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Good morning and welcome to Weekend Breakfast, I'm Miriam Corowa.And I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Making news, a Queensland teen stuck in Syria speaks publicly for the first time, denying he's been involved in terrorism. I've stated I've been doing humanitarian work and I haven't done anything else. Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, enforcement orders Clive
served on the new owners of Clive Palmer's nickel refinery amid concerns for the local environment. Turkey's Coast Guard under scrutiny as images emerge showing a boat full of migrants being beaten with sticks.And the Eels begin life with new captain Kieran Foran by upsetting the reigning premiers, the Cowboys. Thank you for joining us, it's Sunday the 13th of March.Coming up this hour on Weekend Breakfast, I'm interested to know what's going on behind the scenes of hospitals and the like and our first responders, what they are up to because it is intense work. And it's unrelenting and thankless in a lot of regards. Well 'Keeping Australia Alive' is a new documentary series starting this week on ABC1 which has used 100 cameras to take a snapshot of our health system across one single day.The landmark program aims to tell the story of who we are, what we value and how we live and die. A little later this hour we will be joined by a trauma surgeon who features in the series to learn more about the enormous challenges she faces every day working in a Sydney emergency department. A hundred cameras to take a snapshot of what's going on there. It is an immense task involving hundreds of thousands of people, not just those on the frontline, to make it all work.A disturbing factor is often the abuse they are subjected to as well. As if their jobs aren't difficult enough, to then deal with that as well. Of course, that takes an emotional toll. So we'll discuss that, see what life like is behind the scenes very shortly. Let's see how the weather is looking for this Sunday morning:

A Toowoomba teenager stranded in Syria has labelled the Federal Government's decision to cancel his passport as has
ridiculous. Oliver Bridgeman has spoken for the first time since the Australian Federal Police cancelled his passport and issued a warrant for his arrest. They have accused him of being involved in violent activities.Enforcement orders have been served on the new owners of Clive Palmer's nickel refinery to ensure continued protection of the local environment. Dr Steven Miles said the action was taken after the Palmer-owned nickel sales failed to show it had adequate resources to operate the re finery. CNS took over after Palmer nickel went into voluntary administration.The biggest concern at the refinery is the tailings dams. That's where we've had environmental impacts in the past, where we have had to take compliance action in the past.Two men have been charged in relation to an alleged attack on a group of women celebrating a hen's night in the Sydney CBD. Police say the men assaulted four men outside the fast food restaurant leaving one woman with a broken collarbone. Four women were taken to hospital along with a 69-year-old man assisting them. The men will face court next month.The search for a woman who has disappeared in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney is entering its 6th day. Authorities say 77-year-old Elizabeth owe pray left her home in Medlow Bath last Monday night. The police spoke to her on her mobile phone the next day. Police say reports of a voice calling for help was heard on Friday night. 100 people will be involved in today's search.The Referendum Council set is likely to miss its deadline. The Federal Government appointed the cancel late last year to discuss the on
issue with voters and consult on the content of the referendum. The council was due to report back by June 30th but sources say that is unlikely to be met. Co-chair of the council Mark Leibler said a referendum next May remains the target. Dramatic vision has been released showing Turkish coastguards striking asylum seekers on a boat in the Aegean Sea. The BBC was given a video in which a woman can be heard screaming as guards using sticks against two male migrants. The incident is said to have happened in Turkish waters as the boat was attempting to reach the Greek island of Lesbos. The Coast Guard said they were trying to stop the vessel without harming its occupants. More than 130,000 refugees have arrived by boat in Greece this year alone.Funerals have been held for a Palestinian girl and his sies tore reportedly killed in an Israeli missile strike. Residents say the 10-year-old boy died after he was hit by debris during