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An Australian teen trapped in Syria breaks his silence about authorities cancelling his passport. Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, two men arrested over the assault of six women on a hen's night in the Sydney Donald
CBD. Donald Trump forced to cancel a rally amid widespread protests. And a thrilling win for the Canberra Raiders against the Sydney Roosters with a last-minute field goal. Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Kathryn Robinson. A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities:

An Australian teenager in Syria has spoken publicly for the first time since Federal Police issued a warrant for his arrest. Oliver Bridgeman is accused of engaging in hostile activities in a foreign territory but the 19-year-old says he's not involved in terrorism and that now he just wants to come home.Hey, guys I arrived at the Project Hope orphans camp.Oliver bridge Han has posted several videos online doing what he said is legitimate aid work in Syria. Now he has given his first interview to a Sydney internet channel. His passport has been cancelled and an arrest warrant has been issued for the 19-year-old who is accused of engaging in hostile activities in a foreign country.

There is simply no evidence whatsoever he has done anything untoward during his time in Syria or during any other time.Last week Bridgeman posted photos of himself, saying he's at the Turkish border but now he's stranded.We need to try and find a safe way for him to return to Australia. That is now going to be much more difficult than it otherwise would have been.Late last year Ashley Dyball was allowed to return to Australia after joining a Kurdish military campaign fighting Islamic State.We need people to send Bridgeman
jackets, gloves...Oliver Bridgeman accuses the Government of double standards.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it's standard practice to provide an Australian with temporary travel documents if their passport is cancelled but DFAT wouldn't give any specific Bridgeman.
commitment regarding Oliver Two men have been arrested over an attack on a group of women on a hen's night in Sydney's CBD. The bashing took place at fast food restaurant Hungry Jack's on George Street just after midnight. A man hit two women and ran away.One was knocked out completely, the other girl, she got her conscience back. The friend was in a bad condition, she was like shaking and got hit five or six times and they are were both knocked out.A 69-year-old man tried to intervene and was also assaulted. The women were treated in hospital and have both been released. Disgraced Queensland greyhound racing trainers have spoken out against their treatment a year after they were banished from the industry. Racing Queensland has warned off 22 trainers implicated in live baiting with nine recently winning appeals against life bans. But greyhound racing advocates say an even tougher stance is needed to rid the industry of rogue players. Ron Ball was stripped from the Greyhound Hall of Fame and warned off for life by Racing Queensland over his alleged involvement in live baiting. He's one of 22 trainers cast out of the industry, which for many was their life and livelihood.It's mentally, physically, financially been destructive.While he admits he was on the property west of Brisbane when baiting happened, he claims he didn't see it. Did you think it was still going on or did you know it was still going on?No, never had a clue.He's not facing criminal charges and last week the life ban was reduced to ten years on appeal but the trainer wants to clear his name and is taking the matter to court.It's cost me approximately $140,000 now, no income for 12 months, barred from every greyhound track in Queensland.91-year-old pensioner Ray Gatti took his life ban to QCAT and won. But still has to wait a decade before he can get back in the game.I used to get a quid out of the dogs and I'm getting nothing out of them now and they're cost me, I've still got them.He was charged win a mall on the
cruelty after being identified on the live baiting surveillance video.I can't remember seeing anything but the wool on the arm.Racing Queensland stands behind its Federation of Greyhound
decisions and the Australian

Breeders, Owners and Trainers Associations says integrity must be restored.That's the only way our sport can move forward is through zero tolerance and best practice and do things better than anybody else.Culturally the industry generation has
has to learn a lot and that old generation has to move on. That's the biggest issue.Advocates says Racing know about
Queensland needs leaders who know about and have a passion for greyhound racing.There hasn't been one policy, there hasn't been one positive thing for 20 years.The State Government expects to announce an interim board including one independent and three racing industry representatives in the coming weeks. The Federal Opposition claims the PM has stopped governing and is fixated on setting a date for the election. A number of contention bills are yet to be debated in Parliament before the Budget and some are worried that time is running out. Here's political reporter Matthew Doran. The drums of an electoral battle are getting louder.Mr Turnbull is no longer interested in governing. For him it's about when to hold the election.There is a small group concerned about being overrun, wanting the Government to shift its priorities to the construction industry.The ABCC has to take precedence over everything.His own party hasn't even bothered putting it on the notice paper so it can't be dealt with this week. If you are serious about something, back it in.Parliament returns on Tuesday and there are two big ticket items on the to-do list for the Senate. Legislation on voting changes will reappear aimed at wiping out an unruly crossbench. But Building and Construction
