashes at
and rough racing. We'll take a look sport.
at Australia's fastest growing racing.
sport. Would you believe it's drone break
racing.That is cool. After the election
break when will we vote? The the
election guessing game continues, Richardson
the political mind reader Graham next
Richardson gives us his prediction looking
next on Today. He is literally

This program is not captioned. Talk to me, Tom. Mr Aleksandr,
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Our challenge, the challenge each to
and every one of us in this room is the
to do everything we can to elect the Turnbull government, because no,
the Turnbull government gives us - (SONG)#
no, please, please... rules
(SONG)# I just want to break the That
rules # weekend
That was Tony Abbott there over the booing
weekend and there was a bit of was
booing for Malcolm Turnbull, that firmly
was obviously in Tony Abbott's seat, out
firmly in his seat. But a new poll Minister
out this morning reveals the Prime among
Minister is losing more support continues
among voters as his approval voting continues to slide, we are joined

continues to slide, we are joined Richardson.
by political commentator Graham a
Richardson. Is Malcolm Turnbull in is
a if you had l?Absolute lit, that Newspoll
is better than Newspoll, the and
Newspoll will be what they look to The
and it will be out next weekment this
The figures, the poll that is out approval
this morning Malcolm Turnbull 's November
approval rating down from 69% in drop
November to 55% today. That's a the
drop of 14% points. Not going in the right direction not going in approval
the right direction. Bill Shorten's

approval rating is up.It could gone
only go one way, no-one could have shorten,
gone further than that. For Bill would
shorten, that is a good number. He tracking
would be happy with that.He's points
tracking in the right direction.40 who
points now now he's 20.They know Shorten
who he is.And they still like hip. he's
Shorten had a good couple of weeks, for
he's going well. It's a good result to
for Turnbull. Everyone is looking the
to next week.The poll this morning effectively
the SMH says translates to dropping
effectively 2 million people lot
dropping off Malcolm Turnbull.A sticking
lot of people have, they are still that
sticking with the Liberal Party in longer
that same poll. The trouble the leader
longer you stay away from the stay
leader the more likely you are to presidential
stay away from the party. In a going
presidential campaign if you're not slip,
going well I think your numbers can said
slip, the party's numbers slip. I repeat
said last week, so I think I can polls
repeat it, about two more news fairly
polls from now, I'm expecting a approval
fairly big drop in Malcolm's weeks.
approval rate, another four or five poll
weeks.Concern this morning another Joyce
poll out in relation to Barnaby Windsor,
Joyce and the independent Tony there
Windsor, he's a good candidate Indeed,
there and the polls show it of the one
Indeed, listen to this, I got this day
one wrong. I was asked the other Joyce
day about it, I said that Barnaby politician
Joyce was the best retail Windsor's
politician in Australia, that Tony look
Windsor's day had come and gone. I wrong.
look like I've got that completely when
wrong. You should acknowledge it acknowledge
when you stuff it up.I should the
acknowledge it hold the phone stop acknowledging
the presses...You'd have a lot of things
acknowledging to do.I don't get line
things right. We will lay it on the what
lineLay what on the line? Exactly much
what are we laying?There's been so of
much speculation, you are the guru you
of politics in this country, I want ball
you to look inside this crystal God,
ball my friend, I've got one...My very
God, yes. Yes, remain calm.It's the
very big. Remain calm, can we dim crystal
the lights? There is a bigger one
crystal ball here, you can put this want
one out too. Which ever one you want to look at. Look into this think
crystal ball and tell us what you Me
think in terms of the election date. we
Me thinks we see 2 July. Me thinks also
we see a double dissolution. But we now
also see absolute madness between which
now and then, 8.5 week campaign in which anything can happen.

which anything can happen.We see talkative
an awful lot in there.It's a very He
talkative ball.A bit like Dickies. been
He has the give away thing.It's picked
been an enormous pressure.We OK.
picked it up a bit.I'm so thrilled. Lisa.
OK. He doesn't like being wrong about
Lisa.I know he doesn't. Karl it's like
about the crystal balls, one looks holiday
like a snow dome from your last holiday and the other thing looks used
like that little that uncle fester electricity.
used to have to conduct left uncle
electricity. Are you likening me to she
uncle fester?Not at all.I think always
she is, I should feel insulted.I bit
always liked uncle fester.He was a Still
bit attractive.Very attractive. for
Still to come, a very good reason Black
for you to get excited.I'm Jack The
Black and I'm taking over Today. doesn't
The one and only Jack Black, it He
doesn't get much better than that. dangerous,
He will be right here, live and morning.
dangerous, co-hosting the show this massive
morning. Plus we have got two week.
massive cash calls every day this and
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This program is not captioned. I love these soft
Stand 'N Stuff tortillas from Old El Paso. They're so easy to fill,
everyone can do it. No! (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS)

Ah, even mi nina. Try Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff
tortillas tonight.

This program is not captioned. breaking
Welcome back, we have more on terror
breaking news overseas, two deadly bomb
terror attacks this morning, a car killing
bomb exploded in Turkey 's capital there's
killing at least 20 people, while on
there's also been a shooting attack Steinfort
on Africa's Ivory Coast. Tom what's
Steinfort joins us live from London, Ankara?
what's the latest first from you
Ankara?Look, Sylvia, I can tell since
you we've had several developments in
since we last spoke on this attack increased
in Turkey of the death toll has almost
increased to 27. It is believed injured
almost 100 more people have been bombing.
injured in this dreadful car Ankara.
bombing. It was in the capital Ankara. I can

Ankara. I can tell you it was in the diplomatic quarter there, in reports
the last 15 minutes or so we've had in
reports from intelligence sources Kurdish
in Turkey that say they believe responsible
Kurdish militant groups are bomb
responsible for this attack. The wiped
bomb detonated in a car, it has nen busy
wiped out several buses in this It
busy part of town just before 7pm. terror
It is a city that is no stranger to have
terror attacks at the moment. There last
have been a number there in the particularly
last 12 months. This is growing
particularly concerning with the Turkey
growing number of terror attacks in Australians
Turkey at the moment given so many for
Australians will be heading there month.
for Anzac Day commemorations next at
month. Terrible scenes.Let's look know
at the Ivory Coast shooting. Do we attack?
know who is responsible for that there
attack?Yes, al-Qaeda. The group responsibility
there Islamic Greb has chraped the
responsibility for this. That is the group

the group responsible for kerbing
kidnapping two Australians in ago
kerbing kina fas owe a month or two with
ago and blowing up a hotel popular people
with Westerners who killed 30 they
people in that country. This time popular
they have targeted a tourist resort Ivory
popular with Westerners in the currently
Ivory Coast of the death toll is

currently we're told at 20. 14 shot
civilians and six of the attackers These
shot dead there by authorities. front
These attackers stormed the beach also
front resort with a sheen guns and also grenades.

also grenades. This he were clearly Westerners,
target ing this trying to give been
Westerners, four Europeans have between
been killed, the common link Coast
between Burkina Faso and the Ivory countries
Coast and Mali a number of strong
countries are targeted, they are to
strong allies with France, trying terrorism,
to counter the rice of I slammic the
terrorism, this is unfortunately We'll
the terrorists fighting back hard. minister
We'll be joined by the foreign sid
minister Julie Bishop later on. A an
sid nigh man has been arrested over feared
an attack on the bus, passengers camera.
feared for their lives caught on was
camera. The vehicle's front window trapped
was smashed in while commuters were interchange.
trapped inside the Lane Cove wow
interchange.When the glass hit me real,
wow this is not a joke, this is seriously
real, some of us could get sense
seriously hurt here. There is a of
sense of panic we have to get out The
of here, people were hysterical. guard
The 30-year-old man is under police have
guard in hospital where he's due to today.
have surgery on his hand later Po
today. Investigators have found the disaster
Po pilot of the Germanwings psychiatric
disaster was referred to a before
psychiatric hospital a fortnight passenger
before he deliberately crashed a There
passenger plane killing 150 people. authorities
There are now calls for medical confidentiality
authorities to lift patient pilot's
confidentiality in cases when a to
pilot's mental health is a threat instance
to public safety.In this sort of passed
instance this information should be passed up the chain to the has
authorities concerned.Germanwings Andreas
has denied wrongdoing, insisting the
Andreas Lubitz was fit to fly at Squad
the time of the crash. The Homicide suspicious
Squad is investigating the in
suspicious death of a young woman police
in Melbourne's west this morning, Melton
police were called to a house in where
Melton just before 7:00 last night body.
where they found the 20-year-old's with
body. A crime scene has been set up searching
with neighbours saying police are year-old
searching the area for clues. A 24- police.
year-old man is being questioned by of
police. A driver has lost control southwest
of his vehicle in Sydney's several
southwest overnight colliding with four-wheel
several parked cars, the Honda least
four-wheel drive collided with at in
least three other vehicles parked this
in Marrickville just before 3:00 treated
this morning. The male driver was injuries
treated at the scene for minor injuries and has been taken hospital.
injuries and has been taken to Tony
hospital. Six months after ousting Minister
Tony Abbott from the top job Prime another
Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken live
another hit in the polls. Let's go Kerrie
live to Canberra where we find support
Kerrie Yaxley, Kerrie, the fall in faces
support for Mr Turnbull comes as he the
faces criticism over the timing of poll
the budget and the election.This Turnbull's
poll is a mixed bag, Malcolm voters
Turnbull's personal standing with Coalition
voters has taken a tumble, the winning
Coalition remains in an election- Malcolm
winning position a causing to Ipsos has
Malcolm Turnbull's approval rating amount.
has fallen down quite a significant up,
amount. His disapproval rating is up, Bill Shorten's approval rating disapproval
has increased slightly, his Prime
disapproval rating is down, the base,
Prime Minister is coming off a high low
base, Bill Shorten is coming off a Coalition
low base the support for the to
Coalition remains strong according it
to Ipsos polling after preferences position,
it is in an election-winning held
position, if there was an election returned
held today the Government would be the
returned losing a handful of seats, popular
the Prime Minister is far more overwhelmingly
popular than his opponents voters is
overwhelmingly believe Mr Turnbull job
is the better choice for the top approval
job despite the slump in the Minister
approval rating.The Foreign Prime
Minister will meet with the Fijian the
Prime Minister as part of tour of toured
the cyclone ravaged nation, she communities
toured some of the worst hit soldiers
communities and met with Australian effort.
soldiers helping with the clean-up million
effort. Australia has committed $15 along
million in humanitarian assistance and
along with 500 tonnes of resources workers
and equipment. Up to 800 sacked refinery
workers from Clive Palmer's nickel today
refinery will meet with creditors a
today to discuss the possibility of the
a community buyback. The future of the employees remains in doubt with to
the embattled business man refusing most
to rechit to rehiring them.The Palmer
most important thing is not Clive going
Palmer but keeping the industry I
going for Queensland and Australia, of
I won't be putting tens of millions just
of dollars to make that available just to lose that money.It

just to lose that money.It comes Nickel
as administrators for Queensland offer
Nickel say Mr Palmer rejected their Ore
offer to three three shipments of operational.
Ore needed to keep the refinery hopeful
operational. US presidential at
hopeful Donald Trump has hit back up
at claims his campaign is stirring Speaking
up violence among supporters. the
Speaking in Illinois this morning no-one
the Republican front-runner claims rallies.
no-one had been injured at his fighting
rallies. He praised supporters for protesters
fighting back against violent differently.
protesters saying they are treated rallies
differently.You go to one of these be
rallies and you protest oh you'll up
be in trouble. They will lock you you
up for the rest of your life, give poor
you the electric chair and say "oh with
poor Bernie" he had to endure this, used
with us they don't say that. Police used pepper spray to try to break ready
up a group of more than 200 people rally
ready to fight outside Trump's at
rally in Kansas city. Take a look Trotters
at this one of the Harlem Globe ever
Trotters has made the highest shot managing
ever in the team's 90-year history ring
managing to throw a basketball in a the
ring at the top of the sky lift in bucket,
the United States. A slam dunk performed
bucket, it's nothing but net, they mountain
performed the move from stone hoop.
mountain in Atlanta 91m above the a
hoop.Nice work.It's what you call Here
a swish in netball, nothing but net. Nice.
Here we go, from downtown, Boof! came
Nice.I wonder how many attempts for
came before that one.He was there end.
for five weeks.He got there in the cameraman
end.He got there in the end.The why
cameraman was still filming.That's Coming
why they call him tenacious D. fighting,
Coming up everyone will be Kung Fu is
fighting, the hilarious Jack Black will
is back and taking off the show.A sporting
will be great, ahead the latest Australia,
sporting craze taking over battling
Australia, the drone racers What
battling it out for huge prizes. last
What did Madonna get up to in her she
last show last night or what didn't entertainment
she get up to coming up in entertainment news.Melbourne

This program is not captioned. Lift, laugh and exercise
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Nurofen was when Olivia was three months old
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This program is not captioned. MAN: The first time I quit,
I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I lasted three days, and then
some bright spark gave me a beer.

Well, the second time was better.
Come on! I lasted six weeks,
until my girlfriend decided I was too cranky,
and gave me a cigarette.

The last time I quit, I just put out
my cigarette and never lit another. Well, it wasn't that simple,
but that was three years ago. You see, every time you quit,
you get a little better at it, so remember -
never give up giving up.

MAN: (Sings) # No-one can stop
me when I taste the feeling # Nothing could ever bring me down # Taste the feeling. #

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show, don't this
forget we have $40,000 on the line day
this morning, two cash calls every Stevie
day this week.Look at how tall Have
Stevie Jacobs looks.Thank you. something.
Have you had some surgery or No
something.No.I'm just very short. white
No work done as of now.Is there a go.
white pages on that seat.There you cute.
go. Beautiful. Can(LAUGHTER)So man
cute.The plane. The best weather Let's
man in the country.I feel giant. was
Let's get the sport.I thought he Oh!
was standing-up there for a while. Storm
Oh!Rugby league, the Melbourne over
Storm has had a comfortable win Slater
over the Gold Coast 34-16, no Billy withdrawal
Slater after he was a late of
withdrawal of the Titans quick out quick
of the blocks and led early. Two the
quick tries before the break got look
the Storm going, well they didn't five
look like back. Melbourne is one of after
five teams undefeated Billy Slater is
after missing so many of last year all
is still injured.He didn't train that
all week. We were sort of hopeful something
that he would come good. There is He's
something just not quite right. frustrated
He's disappointed and fairly last
frustrated what he went through State
last year.A worry for Queensland double
State of Origin you would like. A Dugan
double blow for the Dragons Josh hamstring
Dugan will have scans on his to
hamstring after the 28 point loss flogged
to the Sharks, Essendon has been Coast
flogged over going to 105 to West obviously
Coast in the NAB Challenge, Bombers
obviously lacking experience the powerful
Bombers were no match for the in
powerful Eagles, the Demons perfect Saints
in their pre-season taking down the have
Saints by 14. The Brisbane Lions confirming
have taken a huge hit after beams
confirming star midfielder Dane with
beams would be out indefinitely injury
with knee tendon night tis, the point
injury announced after the Lions 39 hat-trick
point loss to the giant, cricket, a enough
hat-trick for Josh Hazlewood not West
enough to get Australia past the Hazlewood
West Indies in the T20 warmup, Hazlewood wrecked the top order cameo
with magnificent bowling but a late to
cameo by Darren Samery helped them batted
to a victory, finch and Watson ball
batted well, Watson racing to a 39- Watto
ball win. We know how explosive Australia
Watto can be, heal be pivotal if silverware
Australia is to claim the World
silverware in India for the T20 stuff.
World Cup Karl and Lisa.Beautiful happening
stuff. Let's check out what is Stevie.
happening with the weather with you
Stevie.Today's weather brought to Because
you by Inner Health immune booster. do
Because there is better things to still
do than be sick.Thank you Karlos, around
still seeing warm temperatures way
around the country, showers on the Australia
way for Queensland, NSW, South moving
Australia Tasmania and slowing moving storms over

moving storms over
Australia Tasmania and slowing your
moving storms over the tropics to around
your place, the best national fly Cairns,
around wet weather for towns, possible
Cairns, Rocky showers and 31, Bundaberg,
possible morning showers for storms
Bundaberg, Grafton possible showers, storms likely for Dubbo, possible for
storms for Orange, 27 sunny and 33 Mildura
for Albury. Victoria partly cloudy Bendigo
Mildura and Ballarat sun shine for morning
Bendigo 26, Sale showers. Good place
morning Tassie, what way beautiful for
place that was to visit, showers for Swansea and SA Mt Gambier, 22 humid
morning somehow rs for Ceduna, a Coober
humid day and possible storms for Coober Pedy. Windy in

Coober Pedy. Windy in al Albany, Northern
sunny Port Hedland on 40. The and
Northern Territory seeing showers Alice
and storms across the top end, Alice Springs and Catherine,

Alice Springs and Catherine, 34

degrees today.
Alice Springs and Catherine, 34 to
degrees today. Wouldn't it be nice Should
to see everybody's true height. the
Should we all hit our switches at Up
the same time on the count of three. welcome
Up or down, two, one, go.Hello, Oh,
welcome to the little Today Show. foot
Oh, my god, Dickie is still six and
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and heels.Mom! Meatloaf. This is over
like driving I can only just see You
over the dashboard. Good for eating. fork.
You don't even need a knife and We
fork.We would like this to be norm. has
We have to come back up, everyone level
has to grow up.Let's raise the to
level of this show.We don't want coming
to raise it too much, Jack Black is you
coming on.It will be huge.Dickie jacket.
you have a new suit.It's a new That
jacket. I've had it for a while. Thank
That is very in at the moment. today.
Thank you very much.Special guest bulletin
today.Coming up in the news caught
bulletin the shocking bus attack a
caught on camera. More details from Black
a terrified witness.Ahead Jack Show
Black is here to takeover the Today at
Show this morning, be warned he was 3'
at the premiere of 'Kung Fu Panda you
3' last night of the we will bring carpet.
you all the action from the green dangerous.
carpet.Live and very, very give
dangerous. Plus we have 40 grand to himself
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Almost there. Oh, you're there.
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This program is not captioned. to
Good morning to you. Welcome back country.
to the Today Show across the dollar
country. Happy Monday. The Aussie dollar staged a massive resurgence are
in the past five weeks and if you you
are cheering it on, be careful what overseas
you wish for. While it makes cheaper
overseas vacations cheaper or away
cheaper online shopping it takes Aussie
away opportunities at home. The resilience
Aussie dollar is showing incredible mining
resilience in the aftermath of the has
mining downturn, but as the dollar businesses
has fallen plenty of other people.
businesses have employed lots of Aussie
people. In the past 40 days, the entrenched
Aussie dollar is up 10%. It is well the
entrenched above 75 US cents but could
the sentiment a month ago was it 50s.
could fall down into the low 60s or companies
50s. The problem now is local money
companies that were getting more 10%
money overseas for their goods are compete
10% worse off. Companies that overseas
compete with goods import frd and
overseas are 10% less competitive, going,
and this dollar move, if it keeps Reserve
going, puts more pressure on the to
Reserve Bank to cut interest rates what
to get the dollar lower. That's what New Zealand did last week. The signs
Reserve Bank bank has given strong anywhere
signs it doesn't want rates to move forced
anywhere but its hand might be When
forced if the dollar keeps rising. industry
When our dollar rises our movie when
industry is affected. Bottom line more
when the dollar is down, we make But
more movies right here in Australia. special
But speaking of movies with our the
special guest host Jack Black in out
the studio, I thought I would dig $1.65
out the Kung-Fu economic figures. takings
$1.65 US billion in Box Office heading
takings around the world and time
heading close on $2 billion by the Incredible
time 'Kung-Fu Panda 3' is done. you
Incredible business I have to tell That
you for such a cute little panda. for
That is the business. Now is time with
for the show with entertainment entertainment
with Richard Wilkins.Today by
entertainment report brought to you phone
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Club. Where meeting up means more. patiently
Good morning again. We waited Madonna
patiently for 23 years to see and
Madonna turn to Australian stages bang
and she is certainly back with a rebel
bang on her Australian leg of her on
rebel heart world tour. Madonna put Rod
on a spectacular sold out show at performing
Rod Laver Arena on Saturday night hits
performing plenty of her classic standouts.
hits along with Rebel Heart long
standouts. She gave a shout out to who
long time supporter Molly Meldrum She
who was sitting in the front row. first
She thanked Molly for being the love
first man in Australia to fall in of
love with her and there was a bit sure
of hip flask action too. I'm not show
sure about that. She closed the songs,
show with one of her most famous performed
songs, 'Holiday', which she The
performed draped in an Aussie flag. Brisbane
The Queen of Pop will play in nights
Brisbane on Wednesday and Thursday Sydney
nights before heading to shows in Welcome
Sydney on Sunday and Thursday night. matter
Welcome back Madonna. It was only a make
matter of time for Harry Styles to It
make his post one direction move. film
It appears he has landed his first The
film role in the drama 'Dunkirk'. star
The 22-year-old heart throb will set
star alongside Tom Hardy in a drama World
set to recreate the events of the French
World War II evacuation from the film
French city of Dunkirk in 1940. The That
film is due to be released in 2017. making
That will be one to watch, Harry to
making his first move.He will have need
to get a hair cut.He probably will Speaking
need a hair cut Karlos, good point. Zayn
Speaking of One Direction, checkout boy
Zayn Malik's new tattoo. The former new
boy band star posted a snap of his bird
new ink over the weekend feature a letters
bird holding a scroll with the reference
letters M-o-m which could be a the
reference to his mother which all to
the fans thought was a lovely thing to do but more likely

to do but more likely referencing which
his upcoming album 'Mind of Mine', fortnight.
which is set to be release nd a media
fortnight. Fans took to social looks,
media to mourn the loss of his good he
looks, but at least no-one can say like
he is just a pretty face anymore.I hurt.
like face tattoos.They have got to in
hurt.He won't have too many albums will
in the course of his life time. He we
will have no face left.Yesterday hit
we saw Hollywood's king of the kids Fu
hit the green carpet at the 'Kung- himself
Fu Panda 3' premiere and funny man joining
himself Jack Black will not only be taking
joining us after this, he will be show.
taking over today and cohosting the just
show.He just makes you laugh.You you
just look at him and he says hi and in
you laugh. We have tough challenges cinemas
in store for him. There were three the
cinemas going for him yesterday at of
the Hoyts and Jack went into each was
of them and said g'day. Dave Hughes and
was doing the MC bit.Dave Hughes role.
and Kate Langbroek have a speaking film.
role.They are both geese in the someone
film. In every country they get smart.
someone to...Very clever.Very every
smart.He has naughty written over got
every inch of him.What have you that
got there?The 3D panda glasses that were handed.

that were handed.Say it again. off
That's for when you forget to wipe your
off your mascara and it is down the
your cheek.You should wear them at are
the Logies, Dickie.Wow, you guys You
are in 3D. Me in 3D not so good. Dickie.
You look like a man in a panda suit, celebrating
Dickie.That's what we are you
celebrating today.Panda 4.Thank on
you Buddy.Here are the top stories extraordinary
on Today.A shocking attack. The bus.
extraordinary moment a man bashes a speak
bus. His face in Court, and we video.
speak to the man who filmed this squad
video.A grim discovery. Murder a
squad detectives investigate after Melbourne.
a body is found in a unit west of scene.
Melbourne. We are live from the blast
scene.Terror in Turkey, a bomb the
blast kills at least 25 people in injured.
the capital Ankara, dozens are Malcolm
injured.Support is slipping for morning
Malcolm Turnbull, a shock poll this have
morning suggests millions of voters have turned against him.We

have turned against him.We have this
two Block of Cash calls every day 30
this week, starting with a whopping 30 grand jackpot.And Jack's back.

30 grand jackpot.And Jack's back. over
The funniest guy in Hollywood takes dangerous,
over Today. He is here, live and incredible
dangerous, stand by for some very
incredible surprises, too.And a have
very good morning to you. Great to morning.
have your company on this Monday Bishop
morning. Foreign Minister Julie Karl
Bishop is standing by to talk to terror
Karl very shortly about those now
terror attacks overseas, but right extraordinary
now police are investigating an Sydney,
extraordinary attack on a bus in the
Sydney, during which a man smashed He
the windscreen with his bare hands. his
He is now undergoing surgery for speak
his injuries. In a moment we will first
speak to the union involved, but Chris
first to Today Sydney reporter out
Chris Urquhart. Chris, he started then
out with some kind of weapon, but window
then he was literally smashing that through
window with his bare hands. Take us Lisa?
through what happened.Wasn't he, This
Lisa? Horrific and terrifying this. They
This is what police allege happened. yesterday
They say it was about 5:00 are
yesterday afternoon right where we Interchange
are standing at the Lane Cove that
Interchange where on board a bus man
that had been there, a 22-year-old 30-year-old.
man was allegedly assaulted by a then
30-year-old. The 30-year-old had where
then gotten off the bus and that's early
where this video picks up in the what
early stages he appears to have of
what seems to be a windscreen wiper window
of one of the buses, smashing the his
window and then smashing it with attack.
his hands and fists. It is a brutal would
attack. Clearly the people on board was
would have been terrified by what driver.
was going on, including the bus happen
driver. You don't expect this to a
happen at any time, let alone 5:00 afternoon.
a bus into the city on Sunday night
afternoon. We managed late last witnesses.
night to speak to one of the he
witnesses. Here is a little of what it
he told us.When the glass hit me joke,
it was like, wow, this is not a could
joke, this is real. Some of us There
could get seriously hurt here. that
There was a real sense of panic People
that we have to get out of here. police
People were hysterical.Yeah, later
police made an arrest a short time badly
later of a 30-year-old. He was so taken
badly injured that he needed to be where
taken to Royal North Shore Hospital surgery.
where it is understood he will need but
surgery. He is under police guard offences,
but has been charged with two that
offences, that being the assault bus
that allegedly took place on the see
bus and this wilful damage that we A
see in the video of the bus itself. you
A disgraceful episode and it shows every
you what bus drivers are up against unfair
every single day, Lisa.It is just that.
unfair Chris. Thanks very much for Workers'
that. Now let's go to NSW Transport Aird.
Workers' Union secretary Michael Good
Aird. Good morning to you, Michael. for
Good morning, Lisa and thank you attack
for having me on the show.This is How
attack is absolutely frightening. being
How often are buses and bus drivers regularly,
being attacked?Well, all too frightening
regularly, and it is a shocking and on
frightening attack and it was only a
on your show a few weeks ago about Marrickville.
a man taking a shovel to a bus in all
Marrickville. These instances are daily
all too common and it is also the drivers
daily instances of abuse. I mean, onment
drivers report regularly being spat shocking
onment I mean, it is really a do
shocking state. I mean, bus drivers community.
do such a vital job for our school,
community. They take our kids to work.
school, they take our loved ones to community,
work. They get out early in our majority
community, and the overwhelming majority of the community love and and
respect our bus drivers, they love there
and respect the work they do but unable
there is a small minority that are we
unable to do the right thing. What we are calling on the State bus
Government to do is to stand with with
bus drivers, just as they stood members
with police, nurses and other critical
members of the community in attack
critical professions to say if you ought
attack a bus or a bus driver it automatically
ought to be an aggravated offence, aggravated
automatically it ought to be an deserve
aggravated offence. Bus drivers they
deserve our support.Absolutely interest
they do. I have to declare an is
interest here. One of my brothers stories
is a bus driver and I hear terrible bus
stories from him and it does seem situations
bus drivers are powerless in support
situations like this. Exactly what Well,
support is out there now for them? they
Well, it's very limited. I mean, abandoned
they have effectively been we
abandoned by the Government where cut
we have seen companies that have with
cut safety measures been awarded have
with Government contracts. So, we we
have had a race to the bottom and and
we have seen safety measures cut rewarded.
and those companies actually is
rewarded. We are not saying there extremely
is a silver bullet to these are
extremely violent situations but we can
are saying there are measures that measure
can be taken. We have called for a to
measure to go out to the community offence.
to have it called an aggravated have
offence. We have duress systems. We duress
have had a bus driver let off a the
duress and there was was no-one in should
the office. These sorts of things across
should be in place in bus companies for
across the NSW. Standard training nonexistent,
for bus drivers is almost how
nonexistent, basic training about how to diffuse a

how to diffuse a violent situation, if
basic self-defence training because their
if you attack a bus driver, you put such
their passengers at risk. It is support.
such a critical job. They deserve a
support. We are not saying there is measures
a simple solution, but there are community
measures that can be taken for the show
community and for the Government to bus
show they are going to stand with that
bus drivers.There's no question You
that these attacks are increasing. as
You would also have to say with ice landscape
as part of the landscape now, the Michael
landscape has actually changed. going
Michael Aird, I'm sure you are support.
going to get a lot of community sees
support. Let's hope the Government They
sees raes on and makes some changes. your
They are well overdue. Thanks for Lisa.
your time this morning.Thank you have
Lisa.Overseas dozens of people separate
have been killed and injured in and
separate terror attacks in Turkey with
and Africa. We will be speaking shortly
with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Steinfort
shortly but lets go to Tom we
Steinfort from London. Tom, what do at
we know about the bombings and also Look,
at tack on the West Coast of Africa. information
Look, Karl, we do have new just
information coming out of Turkey officially
just now. Kurdish militants have for
officially claimed responsibility pictures
for this horrific attack. The confronting.
pictures of that blast quite have
confronting. We now know 27 people Turkish
have been killed there in the around
Turkish capital of Ankara and just
around 100 more injured. This is Turkey.
just the latest terror attack in concern
Turkey. Certainly there is great given
concern for the Government there diplomatic
given this took place in a lot
diplomatic area but there will be a Government
lot of concern for the Australian thousands
Government given next month heading
thousands of Australians will be commemorations
heading to Turkey for Anzac Day two
commemorations and this was one of overnight.
two terror attacks unfortunately in
overnight. The other one took place Coast,
in the African nation of the Ivory definitely
Coast, and look, there, they were men
definitely targeting westerners, grenades
men armed with machine guns and a
grenades stormed a tourist resort, kill
a beachfront there and tried to The
kill as many people as possible. There
The death toll from that is at 20. Four
There were 14 civilians killed. six
Four of those were Europeans, and army
six attackers also taken out by the affiliated
army there. Now, the Al-Qaeda Magreb
affiliated group, the Islamic For
Magreb has taken responsibility. familiar.
For viewers, that might sound captured
familiar. They are the group that will
captured two Australians, the he is
will yachts, in Burkina Faso. This trying
is another terror organisation across
trying to spread its tentacles more
across Africa and this is becoming more of a trend there and more of a unfortunately.
trend around the world as well Minister
unfortunately.Let's go to Foreign Foreign
Minister Julie Bishop from Fiji. you.
Foreign Minister, good morning to the
you. Can we get your reaction to the terrible attacks in Turkey and absolutely
the Ivory Coast.Australia condemns and
absolutely these terrorist attacks, families
and our thoughts are with the who
families and loved ones of those I
who have been killed. This morning James
I spoke to our ambassador in Ankara, situated
James Lars on, and he was actually attack
situated right where the terrorist at
attack took place in Ankara. He was where
at the intersection in his car about
where this bomb went off and was give
about 20m away. So, he was able to the
give me a firsthand description of impact
the horror of what went on, and the significant.
impact in Ankara has been quite killed.
significant. A number of people killed. The official number is be
about 27, but he estimates it will injured.
be more than that, and many people it
injured. So, it really does bring attack
it home to us that a terrorist anywhere,
attack can take place at any time, these
anywhere, but we utterly condemn populations.
these barbaric attacks on civilian diplomatic
populations.How was he and the see.
diplomatic staff? Awful things to him
see.It was an appalling thing for him to witness, being so close,

him to witness, being so close, but are
he's fine. All our Australian staff foreigners
are fine. We are not aware of any attack
foreigners being involved in the authorities
attack in Ankara. But the Turkish the
authorities are still investigating many
the details and to determine how another
many people have been killed in yet And
another brutal terrorist attack. of
And it reminds us why we are part terrorist
of the Coalition to defeat they
terrorist organisations wherever currently
they might be operating. We are into
currently operating in Iraq and taking
into Syria, but these attacks are violent
taking place elsewhere, as these export
violent terrorist organisations It's
export their model of terrorism. in
It's also a reminder of the dangers in Turkey particularly, especially Australian
in the lead-up to Anzac Day for working
Australian travellers.We will be Turkish
working very closely with the authorities
Turkish Government and the Turkish Australians
authorities to ensure that travelling
Australians travelling to Anzac Day, safe
travelling to Gallipoli will be as heightened
safe as possible, but of course the very
heightened security will make it but
very challenging for travellers, remain
but we do encourage people to of
remain in touch with the Department can
of Foreign Affairs and Trade so we travel
can give them the most up to date travel advice and it is on

travel advice and it is on our are
website Smart wake
are in Fiji pledging support in the Winston.
wake of the devastating Cyclone devastation
Winston. You have seen the tough
devastation firsthand. It is really a
tough for them.Australia has made contribution
a significant and timely effort
contribution to the disaster relief strongest
effort in Fiji. It was the to
strongest and toughest cyclone ever of
to make landfall in Fiji with winds devastation
of up to 325 km/h. So, the Yesterday
devastation is pretty widespread. which
Yesterday we visited Coro Island has
which is north-east of Suva, and it Houses
has essentially been flattened. have
Houses and trees and crops. And we Defence
have a significant Australian Defence Force contingent there that shelter
have been providing food and also
shelter and water, but they have and
also been rebuilding the schools be
and we hope that the children will At
be able to return to school today. the
At least five of the six schools on off,
the island had their moves taken local
off, and we are working with the can
local authorities to ensure that we is
can return life to normal. But it for
is going to be a very long journey devastating
for the people of Fiji after such a team
devastating natural disaster.The team is over there doing great work rebuild.
and working long hours to help them quick
rebuild. It's a good thing. Another team
quick matter. An ABC four corners Malaysia
team is facing criminal charges in leaving.
Malaysia and have been barred from from
leaving. Things seem to be going these
from bad to worse in Malaysia.Well, raising
these are matters that we are authorities.
raising with the Malaysian freedom
authorities. Australia supports role
freedom of speech. We support the the
role of journalists in reporting will
the news around the world and so we bottom
will do what we can to get to the representations
bottom of this issue and make levels
representations at the highest Government.
levels within the Malaysian Turnbull
Government.And finally our Malcolm home
Turnbull has got some dramas back numbers
home as preferred leader, his Joyce
numbers are going down. Barnaby electorate.
Joyce has problems in his nervous
electorate. Are you starting to get Barnaby
nervous or are you okay?I think opportunity
Barnaby Joyce will relish the New
opportunity to remind the people of though
New England that Tony Windsor, even last
though he didn't face the public public
last time, if he wants to face the England
public this time, the people of New was
England will be reminded that he was part of supporting

was part of supporting the Rudd- brought
Gillard, Rudd Government that mining
brought us the carbon tax and exports
mining tax and banned live cattle the
exports to Indonesia and trashed relish
the budget. I'm sure born bee will relish the opportunity to remind record.
the people of New England of Tony's working
record. As formal come he is Morrison
working assiduously to help Scott with
Morrison to put together a budget Malcolm
with a framework for the future. think
Malcolm is full of optimism and I message
think young people relate to his mining
message of transitions from the economy
mining and resource sector to a new unleash
economy that will allow us to talent
unleash the innovation and creative right,
talent of all Australians.All this,
right, wearing a lot of hats again and
this, mo. We appreciate your time over
and to all of our crews working good
over there to help rebuild Fiji, your
good luck with it and thank you for morning.
your time this morning on a busy We
morning.They are doing a great job. Australian
We should be very proud of our indeed.
Australian Defence Force.They do A
indeed. Thank you Foreign Minister. left
A couple in their 60s have been their
left shaken after a man broke into tried
their house overnight. The man of
tried to leave through the window cuts
of the Hurstville home receiving the
cuts to his hand. Police rushed to the property and tasered the man in The
the backyard and was then arrested. Queensland
The couple was injured. In extradite
Queensland Police are trying to wanted
extradite three men from Sydney woman
wanted after a violent robbery of a footage
woman last week. Shocking security year-old
footage captured the moment the 63- Coast
year-old was dragged down a Gold her
Coast street, as she tried to stop Forces
her handbag being stolen. Border Sydney
Forces stopped the Chilean men at Australian
Sydney Airport yesterday morning. decide
Australian Federal Police will back
decide whether the men will be sent To
back to Queensland to face charges. young
To Melbourne where the body of a inside
young woman has been discovered Christine
inside the home in the city's west. developments
Christine Ahern is across these Chris,
developments for us at Melton. I
Chris, what can you tell us?Sylvia, police
I have got confirmed from Victoria now
police that a 24-year-old man has the
now been charged with murder after Melton.
the death of this young woman in paramedics
Melton. What we know is that address
paramedics were called to this last
address behind me at about 7:00 revive
last night, but they were unable to There
revive this 20-year-old woman. combing
There are reports then police people
combing the streets, also dozens of screaming.
people outside, some wailing and detectives
screaming. I spoke to homicide They
detectives earlier this morning. this
They wouldn't reveal the injuries but
this 20-year-old woman sustained, that
but we now have this development: has
that a 24-year-old man in custody He
has now been charged with murder. sessions
He will appear in an out of Nine
sessions court hearing this morning. today.
Nine News will stay across that a
today. Thank you. Karl?It has been campaign
a tu mult ewe us week for Trump's with
campaign with protestors sprayed us.
with pepper spray. Rob is live for You
us. The scenes are getting heated. Trump
You had better believe it. Donald responsibility
Trump is not taking any outbreak
responsibility at all for the at
outbreak of violence we have seen you
at his rallies. His critics, and as say
you know there are plenty of them, with
say he has inflamed the situation has
with those really fiery speeches he remember
has been giving and you might his
remember he has at times called on the
his followers to punch and smash that's
the protestors. Well, guess what, nights
that's what happened in Chicago two saw
nights ago. Then yesterday also we spring
saw his Secret Service guards rushed
spring into action as someone the
rushed towards him after jumping on
the fence. This morning he is back he
on the morning talk shows again and types.
he is talking about the anti-trump boy,
types. Let's have a listen because, They
boy, he has had quite a weekend. Totally
They all showed up at the same time. Trouble
Totally organised. Trouble makers. is,
Trouble makers. You know the truth time
is, they are disrupters. 90% of the it
time I'm telling the police, take it easy, don't hurt them, just take know,
it easy, don't hurt them. And, you But
know, it is one of those things. want
But we are not provoking. We all ahead
want peace.But it is a big week there's
ahead as well. Two days from now placer
there's the vote that will take Rubio,
placer there in Florida and Marco If
Rubio, he is the local guy there. because
If he doesn't do well there, is
because he is the local Senator, he drop
is in real trouble and may have to the
drop out and at the moment, leading campaign
the polls is Donald Trump.That my
campaign is a powder keg. Thank you my friend. Talk to you soon.Sure has
is ugly. And back home Clive Palmer Nickel,
has opened up about Queensland sacked
Nickel, admitting it is likely the for
sacked workers will remain jobless pointing
for some time to come. Mr Palmer is administrators
pointing the finger at responsible
administrators saying they are News
responsible for sacking staff. Nine joins
News reporter Phil Willmington future
joins us now. Phil, what does the Well,
future look like for these workers? moment,
Well, full of uncertainty at the he
moment, unfortunately. Clive Palmer, he is saying that a decision by the three
administrators on Friday to cancel means
three shiploads of nickel ore, that they
means it will be eight weeks before plant
they can source more here for the immediate
plant to process, so there's no getting
immediate prospect of the refinery the
getting up to full production. In going
the meantime there's this argument going on between Clive Palmer and Queensland
the Queensland Government. The Palmer
Queensland Government says Clive Palmer and his new company Government
Queensland Nickel Sales, the -
Government is saying it didn't seem seem
- that entity and Mr Palmer didn't approvals
seem to know what Government the
approvals they needed to operate countered
the refinery. Clive Palmer has Government
countered that by saying the terms
Government is dragging the chain in appropriate
terms of giving his company the fluid
appropriate approvals. It is such a example,
fluid situation. To give you an there
example, here in Townsville today, local
there is a meeting organised by a inviting
local community group and they are the
inviting all the sacked workers and discuss
the company's creditors to meet and ownership
discuss some form of community moment
ownership of the refinery. At the for
moment there is no certainty except workers
for the fact that those nearly 800 since
workers who have been retrenched dreadful
since January have no jobs.Just a out
dreadful situation. Our hearts go families.
out to those workers and their Townsville.
families. Phil Willmington in Well,
Townsville. Thank you very much.

Well, coming up, the one and only to
drag on warrior.Justice is about justice
to be served.We will have two extra
justice platters. Did you want on
extra sauce with that?She wants it sidement
on the side.On the side.On the coolest
sidementYep, he is pretty much the Black
coolest guy on the planet. Jack way
Black will be Kung-Fu fighting his over
way through the studio and taking time
over the show. But first, it is Stevie.
time for the weather. Good morning We
Stevie.Good morning to you Lisa. Queensland
We have more showers through into
Queensland down into NSW. A few today.
into South Australia and Tassie around
today. Otherwise warm temperatures the
around the country. Let's look at what
the main centres right now and see waking
what it is like where you are Cairns
waking up today. Showers and 32 in Cairns and

Cairns and Townsville. 30 for the Gold
Sunshine Coast. Brisbane 31 and showers
Gold Coast 30 and possible morning run
showers there. Sydney, breaking a run of dry weather today with seeing
showers and 28, and Canberra is morning
seeing showers and 29. Possible Hobart,
morning drizzle in Melbourne, 21. degrees
Hobart, showers and a chillier 18 cloud
degrees today. Adelaide will see the
cloud and 27. Hot day in Perth in about
the west, 40. Showers and storms 33.
about for the Alice, 34, and Darwin

33. Showers in Sydney today will break a 39

break a 39 day run of dry weather That
and temperatures above 26 degrees. seen
That is quite phenomenal. Haven't will
seen that in over 100 years and we through
will also see a cold front coming temperatures
through on Saturday. So showers
temperatures will drop. We will get little
showers and it will start to feel a Finally
little bit more like autumn. grip
Finally is summer is letting its winter
grip go.I'm almost hoping for winter for the first time ever. have
That will be a week later.Police street
have vowed to crack down on armed the
street gangs after violent riots at terrible
the Moomba Festival. These were police
terrible scenes. What about the hold
police on the front line trying to Fordham.
hold them. We are joined by Ben was
Fordham.Morning Karl.This riot Kids
was organised over social media. How
Kids as young as 12 and 13 involved. last
How do we stop?It was on again last night. They turned up again and
last night. Thankfully no violence numbers.
and the police were there in opposite
numbers. They stood in two groups other
opposite each other, eyeing each boys
other off and saying we have more members
boys here tonight. There are involved
members of the Sudanese community say
involved largely and that's not to have
say other community groups don't mixed
have their time where they get shouldn't
mixed up in things that they something
shouldn't with you there's community
something going on in the Sudanese groups
community where rival gangs or a
groups want to turn up and schedule How
a fight and go nuts at each other. police
How do you stop it? Looks like the are
police did a pretty good job.They the
are being Stoked at the moment - pushed
the police are being constantly point
pushed and prodded and at some It
point there is going to be a break. luckily
It broke on Saturday night and think
luckily it didn't last night. I Sudanese
think you need someone from the to
Sudanese community in this example everyone
to come forward and say listen, I
everyone needs to cool their heads. I don't know what is going on at violence.
the moment and there's a lot of Two
violence. More violence in Sydney. brawls
Two men charged after a series of dozen
brawls involving more than two venue
dozen people outside a concert violent
venue in the CBD. It capped off a lock
violent weekend in the Sydney with again.
lock out laws under the microscope all
again. Will events like this change related
all that again?Is it alcohol related violence, is it idiot you
related vilence? I don't know about fight
you Karl, I've never started a with
fight and I was in a conversation people
with Ross Greenwood and a few other another
people where we were watching on TV turned
another night of violence and I in
turned around to the other people you
in the conversation and I said have it
you guys ever been in a fight and whether
it started this conversation about whether or not anyone had ever been Apart
in one and it was interesting. never
Apart from being mugged once, I've started
never been in a fight, I've never you
started a fight. It is different if something
you are on a football field or little
something and there might be a little bit of push or shove, but who
there is a certain group of people they
who go out on the weekend, maybe start
they don't go out intending to had
start one but end up in one. You weekend
had people at a hen's party on the or
weekend or over the last few days in
or so who were violently attacked know
in a fast food out let. I don't that
know what's going on the incidents weekend
that happened in Sydney over the areas.
weekend were outside the lockout laws
areas. I don't believe the lockout think
laws do much to kerb violence. I heart
think you have to attack it at the is
heart of it. How do you do that? It up-bringing.
is something with our behaviour and front
up-bringing.The police on the did
front lines are dealing with it. I Paul
did get in a fight once. In grade 7. get
Paul salmon cleaned me up. I didn't trying
get over it. Malcolm Turnbull is this
trying to get over a lot of things Bleak
this morning. Another pleek poll. rating
Bleak if you think 55% approval Shorten
rating is a bad thing. Also Bill an
Shorten on the way up. He is still give
an awful long way ahead.We have to because
give credit to Bill Shorten here Abbott
because the focus is always on Tony Shorten,
Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull and Bill say
Shorten, and I've been the first to was
say many times, Mr 15% I think he Mr
was at one point and then he became this
Mr 14%. This is not a Newspoll, reliable
this is an Ipsos poll and not as Shorten
reliable as a Newspoll but Bill like
Shorten all of a sudden is looking Malcolm
like he has a bit of fight in him. at
Malcolm Turnbull's biggest problem any
at the moment is he doesn't have biggest
any policies. Bill Shorten's have
biggest problem is that he does Turnbull
have policies and as Malcolm a
Turnbull knows, Bill is going to be because
a bigger target at election time to
because he is going to be wanting and
to do things around superannuation Malcolm
and investment properties. If able
Malcolm does nothing, he will be this
able to say at election time say investment
this guy wants to put a tax on superannuation
investment properties and Malcolm,
superannuation but the question is doing?
Malcolm, what are you actually policy
doing? Malcolm hasn't shown any to
policy cards. As some point he has of
to show some.Maybe it is the way Then
of the future, showing no policies. Tony
Then we get to the situation where Senate
Tony Abbott got where he had a too
Senate that didn't want to help him too much. I would love to clear the minor
Senate out, clear out the Senate of the
minor parties so when people go to the election with a policy we see Well
the thing transformed in real life. Well said. Finally, the story of writing
the day, Warney has commit tod biography.
writing a new tell-all auto- book?
biography.He is going to write a read
book?He once admitted he had never for
read a book.He believes it is time He
for Australia to know the real him. human
He is sensitive, he is a vulnerable that.
human being and I believe all of ago,
that.I remember years and years like
ago, and I can't help like Warney, remember
like most Australians, but I incident
remember years ago when he had an he
incident over a tablet he took that playing
he shouldn't have when he was why
playing and I think Ray Martin said He
why did you not read the guidelines. 3,000
He said ray, I've caught a plane instructional
3,000 times. He said you know that on
instructional thing they give you a
on the plane about what to do when 3,000
a plane crashes, I have heard it down,
3,000 times but if I plane went He
down, I wouldn't know what to do. why
He said I have never read a book so bloke
why would I read the rules. If a going
bloke who has never read a book is you
going to write a book, just shows Well
you can dream and dream and dream. Well said, brother. Are you getting book,
a percentage?It will be a pop-up Fantastic.
book, right?How good are they? Warney.
Fantastic.We love pop-up books.Go need
Warney.Thank you brother.What we glasses.
need is a pop-up book with 3D that.
glasses. What could Warney do with shouldn't
that.Some of those things you Still
shouldn't see, Lisa.Good point. us
Still to come, Kelly Osbourne joins for
us live to reveal a big surprise Talent'.
for the finale of 'Australia's Got we
Talent'.Plus crashes and smashes, fastest
we take a look at Australia's And
fastest growing sport, drone racing. every
And we are making two cash calls two
every day this week, not one, but There's
two cash calls every day this week. morning.
There's 40 grand on the line this close
morning. Make sure your phone is boys
close by.Plus ladies and gentlemen, finally
boys and girls, the time has building.
finally come. Jack Black is in the building. Yes he is. And he is This program is not captioned. Naughty.
No. They're Maltesers. Oh, yeah.


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This program is not captioned.

Let me give you a Tim Tam.Feeding example.
the kiddies today, Jack Black, for in
example. He has arrived, and he is take
in the building. He is about to 'Kung-Fu
take over the Today Show with good
'Kung-Fu Panda'. We can't wait.How powered
good is his Kung-Fu kick style. All Monkey
powered by Tim Tams.Yeah, very all
Monkey magic.Good stuff. That's it
all coming right up. But right now is
it is 7.30 after that hug, and it Silvagni.
is time for all the news with morning
Silvagni.Thank you Lisa. Good where
morning again. We begin overseas killed
where dozens of people have been attacks
killed and dozens more injured in overnight.
attacks in Turkey and Africa told
overnight. Foreign Minister jsh ago
told the Today Show a short time Turkey
ago the Australian ambassador to massive
Turkey was just metres away from a condemns
massive car bomb.Australia condemns absolutely these terror the
attacks and our thoughts are with those
the families and loved ones of morning,
those who have been killed. This in
morning, I spoke to our ambassador actually
in Ankara, James Larson, and he was terrorist
actually situated right where the Ankara.
terrorist attack took place in Ankara. He was at the intersection and
in his car where this bomb went off able
and was about 20m away. So, he was description
able to give me a firsthand went
description of the horror of what has
went on, and the impact in Ankara Steinfort
has been quite significant.Tom late
Steinfort joins us live with the it
late freft London. By all reports, certainly
it seems the death toll is Sylvia,
certainly going to rise in Ankara. toll
Sylvia, that's right. The death reports
toll has risen to 33. The latest more
reports from Turkey, we are getting this
more information as we go to air attack
this morning. This is an horrific quite
attack as you can see from the moment
quite confronting pictures from the Turkish
moment the blast takes place in the 100
Turkish capital of Ankara. Around of
100 people have been injured on top This
of the 33 who have lost their lives. diplomatic
This blast took place in the understand
diplomatic corner of Ankara. We are specifically
understand that they were workers
specifically targeting Government Kurdish
workers and buildings there, these responsibility,
Kurdish rebel s have claimed have
responsibility, those militants disagreement
have been in a long-running Government.
disagreement with the Turkish number
Government. There have been a months,
number of attacks over the last 12 their
months, particularly concerning for as
their Government and our Government Australians
as well given thousands of Turkey
Australians will be heading to commemorations.
Turkey next month for Anzac Day as
commemorations. A terrible attack what's
as well on the Ivory Coast. Tom, the
what's the latest there?Yeah, look, terror
the death toll there is 20. Twin overnight.
terror attacks effectively group
overnight. This was a different group responsible, though. This is Magreb.
the Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic responsible
Magreb. It is the same group Australians
responsible for kidnapping two and
Australians in Burkina Faso, Ken conducted
and Jocelyn Elliott. They have Africa
conducted a number of attacks in This
Africa over the past few months. Coast.
This is the first one in the Ivory a
Coast. What's worrying is this was particularly
a tourist resort that was the
particularly targeted because of there.
the fact that westerners would be these
there. They stormed the beachfront guns
these attackers armed with machine as
guns and grenades and tried to kill civilians
as many people as possible. 14 them
civilians have been killed, four of were
them are European, six attackers army
were also shot dead by police and The
army who went there in response. country
The worry is this is just another Ivory
country being targeted. In the past immune
Ivory Coast has been relatively Now
immune to these issues in Africa. will
Now it too is a target as well.We update
will come back to you for another 24-year-old
update shortly. In breaking news a morning
24-year-old Melbourne man has this Paramedics
morning been charged with murder. property
Paramedics were called to a 7:00
property in the city's west around body
7:00 last night. They found the despite
body of a 20-year-old woman and her.
despite attempts could not revive screaming
her. Neighbours reported hearing police
screaming outside the home, while accused
police searched the area. The sessions
accused will appear in an out of morning.
sessions court hearing later this charged
morning. A 30-year-old man has been the
charged after being filmed smashing bear
the window of a Sydney bus with his bear hands.

bear hands. A shocking attack. Lane
Chris Urquhart joins us live from were
Lane Cove. Some of the commuters attack.
were trapped inside during the just
attack.Good morning Sylvia. I've understandably
just spoken to one of them who identity
understandably doesn't want his told
identity shown this morning but he to
told me a similar version of events that
to that which the police told us altercation
that is there was some form of altercation on the bus before the assault
video started rolling and an bus.
assault allegedly took place on the see
bus. When the video picks up, you window
see how terrifying it is. The like
window being bashed with what looks being
like a windscreen wiper, the glass on
being bashed in with someone intent those
on causing violence. Terrifying for fortunate
those on board. It is very make
fortunate that police managed to short
make an arrest in a street nearby a was
short time later a 30-year-old man remains
was taken off to hospital. He moment
remains under guard there at the two
moment but he has been charged with the
two offences, an assault on the bus, and
the wilful damage of the property video
and as we said all recorded on terrified
video by people inside who were so terrified with what was going on happened
and still remain shaken by what has this
happened in talking to some of them video.
this morning. An extraordinary they
video. Fortunately police believe and
they have the offender in custody Chris
and he will be in Court next month. months
Chris Urquhart, thank you. Six from
months after ousting Tony Abbott Malcolm
from the top job Prime Minister hit
Malcolm Turnbull has taken a fresh Let's
hit in the polls this morning. Canberra
Let's go live to Kerrie Yaxley in numbers
Canberra for us. Kerrie explain the results
numbers for us.There are mixed the
results in this poll. Support for according
the Coalition remains strong Turnbull's
according to Ipsos but Malcolm taken
Turnbull's approval rating has points
taken a tumble. It's fallen seven approval
points in one month and his roughly
approval rating has also gone up by roughly the same. Bill Shorten's disapproval
approval rating has increased and is
disapproval rating is down. The PM Opposition
is coming off a high base and the low
Opposition Leader is coming from a Prime
low base. That being said, the popular
Prime Minister is still far more overwhelming
popular than his opponent. Voters better
overwhelming believe Mr Turnbull is for
better for the top job and support after
for the Coalition remains steady

after preferences. It is still in election
an election winning position. If an Government
election was held right now, the just
Government would be returned losing just a handful of

just a handful of seats. ItIt appearance
comes after an interesting He
appearance from Mr Abbott yesterday. concealing
He didn't do a great job of Turnbull's
concealing a wry smile when Mr a
Turnbull's name came up.It wasn't Prime
a great poker face. The former Prime Minister was urging behind
supporters in his electorate to get Turnbull
behind the new PM and elect the few
Turnbull Government. There were a crowd
few disgruntled murmurs in the crowd of

crowd of Mr Turnbull's name and Mr smile.
Abbott couldn't help but crack a every
smile.Our challenge for each and do
every one of us in this room is to Turnbull
do everything we can to elect the Turnbull Government. Because the Because
Turnbull Government...No. Boo. No
Because the Turnbull government - who
NoPlease, please.The former PM was
who has been out of the top job now Margie
was at that event with his wife the
Margie showing a united front after very
the release of a new book that was Minister
very scathing of the former Prime of
Minister Tony Abbott and his Chief will
of Staff, Peta Credlin.A funeral officer
will be held today for a police emergency
officer who died on his way to an Sergeant
emergency in the NSW Hunter Valley. responding
Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson was police
responding to calls for help in a police pursuit when his car left The
the road and crashed into a tree. pursuit,
The driver at the centre of the for
pursuit, who was previously banned charged.
for driving for life has been the
charged. Claims this morning that millions
the NSW Government is losing technical
millions of dollars because of card
technical glitches with its opal this
card system. The 'Daily Telegraph' reading
this morning reports the card many
reading machines have failed as forcing
many as 8,000 times on Sydney buses, ride
forcing drivers to let passengers drivers
ride for free. The bus union said complaints
drivers are fed up dealing with Investigators
complaints from passengers. pilot
Investigators have found the co- was
pilot of the Germanwings disaster hospital
was referred to a psychiatric deliberately
hospital a fortnight before he plane,
deliberately crashed a passenger are
plane, killing 150 people. There authorities
are now calls for medical confidentiality
authorities to lift patient pilot's
confidentiality in cases when a to
pilot's mental health is a threat instance,
to public safety.This this sort of be
instance, this information should be passed up the chain to the has
authorities concerned.Germanwings insisting
has denied any wrongdoing, fly
insisting Andreas Lubitz was fit to There's
fly at the time of the crash. missing
There's renewed hope a woman missing in the NSW Blue Mountains rescuers
could still be found alive, with cries
rescuers reporting they heard faint search.
cries for help during yesterday's search. Betty O'Pray has been vanishing
missing for seven days, after her
vanishing during a bush walk near police
her home in Katoomba. More than 100 resuming
police and SES volunteers are year-old
resuming the search for the 77- carpet
year-old this morning. The red 'Kung-Fu
carpet has been rolled out, the He's
'Kung-Fu Panda' just moments away. getting
He's Jack Black, folks, and we are very
getting they excited here, the very, the
very funny man is getting ready in with
the studio, having a an argument would
with Richard Wilkins. Gee, you He
would fancy yourself in that fight. All
He is a lover, not a fighter, Jack. wasn't
All good.It was pretty good though, impressive.
wasn't it?It was very good. Very it
impressive.Coming up soon.But now Melbourne
it is time for sports news with Tim. the
Melbourne Storm has charged over Cameron
the top of the Gold Coast Titans. plate
Cameron Munster stepped up to the who
plate for the injured Billy Slater will
who was a late scratching. Slater shoulder
will be out indefinitely with a Coast
shoulder problem. AFL and West Essendon.
Coast cruised to a victory over different
Essendon. The Eagles were in a Bombers.
different league to the under don one
Bombers. Coach John Worsfold has Australian
one of the toughest jobs in Australia
Australian sport this year. semifinals
Australia is through to the tournament
semifinals of the Canada seven's Scotland.
tournament after a win over hat
Scotland. Josh Hazlewood claimed a T20
hat trick in Australia's World Cup And
T20 warm up loss to the West Indies. Brisbane
And the Wanderers have joined ladder
Brisbane at the top of the A-League is
ladder beating Newcastle 1-0. There back
is a splash of sport. Let's get back to Jack Black.

back to Jack Black.Woh, woh. The world
latest trend taking the racing is
world by storm. We will reveal what racer.
is takes to be the number 1 drone very
racer.Rule number 1, but very, $40,000
very small.Look at that.Plus Block
$40,000 is up for grabs in our calling
Block of Cash calls today. We are out
calling not once, but twice.Get Karl.
out of town.I'm not kidding you this
Karl. Not once but twice every day chance
this week, so you have double the time
chance to win.But right now, it's entertainment
time for Mr Entertainment.Today by
entertainment report brought to you phone
by The Coffee Club. Put down the Club,
phone and reconnect at The Coffee Yes,
Club, where meeting up means more. joined
Yes, it is a big one today. We are with
joined by a man who has dazzled us screens
with his talents on stages and a
screens big and small as an actor, pretty
a comedian, a musician, he can project
pretty much do it all. His latest hits
project is 'Kung-Fu Panda 3' which Thursday.
hits the screens of the nation next having
Thursday. We are moments away from but
having him here live in the studio take
but before we bring him out, let's of
take a look at the brilliant career are
of the man himself, Jack Black.We the
are but men. Rock.Jack Black was rocket
the product of a little genetic satellite
rocket science. His parents both This
satellite engineers in California. in
This is the greatest and best song a
in the world.And it was clear from scientist,
a very young age, that Jack was no artistic
scientist, but, instead, had an ad
artistic bent, landing a role in an night
ad for a 1982 video game.Just last pit
night I was lost in the jungle with scorpions
pit fall Harry, surrounded by giant Deciding
scorpions and man-eating crocodiles. Jack
Deciding to bail out of university, movie
Jack landed a dream role in the employee
movie High Fidelity playing an store.
employee in John Cusack's record selling
store.You know what, I don't think week.
selling it this week. Maybe next I?
week.You said that last week.Did off
I?Jack was away. His career took Hal.
off with some major roles. Shallow The
Hal. Tropic Thunder. Orange County. recently
The 'Holiday'. King Kong and more recently Goosebumps to name a few. band
Then there was his music with his movie
band Tenacious D. Oh, yes. But the with
movie that got everybody talking his
with School of Rock which led to for
his first Golden Globe nomination tick.
for best actor. So career gets a high
tick. Personal life also scores a beautiful
high five. Jack marrying the They
beautiful Tanya Hayden in 2006. Tommy.
They have got two kids, Sammy and just
Tommy.Welcome home son.You look like
just like me but a baby.You are But
like me but old.Oh, he's adorable. is
But the other love in Jack's life

is the third instalment of 'Kung-Fu yet
Panda', where he voices the lovable, one
yet misunderstood Po.This was the one destined to stop me.

one destined to stop me.How about chat
you spare me the chit-chat. Chitty chat.
chat chat, chat, chat, chat. Chit- the
chat.We come back the hilarious, Black.
the talented, the fabulous, Jack

Yes, he had the premiere yesterday Boys
but this morning he is all ours. gentlemen,
Boys and girls, ladies and Black.
gentlemen, please welcome Jack

Black. Did
Did you get that? Did you get that on camera? Oh, that kind of hurt. Did you see my mini Tiger roll.

Did you see my mini Tiger roll.57 moment.
cameras covering that beautiful Maybe
moment.Just come over the top. I'm
Maybe not a good idea.There we go. things.
I'm going to knock over so many going
things. I'm coming around. I'm like
going to play it safe.That's not man.
like you.Where do I go?Welcome

man.Good entrance.Thank you for famous.
the introduction. I felt very Should
famous.I think we need to adjust. good.
Should we adjust you.That's pretty good.That's not fair.

good.That's not fair. I'm coming Australia.
down with Jack.Welcome back to back.
Australia.Thank you, great to be yesterday,
back.It was a big success of
yesterday, yesterday?Yeah, a lot love
of love from the AussiesA lot of show.
love from the audienceWe put on a said
show.You must be tired though. You Cappuccino.
said you were like a human to
Cappuccino. We are looking forward morning
to seeing that.It is good for the morning time. A little Jack Black so.
to start off your day. I should say and
so.I lot of strength underneath No-one
and froth on top and a bit of sugar. bit
No-one has ever called me frothy.A Aussie
bit of froth is nice.Are you on time.
Aussie time or LA time?I'm on LA right
time. It is 2 in the afternoon Well,
right now.Can I get you a pillow? I'm
Well, maybe. Maybe a little later. Kung-Fu
I'm going to ask you a question. loved,
Kung-Fu Panda, which my kids all years
loved, and it has been going 10 they
years sh - my kids are older but when
they still love the franchise - whose
when you hear about a Kung-Fu Panda noodles...
whose dad is a goose and loves pitch.
noodles...That wasn't the initial I've
pitch. They sprung that on me later. I
I've been watching Bruce Lin since thought
I was a kid. Robin Williams, I the
thought his best performance was the jeanie he did in Aladdin. I thought this could be my jeanie.

thought this could be my jeanie. particularly
What's amazing about these movies, is
particularly the dream Works movies, is the faces, the characterisation. a
What's it like. You do the voice in together,
a studio. When you see it come the
together, do you fall in love with what
the character over again?That's humanity
what it is about is finding the it
humanity in the character because day
it is funny but at the end of the emotional
day the movie only works if you get people
emotional involved, if you get the and
people to care about the characters this
and their journey and I'm proud of surprised
this movie because I was really end
surprised at my own emotions at the sprouting
end of the movie, I was like honest
sprouting some tan teerdz to be a
honest with you.Come on.It takes can
a real man to cry, to admit that he didn't
can cry. Something like that.You didn't cry. film
cry.One of your boys is in the to
filmYeah, my son Sammy. He wanted that.
to be in the movie.How cool is footsteps.
that.He wants to follow in the family
footsteps. Let's face it it is a If
family business, like all business. footsteps,
If he wants to follow in the footsteps, he will follow in the being
footsteps.There is an advantage to your
being one of your kids, weren't mates,
your kids a long with their class Exactly,
mates, the first to see the movie? strings
Exactly, I was able to pull some people
strings and they were the first movie.
people in the world to see the their
movie. We had a secret screening at obviously
their school. It was amazing.You Thank
obviously work out, too.Obviously. is
Thank you for that. Look.Hello.It I've
is not natural.And these moves, around,
I've seen you - you know, you joke mess
around, but you wouldn't want to cannon
mess with you.Exactly. I'm like a it.
cannon ball coming at you.That's training.
it.I actually do have martial arts started
training. I don't want to brag. It twist
started off with karate. When you it
twist the fist at the last second, pressure.
it adds like 20,000 pounds of obviously
pressure.I didn't see it.I me,
obviously did judo. If you attack to
me, I flip you.What's the secret Kung-Fu
to being in the zone?You mean the funny.
Kung-Fu zone?Yeah.Well, it is spiritual
funny. It is true that Kung-Fu is a martial
spiritual exercise. It is not just almost
martial art defence, but it is all
almost like medication, and it is You
all of us staying in the moment. that
You knowThe Zen.You come from that?
that background?I do. Did you see Yeah.
that?No, did you just do something. sublimb
Yeah.You're fast.It's like not
sublimb nal advertising, if you are you
not concentrating, you won't seeIf Tai
you see people going slow motion soft
Tai Chi in the park, it may seem a really
soft style of medication, but You
really they are deadly creatures. the
You are not the only big name in Angelina
the movie. So many big stars. Simmons,
Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, JK nemesis...
Simmons, Brian Cranston is your dad,
nemesis...No, Brian Cranston is my movie.
dad, my biological father in the seen
movie. JK Simmons who you may have about
seen in a movie called whiplash most
about an evil jazz teacher, the jazz
most terrifying villain of all, the Fantastic.
jazz teacher. He was amazing. it.
Fantastic. He got an Oscar out of it.Angelina Jolie, I have to ask perfect
about her, she seems like the her
perfect woman.YeahYou have seen been
her up close and worked with her, she
been through intense times. What is more
she like?The perfection only gets is
more intense as you get closer. She close
is an amazing lady.Clearly you are announced
close because you are the one that Brad
announced to the world that she and spilled
Brad were having kids.Yeah, I cool.
spilled the beans. That was not secret
cool. I didn't know that it was a date
secret because I don't keep up to knew
date on the latest gossips and I a
knew there were twens. I wish I had any
a scoop for you but I don't know live
any more scoops.You announced it show.
live on a US breakfast television reaching
show. It doesn't get more far true.
reaching than that.Yeah, that's We
true. We have become kind of pals. for
We go over their house sometimes Sunday.
for Easter egg hunts on Easter received
Sunday.Cute.But we have not don't
received an invitation this year. I might
don't know what went wrong. It No-one
might have been the twins thing. anymore.
No-one is telling you anything he
anymore.No, no, don't tell Jack, I
he can't keep a secret.Do you know, because
I was so excited were you coming on been
because I'm a massive fan and have of
been for a long time. I love school started
of rock. My young fellow Jackson that...
started learning guitar out of you
that...Really?Now, his fingers favourite
you can't see them.That's my hear
favourite complement, if ever a playing
hear about a kid that started rock.
playing guitar because of school of loved
rock. That's my greatest achieve.I good
loved High Fidelity. That was a Which
good film.That started it for you. been
Which once again, music, that's comedy
been my calling card is the music with
comedy combo, and really it started how
with by band Tenacious D. That's (SINGS)
how I got the part in High fed alt. See?
(SINGS) # Oh, this is about you... is
See?There you go.When he says he whoa.
is a fan, he is not kidding.Whoa, Is
whoa. Come on sing it with me.Whoa. remember
Is that part of the song? I don't a
remember that.For Karl it is.It's in
a tribute. It's the greatest song song
in the world.It was the greatest first
song in the world.That was the like
first song we ever wrote. I was like,
like dude, let's be amazing. I was like, "Let's write the greatest song in the world."

song in the world." We worked on it impossible.
for weeks and we thought it was to
impossible. Let's write a tribute That
to the greatest song in the world. busy.
That was our way in.You are pretty Fighters
busy.Yeah, we toured with the Foo played
Fighters down under. David groel so
played drums on all of our albums band
so we owe him the greatest debt a of
band can ever owe. Greatest drummer diverse
of all time.Yeah.You live such a Obviously
diverse career at the moment.Yeah, Am
Obviously it is intense work time. here
Am I right that your family are out wife
here with you?NoThey're not?My kind
wife and boys are back at home. It Australian
kind of a short trip.Your Australian family.Oh, my what
Australian family. I don't know trying
what you mean by that? Are you yeah,
trying to get me in trouble? But, The
yeah, daddy needs his beauty rest. with
The kids, they wouldn't do well striking
with the jet lag.Look at you can
striking the pose out there.You Best
can take Tim Tams home to them. would
Best possible present.I will. I They
would like to bring them out here. need
They would have a blast. But we are
need longer than five days.What mentioned
are your favourite filmsWe mentioned a couple. School of Rock,

mentioned a couple. School of Rock, Nacho
high fidelity. I had a blast on King
Nacho Libre.It was sad in parts. 'Kung-Fu
King Kong I had a blastment and huge.
'Kung-Fu Panda's, baby.It's been forgot.
huge.Isn't that enough? Oh, I destiny,
forgot. Tenacious D and the pick of moection
destiny, one of the greatest Isn't
moection pictures of all time. Oscars?
Isn't it time you hosted the That
Oscars?I don't really want to. whole
That doesn't necessarily stop a think
whole lot of people.That's true. I are
think the best hosts of the Oscars talk
are the stand-up comedians or the DeGeneres.
talk show hosts.So an he willen wouldn't
DeGeneres.I could do it but it could
wouldn't be a natural fit.You He
could be the lead singer of AC/DC. looking
He is an ideas man.There's talk of looking for a new singer.There was fill.
talk of you doing it.Big shoes to of
fill. Brian is one of the greatest no-one
of all timeWould you do it?Yeah, Angus
no-one has called me about it. If wanted
Angus called me up and said he throw
wanted me to audition, I would you
throw down for the audition.Can notes.
you go that high?There are high would
notes. It would be a strain. I that
would have to go fall set owe S think
that okay? No, that was not good. I if
think I just lost the job. Angus, up,
if you are watching, I didn't warm something
up, I wasn't ready.Hello.Jack, Australia
something else you are doing on finale
Australia is appearing on the grand which
finale of 'Australia's Got Talent' to
which is tonight.YeahWe are going the
to bring on one of the judges of Absolutely.
the show to say hi. Is that okay? please
Absolutely.Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kelly Osbourne.

please welcome Kelly Osbourne.All Where
right.Hi. I've missed you guys. Where have you been, girlfriend?

Where have you been, girlfriend? so
Red carpet, everything.You do that learned
so easily, don't you.I have stick
learned how to walk with my walking stable
stick so it makes me look more finished
stable than without it.Have you Mmm.
finished trashing my dressing room? are
Mmm.Look at this hair. The braids Richard
are beautiful.I was telling army
Richard I had a dream I was in the and
army and this was how my hair was was
and so I asked my hairdresser, who to
was actually in King Kong with you, know
to do this hairstyle.Do you guys before,
know each other?Yes.We have met commercial
before, yeah.You did the first the
commercial for the os borns back in if
the dayThat's right. I didn't know were
if you would remember that.You with
were in a graveyard and all white How
with the tassels. That was seeneous. How old were you at that stage?I dad's
was 15.You would be a fan of her time.
dad's band.One of the best of all as
time.He is also a huge fan of you is.
as well. I think my entire family with
is.It's a love in.I was on a show and
with your mother not too long ago Ozzie
and she gave me a little drawing by you
Ozzie that I have since framed.Do to
you how rare it is he gives those don't
to anyone.It's very special.I He
don't have one.He is a real artist. Every
He is a very talented visual artist. paints.
Every morning he wakes up and he day
paints. He works out three times a not
day and then he paints when he is times
not on tour.He works out three and
times a day.Who knew that.Yoga Benjamin
and everything. I swear he is exciting
Benjamin Bunting. He is.That's going
exciting - tonight.It is.Are you is
going to perform?I don't know what terrified
is going on.We are live and I'm will
terrified of this one and I know he something
will wind me up and I might say Kelly,
something I'm not supposed to. have
Kelly, we are live now.We only anything
have a few seconds that bleep out Nothing.
anything that might fall out. in
Nothing. There is no comfort room is
in this whatsoever.What's exciting public
is it is the grand final and the you
public vote now. We don't have to, the
you know, choose. It is all about minutes
the public, and they only have five vote.
minutes to call in and make the It
vote.Last night's show was great. because
It was. Do you have a favourite, I
because I do.I can't say, because anybody
I think it would be unfair because deserves
anybody who is in the grand final favourite?
deserves to be there. Who was your you
favourite?Fletch. 14 years of age, guy.
you have got to watch out for this He
guy. 14 years of age, him, a guitar. going
He is an absolute knockout.I'm you
going to be there as a judge but as could
you say, I'm not really judging. I public.
could be encouraging the voting were
public.Exactly.Those magic guys unfortunately
were unbelievable.Jack chair
unfortunately has got a little Stand
chair there.I'm going to help. that
Stand up.Oh my God, careful. Is really
that your lower lumbar.I feel There
really tall right now. I love that. one.
There we go.Now you are the tall money
one.I like this.He spent a lot of up.
money on these chairs.I'm pumped bit
up. I'm pumped.This is a little Australia
bit sad because you bit farewell to Are
Australia for a little while now. might
Are you emotional?Slightly. I and
might have a few tears tonight.You mates.
and Sophie have become really close panel
mates.It is so nice to be on a competitive
panel with girls that are not competitive and we get on so well because
and we get in so much trouble, girls
because we are like naughty school really,
girls that are Tom boys that don't -
really, you know, care about having kind
- who's the prettiest and all that work
kind of stuff. We just have fun at Jack
work and we are so excited to have no
Jack on our show tonight. You have talking
no idea. It's all everyone has been can't
talking about.Whoa. Best ever. We exciting.
can't wait. It is going to be say
exciting. Anything else you want to give
say before tonight's show - just trying
give us a little taste?I'm still because
trying to get my head around it, five
because we don't know the final is
five until the public know. So, it

is all kind of a lot of research, a want
lot of stress. What I do really Australia
want to say is thank you so much the
Australia for having me. I have had the most incredible time.We

the most incredible time.We have Australian.
loved having you here.I'm now saying.
Australian.Pretty good accent.I'm Australia
saying. You know, I'm living in picking
Australia now so I can't help is
picking up the accent and tonight you
is going to be amazing.When are be
you coming back?I hopefully will touring
be back with my dad when he is want
touring next month.Beautiful.I want to see it. It will be watching
Australia some.We will all be Well
watching tonight. Congratulations. Give
Well done on a wonderful season. Osbourne,
Give her a round of applause. Kelly Bring
Osbourne, ladies and gentlemen. tickets.
Bring your dad on the show.I have love
tickets.You got my some tickets? I you
love it. Thank you so much.Have Down
you got an Aussie accent yet Jack. under.
Down under. I got an accent down Mate
under.That's not bad.Howia going. we
MateHowia going, mate. In America it
we say how are you doing? Or how's Drop
it going. You guys say howia going. That's
Drop the HYou would be Jacko. No,
That's Michael Jackson, isn't it? like
No, you would be Blacky.Something up,
like that.Best laugh ever. Coming up, Jack Black could be calling you. for
That's right, he is hanging around With
for a little bit longer. Sucked in. away,
With a big Block of Cash to give Cash
away, we are making two Block of first
Cash calls this morning and the And
first call is just minutes away. never
And it is Jack Black like you've very
never seen him before. He has got a It
very special performance before you. It is going to be panda moanium.

It is going to be panda moanium. am
Such a play on words.Oh my God, I are
am doing some performing.Yeah, we I
are keeping you in work.I'm ready. Time
I have to do a couple of warm-ups. this
Time for the news.Leading the news this hour the death

this hour the death toll is rising in
from two deadly terror attacks, one Coast.
in Turkey and one on the Ivory Bishop
Coast. Foreign Minister Julie saying
Bishop spoke to Today Show early was
saying the Australian ambassador car
was just metres away from a massive absolutely
car bomb.Australia condemns and
absolutely these terrorist attacks families
and our thoughts are with the who
families and loved ones of those I
who have been killed. This morning James
I spoke to our ambassador in Ankara, situated
James Larson, and he was actually attack
situated right where the terrorist at
attack took place in Ankara. He was where
at the intersection in his car terrible
where this bomb went off.I Steinfort
terrible thing to witness. Tom for
Steinfort has the latest in London from
for us. Tom, what can you tell us details
from Ankara?Yes, Sylvia, fresh couple
details coming through in the last Minister
couple of minutes with the Interior attack
Minister in Turkey saying this civilians
attack was designed to kill as many footage
civilians as possible. They viewed bombs.
footage of this car loaded with bus
bombs. It drove straight up to a people
bus stop that is crowded with getting
people there on a Sunday evening diplomatic
getting ready to head home from the the
diplomatic quarter. As we heard, nearby,
the Australian ambassador was just told
nearby, but at the moment, we are killed.
told that 33 people have been to
killed. We expect that death toll here
to rise as the evening continues injured.
here in Europe. Around 100 more claimed
injured. The attack has been have
claimed by Kurdish militants who attacks
have carried out a number of months,
attacks in Turkey over the last few the
months, and it is a real worry for of
the Government there, but certainly Government,
of concern for the Australian thousands
Government, too, because keep in heading
thousands of Australians will be mark
heading to Turkey next month to so
mark Anzac Day commemorations there edge.
so this will have a lot of them on claimed
edge.Responsibility is now also as
claimed for the Ivory Coast attack Al-Qaeda
as well.That's right. This is an Islamic
Al-Qaeda affiliated group known as familiar
Islamic Magreb. That name would be they
familiar to Australians because back
they received a fair bit of press months
back home in the last couple of Australians
months for kidnapping two was
Australians in Burkina Faso, that In
was Ken and Jocelyn Elliott there. taken
In this instance, the attack has again
taken place in the Ivory Coast, but have
again targeting westerners. They the
have stormed a tourist resort on machine
the beachfront there, armed with militants.
machine guns and grenades, these there
militants. They have gone through they
there and shot as many people as lost
they could. 14 innocent people have were
lost their lives. Four of those attackers
were European. In the end, six and
attackers were shot dead by police worry
and army who responded there. The terror
worry here is that there have been African
terror issues in a number of Coast,
African countries, not the Ivory first
Coast, though, but this is the too
first time now that that country a
too has been gripped by the fear of thank
a terrorist attack.Tom Steinfort, commuters
thank you. Back home now, terrified captured
commuters on a Sydney bus have came
captured the moment the vehicle afternoon.
came under attack yesterday Chris
afternoon. Today Sydney reporter Chris,
Chris Urquhart is live in Lane Cove. been
Chris, the man in the video has facing
been charged.He has Sylvia. He is of
facing two charges, one as a result on
of an alleged assault that happened picks
on the bus then when the video has
picks up we see the next crime he relates
has been charged with and that I'm
relates to wilful damage of the bus. windscreen
I'm told he snapped off one of the bus
windscreen wipers and smashed the bus with it and then he hits the was
windscreen with his hands and he taken
was injured and then arrested and Hospital.
taken off to Royal North Shore The
Hospital. Ets facing two charges. mercifully
The people on the bus are okay, and they
mercifully so, though at the time the
they were pretty shaken up.When is
the glass hit me, this is like this of
is not a joke, this is real. Some There
of us could get seriously hurt here. have
There was a real sense of panic, we get
have to get out of here, we have to hysterical.
get out of here. People were quickly
hysterical.It goes to show how of
quickly things can change in an out year-old
of control situation but that 30- month.
year-old man will face court next In
month.Chris Urquhart, thank you. Melbourne,
In breaking news now out of been
Melbourne, a man has this morning been charged there after the body inside
of a young woman was discovered Today's
inside a home in the city's west. live
Today's Christine Ahern joins us this
live from Melton. Chris, what has this man been charged with?

this man been charged with?This with
24-year-old man has been charged appeared
with murder. A short time ago he court
appeared in an out of sessions the
court hearing. This follows on from Street
the death of a young woman in Unitt about
Street Melton last night. It was called
about 7:00 when paramedics were they
called to this address. Tragically year-old
they were unable to revive this 20- speaking
year-old woman. We have been None
speaking to neighbours this morning. neighbour
None wanted to go on camera but one screaming
neighbour told us they heard coming
screaming for about half an hour police
coming from this address before told
police arrived. Another neighbour family
told us that this was an African block.
family that lived in this unit about
block. They had only been here for been
about three weeks or so. There had night,
been no trouble here before last there
night, but they also told us that believed
there were about 50 or so what's gathered
believed to be Sudanese that after
gathered outside this unit block discovered,
after this young woman's body was screaming.
discovered, some wailing and morning
screaming. But the development this has
morning that this 24-year-old man following
has now been charged with murder, young
following on from the death of this night.
young woman here in Melton last thank
night. Sylvia? Christine Ahern, has
thank you. A couple in their 60s allegedly
has been left shaken after a man Sydney's
allegedly broke into home in intruder
Sydney's south overnight. The through
intruder then tried to leave Hurstville
through the window of the his
Hurstville house receiving cuts to tasered
his wrist and hand. The police where
tasered the man in the backyard couple
where he was then arrested. The calls
couple was not injured. There are on
calls this morning for a crock down a
on gang violence in Melbourne after weekend.
a huge brawl erupted over the Commissioner
weekend. Joining us now is Deputy Andrew
Commissioner of Victoria police thank
Andrew Crisp. Deputy Commissioner, concerned
thank you for your time. How happened
concerned are you about what an
happened on Saturday night? It was doubt
an alarming sight for residents, no there
doubtWe're always concerned where Melbourne
there is anti-social behaviour in Certainly
Melbourne or across the state. night
Certainly what we saw on Saturday totally
night as Federation Square was in
totally unacceptable. We saw well swarming
in excess of 100 men basically happening.
swarming that area. Moomba was a
happening. We had a lot of people, we
a lot of families everywhere, and particularly
we found that these young men were particularly aggressive. They were members
in the face of our members and of understand
members of the public, and I can concerned
understand why the public would be It
concerned at that type of behaviour. put
It is behaviour that we would not Task
put up with. We have established a investigating
Task Force and we will be putting
investigating this and we will be Talk
putting people before the Courts. night.
Talk us through what happened last tried
night. I understand your officers violence.
tried to prevent a repeat of that on
violence.There was an early post possibility
on social media about the and
possibility of a recurrence. Myself with
and another Assistant Commissioner, three
with he were out last night at a
three hours at Moomba and there was instances
a great family event. There were encourage
instances overnight and we Moomba,
encourage people to get out to Melbourne
Moomba, to the great Parade. people
Melbourne is a great city.The brawl,
people involved in the original radar.
brawl, were they already on police mountain
radar.Look, we are going through a are
mountain of CCTV at the moment. We involved
are sure that some of those people On
involved will be known to police. statistics
On to another subject now. Worrying revealed
statistics for Victoria have road
revealed a rise in the number of the
road fatalities in the state with Easter
the public holidays coming up, the message
Easter lock weekend, what is your message to drivers?Look, our very
message around road safety is very, you
very clear. If you are on the roads, concentrate
you have the responsibility to people
concentrate at all times. Where comes
people get into trouble is where it your
comes to being distracted. Stay off your mobile phones, concentrate on drink
your driving, don't speed, don't and
drink and drive, don't take drugs roads.
and drive. Just be safe on the appreciate
roads.Deputy Commissioner, we Thank
appreciate your time this morning. of
Thank you.Thank you.The parents being
of a Queensland teenager accused of their
being a terrorist say they believe Bridgeman
their son is innocent. Oliver Syria
Bridgeman claims he travelled to authorities
Syria to do humanitarian work, but the
authorities disagree. Last night, Nine's
the 19-year-old's parents spoke to their
Nine's '60 Minutes' 1 breaking since
their silence for the first time and
since their son converted to Islam torn
and secretly travelled to the war in
torn nation.In all of the places they
in the world, why there? He said involved
they need me.If Oliver was that
involved in that, then the family then,
that we are, we will say, well, is
then, he deserves everything that Australian
is going to come to him.The cancelled
Australian Federal Police have accusing
cancelled Mr Bridgeman's passport, activities.
accusing him of engaging in hostile the
activities. There's been a slide in Turnbull,
the support for Prime Minister out
Turnbull, according to new figures Ipsos
out this morning from the latest approval
Ipsos opinion poll. Mr Turnbull's since
approval rating has slumped 14% has
since November while Bill Shorten's has risen 4%.

has risen 4%.
since November while Bill Shorten's slightly
has risen 4%. The Coalition has support
slightly improved its level of Labor's
support over the same period, while Police
Labor's has softened. Queensland three
Police are working to extradite daylight
three men from Sydney over a brazen Gold
daylight robbery of a woman on the across
Gold Coast. Jessica Millward is are
across this. Jess, the three men They
are related. That's right, Sylvia. They are aged 40, 22 and 17. They accused
are father and sons. They are a
accused of the shocking robbery on Wednesday.
a 52-year-old woman in Carrara last followed
Wednesday. Police believe they centre
followed her from a nearby shopping her
centre before they tried to take go
her handbag. She wasn't letting it dragged
go that easily and as such, she was dragged 15m

dragged 15m along the bitumen and camera.
all of this was captured on CCTV development
camera. There was a fresh men
development yesterday when these trying
men were arrested at Sydney Airport, This
trying to board a flight to Canada. custody
This morning, they do remain in the Police
custody of the AFP. Queensland to
Police have put in an application Queensland
to have them ex-dra diteed back to could
Queensland and we understand that afternoon
could happen as early as this presidential
afternoonJessica, thank you. US hit
presidential hope Donald Trump has campaign
hit back at claims that his among
campaign is stirring up violence Illinois,
among supporters. Speaking in runner
Illinois, the Republican front injured
runner claimed no-one had been supporters
injured at his rallies. He praised against
supporters for fighting back they
against violent protestors saying go
they are treated differently.You protest,
go to one of these rallies and you They'll
protest, oh, you will be in trouble. your
They'll lock you up for the rest of electric
your life. They will give you the poor
electric chair and they will say oh, endure
poor birdie, poor birdie, he had to say
endure this. With us, they don't spray
say that.Police have used pepper of
spray to try and break up a group fight
of more than 200 people ready to Kansas
fight outside a Trump rally in Globetrotters
Kansas City.One of the Harlem shot
Globetrotters has made the highest throw
shot in history. Attempting to building.
throw a basket from the top of a 91m
building. Performed the feet from We
91m above the hoop. Very impressive. master
We reckon he has nothing on the master of Chi, Jack Black.

master of Chi, Jack Black.Someone special
else here as lots of Chi.Very now.
special sport, right here, right what
now.How are you going Kel?Timmy, what about the Melbourne Storm?You

what about the Melbourne Storm?You that
did that beautifully.We practised have
that five times. You nailed it.I team.
have no idea how many players on a her.
team.13. Kelly Osbourne, I love Billy
her. Overcoming the opposition, shoulder
Billy Slater was ruled out with a five
shoulder problem. Storm are one of after
five teams who remain undefeated Essendon
after the opening two rounds. down
Essendon has been flogged going Eagles.
down by 105 to the West Coast for
Eagles. The Bombers were no match in
for the Eagles. The Demons perfect Saints
in their pre-season taking down the about.
Saints by 14. Little bit of sevens Zealand
about. Australia will play New Canada
Zealand in the semifinals of the Scotland
Canada sevens after defeating Hazlewood,
Scotland 24-17. Cricket, Josh hat
Hazlewood, this was good. He had a manage
hat trick but Australia couldn't manage a win in the warm up match World
for the West Indies in the T20 to
World Cup. And Jarryd Hayne is set is
to return to America. Yep.How hot He
is that injury I had plane Hayne. Might
He might on the same plane as you. and
Might be a bit of magic between you night
and the Hayne plane. Speaking last some
night on '60 Minutes' 1 he gave coming
some insight on whether he will be know
coming back to the NRL.I don't I'm
know that. I don't think about that. got
I'm so focused on plan A, I don't manager
got time for plan B.Hayne said his offers
manager had received a heap of be
offers from the NRL and there would up.
be about five or six clubs queuing just
up. A mighty mighty player. News are
just him, him and Kelly Osbourne They
are actually going out together. Shut
They have broken that news today. very
Shut up, Timmy.You're right, he is me
very hot.Were you trying to kiss used
me on the mouth just then.I was. I done
used to be good at that. I haven't good
done it for a while. I used to be everywhere.
good at that.There are lips where
everywhere. It is hard to know so
where to go.Whoa. Oh, you are in go
so much trouble, Timmy.I wouldn't Back
go home for a week if I was you. is
Back to blue light discos. With are goes
is Dexi's midnight runners.There it
goes the house, Timmy.I didn't own stuff.
it anyway. It was the bank's.Good nice.
stuff. Let's slow that down.Very No
nice.Look at you, so much attitude. That
No wonder men are terrified of me. feel
That was good. Now I know how they They
feel on bold and the Beautiful. on
They always do thatYou have lippy That's
on you.Brooke has kissed everyone. good.
That's so bad.So good. Anyway, so cheeky
good.He is a happy boy.She is a done.
cheeky minx.Best sports I've ever Hey?
done.She is a good kisser, Timmy? weather
Hey?Ooh.She filled in and did the was
weather for us a few weeks ago and written
was phenomenal, but the man who was Mr
written the best song in the world, guest
Mr Jack Black is going to be our shortly
guest weather presenter coming up better
shortly on the show. Will he do Jack,
better than Kelly. We will find out. how
Jack, if you are watching, this is today
how it is done my friend. Showers Even
today for Cairns and a top of 31. great
Even to 32. There you go, off to a

great start. 32 for Townsville. and
Possible showers for Sunshine Coast about
and 30 and possible morning showers Gold
about for Brisbane, and 31 on the Gold Coast. Showers for Sydney, 28. bit
Possible shower in Canberra, 29. A Melbourne,
bit of morning drizzle for Hobart
Melbourne, hitting 21. Showers in Adelaide
Hobart 18. Bit of cloud about for in
Adelaide and I top of 27. Very hot Showers
in Perth today with a top of 40. for
Showers or possible storms about And
for the Alice today, 34 degrees. likely
And Darwin, showers and storms a
likely and a top of 33. I'm getting Osbourne
a little support from Kelly cheering
Osbourne off camera. She is cheering me on to

cheering me on to be the best you
weather manic be. Jack Black, if know
you are watching my friend, which I yours.
know you are, the weather is all Such
yours. Coming up shortly.Oh, man. behind
Such peace.Look at the big panda behind you.I can do weather.

behind you.I can do weather.Is Exactly.
that right?If Kelly can do sports. Let's
Exactly. We'll be the judge of that. How
Let's see if you can give away... see
How about wrestling weather?Let's Oh,
see if you can give away cash, Jack Block
Oh, yeah.It is time for our first we
Block of Cash call this morning and muck
we are giving away, Jack, don't serious
muck around with this, this is is
serious business, $30,000.Ooh. It I'm
is in your hands. All right, okay. I'm good at giving away money, too. are
Do you want to just read that?We Victoria,
are heading to Wandon North, in Lamonica.
Victoria, and we are calling Karen ringing.
Lamonica.Is she there?It is ringing. Come on, pick up Karen there's
Lamonica. Five rings, does she know there's 30 grand on the line.Ooh.

there's 30 grand on the line.Ooh. the
I'm about to hang up.Bong.That's Gees,
the sound of 30 grand gone. Bye-bye. very
Gees, harsh. He's harsh.That is that
very sad news, but you know what take
that means, Jack?Why did I have to Because
take so much pleasure in that. It's
Because we do.Pick up the phone. it
It's a doubled edged sword because to
it goes up to 40Zblu now it goes direction.
to 40. We are heading in the right shortly.
direction.That is coming up very Dickie
shortly. 40,000 dollars.Look at doubled
Dickie with his calculator.I've mathematician
doubled checked that.We have a Jack
mathematician over here.And ahead the
Jack Black gives us his verdict on Trump's
the US political race and Donald A
Trump's pitch for the White House. Everyone
A big fan of Trump, I reckon. political
Everyone is waiting for my I'm
political commentary. That's what very
I'm known for.He has prepared a that
very special performance for us at
that is coming up, sing it everyone (SINGS)
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Our very special guest in the Sorry,
studio is one of our favourites. Black
Sorry, our absolute favourite, Jack celebrating
BlackI'll take that.He is release
celebrating as we all are the 'Kung-Fu
release of the new film in the third
'Kung-Fu Panda' franchise. The you
third film in the franchise which Panda
you have creatively titled 'Kung-Fu up
Panda 3'.Maybe we could have come man,
up with a better title. But three grand
man, it is the trilogy. It is the number.
grand finale. Three is a magic be
number.You are saying there will be no four?What is that called?

be no four?What is that called? A last
fourology. Always say it is the I'm
last one. It gets people excited. It's
I'm not psyched about my hair today. (BLOWS
It's got a little We
We have got people for that. Mr hair.
Black would like...Make up and Give
hair.Come on then.Spruce me up. Jack,
Give me a little...We have got two. acting...
Jack, if you weren't singing and Acca
acting...New lead singer of AC/DC. them
Acca Dacca, is that what we call What
them here?YeahNow I'm gorgeous. weren't
What would you be doing if you Acting
weren't doing what you are doing. pizzas
Acting and rocking?YeahDelivering That's
pizzas and living at my mum's. sure.
That's easy.Not a bad life, I'm video
sure.It wouldn't be bad. Lots of going
video games.We have decided we are different
going to try you out in a few We
different roles this morning.Yeah. of
We can see that there's a panacea discovered.
of talent.Whoa.Yet to be potentials.
discovered.You see undiscovered a
potentials. Thank you.I do. Stevie shortly
a has you lined up for weather we
shortlyI'm feeling confident.And show
we are trying you out as a talk back.
show host. Karl and I are sitting Oscars.
back.Next I'll be hosting the See
Oscars.That's what we are after. that
See how quick that was. No-one saw to
that at home.Listen, do you want a
to do a performanceI'm dying to do prepared
a performance.Stand by and be comedian,
prepared to be dazzled by actor, comedian, all round good guy,

comedian, all round good guy, Jack version
Black doing his own Panda-fied Fu
version of the classic track 'Kung- (CHEERING
Fu Fighting'. Jack Black, come on. Unrehearsed.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Unrehearsed. No rehearsals here.

(SINGS) # Whoa

(SINGS) # Whoa # Whoa # Kung-Fu fighting it it
# Fast as lightning - did you know it was a little bit frightening # Oh, man, I messed it up already # It's like a diamond in the rough # A brilliant ball of Clay # You could be a work of art # If you go all the way # We're better than zootopia # And Superman versus Batman other
# Don't waste your time with those other movies # They're not on this show, no man # How much longer here? get
# I don't have any more lyrics. Hey, We've
get up here. Do a dance with me. a
We've got 30 more seconds. Give me that.
a high kick now. That's the end of that. Was it good? This program is not captioned. (Gentle upbeat music plays)

Make some Crosswords time. Play Instant Scratch-Its
Crosswords ticket today. # Scratch me happy! #

This program is not captioned. Talk to me, Tom. Mr Aleksandr,
the price for health insurance will increase on average 5.6%
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price rise. Call us on 13 32 32 or go to

This program is not captioned. man
Welcome back. Leading the news, a after
man will undergo surgery today Sydney
after smashing the windows of a terrifying
Sydney bus with his bare hands. The other
terrifying attack was filmed by vehicle
other passengers trapped inside the Interchange.
vehicle at the Lane Cove children,
Interchange.There were some children, yes, and it was know
terrifying for them. They didn't know what to think. They didn't was
know - they were just screaming. It pictured
was bad.The 30-year-old man charged
pictured in the video has been month.
charged and will face court next old
month. In breaking news a 24-year- been
old Melbourne man has this morning Paramedics
been charged with murder. property
Paramedics were called to a 7:00
property in the city's west around body
7:00 last night. They found the despite
body of a 20-year-old woman and her.
despite attempts, could not revive screaming
her. Neighbours reported hearing police
screaming outside the home, while accused
police searched the area. The sessions
accused will appear in an out of Six
sessions court hearing this morning. Abbott
Six months after ousting Tony Abbott from the top job, Prime a
Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken live
a fresh hit in the polls. Let's go now.
live to Canberra and Kerrie Yaxley for
now. Kerrie, the fall in support criticism
for Mr Turnbull comes as he faces of
criticism not only over the timing Malcolm
of the budget but also the election. has
Malcolm Turnbull's approval rating according
has fallen 7 points in one month since
according to Ipsos and 14 points since its high in November. In

since its high in November. In that rating
time, Bill Shorten's approval his
rating has increased slightly and That
his disapproval rating it down. still
That said, the Prime Minister is the
still more popular with voters than overwhelmingly
the Opposition Leader. Voters Turnbull
overwhelmingly believe Malcolm Prime
Turnbull is the better choice for for
Prime Minister and support over all preferences,
for the Coalition is steady. After election-winning
preferences, it is still in an was
election-winning position. If there Government
was an election held now, the probably
Government would be returned probably only loading a handful of

probably only loading a handful of Abbott
seats.Meantime the former PM Mr at
Abbott had to conceal a wry smile right.
at a party event yesterday.That's Sydney
right. He was addressing a crowd in to
Sydney yesterday and he urged them Minister
to get behind the new Prime Government.
Minister and elect the Turnbull Government. There were a few jeers Minister's
at the mention of the Prime couldn't
Minister's name but Mr Abbott that.
couldn't help but crack a smile at for
that.Our challenge, the challenge this
for each and every one of us in can
this room is to do everything we Government.
can to elect the Turnbull Turnbull
Government.No, boo.Because the no,
Turnbull GovernmentBoo.Gives us - no, please, please.

no, please, please.The former PM event
was with his wife Margie at that the
event showing a united front after scathing
the release of a book that was very between
scathing of the relationship of
between the former PM and his Chief dozens
of Staff Peta Credlin.Overseas hundreds
dozens have been killed and attacks
hundreds for injured in terror overnight.
attacks in Turkey and Africa killed
overnight. At least 34 people were killed when a car bomb exploded in Foreign
the Turkish capital of Ankara. about
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop spoke Today
about the attacks earlier on the absolutely
Today Show.Australia condemns and
absolutely these terrorist attacks families
and the thoughts are with the who
families and loved ones of those who have been killed.

who have been killed.Meantime on are
the Ivory Coast, at least 16 people Qaeda-linked
are dead after gunmen from an Al- tourists
Qaeda-linked group opened fire on Back
tourists at a popular beach resort. of
Back home a driver has lost control west
of his vehicle in Sydney's south- several
west overnight colliding with four-wheel
several parked cars. The Honda least
four-wheel drive collided with at in
least three other vehicles parked this
in Marrickville, just before 3:00 treated
this morning. The male driver was injuries
treated at the scene for minor hospital.
injuries and has been taken to Queensland
hospital. Police this morning from three
Queensland are working to extradite a
three men from Sydney wanted after week.
a violent robbery of a woman last moment
week. Security footage captured the down
moment the 63-year-old was dragged stop
down a Gold Coast street, trying to Chilean
stop her handbag being stolen. The were
Chilean father and his two sons yesterday,
were intercepted at Sydney Airport board
yesterday, allegedly trying to will
board a flight to Canada. The AFP will now decide whether the trio face
will be sent back to Queensland to found
face charges. Investigators have Germanwings
found the co-pilot of the Germanwings disaster was referred fortnight
to a psychiatric hospital a crashed
fortnight before he deliberately 150
crashed a passenger plane, killing medical
150 people. There are now calls for confidentiality,
medical authorities to lift patient pilot's
confidentiality, in cases when a to
pilot's mental health is a threat instance,
to public safety.In this sort of be
instance, this information should authorities
be passed up the chain to the has
authorities concerned.Germanwings insisting
has denied any wrongdoing, fly
insisting Andreas Lubitz was fit to right,
fly at the time of the crash. All weather
right, it is time to get a hit of weather now with Stevie.Today's health
weather brought to you by inner there's
health immune booster. Because sick.
there's better things to do than be We
sick.A very good morning to you. studio
We have got Jack Black in the 'Kung-Fu
studio with us this morning for experience
'Kung-Fu Panda 3'. He is our work set
experience boy for the day. We have you
set him a few challenges. What do everything
you know about the weatherI know the
everything there is no know about Let's
the weather. Where do I start? around
Let's have a look at the weather away
around this great country.Take it right
away Jack.In Brisbane, which is There
right over there. There it is. shower
There it is. It has a possible shower this morning. Down

shower this morning. Down to Sydney There's
where are they going. Over here. you
There's Sydney. Sydney. What have to
you got? High of 28 degrees. Hello morning
to you all in Melbourne. Possible out
morning drizzle and you have missed heading
out on the nice weather today, only Adelaide,
heading to a top of 21. Across to skies
Adelaide, a balmy 27. Partly cloudy way
skies above, and finally, all the are
way over to the west, Perth, where scorcher.
are you baby? There you are. Wow, a in
scorcher. 40 degrees. And over here bolt
in Darwin, we have got a lightning means,
bolt there? You know what that means
means, the lightning bolt. That lead
means they are looking for a new (SINGS)
lead singer for AC/DC. limit
(SINGS) # No stop signs, no speed # Call
# Angus is going to call me now. Mr
Call me Angus.Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Jack Black.

Mr Jack Black.
Call me Angus.Ladies and gentlemen, (CHEERING (SINGS)
(SINGS) # Ain't nothing I'd rather # # Going down get
# Party time. That's enough, you You
get the - I can do it. You need me. Thanks
You did pretty well my friend. me
Thanks brother.You have to teach wrestling.
me Kung-Fu now and a little bit of some
wrestling.We will start off with climb
some light stretches and we'll I
climb some steps.Sounds good to me. contest
I would like to see a staring Black.
contest between The Panda and Jack blinks
Black.Oh, yes. Let's see who here?
blinks first.What's happening Nat
here? What is this becoming?It is challenge
Nat Geo. Next up we have a big hosting
challenge for him again. He is put
hosting The Grill. He is going to Can
put a suit on and get real serious. yeah.
Can you imagine that happening?Oh, Block
yeah.Also coming up, the second And
Block of Cash call. It's $40,000. calling
And Jack Black himself could be tried
calling you.That's it. And he's Jack
tried weather presenting. Next up talking
Jack is in hosting The Grill. He is say?
talking Donald Trump. What will he are
say? How will he say it?Plus we front
are getting all funky. Pseudo-echo live.
front man Brian cannon joins us live. Do you remember this? This program is not captioned.

SONG: # Give it to me! #


# Give it to me!

# Ugh!

# OK

# Yeah

# Hold tight, lean back. #

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the complaints-handling process, visit the Free TV website

Welcome back to the show.

Welcome back to the show. This is a Jack
serious segment, man. That's it. for
Jack Black is here in the studio for his

for his latest film 'Kung-Fu Panda which
3' which hits screens next Thursday of
which is one of the greatest films from
of all time.Absolutely, everyone absolutely
from adults to children will beautiful
absolutely love it. It is a wonderful
beautiful film and Jack plays a strength
wonderful character Po. An inner Earlier,
strength and that's what we love. job
Earlier, we sent Jack a Today Show very
job challenge. Stevie rated him laughing
very highly.Look at The Panda I
laughing at him.And Tim, Karl and this
I are putting together a campaign the
this morning for Jack Black to be true.
the new AC/DC front singer.That's how
true.Meantime, we are going to see how he handles being the host of be
the Mixed Grill.The Logies might it's
be next.You know that AC/DC song want
it's a long way to the top if you we
want to rock and roll. That's how say
we finished school of Rock. People It
say I launched my career with AC/DC. the
It is only obviously that I become (SINGS)
the lead singer. top
(SINGS) # It's a long way, to the # Here
# If you want to rock and roll. crack
Here it goes.Wow, you have got a yeah.
crack staff here.Yeah, sing it.Oh, I
yeah. See how I blued it up a bit.

I can improv with the beftd of them. getting
How good is an rock band.Now I'm getting embarrassed.You are not Sometimes
getting embarrassed, please. do
Sometimes I get embarrassed.When are
do you ever get embarrassed.You You
are right, I never get embarrassed. because
You have got to take it over now reader
because you are like the news Listen,
reader man now.Yeah, I'm the guy. with
Listen, time for the Mixed Grill Wilkinson.
with Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Trump
Wilkinson.YeahFirst up, Donald be
Trump is calling for protestors to rallies.
be arrested after trouble at his if
rallies. Take a look.Oh, yeah.Oh, trouble.
if you protest, oh, you will be in the
trouble. They will lock you up for the rest of your life and give you birdie,
the electric chair and say oh, poor us,
birdie, he had to endure this. With Very
us, they don't say that.Hello. (LAUGHS)
Very presidential. He barroom
He is Stoking the flames. It is a must
barroom brawl over there. Karl, you there
must be counting your lucky stars running
there is no chance of this man Running
running for your country, right? chance
Running your country. Is there any country?
chance of Donald Trump running your counting
country? Be honest? You are that
counting your lucky stars about that right? There's

that right? There's no chance Trump Australia.
is going to become President of I
Australia.You just keep peppering. topic,
I can't stand it.Speak on that topic, would you?

topic, would you? That's Yeah,
That's right, you are in control. do
Yeah, you are under control. Now, I chance
do think that there's probably no And
chance of him running our country. look
And I do think that he does kind of Charlie
look like an oom pa loom pa from but
Charlie and the chocolate Factory, America
but I think there's problems in they
America because people feel like enough
they are not being represented well be
enough by politicians, so he could feel
be running your country. How do you proposition
feel about that?It is a scary that's
proposition but I don't think end
that's really in the cards. At the United
end of the day, I have faith in the public
United States public - voting little
public that they are going to be a he's
little more level headed, because going
he's like a child. You are not the
going to vote for the child to run footage
the show.But when you see the you
footage we saw over the weekend, do Underbelly
you get concerned about the be
Underbelly in the US that seems to There
be emerging as a result of trump. There seems to be a lot of rage but there's
you look around the world and bubble
there's a lot of rage. Things in
bubble up when there's inequality around
in the working class of America and end
around the world. But, yeah, at the believe
end of the day, you have got to vote
believe that people are going to headed
vote for someone who is more level- a
headed and more responsible, maybe right?
a little more intelligence, am I and
right? This guy is just a hot head you
and he is a billionaire and how can looking
you trust he's not going to just be always
looking out for number 1 as he within
always has?I can feel the rage me?
within you?You feel rage within I'm
me?I feel rage.Look, I'm a lover. rumours.
I'm an artiste.We have heard the entertained
rumours.I can't deny I'm when
entertained by the man. You tune in Trump
when you hear there's a new Donald want
Trump story. It is like catnip. You came
want to hear the next thing. What a
came out of his dumb ars mouth. In further
a weird sick way I want him to go go
further because I want the show to and
go further so I can eat my popcorn Kardashians
and watch it unravel.In the age of mixed
Kardashians are people getting show
mixed up between what is a reality the
show and what is reality.That's in
the end of the world. Kardashians is
in the White House.Kanye said he over
is running for it.I'll take Kanye like
over Trump. Anyone but Kanye.I He
like Kanye.He has some good jams. honest
He is a bit of a nutter, let's be jams.
honestBut good jams.Such good like
jams. If you have got good jams nutter
like that, I forgive a lot of nutter behaviour.

nutter behaviour.I mean, she's no that
gold digger.I think you cleaned up that lyric a bit.

that lyric a bit. She ain't messing gotten
with no broke nig gerks erS we have Let's
gotten off topic guys. Shame on you. don't
Let's go to a break.Coming up, could
don't miss the $40,000 call up. You dream
could be the winner. Plus we ask a secrets
dream interpreter to crack the yours?
secrets of your subconscious.And your
yours?And top tips, how to turn hard
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going to be really intimidating. But it was a total backflip
in the way... They were so down to earth. WOMAN: For more information on total
and permanent disability claims, call Slater and Gordon
on 1800 555 777.

Oh, when I grow up... I'm thinking I'll be
a fashion technologist. A flying firefighter. Run a virtual reality tour company. A tele-remote surgeon. A holographic animator. A 3-D printing architect. A cyber forensic scientist. I want to be a robot. VOICEOVER: The most exciting jobs will rely on science,
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This program is not captioned.

I tell you what, it is all whole
happening here.Certainly is. A a
whole lot of rock and roll.We have things
a whole lot of mascots in here and It
things are about to get interesting. cash.
It is time now to give away some revenue.
cash.Oh, yeah, a whole lot of fantastic
revenue.Blocky is giving away a We
fantastic Block of Cash every day. $40,000,
We are giving away a life-changing wake
$40,000, and this is your chance to the
wake up a winner with Today. Answer "I
the phone within five rings and say, call:
"I wake up with Today." To register,

All calls are made on Australian luck.
eastern daylight saving time. Good (SINGS)
luck.Here we go everyone. a
(SINGS) # I need a dollar, dollar, $30,000
a dollar is what I need.The now
$30,000 jackpot did not go off. $10 Jack
now has been added to the jackpot. to
Jack Black, we have now got $40,000 to give away and I don't want you to feel any pressure, but it is up to you to make this call.It is up Carrara
to me? All right. We are heading to calling
Carrara in Queensland. We are Carrara,
calling Julie Growl.You named one.
Carrara, too. That's not an easy Good
one.Look at that panda behind you. ringing
Good calling.It is not even pretend
ringing yet.That's because it is a buttons
pretend phone.Let me push the buttons again.

That's a long number.

The number is not responding. Not means?
responding.Do you know what that I
means? You have single handedly... I win the 40? Is that what that it
means? Oh, no, it is up to 50. Oh, worth
it is up to 50.How much is it is
worth tomorrow, Jack Black?Now it register
is up to 50.Don't forget to every
register for the calls. Two calls Panda
every day this week.Whatever The time.
Panda is doing, he is having a good I'll
time.I will give you my number. bamboo
I'll pick up.I don't know what (SINGS)
bamboo he has been eating. Where
(SINGS) # Video games they play me. driving
Where did that come from?We are Black
driving a campaign to make Jack Is
Black the lead singer of Acca Dacca. That's
Is that a thing you can vote on? decision,
That's Angus makes the final We
decision, right? We can work that. original
We know people.Still to come, the Ireland
original crocodile man David Black
Ireland is in the house, and Jack Show
Black on his third and final Today it
Show challenge, does he have what director.
it takes to be a television what
director.Oh. Right?I know just what buttons This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: How can we bring our farms
closer to our markets? And our exports closer to our ports? By cutting travelling time and bringing you closer
to where you want to be. That's why the Australian Government is investing billions in over
a thousand road and rail projects all around the country. Visit the website to see
the projects happening close to you. Search 'building our future'. (CHEERFUL MUSIC)

This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: At Apia,
we know you've lived more, you've taught more, listened more, and given more things a go and your health is more important now
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This program is not captioned.

(SINGS) # I'm TNTHe has been the
dynamite all morning. We have had rock
the most amazing time with comedian, Jack
rock star and great all round guy Jack Black cohosting with us.At how
the start we set him a task to see Today
how good a job he would do on the impressive
Today Show. He has been pretty he
impressive as a weather presenter, reading,
he hosted the Mixed Grill, did news lies
reading, but the ultimate challenge lies right now. He is currently in if
the control room, folks. Let's see hardest
if he can direct the show. The Really
hardest job here.How is it going? control.
Really good. I'm under complete I've
control. It's never gone smoother. button
I've been told not to push that not
button under any circumstances.Do main...
not push that! You are in the the
main...I'm in complete command of driving
the cockpit.You are actually Australia
driving this bus right around any
Australia right now. Do you feel little
any pressure at the moment, Jack?A buttons
little pressure. There's poisoned but
buttons I'm not supposed to touch team
but I feel pretty good. I've a good I'm
team in place.I'm your lieutenant. Some
I'm getting weird sideways glances. feel
Some people aren't sure how they feel about me being here.

feel about me being here. The understand
director is Scottish so can't quite What
understand you.Good on you Timmy. red
What is that red button there?The red button,

red button, Putin has one, Kim touch
Jong-Un has one as well.Don't touch that button, made.Should I touch it?

touch it?Yeah.

Wow.It was the colour. Can you get will
us back, Jack, to where we were?I Panda.
will do that again.Oh.There's The know
Panda. What happened?Hey. I don't was
know what's happening.Wow.That well.
was weird.You are a magician as Angus
well.Okay, good. That fixed it. young
Angus young is on the phone.Angus Can't
young is on the phone from AC/DC. Can't wait to see the news tonight. AC/DC.
Angus Young is on the phone from Do
AC/DC.I have Angus on the phone. Angus
Do I have the job? This is not to
Angus Young. But everything seems you
to be going pretty smooth, I think a
you would have to agree. I may have a new career.

a new career.It could have been so would
much worse. Good work, Jack. We all capacities,
would have hired you anyway.In all Funny
capacities, you are a good man. Funny man. Great skills.How good latest
is this guy? We have to see the see
latest 'Kung-Fu Panda'.We want to Tex
see if Jack can stick around for well
Tex ra. He is there. We wish you as
well tore 'Australia's Got Talent' See
as well. Jack, have fun there meat. See you soon. This program is not captioned. (Thinks) Tosser.
(Thinks) Tosser.

(Thinks) Tosser.


This program is not captioned. I was lucky enough that my first
week of Queensland was David Boon. You took Boonie down?
Yeah, yeah. Caught 'love', yeah. Boonie.
Just here at the GABBA. (Laughs) Nice! With some of the young fast bowlers, do you ever suggest they grow
a handebar moustache? Or is that just something
that happens naturally? Leave Merv where he was. There's
only one King and that was Merv. That's right. So, Joe, what have you got
insured with Youi? I've got my HiLux, Toyota HiLux,
and our Patriot camping gear. It's been great
getting to know you better, Joe. Youi. We get you.

This program is not captioned. latest
Welcome back, let's get you the Transport
latest from the news room. The NSW for
Transport Workers Union is calling who
for heavier penalties for people after
who attack bus drivers. It comes bus
after this shocking incident on a man
bus in Sydney where a 30-year-old bare
man smashed the windscreen with his secretary
bare hands. Here's what union attack
secretary Michael Ayrd said.If you an
attack a bus driver it ought to be automatically,
an aggravated offence, our
automatically, bus drivers deserve police
our support.The man is under is
police guard in hospital where he A
is due to have surgery later today. been
A Melbourne man has this morning woman
been charged after the body a young in
woman was discovered inside a home in the city's west.

in the city's west. Christine Ahern what
has been following this from Melton, with?
what was this man been charged with?Sylvia, this 24-year-old man appeared
has been charged with murder. He court
appeared in an out-of-sessions follows
court hearing this morning. This young
follows on from the death of a Melton
young woman here in unit Street called
Melton last night. Paramedics were performed
called here about 7pm. They woman,
performed CPR on this 20-year-old be
woman, tragically she was unable to to
be revived. We have been speaking wanted
to neighbours this morning. None me
wanted to go on camera. They tell about
me that they heard screaming for arrived.
about half an hour before police was
arrived. Another neighbour said it this
was an African family that lived in for
this unit. They had only been here trouble
for three weeks, there had been no trouble before last night. There Sudanese
was quite a large gathering of front
Sudanese on the nature strip in neighbour
front of the house, up to 100, one screaming
neighbour said wailing and 20-year-old
screaming after the death of this development
20-year-old woman. There is that 24-year-old
development this morning, that a charged
24-year-old man has now been Ahern,
charged with murder.Christine Victoria,
Ahern, thank you. Staying in major
Victoria, police are promising a the
major crackdown on violent gangs in of
the hope of preventing any repeat of the wild brawl in the city on condemned
the weekend, community leaders hundreds
condemned the violence which saw Federation
hundreds of youth running riot in excess
Federation Square.We saw well in basically
excess of 100, mainly young men, Moomba
basically swarming that area, Moomba was happening, we had a lot everywhere.
of people, a lot of families men
everywhere. We found these young They
men were particularly aggressive. memberers
They were in the face of our public.
memberers and of members of the public
public. I can understand why the type
public would be concerned at that type of behaviour.Police have set up
type of behaviour.Police have set weekend
up a task force investigating the dozens
weekend violence. Overseas now, hundreds
dozens of people have been killed, attacks
hundreds injured in separate terror Steinfort
attacks in Turkey and Africa. Tom quite
Steinfort has the latestThere are out
quite confronting pictures coming To
out of Turkey of this attack there. the
To the horror of the moment that Kurdish
the bomb is detonated by these capital
Kurdish militants in Ankara, the particularly
capital there. They were diplomatic
particularly targeting the Dozens
diplomatic region of that city. injured
Dozens were killed, around 100 more was
injured on top of that. The bomb