the bombing. His six-year-old sister was taken to hospital where she later died. They had targeted four training sites in response to four rockets launched into its territory. No casualties were reported in that attack.Six people have been killed and several more are missing in the Italian alps. Local officials say a group of a dozen people were climbing close to the top of Monte Novoso when they were hit. Rescuers say search efforts are underway with local media reporting three helicopters and specialist avalanche dogs had been sent to the scene. It's unclear how many have survived or whether everybody has been accounted for.In the US, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has continued his campaign for the party's nomination with a rally in the State of Ohio. It's the first public appearance for the businessman since cancelling a campaign rally in Chicago after violent protests erupted. There were violent scenes as protesters yelled and held protests on the streets. After a protest attempted to storm the stage as Trump spoke.I have to do it myself...SCREAMING Thank you for the warning. I was ready for them but it's much easier if the cops do it, don't we agree? What a great job. The Google developed computer program has beaten a master Go player seen as a landmark in. He has 18 international titles to his name but AlphaGo which was developed by a Google Hef owned company had little trouble beating. They put stones on a 19 by 19 grid until someone's pieces are surrounded. What's next? Getting smarter and smarter.They are now more intelligent than we are.It wouldn't be too hard in my case, I would imagine.Don't be like that. Let's check sport now. Here is Nick Lockyer.The Eels have put a tumultuous week behind them by upsetting the defending premiers. Playing under new captain Kieran Foran, for the first time, Parramatta held on to defeat the Cowboys 20-16. There is some concerns in both teams. Nathan Peats failed to finish the game with an arm injury and Matt Scott is on report for a crusher tackle. Yesterday Souths smashed the Knights 48-6 and the injury-hit Raiders came from behind to defeat the Roosters by 1 point. There were goals galore in the A-League last night and Perth has taken full advantage of a pair of significant results. The Glory strengthened their final chances with a 4-0 smashing of a Central Coast outfit. They are fifth on the ladder after Melbourne Victory was beaten by Brisbane 5-0 and Sydney FC was upset by Wellington 3-1. Manchester City has slipped up last night. The Premier
sky xwlus are 9 points behind Premier League leader Leicester after a nil-all draw with Norwich. Hawthorn has tuned up for its tilt at a four-Pete with an impressive 45-point win in its final AFL pre-season match. The Hawks were given significant help from Kangaroos life wire Lindsay Thomas in the second quarter. Geelong is likely to be without Cockatoo for Round 1. He was reported for a sling tackle on Michael Johnson in the Cats 8-point loss to Fremantle. And Western
Collingwood edged out the Western Bulldogs by 2 points. A change of coaches couldn't Super
inspire the Reds to their first Super Rugby victory of the season. They went down to the Rebels 25-23 last night. There the
were also wins for the Sharks, the Chiefs, the Cheetahs and the Highlanders in the Super Rugby overnight. Now not such good news for Chelsea fans of which I must admit I am one. Lost their FFA quarterfinal to Everton 2-0 this morning. That is the Blues, done and dusted for season 2015-16. No more competitions they can win.Oh how the mighty have fallen.Just focus on your Aussie teams.West Coast can still win it this year. Another game yet.You're dreaming.From a Freo fan, there you go.Thank you for your company. Still to come, shocking footage has emerged in Europe of migrants being struck in a boat.And the 30th balloon spectacular in Canberra.A landmark for artificial intelligence. One of the world's top board game players last been defeated by a computer program AlphaGo in what is seen as a breakthrough for a new intuitive AI. We will hear more about the success of the Google program which has left creators stunned and speechless.An Australian teenager in Syria has spoken for the first time.Oliver Bridgeman is accused of engaging in hostile activities. He said he is not involved in terrorism and wants to come home.Guys, I arrived at the project hope orphans camp.Oliver Bridgeman has posted plenty of videos online of what he says is legitimate aid work in Syria. Now he has given his first interview to a Sydney community internet channel. His passport has been cancelled and an arrest warrant issued for the 19-year-old accused of engaging in hostile activities in a foreign country.