the bill to re-introduce the

Commission hasn't been listed for debate, angering smaller parties who are warning a Senate without Renegades could end workplace reform in the future.It's now or never for one of its most important touchstone, Keystone policies.The PM has amped up the pressure on the crossbench to pass the ABCC legislation and devoid a double dissolution.We want the bill to be passed by the Senate. We don't want a double to
dissolution. We want the bill to be passed.Labor doesn't buy it.There is no way you are not going to make the ABCC a double dissolution trigger.It's always been an option and it will be up to the PM when he calls the election.As with everything in the debate it's not only the options for an election but the timing and the Budget could get in the way. If the Government wants to bring it forward by a week, it may have to make up its mind and show its hand as early as this week. Repair work on the Basslink cable has given thousands of Tasmanians an internet shock. The State Government's pointing the finger at one internet provider whose customers have been left high and dry as a result of its failure to jump onboard Telstra's fibre optic cable. Web page designer Nathaniel Jeaneret lost the ability to do his work, literally overnight.I was working with a client and all of a sudden everything just sort of stopped and I thought that something had gone wrong at my end. Then it got worse and worse and worse.Thousands of Tasmanians have had a similar experience. For some it means they can't stream their favourite TV show. For others it's a direct hit on their livelihoods.It's basically at the moment unworkable. I've got to find another solution.Last night after three months off line, the Basslink power cable was cut in an effort to find the fault. Some internet providers moved to the Telstra cable, including all Government services. But customers of iiNet, Internode and Netspace, all owned by TPG, have not been so lucky.Despite requests and warnings, that company has not provided adequate sprigs using Telstra's fibres.Customers have vented frustration on social media, pledging to swap providers. The ABC understands Telstra offered Basslink a package deal for all its internet service providers to use Telstra's cables temporarily during the outage. But Basslink has described the offer as completely uncommercial.We would be disappointed if Telstra were seeking to use this unfortunate circumstance to prove tier at the expense of small businesses and residential users of internet.The ACCC regulates internet pricing across Bass Strait but some industry sources argue the rules aren't effective.As a Government Minister, I'm not going to place myself in between parties. They need to negotiate a commercial arrangement that works for all. It is regulated market.Customers might not wait for TPG to follow through on its promise to work by next week. As for Basslink, that's months away. Clive Palmer is promising to reveal his plans for the future of his troubled North Queensland nickel refinery when he appears on the ABC's 'Insiders' program tomorrow. But the Federal MP has confirmed he has been in talks with an international consortium interested in buying the company. It's been more than 24 hours since workers at the refinery were officially sacked.There is quite a sombre mood but an angry mood in Townsville. So much uncertainty.Despite vague promises from Clive Palmer, no-one knows for sure if they will be rehired.It's a real shame to see a major industrial facility in regional Australia, like a ghost town.The future of the North Queensland nickel refinery has been under a financial cloud since it was placed into voluntary administration at the start of the year. Earlier this week stepped in
another Palmer-owned company stepped in to save it.What we have is the old management under a new guise.At 11:30 yesterday morning the Queensland Government transferred environmental approvals to the site to the new company but last night the State's environment regulator issued enforcement orders, demanding extra safeguards be put in place.The biggest concern at the refinery is the tailings dams. That's where we've had environmental impacts in the past. That's where we have had to take compliance action in the past.We have seen time and time again the Government crow about how many conditions they place on mines, on industrial operations and they then don't enforce those conditions.At this stage it's not yet clear how these new safeguards will be met without a workforce to carry them out.The ABC has contacted Clive Palmer to ask what will happen to the 550 retrenched workers. As yet there has been no response but is in discussion with Sister City Partners, an international consortium interested in purchasing the refinery. A planned rally in Chicago by the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been cancelled because of angry protests. Violent scuffles broke out after protesters packed the arena where his event was to take place.For the first time in this presidential race, Donald Trump wasn't centre stage. It was left to a member of his campaign team to deliver the news the rally had been called off.Mr Trump just arrived in Chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight's rally will be pose ponds.After the announcement, skirmishes broke out between supporters of