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Today, another leadership coup plays out in the West as former Labor frontbencher Steven Smith launches a challenge against the State Opposition Leader. This is exactly what was done to Kevin Rudd, exactly what was done to Julia Gillard. We don't need this in WA. this in WA. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, Clive Palmer insists he's still fighting for the people of Queensland but can't save workers at his - can't say if workers at his nickel refinery will be reinstieted. Donald Trump's opponents accuse him of inciting violence a day after he was caused to cancel a rally because of violent clashes and Nick Kyrgios threatens to walk off the court and because of a run-in with an umpire. Hello, you're watching ABC News. A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the capitals:

Former Federal Defence Minister Steve Smith has officially declared he'll challenge Mark McGow frn the WA Labor leadership if he has support from Cox. Mr Smith says several members of the WA Labor Party have approach him with concerns they won't be able to win the general election. First today we had the declaration 13 we had the response from Mark McGowan andt that was laden with fury and determination. Steve Smith, after keeping quiet on this matter for a number of days, came out earlier today and said, "Yes, I'm interested." He claims he's been approached by MPs, frontbenchers and backbenchers, saying, "We need you to run, we don't think Mark McGowan can win." He says he's making himself available to run. He believes he can win. Labor needs to win 10 seats at the next election to defeat Colin Barnett and Steve Smith made it clear he didn't think Mark McGowan could do it but he could. Mark McGowan responded soon after that, we're at an Irish festival so he's been mingling with his supporters here but first let's have a listen to what Steve Smith had to say. After lot of soul searching, I have decided if a majority of the State parliamentary Labor Party wants me to lead the State parliamentary Labor Party to the next election, wants me to win the next election, become Premier and form a Government, then as I've put it to them privately, if of course you come to me saying there is a majority that supports that proposal, then of course I would consider my obligations to the State, to its long-term interests and also my obligation to the party.I understand there's going to be some type of resolution at Tuesday's Caucus meeting and I think Caucus will put - Mark McGowan's supporters will move a motion calling on the party to get behind him. Mark McGowan says at that point Stephen Smith has to walk away. He's accused him of under mining, bringing the Canberra toxic culture to WA. He says Western Australians don't like that. Let's have a listen to what Mark McGowan had to say. I think WA deserves better than this I've worked hard over the last 19 years and as leader of the party for the last 4 years. I'm not going to be undermined, I'm not going to roll over for this sort of behaviour. This sort of behaviour to me is unacceptable and all Mr Smith has done is help Colin Barnett and the Liberal Party and potentially snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.Incredibly destabilising for the party. The saying in politics is disunity is death so Mark McGowan's calling on Stephen Smith to stop it right now. This will obviously be played out over the next few days. Caucus meets on Tuesday but the problem is when Stephen Smith held his press conference earlier he said this may not be resolved this week or in a mat of weeks, it may take months. There's a lot to be worked through here because if there is sufficient support for Stephen Smith, he doesn't actually have a seat in parliament at the moment and as it stands there's nothing available, there's one spare seat, Stephen Smith mentioned that today and said it was an option for him. Mark McGowan responded to that because he wants one of his advisers, Reese Whitby, running in that seat. He said he'll back Reese it whitby all the way in that seat so this has a long way to play out.Federal MP Clive Palmer hasn't given any guarantees about the future of 550 workers at his North Queensland nickel refinery. Speaking on the ABC's 'Insiders' program, Mr Palmer says even if all approvals are granted by the Queensland Governmenturic would be at least 8 weeks before any ore would arrive to be processed. The major approval we need is to operate a hazard facility, hasn't been granted by the Queensland Government and you have to have all approval orz you're breaching the law. The directors of the company, which is not me, can't operate that refinery unless they've got the approvals to do. That's in your hands to sort out? No, it's in the Government's hand. This is a question of taking the same people- They can't give the approvals unless you've met your side of if We've met our side. There wasn't anything for us to do. We applied to have approvals transferred to the new company and once they're transferred the new company can start to operate. What is the biggest im pediment? There's three things, one is the administrators cancelled the ore so you can't process it. Secondly, you can only operate if you operate legally and the Government provides you all those approvals. The third thing is cash. We solved the cash problem the week before we were unable to use the cash because of those reasons but I've got no confidence or faith in the Queensland Government. First of all when we did this we thought it would be a good thing and good outcome. We've invested $4 billion in the North Queensland economy, that's 4,000 million dollars. It is clear the unprecedented attacks on me personally have been promoted by political reasons not business reasons. The 550 workers who have lost their jobs hear the Queensland Government say it's your fault,, you say it's the Queensland Government's fault. That's deadlock. What do you say to the workers? It's a tragedy. We didn't let the workers go, Clive Palmer, the administrators shut up shop and froze the bank accounts. Is Is there any prospect of them being rehired? We have to look at this. As an investor,ium-Y don't think I'll prepared to put million oz dollars in unless it's clear there's guidelines from the Queensland Government they'll behave reasonably. You seem to be saying there's not much prospect of them being rehired. Key have to have ore. The Government cancelled the ore. It will take at least 8 weeks to have ore on the ground where the refinery could operate. In that time we need to work hard to see if the Government wants us in Queensland. If they don't want us there, I won't make tens of millions of dollars available to just lose that money. A new poll suggests significant support from a European Union style free movement zone between Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, making easier for Commonwealth nationals to live and work in other countries. James Glenday reports diplomats say it's unlikely to become a reality. We fought and died for the same empire and still share a Queen. But should Australians have the right to live and work in Britain without a visa? Yes, it would make life a lot easier if I wanted to travel for months at a time and work while here. A new poll from the Royal Commonwealth Society's found 70% of Australians, three-quarters of Canadians, more than 80% of New Zealanders and most British citizens would like an EU-style freedom of movement zone between each other's countries.It's an ideal. All these things have to be modulated because there are always extremes but I think it could work. In London the idea is popular outside Buckingham Palace. I work in the music industry so it would be easy to travel back and Forth.And in several pubs. I think if you observe history it seems only fair they would be subjected to the same immigration control as the Europeans are.But one former Foreign Minister says the policy would pose problems for Australian border security. It's natural that people would respond in that way but we have to manage our borders in a sort of coharpt and sensible way.So it's not going to happen? Not any time soon, no. We're not about to change those arrangements for anybody. However, the High Commission is unhappy about tighter more expensive UK visa rules that come into effect within weeks. Wallabies! It's worried some Australians could be put off from working and living in Britain. And there is a hope this poll might force the UK to reflect on its relationship with Commonwealth countries and look at other ways of fostering freer movement. Parts of Melbourne's CBD were shut down last night as police tried to end a violent brawl between two gangs at Federation Square. The brawl forced the closure of Swanston Street while trams in the area were stopped for about an hour. It took officers nearly two hours to break up the fighting while Ambulance Victoria says it treated a number of people for minor injuries. No charges have been laid and police are investigating whether the incident may be part of a gangland power grab. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says he's devastated by the incident but reassured the public the city is safe. We have worked so hard, all of us, media, the community, Victoria police, the city of Melbourne, licences, everybody, to change the view of our city that was perhaps prevalent seven or 8 years ago and to a large extent we've been successful but when we take a backwards step like this it is devastating. While I would understand families who say this is not just unpleasant, it's threatening and worse than that, I understand that but I would say to them you will be safe, the resources will be there.Meanwhile, in Sydney two men have been charged in relation to a brawl in Sydney's CBD overnight. Police say multiple fights broke out between two groups in the city early this morning. Police say they're still investigating Donald Trump
what sparked the violence. Donald Trump hasn't shied away from courting controversy in the US election campaign but the atmosphere appears to have shifted up a notch. The Republican frontrunner had a security scare at a rally in Ohio when a protester charged the stage before being tackled by Secret Service agents. This comes a day after Mr Trump had to cancel another event when thousands of demonstrators clashed with his supporters. His opponents and even some members of his own party say Donald Trump is to blame for inciting violence in an increasingly tense election. He's the chaos candidate. Shaking up America's democracy. But today it took a dangerous turn. I have to do it myself. I know it's not...A protester rushed the stage at Donald Trump's rally in the swing State of Ohio, terrifying the Republican frontrunner. Secret Servicemen circled him as the police dragged the protester away. Thank you for the warning. I was ready for him but it's much easier for-F the cops do it.Mr Trump shook off the incident and then taunted a young protester as he was escorted out. Go back home to mummy. Go back home to mummy.Yesterday Donald Trump was forced to cancel a rally in Chicago when thousands of supporters clashed with protesters. Racists go home! If you play matches, you can start a fire you can't control. That is not leadership, that is political arson. This is the guy, remember, who was sure that I was born in Kenya. Who just wouldn't let it go.(LAUGHTER)Establishment candidate Marco Rubio is now wavering on his pledge to support Mr Trump if he wins the nomination. You'll support him if he's the nominee? I don't know.On Wednesday, Republicans in the crucial States of Florida and Ohio cast their votes. If Donald Trump wins, he will almost certainly go to the convention the presumptive nominee. An investigation by the 'New York Times' has found the Islamic State group is giving sex slaves contraceptives to stop them getting pregnant. The paper reports the practice is done so that they can be passed between militants. The paper made the discovery after interviewing 30 women from the Yazidi minority who have escaped Islamic State in Iraq. It reports oral and injectable contraception was used. IS has admitted the systematic enslavement and rape of Yazidi women and girls. Rio's mayor has asked the world to have an open mind about his city as it race to prepare for the Olympics in August. He's asked Australians for peace and love. National sports correspondent Mary Gearin filed this report from Rio on the man tasked with selling the virtues of the games in the face of doubters at home and abroad. A city famed for parties is warming up for one of the biggest. But is it a party Rio is ready and happy to host? It's going to be great. We have another priorities other than Olympic Games, you know. In the future it would be good but not now. Now is not the time. If you want to know the reasons in favour of Rio hosting the games, you can't come to a better place than here, the headquarters of the most forceful salesman for the Games. When foreigners look at Brazil they think about great party, great music, these guys are always on the beach partying and dancing. We want to show there's another Brazil, another Rio in spite of all the problems, there are people who work hard, deliver things on time, do on price, you know, the proper way in , I would say, more Australian way.Still, Australians seem to be a bugbear for the mayor, in particular their criticism of Rio preparation. He was quoted as saying Australian Olympic officials are aggressive. No, I didn't say aggressive. I didn't use this word. Translation is dangerous. What were you saying? They bring always bad news, complaining about Rio and the Olympics here so peace and love Australia, please.The populist and popular mayor works hard with a domestic audience as well. Even here at the launch of a childcare centre, spruiking the legacy of the Olympics. We're talking about subway, we're talking about the renovation of the port area, the BRTs, the bus rapid transit lines. These are not for the Olympics. The Olympics were a great excuse to get things done. This has been a prominent blot on the mayor's Olympic campaign, this poorer community that used to have more than 500 residents here that's had to move away because of the Olympics. You see the expanding Olympic site is just next door. Most people have accepted compensation and moved away. Some will be in new houses that will be built here after the Games but some say the price they've paid for these Olympics is simply too high. This week, Maria's house of 23 years was knocked down. TRANSLATION: Aren't the Olympics a celebration of the union of the people? My community was happy and united. Now it's unhappy and separated. It's like this international view of Brazil, you know, people come come look, OK, there's Brazilian people here struggling with the poor, it's not true. Most people are leaving because they want to leave. The mayor is banking on pre-Olympic jitters to be lost in the excitement. The Olympics, it's like an island in this sea of bad news.As in all Olympic cities, the morning after will be the real test. Let's get sport now with Andre Leslie. In the NRL, the Dragons 28-point defeat to Cronulla could prove very costly with star centre Josh Dugan unable to complete the match with a hamstring injury. An early break from Benji Marshall saw the Sharks lose a man to the sin bin but the Dragons were unable to take advantage of the situation as Ben Barber side-stepped his way to the try line. The Sharks' second try wasn't too far away either. Chad Townsend plays on. Kicks away for Valentine Holmes. Cronulla's in again. Chad Townsend, brilliant. The Sharks led 18-2 at halftime and any chance of a comeback for the Dragons was slim when Dugan left the field. Two second-half tries sealed the win 30-2. Western Sydney are eyeing top spot on the A ladder today. The Wanderers have struck first in their clash against the Jets in Newcastle after a first-touch Joshua Sitirio goal in the first half. The Wanderers could go top of the table on goal difference if they manage another two more goals in the match. The Brisbane Lions have lost to greater Western Sydney in the AFL Pre-Season Cup. Currently the Saints lead the Ds at the first break while 10 second-half goals from the giants sealed a dominant performance against the Lions. After their match against the Saints was washed out last week, torrential conditions followed Brisbane to the Gold Coast but that didn't dampen the Lions' strengths in the forward pocket. Brisbane stole the quarter time lead with a super goal on the siren before