There is simply no evidence whatsoever that he has done anything untoward during his time in Syria or during any other time.Last week Bridgeman posted photos of himself, saying he is at the Turkish border but now he's stranded.We need to try and find a safe way for him to return to Australia. That is now going to be much more difficult than it otherwise would have been.Late last year Ashley Dyball was allowed to return to Australia after joining a Kurdish military campaign fighting Islamic State.We need people sending jackets, gloves.Oliver Bridgeman accuses the Government of double standards.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it's standard practice to provide an Australian with temporary travel documents if their passport is cancelled but DFAT wouldn't give any specific commitment regarding Oliver Bridgeman. Images have emerged appearing to show Turkish coastguards lashing out at Myers. BlTurkey says Coast Guard were trying to stop the boat by disabling the engine. engine. Ery this morning off the coast of Turkey, a migrant boat is being hit by boat hooks. Women scream, children cower on the floor of the boat. Who are the men wielding sticks? They are Turkish coastguards, trying they claim to disability the engine on the migrant vessel. Humanitarian experts say these pictures are disturbing. Previously the Turkish Coast Guard has been filmed using water cannon on migrant boats. NATO ships are now in the waters between Greece and Turkey. Sailors and air crew will be tasked with sending boats full of people towards Turkish coastguards for them to deal with. But is this what NATO servicemen and women will be sending migrants back to? The Turkish Coast Guard said it was trying to stop the migrants getting into Greek waters without harming the refugees. Those onboard this boat did make it to Greece but others were intercepted by the Turkish authorities and brought back ashore. Their attempts thwarted as efforts are stepped up to stop the flow of people paying smugglers to get them on to European soil. Let's return home. A 3-year-old report into indigenous youth sexual violence and abuse in North Queensland is widespread.A former Supreme Court Judge is set to investigate. The small bone report was commissioned by the farmer Bligh Government and focused on four communities in Far North Queensland.The report into youth sexual violence in Aurukun and west Cairns is shocking.It found over a 12-year period to 2012 the average annual rate of sexual offences in Aurukun was 6.6 times higher than the Queensland average. In west Cairns, it was 3 times higher and 85% of the victims were under 17. Interviews revealed early involvement in sexual behaviour, high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and little understanding of sexual consent. And in Aurukun, they found most children in the community were sexually active by age 10 to 12. It was handed down to the Newman Government three years ago but the devastating details were kept under wraps at the request of the researchers to protect victims and allow important programs to be established until the redacted version was released today. In a statement, the report's co-author, Professor Stephen Smallbone said these are not the only problems:

We are going to ensure that we do all that we can to break the cycle.I think it's important to follow the advice the experts in this area and we will work with the Government on that.A steering committee headed by former Supreme Court Justice Stanley Jones will review the work so far and make recommendations by the end of the year. Just to let you know further to that story, we will be spoking to the Federal Opposition spokesman for in
indigenous affairs Shane Newman in the next hour.Today, more than 800 babies will be born, 3,000 surgeries performed and over 1,000 patients treat in the a hospital trauma department. That's a typical day in the Australian health system, the subject of a landmark documentary beginning Australia Alive'
this week on the ABC.'Keeping Australia Alive' seeks to capture all the drama of the journeys that we take through our health system. Let's take a look.He doesn't want us to put any lines in, no drops.We do need to get access to give him fluids if he needs it, to give him antibiotics, tetanus as well but he won't let us do anything, as you can see. So we need to work that out and try and work with him. Sometimes they just walk out. If they walk out, they are left to their own peril. Unfortunately there is only so much we can do to keep somebody in here. But unfortunately all that we can do as healthcare providers is give them the best care we can give them.Well the surgeon you just saw in that particular excerpt was Dr Valerie Malka who joins us now to talk more about her work. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us on Weekend Breakfast. 'Keeping Australia Alive', a mammoth effort in terms of being able to film and capture the work that you do.Yes.Can you tell us a little bit about what your role is and the types of surgeries? I understand you perform surgeries, you work at Liverpool, is that correct?I'm a general surgeon but my specialty is trauma. Although I do a lot of general surgical work and emergency surgical work, a lot of the work is trauma-related. Most of that is road traffic crashes, industrial accidents and a lot of assaults unfortunately.I'm interested to know, you would refer to that as blunt trauma where you have road accidents, people having been hit. I understand that you are seeing an increasing number of those attacks, so-called penetration trauma, stab wounds, gunshots and the like. That must be quite disturbing for you?It is disturbing to see that sort of trauma in Australian hospitals. The proportion is mostly blunt trauma, over 90% will be road traffic-related or falls. But penetrating trauma is on the the
increase.Particular times of the week where these tend to peak?Of course, the weekends and usual Friday and Saturday night problems but, yeah.Is it also difficult not just in terms of treating the injuries themselves but the state that the patients are in when they have experienced something like that, whether it is a car accident or being attacked?Well it is difficult. Again, it differs quite markedly. If it's blunt trauma, although we can have drunk patients and difficult patients, police most of our problems come with the penetrating patients who can be violent. That is difficult for all the staff involved. At the end of the day you are providing a service to the community and you have to look Mother
past that and not be judging. Mother Theresa said if you start to judge people you can't offer love and compassion and that is what we have to do in the hospital system, no matter how hard it is.It is a remarkable service you offer. For your job, which is difficult enough as it is, to be compounded by an uncooperative patient, must be difficult to cope with. Emotionally, how do you cope team
with it?You do, I guess, as a team work together. What happens when we have had a difficult scenario like what you would have seen on the TV show, you end up debriefing soon after the event. You get about
the team together and you talk about it, you talk about what may have gone better, what was about it
done well, how people feel about it all. The closer to the incident you do that, the better the team can cope with that and get on with the job. That is a reality every single day. We try and do that with every single patient.We understand this documentary involved a lot of camera work, cameras...Fascinating.In an attempt to show the bigger picture. You mentioned it's team work. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, not just in terms of the work you are doing, decision makers as well.Yes.Do you feel in terms of what you have seen about this documentary that this provides an opportunity for Australians to better understand the way it works?I think the documentary series is fascinating. I just think apart from the fact it will be a very interesting insight to the public what keeps Australians alive and well over a 24-hour period, it will give them a better understanding of how complex the system is and how much is provided. We can be very critical about the healthcare system and I have been in the past about whether there are short comings but I think the public will get a better understanding how about how complex and extraordinary it is. Furthermore to all of that, I hope they have a good appreciation of what we go through over those 24 hour periods that just keep round the clock care for the patients.I guess you would hope not just the average Australian, but also our politicians...Yes. Even more so.You always need more money, don't you?Yes. To refund well resourced hospital, particularly, as you say, the numbers of people coming through is increasing?Absolutely. It's very difficult. Obviously it's always
a very complex system. We always need more money. Things can be handled differently and organised differently as well. I think there are things we can do particularly with trauma, if you concentrate the resources and expertise in certain centres, these are better for everybody and these are the things the politicians should be looking at, particularly in NSW.If you had to pinpoint one or two things that would markedly improve the work you do, would you be able to share that with us?That is difficult. We are always short of staff. We do have staff, there is issues with fatigue, as you say, things have an emotional and physical toll on the staff. I think staffing. Reducing the bureaucracy and putting more people at the coalface and making it easier for decisions to be made and more quickly makes more sense.How difficult is it to attract people to your profession, not just as a doctor but critical staff such as nurses. Is that becoming more difficult?Not really. I think fundamentally, it might sound cliche, but everybody would agree nothing seems to feed the heart and soul more than feeling you are going to help someone and alleviate suffering and make their lives better. There are the professions that do that, but the healthcare profession must be the ultimate one and feel very good. I think we will always be attracting people there. If they feel well supported. I don't think that is going to be a problem. There are issues with not bringing them in so much but retaining them. But people genuinely want to help and make a difference and this is the best way to do it.Did you see yourself remaining in ICU? It's so dramatic in there...Yes, it is.Do you think I would like a quieter life?I have thought that on a number of occasions and it depends. I'm based around the emergency department, intensive care unit and operating theatres. That is an intense environment. If you have a great team around you and you are going through the same thing, it makes it good for you. There are times when you go home and think golly, I would love to be uncontactable for about a week.Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.Thank you for the opportunity.Keep an eye out for that on ABC this week, it is 'Keeping Australia Alive', a fantastic documentary.Indeed it is. Dozens of hot air balloons have taken to the skies over Canberra as part of the 30th annual balloon spectacular.The nine-day festival is the biggest in Australia and rated among the top five in the world. Whilst it may seem serene up in the air, there is plenty of work to in the
do on the ground to keep them in the sky. It all starts before dawn. Pilots and crew gather for a weather briefing deciding if they can fly. This morning's still morning means the Old Parliament House
balloons can't launch at the Old Parliament House so they are off to the Arboretum.It's rewarding, you always get champagne at the end of it. That's the bit you look forward to.The crew of 'Take It Easy' aren't taking paying guests. They are here for the love it.It's a great mix of excitement, leisure, it's great fun, you meet great people and great opportunities to travel all over the world. It's fantastic pursuit to be a part of.Most of those putting the blon in the air will stay grounded.Our job is to stick underneath the balloon if we can and be there in case we are you have
required. Jo you drive around, you have to look where they are going and try and guess where they land. It's a sport, I guess.The chase crew follow the balloon meeting it wherever it touches down. Balloons can be steered manually in only two directions, up and down. It's what many love about the sport.I'm steering using the air currents. I can only put myself into an air current going in the direction I'm after.Which can make landing tricky.Ideally you would be looking at a football oval, a public clearing, something with no obstructions and ideally, because of brand new balloon, nice, green and soft.But when such an opportunity doesn't present itself, you make do with what you have got. After a little creative on ground manoeuvring, it's all packed away and ready for the next challenge tomorrow. Let's take a look at the satellite image. A trough in the West is causing showers and thunderstorms in WA while a pair of troughs over the interior and east are generating thundery showers in the NT, SA and south-eastern low pressure
parts of NSW. A broad region of low pressure over the north is causing slow moving thunderstorms with heavy rain. Around the country:

The top stories from ABC News - an Australian teenager trapped in Syria says claims he may be involved in terrorist activities are not true. Queenslander Oliver Bridgeman claims he has been doing humanitarian work in Syria for almost 12 months. Australian Federal Police have cancelled Mr Bridgeman's passport, accusing him of engaging in hostile activities in a foreign environmental
country.Queensland's environmental regulator has issued enforcement orders against Clive Palmer's new company Queensland Nickel Sales. Environmental inspectors are concerned the refinery isn't being operated safely Palmer
because of a lack of staff. Mr Palmer will appear on the 'Insiders' program later this morning. Video has emerged showing Turkish coastguards using sticks against a Beth full of migrants. The incident is said to have happened in Turkish waters as the boat was on the way to Lesbos. The Coast Guard say they were trying to stop the boat without harming migrants. The Eels held on over North Queensland in Parramatta. Cowboys giant Jason ham Lou powered over in the final minute but the visitors lost the match 20-16. Now it's Sunday morning, maybe time to relax, have a look at the paper.Shuffle through the papers. Queensland's 'Sunday Mail' has a report on the State Government plan to inject $35 billion into rail and road infrastructure around says
Brisbane.SA's 'Sunday Mail' says it's been a tragic start to the Adelaide Cup long weekend with two accidents within 30 minutes claiming the lives of two men.The 'Sunday Telegraph' has letters by Harriet Wran, the daughter of former premier Neville Wran and her boyfriend Michael Lee. Both were charged over a murder of a drug dealer.A an Australian on the run from the FBI has been found in Brazil. Bruce Sholts was involved in an accident and has been in hiding until now.Battle sun, 'Herald Sun' reports on a violent night in Melbourne during the Moomba Festival with two armed gangs brawling in Federation Square.The 'Sunday Age' has the story of a refugee who agreed to re-settle from Nauru to Cambodia under a controversial $55 million scheme. The man from Myanmar fears he will die in Cambodia.The 'Sunday Tasmanian' reports consumer advocacy group Choice is urging people suffering from slow internet to switch services. undersea
The advice follows a cut to the undersea bass link cable which has slowed internet speeds for tens of thousands of people in the State.Miriam, yesterday we were talking about how congested our cities are and becoming increasingly so, trying to get to work is becoming a nightmare for many people. We spoke to social economist and urban planner about the growing challenges of that congestion. Now because we know Aussies love their cars...Indeed.And our large properties, the big backyards.You have to go further and further out to have that.A long way from the city to where you work.One solution being considered is high rise apartments. With this in mind Melbourne has approved the construction of two 79 storey towers which will house 1,600 apartments. Yesterday we asked you for your thoughts on how you could reduce congestion. We would like to know if high rise living is part of the solution. Should we be building more apartment towers in our CBDs?It's come a long way from those brick boxes that used to be Sloan up, which there were no other services. Now I guess what they are trying to do is build communities around these large towers. You are living in a tower. Down below you have got the shops, you have even got some recreation areas.You particularly need that if you are a family. You need somewhere for the kids to run we have
around.Our planners are saying we have no choice, that is the only way we can afford to live in the city, particularly for those who can't afford a house. We would like to hear what you have to say on that subject, whether you think that is the ABC
future of living. Just use the ABC News 24 hashtag: Weekend Breakfast can also be watched live on the web.Visit the main ABC News website at and you will find a link to News 24 that is streamed live every day.It's been described as a landmark moment for artificial intelligence. One of the world's top human players of the board game Go has been defeated 3-0.That means that AlphaGo computer has an unassailable lead in the best of five series and sets a new standard in artificial intelligence..This black group is in trouble. Even if black can live here.It's done.the amazement of the commentators was obvious. The disbelief of the human champion Lee Se-dol equally clear. Mr Lee Leigh is considered one of the game's greatest modern players and went into the five-game series supremely confident but he didn't win a single match against the AlphaGo program. Even AlphaGo's creators were amazed by the result.To be honest, we are a bit stunned and speechless. Lee Se-dol put up an incredible fight again. AlphaGo made the large territory at the bottom of the board but Mr Lee Leigh found some really amazing tactics to play in the territory and create a really huge co fight. Go is an ancient Chinese game for two players who take turns placing black and white stones on a 19 by 19 grid. Players win by surrounding their opponents pieces. Sounds simple but a Go player has a choice of 200 moves compared with 20 moves in chess. And intuition is as a important as memory. Which the AlphaGo program use nets works that allow it to crunch data in a human-like fashion. It learns and improves from every game. Last October AlphaGo beat the European Go champion 5-0. The defeated champion tried to put a brave face with a reassuring word for the rest of the human race. TRANSLATION: AlphaGo exhibited weaknesses so I doubt whether it has the skills that can deliver a wider message to homes. I think Leigh see doll is the one who lost, not humanity.With the final two games still to be played, AlphaGo is only going to get better. Should we be afraid?I've always been afraid. It's confirming my worst fears. What can I say?It has to be said that so far 2016 has been a tragic year for music fans. This week the man dubbed the fifth Beatle for his role in bringing the band to stardom, Bruce Martin died. While closer to home, Jon English died from surgery complicationed. Then there was the passing of pop icon David Bowie in January. We also had band member from Daddy Cool, he passed away this week as well. Glenn Fry from the Eagles.A bit of a generation we are seeing passing on. For more on these big losses we are joined by the host of Triple J goodnight's program Linda Marigliano. Goodnights to good morning.I know, just stayed up all night, come right in.We appreciate that, we really do. It has been a surprising week, I suppose.Three big ones in Jon
the last week, Ross Hannaford, Jon English, not only his voice but his face. His face is so memorable, being 'Countdown', from being on 'Jesus Christ Superstar' he is one of those icons and the fifth Beatle George Martin is running in with so much love for. People like Mark Ronson saying greatest record producer of all time. All these icons that people look up to today, they look up to him.I'm interested to know how many people like me have pulled out their old Beatles collection?It was the same when David Bowie passed away in January, his record sales were back to No.1 again. It's a marketing ploy.Gosh, quite extreme.It terms of the tributes, particularly George Martin who we are differentiating from the author of 'Game of Thrones'. We are referring to the other George Martin. He is branded as the father of music production, the modern music producer and contrasted with someone like Phil spectre for instance, as well.George Martin, there is Grammy
30 No.1 UK hits. There is Grammy Awards, he did 'A hard day's night'. He was the person that signed the Beatles when no-one else would touch them.Even he said, he wasn't overly impressed.We'll see what happens with these guys. We will see what I could polish, as they say. But he did it and kept on doing it and you listen to the production and here on Triple J when he passed away we played a track from 'Helter skelter' and we had people saying it sounds like the Chemical Brothers.The generation now?That maybe never heard those original recordings and say these are touchstones today and still finding them. So he is, I think the one, and I love that people are going back and bringing out the vinyl or maybe buying these albums for the first time, watching 'A hard day's night'. It's exciting.I've still got my fold-out Sergeant pepper's album. Unfortunately I don't have a player.You can buy one, super cheap.Of course you can.It's been a sad week. You have had the Jon English, as we were saying, as well has passed away. These relatively young guys in their mid 60s are going and, as you were saying, Glenn Fry from the Eagles was in his mid 60s. Jon English, look at him.It's those eyes, isn't itIt's the eyes to the soul that look into your soul. He passed away. But again a nice opportunity to maybe go back and look at some old 'Countdown' performances and Paul
see him sitting alongside John Paul Young and Cher bet and Skyhooks and what an absolute scene. Look at him.Great nostalgia there. But we have had fantastic events happening as well. I'm pointing most particularly to the Atena festival in Perth in WA which has had women fronting it. This has been something of an issue that has been talked a little bit about in the last year or so.People talk about there is not enough fronting at music festivals. The Atena music festival which happened on with
Friday in Perth, in conjunction with the fact it was International Women's Day on Tuesday this week, it is Australia's first female-led festival.Is that in direct response, I think it was last year, where there was that festival, all male acts essentially. Highly critical there were no lead females.Sausage fest. You have to put it out there sometimes. I think in a way you want to be subtle. You don't want to Badger people over the head and go it's female hosts. We are just hosts. You are not a female presenter, you are just a presenter. But I think it is really nice sometimes to make a responsibility of going this is a female-led and female-run complete enterprise and show that these artists bringing in the crowds too so bloody put them on more bills. Which was kind of amazing. You had kind of young up starts and people that have been around a long time, Abbe May, Asta and Nicole Miller, these up and comers which are drawing the crowds.That brings us to Courtney Barnett who won the Australian music prize?She is winning everything left, right and sinter. Her album, sometimes I think and sometimes I sit, not only did it get the Album of the Year for Triple J, she swept through the ARIA Awards and won breakthrough and independent artists. This week she was handed a novelty cheque. Who doesn't want a novelty cheque for $30,000. You wouldn't be handing it back. She won the Australian music prize for the album that a judging panel of voters go towards and decide on. She beat Sarah
our albums by Tame Impala and Sarah Blasko and a bunch of other Australians. She won it and she said it's an honour not only to get this and have a novelty cheque in my hand but also to have something that's awarded on the art and not on record sales or being given a platinum thing to be holding up. I think it's a nice recognition and people love Marigliano, thank
her.Absolutely. Linda Marigliano, thank you for taking the time to come in.Thank you. Now let's stick with the theme of old rockers, talking new rockers too. But in the '80s and 90s bands like hoodoos were the Giants of Indy rock.They are back for a day on the green which is a big day out for grown-ups. There was a lot of wine, what you could technically call dancing and in reserve platinum seats was our own Michael Reid.

(Sings) # See me fly... # .HoodGurus is one of my favourite bands. Violent Femm es was one of my favourite bands I saw 35 years ago.Sunny boys, Die Pretty, and a long time we played with Violent Femm es.Great Aussie bands and here we are the only Kiwi band. (Laughs). We all know each other as friends and we have known each other for 30 odd years or more give or take. It's lovey.We know most of the people in the Australian bands, we've known them for years, man. God. The same people come to the shows. It's amazing and they bring their kids.They bring come and
their 20, 25-year-olds and say come and have a listen to this, because you know that record I've been playing you all these years, these are the guys that played it.This is what you were conceived to. (Laughs). We improve ice a lot, we interact amongst ourselves, we extend our contract, the arrangements. That's what keeps it interesting. We have almost like a jazz mentality towards this stuff.You just try to basically inhabit the song in the most real way like as though it was almost for the first time. You try and make this time, the most perfect statement. So there are times when you are on stage and you are performing your songs. If you are not well rehearsed, you are struggling and trying to catch up. If you know where you need to be, all of a sudden time stands still.People say that song, it gets me here, you know, and they always remember a time when that song was released and it helped me through a relationship or whatever. You are hitting people here with emotion and stuff which is wonderful. (Sings) # The games we play... # There is something about it we can still play them in 2016 and they don't seem to have - they are not embarrassing, I don't think.As long as you have still got that energy and power inside you, you know, that you have still got that sort of punk ethic because you can actually physically play better. It works.For me it's just about roping in this part of my body and making sure it does all the things it needs to do to make other people go "Oh".35 years, three chords, 3.5 chords.Sometimes it's not three chords, sometimes it's less but sometimes it's more. Maybe three is a good average.We have spent ten years to learn each chord.We don't pay attention to the particular chord.We are better than we ever were. Sadly as you get older your body is not quite as happy about doing these things. You don't spring back so easily. My singing, I still feel I'm able to get all the notes I want and sing as long a set as I need. My guitar playing is a bit ramshackle, that's the way I am. I live in hope that gets better, but I don't know that it will.As longs you slip, slop, slap, wear a hat, everything's all right.Don't peak too early, don't work too hard...Don't drink beer for breakfast.You still do that, right?Remember.Singh let me go wild # Blister in the sun # Let me go wild... # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That was a soundtrack to the 80s, wasn't it?A few familiar tracks.Despite what we said about Bowie and co, old rockers never die.Well the music certainly doesn't. Let's look at the Matildas, who's road to Rio is inspiring the next generation of champions across Australia young girls are strapping up their boots and learning the skills of the game.Which is great. Yesterday we were talking about there is a new survey, young girls, particularly at school are not playing sport as much as they should.Let's hope there is more of that.Their dream is to one day kick goals for their country. Laura hiems reports. This is how you get to Rio. COMMENTATOR: They can book their boarding passes now surely.Any Olympic journey really begins here.These girls in Western Sydney are being schooled by the Matildas Kyah Simon, hot on the heels of their Olympic dream.I've always wanted to be a Matilda, my sister plays soccer, I want to be the same.This football clinic is the brainchild of the star striker. She wants to give girls a greater opportunity to participate in a male-dominated sport.I think there is some with the
key messages I want to share with the girls and obviously as well as the football stuff, allow them to be able to indulge in a Matildas lifestyle. If there is one main objective, it's to empower, inspire and motivate these girls to chase their dreams.It's been a message well received, proving a dream can take you to any pitch.The further roast that I want to go, which is play for the Matildas and Kyah Simon does, so a massive influence.Last year's collective bargaining agreement and increased media coverage means these young players will get a better deal on the pitch. Professional female footballers are paid higher wages and their matches are broad cast on free-to-air television. While they say it's a start, a lot more can be done to strengthen the game.On the whole we have made progression. The more we are successful as a national team, I hope the remunerations follow as well.That has the support of parents.The girls should believe they can get paid as well as the men or more in a proportion to what these professions are doing.And it's a dream worth chasing. Fantastic, inspiring the girls. Should be more of it. Let's continue with sport. Nick Lockyer joins us. The Matildas obviously set up fantastically for the World Cup?For the Olympics...Sorry, the Olympics.Absolutely. What a performance it was over in Japan for the Olympic qualifiers. It was fantastic. Five games, undefeated through all of it. Won four, drew against China at the end. A fantastic effort from the Matildas. We will hopefully speak to Kyah Simon in an hour's time as well. Fingers to
crossed there. We will move on to the rest of the day's sport. The Eels have started life under multimillion-dollar recruit Kieran Foran by upsetting the NRL's defending premiers. After missing Round 1 through injury the new club captain guided his side to a 20-16 victory over the Cowboys. He later revealed he wasn't even at full fitness. COMMENTATOR: Foran, what a ball. Over the line and forced it for Parramatta.The hamstring is pretty sore to be honest with you. I wasn't quite 100% but we were confident I could get through the game without doing any more dam age. I'm comfy dent I will get on to the
through this week and make it on to the field next week.Adding to Queensland's woes, earlier the Rabbitohs smashed the Knights 48-6 and the injury-hit Raiders edged out the Roosters by just 1 point. Perth has taken advantage of a pair of pretty shocking results to strengthen its A-League finals hopes. The Glory were ruthless against a 9-man Central Coast outfit as they continued their charge up the ladder. They smashed the Mariners 4-0 to move into fifth spot. Brisbane took the outright competition lead. The Roar dominated Melbourne Victory 5-0. It was a performance victory coach Kevin Muscat laebled the most disappointing of the season.We node to take a big deep breath and take a good look at ourselves and ask ourselves if we gave our best tonight.And Sydney FC slipped up the Sky Blues are 5 points outside the top 6. Hawthorn has tuned up for its tilt at a fourth straight AFL premiership with a strong pre-season win over North Melbourne. But one of its biggest stars could come under scrutiny from the Match Review Panel. Sam Burgess notched up 45 disposals but may be fined for an incident in the opening quarter. There is bigger concerns for Geelong's Cockatoo reported for this tackle in the Cats 8-point win to Fremantle. COMMENTATOR: A shrinking tackle. He will be in trouble for that.He will be in trouble. It's hurt Johnson as well.Earlier yesterday Collingwood edged out the Western Bulldogs by 2 points. The pre-season challenge is all well and good but can't wait for the regular season to start in two weeks time.You are going to be disappointed this year, Nick.I don't think so Andrew. And the ribbing begins. Coming up in the next hour on Weekend Breakfast...We will discuss the science behind our need to satisfy cravings with Dr Karl who explains how we can still indulge without packing on the pounds. We will spokesman
be speaking to Opposition spokesman for indigenous affairs, Shane Newman. Stay with us for that. This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned.

This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaGood morning, and welcome back to Weekend Breakfast, I'm Miriam Corowa.And I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Making news this morning - a Queensland team stuck in Syria after Federal Police cancels his passport speaks publicly for the first time denying he's been involved in terrorism.I've been here the last 11 months doing humanitarian work. I've stated I've been doing humanitarian work and I haven't done anything else. Also ahead - enforcement orders served on the new owners of Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel refinery. Amid concerns for the local environment.Turkey's coastguard under scrutiny as images emerge showing a boatful of migrants being beaten with sticks.And the Eels begin life with new captain Kieran Foran by upsetting the NRL's reigning