Mr Trump and protesters inside the arena. US TV networks estimate 10,000 people were packed into the stadium at the University of Illinois. Donald Trump's security usually tries to identify and exclude protesters before they enter his events. But on this occasion hundreds of protesters managed to make it inside the pavilion.There has been a total of five arrests. We had two officers that were injured, non-life threatening, however one officer was struck on the head with a bottle and received a significant cut on his head.Mr Trump later told a US news network it was sad there was so much anger in the country. While protesters said it was the marker of a successful campaign.Donald Trump got the message beforehand. He paid a lot of money to be here. So it was a success. He got the message.Donald Trump's Republican rivals will be hoping for some of that success on Tuesday as five States, including Illinois, go to the polls. German media is reporting that the names of three of the Paris attackers appear in files linked from the Islamic State militant group. The three are believed to have carried out the worst attack at the Bataclan theatre where 90 people died. The IS files obtained by Germany, UK and Syrian opposition media are said to identify thousands of jihadist recruits from at least 40 countries. German officials have said the files can be assumed to be genuine. Roughly 22,000 fighters are reportedly identified by the documents. As many as 19 people have been killed in floods and mudslides in and around Brazil's largest city Sao Paulo. Residents risked their lives trying to cross dangerous floodwaters. Rescuers rushed to retrieve people stranded on rooftops. Others worked to save those buried in mud. At the height of the downpour, Sao Paulo's international airport was shut down. Seven years after Sri Lanka's bloody civil war, 100,000 Tamil refugees are still living in neighbouring India. Those who decide to return home face an uncertain future, amid ongoing allegations of torture. South Asia correspondent James Bennett joined one family on their journey from India back to south-eastern Sri Lanka. At Chennai airport in southern India, Mathivarnan and his family are preparing for a journey 25 years in the making.I'm happy, I'm smiling, I'm going back to my motherland.Even after the Tamil Tiger separatists were defeated in 2009, there was widespread reports of abduction and torture by security forces. Allegations of mistreatment continue but unable to get Indian residency or citizenship, Mathivarnan has decided now is the time to take his wife and three children TRANSLATION:
home. TRANSLATION: We heard there is no problem, that it is safe. That's why we are leaving, back to Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan immigration is off limits for cameras so we meet Mathivarnan staying with relatives at Trincomalee in north-eastern Sri Lanka. He is daunted by having to ask for money to purchase a boat to go fishing to feed his family.To buy a boat I need $7,000. If I sell all the jewels that I own, I will get about $3,000.Those who have decided it is safe to return face uncertain economic prospects but they acknowledge they are to the national. Not only did they escape the horrors of war, but they also avoided another all too common fate, drowning at sea in leaky boats trying to flee. Twice Mathivarnan himself tried to board a boat for Australia but was stopped by Indian authorities. Life back in Sri Lanka may not be all rosy but he says he's determined to create a home and provide for his children's education. The United Nations Security Council has, for the first time, adopted a resolution to address sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers. The resolution endorses a plan that would see military or police units repatriated where there's credible evidence of abuse. The UN has been shaken by a wave of allegations that its African
peacekeepers in the Central African Republic raped young girls and exploited women. The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, says the UN needs greater accountability for such crimes. My ulterior motive is actually, finally to do something about a cancer, the cancer of sexual exploitation and abuse against people who trust the UN flag. They see a peacekeeper coming their way, they think this is someone who is going to help me. They don't think I've got to run, this is somebody who is going to rape me. That's not what they think, that is not what they should ever think. That is what some of them do think because there is not accountability for the crimes that are committed in any way sufficient to the scale of what appears to be this problem.Time now for sport. Here is Georgie Tunny. The reigning NRL champions are struggling against the Parramatta Eels at home. The Cowboys found the try line first thanks to some brilliant running from Ethan Lowe. But they found themselves behind at half-time when Nathan Peats and Ken Edwards crossed. COMMENTATOR: They need to break the Cowboys' line right here and right now Edwards is slamming it over to score! Edwards, can he score? I reckon he has.North Queensland was the first to score in the second half but a short time ago they trailed the Eels by 10 points. A first half hat trick to South Sydney winger Aaron Gray has helped the Rabbitohs run rampant with the Knights. Meanwhile the Canberra Raiders have come from behind to claim a 1-point win in the nation's capital. A 30 degree day met the Raiders and Roosters but the real heat from the start came from the visitors rookie. COMMENTATOR: Mitchell going for the line.Iosia Soliolo came on with immediate effect for Canberra. But