an AFL veteran got his new club back on track. Stevie Johnson's left foot. How's it feeling? Feeling good.The Giants led at the main break and never looked back. Three goals from Steve Johnson and four from Jeremy Cameron sealed the 39-point victory. Cameron could be in trouble with the judiciary, though, for this contact on Reese Matheson. Aussie golfer Matthew Griffin has come from behind to pull off a victory on the last day of the New Zealand Open. Griffin played a perfect final hole, grabbing a birdie to slip past the overnight leader from Japan who bogeyed the 18th. The Victorian picked up a cool NZ $180,000 for the win and says he was honoured to pick up the silverware. Without doubt my biggest name on the golf course to win the New Zealand Open with so many great names on the trophy over the years. It is amazing, a really exciting day and I've had my whole family over here to watch so even better. Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios has made an explosive exit from the Indian Wells masters. The 20-year-old was docked a point for on-court swearing in his match. Krygios confronted the umpire over the ruling. I don't want to play anymore. This is bull (bleep).Krygios went on to lose the match. His latest outburst comes a week after he was criticised by Bernard Tom frequent missing the Davis Cup. In the world T20 tournament in India, Afghanistan has progressed to the final stage of the competition after a win over Zimbabwe. Afghanistan set Zimbabwe a target of 186 after lofty hitting from its middle order. In reply, Zimbabwe was dismissed for 127. Afghanistan advances to the super 10 stage for the first time. Meanwhile, Australia's campaign opens on Friday. We haven't done as well as we would have liked in this format of the game. This is a tournament that's alluded us so we're here to try and win it.Australia's first game is against New Zealand. There have been two huge upsets on day four of the world surfing tour event on the Gold Coast. Last year's runner up Julian Wilson was knocked out in round two by the Hawaiian but the biggest surprise was Aussie Stuart Kennedy who out-surfed, 11-time world champion Kelly Slater. Extra speed from Stuey compared to Kelly and you can see that little zap through that turn. Wow. So that was extremely committed.Kennedy scored an impressive 9.5 ride to progress to the 3rd rount. He was originally an injury replacement for fellow Australian Bede Durbidge. In 7s rugby, Australia's had a shock loss to Canada at the Vancouver 7s event with the hosts winning of ful time. The substitute scored a try that pulled Canada even then it was time for the conversion. It's good. It's good! Canada has stolen it and don't the locals just love it.The Aussies won a later game against Wales though and have managed to qualify for the quarterfinals. A trough over western parts of WA is causing a few showers and thunderstorms. Another trough over the eastern interior is generating thundery showers in SA, southern NSW and northern Victoria. A broad region of low pressure over the north is causing slow-moving thunderstorms with heavy rain. Looking around the country for tomorrow: tomorrow:

Two Adelaide brother whose backyard vid videos have been watched online by millions of viewers have secured Screen Australia funding to develop a feature length film. The Philipppou brothers have joined forces with a local production company to make a smooth transition from the small to the big screen. It was a 3-minute backyard film ride to YouTube fame. It the Philipppou brothers spoof Harry Potter versus Star Wars has had more than 20 million hits. Use the force, Luke. Harry, your father is fighting, Harry. Use the power of the dark side. It was the big breakthrough that came after honing their kaft since they were 9. The twins' family and friends have been hit by cars and fallen through ceilings and walls, mostly in their family's house, with Michael the self- appointed main stuntman. A little more physical, yeah. Excuse you! I've got to edit, Michael's got no skills except for jumping through walls. He's really stupid so. It's fun.They've become so big the self-named RackaRacka boys have produced over seas commercials and are big in Europe and the US. Being YouTube stars is a good money maker too and the Philipppous contracts with the likes of Google. We were reluctant to make money to begin with. We purposely didn't put ads on and it got to a point where we had to do it. We thought, "Let's sell out." Who's got the most money. What? What company can give the most money. The brothers are now trying to convert their success to the big screen. Doing a 3-minute video is one thing but doing a 90-minute feature with structure and character and all that stuff- It's a very different beast. Guiding them through it is experienced movie producer Julie Byrne. Important to harness their energy, mould it into something that is palatable and acceptable to a broader audience but not lose their very special voice. Concrete Kings is loosely based on the brothers' life story and has attracted Screen Australia fundingtism is one project that may keep them based in Adelaide. We've got management in LA and everything is very false there. This is our home. Our friends and family are here but we'll be moving soon. (Both laugh) I can fly, baby. I can fly.It's hoped Concrete Kings will start shooting next year. Looking forward to it. That is the news for now. I'm Gemma Venness. Stay with us, Back Roads is coming up next.

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