the Roosters dominated possession and it eventually paid off.This is a great try to the Roosters.Down 16-6 at the break, Canberra re-emerged re-energised. A bomb and a bounce and they were back in it.Now here's a chance, Papalii scores a try!In the blink of an eye the Roosters responded.There's the pace from Nikorima.Despite being a man down, Canberra pressed hard and drew level with 10 to play. That left Sam Williams to be the hero.Williams snaps it. Souths season started superbly last week. Round 2 began just as well.What a start, South Sydney.An Aaron Gray hat trick hemmed the Rabbitohs with a lead over Newcastle at half-time. Alex Johnston wasn't going to miss out.The ruthless Rabbitohs ran in nine tries to one.Coming through, Hunt. The Roar are about to go to the top of the A-League table as they close in on a win against Melbourne Victory. McLaren opened the scoring for Brisbane in the 18th minute, slotting home past Danny Victoria vitch. Four minutes McLaren was at it again, latching on to a long range pass from Petratos. Corey Brown secured the fourth for the Roar and they lead victory 4-nil. Sydney FC's had have taken a set back. They netted three goals before the break. COMMENTATOR: Roly Bonavacia makes it three for the Phoenix. And now the boos rain down here at Allianz Stadium.A 51st minute strike to Filip Holosko was the only real highlight for the Sky Blues. Depram Arnold's men have serious work to do. They remain outside the top six. The Melbourne Rebels have Queensland
the advantage over the Queensland Reds. Joana Placid opened the scoring in the 17th minute and Nick Frisby's impressive line break was rewarded with a try under the posts.Set ewe makes a break. Beautiful. What a run, what an Nick
angle. Reds try at long last! Nick Frisby.The rebels are in front by 2 points with minutes remaining. Meanwhile defending champions the Highlanders have cruised to a huge win against the Lions thanks in part to two tries to them. COMMENTATOR: Fete yes has got through. Two breakout tries, back-to-back for the Highlanders.The Highlanders eventually won the match 34-15, outscoring the South Africans four tries to two. Australian surfer Stephanie Gilmore has produced a near perfect performance in her comeback to the world stage. The six-time world champion missed most of last year because of injury. Here is Michael Rennie. Improved conditions at Snapper Rocks had Australia's Stephanie Gilmore smiling as she prepared to make her comeback to world surfing. It became clear the 28-year-old is back and better than ever. COMMENTATOR: There is the style we love from Stephanie.There was a slight hiccup when the six-time world champion lost the heelt to tour rookie Keely Andrew.Keely has done enough to get herself the win.Gilmore switched on and took her surfing to another level.Everything is seamless, fast, energetic. This is a high performance Steph Gilmore.She came close to producing two perfect 10s, scoring a 9.87 and 9.9.The local hero flying into Round 3. Literally fly.I think I've had a good six months to be ready for this moment and Round 1 didn't go to what I had planned but it was a good lesson.Late today Gilmore was Tyler Wright
beaten by fellow Australian Tyler Wright but is still in the hunt and will senior of in the fourth heat. In a major upset, Australia's Sally Fitzgibbon was knocked out of the competition by injury replacement Bronte Macaulay.I'm not joking, I think Bronte might have been crying then.The wave looked so fun. You saw Steph go to town on a few, that was so sick. Probably one of the best surfing I've seen.The surfing continues on the Gold Coast tomorrow. Let's take a look at the satellite. A trough is bringing cloud, isolated showers and storms to Victoria, Tasmania and inland NSW. A high pressure ridge is keeping SA and NSW coast mostly clear. Another trough across the tropics is still triggering scattered thunderstorms in Queensland and the NT. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

Thousands of people poured into Adelaide's Botanic Park today for the first full day of the World of Music and Dance Festival. Performers from across the globe entertained crowds with climate change and the environment hot topics of discussion.Now shake it.For some, the day began learning some new dance moves but others already had theirs down pat. The hot and humid weather didn't stop the huge crowd, young and old. Renowned Canadian scientist David Suzuki drew hundreds to his keynote speech where he raised the issue of storing nuclear waste in SA, a prospect he has been highly critical of.To South Australians, to all Australians I say if you want to deal seriously with the issue of nuclear waste, let the Garner and other indigenous groups make the decisions. They are the only ones that provide the viewpoint and perspective to do it.He did praise the State for its efforts in renewable energy.South Australians should be boasting to the world about what you are doing here. I certainly intend to when I go home.The environment was centre stage at the kids zone too with children exploring an inflatable eco maze. Evelyn Roth hopes it can be used in schools.We want to be able to tour the States. It takes five minutes to set up. It will fit in a school gymnasium and my story tellers are teachers and eco educators.There were delights at every turn. Sure to keep crowds happy throughout the long weekend. And that is the news for now. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Stay with We
us, 'Australia Wide' is next. We will leave you now with pictures of Canberra's annual hot air Balloon Festival.

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned.